Monday, 30 April 2012


Well,I just got the fourth instalment of 'Mission:Impossible' and am looking forward to it.I like Tom Cruise.He seems a really nice bloke,and the stunt he did on that skyscraper looked pretty good.

Although the first two films were great and full of action,they didn't include a damsel in distress scene.I had to wait for the third film for this.

The very lovely Michelle Monaghan,plays Julia,who is Tom Cruise's girlfriend.She gets seized by the bad guys,and is bound and gagged.Tom however,outsmarts them(as he always does!)and saves his bride to be.

I was very surprised Mission:Impossible 3,was the lowest earned profit of the whole series.All I could think of,was that the people who hated it,is to 'sling yer hook!' Its a really entertaining film,and maybe those people should lighten up.

Anyway,let's hope there's more in the fourth film!

Konnie Huq

I love Konnie:she's really gorgeous,and loved watching her on 'Blue Peter'

As I've mentioned earlier,there's been so many missed opportunities for a lot of pretty girls,but I'm very pleased Konnie's been bound and gagged.

It was in a comedy spoof,set in Victorian times,and I think it was called 'Quest' or 'Quest 2'

Anyway,I was so,so pleased,that Konnie's character,fell into the dastardly villian's clutches,and she was tied up and gagged to a chair,with of course,a bomb right next to her.Hehe.

I must admit,it wasn't the style I liked that Konnie was trussed up in,but still enjoyable.Konnie was a good sport about it,and knew it was just done for laughs.

Actually,there was more damsel in distress action in it,as another one of the female presenters gets the tied up,gagged treatment too.I can't remember if it was Sarah Greene or Valerie Singleton.Still nice though.

I was devastated when Konnie left Blue Peter.I did actually write her a fan letter,singing her praises,but was a bit alarmed,when Konnie said in an interview,that she thought one of her fans wanted to marry her!

It wasn't me,Konnie!

Anyway,thanks for being such a good sport,and giving a good damsel in distress scene.

Sigh-if only...

One of my all time hopes for my damsel in distress hobby,is to to see a really gorgeous lass,wearing military uniform,and to get bound and gagged in it.

Now the pic from this film,is 'American Battleship' Basically,it's about a big battleship,fighting off alien invaders at sea.

The film's pretty B rate,although its a good laugh:yet again though,I've seen a couple of gorgeous girls in military uniform,but there's no such luck on them being tied up.

The only scene where it may consist of saving the girl,is right at the end of the film.Here,they have one of the alien creatures on board,but before they can do anything,the creature promptly comes to life,and eats the pretty medical doctor in one big gulp.Yes,really!

The thing then goes for the lovely damsel above,but fortunately,her captain(Mario Van Peebles)saves her,by shooting the thing.Good job the bullets were effective!

Anyway,so annoying I'm watching these lovely looking actresses,wearing these delicious military uniforms:but the writers can't be bothered to have them bound and gagged!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Finished on Sneaking In

Well,I have to hold my hand up,and say that's it for 'Sneaking In'
Come to think of it,it was a terrible title,as it didn't really describe the story.
Anyway,hope its enjoyed,and like a lot of stuff I've written here,I'll see if I can add more to it.
When I'm in the mood,that is!:)
Have a nice Sunday,everybody.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Yet 'More Sneaking In!'

Just added some more to 'Sneaking In' I had to admit,that I really enjoyed writing the more recent stuff.
Apologies for the bad grammar though.If my teachers at school had made the lessons more enjoyable,then maybe I wouldn't have had to worry about that part.
Still,as long as it's enjoyable.:)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

More Sneaking In! ;)

Regular readers should see my latest update on 'Sneaking In' I'm not too far off the end now,and still can't help thinking I've dragged this one out.

Hopefully though,it still has a couple of fans,and I hope you'll all like the ending I've got in mind!:)

Great to see KP back.His blog is defintely worth visiting,and his stories are far more superior to mine!

Enjoy the weekend,and take care!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Added some more,here and there.

I wrote a bit  more on 'Sneaking In',but it wasn't much.However,I'm sure a couple of people have noticed,and I'm still enjoying writing it.At first,I thought I was dragging it out,but changed my mind,as I'm exploring new territory on the characters.Although I still keep the story simple:No sub plots here.That's only for the really good writers.
Anyway,hope the update's enjoyed by a couple of more people.
Have a nice week!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

RMS Titanic:100 years on.

Well,today's a very special day yet sad day,as we  remember the sinking of the Titanic,100 years ago today.

I've certainly read enough books,and watched plenty of documentaries on this subject.It's still an appalling tragedy,with a shocking waste of human life.

Obviously,we all know why this is so,as the ship didn't carry enough lifeboats to get everybody off.
A lot of heads should have rolled for this,mainly the then British Board of Trade,who allowed the Titanic to go to sea,without enough lifeboats.
Also to take some of the blame,was Mr J Bruce Ismay,the then managing director of the White Star Line,who owned the ship.The Titanic,was actually Mr Ismay's brainchild,and oddly enough,he did have the chance to order the Titanic,to carry the required amount of lifeboats.Unfortunately though,Mr Ismay wanted to attract the rich clientele,and it sounds unbelievable now,but one of the reasons he decided against the lifeboats,was that they would take up too much deck space!
Having said that,it wasn't really Mr Ismay's fault(although one might argue it was!)and the personal abuse he received,having survived the disaster,was uncalled for,and unjustified.
If one might argue for justification,then Captain Smith,who was in charge of the Titanic,should have been stripped of all the praise dashed on him.This idiot ignored all the ice warnings given to him,and still ordered the Titanic to press on,at almost full speed into the deadly ice-field.
Like so many others,Captain Smith did not survive that night,but it beggars belief,that he was treated as the greatest hero that ever lived:The captain who went down with his ship.The brutal reality was,that he failed everybody on the Titanic that night.Why he ignored all the ice warnings,will never be known.
The same could be said for Jack Philips,the head wireless operator,working with his assistant,Harold Bride.Both men were poorly paid at their jobs,and to make the extra money,they sent messages for first class passengers.As Philips did this,he was receiving ice warning messages,but viewed them as an irritating interruption.So he passed them onto Bride,who would take it up to the bridge.This was to prove fatal,but like his captain,Philips became a hero.He did of course,stay at his post,frantically sending out the distress signals right up to the end,but sadly,Philips was another fatality that night.
Another shocking truth,was the snobbery shown by some of the crew and first class passengers,towards the Third class passengers.These people suffered the most that night,having hardly any chance of escape when disaster struck.They were too far down in the ship,and only a lucky few managed to get up on deck.I found it shocking some of the crew barred them too,as they desperately tried to find a way up to the boat deck.
I find this sort of behaviour insulting and despicable.Even now,it's still the same:the more money you spend,the better treatment you get.If you're a passenger on a ship in trouble,then it should never happen like that.Every life on board ship,is precious.
Of course,we all know hindsight's a wonderful thing,and the only good thing to come out of that tragedy,was that every ship at sea,was required to carry enough lifeboats for everybody on board.
Unfortunately,on April 15 1912,this law came into effect too late,for just over 1500 souls who perished that night.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter,everybody!

Hope everybody has a really nice Easter,and enjoy all those yummy chocolate easter eggs!
Until next time,take care and be safe.
-David :)

Rescued Again

Here's another daft little tale I hope that's liked by a few.I wanted to continue writing another War of the Worlds version,which this time,would include some very nasty opponents.

Not just the nasty alien ones either...


The three massive tripod machines,continued to blaze away with it's weapons,and they succeeded in eliminating many of their intended targets.

Nowhere was safe for the fleeing human beings,as they desperately sought cover.There were even fights breaking out amongst some of them,as they fought for a hidden area,which they thought would protect them from the menacing tripods.

Sadly for them,the tripod machines seemed to know where all their hiding enemies were,and easily destroyed those unfortunate to be discovered.

Fires raged uncontrollaby,and screams of fear and panic echoed throughout this scene of hell.The tripods seemed to relish this,as they let out frequent roars of approval from within their machines.

However,that was not to say the alien machines had it all their way.

Not every human being was running from them.There was a large military presence here,and every one of them were furiously resisting,blasting away with their weapons at the looming tripods.

For the most part,their weapons had no effect whatsoever,as the tripod machines were well protected by some kind of shield.All they saw,were the weapons bouncing harmlessly off the tripod's structure.

Yet,this was all well planned,and it was the idea of two men,who had seen this work.

Jennings and Montgomery were great friends,loving to fight together in battle.They had already agreed in a blood pact,to die together,if necessary.

Fortnately though,dying was the last thing on both their minds.They'd already informed their superiors,how to bring one of these murdering monsters down,and had been granted full approval to do so.

Jennings had selected his first target.It was a tripod crushing its way,through a lot of buildings.It's weapons were still frequently firing down at the ground,and through clenched teeth,Jennings knew more lives were being lost.

Together,he and Montgomery signalled to some of their fellow soldiers,and they responded instantly,by blasting away at the selected alien machine.

As expected,there was no damage being done to the tripod,despite the furious onslaught.However,it did stop its advance,and that was just what Jennings and Montgomery needed.

Both of them instantly raced out into the open,and positioned themselves right under the tripod's legs.Quickly,Jennings pulled out his winch gun,and aiming it upwards,fired.

He was pleased to see the mechanism plant itself firmly into the tripod structure,and after placing his foot into one of the cable's loop he made,Jennings hauled himself up.

As he continued up,Jennings held his knife ready,seeing the long,but deadly tentacles attached underneath.Fortunately though,they remained motionless,and didn't threaten his ascent.

He reached the underside of the tripod's main belly seconds later,and after a quick check on the two cages at the rear of the machine,Jennings was pleased to see them both empty.He still remembered saving Louise and Lucy from them.No doubt,many more would need his help.

There still wasn't a second to lose,and he slammed two satchel charges onto the machine.Then,he began to descend quickly.The timers on the charges had already been set,the moment he'd placed them.

It was then,that the tentacles came to life,as they swooped up to him.Jennings though,was ready,as he easily sliced them all.Then,he was on the ground.

'GET CLEAR! GET CLEAR!'Jennings yelled at the top of his voice,before he threw himself into cover.Montgomery did too.

Next moment,there was a thunderous explosion,followed by another.The satchel charges ripped into the tripod's hull,and there a massive sheet of flame,completely enveloping the whole machine.There was an inhuman sound,which sounded as if it was groaning,before the entire tripod crumpled to the ground.

Cheers erupted instantly from the soldiers,and after checking there was no more threat from the fallen machine,Jennings and Montgomery sought out their next target.They noticed another tripod being destroyed,and were pleased to see their tactics working.

The final third tripod seemed to hesitate.It gave the impression it was now on its own,and then,it started to move away:a fierce barrage of fire at its back as the soldiers on the ground continued to blast away at it.It didn't appear to suffer any damage,but there was no more deadly fire from it.It advanced a few more,then curiously,it lowered itself down for a few moments,before it rose up again.Within moments,it had vanished.

'You see that?'Montgomery asked his friend.

'Yeah,'Jennings nodded.'They're up to something.Come on,we'd better get over there.'

Both of them immediately raced over to their intended area.


For Louise Jennings,her job as a military co-ordinator went on.She was now working in a small house,that had been set up as a command post.

In it,there was frantic activity,as Louise and everybody else tried to get some form of order back into play.

Lucy was here too,as well as the three other girls,who had been snatched by the aliens,before Louise's brother saved them all,and just in time.The three girls had sworn never to leave Louise and Lucy's side,and they were always asking after John,her brother.

At this moment,Louise was frantic with worry for him.She knew he'd gone back out there to fight the aliens.They had a new plan,to destroy their previously thought invincible machines.John had admitted to her,that it was very risky.But he was going ahead with it regardless.

It seemed to work:Louise had watched two of the tripods successfully destroyed,before the third one appeared to retreat.Where it went,nobody knew,but Louise sincerely hoped she'd seen the last of it.

Just then,Louise heard her commanding officer call her over.This was Major Burns,who was a tough,highly formidable soldier,but was also well liked by his subordinates.

Louise liked him too,and immediately walked over to him.

'Yes,sir?'Louise asked him.

'Louise,I want you to take a team over to this area,'the major had a map of the town,placed on his desk in front of him.'We've had reports of looting there.A squad is over there,dealing with any trouble.However,I want you to see what's missing,or if you can,recover it.We're going to need everything we can,so we can recover the situation here.'

'Yes sir,'Louise nodded,before she asked him:'Can I choose my own team,sir?'

Seeing Major Burns approving nod,Louise had to ask her next question.

'Any news on my brother,sir?'

'He's fine,Louise,'Major Burns answered,glad to give her some positive news.'I've ordered him to assist,with the help of organising the aid centres here.'

'Thank you,sir.'The relief in Louise's face,was fully evident,before she saluted him,and promptly departed.

Major Burns watched her go,and wasn't surprised to see the pretty Chinese girl,Lucy,and those three other girls follow them all out.They all appeared to be really close,and Burns understood why.He'd read Jennings' and Montgomery's combat reports,and had read of how Jennings had managed to get up to the tripod,and save his sister and her friends.Burns was glad to have him on his side.

Burns too,had watched the final tripod leave,and was determined to finish it off.He knew just the man to do it.

He turned to one of his aides close by,and ordered:'Get me Jennings and Montgomery here,on the double.'


Louise had managed to get her hands onto an armed Landrover.There was a single .50 calibre machine gun mounted on the back of it,and after Lucy volunteered to stand ready in the weapon's place,Louise drove off towards her assigned area.

It wasn't a pleasant drive,as Louise and all her friends could see the devastation in the area.The whole place had been utterly flattened.Added to this,were the grim sightings of the dead.Louise swallowed hard as she drove past those who'd been killed,and there was a lot of them.

When they reached where they needed to be,all the girls could see it was a wrecked mall.There were a few soldiers checking on some boxes outside the entrance,and Louise hoped there was some good news.

She got out of the vehicle,and spoke a few words to one of the soldiers there,before she thanked him,then gestured for her friends to follow her.

'Okay ladies,'Louise told them,'let's get inside,and see what we can salvage.Find any food,clothes,but see if you can retrieve any medical supplies.'

All the girls nodded,and with Louise leading,they all headed into the mall,not seeing three human,hostile eyes observing them keenly.

These eyes watched the girls enter the mall,and silently,the three human figures began to creep up to the mall.

More to follow...

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Command and Conquer

Now I really love this game.It's got me hooked.Not only that,but there are some brilliant cut scenes in the game,with some very popular film and tv stars.

Obviously,it's a military themed game,and you can choose your side before going into the fight levels.Being fiercely English,I'l always choose to defend the West!Trust me though,some of the levels,are unbelievably hard! Still great fun though!

Anyway,that's not what I want to talk about,but there's a nice damsel in distress scene included in this game.Although I have to admit,I don't recall seeing it,when I played it.

This is one of the female good guys,and she's Tanya Adams(played by Lynne Litteer)One of the deadliest weapons in your arsenal,should you choose the good guys side.There have actually been a couple of lovely ladies,who have played Tanya's character.

Quite early on in the game,you see Tanya being ordered to rescue Professor Einstien,who is being forced to work against his will by the Russians.Tanya succeeds in getting him out,or more precisely:you help her too!
It's then,that we see the next cut scene with the two blokes above,telling you Tanya's been captured,and you've got to get in and rescue her.

For me,this is the puzzling part.Because I can easily recall all the cut scenes,and the next one showing Tanya tied up,wasn't included in my game.Whether they missed it or what,I was gutted,but I liked it on youtube.Whilst Tanya's trussed up,a gloating Russian interrogator savours holding her hostage,and prepares to give her a nasty looking injection.Fortunately,you save the day,and Tanya kicks her way to freedom.It's only a small scene,and you can tell it's part of a game.Yet still highly enjoyable.

Sadly,this is the only pic I could get of that scene,but it was better than nothing.Especially on the other versions of the game,which showed a different female playing Tanya,and there was nothing at all!

You can imagine my disappointment,especially when I saw this lovely lady playing the role.She's Kari Wuhrer,and I was totally gutted Kari didn't get a scene.I loved her performance as Tanya,but in the end,I just had to shake my head and thought:What a wasted opportunity.

The same could be said,for the lovely Grace Park,who played Sandra in Command and Conquer 3-Tiberuim Wars.I would have loved to have seen Grace-especially wearing that uniform!-,fall into the bad guys clutches.Sadly though,this was never done,and was left bitterly disappointed again.

Command and Conquer is still going strong,and there may have been scenes that I missed in other versions of the game,but I sincerely hope I'll see something soon.

Unless of course,if anybody else has seen something.....? :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Shadow Warriors-Assault on Devil's Island

We all know not every action film will be a success,and sadly,it may not include any scenes of pretty girls bound and gagged,although one might feel it should have had.

One such film is Shadow Warriors-Assault on Devil's Island.Terry 'Hulk' Hogan is the star here,and I read he got properly slated for his acting skills.However to me,if it's an action film,you shouldn't really look too closely at the acting.It's the action scenes I'm interested in.

Actually,the fight scenes are pretty good,and I did enjoy this film.The plot centres around the 'Hulk' commanding a group of US Navy Seals,going in to recover a dangerous drug dealer.With them,is an Australian chap,who is actually on the drug dealer's side,and promptly betrays the Hulk and his team.
Of course,the good guys do win the first round here,and manage to snatch the drug dealer with them:but they lose a couple of their team,thanks to the Australian bloke's treachery.

Later on,the same bloke kidnaps a group of American gymnasts,and demands the drug dealer's immediate release.The gymnast team are all mixed,and I found that very disappointing.It would have been much better,if they'd all been girls.

Anyway,they're all locked up in a cage on the bad guys fortress island(obviously Devil's Island!)and there's a bomb planted right next to them,which would release a vast torrent of water,and drown the lot of them.

Well,we can't have that,can we? Hulk has already made his plans,to go in after the bloke who betrayed him,and with his team,manage to sneak into the bad guys hideout.

Meanwhile,the main bad guy has his eye on one of the female gymnasts called Carol(played by Vivienne Sendaydiego),and due to one of Hulk's men's demands to show him the hostages bringing in the drug lord,shows this girl to him.Although his second in command,is holding her up high above his head,threatening to throw her off a cliff!

Anyway,all's well that ends well.Hulk and his team successfully take out the bad guys,and at the climax of the film,the main bad guy grabs his favourite pretty hostage,and attempts to escape with her.I have to admit,Vivienne did a great job here,performing a very scared damsel in distress,but of course,Hulk goes after them,and saves her.You can probably guess what happens to the bad guy!

Just a real shame none of those gorgeous girls,got bound and gagged in the film!