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The Sanna Menace Chapter 6

Commander Griffiths watched the two Sanna warships hastily retreat,from the 'Savage's' deadly weapons.There was serious damage inflicted,on both enemy ships.However,Griffiths knew this was only the start.Long experience had taught him and his crew,that the Sanna response,would be to send in everything they had,against the 'Savage.'

Grimly,Griffiths walked up to one of his bridge officers,manning the radar scans,and immediately ordered a sit-rep from him.

'Strong force of Sanna battle cruisers,closing in on our position.Commander.'The officer dutifully reported to him.

Griffiths nodded,fully expecting that.

'How many enemy?'he queried.

'Ten battle cruisers,Sir.'The same officer responded.He continued to study the Sanna approach,before he finished.'They're attempting to box us in.'

'Thank you.'Griffiths then turned to his first officer.'Major Robson.Get me the co-ordinates,of the nearest,high valued Sanna base here.We're going to give them some major headaches.'

Before he gave that order though,Griffiths then asked about Kate.

'Is she okay?'

He was more than relieved,to see Robson nod positively back.His first officer had been in constant telepathic touch with her,and Kate had reassured her people,that she was well.

'Kate's fine.Commander.'Robson confirmed it for him,and she could see the relief,written all over his face.Griffiths had admitted to himself,that he'd given Kate,a really tough assignment.

For the moment though,things were going well.They'd managed to divert the Sanna's attention,away from the Earth's populants,and despite the heavy enemy reinforcements en route,the Sirruns were preparing their own counter strikes.

'Signal all squadrons to stand by.'Griffiths was still watching the Sanna battle cruisers closing in.Fortunately,there was still time for them,to head towards their next target.

Griffiths was then informed,of the target's location.A Sanna military base was close by,which he then ordered the helm to head for.From the intelligence his people had gathered,the base was highly prized by the Sanna.Griffiths couldn't wait,to destroy it.

He then gave an order to his fighters in the air,to maintain air superiority here,and when this was acknowledged by his squadron leaders,Griffiths turned his attention,back towards the Sanna enemy.He could see,that everybody on the bridge crew,was in complete agreement with him.It was a highly successful tactic,they used against the Sanna.Attacking any top Sanna installation,or vessel,would make their enemies come at them in droves,but the Sirruns knew how to defeat them.They'd done so before,and had saved many lives doing so.

He then got the Sanna base's defences from Robson,and after thanking her,Griffiths began to plan his attack.As he did so,Robson then asked him;

'Permission to head down to the planet,Sir?'

He looked up at her,knowing she wanted to see Kate.

'Permission granted,Major.'Griffiths nodded his approval,but also warning her politely.'Don't take too long though.If the Sanna find you and Kate there,you'll both be in trouble.'

'I understand.Sir.Don't worry.'

She then saluted him respectfully,and then left the bridge.Griffiths then went back,to studying his plan of attack.


Back down in the harbour,Jennings and his friends,were now helping those fortunate enough,to have survived the Sanna attack.There was still a huge amount of people here,but Jennings' face hardened,as he could still see the many,who hadn't been so lucky.Human bodies were scattered all over the place,having been ruthlessly slaughtered,by the Sanna attack craft.Jennings just kept on thinking,that he should have got here sooner.Maybe then,he could have saved them all.

Kate sensed his embittered thoughts,as she too,saw the many people killed here.Like Jennings,she was angry,knowing the methods of Sanna conquest.She knew them,to be utterly ruthless.When she fought them,Kate did so professionally,but in some ways,she took great pleasure in eliminating them.

She then watched Jennings being hugged by his sister,Louise.He was shaking his head remorsefully,still looking at the dead.

'I should have helped these people,Louise.'Jennings' tone was bitter too.

'John,this wasn't your fault.'Louise told him gently.'It was Talbot and the Sanna who did this,not you.Besides,you did help.'

Montgomery,Hunt and Kelly were standing close by.They all agreed with Louise.

'We will avenge their deaths.'Hunt stated.Despite her reputation,as a cold blooded killer of the Sanna,and anybody else who supported them,Hunt hated seeing innocent people suffering,just as much as her friends did.She'd seen Talbot's corpse,knowing he was under O'Rourke's payroll.This made Hunt more determined than ever,to get even,and also to kill that murderous bitch,Harris.

They could still see the massive shape of Kate's ship,that had driven off the Sanna warships.The fighters that had also helped to defeat the Sanna attack craft,were now splitting up,into two large groups.Some were staying overhead,whilst the second group were now moving away.

Jennings turned to Kate,who was also scanning the 'Savage.'

'I take it your boss has a plan?'he asked her.

'Commander Griffiths is launching a strike,against a nearby Sanna target.'Kate answered.'It will draw their attention,away from your own people.'

'Good thinking.'Jennings nodded.'I wouldn't mind meeting your commander.'

'You will.'Kate assured him.'I guarantee it.'

They all went back to trying to help everybody,who'd survived here.It wasn't easy,as there was much hysteria,especially from those that had lost their loved ones.

Fortunately,Kate's presence proved an immense help.She calmed down a lot of people,and with the help of some more military survivors,Jennings was pleased to get some sort of order.He finally breathed a sigh of relief.Looking back up at Kate's ship,he really hoped Kate's friends,would strike a deadly blow into the Sanna.However,he still had other things to attend too.

Kelly then came up to him.

'Everybody's hungry,John.'She told him,her face concerned.'Some haven't eaten for days.'

'No food here at all?'Jennings asked,and after seeing Kelly shake her head,he knew why there wasn't.

'I'll take care off it,Kelly.'Jennings knew what to do.He'd seen it happen so many times before.O'Rourke and Harris sent out their thugs,to steal food supplies,from the civilian population.This had caused untold numbers of people,who'd starved to death.Jennings,Montgomery and Hunt,always made raids back on O'Rourke's people who did this.They managed to return the stolen food,and made the culprits suffer accordingly.

Jennings then told his plan of attack,to Hunt and Montgomery.

'There's a supply post of O'Rourke's not too far off.'He explained.'I've seen his thugs take food supplies they've stolen,before they transport it back to his main base.'

'How far?'Hunt asked.

'It's close.'Jennings answered her.'If we can get some transport-'

He then broke off,scanning for a suitable vehicle.There were plenty of burnt out vehicles,that the Sanna had destroyed,but Jennings then spotted a seemingly,undamaged armed jeep.Quickly,he hurried over to it,with his friends right behind him.

Reaching the jeep,Jennings was pleased to see the vehicle well armed.There were two heavy machine guns,mounted on the rear,and there was plenty of ammunition.There was also an anti-aircraft missile launcher.

However,Jennings wanted to see if the jeep would drive.The keys were still in the ignition,and he jumped into the driver's seat.He then turned the ignition on,and was pleased to hear the jeep's engine start successfully.He nodded to Hunt and Montgomery,who then jumped in with him.Hunt manned the machine guns,whilst Montgomery sat next to him.

Just before he drove off,Jennings turned to Kate.

'I need you to protect Louise and Kelly,Kate.'Jennings told her.'Will you do that for me,please?'

He was pleased to see the Sirrun woman nod back.

'I will.'Kate responded.'You can trust me.'

'I never doubted it.'Jennings spoke that sincerely,before he watched Louise come up to him.She placed her arm affectionately through his.

'Just make sure you come back,John.'Louise's eyes stared up at him,meaning what she said.

'Don't worry,Louise.'Jennings meant what he said too.He wasn't going to leave his only sister unprotected.'I will.You can count on that.'

Louise then hugged him warmly,giving him a kiss on his cheek.

'You'd better,John.'She then hugged into him more.'You know I need you.'

Jennings detected the shaky tone in Louise's voice,but he kissed her cheek back.Of course,he'd always known Louise was very headstrong,but this always led her into trouble frequently.The bad guys were also on the hunt for him,and grabbing his sister,was top priority for them.Jennings had also read reports,that O'Rourke and Harris wanted his head.If these two managed to get their hands on Louise,using her as a hostage against him,didn't bear thinking about.Even so,Jennings had sworn to protect,and help Louise when necessary.He'd do the same for Kelly,Hunt,or anybody else that needed it.This made Jennings a very deadly threat to his enemies,and he'd also sworn to make any bad guys pay,if they somehow managed to seize Louise,or any of his friends.

Jennings then noticed Hunt and Montgomery give him the look,that they had to go.He nodded,and gently squeezed his sister's hand,before placing her into Kelly's friendly hold.It was tearing his heart out,to leave Louise here,but Kelly was right.The people here,needed food,and he was going to get it for them.

'Let's go.'Jennings then quickly put his foot down,and the jeep was soon lost out of their sight.Louise had never taken her eyes off her brother,as she anxiously awaited his safe return.


Watching with interest from the boat that had quietly evaded detection,the captain and his crew,never took their eyes off Kelly and Louise.The captain was also observing the young woman,armed with the two sheathed swords.She was strangely dressed,but he'd seen her dispatch Talbot expertly,and knew she was a threat.This would be mentioned in his next report,but for now,he kept his eyes on those two pretty girls.The captain still remembered Harris' strict instructions,that both girls were to be seized,but alive and unharmed.Despite Talbot's failure to do that,the captain was still confident of accomplishing this.He still had people in the harbour,and he then got on the radio,and made contact with one of them.

'You see the two women?'The captain demanded.

'Confirmed.'A man's voice responded back.'Leave it to me.'

'Watch that woman with the swords too.'the captain cautioned.'she may present a problem.'


'Just remember.Seize the two girls,and bring them to me,alive and unharmed.'

'Copy that.'The spy acknowledged.'I'll have extra help for that.'

The transmission then ended,and the captain grinned menacingly.He eagerly awaited future developments,as he kept his binoculars on his targets.

Louise and Kelly were trying to help everybody here,by distributing what little food there was.Both girls were praying Jennings would return soon,and with plenty of food.It was always the waiting,that Louise hated,but she always prayed for her brother's safety.He always came back.

Kate was keeping a sharp lookout,honouring her promise to Jennings.She didn't sense any immediate danger from the Sanna,knowing all their forces would be pursuing the 'Savage.'All they had too worry about here,was getting everybody away to safety.

Kate was helping to calm people down,reassuring them,when she suddenly sensed a threat.Turning quickly,Kate scanned around her,but there was nobody coming up to attack her.But Kate knew she hadn't imagined it.Her survival instincts were spot on.They'd never let her down yet.The enemy was still here.Kate was certain of it.She felt their hostile thoughts,knowing they were aimed at her.However,that didn't bother Kate.She could handle it.But she then detected the hostile,and lustful thoughts,targeted on Kelly and Louise.This made her touch her sword handles carefully,ready to pull out her weapons,and strike any enemy down.For now,Kate kept a sharp lookout.


Still driving at a furious speed,Jennings kept his foot down,driving the jeep towards its next target.The three of them,were keeping their eyes open for any Sanna activity,especially skywards.Despite the sudden,but welcome appearance of the 'Savage' forcing Sanna air forces away,they still had a lot of air activity.

'How far now?'Montgomery asked Jennings.

'Three miles.'Jennings answered instantly.

'You've a plan?'

'Of course I do,Monty.'Jennings gave him a faint grin.'I'm not going to let those people starve.'

Montgomery punched his friend warmly on his shoulder,when suddenly,Hunt yelled out a warning.


They all heard the familiar,but hated sound of a Sanna attack craft.Sure enough,one flew overhead,and they'd been spotted by the Sanna pilot.Instantly,Jennings jammed his foot harder onto the accelerator,and began driving defensively.The Sanna craft had now started making attack runs on them,firing its deadly laser cannons.The lasers passed uncomfortably close to the jeep,and the three of them felt the searing heat by the lasers.

Hunt was already returning fire,whilst Montgomery prepared the heavy missile launcher.Again,the Sanna craft made another run,but Jennings was well experienced.He carefully anticipated the Sanna pilot's flight path,before he easily avoided another deadly laser barrage.

However,Jennings knew he couldn't keep this up forever.The Sanna pilot may have already radioed their position,and enemy reinforcements would soon be on scene.He'd better do something,and quick.

He watched the pilot make another run,and was grimly satisfied.The enemy pilot was over confident,and thinking they could be used for target practice.Jennings however,wasn't having any of that.

'Stand by!'he shouted to his two friends.'Get him in the back!'

As the Sanna craft made another unsuccessful attack,Jennings slammed on the brakes,spinning the wheel.The jeep skidded,but he maintained control.The Sanna craft flew directly overhead,which was what Hunt and Montgomery wanted.Hunt blazed away at the rear of the Sanna craft,whilst Montgomery had already aiming through the missile launcher's guidance system.He waited for the target lock on,knowing there was only seconds to spare,but the lock on system lit up,and he instantly depressed the weapon's trigger.The missile streaked out,snaking towards its prey.The Sanna pilot never knew what hit him.The missile smashed into the rear of the Sanna craft,causing an instant fireball.The flaming wreckage plummeted earthwards.

There was no time for any congratulations,as Jennings slammed his foot back on the accelerator,heading towards O'Rourke's outpost.It soon came within sight.A few small buildings,that looked like a military checkpoint.

Jennings made sure they weren't observed,as he then steered the jeep into hiding,and stopped.All three grabbed their weapons,and quickly exited.There was a small ridge,that hid the jeep,and they crawled slowly up towards the top,pulling out their binoculars.What they saw,was grim.

Jennings,Hunt and Montgomery clearly recognised O'Rourke's people,and there was plenty of them.All were heavily armed,and were forcing a group of men,to load stolen food supplies,onto three large waiting trucks.O'Rourke's men were clearly enjoying themselves,as they acted in a bullying and intimidating manner,towards the men.There was no resistance from any of them,that Jennings could see,but he also saw the reason why.

Under armed guard too,was a small sitting group of young women.As Jennings peered closer to them,he noticed that all the women,were bound and gagged.Each of the women had their hands tied tight behind their backs,and they were all gagged,with a large,rectangular strip of black tape.It was quite evident,that the women were being held hostage,forcing the unarmed men,to do whatever O'Rourke's group demanded.

Still looking at the captive women,Jennings and his two friends clearly saw the utter terror,in all their eyes.Some of O'Rourke's men amused themselves,by giving the girls unwanted kisses,and groping.This made the three of them,clench their teeth in disgust.

Once satisfied the women were secure,one of O'Rourke's men bent down,to lift a female prisoner over their shoulder.The helpless girl,was then carried to one of the waiting trucks,and placed into the back of it.Seeing this,Jennings knew this wasn't just a raiding party,to snatch food from defenceless civilians.Evidently,O'Rourke wanted more,highly desirable young women abducted.Jennings,Hunt and Montgomery knew the reason why.O'Rourke wasn't just a much despised collaborator,with the Sanna.He was also a dangerous criminal,and was an active serial rapist.The three of them had known many young,and innocent women,had been forcibly taken by him.This made the three of them,more determined to stop this.

Hunt was scanning O'Rourke's men,through the telescopic sight of her sniper rifle.She was scrutinizing the enemy perimeter,and their patrols there.After a few moments of observation,she made her report to Jennings and Montgomery,but her eyes never left the rifle sight.

'Four sentries patrolling.'Hunt reported.'They don't look too alert,John.'

Jennings nodded in agreement.The bullying,and sneering laughter he'd seen from the enemy,convinced him,that their security was lax.This was just what they needed.

However,something else caught their attention.Two of O'Rourke's men,had now brought out,a heavy machine gun.The men placed it carefully on the ground,and began to load ammunition into it.It was then,that they saw the unarmed men,being forced to stand in front of it.The three's faces hardened,as they knew what the enemy was planning.

'Bastards!'Hunt hissed with real venom.'They're going to murder them.'

'Get ready to take them out.'Jennings instructed.'Me and Monty will help the girls.Keep an eye out for any more of them.'

'Got it.Don't worry,I got you both covered.'

With that,Jennings nodded to Montgomery,and together,they both sneaked towards the waiting trucks.Hunt watched their progress,ready to shoot any opponent,who stood in their way.Fortunately,her two friends were highly skilled in infiltration,and masters at stealth,especially when killing silently.

Both men made it undetected,and hid behind the truck,where O'Rourke's men had put the bound and gagged girls.Jennings knew Hunt would deal with the machine gun crew,and he'd made it a priority,to free the kidnapped girls.

The two guards they'd seen earlier,were still standing there,totally oblivious of their presence.Carefully checking nobody was near,Jennings and Montgomery crept towards their unsuspecting targets,and struck.Jennings instantly broke his target's neck,whilst Montgomery grabbed his target around the neck,and simply throttled the man out of existence.Neither of their victims,made a call for help.

Still making sure they were unseen,Jennings and Montgomery quickly dragged the two lifeless bodies away,before checking on the patrolling sentries.So far,none of the enemy had noticed anything amiss.

Montgomery gestured to Jennings,that he'd stay and protect the girls.His friend nodded,and readying his weapon,Jennings advanced towards the machine gun post.He could see,that the two men were just about to fire the weapon.

He was just in time,to see one of the men release the safety catch,and he then made his move.Jennings stepped out,in full view of them all,before going down on one knee.He kept his weapon aimed,at the machine gun crew.There was a stunned silence,as all of O'Rourke's men gaped at him.

'Drop your weapons!Now!'Jennings barked harshly,at the armed men.

The response,was exactly what he expected.They all recovered from their disbelief,and started laughing at him.Jennings didn't return their smug smiles,and he repeated his order.Despite his loathing of this particular enemy,Jennings knew he had to give them a chance.It wasn't accepted,as he then saw the machine gun crew,start to turn their weapon at him.Instantly,there was a booming shot,which made one of the men explode,his blood splattered everywhere.This caught O'Rourke's men,completely by surprise,as they stepped back in horror,but it was a fatal error.Jennings seized the initiative,as he yelled at the unarmed group.

'Take cover!'

Jennings could see the men race to obey,but he was already firing on the enemy,ruthlessly gunning them down.With Montgomery's help,and Hunt's deadly sniper fire,they soon eliminated all of their opponents.Rising up slowly to check,he then heard Hunt's voice comfirm this.

'It's clear,John.'Her voice told him.He gave her a thumbs up,before checking on the unarmed civilian men.

'Everybody okay?'he asked them.

The reaction was mixed again.Some thanked him,others just wept with relief,knowing how close they'd come close to being killed.Jennings reassured them all,and then told them to stay under cover.He then headed back to the truck,where the girls were.Montgomery was waiting for him,and Jennings then,climbed up into the back of the truck.

He noticed there were plenty of bound,gagged girls,and they mumbled fearfully into their gags,once they saw him enter.However,Jennings put up a hand.

'It's okay,ladies.'He spoke reassuredly,hoping they would believe him.'We're the good guys.We're going to cut you loose.'

This seemed to have a positive effect on all the girls,and he pulled out his combat knife,and started to cut their bonds off,and gently remove their black tape gags.

Once he'd cut them all loose,Jennings then jumped down from the rear,and with Montgomery's help,assisted all the,now freed girls down too.The women went straight over,to the waiting group of unarmed men,and Jennings was pleased to see,a lot of relief evident from them.He knew these people,had been very fortunate,not to have been killed by O'Rourke's thugs.They'd just got here in time.

Making sure they were all safe,Jennings and Montgomery headed straight into the truck,where they'd seen the food sacks being carried into.They both checked if the food was edible,and it was.

'You drive this truck back,Monty.'Jennings told his friend.'We'd better get back.'

Montgomery nodded,and jumped into the truck's cab.He started its engine immediately,and after making sure everybody was safe here,both Jennings and Hunt jumped back into the jeep.He slammed the accelerator pedal,once more to the floor.

As they raced back,the trio kept their eyes peeled again,for any further Sanna air attacks.However,there was air activity above them,but no hostile act threatened them.

Instead,they could see Kate's ship,the 'Savage',now taking a massive amount of fire,from newly arrived Sanna battle cruisers.It appeared to be a capital ship engagement,and the Sirrun warship,was returning fire,with deadly effect.

Even so,as Jennings watched this,his fears for Louise and Kelly,were increasing.He sensed something bad,was going to happen,and he pressed his foot down even more.


Back at the harbour,everybody was watching the raging battle,going on above their heads.They were completely fascinated by it,but Kate wasn't.She clenched her fists,every time her ship took a hit,and Kate knew that the 'Savage's' shields,wouldn't last forever.

She was desperately trying to get in contact,with Major Robson on board,and telling her,to get the 'Savage' out of there.The firepower her ship was receiving,was too much.Unfortunately,Kate wasn't able to talk to her friends there.Kate sensed something,or someone was blocking her telepathic ability.This wasn't good,as Kate knew,that there was a new threat here.

Before she could do anything more,a Sanna battle cruiser,suddenly loomed directly overhead.Screams followed,as snake like tentacles shot out from the massive ship.There were only three of them,but they instantly wrapped themselves tight,over Louise,Kelly,and Kate herself.Louise and Kelly screamed in total terror,as the tentacles yanked their prizes upwards,and back towards the Sanna ship.This was spotted by Jennings and his friends,just as they drove back into the port.

Kate's face was seriously alarmed,as she too,was forced up.Like Louise and Kelly,her arms were useless,as they were held to her sides.Within seconds,the three girls were taken into the Sanna vessel.

Kate was then deposited by the tentacle,into a small cell.She landed on her side,but the thing cushioned her fall.However,it remained in place,holding her,just as heavily armed Sanna troopers rushed in.All aimed their weapons at her.Kate couldn't budge an inch,as she saw one of the Sanna step forward.She recognised the Sanna,as an officer,and he hauled her up to her feet.Despite Kate's fierce,defiant glare at him,the humanoid gripped her chin painfully.

'I'm very pleased to have,such a beautiful Sirrun female,as my prisoner.'The Sanna officer,had a gloating tone.'You should be honoured,my dear.'

Kate's thoughts,were only for Louise and Kelly.

'Where are-'She began.

'Your two human friends?'The Sanna interrupted her.'They're perfectly safe,for the moment,at least.'

'Let them go.'Kate demanded from her captor.'It's me you want.If you release them-'

Again,she was interrupted by the humanoid.

'We are not going to release them,my dear.'The gloating tone,was now replaced by a sneer.'We know all about your two friends.They'll serve us first,as our hostages.Very pretty ones,I will admit.'He still kept his grip on Kate's chin,continuing.'The Jennings female,will be used as bait,to destroy her brother.That's the main reason you're here,isn't it? To gain his affection,so you may bond with him,in order for your people to breed.Am I correct?'

Kate was stunned hearing that.How did they know?

'All will be revealed,my dear.'The Sanna officer smiled faintly.'But first,we must destroy this Jennings male,that you like so much.He's caused our forces,many problems,so it will feel good,to eliminate him.In fact,I hope to deal with him personally.'

'As for Captain Finch.'The Sanna knew Kate was now thinking of Kelly.'I'm afraid we have to find out,how she was able to understand our technology,so that means extraction.Once we're satisfied,and if she somehow survives our interrogation,we can do what we like with them.'

Horrified,Kate couldn't help,but swear a Sirrun obscenity at him.She was dreading Louise and Kelly's safety,and it certainly didn't look good,from what she'd just heard.

'You wouldn't-'Kate couldn't finish her sentance,although she spoke it in utter contempt.The sheer thought,that these monsters,were going to kill Louise and Kelly,filled her with even more horror.

However,the Sanna officer,seemed to read her thoughts,and he now smirked down at Kate.

'Don't worry,my dear.We're not going to kill them.Both these human females,will be kept as our prisoners,once they've served their purpose.'He then tightened his grip on her chin.'They'll definitely suit our needs,especially in the pleasures of the flesh.'

Kate knew what he was saying.The Sanna liked to seize suitable females,for breeding.It was a nightmare scenario,for any unfortunate woman taken alive by them,and untold numbers had.Kate knew also,that they always wanted to capture,a young Sirrun female like herself.Her captor's next words confirmed this.

'But you're quite right.It's you we really want,and you're going to tell us the location of Sirrus 6,your home planet.If you don't co-operate-'He paused,before adding menacingly.'-your two pretty human friends,will suffer accordingly.'

He was pleased to see the dilemma,in his prisoner's eyes.The Sanna officer was thinking about forcing a quick decision from her,when another trooper entered the cell,to give him a report.It was good news,and his smirk increased.

'Well,it looks like your ship,the 'Savage' is on its last legs,my dear.'He informed her,pleased to see Kate's stunned,and disbelieving look.'Perhaps you'd like to witness our triumph?'

He didn't wait to hear Kate's response,as he then turned back,to face his troopers.

'Bind her.'He ordered curtly.

Two troopers stepped smartly forward,carrying coils of strong white rope.As they did so,the tentacle holding Kate,suddenly unwound itself from her.The grip it had held on her however,had been so tight,that Kate just lay there.Given time,she'd recover,but the two Sanna troopers sensed this,and moved quickly.One tied her hands securely behind her back,whilst the second lashed Kate's ankles together.

'Excellent work.'The Sanna officer complimented,before ordering.'Bring her to the bridge.I want her,to see this.'

One of the Sanna then bent down,and seizing Kate's helpless,bound form,and then placed her over his shoulder.With the officer leading the way,the trooper carried Kate out,and the rest followed.

As she was taken out of the cell,Kate tried to free herself,but that proved futile.

She couldn't see where they were taking her,but she was anxious for Louise and Kelly's safety.

'Where are Louise and Kelly?'Kate demanded.'What have you done to them?'

At first,there was no reply,but then,the Sanna commander answered her.

'Well,they're right here,my dear.Take a look for yourself.'

He nodded at the trooper carrying Kate,to put her down.She was,although the humanoid seized her waist from behind,still gripping her tightly to him.

Kate could see,that she'd been taken to the Sanna battle cruiser's bridge.There were two things that held her attention.Firstly,she saw Louise and Kelly.Both girls appeared unharmed,but they were also tightly held by Sanna troopers,and like Kate,they'd been tied up too.The only difference was,that more ropes had been wound over Louise and Kelly's upper bodies.They were also gagged,with large strips of black cloth,tied tightly over their mouths.Their eyes were terror stricken,staring wildly at their grinning Sanna captors.

Kate knew she couldn't help them,and it was then,that she noticed the bridge screen.On it,Kate could see the 'Savage'.Her heart leapt,as she saw the heavy punishment her ship was receiving.There were many Sanna battle cruisers visible,and every one of them,was blasting away,at their Sirrun enemy.So far,the 'Savage' seemed to be holding up well,and was returning fire.They were having some success,damaging Sanna ships,but the onslaught continued,and Kate could sense the Sanna's determination,to finish the 'Savage' off.

Desperately,she tried again,to make telepathic contact with her friends,but once more,her efforts were blocked.She was baffled,as she was forced to endure the 'Savage' take more punishment.

She could only look on helplessly,as she heard the Sanna commander demand.'Status of Sirrun warship?'

'Their shields are weakening,commander.'One of the bridge crew responded immediately.'The 'Savage' won't last much longer.'

'Continue assault.'The Sanna commander grinned,as he turned back to face his three female prisoners.'You're all very priviledged,to witness our first and momentous victory,against the Sirrun race.You won't forget what you're going to see here,ladies.'

He enjoyed Louise's and Kelly's frightened faces.Kate too,felt the same,although she still maintained her fierce,defiant glare.She tried again,to make telepathic contact to her friends,but there was nothing.This made Kate baffled.It was then,that she watched the Sanna commander turn to her.

'Don't waste your time,trying to use your telepathy,my dear.You have no chance of that.'

Kate looked at him,and it was then she realised,that he knew why she couldn't use her telepathy.Her own thoughts were desperate for Commander Griffiths.What was he doing? Surely,he had a plan?


On the 'Savage's' bridge,there was a rush of activity.The crew was frequently keeping their balance,as the Sanna lasers hit their shields.There was no panic,as Griffiths had made sure his crew,were well trained.Even so,he was constantly listening to the status of the 'Savage's' shields.So far,they were holding up well,against the Sanna onslaught.Yet Griffiths knew he had to do something,and quick.

Seeing Major Robson close by,he asked her.'Anything on Kate?'

'Nothing,Sir.'Robson shook her head worriedly.'I don't understand.There's someone blocking our thoughts.'

This made Griffiths surprised.

'That's unusual.'He admitted.'You've no idea who?'

Robson made another attempt,but shook her head again.

'I'm sorry,Sir.Whoever's doing this,they know how to hide it.'

'I see.'Griffiths would see to that problem,in due course.Right now,he turned his attention,to the main worry here.'I think we need a little deception here.Major.This is what I want you to do.'


Back on the Sanna battle cruiser bridge,all the humanoids were finally pleased,to see their weapons now hitting the 'Savage.'Within minutes,they saw the Sirrun vessel,become a blazing inferno.

Also pleased,the Sanna commander felt victory was his.There wasn't a hope,that the Sirrun crew,could extinguish those fires.He knew the 'Savage's' destruction,was inevitable.He did feel some disappointment,having wanted to board and seize her,as a prize of war,but of course,he'd made sure of a Sanna victory here.

Suddenly,they saw a series of major explosions,ripping through the 'Savage' With a final,blinding flash,she blew apart.There was nothing left of the Sirrun vessel,when the flash finally dissipated.

'Noooo!'Kate screamed in half rage,half despair,seeing her ship blow up.Louise and Kelly also screamed into their gags,although no screams were heard from them.The gags made sure of that.To make matters worse for the three girls,one of the Sanna crew came up to his commander,and reported efficiently.

'Good news,commander.All human resistance,has been eliminated.We are victorious.'

'Excellent.'The Sanna commander smiled,pleased to hear that.He moved close up to Louise,lifting her chin,with his massive,three fingered hand.'It will be interesting to see,if your brother has survived,and can make it on board here,to rescue you.You and Miss Finch,will serve as valuable hostages,should he do so.'

He savoured Louise's frightened eyes,and then ordered the troopers holding them;

'Take them to the cells,and lock them up there.Keep them bound and gagged at all times,which reminds me..'

As Louise and Kelly were lifted over their guards shoulders,the Sanna commander pulled out another strip of black cloth,and now pproached Kate,fully intent on gagging her.He was faintly amused by her defiant stare,but he made his tone of voice felt.

'I'd obey orders from now on,my pretty.'he warned her,then gesturing at Louise and Kelly,being carried out from the bridge.'Your two friends safety,depends entirely on your co-operation.Remember that.'

Stepping up closer to her,the humanoid then expertly folded the cloth into a thick band,and tied it over Kate's mouth,making sure it was tied tight,just like he had done so,with the two human females.

Kate couldn't utter a sound from behind the gag.She was still desperately trying to work out,why her telepathy wasn't working.The Sanna then told her,why this was so.

'It's a well known fact,my dear,that the females of Sirrus 6,have exceptional,mental prowess.We've been frustrated many times by your peoples abilities.So we decided,to do something about it.'

He then gestured for someone to come forward.Kate was stunned,to see two young women come into view.They were stunning,but their eyes were cold,and Kate suddenly knew these two were responsible,for blocking her.Her eyes bulged above her gag,as she recognised where the women were from.

Both women gazed at her impassively,as the Sanna commander continued to explain.

'We were very fortunate,to have found another world,where the inhabitants were gifted,with similiar powers to yourselves.It was even more fortunate,to find they were quite willing to help us block your thoughts.You could have caused us,a lot of problems.'

He relished Kate's stunned eyes.Just as he did with Louise,he lifted Kate's chin.

'So now,you are under my power,my dear.'There was a triumphant smile on his face,and his eyes gleamed,as all the Sanna started to shout victory chants.'Just as the Earth,is now ours!'

Chapter 7 to follow....