Monday, 31 December 2012

The Auction

I haven't written anything here for a while,but for the last day of 2012,I'll try this.I also want to say to the people of the Middle East,that you are a very warm,hospitable people,and please don't be offended by my stories regarding bad guy Sheiks.

I'm hoping to finish it,in the next couple of days.


Sheik Akba sat comfortably in his huge bedroom,which was filled with many luxuries.He did indeed,spend a lot of his spare time here.

He was a very well built man;years of personal training and eating the right foods,had helped Akba to be a very physically tough.He certainly needed to be,as he had a lot of enemies.

Akba knew he was always being watched,and knew one of the reasons why;he had an excellent harem,filled with so many,highly desirable young and beautiful women.

Of course,not one of the women he held in his harem had joined willingly.Instead,he'd sent out his own loyal servants,to ruthlessly abduct these girls.

It was a highly successful routine,as Akba's people constantly brought in his new pretty captives.They ranged from being in foreign military,stewardesses,and even police officers too,which pleased Akba immensely.He held a huge love for pretty girls in their uniforms.

Another huge love he held,was for all his girls to be tightly bound and gagged in them too.He adored tying every girl he held in his power,and loved to gag them also.Once he'd done so,he was free to enjoy their pleasures of the female flesh.

In fact,one of his girls was lying on his impressive king sized bed,of whom he'd just enjoyed ravishing.

The girl certainly hadn't though,and Akba knew it.So much so,that he grinned maliciously.

He turned to look at her,lighting up one of his expensive Cuban cigars,but still easily affordable to him.

The girl was known as Karen,who was a shoulder length blonde.Akba remembered when his men had carried her in,and knew her to be a British woman police constable.

He had liked her uniform she was wearing;a long sleeved white shirt,with two square breast pockets,and a a black knee length skirt.She was gorgeous,and Akba had literally drooled at first sight of her.He still recalled her terror stricken eyes,bulging over the white tape gag she had on her at the time.In fact,as she lay on his bed,Karen still held a white tape gag,completely covering her mouth.She lay tied up spread-eagled,still wearing her uniform shirt,but it had been opened,exposing her breasts.Her dark blue bra,had been forced down with her skirt too,and her briefs too,also exposing her crotch.Huge stains of semen covered that area,where Akba had forced himself on her.

He always liked to completely dominate his pretty captives,and was always amused to hear some woman rant on,at how they were better than men.There was no such talk allowed in his domain,and all the women that were here knew it.The punishment was severe,and Akba was always pleased to inflict it on any unfortunate girl,be they a slave or not.

As he looked on admiringly at Karen's semi-naked,exhausted bound and gagged figure,Akba suddenly found the urge to ravish her again,and he stood up.As soon as he did so,he was pleased to see the girl's eyes still filled with fear,as her still terror stricken eyes hadn't left him.

Leaning over her,Akba used both his hands to fondle and squeeze her already impressive breasts,making Karen whimper behind her gag.She was dreading being raped again,and there was nothing she could do to stop him.Recognising this,Akba gave her another malicious smile,as he increased his pressure on her.

'I think,my dear,'he chuckled down at her,'that you still have more to learn in pleasing me.'

He was just as ruthless,fully enjoying himself over his bound and gagged pretty slave,finally forcing his huge erect manhood into the girl.The climax was fully satisfying to Akba,and he made it last,as he and Karen jerked together.

When he was finally spent,Akba gave Karen a kiss on her slender neck,before much to her relief,he finally rolled off her.

As he dressed back into his robes,Akba then called for a messenger,and within moments,a loyal man-servant appeared.

'Prepare some transport for me,'he instructed,'I'm going to the auction.'

The man nodded his complete obedience and hurried away,as Akba turned back to face Karen's weary form.

'That was very good,my dear,'he told her pleasantly.'I enjoyed your company,and will have you again.'

He was slightly disappointed at not seeing the girl's face,reflecting full terror back at him.However,he knew the reason why,and let it go.

'You may join the rest of your pretty friends now,my dear,but I shall endeavour to bring you some fresh,and very pretty company.'

Akba then called for more of his people to take the girl out,but instructed for her to be washed clean,and her clothes too.Again,this was obeyed instantly.

With that done,Akba prepared himself,as he moved into his bathroom.Just like his bedroom,the bathroom was also richly luxuriated,as it's main centre was obviously a gold coated bath basin,which held plenty of room for more than one person.

On this occassion,Akba had demanded three of his servant girls to attend to his needs,and he was pleased to see the trio arrive promptly for him.

He recognised them all of course,as he'd savoured and ravished these three beauties more than once.

His men operating overseas,had sent in their details and once Akba had been satisfied nobody would come looking for them,he'd immediately ordered their abduction.Just like he did with all the other girls he held captive in his palace.

Of course,the girls weren't alone with him.Akba wasn't stupid,as he knew there might be some defiance from his pretty slaves.

So he made sure they all stayed in line,with a couple of other female servants,who were utterly devoted to him.

These particular two girls were more than just his willing servants.Indeed,they were his teenage daughters:Anna and Kayla.

Both Anna and Kayla were just like the three slave girls he had with him.They were all of astounding beauty,having fabulous figures and impressive chests.

However,unlike the three slave girls,who were at present kneeling before their master's presence,Anna and Kayla were not kneeling.Instead,there was a cold,almost cruel glint in their eyes,as they eagerly watched the three girls for any trouble.

More to follow...

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Great news!.Another damsel in distress blog.

I've just seen on Brian's page,that there's another new damsel in distress blog started.

It's going to feature Greek damsels,and that's something I'm really looking forward to seeing.

As yet,there's nothing posted there at the moment,but I'll be checking that particular blog quite frequently.

Details of the blog are on Brians page,but here it is;

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Another update on Sneaking In

I hpe everybody's not having too much problems,doing their Christmas shopping.I should finish mine tomorrow.Thank God for that!

Anyway,I've just added a little bit more on 'Sneaking In' and will do so in future.I always had the next part to put down in it,but I had to work that part out.

Still,there's more to come,and don't forget to check out Freddie's yahoo group.There's some great pics,and I still haven't read all his stories either.

However,I've enjoyed what I've read so far,and hope you do too.:)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Freddie Clegg's yahoo group

I strongly recommend Freddie's yahoo group,where there are some great damsel in distress stories Freddie has wrote,as well as other contributors.

I strongly recommend his group,so please check it out.He did a fantastic story for me,having been inspired by my drawings blog with 'Port of Call' and he's now currently writing me another story.

Again;please check Freddie's group out at

Thank you,Freddie.Looking forward to the next story.:)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


It was very good to discover this other website,which had a lot of other pretty girls bound and gagged in pictures.I also saw a couple of mine posted there;and whilst it would have been nice if I'd been asked to put my pics up on that website,I'll let it go.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Compliments..

I've seen the bondage awards are up again,and I just want to say a big well done to KP and Jeb,who are two of my favourite bondage authors.

I was very pleased to see both KP and Jeb,make it into the top 10 of the bondage writers,but personally,I thought they both deserved a much higher accolade.

In particular,I'd like to say a big thank you to KP,who has delivered all of my story requests superbly,and I'm eagerly looking forward to my next one.

Jeb too,should have been given much more praise than finishing 9th! I owe him a great deal,as he published my first story on his brilliant website.

Well done to both of you,and long may you continue.:)