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The Sanna Menace Chapter 2

If any astronomer from the Earth had been able to discover the planet,Sirrus 6,they would have designated it,a class M planet.In other words,a planet capable of supporting human life,and human life did exist here.Sirrus 6 was considered a jewel of a planet,by their inhabitants.It was a very peaceful place.

Although the people who lived on Sirrus 6 looked like the human race,from the Earth,they were actually,a lot different.More precisely,it was the women,who held very special,and unique powers.Every female on Sirrus 6,held the gift of telepathy,and they could also transport themselves,to anywhere they wished,provided it was in the area they were in.

This made their planet,a highly prized target from other,and more hostile races.Many of them dreamed to conquer Sirrus 6,and seize the female populants powers.The Sirruns were always under threat.

Fortunately,they possessed an excellent military force,and they protected their system,with a fleet of warships.These warships were only a few in number,but they were more than a match,for any other hostile vessel.They were huge,but fast,capable of travelling vast distances,in no more than a few seconds.Every Sirrun warship carried fighter craft,used in offensive and defensive roles.The ships were well equipped with anti-aircraft weapons,and they also had very powerful,main armament guns,used in ship to ship combat.All the Sirrun warships were really powerful adversaries,and not to be taken lightly.They were deadly opponents.

One of the Sirrun warships,was known as the 'Savage' This ship had seen much battle.It didn't just protect their own home,but it also went into other systems,protecting other races who couldn't defend themselves.The Sirruns had made many new friends doing this,but also a lot of enemies.

Of course,that didn't bother the 'Savage's' commander.Commander Griffiths was a very popular man,but he knew how to get the best out of his crew.He lived for battle,and knew how to win one.He'd commanded the 'Savage' for years,and moreorless,still had the same crew.Everybody who served aboard the 'Savage',had no wish to leave.

At the present moment,the 'Savage' was in orbit,around Sirrus 6.Griffiths stood on the bridge,watching the view screen.He could see his home planet,and just like everybody else,swore to defend it,even to the death.He knew they had a lot of enemies,but Griffiths was always confident his people would prevail.

He'd been ordered back home,by the Sirrun President herself.Griffiths remembered how serious her tone of voice was.They were good friends,and if he could help her,he would.

Just then,his first officer came forward.Like the President,Major Robson was a woman,and loved serving aboard the 'Savage'.Griffiths had chosen her,because she was a highly capable officer.He knew she kept calm under battle,and was glad Robson was here.She took a lot of pressure off him.

'Your shuttle's waiting,Sir.'Robson told him politely.

Griffiths nodded his thanks to her.

'You have the 'Savage,Major.'He then made to leave the bridge.'Stay sharp.I'll be back soon.'

He knew,that there was no need to say that to her.Griffiths knew he could trust her.He trusted every woman from Sirrus 6,knowing their highly prized mental prowess.

As the women from Sirrus 6 were highly gifted,the men were also highly experienced soldiers.They needed to be,as they were always on the alert,for any threat to their planet.The Sirrun males were much adored by their female soldiers too.They always fought side by side,and protected each other quite well.However,there was a price.Sirrun males were now few in number,leaving the females to look elsewhere,for other compatible human males.As yet,they hadn't found this,and whilst the women never lost any affection for their men,they realised a solution had to be found,or their race would die out,leaving their home free,to be invaded.

Griffiths made his way down,to one of the many flight decks the 'Savage' had.Here he could see many of his single seat fighter craft.They offered him many attacking options,on potential targets.The fighters were also used in defensive roles too,and they defended the 'Savage' fiercely,from any attackers.If by some miracle,any attacking enemy fighter did make it through the fighter screen,they would have been instantly blown apart,by the 'Savage's' many anti-aircraft batteries.

Griffiths reached the flight deck,where his own personal shuttle stood waiting.He boarded it,and within moments,were cleared for launch.With fighter escort,the shuttle successfully launched,leaving the 'Savage',and immediately flew into Sirrus 6.

When the shuttle land,Griffiths was the first to exit the craft,and immediately noticed an old friend waiting for him.This was General Grant,one of his most trusted,and loyal friends.Grant was a tough looking man,seeing battle many times.Both he and Griffiths had fought many times alongside each other.They'd faced death constantly,but always proved the skill,to defeat their enemies.

Griffiths walked up to him,and saluted.Grant returned it,before they both warmly embraced.

'Welcome back,Commander.'Grant greeted him,with a warm smile.'Anything exciting happen out there?'

'Not really.'Griffiths shook his head disappointingly.'Just a routine patrol.There's nothing happening close to us.All the neighbouring systems are quiet.Then,I got a message from the President,saying to return immediately.'

'Yes.'Grant nodded,confirming that.'It's good news about not hearing any threats close by,but we do have something for you.The President's waiting for you now.Shall we?'

Grant gestured politely with his arm to follow,and Griffiths did.He'd seen Griffiths' disappointment,that there'd been no action.After all,he was a soldier too,and everybody in the Sirrun military,dreamed of going into battle.

He led Griffiths into the presidential chambers.It wasn't a place of luxury,but was well designed for comfort.Grant was pleased to see many people he'd selected,to stand watch over their leader.Every Sirrun always volunteered,to protect the President,and Grant made sure he chose the right people.

It was then,that the President entered.Both Grant and Griffiths bowed deeply to her,showing their leader much respect.The President smiled warmly back.She knew these two men,were amongst her loyal and trusted friends,and was always glad to see them.They both made sure she was well protected,knowing any Sirrun female was targeted,by their enemies.Grant and Griffiths were well aware,that every Sirrun female,was considered highly attractive.The President herself,was tall,and dressed in dark blue,and silk ceremonial robes.Her eyes were always warm,but like all her other Sirrun females,they could sense deception immediately.It was impossible to lie to them,as these exceptional women had the power,to enter a person's mind.It wasn't recommended,so all the Sirrun women never abused their powers.Just like their Sirrun men,they would help anybody,that needed it.

Both Grant and Griffiths had bowed deeply,and respectfully to her.She smiled down at them.,placing her hands on both men's shoulders,indicating them to rise.They did.

'Welcome,my friends.'Her voice meant that.She then kissed them affectionately on both their cheeks,and after doing so,she turned to Griffiths.

'It's good to see you safe,Commander Griffiths.'The President told him.

'Thank you,Madam President.'Griffiths bowed respectfully again to her.He was disappointed nothing had happened,during the 'Savage's' recent patrol,but it was good to be back home.He then noticed the President looking at him curiously,and realised he was showing his disappointment.

'I feel your disappointment,Commander Griffiths.'The President stated.'You must not feel that way.Nothing happened out there?'

Griffiths appreciated her point of view,but he still couldn't help himself feeling this way,from the lack of action on that patrol.

'That's very true.Madam President.'He nodded courteously.'It was good to see no new hostile activity in our system,and our location is still secure.'

They all nodded approvingly at that,knowing their home planet was a major target,for their known enemies to invade and conquer.They also knew of the disastrous consequences,should Sirrus 6's location be revealed.The women were the main targets,and the Sirruns were shocked to discover,that many hostile races,had offered rewards to capture any Sirrun female alive.If this was achieved,the Sirruns would be at a grave disadvantage,as their location would be forced out from them.Every Sirrun had vowed,never to let this happen.

For the moment,there was no threat,and Griffiths hadn't forgotten,that he'd been sent for.

'You wanted to see me,Madam President?'He asked her politely.

'Indeed I did.Commander.'She nodded.'It turns out,that we may have something for you after all.Follow me,gentlemen.'

She led Grant and Griffiths deeper,into the chambers.There were also several useful rooms here,that was used by the Sirrun military.The chambers were sacred to them,and were very well protected.The President led the two men,into a small room.This was a communications centre,and there were a couple of Grant's people manning the consoles.Here,they were on the lookout,for any suspicious vessels that lingered too long,in their system.There were also listening posts too,scattered throughout their solar system too.If there was any threatening messages directed towards Sirrus 6,they would hear it.

At the moment,everything was quiet,but the President and Grant knew otherwise.It was Grant who nodded over,to one of the people manning a console,and after watching the man adjust a few controls,they all heard the panicky voice of a young woman.

'This is captain Kelly Finch!'They all clearly heard the desperation,in the young woman's voice.'We are under attack by the Sanna,invading our planet Earth,requesting immediate assistance!Please respond!'

There was a brief pause,before they all heard Kelly's voice come back,sounding more frightened.

'Please!Somebody helmmmmfffff!'

Griffiths and everybody else,clearly recognised the sound of Kelly being hand gagged,before the recording abruptly stopped.The atmosphere in the room was grim,especially as Griffiths had recognised a familiar,but unwelcome name.He glanced over at the President.

'The Sanna.'He stated simply.

'Yes.'The President nodded.'It seems they are still invading,and conquering other worlds for their own gains.'

'Where did the signal originate from,Madam President?'Griffiths asked politely.

She glanced over at Grant,who answered.'It's very distant,but the woman we just heard,was very lucky.We recognised Sanna transmission codes,so it's more than reasonable,that she was using Sanna technology.'

Grant then asked for a star chart.When this was handed over to him,Grant placed it on an unmanned console,so everybody could see.He then pointed at the signal's origin,so Griffiths could see.His friend looked at the position for a few moments,and he was quite surprised,to see the huge distance between Sirrus 6,and this alien place.

'It came from all the way there?'Griffiths asked Grant,who again nodded to him.'I've never been to that area of the galaxy before.'

'None of us has.'Grant admitted.'However,you will be the first.We've managed to identify the planet,the Sanna are invading.It's known,as the Earth.'

Grant then ordered the planet's image to be shown.Within a moment,this was done,and everybody looked at the blue and white planet brilliantly lit up,in the centre of the room.'

'It looks really beautiful.'The President commented,as she observed the Earth's image.She then asked Grant.'Do you think the people there,will help us?'

'I'm not too sure,Madam President.'Grant was honest in his appraisal.'We need intelligence on that,so will leave that in Commander Griffith's capable hands.'

Griffiths nodded.'I'll take care of it.'

He too,was looking at the Earth hologram,and was interested.He now had his wish fulfilled,and that was taking the fight,to the Sanna.He hadn't had much dealing with these humanoids,but he'd heard enough of them.They were a ruthless,and cruel race,inflicting so much suffering on their chosen victims.Griffiths would be glad to get rid off them.

He looked again at the star chart,seeing the enormous distance involved.

'How long will it take,to get there?'Griffiths asked.

Grant had already worked that out for him.

'Seven of their Earth days.We'll send you any more information en route,but remember,Commander.'Grant warned him politely,but firmly.'The Sanna are in that system,in huge numbers.You'll know how large,their battle fleets are.Don't do anything rash.Understood?'

'Understood.Sir.'Griffiths nodded,and he certainly had no intention,of doing anything rash.That wasn't how he worked.No Sirrun serving in the military did.

'Good.'Grant was pleased,as he offered his hand to him.'Good luck,and good hunting.'

Griffiths accepted the hand,and after doing so,turned to the President.He bowed again to her,very respectfully.She smiled warmly at him.

'Bring everybody back safe.Commander Griffiths.'The President told him.'By all means,help these people on this Earth,but always come back safe.I mean everybody.'

'I will.Madam President.'Griffiths would make sure he'd honour that promise.With another bow and salute to his friends,he left the room,to head back to the waiting 'Savage.'

Watching him go,both Grant and the President were full of concern.

'I really hope they'll be okay.'Grant spoke first,looking at the Earth's image,still present in the room.'The intelligence says the Sanna highly prize this planet,and have no intention of leaving it,till they bleed it dry.'

Grant paused momentarily,before going on.'I really hope they'll get some help,from these Earth people.'

The President heard him,and decided to find out.She too,looked at the Earth's hologram,and stared intently at it.Her eyes were full of concentration.Grant could see,that the President was using her special mental abilities.He knew all Sirrun females had this gift,and telepathy was widely used by them.The Sirrun women could send a telepathic message,to anyone and anywhere.No distance was too great for them,but there was a risk.Every time a Sirrun female used her thoughts this way,they ran the risk of detection,and they all knew it.Grant knew of many other races,who also had mental gifts,and were quite keen to seize a Sirrun woman,so they could learn of their planet's secret location.

The President stayed like this for a few minutes,almost as if she was in a trance.Grant waited patiently,knowing it was extremely dangerous,to disturb her.It was far better,to let her come out of the trance herself.She then did that,allowing herself,to come back to her surroundings.

'Are you alright,Madam President?'Grant asked her.

'Yes,I'm fine.'She nodded.'Commander Griffiths will get the help he needs.I'm sure of that.I sensed them.'She paused for a moment,remembering what she felt.'Especially one in particular,he will assist.I made contact with him.'

'He replied to you?'Grant was a little surprised at that.

'I sensed he was hurt.'The President shook her head at that one.'He's a soldier,but I feel he's been hurt badly.I also felt the Sanna's presence too.They were quite close,so there must have been a battle.However,I do know he will help.General Grant.'Her voice was adamant at that.'Make sure you tell Commander Griffiths.I think this Jennings,is exactly the man we need,to help us.'

She was pleased to see Grant nod in agreement.Grant always trusted her word.Everybody on Sirrus 6 did.They'd all heard stories from other worlds,when there'd been so many false promises made,especially from political leaders.It had appalled everybody here.The President had made sure,that this sort of thing would never ever happen,on her home world.

'Then,let's hope this Jennings,can help us to defeat the Sanna menace.Madam President.'Grant told her.'I'll see Commander Griffiths is informed of your wishes.'

Just as Griffiths had done earlier,Grant bowed very respectfully to her,and then hurried out.

By now,Griffiths had landed back on board the 'Savage.' After exiting his shuttle,he made his way determinedly,back up to the bridge.When he got there,Griffiths went straight over to his first officer.

'Major Robson.Prepare these co-ordinates,for immediate departure.'He ordered briskly,handing her the 'Savage's' next destination.

Robson never made any queries about the order,and promptly obeyed.None of Griffiths' crew would,as they all trusted him implicitly.They all felt a little disappointed,not having the time to visit home,but they knew there was always a good reason for this.

'Yes,Sir.'Robson had instantly responded,and she then moved over to the helm officers,handing the co-ordinates to them.They put it straight into the 'Savage's' flight computers,and after the helm officers acknowledged this,they then told Robson the journey time.She was quite surprised,to see how long it would take to get there.She then headed back over to her commander.

'We won't get there straight away,Sir.'She informed him.

'Yes,thank you.Major.'Griffiths nodded at her,already knowing this.'Once course is plotted,please proceed to target system.'

Robson nodded,seeing the determination in his face.She was excited too,knowing this was a new mission.Even so,she hid the excitement she was feeling,and carried out her orders.The helm officers told her everything was ready,and Robson then gave the order for the 'Savage' to leave orbit over Sirrus 6.Next moment,the huge,but sleek Sirrun warship,vanished from its home.

Satisfied they were on their way,Griffiths then left Robson in charge of the bridge,and made his way towards one of the many training areas,the 'Savage' held.Being such a huge ship,the 'Savage' needed a considerable,well armed force,to protect it from any potential,hostile enemy boarding party.Griffiths knew he had this,in abundance.

He'd already received the message from Grant,and knew who to choose,to go on this next mission.When Griffiths finally reached the training areas,he could see plenty of activity.All his people here,were practising their skills.Here,they could shoot their weapons at arranged targets,or compete against each other,in unarmed combat.Griffiths could see a lot of this going on.Both men and women were competing against each other,and they were taking it very seriously.Everybody was fighting hard against each other,but there was always respect.

Griffiths scanned the participants.He'd already examined the personnel file,of who he was going to choose.He then found who he was looking for,and walked over.He was watching a young woman practising,her unarmed combat skills.Although,she held two swords,and was slowly circling a male opponent,also armed with swords.

The 'fight' had attracted a big crowd,but this wasn't entertainment.Everybody was here,to improve their fighting skills.Griffiths then watched the young woman assault her opponent,using her swords with great skill.She was obviously,a highly accomplished fighter,and this was why Griffiths had chosen her.

He watched the two of them use their blades expertly,making constant clashes of steel.Yet finally,it was the woman who prevailed.She beat her opponent,with a series of lightning moves,successfully disarming the man's two swords from him.Once she'd done this,the man accepted defeat,and standing back a little from her,bowed his head respectfully to her,acknowledging her victory.She bowed back to him,appreciating his gesture.This brought a lot of much deserved applause from the watching crowd,for both combatants.

Griffiths waited until the woman was on her own,and moved up to her.As soon as she saw him,the woman sprang immediately to attention.

'As you were,Lieutenant Sanders.'Griffiths gestured for her,to stand at ease.She did so.'Follow me please.'

He led her back to his personal quarters,and then gestured for her to sit down.She did so,and Griffiths then sat opposite her.He held her file too.

'I've got a mission for you.Lieutenant.'Griffiths informed her,opening up the file.'I've been reading your combat details,and see you scored top marks for infiltration.'

Griffiths glanced down at her details.Her name was Kate Sanders,and Griffiths could see she was very beautiful.Kate had long,flowing dark hair,and her eyes were warm.Griffiths knew though,that she was superbly skilled as a soldier.She was one of the good guys,and Griffiths went on to explain more.

'We're heading towards a planet called Earth.It's very distant,the furthest we've ever been,but there's a couple of good reasons for this.Firstly,the Sanna are there,currently invading this Earth.'

Griffiths paused,watching her reaction.Kate's eyes,like his,went cold.She despised the Sanna just as much.There hadn't been much contact,between the two races,although the Sanna were just as eager,to capture a Sirrun female alive,to learn of their secret location.

'I want you to go into this planet,and effectively help any of the native inhabitants,fighting these thugs.'Griffiths went on.'You will realise,that if the Sanna discover your presence,you'll be targeted for abduction,and you know what that means,don't you?'

Kate nodded,knowing how much their enemies would love,to find out where Sirrus 6 was.There'd been a few close calls,but so far,the Sirrun girls had avoided capture,thanks to their comrades determination to protect them.

'Do you want to accept the mission,Kate?'Griffiths asked.

'Of course.Sir.'Kate replied immediately.She never had any intention,of refusing him,although she did ask.'You said there were a couple of reasons,Sir.What's the second one?

Griffiths nodded.

'Your main mission,is to locate one of the male inhabitants,on this Earth.His name is Jennings,and he's a soldier,fighting the Sanna.It's very important,that you protect him.The President has given her full approval on him.'He glanced meaningfully at her.'You understand what I mean?'

Kate fully understood his meaning.In fact,Griffiths could see her eyes light up.The Sirruns were always on the lookout,for potential mates.They were not always successful,but every time they did find one,the Sirruns made certain,that no harm would come to them.If the President had given this man her blessing,Kate would be very interested to meet him.

'I'd like to make contact with him,Sir,if I can.'Kate wanted to see for herself,and after seeing Griffiths nod of approval,she concentrated her thoughts.

For a few moments,Kate felt nothing,but then,she did make contact with Jennings.She then broke off the link.

'You approve of him?'Griffiths asked.

'He's a good man.'Kate confirmed.'I saw what was in his heart.I will protect him,and his concerns.'

'Did he reply to you?'

'Not as such.He was unsure if he was imagining it,but I told him he'd be getting help,and soon.'

'The President said he was hurt.You felt he was okay?'

'He's fine.Commander,but I felt his worry.'Kate's face was concerned too,saying that.'He's worrying for his sister.'

'I see.'Griffiths responded.At the moment,they were just to far away,to be of help,but he sensed this Jennings,would be able to handle any problems,until Kate arrived.

'How am I going in,Sir?'Kate wanted to know.

'We'll send you in by shuttle,from the edge of the system.It's crawling with Sanna forces,but you'll get there.Then,you'll be parachuted in.Any more questions?'


'Very well.'Griffiths rose,and offered his hand to her.'Good luck,Kate.Remember,help those who need it,but above all,don't get caught.Understood?'

'Don't worry,Sir.'Kate was confident in her reply.'I can handle myself.'

'Very well,but don't get over confident.Lieutenant.'Griffiths warned her politely.'I don't want you taken prisoner.Remember that.'

Griffiths then stood up,and Kate did too.

'Good luck.Lieutenant.'He offered his hand to her,which Kate gladly accepted.

'Thank you,Sir.'Then,with a salute to him,Kate left.

Griffiths watched her leave.He had no doubt at all,that Kate would send any hardened Sanna trooper reeling,or anybody else dumb enough,trying to take advantage over her.Yet,he suddenly got an ominous feeling,that Kate was going to be in great danger.


With much impatience in his stride,O'Rourke made his way back,to where the Sanna had called for him.He was still fuming inside,having just about to ravish that dark haired,bound and gagged beauty,safely under lock and key.The humanoids had stopped him from doing so,and his face was furious.

What the hell do they want me for? O'Rourke thought angrily.He almost snarled it out,but at the back of his mind,he knew he'd be back,and somehow managed to contain his frustration.O'Rourke was looking forward,to ravishing the girl,so hopefully,this call,would be nothing more than a minor hinderance.

She won't escape me.O'Rourke thought to himself.I'll make sure of that.Thinking this,he chuckled,and hoped for a quick return.

He finally reached the command centre,of the Sanna craft.His entry was watched by every Sanna humanoid,and O'Rourke could tell from their narrowed eyes,that they weren't pleased.He then spotted Harris too,and even she was glaring at him.

Well,that's nothing new.O'Rourke thought indifferently.

He then noticed the Sanna commander advancing towards him,and before he could speak,the humanoid suddenly struck him,hard across his face.O'Rourke went flying backwards,crashing into a heap.

'You fool!'The Sanna commander hissed down at his fallen form.

O'Rourke was in too much pain to reply,as his face felt as if it was burning.He tried to glare back up,at the Sanna humanoid towering over him,but he had to pull himself together first.

When he did so,O'Rourke rubbed his face gingerly,and snapped back.

'What the hell are you talking about?'

'You human fools didn't do your job properly.'The Sanna was still speaking menacingly,and then turned to one of his crew,ordering him to replay certain scenes,of the recent battle at the radio station.Turning back to still glare down at O'Rourke,the humanoid snarled.'Must we refresh your memory?'

He gestured brusquely towards one of the screens,and O'Rourke found his attention diverted to it.He watched the battle repeat itself,and could see it had been,a hard earned victory.Then,the image switched to the rear of the radio station.O'Rourke and Harris watched themselves,assault and wipe out the few remaining defenders,before their initial success was stopped,by the two men,emerging from inside the station.Both men had successfully counter attacked,and practically wiped out their whole group.The sniper duel was then shown,and Sanna faces hardened,as they watched one of their craft,being blown out of the sky,by one of the men.Then,the last two defenders were blown away themselves,by the timely arrival of another Sanna craft.Everybody watched their bodies tumble down,from the radio station,before O'Rourke watched himself and Harris,check the two unmoving forms.Evidently,they'd been satisfied,as they then moved into the building,to capture the girl.

The Sanna commander then ordered more up to date images,to be shown to O'Rourke.When this was done so,the screen still showed the same place,where Jennings and Montgomery had fallen,but as O'Rourke could see,the two men's bodies had vanished.They were nowhere in sight.

'Where did they go?'O'Rourke suddenly found himself asking.He could still see,that he was receiving contemptible looks,from the Sanna.

'If we knew that,O'Rourke.'The Sanna commander hissed at him.'We wouldn't be asking you.'

O'Rourke thought for a few moments,before he shrugged,not knowing the answer.

'I don't see what the problem is.'He admitted.'It's possible that they did survive,or maybe their bodies were taken by looters.I don't think they'll be a threat anymore.'He glanced at the Sanna commander.'Do you?'

He wished he'd felt a bit more confident saying that,but the Sanna were still not impressed,especially the commander.

'You really are a fool,O'Rourke.'The humanoid snapped back.'We have studied every human here,who fought against us.The results are quite surprising.'

The Sanna commander then ordered another one of his crew,to bring a couple of images up.Within a moment,O'Rourke clearly saw the pictures,of Jennings and Montgomery.

'Do you recognise these two men?'The Sanna asked him,more calmly this time.

Surprisingly,O'Rourke did.He'd read a lot about them,and had been hugely impressed.

'Jennings and Montgomery.'He nodded slowly,realising how he'd faced two deadly opponents,back at the radio station.No wonder he'd lost all his assault group.These two men were the best soldiers,he'd ever seen.How he wished he could have had their services,to his own large,private and personal army.

'That is correct.'The Sanna didn't congratulate O'Rourke,on recognising their two most dangerous targets,but he went on.'We have tried for some time,to eliminate these two humans.'

'If they survived that fall,then they must be very lucky,or damned special.'O'Rourke conceded.

'They are indeed,as you say,damned special.'The Sanna commander agreed.'We have confirmed intelligence,that they are loyal friends to each other,and their battle record,is second to none.We would certainly like to have both their heads,especially the one known as Montgomery.'

'Yes,I know of him.'O'Rourke nodded again.He remembered reading confirmed reports,that Montgomery was one of the few known humans,to fight,and successfully kill Sanna troopers,with his own bare hands.Looking at the man's powerful physique,O'Rourke never doubted it.He also recalled,that Jennings too,had achieved this,and their combat missions,made interesting reading.

Suddenly,O'Rourke remembered something,which gave him an idea.It pleased him so much,that it bought a smirk to his face.

'You find something amusing,O'Rourke?'The Sanna commander demanded from him.

'On the contrary.'O'Rourke kept his smirk,now feeling more confident than ever.'I've got the answer,to your problem.'

'Which is?'

'This Jennings,is very close to our pretty prisoner.'O'Rourke relished saying that.'If he and Montgomery have indeed,survived.Jennings will obviously find out we have the girl,and he and Montgomery,will come to rescue her.'

'You are certain of this?'The Sanna's eyes narrowed at him.

'Definitely.'O'Rourke's reply was now fully confident.'We'll use Miss Finch as bait,to lure them into a trap.'

'And how do you propose to accomplish that?'

It was now O'Rourke's turn,to gaze in utter contempt at the Sanna humanoids.

'You really don't know anything,about human behaviour,do you?'He almost sneered it out.'I thought you'd said you'd studied us?'

The Sanna humanoids didn't respond to that,but O'Rourke could see he'd annoyed them,so he decided to explain.

'I'll take the girl into my base,and let Jennings and Montgomery find a way in.Once they're in,we'll be waiting for them,and you can watch us dispose of them.'

The Sanna commander gazed hard at him for a few moments,before he turned his back to him,and started a private discussion with his comrades.As they talked in their own native tongue,Harris came over to O'Rourke,and spoke for the first time,since they'd boarded the Sanna craft.

'I hope you know what you're doing.'

'Of course I do,Harris.'O'Rourke responded,still utterly confident.'I've always enjoyed reading stories of the hero,racing to rescue a pretty damsel in distress.Miss Finch fits that description perfectly,and let's see how her two heroes fare.'

He still wore his smirk,as he continued.'Of course,they will both fail abysmally.'

Harris didn't respond to that.She could see O'Rourke's mind was already made up,on his plan.Harris wasn't bothered by that.She was interested in these two men,especially Jennings.Of course,he was an enemy,but Harris fully enjoyed a highly worthy adversary.She too,had read about Jennings and Montgomery's battle records,and had been impressed,especially when she'd been at the receiving end off it.

They then noticed the Sanna stop conferring amongst themselves,and they all turned back,to face their human 'allies.'

'We have decided to accept your plan.'The Sanna commander informed O'Rourke,who was delighted.

'Very good.'O'Rourke's tone reflected his pleasure.'A wise decision,commander.'He now felt the future,was much more brighter,and was already preparing the details for the trap.Of course,he'd still take the girl,once her two friends had been eliminated.O'Rourke couldn't wait to ravish her,and add Kelly to his already impressive collection,of his pretty enslaved girls.There was also the added bonus,that he could use Kelly as a hostage.Her own people would be frantic for her safe return,and may even pay him a ransom.

Of course,O'Rourke had no intention of releasing Kelly,even if a ransom he demanded,was paid to him.He knew the girl was highly skilled,in understanding Sanna technology.The Sanna would be more than eager,to remove this knowledge from her.O'Rourke had seen them do this on human captives,and it wasn't a pretty sight.He silently promised himself,that he'd keep the girl.

Still,he was looking forward to seeing Jennings and Montgomery again.He actually owed them one,for wiping out his specially trained,assault group.He was enjoying thinking this,when he suddenly heard one of the Sanna say to the commander.

'We are approaching the human's base,commander.'

'Take us in.'His superior ordered.

The order was obeyed without question,and the Sanna craft landed inside.O'Rourke then made his way back towards Kelly's cell.When he got there,he unlocked the door,and was pleased to see Kelly,still tightly bound and gagged on the cell floor.The girl,seeing him standing in the doorframe,gave a terror stricken,but considerably muted shriek.With an evil smile on his face,O'Rourke advanced slowly towards her.

Kelly had made no headway with her bonds.The ropes were still too tight,and the tape over her mouth,was very effective,silencing her.Still praying for a miracle,Kelly's hopes were practically crushed,seeing O'Rourke's sinister form open the cell door.Seeing him move towards her,and kneeling down beside her prone form,Kelly clenched her eyes tightly shut.

As O'Rourke knelt down,he was pleased to see the girl's fear.He liked to see that,in all his pretty female captives,and he exploited that,to the fullest.He then took a firm hold,on Kelly's chin.

'Look at me,my pretty.'He ordered her.

Kelly heard a smug tone in his voice,which made her skin crawl,but there was also a cold,hard edge to it,which made her obey him.

'I have some good news for you,my dear.'O'Rourke smiled down at her,which Kelly hated.Her frightened eyes were huge,staring back up at him.'You have two friends,which survived the battle,and they're coming for you.'

He was pleased to see the despair in the girl's eyes disappear,to come alive with renwed hope.He confirmed it for her.

'Jennings and Montgomery are their names,I believe?'He still held Kelly's chin forcefully,and started to stroke his hand,through her smooth,raven hair,making her whimper fearfully.'I can't wait to let them know,that I have you in my clutches.Let's hope for your sake,that they won't keep us waiting too long,as I know the Sanna want to get their hands on you.'

Kelly was still mumbling like mad behind her gag,as O'Rourke suddenly bent down to seize her,and then lifted her over his shoulder.Giving Kelly's rump an enjoyable smack,he enjoyed hearing the girl's protesting,yet scared,muffled shriek.He then carried his prize out of the cell,and took her into his base.

As she was carried in,all Kelly could do,was to pray that Jennings and Montgomery,wouldn't be taking their time,to plan her rescue.She knew O'Rourke's base,was like a fortress,and only a complete lunatic,bent on suicide,would ever dream of attacking it.She knew that they were going to use her as bait.Her despair was now overwhelming her,as she heard O'Rourke's chuckles,as he carried her deeper,into the lion's mouth.

Chapter 3 to follow...

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Sanna Menace


It is the distant future.The Earth has been invaded by a hostile alien race,known as the Sanna.Battle hungry humanoids,totally dedicated to war,conquest,and enslaving subjugated races.They arrive unexpectedly over the Earth,in massive swarms of their deep space battle cruisers.Giant vessels,that hold enormous firepower,that can level huge cities.

They assault the Earth ruthlessly,brushing aside Man's military,with contemptuous ease.The human race fights desperately back against this new,deadly threat,and the fighting rages for many years.Human lives are lost in millions,whilst Sanna losses are few.With far more superior technology in their arsenal,the alien invaders sweep all before them.Now,they stand on the verge of total victory,in conquering the Earth.

Yet,despite the despair felt by Mankind,a ray of hope has now presented a chance to them all....

Chapter One

The radio station was the only built up structure found,in this desolate terrain,but the giant,radio antenna dish was the dominant feature.The dish had been aimed skywards,and the whole station was surrounded,by heavily armed human soldiers.Every one of them was well dug into a defensive position,and their faces were tense and grim.They all knew,that the hated Sanna invaders,would soon be on them.They kept their eyes sharp,ready for the inevitable battle.Many of them had lost loved ones,close friends,all killed or worse,taken by the Sanna.This fact had hardened their resolve even further.

Inside the radio station,Major Peters was in command.Like a lot of his people under his command here,Peters was a highly experienced army officer.He'd fought the Sanna many times,and had actually won one of the few military victories against them.In that fight,Peters and his people had managed to get their hands on a vital piece of Sanna technology.A transmitter that was far more powerful,than any man made device.It had taken a while to understand how the alien device worked,but thanks to dedicated people,they had managed to do it.This had proved priceless.Now,they could listen in to Sanna communications,and set up ambushes,or gain vital intelligence.They were now striking back,but the alien invaders now knew of their missing technology,and were determined to get it back.

As Peters walked through the station,he made another check on his people.It was unnecessary of course,as Peters knew everybody was well prepared.He still liked to be thorough though,and it had served him well in battle many times.Even so,military victories against the Sanna were extremely rare.Despite all their valiant efforts,the Sanna always kept coming at them,and in huge numbers.Their firepower,was devastating,always sending them on the back foot.Peters and so many others,had desperately tried to seek better positions,to inflict some damage.Yet the alien humanoids were everywhere,killing ruthlessly,and capturing many people.This was the worst part for anybody unfortunate enough to suffer.Peters had seen this many times.The Sanna especially liked to seize young women.Peters and his people always tried to help the girls.Sometimes they succeeded,but mostly they didn't.Peters could still hear the girls screams of terror,as they were abducted,never to be seen again.It enraged him and his people,swearing to themselves,that they'd try to protect the girls.Why the Sanna were kidnapping the girls,Peters had no idea,but he had some very nasty suspicions.

One girl Peters was determined to protect,was Captain Kelly Finch.He saw her sitting by the Sanna transmitter they'd taken from the invaders,and seeing her wearing a pair of headphones on her head,knew Kelly was listening in to the Sanna coded signals.When they'd grabbed the transmitter,nobody was sure how it worked,but finally,a few,and highly talented dedicated people stepped forward.Kelly had been one of them.She'd never given up on it,knowing many human lives could be saved.It had taken them many months,but with Kelly's help,they'd finally cracked the aliens codes.Now,they could fight back.

Peters was glad Kelly was here.Her work had been priceless,and she was also one of the few human beings,who could now understand the Sanna language.Another priceless tool to have.However,the Sanna were now well aware of their loss of equipment,and Peters knew they were coming back for it.He'd been ordered to defend it to the limit,even destroying it,to prevent it falling back into Sanna hands.

Peters also knew the Sanna had human allies.This sickened him,and he'd vowed to make sure,that anybody choosing this path,would regret it.He'd done so many times.

Just then,he noticed Kelly started to write quickly onto a notepad.She passed it over to Peters,who read it.His face was grim.It was bad news,and Kelly confirmed it.

'They're coming,Sir.'Her voice full of worry.

'As we expected.'Peters nodded his understanding.'ETA?'

Kelly already had the answer for him.'Ten minutes,Sir.'

Wearing his own headset,Peters immediately spoke into it.

'Everybody stand by.'He warned his people.'Enemy en route.'

He heard all his platoon leaders assuring him,that they were all ready,and up for the fight,when suddenly,Kelly had more bad news for him.

'Sir,there is an armed human force accompanying the Sanna.'The worry in Kelly's tone increased,as she learned of the identity of this new threat.'It's O'Rourke,and Harris.'

Peters face hardened as soon as he heard those names.He didn't see it,but all his people did.O'Rourke was a highly despised collaborator,who took great pleasure,in allying himself with the Sanna.Harris was his second in command.A woman who showed no feminine side whatsoever.Like O'Rourke,she inflicted so much suffering,and caused many innocent deaths.Peters had seen these two do this,and had sincerely hoped he could personally finish them off.This O'Rourke,had even been given his own territory by the Sanna,as a reward for his triumphs against his own people.Both his and Harris' actions,were callous to the extreme.It had even spread to the people,who fought willingly under his command.They all fought with cold brutality,and this sickened Peters.He made sure he fought more harder than his enemies,but always cleanly,and honourably.Peters knew it was always wise,to stay controlled in battle.If this O'Rourke and Harris really were coming,Peters was determined to wipe them,off the face of the Earth.

He also knew O'Rourke was responsible,for kidnapping many young women.Just like the Sanna seizing the girls,no trace was ever found of them,but Peters knew where they were.All his soldiers did,knowing O'Rourke had a fortress,which wasn't too far away from here.Intelligence had confirmed sightings of the girls being forced into it.Peters had always wanted to raid that place,get in there to free the girls,and blow O'Rourke's fortress to smithereens.He hated to think that O'Rourke was enjoying himself,with his female prisoners.The captive girls would not.

Peters glanced back at Kelly,who was still listening in,to the Sanna transmissions.He could see Kelly was very pretty.She had shoulder length,raven hair,warm dark brown eyes,and was very popular.Not just because of her work,with the Sanna device,but she was a very warm,sincere young woman.Peters knew immediately that Kelly would be targeted.He knew from intelligence,that the Sanna seized any human,who could understand any of their technology.The humanoid invaders even offered rewards to their human allies,who would be interested in capturing any of their targets.Peters was appalled,that many did accept.He certainly knew O'Rourke would be interested in Kelly,and was determined to protect her.

Kelly was dressed in military uniform,but not battle clothing.She wore a light blue shirt,with her shoulder insignia,and wore a knee length matching blue skirt.Her black high heels gave Kelly,a very smart appearance,but she wore no weapon.Her orders,for the past few weeks,had been to understand the Sanna transmitter.True,she had trained to shoot,but Kelly hadn't any battle experience,and Peters knew she needed protecting.If she fell into Sanna hands...

Peters immediately shook those thoughts out,and spoke again into his headset.

'Jennings,Montgomery.Report in,on the double.'

He heard both men acknowledge his order,and waited for them to arrive.Kelly had heard him give out the order,and glanced at him curiously.

'Why are you calling them in,Sir?'Kelly asked him.

'You'll see.'Peters wasn't going to tell her,until they entered.When they did,everybody in the room stopped their business to look at them,with some awe.

Jennings and Montgomery were well trained,highly experienced,and excellent soldiers.They'd proved their worth frequently,constantly dealing with any Sanna threat to their friends,and innocent people.They were also inseparable friends,having fought together for so long.Jennings was tall,fair haired,and had a good build.His blue eyes reflected a determination,that would always see him through.Jennings didn't smile much,not surprising with the desperate fight raging,but he always had a good heart,and would help anybody that needed it.Jennings lived for battle.He'd always wanted to be a soldier,and showed high skill in eliminating any threat.His kill record was very good,but Peters knew Jennings wasn't a cold blooded killer.He had a strong military background,and just like his ancestors,always fought with honour,and decency.

His friend,Montgomery,was also highly skilled in battle.Dark skinned,and a little taller than Jennings,he held a massive,muscular frame.Power bulged in every part of him,and it was this,that gave Montgomery a priceless advantage,over his Sanna opponents.He was one of the very few human beings,who could actually take on one of the humanoids in unarmed combat,and beat them.He excelled in this,and was especially deadly,in using a knife.Not even the Sanna's battle armour,couldn't prevent Montgomery's lethal strike.He knew precisely,where to hit them.Thanks to the Sanna transmitter,Peters had been able to read captured Sanna reports,and although the humanoids were eager to face Montgomery in unarmed combat,the alien invaders were in fear of him.He was really pleased,to have both Jennings and Montgomery on his side.

Both men walked up to him,and saluted respectfully.They were heavily armed,and Peters could see the determination in both of them.He was pleased again.After returning their salute,he then turned to the Sanna transmitter,hooked up into the radio station.Peters could see Kelly looking at Jennings,and knew she really liked him,but he then gave his orders.

'I have a very special assignment for you two.'Peters told them,gesturing at the alien device,and at Kelly's sitting form.

'You must protect Captain Finch,and prevent her from being captured.'Peters tone,was very serious.'Do not.I repeat,do not allow Captain Finch,to be taken prisoner.'He gestured at the alien device again.'If the Sanna recover this machine,all is lost.Do you understand?'

He was pleased to see both men nod.Kelly too,agreed,although she wanted to make a point to the Major.

'I can handle myself,Sir.'Kelly told him.

'I've no doubt you can.'Peters agreed,but he was adamant.He didn't want her in harms way.'However,Jennings and Montgomery will look after you.I need you to keep listening into that thing.It's your responsibility,to make sure those damned aliens don't get it back.'He paused for a moment,before continuing.'Set up a detonator charge on it,just in case.'

Kelly obeyed,as she issued the order to one of the few soldiers in the room with her.The man did so,and Peters was satisfied.Kelly knew it was the right thing to do.It was common sense.The Sanna transmitter,was a priceless tool to have.If they could sneak it out,they'd still maintain the advantage,but the Sanna would do everything in their power,to get it back.

The Major then gestured for the three of them to follow him,and he led them to one of the monitor screens.All the screens showed the surrounding area.They could all see their people well dug in,still waiting for the Sanna to arrive.However,Peters had prepared something for his friends,just in case disaster struck.

Peters typed in a few details on the keyboard in front of the screen,and a map of the area they were in,showed up.There was a grid reference shown too,and Peters pointed that out.

'We have located an underground base,not too far off from here.It's about ten miles away.'He then stood back from the screen,to let them see the route to it.

'The base is still fully functional,but there's nobody there.'He went on.'Even the Sanna can't find it,but don't ask me how.We need all the luck we can get.Get yourselves there,and continue the fight there.Okay?'

They all nodded their understanding,when suddenly,alarms began to wail throughout the station.This made Peters instantly speak into his headset.


'Enemy sighted!'One of his squad leaders responded sharply.

With that heard,Peters readied his weapon,nodding at the remaining soldiers in the room,to move outside.They all did so.Peters was last to leave,but just before he did,he turned to Jennings,Montgomery and Kelly.

'God be with you.'He said simply,but meant it sincerely.Then,he hurried outside.As he did so,Kelly immediately turned her attention,to the monitor screens,as did Jennings and Montgomery standing behind her.They could now see a Sanna battle craft land close by,and within moments,a lamp lowered,and Sanna troopers came out.They marched out in perfect formation,and Kelly's heartbeat increased rapidly.Jennings and Montgomery tightened their grip on their weapons.

Also watching from his defensive trench,Peters was peering through a pair of binoculars,as the humanoids lined up.His face was grim,recognising the tough battle armour the Sanna were wearing.He knew to get through that,they'd need some really good firepower.Fortunately,all of his soldiers carried armour piercing rounds,which could shatter this defence.A study of the aliens armour,had led them to the successful design of more powerful weapons.The Sanna's own energy weapons,inflicted a horrendous,and agonizing death.The only consolation,was that it was a quick death,so Peters and everybody else who fought the Sanna,didn't think twice,about using their own nasty weapons on them.He tensed,aiming at the Sanna,waiting for the right moment,to order shooting.

The Sanna troopers exited their craft efficiently,and quickly.As they stood patiently waiting for the order to assault the human enemy,their Sanna commander stepped out,and made a survey of his latest target.He could see the defending humans,were well dug in,and was pleased to see that.This was what he,and all his kind lived for,to fight a determined enemy,and beat them.

He'd already been given his mission orders.A piece of their technology had been stolen,and he'd been tasked with its recovery.That wouldn't be a problem.He was utterly confident of that,and had reassured his superiors,that he needed no assistance.

Unfortunately for him,his superiors had thought differently,and had ordered an allied,and armed human force to accompany him.The Sanna commander had bitterly protested at this,but he was curtly told to obey orders.

'These humans have their uses.'He remembered being sharply reprimanded.'Use them.'

Still smouldering,the Sanna commander had then met the leaders of the assigned human group.A human male and female awaited his presence.The male had introduced himself,as O'Rourke,saying he was in command.The female appeared held a cold,hard face.O'Rourke had introduced her,as Harris.This was his second in command.Both of them were well known collaborators,and were much despised by their human enemies.Although,they did have an excellent record,supporting the Sanna,and were eager to contribute,towards this latest fight.However,the Sanna commander had sharply reminded them,that his own troopers would complete the mission.

After landing,O'Rourke and Harris led their own force out from the Sanna craft.They both examined the radio station's defences themselves.

'Looks like a tough job.'O'Rourke commented.

Harris agreed.One of the very rare occasions she did so.

'They know what they're doing.'Harris saw no sign of the concealed enemy,but knew they were there.'Let's see how they do then.'

They both noticed the first wave of Sanna troopers,now started to advance on the radio station.Both watched,with interest.

High above them,Peters too,watched the Sanna advance.He was peering at them,through his rifle scope,selecting a suitable target.He had told his comrades in arms,to commence firing,the moment he did,and he was scanning the humanoids,before he found one.The Sanna commander.Peters knew,that if he could eliminate their leader,the Sanna troopers morale,would be badly affected.He'd seen this many times,and always advised this tactic.It had worked extremely well,and Peters was determined to make these cruel invaders suffer.

He was still looking at the humanoid commander,and now aimed.Peters tensed,as he then gently depressed the trigger.The Sanna commander's head disintegrated,into a bloody pulp,and the lifeless body slumped to the ground.It was a perfect shot,and as soon as he'd fired,all the rest of his platoon,opened fire.

Their accuracy was highly skilled,as scores of Sanna troopers fell.There wasn't much return fire,and within moments,all the attacking Sanna,were eliminated.However,Peters didn't rejoice,as he hurriedly reloaded a fresh ammunition clip,into his rifle.Despite the good start,and the grim satisfaction he felt,Peters knew the aliens wouldn't give up that easily.This was just the start of it.

Sure enough,he saw a second attacking group of Sanna,and he began shooting again at them,with his soldiers.

Still keeping under cover,O'Rourke and Harris watched the second Sanna assault.They could see the humanoids being ruthlessly cut down in hordes,by the defenders.Quite clearly,these opponents were highly skilled military.O'Rourke concluded.They were superb shots,and were holding the Sanna at bay.

O'Rourke of course,had no sympathy for any Sanna loss.He was here,merely to suit his own purposes.Harris too,but he was after all,on their side.

'Let's check the rear.'O'Rourke suggested,recognising it would be suicide to join the frontal assault,just like the Sanna were still attempting.'Maybe their defences are weaker there.'

Best to keep sneaky.O'Rourke smirked.He'd been so successful at this,and was utterly confident he'd be so again.Keeping low,he used the Sanna craft as a shield,to protect himself from the defenders deadly fire.Harris,and the rest of his group followed,as they made their way to the rear of the radio station.

Still high above the Sanna craft,Peters kept up his shooting.He could still see the effect it was having on the Sanna.They were losing so many,but more and more just seemed to take their place,and continue their assault up towards them.

'Keep firing!Keep firing!'Peters yelled,encouraging his platoon.He felt very proud of them all.Not one had ran for it,as they continued to blaze away.It was a brilliant example,of superb British army training.Even so,Peters knew that he couldn't hold out forever.His worst fears were realised,when the sound of another Sanna battle craft was heard approaching.It appeared in the sky moments later.The Sanna craft hovered menacingly over the battlefield,as the many,intense flashes of weapon fire was visible below it.It was a scene from hell.

Suddenly,the Sanna ship suddenly switched on several powerful,and blinding searchlights.They concentrated around the radio station,and now lit up the defensive positions.Instantly,energy weapons from the craft,were sent firing into them.They had a devastating impact,destroying and killing.Many of Peters people were vapourised,or blown into bloody corpses.To make matters worse,the Sanna troopers were now making their presence felt,hitting their targets with their own energy weapons.

Human screams ripped into Peters ears.He was still shooting,but could now see the Sanna,were now slowly getting the upper hand.Their defensive perimeter,was now breached,and Sanna troopers were now coming in force.Peters could see the inevitable.There were only a few survivors of his group,and their fire was now having little effect,on the advancing Sanna.It wouldn't be long,before they'd be overrun completely.

Recognising all was now lost,Peters grabbed the microphone on his headset,and made contact with Jennings and Montgomery.

'Get Kelly out of there.'He ordered them curtly.'I'll try to hold-'

It was the last thing Peters said,as he was now brilliantly lit up,by one of the Sanna's probing searchlights.He immediately raised his rifle to shoot,when an energy bolt struck his chest.Peters was killed instantly,and the searchlight went on hunting for more targets.

Finally,all human gunfire ceased,but the Sanna craft remained airborne,as its lights now showed human corpses,as well as Sanna dead.It remained menacingly airborne,its weapons ready to strike again.

Inside the radio station,Jennings glanced grimly at his friends.They could hear very little firing from their own people now,and they all anxiously scanned the monitor screens.They only saw advancing Sanna troopers,and all three of them knew their defences were now in collapse.Kelly's face was full of alarm,but Jennings and Montgomery were determined to protect her.

'Can you disconnect that thing?'Montgomery asked her,gesturing at the Sanna transmitter with his arm.

Kelly saw the powerful muscles Montgomery had.She couldn't believe the strength this man had,but she did reply to him.

'It will take a few minutes,Monty.'Kelly answered.She still remembered the complicated process,trying to understand how the thing worked in the first place.

Suddenly,the alarms sounded again,and the trio all knew what this meant.Montgomery had identified the source.

'That's the rear entrance.'He told Jennings.'Let's go.'

Both men hurried out,leaving Kelly to continue her efforts,to disconnect the Sanna device.She jumped in fright,as more weapon fire was heard,much more closer,and Kelly renewed her attempts,with much more vigour.

Jennings and Montgomery had reached the rear entrance.They stood either side of it,and Montgomery made a silent gesture to him,indicating to stay still.Jennings nodded,as he then watched Montgomery slowly peer out.He was just in time,to recognise O'Rourke's people,and they were throwing grenades,down at the few remaining defenders.The grenade blasts wiped out their friends instantly,and Montgomery then watched O'Rourke's men move closer,to the rear entrance.

His face was hard,turning back to Jennings.His friend too,had heard the demise of his own people,and with the same expression,raised his rifle,ready to shoot his enemies down.However,Montgomery indicated again for him to wait,as he peered out once more.He wanted to see how many of the enemy there were.He could see four of O'Rourke's men,still coming at them,and from the looks on their faces,they weren't expecting any more resistance.They'd obviously thought thy'd dealt with it.Jennings and Montgomery,were determined to prove them wrong.

They both tensed,hearing their enemies footsteps come closer.Montgomery held up his hand,and showed three fingers.He then mouthed a silent countdown from three.Jennings nodded his understanding,and prepared to fire.He watched Montgomery take down one finger at a time,and as soon as he mouthed 'one' both men then leaned out of the door,firing their weapons.They were successful,catching the advancing group of O'Rourke's men,totally by surprise.They clearly didn't expect any more problems,thinking they'd already dealt with it.It was a costly,fatal mistake,as Jennings and Montgomery expertly gunned them down,killing the group.They then raced outside,and into more cover.

Stunned,O'Rourke and Harris watched their first fatalities,and then saw two men race out from inside the base.They instantly opened fire on them,but were unable to see any successful hits.They only had four more men with them,and Harris turned to two of them.

'Set up a sniper position.'Her voice was sharp.'Take those two out.'

The two men nodded,and crept away,seeking that position.They kept low,and O'Rourke and Harris kept up a shooting barrage,hoping to keep their enemies heads down.

However,peering out from his own cover,Jennings had spotted the two men sneaking away.He could see one of the weapons the men were holding,and he turned back to Montgomery.

'Sniper threat.'He warned.

Montgomery nodded,and prepared his own weapon,whilst Jennings too,made counter measures.He reached into his battle pack,and produced a small,wooden tube.It was actually a spying glass,but Jennings always used it,to spy out any hidden enemy.It had also proved its worth,in sniper engagements.Both Jennings and Montgomery were masters in this field,and they always prevailed over any enemy sniper.Under normal circumstances,this took infinite patience,and could last days.

However,time was not on their side,and both of them knew,that the enemy had to be dealt with,and quickly.Fortunately,Jennings knew he had an extra weapon up his sleeve.

'Hunt,you there?'He called into his radio.

'Roger,Jennings.'A woman's voice answered him.'I see you and Monty.'

Well camoflagued,and observing the battle from a distance,a young woman lay on the ground,holding a deadly,powerful sniper rifle.This was Hunt.She was a really good,loyal friend of Jennings and Montgomery.Out of uniform,Hunt was a very attractive woman,but now she was in it,and ready for action.These two men had trained her,to be a soldier,and Hunt relished it.She too,utterly despised the Sanna invaders,and took great pleasure in eliminating them.Yet,Hunt also had extra motive,and this was against O'Rourke,and especially Harris.Hunt had sworn to herself,that she would kill this murderous bitch.She'd gunned down her brothers in cold blood,as they tried to protect her.Jennings and Montgomery had carried her to safety,but it had been too late for her brothers,and Hunt would never forget that awful memory.

This was why she trained to be a sniper.It was the ultimate skill of a soldier,to master this,and Hunt was always grateful to her two new friends,who showed her the ropes.Hunt though,had to control her bloodlust,as Jennings told her,whilst he trained her.

'You don't shoot to kill for pleasure.You do it professionally,and above all,you keep your position hidden from the enemy.Never waste a shot,Hunt.Remember,its always one shot,one kill.Got it?' She did.

Hunt could see the Sanna had just about defeated her people.Her face was almost contorted into a snarl,as she could only watch her people being killed.She made sure that many of the Sanna troopers paid dearly for this.Every time Hunt fired her rifle,it was only one shot,one kill.The rifle she was holding,was a Barret .50 calibre.This could do tremendous damage to the Sanna.It easily pierced through the Sanna armour,and used right,could even destroy enemy vehicles.It was a very deadly weapon,and Hunt loved it.

Keeping an eye on the enemy hiding above Jennings and Montgomery,Hunt's finger never left the trigger,waiting for another opportunity to shoot.She'd already made several successful kills here,her Sanna targets never knew what had hit them,and Hunt swore to herself,that she'd protect her friends,especially Jennings.

Jennings carefully held the wooden tube into a vertical position,and he then peered into the bottom of the tube.He could clearly see the terrain above him,and began scanning for any suitable shooting positions,the enemy may use.He still had to keep low,as they were still being fired upon,but Jennings kept calm,and continued searching.At the moment,he saw nothing,but he had an idea.Reaching into his battle pack again,Jennings produced a spare combat helmet.He then placed it on top of a branch,and nodding over to Montgomery to get ready,slowly raised the helmet.

Instantly,the helmet was shot away.Jennings wasn't hit,but he saw the helmet roll away from him,seeing the single bullet hole in it.This was what he wanted,as he made the mental calculations of the angle of the shot.Then,he peered again into the wooden tube,on a particular area.Sure enough,he'd found his target,seeing the faint trail of smoke,evidently coming from a weapon.

Signalling to Montgomery that he had,Jennings informed him of wind speed,and range.Montgomery was already aiming,and making the necessary adjustments on his weapon.After waiting for a few moments,he finally found his target.A man's head,was peering out.Only the top of his head could be seen,but that was more than enough for Montgomery.He then gently squeezed the trigger.He hit the man exactly where he'd aimed for,and was satisfied to see the man's body forced violently back.Montgomery then noticed another one of O'Rourke's men,who was forced into view.He quickly switched his rifle to him,and made another successful kill.

Stunned,O'Rourke and Harris could only watch again,as their men were easily disposed off.In particular,Harris clenched her teeth,as she turned to the remaining two men,ordering them to try again.They both nodded,and had just moved of,when suddenly,they all heard a booming shot,and one of the two men exploded into oblivion.His body disintergrated,instantly making O'Rourke and Harris duck.The remaining man was caught in the open,and both Jennings and Montgomery cut him down.

Furious,O'Rourke now knew they had a highly skilled sniper to deal with.He quickly turned to Harris.

'Get in touch with the Sanna for air support.'He ordered coldly.'Tell them to take that sniper out.'

Harris was already relaying that request,and within moments,they noticed the Sanna craft hover into view again.A sneer was now visible on both their faces,as they watched the Sanna ship loom overhead.

Not so on Jennings and Montgomery.They held hardened expressions,as they saw the Sanna craft now turn towards in Hunt's direction.Jennings knew he had to deal with this threat,if he didn't,Hunt was dead meat.He glanced quickly down,scanning for a better weapon.He was lucky,as he grabbed a missile launcher.As soon as he did so,Jennings made contact with Hunt again.

'Hunt!Get out of there!'He told her.'I'll cover you.Monty.'

He'd glanced at his friend saying that,and Montgomery understood.As Jennings prepared himself,Montgomery unleashed another long burst from his rifle,keeping O'Rourke and Harris' heads down.Then,Jennings stood quickly up,and after aiming upwards,he fired.

Whooosh!The missile streaked up towards the Sanna craft.They were heavily armoured,and capable of withstanding enourmous punishment,but Jennings knew precisely where to aim for,and targeted the engine exhausts.The missile hit right where he'd wanted it.The Sanna craft violently shuddered,and after a sheet of flame engulfed the rear,the Sanna ship plummeted to the ground.As it did so,the resulting explosion from it,killed many of their own Sanna number.

Jennings had instantly ducked back into cover,and threw the rocket launcher away.It was useless now,but it had served its purpose.Jennings sincerely hoped he'd bought Hunt some priceless time,to escape.He was just about to finish off the remaining enemy,when suddenly,another Sanna craft appeared right over them.

Montgomery instantly stood up,still firing at the hiding O'Rourke and Harris.He realised they only had seconds to spare.He grabbed Jennings by the shoulder.

'Let's go,John!'He shouted urgently.

'Damn it,Monty!'Jennings shook his head angrily.'We can't leave Kelly!'

Before Montgomery could respond,they were both caught in one of the searchlights.Montgomery then pulled his friend up,and they both jumped clear,just as a Sanna weapon fired at them.Both men were sent flying,and they tumbled down a rocky embankment.Their bodies didn't move,when they finally lay still.

Smirking,O'Rourke and Harris stood up,as the Sanna craft moved away.They were now free,to enter the base without any more opposition.Both gazed down at the two unmoving forms of Jennings and Montgomery.Their smirks remained,as both were pleased,knowing they'd won the day.

'Shall I finish them off?'Harris asked,fully prepared to do so.

O'Rourke took out a pair of binoculars,and scanned the still unmoving men for a few moments.He could see they'd both fallen a long way down the embankment,and their bodies were covered in blood.

'No need.'He smiled,handing over the binoculars.'They're both dead.Take a look yourself.'

Harris did so.She could see a lot of blood on both men.Falling down this type of terrain,there was more than a good chance of serious injury,or death,and it was a long way down.

'Okay.I agree.'She then handed the binoculars back,as O'Rourke moved in front,entering the base,Harris was right behind him.

As soon as they entered,both could hear a young woman's voice up ahead.The voice was frantic,and frightened,as she was calling for any outside help.O'Rourke allowed himself an evil smile,as he headed in the girl's direction.

Still trying to dismantle the Sanna transmitter,Kelly was getting more and more frightened.She heard no more firing outside,but could clearly recognise the heavy sound of Sanna footsteps coming closer.She was full of despair and dismay,knowing Jennings and Montgomery had been killed.Her last two protectors had gone.She was easy meat.

Do something!Kelly urged herself.She then decided to call for help.The Sanna transmitter was still connected,and any message Kelly could send out,would certainly go a great distance.It could even reach the furthest depths of unexplored space.

Grabbing a mircophone on the desk next to her,Kelly began frantically speaking,or more accurately,screaming into it.

'This is Captain Kelly Finch!We are under attack by the Sanna,invading our planet Earth,requesting immediate assistance!Please respond!'

No reassuring reply came back to her,only static.

'Anybody!'Kelly tried again.'Please,somebody helmmmmmffffffff!'

Kelly's call for help was sharply ended,when a black,gloved hand clamped over her mouth.A strong arm with a vice-like grip,seized her waist,and her unseen captor pulled her tightly back.Her eyes bulged,and she stiffened in horror,when she recognised O'Rourke's unwanted voice chuckle into her ear.

'Well,well.'O'Rourke was pleased,as he admired his latest catch.'What do we have here? A very pretty lady,and in uniform too.'He continued to chuckle.'Very nice,my dear.I like you.'

He then spun Kelly around to face the coldly smiling Harris,as he asked;

'She is very pretty,don't you think so,Harris?'

Harris maintained her cold smile,as she eyed Kelly up.She was pleased to see the fear in the girl's eyes,but she was even more pleased,to see the Sanna transmitter.Just at that moment,Sanna troopers entered the room,making Kelly scream in fear behind O'Rourke's hand.There were plenty of them,and all seemed to stare impassively at her,but Kelly knew otherwise.She knew they abducted many women,and it was practically guaranteed,they'd seize her too.

However,Kelly then felt O'Rourke press himself into her,making her giving out another attempted scream of fear,but O'Rourk made sure she remained hand gagged.

What's he going to do with me? Kelly thought frantically.It had been confirmed,that O'Rourke was a serial kidnapper of young,very beautiful women.Kelly didn't regard herself as beautiful.Pretty,yes,but that fact now made her tremble in fear,as she also recalled O'Rourke,was a rapist.She'd read this,from intelligence reports on him.Many of her female friends,civilian or military,had been captured by his people,and now,she too,was now his.

Kelly was full of terror,as one of the Sanna stepped forward to examine the transmitter.The humanoid made some readings on it,before he turned menacingly towards Kelly.

'The human female was able to send out a message.'The Sanna's voice hissed in English,making Kelly's skin crawl.All of the humanoids wore translators,in all their theatres of war,so they could issue commands to their conquered victims.

'Is that a problem?' O'Rourke asked him,now pressing himself into Kelly's back,enjoying her gagged mumbles,although he was still interested in the transmitter.

'The female sent a message into space.'The Sanna answered him,clearly irritated by this human's lack of understanding.No wonder they were winning this war,over this contemptible race.It was so obvious,and simple.'We must make certain,that the message will not reach any of our enemies.'

The Sanna then turned to one of his own,ordering.'Find out what she sent,and send a request to battlefleet command.Ask them to track the message route.See who will receive it.'

This was duly obeyed,and as they waited,the first Sanna moved right up to Kelly,towering over her.The humanoid then placed his weapon under the girl's chin,and leaned his face closer to her.

'I admire your courage,human female.'He was pleased to see Kelly's eyes,bulge up at him,in utter fear.'You understood our technology.'He then acknowledged,giving Kelly a rare compliment.The Sanna didn't do that much,especially to their enemies.

'However,my dear.'The Sanna used his gun to lift Kelly's chin up more.'You must hope for your sake,that nobody will have heard your pathetic plea for help.'

Kelly was still mumbling fearfully behind O'Rourke's hand,when she heard one of the Sanna reported in.

'Signal sent,and received.Battlefleet tracking message path,Commander.'

There was a tense wait for a few moments,but then,the humanoid heard the result.It was good news,for the Sanna.

'Battle fleet command reports,only empty space ahead of message trajectory,Commander.'He reported.'No hostile system to us,will receive.'

'Excellent.'The Sanna commander was pleased to hear that,although he still held his weapon under Kelly's chin.The girl's eyes stared back at him,in utter terror,especially at what the humanoid said next,as she watched him glance up at O'Rourke.

'You may keep the human female.'The Sanna told him.'As a reward for your assistance here.'

This pleased O'Rourke immensely.It was precisely what he wanted to hear,pressing himself hard,into Kelly's back,making the girl scream behind his hand.

'Hmmmmmfffff!Hmmmmmffffff!'Kelly's attempted scream for help,was desperate,but O'Rourke kept his hand tight.

Turning to Harris,he ordered her.'Find something to tie her up.'

'With pleasure.'Harris nodded,still smiling coldly at Kelly.She then produced a combat knife,and turned her attention to the floor.There were many electrical cables lying here,and Harris knelt down and used the knife,to slice through them.This made the monitor screens go black,as they lost power,but Harris knew this was perfect material,to secure the girl.The cable was thin,but it was made of tough material,and after she'd cut several lengths,stood back up,and nodded to O'Rourke.

Very reluctantly,O'Rourke removed his hand from Kelly's mouth.He'd enjoyed handgagging her,but he promptly shoved the girl into Harris' eager grip.Kelly yelped in fright,as Harris seized her.The cold faced woman,instantly forced Kelly's hands behind her back,and keeping a tight hold on them with one hand,grabbed a length of cable coil,and began to wind it around Kelly's wrists.She lashed several coils over them,making sure the girl's hands would be secure.After a few moments,Harris finished,making the last knots tight,making Kelly grunt in pain.She tried to reach the knots,but it was hopeless.Kelly felt the coils cut into her skin,and realised her hands were useless.Then,she felt Harris force her down,onto her knees,and saw more loops of cable being wrapped over,and under her chest.

Harris enjoyed this.She could see O'Rourke was too.He was almost drooling,gazing lustfully down at the girl,enjoying the coils being tied over Kelly's smart uniform,and relished her distress.He was pleased to see the girl's breasts expand,as Harris secured the coils over Kelly's upper body.She looked damn good,in her smart all blue uniform too.Kelly noticed his look,and was fully alarmed to see him get an erection.Her captors were enjoying watching her,being tied up,and Kelly could do nothing to resist.Nothing at all.

Harris wound more loops of the thin cable,over Kelly's waist,thighs,and finally,her ankles.After securing Kelly,she then produced a roll of silver duct tape,but before she tore off a strip to gag the girl,she gripped Kelly's chin hard,forcing her to look up at her.

'You're very pretty,my dear.'Harris told her,still coldly smiling at her.'Now,let's make you even more pretty.'

She then tore off a strip of the tape,and forced it over Kelly's mouth.The girl's eyes still bulged up at her.Harris made sure the gag was tight,and once satisfied it was,nodded at O'Rourke.

'Good work,Harris.'He was delighted.'Let's take her back to base.'

O'Rourke moved forward to Kelly's kneeling,bound and gagged form.Then,he reached down,grabbing her,and placed her over his shoulder.Kelly was mumbling fearfully into her gag,as he did so.He smiled,as he carried his prize out.The Sanna had now,taken their transmitter,and were also heading out.As O'Rourke carried her out of the radio station,Kelly suddenly noticed all her dead friends,and she started to cry in anguish.All these people had died,trying to protect her,but it was all in vain.Kelly never felt so much dismay,and despair.

The Sanna then returned to their craft,and were pleased to recover their transmitter.O'Rourke and Harris followed them on board,and after a few moments,the ramp was raised,and the Sanna craft lifted away,to return on patrol.

O'Rourke carried Kelly to the detention area,aboard the Sanna craft.He took her into one of the small cells,and placed her gently on the floor,but made sure the girl was on her back.He then straddled her,still relishing Kely's terror.

'Very,very pretty,aren't you?'O'Rourke stroked a finger down her cheek.'I love your uniform,and love seeing a beauty like yourself,bound and gagged in it.I can't wait to ravish you,my pretty.'

He then began to enjoy himself,fondling,and groping Kelly's breasts.He then stroked his hand,along her tightly bound,nyloned legs..The girl mumbled again into her tape gag,now knowing this monster,was going to rape her.She'd never felt so helpless.All Kelly could think off,was her two best friends,Jennings and Montgomery.If they were still alive,she'd have a chance,and Kelly hadn't seen their bodies.So maybe,just maybe,they'd survived the battle,and were now coming for her.

They must be alive!Kelly thought frantically,as she clenched her eyes shut in revulsion,from O'Rourke's groping hands.They've got to be!

Suddenly,O'Rourke received orders from the Sanna,to report back up to the bridge.He reluctantly stopped fondling Kelly,knowing it was a bad idea to keep them waiting.But just before he did leave,O'Rourke gripped Kelly's chin.

'I'm wanted for the moment,my dear.'He leaned close into her face.'But rest assured though,I'm coming back,to enjoy myself.'

He then gave her,an unwanted kiss on her gagged mouth,before he departed,locking Kelly into the cell.He also gave her a very nasty,threatening smile,before he hurried away.

Frantically,Kelly rolled all over the cell floor,struggling like mad against her bonds.She tried everything to get loose,but nothing gave.In the end,she tired herself out,and started to cry again.It wasn't just the threat of rape from O'Rourke worrying Kelly.She knew the Sanna would be determined to interrogate her,on her knowledge of their technology.There was also the grim possibility,that they would use her as a hostage,against her own people.

She just lay on the cell floor,dominated by despair,and praying for a miracle,that her friends would rescue her.For now,all Kelly could do,was stare in utter fear at the cell door,praying that when it opened,it wouldn't be O'Rourke returning to ravish her helpless,bound,gagged body.

Chapter 2 to follow...


Monday, 7 June 2010

The Boarding School

St Josephine's boarding school for girls,was located deep in the Cornish countryside.The massive building dated back hundreds of years,although the school itself,was founded just over a hundred years ago.

The school was completely isolated.Only one single track led to a main road,and to the outside world.A forest also surrounded the school,with very few trails.Many girls attending the school,had got lost here,although all were recovered safely.

Even so,that didn't put of many eager girls,who applied to enrol here.St Josephine's had an excellent reputation,for releasing girls who went on to highly successful careers.It was always a great honour,to be chosen,but to do that,every hopeful female had to pass a strict interview test,with the school's headmistress,Miss Hunter.

Miss Hunter was a middle aged woman,but she had a first class brain,and missed nothing.She had a bad reputation amongst the girls she'd rejected,but she did this for a very good reason.She wanted to know everything about any girl,who was applying to enrol here.Her intimidating manner during the interview,upset many girls,but she was pleased to see many more stand up to her.That was something she relished.If she liked and accepted a candidate,who passed her strict criteria,she would offer them a place in her school.However,once the girl was taken in,Miss Hunter watched her new pupils,like a hawk.

At the moment,Miss Hunter was sitting in her well spaced,and well equipped office.She sat behind a large,mahogany desk,which was kept tidy.Miss Hunter was extremely organised,and made sure her pupils followed suit.She was also watching one of them.The school had a highly efficient security camera system.CCTV was located all over the place,and there were also hidden cameras,in every girl's personal room.

Miss Hunter was observing a very pretty girl,who appeared to be reading a book on her bed.However,the headmistress had a keen eye for detail,and could see that this girl,was clearly nervous.The headmistress knew this girl,and she was enjoying watching her unsuspecting prey.The girl was still wearing her compulsory school uniform,a white,double breasted pocket shirt,with a plaited skirt,falling just above the knees.Miss Hunter allowed her pupils to choose any nylon leg wear they so desired,but she made certain they all wore smartly polished,black high heels.Not only did this make every girl smart,but it also made them,highly desirable to Miss Hunter.She had indeed,enjoyed many of the girls company,who she'd selected to be with her,but not one of the girls had.

This was one of the reasons Miss Hunter was observing this particular girl.She had read about her.In all her interviews,Miss Hunter made sure she knew everything about the girls who came here.This was done for her,by some very sinister people,in her employ.They always proved most efficient,and there was nothing Miss Hunter didn't know about her targets,once the information was given to her.

She had the file of the girl she was looking at right now.Miss Hunter had already read the file,and knew her subject's name.The name 'Jennifer Sanders' was written on the front,and Miss Hunter had enjoyed reading it.It confirmed,that the Sanders girl,was no promising pupil,but an undercover spy.Of course,it had made Miss Hunter a tad irritated,that her activities were being monitored.Yet,she was still supremely confident,that nobody would ever find out,what she was really doing here.

As she continued to watch Jennifer,there were two men standing close by to her.These were loyal employees for her.She called them Mr Smith,and Mr Brown.They were both silent,but hard men.Their eyes showed a mean streak,and Miss Hunter was glad to have them on her side.These two had done everything she'd asked of them,and it had been quite a lot.One of their tasks,was to obtain intelligence on all the girls coming here,and they'd done an excellent job of doing so.

In this case too,they'd been ordered to get the personal details of the girl,but this had been handed over willingly to them.Miss Hunter had an excellent ally,who always warned her,of any threats to her schemes here.She would send a personal message of thanks later,but right now,the girl had to be dealt with.

Miss Hunter remembered her.Jennifer had been bright,keen,and she had indeed,impressed.Not only that,but Jennifer was highly attractive.She had shoulder length brunette hair,warm brown eyes too,and Miss Hunter knew she had a very good catch.

She chuckled at that thought,and decided to bring her in.She picked up the phone on her desk,and dialled the girl's internal number in her room.She was amused to see her prey jump slightly,as the phone rang,but she answered the call.

'Hello?'Jennifer's voice sounded nervous.Excellent.Miss Hunter was pleased at that.

'Good evening,Miss Sanders.'She made sure her own voice didn't sound intimidating.A lot of her pupils cringed back from her,knowing she frightened many of them.

'Would you mind coming to my office please,Miss Sanders?'Miss Hunter then asked her.

'Er,well.'Jennifer's reply was slightly hesitant.'I was going to do some important studying,ma'am.'

I'm quite sure you were,my pretty.Miss Hunter knew precisely what sort of studying the girl would get up to.

'Highly commendable,my dear.'Miss Hunter responded,pleased to hear that too.However,she was adamant the girl would obey her wishes.'I won't keep you long.There are just one or two things I need to clear up with you.'

'Concerning what,ma'am?'Jennifer wasn't stupid.Even better.Miss Hunter loved intelligent women.

'You'll find out when you come here.'She then added the right amount of impatience in her tone,adding emphasis.'Don't keep me waiting,Miss Sanders.'

'Very well,ma'am.'Jennifer answered.There was more concern in her own voice,and perhaps a little more fear creeping in,but then Miss Hunter ended the call.She and her two male accomplices then watched Jennifer produce a mobile.She dialled a number,but this only made the three of them smirk.

'Call who you like,my dear.'Miss Hunter was amused,although she actually sneered it out.'It's not going to do you any good.'

It did indeed look that way.They watched Jennifer's face slowly become more frustrated,as she wasn't getting any luck with her calls.

'The jamming signals are working perfectly,Miss Hunter.'The man known as Mr Smith stepped forward.Miss Hunter knew she'd done very well,finding this man's expertise.He was highly skilled in electronic communications,and he certainly could prevent anybody trying to get a message out.

'Excellent work,Mr Smith.'She complimented him,also knowing he'd planted jamming devices,and surveillance equipment too,all over the school.Every one of the girls personal quarters was bugged,and it was impossible for anyone,to hold a private conversation within the school.In effect,Mr Smith had closed off contact,with the outside world.None of the girls would be able to send any messages,unless it was of Miss Hunter's choosing.

'Make sure she comes here,Mr Smith.'The headmistress ordered briskly.'Follow her,but be discreet.If she does decide to make a run for it,don't let her escape.I want her.'

'I'll see to it,ma'am.'Mr Smith nodded.His own voice totally confident.'Don't worry.She won't get away.'

He then left with the still silent Mr Brown,leaving Miss Hunter watching Jennifer,who was still trying to make a call on her mobile.


What the hell's wrong with this mobile? Jennifer Sanders thought to herself.She was half worried,and half puzzled.She sensed she may be in trouble.That creepy headmistress' voice,had definitely told her that.From all her discussions with the other girls she'd met here,they confirmed to her,that this Miss Hunter was bad news.Jennifer would never forget her own interview with the woman.She could see that she was being eyed up by her.It was one of the reasons she was here,to investigate Miss Hunter,and what her activities were.Meeting the woman earlier,and seeing her reaction to her,didn't surprise Jennifer in the slightest.She was up to something.No doubt about it.

The main reason she was here,was to investigate several girls,or more precisely,their disappearance.In fact,quite a few had gone missing,and despite Jennifer's determination to find them,she hadn't found a single lead.Jennifer had planned to do some late night snooping,but Miss Hunter's telephone call,abruptly put those plans on hold.She still had the bad feeling inside,and wanted to get in touch with her people for back up.However,her calls were still not getting through.The display screen on her mobile simply showed 'No Signal.'

Finally,Jennifer conceded the mobile was useless.Maybe she was in a bad reception area,but at the back of her mind,Jennifer suspected they were onto her,and perhaps her attempts had a more sinister explanation.More than likely,they were preventing her,from making a call out.

Aware that the clock was ticking against her,Jennifer decided to write down what she'd learned so far.All of the missing girls had been last seen,going into Miss Hunter's office,so the headmistress was definitely involved.Jennifer was utterly convinced of that.However,she still hadn't any evidence of this,so she wrote down her recent activities on the notepad.There was always the chance she could be taken,and the bad guys would literally clean out her room,of any incriminating evidence against them.

Jennifer wrote down her suspicions about Miss Hunter,and anything else she could think of.She then took the notepad out with her,leaving her room.As she made her way towards Miss Hunter's office,Jennifer realised she hadn't changed out of her school uniform.

No time for that now.She thought with a resigned sigh.Hopefully,this would be nothing more,than a cursory chat,and Miss Hunter wouldn't keep her long.

Jennifer's footsteps echoed,as she walked along the school's smartly polished floor.She was suddenly aware,that there was nobody else about.Although,it didn't really bother her,as she knew she needed the privacy,to hide her notepad,but then again,it might have been better,if she had been seen by someone.

She then reached the pleasant school grounds.These were always well maintained,by the school's gardening staff.It was enjoyed a lot by the girls,making them feel relaxed,when they walked through it.Unfortunately,Jennifer didn't feel relaxed doing so,as she urgently scanned for a suitable hiding place.Jennifer then noticed the bicycle shed.There were many of them there,and all were locked upright,by the two holding bricks,which held both tyres in place.Jennifer checked again,to see if she was still alone.Nobody was in sight,and she knelt down,to place the notepad under one of the holding bricks.

Satisfied at that,Jennifer rose,and then hurried on her way towards Miss Hunter.As she disappeared,she had failed to spot the two sinister figures,of Mr Smith and Mr Brown.Both men waited until the girl had gone,before they headed towards the bicycle shed.

Jennifer had reached Miss Hunter's office.She knocked politely on the door,and instantly heard the headmistress' voice.

'Come in.'Her voice was sharp.

Tensing herself,Jennifer entered the office.The first thing she saw,was of course Miss Hunter sitting behind her large desk.There was nobody else here,which Jennifer was slightly relieved.However,as she walked towards her,Jennifer could see Miss Hunter eyeing her up.There was almost a smirk visible too,as if she was planning something,with ominous intent.For the moment,Jennifer ignored her nerves,as she stopped behind the woman's desk.

'You wanted to see me,ma'am?'Jennifer asked.

'Indeed I did,my dear.'Miss Hunter's voice made Jennifer's skin crawl.'Please sit down.'

Jennifer did,and then watched Miss Hunter produce two small,but crystal clear glasses,and a de-canter of brandy.She placed them all on her desk.

'A drink?' Miss Hunter offered,already pouring two servings,into the glasses.

'No thank you,ma'am.'Jennifer refused politely.She wasn't really a drinker,but she noticed Miss Hunter's eyes showing disapproval.

'Don't be silly,my dear.'Miss Hunter's voice made it adamant,that she wasn't going to take no for an answer.'I've been watching your progress here,Miss Sanders.You're an excellent addition for me.I know you have great potential.'She smiled at Jennifer,but the girl saw a smirk instead.

For me,that is.Miss Hunter kept on her smirk,relishing Jennifer's very appealing body.However,she kept up the pretence,and raised her glass to the girl,and sipped the brandy.Jennifer senses it would be a bad idea to refuse the drink,so she reluctantly drank the brandy too,but she only sipped a little as well.Almost immediately,she saw Miss Hunter's displeased expression.

'Come,come,Miss Sanders.'The woman was watching her like a hawk.Jennifer noticed that,as she went on.'It's an excellent vintage.1757,If I'm not mistaken.Have another drink.Savour it.I don't offer my drinks to everybody,only those that please me.'

Jennifer didn't really want to drink anymore,but she had a bad feeling it would be unwise to disobey her.Jennifer had read about Miss Hunter in her mission brief.She never forgot the short,but chilling description of her.It had said,cunning,ruthless,and deadly.As Jennifer drank more of the brandy,she didn't think it possible,looking at Miss Hunter,who merely looked like a harmless,middle aged woman.But Jennifer knew,appearances could be deceiving.

The brandy had tasted excellent,but Jennifer wasn't going to drink anymore.She put down the glass firmly back on the desk,but Miss Hunter didn't push her to drink more,much to her relief.In fact,the woman seemed pleased.

'I won't keep you long,Miss Sanders.'Her voice was now business like,and authoritative.'I've a busy night ahead of me,so will want to get this done quickly.I hope you understand?'

Yeah,I bet you do.Jennifer thought angrily,but replied respectfully;

'Yes,ma'am.' Jennifer too,wanted this to be brief.She just wanted to get back to her mission,finding the missing girls.The sooner she was out of here,the better.

Miss Hunter then took out a file from one of her desk draws,and placed it on the top.Jennifer glanced curiously at the file,but Miss Hunter wouldn't let her see it.Jennifer was then taken aback,by what Miss Hunter asked her next.

'How old are you,my dear?'

Jennifer couldn't help,but look totally surprised hearing that.

Why she's asking me that? Jennifer thought with concern.She was now a little alarmed.All sorts of questions and worries raced through her head.Did the woman suspect something?

Still,Jennifer forced herself to remain calm,and answered respectfully.

'I'm 19,ma'am.'Although her reply was a deception,Jennifer gave the woman,a puzzled glance,hoping to give the impression that was a baffling question to ask.Yet,Miss Hunter wasn't fooled.

'You're 19,Miss Sanders?'The faint smile now visible,made Jennifer squirm uncomfortably in her seat.'Well,that only matters to a certain point.'

'What do you mean?'Jennifer asked,keeping a wary eye on her.

'What I mean,Miss Mitchell,'Miss Hunter went on confidently,still reading the file.'is that I don't think you should be here.'

'I really don't know what you're talking about.'Jennifer feigned ignorance,although the alarm bells were increasing inside her.

'Well,let me put it this way,my dear.'Miss Hunter decided to see how the girl would react to this.She was looking forward to it.'Suppose I tell you I know the reason you're here.Something to do with those missing girls perhaps?'

She was pleased to see,that she scored a big hit.Jennifer gazed more sharply at her,but now,there was confusion evident in her eyes.Miss Hunter calmly waited for the girl's response.

Jennifer's mind was now in turmoil.This was a bombshell.What should she do?Had her cover been blown? Was the woman making a genuine attempt to help her? The questions continued to assault her mind,whilst Miss Hunter still sat waiting.Seeing the girl was still thinking it over,she decided to drop another bombshell on her.

'You're an active agent of MI5,Miss Sanders.'She was again pleased,to see the girl's stunned reaction.'You've been sent here undercover,to locate several missing pupils of mine,believed kidnapped.'Miss Hunter raised an expectant eyebrow.'Am I right?'

Jennifer's mind was still reeling from this sudden revelation.She was still trying to figure out her reply,when Miss Hunter's voice snapped impatiently at her.

'I'm still waiting for your answer,Miss Sanders!'There was a hint of anger evident now.'Are you going to be silent all night?'

Jennifer had just made up her mind to deny everything,when something about the file Miss Hunter was holding,struck her.It was her own personal file from work!How she'd obtained it,was a mystery,but she shouldn't be holding it.Yet she clearly saw Miss Hunter's face still smiling at her.It even increased.

'That's my file!'Jennifer stated,stunned at recognising it.'What are you doing with that? How did you-?'

'I will ask the questions,Miss Sanders,if you please.'There was now a more sinister,and more authoritative tone,in Miss Hunter's voice.Perhaps even a bit more threatening,although she went on.'You are correct though,my dear.It is your personal file,from your employers,MI5.'

Miss Hunter was idly flicking through the pages of it.'It was interesting to find out about you.Your employers expected a lot from you.I'm more than sure you would have made an excellent asset,but now,'The woman sharply closed the file,with a more sinister,and menacing smile.'I have other plans for you.'

Jennifer suddenly realised she needed to get out of here.She tried to rise up out of the chair,but strangely,her body wouldn't obey.She stayed in the seat.Then,she noticed Miss Hunter glance at her watch,and th woman nodded to herself,seemingly pleased.Jennifer could see,that she was being leered at,although she heard Miss Hunter speak,it sounded like a slowed down record.

'Something wrong,my dear?'Miss Hunter asked,although knowing full well,why Jennifer was acting like this.The drug she'd put into the girl's brandy,had taken the right amount of time,to overwhelm her.Jennifer would be paralysed,only temporary,but it would give Miss Hunter,all the time she needed to savour her latest catch.

Jennifer slowly felt all of her body freezing up.She couldn't move her hands,arms,feet,or even her legs.Within moments,she couldn't even turn her head.All she could do,was move her eyes,and they were staring in fear at the woman sitting opposite her.She noticed Miss Hunter raise her brandy glass to her,and Jennifer realised,that the woman had drugged her!The shock in her,was only reflected in her eyes,as they raced from side to side,watching Miss Hunter rise up from her own seat,and she walked over to Jennifer's helpless form.Bending down,the woman took a hold of Jennifer's chin,giving her an unpleasant smile,down at her captive.

'Just relax,my dear.'Jennifer heard.'It's pointless fighting it.I assure you,there's no way you can beat it.'

Jennifer could only give out a faint whimper of despair,knowing she was now a prisoner.

'I always thought you were very pretty,my dear.'Miss Hunter told her drugged captive.'I'm sure you will have realised by now,that you were exceptionally stupid,to come here alone.'

Despite the woman's warning about the drug inside her,Jennifer was still desperately trying to fight it,but she still couldn't move.Her chin was still held,when she noticed Miss Hunter glance up,hearing a man's voice asking permission to enter the office.Miss Hunter granted it,and Jennifer could see a lot more pleasure in her face.She then saw two sinister looking men,enter her line of vision.Her eyes widened in horror,as she then saw one of them holding her notepad!Her despair increased.

Mr Smith handed over the notepad to Miss Hunter,who gladly accepted,releasing Jennifer's chin,and then started to read,what the girl had written down.Her face darkened slightly,as she did so.The girl was very clever,noting down her movements,and she had come quite close,to solving where the missing girls were.She finally finished reading the notepad,and seized Jennifer's chin again,only much more harder this time.

'You really are smart,as well as very pretty,aren't you?'There was a lot more menace in her tone now.'Well,we can't have you handing in your damning report,on my establishment now,can we?'

She then glanced back at Mr Smith and Mr Brown,ordering them.'Get some rope,and tie her up.'

Both men nodded,and they quickly produced several coils of strong,white clothesline,before they turned their attention,back to their prisoner.They both easily lifted Jennifer out of the chair,and placed her face down on the floor.Mr Brown instantly pulled Jennifer's wrists behind her back.After crossing them,he then expertly wound several lengths of the clothesline over the girl's wrists,whilst Mr Smith had seized her ankles together,and wrapped four horizontal loops of rope over them.

Enjoying the scene in front of her,Miss Hunter was smirking down at her latest acquisition,who was now tightly bound hand and foot.She was drooling at the sight of the girl tied up,in her school uniform.There was still plenty of clothesline,and she ordered all of it to be used.Both men were more than eager to oblige.Mr Smith then wrapped more horizontal loops,over Jennifer's knees and thighs,whilst Mr Brown pulled the girl up into a sitting position.He then wound plenty of loops over,and under Jennifer's chest.Both men pulled hard on the ropes,making sure they were tied tight,and once they'd done so,stood back to allow Miss Hunter to check their work.Miss Hunter did so,turning the girl over,checking over Jennifer's bonds.She needn't have worried.The girl was safely secure,in her clutches.

She then noticed Jennifer's eyes becoming more clearer,and parts of her body were slowly coming back to life.Evidently,the drug was wearing off,but she wasn't concerned.Tied up,the girl wasn't going anywhere.The drug had done its job well,keeping Jennifer helpless,and she calmly waited for the drug to wear off completely.Miss Hunter held Jennifer's notepad in front of her,ready to gloat.

At last,Jennifer found her body slowly coming back to life,although she gazed down in dismay,at the many tight ropes she found herself tied up in.Her alarmed expression was still fully evident,as she glanced up at Miss Hunter,now standing over her.Jennifer was now more frightened than ever.

'I must congratulate you though,my dear.'Miss Hunter smiled down at her helpless form.'You did indeed,nearly succeed finding the missing girls,but you see,I already know where they are.So as a reward for your efforts,I will take you to them.'

'Where are they?'Jennifer felt so glad to have her voice back.'What have you done with them?'

'They're perfectly safe,Miss Sanders.I assure you.'Miss Hunter enjoyed saying that.'They're just like you at the moment.Very pretty,and tied up.As for what I intend to do with them,'her smile was now more unpleasant,'you will find out soon enough.'

The unpleasant smile remained,as Miss Hunter continued.'Suffice it to say,you're all going on a shipping trip,but it won't be a luxury cruise for you.I have excellent business contacts worldwide,who will be very interested,in seeing my latest pretty stock.'

'Wh-what do you mean?'Jennifer stammered.Her fear was rapidly overwhelming her.She was then forced to hear Miss Hunter explain.

'What I mean,my dear,is that you and all the other pretty girls I've abducted from this school,will soon be put up for sale.'Miss Hunter chuckled.She knelt down,and gripped Jennifer's chin once more.

'I've no doubt at all,that every one of you,will fetch a superb price.It will be interesting to see how the bidding goes.Whoever buys you,will have to pay top money.I shall make sure of that,but at least,you'll be worth every penny.'

Jennifer's eyes widened considerably hearing this.She honestly thought she could complete this mission,but now,she was kidnapped.Horrible thoughts were dominating her head.Never did Jennifer think,that she'd be carted off,to be sold into slavery.It was a nightmare scenario,she never imagined herself finding in.

Despite her own terror raging inside,Jennifer found some defiance.

'You really think you'll get away with this?'Jennifer snapped back at the still smirking Miss Hunter.'My people know where I am.If I go missing for any length of time,they'll send-'

'Ah yes.'Miss Hunter interrupted,almost smugly.'Well,I'm afraid I have some bad news for you,my dear.Your mission briefing was given to you by your superior,a Miss Thompson,I believe?'She then gripped Jennifer's chin more painfully.'Miss Thompson was the one,who informed me of your coming.I'm afraid you walked right into my clutches.'

Stunned,Jennifer couldn't respond to that.She remembered Miss Thompson alright.The woman was her boss,in her section.Jennifer hadn't liked her.She was a lot like Miss Hunter,very arrogant attitude.Damn her!She'd been sold out!If this was true,her disappearance could be easily covered up,and her family would have no idea on her whereabouts.She realised also,that during the interview with Miss Thompson,the woman was measuring her up.It must have been so easy.She had indeed,walked straight into a trap,thanks to Miss Thompson's treachary.Jennifer had also knew of many other young,and also very pretty female agents vanishing without trace.How many had disappeared,she had no idea,but her own plight,was now making her tremble.How on earth,was she going to get out of this.

Suddenly,the man known as Mr Smith bent down to her,and grasping both her shoulders,easily lifted her up to her feet.Jennifer swayed for a moment,but Mr Smith wrapped his arm around her waist,holding her tight.Then,Jennifer noticed Miss Hunter holding a long strip of white cloth.She started to ball it up,making Jennifer inwardly gulp.She knew what was coming next.

'Let's have that pretty mouth open,my dear.'Miss Hunter stepped forward to her,ready to put the cloth into the girl's mouth.However,Jennifer suddenly decided to take a gamble.

'Somebody help me!'She managed to scream out.'Please! Sommmffff!'

With a nasty smile,Miss Hunter roughly forced the balled up cloth,into Jennifer's mouth.She was careful not to let the girl choke,but her prisoner's screams died instantly.There was still plenty of spare length from the cloth,and she used that to force over Jennifer's mouth,before she pulled the two ends behind the girl's head.Miss Hunter tied the gag tightly,relishing Jennifer's fearful mumble,as she secured the final knot.She was pleased to hear the girl's faint,gagged mumbles.

'You really are very pretty,my dear.'Miss Hunter ran a finger down Jennifer's cheek.'I always knew you'd be a worthy catch.You're mine now.'

She smiled again,seeing the terror stricken eyes from her prize.Then,Miss Hunter turned to Mr Smith,and Mr Brown,waiting patiently.

'Put her in the van,and take her down to the warehouse,where our other pretty merchandise is.I'll follow you shortly,whilst I take care of this pretty lady's room.Make sure you're not seen.'

Both men nodded their complete obedience,and then,Mr Smith turned Jennifer around to face him.He ignored her wide,frightened eyes,as he lifted her onto his shoulder.Then,he and Mr Brown made to leave.As Jennifer was carried out,she heard Miss Hunter's voice call after her.

'I shall see you soon,my pretty.I can't wait to have a dose of you myself,before I send you on,wherever that may be.'

Jennifer's attempted screams were heard by nobody,as she was taken out of the woman's office.Mr Brown made sure he kept a sharp eye out,but there was no need to worry.Nobody was about,and they were gone within moments.

Very pleased with herself,Miss Hunter watched them depart.The girl would fetch an excellent price indeed,allowing her luxuries to continue.

Just then,she received a telephone call.On answering,she was pleased to hear the voice of her benefactor,Miss Thompson.

'Everything went okay?'Miss Thompson asked her.

'Nothing to worry about at all.'Miss Hunter answered confidently.'The girl is ours.'

'Excellent!'Miss Thompson was pleased.'I knew you'd like her.I can't wait to ravish her myself.I'm hoping to make the next auction.Perhaps I might see,who buys her.I could do with a couple of new additions myself.'

'There's always a good choice of girls.'Miss Hunter agreed,mentally making a note,not to miss the auction herself.She really enjoyed them.There was nothing better,than watching a young,beautiful girl,tightly bound and gagged,being offered for sale.She had a good collection herself,and always loved to tie up and gag her slaves.

'Anything new to worry about?'She asked Miss Thompson.

'Hardly.'The woman's chuckle pleased them both.'In fact,you may have another pretty prize coming your way.Miss Sanders younger sister,is coming to see me tomorrow.She's quite keen to make an impression on me.'

'Is she indeed?'Miss Hunter leaned back into her chair,delighted to hear such good news.'By all means,send her down.We're always on the look out,for fresh merchandise,aren't we?'

They both chuckled again,and after making the arrangements,wished each other well,before Miss Hunter hung up.Things were never better.She thought,highly content,as she poured herself another excellent brandy,savouring her good fortune.

Jennifer was struggling like mad over the man's shoulder,as she was carried towards the rear of the boarding school.Her eyes were frantically searching for anybody,that would spot her abduction,but there was nobody to be seen.The school grounds were deserted,and her gag was highly effective,keeping her cries to barely inaudible mumbles.

'Put her in the back.'She heard the man known as Mr Brown speak.'I'll drive.'

With a mumble of despair,Jennifer could now see,that her captors had reached the rear of the school.A single white,but large transit van awaited them.Mr Smith opened the two rear doors,and easily carried Jennifer inside.She lay helpless,as her captor then gripped her chin.

'Don't get any smart ideas,young lady.'Mr Smith warned her.His tone wasn't threatning,or nasty,but his message was clear.'If you do,you'll regret it.'Tightening his grip on her chin,he continued.'You wouldn't want us to hurt any of those other girls now,would you?'

Jennifer mumbled fearfully into her gag,unable to respond,but the man seemed satisfied,to let his threat hang over her.He then eased his hold on her,but still held her.

'Now,just relax and stay there.Be a good girl,and sensible,for all the other girls sakes,won't you?'

Mr Smith then released his hold on Jennifer's chin,and exited out the back,slamming the doors shut.He then quickly joined Mr Brown up front,as the van's engine was started.Then,they drove off into the night.

Tightly bound and gagged in the back,Jennifer closed her eyes in utter fear,dreading what the future had in store for her.

To be continued?