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The Sanna Menace Chapter Eight. An earlier version.

Grimly,Harris rose from inspecting the dead men.She could tell all of them had been killed,by very accurate shooting.She also noticed the gruesome remains on some of the men.Whatever weapon had done damage like this,had to have been a very powerful one.This was bad news.Harris realised this,as she knew there were new enemies on scene.

However,Harris also relished a challenge,and appreciated a highly formidable opponent.She just had to found out who they were,and knew that wouldn't take long.Her spies were everywhere,and the next time they would strike,Harris would know about it.

She turned to one of her most trusted men,who had accompanied her here.His name was Sanders.Unlike the dead men lying here,who had been under O'Rourke's command,Sanders was a highly professional soldier,and was competent enough to win any battle on his own.

However,Harris didn't particularly some of the things Sanders did.Unlike O'Rourke and herself,Sanders showed their enemies some humanity.It didn't make him very popular with Harris and O'Rourke,and Sanders always ignored any cold blooded orders,the two of them demanded upon him.

'Get a clean up team here,Sanders.'Harris ordered him.'What kind of weapon do you think,was responsible here?'

Sanders had already had that answer ready for her.

'Definitely a Barratt sniper rifle.'Sanders had examined the bodies done by this.'Judging from the angle of the bullet strikes,they had O'Rourke's men caught in a crossfire.'

Harris nodded her agreement.She'd already examined the men's weapons,and wasn't surprised at what she'd found.All the weapons were still fully loaded.

'They didn't even get the chance to return fire.'She commented.

'They certainly played their ambush well,whoever they were.'Sanders responded.

'And we're going to find out who they are.'This time,Harris' voice was full of determination.'When we do,I'm going to make sure they'll not pose any more threats like this.' She gestured at the dead men below her.

Sanders looked at the corpses too,and he then looked straight into Harris' eyes.He clearly saw the icy coldness in them,but that didn't put him off.

'You know what these men were doing,don't you,Harris?'Sanders asked her,although of course,it was more of a statement.'O'Rourke ordered them to grab innocent young women,just for his own sick pleasures.'

'I am not interested in what O'Rourke does,Sanders.'Harris dismissed what she'd just heard coldly.'I am only interested in eliminating any threat here,and I fully intend to do so.'

'I don't doubt it.'Sanders reply matched her own tone,almost contemptuously.'I'm sure you and I fully understand each other,don't we,Harris?'

There was full challenge in his tone,which Harris noticed.For a moment,he thought she was going to keep up the fight,but she changed tact.

'Just get these dead fools out of here,Sanders.'Her voice was still curt though.'Once you've done that,we'll check up on the CCTV footage.That will show us,who our new enemies are.'


This time,Finlay had led the way back to the hidden base.He had a keen eye for detail,and had studied the way when Jennings and Montgomery had first led them here.

They all reached the cave entrance without being detected,and all safely entered their home.Louise of course,gave her warm,and utterly relieved welcome to Jennings and Montgomery.Hunt didn't show much emotion,but she was glad to be back,and gave Louise a nod.This didn't prevent Louise from giving Hunt one of her hugs.Hunt however,didn't respond to it,although she didn't reject it.

The reunion between Finch and Kelly was also good to see.Both father and daughter were overjoyed to see each other,having been denied for so long.It was nice to see,but Finlay noticed the two of them wanted some time alone,and he nodded silently to the rest of them.All understood,and gave Finch and Kelly their privacy.

They all moved back to the command room,where Reynolds was still keeping a sharp eye out on the screens.

'So far,so good.'he told them,hearing his friends enter.'No sign of pursuit.'

'Good.'Finlay was pleased to hear that,before he turned to Paula Ann.'You okay?'

'I'm fine.'She nodded,although was still somewhat shaken by her recent ordeal.However,Paula Ann would always recover,as Finlay knew she would.

'Must admit,it was good to get rid of that scumbag.'Finlay remarked,regarding the now deceased Turner.'I could see why him and O'Rourke,are in cahoots with each other.'

'Turner's dead?'Reynolds asked.

'Finch killed him.'Finlay nodded.'With my full approval of course.The swine was using Paula Ann as a hostage.It was a good job Finch was there.I didn't think he was going to help at first.'

'He always will.'Montgomery told him.'He's helped many other people,but all that time in that prison,has virtually killed him.'

Finlay hadn't forgotten that,and felt ashamed of himself,for having a go at Finch earlier.If it hadn't been for his timely intervention,Turner would have probably escaped with Paula Ann,and O'Rourke would have had another helpless girl in his clutches.He made a mental note to apologise later,but he still had his mind on the mission.

'What do you want to do now?'Montgomery then asked him.

Finlay already had that answer figured out.

'We find out more about this O'Rourke and Harris,and try to find some weakness we can exploit.'He looked at them all expectantly,before he asked hopefully.'Any ideas?'

'With Harris,you probably won't find anything.'Reynolds answered.'The only sure way to beat her,is to kill her on the spot.'

'That is something I aim to do.'Hunt spoke for the first time in a while,surprising them,but all understood.

'I'd like to see you do it.'Finlay nodded to Hunt,meaning it.'What about O'Rourke?'

'That's easy.'Finch's voice came in from behind them,making them all turn to him.He and Kelly stood together.Kelly held onto her father's arm tightly,but affectionately.

'Kelly told me you rescued her,from one of O'Rourke's snatch squads.'Finch went on.'You get all the girls he's kidnapped,and you'll drive him mad.That way,you'll probably get him out into the open,when he comes with his thugs to try and get the girls back.'

'I see.'Finlay nodded thoughtfully.'I take it he brings all the girls,to his main base?'

'That's right.O'Rourke has plenty of his thugs out,looking to abduct any young woma,unfortunate to cross their path.'

'Then we'll put a stop to that.'Finlay's voice became more harder.He then turned back to Reynolds.

'Can you find out the patrol routes of O'Rourke's squads?'

Reynolds nodded,and typed out the necessary data,before he then showed Finlay and everybody else the answer.

They all studied it keenly,and after doing so,they knew where to go.

'Okay,here's the plan.'Finlay then began to explain.Once he'd finished,he was pleased to see them all accept what he had in mind.

'Sounds good to me.'Reynolds was also pleased.'I'd like to see the look on O'Rourke's face,once he finds out.'

'Wouldn't we all?'Finlay allowed himself a slight smile.'Okay,we'll set up sniper posts on three of these snatch squad routes.We'll snipe each of them,just when they think they can't be touched.'

He then told them the three teams.He would team up with Paula Ann,whilst Jennings and Montgomery would pair up,leaving Finch and Hunt to work together.Finlay hoped Hunt wouldn't show any objections to this,but much to his relief,she didn't.

'Okay then.Let's get moving.'

It didn't take them long to reach their designated positions.Once they'd all set up,and expertly camouflaged their hides,they tensely waited for their targets to arrive.

They were not long in coming.In each case,two heavy trucks drove into their view,and they all identified O'Rourke's armed force.Peering through his telescopic sight,Finlay could see eager expressions on all of them,fully knowing what they were hoping for.

Not if I can help it.Finlay thought determinedly.

Lying beside him,Paula Ann worked as his spotter.She was whispering the details on his approaching targets,giving him the wind speed and range.He could tell it was a clear day,and perfect shooting conditions.This made Finlay more determined than ever,to make his enemy pay.

He and Paula Ann had set up their sniper hide,just outside a remote settlement.There were a few people living here,and both had seen quite a number of pretty girls.They both knew O'Rourke's men would be coming here.

The two trucks stopped just outside the settlement,and quite a lot of heavily armed men,jumped out from the trucks,and began to advance towards the settlement.Already,Finlay could see the inhabitants scattering from these new,and unwelcome visitors.

'Target selected.'Finlay whispered,as he aimed at what was clearly the leader.He aimed at the man's head,and after satisfying himself,that he'd aimed correctly,Finlay gently depressed the trigger.

His shot was perfect,striking the back of the man's head,killing him instantly.This made the rest of the armed group turn round in surprise,gaping at their fallen colleague.However,Finlay seized the initiative,firing again,striking another in the throat.It was fatal shot,as the man's body tumbled backwards.

This made the rest of the men dive into cover.Some of them even tried to reach the settlement,hoping to get a hostage to use,but the rest of Finlay's team were well prepared for this.Neither Jennings or Hunt,acting as shooters,let them near the place.

They were inflicting a grievous toll on the enemy,but there were still a few survivors.However,these men had now realised it was far more sensible,to stay out of sight.Everybody still alive tensed.

Suddenly,Finlay got a radio message from Finch.The line was secure from any hostile listeners,as Finlay had seen to that,making adjustments on all their radio equipment.Grant had given him this earlier,and Finlay was glad to have it.It took quite some doing,not letting the enemy listen in.

'Pull out now,Finlay.'Finch's message was also brief.

'What's wrong?'Finlay's response was too.

'They've got radio.No doubt calling in reinforcements.We have to move.Now.'

Finlay clearly heard the impatience in the last word spoken by Finch,but he made no comment.He knew Finch was right.With the enemy still having radio contact,they'd be in an impossible position to fight back,once superior numbers arrived on scene.It was time to leave.

Carefully,Finlay peered through his rifle's telescopic sight again,and checked how many of the enemy were still there.He noticed four of O'Rourke's men cowering behind a small brick wall,surrounded by thick bushes.He could see their movements,and was utterly confident that he could hit them,but he was still concerned about the people in the settlement.He then made a decision,as he spoke into his own radio.

'Jennings,Monty.You two stay behind and protect the settlement.'Finlay ordered them.'Report back to base,when the threat's eliminated.'

'Understood.'Montgomery's voice came back,confirming that.

Satisfied,Finlay turned to Paula Ann,and whispered.'Let's go.'

Both of them quietly disappeared,as did Hunt and Finch.Hunt at first,hadn't wanted to leave Jennings,but he'd given her a thumbs up,and she reluctantly moved away.

Still watching the four remaining men,Jennings and Montgomery had both decided not to eliminate them.They kept observing them calmly,and wanted to see what the four survivors would do.Jennings had already made several successful one shot kills on them,and like Finlay before him,he could have easily gunned them down.

However,he'd decided to wait,and this proved wise.Both men then heard the sound of a Sanna attack craft approaching.Also heard,was the sound of several trucks,and they were coming in at quite a speed.Both Jennings and Montgomery tensed,watching the alien ship.They knew the Sanna had infra-red scanners equipped.However,both men had anticipated this,and had made more than adequate precautions,to prevent their discovery.

Even so,they still watched the Sanna craft come in very close to their position.The ship hovered for a few moments,examining the area,before it then flew off.

The tension hadn't disappeared from Jennings and Montgomery's faces,as they saw several more trucks brake sharply to a halt.More armed men jumped out of these trucks,and they formed up into a sharp military formation.It was then,that Jennings and Montgomery recognised Harris and her second in command,Sanders,also exit from one of the trucks.


Harris had seen the dead bodies,long before she jumped out of the truck.As she did exit the truck though,she noticed there were a lot more bodies.

Sanders too,noticed,and he walked slowly to one of the corpses.He knelt down,examining the fatal hit on one of the men.Just as he expected,it was a single shot.Sniper.Sanders concluded correctly.

Harris had already set her eyes on the settlement,and she'd made her mind up to search it.She gestured sharply to her men to do so.

'Tear that place apart.'Harris coldly instructed them,and they all moved forward unquestioningly,determined to obey.

'Wait!'Sanders sharp tone halted them all in their tracks,and they all turned towards him.Not so Harris.Her face was like thunder,as she marched up to him.

'What the hell's wrong with you,Sanders?'Harris demanded.Her tone quite nasty.

Sanders didn't snarl back at her.Instead,he looked at the dead man he'd just examined,and then at the settlement.

'You won't find them in there,Harris.'His voice was quiet,but it had conviction,but it still didn't stop Harris,continuing to be nasty.

'What makes you say that,Sanders? They wouldn't have time to escape,so they'll be hiding nearby.The settlement makes it obvious.'

She gestured again at her men to proceed.Once they'd get into that place,Harris thought savagely,she was going to make sure everybody there suffered.

'I wouldn't do that,if I were you.'Sanders warned.He had a grim expectation what was coming.

'Save your breath,Sanders.'Harris sneered,before she turned to join her men,now running towards the settlement.

They had almost reached it,when there was the sound of a single shot echoing.Again,they all froze,except for the man standing next to Harris.Only he wasn't standing anymore.Harris watched his lifeless body fall.She just had time to see the man's forehead,now struck by the shot.

'Take cover!'Harris yelled instantly.

They all did,except Sanders.He'd remained where he was.Harris noticed him.

'Sanders! Get into cover,you fool!'She shouted angrily to him.Much to her ever increasing fury,Sanders ignored her.

Sanders had seen one of his men killed,but it didn't bother him.It was the shot he was interested in.That one he'd just heard,had been a very good one.He then moved over to the dead man,and knelt down beside the corpse.It didn't take him long to figure out the angle,where the shot had come from.This made him slowly stand,and he looked at a particular area.

Watching Sanders from his telescopic sight,Jennings studied him carefully.The man didn't look like one of O'Rourke's thugs,or one of Harris' cold blooded killers.Even so,he knew a threat once he saw one,but he held his fire,still watching Sanders.He then saw him exchange some words with Harris,which it seemed,that she didn't appreciate it.

'I said,let's pull out,Harris.'Sanders repeated himself,slightly irritated for doing so.

'You must be a fool,Sanders.'Harris sneered back.'The enemy is hiding in this place,and I'm going to make sure I find them.'

'I know exactly what you're going to do,Harris.'Sanders responded evenly.'But if you've got any sense,you won't go ahead with it.'

'What the hell are you talking about?'Harris was impatient to proceed,and rip the settlement apart,but she knew Sanders always gave sound advice.

'Let's just pull out.'Sanders spoke that for the third time.'Very quietly.'

One of the men refused to obey,as he suddenly made a dash for the settlement.He heard Sanders shout a warning to him,but it was too late.Another single shot was heard,and another body crumpled.

This made Harris finally realise what her opponents were doing.If she and her men were threatening the settlement,they'd be dealt with accordingly,and to make matters worse,they didn't have the capacity to retaliate.They had no snipers of their own,and no air support.The Sanna wouldn't come twice,not if they didn't see anything the first time.

Harris then slowly stood up,bracing herself for a possible shot,but there was none.She gestured to her men to fall back,and head back to the trucks.They did so,whilst Harris herself,moved up to Sanders.He was still looking in the same area he'd seen earlier.There was no sign of a glimmer of a telescopic sight,but Sanders knew he'd seen the enemy.However,he didn't reveal this to Harris.Instead,he gave an order to clear the dead,and load their bodies.Then,he silently headed back to the trucks.Harris too,looked in the direction Sanders had been observing,but of course,saw nothing.Even if she knew the enemy were there,there was nothing she could do.Fuming at this,Harris stalked back to the truck,but she couldn't resist a defiant shout.

'Whoever you are,you got lucky today,but I'll be waiting for you next time,and there is always a next time.You can bet your lives on that.'

If Harris hoped for a response,she was disappointed.There was nothing.She then angrily entered the truck,and they all drove off.

Jennings and Montgomery made sure they were well out of sight,before they made a final check on the area,just in case Harris had left anybody behind.Fortunately,she hadn't,and both men stood grimly up.

'Nasty piece of work,wasn't she?'Montgomery asked his friend.

'As expected.'Jennings nodded.

'Why didn't you shoot her? You had the chance.'

'I know.'Jennings admitted.'But that would have been to easy.When Harris dies,she's got to suffer.Anyway,if I had,that Sanders would have had no choice,but to take us out,but he didn't.'

'Why not?'

'When I looked at him through the scope,I could tell he wasn't like the rest of them.He stopped them from attacking the settlement.'

'That could have been a ploy to lure us out.'

'Possibly,but I don't think so.He got Harris to retreat from us.If he wanted to take us out,he would have done so.'

'Sounds like he should be fighting for us then.'Montgomery remarked,before turning to look at the settlement.There were a couple of people slowly coming out of hiding,and they were gazing at the two men.

'I hope these people will be okay,John.'Montgomery told him.There was full concern in his voice.

'Don't worry,Monty.'Jennings playfully punched his best friend's shoulder.'They'll be fine.I know it.'

'Okay.I hope you're right.'

Jennings then waved,at the now increasing amount of people now emerging.Much to his surprise,a few did wave back to him.He grinned at Montgomery,knowing it had been a successful mission.It had been close,but they'd defeated and driven a much superior enemy force off,threatening an innocent settlement,and without loss to themselves.

'I know I am,Monty.Trust me.'Jennings was totally confident there would be no reprisals by Harris or O'Rourke.He knew instantly Sanders,would put a stop to that barbaric practice.When it had happened,both he and Montgomery hunted them down,and dealt out their own reprisal.

'I still think Harris will try something.'Montgomery was now scanning the slowly disappearing trucks.

'No doubt,but it's us she's after.'Jennings told him.'She's cold and ruthless to everybody,so I'm pretty sure she'll leave this place alone.'

They kept watching the trucks,and although the vehicles did stop momentarily,nobody came out,and the trucks started up again.They then finally disappeared from view.

Satisfied at seeing that,Jennings then nodded to his friend.He then produced some more equipment from his battle pack,and started to place it on the ground,before covering it up.

'Monitor scanners.'Jennings explained.'If O'Rourke does come back here,we'll get to know that,before he does.'

'Good thinking.'Montgomery nodded,and then proceeded to help him.

After they'd done so,both men then moved into the settlement,and asked if anybody needed help.A couple of the inhabitants recognised them,and gratefully shook their hands.This pleased Jennings and Montgomery,knowing they were amongst friendly people.

After staying a while,and giving the people there some much needed reassurance,they both left the settlement.

There was no sign of any sudden attack from Harris,or even the Sanna returning.

Chapter 9 to follow...

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The Sanna Menace.Chapter Seven.An earlier version.

Jennings and Montgomery had made sure all the previously imprisoned girls,were not being observed by O'Rourke's spies.With the exception of Kelly,they made sure all of them,got home safely.As an added precaution though,Jennings set up hidden cameras outside their homes,and told them not to worry.If any of O'Rourke's men were stupid enough to return for them,they'd pay dearly for it.

Having accomplished that,Jennings then drove back into the mountains.They'd already destroyed the other truck,and would do the same with this one.Sanna air activity,was still a major threat to anybody travelling on the roads.

Fortunately,there were no problems,and after driving the truck so far into the hills,Jennings stopped it,and after getting their gear out,he,Kelly,Hunt and Montgomery watched in satisfaction,as Jennings set the truck over a sheer drop.The vehicle shattered on impact with the ground,and the four of them moved on foot,back towards their hidden home.

They all made it safely back,and as soon as they had all climbed down the ladder,they noticed Louise and Paula Ann waiting for them.

As soon as Jennings stepped off the ladder,Louise ran up to him,and gave him a warm embrace.She kissed him in relief,which Jennings returned.She also did the same for Montgomery,but not Hunt.Instead,the new arrival watched Paula Ann and Louise carefully.Jennings noticed her look.

'It's okay,Hunt.'He assured her.'These are friends of ours.Paula Ann,and this is Louise.'He then introduced Kelly,who unlike Hunt,gave a polite,shy smile to them.

Hunt didn't respond to that,but she refrained from any hostile comment.She did notice Paula Ann observing her curiously,whilst Louise had gone back into Jennings.She gripped his hand,not wanting him to let go.

Paula Ann decided to be friendly to this woman,although she could tell she was a soldier,she sensed her words wouldn't be welcomed by Hunt.

'Good to meet you.'Paula Ann nodded to her.'We could use the extra help here.'

As expected,Hunt didn't answer her.There was something about her eyes,that really chilled Paula Ann.Even Louise felt frightened by her,despite Jennings reassurances.

'Let's show you the base.'Jennings told Hunt and Kelly,before he proceeded to give them,a fully guided tour.Like himself earlier,Hunt was especially pleased to see the armoury.There were many usable weapons stored there,and Hunt would be more than glad to use them.

After Jennings had shown them around,Hunt told him quietly she was going to sleep.Kelly too,made the same request.He showed them to the sleeping area,and then left them alone.He then headed back to the command room,where everybody else was waiting for him.

'She's a friend of yours?'Finlay asked him,regarding Hunt.His tone was somewhat disbelieving.'She's so cold.I didn't think somebody like her,could have any friends.'

'If you'd have seen what Hunt has gone through,you would understand her manner.'Jennings replied,sticking up for his friend.'Believe me,once you get to know her,Hunt is one of the best friends you can have.'

'I'd hate to have her as an enemy.'Paula Ann admitted.

'Then,that's our gain,and our enemies loss.'Jennings nodded,pleased to tell them that.

'I agree.'Finlay remembered Hunt's accurate,deadly sniper fire.'She's definitely an asset.'He glanced at Jennings and Montgomery.'How long have you known her?'

'Years.'Jennings answered.'Me and Monty got her away from a gang of O'Rourke's thugs,but it was Harris who commanded them.She was trying to get away with her four brothers,but Harris gunned them all down before we could help them.Ever since then,Hunt's sworn to kill Harris.'

'I wish her well.'Finlay meant that.He knew from the intelligence reports he'd read,that Harris was a typical coward.She only came out,with plenty of back up,making it practically impossible to get her.Once she was back in the safety of her base,Finlay was almost certain,that she sneered down at her opponents.Meeting Hunt however,had just made him think a bit more positive.

However,that was for the future.He still had his mission to carry out.

'What do you want to do now?'Reynolds asked him,still carefully watching the monitor screens,showing him the base's surrounding terrain.

'We'd better check on what O'Rourke's doing.'Finlay told them grimly.'I hope he's not the type,to get reprisals.'

'If he could,he would.'Reynolds informed him.'I've seen him and Harris do it.Nice people.'

Reynolds didn't mean it saying the last two words,but everybody with him understood.

'That place you just came from,has no real military or strategic value.'Reynolds went on.'If it had,Harris would have probably ordered her own people there,but O'Rourke's only interested,in abducting girls for himself to enjoy.The Sanna too,deal with him in that regard,for obvious reasons.'

Nobody asked why,as they did indeed,all knew the obvious reason.It made them more determined to stop O'Rourke,and Harris.

'Can you pick up a news channel,or better yet,listen in to O'Rourke's communications?'Finlay asked Reynolds.

'No problem.'Reynolds confirmed this.'We've got some good,high tech stuff here.'He made a few adjustments on one of the control panels,and after studying it for a few moments,he put on a pair of headphones.There were other spare headphones too,and Reynolds gestured at them.Finlay and Montgomery put on a pair each,and listened intently.They never heard anything from the enemy camp,and they all knew their surprise ambush had paid off well.

Finlay listened more to the enemy radio traffic,and he finally nodded,satisfied.

'That's a relief,but they will find out,when those men don't report in.'

'So what do you suggest?'Reynolds asked.

'We keep on recruiting.The more people we can get,the better it will be for us.'

Finlay looked up at Jennings again.

'You did real good getting us Hunt,Jennings.'Finlay complimented him.'You wouldn't happen to know anybody else here,that may help us?'

Jennings nodded,looking over at his friend,Montgomery.He nodded back.

'Yes,I think so.'Jennings answered.'There's Finch.'

Finlay remembered the girl's surname they'd just rescued,and had come with them.He looked up expectantly at Jennings,who nodded again.

'Yes,Kelly is his daughter.'Jennings explained.'Myself and Monty served some time,in a nasty detention camp with Finch.He was the one,who showed us how to fight.In fact,it was he who made our escape possible.'

'He got away with you two?'Reynolds queried,interested.

'We all did.'Montgomery interjected.'But Finch didn't follow us.As far as I'm aware,he hangs out in the drinking bars.'

'It sounds as if this man has potential.'Finlay ignored the comment,regarding Finch's drinking.'I'd like to meet him.Can you arrange it?'

'We can take you to him.'Montgomery nodded this time,'but watch your step where we're going.Finch may drink a lot,but he's made sure only an idiot,would come after him.'

'It's a good job we're not then,is it?'Finlay told them,with just a hint of sarcasm.


The small settlement in which Jennings,Montgomery,Finlay and Paula Ann arrived in,was entirely deserted.Finlay knew why it was,but was still uneasy.

'Not a very friendly place,I take it?'he asked in general.

'You got that right.'Montgomery agreed.'The Sanna don't really bother with these places,but O'Rourke's people frequent here,looking for trouble.'

'So that means fights.'Finlay didn't ask it,but stated it.

'You got it.Watch your back though.If you don't have eyes at the back of your head,this lot will happily stab you in the back.'

Both Finlay and Paula Ann nodded their understanding,although Finlay did glance at Paula Ann concerned.

'Sure you want to go in?'he asked her.

'Of course.'Paula Ann nodded.'I'm your partner,aren't I?'

'You are that.'

They all followed Jennings into an entrance,and immediately,ear shattering music was being blasted out.Despite that,they all moved into the building.A huge mass of humanity greeted their eyes.Most were dancing to the music,although a lot appeared to act like zombies.There were young,beautiful girls dancing too,but not one of them was smiling,as their bodies were indecently assaulted.They stood no chance of escape,as Jennings noticed each girl had been chained around the ankle.His face hardened seeing this.He knew who operated this place,as both he and Montgomery,had had a few run ins with him.He tensed,as he jostled his way through the huge crowd.Many of the patrons glared at him,but they all knew Jennings and Montgomery's faces.It wasn't wise to take them on,and Jennings returned every hard stare he was receiving,whilst Montgomery covered their rear.

Just then,Jennings spotted Finch,and he gestured to his friends.They all followed him.However,somebody else had already spotted Jennings and his group.


Watching Jennings enter,was the bar's owner.He was only known as Turner.Turner was a powerful,muscular man,and he had cold,grey eyes.He liked operating his bar here,as it did make him plenty of profit.The Sanna invaders had never bothered him,as he was in cahoots with O'Rourke.Here,Turner could offer O'Rourke prime,beautiful girls.Just like he did,Turner sent out his own snatch squads,and they always came back with their pretty,bound and gagged captives.He then forced them to dance,making them all visible to any interested parties.O'Rourke wasn't his only customer,as there were many slave gangs,who came to visit.Turner made a fortune on this too.

He was still watching Jennings advance through his customers,and could see this man,was well able to defend himself.Turner watched a couple of his patrons try their luck on Jennings,but instantly,they were sent reeling in agony.Turner just shook his head sadly,feeling no sympathy at all for the assailants.They should have known better.

He knew why Jennings was here,as Turner gazed over at Finch.The man was sitting all by himself,and not surprisingly,he was being given a wide berth.Like Jennings,Finch held a fearsome reputation,and would prove it,if provoked.Turner knew these men were highly professional soldiers.He could have informed O'Rourke of their presence,but always chose not too.He'd seen what damage these men could do,and if he did try something on them,Turner knew he'd be out of business.It was far better,to leave them alone.

However,the moment Turner's eyes caught sight of the girl accompanying them,his eyes widened in excitement.

My god,he thought,with huge lust dominating him.she's a beauty.The girl was dark haired,and she had a very good figure,but seeing the weapons she wore,didn't bother Turner at all.She's mine.He still thought that.The lust inside him,was making him grin.Not a very pleasant sight.

Quickly,Turner turned to a couple of his people.They too,were very strong men,and heavily armed too.They stood waiting for his next orders.

'Bring me that girl.'Turner demanded.


Jennings had finally reached Finch's table.The man had spotted them some time ago,but hadn't moved to greet them.He watched,as a man and a young woman joined Jennings.He noticed Montgomery's powerful frame,standing watch over them.

'How are you,Finch?'Jennings asked him.

In response,Finch took a swig from a bottled drink.They could all see the empty ones he'd finished.

'Seen better days,Jennings.'Finch answered truthfully.'What are you doing here?'

'We're looking for you,that's what.'Finlay's tone was sharp.He was staring down at Finch in contempt.The man's a drunk.he thought,shaking his head sadly.What on earth does Jennings see in this bloke?

'And who the hell are you?'Finch's query to Finlay,wasn't friendly.He did see Paula Ann though,and his tone softened,but only a little.'Who's the pretty lady?'

'My name's Finlay.This is my partner,Paula Ann.'Finlay informed him,still gazing down in contempt at Finch.'We were hoping you could help us fight the Sanna.'

This only made Finch give out his own,contemptible laugh.

'Fight the Sanna?'Finch raised an amused eyebrow.'What makes you think you can beat them?'

'I had thought with people like you on our side,we'd have a really good chance to beat them.'Finlay spoke the last part with full meaning,before his contempt returned.

'However,seeing a drunk,isn't my type of soldier.'Finlay then turned back to Jennings.'This is a waste of time.I don't doubt for a moment what he did for you,but right now,I don't see anything impressive about him at all.'

Paula Ann was also keeping a sharp eye out,as she stood waiting.She watched Finlay and Jennings engage Finch in conversation,but she couldn't hear what was being said.She tried to listen in,and it was then,that Paula Ann made a mistake.

In trying to listen to her friends,she was distracted.Suddenly,a gloved hand clamped hard over her mouth,and a powerful arm seized her waist from behind.Her unseen captor,easily dragged her off.

Jennings however,had seen Paula Ann being abducted.He nodded sharply to Finlay,who also saw it.Both men reacted quickly,and pursued.They didn't see Finch,still sitting down,and didn't appear to be bothered at all,by what he'd just seen.

'Monty!'Jennings yelled at the top of his voice,hoping his friend would hear him.That blasted music,was making intelligent conversation impossible.Fortunately,Montgomery was always close to him,and he did hear.He saw Jennings gesture urgently with his arm,and looking in the intended direction,he noticed Paula Ann,hand gagged,and being dragged away.Her eyes were pleading at them.

Instantly,Montgomery reacted,as he moved through the packed crowd.More accurately,he flung everybody away from him,who blocked his way.Not one of the crowd retaliated,and the gap closed between them,and Paula Ann.

Jennings and Finlay too,were also roughly making their way through to her.A few of the crowd shouted abuse at them,but anybody who tried their luck on them,was again,sent reeling in excruciating agony.

Checking their movements,Jennings could see they were closing in on Paula Ann,when suddenly,they saw more armed men up above them,and their weapons were aimed down at them.The men then fired,into the seething mass of humanity below.

Screams of agony and fear filled the place,as bodies crashed to the floor.A panic ensued,as many people desperately attempted to escape the bloodbath.This only caused more fatalities and injured.

Grimly,Jennings and Finlay raised their own weapons to bear.They were lucky not to have been hit,but they made sure they hit their targets.Firing short,controlled bursts,every one of the men who'd fired into the crowd,came tumbling down,as their dead bodies slammed into the floor.

Once that threat had been eliminated,Jennings and Finlay now had space to run at Paula Ann's abductor.However,there was more opposition,as Jennings recognised Turner's thugs.The man dragging Paula Ann,now had enough time,to disappear with his prize.

Not intimidated,both Jennings and Finlay stepped forward menacingly,accepting and taking the fight to their opponents.Turner's men,were slightly taken aback at this,but by the time,they recovered,they were receiving hard blows.Every one of Turner's men,fell to the floor in a heap,not having time to land any blows of their own.

Grimly,Jennings,Finlay,and Montgomery,continued the pursuit.

Paula Ann struggled like mad,desperately trying to break free from her captor's grip.However,she was held tight,and was unable to use any of her unarmed combat skills against him.She had no choice,but to be dragged forward,wherever she was being taken.

The man finally forced Paula Ann into a private lounge.Her eyes widened,seeing the coldly smiling men awaiting her,especially one of them.Paula Ann knew immediately,that this man was in charge here.

She was still being hand gagged,as this man moved up to her.He too,was smiling coldly,and right in her face.He then lifted her chin,faintly amused to see the girl flinch her head away from him,but he maintained his grip on her.

'So what do we have here?'Turner smirked.'Another pretty addition,for my collection.'

He then ran a finger down Paula Ann's cheek.'You are very pretty,aren't you,my dear?'

Paula Ann mumbled behind the tight hand covering her mouth.Her eyes were bulging,now seeing the weapons each man was carrying.She wouldn't be able to warn Finlay and her friends.She'd seen these men ruthlessly firing down,into those people.Whether her friends hadn't been killed,was unknown to Paula Ann.All she could do,was hope.

She did see the broken glass from their viewing point here,and there was also a lot of blood visible.So she knew her friends had successfully counter-attacked.It just remained to be seen,if they could get here fast enough.

Turner took Paula Ann's weapons away from her.'I don't think you'll be needing those anymore.'he sneered,as he handed them over,to one of his men.Then,another man came forward,and much to Paula Ann's dismay,he was holding a large coil of rope.

'Take her into the back,and tie her up.'Turner ordered him.'Better gag her too.I don't want her pretty mouth screaming for help.'

'You got it,boss.'the man holding the rope grinned.

'We got trouble,boss.'Another one of his men informed him,clearly seeing the girl's friends,now closing in.

'Get ready.'Turner ordered sharply.He was preparing his own weapon for firing.'Don't let them get the girl.First one who kills them,I'll give her as a reward.'

The rest of his men enjoyed hearing that,and they prepared to fire their weapons too.

Then,still under the man's tight hold,Paula Ann was roughly forced forward,and the man holding the ropes,eagerly followed.

They forced the girl into some kind of storeroom,where the man holding her,made her lie face down.Much to Paula Ann's relief,he removed his hand from her mouth.The relief was only momentary though,as he seized her wrists,and yanked them behind her.Paula Ann couldn't help,but give out a startled,yet painful yelp at this.This didn't impress her captors,as the man holding her,suddenly seized the back of her neck,making the girl gasp fearfully.

'Just be quiet,pretty one.'he warned her ominously.'I'll make you quiet in a moment.Don't annoy me any more,or else.'

The last two words spoken,were filled with utter venom,and Paula Ann knew she had to obey.In no time at all,her hands were tied behind her,then her ankles were lashed together,making her totally immobile.Then,she was caught by surprise,as a large strip of black cloth,was quickly,and roughly forced over her mouth.Her protesting mumbles grew even fainter,as the man tied the gag secure.The man who'd bound and gagged her,then stood up.

'I'll tell the boss she's secure.You keep an eye on her.'

His accomplice nodded his approval,and stood in the storerooms door frame.Paula Ann watched in alarm,as he brought out a pistol.As she lay helpless and effectively silenced,Paula Ann sincerely hoped her guard wasn't going to use the weapon on her.

Suddenly,she heard a violent explosion,and there was a lot of screaming and shouting.This was followed by gunfire.She tensed in her tight bonds,praying.

As they easily disposed of any more opposition,Jennings,Montgomery and Finlay,pressed on.The three held their own weapons ready,sensing and knowing this wasn't the end of the fight.

Jennings reached the corner,where he'd seen Paula Ann being taken.He didn't go round it though,suspecting an enemy ambush.Instead,he pulled out a small mirror,that was fastened onto a small wooden tube.This had proved most effective,when dealing with the enemy.

Jennings knelt down,and slowly leaned the mirror out.He could now see the reflection,of two armed men,waiting to shoot them down.He pulled the mirror back,and showed Finlay and Montgomery two fingers.Both men nodded,as Finlay signalled he'd make the first move.

Finlay pulled out a flash bang genade.This weapon wasn't lethal,as it would temporarily stun and blind any opponent,but it would give Finlay and his friends the advantage.

Quickly,Finlay armed it,and still keeping back under cover,he threw the grenade towards the two men.There was a burst of gunfire from both men,before the grenade landed right at their feet,before it exploded.Both men screamed in agonised surprise,as they lost their sight,and they fell,clutching their heads.

Seeing this,Jennings,Finlay and Montgomery didn't hesitate.All three men raced around the corner,and gunned the two men down.They could now see more armed men up ahead.Jennings and Montgomery also spotted Turner.Each mens eyes identified each other,and their faces were full of fight.

They could see Turner waiting for them,in his own private,and very plush office.His own armed men,were full of confidence,expecting an easy kill.Turner too,was feeling the same,although something at the back of his mind,was warning him to get back.He followed his instinct,and did so.

This proved timely for him,as he suddenly saw three things being thrown into the room.His eyes widened in fear,recognising what had just been thrown in.

'Grenades!'Turner screamed out in half warning,half terror,as he threw himself onto the floor.

Next instant,all three grenades exploded,sending their deadly shrapnel everywhere.This proved fatal,for all of Turner's men,as they didn't get down fast enough.Their smashed up bodies,tumbled lifeless to the floor.

Desperate now,Turner scrambled away,just as he saw three forms of men,now entering the room,firing their weapons.He knew it would be suicide to fire back,so just about,managed to crawl away.

Seeing the dead bodies with grim satisfaction,Finlay stopped firing,holding up his arm to Jennings and Montgomery.

'It's clear.'

Both men understood,and ceased firing as well.They then checked the bodies,looking for Turner,but of him,there was no sign.Grimly,they moved on.

Turner had managed to reach the storeroom,where he saw Paula Ann,still tightly bound and gagged.He gave a sharp,curt order,to her guard.

'Get back up there,and stop anyone from following us.'

The man nodded,and holding his weapon ready,moved back,hoping to use his weapon.

Turner didn't hesitate,as he reached down,and seized the girl up to him.A sharp,deadly blade was now in his hand,and he immediately placed it,in front of Paula Ann's throat.

'I can't wait to ravish you,my pretty.'Turner hissed venomously into her ear.'Just don't get smart with me,or else I'll cut your pretty face.You wouldn't want that now,would you?'

Ignoring Paula Ann's frightened,gagged mumbles,he started to drag her away.Turner had some private transport here,and once he'd get the girl into it,she would be his to enjoy.

Another burst of gunfire echoed.This made Turner stop to face the source.He still kept a tight hold on the girl,just as he saw the man he'd just ordered,come crashing back.Evidently,he'd been shot and killed.

Just then,Turner saw Finlay,Jennings and Montgomery enter his line of view.All three men,were giving him hard stares,as they raised their weapons.

'Don't even think about it!'Turner shouted,almost desperately.'I'll slit her pretty throat!'

He did actually tighten the blade on Paula Ann's neck.This made her scream,although of course,no scream was heard.Her eyes pleaded at her friends.

'Let her go,Turner.'Jennings ordered him,through clenched teeth.

'You're not in any position,to make any demands from me,Jennings!'There was some confidence returning to Turner's voice.'If anything,it's me that will give the orders.Drop your weapons,and I'll let the pretty lady live.'

Much to his surprise,and relief,the three men lowered their weapons.

'You won't escape,Turner.'Jennings warned him.

A nasty smile crept over Turner's face.He was now faintly amused,hearing that.

'Oh,I think I will,Jennings.'There was now,much more confidence in his voice.'I don't think you can stop me.'

Turner then saw something he didn't like.Jennings too,was now smiling,and he was looking beyond him.He was just about to say something in contempt to Jennings,for trying that old ruse,when he did sense somebody behind him.

Quickly,he was just in the process of turning to face this unexpected threat,when there was the sound of a single gunshot.Turner was killed immediately by it.His head,fatally shot.

As his body collapsed,Paula Ann was released from his grip,and her three friends raced forward to help her.Finlay cut her loose from her bonds,and removed her gag.

'You okay?'He asked her,concerned.

Paula Ann nodded,but she was still too shaken to speak.They then stared at the man,who'd made the shot,saving her.

Finch stood staring down at Turner's corpse.His eyes were empty.

'Never did really like him.'

'Thanks.'Finlay meant it.'Guess I owe you one.'

Finch's eyes suddenly came back to life,as he glared at him.

'You don't owe me anything.Got that?'Finch snapped back.

Finlay was just about to snap back,when Jennings stepped in.

'Let's get out of here.You too,Finch,your Kelly is with us.She's waiting for you.'

The anger disappeared from Finch,as he looked at Jennings.'Is she okay?'

'She's fine.'Jennings nodded.'We just got to her in time.One of O'Rourke's snatch squads,had just grabbed her.'

'I take it you took care of them,Jennings?'

'Permanently,Finch.Come on,let's go.'

Finch didn't ask anymore,and he joined the rest of them,in their escape.

Chapter Eight to follow...

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Sanna Menace.Chapter Six.An earlier version.

Jennings was the first to climb to the top of the ladder,and he waited for the cover to open.It did so immediately,and after a cautious peek,he climbed back out into the cave.Finlay followed him,then Montgomery.

The three of them waited to see the cover close back into place,before they moved to the cave's entrance.After a thorough check to see they were not being observed,they hurried out,and grimly made their way through the bleak wilderness.

Jennings led the way,as he and Montgomery knew this area so well.If they were seen by an enemy,they would make sure they held the advantage.Both men kept to the high ground,where they could get a good view.From these points,it was virtually guaranteed,that they'd spot the enemy first,and they always did.

Fortunately,there were no nasty surprises,and the three of them made it safely out of the mountains.Although of course,they still weren't safe,as they were now entering a more populated area.They knew the enemy were much more stronger here.

The three men found a good hiding spot,and waited.Finlay was tense,but he trusted Jennings and Montgomery.He felt they had a good chance of succeeding here.

In the distance,they could see their target.A small town,which appeared deserted,but Finlay knew they were quite some distance away.They'd get a better idea up closer.

One of the most critical things a soldier needed,was a good knowledge of the territory.In this case,they could scan for potential ambush sites,and also prepare their own.More precisely,Hunt could easily spot any hidden enemy,and she would be able to take them down.

This thought was currently dominating Jennings' mind,and he wanted to make sure Hunt was in position.Of course,he knew she would be.Hunt had never let him down,and he knew she never would.To Jennings and Montgomery,Hunt was a fierce,yet loyal fighter.To the Sanna and their human allies,she was a dangerous enemy.

Jennings took out a pair of binoculars,and scanned the area intently.Hunt hadn't told him where she would be,but had assured him she'd be there.That was all Jennings needed to know.He avoided making contact with her,well aware the enemy would be listening in.When the fight started,they wouldn't bother with that.

Finlay crawled up to Jennings,making sure he stayed low.His expression was slightly worried.

'Are you sure this Hunt will be here?'He asked Jennings.

'She'll be here.'Jennings confirmed it for him.

'How can you be so sure?'

'Because she's a friend.'Jennings then scanned the settlement once more.He could just about make faint human figures there,and looked at Montgomery.His best friend was readying his own weapon,a deadly powerful sniper rifle.Jennings knew Hunt used the same type of weapon.It was a Barratt .50 calibre.An old weapon,but it still did the job.This was one of the few,and highly effective weapons,that could easily penetrate Sanna battle armour.Jennings,Montgomery and Hunt,had used this weapon to deadly effect many times.

Finlay watched Jennings peering through his binoculars,and decided to do the same.He took out his own binoculars,and scanned the settlement up ahead.As far as he could see,Finlay saw nothing unusual,but he was well aware that this was his new friends turf.

He did however,see several groups of armed men,in the settlement.There were two large trucks,that had rear coverings.Neither Finlay or Jennings,could see what was in them,but they both wanted to find out.Both of them exchanged knowing glances,and nodded at each other.

Montgomery had already prepared his weapon,and peered through the telescopic sight on it.He saw no sign that the enemy were watching them,and he made a forward gesture with his arm,signalling for them to go.Jennings and Finlay didn't hesitate,as they both hurried towards the settlement,but still keeping themselves unseen.

When they got close enough,the two mens faces hardened,once they saw what was going on.They made sure they got close to the two trucks,but several of the armed men,were taunting anybody unfortunate to walk by them.Both Finlay and Jennings could see the men,were especially interested in any young woman,who happened to come into their sight.Instantly,the men went straight for her,and seized her.Finlay and Jennings watched with teeth clenched,as two very pretty girls,were roughly seized.The two unfortunate girls had their hands tied behind their backs,and were gagged with black tape.They were then carried struggling,and put into the truck's rear.It was then,that Jennings and Finlay noticed,what was in the two trucks.

'The next one they go for,'Jennings turned to Finlay,his tone deadly serious.'I'll help her,and create a diversion.Hunt and Monty will do the rest.We'll make sure these thugs,won't hurt anybody else again.'

'Got it.'Finlay agreed,and tensely waited,readying his weapon for firing.He didn't want a bloodbath here,and was anxious to avoid any civilian casualties,but he sensed Jennings and his friends,wouldn't let that happen.The place was practically deserted anyway,but people were still present.

It didn't take long for O'Rourke's men,to see their next target.A very pretty girl,with short jet black hair,now suddenly found herself facing a group of grinning,eagerly anticipating men.Her eyes widened in fear,seeing them advancing menacingly on her.She tried to flee,but one of the men blocked her escape attempt,and grabbed her.

'Let go of me!'The girl screamed it out,a lot in anger,but mostly fear.However,her protests were ignored by the men,as the man holding her,sniffed her hair.

'We sure got a pretty catch here,lads.'he smirked,keeping a tight hold on the girl.'I think O'Rourke will be pleased to have you,my dear.'

O'Rourke's name being mentioned,made the girl scream in more fear,and still grinning smugly,her captors parted way,as she was dragged towards the truck.

She was forced roughly to face the side of it,when the man gripping her,pulled her arms roughly behind her.He kept a tight hold on her wrists,as one of his colleagues threw him a long coil of rope.Within a minute,he'd securely tied the girl's hands behind her.She was then forced to face her captors again,and one of them applied,a large strip of black tape over the girl's mouth,ensuring her silence.

The man who gagged her,suddenly delved into her bag she was carrying.The girl's eyes were still bulging,when she saw the man smirking at her.

'Now,let's find out who the pretty lady's name,shall we?'the man found her ID card,and whistled appreciatively,seeing the girl's photograph.'Miss Kelly Finch,and you have a military family background.Well now,isn't that interesting?I'm sure Harris and O'Rourke,would just love to have a chat with you on that.'

Kelly could only stare at him,totally shocked.She was fully aware of Harris and O'Rourke's reputations.Being held by them,and to make it worse,being interrogated,was the last thing you wanted.Yet,what could she do? Kelly felt helpless,and her despair increased dramatically,when she heard the same man order.

'Get her on the truck,and put her with the others.Let's take them back.'

Kelly mumbled fearfully into her tape gag,as the man seized her,preparing to lift her into the back of the truck.Kelly could hear more gagged noises,and knew there was plenty of other girls they'd taken.She was now these mens latest captive,and her screams for help,appeared to go unheeded.That is,until she heard a man's sharp voice come in.

'Hold it right there.'

All the armed men spun around in total surprise,to face a single,tall man,who stood still,but his expression wasn't friendly,neither had been the tone in his voice.

'Let her go.'Jennings ordered them curtly.

The surprise soon vanished from his opponents faces,as the confident,smug looks returned.The man holding Kelly,stood staring at Jennings for a few moments.The man didn't appeared armed.This didn't bother him,or any of his colleagues at all.

'Going to stop us,are you?'The man sneered,tightening his grip on the girl.

'Yes,I am.'Jennings replied,still not smiling at them.'However,if you let the young lady go,and all the others you've wrongly taken,you've got a chance to live.'

There was only sneering laughter as Jennings said that,but that was what he hoped to hear.This time,he did give the men a smile,but it wasn't a pleasant one,and his opponents knew it.They stopped laughing,and began to circle Jennings,readying their own weapons to fire at him.

'I wouldn't do that,if I were you.'Jennings warned them.

'Or else,what?'The same man had stopped laughing,although his sneer hadn't.'What are you going to do about it? Take us all on,by yourself? You'd be dead within a second.'

'On the contrary.'Jennings was still giving them his meaningful smile.'it's you lot,who are dead.'

With lightning speed,Jennings suddenly threw out a deadly blade,which struck the man holding Kelly,right into his temple.There was a look of complete,and utter astonishment on the man's face,as he crumpled to the ground,releasing Kelly's bound and gagged form.

Jennings reacted quickly,springing forward to catch her,and he instantly raced away with her.The rest of O'Rourke's men were totally stunned for a few moments,unable to move at what they'd just seen.By the time they did react,Jennings had disappeared,carrying the girl with him.

They'd just decided to pursue,when there was a booming shot.It caused one of O'Rourke's men,to disintergrate completely.There was hardly anything left of his corpse.Shocked,the rest of O'Rourke's group suddenly realised they were under sniper attack,and desperately scrambled for cover.There was another booming shot,which hit it's target,killing another one of O'Rourke's men,with the same shattering result.This made the rest of O'Rourke's men cower even more,dreading if they were going to be next.They all froze.

Quickly,Jennings carried Kelly back to where Finlay was observing.He gently laid Kelly on the ground,and released her from her bonds and gag.He then put his hand on her shoulder.

'You okay,Miss?'

Kelly nodded.'Thanks,but who are you?'

'Friends.'Jennings responded truthfully.'Stay down,okay?Don't run.'

He was pleased to see her nod again,and Jennings then bought his own weapon into play.He knew he had to be careful,knowing there were still innocent civilians held captive,in the back of those trucks.He looked over to Finlay,who nodded his approval,and together,they began to advance on the stunned enemy.

None of O'Rourke's men stood up to challenge them,but Jennings and Finlay knew they had to be quick.There was always the strong chance,that they could have radioed O'Rourke for reinforcements.They just hoped they hadn't.

Both men fired several short,but deadly accurate bursts,hitting and killing each target they aimed at.Added to their own guns,Hunt and Montgomery,also made short work of their own targets.Within a minute,the shooting stopped,and the ground was littered with the blood strewn corpses,of O'Rourke's men.

Grimly,Jennings and Finlay moved to the rear of the trucks.Whilst Finlay covered him,Jennings climbed into each one,and couldn't believe the sight he was seeing.

The whole truck was filled with several,really drop dead gorgeous girls,but Jennings could see their predicament.All had been tightly bound and gagged,and they were all mumbling fearfully,behind their tape gags at him.

'It's okay,ladies.'Jennings reassured them all.'You're free.'

He pulled out one of his combat knifes,which made the girls cringe fearfully,but they had no need to worry.Jennings used the blade,to cut them all free,and he gently removed all their tape gags.With that done,the girls all began to hug him gratefully.A couple of them sobbed in utter relief.Jennings tried to comfort,and reassure them all,but knew he had to get them out of here,and fast.He moved to the rear of the truck,calling over Finlay to watch over them.As Finlay came over,Jennings jumped out of the truck,and jumped into the second truck.The same sight greeted him as before.Many young,and highly attractive girls,sat tightly bound and gagged too,but Jennings didn't hesitate this time.He quickly moved forward to free them all.

Once he'd done so,and managed to calm the slightly hysterical girls down,Jennings then jumped back down,and after nodding to Finlay,he hurried into the drivers seat.Finlay did the same,and within moments,both men had driven the trucks out of the settlement,and left the corpse strewn scene.

Still peering through their telescopic sights,Hunt and Montgomery scanned intently,for any enemy they could spot.However,they saw nothing,but only their victims.Grimly,they both knew they couldn't hang around,and after gathering their gear,they both quietly slipped away.

Chapter Seven to follow...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Sanna Menace.Chapter Five.An earlier version.

Jennings led Finlay and Paula Ann back to the cave entrance.So far,they encountered no more opposition,but all of them still kept their eyes peeled though,as they knew it only took a careless moment,before a hidden enemy could strike.

As it was,they reached their objective safely,and Jennings headed straight over to the area,where the superbly hidden cover lay.The cover slowly opened,and they could now see the steel ladder,leading downwards into the base.

Jennings didn't hesitate,as he lowered himself onto the ladder rungs again.He then started his descent.Finlay and Paula Ann didn't hesitate either,as they too moved onto the ladder,and began climbing down after Jennings.Montgomery made a final check,to make sure they weren't being observed,before he joined them.

The four of them safely reached the bottom,and Jennings led the way into the base.The first thing he noticed,was Louise standing waiting for him.She instantly moved up,and gave him a joyful,warm embrace.He returned it.

'I'm glad you're okay,John.'Louise told him,and she meant it,giving him a warm kiss on his chhek.This was of course,noticed by Finlay and Paula Ann.Both thought the girl,was very pretty.Long dark brunette hair,that just fell past her shoulders,and she had warm friendly eyes.

Louise then looked at the two new arrivals,instantly hugging into Jennings more.Finlay tried to reassure her.

'Hello.'He gave Louise a friendly smile,and Paula Ann also did the same.Louise gave no reaction,but her eyes remained wary of them.She remained firmly hugging into Jennings.

'It's okay,Louise.'Jennings reassured her.'They're good guys.'

'And lucky ones at that.'Finlay was still smiling.'You saved mine and Paula Ann's necks.'

'No problem.'Jennings could see they were both weary,and then offered them to follow him.They both accepted.

He led them to the sleeping areas,and noticed the grateful look on Finlay and Paula Ann's expressions,as they saw a clean bed.

'You can sleep anywhere you wish.'Jennings gestured at the empty beds.'There's plenty spare.'

'Thanks.'Finlay nodded his gratitude.'We sure could use the sleep,especially after that trip.'

'I'll bring some food for you.'Jennings told them,and made to leave,when Finlay's voice stopped him.

'Thanks for helping us out there.I wasn't sure if we could get out of that one.'

Jennings just nodded,but his eyes showed his appreciation.Then,he left them.

Once he'd gone,Finlay chose a bed,and began to prepare for sleep.He hoped he could sleep a lot,as it had been so long since he and Paula Ann had.However,he did sense they were a bit more safer here.

You hope.Finlay grimly thought to himself,but he looked over at Paula Ann.

'What do you think?'

'They're the good guys.'She answered him confidently.'I can always tell if they're not.That Jennings' eyes.They showed humanity,and it was the same with Montgomery too.'

'Good to know we're amongst friends then.'Finlay was glad to say that.He still wasn't sure how they'd react,when he'd tell them he was assuming command here.Hopefully,it would be okay,but right now,Finlay needed rest.

Jennings didn't take long to return,as he handed out food cartons.Both Finlay and Paula Ann accepted gratefully,before he left them again.Both ate in silence,before sheer exhaustion overcame them,and they fell into a deep sleep.

It was Finlay who woke up first,and he saw Jennings standing there,calmly observing him.

'Good morning.'Jennings greeted him.'Sleep well?'

Finlay still felt exhausted,but he knew he had indeed,slept very well.

'How long?'he asked.

'Twelve hours.'Jennings answered.'You want to wake your friend up? We're going to have a council of war.'

He then left them,and Finlay moved over to wake Paula Ann.

When they both found their way to the command room,they could all see Reynolds examining the monitor screens,showing the outside terrain.So far,there was no sign of any hostile Sanna,or human.Montgomery was there too,whilst Louise was still by Jennings' side.

'Everything's clear.'Reynolds informed them all.'No hostiles.'

'That's a relief.'Montgomery nodded,before he turned his gaze to Finlay and Paula Ann.'So what brings you two here then?'

'Orders from General Grant.'Finlay knew it was time to tell them their mission.'He was very concerned,that there was no organised resistance here.He wants me to set up a well armed group,which will give the Sanna and their friends,some nasty surprises.'

'So you're assuming command,are you?'Reynolds asked him,with a trace of sarcasm.

'If you accept it.'Finlay responded quite reasonably.He glanced at Jennings,before continuing.'I'm sure Jennings knows my record.Myself and Paula Ann have inflicted some serious losses on the Sanna,but we can't do it alone.If we have more people,and people with the right skills,there's a good chance we can kick the Sanna off our planet.'

'You're not serious?'Montgomery asked.His own gaze,somewhat incredulous.

'Never more so.'This time,Paula Ann spoke.It had the desired effect,as they all glanced in her direction.'If you'll have read our intelligence reports,there's something big happening.More and more are joining our cause,and we've begun preparations for a massive assault,on several key Sanna targets.'

'Me and Monty have seen them.'Jennings confirmed that for her.

'What do you think of them?'Finlay asked this time.

Jennings and Montgomery glanced at each other,before the former answered.

'Personally,it is good news that our people are finally seeing the Sanna,for what they really are.However,I do think General Grant,is being a little over ambitious.'


'You've got to be careful,you know that.'Jennings explained.'Just because a lot of new people are now joining the fight,it doesn't necessarily mean they're on the same side.'

Both Finlay and Paula Ann knew what Jennings was saying.but Finlay responded first.

'Yes,you're right,Jennings.We have actually rooted out a lot of traitors.I still believe in Grant's plan.He's worked damn hard on it.'

'And no doubt I hope it is successful.'Jennings nodded,knowing Grant was also on their side.'What I'm saying to you,Finlay,is that this area is totally loyal to the Sanna cause.You will of course,have checked out the intelligence on their forces here,especially their human allies.'

'We have.'Finlay remembered Grant's briefing.'I understand there's quite a nasty piece of work here,called O'Rourke?'

'Not just him.'Reynolds interjected.'He has a vicious second in command,known as Harris.She's ten times worse than he is.I wouldn't be taken prisoner by them.'

'Yes,I know about her.'Finlay agreed with that.'It will be a pleasure,to bump her off.'

'Wouldn't we all?'Reynolds also agreed.'But first,you've got to get to her.She and O'Rourke have a strong,practically impregnable base.You'd be an idiot to attack them there.'

'Well,there's always a weak point.'Finlay knew that.He had plenty of practice,assaulting heavily defended bases.He would see what this one was like,and soon.

'You accept me,as your commanding officer then?'Finlay asked them,looking at them all intently.Much to his surprise,and relief,all three men nodded their approval to him.

'I'm glad you agreed.'Finlay's voice was full of relief.'I wasn't sure how you'd react.'

'Any enemy of the Sanna,or O'Rourke,is a friend of ours.'Montgomery told him.

'I'm sure glad you're on my side.'Finlay looked up at Montgomery.He just couldn't believe,how powerful this man looked.The war stories he'd heard about him and Jennings,were simply awesome.He and Paula Ann had listened to them all,and had been somewhat sceptical at first.Having seen them in action however recently,they now believed every word off it.

'What do you want to do first?'Reynolds asked Finlay.

'Find some things out first.For starters,what is the Sanna strength here? When myself and Paula Ann entered this territory,we didn't see any Sanna at all.'

'You won't either.'Reynolds answered.'They hardly ever come here,leaving it to O'Rourke.He and Harris do what they like.'

'Which is?'

'Well,they're both dangerous snakes,but Harris is the one you got to watch out for.She hunts down people like us,who can spread the word about what the Sanna are really like.O'Rourke just amuses himself in his base.He's known to have kidnapped quite a few young women.Rumour has it,that he enjoys himself,once he's got them secure.'

'No rumour,I assure you.'Finlay's response was firm.'How big is his force?'

'He's got enough.You couldn't take them on your own,that's for sure.'

'Okay.'Finlay had already made his mind up,on his next mission.'We'll watch his force,and see what they get up too.I take it there are still settlements here?'

'There are.'Louise spoke for the first time in ages.So much so,that Jennings glanced at her in surprise.'You won't find many people there though.O'Rourke has patrols there,and they look for girls to grab for him,and they beat up anybody who stands up to them,or even worse.'

'Where,Louise?'Jennings asked her gently.

'It was where they grabbed me.'Louise then moved up to a map,still holding onto Jennings' hand.She's not going to let go of him.Finlay thought.

Louise pointed at the place on the map.

'Here's where I was abducted.It's just a small town,but there are plenty of O'Rourke's thugs there.It was impossible to escape from them.'

'Why did they grab you?'Paula Ann didn't really want to ask that,but she did.

Louise glanced at Jennings,who answered Paula Ann's question.

'Not too long ago,myself and Monty were placing home made bombs,on a Sanna base.I got caught,and they brought Louise in,using her as a hostage.'He didn't reveal what the Sanna were going to do to her.'Fortunately,Monty managed to get back in,and help us out.'

'I'm glad to hear it.'Finlay would be interested to hear that full story,but right now,he'd chosen his plan of attack.

'You and me will go there.'Finlay looked at Jennings.'We'll see what O'Rourke's thugs get up too,and we'll teach them a lesson.'

'I'm going with Jennings.'Montgomery's voice made it clear,he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

'Of course.'Finlay nodded.He was actually glad Montgomery would be coming.He had heard this man terrified many enemies,by them simply looking at him.Only a complete and utter fool,would dream of taking him on,in an unarmed duel.

Finlay turned to Paula Ann.'You stay here,and make sure you help Louise,okay?'

'Of course.'Paula Ann was only too glad to help.She hoped she could strike up a good friendship with Louise,but sensed that would be tough.The girl hardly ever left Jennings' side,and when he had to leave her,it was a very tough thing to do.Added to that,Louise watched them all suspiciously.The only exemption,apart from Jennings,was Montgomery.Maybe in time.Paula Ann thought hopefully.

'You know anybody else,that might be interested in joining us?'Finlay asked.

'Hunt will.'Jennings answered.

'Who is that?'

'You definitely don't want her as an enemy,that's for sure.'Jennings explained.'She's an expert sniper,and a damned good soldier too.I trained her.She can cover our backs.'

'Okay,grab your gear,and let's go.'Finlay ordered briskly.

Jennings and Montgomery already had it ready,and the three of them raced out of the base.

Chapter Six to follow...

Friday, 3 December 2010

The Sanna Menace.Chapter Four.An earlier version.

Finlay and Paula Ann had now entered their assigned area.They could see it was a bleak,mountainous terrain.There wasn't a single soul in sight,but that's how they both wanted it.

It hadn't taken them long to arrive here,as they were well experienced on travelling through hostile territory.Nobody had challenged them,and they knew when to hide,when the enemy became suspicious.

Whilst Paula Ann covered the rear,Finlay checked the area.He had a keen eye for memory,and knew what to remember.He knew they weren't far off,from their target.

Despite not seeing anybody,both Finlay and Paula Ann were still concerned.They knew the answer to this,as the Sanna had taken away most of the people,who had desperately tried to escape.There still should have been signs of some people,but neither saw anything.

As they advanced deeper into the mountains,Paula Ann asked.'How far now?'

'About another four hours.'Finlay answered her immediately.'Keep an eye out though.There might be scavengers here.'

'You don't have to tell me.'Paula Ann's response was confident.Like Finlay,she too,was a professional soldier.She knew how to kill,armed and unarmed.

Still carefully moving towards the hidden base,neither Finlay or Paula Ann were aware,that they were being watched.


Jennings woke with a start.He always did this after sleeping.This was due to his survival instincts,as Jennings had never felt comfortable in any place.Ambush was always a constant threat,and he'd swore never to fall into that trap.

He glanced around him,realising that there was no immediate threat.He then noticed the girl,Louise,who was actually sleeping beside him.She even had her hands on him,and her head rested on his chest.This reassured him,and he then spotted Montgomery standing by him.Another reassuring sight.

'Sleep well?'

'Okay,I guess.'Jennings shrugged at his friend.'How long?'

'You've been out for twelve hours.'

This surprised Jennings,as he didn't sleep that long.If more sleep made the body feel better,he certainly didn't feel it.

Knowing he had to get back up,Jennings gently,but firmly moved Louise's sleeping form off him.He got up,and began to check his gear.

'Anything new?'he asked,as he began to clean his rifle.

'Not that I'm aware off.'Montgomery admitted.'I'll go and see if Reynolds has anything for us.'

He left the sleeping area,and Jennings then noticed Louise waking up.He moved beside her,not wanting to leave her.

She looked up at him,smiling faintly,but warmly.


Jennings liked her greeting,and gave her a friendly grin in return.

'Hello,Louise.How are you feeling?'

'Starving.Anything for breakfast?'

'You're in luck.'Jennings had seen the food supply area,and knew there'd be something there for her.He was hungry too.

'I'll get you something nice.'he told her,before making to leave.'Wait here.I won't be long.'

'No!'Louise's protest was violent,as she grabbed his arm,clearly indicating that she didn't want him to go.'Please,don't go.'

Louise spoke the last part gently,and Jennings nodded,as he then offered his hand to her.'Okay,let's choose together.'

Her smile widened,as she too,stood up.Her grip on his arm,remained tight,as they left the sleeping area.

Once they'd both chosen their food,and some for Montgomery and Reynolds,they both headed back to the command room.

When they got there,they noticed Reynolds and Montgomery looking at one of the monitor screens.Reynolds saw their entry first,and gestured for them to come over.They both did so,and they could now see the carefully advancing figures,of Finlay and Paula Ann.

'Who are they?'Louise asked,not recognising them.

'Whoever they are.'Reynolds had also spotted a small group of scavengers,who were now observing the two of them.'They're walking into trouble.'

'Then we'd better give them a hand,hadn't we?'

'You're not serious?'Reynolds was slightly disbelieving.

'Never more serious.'Jennings told him.'Don't you recognise them? That's Finlay and Paula Ann.Two of General Grant's best people.'

'General who?'

'Never mind.'Jennings knew every second counted.'I'll explain later.'

He then turned to Louise,resting a gentle hand on her shoulder.

'Stay here,Louise,okay? You'll be safe here.'

'No way,John.'Louise shook her head adamantly.'I'm not leaving your side.'

'Please,Louise.'Jennings insisted.'Do as I ask.'

He could see her eyes were still defiant,but much to his relief,Louise nodded reluctantly to him.Then,Jennings turned to Reynolds.

'Look after her,okay? Don't let her leave.'

'You got it.'Reynolds nodded.'Don't worry.She'll be fine with me.'He noticed Jennings' look at him,and nodded again to him.'You can trust me.'

Jennings glanced over at Montgomery,who nodded back.

'Okay.Keep watching the screens,and keep us posted on their movements.'Jennings knew from past experience,that scavengers did work for collaborators like O'Rourke and Harris.They were dangerous,and had to be avoided if possible.

'Let's go.'Jennings told his friend,as he and Montgomery raced out of the command room,and began to climb up the long ladder.


Finlay was now starting to feel uneasy.He'd infiltrated many hostile environments,and knew when things weren't right.As of this present moment,Finlay felt things were not good at all.

As he led Paula Ann through the bleak terrain,Finlay sensed they were being watched.He had seen signs of this,and suspected scavengers.These people only looked after themselves,and didn't help anybody unfortunate enough,to come through their territory.Yet,they certainly helped themselves,once they'd disposed of the unfortunates.

He turned to Paula Ann,and gave her a warning sign,which she acknowledged.Finlay then checked out the rocky terrain for possible ambush points,and where they could take cover.There were plenty of possibilities,but Finlay felt confident he could pinpoint any attack on them.

They carried on,still confident,but remained tense.As they climbed up an embankment,Paula Ann suddenly lost her footing.She gave out a startled yelp,but fortunately,didn't crash onto the ground.

Finlay just managed to catch her.'You okay?'

'Yeah,sorry.'Paula Ann grinned back.'I hate this place.'

'Good job the Sanna do too.'Finlay though,agreed with her.This was perfect ambush territory.If they could find that underground base,they'd really have something to fight their enemies.

Suddenly,Finlay spotted two human figures,now running towards them.He could tell they were scavengers,by the way they were dressed.They were two men,armed with what appeared to be knifes.

Finlay could have easily gunned them down,but he didn't work that way.Instead,he gave a signal to Paula Ann to cover him,and he tensed,ready to tackle them.

The two scavengers,although appearing formidable,didn't really think out their attack.Both of them just ran straight at Finlay,who then made his move,once they lunged at him with their blades.

Quickly,Finlay used the butt of his rifle,smashing it into the first scavenger's midriff,causing the man to stop his attack.He instantly clutched his stomach area,and dropped to his knees in agony.

The second scavenger fared no better,as Finlay then grabbed his attacker's arm,and pulled it hard,straightening it,making the man scream out in more agony.A hard karate kick by Finlay,sent the second man reeling back.

The first scavenger was now trying to pick himself up,but Paula Ann reacted sharply to that.She had set her laser rifle to stun,and instantly shot the man.A quick second shot to his accomplice,also made both men stunned.

'Good shooting.'Finlay complimented,seeing the now two prone scavengers.

'Good moves.'Paula Ann returned it.

'We'd better move it.'Finlay kept his eyes open for any suspicious movements.'I bet there's more of them here.'

Paula Ann agreed,and they both quickened their pace.Finlay was actually getting anxious to find some shelter,seeing the night sky creeping in.He knew it would be bitterly cold,if they were both stupid enough to stay out here.

They hurried along,and hoped every step they took,got them nearer this hidden base.Both of them hoped it was worth it,but of course,they had Grant's word for it,so it was.

Grimly,Finlay and Paula Ann pressed on.They were still both determined,to reach their objective,when suddenly,from the corner of his eye,Finlay spotted something being thrown at them.

'Take cover!'he yelled instinctively,as he dived for the nearest cover himself.

Instantly,there was an explosion,which momentarily blinded Finlay and Paula Ann,and they didn't see two more scavengers,now eagerly racing towards them.More precisely,they headed towards Paula Ann's fallen figure.

One of the scavengers suddenly reached down,and yanked the still stunned girl up to her feet.He seized both her arms,pulling them tightly behind her,and clamped his hand over Paula Ann's mouth.His accomplice picked up her weapon,and aimed it at Finlay.

Finlay just heard his friend's muffled cry,and knew she was in trouble.He had to help her,but the blast from the grenade,was still affecting his eyesight.Finlay desperately tried to recover,and was actually doing so.

He'd just managed to regain his footing,with his sight slowly returning,when one of the scavengers struck him,by kicking him in his mid-riff this time,sending Finlay sprawling.

This however,had actually completed Finlay's recovery.He turned to face his assailant,standing slowly.His expression wasn't encouraging,as he saw the weapon aimed at him.His face also hardened,seeing Paula Ann being held and hand gagged.Her eyes were bulging at him.

'Looks like you're in the wrong place,at the wrong time.'The scavenger holding the rifle at him sneered.

'You'd better let her go.'Finlay's tone was hard too.

This only made the two scavengers laugh contemptuously at him.

'You don't understand,do you?'The man aiming the weapon at him,continued to sneer at Finlay.'You don't give the orders here.We do.'

'So what is it you want?'Finlay demanded,still desperately hoping for a chance,that these men may lower their guard.At the moment,they didn't,and Finlay didn't like hearing what the man said next.

'Turn around.'

'So you can shoot me in the back? No thanks.I'll see it coming.'

'Please yourself.'The scavenger gave him an evil grin.'I don't think your pretty lady friend here,isn't going to be too impressed by your efforts to rescue her.'

'Oh,you know the answer to why I can't.'Finlay just stopped clenching his fists.He still hadn't seen any weak spot yet.

'You're damn right!'The man was still sneering at him,before he jerked his head back,indicating Paula Ann.'We'll give the pretty young lady to O'Rourke.I'm sure she'll fetch an excellent price,and he'll enjoy ravishing her.'The scavenger was now smirking at Finlay.'You of course,won't be able to help her.'

With that said,the man raised his rifle,clearly going to shoot Finlay,and he kept smirking,enjoying hearing the girl's frantic,but muffled protests.

Finlay tensed,realising he needed a miracle to get out of this.This was a nightmare scenario,as he couldn't see a way out of this.True,he still had concealed weapons,including deadly knifes,but the moment he attempted to use one,the scavenger would simply shoot him down.For the first time in ages,Finlay was unsure of what to do.

Suddenly,there was the sound of a single shot,and Finlay instinctively dove down to the ground.He wasn't hit,but the scavenger previously aiming the gun at him,was now slowly crumpling to the ground.Finlay could see the man was dead,as his accomplice did.This made the second scavenger grip Paula Ann more tightly,and he started shouting furiously,although there was now fear evident in his tone.

'I'll kill her! I'll kill her!'The second man was desperately turning too,trying to figure out where the shot had come from.'Show yourself,or I'll break her neck!'

After a moment,somebody did show,as the three of them saw a tall,well built man stand up.He was dressed in combat clothing,and carrying a rifle.It was then,that Finlay suddenly recognised him.This was Jennings.

Finlay and Paula Ann had heard a lot about him.He was well experienced in battle,and he held many skills.They also knew he always fought with his best friend,Montgomery.A giant of a man,and like Jennings,was one of the few people,who could take on a Sanna trooper in unarmed combat,and still win.He and Paula Ann,had always wanted to meet these two men.They were both regarded in awe,by a lot of their people.Now,it looked as if they would get that chance,but Finlay was still puzzled how Jennings was going to save Paula Ann.

Jennings had successfully eliminated the scavenger threatening Finlay,with a well placed single sniper shot.He'd already agreed the plan of attack with Montgomery,to help the girl.He just had to wait for the right moment.

He continued to walk towards the man holding Paula Ann,still keeping his hand tightly over her mouth,and he tried to reason with him.

'Let her go.'Jennings told him calmly.

'Who the hell are you?'the scavenger was baffled by Jennings' sudden presence,but his eyes then settled on the rifle Jennings held.'Give me your weapon.'

His voice was curt,and there seemed to be some confidence returning,as he realised he still had the girl.However,Jennings wasn't having any of it.

'Look at me.'he told him,still calmly.

The man looked around frantically for a few moments,but he then did.This was what Jennings needed.The scavenger stopped moving his head to look at him,and suddenly,another single shot echoed.The second scavenger's head blew apart,and his lifeless body released Paula Ann,before joining his already dead accomplice.

'You okay?'Jennings asked Paula Ann.

Like Finlay,who was no walking towards them,Paula Ann clearly recognised Jennings.She then saw him wave at somebody behind her,and her eyes widened even more,as she and Finlay saw Montgomery heading down to them.Montgomery too,was carrying a rifle,that had finished the scavengers off.He had also returned his friend's wave.

'Thank you.'Paula Ann smiled gratefully to Jennings.'I owe you one.'

Jennings nodded politely to her,before he turned to Finlay.

'Are you hurt?'

'No,I'm okay.'Finlay then offered his hand to Jennings.'Thanks.We needed some help there,and I'm glad you were here.'

Jennings accepted Finlay's hand,and gave a polite smile to them.

'No problem.We picked you up a while ago,but saw these scavengers preparing to ambush you.I'm glad we could help.'

Jennings then made a thorough scan,on the nearby area.He wanted to get back into the base.

'Follow me.'He simply said,and promptly ran back towards it.Finlay and Paula Ann followed,as Montgomery covered their rear.Soon,there was only the empty,desolate terrain with the two scavenger corpses visible.Looking back at the two dead men,Jennings now knew their bodies would soon be set upon,by the same type of people.

No doubt they're already on their way here.Jennings grimly thought.He and Montgomery knew this area very well,and also knew it wasn't a place to stand around in.Jennings had heard one of the scavengers,mentioning O'Rourke's name.This was bad news,but both he and Montgomery fully expected it.It was common knowledge,that O'Rourke and Harris,had these type of people employed as their spies.

Grimly,Jennings quickened his pace,as Montgomery,Finlay and Paula Ann did too.

Chapter Five to follow....

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Sanna Menace. Chapter Three.An earlier version.

Jennings and Montgomery were glad to get away from the Sanna camp,and with the girl still clinging tightly to Jennings,they headed towards the hills.

So far,there was no sign of any Sanna pursuit,but both men knew it wouldn't be long before they did.So they kept running,as fast as they could.

'Where to now?'Jennings asked.

'I've got somewhere in mind.'Montgomery responded,still keeping a sharp eye out.'I know somebody too.'

Jennings didn't ask him any more,as he too,kept his eyes peeled.The Sanna could drop totally unexpected on you.You had to be very lucky to survive that,so you had to have good eyes.

Fortunately,as they moved deeper into the hills,there was still no sign of any Sanna troopers coming after them.The weather was worsening,but this didn't bother Jennings or Montgomery.Both of them were determined,to get the girl to safety.

Jennings actually heard her quietly sobbing,and he tried to comfort her.He wasn't sure if it was working,but the hold she held on him,was reassuring to Jennings.It showed that she trusted him.

After what seemed like ages,Montgomery finally stopped,holding up a pre-cautionary hand to Jennings.His friend stopped,and waited.

Montgomery scanned the area intently,as he'd been here before.Aside from a bleak rocky landscape,with some cave entrances,he knew there were lethal traps here,and also knew of Reynolds.This man too,was a soldier,and both he and Jennings had fought with him before.It was only Montgomery though,that had met him.

This was why Montgomery took the front.He knew Reynolds had managed to make it here,and he also knew of an old,top secret bunker,that was in this area.Montgomery somehow sensed Reynolds,had made it into this bunker.Now,he was hoping Reynolds was now seeing them,and deactivating the lethal defence traps,hidden all over this place.

He stayed where he was,as Montgomery could see one of the surviellance cameras nearby.He'd found that by accident,and provided Reynolds saw him,he'd put that camera back into hiding.For the moment though,Montgomery had to wait with his two friends.

They waited for quite a while,and the cold was really biting into them,especially the young woman.Jennings felt her shivering,and he hugged into her,trying to keep her warm.He too,was shivering,and was now glancing worriedly at his friend.

Montgomery noticed,and he t5oo,was now starting to lose faith here.Maybe Reynolds hadn't made it to this hidden bunker,and they were wasting valuable time here.

In fact,Montgomery was just about to concede,when he suddenly heard Reynolds' voice.

'Come over to the large cave on the right.'

Both Jennings and Montgomery looked up sharply,towards the direction of the voice,but saw nothing.Only the mentioned cave entrance.

However,both men were anxious for the girl to be safe,and they took her over to it,and entered.On entering,the two men noticed nothing unusual,but then,they all heard something.

It was the sound of something opening,and Montgomery advanced cautiously to the source.When he found it,he turned to Jennings,and gave him a thumbs up.

When Jennings came over,he could see a steel ladder,going straight down.It looked fairly deep,and there was no sign of the bottom.However,neither of them was going back outside,and they wanted to look after the girl in their charge.

'I'll go first.'Montgomery told Jennings.'Reynolds will recognise me,so I'll be able to back you up.'

'Okay.'Jennings nodded his agreement.

With that said,Montgomery lowered his powerful frame onto the top rung,and carefully began to descend.Jennings watched him for a minute,letting him get some distance,before he decided to follow.

Before he did though,Jennings turned to the girl.

'Are you okay?'he asked,although he felt an idiot asking that.Of course she wasn't okay,you moron! Jennings silently cursed himself.She's been tortured,and probably suffering from hypothermia.

At first,the girl didn't respond to him,so Jennings laid a hand on her shoulder,hoping to give her a reassuring sign.

'Are you okay,Miss?'Jennings repeated his question to her.

At least she didn't reject his hand,but finally,the girl did respond back to him.

'I'm cold.'Her voice was weak,and Jennings knew he'd better act quickly.

'My name's John.'He told her his first name.'I'm here to help you,okay? Right now,you need warming up,so I'm going to take you down this ladder,unless you can manage it on your own?'

Much to his surprise,the girl nodded,but he didn't waste any more time.He lowered himself gently onto the first rung,and descended a couple of steps,before watching the girl do the same.

'Take your time,Miss.'Jennings advised her.'Don't rush it,but I'm here,if you need me,okay?'

The girl nodded again at him,and she too,moved onto the steel ladder,before they started to descend into the darkness.

As they climbed down,there was the same sound heard earlier,but Jennings could see it was only the steel covering closing.He hoped it was well camoflagued.

'I'm Louise.'

'Nice to meet you,Louise.'Jennings meant his greeting.He was still checking on their descent.Montgomery could still be seen,and much to his relief,there was now some light visible at the bottom.

Montgomery finally reached the bottom,and didn't see Reynolds waiting for him,but he knew he was here.He glanced back up,and could see Jennings and the girl climbing down.He decided to wait for them,and let Jennings help the girl step off the ladder.Her eyes widened,at seeing how strong both men were.

'This is Monty,Louise.'Jennings introduced him.'My best mate.'

'Nice to meet you,Louise.'Montgomery nodded politely to her.He then saw Louise grip Jennings' arm,but of course,he didn't mind that.He could see Louise,was a very pretty girl.Dark hair,warm brown eyes,and he had to admit to himself,a very impressive chest.She was indeed,a very pretty girl.

'Don't move!'A man's voice made them all obey.Montgomery of course,recognised Reynolds' voice,and he held up a pre-cautionary hand to Jennings and Louise.

'Don't shoot,Reynolds.'Montgomery responded,although he couldn't see him.'We're on your side.'

'That remains to be seen.'Reynolds answered,but he too,had recognised Montgomery and Jennings,although he had no idea who the girl was.

'Step forward.'he ordered the three of them.'Carefully.'

They did so,and it only took Reynolds a moment,to accept they were on his side.He stepped forward too,letting them see him.

'My apologies.'Reynolds made sure he'd lowered his weapon,that he'd just been aiming at them.'I had to be sure it was you,Montgomery.'

He then offered his hand to him,which Montgomery accepted.Reynolds then glanced at Jennings.He'd never met him,but knew who he was.

'Good to meet you,Jennings.'Reynolds again offered his hand,which Jennings also shook.'I've heard a lot about you.Who's the pretty lady?'

'This is Louise.'Jennings introduced her.'The Sanna used her as hostage against me,but thanks to Monty,we were able to get her out.'

'Glad to hear it.'Reynolds nodded at Louise,although he didn't smile,as neither did she.Reynolds clearly saw her gripping Jennings' arm,and knew she was okay.

'What do you need then?'Reynolds asked.'Got plenty here.Ammo,food,somewhere to clean up or sleep?'

'Sleep sounds more promising.'Jennings knew they all needed it.'Where's the bedrooms?'

'Right this way.'Reynolds turned,and led them to a sleeping area.The beds were comfortable,and there was clean linen on each of them.Jennings asked if there was a single bed for Louise,and despite Reynolds nodding to that,Louise refused to leave Jennings' side.They all understood.

Finally,after something to eat,Jennings,Montgomery and Louise went to sleep.All three of them stayed together,as they slept,each grateful that they'd survived another day.