Saturday, 26 March 2011

HMS Princess.The illustrated version

Just thought I'd post the first page again,this time,in colour.My thanks to Matt Stone,for doing so.A good friend to have.:)

Friday, 25 March 2011

HMS 'Princess' The illustrated version.

Well,I've decided on a very special treat to post today.This is what I dreamed up,with my favourite artist,Ethan,who drew the scenes I'd thought up for him,with great skill.All pictures drawn by Ethan Young.Copyright.2011.Captions by yours truly.Hope you enjoy it,and will post the next page to this soon.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

War of the Worlds.My version.:)

The scene was picturesque.It was a small fishing village,set comfortably by a large river,which eventually led to the coast.Under normal circumstances,there wouldn't be many people here,as it was always regarded as a scenic beauty spot. Now however,the current scene in the village,was anything but scenic.There were hundreds of people here,and not one of them was here for a holiday.Instead,everybody here had only one intention,and that was to escape. Everybody was well aware of the invading aliens,in their indestructible,and highly lethal tripod machines.These tripods were all over the place,and they were destroying everything,and killing everybody in their way.Despite the military's best efforts,nothing could stop them,and this increased the desperation to flee. However,no matter what people did,there was no escape.The aliens were ruthlessly exterminating scores of human beings,and to make matters worse,there was nowhere to hide. This was the dominating thought crossing every single person,now here in the fishing village.As expected,all of them were praying to get out to sea,where the tripod machines refused to enter.It seemed a faint chance,but nonetheless,a chance. There was a strong military presence in the village,and the soldiers had wasted no time,in setting up a defensive perimeter.Their firepower was impressive.Six pieces of heavy artillery,were placed at different points around the village.Machine gun posts had also been prepared,with each soldier carrying an anti-tank weapon.Added to this,they also carried satchel charges,as well as their own personal weapons.However,every one of the soldiers here,had seen how ineffective their weapons were,and they held a grim expectation of this upcoming fight. Even so,they were all determined to evacuate as many people as possible from here.Their intelligence reports still indicated no alien threat out at sea,so there was a good chance they could save a lot of lives here. Amongst the soldiers were two men.They were simply known as Jennings and Montgomery.Both of them were well liked and respected.In battle,they both fought fiercely,and they were always asked to do special missions,and they had a high success rate.This wasn't just due to their strong,physical appearance,as both men not only fought superbly,but they also used their heads.Jennings and Montgomery had done so many times previously. With this hostile alien invasion going on,both Jennings and Montgomery had studied intently the tripod machines,scanning for any weakness.A lot of people had helped them,as they too,studied previous battle footage against the aliens.For a long time,they found nothing that could penetrate the aliens shields,but finally,there was a breakthrough. Firepower of course,could not inflict any damage on the tripods,but during their mission briefs,it had been revealed to them,that it was possible to get onto the tripod's surface.This however,was easier said than done,as the machines were nearly always on the move.The target needed to be stationary,and getting to them unseen,was no easy matter either.Every one of the tripods had massive,blinding searchlights,that swept all around them.It would need a miracle,to reach them unmolested. However,Jennings and Montgomery were both determined to give it a go.It was sickening them,seeing so many innocent people ruthlessly killed,and they badly needed some good luck to get back against the alien invaders. At the present moment,they were dug into a foxhole they'd prepared earlier.and were tensely waiting for the alien machines to arrive here.The intelligence reports fully indicated this,and like the rest of their comrades,were scanning intently the area around the fishing village.As yet,there was no sign of the alien enemy,but they all knew they'd be here. Still scanning the area through his binoculars,Jennings' gaze settled on the huge hordes of people,now waiting in unbelievably long queues,to get on board the waiting ships,now docked in the harbours.There were a lot of vessels here.Some were big,like the two huge ferries,that were packed with people,yet still taking more and more on.Both men could see these ships,were dangerously overloaded. There were many other smaller boats,that were also taking on the fleeing refugees,which was precisely what these people were.They all kept glancing anxiously back at the village's outskirts,desperately hoping not to see a dreaded,deadly tripod bearing down on them. As Jennings kept watching the evacuation,he suddenly spotted two pretty girls,who were helping people through the military checkpoint.Jennings liked the look of them.They both appeared calm and collected,and no doubt this was helping the rest of the people staying the same way.How long the calm would last,Jennings had no idea,but he sincerely hoped they'd get everybody away from here,including those two girls. He and Montgomery had gone down earlier to assist them,and the girls were glad to receive their help.Both Jennings and Montgomery were very strong,muscular men in appearance.This had helped to calm down the hysterical,and panicky cases. The two girls were known as Louise and Lucy.They were part of the military too,dressed in the white shirts,dark blue skirts of the Royal Navy.Both girls were indeed,very pretty.Louise had dark brown hair,just falling past her shoulders,with warm brown eyes.Her figure was very impressive,whilst her friend Lucy,was of Chinese origin.Like Louise,Lucy was British,and very proud of it.She was just a little bit smaller in height than Louise,and her raven black hair touched her own shoulders.The two girls were doing a good job,safely helping everybody on board a waiting ship.As soon as the captain of that vessel declared that was it,the boat instantly cast off,and headed towards the open sea. Indeed,at that moment,one of the ferries now cast off,and was now slowly beginning to maneuver its way through the river.Everybody still ashore,watched the boat now departing.They could see the boat was so over crowded,and its progress was slow due to this. Also watching the ferry leaving,Jennings was very concerned,seeing how many people were on it.He could see it was just a disaster waiting to happen. 'I hope they make it,Monty.'Jennings spoke to his friend,very concerned. Montgomery too,was hoping the same.He was shaking his head however,seeing the potential for disaster. 'The captain's taking a big risk there.'He responded. 'We all are.'Jennings nodded.'Credit to him,I guess.He's helping a lot of people there.' 'I wonder.'Montgomery of course,knew that.Yet he and Jennings knew,that the captain was also taking a stupid risk,carrying that many people on board his ship.All they could do,was watch and pray they'd make it safely out of here. Fortunately,the ferry did.It was a slow,laborious process,but it was a relief,seeing they'd helped more people escape.If they just had more time and resources,they might be able to get everybody out of here alive. 'We'll keep an eye on Louise and Lucy,Monty.'Jennings was still making frequent checks on the two girls.They were still okay,but he was determined to protect them.He'd seen the alien tripods capturing women,with long,snake like tentacles,before shooting upwards,taking their newly acquired catch with them.Jennings never forgot hearing their terror stricken shrieks,and he realised he hadn't been able to help any of them.It was a bad feeling,not knowing what was in store for those taken girls,but Jennings knew it wouldn't be good. Suddenly,their commander's voice came in over their radio headsets. 'Stand ready.'The voice was sharp.'Enemy approaching.' Jennings and Montgomery watched their comrades in arms stand to.They had also mentally prepared themselves for the upcoming fight,but neither man had forgotten about Louise and Lucy,who were now running towards them.Their faces were panicky,just like a lot of others,now desperately seeking cover.Others just ran for it,whilst some threw themselves into the water,hoping to escape by swimming. Jennings and Montgomery had immediately raced out to help Louise and Lucy,and quickly took the two girls into their foxhole.Both girls were clinging to them fearfully,as they suddenly heard an ear shattering howl.The ground seemed to heave,and peering out,Jennings then spotted the tripod machines,now advancing menacingly towards them. They towered over the village as they came forward.Everybody defending the place,clearly recognised the tripod's weapons.A twin set of laser cannons,set either side of the huge machine.These dealt death ruthlessly,instantly vaporizing anybody they targeted.It was a horrible death,and so many had fallen victim to it. As Jennings and Montgomery watched the tripods advance,they then heard their commander order the artillery to fire.Each gun did so,as shells began to explode around the tripods.This made each machine stop in its tracks,as the human gun crews frantically kept up their barrage,hoping to do some damage. Explosions blew up all around each tripod.Some shells actually hit their targets,but again,the aliens shields held comfortably. Watching all this,Jennings and Montgomery made sure Louise and Lucy were well protected,but they both had teeth clenched,seeing how ineffective their weapons were. Jennings glanced back down at his personal weapon kit.He had a bazooka with plenty of projectiles.These weapons were designed as anti-armour,but Jennings had fired these before at the alien machines,and with the same fruitless result. However,this time,Jennings had an idea.It had been agreed earlier,that they'd all target one of the tripods with everything they had.The artillery barrage,was a delaying action.Air support was incoming,and they were all hoping to strike a first success against the alien invaders. Once the air support arrived,they would all target one of the tripods,concentrating their fire.It was hoped they'd manage to weaken their target,or better yet,floor it.Then,they'd have a better chance to destroy one of the alien machines,at least they hoped so. With the artillery guns still bombarding the alien tripods,Jennings' attention was now diverted to the river.There,he could see the second ferry,also heavily loaded,now making a run for it.As he watched the boat move slowly away from it's moorings,Jennings then heard the sound of aircraft overhead.This made him glance quickly at his watch,before he nodded to Montgomery,who was still protecting Lucy.Jennings had never taken his eyes off Louise either.Both girls were visibly trembling with fear. Suddenly,one of the tripods moved forward towards the shore.The artillery shells were still exploding all over it,but there was no damage done to it. Quickly,the machine levelled its twin weapons at the river,aimed at its target,and unleashed a deadly burst.It hit its target dead on,striking the second ferry.The huge vessel instantly burst into a fireball.Screams of agony reached the shore,as burning bodies crashed into the river.The fire took ruthless control of the ship,and several soldiers raced forward to help the pitiful few survivors,still screaming for help in the water. Jennings and Montgomery were appalled and also infuriated,seeing yet another carnage inflicted.Their faces hardened even more,as they both hoped their plan would work. It was then,that Montgomery received a message from their command post. 'Air strike ready.'He had to yell above the ear piercing screams. 'Tell them to aim at those bastards,who've just destroyed the ferry.'Jennings instructed,before he then picked up the bazooka.Montgomery did the same,as he then relayed the request.It was confirmed quickly,and already they could hear the aircraft coming in. Jennings then covered Louise with his own body,and Montgomery did the same with Lucy. 'Cover your ears!'Jennings yelled,as they then watched two Tornado fighter jets swoop in.Their armament was already being unleashed,as the two planes fired their cannons into the chosen tripod.Cannon shells hit their target,and the Tornadoes released bombs,again,hitting their mark.Jennings and Montgomery didn't hesitate,as they both levelled their bazookas,and aimed it at the same tripod. They both fired their weapons simultaneously.Each projectile struck their target,as so did many others,fired by all their fellow soldiers.At first,the tripod's shields seemed to hold the huge onslaught.Flames surrounded the huge machine,but more and more fire was directed at it.The Tornadoes came back,with another highly accurate,deadly strike.Jennings and Montgomery fired their bazookas again,aiming at the tripod's legs.This time,they got lucky. The tripod seemed to stagger,as one of it's legs suddenly broke,causing the tripod to crash forward.It exploded on impact,into its own brilliant fireball. There were cheers suddenly heard from some of the soldiers,but Jennings and Montgomery didn't join in.Instead,they now watched the remaining tripods move forward,firing their own weapons.This time,Jennings knew they had no chance.It was better to run. As if to confirm this,they all heard the command over the radio. 'All available units,withdraw to-' The voice on the radio suddenly screamed in agony,before it went dead.Jennings didn't have to guess what had happened. Quickly,Jennings grabbed Louise's hand. 'Let's go!' He climbed out of the foxhole,still keeping a tight grip on her hand,whilst Montgomery did the same with Lucy.They then made a desperate bid to escape,as they ran for it. Jennings and Montgomery made sure they stayed out of the tripods sight.The towering machines were still killing scores of people,now that they'd overwhelmed te defences.Indeed,the four of them hardly heard any more gunfire or artillery,only the screams of the terrified,and the dying. Grimly,Jennings kept going.If he could have helped somebody,he would have done so unhesitatingly,but the screams of the dying were fading,and the bodies kept increasing.He clearly noticed the tripods systematically slaughtering the fleeing people,but he also saw one of the Tripods seizing people too,with snake like tentacles.From the cries he heard,Jennings knew a woman had been taken alive. He and Montgomery had witnessed this many times.The women taken,were never seen alive again,but they'd both seen some kind of cage,attached to the back of the tripod.What purpose was in store for any human female captive,nobody knew,but Jennings and Montgomery were determined to protect as many people as they could,including Louise and Lucy. They continued to run from the tripod machines.Jennings led Louise towards a wooded area.If they could get in there,there would at least,be some cover.He just prayed the aliens wouldn't set the wood on fire. They reached the wood unseen,and quickly,they all ducked behind a thick tree.This perfectly camoflagued Jennings and Montgomery,as they wore the standard army khaki patterned clothing. However,it was a different story for Louise and Lucy.Both girls stuck out like sore thumbs,with their white Royal Navy shirts,so Jennings and Montgomery made sure they kept their eyes peeled. The four of them could only watch helplessly,as the alien machines finished of any visible survivors.They heard no more screams after that. Still keeping a sharp eye on the tripods,Jennings hoped they'd move away,giving them a chance to move.Unfortunately,this didn't happen the way he wanted. The remaining tripods moved alright,but instead of moving away,they now advanced towards the wood.Their blinding,powerful searchlights lit up every area they selected.Seeing this,Jennings glanced worriedly at his friend,as Louise clung to him. 'They're looking for us.'he stated simply. Montgomery nodded,making sure he kept Lucy out of sight,from the intimidating searchlights. 'Stay down then.'He responded quietly.'Best to stay where we are.' He made sure he kept his hold on Lucy,as he comforted her too.Jennings did the same with Louise. Time passed slowly,and the four of them never took their eyes off the alien machines.The tripods moved their lights slowly over the sections they were scanning.It appeared the aliens were never going to give up their search,but Jennings and Montgomery were equally determined not to show themselves. Just then,the tripods suddenly switched their powerful lights off,and everything was plunged into darkness.However,neither machine moved away,as they remained motionless. Seeing this,Montgomery gazed over at Jennings. 'Now what?'he asked.'Do we make a run for it?' 'No.'Jennings shook his head,knowing what was happening.The aliens wanted to lure them out of hiding,but he wasn't falling for that. Even so,Jennings knew they couldn't stay here forever,so he had to think of something,and quick.They needed shelter and food,and Jennings then remembered something. 'There's a farm not to far off from here.'he whispered back.'If we can set up a diversion,we'll have a chance.' 'Like what?' Jennings looked back at their previous position.He saw so many dead bodies,but he also saw a lot of ammunition.He just had to choose correctly,if he made it there unseen. In the end,it was a quick decision,as Jennings glanced down at Louise.The girl's face was full of fear,as she still held onto him tightly.She also knew what he was thinking. 'Don't you dare leave me,Jennings.'Louise's voice was also scared stiff,and her eyes were imploring at him not to leave. 'I'll be back,Louise.I promise.'Jennings tried to reassure her,clearly seeing he wasn't,but there was no other alternative.'Just stay here with Monty and Lucy,but don't move,okay? If you move,you're dead.' He peered out carefully at the still motionless tripods,and very slowly,he picked up a broken branch.He wanted to try something. Quickly,he then threw the branch as far as he could.The branch fell some distance away from him,and Jennings looked back at the tripods,watching their reaction. They didn't move. For a moment,Jennings felt a brief ray of hope,but dismissed this.He still needed a miracle here,so he and his friends could get away. Very carefully,Jennings made himself prone,and started to make his way back to his previous position. Montgomery,Lucy and especially Louise,never took their eyes off him,whilst also anxiously watching the alien tripods. It took ages,as Jennings made certain to camoflague his movements.He was praying the aliens never had any thermal scanners,but as he inched forward,the tripods remained perfectly still. Even so,Jennings didn't push his luck.He kept as low as possible,and kept watching the lethal enemy.It was crossing his mind the aliens could be watching him right now,just toying with him before they struck him down,just as he was about to reach his objective. Fortunately,this never happened.Jennings did make it,and he then scanned for suitable weapons.He picked up plenty of grenades,and he also looked for satchel charges.He found plenty of these,and still keeping low,he then took a couple of these charges,before he began to crawl back. As he did so,Jennings suddenly came across a Samurai sword,lying on the ground.What it was doing here,he had no idea.He guessed it must have belonged to one of the refugees attempting to flee,but he picked it up anyway,carefully placing the shoulder strap,and putting the sword on his back. With that done,Jennings made sure his movements were still unseen,before he then made his way back to the treeline.It was really bothering him,that he saw no movement at all from the alien machines,but he didn't have time to dwell on it.He had to get back to his friends. Fortunately,he did.Louise and Lucy couldn't help,but embrace him warmly.He returned both their hugs,whilst Montgomery punched his friend playfully on the shoulder. 'Glad you made it back,John.'Montgomery's voice indicated that.'I knew you would.' 'Yeah.'Jennings' voice was full of relief.'We'd better get out of here,before they decide to set fire to the trees.They're up to something alright.' He then turned to Louise and Lucy. 'Keep your heads down,ladies,and stay calm.You do that,and we'll make it.Got that?' He was pleased to see the two girls nod in agreement,before Jennings then crouched,and after checking on the tripods once more,he silently gestured for them to follow him.Louise and Lucy did,whilst Montgomery covered the rear. It was tense,as they moved through the woods.Jennings,leading the way,made sure they moved from cover to cover.He strictly avoided any open spaces,knowing they were sitting ducks there. However,no threat emerged,and after a while,Jennings finally saw the farm building up ahead. He motioned to Montgomery to watch over the girls,indicating he would check the farm out.It didn't take him long,and as he expected,the place was deserted.Jennings then motioned for his friends to enter the building.Now perhaps,they could get something to eat and drink,and get some much needed rest. They did find food,and fortunately,it was edible.There was also fresh drinking water too,and gratefully,the four of them ate and drank. As they did so,Louise looked concerned at Jennings. 'Will we get out of here alive?' This made Jennings and Montgomery pause in their eating,and they both glanced at each other,before Jennings decided to reply. 'Yes,we will,Louise.Trust me.' Louise made no reply of her own to that,as she kept on eating.The meal was ate in silence after that,before sleep caught Louise and Lucy.They both curled up on one of the long couches,whilst Jennings and Montgomery kept watch. 'You watch the girls.'Montgomery told his best friend.'I'll make sure we don't have any unwanted visitors.' 'Got it.'Jennings nodded,before he called back at Montgomery.'Be careful,Monty.' Montgomery also nodded,giving Jennings a faint grin,before he moved away to his sentry position. Once he'd gone,Jennings settled back into a chair,and tensely waited.He sincerely hoped he would keep protecting the girls,and get out of here alive.He was still thinking of how many people had been slaughtered by the aliens,but he was determined to stay one step ahead of them. He knew he had to sleep,as he was exhausted.Gradually,Jennings closed his eyes,and fell asleep.

Montgomery made sure he never took his eyes off the still standing tripods.He wasn't sure what they were up to,but was convinced the aliens were still after them.

They'd remained motionless,since they'd wiped out hundreds of people,back at the now fiercely burning fishing village.In their attempt to escape,Montgomery had heard the screams of women,and had seen them being captured.His teeth clenched at that memory,knowing he couldn't do anything to help those women.He knew Jennings felt the same.

He still felt exhausted,and his body was craving for sleep,but Montgomery knew if he did fall asleep here,he was dead,and so would his friends be.

That's not going to happen.Montgomery thought determinedly.

Suddenly,he saw one of the alien tripods move,and he ducked further back.The massive machine then began to move into the trees,and as it did so,the powerful searchlights flicked back on,lighting up everything in its path.There wasn't a hope of escaping that.

Grimly,Montgomery observed the tripod's advance into the wood.The lights were methodically searching the place,and he knew it was just a matter of time,before they found this place.

Quickly,he hurried back inside to where his friends were still sleeping.He noticed the two girls had never left Jennings,and he quickly shook his friend's shoulder.Jennings instantly awoke,looking concerned.

'John,we've got to get out of here.'Montgomery whispered urgently.'They're coming.'

Jennings didn't hesitate,as he quickly woke up Louise,then Lucy.Both girls were alarmed,seeing his face,knowing he had bad news.

Jennings was just about to tell them this,when suddenly,they all heard a massive thump outside.Quickly,the four of them moved deeper into the farm,desperately seeking some good cover.

The two men finally pulled the girls in behind some rubble,and quickly held Louise and Lucy close to them.It was then,that they all saw a shadow,slowly moving in.Their eyes widened,seeing it as some kind of camera device.It even looked like some kind of giant snake.Jennings thought.Bastards.He could see the aliens were using maximum intimidation on them,hoping to scare them out,and he then heard Louise start to whimper.

Gently,he closed his hand over her mouth,and Jennings squeezed her hand,reassuring her.He noticed Montgomery had done the same with Lucy,and like Louise,her eyes were wide with fear.

They watched the nightmare now begin its search for them.It snaked all over,but by keeping a sharp eye on it,Jennings could check its movement,and was ready to move,just in case.

There was a close call,when the aliens camera suddenly came close to Jennings and Louise's hiding position.It stayed like that,barely inches away from them,and Jennings made sure he kept Louise close to him.He didn't see the girl's eyes,literally bulging at the aliens device.The last thing he wanted,was her to break free from him.

Neither of them moved,as the alien device remained where it was.It looked as if it was sensing its prey close by,and wasn't going to budge,but neither was Jennings.

Finally,the alien camera moved slowly away,and continued to probe the rest of the interior,and then,much to their relief,the nightmare withdrew.

However,Jennings and Montgomery weren't fooled.They knew the aliens were still there,not hearing the tripod machine leaving.

'What now?'Montgomery whispered over.

'We're going to have to run for it.'Jennings whispered back,fully expecting the aliens to burn this place to the ground.

He still had his hand over Louise's mouth,and whispered to her:'You okay?'

Seeing Louise's nod,he released his hand,but still held her,as he then made his move.He'd done a check on this place,examining for all possible exits,and had found one.

He'd seen an entrance in the floor earlier,and after checking out,found that it led back into the forest.Jennings knew they'd have a headstart on the aliens,and he was determined to exploit it.

Grimly,he led the way,not seeing the aliens camera watching them.

Jennings finally found the way out,and he then slowly lifted the covering,making a cautious check.

He could still see the tripod,now standing outside the farm building.It's blinding searchlights,lighting up the whole place.Jennings checked again for any more of the alien machines,but couldn't see any.

Suddenly,the tripod activated its weapons,turning the farm into a blazing inferno,and Jennings knew he had to move.

Quickly,he pulled himself out,and after helping Louise and Lucy out too,he made sure he didn't abandon Montgomery.

As soon as they were out,all raced into cover,still praying for a miracle they could escape.

Jennings led the way,sneaking from one hiding place to another,leading the way down towards the river.He knew they all had to get out of the forest,sensing the aliens would flush them out anyway,by making the whole place on fire.

He scanned the river,looking for a suitable boat that would aid them,and his eyes found one.It was small,and there was no engine attached to it,but Jennings wasn't interested in that.They had to be quiet.Activating a power boat,would only alert the enemy to their presence.

Jennings turned to look back at his friends,and gestured at the boat with his hand.They all nodded,and Jennings made his move,creeping towards it.His three friends followed right behind him.

By some unexpected miracle,they all reached the boat unharmed and unseen.The two men didn't stop to count their luck,as they helped the girls on board,before Jennings cast off the boat.He was still anxiously watching the tripod by their former hiding place.It was now moving,and towards the river.Its lights still beaming on,sweeping the water's surface.

Jennings clenched his teeth,now wishing he'd chosen the speedier option,but it was too late.They were all committed,and just had to hope for the best.

Both Jennings and Montgomery had found paddles,and were now skillfully using them.They worked well together,avoiding the tripod's intimidating lights,and just for a moment,both Louise and Lucy felt a ray of hope,that they could escape.

This hope was shattered next instant,as the tripod's lights finally had them.Both girls screamed in fear at this,seeing the tripod now moving towards them.

'Jump!'Jennings shouted.There was a hint of desperation in his shout,as he grabbed Louise,and he jumped into the river with her.Montgomery had done the same with Lucy.

Under the surface,Jennings indicated to them all,to swim underwater,and surface at a particular point.They all did so,but all four could still see the beaming lights on top.

They managed to reach the designated point,and all surfaced,hungrily gasping for air.Jennings was first out of the water,and helped the girls out,before Montgomery followed suit.

They then began to run,but then disaster struck.Another tripod slowly revealed itself,right in front of them,blocking their escape.

'Damn it!'Jennings swore,furious,and also knowing the aliens had been merely toying with them.They never had any chance of escape,had they? Jennings thought that.The bastards probably had their eyes on them all the time.

The four of them huddled closely,waiting for death,as they were all brilliantly lit up.Jennings felt Louise cling tightly to him,and she was whimpering in utter terror.He tried to comfort her,pulling her in behind him,as they then saw the dreaded,snake like tentacles move towards them.

The tentacles surrounded them,and Jennings could see smaller lights from them.He guessed they were cameras too.

One of the tentacles pushed him in the shoulder,but he refused to budge.He could see the thing was interested in Louise,who was still digging her hands into him.Jennings noticed too,the same was happening with Lucy,but Montgomery's powerful physique,wasn't having any of it,as he kept shielding Lucy.Quite evidently,they wanted the girls.

A couple of the tentacles made more attempts to dislodge the men,but Jennings and Montgomery,were now using their combat knifes on the alien tentacles.They even managed to strike several of the down,but more of them just took their place,and they were now acting more aggressively.

The two men kept trying to protect Louise and Lucy,but then,a tentacle each,suddenly lashed out,striking both of them,sending Jennings and Montgomery sprawling away.This made Louise and Lucy scream again,as they made to reach them,but it was too late.

One powerful tentacle seized them both,and lifted them off the ground,before both tentacles lifted their two new prisoners,well out of Jennings and Montgomery's despairing reach.The tripod then began to move off.

Enraged,both men couldn't help use their weapons on the alien machine,but as expected,they didn't do any damage whatsoever.

Just then,Jennings remembered something,as he raced to the river.

'What the hell are you doing?'Montgomery's voice was desperate,knowing every step the tripod took,the less chance of rescue the girls had.

Jennings didn't answer at first.He needed every breath,as he found what he wanted.A large spear weapon was lying by the riverbank,and he grabbed it.The thing was huge,but Jennings felt confident enough to use it,as he finally responded to his friend.

'Throw a grenade.'


'Throw a bloody grenade!'

Montgomery did so.The explosion didn't do any damage again,but it did make the tripod stop,and turn back,which was precisely what Jennings wanted.

As the monster advanced on them,Jennings acted quickly,as he aimed the spear gun at the tripod.He was gambling here,as well as praying,before he fired.The spear struck the tripod,and much to Jennings' relief,the end held.He then used the rest of the cable,dangling from the spear end,to haul himself up to the tripod's surface.

As he reached there,Jennings suddenly heard women screaming,and also recognised Louise and Lucy's terrified cries.He glanced towards the source,and saw a large,metallic cage,built into the back of the tripod.He then saw Louise and Lucy,with another two girls.Like themselves,they too,were part of the military,and dressed in the same uniform as his friends.

Jennings noticed the two girls were very pretty too,but he had to concentrate on his job,as he pulled out a satchel charge.He activated the detonator,priming it to explode within five minutes,before he began to make his way to the cage.

As soon as he'd clamped the satchel charge onto the tripod,Jennings suddenly sensed the aliens were now aware of his presence.The tentacles now dangling from it,were now raising themselves,probing for him.

Remembering the Samurai sword he still carried,Jennings slashed any of the tentacles,that came too close to him.Within a minute,he'd eliminated that threat,as each tentacle was destroyed.

Grimly,Jennings pressed on,climbing closer to the cage.It was then,that all the girls spotted him.Like a flash,they raced over to him.Louise and Lucy grabbed a hand each.Their eyes flooding in relief.

'Stay calm,okay?'Jennings told them.He was somewhat amazed to hear himself saying that.The height he was precariously perched at,left little room for error.If he fell,it was certain death.

Grimly,Jennings told the girls to get back,as he attempted to prise away one of the cage bars.At first,the cage bars refused to budge,but Jennings held tremendous strength,and he also had something extra in him.He was determined to save his friends.

He kept his attempts up,and finally,he managed a breakthrough.

Just in time too.As Jennings squeezed himself into the cage,a sudden sound made all the girls yelp in fear.Jennings then noticed another tentacle,now leaping out from inside the tripod.It centred it's attention,on one of the new girls.

The girl tried to flee,but there was nowhere to run too.The tentacle wrapped itself around her waist,and frantically,the girl clung her hands to one of the cage's bars.

Unfortunately,the tentacle easily yanked her off from there,and began to take her away.Jennings flung himself on top of the girl,stopping the tentacle dragging its prize away.

Grimly,he pulled out a combat knife,and ruthlessly stabbed the blade into the tentacle.He kept stabbing,until the tentacle sharply withdrew its hold on the now,hysterical girl,before he helped her.

'How are we going to get out of here,John?'Louise asked him.She sounded almost hysterical too.

'The way I came in,Louise.'Jennings responded,as he checked his watch.The satchel charge was going to detonate within three minutes,and he'd better get a move on.

'This way.'Jennings gestured for the girls to follow him,as he led them out of the cage.He kept his eyes on the opening,where he'd seen the tentacle emerge from,but as yet,the aliens hadn't responded.

Quickly,Jennings managed to get the two new girls down safely,showing them how to use the spear cable.Fortunately,the girls military training,gave them the confidence to do so.In fact,Jennings now saw Montgomery race out towards the two girls,and he helped them into cover.

He managed to get Lucy back down,and had just turned to help Louise,when the aliens made their move.

The snake like tentacle shot out again,now choosing Louise.The tentacles wound itself tightly around her ankles,causing the girl to stumble and fall.

Louise screamed like mad,as she felt herself being seized this way,and she was already being carried away into the opening.

Jennings didn't hesitate,as he flung himself again on Louise's upper body,stopping the alien device carrying her off.

This time however,the aliens tried something.As Jennings brought out his knife once more,a second tentacle shot out,and thrust itself onto him.

Jennings however,had just seen it in time,and managed to deflect most of the blow away from him.He knew if he'd let go of Louise,she was dead meat.

He managed to stay on top of Louise,who was also helping his grip,as she clung to him.The second tentacle then made to strike him again,but this time,Jennings was ready for it.

Quickly,he used his Samurai sword on the thing,striking the tentacle in half.There was a shower of sparks as he did this,but he made sure Louise wasn't harmed by any of these.

He then freed her legs from the tentacle,and led her out of the cage,glancing again at his watch.There was less than a minute to go.

Somehow,Jennings managed to get Louise to the cable,and they both clung onto it,as Jennings started the descent.They reached the bottom quickly,and no sooner had they done so,he raced with Louise,taking her into cover.

Next moment,the satchel charge blew.There was a violent explosion,which ripped into the tripod.A huge fireball enveloped it,before the massive machine staggered on its three legs,before it crashed onto the ground.

Watching the tripod's destruction with satisfaction,Jennings then turned to Louise,who was now gaping at him.

'You okay,Louise?'

Somehow,she nodded back at him,before she then watched Jennings spot Montgomery.Both of them waved to each other,and joined up.There was a lot of gratitude,shown by all the girls they'd just rescued,and whilst both men deeply appreciated the hugs and kisses,they knew they still had to get out of here.They could still see more tripods.

They did so,leading the girls out of danger.As they did so,Jennings felt a new hope emerging.At last,they'd managed to destroy two of the,seemingly indestructible alien machines.With that memory firmly in place,Jennings felt more confident,of kicking these ruthless,cruel invaders off the Earth for good.

The End.

NB.No copyright infringement intended against any of the original owners.I just wrote this for fun.:)

Friday, 11 March 2011

Danger in Space.Chapter Three

Kelly and Sarah raced out to where they'd heard Louise scream.That sound was still going through their heads,as they knew it was one of the most terrified shrieks they'd ever heard.Both girls were praying their friend was okay.

They both hurried to where Louise had last traced her steps,and sure enough,the two girls saw Louise's fallen scanner,but there was no sign of their friend.Their concern increased.

'Louise.'Sarah spoke into her com-set urgently.'Give me your location.'

There was no reply.Sarah repeated that several times,but Louise failed to respond.This made Sarah call her captain once more.

'Captain,Louise has been abducted by persons unknown.'Her voice was tense as she reported this.'Request extra support.'

'Granted.'Karen's reply was also tense,as she then ordered.'Action stations.'

Back in the 'Daring',sirens echoed throughout the ship,as the crew raced to their assigned areas.This was done in record time,as Karen had constantly repeated this order.However,back then,they were only drills.Now it was the real thing.Somebody or something had seized one of her crew,and Karen was determined to recover Louise.

The report came in quickly from her crew,that they were all ready,and Karen acknowledged that.She then filled in details to a security team,before they then understood her instructions.The team assured her they'd find Louise,and bring her back safely.

Satisfied at hearing that,Karen then turned her attention back to her bridge duty.She was still aware of that unknown ship approaching their position,and wanted to see who they were.

'Range on approaching vessel?'Karen asked one of the bridge officers still on duty.

'Coming into visual range now,captain.'The officer then activated certain controls,and all on the bridge could now see the relevant ship.They all recognised it as one of their own ships,and there was a sense of relief at this.Karen decided to make contact with them,as she ordered a hail.The result however,was disappointing.No contact could be made,but the communications officer acting as replacement for Louise,picked up the approaching ship hailing them.Karen immediately ordered a visual.

Next instant,all the bridge crew could see two men.Obviously,they were flight crew,but Karen recognised the military clothing they both wore.Both men were soldiers.

They both looked really tough in appearance,and Karen admitted to herself,that she liked the pilot.His co-pilot was just muscle,although Karen could tell by their eyes,that they seemed decent types.She could see the pilot talking into his headset,and immediately knew he was trying to establish contact with them.

'Can we get a link to them?'Karen asked.

'No,captain.'the officer answered,'but we can get audio from them.'

'Do so,please.'

This was promptly done,and everybody on the bridge now heard the pilot's voice.

'Calling the 'Daring''The pilot was saying.'Can you hear me? This is Flight Lieutenant Jennings from Earth command,please respond.'

The girls watched Jennings listen to his headset,but he then shook his head at his co-pilot.

'Nothing.I don't think they can hear us,Monty.Can you pick up anything else?'

The man known as Monty made some movement on the flight panel,before he glanced back at Jennings.His expression was worried.

'I'm detecting jamming signals alright.'he told Jennings grimly.'They're originating from that ship.'

This more than confirmed Karen's suspicions,and she made sure she reminded her security team to be careful,before they boarded the alien vessel.

'Keep trying to establish contact with them.'Karen told the communications officer.'I don't want them to fall into any trouble.'


Suddenly,one of the bridge officers spotted something on her console,and she turned hurriedly to Karen.

'Captain! Weapons detected,and armed!'

'Target?'Karen's voice was calm,knowing it was vital to stay cool under pressure.

'They're targeting that ship.'

As if to confirm this,all the girls watched Jennings stiffen slightly,as he too,noticed the developments.

'What the hell?'Jennings was clearly taken aback,as he scanned his instruments,now informing him,that they were being targeted by the alien ship.

'Evasive manoeuvres,Monty!'Jennings ordered,before the alien vessel fired on them.

The fire barrage on them,was intensely powerful,and their ship rocked violently,before the screen suddenly went off.

'Get them back on.'Karen just stopped herself from snapping the order.She was actually glad these two men had turned up.What purpose they had,was unclear,but Karen would find that out.That is,if they survived the continuous laser blasts being directed at them.

They still couldn't contact them,and the viewscreen now showed the stars,with Jennings' ship,violently avoiding the lasers.Karen and the rest of the bridge crew,could only watch helplessly,but all were hoping the ship would survive.

The laser blasts were getting more and more closer to it,but Karen admitted this Jennings flew with great skill.Every blast fired at his ship,he successfully managed to avoid.

Even so,Karen knew it was just a matter of time,before Jennings' luck would run out.She was praying he'd prevail,when suddenly,his ship disappeared.

There was no catastrophic explosion,meaning the alien weapons had found their mark.Instead,the ship simply vanished.

'What happened?'Karen asked,puzzled.'Where did they go?'

'I don't know,captain.'One of the bridge officers responded,just as baffled.'Scanners unable to detect them.'

'Keep searching.I want those men found.'Karen hoped Jennings and his friend were okay.They had appeared to help them,and she wanted to express her gratitude.

For the moment though,she had a missing crew member to find.

'Number one,report in.'She ordered Sarah.

There was no response.Karen tried again,with the same fruitless result.This made Karen more baffled than ever.

'What the hell is going on here?'She muttered to herself,utterly baffled,but still anxious to recover Louise safely,and find out.


Deep down in the alien vessel,Louise sat on the floor,with her back to the wall.She hadn't chosen to sit here.Instead,her humanoid captor had easily carried her down here,and still secured in his tentacles,Louise felt the humanoid had then started to wrap ropes over her.

With her hands and arms effectively trapped,the humanoid quickly tied ropes over her wrists,securing her hands behind her.Louise felt the ropes squeeze into her skin,and she'd cried out in pain,but one of the tentacles still held firm over her mouth,and her cry was totally inaudible.

Very quickly,the humanoid had then secured more ropes over the girl.He wound the coils expertly over his prisoner's shirt,above and below her breasts.There was a smirk on his face as he did so.The humanoid still couldn't resist groping Louise's breasts,and he fully enjoyed doing so.Louise's cries were still inaudible,as she was tied up.

Finally,after winding more ropes over her ankles and knees,the humanoid then produced a strip of white cloth,and removed his tentacle over Louise's mouth,who was just preparing to give the loudest scream of fear she could manage.

Unfortunately,Louise never got the chance,as the humanoid quickly forced the white cloth over Louise's mouth.He tied it tightly,making sure the gag was secure.Then,he laid out the girl on the floor,who stared terror stricken at her captor.

'I shall return for you,my pretty human.'the humanoid was still smirking as he told Louise that.He kept on fondling and squeezing Louise's impressive breasts,much to his pleasure.'Once I have taken your two friends,you will all provide us with what we desire most.'He squeezed the girl's chest more eagerly,and more lustfully.'A female mate.'

Louise screamed and screamed into her gag,as the monster continued to enjoy his prize.He kept up his indecent assault for some time,before he then leaned closer to Louise's face,and instantly,a snake like tongue leapt out of his mouth,stroking the girl's cheeks and her neck.

'There is no escape,my pretty.'The humanoid sneered with relish into Louise's face.'Your two friends have already been captured,and are now being bound and gagged as we speak.They will make excellent sex slaves for us,just as you will,my pretty!'

Louise clenched her eyes tightly,as the monster still groped her.She was full of horror,hearing the humanoid telling her Kelly and Sarah,were now captives too.All she could do,was hope and pray someone would save her friends,and of course,herself,before she was raped by this nightmare creature savouring her.


The laser weapons placed all over the mammoth alien vessel,scanned for their recent target.They would have instantly fired upon it,had it come back into their sights.

For the moment though,this was not possible.Thanks to Jennings' flying skill,he'd managed to avoid all the laser bursts,and actually landed on the huge vessel's hull.

Still sitting beside him,Montgomery breathed a huge sigh of relief.

'That was well done.'He congratulated Jennings,fully meaning it.

'Thanks,Monty.'Jennings nodded back,before he activated some more controls.He was now scanning the alien ship's structure.He did this for a few moments,before he ended the scan.

'Bad news,I'm afraid,Monty.'Jennings' voice was grim.'We can't use any weapons in there.The interior's really weak.Not a good idea to fire a weapon in there.'

'I half expected it.'Montgomery admitted.'What's your plan?'

'First,we check on what this crew looks like.'Jennings was already typing in the details of the ship.His ship held a vast amount of knowledge,and it was able to identify many races in the known galaxy,but it could also identify unknown races,due to the technical layout of their ship.

Jennings didn't have to wait long,before the answer arrived.When he and Montgomery read the information displayed,both of them glanced at each other,very concerned.

The computer had found the identity of the mysterious ship.It was from the Vana system,and both Jennings and Montgomery knew it.This system was strictly no go,as the place was definitely hostile.Both men hadn't forgotten the video footage shown to them earlier,but at least now,they had a chance to do something about it.

'Monty,get in touch with fleet command.'Jennings told him.'Send them our position,and the 'Daring' too.'

'Got it.'Montgomery nodded,and sent the message.After he'd done so,he then watched Jennings activate more controls.

'Scanning alien interior.'Jennings was keenly observing the ship's interior on the screens in front of him.He wanted to know the schematics back to front,and it was a huge construction.

However,Jennings absorbed the information quickly,and Montgomery assisted.Soon,they found the 'Daring' in one of the landing areas,and they marked the airlock entrances too.As luck would have it,Jennings had actually managed to land on one.This meant that they didn't have to do a space walk,and Jennings was glad of that.Those weapons could still be targeted on anything.So both men were relieved they could simply enter the ship.

'Can we breathe okay in there?'Montgomery asked.

'Earth type atmosphere,Monty.'Jennings confirmed.'The gravity's a bit more heavier,so that may slow us up a bit.'

'If we can't take weapons,what do you suggest?'

'We'll take the flash guns.'Jennings answered.'The Vana people like to see better in the dark,so they won't like bright lights.'

'Yeah.Got to admit it's a perfect ambush spot.'Montgomery too,was scanning the interior.Everywhere he looked,it was just utter darkness.'Those girls have walked right into it.They'll need our help.'

'Then let's get moving,shall we?'Jennings was already climbing out of his flight seat,and headed to the ship's armoury.Here,he selected one of the flash guns.It looked like a rifle,but it's purpose wasn't to kill or maim,only to temporarily blind the target.A single discharge from it,was powerful enough to blind the most savage,or cunning enemy.Both men liked this particular weapon.It had helped them many times,when they'd been in a tight spot.They sensed they'd need to use it here.

After selecting several flash bang grenades,both Jennings and Montgomery then equipped themselves with powerful torches.They'd already discussed using these.Both men were well aware,that the Vana would see them if they used them.However,to reassure the girls,they'd both decided to accept that risk.The only advantage they had,would be the gravity.If they were discovered,at least the Vana wouldn't be able to catch them in a sprint.

Even so,Jennings knew they'd better not be cut off.If they were,they'd be in dire straits,as he led the way to their own ship's airlock.

'Keep your eyes peeled,Monty.'Jennings politely warned his friend,although he knew it wasn't needed.Montgomery had extra sharp senses.If he could sense a threat,Montgomery would warn him.

However,his friend nodded,and stood behind him,ready to board the mammoth vessel.

'Ready.'he simply stated.

Jennings then opened the airlock door,and he stepped out carefully into the Vana ship.

No Vana humanoid came out menacingly towards them,but a quick reading from a handheld scanner,told Jennings they were close.He knew it was always better to avoid them,and concentrate on finding the girls.

'Which way?'Montgomery whispered.

Jennings already had worked that out,as he'd seen thermal images of human females,who were obviously bound and gagged.He could see the clear outlines of the ropes,and the gags over each girls mouth.He could also see one of the Vana humanoids,and the creature was obviously taking advantage over one of the bound,gagged girls.His eyes hardened,and Jennings knew they had to get there quickly.They weren't that far off from their present location,and still keeping his eyes open,Jennings then led the way,as quick as he dared.

It didn't take them long to reach that area,but all the time,Jennings and Montgomery kept their senses on full alert.They both knew they were at a disadvantage,but were still confident,as they kept alert for anything suspicious,that would betray any Vana presence.

As yet,they hadn't seen any Vana humanoids,but both men could hear muffled,but terrified female cries,and there was also some very deep,and excited panting heard.This made Jennings' teeth clench,as he still had that image he'd seen earlier,fresh in his mind.Both he and Montgomery knew what the Vana people were like,and they weren't friendly.They were always pursuing females for sexual pleasures,and it was widely known they'd seized many unfortunate female victims,who were never heard off again.Jennings and Montgomery were both determined,not to let this fate happen to these girls.

Jennings stopped at a corner,motioning silently to his friend to stop,before he peered carefully around the corner.His face was a mix of horror and loathing,at what he was seeing.

He noticed the Vana for the first time.They looked powerful and intimidating,and Jennings also noticed the three young women,who were held by the humanoids in their tentacles.

All three girls were tightly tied up and gagged,but it seemed the Vana males were taking no chances.They were all determined,not to let their captives escape.

Jennings saw the girl on the floor,now being groped and fondled by one of the humanoids.He clearly saw the lustful smile on the Vana's face,who was thoroughly enjoying himself.Then,Jennings suddenly noticed part of the Vana's body,suddenly become huge,and he knew he had to act quickly,before the girl was sexually taken.

Kneeling down,Jennings then brought his weapon to bear.He aimed it at the ground,in front of the Vana,and fired.

The shot made the humanoids whirl around to face the source,but it was only for a moment.As soon as Jennings had fired,there was a blinding flash,which made the Vana cover their eyes,and they then instantly released the two girls they were gripping.The Vana attempting to ravish the girl beneath him,did the same,as all of the humanoids cried out in pain,each of them covering their eyes.

Jennings fired again,increasing the blinding effect,and Montgomery did likewise.Both of them wanted to inflict a maximum delay here,so they had more time to escape.

The two men didn't hesitate,as they raced forward to help the bound and gagged women.Jennings went to assist the girl on the floor,whilst Montgomery moved to the other two girls.All three girls stared in utter overwhelming relief at them,although as Jennings moved to the girl he chose to help,he could see she was hysterical, as she was still screaming fearfully into her tight gag.Jennings knew he had to calm her down.

'It's okay,you're safe now.'He whispered in what he hoped was a comforting voice into her ear.'We're getting you out of here.'

Fortunately,it did seem to do the trick,and the girl's inaudible screams,suddenly became frightened sobs,but Jennings placed a hand on her shoulder,and looked directly into the girl's eyes.She stared wildly back at him,still very scared,but after a moment,the girl appeared to calm down.Jennings could see her two fellow shipmates looking at him and Montgomery.There was still relief visible in the womens faces,but there was also anxiety.Clearly,they wanted to get out of here.

'Come on,John,let's go!'Montgomery whispered urgently,as he fired another blast from his weapon,keeping the Vana temporarily blinded.All of the humanoids,were still howling in agony,as they kept their hands over their eyes.

Jennings didn't hesitate,hearing his friend's voice.Quickly,he scooped the still bound and gagged girl into his arms,and placed her over his shoulder.Montgomery did the same with his two girls.There wasn't time to free them from their bonds,but Jennings and Montgomery quickly left the area,and headed back towards their ship,leaving the nightmare scene behind.

Only a few moments later however,the effect of the flash-bang grenades wore off,and all the Vana humanoids recovered their eyesight.

They soon discovered the three bound and gagged human females,were not in their clutches anymore.

'What happened?'One of them demanded,now searching for his three captives.

'Ambush.'One of his colleagues answered tersely.'We have intruders on board.Find them,and eliminate them,but we must re-capture the human females unharmed.Move!'

All of the Vana humanoids instantly raced out in pursuit of their prey,determined to succeed.

More to follow...

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Danger in Space.Chapter Two

Wearily,Jennings scanned the flight console in front of him,checking that everything was working okay.Fortunately,there were no problems,and he kept the shuttle on auto-pilot.

He glanced beside his co-pilot,Montgomery,who was also his best friend.Both had been best friends since childhood,and had swore to remain loyal to each other until death.

Both of them were tall men.Jennings just passed six foot,whilst Montgomery was just over six foot four.They both held incredible strength,and were also highly intelligent.These facts had helped them to join the military.Both had trained to be infantry soldiers,and had excelled at this,but they had something extra in them,and their instructors had immediately noticed this.

As a result,Jennings and Montgomery had been asked to volunteer for the special forces.Both had agreed.This had helped them to serve with distinction,in many battle zones.Wherever they fought,both Jennings and Montgomery had always fought honourably and decently.They did what they could to protect innocent civilians,and they always succeeded.

However,both men knew at times,that they had to be utterly ruthless,when they faced many cruel opponents.It was a price they had to pay for,but neither men would allow unjust suffering,inflicted on innocent non-combatants.If they saw something like this,they'd make the perpetrators pay dearly.

At the moment,both men were flying back to base,having just successfully completed a mission.They'd been ordered to destroy several observation posts,that had been marked in this area.Earlier in their mission briefing,their superiors had told them these posts,had been used to target innocent,defenceless commercial traffic.Jennings and Montgomery had also been shown surveillance footage,of massive,luxurious passenger liners being forcibly boarded,by even more bigger vessels,but as yet,nobody had been able to identify them.They had however,learnt many young female passengers had been taken,and there wasn't any trace of the missing girls.

Both men had recalled asking questions,back at the mission briefing,and Jennings had asked if anything was being done,to find the girls.

'There is.'He was answered.'We're sending out some people to deal with that,but first,we've got to find these ships first.We want you to clear the way ahead for them,so destroy these observation posts,and report back here once you've done so.Understood?'

They both had,and then prepared themselves for the mission,but Jennings was going to find out who those people were.He didn't like leaving them out on their own,especially in deep,unknown territory.He had a word with Montgomery,once they'd left the briefing.

'We'll keep our eyes peeled for them.I think they may need our help out there.'

'Done.'Montgomery agreed.

Although they were heading back to base,both Jennings and Montgomery were indeed,keeping their eyes peeled.They both knew one of their own ships was out here,and were determined to help out if needed.For the moment though,all the radar screens were clear.

Suddenly,something flashed up on the radar,and both men spotted it.

'Contact.'Jennings informed his friend,and he sat up more sharper,as he kept his eyes on the small blip of light on the screen.

'Range?'Montgomery asked.

'Sector 45.'Jennings then checked the distance between them.'That's about an hour away at current speed.'

'Can we see it from here?'

Jennings activated the magnifyer,and almost immediately,the familiar outline of the huge alien vessel came into view.Both men stared intently at it for a few moments,before Jennings then saw something else.

'There's another ship there,Monty.'Jennings told him.'Could be our people.'

'Can you get a closer look,John?'

Jennings made the necessary movements,and sure enough,both men could now clearly see the other ship.It was tiny compared to the other monster vessel,but Jennings and Montgomery clearly recognised it.

'It's the 'Daring.'Jennings noticed.'That's Karen Thomas' command.'

'Yeah,'Montgomery nodded.'It's the only ship in the fleet,to have an all female crew.'He glanced over at his friend,who glanced back.It was a look they fully understood.Instantly,Jennings accelerated the ship to maximum speed.


The 'Daring' had made a couple of circuits around the massive alien vessel,but there was still no sign of life from it.

Still sitting in her command chair,Karen was still observing the vessel.There was still no response to their hails,and this was now making Karen slightly concerned.

She turned to her first officer.Sarah was also watching the viewscreen,checking for any signs of life from it.

'You still have a bad feeling,number one?'Karen asked her.

'Definitely,captain.'Sarah nodded,as she then turned back to Kelly.

'Have fleet command sent any back up?'

'No update as yet,ma'am.'Kelly reported,as she made another attempt to communicate,but only static greeted her.She almost yanked the headset off she was wearing due to this,but didn't.Kelly actually recognised something there too,and grimly reported it.

'We're being jammed,ma'am.I can't get a signal out.'

Everybody on the bridge heard it,and became a little more nervous.Quite clearly,this was a hostile act,and Sarah then headed over to Louise,still scanning the radar screen intently.

'Any other ships in sight,Louise?'

'I'm picking up another contact,ma'am.'Louise had already seen another ship's radar image on the screen.'They are approaching our position.'


'Too far off at the moment,ma'am.'Louise kept examining the screen though,hoping she would be able to see the approaching ship.

With that done,Sarah moved back to stand next to Karen,who was still waiting to hear of the alien ship's entrances.Within a few moments,these had been spotted,as all the girls noticed a landing bay.

'Take us in,helm.'Karen ordered.

The helm officers did so,and with great skill,landed the 'Daring' inside the huge ship's landing bay.

Karen then turned to Sarah.'Right,get a team ready please,number one.Let's see what out there.'

Sarah still had major concern over Karen's decision,but she obeyed her captain.

'Okay.'Sarah then looked over at the people she would select.'Kelly and Louise,you're with me.Head to the armoury,and meet me at airlock 2.'

Both Kelly and Louise nodded,and they instantly left their seats to obey.

'Atmosphere?'Karen then asked.

Sarah moved over to one of the bridge consoles,that would give her the answer.

'Breathable Earth atmosphere,although the gravity conditions are somewhat heavier.'Sarah reported.

'Good enough.'Karen nodded.'Remember,be careful.Any sign of trouble,get out of there.'

'You don't have to tell me,captain,but don't worry.We will.'

Then,Sarah followed Kelly and Louise out of the bridge.Karen hoped they wouldn't run into any trouble.However,she was beginning to feel more than uneasy,as Karen did sense there was something nasty here,but for the moment,it hadn't revealed itself.She tensed,as she sat waiting in her chair.


Sarah had immediately made her way to the armoury,and was pleased to see Kelly and Louise there.They'd already chosen their weapons,and were now checking their kit.It didn't take them long,and neither did Sarah,once she sorted her own gear out.

With her team prepared,Sarah then moved to one of the consoles,which was actually a communications link,and she asked to speak to the captain.

'Go ahead,number one.'Karen responded immediately.

'Can you give us an interior scan,captain?'Sarah asked.She always did this,before entering anything unknown.

The response was instant,as Sarah then watched images,from the inside of the alien vessel became visible to her.She felt Kelly and Louise move up to her either side,also looking keenly at the screens.

The first thing the girls noticed,was the sheer size of the passageways.They were enormous.It made them all think intensely,on what sort of crew were operating the ship.

Another thing they noticed,was the lack of light.Everything was in near darkness,so Sarah made sure they all had powerful,portable lights.Once satisfied at that,Sarah decided to get on with it.

'Let's go then,ladies.'Sarah ordered them,as she led the way to one of the 'Daring's' airlocks.Sarah made sure she would exit the ship first.If anything happened to her,at least Kelly and Louise would have a better chance to escape.

Finally,Sarah took a deep breath,and then she moved forward into the airlock.Kelly and Louise followed.Sarah then made sure the door to the 'Daring' was secure,before with a hiss,she opened the outer door.

It was dark,but Sarah's portable light showed more than enough.The landing bay they'd just entered,was really vast.The 'Daring' was tiny in comparison,but that didn't interest Sarah.Instead,she swung her light around,checking for anything suspicious.There wasn't any,so she glanced behind her to see if Kelly and Louise had joined her.They had indeed,exited the ship,and were also swinging their own lights around.

'Can't believe anything could be this big.'Kelly commented.

'Yeah.'Louise responded,watching all around her,and she sounded nervous.'Wonder what they're really like?'

'Keep your eyes open,ladies.'Sarah ordered,clearly hearing Louise's scared voice.'We still have a mission to complete.'

She then held out one of her hand held scanners.This instrument was capable of detecting life signs,and Sarah activated it,waving it carefully around her.

After doing so for a few moments,Sarah checked the readings,as Karen's voice came in.

'Number one,we've detected life signs,but are unable to pinpoint the precise location.'

'Understood,captain.'Sarah acknowledged.'I'm picking up the same readings.I think we're being jammed.'

'I agree.'Karen answered.'Watch yourselves,and be careful.'

Sarah acknowledged that too.

Sarah then moved away from the 'Daring',and began to move deeper into the alien's ship passageways.Kelly and Louise followed right behind her.As they advanced,all three girls became aware of the gravity effecting them.Thy could still walk moreorless normally,but Sarah knew running was out of the question.This was bad news.Sarah knew that.As they moved deeper into the ship,all three girls were sincerely hoping,that there was nothing nasty waiting for them.

Sarah,Kelly and Louise continued to explore the ship.All three girls constantly checked their equipment,scanning all around them,but as yet,there was still nothing in sight.

Finally,they reached what was clearly some kind of command centre.Like everything else they'd seen,the place was vast.It got them all thinking again,as they wondered what kind of race operated this ship.

The technology they saw was utterly baffling to them.All three girls examined the strange consoles,and took readings on them from their scanners.

'Never seen technology like this before.'Kelly peered closer at the strange looking consoles.

'Agreed.'Sarah nodded.'Looks highly advanced.Possibly better than ours.'

Sarah then made contact with Karen,back on the 'Daring.'

'We're in the bridge section,captain.'Sarah reported an update.'Still no sign of any life,but we are picking up life signs here.'

'Keep checking on that,number one.'Sarah heard Karen's reply,before she then told her.'I'm coming on board to meet you.I want to have a look myself.'

Sarah wanted to protest at that,but knew she'd be wasting her breath,so instead,she acknowledged her captain's wish.

They began to spread around the room,still slowly examining the alien technology,and still unaware,that they were being sharply observed by the still,lustful eager eyes.

Louise was directing her attention on one of the consoles,when she heard something.Instantly,she straightened up,and peered into the direction she'd heard it.The sound had been faint,but Louise had definitely heard it.It was the sound of something moving.

Shining her portable light at the source,Louise peered more closer.She still couldn't see anything,and she glanced back at Sarah and Kelly,who hadn't noticed her moving slightly away from them.

'I heard something.'Louise called over to them,and much to her relief,both girls came over to her.

'What did you hear,Louise?'Sarah asked.

'I'm not too sure.'Louise admitted that.'But I definitely heard something moving.'

'Stand back.'Sarah ordered,holding her own light on the same area.Louise was glad to obey and did so.

Sarah also held out her own portable scanner,checking for any thermal images,but saw nothing.

'Well,whatever it was,it's gone now.'Sarah finally said,glancing curiously at Louise.'Are you sure you heard something?'

'I didn't imagine it!'Louise almost shouted it out,but just managed not too.'There's something here with us.I know it.'

This made her face Sarah,and both her crewmates could see Louise wasn't joking.

'Let's get out of here.'

Sarah clearly heard the insistence in Louise's tone of voice,but wasn't having any of it.So far,she hadn't detected any threats.Of course if she had,Sarah would have given Louise her wish,but for the moment,she saw no need.

However,she did recognise the fear in Louise's voice,so decided to give her a break.

'Report back to the ship,Miss Willis.'She noticed Louise's face fall into utter relief,once she'd heard that.

'Yes,ma'am.Thank you,ma'am.'Louise responded gratefully,before moving out of the bridge area.

Kelly watched Louise leave with concern.

'You sure she'll be okay on her own,ma'am?'

'The captain's coming,so she'll meet up with Louise soon.'Sarah reassured,but decided also to inform Karen of this.She did so,and Karen acknowledged her message.

It was only then,that they heard Louise give out a scream of utter terror,before there was silence.

Kelly and Sarah didn't waste a second,as they raced out of the bridge.However,due to the slightly heavier gravity here,both girls found running impossible.At the very most,they could only reach a quick walking pace.This however,didn't stop them,as they were anxious to reach Louise.


Louise made her way back to the 'Daring' and she felt very glad to do so.This alien ship was giving her the creeps,and she couldn't wait to reach the safety of her ship.

Her progress was slow,although not too slow.As she walked on,Louise still kept her eyes open.She knew she hadn't imagined that sound.There was definitely something here on board,and she felt being watched.Louise could feel that.

As she continued through the ship's passageways,Louise suddenly heard the faint,but familiar rustling sound,and she suddenly froze.Her eyes were huge,as she tried to see what it was,and her heartbeat increased rapidly.

As she stood frozen to the spot,a large shadow moved up silently behind her.Then,a large green spotted tentacle shot out,and wrapped itself tightly around Louise's waist.At first,she was startled,but once she realised what was happening,Louise screamed the loudest she'd ever done,but it was only for a moment,as the tentacle then closed over her mouth.Her terror-stricken scream lasted only for a moment,before she was firmly silenced.Her eyes were still bulging,as her unseen captor yanked her back.

Louise found she couldn't budge a muscle,as she felt the tentacle wrap itself more around her upper body.The tentacle still held fast over her mouth,even though she was still desperately tying to scream her head off,but to no avail.

It was then that Louise saw what had seized her.A humanoid shape slowly moved towards her.More precisely,slithered towards her.Her eyes were still full of fear,as the humanoid shape revealed itself to her.

It almost looked like a human being.There was a head,torso and two arms,but Louise could clearly see the differences.The forehead was ridged,but it was the massive tentacles that held her terrified gaze.In fact,there were four of them,and they were all aiming at Louise.

She clearly noticed two more things that increased her fears dramatically.The humanoid creature had its gaze fixed on their prize,and there was a smile on the face.It wasn't a pleasant one,and it frightened Louise,but what really terrified her,was that she could see their male genitals.It was a very big one,and Louise in horror,clearly recognised the sexual movement in the genital.Quite clearly,whatever these creatures were,they were sexually turned on by her.

Helpless in her captor's grasp,Louise then felt her breasts being squeezed roughly by it.She tried to scream,but the tentacle over her mouth remained,and was proving a highly effective gag.She couldn't even struggle,as her upper body was almost covered in more tentacles.If she moved,it was only of her captor's choosing.

With her breasts still being roughly groped,Louise watched in utter fear,as the humanoid creature facing her,moved forward to her.When it reached her,the humanoid also used his hands on her breasts.He squeezed both of them hard,fully enjoying the human girl's inaudible shrieks.

He and his colleague did this on Louise for some time,relishing the power they had over their prisoner,who was totally unable to resist.It was then,that the humanoid facing her,seized her chin,and looked menacingly into Louise's wide eyes.

It was then,that she heard a voice inside her head.

'Do not bother to struggle,pretty Earth female.You cannot escape.'

Stunned,Louise suddenly realised these humanoids had the power of telepathy.She was unable to respond in her own thoughts though,as she was still roughly being fondled by her captor.Her fear was dominating her,and her captors knew it.

'You are going to prove a most useful asset to us.'The first humanoid still communicated telepathically to her.'We seek only young,and females in their prime to serve us.I'm sure you already know,what purpose this is.'

As if to confirm Louise's utter dread,she felt herself being pressed from behind.The humanoid holding her,still hadn't stopped fondling her chest,but he was smirking as he did so.His tentacles kept Louise tightly bound to him,and he couldn't wait to ravish her.

'Your friends will soon be joining you,my dear.'The humanoid still gripped Louise's chin.'In fact,all of your friends aboard your ship,will soon become our prisoners,and of course,our breeding slaves.'

The humanoid's sneering smile filled Louise with more fear.She was in the clutches of sex starved monsters.Who could help her? She clung to the hope,that her friends would find and rescue her,but these hopes in her were cruelly dashed,when she heard the humanoid's voice in her head again,as she saw the humanoid look up at his colleague.

'Capture the other two human females.Secure and silence this one tightly,and bring her to me.Inform the others to prepare to seize the other human females.'

Then,the humanoid released her chin,but Louise,with her feet still dangling from the floor,was then taken away.She could still offer no resistance,but only show her terror at her predicament.Being secured and silenced meant only one thing to her.They were going to have her bound and gagged.She had actually been tied up and gagged by the bad guys before.Many of her pretty shipmates had.The 'Daring' crew was well known for it's all female crew,and it had been targeted many times.Space pirates wanted to seize all the girls,so they could sell them as slaves.Other parties had taken the girls captive,so they could learn their military secrets,but Louise had never been kidnapped,by a four tentacled humanoid before,so she could be used as a sex slave.

As if sensing her frightened thoughts,the humanoid holding her,laughed,as he continued to squeeze his prisoner's breasts,and took Louise deeper into captivity.

Chapter Three to follow...

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Danger in Space.

The small,but incredibly fast spacecraft,the 'Daring',sped through the deep void.The stars raced by,as the ship made it's regular patrol route.

In command of the 'Daring',was a young woman,known as Karen Thomas.For a commander,Karen was young,but she had the brains to prove it,and had done so.

Commanding the 'Daring',was an honour for Karen,and was something she'd always wanted.It had been a long,and difficult path,and many people had been sceptical,but this only made her more determined than ever.She had heard opinions of how pretty she was,and this was the primary reason she'd succeeded.

However,whilst Karen had always accepted she was pretty,she in turn,had a very poor opinion of her doubters.Gaining a command in a ship,you had to prove yourself in many things.The ability to stay calm under constant pressure,be reassuring to your crew,yet at the same time,let the crew know you were in command.

Karen had done so many training scenarios in this.She knew all her training officers,had made the possible scenarios as realistic as possible.They had certainly succeeded,and Karen had passed with flying colours on all of them.If any idiot accused her of not putting the required effort in,she would certainly prove them wrong.She did admit to herself,that she liked the comments that she was pretty.Karen had dark,curly hair,that fell onto her shoulders.Her figure was impressive too.Many men had fancied their chances with her,but Karen always politely refused.Not that she didn't appreciate being asked out,but as yet,the right man hadn't caught her eye.

In fact,the whole of the 'Daring's' crew was female.A small one,but nonetheless,all were women,and like their commander,each girl was stunningly attractive.Karen knew that,but it was of course,their ability to serve efficiently.She had personally chosen her officers.One of the privileges of her rank.

Karen was at present,sitting in the command centre of the 'Daring' She was watching the stars race by on the viewscreen.She had ordered a high state of alert on her crew,as her current mission orders were extremely dangerous.Karen had been ordered to take the 'Daring' into a little known region of space,and scan for anything suspicious.

Back at the spaceport orbiting the Earth,Karen and her entire crew had watched a grim video,of strange but huge colossal ships intercepting other space traffic,notably passenger liners.They all heard the frantic distress calls,given out by each targeted ship,but then all contact was lost.

Of course,each ship had been found undamaged,but when boarded by her people,Karen knew a sinister fact was repeating itself.A lot of women had disappeared from the chosen ships,and not a trace of them had been found.All inquiries to the survivors,left them at a loss.Nobody knew what had happened to these women.The intelligence had revealed all the girls who'd disappeared,were very much like her own crew.All had been young and ranged from being very pretty,to an absolute stunner.

These were now Karen's orders.She was to find one of these alien ships,and investigate all these disappearances,and hopefully,recover all the missing women.It was a mission,in which Karen and all her crew had accepted,and were all determined to succeed.

Standing beside Karen,was her first officer.This was Major Sarah Williams.Sarah was a damn good officer,and Karen was glad to have her on board.She knew Sarah had much more experience than herself,but was always glad to assist her.

Like Karen,Sarah was exceptionally attractive too,but she had little time for men asking her out.It was her career that Sarah was interested in.She had a somewhat ruthless streak inside her,and Karen knew,that not everybody in her crew was fond of her.Even so,it was still good to have her on board.

So far,there had been no alerts as the 'Daring' continued it's journey,but Karen knew from examining their flight path,that they weren't far off from their target area.Karen was ready to call for action stations any minute,as they approached the dangerous area.

For the moment though,everything was running smoothly,and there were no alarm calls.This didn't stop Sarah from making frequent checks,from all of the bridge crew though.Fortunately,all the girls on duty here,were ready for her,giving her constant updates.

Karen glanced around at the bridge crew present,and she then turned her attention to the radar operator,known as Lieutenant Louise Willis.The girl was keeping a steady gaze on the radar screen in front of her,not missing any detail.

Karen decided to have a look for herself.It wasn't that she didn't trust Louise doing her job,but she wanted something to do.

She rose up from her seat and approached Louise,who was so intent on doing her job,that she didn't feel her captain nearby,until Karen spoke to her.

'Anything,Louise?'Karen asked her.

She noticed Louise jump slightly as she asked that,and she stood up to face Karen.Her captain held a slight smile,as she waited for Louise to respond.

'Sorry,captain.'Louise returned her own smile.'Radar is clear at present.No hostile or suspicious vessel in sight.'

'Thank you,Louise.'Karen nodded,admiring the girl's figure.Like all the crew,Louise was dressed in a white shirt,with a knee length black skirt and high heels.Her rank was displayed on one of her large,square shaped,breast pockets.Karen knew Louise was much sought after,from many hopeful men.Louise was well liked,being very feminine and bubbly.Her looks were impressive as well.Louise had shoulder length,raven black hair,that had made many men drool and gape in awe at her.Karen had seen it,but she knew Louise was dedicated to any task given to her,and she would always do her best to accomplish it.

Karen then peered into the radar screen,studying it intently.As Louise had correctly informed,there wasn't anything suspicious in sight,but Karen made sure she kept aware of her ship's position.If they needed help,she was going to make damn sure where they were,so she could give precise co-ordinates to anybody who could assist.

At the moment though,Karen could see no system.It was just empty space,so she then removed her gaze from the screen,and nodded at Louise to resume her watch.

As she sat back down in her chair,Karen then turned to Sarah.

'Send a message back to fleet command,number one.'Karen ordered politely.'Tell them we are nearing the assigned area.'

'Aye,sir.'Sarah responded respectfully,and she then turned to the communications officer,Kelly Scott.Kelly was also very pretty.She was one of the most liked girls in the entire crew,and was also a highly praised member of it too.Kelly could understand a lot of alien languages,and she could also decipher many unknown ones too.This helped Karen a lot,and she was deeply grateful to Kelly.Not just for her skill either.Kelly had a wonderful sense of humour,and was really bubbly.She helped to keep the crew's morale high.

At the moment,Sarah was telling Kelly the message,who in turn,nodded,and she promptly began to send the signal to fleet command.Kelly was wearing her usual pair of headphones,as she listened intently for any radio signals.This might help them locate their targets.Karen gave her frequent glances over,but Kelly simply shook her head,indicating there was nothing new.

The 'Daring' continued on through the void,until finally,Karen's helm officers reported they'd entered the target region.Karen felt tense as this was reported to her.She didn't have a moments doubt,that all of her crew were feeling the same.

For several hours,Karen issued orders,that took the 'Daring' on several routes throught this area.There was still nothing to be seen.

It went on like this,and Karen was wondering if they'd find anything out here,when suddenly,Louise called out.

'Captain,ship sighted.'

'Position?'Karen asked.

'Sector 45,Captain.'Louise responded promptly.


The main viewscreen changed instantly from the normal drifting stars,to show a ship that appeared stationary.Everybody on the bridge could see the ship was vast,as it filled the whole viewscreen,but all the girls recognised the ship's design,from the videos they'd watched back at base.

'Shall we go to battle stations,captain?'Sarah wanted to know.

Karen was tempted too,but after a moments thought,decided against it.

'Not yet,Sarah.'Karen wanted to see if they could contact these people,whoever they were.She then turned back to Kelly.

'Send this over,please,Kelly.This is the Earth ship,'Daring',calling unidentified vessel.Are you in need of assistance?Send that over,will you?'

'Aye,sir.'Kelly nodded,and instantly sent the message over.After a few moment's listening,she turned back to Karen,shaking her head.

'No response.'

Instantly,Sarah didn't like hearing that.

'I still strongly recommend going to battle stations,captain.'Sarah insisted strongly.

'When that is called for,I will order it.'Karen responded firmly.'At the moment,we can't see any threat from them,so we must try to speak to them.'

Sarah still didn't like it,but could tell Karen's mind was made up.So,she offered a comprimise.

'At least,let's send a signal back to fleet command,asking for back up.'

This made Karen look curiously at her first officer,but she agreed with her.It was common sense,so she gave Kelly the order,who nodded that the message had been sent.

'Still no response from them,Kelly?'Karen then asked her.

'Nothing,captain.'Kelly still kept on listening though.

Karen then turned her attention back to the alien vessel.She was still staggered by its dimensions,but then made a decision.

'Scan for any landing bays or airlock ports.We're going in.'


On board the alien vessel,large and sinister forms watched the 'Daring' approach their ship with eager eyes.

'Are the crew suitable?'One of the large forms asked.

'All beings are of young female stock,human spieces.'The reply came back.

'Excellent.'The first form still hadn't removed his eyes from the 'Daring',as he watched it approach one of their airlock ports.'Prepare to seize and capture all human females!'

Will add more later,hope you enjoy this humble offering...:)