Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Sanna Menace: An alternative ending.

I messed around a lot with this story,having dreamed it up when I was still at my hated school days.

This was a version I dreamed up,when the bad guys find the location of the good guys base.

There are of course,a couple of new characters I put in,but my favourites are still there.

However,it's a battle scene,where the bad guys are determined to bump off the good guys.

However,as you'll see,not all do.I hope you all enjoy it.


Grim faced,Cartwright rubbed the tiredness from his eyes,knowing it had been a long watch,as he did his sentry duty.

Despite his weariness,Cartwright still kept alert,as he kept his eyes fixed through the pair of binoculars he was looking through.

So far,he didn't see anything,as he knew he'd see any approaching enemy from a mile off.Cartwright hoped he wouldn't see any hostile Sanna,or the likes of O'Rourke and Harris.He knew his friends were exhausted,having just completed a hard mission.If the enemy were en route,they'd all be in serious trouble.

True,he knew the base's defences would inflict their own serious damage on their enemies,but Cartwright sensed the enemy would bring everything they had to finish them off.They'd already inflicted catastrophic losses on the occupying Sanna,and had also made their human collaborators pay dearly too.

Cartwright kept praying he and his friends would survive,but somehow,an ever increasing doubt in his thoughts,made him think otherwise.He also knew the likes of O'Rourke and Harris,would want revenge.

However,he still kept his mind sharp,also keeping a careful eye on his assigned target sector,ready to call in the alert at any moment.

It was just then,that Cartwright did see something approach his position.He used the zoom control on his binoculars.What he saw made his teeth clench.

A column of smoke was just visible on the horizon,but Cartwright knew from long experience,that these were telltale vehicles.

Instantly,Cartwright grabbed his radio,and raised the alarm to his friends back in the base.Then,he prepared his weapon for firing.


Back in the base,the alarms were indeed raised.The whole place was vibrating with them.

No sooner had they started,everybody in the base sprang into action.

Jennings and Montgomery were the first to see what was going on,and after establishing contact with Cartwright,who then showed them why.Both men hardened their faces,seeing the rapidly closing enemy.

Finlay and Paula Ann joined them a few moments later.They looked worried,once they saw the oncoming threat.

'Everybody to your battle station,'Finlay grimly ordered.'Stand by to repel enemy assault.'

Jennings and Montgomery instantly hurried out,as did Paula Ann.Finlay however,had other things to attend too.

He quickly got on the radio to Cartwright,asking him for the enemy strength.The man's answer was grim.

'A lot,Finlay.Looks like O'Rourke's managed to bring in extra reinforcements.'

'Keep them there as long as you can,'Finlay responded back.'We've got to set the self-destruct,and get the girls out.Every second counts.'

'You got it.Me and Hunt will hold them here.'

Whilst Finlay was pleased to hear that,he was grimly aware that O'Rourke would make certain,that he'd have this whole area surrounded.Finlay knew they could quite easily escape the base,but it was a matter of chance,if they could avoid detection.

Even so,Finlay wasn't going to surrender to O'Rourke.None of his people would,preferring to fight to the death,or to save the last round for themselves.

Grimly,he hurried out to his own battle station,where Paula Ann was waiting for him.

Not far from him,Jennings and Montgomery were also running.They were going to their own battle station as ordered,but first,they had something more important to do first.

Both of them continued to run along the base's corridors,until they reached their objective.

Louise and Lucy were waiting for them in their own rooms.Just like their male friends,both girl's faces were worried,but they were also displaying fear.

Jennings spoke first:'Pack your kit.We're getting you out of here.'

The girls noticed he spoke calmly to them,but they clearly identified the quiet urgency in his voice.They didn't need to be reminded,as they promptly obeyed.

Within a minute,both Louise and Lucy had done so,and slung their bags over their shoulders,and also prepared their weapons,a .45 handgun,with plenty of spare ammunition clips,with grenades added.

As soon as the girls had done so,Jennings grabbed Louise's hand,and Montgomery did the same with Lucy,as the men raced with them,towards one of the hidden exits.


Full of confidence,O'Rourke eagerly watched their approach to the target.He was so looking forward to this.At last,he could finally finish off Finlay and his unit.They'd caused him so much damage to his own war effort,whilst making sure he could not retaliate.

Now,things were in his favour.By a stroke of good fortune,he'd managed to locate Finlay's base,and he was going to take it,no matter the cost.

Harris wasn't with him.Not that he was bothered,but she was here.O'Rourke had sent her with her own force.They were advancing on the enemy in a different direction,as he also made sure of two other groups.They had Finlay and his people completely surrounded,and they had no chance of escape.

Privately of course,O'Rourke knew of the two pretty,young women in the base.Jennings' sister:Louise,and the Chinese girl,Lucy.He sincerely hoped he could get his hands on them,and had given his people strict instructions,to seize these two girls alive.

He was praying he could have that wish granted,fully remembering how Finlay and his people,had freed all those girls he'd held captive.He badly needed to ravish,some more beautiful female company.Those two girls he knew were here,would suit his needs perfectly.He'd been impressed by their looks.Both Louise and Lucy were really pretty,and he couldn't wait to have them bound and gagged,and under his power.

For the moment though,O'Rourke had to concentrate on the assault.He checked a reading in his own personal vehicle.The screen he examined,now showed him his force had the enemy base surrounded.Now,he could begin the assault.

He then turned to the huge,powerful figure of Shannon,and demanded radio contact with Harris.Shannon made no objections,as he did as ordered.He was sincerely hoping he'd get to face Jennings,or better yet,Montgomery.He'd heard so much about how good they were,and was eager to see if this was true.

The radio contact with Harris was immediate,as O'Rourke demanded an update from her.

'In position.'Harris curtly replied,before ending the transmission.

Harris was indeed,in position.She had carefully led her own group up to the base's perimeter,carefully watching out for the defences.So far,they hadn't seen anything,but Harris wasn't fooled.She knew they were there.At the back of her mind,it was occurring to her,that she may lose quite a few of her own force,but this didn't bother her one bit.Like O'Rourke,she wanted to strike back at Finlay.More precisely,Jennings.

She remembered O'Rourke's orders to capture those two girls alive and unharmed,and was determined to do so,knowing full well one of the girls was her nemesis' sister.

Carefully,they approached a boulder of fallen rocks,and stayed behind them.Harris knew they'd reached the outer defensive perimeter.What the defences were,she and her people had no idea,but she was going to find out.

She carefully peered out,examining the ground,but saw no sign of any hidden weapons.So she silently signalled four of her men,and all four instantly moved forward,now carefully advancing across the ground.

Each of the four held their weapons ready,and were fully confident of dealing with any threat.Harris and the rest of the men with her,tensed,watching their armed comrades continue to advance.

The leading man had scanned every inch of ground,and hadn't found anything suspicious,so after a few more cautious steps,he appeared satisfied that this area wasn't booby trapped.So,he turned to wave the all clear to Harris,so she could move forward too.

He was wrong.

Just as he turned,his foot hit a hidden branch,causing a sudden sound.Before he and the rest of his group could react,several objects were thrown up into the air.Next moment,they exploded,raining deadly shrapnel right into Harris' four men.

They all screamed in agony,as the lethal projectiles slammed into their bodies,but it was only for a moment.The next moment,there were four shattered corpses.

Harris had just managed to throw herself back into cover,avoiding the lethal blast.She cursed,knowing this was a bad start.

It was then,that they all heard more sudden explosions,followed by ear piercing screams.Quite evidently,Harris knew they'd triggered more of the base's defences.This was quickly followed by weapons fire.

The battle had begun.


Cartwright carefully peered through his sniper scope,as he watched the enemy vehicles draw closer.He knew they weren't far off the first perimeter defence.So far though,the enemy showed no sign of stopping through it.Every vehicle was going for hell for leather,and Cartwright knew they were just asking for it.

It didn't take long to happen.He watched the vehicles continue,before suddenly,there were three massive explosions,which lifted three of the enemy vehicles into the air.Agonised screams followed.

This caused the rest of the motorised column to immediately stop,and Cartwright watched O'Rourke's thugs exit their vehicles.They fired their weapons in all directions,but Cartwright wasn't hit.

Instead,he began to select his targets,and he then began to inflict more fatalities.Every time Cartwright fired,it was only a single shot needed.

He caused so much damage,that he was pleased to see the enemy finally dive back into cover.Good,he thought,every second the enemy hesitated,it was priceless time gained for his friends.

Cartwright continued to scan for more targets,still peering through his scope,when suddenly,he noticed Sanna attack craft overhead.


Cartwright cursed again,knowing he had to be very careful here.If he fired any more,his shot would be picked up by the Sanna,and he'd be dead meat.

For the moment,he decided to hold his fire and observe the enemy.He was pleased to see none of O'Rourke's men were moving,as they kept under cover.He could have easily picked off more of them,but knew that would be inadvisable.

He then decided to make radio contact with Hunt,and got through to her immediately.

'What's your status,Hunt?'Cartwright asked her.

'Just eliminated one of their squads.'Hunt answered.'The rest of them are holding off.'

'We don't have much time left,'Cartwright knew that.'You'd better pull out,and make sure the girls are okay.'

'Harris will be here.'Cartwright clearly heard the malicious venom in Hunt's tone,and he didn't blame her.'I'm going to nail that murderous bitch.'

'You will,'he assured his friend,'but right now,you've a promise to keep,and that's to make sure you'll protect Louise and Lucy.We promised Jennings that.'

At first,he didn't hear Hunt respond,but she acknowledged him.

'Okay,but we still have to deal with that Sanna ship first.Any ideas?'

Before Cartwright could respond,he suddenly saw the Sanna craft suddenly turn,and head into his hiding position.It's armament already blazing.He never stood a chance,as the lasers disintegrated his position,as well as Cartwright himself.

Watching Cartwright's demise from her own camouflaged position,Hunt cursed.She now saw O'Rourke's men come out of hiding,and resume their advance.Hunt's expression hardened.She could see so many,and despite the base's hidden defences taking a heavy toll of the attackers,Hunt knew it was just a matter of time,before O'Rourke's men finally managed to get into the base.

Carefully keeping an eye on the lurking Sanna craft overhead,Hunt slowly began to extract herself from her own position.This was going to be risky,as she didn't know how they'd pinned Cartwright's position.She just had to be ready,in case the worst happened.

Unfortunately,it did.Just as before,the Sanna craft suddenly turned sharply,and began to home in on her,Hunt flattened herself on the ground,desperately trying to conceal herself.

She then heard the Sanna ship began to fire its weapons again,and Hunt grimly realised it was too late for her.She tensed for death.

Suddenly,there was more weapons fire,a much more louder report.Hunt risked a peek up,and saw the Sanna ship being hit by deadly anti-aircraft rounds.

Whoever was firing the weapon,was aiming well.The Sanna craft was now on fire,and its pilot abandoned his attack run on Hunt.The ship pulled away,but it was still being hit,before finally exploding into a fireball a moment later.

Hunt didn't waste a second.She managed to withdraw unseen,and headed towards the arranged rendezvous.


With grim satisfaction,Jennings watched the destruction of the Sanna ship.He'd just gotten to it in time,knowing it had Hunt in its weapon sights.He had been too late to help Cartwright,as he'd made sure Louise and Lucy had escaped the base,before he went back to join the battle.

He could see Hunt make it out of the perimeter,and she was now making her way towards Louise and Lucy's hiding place.Jennings had made them promise him,that they would stay there,until Hunt joined them.Both his sister and Lucy had,but Jennings knew that Louise and Lucy,wouldn't just stand by and do nothing.They were part of the military too.He just had to hope they kept their heads down.

Quickly,Jennings jumped down from the mounted weapon,and hurried back inside the base.Just in time too,as the anti-aircraft weapon was suddenly destroyed by a bazooka.The blast nearly sent Jennings tumbling,but he kept his balance,and hurried to rejoin Montgomery.

He did so,and then lay next to his friend,who was holding a heavy machine gun.Jennings prepared his own weapon,a deadly AK-47.He knew he could do some serious damage with this weapon,and had done so many times.

Grimly,both men waited for the enemy to come.


With a satisfied sneer,O'Rourke watched the Sanna attack craft successfully take out one of the enemy.The sneer however,was wiped from his face,when he saw it under heavy enemy fire from the base.Seconds later,it blew up,taking away his ariel assault weapon.Now,O'Rourke realised it had to be all done by infantry.

He could still see his men taking heavy casualties,as the base's defences ripped into them,but finally,they managed to get inside.

O'Rourke of course,had no such intention of following.He would wait until the all clear was given.He could now hear more weapons fire,coming from inside the base.

He grabbed his own radio link,and sharply reminded his men of what he really wanted.

'Remember,I want those two women captured,and unharmed.Anybody who refuses that,they'll answer to me.'

O'Rourke then watched Shannon and Taylor beginning to exit the vehicle.They had ignored O'Rourke,as they wanted to see if they could find Jennings and Montgomery.

'Hey!'O'Rourke called after them sharply,not pleased to see them disregard him.'Did you hear what I said? I want those women alive and unharmed!'

'If possible.'Shannon called back,before he disappeared with Taylor.Both men then ran into the base.

O'Rourke was at least pleased,to hear his orders being acknowledged by his own men.So,he settled back,waiting for the inevitable outcome.


Watching O'Rourke,Harris was infuriated.The lazy bastard wasn't going to join the fight.Then again of course,it didn't surprise her.

Harris could see though,masses of O'Rourke's men storming into the base,but quite a few of them,were ending up as corpses.

'Stupid fools.'Harris shook her head in disgust saying that.'Will they never learn?'

The slaughter was continuing.Harris had to admit Finlay and his people were excellent shots.She knew it would be suicide to follow O'Rourke's men in.They needed a bit of good luck in their favour here,but so far,that wasn't happening.All she could do,was to stay under cover and wait.

Suddenly,she got it.Whilst scanning through her own binoculars,Harris spotted two familiar female figures,and she smiled with ominous intent.

It was indeed,Jennings' younger sister,Louise,and the young Chinese woman,Lucy.Both girls were hiding,and it appeared they had no protection.

Harris immediately signalled for her surviving men,to close in on the girls.They did so,whilst Harris remained where she was.She would keep her eyes open for any nasty surprises.


Inside the base,there was a nasty firefight raging.O'Rourke's men just couldn't make any headway,as their bodies kept piling up.Finlay's people were fighting fiercely,and were not going to give in.

The first line of defence,was held by Burns and Foster.Both men killed many of O'Rourke's thugs,but gradually,they ran out of ammunition.

However,this didn't stop them resisting.Instead,they both sprang up,taking on their opponents hand to hand.

Again,they eliminated more of the enemy,but tragically,one of O'Rourke's men hiding close by,threw a grenade at them.The resulting blast was effective,as both Burns and Foster were taken out by it.O'Rourke's men pressed on.

Waiting for them next,were MacDonald and Finch.This time,the defenders didn't use their firearms on the attackers.Instead,they threw grenade after grenade onto them,before firing their weapons.

The results were devastating,as bodies and parts of bodies were blown apart.So much so,that some of O'Rourke's thugs panicked,and ran for their lives.

MacDonald and Finch didn't mess around,as they then took the fight to the enemy.Both men were highly effective fighters,and easily outsmarted and outfought O'Rourke's thugs.

This was still going on,when suddenly,there was a massive explosion nearby,blinding everything.


Still hiding,Louise and Lucy could only watch helplessly,as the enemy continued to storm into their base.They could see from the sheer numbers of O'Rourke's troops,that it was only a matter of time before the enemy seized control.Indeed,the weapons fire had considerably lessened now,and all they could do now,was to pray some of their friends would escape.

Suddenly,both girls jumped,seeing a massive sheet of flame coming out from the base.Screams of agony followed,as they then witnessed some of O'Rourke's men running out of their base.Their bodies were on fire,as they desperately tried to smother out the flames,but not all were successful,and they crumpled to the ground.

Louise and Lucy grimaced,smelling the burning flesh,but they had no sympathy.This was a cold,calculating,and callous enemy.There had been no quarter shown from them.

'Finlay must have set the self-destruct.'Louise observed.

Lucy nodded her agreement to that.

'We'd better get out of here,Louise.'she told her friend urgently,'I bet O'Rourke's got search parties looking for us.'

'I agree.'Louise nodded her assent too.She carefully glanced around her,checking for any movement,and possible hidden ambush or sniper positions.So far,there was no sign of any enemy near them,but both girls knew that wouldn't last.

'Let's go,'Louise ordered,and quickly,both girls then made a break for it.

They both kept low,pausing frequently to check their surroundings.Louise and Lucy knew this area very well,and were hoping they wouldn't be seen by O'Rourke's men.There were still plenty of places they could use,but Louise and Lucy had already agreed earlier,that it was best to put some distance between themselves,and their hated enemies.

The two young women still maintained their run,when suddenly,disaster struck.

Shots were heard,and instantly,both girls dived for cover.Fortunately,neither Louise or Lucy was hit,but as Lucy peered out,her face fell into dismay.

A large line of heavily armed men was approaching their position,and they were uncomfortably close to it.

Quickly,both Louise and Lucy readied their weapons,and tensely waited for the firefight to begin.Although,both girls instantly knew they were outnumbered,and didn't really have that much ammunition.Escape seemed impossible now.Louise thought despairingly.

Even so,both of them were still soldiers,and weren't going to give in that easily.

Louise instantly laid herself flat on the ground,and she took aim at their pursuers.

'Lucy,'Louise quickly turned to her friend.'Run for that ridge.I'll cover you.'

'Got it,Louise.'Lucy acknowledged,tensing to run.

Quickly,Louise aimed at one heavily armed man.He looked a nasty piece of work,and she could also see his expression.It told her she'd be in trouble,if she was taken.

Louise then fired a brief burst from her weapon.She had aimed correctly,striking her target.The man's chest exploded,and he fell back,not getting up either.

The moment Louise fired,Lucy instantly ran for it.She didn't dare look back,as she still heard Louise continue to fire,and with more success.

However,there was return fire,and instantly,Louise had to duck back into cover.

Lucy made it to the ridge,and quickly readied her own weapon,before firing hers in support.More of the enemies fell,but again,the returning fire was highly effective,forcing them down.

However,Lucy's shooting had given Louise enough time to rejoin her,but only just.Their pursuers were right behind them.


Still watching the two girls,Harris knew she'd have them.She could see more of her people coming up behind them,but she wasn't pleased at her people in front,shooting at Louise and Lucy.

'Ceasefire,you stupid fools!'Harris ordered them curtly over her radio.'I want them taken alive.If they get hurt,you'll answer to me!'

Her threat did the trick,as they stopped shooting.She then examined the girls position once more,and a slight self-satisfied smile crept over her face.She then gave new orders.


Grimly,Louise and Lucy kept covering each other,as they desperately attempted to escape.They were still making hits on their enemies,but both of them sensed their luck was running out.There was no sign of any of their friends from the base,nor was there any sign of Cartwright or Hunt.

The two girls still kept up the fight though,forcing O'Rourke's people to delay their advance on them,but the net was closing in on them,and both girls knew it.

Finally,both Louise and Lucy ran out of ammunition for their weapons.They'd used them well,taking out a considerable number of the enemy,but now,all they had was one bullet left each.

Lucy glanced at Louise,smiling.Her friend smiled back,understanding the smile.Both girls had meant to honour their vow,never to be captured.Lucy then raised her handgun to the side of Louise's head,and vice versa.

Both girls then prepared to pull the trigger.

Unfortunately,disaster struck yet again,as both girls felt something hit them.It wasn't a bullet wound,and it certainly wasn't fatal.

Instead,both girls felt their bodies shutting down.Lucy moaned in despair,as she tried to pull the trigger on her handgun,but she didn't succeed.Instead,she collapsed,still seeing,but unable to move.She saw Louise fall next to her a moment later.Their expressions were full of despair,as they could only watch their pursuers now running up to them.


Watching the two girls fall,Harris was pleased.She'd congratulate her two snipers later.Both couldn't miss from that range.

Harris then got back on the radio,seeing her people finally surround Louise and Lucy's prone forms.

'Get them both tied up,and bring them back here,'Harris barked.'But remember,I don't want either of them harmed.'

'Understood.'One of her men responded back through the radio.

Harris watched them though.She had vowed to ruthlessly kill anyone,who dis-obeyed her orders,but fortunately,there was no need.

She continued to observe,as her men tied Louise and Lucy's hands behind them.Then,both girls ankles were bound together,before they were easily lifted into a firemans carry.With their two new prisoners secured,the men began to head back towards Harris.


Grim faced,Jennings and Montgomery had planted the last of the explosive charges.They could sense the battle was now swinging in favour of their enemies,but Finlay had ordered them to blow up the base.He wasn't going to leave nothing of value behind.

Both Jennings and Montgomery heard Finlay and Paula Ann's weapons firing,but there was considerably more return fire from O'Rourke's force.They both knew they had to get back,and help their friends.

After making sure the timers were set on all the charges,Jennings and Montgomery hurried back.


With clenched teeth,Finlay fired off another accurate burst,killing one more enemy.Paula Ann did the same,firing from their cover position.They had made plenty of kills,making O'Rourke's thugs suffer enormously,but now,Finlay knew the odds were turning against them.

Taking a cautious peek at the enemy,Finlay was dismayed to see two more of O'Rourke's men come charging in.Both held heavy machine guns,and immediately opened fire on their position.

The noise from these weapons was truly deafening,and Finlay and Paula Ann had no choice,but to duck back into cover.The shots were coming uncomfortably close too.They didn't stand a chance of returning fire.

Finlay heard them come closer,and prepared for death.He pulled out a grenade,and was just about to use it on himself and Paula Ann,when suddenly,he heard Jennings' and Montgomery's weapons firing.

They had an instant effect,as the two men assaulting them,were blown away into oblivion.Finlay then glanced back up,and watched somewhat stunned,as his two friends then took on the remainder of O'Rourke's men.

This move caught their opponents completely by surprise,as Jennings and Montgomery sent their chosen targets reeling away.It didn't take them long to finish off this threat,but Jennings spotted more of O'Rourke's men closing in.He quickly turned back to Finlay.

'Get her out of here,'Jennings told him urgently,meaning Paula Ann.He didn't want her,to fall into O'Rourke's hands.

Finlay didn't need to be told twice,as he grabbed Paula Ann's hand,and raced to the chosen exit.

Unfortunately,more of O'Rourke's men were now filling the base,and they'd spotted the two of them.Finlay also spotted two of Richards' thugs: Shannon and Taylor.Both men had raised their weapons on him.

Immediately,Finlay grabbed Paula Ann into cover,just as Shannon and Taylor opened fire.Fortunately,they'd missed them both,but Finlay knew this wouldn't last.

He grabbed a flash bang grenade,and after checking for the right moment,Finlay then threw the grenade towards the enemy.

The effect was immediate and effective,as it ceased the fire from the enemy.At least,for a few precious moments.

Finlay didn't waste a second,as he grabbed Paula Ann's hand,and urged her to head towards the chosen exit.

'Go!'he almost shouted it out.

'No!'Paula Ann protested.'I'm staying with you!'

'Damn it,Paula-'Finlay was just about to shove her forward,not wanting his best friend captured by this kind of enemy,when suddenly,he felt himself knocked over.

Blows were then rained on him.Hard blows.Finlay clenched his teeth.He was a damn good fighter,especially in unarmed combat,and he wasn't going to be beaten in this manner.

He then saw his assailant was Taylor.The man's face was snarling,as he pounded his fists into Finlay,eager to inflict as much punishment on him.

However,Finlay was made of stern stuff,as he managed to block Taylor's assault,before he then headbutted him.Surprised,and in agony,Taylor reeled back.Now,it was Finlay's turn,to initiate the assault.

He made Taylor suffer a lot,as he punched and kicked his opponent skillfully.So much so,that watching this fight,Shannon then readied his weapon again.He could see Finlay was beginning to get the better of Taylor,and Shannon then aimed,then fired.

The shot struck Finlay in his heart,killing him instantly.Paula Ann screamed in half rage,half despair,as she could only watch her loyal friend collapse.Her eyes burned with utter hatred,as she turned to face the oncoming men.

Just as Louise and Lucy had done before her,Paula Ann then took out her pistol,and placed it to the side of her head.Nothing would give her greater pleasure,than to deny these murderous thugs her body.

Unfortunately,before she could pull the trigger,Paula Ann was suddenly shot too.A bright blue glow enveloped her whole body,and much to her despair and fear,she realised it was a stun shot.

She then collapsed onto the floor,totally unable to move,just as the men reached her.She could just make out Shannon's voice,and she also noticed the coils of rope in his grasp.He then knelt down beside her.

Immediately,Paula Ann could feel her hands being yanked behind her back.She then felt rope being tied over her wrists tightly,before her ankles were also tied together.She was then seized,and lifted up by one of O'Rourke's men.

'Get her out of here,and take her back to O'Rourke.'Shannon ordered the man curtly,who promptly obeyed.

As she was carried out,Paula Ann could still hear weapons fire,and she knew Jennings and Montgomery were still resisting.She also knew however,that it would take a miracle for them to survive,as she still saw more and more of O'Rourke's men racing in.Then,she was gone.


Still fighting in unarmed combat against O'Rourke's men,Jennings and Montgomery were proving highly lethal opponents,as they easily beat any challenge at them.

More and more of O'Rourke's men were coming in,but instead of doing the sensible course,in trying to shoot Jennings and Montgomery,they all fancied their chances at taking the two of them on,in unarmed combat.However, every man who did fancy his chances,was made to suffer,before being ruthlessly killed.

Jennings and Montgomery beat all their opponents to a pulp.Not only that,but they broke many necks,and used their knives effectively.No matter what O'Rourke's men tried.The screams of their deaths rang through the base,grimly satisfying Jennings and Montgomery.

It was then,that they both spotted Shannon and Taylor,as did their counterparts.

With determination visible in all four men's eyes,they advanced on each other.Shannon curtly ordered the rest of O'Rourke's men,to cease firing.This was also promptly obeyed.

There was no verbal exchange between the four of them.Instead,they raced into each other,commencing the fight.

Hard kicks,strong,powerful punches were exchanged frequently at each opponent.Shannon and Taylor were powerful men,and expert fighters,but no matter how hard they landed a successful blow,Jennings and Montgomery simply refused to go down.

There was much martial arts skill displayed,especially from Jennings.He easily threw Shannon and Taylor onto the ground,or threw them over his shoulder,hoping to make them suffer.

He did.Jennings never felt so pleased,to hear these two murderous thugs cry out in agony,as he threw them repeatedly onto the ground.

Suddenly,he saw Taylor pull out a handgun,and was no doubt going to use it on him.

He reacted quickly.As Taylor turned to raise and use the weapon on him,Jennings lashed out with his leg,blocking and upsetting his enemies aim.He then gave Taylor a hard kick into his midriff,with his other leg.The blow sent the man staggering back,and he crashed into a wall,but Jennings wasn't done with him yet.

Taylor still hadn't recovered from the blow to his head,when Jennings suddenly seized his opponent's arm,and threw him over himself.Taylor slammed into the floor,with his whole body in excruciating agony.

He was desperately trying to raise himself,when Jennings moved in,and gave him a hard kick into his face.Taylor screamed,clutching his face with both hands.He was reeling,but then,Jennings grabbed him again,and this time,wrapped both his hands around Taylor's neck.

He tightened his grip,making sure he saw Taylor suffer,and his enemy was.Jennings could hear him trying to say something,but it was unintelligible,as he was coughing up plenty of blood.Taylor's arms were flailing uselessly in Jennings' inescapable hold,before Jennings broke Taylor's neck.He then threw the lifeless body away from him in contempt.

Now,Jennings and Montgomery turned their attention to Shannon.They could see his face was no longer full of arrogant confidence.Instead,he now looked seriously worried.He now realised the rumours were indeed true,about these two deadly men,and Shannon also realised,that he was now outnumbered.He was in serious trouble,as his two enemies advanced on him,with hard,determined expressions to finish him off.

Shannon however,was still a dangerous adversary,and Jennings with Montgomery knew it.They then increased their assault on him,working together in deadly unison.

Shannon didn't stand a chance,as Jennings continued to smash into him.Montgomery also did.His blows were especially effective,as he sent Shannon crashing down.Every time their opponent rose,they were both ready for him again.

Finally,Jennings gave Shannon a hard kick into his midriff,sending him straight into Montgomery's hold.His friend then turned Shannon around,and slammed a couple of hard punches into Shannon's body,completely winding him.Then,Shannon tried a similar trick that the now deceased Taylor had done,as he suddenly brought out one of his large,but deadly sharp blades.

However,Montgomery was ready for it.He had instantly brought out his own blade,and managed to block Shannon's sly assault.

Before Shannon could try again,Montgomery then made his move.He used his blade expertly,slashing several fatal cuts into Shannon's torso,before he then slammed his knife into Shannon's throat.The man gargled,his eyes full of disbelief,realising the rumours were true.He then collapsed,his life draining away.

Jennings then raced over to Finlay's unmoving form,but quickly realised there was nothing he could do.His face was fierce,as he rejoined Montgomery in the fight.

The two of them had just beaten off another group,as Jennings made the final,lethal blow on one of O'Rourke's men,when suddenly,he was shot by lasers.

Jennings staggered backwards,and Montgomery smelt his friend's burning flesh,before his body tumbled out of sight.

This enraged Montgomery,as he immediately advanced onto the next approaching group.He readied his favourite weapon of choice,the knife,before he threw himself onto O'Rourke's men.

Screams of agony followed,as Montgomery,his face still enraged over the loss of his friend,cut them into bloody pieces.

It didn't take him long,as another pile of corpses increased the death toll,but before he could advance any more,Montgomery suddenly noticed grenades landing at his feet.

This however,didn't deter him,as he kept up his menacing advance.He could see more enemies ahead,and also the fear displayed on all their faces,knowing they couldn't stop him.Some of them actually ran for it,not wishing to take him on.

However,the grenades then exploded,lifting Montgomery off his feet,before a fireball raced through.He was just aware of more screaming,but the impact of the explosion had made him land heavily,and just like Jennings,his body rolled away,and out of sight.

When he finally stopped,Montgomery could see that he'd been badly wounded.He needed medical attention,and quickly.

However,he didn't care about that.Instead,he reached for the detonator,and then pressed the switch,before oblivion caved in on him.


Still waiting impatiently for the battle to end,O'Rourke was now looking at the many bodies of his men scattered all over.He never felt any sympathy for them,as he always demanded the ultimate sacrifice from his people,so they could get him what he wanted.

Of course,O'Rourke wasn't stupid,as he made sure those who survived,were well rewarded,but it was he himself,eager to enjoy some more new rewards.

He was completely taken aback though,by the massive explosion that rocked the base.This caused more fatalities,but O'Rourke wasn't affected,as he waited for the all clear to be given.

This wasn't long in coming,as he then watched the survivors slowly emerge from the base.They all looked exhausted.

However,O'Rourke wasn't interested in watching them.He'd relished the report from Harris,that three female prisoners had been taken.They were being brought to him now,and he couldn't wait to see them.

When they were,O'Rourke recognised them all,as the three girls were forced down onto their knees facing him.All had been bound and gagged.He could see they had been affected,by one of his stun weapons.None of them could move,but all three pairs of eyes stared back in utter terror at him,above their tape gags.

O'Rourke jumped down from his armoured transport,and he smiled pleasantly at his three new prisoners.

'So nice to see you again,ladies,'he then walked up to Lucy,and lovingly stroked her cheek.'I shall certainly look forward,to renewing our acquaintance.'He then chuckled menacingly,as he bent down,kissing Lucy on her cheek.'Whether you like it or not.'

He was pleased to hear the girl protest,but it was a muffled protest,as O'Rourke then moved up to Paula Ann.He fondled the girl's chest,before shoving Paula Ann flat onto her back.Her eyes were bulging up at him.

'And you,my dear Paula Ann,'he continued chuckling,'you and Finlay certainly caused me a lot of problems,but I never doubted I'd get you into my clutches.'He squeezed her breasts more harder,feeling his lust getting the better of him.'I'm certain I'll enjoy you all too.'

He then turned his attention to Louise.This one,he was especially pleased to have.She was after all,Jennings' sister.Now that he was gone,he could enjoy her too.

O'Rourke lifted Louise's chin with his hand.The girl mumbled fearfully behind her gag,as she now suffered O'Rourke's groping hands on her chest.Her eyes bulged,clearly seeing the madness in her captor's own eyes,and realising what he was going to do to her.

'And you,my pretty Louise,'the sexual lust was fully evident,as O'Rourke felt himself losing control of himself.'You're going to be my favourite slave to ravish.'He was again pleased,seeing Louise's terror stricken face.'Again,and again,my pretty.'

He then stopped groping Louise's chest,and turned to Harris,who had just come into his view.

'Get them onto the transport,Harris.'He was pleased to order.'Let's get them back to base.'

'You can enjoy yourself later,O'Rourke.'Harris still had other things to attend too.'Right now,we'd better check this area.Some of them may have escaped.'

'Then,I'm sure you'll do a good job,won't you?'O'Rourke wasn't the slightest bit interested in helping,as he was looking forward to other things.

He immediately snapped his fingers to some of his men standing by,and they understood,as three of them stepped forward,and easily lifted Louise,Lucy and Paula Ann's bound and gagged forms.The three men then carried the girls,into a waiting transport.O'Rourke followed on their heels,totally ignoring Harris' baleful gaze.

Harris however,dismissed him.She still sensed there were more of Finlay's people out here,who had survived the battle.

Quickly,she ordered her own people around her,and after briefing them,they began to move back into the hills,keeping their eyes sharp.


Hunt had watched Louise,Lucy and Paula Ann being taken.She had been out of range to stop the enemy capturing her three friends.Hunt was also dismayed,that nobody else had come out of the base.She still remembered that massive explosion inside the base,and knew nobody could survive that.If all her friends were indeed dead,especially Jennings,Hunt swore to avenge him.

She'd managed to avoid being spotted,and was now observing the main enemy column.She was still out of range though,and had to watch helplessly,as the familiar,but much despised figure of O'Rourke,taunted and groped his captives,before he then gestured the order for the girls to be carried in.

Clenching her teeth,Hunt could do nothing to prevent that.She had to watch the enemy then move off,but not all of them left.Hunt clearly saw the moving men,now doing an obvious search.She could see they weren't advancing in her direction,and she was tempted to take them all out.

Hunt had just decided to do this,when suddenly,she heard her radio come into life.

'Hunt,you there?'

Hunt was stunned.It was Jennings!His voice was weak,and he sounded badly hurt,but he was alive.

'John?'Hunt responded back.'Where are you? Are you okay?'

'Inside.'was all she heard.His voice was still weak,and then,the radio went dead.

Instantly,Hunt hurried back to the concealed entrance she'd left previously.She made another check on the searching enemy,but they were still moving away from her.So that was some good news,but Hunt knew she had bad news,if Jennings was going to be okay.

Hunt sincerely hoped so,as she headed back in.


Monday, 20 June 2011

China Chow,in 'The Big Hit'

This is another one of my favourite films,with the very lovely China Chow bound and gagged in schoolgirl's uniform.China certainly did plenty of scenes tied up(or handcuffed,I should say)and gagged,and must admit,that I liked them all.

Her character is kidnapped by Lou Diamond Philips,with Mark Wharlberg(a very young Mark Wharlberg:No doubt the ladies will like that!)for ransom.

I really enjoyed the film,and it's definitely a top damsel in distress film.Again,it's just a shame there's not been many films like this made.

I would like to add though,that the schoolgirl's uniform China wears in the film,is precisely the same as my heroines in 'The Boarding School' and of course,my latest story,'Trouble at School'

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Trouble at School

The bell rang through the hallways and corridors of St Josephine's boarding school for girls.This was what all the girls wanted to hear,as the bell signalled the end of school.

As expected,there was a sudden flurry from all the female pupils,now eager to leave,and enjoy some time of their own.

One such pupil looking forward to this fact too,was Sarah Mitchell.Sarah was now rapidly approaching her nineteenth birthday,and was looking forward to that as well.

Sarah was of average height,but she had a good figure,had jet black raven shoulder length hair,and knew she attracted a lot of attention.

Sometimes this did irritate her,but Sarah had a good sense of humour,and politely,but firmly denied any hopeful suitors.Sarah was too busy to concentrate,trying to choose the right man.Her studies here at school,meant everything to Sarah.If she did well on all of them,she had a chance of getting a trainee journalist post,at a major newspaper.

This meant everything to Sarah.Getting a job in these tough times was hard enough,but securing a job there,would not only mean a healthy wage,but Sarah could do a job she enjoyed.

Sarah's last lesson had finished,and like all her other fellow pupils,she headed back to her own private room.In this regard,Sarah was lucky.She had a room all to herself,although of course,she wouldn't have minded sharing.She had quite a few friends here in the school,but it was still nice to have some privacy.

Sarah made it back to her room,and dumped all her school books onto her bed.She'd do her homework later,but now,it was time to relax.

Sarah remembered she'd made plans with her best friend:Zara.Both she and Zara were inseperable.They did so much together,and even when they were walking together,they attracted a lot of admiring glances.

Both girls were slightly amused at this,but nonetheless,they did appreciate it.Sarah thought Zara was the most attractive,whilst Zara thought vice versa.Zara was dark skinned.Her parents came from the Ivory Coast.She too,had a superb figure,having visited the school's gym many times.Zara's hair was of course black,and just a little longer than Sarah's.They'd both seen many drooling looks given to them,but they did not appreciate that.

Even so,both Sarah and Zara were very pleasant girls,and were highly thought off.Both of them worked hard at school,and had received many glowing reports.The future looked bright for them.Sarah and Zara sensed that.

Once Sarah had dumped her school books,she then made herself a glass of fresh orange juice.Then,slowly sipping it,she picked up her mobile,and made a call to Zara.Her friend responded instantly.

'Hi Zara,'Sarah greeted her warmly,'how's things?'

'Hey Sarah,'Zara's voice was just as warm in her response.'I'm not too bad.What you got planned?'

'Spend some time with you of course,'Sarah smiled,even though she knew her friend didn't see it.'Are you coming over? I've got some drink waiting for you.'

'Cool,what you got?'

'Couple of bottles of sweet wines,'Sarah grinned this time.She liked a drink,but not too much.Although she kept it well hidden from the staff,knowing she'd be in deep trouble if they ever found out.

'I'm on my way.'Zara's tne sounded eager.'See you in a few minutes.I just have to make a phone call.'

'Okay Zara.I'll be waiting.Bye for now.'

'Bye Sarah.'


In her own room,Zara then ended the call.She was looking forward to a drink.It had been a tough day for her.

Zara always did her best,and she did score good marks in her lessons.She needed too,as Zara was pursuing a career for a stewardess.

She'd seen the requirements for positions like this,and thought it was so unfair at times.It was crazy asking for so many qualifications,when actually,very few were needed.

However,Zara was determined to succeed.She always dreamed of travelling around the world,and being a stewardess would get her that chance.Hopefully,Zara would get a job on a long distance flight,say to the Far East.She heard it was really good money.

For the moment though,it was time to relax.She was just going to phone her younger sister,Theresa,who was coming down to see her.Both Zara and Theresa were great mates,and were also very close.They were both looking forward to spending some time together.

Zara made the phone call to Theresa,who instantly responded.

'Hey,where are you now?'Zara asked her,after greeting her sister.

'Just having a bite to eat,'Theresa's voice replied.'I'm not too far off.Should be another hour or so,depending on traffic.'

'Everything okay? You had a good trip?'

'So so,'Theresa admitted.She loved driving,but it was looking out for the morons that she had to watch out for.She'd seen some lunatics on this trip.

'Sorry to hear that,'Zara knew her sister's tone.She'd seen it herself.God,what was wrong with some people,once they got behind the steering wheel of a car?

'Well,you're nearly here,Theresa,'Zara reassured.'I'm looking forward to seeing you.'

'Me too,sis.Bye for now.Need the little girls room.'

'Okay,see you.Bye.'

With that done,Zara ended the call,and picking up her handbag,she then thought about changing,as she was still dressed in her compulsory school uniform.She glanced down at herself,seeing her white shirt and pleated skirt.Her white socks and smartly polished black shoes,still made her look smart.So,Zara decided not to bother.

She left her room,and then headed over to Sarah's,eager to chill out.

As Zara left her room however,she failed to notice that she was being observed.

More to follow...

The answer to both your qustions,is yes.I just need the time to think it out,that's all.:)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Ninja: Mika Hijji

Here's another martial arts film I really enjoyed.Scott Adkins plays an orphan,raised by a caring Japanese,(and highly skilled)mentor.

As Scott grows,he is taught the ways of the ninja,and also has his eye on his mentor's grandaughter,played by the gorgeous Mika Hijji.

Unfortunately,Scott falls foul of one of the pupils at the ninja school,who is determined to get his hands on a secret ninja weapons cache.Not long into the film,the bad guy tries to get his hands on this,but despite him bumping off Mika's grandfather,Scott and Mika escape with it.

Of course,the bad guy doesn't give up that easily,so he sets off looking for Mika,to kidnap her.After several failed attempts by his hired thugs,he finally seizes Mika as a hostage,and she's shown deliciously tightly tied up and blindfolded,(sadly,no gag)whilst the bad guy demands Scott to bring him the secret weapons cache.

I've read some comments on Mika's character,that she was a useless damsel in distress.Personally,I didn't think so.She handles herself well,is very headstrong,but also kind,gentle and feminine.Mika also fights good,and is quite good at this too.However,the bad guys are too strong for her,so it's up to Scott to help her,which of course he does,as any decent bloke worth his salt would.:)

Of course,Scott does.He saves Mika's life,when the bad guy brings Mika(still tied up):)and of course,there's a good final duel scene between the hero and the villian.During the duel,Mika is poisoned by the villian,and is close to death,but fortunately,Scott saves this Japanese beauty,and of course,saves the day.Don't you just love it,when the good guy wins!:)

Great stuff.Let's hope there's more like this to come.:)

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

Naomi Harris.Ninja Assassin

This is a huge favourite martial arts film of mine.The action's brilliant,telling the story of our hero on the run,from his cruel mentor and his former colleagues.

Another reason I enjoyed it,was that the film contains two scenes of 2 bound and gagged damsels.One of the girls is the hero's love,but sadly,she is bumped off as punishment,as they both failed in an escape attempt from the ninja camp.

The second damsel is another expendable,as the hero's mentor orders him to kill her,merely to prove his loyalty to him.Fortunately,our hero refuses,but I don't think it ends well for her.

Now of course,Naomi's character in the film,was never bound and gagged.I was gutted at this,thinking it would have been great for our hero to go in and rescue her,from the bad guys clutches.

Sadly,this didn't happen,and she goes in to help our hero at the final duel scene,and is promptly taken out by our former hero's mentor.

I think Naomi's character does survive though,so that was good to see.A great martial arts action film,but it was just a shame Naomi wasn't bound and gagged in it!

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Transporter

One of the best action films I've watched,and with a great damsel in distress plot included! Jason Statham is Frank,who basically transports stuff anywhere(or drives,whichever you prefer) for the right price.

Frank however,is taken by surprise on another assignment he accepts,to discover the beautiful Shu Qi,bound and gagged in the boot of his car.

At first,Frank delivers her to the bad guys,who are ruthless slave dealers,but after an unsuccessful atempt on his life,Frank goes back to get revenge.Although he doesn't go back to help Shu,rather to beat the living daylights,(and kill) out of the bad guys.

Shu,still bound and gagged deliciously,manages to get into a car,which Frank takes,and it's not long after that,when he discovers her.

Of course,he isn't pleased,and promptly drags her out,and abandons her(still bound and gagged) on the road.Fortunately though,Frank returns for her,and the friendship starts from there.

However,it's not long before more bad guys return,who are determined to finish Frank off,and seize Shu's character once more.

Definitely a film I would watch again and again,but it's just a shame I don't see this type of film more often.

No copyright infringment intended.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Saudi Airways.Chapter One

'Cabin crew,take your seats.'

The reassuring voice of Captain Jenkins,was what the cabin crew of flight SA 234 wanted to hear.They were now preparing to land.

All of the cabin crew of flight SA 234 were all female,four in all.In charge,was Sarah Thomas,a tall young woman,who had long dark hair,tied up in a ponytail.Sarah had a great figure,and had to politely reject any interested advances on her,from plenty of male passengers.

It was the same for her three other co-workers:Jane Mitchell,a stunning blonde from Kent,Michelle Davies,a short haired brunette from Devon,and finally,Jenny Lee,the only girl not from the UK.Jenny came from Manila,in the Philippines.A real Filipina beauty,as Jenny had the usual raven,silky and smooth hair.Jenny's hair wasn't short,but she didn't need to tie it up.Her hair fell just onto her shoulders,and of course,Jenny too,had to politely fend off unwanted invites.

All four girls were great friends,and really enjoyed working together.It certainly was a bonus that they could do this.Sarah remembered asking for this,and rather surprisingly,this had been granted.They'd proved themselves highly capable,and were hard workers.Sarah always suspected her wish had been granted,due to all their efforts,and she was very grateful for this.

Sarah had worked this route many times.The flight originated from Heathrow,and they'd land in the Saudi capital,Riyadh,in just over six hours flight time.It wasn't a long flight,but all the girls were glad to get off the plane,and get a much needed break.

Of course,visiting the Middle East,Sarah was well aware of the restrictions and customs the Saudis operated.She honestly thought quite a few of their laws were meant for barbarians,but it was still a nice place to visit,and there were good people here.

Sarah and all the other girls had made their usual checks on the passengers,and were all pleased to see everybody had their seatbelts on,eagerly looking forward to landing.Sarah knew she and her friends were feeling the same.

Working for Saudi Airways had many benefits.Not only was it a comfortable flight,but it was also a private airline.Sarah didn't envy any of her fellow employees,who worked the bigger passenger planes.At least here,they had more room to work.Not that Sarah had anything against working on those planes.It was enjoyable,and she had met many interesting people,but now,she was glad to be on her current assignment.Not only did it give her more space,but it also paid more,a lot more.

Sarah was really glad to get this big pay increase,as she was saving up for a dream holiday to the Far East.She had visited Japan and Hong Kong on previous work trips,and had loved it.Sarah couldn't wait to finally reach her bank balance target.

She'd instantly obeyed her captain's orders,and had strapped herself into her seat,placing her hands under her onto her seat,and waited for the plane to land.She knew Captain Jenkins was a highly experienced pilot,who had actually flown all over the world.Sarah and her friends were glad to have him.He was a stickler for safety,but he was warm,decent bloke,and the girls loved him.

They also knew Captain Jenkins had served in the military,but he didn't mention any of  it to them,and the girls never asked.Although hopefully one day,Sarah was interested in asking.She liked reading on the people,who'd served and fought in the British armed forces.She had a good collection of books back home.Maybe one day,Captain Jenkins might write one.

Sarah then felt the plane land.As she expected,it was a flawless landing,and she then waited for the order from Jenkins,to inform her they were ready to disembark.

This only took a few minutes,as the plane finally stopped.Jenkins voice then returned.

'Cabin crew,prepare for passenger exit.'

Sarah unstrapped herself from her seat,just as Jenny,Michelle and Jane did.All four girls then stood by their assigned exits,ready to assist any passenger that needed it.

Soon,they felt the famaliar clamp of the extended gangways,now locking onto the plane doors.Within a few moments,they could and did,open the doors.

The first thing everybody felt,was the massive,unbelievably overbearing heat.It powered into the plane's interior,but nobody complained.Most of the passengers here,had come for just precisely that.

Then,the passengers began to exit,and after wishing all of them a safe,happy stay,all four girls were glad to get their own gear.They did so,and eagerly awaited Jenkins and his flight crew to emerge from the cockpit.


From one of the observation lounges in Riyadh International airport,two men,dressed smartly in dark suits,watched the arrival of SA 234.They could see the passengers exiting from it,but that wasn't what they were waiting for.Instead,they had more sinister intentions.

They maintained their watch,and sure enough,they could now see what they had come for.They were now observing the stewardesses,still on board the plane.

They could see four of them,and were pleased to see all four were highly attractive.Three were westerners,whilst the fourth was Oriental.The uniforms all four girls were wearing,were also deeply appreciated by the men.Each of the women wore a smartly pressed white shirt,with a knee length blue skirt.A very smart blue coloured neck scarf,was also worn by the girls.With their highly polished black high heels,Sarah,Jane,Michelle and Jenny felt very smart indeed.

However,if they had noticed they were being watched by two sinister looking men,their alarm bells would be ringing like mad.The two men hadn't taken their eyes off them,and they felt excited,as well as their lust increasing too.

One of the men reached into his person,and produced an iphone.This was required by him,to complete his orders.

He then selected the video camera option,and then started to film the girls.The four young women were still waiting on the plane,and the man knew they would come off,once the flight crew exited.For the moment though,he kept filming them discreetly.Once he was satisfied with enough footage,he then made a call on the iphone.

'Well,are they there yet?'An impatient man's voice greeted him,once he'd made the connection.

'They are here,your excellency,'he replied respectfully,'they are indeed as you said they would be,four beauties to add to your harem.'

'Good,'there was now pleasure evident in the man's tone,'follow them,and report on their movements.I will tell you when to seize them.'

'Your wish is my command,your excellency.I have the footage of them ready for you.'

'Send it immediately.'The voice was sharp,but the man didn't object,as he promptly obeyed his master's command.

He sent the film of the four girls he'd just took to him,and after a few moments wait,the man's voice returned.

'This is excellent work,'there was now pleasure fully evident,'you have done well.Continue to follow them,but do not seize them just yet.I have plans for that.'

'Yes,your excellency.'

The man listened for any more orders,but the call was abruptly ended.So,he and his accomplice resumed their task.They were now pleased,to see all four girls now exiting the plane.

Keeping a discreet distance from the still unsuspecting girls,the two men proceeded to follow them out.

They watched the girls leave through the airport's main entrance,and still keeping themselves hidden,they then watched all four women jump into two taxis.The taxis then left.

Both men hurried out of the airport,but did not hail a taxi.Instead,they raced into a black car.As soon as they'd entered the vehicle,the driver instantly raced after the two taxis in pursuit.

After a long drive through crowded streets,the men watched the two taxis finally pull up outside a hotel.As the four girls exited their taxi,and entered the hotel,one of the men produced a camera,and began to take pictures of Sarah,Michelle,Jane and finally,Jenny.

None of the four young women were aware,that they were being observed in this way,and the man using the camera,was not discovered.

Finally,he lowered the camera,seeing the girls disappear into the hotel.

'I've got enough,'he told his two accomplices,'let's get them developed,and show them to his excellency.I'm sure he will be very pleased.'

The driver instantly obeyed,and drove away.All three men were looking forward to seeing the girls again.

Chapter 2 to follow...

Friday, 3 June 2011

Dolph Lundgren:Silent Trigger

I must admit I'm a big fan of Dolph's films.Usually,he has to go in and rescue the girl(be she tough or feminine)

One of my favourite films with a couple of scenes in,was Silent Trigger.Here,Dolph plays a deadly sniper,assisted by the gorgeous Gina Bellman,who acts as his spotter.

In the film,both Dolph and Gina are forced to leg it when Dolph refuses to shoot a female political target,(who happens to hold up a baby).They escape,with Dolph saving Gina being shot by the enemy.

However,their troubles are not over,when they're both assigned a new target,as their unseen superiors now have them targeted.

Both Dolph and Gina take up positions in an uncompleted skyscraper,where one of the security guards takes a shine to Gina.It doesn't help,that he's also a drug addict either.

He sneaks up on Gina in the ladies,and despite Gina giving a good account of herself,he's just too strong for her,and promptly seizes her,to do the nasty deed.

Fortunately,Dolph is there to help her,but not before the security guard handcuffs Gina(hands in front)to some pillar,where he then takes on Dolph.Needless to say,you can guess who wins.

A little disappointing Gina wasn't bound and gagged properly in the film,but still an enjoyable romp.(well,for me anyway):)

No copyright infringment intended

Hmm,not sure why somebody thinks this is funny,unless they meant it in a good way.:)

Thanks very much,Don.Glad you like my blog,and apologies for that mistake.:)