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Voyage into Slavery Ch1

Here's my first attempt at updating my first story.Certain character names have been changed along the way,but the plot's still the same.I hope you like it!

Hong Kong harbour was indeed,one of the busiest ports in the world.Ships of all shapes and sizes came,and departed here.There were the simple fishing tugs,pleasure motor boats.Merchant vessels came here too.Even the giant supertankers were a frequent sight.

Another frequent sight was the many ocean going passenger liners.They obviously differed in size,depending on how many passengers and crew they carried.These kind of vessels certainly attracted a lot of attention,from many people who came down to see them,at dock in the harbour.

There was one such passenger liner in dock.It's name was the 'Eastern Princess' The ship was Thai registered,and privately owned.The size of the ship was very impressive.It wasn't as big as the famous liners,such as the 'QE2',but it could still carry hundreds of passengers in extreme comfort.

It was a highly popular cruise.Every passenger who'd sailed on the 'Eastern Princess',had really enjoyed themselves.The cruise started from Bangkok,and sailed through the Southern eastern Asia coast,all the way into Tokyo Bay in Japan.The ship stopped at Hong Kong,for refueling and supplies.

Another fact which made the cruise so popular,was the excellent service,that was offered by the 'Eastern Princess'' crew.They received plenty of compliments,for making sure the cruise was well enjoyed,and were on hand to assist anybody that asked for help.

One crew member was a young Chinese woman.This was Angela Lee.She'd just recently joined the ship,as a security officer.Angela was very pretty.She'd always accepted that.In fact,Angela had been stopped many times by people,thinking she was the famous Hong Kong actress,Maggie Cheung.

Angela always blushed at that.She could see the reason why she was asked so many times for a photo,or an autograph.There was indeed,a very strong resemblance to Maggie's looks.Angela always gave the would be hopers a charming smile,but she politely pointed out,that she wasn't the famous actress.It still didn't convince everybody though,and she did get mildly irritated at times.

Although Angela was a big hit with the passengers,her fellow crew mates were a different matter.This made Angela really uneasy.She knew they suspected something about her presence,on this ship.

Angela wasn't really a member of the crew.She was a police officer,working under cover here.She'd been assigned to find out about several disappearances,of a lot of young,female passengers,who'd travelled on the 'Eastern Princess' Kidnapping was suspected.In fact,Angela knew it,she just couldn't prove it.

Angela really enjoyed her job,as a police officer.It meant helping people,who badly needed it.She was highly popular amongst her colleagues,and Angela did indeed,really care for people.She wasn't big headed at all.

Angela always volunteered for the undercover assignments.Here,there was real excitement.She could work her way into any criminal gang,and gain the bad guys confidence.Her striking resemblance to Maggie Cheung certainly helped matters.Many times,she'd been asked out for a date by them,but Angela always maintained a polite refusal.She was always determined to catch the bad guys.

She certainly had a highly successful record in doing so.All the criminal gangs Angela had infiltrated,she'd managed to get their trust.Having accomplished that,she would wait,and see what their plans were,before she'd send in the signal for her fellow police comrades to move in.

Despite the successful arrests,Angela had been grabbed many times by the criminals,once they'd known it was her that had laid the trap.She'd been seized as a hostage either at gunpoint,or knifepoint.Even though,she'd been rescued unharmed by her police colleagues,the bad guys had sworn revenge against her.It certainly made Angela nervous.She was now a victim,of her own success.Her face was now well known,to the criminal fraternity,in Hong Kong.There'd even been death threats.

This was why Angela was glad to be on the 'Eastern Princess' Better to let the heat cool down,before she returned.She sincerely hoped that would be the case.

For now,Angela's attention was solely devoted to solving this case.She had to admit nothing so far had been found,to point the finger at the suspected crew.Angela was totally convinced the Captain,and his sinister First Officer were involved.The people who owned this ship,also had to know something too.Angela had tried to find out,who the actual owners of this ship was.She'd only found slight snippets,that the owners were Chinese,even though the liner was Thai registered.

She remembered her first meeting with the Captain.His name was Liu.He looked devious,as did his First Officer called Yee.Angela always prepared well,before she went into undercover.The paperwork had to be spot on.The big bad guys weren't idiots,as they really scrutinised her papers.It was the same,on this occasion.

Angela had dressed herself up,in naval uniform.A neatly ironed white shirt,with the black shoulder lapels,and the gold naval markings on them.She wore a white skirt to match the shirt,and her nyloned legs,with sharply polished black high heels made Angela look very smart indeed.In fact,as she walked along,on her rounds,she could clearly see many men ogling at her.

She merely smiled politely back at them,although Angela still had to put up with the many requests for a photo,and the autograph requests.Yet,Angela had plenty of patience.She knew this was priceless,when waiting for the moment to make the signal for the cavalry.

Even so,Angela still hadn't found anything yet,and she sensed that Captain Liu,and his men were deeply suspicious of her being on board.Angela still remembered the grilling she'd received from him,when she first boarded the 'Eastern Princess'

Despite her confidence in her forged papers,Angela could see that the Captain wasn't convinced at all.He'd then proceeded to ruthlessly question her,on her background.Angela had prepared her cover story confidently.She always had to,but this time,her answers were stretched,and Angela felt herself being backed into a corner.

She was just about to make her latest excuse,when suddenly,much to her surprise,the questioning was over.

'Very well,Miss Lee,' Liu had given her a smile,which made Angela's skin crawl.'You can stay,until I decide otherwise.Dismissed.'

Much relieved,but clearly hearing the slightly threatening tone in his voice,she was glad to get away from him.

Angela stood up,and saluted him.He returned her salute,but she also noticed he was leering at her chest.

She blushed faintly at his look,and hurried out.As she did so,Angela suddenly bumped into Yee.Like his Captain,Yee was Thai,and extremely tough looking.He'd served many years at sea,and knew when there was a problem.The way he was looking at Angela,clearly told him this girl was,no matter how pretty she looked.

For a nervous moment,Angela thought he wasn't going to let her pass,but then she heard Liu order him to his desk.Angela just managed to control her urge to run.

Both Thai men watched her leave,with faint amusement.Yee was carrying a file,and he passed it over to his Captain.Both men had served for years at sea together,and were very good friends.

'Any problems getting this?' Liu asked,as he opened the file.

'None at all.' Yee answered.'Our friends in the Hong Kong police proved most helpful.'

'I'm sure they were,my friend.'Liu nodded.He saw a small photograph on top of the file.It showed Angela Lee.Only,she wasn't dressed in her navy uniform in the picture.She was dressed in the blue uniform of the Hong Kong police.

'Well,this should be interesting.' Liu smiled to himself,as he started to read.

He read a few of the pages.Yee saw his Captain's face darken as he did so.He'd already read it himself.It confirmed his suspicions about the girl.She was a problem,but he knew they'd deal with her efficiently.

Finally,Liu closed the file sharply.He glanced up at his friend,his expression not pleased.

'I've read enough.'His tone was adamant.'Bring her to me.Unharmed,of course,and inform Miss Yang.' This time,the smirk returned.

'I'm sure she'll be delighted to meet Miss Lee.'

'My thoughts exactly,Sir.' Yee smiled too,before he exited Liu's ready room,in pursuit of Angela.

Angela was glad to get away from those two men.They'd really given her the creeps.

What do you expect? She rebuked herself.They're the bad guys.

She headed to the upper decks,deciding some fresh air would do her good.Sitting in the Captain's ready room had left her slightly shaken.It had taken all her hard earned experience,to try and convince them that her presence on this ship,was legitimate.

Even so,Angela knew the Captain,and his First Officer didn't really believe her papers.She'd have to be really careful.

Despite that,Angela still felt confident.She could go into the off-limit areas the passengers could not.She just needed to snoop around a bit more.If those missing girls were here,she'd find them.

Angela walked onto the boat deck.It was a nice sunny day.There were plenty of people enjoying the sunshine.They sat on deck chairs,or sun-beds,or just leaned over the railings,observing the busy activity in Hong Kong harbour.

Angela enjoyed the air.She brushed her long black hair with a hand.She felt good in her naval uniform.People were still coming up to her,still thinking she was Maggie Cheung.Again,she had to disappoint them,but politely.

I'd better get back to the cabin.She thought.There were some of her things there,that she didn't want the crew to find.

Once she'd posed with the latest photo requests from some of the passengers,Angela headed back to her cabin,somewhat hurriedly.

As she did so,Angela felt herself bumping into someone.She nearly lost her balance,but then she felt herself being helped up.

Angela then saw that she'd ran into a man.He was European,and tall.Angela could tell straight away,that he was English.His blue eyes were warm,and his face concerned,as he'd prevented her fall.His arms looked really strong,and Angela knew they were.He'd easily caught her,holding her gently.

'Are you okay,Miss?' He asked politely.

'Yes.Thank you.' Angela gave him a warm,sincere smile.'Please excuse me.'

He smiled back pleasantly.'No problem.' Then,he was gone.

Angela glanced back at the withdrawing man.She liked him,and hoped she'd see him again.

She headed back to her cabin,and once entering it,was relieved to see,that nothing had been disturbed.Angela took out her handbag she'd put by her bed.There was a small tape recorder she'd bought along.Angela wanted to fill in as much detail as she could find out.This always helped her in filling out her reports,after the mission was completed successfully.Angela had never failed,in any of her assigned missions.

Also included in her handbag,was her personal weapon.A .45 handgun.Angela had proved to be a crack shot on the firing range,but she'd never fired it,during a live mission.She sincerely hoped she never would.

Angela turned on the tape recording machine,and started to speak into the small microphone.

'Detective Angela Lee reporting in,on Thai passenger liner,'Eastern Princess' Have been successful in infiltrating crew position.I firmly believe the missing girls are still here,on the ship.Will report in later.'

Just then,there was a knock on her cabin door.Angela called out.


'First Officer Yee,Miss Lee.' Angela clearly recognised his voice.'Would you mind opening the door,please?'

'Just a moment.' Angela hurriedly put the tape recorder back into her handbag,and hid it under the cabin bed.

She then went over to open the door.Yee stood outside,giving her another slightly suspicious look.

'Were you talking to someone?' Yee glanced into her room.'I don't see anybody here with you.'

'Oh,sometimes I just mutter away to myself.' Angela had that answer ready for him.'What can I do for you,Sir?'

'The Captain wishes to see you,Miss Lee.' Yee made that quite clear.'Immidiately.'

Angela was puzzled at that.She'd just come back from talking to him.

Still,orders were orders.She thought about going back to get her weapon from her handbag,but decided against it.She bitterly regretted this decision later.

Besides,Yee was already ushering her out,and she had to obey.

Yee led the way back to the bridge.The Captain's ready room was just behind it.Angela clearly noticed the bridge crew looking at her.There were perhaps one or two smug expressions,Angela noticed,but Yee had already knocked on the door,and after hearing Liu grant permission to enter,allowed Angela to walk ahead of him.

Angela saw the Captain reading a file.It looked familiar to her,but she stepped forward saying.'Reporting as ordered,Captain.'

'Thank you,Miss Lee.' Li didn't look at her,as he answered.He continued to read the file.

Angela was sure she'd seen that file before,but made no comment.Instead,she stood respectfully in front of Liu,with her hands behind her back.

'Is something wrong,Captain?' She asked politely.

'Yes,my dear.'Liu replied,still not looking up at her,reading the file.'I'm afraid there is.'

His response made Angela slightly nervous inside,but she upheld her confident face.

'Can I help with it,Sir?' Angela hoped this would please them,by offering to assist.

Liu then looked up at her.Angela felt his gaze go right through her.She could also see with some dismay,that he was leering at her breasts again.

'I sincerely hope you will,Miss Lee.' Liu told her.His tone now very ominous,which increased Angela's nervousness.'For a start,you can tell me what exactly are you doing here,aboard my ship.'

Despite her slowly increasing fear inside,Angela showed a puzzled expression,but she responded,her tone still confident.

'I'm your latest addition to your crew,Captain.I'm here to help you with the security of this ship.'

If Angela hoped her confident tone had convinced him,she was sadly disappointed.

'I don't think you are,Miss Lee.' Liu's reply was still calm,but the ominous tone still remained.'You see,I personally pick my crew.I know them all.'He paused for a moment.

'I would have known if you were going to be assigned here,under my command well in advance.' He then picked up a couple of sheets of paper.

'Your assignment papers are in order,of course.' Liu admitted.'However,I know you are not a member of my crew.So,I will ask you again.What are you doing here,aboard my ship?'

Angela suddenly realised she couldn't hide from him.He obviously suspected something about her.She frantically thought her next course of action.Should she tell him? Maybe he was one of the good guys,just a bit rough on the edges.He may prove to be a useful ally.

In the end,she decided.

'Can I trust you,Captain?'

Liu smiled pleasantly at her.'You may rest assured,Miss Lee.Anything you say,will not leave this room.'

'Well,Sir.I've been assigned to investigate criminal activity on board your ship.' Angela told him the truth.

'What kind of criminal activity,Miss Lee?'

'There have been several female passengers reported missing,Sir.They were travelling on the 'Eastern Princess' when they disappeared.I strongly suspect kidnapping.'

'Anything else?' Liu rested his elbows on his desk,his chin in his hands.

'I've also heard rumours about a Thai slavery ring involved.' Angela told him.'There's unconfirmed reports about Chinese involvement too.'

She paused briefly,before continuing.

'I'm sure my suspicions are correct,Captain.'Angela's tone was adamant.'I know those girls were here.'

Liu then turned his attention back to the file on his desk,nodding as he looked at the information he'd already read.

It was still puzzling for Angela,as she looked too,at the file.She'd seen that file before,but its origin still eluded her.

Suddenly,Liu looked back up at her.This time,there was a smirk on his face.

'Well,it would appear your suspicions have been proved correct,my dear.'

'I'm sorry?' Angela was brain dead for a moment.

Liu suddenly nodded to Yee standing behind her.He'd stayed silent the whole time,but his Captain's nod,was the pre-arranged signal he'd been waiting for.

Instantly,he seized Angela.One arm went round her waist,and he clamped his hand hard over Angela's mouth.The girl's eyes bulged in shock,as she was grabbed.Her hands were still held behind her back.Yee's arm around her waist,made sure her arms were useless.The hand was tight over her mouth.Angela could only make vague muffled sounds behind it.This wasn't the first time she'd been seized like this.Many times on her previous undercover missions,the bad guys had grabbed her like this,and handgagged her,forcing her to remain silent,as her fellow police colleagues searched for her.

Fortunately,her comrades had always managed to help her.But now,she was totally alone,and she was firmly held by Yee.

Angela struggled madly,desperately trying to break free,or scream for help.However,Yee chuckled in her ear,enjoying her desperate,but vain efforts.Finally,Angela's strength ran out,and she slumped in despair,in her captor's arms.

Then,she watched Liu rise up from his desk.The smirk was still visible,but what held Angela's attention,was the her .45 handgun.Her eyes bulged even more when Angela saw that the gun,was aimed at her.She then realised they must have raided her cabin,just after she'd left,grabbing her stuff.

She was still mumbling faintly behind Yee's tight handgag,when Liu spoke to her.

'I know you are a very pretty girl,Miss Lee.'The tone was still calm,but the threat was still there.'I also know you're a very intelligent one.There's nobody here to hear you screaming for help,so I'm sure you'll be sensible.'He raised his eyebrows at her.'Won't you?'

Recognising her position was hopeless,Angela nodded.How could she have been so stupid coming here without back up! There was no chance of escape.So,it was better to do,as her captors wanted.

'That's very good,Miss Lee.' Liu smiled,which she instantly hated.He then gestured for Yee to remove his hand from her mouth.Much to her relief,Yee did so,but he still held her tightly.

She didn't scream her head off for help.No point.Angela realised she'd made a big mistake telling Liu her real reason for being here.She remembered the bridge crew looking at her,and knew instantly they were all involved.She dreaded what they had in store for her.

'You didn't really think you could sneak aboard my ship,and start snooping around,did you?' This time,Liu sneered at her,relishing the power he had over her.

'So you let me come on here,didn't you?' Angela was still defiant,although she was scared stiff.

'Quite so,Miss Lee.' Liu nodded.'In fact,we knew you would.'He then reached behind him,and took the file lying on his desk,and waved it in front of her.

'I'm sure you recognise your personal file,from your Hong Kong police headquarters?'

He could see that from the girl's stunned expression,that she had indeed recognised it.

'How did you get that?' Angela had to ask that,still held tight by Yee.

'Oh,we have our little ways,Miss Lee.'Liu wasn't going to tell her that.He opened up the file,and glanced through it.

'I certainly enjoyed reading about your undercover exploits.' Liu told her,still casually flicking through the file.'You certainly annoyed a lot of my associates,and your success rate,is to be saluted.' He looked back up at Angela.'Well done,Miss Lee.'

Liu's expression become more menacing,as he snapped the file shut.

'But now,my dear,I'm afraid your little game is up.'Liu was still enjoying watching the girl vain struggles.'You belong to us now.'

'What are you going to do with me?' Angela couldn't hide the fear in her voice,as she nervously asked that.

Liu chuckled,as he slid a finger down her cheek.

'Well,believe it or not,Miss Lee,many of my associates wanted your death,for the damage you did.In fact,they demanded it.'

He paused to relish the horror stricken expression,on the girl's face,before continuing.

'But I had a better idea.You'll stay here with us,for the moment.'

He then went back to his desk,and put a hand under it.He'd obviously activated something,as a stunned Angela watched a wall slid open.

There was the door to what seemed to be a hidden lift,and the door opened to reveal a woman.

She was Chinese,just like Angela.Young,very beautiful,but her eyes were cold.She was armed too.A knive was sheathed into a waist belt over a pair of combat trousers.

The woman looked in excellent physical shape,but as she stepped out of the lift,her eyes saw Angela,and they gleamed with pleasure.Angela instantly knew,this woman was bad news.

'Ah,Kim Yang.' Liu smiled in welcome at the woman's entry.'We have another acquisition.This is Detective Angela Lee,from the Hong Kong police.I trust you approve?'

The woman known as Kim Yang stepped right in front of Angela,who cringed back from her.Kim Yang smiled in cold pleasure,relishing her prize.She felt her hand through Angela's hair,who could do nothing to stop her.

'Indeed,Captain.'Kim Yang agreed with him.'She's very pretty.In fact,she's a double of that actress,Maggie Cheung.'

She turned back to face Liu.'I like her,Captain.You've done very well.'

'Thank you,Kim Yang.' Liu was pleased.He then walked back up to Angela,whose face was now getting desperate.

'You were quite right,my dear.All those girls you were searching for,are here on my ship,and we're going to take you to them.'

'What have you done with them?' Angela demanded.She was still helpless in Yee's grip,and much to her horror,she felt him pressing himself against her.She was now terrified,that they would rape her.That had been a strong possibility,during her previous undercover assignments.A lot of the bad guys made their intentions clear towards her,only the big bad guys running their gangs,had stopped them.

'Well,why we don't let Miss Yang show you.' Liu glanced at Kim Yang.The woman's eyes were now showing huge lust,as she hadn't took her gaze off Angela.It made Angela's skin crawl.

'It will be my pleasure,Captain.' Kim Yang nodded her assent at this.'I'd be delighted to show her the ropes.'

Angela suddenly realised that they were going to tie her up.She was filled with dismay at this,but there was nothing she could do to prevent it.

'Take her down below,and put her with the others.' Liu's voice was now more sinister.'Keep her under guard.I don't want her to escape.'

'Don't worry,Captain.' Kim Yang was supremely confident.'She won't get away from me.'

She then nodded to Yee,who then promptly shoved Angela,into Kim Yang's eager arms.

Angela now found herself held just as tight,by the woman.Still she struggled,but this merely amused her new captor.

'Well,come along,my pretty.' Kim Yang chuckled,as she held Angela's arms behind her,and then frog-marched her to the lift.

'You'll never get away with this!' Angela yelled out defiantly,but she was easily forced into the lift by Kim Yang.Yee and Liu followed,still smiling at Angela's outburst.Yee followed the two women into the lift,but Liu stayed out,yet called after Angela.

'Believe it or not,Miss Lee,' Liu grinned,'We will get away with it.We've heard it all before.' He then took a firm hold of her chin.'It's still enjoyable to hear,of course,but I assure you,my dear,nobody will find you.In time,you'll just be a mystery case,but we will show what we have in store for you.'

He then released her chin,and nodded to Yee,who then closed the lift door.

Angela felt the lift go down.Things were really desperate indeed.She knew that she was being taken deeper into the ship.The chances of escape were now slowly fading for her.

Still being held tight by Kim Yang,Angela couldn't prevent her body shaking in fear.Frightened gasps emerged from her mouth.This made her kidnappers smile even more.

'Don't worry,my dear.' Kim Yang chuckled into Angela's ear,enjoying her prisoner's distress.'Just remember what the Captain told you,and you won't get hurt.'

The lift then stopped,and the door opened to reveal two armed men standing guard over another door.The first thing Angela could hear,was what sounded like distant moaning.

Yee exited the lift first,then Kim Yang forced Angela out,still holding onto her.

The two men then opened the door,and the three entered the room.What Angela saw,made her gasp in shock.

The room was actually one of the 'Eastern Princess' cargo holds.It was a big place,plenty of cargo could be stored here,and there was 'cargo' here.

The first thing Angela saw,was the many number of large cages.A lot of them were being used,as Angela clearly saw that there was a woman in one,bound and gagged.
Angela clearly recognised many of the women.She'd read and studied the photographs of the missing victims files,back in Hong Kong police headquarters.As far as she could see,every one of them was here.

Kim Yang then forced Angela onto her knees,and still gripping the girl's hands behind her back,took several coils of rope from Yee.Angela felt the rope snake over her wrists,and after a few moments,she suddenly grunted in pain,as Kim Yang tightened the final knot securing her hands behind her.

Angela then felt more ropes being lashed over her ankles,her knees,then she had to endure more coils being wrapped over her breasts,and under them.Kim Yang smiled,as she did so,pulling the ropes tight over Angela's shirt.The girl grunted again,as the ropes made her chest more impressive.She felt Kim Yang finally tighten the ropes,and then saw the Chinese woman walk around to her front.

'And now,my dear.' There was a gloating smirk on Kim Yang's face.She was about to do one of her favourite tasks.'For the finishing touch.Open that pretty mouth.'

Angela's eyes were wide,as she suddenly noticed the balled up cloth the woman held.She realised that they were indeed,going to gag her.She desperately shook her head,pleading for some humanity from her kidnappers.

'No!' Her voice slightly shrill.'Please don't do that! I won't scream!'

'I know you won't,my pretty.' Kim Yang was still smirking,as she then seized Angela's chin,and then roughly forced the balled up cloth into Angela's mouth.

The girl's eyes went wider,as she felt the cloth settle onto her tongue.Instinctively,her reflexes tried to push out the cloth,but Kim Yang was wise to that.She then used her hand,to force Angela's mouth close,then Yee came around,holding a roll of large black tape.He tore off a more than generous strip,and placed it firmly over Angela's mouth,smoothing it over with both his hands,reinforcing the gag.

They both grinned at Angela's scared face,and then stepped back from her.Angela suddenly went into a furious struggle,against her bonds.She rolled and struggled like mad,but all her efforts were in vain.The ropes were tied too tight,and the tape gag was highly effective,silencing her.Finally,Angela gave up in despair.

Both Kim Yang and Yee had enjoyed watching her frantic,but fruitless efforts.Then,the former moved to one of the few remaining empty cages,and producing a key,unlocked the padlock on it.

She swung open the door,just as Yee seized Angela,picking her up in his arms,and carried her over to it.

'Here's your new home,Miss Lee.' Yee smiled umpleasantly at her,still enjoying the girl's fearful,but gagged mumbles.He then put her into the cage,and Kim Yang instantly closed the cage door,securing the padlock,sealing Angela in.

They both smiled down at her.Yee felt his lions bulge,staring down at Angela's tightly bound and gagged form,lying on the cage floor.

'Now,you just stay there,my dear.' He told her.'I assure you,nobody is coming for you,and there's no rescue.You are ours now.'

'We'll be back later to savour you,my pretty.' Kim Yang was also relishing the chance to ravish this beauty.She'd done so,with all the girls bound and gagged here.It was always a pleasure,to enjoy one of her many pretty victims.It also proved useful for later developments,as she continued to taunt Angela.

'I'm sure you will have realised that we run a highly efficient slavery ring.' Kim Yang gestured at all the other girls,who were watching just as wide eyed as Angela was,as she informed her.

'Every girl you see here,my dear,will be sold to the highest bidder.' She then stroked a hand down on one of Angela's tightly bound legs.The girl flinched in terror,as she saw Kim Yang give her an evil smile.'And so will you.'

They both laughed at Angela's terror stricken expression,as they then left her.The cargo door was firmly shut,as they both exited.Angela clearly heard them lock it.She was still making struggles to free herself,but again,she had to concede it was hopeless.The ropes kept her secure,and the tape gag reduced her cries for help,to faint mumbling.

Bound and gagged in the cage,Angela closed her eyes in utter despair,as she prayed for someone to help her.

Chapter 2 to follow....

Soon to come,Voyage into Slavery Ch1

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Voyage into Slavery

Here's my first attempted version of my first story.I was actually quite pleased when I first wrote it.However,reading it,I could tell that I hadn't really wrote it very well.So,I decided to give it another go.I really hope it's not boring,but being a great fan of writing damsels in distress tales,I relished it!
It's not ready yet,but if you'd like to read my first attempt at it,please check out www.jebsadventurebound.com My favourite site!
Watch this space!
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Welcome to my new blog,everybody! Here,you will find stories I've written,with a heavy damsel in distress theme.I've written several stories,and sent them in,to one of my favourite website's,the excellent,www.jebsadventurebound.com.Here,you'll find all my stories I sent in to Jeb,but I've thought about them a bit more,and made some changes.Certain characters have changed,but the stories will remain moreorless the same.
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David's Stories.

Hello,welcome to my blog! Here,you'll find stories I've written,of good old-fashioned damsel in distress tales.

I have written several stories,and sent them into my favourite website,www.jebsadventurebound.com. Here though,I've re-written them,and hopefully improved them.

I'd just like to emphasis that you will find no 'Adult themes' here.Here,all my stories are just good,clean fun!

Hope you enjoy!

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