Tuesday, 31 December 2013

47 Ronin;Doesn't seem likely..

I must admit to not hearing about any bondage scenes,for any of the pretty actresses in this film.Shame really;I really liked the look of the Japanese actresses in it.The only damsel in distress plot I've heard in this,is Keanu Reeves's character trying to stop the girl marrying the bad guy.Maybe there might be a scene where the bad guys hold her hostage,but from what I've heard,it doesn't seem likely.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Ninja Battle

Good job there are plenty of scenes in martial arts films.This very pretty actress spent a lot of time bound and gagged in the film,with also a quick handgag.The actress is called Ito Aiko.

Looks like this is the end...

Despite my repeated efforts here,I still can't seem to make any headway publishing any more of my stories here on this blog.I have to admit it's driving me mad,as I'd written two more stories,but for some unexplained reason,my blog isn't allowing me to type here.Totally baffled at why this is so,and unfortunately,I think this might be the end of this blog here.I can't put in paragraph breaks,and that means my stories won't be presented properly.It's very disappointing,and I can only sincerely apologise to the genuine fans of my blog.I will still post pictures on my damsel drawings blog,and I'll always try to put up pics of any more,pretty actresses,who get bound and gagged in any films I'll watch.However,for stories,I think that's it.I've no doubt at all there are a lot of people,who will enjoy what they're reading here,as I've had to put up with a lot of nasty abuse,and all for their own amusement probably.I was even accused of being spiteful,just because I said I didn't like certain things happening on the TUG webpage.I never insulted anyone or was being spiteful about it,and I'm very disappointed to read somebody's reaction like that.But of course,it's a cruel world where the bullies and bad guys win a lot.So it gives me great pleasure to see the back of those individuals.I really hope what goes around comes around,and that's not being spiteful at all.To me,it's payback time.Thanks for stopping by...

Friday, 13 December 2013

Thank you.

Recently,I've had some abuse,which of course,isn't nice.So it is always good to see one of my blog followers,still sending me some good feedback.
Abuse is never nice to experience,even when somebody disagrees with what I post on my blog.I don't mind a difference of opinion,but when some people get abusive and nasty,it's horrible bullying.
So despite trying to be fair minded,and give the people who have opposite views to my own,but will still be polite about it:I'm afraid the really nasty sort,are making their presence much more felt.

So I've now decided to allow comments from people,who are interested in my blog.
Anyway,many thanks to the people who like my blog,and are nice with it to.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Still nothing for Lucy on Elementary?

I still find it totally unbelievable,that one of my favourite actresses:the very lovely Lucy Liu,has not had a bound and gagged scene in this modern version of Sherlock Holmes.

I mean,come on;Aside from one minor scene where Lucy had her hands ziptied in front to a staircase,there have been no more scenes.What a disgrace.Surely for a modern police fiction show,they would have some scenes of rescuing a pretty actress bound and gagged in the show.

It's just unbelievable how the writers have not bothered with this.Perhaps I have missed things,but quite frankly,I've never heard off anything.I guess this is just another one of these shows on the telly,where there is sod all for damsel in distress fans;especially for Lucy.

What a waste...:(

Friday, 6 December 2013

Sexual Misadventures:Page 9 complete.

Here is the completed page 9 Larry has successfully completed for me.I really liked this page,as it sets the scene for the good guys going out,to rescue the pretty girls in the bad guys clutches.
I'm still planning on many more.