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The Sanna Menace Chapter 5

As Jennings and Montgomery made good their escape in the truck,they'd failed to spot Harris and her small group watching them.They'd desperately scrambled for cover,when the Sirrun fighters made their devastating attack runs.

They'd been lucky.Harris could only watch,and keep her head down,as Sanna troopers and a lot of her own people were easy prey.It really looked like a graveyard,once the Sirrun craft left the scene.

She could only watch Jennings and Montgomery successfully leave,with O'Rourke's former female prisoners.Losing the women didn't bother Harris,not in the slightest.It was only these two men,that she wished she could have killed.However,seeing the bodies of the men in the guard posts,Harris sensed a sniper was responsible,and she had to stay under cover.She could see the security surveillance devices,and none of them was working.Quite clearly,they'd been sabotaged.Whoever did this,Harris admitted,had to be really good.They'd sneaked in here undetected,and had basically gave them a sound beating.She hoped she'd meet this Jennings and Montgomery again.

At the moment though,Harris had to be sure the base was clear from any enemy,who may still be hiding by.She doubted it,but looking back at the dead men up above her,she thought there still may be a sniper watching them.

She then ordered one of her men,back into the base.Harris curtly told him to get the defences back online,especially the infra red scanners.Once these were operational,they'd be able to see who was hiding from them.

The man made it back into the base,without being attacked.This made Harris disappointed.Not because he'd made it,but if he had been shot by the sniper,Harris could have eventually marked the sniper's position,as she'd used her man,as a decoy.Either way,there was no shot fired,as she suspected.Whoever it was,had moved off,and had done a damned good job too.Harris knew,that to eliminate the tower guards,required great skill.She'd be very interested,to find out who this sniper was.

Suddenly,O'Rourke's voice blasted into her ears.

'Harris!'He sounded enraged.'Where the hell are you? Get down here,on the double!'

Damn him!Harris cursed silently.Pity he hadn't been killed.She mused afterwards.Still,there was plenty of time for that.

The man she'd sent in earlier,finally informed her the area was clear of hostiles,and they were getting on with repairs to the base.Harris could see it would take a while to do this.Everything was a mess,as well as a graveyard.

As her men covered her,Harris re-entered the base.She was glad that she made it back in unscathed.It was always in her mind,that the sniper was still here,and Harris knew her head had a high price.The same was said of the casualties suffered here.Dead Sanna and human bodies lay strewn all over here too.Harris knew Jennings and Montgomery had proved themselves,deadly accurate in their shooting.Yet Harris also noticed the many fatal cut wounds,inflicting on the bodies.She didn't have to guess,who'd been responsible for this.Whoever that mysterious woman was,Harris was going to find out.

She finally reached where O'Rourke was.He was slowly getting to his feet,somewhat shakily,and Harris noticed his battered,and bloody face.Despite the agony his face was in,O'Rourke's thoughts were hard.He was constantly thinking of Jennings,who'd easily beaten him,and revenge was dominant on his mind.He was determined to get it too.

Seeing Harris enter,he just about kept his balance,and rubbed his face gingerly.

'I take it they escaped?'There was bitter sarcasm,in his query.

Harris nodded,although she made no verbal response.

'Doesn't matter.'O'Rourke was already making fresh plans.'We'll get them.I know we will.'

'Really?'Harris was faintly amused.'How do you propose to accomplish that?'

He heard her tone,but O'Rourke ignored it.He admitted secretly to himself,that he'd been lucky to escape being killed.Jennings could have finished him off,but he hadn't,and that was his big mistake.O'Rourke thought,with an evil smile.

He'll regret letting me live.O'Rourke never had any doubts about that.It was the only thought,that made O'Rourke determined to get even with Jennings.

'Get a hold on Sanna records on those two.'He ordered Harris curtly.'I want to know everything about those two men,especially Jennings.'

Harris was still amused,to hear him say that.

'You're still sore,that the better man beat you?'She practically smirked,seeing the evidence clearly.

'He didn't beat me,Harris!'O'Rourke snarled at her.'If he had,I'd be dead now!'

He then calmed himself down,realising losing his temper,wasn't going to get him anywhere.

'Just get a hold on their files.'O'Rourke went on more reasonably.'Look for any concerns,that this Jennings has.Maybe we can exploit that,against him.'

'That's not going to be easy.'Harris admitted.'Sanna security,is really hard to get past.'

'Then I'm sure you'll relish the challenge,won't you,Harris?'The sneer returned in O'Rourke's tone.'If you can't do it,I'll find somebody else who can.'

Harris glared fiercely at him,but realised it was pointless to argue against him.She'd bide her time though,and would take great pleasure,in taking command here.With O'Rourke out of the way,she sensed she could really get things moving,unlike this fool,who was only interested in satisfying his sex lust over his pretty captives.

'Let's go.'Harris ordered her small group,turning away from O'Rourke's smug face.She'd wipe that off him,and still accomplish her mission he'd just given her.In fact,Harris already had an idea.


Montgomery stopped the truck temporarily,so they could pick up Kelly and Hunt.Kelly was easily helped into the back by Jennings,who then assisted Hunt.Jennings could see the two sniper rifles,she was carrying on her back,but he helped her easily.Hunt always accepted his offer.She owed a lot to Jennings,who'd actually saved her from going insane,having seen her brothers being gunned down by Harris.

Quickly,Jennings pounded on the back of the truck's cabin.There was a small gap,where he could talk to him,but he shouted to him.


Montgomery instantly put his foot down,increasing the truck's speed.Soon,they were well out of range from O'Rourke's base.The truck stopped momentarily,as Jennings climbed into the front cab with his friend,and both men kept a sharp lookout,especially on the sky.Sanna fighter craft were a major threat,having achieved air superiority over Man's own air forces.

'Where to now?'Montgomery asked.

'That base Major Peters ordered us to.'Jennings responded.'We'll carry on the fight there.'

'Let's hope we can find it.The position wasn't really well marked.'

'We will.'Jennings was quite surprised at his confident answer.He did agree with Montgomery,having seen the co-ordinates Peters had given them.It was very vague,but something told him he'd find it.

In the back of the truck,Hunt,Kelly and all the other girls,were looking at Kate closely.She was an attractive woman.Kelly thought,but her own eyes never left the two swords the woman wore.She could tell this female,was deadly.

'Who are you?'Kelly managed to summon up to ask her.'Why did you help us?'

She received a warm smile from the woman.

'My name is Kate.'It was a polite reply.'We picked up your distress call,and came as soon as we could.'

Kelly remembered making her frantic call,just before she was seized.It was just dawning on her,that this 'Kate',wasn't from the Earth.Yet,she looked totally human,and Kelly did feel safe with her.Even so,she was still curious.

'You heard me? How?'

'The Sanna transmitter you used,was exceptionally powerful.'Kate explained politely.'It had the range,to travel to our system.'

'Where are you from?'Kelly asked,but then,she noticed Kate look sharply towards the cabin,where Jennings and Montgomery were.

In the front cab,Montgomery made sure he kept his foot down,and glancing in the side mirrors,both men were relieved to see O'Rourke's smouldering base,finally disappear.Jennings sincerely hoped O'Rourke had bought it.If he hadn't,Jennings was certain that thug,would be gunning for revenge.

For the moment though,both men had other things to worry about,as they kept their eyes peeled at the sky.Sanna fighter craft were a major threat,having achieved air superiority over Man's air military.Both Jennings and Montgomery kept a sharp lookout,ready to evade them,if they showed up.

Another worry for Jennings,was his sister,Louise.He'd never stopped thinking about her,and was remembering the last time he'd spoke to her.She was actually close by,at a Royal Navy port.She had her hands full,trying to assist the countless refugees,desperately trying to flee the fierce fighting.Jennings also remembered,that there wasn't much military protection there,and he swore to himself,that he'd get there and help his sister.

He was suddenly aware,that Kate was speaking to him.

'You are concerned for your sister?'Her voice was gentle,but Jennings glanced back at her,surprised.

'How did you know that?'He asked,before recalling that he'd felt her thoughts in his head,so he knew the answer.

'You read my mind?'Jennings asked her slowly.

'I would never do such a thing.'Kate reassured him.'You are a decent man,so there is no way I would contemplate it.'

Jennings looked into Kate's eyes,and quite clearly saw the woman's warm,sincerity in them.So,he answered her question.

'Louise is all I've got.'He nodded.'I always promised I'd be there for her.'

Kate nodded too.She actually felt the sinister,and even lustful thoughts directed at his sister.She didn't like it.

'I will help you.'She told him.'You may rest assured of that.'

Jennings didn't reply to that.All he wanted to do,was to get to that port,and protect Louise.But right now,there were other people's safety depending on him.

'We'll make sure the girls are safe first,Monty.'He informed his friend.'Let's get to that base Major Peters told us about,then we'll head over to that port.'

'You got it.'Montgomery agreed,still driving the truck at breakneck speed.Jennings silently praying he'd get to Louise in time.


Louise Jennings was a very pretty girl,and she'd always accepted that.She had long dark bushy hair,that just fell past her shoulders.Louise also had warm,intelligent brown eyes that didn't miss much.It was part of her job to be this.Louise was an officer,in the Royal Navy,and her duty involved assigning the right people,to protect others from harm.Louise chose well,and wisely.The men she selected,always came out successfully.Usually,it was protecting shipping,and other tasks,such as gathering intelligence,on possible hostile threats.

In her normal duty,Louise would be stuck behind a desk,doing paperwork.She sent her reports to higher brass,detailing the mission backgrounds of the men she chose.However,with the Sanna invasion,paperwork practically ceased,as the military was desperate for more manpower.Louise knew they needed everybody they could get.Time was running out,and they all knew it.

She was in this port,and was trying to assist the many fleeing civilians,desperate to find a place of refuge.A boat out of the country,seemed a good idea to many of the people here,and they were pouring in.There was a military presence here,and the port was defended.Two Royal Navy destroyers,'the 'Brilliant' and the 'Hunter' were stationed just inside the harbour.Their crews ready and alert,as they manned their weapons.Louise could also see anti-aircraft guns,and missile launchers scattered all over the port.It looked a formidable defence,but Louise could see so few soldiers manning the weapons.She knew that when the Sanna attacked,they did it en mass,simply overwhelming their defences by sheer numbers.It was impossible to fight against these odds,and this was why there were so few,and experienced people to keep the fight going.

For the moment,the military's presence was keeping things under control.The soldiers made sure that there was no stampede,and issued their instructions firmly,but encouragingly.Queues of people were kept orderly,yet there were still more and more people arriving,stretching the military's resources even further.

Watching all this,Louise could feel the tension in the air.She was scared stiff herself,but didn't show it.Looking at the harbour,she could see many boats of different shapes and sizes.They were all crammed with people,who'd been lucky enough to get on board one.Yet,she could also see the wrecks of those boats,who hadn't been so lucky.The harbour was littered with these wrecks,and it was making the port dangerously overcrowded.

Even so,there was nothing that they could do for the fallen.Louise was here,to help the living.She was currently working on the schedules,of the still active shipping.The port was extremely busy,as the boats filled up with people.Louise knew many more were expected in,but Sanna fighter craft had sank so many,delaying the evacuation here.Louise and her people felt so helpless.Despite all their best efforts,the Sanna were winning,and just like everybody else,Louise was getting more and more frightened.

To try and control her fear,Louise always kept a favourite photograph on her.She reached into one of her breast pockets,from her navy white shirt,and looked down at it.It showed herself,and her elder brother,John.Like her,he served in the military,but was in the British army.He was always engaged in battle,and Louise really had no idea,if he was still alive.She sincerely hoped he was,as she kept gazing down at the picture.She then touched her brother's face.

If only you're here,John.Louise thought,hoping she'd reach him.I really need your help.

Louise knew immediately,that there was more than a hint of desperation in her,as she thought that.

Quickly,she put the photograph back into her shirt pocket,and hurried on.She'd been ordered to take the schedule,to her commanding officer,Captain Foster.There were still many harbour buildings standing,although a lot were burnt out shells,but in one of them,was her captain.She found him easily enough,and could see the radio man,hard at work too.Louise had never seen this man before,but she could see he was typing out messages by Morse code.

She then walked straight up to Foster,and saluted him.He glanced up at her,and Louise could see the weariness on his face,but his eyes were still strong.Foster was determined to save as many lives as possible,and could handle high pressure situations like this.This was why he,Louise,her brother,and many others joined the British armed forces.They were the best trained soldiers,in the world.Even so,Sanna military might was wiping them out,with only a few limited successes.There were simply too many of them,to contend with.

'What is it,Louise?'Foster returned her salute.He always called everybody under his command,by their first names.It was a nice touch from a senior officer,to the ranks below him,and much appreciated.

'Here's the latest schedule,Sir.'Louise handed that over to him.Her voice was grim,knowing a lot of ships were overdue.She knew the reason why.

'Thank you,Louise.'Foster nodded,reading it.His own expression turned grim,knowing that unless a major miracle occurred,there'd be a disaster here.His intelligence had fully confirmed a heavy Sanna force en route,and Foster could only pray they'd get help,and quick.He had actually called for it,and then turned to the man,operating the radio.

'Any news on those reinforcements,Talbot?'Foster asked him.

'Nothing.Sir.'The man known as Talbot replied.'Still unable to get past Sanna jamming our signal.'

'Keep at it then.'Foster instructed him.'We need that extra help.Without it,we're finished.'

Foster then left him,to check up on the harbour's defences,warning his people about the expected Sanna.As he turned his back on Talbot,Louise was watching the radio man curiously.She clearly recognised the message system Talbot was sending out,and for a moment,listened to his tapping.She was a little rusty at Morse,but could still understand the code.Louise clearly heard Talbot tapping out,'come quick come quick'
She really hoped he'd get through to somebody,who could give them the help they so desperately needed.She was about to ask him something,when Foster called her over.

As Louise turned away from him,she didn't see Talbot's smug,leering expression at her back.He really admired the girl's figure,and he'd been watching her,since he managed to infiltrate Foster's people.Talbot was actually one of Harris' people,and she'd given him clear instructions,to kidnap Louise.It was an order Talbot was fully eager to obey.She looked great in her all white navy shirt,and many had drooled over Louise's magnificent chest.The girl had seen this,but wasn't offended.She wasn't that type,as Talbot knew she was a very popular young woman.

She'll certainly be popular with the boss.Talbot knew that.He might be lucky,and get some time with Louise herself.He thought with relish.She's a real beauty.Talbot concluded,and he couldn't wait to take her.

For now though,he kept up the pretence,that he was sending out messages for help.In reality,he was actually sending out information on the defences here.Had Foster found out,he would have been shot on the spot.But so far,the deception was working.There was just too much happening outside,and Foster's people had their hands full.From what Talbot could see,things were getting more desperate.He smirked again.When the Sanna would get here,they'd find this place so easy to attack,and he didn't anticipate any problems whatsoever.


Finally,Montgomery stopped the truck.It had been a tense ride,but they'd managed to avoid Sanna patrols,and any other hostile party.Jennings had been thinking of the people he'd killed,back in O'Rourke's base.It really sickened him,that any of his people would ally themselves,with an invader.But he would deal with any threat to him or his friends,be it Sanna or human.

The area they'd arrived in,was nothing but a bleak landscape.They could hardly see anything,but Jennings had examined the co-ordinates on the map,and knew that hidden base wasn't too far off.

Once the truck had stopped,both Jennings and Montgomery climbed out,and looked around them.There was a low,but thick mist surrounding them,giving off a creepy scene.However,neither man wasn't perturbed by it.The mist was a good source of cover for them,so they didn't complain.At the same time though,neither of them could see more than a few yards in front of them.

It was then,that Jennings spotted several cave entrances,and he drew Montgomery's attention to it.He instantly knew the base was close by.

To confirm this,both men were then aware of Kate suddenly by their side.She too,was pointing at the caves.

'You are here.'Kate simply told them.She'd already known of the base's exact location,told to her by Major Robson,back on board the 'Savage.'

'Okay.'Jennings nodded,before he headed back to the rear of the truck.He then helped Hunt down,then Kelly,and all the rest of the girls too.They all followed him,as Hunt kept to the rear.

They all noticed Kate taking the lead,and she moved towards one particular cave entrance.Jennings moved up quickly behind her,as everybody else followed him.

As he entered the cave,Jennings was aware the cavern,was pitch black.Instantly,he and Montgomery switched on powerful torches,improving visibility.Jennings could just make out Kate up ahead.She was still advancing deeper into the cave,and he made certain he kept her in his sight.

After a few moments,he then noticed Kate had stopped.She then knelt down to the ground,checking something.She had found what they were looking for,and turning to face Jennings,Kate gestured for him,to come forward.He did so.

When he did,Kate stepped back for him to see,and Jennings then saw a cover built into the ground.He glanced at Kate curiously.

'How did you know this was here?'he asked.

'I was told of it.'Kate answered him truthfully.Whilst she'd been on the 'Savage' preparing herself for this mission,she'd been told of this place by Major Robson.

'I just thought you could use a little help.'She said to Jennings,who nodded at her approvingly.

'Believe me,it's much appreciated.'Jennings was honest in his response.He still didn't really know who this woman was,but he trusted her.They could have easily missed this,and be still searching for ages.The cover had been extremely well camoflagued,and how on earth this woman had spotted it,was a mystery.

He then watched Kate take out an electronic device,and she placed it on top of the cover.The device flashed for a few moments,before the cover slowly opened.Jennings then noticed a long metal ladder,leading downwards into more gloom.After a quick glance to his friends,Jennings made the decision to go first.He gently lowered a foot onto one of the steel rungs,and was relieved to feel its strength.He then began to climb down the ladder,but very carefully.Kate,Kelly and Montgomery watched his slow descent.

Jennings made sure he took his time,but he experienced no problems,and his feet finally reached the bottom.He then used his torch,and could see a corridor leading off.He radioed back to his friends up above.

'It's here.'His voice was satisfied.'Be careful when you come down though.'

Jennings looked up,and could now see Montgomery now climbing down to join him.Jennings waited for him,and once his friend had done so,they both began to check the base out.The place was huge,but after a thorough check,the two men found nobody here,and radioed the all clear.Soon,they were all joined by Hunt,Kelly,all the girls,and finally Kate.

They found living quarters,a command centre,medical facilities,and an armoury.They also heard a faint humming sound.Obviously coming from machinery.

'Must be the generators.'Kelly said,and she saw Kate nod at her.

'That is correct.The generators keep the base entirely self sufficient.It was actually a top secret design by your people.'

'I see.'Jennings said.He'd never heard of this place,but it looked as if it would provide cover,from their enemies.He hoped so.

The rest of the base was explored,and there were more quarters found.Jennings asked Hunt and Kelly,to show the rest of the girls that.With that done,Jennings led the way back to the command centre.The room was not to dis-similiar,from that of the radio station.Kelly took a quick look around,and noticed the familiar monitor screens,built into the consoles.She moved over to one,and activited a power switch.The whole room,suddenly came to life,as all the monitor screens were turned on.

Kelly made a thorough test of all the communications equipment,and then looked up at her friends.

'Everything's functioning perfectly.'She told them.'We've got some good stuff here to use.'

Jennings too,examined the monitor screens.He could see all the surrounding area they'd just passed through,and was pleased to note,that nobody could approach the base unseen.

'Looks good.'He commented,before watching Kelly making more adjustments,on the screens.

'Let's see if we can see what's going on.'She was switching through different broadcasts,hoping to find more of their people,still managing to resist the Sanna.Although they all knew,that there was very little organised resistance now.The first Sanna strikes on the Earth,had been devastatingly effective.Very little could be done countering this,as the Sanna had moreorless destroyed their forces.Only a few were managing to operate,and Kelly was desperately hoping she'd find these people.However,there was nothing,but constant defeats.So many millions of human lives,had been lost.The Sanna's grip on the Earth,was tightening.

Kelly finally found a civilian news channel,and they all gathered round her to watch it.What they saw was grim.The monitor screen showed a harbour,packed with people flooding into it.They all noticed the fear on the faces.The camera then turned to show the harbour itself.There were many ships,and obviously,it was an evacuation in progress.They then saw two Royal Navy destroyers,and manned defences that were scattered all over the harbour.All could see,that the defences were aimed at anti-aircraft.

The camera then turned back to the people,desperately hoping to get on board a ship to escape,but more and more were coming in.Jennings could see that the small military force there,were just about keeping control,but they'd need help.All of them could see,that everybody there was anxiously scanning the sky.They all knew why.Sanna air power,was ruthless.

The camera then turned to face a very pretty young woman.She was holding a microphone,and was obviously the news reporter.However,Jennings could see this woman's face was nervous.He didn't blame her,but as he watched,his heart leapt,when he spotted his sister.Louise was hurrying past the newswoman,and Jennings could see,that Louise was scared stiff also.He only saw her for a moment,but knew she was in trouble.

Kelly had turned up the volume control,and they then heard the newswoman gave her report.

'This is a scene of mass desperation.'Her voice was a mixture of grim anticipation and terror,as she kept looking up at the sky.'So many refugees here,desperately trying to secure a place on board one of the ships here,to escape the invading Sanna menace.'She paused for a moment,gathering her breath.'The few surviving military sources,can't confirm a large Sanna force is en route here.'

A sudden blast from a ship's horn,made her jump in fright,as she turned her gaze over towards the source.A large passenger liner,packed to the brim,was slowly departing the harbour.She then turned back towards the camera.

'Hopefully,there will be enough ships here,to safely evacuate everyone,but time is against-'

They all saw the woman stop in mid-sentance,and watched her gaze look up sharply.She'd obviously spotted something,and they watched her scream out in terror.

'Oh my God!'

The camera also turned upwards,to show dozens of Sanna attack craft,swooping down onto the harbour.All of the attacking Sanna began to attack the defences,as eeverybody in the base watched in horror,now hearing their people scream out in fear.

'We've got to get there!'Jennings stood sharply up,anxious to help Louise.

'How?'Montgomery asked.'The harbour's over ten miles away.We'll never get there in time.'

Before Jennings could respond to that,he watched Kate stepped forward.She then held out her hands to him.

'Hold onto me.'Kate told him respectfully.'I will take you there.'

'What?'Hunt was baffled,just like her friends.

'I will take you there.'Kate repeated.'Please.Hold my hand.'

Jennings did so.Montgomery followed suit,before Hunt also took Jennings' arm,whilst Kelly gripped Montgomery's.The moment both men touched Kate's hands,they all disappeared from sight.


Foster was rapidly issuing his orders to his people,who were immediately returning fire,on the attacking Sanna hordes.The whole place was in uproar,as the harbour's defences blasted back at the alien invaders.The gunfire was deafening,the two naval destroyers were targeting the Sanna craft,shooting down many,but more and more just simply came at them.The Sanna were also shooting into the huge numbers of defenceless people mercilessly,killing many.This enraged Foster,who'd served in many war zones before.The screams he was currently hearing,hardened him.He hated seeing the innocent suffer,and was always determined to protect them.

However,Foster could see that the Sanna were here in force.To make matters worse,he then spotted two Sanna warships,menacingly approaching them from above.The two ships were moving into a pincer attack.Foster clenched his teeth,feeling his helplessness.Once these ships were on the scene,you were as good as dead.To beat them,some serious firepower was needed,but they didn't have it.All their weaponry,was desperately trying to beat off the Sanna fighter attack.So far,they were having success.The anti-aircraft batteries and the missile launchers,were taking a heavy toll on the alien ships.The two Royal Navy destroyers too,were throwing up everything they had,inflicting their own hits,but Foster could still see more Sanna attack craft coming in.He was also anxiously watching the two Sanna warships moving closer to them,and Foster knew,that once they opened up their weapons,he and everybody else down here,would be obliterated.

They needed help and fast.Glancing back at Talbot,who had told him the radio had a problem.The man appeared to be working frantically on it,still tapping out the messages in Morse code.Foster then looked back outside,seeing everybody out there,desperately trying to find cover,from the attacking Sanna.Not all could.More and more people were being killed,and Foster clenched his fists in frustration.He was aware that Louise was standing close by.Foster could see the fear in her face.He didn't blame her.Inside,he was fuming with rage at these murdering monsters,so callously killing his people.He was hoping to beat the Sanna off,but realised they needed a miracle to achieve that.

He glanced sharply back at Talbot,praying for some good news from him.

'Have you got it working yet?'Foster almost snapped it at him.

'Yes,Sir.'Talbot responded respectfully.'Transmitting now,but still no response.'

Foster cursed silently,but kept his cool.

'Just keep trying.We're dead if there's nobody there.'

How right you are.Talbot thought smugly,as he continued to tap out the Morse.He was still grinning to himself,totally uncaring at the slaughter going on outside.

However,he'd failed to notice Louise move up behind him,and was watching him tapping out the codes for a few moments,before Louise realised what he was actually sending out.It certainly wasn't a call for help,and her eyes widened in shock.Instantly,she grabbed Foster's arm.

'Sir!'Louise's voice was frantic.'He's betraying our position!'

Both Foster and Talbot froze at hearing that.There were incredulous expressions on both their faces,but Foster was the first to react.He grabbed his sidearm,and aimed it directly at the still stunned Talbot.

'Get away from there!'Foster's voice was almost a snarl.The sheer thought that one of his own people,was responsible for so many deaths sickened him.

Carefully covering him,he watched Talbot slowly rise up,and the man moved slightly away from the radio.Talbot's stunned look,was still aimed directly at Louise.He was cursing himself for being so careless.Of course the girl would know Morse code.She was after all,in the Royal Navy.

However,Talbot recovered.He was still confident of completing his mission,and his smug,almost lustful look never left the girl.

'It's a waste of time,you know,Captain.'Talbot remarked casually,still indifferent to the massacre going on outside.'The Sanna will always prevail.'

'Shut up!'Foster waved his gun sharply at Talbot.'Back off.Now!'

Still keeping a sharp eye on Talbot's retreating figure,Foster then turned to Louise.

'Louise,find out where he was sending his messages too.'

'Aye,sir.'Louise hurried forward to the radio,putting on the headphones,and listened intently.The shock multiplied on her face,once she found out the answer.She looked back at Foster.

'Sir,it's O'Rourke!'

Foster's face hardened even more hearing that name.He knew too well,who O'Rourke was.

'My God,man.'Foster shook his head disbelievingly at Talbot.'Don't you realise what you've just done here?'He couldn't help,but demand.'Why,Talbot? Why?'

Talbot's still smug and lustful look,never left Louise.

'Because the rewards are well worth it.'

'You're a murderer!'Louise almost spat into his face,feeling her revulsion for this man shaped thing increasing.

'Louise.Get away from him.'Foster commanded.He didn't like her being so close to him.

With huge relief,he saw her hurry back to his side.Foster still had his weapon aimed at Talbot,and had just decided to shoot this monstrosity,when suddenly,a Sanna attack craft swooped down on them,firing its laser cannons at them.Foster instantly grabbed Louise,and flung her down onto the ground.His own body covered her.Louise couldn't help,but scream in fear,as the lasers passed perilously close to her.The Sanna craft then flew off.

As soon as he'd seen the Sanna ship coming in,Talbot too,had thrown himself onto the ground.He'd managed to avoid the deadly laser fire,and despite being winded,he slowly looked up.His face broke into an evil smile,at what he saw.

Foster lay unmoving,but Talbot could see that the man was dead.The Sanna lasers had struck him in the back,but the girl was unharmed.Good.That was what he wanted.

He watched Louise slowly come up on all fours,trying to gather her wits.It was then,that she spotted Foster's sidearm lying close by.

Talbot too,had seen it at the same time,and they both went for it.Although Louise managed to get a hand on the weapon,Talbot's hand seized her wrist,forcing Louise to relinquish her hold on it.

Smiling triumphantly,Talbot still kept his iron vice like grip on Louise's wrist,and he then yanked the girl up to her feet.Quickly,he pulled her arms behind her back,and wrapped a tight arm over her waist.

'Nice try,Louise.'Talbot was more than pleased,as he gloated into her ear.'But a wasted one.'

'Let me go!'Louise fought fiercely in his grip,but Talbot held her easily.He was actually enjoying her struggles,before he heard the girl scream out.'Somebody help me!'

This made Talbot clamp his hand over the girl's mouth.Louise's eyes bulged,as she felt his hand tighten.

'Don't bother screaming your pretty mouth off for help,my dear.'Talbot was still chuckling into her ear.'Everybody outside,is trying to save their own skin.Nobody is going to help you here.'

Despite the warning,Louise kept up a frantic struggling,and she could only make faint mumbles behind his tight handgag.Talbot smirked,relishing his captive.

'You see,my dear.'He began to explain.'When the boss wants something,she always gets it,especially a pretty young lady like yourself.Harris has ordered me to seize you.'

Louise's eyes bulged even wider,as she recognised Harris' name.She knew this woman was O'Rourke's second in command,but she wasn't a woman.Louise had read off all Harris' doings in this war,and just like the Sanna,she was a monster.Louise's struggles became more frantic.Being kidnapped by Harris,would surely lead to O'Rourke.This was something Louise had never imagined,not even in her worst nightmares.She had to escape,but this was impossible,as she felt Talbot grip her more firmly.

Talbot easily dragged her back over to the radio.This time,he didn't use the Morse,but made voice contact.

'This is Talbot.'He spoke calmly into the microphone,before both captor and captive heard the familiar voice of Harris.

'Report.'Her voice was harsh.

'Mission accomplished.'Talbot spoke confidently,still smug.'I've got the girl.Requesting evac.'

'Proceed to extraction point.'Harris didn't offer any congratulations to him.'Just make sure you deliver her in one piece,Talbot.Or else.'

'Roger that.'Talbot then signed off.He knew the extraction point.It was a boat,moored up way back,amongst the outer harbour bays.Harris had chosen this personally.She hadn't bothered asking for Sanna assistance.This was her work alone.Talbot was utterly confident he'd make it there,and escape with the girl.

Still seeing the chaos going on outside though,Talbot thought it was too risky,to force the girl out like this.Instead,he decided to tie her up.

He easily forced Louise backwards,scanning for ropes,and he didn't have to look far.After all,this was a harbour.Ropes were plenty,and Talbot selected several strong coils.He then forced Louise down onto her knees,still confident that nobody would disturb him.There was just too much confusion going on,with the raging battle outside.He then jammed the gun hard,into the back of Louise's neck.

'Just do as you're told,Louise.'The threat in his voice fully evident.'I'd hate to mark that pretty face of yours.So don't bother screaming.'

He then removed his hand,and was pleased to see Louise didn't scream her head off,but he was enjoying seeing her fear.He then started to wind the ropes over her wrists,and Talbot worked quickly,but efficiently.He made sure all the ropes were pulled tight,and was pleased to hear Louise grunt in pain,as he finished the final knot on her wrists.Then,he pulled her ankles together,and did the same on them.Within moments,Louise was helpless,tightly bound hand and foot.

Talbot however,hadn't finished.He continued to wind more coils over Louise's upper body,drooling as he wound the ropes over the girl's shirt.He made three loops over Louise's chest,four loops under them,and then wound three more around her waist.Still enjoying himself,Talbot relished his handiwork,as he tied all the final knots tight as ever.

Satisfied that Louise was securely tied up,he then rolled her over onto her back.The girl's eyes were staring fearfully up at him,as he leered down at her impressive breasts,due to the tight ropes.Talbot then stroked a finger down her cheek.

'I'm sure you know about your brother.Louise.'Talbot smiled lustfully down at her,enjoying her eyes widen once he mentioned that.

'Yes,indeed,my dear.'Talbot nodded,confirming it.'Your brother's a real thorn in O'Rourke and Harris' operations.It was Harris' idea to kidnap you.You'll make a very pretty lure,so you can watch us kill him.'

'You bastard!'Louise snarled back up.Despite her fear,she still maintained a defiant attitude,towards her captor.'He'll easily smash you to pieces!'

This only made Talbot faintly amused.

'He can try,my pretty,but I don't think so.'His smirk still remained.'Once he's dead,you'll be one of O'Rourke's personal sex slaves.I'm hoping he'll give you to me,for a job well done here.'

Louise was horrified hearing that.

'You'll never get away with this!'She glared back.'You're going to pay for what you've done here!'

'I already am being paid for what I've done here,Louise.'Talbot told her,not the slightest bit bothered by the girl's threat.'Once I safely deliver you to Harris,you're going to do exactly as she tells you.'

Chuckling,Talbot stroked a finger down her cheek,which made Louise's skin crawl.He then couldn't resist,from fondling the girl's impressive breasts.She instantly responded,by spitting venomously into his face.Talbot's eyes flared,but he just managed to restrain himself,from striking Louise.Instead,he calmly wiped the spit off his face,and gripped Louise's chin hard.He then pulled out a large strip,of black cloth.

'The boss likes his girls to have plenty of spirit.'His smirk was now menacing.'He also loves to tie up and gag his pretty collection,which reminds me.'

He then balled up the cloth,and roughly forced into Louise's mouth.He enjoyed her frightened mumbles,but made sure the girl could still breathe.But she would be tightly gagged.There was still plenty of spare length from the cloth,and Talbot wound that over Louise's mouth.He made sure he fastened it tight,and was pleased to see it was effective.

Louise knew she couldn't utter a sound behind the gag.She could only manage a few,faint indistinct mumbles.Desperately,she shook her head furiously,trying to get it off,but it didn't budge an inch.If anything,the gag got tighter.In despair,she had to concede that she was firmly in Talbot's clutches.

Talbot was delighted.The girl was now secure,and his.He couldn't wait to savour her,once he got her on the boat.Now,it was time to get her out of here.Scooping Louise's bound and gagged form up,he then placed the girl over his shoulder,and hurried out,towards the extraction zone.

As he emerged into the on going battle,Talbot was pleased to see the Sanna attack craft,finally manage to hit the two naval destroyers.The two ships had put up a fierce defensive barrage,allowing many people to escape,but now,their ammunitions stocks were running low.Their fire became much more weaker,and the Sanna fully exploited this advantage.

Commencing ruthless strafing runs on them,the Sanna fired repeatedly into the destroyers.They became blazing infernoes,and as Talbot carried Louise on,both ships suddenly blew up into spectacular fireballs.

It was at that moment,that Jennings and his friends suddenly appeared out of nowhere.Apart from Kate,they'd all been surprised to find themselves where they needed to be.However,they all sprang into action,seeing the port's defences.There were some empty seats,on the scattered anti-aircraft weapons.They all headed there,but before Jennings raced on,he turned to Hunt and Kelly.

'Kelly,you stay with Hunt,okay?'He told her.'She'll keep you safe.'

Whilst he would have appreciated Kelly's help,Jennings knew the Sanna may get to know she was here,and didn't want her to be captured again.

As Hunt led Kelly off,Jennings and Montgomery looked on,appalled and shocked,at the carnage the Sanna were inflicting here.There were plenty of human casualties,but this made the two men determined to destroy the alien attack.

Quickly,they both made a survey of the harbour's defences,and could clearly see,that the two destroyers,were now sinking.Their defence gone.However,they could also see the scattered anti-aircraft batteries,and hurried towards them.Both men,and Kate climbed into a vacant seat,preparing to fire.

Checking the Sanna attack formation,they all noticed the alien craft lining up,to make another attack,on the huge mass of defenceless people below them.After checking the ammunition stock of his weapon,Jennings signalled to his friends,indicating their line of fire.Both Kate and Montgomery nodded their understanding,and they then opened fire.

The Sanna were taken completely by surprise,as more of their fast,agile craft were blown apart.Despite their instant successes,the three of them knew they hadn't won.All of them saw the two colossal Sanna warships,rapidly approaching.

As he kept on firing,Jennings shouted over to the Sirrun woman.

'Kate!We're going to need your help!'

Kate nodded at him.From the moment she'd seen the two Sanna vessels,Kate made immediate mental contact with her people.After a moment,she called back to Jennings.

'Help is coming.'

She then rejoined her new friends,who were blazing away at the Sanna enemy.So far,they were holding the attack craft at bay,but they were still fully aware,that they needed to eliminate the two massive threats,now getting even nearer.


Still billions of miles away,on the extreme edge of the Earth's solar system,the 'Savage' was still lurking in the massive orb cloud.Kate's thoughts however,made instant contact with her friends by telepathy.

It was Major Robson,who heard her request,and had sent a reassuring response back to her.She then immediately,approached Commander Griffiths.

'Sir.'Robson reported respectfully to him.'Lieutenant Sanders is urgently requesting fire support.Two major Sanna warships,threatening the planet's inhabitants.'

'Ready all main armament.'Griffiths nodded his approval.'Take us there,Major.Maximum speed.'


The 'Savage' then made a slow turn,and exited out of the orb cloud encircling the solar system.The ship then raced towards the Earth.

It only took a few moments,and Griffiths then saw the blue and white planet beneath them.He could also see plenty of Sanna fleet activity,and Robson then informed him,that the Sanna were now aware of their presence.

However,this didn't bother Griffiths.One of his people was in trouble,and he was going to help her.He always did.

'Position of enemy?'Griffiths asked.

This was relayed to him,and it only took him a moment,to plan his attack.

Turning to his helm officers,Griffiths then calmly ordered them.'Take us directly in front of them.We'll get their attention away from those people.'

The two Sanna ships configuration,was then shown to him.Griffiths recognised their type,knowing he'd faced them before.He was confident his attack would succeed,as he watched the 'Savage' enter the Earth's atmosphere.The,Griffiths ordered all defensive shields,to maximum power.

Back down in the harbour,there was a stunned silence,as everybody still alive,gaped at the new,massive,but deadly sleek shape of the 'Savage',now became visible.Only Kate wasn't gaping.Instead,she wore a smile,knowing her friends were here.

The two Sanna warships,were already blasting their main guns at the 'Savage',whilst their Sirrun enemy returned fire in full.The sky was echoing,with thunderous,deafening explosions.Everybody in the harbour,was staring upwards in fascination.The Sanna warships were firing potential,and hugely damaging salvoes at the 'Savage'.Massive explosions were surrounding the Sirrun ship,but she remained undamaged.

From the bridge,Griffiths was constantly listening,to the status of his shields.So far,they were holding up,and then,he was pleased to see his guns strike first blood.One of the Sanna warships,began to suffer a series of devastating explosions,as the 'Savage' inflicted tremendous damage on it.His gun crews had aimed well,selecting the Sanna vessel's most vunerable spots.Pleased,Griffiths watched the huge ship slowly back off from them,as its companion tried to cover their retreat.

'Keep firing.'he still calmly ordered.'Let's make sure they don't come back.'

His orders were obeyed,and he then turned to Robson.

'Launch fighter squadrons,as directed,Major.'Griffiths had already told his pilots,to prepare for scramble.They had assured him,they'd be ready.'Destroy all Sanna enemy ships.'

'Aye,sir.'Robson then carried out his wish,and moments later,the 'Savage's' launching bays,were alive with fighters launching out.Each of these fighters,then headed down into the Sanna attack craft,firing accurately.


Jennings watched the new ship inflict heavy,and serious damage on the two Sanna ships.Both of them were now retreating.This pleased him,and he turned to Kate,who in turn,gave him a thumbs up signal.He felt as if he'd really scored,in having this woman as a loyal ally.Jennings was still baffled by her origins,but seeing the new ship above him,utterly convinced him,that Kate was indeed,not from the Earth.

He then watched small,silver specks coming out of the new ship.These specks then instantly dived onto the remaining Sanna attack craft.Their assault was deadly,as many of the Sanna were blown out of the sky by them.Jennings knew these were fighters,and satisfied that the Sanna enemy had been contained,he then turned his attention,to finding Louise.

However,there were still too many people here,and Jennings forced himself to look more closely.He knew she was a Royal Navy officer,and he'd seen her wearing her uniform,so he was hoping that would help.He continued to scrutinize everybody,and was just thinking he'd never find her,when he suddenly did.

A man was carrying her over his shoulder,and Jennings could see,that Louise had been bound and gagged.The man was heading towards the outer part of the harbour,and Jennings could see a single,but large boat moored up there.It was evident the man was taking her there,and he'd soon get there within moments.

Instantly,Jennings jumped down from the anti-aircraft weapon,and raced after them.Montgomery did too,with Kate also jumping down,and she moved quickly to intercept the man.

Still helpless over Talbot's shoulder,Louise had spotted her brother,as he successfully shot down several Sanna attack craft.Her eyes had gone from despair,to soaring hope.She had to get his attention!But she was tightly gagged,and Talbot held onto her easily.All Louise could do,was pray that John would see her.He did.Their eyes locked,as Louise made a frantic mumble behind her gag.

'John!Help me!I'm being kidnapped!'That was what she tried to scream out,but the gag kept her cries to a minumum.She was still desperately trying to slow Talbot down,as Louise saw the boat he was taking her too.If John wasn't quick enough,her kidnapper would escape with her.Her efforts were fruitless.She did see her brother jump down immediately,and was now in pursuit.Louise prayed for him to reach her.She also saw his close friend,Montgomery follow too,but Louise then spotted a strangely dressed,young woman.She too,had jumped down from the anti-aircraft gun,but then Louise lost sight of her.

Talbot ignored Louise's frantic struggles.He was nearing the boat,and this made him grin to himself.Just a little further,and he could deliver the girl to Harris and O'Rourke,as ordered.He couldn't wait.

Talbot had just decided to make a check,to see if he was being followed,when he noticed he was.The grin vanished,as he then saw a tall,powerful man aiming his weapon at him.

'Hold it right there!'The man ordered sharply.

Talbot reacted quickly.He instantly put Louise down from his shoulder,but didn't release her.Instead,he wrapped his arm tightly over her waist,and pressed the gun harder,into the side of Louise's neck.This made her yelp behind her gag,and her head was forced up.

'Let her go!'Jennings could clearly see the fear,fully dominant in his sister's eyes.He sent her a comforting thought.Don't worry.I'll get you away from him.Jennings hoped Louise felt his reassurance.

Talbot made sure he kept a vice-like grip,on his pretty hostage.His own face,contorted into an arrogant sneer.

'I don't think so.'Talbot's voice was nasty.'But I will kill her,if you don't drop your weapon.Now.'

Talbot spoke the last word,with utter conviction.He pressed the gun more harder,into Louise,who whimpered.Jennings could see,that this thug was deliberately hurting his sister,so he threw his weapon down on the ground,in utter contempt.

Talbot smiled,fully relishing Louise's fearful,gagged mumbles.The girl's eyes were huge,thinking her brother had easily surrendered.

'That's much better.'Talbot nodded,very pleased.He then recognised Jennings.'You're her brother,aren't you?'He felt Louise stiffen in his hold.Excellent.This confirmed it.

'Your sister is very pretty,Jennings.'Talbot grinned maliciously.'She's certainly got a lot of admirers.O'Rourke too,has had his eye on her.I'm looking forward,to ravishing her myself.'

To savour his victory,Talbot kissed Louise's long,dark hair.The girl clenched her eyes shut,and Jennings was furious,as he was forced to listen to Talbot's gloating.

'She'll fetch an excellent price,once O'Rourke's finished with her.I bet the Sanna may even use her for their own-'

He suddenly broke off,seeing Jennings' fierce eyes suddenly change.The man was now quietly grinning at him.

'What's so damned funny?'Talbot demanded.

It was then,that Talbot sensed a presence behind him.He whirled around to face it,forcing Louise away from her brother.Talbot just had enough time,to see a beautiful,dark haired woman,standing very close to him.Her gaze was cold at him,and before Talbot could react,the woman made a swift,sharp movement with one of her arms.Talbot suddenly felt a sharp pain on his own arm.Instinctively,he looked down,and his eyes widened at what he saw.His severed hand lay on the ground.The gun still held in it,but Talbot didn't retreive it.Instead,he sank to his knees,shocked and full of disbelief,as he clutched his bloody stump.

As he sank to the ground,Talbot lost his hold on Louise,who almost fell too,but Jennings prevented her.He warmly hugged her,pleased she was free.Louise buried her head into his shoulder.She was starting to cry,and Jennings gently removed her gag.

'Thank you,John.'Louise's relief,was fully evident.She then watched her brother,cut the many ropes tied over her away.Once she was free from being bound and gagged,Louise warmly kissed Jennings on his cheek.

'Are you okay,Louise?'Jennings asked her,full of concern.

She smiled affectionately at her elder sibling.

'I always know my big brother,will come for me.'

They both embraced again,but then,they both heard Talbot give off,a gargling sound.Both gazed in contempt at him,as they were just in time,to see him collapse.A hidden knife,was in his other hand.He'd obviously hoped to ambush them with this,but fortunately,Kate had spotted his move.His ominous thoughts easily detected by her.The moment Talbot had pulled out the knife,Kate ruthlessly dealt him,a single,but fatal blow,with one of her swords.

'Thanks.'Jennings nodded at Kate.'I owe you one.'

He meant that,knowing if it wasn't for this unique young woman,Jennings wouldn't have been able to help these people under attack here,or rescue Louise.

Kate smiled at him,but made no comment.He would return the favour,in due course.

Louise was looking curiously at the young woman.

'John,who is she?'

'A friend,Louise.'Jennings knew she was.'A really good one.'He then allowed himself a faint smile,as he sensed better times ahead.However,he then lifted Louise into his arms,and carried her back to Kelly and Hunt.Montgomery and Kate,were right behind him.


However,as they moved away,none of them had spotted the boat,in which Talbot was supposed to escape in,had quietly left its moorings.As soon as the crew had seen Talbot eliminated,the Captain had made radio contact with Harris.His face was grim,knowing he was bearing bad news.

'Well?'Harris demanded from him.'Have you got the Jennings girl?'

'Negative.'The Captain answered.'She was rescued by her brother,and a young woman armed with swords.She killed Talbot.'

There was an ominous pause,before Harris' voice returned.

'No matter.'Her voice was indifferent,to Talbot's untimely demise.She never cared for him anyway.Only her aims,was what Harris appreciated.

'Just keep your eyes on her.'She told them firmly.'Remember,I want her alive,and unharmed.Understood?'

Harris then abruptly ended the transmission,before the captain could respond.However,he did indeed understand,and told the rest of his crew,who nodded too.Already,they were watching Louise being carried safely away,by her brother.Every one of them was determined to recapture her,but for now,they had to wait for the right moment.All were patient,knowing that moment would come,to seize the girl.

Chapter 6 to follow....

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Sanna Menace Chapter 4

Still watching the enemy base like a hawk,Hunt waited for the pre-arranged signal,indicating Jennings and Montgomery had arrived.So far,she noticed no change in O'Rourke's people,and to Hunt,it still seemed as if they weren't really alert.She continued to observe them closely,but she was also thinking of that parachutist she'd seen earlier.Whoever it was,Hunt still had no idea,but she kept a sharp lookout regardless.It might be an unknown enemy,and Hunt wasn't going to be caught off guard.

She then heard a low whistle,being called out three times.Hunt instantly recognised Jennings' voice,and knew her two friends had arrived.She whistled the recognition tune back,to let them know of her hidden position.Within a few moments,both Jennings and Montgomery were crawling up to her hide.

Although Hunt was extremely glad to see them again,she concentrated on her job,informing Jennings.

'Your lady friend is definitely in.'She confirmed for them.'They took her in,not too long ago.'

Jennings nodded at her,and raised a pair of binoculars,observing O'Rourke's base.Just as Hunt saw before him,he could see no high level of alert in the base.But none of them were fooled.Lying next to him,Montgomery was scanning the watch towers.He could see each tower,held a powerful machine gun,as well as powerful searchlights,brilliantly lighting up the ground.Remotely controlled defences could be seen too,with security cameras,anti-personnel weapons,not to mention the hidden weapons they couldn't see.

They could see armed patrols,as well as mobile ones.Heavily armoured vehicles,made frequent circuits around the bases perimeter,and both Jennings and Montgomery glanced at each other.They were under no illusions.Getting into this place undetected,wasn't going to be easy.

Still,both men had made preparations for this,and Jennings nodded to Hunt,who then handed him a sheet of paper.Here,she'd carefully marked down the positions,of the bases electronic defences.To counter this,Hunt brought out a laptop,and opening it,typed in the necessary details,to jam their defences.Once satisfied she'd done so,Hunt nodded over to Jennings.

'It's done.'She confirmed this again.

'How long before it takes the defences out?'Jennings asked her.

'Ten minutes.'Hunt knew that for certain.She'd done it so many times before,and it always worked.

'Okay.'Montgomery whispered,preparing to move towards O'Rourke's base.'Let's go.'

Jennings was just about to follow him,when he suddenly stopped.He instantly clutched his head with both hands,and his face grimaced in pain.Both his friends noticed.

Hunt didn't show much of her feminine side,but she thought the world of Jennings,and would always help him.She put her hand,on one of his shoulders.

'John,what's wrong?'There was concern in her voice.

Jennings couldn't reply for a few moments,but then,he stopped holding his head,and breathed a sigh of relief.Although,he still looked somewhat baffled.

'I'm okay.'Jennings gave them a thumbs up.

'What happened?'Montgomery asked him.

Jennings hesitated.He wasn't really sure if he should tell them,at what he'd just experienced.Yet,he sensed he had to.They were his best friends,so he did.

'You do know,that I wouldn't make anything up,don't you?'Jennings was serious,as he told them that.

'Of course not,John.'Hunt's voice was more concerned.'What is it?'

'I can feel a presence in me,a woman's presence.'Jennings answered cautiously.'She spoke to me.I felt her when I woke up,back at the radio station.'He glanced around him,as if he was looking for the mysterious woman.'I still feel her.She's close by,and even spoke to me.'

'Spoke to you?'Montgomery was sceptical at what his friend had just told him,but he knew Jennings had never lied to him.

'Yeah.'Jennings nodded,still glancing around him,trying to spot his unseen contact.'She's speaking to me right now,telling me she'll help us fight the Sanna.'He gazed back down at O'Rourke's heavily fortified base.'We sure could use it.'

He clearly noticed the scepticism on Hunt,and Montgomery's expressions.Should have kept my mouth shut.Jennings mused to himself.

'It doesn't matter.'Jennings then turned his attention,to the job in hand.'Let's get Kelly out of that hellhole.'

Turning back to Hunt,he took a hold of her hand,still placed on his shoulder.

'Watch our backs,okay?'Jennings gave her a faint smile,and Hunt acknowledged him,with a hard,but affectionate punch on his shoulder.

'I always will.'She responded.'Don't worry.I got your backs covered.'

With that,Hunt then resumed her hidden position,and Jennings nodded to Montgomery,as they moved stealthily towards their target.Both trusted Hunt,and knew she'd saved them many times.They would always return the favour,and Hunt knew it.She watched her two friends advance towards the base,through her telescopic sight.Although Hunt still had the powerful Barret sniper weapon,she knew using it for this kind of work,wasn't acceptable.If she had,the enemy would be alerted,and that was a strict no no.Instead,she held a different sniper rifle.It wasn't as powerful as the Barret,but it was still a deadly killing machine,and would make less noise,especially as Hunt had fitted a silencer to it.After a few moments,both Jennings and Montgomery disappeared from her sight,but Hunt wasn't worried.She knew they were both experts,at infiltrating enemy strongholds.Despite the base's formidable defences,Hunt never doubted they'd get in successfully,and without the enemy's knowledge.She kept a sharp lookout,ready to take down any new threat,to her two friends.


Kate was still slowly advancing towards the huge military structure,when she spotted the three hiding figures slightly above her,and could clearly identify two males,and a female.They were obviously military themselves,as Kate noticed their combat clothes,and were well armed.She'd paused for a moment,watching the two men now making a hidden approach,to the base.From the moment Kate had set her eyes on him,she knew she'd found Jennings.This was confirmed to her by the President and Major Robson,who made telepathic contact with her.She then positively identified Jennings' two friends,the woman was known as Hunt,and the man,Montgomery.

His companion,was a giant of a man.Kate could see this man's tremendous strength,and she also felt the warm,sincere friendship the three of them had for each other.She could also sense their worry,and Kate instantly knew they were going into the base,to help someone.She looked into the bleak,but ominous looking structure,and Kate could see a young woman locked up.She was very pretty,and also wore military clothing.But Kate could see,that the girl was bound and gagged,and her fear was screaming out to her.She sensed many other,despairing female cries,and it angered her.Whoever was holding these girls prisoner,Kate was going to make them pay.

She started her slow advance again,and prepared to use her weapons.Her hands gently grasped her sword handles,and she'd have the blades out,in a lightning move,ready to strike down any enemy she encountered.As Kate moved closer to the base,she heard the familiar sound,of a Sanna shuttle.She looked up,and sure enough,saw the small craft coming into the base,preparing to land.Kate sensed,that whatever Sanna was on board the shuttle,it was bad news.She then resumed her advance on the base,her pace more quickly.

Inside the base,O'Rourke,Harris,and the Sanna commander,were watching the monitor screens,from the command centre.The screens they were watching,showed the base's grounds.There was still no sign of any hostile activity,but all of them had seen the expected Sanna shuttle land here.The Sanna commander seemed to smile,as he watched it come in,but O'Rourke and Harris's expressions,showed disappointment.O'Rourke especially.He was desperate to keep his hold on the girl.Yet he knew if the Sanna were going to give her,to a bunch of their most dangerous criminals,he'd lose a highly valuable prize.Not only could the girl serve him,for his own personal pleasures,but he had already made plans,to use Kelly as a hostage.He could really inflict some damage,using her this way.

Still,all his future plans,would depend on what was going to happen here.O'Rourke kept watching the monitor screens,and he could see all his defences,were working perfectly.His security patrols outside,had reported nothing amiss,and he was wondering if the reports on Jennings and Montgomery,had been somewhat exaggerated.

He was just about to ask the Sanna commander something,when suddenly,the monitor screens shut down,and the room was plunged into darkness.

Jennings and Montgomery,had successfully reached the base's outer perimeter undetected.Both of them kept a sharp lookout,for the mobile patrols,and avoided the powerful,probing searchlights.They did see the planted security cameras,yet they didn't seem to be working.Jennings glanced at his watch,and could see,that it had been ten minutes,since they'd left Hunt's hidden position.He grinned at Montgomery,who returned it.They both knew,that Hunt's efforts had paid off.They could now enter the base,without being seen from the inside.Quickly,they moved in,sneaking past the guard towers,and avoiding the powerful searchlights.They made certain the mobile patrols didn't spot them,as they both then entered O'Rourke's base.

The small Sanna shuttle that had landed,was now lowering its ramp.Almost immediately,a squad of heavily armed Sanna troopers marched out,and then,aimed their weapons back into the shuttle.There were no humans on board the craft,and after a few moments,more Sanna humanoids exited.These Sanna never wore any weapons,as it was quite clear,that these were the criminal element,that was expected.All the unarmed Sanna,were glaring at their guards,but made no move to resist.It had been explained what was waiting here for them,and they were all looking forward to it.

They were just about to be escorted into the base,when they all heard running footsteps coming towards them,and very quickly.

The moment Jennings and Montgomery entered the base,they noticed the power blackout,and were pleased.Now,they had more cover,and they both used it efficiently.As they moved deeper into the structure,both men planted explosive charges all over.These charges would be used,as a diversionary tactic,when the need arose.Jennings then led the way,heading towards the detention area.He and Montgomery knew,that Kelly would be held captive here.He'd memorised the route to it,when Hunt had marked it out for him.They were still some way off,but they pressed on regardless.Neither of them,wasn't going to leave Kelly here,and they headed in deeper,into the base.

The Sanna contingent from the shuttle,were now all staring towards the sound of the running feet.None of the armed Sanna aimed their weapons at the source,and it was obvious they weren't expecting trouble.Suddenly,a figure came right at them.There was a constant flashing of steel,as every Sanna who'd emerged from the shuttle,was ruthlessly cut down.None of the armed humanoids,had managed to get off a shot.There was only the sound of sharp,deadly steel,cutting into Sanna flesh,easily slicing through their battle armour.Within moments,the entire contingent from the Sanna shuttle,were dead.

Kate surveyed her latest kills with grim satisfaction.She then entered the Sanna shuttle,to eliminate the crew.They could have raised the alarm,and she wasn't going to let that happen.After she'd done this,Kate then followed Jennings and Montgomery's tracks,into the base.


O'Rourke was still in his command room,watching his people trying frantically to get the base's power restored.So far,they were having no luck whatsoever,but Harris was making readings,and listened to reports.One in particular,held her attention.She moved up to O'Rourke,with her eyes cold.

'They're here.'She stated.

'Of course they're here,Harris.'O'Rourke snapped at her.'I'm not stupid!'

Harris gave him another cold look.She was obviously thinking different,but made no curt response,as she continued to listen to the reports coming in.

O'Rourke was thinking whoever did this to his base,had to pretty smart in electronics warfare.He still had his own radio communicator,and made contact with his people,in the detention area.They answered him immediately,and apart from informing him of the power loss,there was no activity there.

A little relieved,O'Rourke decided to go down there,just to make sure.As he made to leave,the Sanna commander noticed,and told him;

'Going to say goodbye,to the girl,O'Rourke?'The Sanna's voice sneered contemptuously at him.

O'Rourke wasn't amused,but he responded carefully.

'Just going to make sure,she's still secure.'

Again,the Sanna commander sneered down at him.He didn't stop O'Rourke and Harris,as they left.The Sanna would look forward to the day,when he could finally dispose of O'Rourke and his kind.Just like the rest of this insignificant,contemptible race,the Sanna commander would make every human pay dearly,for defying Sanna will.There were of course,worthy exceptions.Humans who proved themselves,highly formidable opponents,and every Sanna trooper relished that,making the kill on them.Perhaps this Jennings and Montgomery,would provide that.The intelligence certainly indicated this.

The Sanna commander ignored O'Rourke's departure,as he had far more important matters to attend too.The humanoid would deal with the human female,in due course.He certainly wouldn't allow her knowledge of Sanna technology,to be a threat to his people.

Just then,he received a message from one of the Sanna warships in orbit,and he started to listen to it.


So far,Jennings and Montgomery had still avoided detection.The power loss in the base,had diverted O'Rourke's people to attend to that.Jennings led the way,to the detention area,where Kelly was being held.He felt grateful to Hunt,who'd provided him,with accurate intelligence.Both of them were well aware,that they were really deep inside the base,but this didn't bother them.All they cared about,was getting their friend safely out of here.

Finally,they both arrived at the detention area,just as O'Rourke and Harris came in the opposite direction. They were accompanied,by a well armed group.The latter stood stunned for a moment,but not Jennings and Montgomery.Instantly,they raised their weapons,and fired at their enemies.O'Rourke and Harris were lucky,as they dived out of sight,but not all of their people were quick enough.

As Jennings and Montgomery opened fire,they raced into cover,shooting short,controlled,and accurate bursts.Every time they aimed at their target,they hit it,with lethal results.O'Rourke and Harris returned fire immediately,as well as the few people they had left with them.As O'Rourke could see from the dead bodies,he knew he was facing professionals.This made his face,just a bit more worried.

O'Rourke grabbed one of the few remaining survivors,and sharply ordered him;

'Get more people down here!'He had to yell it out.'Move it!'

With that,he fired a covering burst,as the man somehow made it,but then had to duck back into cover.

Both Jennings and Montgomery still kept up their controlled,and deadly shooting.Jennings reloaded a fresh ammunition clip into his weapon,and peered out.He could see the several barred cells,and despite the racket from the weapons fire,he also heard female cries.His face was grim,as he knew there were more girls being held here,as well as Kelly,but which one was she locked up in? He then spotted one of O'Rourke's men scrambling away.Doubtless,to bring in extra reinforcements.Jennings'face hardened.He knew if he didn't act,they'd be flanked,and the end wouldn't be long in coming.

Although the enemy fire was still strong,Jennings reached into his battle pack,and pulled out a grenade.Montgomery saw him,and nodded his approval.After Jennings did the same silent countdown from three,Montgomery fired more cover,making their enemies duck.Jennings then pulled the firing pin,and lobbed the weapon towards O'Rourke,who saw it coming.

'Grenade!'He yelled out his warning,before cowering into the floor,and prayed.He was furious with himself,allowing his enemies to beat him to this.Why the hell hadn't he done it sooner,and where the hell were his reinforcements?

Next instant,the grenade exploded right amongst his people,sending deadly shrapnel into them.Horrendous screams echoed,as Jennings surveyed the grenade's damage.He'd aimed it well,forcing O'Rourke's force back.He then glanced quickly at his friend.

'Cover me,Monty.I'm going to get her.'

Montgomery nodded,and aimed his weapon at O'Rourke's practically eliminated group.Jennings didn't waste a second,as he leapt out of his cover position,and headed towards the barred cells.The first few were empty,and he called Kelly's name a couple of times,before he struck gold.He found Kelly's cell,seeing her sitting against the far wall of her tiny prison.She'd been bound and gagged tightly.Jennings could see the many horizontal loops of thin cable coils,tied all over her body.Kelly's frightened eyes stared hugely at him,but once she saw it was him,the terror disappeared to be replaced by relief.

Quickly,Jennings shot away the cell lock,and flung open the barred entrance.He raced over to Kelly,kneeling down beside her,and gently peeled away the black tape,covering her mouth.After that,he freed her from her bonds,expertly using his knife.

'You okay?'He asked her concerned.

Kelly's response was very positive.She grabbed Jennings,and planted a warm,grateful kiss on his lips.

'Thank you,John.'She smiled sincerely at him.'I always knew you'd come for me.'

'Can you walk,Kelly?'

She made an attempt to stand up,but she'd been tied up for so long,that she fell into Jennings' helpful arms.Her blood circulation,would take a while to return.

'I'm sorry,John.'Kelly suddenly gripped him more tighter,knowing she was now immobile,but Jennings easily took her into his arms,and lifted her up.He then carried Kelly out of the cell.

O'Rourke saw them,and was enraged.

'Stop them!'He shouted furiously.'Don't let them take the girl!'

As if on cue,his extra reinforcements arrived,and instantly began a more stronger fire.Jennings just managed to carry Kelly,back into his original cover position.He felt her hold on him,tighten even more.He then handed her a weapon,with spare ammunition clips,and together,they all began to return fire.This time though,O'Rourke had learnt his lesson,as he kept his people well back.One or two still fancied their chances,and leapt out at them,but Montgomery and Jennings' shooting,was still deadly.Kelly too,managed to shoot down a couple of her targets.

Reloading a fresh ammo clip,Jennings could now see their escape route blocked off.To make matters worse,Sanna troopers suddenly entered the battle.Their energy weapons forcing the three of them down,and Jennings cursed silently.They couldn't hold out here forever,as he knew their ammo was low.It was now just a matter of time,before they'd be forced out,and death would strike them down.

Jennings then felt Kelly's hold on his arm tighten.He saw the fear in her eyes return,and gave her a shoulder,a reassuring squeeze,smiling at her.It had a positive effect,and her eyes became warm again,fully understanding his meaning.Montgomery too,recognised Jennings' gaze.Both of them had sworn on their own blood,and to each other,that they wouldn't be taken alive.They then heard one of the Sanna call out to them.

'Surrender the human female,and you will be granted an honourable death.'

Their answer,was to let loose another barrage,but it only caused their enemies to duck.None of them reacted stupidly this time,and Jennings,peering out,could now see the inevitable.They'd be overrun,within moments.He turned back to Kelly,squeezing her hand again.None of them wanted to commit suicide,but it was a far better alternative,to being taken alive.

They then heard the same Sanna call out to them again.

'This is your final warning! Surrender the human female,or suffer the consequences!'

'F--- you!'Kelly shouted back defiantly.Not that it would do much good,but she felt better for it.Although,she was accepting that she wouldn't be feeling anything,within a few moments.Never.She buried her head into Jennings' arm,waiting for the final moment.

The Sanna who'd shouted at them,had now understood the humans refusal to surrender,and was now preparing a final assault.It was then,that they all heard a major commotion behind them.Levelling their weapons at the source,they waited to see what it was.

Peering out from behind their cover,Jennings,Montgomery and Kelly also noticed the new development.They then saw a young woman,a strikingly beautiful young woman,come into view.She held two swords in her hands,and was advancing slowly towards the Sanna troopers.Jennings was stunned.From the moment he set eyes on her,he knew this was the woman,who'd presence he'd felt earlier,Her eyes locked on him,and they were warm.She really was beautiful though.Jennings knew that.The woman had long dark hair,and she appeared Oriental.Japanese perhaps? Wherever she was from,Jennings couldn't take his eyes off her.He then saw her turn her gaze to the Sanna,and her expression became determined.

For the first time,they all noticed the Sanna troopers stiffen in fear.The Sanna commander present,was also taken aback.

'Sirrun female!'He hissed that out,clearly recognising her origins,before he recovered quickly.'Seize her!'

All the Sanna were well aware,that capturing a Sirrun woman,would lead to great rewards,but it had never been possible.The Sanna and the Sirruns had clashed before,and each time,the Sanna were lucky to escape with their lives.However,they always dreamed of a moment like this.

As soon as their leader had barked out his order,Sanna troopers knelt down,setting their energy weapons to stun mode,and fired at the Sirrun woman.There were many stun bolts fired at her,but she easily blocked them,expertly using her swords to deflect the lasers.Every shot fired at her,she managed to deflect and avoid.

Stunned,the Sanna troopers stopped firing,seeing their efforts wasted.It was a fatal mistake,as the woman suddenly quickened her pace,and then threw herself into them.She instantly used her two blades skillfully,to cut down the Sanna humanoids ruthlessly.One by one,her kills increased,as their huge bodies crashed lifeless,to the floor.Within moments,all of the Sanna here,lay dead at her feet.She then slowly raised herself,and now advanced towards O'Rourke and his people.

O'Rourke and Harris were stunned,seeing how easily this woman had demolished a battle hardened group,of Sanna troopers.Like Jennings,he was staring entranced by her beauty.I want her!He thought lustfully to himself,but then he noticed the woman gazing at him directly.There was nothing,but contempt in her face,and O'Rourke reeled momentarily.He actually felt her gaze,go right through him.It made him shiver,but he recovered quickly.Just in time too,as more of his men arrived.This made him call out his latest order.

'Take her alive!'His voice was curt,as he gestured at the unknown woman.'I want her!'

His men obeyed eagerly,thinking it would be so easy,and promptly ignored the carnage of dead bodies,as they hurled themselves at her.However,the woman simply side-stepped them,and with more deadly effect,used her swords on all of O'Rourke's men.Harris and O'Rourke could only watch in frustration,as their men,joined the already fallen,and lifeless Sanna bodies.

'Get more men down here!'O'Rourke shouted angrily,before repeating.'I want her!'

He didn't see Harris disappear,but again,more armed men arrived,and made another attempt to grab the woman.However,not one of them could get near her,and she ruthlessly despatched these men too.

Still watching the whole thing,Jennings,Montgomery and Kelly,were amazed by the woman's skill.Jennings thought she was exceptional,and as soon as he'd thought that,he noticed the woman look back at him.She was smiling faintly,before he then heard her voice inside his head.She was telling him to go,and to take his friends out of here.Seeing the chance to escape,Jennings didn't hesitate.He grabbed Kelly's hand,and bolted with her.Montgomery too,made sure that they weren't challenged by any of O'Rourke's people,and they made good their escape.

O'Rourke saw this,and he became more enraged.

'Get after them,you fools!'He was desperate to get Kelly back into his clutches,and wasn't going to let them get away so easily.Yet this highly skilled woman,was preventing him from doing so.His blood was boiling,as he suddenly realised Harris wasn't by his side.

'Harris!'He spoke angrily into his own radio.'Where the hell are you?'

'Getting reinforcements.'Her response was brusque.In fact,the already dead Sanna commander,had made previous arrangements,back in the command centre,on receiving that earlier message.Harris had read his response,and knew there were plenty of Sanna troopers en route,and they'd be here soon.

However,Harris could still see the unknown woman,easily defeating her men.She had to admit,her combat skill was superb.Harris could see,that it would have been suicide,to attack her head on.So,she stayed out of sight.Seeing a Sanna energy weapon lying on the floor,she knelt down,picking it up.Harris knew how to operate these things,and remembering O'Rourke's orders to take the woman alive,made sure the weapon was set on stun.Then,she waited her chance.She could see the woman,was now advancing on O'Rourke,who was the only one left standing.

He was still gaping at the young woman,now only a couple of feet away from him.O'Rourke actually felt her eyes,pierce right through him,yet he was still totally entranced by her beauty.He admired her figure,the long dark hair,falling down the back of her neck,and the dark,silk robes she was wearing,made him drool even more.

He then heard Harris' voice inside his headset.

'Keep her attention on you.Stand by.'

O'Rourke realised it would be useless,to fire his weapon at the still advancing woman.She was almost on him,and he started to back away from her.The woman then prepared to use her swords again,and O'Rourke could see,that they were made of excellent quality.If these blades could deflect Sanna lasers,and human bullets,he'd be wasting his time.

'Who are you?'He asked her.

The woman didn't reply.Instead,she kept her cold gaze on him,that still made O'Rourke reel,and prepared to cut him down.It was then,that she was suddenly hit by a Sanna energy bolt,making her slump to the floor.

Harris emerged from her hiding place,with a somewhat triumphant smirk,although she watched O'Rourke race over to the fallen woman.Checking her pulse,he glared back up at Harris.

'I hope that was on stun,Harris.'O'Rourke's voice,was like ice.

'You wanted her alive,didn't you?'Harris shrugged indifferently.She wasn't at all surprised,not to receive any thanks from O'Rourke,for saving his life.He never did thank anybody.

O'Rourke continued his anxious check,and he was more than relieved.The woman was just stunned,and he was glad to seize another pretty prisoner.Although,he was still mad,knowing one had just escaped from his clutches.He glared back up at his second in command.

'Don't just stand there,Harris!'He barked impatiently.'Get after that girl,and bring her back to me!'

It was now Harris' turn to glare,but she made no comment.Instead,she issued fresh commands to her force to accompany her,and raced out in pursuit,of the three recent escapees.

Once she'd gone,O'Rourke smiled.He turned the young woman over onto her back,and stroked a finger down the girl's cheek.

'I can't wait to find out,who you are,my dear.'He muttered,before picking her still senseless form up,and carried her away.He was grinning away to himself,and he had some very special plans,for this beauty.


Montgomery led his two friends out of O'Rourke's base.All three of them were glad to be out of there,especially Kelly,but they realised they hadn't quite made it yet.They could all see a Sanna shuttle,in the process of landing.Quickly,they hid,as the shuttle's ramp lowered.Heavily armoured Sanna troopers exited,and the humanoids quickly entered O'Rourke's base.Fortunately,they didn't spot the hiding trio,but Jennings and Montgomery were still concerned.They still had to deal with the guard towers,and the odd patrolling sentries.Fortunately,Jennings had that problem covered.

Checking that there was no enemy nearby,Jennings made contact with Hunt,and he kept his voice low.

'Hunt,you there?'

'Roger that,Jennings.'Hunt's voice responded.'I see you.'She'd watched them come out of the base,and was relieved to see them.

'Take out the guard towers,Hunt.'Jennings told her.'Make sure you do it quietly though.'

'Understood.Stand by.'She acknowledged.'Eliminating tower guards.'

Hunt was already peering through her telescopic sight,observing her next targets.The towers were numbered four in all,and two armed men were there.One was always manning the heavy machine gun post,whilst the other man walked around,observing the area around the base.Hunt could see they all appeared alert,but she looked more carefully at them,and noticed they had no co-ordinated defence.This would make it far more easier for her.All Hunt had to do,was to wait for the right moment.She had them cold.

She didn't have to wait long for it.Hunt chose her first target,making sure the second man had his back turned to his comrade,before she pulled the trigger.With the silencer fitted to the rifle,Hunt aimed carefully,then gently squeezed the trigger.It was a perfect shot,as the man's head blew apart.His body crumpled,just as his comrade turned to see that.Hunt didn't waste a second,as she'd already drew a bead on him.Again,she fired the weapon,making her second successive kill.She'd followed Jennings' instructions precisely.One shot,one kill.Hunt then concentrated her aim,on the other guard towers.

Watching her,Jennings was pleased with Hunt's efforts.She was eliminating the sentries up above,and within a couple of minutes,she gave him the signal.

'You're clear.Go.'

Jennings,Kelly and Montgomery didn't waste a second.They still kept low,avoiding the ground sentries,but Hunt was making sure they wouldn't be a problem.She warned her friends to hide up,if any sentry was getting too close,but fortunately,they managed to finally get away from O'Rourke's base,and headed back up towards Hunt's camoflagued position.

When they got there,they all stayed low,but Jennings and Montgomery gave her their warm thanks.She'd saved their necks,and both were sincerely grateful to her.She accepted their gratitude,knowing her best friends would do the same for her.

Kelly had never let go of Jennings,and she was still gripping him tightly.She never felt so relieved to be out of that horrible place,but she didn't like the look of his woman friend.Her eyes looked cold,and Kelly shivered.She leaned into Jennings more.

'It's okay,Kelly.'Jennings reassured her.'This is Hunt.She's one of the good guys.'

Hunt didn't say hello,neither did Kelly.She thought Hunt's eyes were so cold,but she trusted Jennings and Montgomery,and nodded her thanks.Hunt returned her,a curt nod.

'What are we going to do?'Kelly asked worriedly.'They'll be looking for me now.'

Fortunately,Jennings still had an idea.

'We'll head up to that base Major Peters told us about.'He informed them.'We'll carry on the fight there.'

'Sounds good to me.'Montgomery agreed.'Let's get out of here.'

Jennings then turned his gaze back down to the base.He sensed that woman again,but this time,he felt fear from her.This made him hold out,a pre-cautionary hand to his friends.

'Wait a minute.I'm going back in there.'He informed his stunned friends.

'What are you on about,John?'Kelly demanded.She wanted so much,to get away from here,and with Jennings by her side.She couldn't understand why he was saying this,but he explained it.

'That woman who helped us.'Jennings answered.'She's in trouble.I feel it.'

'You feel it?'Montgomery was very sceptical,but he then saw his friend turn to Hunt.

'You saw her too,Hunt,didn't you?'

Hunt nodded,having seen the woman's advance on the base earlier.She'd intercepted that first Sanna contingent,from the first shuttle.Watching the whole thing through her sniper scope,Hunt witnessed the woman easily annhilate this group of Sanna troopers.She was impressed with the woman's fighting skill,but there had been one,unnerving moment afterwards.Once the woman had eliminated the Sanna there,she then looked directly at Hunt,clearly seeing her.It had only lasted a few moments,before the woman turned away,and entered the base.

Hunt had been flabber-gasted.She'd prepared her hidden lairs so well,on sniper missions.Nobody had ever discovered her,and she was utterly baffled how this woman had seen her.She explained what she saw.

'She helped us,didn't she?'Jennings spoke truthfully.'Let's return the favour.'

'Okay.'Montgomery agreed,not wanting his best friend to commit suicide.'I'll follow.'

Jennings grinned,punching him on his shoulder in gratitude.He then turned to Kelly,who was giving him anxious looks.She quite clearly,didn't want to be left alone,but Jennings gently squeezed her shoulder.

'Kelly,you stay here with Hunt.She'll look after you,okay?'

Knowing she couldn't change his mind,Kelly responded.'You'd better come back,John.I mean it.'

Despite the full meaning in her words,Jennings could still feel the concern in Kelly's voice.He smiled warmly at her,gently squeezing her shoulder again.

'Don't worry.You know I will.'

He then gave her a quick,but sincere kiss on her forehead,and then helped her into Hunt's hidden lair.There was enough space for two people,to lie side by side.Once Kelly was in there,both Jennings and Montgomery crept back down,towards O'Rourke's base.As they reached the perimeter again,Montgomery whispered to Jennings.

'You realise we're mad,for coming back here,don't you?'He was thinking this was sheer suicide.Nobody went back for a second attempt,on a heavily defended enemy tatget,especially O'Rourke's.He was still wondering what their plan of attack was.

'Possibly.'Jennings admitted,but he was still determined to press on.'You know its the right thing to do,don't you,Monty?'

They then hid from a patrolling enemy jeep,and fortunately,weren't spotted.Jennings checked the guard towers,and was relieved to see no alert had been sounded.He did see two Sanna troopers,now guarding the base's entrance.

'What's your plan?'Montgomery asked.

'We create another diversion.'Jennings replied.'Only this time,it's got to be much bigger,to get their attention.'

Even so,Jennings was still at a loss,on how to proceed.He hoped he'd think of something,but right now,all he felt that mattered,was rescuing the woman.

Jennings then noticed the remotely controlled security devices,that Hunt had successfully used her counter measures on.So far,they were still effective,and glancing at his watch,Jennings knew he'd better be quick.

They then ducked back,from a patrolling enemy jeep,but weren't spotted.The jeep drove off,and it was then,both Jennings and Montgomery spotted Harris.She was issuing sharp,curt commands to a group of her own men.They looked as if they were heading out of the base.Grimly,both men stayed hidden.

Added to this,they also spotted the two Sanna troopers on guard duty,right outside the base's entrance.Jennings and Montgomery had no idea,on how to get past them.

Both men checked the number of enemy patrolling the ground,and could only see several threats passing close by.They knew these men,would have to be eliminated,and Jennings nodded to Montgomery,who pulled out his combat knife.They then stalked their unsuspecting victims,and ruthlessly finished each sentry off.There was no alarm raised,and both men had made sure they made their kills,out of the two Sanna guards eyesight.

With this completed,they hid the sentries bodies,and waited,still tense.Jennings was just thinking to get Hunt to take these two humanoids out,when he suddenly spotted an opportunity.A group of O'Rourke's men,were heading back into the base,and with a quick understanding glance at each other,Jennings and Montgomery joined the rear of the group,marching in step behind them.

Fortunately,their presence wasn't discovered by the men,and they both tensed,as they neared the entrance,ready to use their weapons,should the need arise.

However,the Sanna guards completely ignored them,and they re-entered the base.Both men stayed with the group for a bit,and then silently left them.They both breathed a huge sigh of relief.

'That was close.'Montgomery admitted.

'Yeah.'Jennings nodded,but he was pleased they'd gotten back in.

'Where do you think she'll be?'

'O'Rourke's got her.'Jennings' answer was grim.'He'll probably have her,in his own room.Let's go.'

Quickly,they hurried on.Jennings was sincerely hoping he'd get there in time.


O'Rourke still wore his smirk,watching two of his men carrying the young,unconcious woman,into his own private bedroom.The room was built like a palace,and he had every luxury he could dream off.O'Rourke did indeed,enjoy himself here,especially when his female captives were brought in,bound and gagged.This was what he was planning for his latest acquisition.

He ordered his men to put the woman on one of his couches,and they did so,laying her out.O'Rourke then went over,to one of his personal cabinets,and then took out several coils of strong,white rope.He then threw some of the coils over to his men.

'Tie her up.'he ordered.

The two men grinned,as they started to obey.O'Rourke assisted,taking the woman's hands behind her back.He expertly tied the rope over her wrists,as his men secured tight loops over her ankles and knees.O'Rourke finished the job of securing her,wrapping more loops over her upper body.Three loops over and under her chest,before he tied two more over her waist.

After tying the last knot,O'Rourke stepped back,surveying his prize.He was pleased,and couldn't wait to start on this bound beauty.He had no idea who she was,but he knew she was something special,and he was confident she wasn't going anywhere.Now to have some fun.he grinned to himself.

He was just about to fondle her chest,when Sanna troopers barged unexpectedly in.They instantly noticed the tightly trussed up woman,and immediately stalked over to her.O'Rourke was totally taken aback by their entrance,but also furious at being interrupted.

'What's the meaning of this?'he demanded angrily.'How dare you enter here,without my perm-'

A strong,sharp backhand from one of the Sanna,sent him flying.He crashed into a heap,as the humanoids surrounded the tied up woman.One of them,the Sanna leader of the group,glared down at her.Yet,he was also pleased.

'At last!'The Sanna's eyes showed his pleasure.'We have a Sirrun female captive.'

O'Rourke somehow managed to get back to his feet.It took him a few moment,to pull himself together.That had been the second time,he'd been struck in the face,and it hurt like hell.However,he had heard the Sanna speak,and found some strength back into his voice.

'The girl is my prisoner.'O'Rourke protested to them,still rubbing his face gingerly.'I captured her,so she's my-'

He broke off in mid-sentence,seeing all the Sanna troopers level their weapons at him.For a few moments,he thought they were going to shoot,and he couldn't help step back fearfully.

However,the Sanna leader issued a sharp command,and the humanoids lowered their weapons,making him sigh in relief.It was only for a second however,as the Sanna leader stepped forward,and grabbing O'Rourke's throat,lifted him easily up off the floor.The man's eyes bulged,and he started to choke,feeling the Sanna's hand tighten over his windpipe.

'You forget yourself,human filth!'The Sanna commander hissed,right into O'Rourke's face.'We are your masters.You are nothing to us!Never forget that,and never threaten the Sanna race!'

He was just about to kill this puny human,struggling frantically in his hold,when he suddenly heard the woman beginning to recover.The Sanna dismissed O'Rourke,contemptuosly throwing him away,knocking him senseless.He then turned his attention,back to the tightly bound woman.His eyes were full of menace.

Kate slowly opened her eyes,seeing only a blur at first.However,she thought her body was acting strangely.It wouldn't obey her commands.As she slowly came round,Kate suddenly felt,and saw that she'd been tied up.She was lying on some sort of furniture,and all of the ropes,were crushing into her.Despite some groggy movement from her,Kate found she couldn't budge an inch.She could only move her head.Nothing else worked,and she had to admit defeat quickly.

As Kate's vision became more clearer,she suddenly noticed Sanna troopers staring down at her.They seemed very pleased with themselves,especially the Sanna commander of the group.Kate recognised his rank,and she cringed back,as he knelt down beside her.His face was almost on top of hers.

'So,'the Sanna's voice was full of pleasure.'This is our first female Sirrun captive.'

He then ran one of his three fingered hands down her cheek,before gripping Kate's chin painfully.

'You're an excellent catch,my dear.My superiors will be delighted to question you,especially finding out the location of your home planet,Sirrus 6.'

Despite the fear she felt inside her,Kate's eyes blazed back defiantly.She tried to shake her head free from his grip,but the Sanna maintained his hold on her.

'You will reveal that to us.'The Sanna commander chuckled.'Once you have done so,we will invade your world,and conquer it.Then,you will be our slaves to our will.'

Kate suddenly spat venemously into the humanoid's face.The rest of the Sanna group didn't like that,and they moved forward menacingly towards her,but their commander waved them back.

'I knew you'd be defiant,my dear.'The commander calmly wiped the spit from his face.'However,it's all quite pointless,as you'll find out.'He tightened his grip on Kate's chin,and the menace in his voice,was fully evident.'You will tell us,what we want to know.I promise you that.'

'A simple method of extraction should suffice.'The Sanna then ordered one of his colleagues,to bring in the necessary drugs,and this was promptly obeyed without question.'You will of course,be fully aware,that nobody has successfully resisted our questioning techniques,and you will prove no exception either.'

'There's always a first time!'Kate was still defiant,but she could see it only made her new captors faintly amused.

'We also know one of your warships is here.'The Sanna went on smugly.'You will tell us the identity of that vessel also.I'm hoping it's the 'Savage',under Commander Griffiths,I believe?'

Kate's face was now full of alarm.She couldn't understand how they'd know about their presence here,but she did know the Sanna commander was right about one thing.Nobody had ever resisted Sanna interrogation,and she was getting more panicky,especially when the Sanna's face noticed her expression,at mentioning Griffiths' name.

'Ah,so it is the 'Savage'.The humanoid's eyes lit up even more.'Commander Griffiths is an exceptional,worthy opponent.I'm sure he'll be most concerned for your safety,once we inform him we have you.'

'You won't stand a chance against him.'Kate snapped back.'No Sanna scum has ever-'

'Gag the Sirrun female.'The Sanna commander sharply interrupted her.'We'll let you speak again,once you tell us the location of Sirrus 6.'

Before Kate could reply,another one of the humanoids was suddenly upon her.He roughly forced a balled up cloth into her mouth,and then produced a second piece of cloth.He tied that over Kate's mouth tightly,keeping the gag in.Then,the drugs arrived.Kate's eyes were wide,as she could only watch her enemies,preparing to use them.The Sanna commander then turned back to her,holding a nasty looking syringe.Kate's eyes bulged,whilst the Sanna smiled.

As he was preparing it,the Sanna noticed O'Rourke sluggishly getting back to his feet.The man was glaring at him fiercely,but the Sanna ignored him.This human was nothing to him.In fact,he'd deal with him in a moment,but the girl was priority here.Humans were of no use to him whatsoever.

'Send a signal to battlefleet command.'the Sanna commander ordered one of his troopers.'Sirrun warship 'Savage' present in this system.Whereabouts unknown,but seek out immediately,and destroy.'

The trooper nodded,and hurried out to carry out his order.Then,the Sanna leader turned his attention back to Kate's bound,gagged form.He was enjoying the fear fully visiblein her eyes,and he moved closer to her,ready to use the syringe on her.

'Don't worry,my dear.'the humanoid reassured her.'It will be quite painless for you,and of course,you have no chance of fighting it.We've made sure of that.As I've told you before,nobody has defied our questioning.'He then smirked down at her.'Now hold still.'

Kate's eyes were full of horror,as she tensed,dreading what the future held for her people,as these thugs were going to forcibly make her tell them.She clenched her eyes shut,waiting for the unwanted injection.

Suddenly,something was thrown into the room.All eyes turned to see,a small,silver cannister rolling towards them.Just as it stopped,there was a sudden,blinding flash,making all the Sanna,and O'Rourke,cry out.They all fell to the floor,clutching their faces,momentarily blinded.Next instant,Jennings and Montgomery came storming in,shooting down their stunned enemies.They were able to deal with most of the Sanna,but a couple were beginning to recover,levelling their energy weapons,but Jennings made sure of them.

He moved over to free the bound,gagged Kate,when suddenly,O'Rourke's snarling face blocked his path.The man swung wildly at him,trying to deliver a killing blow,to Jennings' neck.However,this was easily blocked,as Jennings countered.His own hard fist,smashed into O'Rourke's face,sending blood everywhere,before he viscously kicked O'Rourke away from him.Again,he was sent reeling,and for the second time,crashed into a heap.He didn't move,after lying still.

Grimly satisfied,Jennings then went over to free the girl.He used his knife,making short work of her bonds,and after removing her gag,helped her up.

'Are you okay?'Jennings asked her.'You're not hurt?'

'Thank you.'Kate smiled warmly back at him,fully grateful.'I'm fine.You got here just in time.Another second,and all would have been lost.'

Jennings wasn't quite sure what she was talking about,but was pleased she was okay.

'That was pretty impressive stuff you did back there.'he complimented her,handing her two swords back.'You really had the Sanna scared stiff.'

Kate nodded her gratitude again to him.Already,she knew her people had chosen wisely,and she was determined to hold onto this man.

'The Sanna are a much despised race throughout the galaxy.'Kate told him.'They've conquered many planetary systems,and enslaved so many.They've always wanted to conquer our home-'

Kate suddenly broke off,as she then saw the Sanna commander.He didn't have the syringe on him,but he was mockingly applauding them.An arrogant sneer,was on his face.

'An impressive display,humans.'he spoke that in contempt though.'You may have rescued the girl,but you won't get far.I have this place surrounded with my troops,and there's no possibility of escape.'

Jennings and Montgomery slowly stood up to face him.Their own eyes gazed at the humanoid contemptuosly.However,they could also see,that he was blocking their escape.

'If you give me back the Sirrun female however,'the Sanna commander continued.'I will be generous,and perhaps offer you an honourable death.You should think carefully about that.'

The two men glanced at each other,and gave the answer immediately.Jennings gently pulled Kate behind him,who didn't resist.She felt his intentions,and was very pleased.The Sirrun President's word,was spot on again.Kate felt good,to be along decent,and honourable soldiers.

Then,Montgomery moved forward,pulling out one of his combat knifes.His nemesis clearly recognising him,as he did the same,accepting the challenge.

'So you are Montgomery.'The Sanna hissed.'I have heard of you.At least,you will be a worthy kill.'

Montgomery didn't respond.He only had one thing on his mind,and that was to kill this Sanna,so his friend could escape with the girl.The fight was brief,and intense.Both human and humanoid showed great skill in the combat,but it was Montgomery that prevailed.No Sanna,or any of their human allies had ever beaten him,in this field.He certainly wasn't going to let this one,be the first.He killed the humanoid,driving his own blade into the Sanna's neck.The alien collapsed,a somewhat surprised expression on his dying face,before collapsing lifeless.

Jennings and Kate breathed a huge sigh of relief,as they watched Montgomery make certain the Sanna was dead.He then pulled out his knife,and cleaned the blood from the blade.He hadn't felt any joy at killing,but he wasn't going to let any enemy get the better of him.

'We'd better get moving.'Montgomery told them.'If this place is really surrounded,we'd better think of something fast.'He then turned to Jennings.'I hope you have that extra diversion in mind.'

Jennings had to admit,that he was still stuck on that.However,Kate stepped in for him.

'I have that in mind.'She smiled warmly.'Please wait.'

Both men watched her move off a couple of steps,and could see she was going into some sort of trance.It only lasted a few moments,before Kate blinked back into reality.The smile remained.

'Help is on the way.'Kate reassured them.

'What help is that?'Montgomery was baffled.

'Your ship.'Jennings knew the answer.'I heard the Sanna say the 'Savage''

Kate nodded.'Commander Griffiths has granted me a strike force,that will enable us to evade any Sanna pursuit.They will be here soon.We must go.'

'I'm with you on that.'Montgomery was pleased,but then he heard Jennings say;

'We have to go back to the detention centre.I heard a lot of other girls locked up there.'He remembered O'Rourke's reputation,as a serial kidnapper and rapist.He wasn't going to leave any of them here.'Let's get them out.'

'I understand.'Kate was pleased again,sensing Jennings' thoughts.She would tell him the reason she was here,but later.

The trio then hurried out,ignoring O'Rourke's still form,although Jennings gave him a contemptous glance.He wanted to finish him off,so this thug wouldn't threaten anybody again.However,speed was essential,and there were other people that neede his help,so he left him.It still bothered him though.

They made it back to the detention centre,and there was no opposition.Yet,Jennings heard the muffled cries once more,and hurried over to the cells.Sure enough,they all found a lot of young women,all tightly bound and gagged,just as Kelly had been.

Quickly,Jennings and Montgomery broke into each cell,and freed them from their bonds.The girls reactions were mixed.A lot broke down in overwhelming relief,whilst others were strong,but all were grateful to their rescuers.Both men gradually calmed down the hysterical girls,and once this was done,they then led them out of the detention area.Montgomery covered the rear,whilst Jennings moved up to assist Kate.He could see she held her weapons ready,and her eyes were watchful,ready to use her swords again.

At the moment,there were no threats,and they all headed towards the entrance.Jennings and Montgomery had gently,but firmly,told the freed girls to be quiet.All of them were obeying,and as they neared the entrance,Jennings made radio contact with Hunt.

'Hunt,do you copy?'

'Go ahead.'her voice came back instantly,and he also heard her sigh of relief.Kelly's too.'You okay in there?'

'Mission accomplished.'Jennings reported.'We're coming out,but keep your head down.There's some unexpected help en route.'

'Roger that.Do you need help? There's still those two Sanna,just outside the entrance.'

'Negartive,Hunt.'Jennings didn't want the heavy Sanna presence outside,to be alerted to Hunt's presence.'I've got that covered.'

As soon as he said that,Kate turned to look at him,and understood.Jennings went back,to helping the girls.Within a couple of minutes,they finally reached the entrance,and Jennings moved up to Kate,who was observing the two Sanna guards standing outside.

'Wait here.'She told him,before silently moving forward.The two Sanna troopers never knew what hit them.Kate worked fast,and she struck them both down from behind.As their two bodies crumpled,she then waved to Jennings to come forward.He did so,and noticed the heavy Sanna presence outside.There wasn't a hope,that they could make it undetected.

Suddenly,they all heard a deafening roar outside,and both Jennings and Kate could now see four sleek,and deadly shapes streak across the sky.He knew they were from the woman's ship,and they immediately started making attack runs,on the Sanna force below them.Thunderous explosions rocked the base,and Sanna troopers were either shot down,or blown apart.

Whilst Jennings and Kate watched in grim satisfaction,the attack was making a lot of the girls scream in terror.Quickly,Jennings hurried back to reassure them.He had to admit though,that it was a highly impressive,and devastating display of firepower.If the woman's friends could do this,they had a real chance of defeating the Sanna.

Kate watched the attack for a few moments,before waving Jennings back up.The attack had stopped,and both of them went cautiously out.Sanna bodies,and also parts of their bodies,were strewn all over.The four Sirrun fighters came in low again,but this was only to see if Kate was well.She waved back at them,and all acknowledged her,waggling their wings.They then streaked back into the sky,heading back towards the 'Savage.'

'Everybody okay?'Jennings asked the girls.

Fortunately,the firing stopping,had calmed them down,and they nodded back to him.

'Okay,ladies.'Jennings smiled at them.'Let's get you out of here.'

They liked hearing that,and they were gently led out.Jennings spoke to Hunt again,telling her to keep a sharp eye out,just in case any of the Sanna were faking it.She reassured him,that she had them covered.

Montgomery found a decent sized,working truck,and got it started up.Jennings climbed onto the rear of it,and easily helped all the girls onto it.

As he did so,he then told Hunt to bring down Kelly,and glanced at Kate.

'Will you come with us?'he asked her.'We sure could use the help,fighting the Sanna.'

'I will do more than that,Jennings.'Kate responded,moving closer to him.She glanced at him affectionately,and could feel his attraction towards her.

'I will help you fight the Sanna,and beat them.'Kate went on.'Then,I will show you my home world,and take you there.You are part of our destiny.'

'I'm sorry?'Jennings was puzzled.

'You will see,my friend.'Kate smiled gently,at his confused face.'You will see.'

Chapter 5 to follow....