Monday, 31 December 2012

The Auction

I haven't written anything here for a while,but for the last day of 2012,I'll try this.I also want to say to the people of the Middle East,that you are a very warm,hospitable people,and please don't be offended by my stories regarding bad guy Sheiks.

I'm hoping to finish it,in the next couple of days.


Sheik Akba sat comfortably in his huge bedroom,which was filled with many luxuries.He did indeed,spend a lot of his spare time here.

He was a very well built man;years of personal training and eating the right foods,had helped Akba to be a very physically tough.He certainly needed to be,as he had a lot of enemies.

Akba knew he was always being watched,and knew one of the reasons why;he had an excellent harem,filled with so many,highly desirable young and beautiful women.

Of course,not one of the women he held in his harem had joined willingly.Instead,he'd sent out his own loyal servants,to ruthlessly abduct these girls.

It was a highly successful routine,as Akba's people constantly brought in his new pretty captives.They ranged from being in foreign military,stewardesses,and even police officers too,which pleased Akba immensely.He held a huge love for pretty girls in their uniforms.

Another huge love he held,was for all his girls to be tightly bound and gagged in them too.He adored tying every girl he held in his power,and loved to gag them also.Once he'd done so,he was free to enjoy their pleasures of the female flesh.

In fact,one of his girls was lying on his impressive king sized bed,of whom he'd just enjoyed ravishing.

The girl certainly hadn't though,and Akba knew it.So much so,that he grinned maliciously.

He turned to look at her,lighting up one of his expensive Cuban cigars,but still easily affordable to him.

The girl was known as Karen,who was a shoulder length blonde.Akba remembered when his men had carried her in,and knew her to be a British woman police constable.

He had liked her uniform she was wearing;a long sleeved white shirt,with two square breast pockets,and a a black knee length skirt.She was gorgeous,and Akba had literally drooled at first sight of her.He still recalled her terror stricken eyes,bulging over the white tape gag she had on her at the time.In fact,as she lay on his bed,Karen still held a white tape gag,completely covering her mouth.She lay tied up spread-eagled,still wearing her uniform shirt,but it had been opened,exposing her breasts.Her dark blue bra,had been forced down with her skirt too,and her briefs too,also exposing her crotch.Huge stains of semen covered that area,where Akba had forced himself on her.

He always liked to completely dominate his pretty captives,and was always amused to hear some woman rant on,at how they were better than men.There was no such talk allowed in his domain,and all the women that were here knew it.The punishment was severe,and Akba was always pleased to inflict it on any unfortunate girl,be they a slave or not.

As he looked on admiringly at Karen's semi-naked,exhausted bound and gagged figure,Akba suddenly found the urge to ravish her again,and he stood up.As soon as he did so,he was pleased to see the girl's eyes still filled with fear,as her still terror stricken eyes hadn't left him.

Leaning over her,Akba used both his hands to fondle and squeeze her already impressive breasts,making Karen whimper behind her gag.She was dreading being raped again,and there was nothing she could do to stop him.Recognising this,Akba gave her another malicious smile,as he increased his pressure on her.

'I think,my dear,'he chuckled down at her,'that you still have more to learn in pleasing me.'

He was just as ruthless,fully enjoying himself over his bound and gagged pretty slave,finally forcing his huge erect manhood into the girl.The climax was fully satisfying to Akba,and he made it last,as he and Karen jerked together.

When he was finally spent,Akba gave Karen a kiss on her slender neck,before much to her relief,he finally rolled off her.

As he dressed back into his robes,Akba then called for a messenger,and within moments,a loyal man-servant appeared.

'Prepare some transport for me,'he instructed,'I'm going to the auction.'

The man nodded his complete obedience and hurried away,as Akba turned back to face Karen's weary form.

'That was very good,my dear,'he told her pleasantly.'I enjoyed your company,and will have you again.'

He was slightly disappointed at not seeing the girl's face,reflecting full terror back at him.However,he knew the reason why,and let it go.

'You may join the rest of your pretty friends now,my dear,but I shall endeavour to bring you some fresh,and very pretty company.'

Akba then called for more of his people to take the girl out,but instructed for her to be washed clean,and her clothes too.Again,this was obeyed instantly.

With that done,Akba prepared himself,as he moved into his bathroom.Just like his bedroom,the bathroom was also richly luxuriated,as it's main centre was obviously a gold coated bath basin,which held plenty of room for more than one person.

On this occassion,Akba had demanded three of his servant girls to attend to his needs,and he was pleased to see the trio arrive promptly for him.

He recognised them all of course,as he'd savoured and ravished these three beauties more than once.

His men operating overseas,had sent in their details and once Akba had been satisfied nobody would come looking for them,he'd immediately ordered their abduction.Just like he did with all the other girls he held captive in his palace.

Of course,the girls weren't alone with him.Akba wasn't stupid,as he knew there might be some defiance from his pretty slaves.

So he made sure they all stayed in line,with a couple of other female servants,who were utterly devoted to him.

These particular two girls were more than just his willing servants.Indeed,they were his teenage daughters:Anna and Kayla.

Both Anna and Kayla were just like the three slave girls he had with him.They were all of astounding beauty,having fabulous figures and impressive chests.

However,unlike the three slave girls,who were at present kneeling before their master's presence,Anna and Kayla were not kneeling.Instead,there was a cold,almost cruel glint in their eyes,as they eagerly watched the three girls for any trouble.

More to follow...

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Great news!.Another damsel in distress blog.

I've just seen on Brian's page,that there's another new damsel in distress blog started.

It's going to feature Greek damsels,and that's something I'm really looking forward to seeing.

As yet,there's nothing posted there at the moment,but I'll be checking that particular blog quite frequently.

Details of the blog are on Brians page,but here it is;

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Another update on Sneaking In

I hpe everybody's not having too much problems,doing their Christmas shopping.I should finish mine tomorrow.Thank God for that!

Anyway,I've just added a little bit more on 'Sneaking In' and will do so in future.I always had the next part to put down in it,but I had to work that part out.

Still,there's more to come,and don't forget to check out Freddie's yahoo group.There's some great pics,and I still haven't read all his stories either.

However,I've enjoyed what I've read so far,and hope you do too.:)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Freddie Clegg's yahoo group

I strongly recommend Freddie's yahoo group,where there are some great damsel in distress stories Freddie has wrote,as well as other contributors.

I strongly recommend his group,so please check it out.He did a fantastic story for me,having been inspired by my drawings blog with 'Port of Call' and he's now currently writing me another story.

Again;please check Freddie's group out at

Thank you,Freddie.Looking forward to the next story.:)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


It was very good to discover this other website,which had a lot of other pretty girls bound and gagged in pictures.I also saw a couple of mine posted there;and whilst it would have been nice if I'd been asked to put my pics up on that website,I'll let it go.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Compliments..

I've seen the bondage awards are up again,and I just want to say a big well done to KP and Jeb,who are two of my favourite bondage authors.

I was very pleased to see both KP and Jeb,make it into the top 10 of the bondage writers,but personally,I thought they both deserved a much higher accolade.

In particular,I'd like to say a big thank you to KP,who has delivered all of my story requests superbly,and I'm eagerly looking forward to my next one.

Jeb too,should have been given much more praise than finishing 9th! I owe him a great deal,as he published my first story on his brilliant website.

Well done to both of you,and long may you continue.:)

Friday, 30 November 2012

Chuck Norris: A slight gripe

Chuck Norris is one of my favourite action film and telly heroes.Not only is he a superb martial arts fighter that he uses in his films,but he also saves many pretty actresses in them.

I loved his show 'Walker,Texas Ranger' which I still miss to this day.That must have held the largest number of actresses bound and gagged in it.:)

It was great to see Chuck back in 'Expendables 2' and hopefully,I'll be seeing more of him.

Unfortunately,there were no damsels to be rescued in 'Expendables 2' and another film drove me mad too.

'The President's Man 1 and 2' were both great action films,but alas;no pretty girls bound and gagged in them.What was also maddening,was the lovely Jennifer Tung co-starred alongside Chuck,and her character never got anything.

Some people love the tough as nails fiesty damsel,but I don't.From a damsel in distress fan's view,these films were bitterly disappointing.Considering how gorgeous Jennifer was,I found it very surprising her character wasn't seized by the bad guys,especially when she was playing Chuck's daughter in the film.

Jennifer's character is a really warm,kind and feminine,but the scriptwriters didn't bother to put her in distress.Instead,they had the bad guys kidnap a nuclear scientist,with his wife and two young daughters,now threatening their lives.

Still,it was just a minor gripe here,but having seen Chuck rescue so many pretty girls in his films,this was again,a big disappointment for me.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Another two fingered salute

Whilst browsing through Brian's Page,I was somewhat amused to see some people slagging other people off,just because the actress in a damsel in distress scene is tied up,but not gagged.

These people call them 'gag snobs' Well,I can personally say people who like to see a very pretty actress bound and gagged are not so called 'gag snobs' In fact,I'd like to say 'gag lovers'

I honestly don't know who the hell these people think they are.I've never read any insults from them aimed back,and I'm sure the authoritian style on Brians Page is just stupid to say sometimes.

Honestly,it makes my blood boil seeing some people act like this.If we want to see pretty actresses bound and gagged in tv and films,that's our business.You lot just stick to what you want to see,but don't slag us off for wanting to see something extra on it.

I think that deserves another fingered salute,to those idiots who enjoy thinking their opinion is the only one.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

2 of my favourite damsels

Maggie Cheung is one of my most favourite damsels in distress characters.Not only is she super drop dead gorgeous in my opinion,but I've really enjoyed seeing her bound and gagged in a couple of Jackie Chan's films.

Actually,I was also a great fan of Jackie's films too.They were fun,really exciting fight scenes,and of course,saving the pretty girl.

Unfortunately,I haven't seen any damsel in distress scenes from Jackie's most recent offerings,and I've just about give up.There's just been too much girl power,ruining all my hopes.The only girl power I like to see,is when its girl v girl.As I previously mentioned,I will never accept gorgeous girls beating the crap out of 6'4 burly gorillas.Then I've had to listen to the actress cawing with delight,saying how pleased and proud of her character she is.

Yeah,right.It's only a bloody film.Lighten up...

Anyway,onto more fonder memories.This picture of Maggie,is taken from 'Police Story 3 Supercop'
It's definitely one of my favourites,and has also the lovely Michelle Yeoh in it.

Sadly,there was more girl power included,as the fight scenes showed Michelle beating up the bad guys with Jackie,but as the film had a scene with the lovely Maggie bound and gagged in it,I could live with it.After all,they were the good guys,but I just wish sometimes I could see a bit more realism.
If a girl takes on blokes,then I would personally write in a gun battle scene.The female character is highly skilled in her weapon,and can also use it to get the advantage.I do this in my Sanna Menace stories,with the characters of Hunt and Paula Ann.They're both fierce fighters,but I would,never,EVER have them taking on a much more stronger bloke in unarmed combat,and letting them win.That's why I prefer girl versus girl.It's much more better that way.

Just a shame Hollywood and plenty of other people don't seem to agree....

Now here we have the also lovely Annie Wu(aka Chen Chen Wu)I first watched her in another one of Jackie Chan's films: First Strike.

This was also a huge favourite of mine.Fantastic action,a great sense of humour,but alas:no bound and gagged scenes for Annie.In fact,there was only a brief handgag for her! Also,towards the end of the film,she's grabbed by the bad guys and they're escaping on boat.

Just for a second,you hear the main bad guy order his accomplice to tie Annie up,but just then,Jackie races in to save her.I wasn't sure whether to smile or groan!

Anyway,2 very pretty girls who didn't mind playing the damsel in distress,and I'll certainly keep my eyes open for any more scenes from the Far East.Just a damned shame they put blokes in a lot with them!:(

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wow! Past 200,000!

Well,I never expected 3 years ago when I started this blog,that I'd get over 200,000 views.

So as a treat for those that like my damsel in distress hobby,here's page 3 that myself and Larry worked on.

Hope it's well liked,and page 4 is under preparation.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sneaking In;More added

Well,it has been a while since I last did anything for this story,although it never really disappeared from my thoughts.

So I'm very pleased I've added a bit more onto it,and no doubt,will add more later.:)

Sunday, 18 November 2012


This is another Sanna Menace spin off story I dreamed up.Pathetic quality of course,but still enjoyed writing it.

It concerns one of my favourite hero characters:Jennings,and I thought it would be interesting to write in an anti-hero character,who nevertheless,still fights alongside him.

I got the idea from watching one of my favourite actors:Kurt Russell,who of course,played Snake Plissken.The first time I'd watched an anti-hero character.Snake's a hard,badass character,but he will still do the right thing if required.So he still has some sort of decency in him.:)

So will this bloke alongside Jennings.:)

Bear with me though.I'm still figuring it out


The armoured column made it's way towards the prison camp,which was now visible to the drivers of the column,but only a few of the other occupants in the column noticed it.

The leading vehicle was occupied by Harris and O'Rourke.Both sat relaxed in the vehicle,and were looking forward to visiting the prison.It was a frequent visit,as they were both on the hunt for new recruits here.They were both confident they'd get new people here.After all,not many would have wanted to rot in these hellholes.

The column successfully entered the prison compound,and all vehicles drove immediately down towards the built in garage.Both Harris and O'Rourke could see heavily armed guards everywhere.Always a good idea to deter any thoughts of escape.Both of them had seen many potential escapees,paying the ultimate price.

Once all the vehicles had stopped in the garage,their doors opened and instantly,several heavily armed men and women raced outside,and formed a guard of honour.Harris and O'Rourke exited almost immediately.

As they left their vehicle,both noticed the prison governor,who stood waiting to receive them.He didn't look a friendly sort,but that didn't bother Harris or O'Rourke.They weren't friendly either.

Even so,they both made their way over to him.Governor Talbot was not a popular man in charge here,not even with the people protecting him.He was tough and ruthless,just like Harris and O'Rourke.

'Welcome,General O'Rourke,Major Harris,'Talbot greeted them,but both could clearly see he wasn't really welcoming them.

'Skip the crap,Talbot,'O'Rourke wasn't smiling as he responded.'Just take us to the inmates you've selected for us.'

Talbit gazed hard at them both,but made no further comment,as he then led them into the prison.

He finally led them into his office,a small room,but it suited Talbot's needs.

Aside from the usual desks and typical office equipment,Harris and O'Rourke could see several monitor screens,which was projected to them by the prison's security camera system.

Looking at the numerous screens in here,both Harris and O'Rourke could see they covered every inch of the prison.Nobody would be able to hide here.

Talbot gestured at one of the screens to them.

'They're your volunteers.'

There was total indifference in his tone,but both Harris and O'Rourke ignored that,as they both went to look at the screen Talbot had gestured too.

On this particular screen,it showed several men standing in a line.They were all looking up at the camera,and all of them looked very mean and tough.

O'Rourke and Harris knew they'd have to be interviewed,to check out their reasons to fight for them were genuine,but they could see all the men's eyes were hard.So,it looked a good start.

Talbot then tossed a filled up folder onto the monitor desk in front of them.

'That's their personal details,'he told them curtly.'You've got a pretty nasty bunch there.'

'We'll decide if they're nasty or not,'Harris sneered back in response.

Suddenly,a high pitched alarm sounded throughout the room.This made Harris and O'Rourke look up at Talbot,who did not appear alarmed.

'Incoming prisoner,'he informed them,still curt in tone.'From the alarm,whoever it is,they're a priority one.'

'Who is it?'O'Rourke demanded.

'See for yourself.'Talbot gestured indifferently at another screen,which both Harris and O'Rourke moved over to look at.

They saw four men advancing down one of the prison's corridors.Three of them were guards:all heavily armed and tough,but it was the fourth man which suddenly made Harris and O'Rourke stunned.

The fourth man was advancing in front,with the three guards behind him.He had his hands secured in front of him,but he appeared indifferent too.Indeed,the three guards behind him never mis-treated him at all,all they stayed close behind him.

At first,Harris and O'Rourke thought they were seeing things.Then,they both looked at Talbot.

'Is that who I think it is?'Harris' question was sharp.

They could both clearly see Talbot had no idea what this meant to them.

'His name's Jennings,'Talbot answered,still unfriendly,but there was now some puzzlement in his tone.'What's so special about him?'

'You really do live in your little isolated world,don't you?' Harris was still having difficulty accepting what she was seeing.Here at last,was one of their most notorious,yet highly formidable enemies,now a prisoner.

'Bring him here.'Harris meant her order.

'Out of my control,Harris.'Talbot gave a faint,but still nasty smile to her.'The Sanna want him.Appears they're going to do some body research on him.'

'Not if I can help it,'Harris almost snarled.Despite the fact knowing she'd tried to eliminate Jennings several times,his successful evasions had attracted her to him.She knew he was a ladies man,and the girls found him irresitable.She too,had admitted Jennings was really handsome.There was nothing better Harris would like,than to have Jennings under her control.

Today,this looked as if she may get her wish.

'Where was he caught?' O'Rourke asked.

'He was gun-running near the border,'Talbot answered.'There was a massive firefight there.Jennings killed a lot of Sanna,so I that's why they want him.Payback,I guess.'

'We'll see about that.'Harris was determined to have him.'Now bring him here,Talbot.I mean it.'

'It's your head,Harris.'Talbot shrugged.'The Sanna won't be too happy with you over this.'

'I don't give a damn about the Sanna.'Harris meant that too.'Don't you know who that is? That's John Jennings;one of the most deadliest resistance fighters to the Sanna,and even us.'

'His first name isn't John,Harris,'Talbot told her.'It's David.'

This made both Harris and O'Rourke look at each other.Now it was their turn to be puzzled.

'That can't be,'Harris was adamant.'It is Jennings.I recognise him.'

O'Rourke then produced a small disc,and fed it into one of the computers built into the office.

Almost immediately,a sharp,clear picture of Jennings unsmiling,hard face,became visible on one of the monitor screens.

'Bring up the details of him here,'O'Rourke ordered Talbot.'This man here.'

Talbot shrugged again,but did so.Again,another picture of Jennings came up next to the one O'Rourke had brought up.

Harris and O'Rourke studied both pictures intently,and were amazed.

'I can't tell them apart,'O'Rourke had to admit.'They're practically identical.'

'Possibly.'Harris however,wasn't so sure.Something wasn't quite right here.

'Drag his picture over,'she then ordered.

O'Rourke did so,and when the second picture of Jennings was placed on top of the other photo,both he and Harris studied it intently.

After a few moments,they both looked up at each other,somewhat disbelievingly.

'They're a perfect match,'O'Rourke had to admit.'I can't see any difference at all.'

Even though Harris reluctantly agreed,she was still bothered by something.This just didn't feel right.

Before she could demand again from Talbot to bring Jennings to her,they all heard the sound of a Sanna attack craft landing.

Their expressions weren't friendly.

More to follow...

Friday, 16 November 2012

It's annoying...

I'm very pleased to have joined one of my followers here:Freddie,who runs an excellent group on yahoo,of which he writes far better damsel in distress stories than mine.

Currently,Freddie's writing a story called 'Port of Call' which I'm enjoying very much,and I'm pleased to reveal he got the inspiration from my two blogs.

Now like here,Freddie's got a lot of followers(well,I haven't got that much)and they can comment on the stuff he and other people put up on his group.

His latest story has attracted a lot of interest,and like myself,other people in the group have complimented and made their own suggestions for Freddie's story.

Now of course,it is Freddie's story and it's up to him what he writes.I'm the same here,as I write what I enjoy writing.I don't write to please other people.If they enjoy my stories,then that's a bonus.

So I was extremely annoyed to find somebody in Freddie's group,saying one of my suggestions was 'boring'

Well,if you're reading this,you can rest assured I didn't insult your comments,and I took great offence at what you said.

Kindly keep your insults to yourself next time,pal.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Day

Well,we're back on the 11th November again,as we remember this was the time the ceasefire on the Western front happened,bringing World War One to a close on the 11th hour of the 11th month.

Obviously,we always remember those unlucky enough to be killed in all other wars,and we spare a thought for those who survived,but sustained crippling or mental wounds forever.

Our thoughts are with them,hoping and praying they will recover.

As 11 o'clock approaches,I'll respectfully observe the two minute silence,but still find it utterly despicable our politicians are there,trying to show respect and concern,when that's not the case.Also,any other moron who insults our soldiers,should deserve a good,hard kicking,and thrown out back to where they came from.Scumbags.

Thursday, 8 November 2012


I liked this film,as I love ancient action themes.

It is indeed,full of action,and as I was hoping for,there is a scene of beautiful girls in ancient dress bound and gagged.

Unfortunately,nothing happens to the leading female star:Frieda Pinto,which I thought was a waste.

Instead,the scene shows three of her fellow companions in the bad guys clutches,who are bound hands in front and gagged.This is strictly for ballgag lovers,as it didn't really appeal to me.I was just so disappointed Frieda's character,never received anything at all.

Each to their own,I guess.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Being Bad

Well,where do I start to explain myself...

My name's Dave,and I've got a serious problem.I like being bad.

The reasons for this,are not something I'd like to go into here,but I will explain what I do when I'm bad.

It all started years ago,when I was in my teens.You could say I fell in with the wrong crowd,and it just got worse and worse,at some of the things we did.

Now of course,I'm not saying we do certain,despicable crimes,but I and my fellow accomplices,have made quite a bit of money over the years.

Leaving school with no qualifications whatsoever,and with no chance of finding work in greedy Tory run Britain,I had to use all the skills I'd learnt from more,shall we say,more disreputable characters.You certainly didn't argue with them.We all knew our place in the organisation.

However,I had to admit these people really knew their stuff.Of course:they organised the crimes we carried out,and it was all done expertly.We robbed banks mostly,and the best part of that,was on the inside.

Nobody got hurt,which always pleased me,and as an added bonus,I was ordered to tie up and gag the bank staff.

The best part of this,was that we always chose banks with female staff in them.That way,we could effectively carry out our dastardly scheme(haha)and not worry too much about being caught in the act.

I've got to admit;I've bound and gagged plenty of women,and have fully enjoyed it.Natrually,my victims haven't,but it had to be done,and none of them got hurt.We always escaped with the takings,and always wondered why the police never caught us.

As I mentioned earlier,this was due to the upper echolons of command.Many people before me,had now learnt how to defeat CCTV,and do other stuff.Their methods always worked,and it was a great feeling to have that little bit extra money,despite the foul means of earning it.

I'd done this for a while;sometimes as the getaway driver,or one of the gang to secure the women.We sometimes took hostages,and they were always pretty,tightly bound and gagged in the back of our van.

Although,we always released the hostages unharmed,that's when I really started to go downhill.

After one such successful raid on another bank,I had bound and gagged the girl with my usual methods.She was certainly a beauty.Dark,shoulder length hair,with a fantastic figure,and I loved her white shirt,with a black mini-skirt.

Her name was Louise,and I had to rein in my lust for her,knowing I had to secure her.

Tying her hands behind her back,securing her ankles together,winding more ropes over and below her chest.Then,I gagged her,either stuffing a balled up cloth into her mouth,before tying a large piece of cloth over her mouth keeping it in.Sometimes,I used black,silver or white tape,fully enjoying the experience too,when I smoothed it over Louise's mouth,making she could hardly speak.

In this case,I'd used black tape,which was a huge favourite of mine.I thought Louise looked really sexy like that.

After I'd tied up Louise,one of the big boys came into room where I had to stand guard over her.

'Pick her up,and put her in the van,'he curtly ordered me.'There's somebody that wants to see you.'

I did as he ordered,promptly picking the girl up into a firemans carry over my shoulder,and gently took her into the rear of the waiting van.We sped off within seconds,undetected.

Our home of operations,was a huge warehouse by the Dover docks.We didn't have to worry about security checks,as we had our own people on the inside.

Anyway,once the van had entered the warehouse,a couple of the gang carried the money bags out,and I was ordered to bring the girl.I did.

I was led into one of the warehouse's offices,and my throat when dry when I recognised some people waiting for me there.

But there was somebody else there,which intrigued me.I could quite clearly see he was a Sheik,and a very powerful one.He even had his own bodyguards there,who looked just as tough.

I suddenly got an incline what was coming,but decided to wait and see.

My main boss was there,and he was known simply as that;'the boss' Nobody,apart from his own trusted few,would reveal that.He too,looked tough and he was.He hadn't reached the top of his ladder by acting kindly.

Anyway,I had carried the girl in as ordered,and was told to put her down and hold her.I did.

I could instantly see the relish in the Sheik's eyes,as he scanned Louise's bound figure.She was involuntary stiffening against me,but I held her easily.There was no escape for her.Simple as.

'Oh yes,'the Sheik then moved in front of her,lifting her chin.'I like this one.She is a beauty.'

He stepped back,studying her bonds before his gaze settled on me.

'You tied and gagged her?'

'Yes sir,'I responded back politely.

'Excellent!'the Sheik smiled at me.'You are an expert.My compliments.'

I nodded to him politely again,when he then turned back to the boss,and what he said to him,totally surprised me.

'You did indeed,speak the truth,my friend,'the Sheik smiled as he said that.'Your man is highly skilled at securing a pretty captive.'

'He's had plenty of practice,'I heard the boss reply.'I'll give him that.'

'I would like to hire him.I could use a good man like this.'

My face must have been something to look at,because I noticed sly smiles,but then,the Sheik came towards me again,now stroking Louise's cheek.

'Well,would you like to accept my generous offer,my friend?'the Sheik asked me.'I promise you,the rewards will be,shall we say,quite enjoyable.'

I certainly didn't want to refuse,or upset my boss.One thing I valued,was my health.

'Of course,'I nodded politely again to him.

'Excellent,'the tone in the Sheik's voice was pleased,as he turned to his two tough bodyguards,ordering them to take the girl to his private boat.

I let them take Louise from me,and watched them put her into a large wooden crate.

Before they closed the lid though,I watched one of the bodyguards grip Louise tightly from behind,whilst the other had produced a syringe.I guessed it was some sort of drug.

I think I guessed right.Although I stood indifferently,watching Louise's frantic struggles,the syringe was easily injected into her arm,and within moments,her entire body went limp,as she sagged into the crate.Then,the two bodyguards hammered the crate lid shut.

Well,it wasn't long after that,when we executed a perfect escape.I was led towards the Sheik's private boat,and was completely taken aback,seeing how big it was.

I watched several wooden crates being loaded onto the boat,and couldn't help but ask,if there was a girl hidden in them.The answer was yes;all bound and gagged too.I wasn't surprised at that.

Anyway,once all the crates had been loaded,we cast off,and I was treated as an honoured guest.

I noticed the Sheik had several attendents,ready to obey his next command,and I also noticed several girls too close to him.

As I expected,they were all dressed in blue harem outfits,and their faces were covered in veils.I could just see their eyes,but I could definitely see they were all stunningly beautiful.

I did notice though,that each girl had their hands behind their backs,and I immediately knew they were all tied up.I thought they were probably gagged too,behind their veils,although I could not tell for sure.

The Sheik then invited me to his personal chambers on board the boat.I was still gawking at how much luxury abounded here.The Middle East certainly had plenty of wealth.

I was invited for a drink with my new empoloyer,and it was a very pleasant chat.The terms and money the Sheik offered me,left me to sneer at my previous employers,but I was still curious.

'So,what is it you'd like me to do for you?' I asked him.

'My wealth is one of the most richest in the Middle East,my friend,'he responded.'Most of that wealth,as you will already know,comes from the modern slave network.I have a huge harem,and I make sure every one of my girls,is of the finest quality.But I need reliable people to keep them secure.I suspect a spy in my palace,so I need my bodyguards to protect me.This is where you come in,David.'

I was quite surprised he used my first name,but was still intrigued.

'A spy?' I asked.

'Indeed,'the Sheik nodded.'An English woman,working in the grounds outside my palace,but my people have confirmed she is watching me.I want you to catch her in the act,and bring her to me.'There was a nasty smile on the Sheik's face,before he went on:'Then,she can join my harem.'

'Of course,'I agreed,eager to help.'I'll need a picture,and your latest intelligence on her movements.'

'That of course,will be granted.But in the meantime-'I noticed the smile was more pleasant this time'-please enjoy my hospitality.'

He then led me to one of the boat's cabins,and on opening it,I immediately recognised Louise,still out cold,bound and gagged,but this time:on the bed.

Her hands had been removed from her back,and they'd been tied securely to the expensively decorated headboard.Her mini-skirt had been removed,and her feet tied seperately to each corner of the bed.My lust increased dramatically,seeing her like that.

'Please enjoy yourself with her,David,'the Sheik was still smiling.'She is a worthy prize,and I will fully enjoy ravishing her myself.Once you have satisfied yourself with her,I have plenty more girls for you to enjoy.'

With that said,he left me alone with Louise.I strode up to her still senseless form,and sat on the bed,looking at her.

She was sleeping peacefully,and I had to admit,I gaped at her impressive breasts rising as she breathed.

I then checked her bonds,but knew instantly,there was no need to worry.Louise had no chance of escaping them.I had after all,tied her up.

Her gag too,was still secure as I checked the black tape over her mouth,and was very pleased.I did like to look at pretty girls bound and gagged/

That's when I became really bad.

I was still sitting on the bed,looking at Louise,who was now beginning to stir.That's when my lust grabbed me,and I was so looking forward to it.

It took a few moments for her to be fully awake,and when she realised her predicament,her eyes bulged at me above the gag.

I was now determined to do one thing,and I fully savoured my prize.

Leaning forward on the bed,I pressed myself on top of Louise,squeezing both her magnificent breasts.This made her scream in utter terror,but the gag did its job,and she could only faintly mumble in fear.

Now it was my turn to have a nasty smile,as I kept squeezing her breasts.Then,I began to kiss her neck.I could imagine her clenching her eyes shut in disgust,but that wasn't going to stop me.

She was frantically struggling beneath me,desperately trying to break free from her bonds,but again;she stood no chance,and I kept up my assault on her.

Gradually,I began to grow hard,and with eager delight,lowered my jeans and underwear,which produced another considerably muffled shriek from Louise,but I ignored that.Instead,I pressed on...

I raped Louise,and did so several times.I found her to be a thrilling conquest.She tried to fight me all the way,but bound and gagged,she had no chance.

Once I'd spent myself,I raised myself off Louise,and headed for a much needed shower.Glancing back at her,I could see I'd exhausted her.She lay flat out on the bed.Every climax I'd forced on her,had been the best I'd ever done,and with Louise helpless in my grip,I'd really enjoyed holding her to me.

After I'd refreshed myself,I could see the sheik had entered the room.He was gazing lustfully at Louise,and had his usual,nasty smile back on.

I realised the sheets on the bed,were completely covered by my own semen,and thought I'd better apologise.

Fortunately,I didn't have too,as my new employer turned to me.

'She pleased you?'

'Oh yes,'I fully agreed.'She's the best.'

'Excellent!' the nasty smile stayed on his face.'After the bed has been changed,I shall have her immediately.'

Louise gave off another,yet faint frightened mumble behind her gag,realising she was going to be raped again.But she could not resist.I'd seen to that.

The sheik clapped his hands,and almost immediately,several of the girls dressed in their harem outfits entered the room.

They took no notice of the stained sheets,and two of them promptly untied Louise from the bed.One of them gripped her arms behind her,and had to admit,I was impressed.These girls were very strong.

I was interested in the girl holding Louise.She looked Indian,and her dark eyes intrigued me.

She was just a little taller than Louise,and like all the other girls,held a really good figure.I'd always loved girls with dark hair,and continued to examine her.

The sheik noticed my interest,and smiled more pleasantly at me.

'I see you like one of my collection,David.She is Shilpa,a quite recent addition to my harem.'

'She's very beautiful,'I responded,totally unable to take my eyes off the Indian girl.

'I'm pleased you approve,my friend,'the sheik replied.'Once things are sorted out here,you can have her.Shilpa enjoys her bondage,and pleases me.I sincerely hope she pleases you.'

He then walked over to her,and lifted the veil over the girl's head.

I had been right.Although Shilpa wasn't tied up,she was currently gagged.A tight,black cloth,had been tied over her mouth.How long she'd been like that,I had no idea,but I liked seeing her that way.

Then,the sheik removed Shilpa's gag,and lifted her chin.

'You will please my guest,won't you,my dear?'

'Yes master,'Shilpa's voice was quiet.That excited me too.

'Good,but I shall be waiting to hear you have.'

His nasty smile had returned,as he tied Shilpa's gag back into place.

The bed had been changed in record time,and no sooner had it been done so,the harem girls forced Louise back onto the bed.She was tied up again quickly,but just as tightly in the same position.She was still trying to scream,but without any success whatsover.

'Thank you,ladies,'the sheik nodded his thanks.'You may leave us now,except you,Shilpa.'

Shilpa promptly obeyed,as the rest of the girls exited,and I walked over to her.

'You will find some more rope there,David,'the sheik gestured at some,and I noticed it.I grabbed it,and was pleased to see plenty of it.

'Now,my friend,if you will excuse me,'the sheik was now sitting on the bed,rubbing his hands lovingly along Louise's legs.'I shall enjoy this western beauty,and you may enjoy the delights of the East.'

My lust came back,as I gripped Shilpa's hands behind her,and forced her out of the cabin.The coils of rope ready on my forearm.

With great relish,I forced Shilpa into another of the boat's cabins.It wasn't as big as the sheik's cabin,but it was more than enough for my sinister intentions.

I first thought about tying Shilpa to the bed,but I was still weary from my exertions on Louise.
Instead,I decided to tie her to one of the chairs.There were a couple of hard backed wooden ones,but they were not your cheap stuff.I could tell all the furniture in this cabin,was very,very expensive.

'Sit down please,Shilpa,'I ordered her ploitely,although firmly.'I'm going to tie you up here.Please put your hands behind you.'

She did so without complaint,(mind you,she was gagged)but I was still pleased as I began to wind the rope around her wrists,firmly lashing them together and securing them to the back of the chair.

I then wound more ropes over her chest,with four loops wound tightly over and below her breasts,keeping her trapped on the chair,before I finally finished tying her ankles to one of the lower struts.

Once I'd finished,I then heard the sheik from next door.He was snarling away,and I heard Louise's faint,but still gagged cries as they both climaxed together.This actually made Shilpa jump slightly,and my pleasure increased.

I knelt down in front of her,and smiled,lifting her chin.Her eyes did indeed,show fear at me.

I then had an idea,and it was something I'd always wanted to do.Looking back after I'd ravished Louise,I wish I'd done it then.

No matter.There was always next time.

'I'm going to take your gag off,Shilpa,because you're going to do something for me.I hope you'll still be sensible?'

She didn't respond to me,but it was no problem.It was me in total control over her.

I removed the cloth covering her mouth.Her eyes were bulging at me.

'What are you going to do?' Shilpa then asked me.Her voice was still quiet,but again,I liked that.

'I can see you are very pretty,Shilpa,'I told her,still keeping a gentle hold on her chin.'However,I'm interested in tasting that pretty mouth of yours.So please,I hope for your sake you're not going to bite me.'

I moved in,as I explored her mouth.My tongue starting to interact with hers.

This is going to be interesting,I thought.

The End?

Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy Birthday,and 3 years running.

Well,I've managed to survive another year,on this miserable,unfriendly planet;but still very pleased to announce I've managed to keep my blogs going for 3 years.

I read with disgust how some people slag other people off,just because they were only on the Internet for a couple of years,doing other damsel in distress stuff,and then vanishing for good.

To me,they tried and managed to put up some great stuff,and still certain people(if you can call them that) start taking the mick out of them.It's especially annoying just because they've managed to keep their own stuff going longer,they think they're better than everybody else.What a bunch of tossers.

Anyway,moving away from those jerks,I've got another treat today,as me and Larry have finished our collaboration on page 2.

We're now working on page 3,and I hope this is well liked.I know it's not going to be everybody's cup of tea,but I love Larry's style,(just like my other favourite artists)and it's great fun to work out.And I love seeing the final result.Personally,I don't care if somebody doesn't like it,it's my idea,and I wanted to share my damsel in distress ideas with fellow fans.

On a final note,I just want to say something about the comments.For the most part,I've really liked them,but I don't like it when certain people start SAYING THINGS LIKE THIS.Every time I see that,I've got the impression they're not happy about something.

Well,tough.It doesn't cost anything to be polite,and again,I'll repeat this without being rude to you:It's my blog,and I'll put up what I like on it.The same rule applies for the comments.

Well,fingers crossed,nobody's going to put up some nasty remark spoiling my birthday.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Maximum Conviction update

Well,there's good news and bad news here,in this combined Steven Seagal and Steve Austin action flick.

At the start of the film,we see two very pretty girls chained up,hands behind and with chains over their waists,being led into prison.

One of the girls is the gorgeous Steph Song,who happens to be the heroine here.

Well,the bad guys come in later,determined to seize Steph,as she has a hidden micro chip,transplanted into her,which gives details of a huge financial reward.So it's up to our two heroes(with others) to save her from the bad guys clutches.

From what I have seen,the film's a good laugh with some great fight scenes.Both Seagal and Steve Austin are really formidable opponents.They have to be,as the bad guys here are pretty nasty.Also,there are some great news for girl power fans,as the bad girl kicks butt and even beats two burly gorillas.

Yeah,right.:( God,if that was real,the girl wouldn't stand a chance.I'm so sick of girl power in films.By all means,I do admire female headstrong characters,but they're still nice people.I just won't accept a gorgeous girl,beating the crap out of a bloke who would merely laugh at her efforts! Not my cup of tea,but I did enjoy her character seizing Steph,and fully menacing her.The final fight scene between the two girls,was sadly disappointing to me.It was over too quick,but the right result came through.

Anyway,I've just watched the film and have to sadly report nothing of any interest.Not one of the girls gets bound and gagged,and despite enjoying the film with some great fight scenes and full of action,I still thought it was another wasted opportunity.

God,what do we have to do to get these Hollywood producers to listen!:(

Friday, 19 October 2012

Freedom of the Press

Bosnia 1994

There wasn't much left of the city.Many buildings were still standing,but most of them had been ripped apart.They were now just empty cells.

As expected from a battle scarred city,there was hardly no sign of human habitation.Most had fled,or been killed in the fighting.

Yet,there were still people here,but only the two opposing forces continued their war,and it was a very nasty one too.

The two opposing forces fought each other,with fierce unrivaled hatred,inflicting grevious suffering on the other,as they strived to win.

On one side,were the Serbian 4th armoured brigade,led by their ruthless General Bivic.Bivic was a tough old bird,having fought many battles and winning every one of them.It made him a hero in the eyes of his own people,and the Serbian President.

Facing Bivic,were the Bosnian forces led by Major Cavat.Like Bivic,Cavat was a highly successful soldier,and he fought with great skill with his men,but he wasn't popular with his soldiers.Cavat was always chasing big things,and he was determined to achieve all his goals,no matter the cost to anybody else.

Bivic and Cavat were fighting in this city of Cazin,a Bosnian town,strategically placed in the high north of the country.Whoever controlled Cazin,would hold a major advantage in this war.

The war itself,had taken so many innocent lives,and the suffering of the living was frightening,as these people desperately tried to survive here.They needed help,and quickly.

Fortunately,they got it.

Thanks to the work of war journalists and photographers,these people had managed to get out,and tell the outside world what was happening here.The news reports and pictures taken,were extremely harrowing viewing,but an instant decision was made by the European governments.

A United Nations Peacekeeping force had been sent in,to protect the city's non-combatants.It was a mixed European force,with plenty of experience.As soon as they'd arrived,they managed to protect the fleeing and hiding refugees,but due to the rules of engagement,the UN peacekeepers were unable to strike back against the two combatants.

As a result,the UN forces were ambushed frequently,and they lost a lot of their people too.What made it more maddening for them,was that they never saw their attackers.They knew they would lose face to face,so resorted to this cowardly tactic.

Nothing made General Peters more mad than hearing about this.Peters was in command of the British units of the UN force here.He'd actually been through the sneaky ambushes,but thanks to the skill of his own men,he'd managed to survive.

The ambushes were a big problem here,and Peters knew he had to do something about it.Too many of his supplies were being looted,and it had to stop.

Peters knew he could do something about it though.He hadn't joined the British army for nothing.Like everybody else under his command here,he knew they were the best trained soldiers in the world,and Peters wasn't going to let a few cowards dictate what kind of war he had to fight.

Like any good commander,Peters knew how to learn of his opponents.He always thought the term 'known thy enemy' was priceless advice,and he watched how they worked very carefully.

This had immediately brought him instant rewards,as he and his people had begun to inflict their first major casualties on their enemies.It had given Peters some much needed breathing space,but he knew the Serb forces were cunning,and always looking for new,devious tactics to seize an advantage over the UN forces here.

Fortunately,Peters had a lot of highly skilled people under his command.They always gave their best to him,and Peters was pleased to see his soldiers defeat a ruthless,yet sneaky army,in the professional manner they'd all been trained to do.

At the present moment,Peters was sitting in his command post,which had been set up in the basement of a ruined hotel in the city.Several of his people went efficiently about their tasks,and did so positively.This was another reason why Peters was so popular;he built up a strong atmosphere of trust from his command,all the way down to the lowest rank.

As Peters went about his own tasks,he wondered what today had in store for them all.The intelligence reports he'd read earlier,had indicated a massive Serbian assault.Their target was the complete destruction of the Bosnia artillery units,which were safeguarding a strategic point.

Peters felt confident about repelling the assault,and he'd asked for volunteers to go.Everybody had volunteered willingly,but Peters chose his best men to carry out the most dangerous missions.They were on their way to him now.

Another intelligence report Peters had read,had contained some very disturbing information,and this made Peters mad.

There had been confirmed reports of mass slaughter of Bosnian civilians.The Serbian military had been witnessed carrying out these terrible atrocities,and it was due to some very brave work by one of the many war journalists.

Peters had the details on the journalist responsible,who had photographed the Serbian atrocities.He'd seen it had been a young woman.A British citizen,who worked for a magazine,detailing current world events.

The woman's name was Karen Mitchell.Peters had seen she was only in her early twenties,but her academic record was second to none.She was highly intelligent,and had plenty of guts.

Peters had also seen her picture too,and could see the girl was very attractive too.She had raven hair falling past her shoulders,warm brown eyes,and a very nice warm smile too.

However,Peters knew she wouldn't be smiling now.He'd read another report,which had told him Karen Mitchell had been kidnapped by Serbian forces.

Which was precisely why Peters had sent for two of his men.He could see them approaching him now,and Peters knew these two men could help him.They'd done so many times.

They were both tall men,and very powerfully built in physique,but Montgomery was the taller.In fact,he was the tallest man Peters had seen,and the most strongest.He was of African descent,and although Montgomery was a gentle man by nature;in battle,he was highly feared.Nobody had ever beaten him.His favourite weapon was his knife,and Montgomery had used it to deadly effect many times.

Jennings too,was also a gentle man.He had fair hair,blue eyes,and a really warm heart.Peters knew Jennings had always wanted to be a soldier,as he'd told him he wanted to fight for the right cause and help people.

Peters knew Jennings had certainly had helped many people.He too,was a highly skilled,deadly fighter,and Peters was glad to have them both on his side.They were definitely bad news,for the bad guys.

More to follow...

Both of them stood to attention before him,and correctly saluted.Peters returned the salute.

'At ease,Jennings,Montgomery,'Peters told them.'I have another mission for you.'

He handed over a photograph of Karen Mitchell to them.

'This young lady,'Peters went on to explain,'was abducted by Serbian forces not too far away from here.She's been responsible for identifying many Serbian war criminals,and recording their crimes.I want you two to recover her safely,and bring her back.'

Peters then handed over some more maps to them.

'Intelligence has marked where Miss Mitchell being held.The Serbian general:Bivic has also been confirmed in her presence.So you'd better move.We all know what kind of sick bastard he is.'

Both Jennings and Montgomery knew precisely that.Bivic wasn't just ruthless and cruel in his soldiering,but he liked to operate in the modern slavery market too.It had been rumoured he'd ravished so many girls,but no trace could be found of them.

Quickly,Jennings and Montgomery gave another salute,and they both hurried away.Peters hoped they'd get there quick,and prayed the Mitchell girl was okay.


If Peters had seen Karen Mitchell in her current position,he would have been correct in his assumption that the girl wouldn't be smiling.

This was because she had been tightly bound and gagged by her kidnappers.Her hands had been tied securely behind her back,and ropes encircled her upper body,as well as her knees and ankles,which firmly imprisoned her.

Her gag had been ruthlessly stuffed into her mouth by one of General Bivic's thugs,and he'd tied another strip of black cloth over Karen's mouth,keeping her cries for help practically non-existent.

General Bivic was also present,sitting next to Karen's also sitting figure.He enjoyed looking at the girl.She was a real beauty,and he knew from the way she was dressed,that she was a journalist.He recognised the typical shirt and the sleeveless jacket with all the pockets a lot of them wore.

The girl was staring fearfully at him,clearly recognising who he was,which Bivic was pleased.He liked the aura of fear he could inflict on those that challenged him,and then ruthlessly dispose of them.Nothing and nobody was going to stand in his way.

His men had caught this girl,just after they'd massacred a group of Bosnians.The girl had photographed the whole thing,but fortunately for Bivic,his men had seen her,then caught her.

Karen knew it was hopeless trying to free herself.The ropes had been tied very tight around her,and her gag was highly effective.She was screaming inside to get her voice back,but Bivic wasn't having any of that.He kept her the way she was.

Bivic was actually looking at Karen's personal items.Her photo ID card was carefully examined by him,and he now knew she worked for a British newspaper.

This made Bivic think more carefully,as he strongly suspected the girl's people would come looking for her.He knew there was a British military presence in the area,and whilst his spies had confirmed it was only a small presence,Bivic knew not to underestimate them.They'd come for her,no doubt about it.

Monday, 15 October 2012

It's very easy...

I've just had a coment here which I didn't like very much.

In response,and still being polite,all you have to do is click on my previous postings,and look at the month and year I posted it.The story in question,isn't really that old,and it's very easy to find.

Still being polite,it's my blog and I'll put up what I like on it.

I wasn't rude to you,was I?


Thank you for the apology.Please remember,I don't like people swearing on my comments,or getting a bit demanding.I don't like people who act like that.

Just enjoy the blog or any other damsel in distress stuff you can find.

It's all water under the bridge now,and the matter is closed.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mis-adventures page 1 finished-with another update

Well,I'm very pleased to put up the finished page 1 of this daft story,but I love the artwork and hope a few more do too.
I've sent in the details for page 2,but as yet,nothing's arrived.

Anyway,still on this story,I'm really pleased to say there will be another artwork posting here.I was lucky enough to find an artist,who doesn't live too far away,and he's promised me something on Monday.

This will be the cover for the story,as I should have realised this earlier.Yet,it's something I'm looking forward too,and there will be more artwork posted,with plenty of pretty girls bound and gagged in them too.

Moving onto other things,I was very pleased to be accepted into one of my follower's yahoo groups.I'm enjoying a couple of stories Freddie's written there,and am certainly looking forward to reading more on 'Port of Call'

I've added a bit more onto 'The Deadly Arena',and no doubt will add more,as I will onto the other unfinished ones.I just hope they're being enjoyed.

Until the next update,have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ming-Na:Stargate Universe

Sorry,but there's no new stories as yet.

Instead,I just want to show this lovely actress:Ming-Na,who is currently in the sci-fi tv show:Stargate Universe.

I've just started to watch it,and so far,I've only seen one damsel in distress scene for her.Again,it's just the same old story.There's so much potential in the show,but it's very rare any of the pretty actresses get bound and gagged in it.

Granted of course,not every story has to feature that,but when you watch it time after time again,and you still don't see anything,it does make you think if the writers of the show,are either scared to put a scene in,or not bothered.

What a waste...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sexual mis-adventures

Well,I've got a very special treat today,as my Canadian friend:Larry,has kindly done the first page,of what I plan to be an epic.

Hmm,perhaps epic was the wrong word there.What I really meant to say,is that there will be plenty of these to come.,I'm certainly going to enjoy looking at my favourite pretty heroines,falling into the bad guys clutches,be they human or not.Be warned though:there will be dark sexual content,including rape,but I love Larry's drawings,and have wanted him to do something like this for quite some time.

Anyway,here's page one,and hopefully,page two won't be far off.

Please enjoy...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Seized at the Airport

I got inspired with this story,by watching an Australian airport documentary called 'Nothing to Declare'.There were certainly plenty of pretty girls,who were real life customs staff,and looked smart as anything in their uniforms.

One of the girls was known as Mary,who I thought looked great.

So I decided to give it a go,and put Mary into the bad guys clutches!


Brisbane International Airport-Australia.

Officer Mary parked her car in her usual reserved space for the customs staff,and then exited the car,and began to walking towards the staff entrance.

As she walked along,Mary checked her uniform was in immaculate condition.She was wearing a short sleeved light blue shirt,with a large single square breast pocket either side,and she was also wearing a pair of dark blue trousers.

Her shoes were smartly polished black,and Mary checked that she had her photo ID card visible,which she wore around her neck.That way,anybody asking for help in the airport,could come and ask her.

Of course,Brisbane International Airport was huge,and there were thousands of passengers arriving and departing Australia every day.So this meant there had to plenty of staff there,but Mary knew plenty of people would come up and ask her.It happened all the time.

Mary knew she was pretty,having long dark hair,with a smart blond streak she'd asked for,on either side of her fringe.This seemed to attract a lot of attention for her,and Mary could see there was a lot of pleasure in them,so she didn't mind.As long as she could help people,then she was doing her job.

Another part of Mary's job,was to watch out for anybody up to no good,and Mary had had plenty of experience with this.It was simply unbelievable,how many passengers were trying to smuggle illegal goods in,bringing forbidden foods too.

Of course,there were honest mistakes made from a lot of people coming into Australia,but Mary knew there were still plenty of others willing to try their luck.Mary knew it was her job to stop any illegal activity.

After she'd entered the staff entrance,Mary headed to straight to her boss.This was Suzanne Davies,a tall blond woman,who was one of the airport managers in charge of Mary's section.She'd told Mary to immediately report to her on arrival.

When Mary arrived into Suzanne's office,she recognised another woman from Immigration.This was Christine,a really pretty woman like Mary.Christine had jet black hair,which fell way past her shoulders,and also like Mary,had a really good figure.

Christine wore a blue shirt too,but it was more darker than Mary's.A knee length skirt of the same colour matched very well with Christine's shirt.She wore clear nylons and black high heels.

'Hello Mary,'Suzanne greeted her.'Please sit down.I've got something important to tell you,or rather,Christine has.'

'We're expecting a flight from Thailand later this evening,'Christine began to explain.'It's a private jet,and we're very interested in the people on it.'

'Smugglers?' Mary asked curiously.

'Nothing's confirmed as yet,'Christine responded.'However,I can tell you Interpol is very keen for us,to keep an eye on them,and what they get up to.'

'My pleasure,'Mary nodded her approval to that.'How many people are we talking about?'

Both Christine and Mary watched Suzanne produce a folder,and she opened it.In it,were several photographs of people,and from what the two girls could see,the people photographed;didn't look very friendly at all.

Suzanne picked up one picture,which showed a Thai man.He wasn't smiling at the camera,and looked really tough.

'This is Kar Panna,ladies,'Suzanne informed them.'He's the leader of what we suspect,is a criminal gang,dealing in all sorts of illegal stuff.'

'Such as?' Mary asked.

This made Suzanne produce a sheet of paper,and she began to read it out.

'He's head of one of the most ruthless gangs in Thailand.They practically dominate the Bangkok underworld,but have a highly efficient cover too,for their supposed legal dealings.

'Armed bank robberies,drug smuggling,weapons too,and they're even suspected of being involved in the modern slave trade.It's made this Kar Panna,one of the wealthiest men ever.'

'Charming man,'Christine remarked dryly.

Suzanne then picked up another photograph,showing another Thai man.

'We don't know who this man is,'Suzanne admitted.'But it has been confirmed he's second in command to Panna.'She then looked up at Mary and Christine,her face full of concern.

'Watch yourselves with this one.He's the one,who does Panna's dirty work.Don't ever get caught alone with him either.He's suspected of rape.'

Both Mary and Christine's face drained slightly.They didn't like the sound of that.

'What's the plan?'Christine then asked.

'Their flight lands late this evening,'Suzanne answered.'We'll have several police officers,posing as ground crew waiting for them.That way,we'll stop them from flying off.'A slight smile showed up on her face as she said that.'If you'll excuse the pun.'

'Sounds good to me,'Christine also nodded her approval hearing that.It made her feel a bit more safer.

'Mary will enter the plane,doing the regular customs checks,'Suzanne went on,nodding at Mary.'I don't think they'll try anything,as they'll want to enter the country.We'll get a report from you once you give us the all clear,and we'll then pass them over to you,Christine.'

'What do you want me to do?'

'Keep them in the immigration area,until we get the call from the police.They're really busy,and can't send in the cavalry till later on.But I don't think there will be any problems.The police might even tell us to let them in,so they can follow them.'

'Okay,'Christine nodded again.Mary did too.

'What time do they land?'Mary inquired.

'Ten o'clock tonight,'Suzanne informed.'Any questions?'

Neither girl did.

'Okay then,ladies,'Suzanne smiled.'Let's go get the bad guys.'


The small private jet rapidly made its descent towards Brisbane International Airport,and the people on board the plane,were looking forward to landing.

However,they were not looking forward to stretching their legs,and enjoying a holiday.

Seated comfortably in the highly spacious and luxurious cabin areas,two men sat opposite each other.

Had Mary and Christine been present,they would have immediately identified Kar Panna,and his second in command.

Both men were relaxing in their more than spacious chairs,and enjoying a generous drink served to them,by the pretty dark haired Thai stewardess.

After the girl had poured their drinks,she'd left them,somewhat nervously,but both men enjoyed seeing her departure.

Like all stewardesses,the girl was dressed smartly.A white shirt,with a blue neck scarf,and a knee length dark blue skirt comprised her uniform.

Panna enjoyed her back view as she hurriedly walked away from them.He felt his lust increasing,as he turned to his friend.

'Have her bound and gagged before we land,'he ordered.'She'll be the lure for our next pretty merchandise.'

'With pleasure.'His second in command nodded,and he gestured sharply at two more Thai men,sitting within full sight of the stewardess.Both of them nodded at his command,and both rose up from their seats,heading towards the girl.

Within moments,Panna was pleased to hear a muffled cry from the stewardess.Quite evidently,one of his men had handgagged her,and soon,both men returned to their seats,nodding at their two superiors.

'She is fully secure?' Panna asked,smiling and rubbing his hands in glee.

'We have tied her up tight,sir,'one of the men reported.'She won't get free,or raise the alarm.We have made sure of that.'

Panna nodded,but he still wanted to see for himself,as he left his seat.

When he saw the girl,his lust increased dramatically.His men had tied the girl's hands behind her back,and she was lashed to her seat with horizontal loops of rope.

They were wound over and below her breasts,and even her waist,knees and ankles hadn't escaped the ropes either.Panna admired his men's handiwork.The girl was tightly tied up.

He also liked seeing the full fear in the stewardess' eyes,and also the large rectangular strip of white medical tape,completely covering her mouth.

Her gag was highly effective,as Panna heard her faintly mumbling behind the tape.This increased his nasty smile,as he then knelt down in front of her.

'You will be having some pretty company soon,my dear,'Panna chuckled,stroking her sexy looking legs with the ropes tied over them.'So you won't be on your own for long,my pretty,and then I can have some fun with you all.'

To add to his threat,Panna then roughly fondled the stewardess' breasts,fully enjoying it,and watching the girl vainly trying to squirm away from him.

He laughed,sneering down at her,before he was told they were about to land.Regretfully,Panna stopped fondling the girl,but before he headed back to his seat,he then told his bound and gagged stewardess:

'I'll be back soon,my dear.Don't go away now,will you?'

He then kissed the girl's neck,before heading back to his seat,really looking forward to the future.

The stewardess could only sit helplessly,and pray for a miracle.

As Panna sat back down into his seat,he put on his seat belt.

'Is everything taken care off,my friend?'

His second in command nodded.

'Our people are waiting for us on the ground.Don't worry,sir.I have chosen two very pretty Australian girls for you to enjoy.They're going to walk right into our hands.'

'I shall look forward to meeting them,'Panna chuckled.'Do you have pictures of them?'

His second in command nodded,and passed them over.

After studying them for a few moments,Panna was more than pleased.In fact,he couldn't wait to seize these two beauties.

'I think these two will serve me well,'Panna nodded.'Make certain you grab them unseen.'

'Everything will be as you wish,sir.'

They then watched their plane land at Brisbane International Airport,and Panna couldn't help himself,as he gleefully rubbed his hands.

More to follow....

Monday, 27 August 2012

You're entitled to your opinion.

I love going onto fellow damsel in distress websites and blogs.Two of them are:Brians Page and Anubis' Page.

They're both filled with fantastic material,ranging from pictures and videos of scenes I love so much.The people who contribute towards this,really deserve a huge thumbs up from me.It's a job well done.

Unfortunately,there are always idiots.I've wrote a few things on both these sites,and for the most part,I'd like to think my contribution was appreciated.

Sadly though,I have seen a couple of abusive posts aimed at me,and I was really shocked at this.Of course,it's probably the morons trying to get a response.I've seen some of the comments on both websites,and am very surprised they've been published.

I know Brians Page has a moderator,who has made lots of enemies,where he(or she?)has deleted plenty of posts for an 'off-topic' subject.For the most part,I have agreed with what's been deleted,but sometimes,somebody does write a damsel in distress subject,but it gets deleted regardless.

Of course,there's the right message boards,and there are honest mistakes made,but I do wonder if the moderator goes too far sometimes,merely deleting stuff for the hell of it.

On Anubis page,the moderator's called old Hitler,and that doesn't surprise me in the least.It's his website,and of course,he can do whatever he likes with it.All the stuff published on there,is thanks to Brian,and long may it continue.

However,he should treat everybody who sends in a decent,respectful opinion onto his discussion page,the same respect.It's highly unlikely though,that we'll see that.

Anyway,two fingers to all those tossers who published their abusive comments,especially when I hadn't been insulting towards them.


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Nothing in new Expendables film.:(

Well,I've just seen the new Expendables film,and have to sadly report no damsel in distress scenes at all in it.

This was bitterly disappointing,because I thought the very pretty actress:Nu Yang,who played 'Maggie' deserved a it.

Not long into the film,Bruce Willis' character informs Stallone's character;Barney Ross,that he has to protect her,whilst going on a mission to recover a lost,but valuable device.I certainly had my hopes up for this,praying Maggie would fall into the bad guys clutches,and Sly and his gang would save her.

Unfortunately,there wasn't one single thing of interest.Maggie could certainly handle herself,and fights really well alongside Sly's team;but alas,the writers or Sly didn't bother to put Maggie into the damsel in distress situation.

I really enjoyed the film;it's full of action,and the fight scenes are fantastic.It doesn't however,beat the first film though.The abscence of a damsel in distress scene here,just spoilt it for me,when there should have been one.

Oh well,there may be an Expendables 3 perhaps.Might have better luck there!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Added a bit more...

I've added a bit more on 'The Deadly Arena' Still a long way off completion,like a lot of other stories here.

I'll get there one day....:)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Act of Valor

Well,I've just bought this film on dvd,whilst reading the plot was about a group of US Navy Seals,sent in to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent.

As I'd hoped,the CIA agent is played by the very pretty Roselyn Sanchez.I've only watched the start of the film,and the bad guys here,are pretty nasty.

To start off with,the bastards murder an American ambassador in the Philippines,by a car bomb.Not only do they do that,but they murder plenty of innocent schoolchildren in doing so.I hated that scene.

Also,Roselyn's abduction scene is also pretty nasty.There's no hand over mouth,or any chloroform attack on her character.

Instead,the bad guys murder her male partner,and gave her a nasty beating,before they roll her into a rug and carry her away.

When we next see her,Roselyn's tied up(yippee!) with her arms overhead,but she isn't gagged.In fact,she's quite seriously hurt,with one of her eyes damaged.

Hopefully,there might be a scene with her later on,bound and gagged,and the good guys are en route to rescue her.

I just hope they make the bad guys pay dearly,for what they've done.

Of course,it's only a film....

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Made a couple of changes

Any of my regular readers might be interested to know,that I've added a bit more to my stories 'Sneaking In' and 'Tanya's Lesson.'

Hope they're enjoyed...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Added some more on 'Tanya's Lesson'

Well,I've added a little more on my latest story.I'll add a bit more to it later,but it's something which I'm enjoying thinking up.
Fingers crossed,it's making a couple of people enjoy too.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tanya's Lesson

Well,it's been a while since I last wrote something:So I've decided to offer this daft tale.I will go back to the other unfinished stories,but will put up this one first.


Sheik Mohammad Abkar's palace was precisely that,having many rooms inside it filled with exquisite luxury.
The money Sheik Akbar earned for this,was one of a mixed bag.It was well known the sheik had a first class brain,and did very well in the extremely competitive world of business.He had earned millions due to his quick thinking,and sound business practices.

However,not all of Sheik Akbar's earnings,were honestly earned.There had been strong suspicion over him,being involved in the modern day slavery market.It had been confirmed,that many young women had gone missing near his palace,but no proof of his involvement in the womens disappeareance,could be found.

Sheik Akbar wasn't a fool though:He knew he would be investigated,but had taken steps to counter this.
This meant having a group of dedicated,and very loyal people working for him.Akbar always chose his people wisely.They all had to have criminal pasts,and the brains to go with it.He certainly didn't want anybody here,who'd been to prison.

Akbar always had a good mix of people,who had good brains,and were extremely capable fighters.Like so many of his fellow sheiks,they all had to be well protected.Akbar had made sure he gave the people he was interested in,a very thorough look.He wanted the best.

The people he had working under him,were certainly not letting him down.Firstly,Ackbar had his close friend:Balan,who not only watched his back,but who also had an excellent intelligence network of spies all over the world.Balan was the one,who issued the orders to seize the unsuspecting prey,and he did it with considerable success.

Added to Ackbar's crew,were two women.They were known as Suzy,who came from Hong Kong,whilst the second was from the States:She was called Linda,and whilst both women were exceptionally beautiful:They were also highly efficient and deadly,ruthless fighters.Suzy was the daughter of a Triad boss.Her skills in martial arts were superb,and nobody had been able to beat her when challenged.

Linda too,was highly skilled in her own field.She could fight well too,but her strength lay in planning.She did it very well,and with great cunning.It was thanks to Linda's thinking,that Sheik Ackbar was able to prosper very well.

Both Ackbar and Balan knew this,and were very pleased to have them.It was of course,under Balan's command,that he ordered Suzy and Linda to seize any pretty girl unfortunate enough,to have caught his pleased eye.Balan knew Suzy and Linda,always did an excellent job,when they kidnapped their next,chosen pretty girl.

At the present moment,Ackbar was sitting in one of his private suites,which of course,was filled with luxuries beyond belief.Ackbar always believed in his excellent hospitality,when he was visited by guests.

Well,for some of them anyway.

With him,sat Balan,Suzy and Linda.The atmosphere was quite relaxed,and all four were enjoying themselves.Each had a generous drink of their choice,and there was also a folder they all had in their hands.

Despite the good atmosphere in the room,Ackbar knew trouble was coming.His spies had told him there was now a reaction,building up to his harem of kidnapped girls,and the intelligence had indicated a foreign military presence coming.

Of course,Ackbar wasn't bothered by this.Indeed,he looked forward to the challenge.All the girls he had securely bound and gagged in his clutches,ranged from very pretty to staggeringly gorgeous.It was only right a rescue attempt be launched to save them.

Ackbar was glancing through his own file.He could see it contained several photographs of people,and Ackbar instantly knew these were the people who were coming.

The photos were of two men and two women.Ackbar of course,studied the pictures of the women more.One had dark,short cut black hair,and looked very tough.The other girl had longer,red hair,falling down past her shoulders,and looked more feminine.He could see they were both pretty girls,and young too.He liked what he was seeing.

It was then that Balan spoke.

'They are a British special forces unit,your excellence,'Balan explained.'With an American assist.'

'Identities?'Ackbar asked.

'The two men are known as Jennings and Montgomery,sir.The women are Hunt and Adams.'

'I've heard of Jennings,Montgomery and Hunt,'Ackbar nodded.'They're really good soldiers.'

'Quite so,your excellency,'Suzy interjected politely and respectfully.One of the few times she would do so.'Hunt is the dark haired one.The Adams woman,is the American.'

This made Ackbar look more at her photo.He could see she was much more feminine in build,compared to Hunt.

'I'd very much like to meet this Adams girl,my friends,'he decided.'What's her first name?'

'Tanya,sir,'Suzy answered.'From what I've heard,she's hot headed and impervious.Likes to do her own thing.'

'Indeed?'Ackbar smiled,as he stared at Tanya's picture.Like all the others featured,she wasn't smiling for the camera.But of course,that was to be expected.The photos had all been surveillance shots.

'Well then,'Ackbar went on,smiling.'Let's prepare our welcoming committee for them.'

'May I ask what your plans for Jennings and Montgomery are,sir?'Linda asked.

'I know Jennings,Linda.As well as a highly formidable soldier,he's also quite the ladies man.You and Suzy would like him.He's very polite,but he does have the weakness for saving a pretty girl.'

Both Suzy and Linda smiled at that.Not unpleasantly,but it reminded them of something.

'I know he has three pretty sisters,'Suzy informed them all.'It might be a good idea to grab them.'

'I agree,'Ackbar nodded his approval.'Find out where they are,please,and bring them to me.Unharmed of course,but secured and silenced for their little trip.'

'We'll take care of it,sir,'Linda also nodded,before she rose,nodding again to Suzy.The Chinese woman also stood up,then  both bowed respectfully to Ackbar,before leaving.

Both Ackbar and Balan watched them depart with interest.

'I must admit,'Balan said,'that it will be interesting to see how these people will fight us.I haven't fought anybody worthy,for quite some time.'

'You will have your wish granted soon,my friend,'Ackbar patted Balan on the shoulder.A gesture which Balan fully appreciated.'Trust me.I've seen this Jennings and Montgomery fight,and you'll fully enjoy it.They are indeed,highly worthy opponents.'

'I shall look forward to meeting them,'Balan smiled.Unlike Linda and Suzy before him,his smile was full of nasty relish.

'Well,there is plenty of time to prepare for that,'Ackbar then rose from his seat.'Come,my friend.Let us pick one of our pretty slaves to entertain us.'

'Your excellency is too kind,'Balan nodded his appreciation.'A thousand thanks.'

Both men then left the suite,heading deeper into Ackbar's palace,where they could choose what they wanted at their leisure.

They both walked down into one of the palace's deep caverns.This particular cavern was very big.Usually,Ackbar and his staff used it for storage,and this was precisely so.

As soon as they entered the cavern,both men smiled,hearing the much familiar,muffled cries eminating from the room.

Both Ackbar and Balan were pleased to see a lot of women,all securely bound with tight brown hemp or white ropes,wrapped securely in horizontal loops over each of their upper bodies.

There were also the same horizontal loops tied tightly over their thighs,knees and ankles,making them completely helpless.Ackbar still continued to smile,as he casually walked down the cavern with Balan,observing his pretty captives with interest.Helpless was just how he liked to have his harem of girls feel.There wasn't a chance none of them could escape.Especially after the way Ackbar and his people had bound and gagged each girl.

As he walked inspecting each girl,Ackbar was amused to see some of them still struggling frantically,but his smile stayed.He was enjoying the fear and terror in the women's eyes too.Some were bulging into huge saucers above their gags,fully knowing what he had come for.

For the most part,Ackbar had seized a lot of female military personnel.He just loved a woman,bound and gagged in uniform.There were women from naval forces,army,air force too;but Ackbar didn't stop there.

He also had many pretty stewardesses,office female staff,women police constables still in their uniforms.The choice was endless,although of course,he still had his favourites.

Ackbar finally stopped in front of one girl,who was wearing a stewardesses uniform of a light blue shirt,a red neck scarf,and a short black skirt,just above her knees.

Ackbar recognised this particular girl.She was Japanese,and had been grabbed quite recently.He had a strong lust for Asian women,and stepped closer to her,still smiling,as he watched the girl try to shrink back from him.

He enjoyed observing this one;the girl was trussed up with white horizontal loops of rope,and was tightly gagged with a large,rectangular strip of black duct tape.Her eyes above her tape gag,betrayed total,utter terror.

The Japanese girl shrieked behind her gag,as Ackbar then started to fondle her breasts;then he began to kiss her neck.Of course,her attempted scream was non-existent,and after indecently assaulting his prize for some time,Ackbar chuckled,then gestured to some of his ever present guards nearby.
'I'll take this one .'he ordered.'Bring her to my chamber.'

His guards nodded,but before Ackbar allowed them to do so,he gripped the Japanese girl's chin.

'You will entertain me all tonight,my beauty,and I shall look forward to enjoying your company.'

Still enjoying the girl's terror-stricken eyes,Ackbar laughed maliciously into her face,as he then nodded to his guards,who promptly stepped forward to release the girl from her bonds.This was done quickly,as they used a knife to slice away the many loops of rope from her.

The girl however,hardly had time to breathe any form of relief,as her hands were then instantly forced behind her,and she was then tied up again.

Once her hands had been secured,one of the guards easily lifted her into a firemans carry over his shoulder,and easily carried her out.Ackbar smiled,as he watched the Japanese girl being carried out.

Then,Ackbar saw one of his favourites.

She was an English girl:in fact,a Royal Navy crewmember.As yet,Ackbar hadn't ravished this prize yet,but looking at her smart uniform the girl was wearing,he had already decided to include this pretty girl in his future plans.

The girl's name was Louise,and Ackbar knew he had a real treasure;as he looked down at Louise's frightened face.

The girl was wearing her standard,smartly pressed white shirt,with her black shoulder epaulettes and gold markings,designating her rank.A square breast pocket,lay either side on her shirt,and she wore a dark,light blue skirt,falling just above her knees.She was also wearing dark blue nylons,and a pair of smartly polished black high heels.

Ackbar fully enjoyed this girl's military uniform.It was indeed,one of his favourites.He'd definitely enjoyed tying Louise up,and gagging her in it.Tight,horizontal loops of brown hemp rope,encircled Louise's upper body.There were also the same horizontal loops,wound just as tightly over the girl's legs.Not only did that keep Louise firmly secure,to the thick stone pillar she was tied up to,but Ackbar had also fully enjoyed gagging this pretty girl too.

Once he'd finished tying her up,Ackbar had then,stuffed a balled up cloth into Louise's mouth,fully relishing the girl's muffled cries,as she lost the use of her voice.To make sure the girl stayed quiet,Ackbar had then forced her lips shut,and then tied a large piece of cloth over Louise's mouth.He made sure he tied that cloth firmly,and was pleased to see it work.The girl could barely mumble behind it.

He was still standing above her,admiring Louise's breasts.This was of course,due to the way he'd tied the ropes over her upper body.The girl's breasts were magnificent,and Ackbar chuckled,as he then started to roughly fondle them.

Louise's eyes were bulging above her gag,knowing she was completely helpless to his touch.All she could do,was to cower back in fear.Her screams were non-existent.

'I think,my pretty,'Ackbar suddenly leaned forward to whisper in her ear,'that I shall use you as bait,for some expected guests.'

He kissed her on the neck,hard,just as he maintained his indecent assault on her chest.Louise could only flinch back in revulsion,but still had to endure it.

'Once I've dealt with them,my pretty,'Ackbar continued,still chuckling.'I'll make certain I'll entertain you all night.'

Ackbar was still delighted to see the utter terror in Louise's eyes,and he continued to press himself against her tightly bound body,but he stopped just short of ravishing her.That would come later.

He lifted Louise's chin up with one of his fingers.

'I shall be back soon,my dear,'his voice was now full of sexual intent,which Louise fully recognised in horror.'Don't go away,will you?.'

Laughing at his own joke,Ackbar gave the bound and gagged girl another rough kiss on her neck,before he turned away.

Ackbar then left the cavern.He was also pleased to see his friend,Balan,had also chosen well.He'd selected an American police officer,and like the helpless Japanese girl,she was easily carried out of the cavern.

Just before he left the cavern,Ackbar turned his attention back to the rest of his female prisoners.

'Don't worry,ladies,'his smile was full of relish.'You'll all get your chance.I shall be back,and soon.'

When he closed the door to the cavern,he fully enjoyed hearing the still terrified,but considerably muffled shrieks.


Sheik Ackbar's palace was of course,a natural stronghold.Not only was it impossible to assault directly,but the bay which surrounded it,gave perfect defensive fire.Only a lunatic hellbent on suicide,would have dreamed of attempting it.

The Moon was usually out too,giving the night a perfect view over the bay,and this made the palace defenders job even easier.

Tonight though,the moon was hidden by cloud,and the bay was practically in complete darkness.

This suited the two small boats,which were slowly heading towards their target areas.Both boats were small fishing vessels,but obviously,they weren't going to fish tonight.

On board one of the boats,were Sheik Ackbar's future enemies.Jennings,Montgomery,Hunt and Tanya lay waiting for the right moment to depart.All four of them were dressed in black underwater suit.There was no scuba gear,as they'd all agreed to swim quietly on the surface.

As well as their underwater gear,all four had brought along weapons.Jennings was sincerely hoping they wouldn't have to use them,but he knew and his friends were coming up against a ruthless slavery ring.It was more than probable they'd have to start shooting back.

The owner of the boat was Rasheed,a young Arab fisherman,who had helped Jennings and his friends before.Jennings trusted him,remembering Rasheed had helped him so many times.He was a good friend,and Jennings made sure he was well rewarded.

The boat slowly made it's way near the shore,and then Rasheed,who was steering the boat,turned and gave Jennings and his friends a silent thumbs up.

Jennings returned the silent gesture,grateful for the help,and after a careful,last check around,he slowly climbed into the black water.Montgomery was next,then Hunt,and finally,Tanya.

As soon as they were all in the water,the four of them started to swim silently for shore.

It was indeed,a very black night,and had they attempted this for the first time,the four of them could have easily lost their bearings.

However,Jennings,like his three friends,had trained constantly for moments like this.There was only a weak current here,and Rasheed had done a great job,getting them in very close to the shore,so they didn't have to swim very far.Jennings made a mental note to thank him later.

Grimly,they kept up their silent swim,before they all safely reached the shore undetected.

As soon as they did so,all four of them stripped off their underwater gear,and hid it.

Instantly,Jennings brought out his weapon,a Draganov sniper rifle.With this,he could observe his targets,and decide if he needed to eliminate them.

For the moment though,there was no sign of enemy activity nearby,and after checking his friends were ready,Jennings led the way,determined to get all those girls out of there.

The four made their way undetected from cover to cover,until they all reached the first point of their positions.Here,Hunt would set up her own firing position,and like Jennings before her,she too,brought out a sniper rifle.It had been agreed to give Hunt this job,as she was pretty good at it.Watching her prepare,Jennings allowed himself a slight smile.After all,he was the one who had trained her.

As soon as Hunt was ready,she gave Jennings a thumbs up,and after acknowledging her,Jennings led Montgomery and Tanya up towards the palace.

Watching her friends through her telescopic sight,Hunt made sure they wouldn't run into any trouble,as she kept her eyes peeled for any sentries or patrols.

At the moment,all was going well.There was no sign of any alarm raised,and the night remained quiet.

Hunt however,knew that wouldn't last.

Still keeping a careful,low approach to the palace,Jennings made sure he kept his own eyes peeled.The intelligence report back on his briefing,had indicated booby traps surrounding the palace's grounds.The report had also indicated many of them,and sure enough,Jennings had spotted those in his path.

Fortunately,the traps were simple enough to deal with,and Jennings did so.What he wasn't hoping to see,was a trap where they had to avoid.And that would mean choosing another route in.

Still,all was going well,and much to all of their relief,they managed to make it into their insertion point.

This was a large cave,built right at the bottom of the palace's rocky outcrop.It had been Rasheed informing Jennings of this.The former had used this place many times;mostly for his intelligence missions,but he had confirmed it did lead into the palace.To his knowledge,Rasheed didn't think the hidden entrance had been discovered.

Let's hope it stays that way,Jennings thought grimly,as he led the way to where Rasheed had told him.

Tanya watched,as Jennings and Montgomery began to clear up some obstruction,and after a few moments,she could now see a flight of stone steps.They led upwards.

Without asking,Tanya immediately put herself in front,and began to lead the way,slowly climbing up the steps.Both Jennings and Montgomery looked briefly at each other,but made no comment.They both thought back to the briefing back at their base,where Tanya had been introduced to them.

She was of course,very pretty,having shoulder length red hair,and a damned good body too..Unfortunately though,there was just a hint of arrogance,when she was providing the briefing on Sheik Ackbar's palace defences.She gave the impression that she was wasting her time here,and none of Jennings' team had liked seeing that.

However,Tanya had provided them with useful intelligence,and they were all determined to help all those girls held in Ackbar's palace.

When they finally arrived at the top of the steps,the trio could now see a thick wooden door.Tanya tried to open it,but it was locked.

This made Montgomery step forward,and Tanya could see he held a set of skeleton keys.After a few tense minutes,Montgomery finally found the right key,and slowly opened the door.

He checked what was outside first,and was pleased to see an empty corridor.Quickly,he gestured to his two friends,and they all hurried out.Montgomery shut the door behind him.

As they slowly advanced,they all heard distant voices,but Jennings felt confident nobody was near them.However,he kept his eyes sharp for any sentry positions or security cameras.The briefing had warned them about that.

Then,they spotted a large courtyard,and people in it.This made them all duck back into the shadows,and they observed what was going on.

Jennings could now see Sheik Ackbar with another man.He recognised him as Balan:the Sheik's personal bodyguard,and his second in command.Both men looked very tough in appearance.Jennings hoped he could avoid any confrontation here.The last thing he wanted,was a firefight breaking out.

Privately though,Jennings relished fighting.Especially unarmed combat against a tough,formidable adversary.He could see this Balan,was that type.

However,he still kept his mind on the mission.Grimly,he silently gestured to Tanya and Montgomery to watch their backs,whilst he listened to what was said being below.Jennings was grateful for his linguist skills,as he understood and spoke perfect Arabic.

'The Japanese woman has been secured and silenced in your private chambers,your excellency.'Jennings heard Balan speak.

'Excellent work,my friend,'Ackbar smiled his gratitude.'Make certain you bring the English girl to me,when I call for her.'

'Of course,your excellency.'

'What of the patrols?'Ackbar then asked:'Anything new to report?'

'Nothing yet,'Balan answered confidently.'However,I will check with the watchtowers,and report back to you immediately.'

Ackbar nodded again,and then walked away.Balan headed then,towards the watchtowers.

Jennings then indicated to his two friends he'd follow Ackbar,whilst he then gestured to Montgomery and Tanya to follow Balan.Both nodded,and silently moved off.

Grimly,Jennings then followed after Ackbar,making sure he kept his distance,and using cover at every opportunity.

He watched Balan walk into one of the palace's watchtowers,and he spoke a few words to the guards stationed there.

Wanting to listen in,Jennings quietly produced a listening device from his battle kit pack,and making sure he kept out of sight,he aimed the device at Balan.

'Anything to report?' he heard Balan ask.

'Nothing,sir,'one of the sentries answered.'Just a couple of fishing boats in the bay.'

This made Balan think,and Jennings could see it.He tensed,fully expecting the alarm to be raised.

However,much to his surprise,Jennings watched Balan nod his thanks to the sentry,and walked normally away.

Grimly,Jennings put away the listening device,and after checking he was still unseen,he moved silently away.

It was then he heard footsteps,and they were close.Very close.

He also heard a woman trying to speak,but he instantly knew she was gagged.The desperate,but considerably muffled noises he heard fully proved that.

Dashing back into the shadows,Jennings ducked back down,and tensed,waiting for them to appear.

Two people came into his sight;a man and a woman.

The man was clearly one of the sheik's fighting men.Jennings could tell from the man's physical appearance.

Whoever he was,the man was built like a powerhouse,and he was smiling too.Jennings saw the reason why,and his attention was fully on the bound and gagged girl the man was dragging along with him.

Instantly,Jennings recognised the girl.He'd seen her picture back at the mission briefing,and he knew her name was Karen;one of many stewardesses reported missing.

He could see why this Sheik Ackbar had grabbed a girl like this.Like all the other girls photos he'd seen back at the briefing,Karen was a highly attractive young woman.She was a shoulder length brunette,and was still wearing her stewardess uniform.

Jennings instantly noticed how tight the ropes had been tied over her,especially over her chest.Her breasts were enormous,but at the present,Karen did not appreciate this.As she was frogmarched along,Karen couldn't help,but keep mumbling fearfully behind her white tape gag.She was dreading what was in store for her.

As they both drew parallel with his hiding place,Jennings suddenly made his move.

He lashed out a hard punch,fully striking the man on the jaw,catching the man totally unprepared.Jennings was pleased to see his blow had rendered the man senseless,and he'd instantly grabbed the girl,taking her and himself out of sight.

It was a good job he did too,as he heard more footsteps near.This made him face Karen,and despite seeing her frightened eyes,Jennings put a finger to his lips.

Fortunately,the girl understood,and like Jennings,she didn't move at all,as the footsteps grew closer.

It was only then he realised the man he'd knocked out,was still lying prone in the hallway.Jennings tensed,knowing he hadn't had enough time to drag the man out of sight.

Fortunately,he heard no alarm raised,and after a quick check,he was satisfied their presence hadn't been detected.

Jennings motioned for Karen to stay where she was,and was pleased to see her nod.Her eyes above her tape gag,fully showed her relief at him.

Quickly,Jennings darted out,and dragged the still senseless man out of sight.Once he'd done that,he turned back to Karen.

'You okay?'he made sure he whispered that.

Seeing the girl nod again and satisfied she wasn't under any drug influence,Jennings gently peeled away the white tape over her mouth.

More to follow...