Sunday, 30 October 2011

Added a bit more

Just thought I'd let you all know I've added a bit more,to my story 'Trouble in the Philippines'on Chapter 4.

Hope you all like it.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Winter's creeping closer.

Well,I hope everybody's okay,and hope you're all staying warm.In saying that,I'd like to stick two fingers up,to the greedy,co-oporate tossers,who keep raising our heating bills constantly.I hope you bastards burn in hell.

Anyway,enough bad language(and apologies)I've added a bit more to my 'Deadly Arena' story,and there's still a bit more to go.

I've also made a start on three new stories,but sadly,I'm really knackered,and have only just started them.In time,I'll get there,although my stories aren't as good as Jeb,KP,or Van's excellent offerings.

I just try to keep it simple,but hopefully,I hope there will be a story I've written,that will be really popular.

Take care,


Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Deadly Arena

This another spin-off from my Sanna Menace story.Here,we'll see the Sanna invaders enjoying themselves,looking down at their human captives.

Just as in ancient Rome,the Sanna force their prisoners to fight each other to the death,merely for their own amusement.

However,I decided to introduce two of my favourite characters,Jennings and Montgomery,who make their hated humanoid enemies pay dearly for this barbarism.It was actually another early draft I thought up,when I was considering which way to go,but I liked this,and I hope you do too.


The arena was filled with capacity.Sanna troopers lined up all over it,barging each other out of the way,so they could get a better view.

All of the Sanna eyes were filled with lust and excitement.This was something they adored.Not only did they love the thrill of battle,but they also loved to see their defeated victims here too,for obvious reasons.

Every Sanna trooper watching,was chanting for the show to commence.They wanted to see blood,and they all gazed on in the direction,at where their commanders were.

There was of course,a specially reserved area for their superiors.Like them,the Sanna officers loved being here too;but whilst their troops merely wanted to see death,their leaders were after something else.

At the moment,there were two Sanna officers,calmy observing the arena below them.So far,things were being prepared,but they knew it wouldn't be long for the show to begin.

They had the advantage of being offered luxury,and both were accepting it.Food of high quality was on offer,as well as favourite drinks.Both were seated,as they ate and drank.Standing behind them,were several troopers who were their personal aides.If either of the officers wanted something,the troopers made sure their superiors got it.

One of the Sanna relaxing,was the commander.He was well experienced in battle,and just like all his people here,he adored it.He had killed plenty of opponents,especially in unarmed combat.This was the main reason why he was here.He wanted to see how others fought.After all,it may prove useful in future campaigns.

So far,the human opponents he was fighting,had showed him fierce resistance in battle;but here,things were different.

They'd taken many human prisoners,and he'd received orders personally from the Sanna Emperor himself,to observe and report any interesting finds back to him.It was an order he gladly accepted.He too,enjoyed fighting these humans.Of course,the Sanna had never been beaten in unarmed combat,and he knew that was impossible.His people were simply far too strong.It was far more interesting to see these humans fight each other,and then who knows? He may offer the victor a reward,but it depended what he felt like.

As he sat back,still eating,his colleague looked around the full arena.His troopers were chanting the word kill repeatedly.This made him smile faintly,as he gazed back at his commander.

'They seem to be looking forward to it.'He commented.

'As are we,'his commander agreed.'I heard we have many prisoners down below.Make cetain we choose the worthy ones.Get rid off the rest.'

'There are many wounded humans,commander.Do you wish them eliminated too?'

'Of course,'the answer was firm,'we only want to see the able here.'

His colleague nodded,and passed on the order to one of the aides,who had heard everything.The Sanna aide though,did ask the commander's colleague something.In return,both gazed back at him.

'We also have captured human females,commander,'his subordinate informed.'What are your instructions for these prisoners?'

'Human females?'The commander looked back at him.'That's unusual.Are they part of the human military forces?'

'Indeed so,commander.We have two of them,that can understand our language.'

'An impressive skill,'the Sanna commander was indeed,impressed.'Bring those two to me,but make sure they are secure.'

His colleague smirked.'We already have the females bound and gagged,commander.'

'Excellent.See that they remain so.I'm interested to see them.'

His colleague then gestured at the aide again,and this time,the trooper hurried away.

It was then,that they received the news they all wanted to hear.Another Sanna aide came up to the two relaxing figures.

'We are ready to begin,commander.'

The Sanna commander nodded,and then stood up.It was customary to address his people,before they could enjoy the show.

The commander was cheered by his troopers as he came forward,and he acknowledged them gratefully.He let them go on for a few moments,before he waved them to silence.Every Sanna present obeyed immediately.

'Today is another glorious day for all your efforts in battle,my friends!'The commander had a powerful voice,and it echoed throughout the arena.'Our enemies are cunning,but they are not invincible,as we will see here!'

This brought more approving cheers,and the commander appreciated it,allowing some more time to savour the applause.After a few more moments,he waved for silence again.

'Earlier,you fought the humans in battle,and you showed them who was the superior warrior;but we shall still let them fight,but only each other.You wish to see death,my friends,so you shall!'

This brought more cheers,and they were the loudest yet.The Sanna commander then sat back onto his chair,just as he noticed his two of his troopers frog-marching two wide eyed,and obviously terrified young women towards him.

He could see they were part of the human military.Both girls wore the uniform of their naval services.The Sanna recognised their uniform,as being members of the human kingdom,known as the British Isles.

He liked what he was seeing.The two girls were wearing white,short sleeved shirts witn a breast pocket either side.He clearly recognised the military rank,that was visible on the girls shoulders,black shoulder epaulettes with gold markings.

The Sanna commander also liked the look of their legs.He could see both women wearing a knee length,black skirt,and of course,both also wore some kind of clothing on their legs.It was off a dark,blue colour,and the uniforms made the two of them very smart.

However,the Sanna commander was also pleased to see his two female prisoners,tightly bound and gagged.Their hands had been tied behind their backs,with several loops of horizontal,white rope wound above and below their chests.Both girls had been gagged with a large strip of black cloth,completely covering theit mouths,and it had also been tied tightly to silence them.

The Sanna commander gazed at the two of them,admiring them.He was well aware the two races could inter-breed,and he still remembered another of the Emperor's personal wishes;to bring young,highly desirable human female captives back to the Sanna system.

It was an order he was determined to obey.

He was watching the two young human females with interest.They were both held tight by two of his troopers,and they were mumbling fearfully behind their gags.

'Do they have names?'The commander inquired.

'His subordinate nodded.'They are known as Sarah Jennings and Kelly Finch,commander.'

The commander could see they both looked different.One of the human females was a little taller than her friend.She had long,curly brunette hair falling past her shoulders,whilst the other girl had short jet black hair.Yet both of them had impressive breasts,and the commander liked looking at that part of their bodies.

'Which is which?'He demanded.

The subordinate grabbed the taller girl by the back of her neck,and forced her forward,before he answered his superior's question.

'This is the one known as Sarah.We captured her,just after destroying a human refuge camp.'

'Bring her.'

The order was promptly obeyed,and the trooper holding Sarah propelled her forward,forcing the girl onto her knees,right in front of the Sanna commander.

'She is indeed,a worthy prize of war,'the commander remarked,gripping Sarah's chin.Gagged,Sarah couldn't respond,but was still staring wildly up at her captor.What he said next,filled her fear into overdrive.

'I will take this one,as a personal gift for our glorious emperor.'He suddenly became aware that the first human captives,had now been forced into the arena.

Still keeping a grip on the girl,the Sanna commander then rose,and forced her to accompany him to the baying for blood audience.

He tightened his arm around Sarah's waist,as he then inspected this latest selection of human prisoners.

He could see they were all male,and clearly noticed some of them were not suitable for fighting,but the commander coldly ignored that.

Too bad,he mused.They'll have to learn quick,or pay for it.

He then addressed the small group of prisoners,now staring up at him.

'We have given you a rare honour,humans,'his voice boomed down at them,clearly to intimidate.He was pleased to see it worked on a couple of them.

'We have spared your miserable lives,to see if you are indeed,worthy for our cause.Any of you that refuses,will be made to suffer dearly.So you had all better put on a good show for myself,and the superior Sanna race!We are your masters!'

This made the audience cheer madly in more approval,and pleased,the Sanna still firmly held onto the girl.


With the cheers still echoing,he easily dragged the girl back with him,and forced her to kneel at his chair.He began stroking Sarah's hair gently,as he began to watch was happening below.

'Let's see if there are any worthy men,my dear.'The commander chuckled.'Who knows? Perhaps one of them could be your hero.'

Helpless in his grip,Sarah's eyes were also looking down at the group of men.They were staying together as a group,and it was a good defensive move.Although none of them were armed.

However,the commander then signalled,and much to her and Kelly's horror,more Sanna troopers then entered the arena.All of these,were armed to the teeth,and they began to move in on the men.


Grimly,Jennings and Montgomery scanned around the arena.Things didn't look good.They were unarmed,and trapped here.There seemed no way of escape.

Not that either of them had any interest in escaping.Both knew the Sanna,and utterly despised the humanoid invaders.They'd promised each other,to make them all pay.

The two men had also noticed not everybody in the group,was not as mentally prepared.A couple of them were sobbing,clearly expecting the worst.

Grimly,Jennings called out to the group,knowing they all needed a morale boost.

'Everybody! Stay calm,and stay together.'His voice was confident,as he went on.'We're not dead yet.'

'What the hell are you talking about?'One of the men responded angrily.'We haven't got a hope of surviving this!'

Jennings turned to give an angry response,but his friend,Montgomery had already beaten him to it.

'If you're so convinced you're going to die,'Montgomery's voice was gentle,but the man clearly saw the ice in the giant's eyes.'Then you can leave the group now.'

'Easy,Monty,'Jennings told him.'We need every man we can get.'

He then looked at the man who'd spoke,and nodded at him.He was pleased to see after a moment,the nod was returned.A good start,but it had to be done with everybody.

Fortunately though,Jennings' words managed to pull the men together.They backed into each other,just as they saw the heavily armed Sanna troopers enter the arena.

It took him a few moments to realise the humanoids,were now armed with lethal blade weapons.Both Jennings and Montgomery recognised some nasty stuff their enemies were carrying.

'Bastards!'One of the men shouted defiantly to the approaching Sanna,although he realised he had nothing to retaliate against it.

'How the hell are we going to beat them?'It was the first man speaking.'We've got no weapons!'

'You're wrong,'Jennings responded mildly.'We've got our brains.'He watched the Sanna getting closer,and then told him.'Protect the blokes who can't look after themselves.Remember,use your head.The Sanna will have the guard down here.'

'What makes you say that?'

'It's easy,'Jennings answered.'They think we're goners.We're totally surrounded,and they're just looking at us for their own amusement.All we need is a moment,when they're not looking.We'll make our move then.'

'I hope you're right,mate.'

'Trust me.'Jennings managed to grin,offering his hand.The man accepted,and then,they turned to the still approaching Sanna.They could see the humanoids expressions,were of supreme confidence.Jennings prepared himself mentally,just as Montgomery and a few others did.

As the humanoids came within striking distance,Jennings called out more advice.

'Rememember,use your head,and lure them in.Get them on the ground,and make it count.'

Jennings wasn't sure if everybody in the group would follow,but he sincerely hoped so.Despite his own confident words earlier,Jennings fully realised their predicament here.They needed a miracle to get out of here.Taking on a Sanna humanoid in unarmed combat,you needed to be really strong,physically and mentally.He just knew some of the men here,were not up to it.They needed a miracle to get out of here.

He couldn't resist looking up at where the Sanna officers were,and he gave a fierce,defiant gaze up at them.If he could get up there,he'd make them suffer.

Suddenly,Jennings froze in horror,as he recognised one of the humanoids was holding his sister.

'The bastards have got Sarah!'Jennings practically screamed it out in rage.His outburst was easily shouted down by the massive Sanna audience,but all the men with him heard it.They too,glanced up,and clearly saw 2 pretty girls,bound and gagged,and held by the Sanna.

It was then,the advancing Sanna in the arena made their move.

Sanna troopers were very tall:they were even a bit more taller than Montgomery,and held tremendous strength.This of course,gave them tremendous advantages in battle.A lot of their blade technology,was long,heavy,but still incredibly lethal.

Two Sanna troopers carried what appeared to be spears,but the blade attached on the end of their weapons proved otherwise.Jennings knew this type.The Sanna could merely stand off,and pick them off one by one with it.

With a sickening fear,Jennings knew one of the humanoids had targeted him,and was now thrusting the deadly blade towards him.He realised he was a goner,and there'd be no way he could save Sarah and her friend.

The Sanna had indeed,targeted Jennings,and had aimed his weapon at the human's torso.There,it would slice him in two.

However,as the Sanna thrust the weapon forward,Jennings got a lucky break.Just like he'd done so many times before,Montgomery came in,and saved his neck.

Montgomery's physique,was huge.His whole body was full of muscle,and Jennings was glad he was on his side.Stepping in quickly,his friend had managed to grab the spear shaft,and throw the Sanna off-balance.As the humanoid went down,caught totally by surprise,Montgomery didn't waste a second.

Instantly,he turned the Sanna's weapon on him,ruthlessly striking the humanoid's throat.The Sanna gurgled,as he began to choke on his blood spurting out,before he finally went limp.

'Quickly!'Montgomery urged his friends.They didn't need reminding,as they could see on the Sanna's body,a lot of weapons to be had.

Jennings and everybody else grabbed what they could,before they faced more of their opponents rapidly moving in.


The Sanna commander still maintained his tight grip on Sarah,and had watched his human enemy strike the first fatal blow.This annoyed his subordinate.

'Impossible!'The Sanna officer couldn't believe what he'd just seen.'I never would have thought it so.'

Unlike his subordinate,the Sanna commander did believe it.It was rare to see,but there were a few worthy humans,who had the strength to defeat Sanna troopers,and this was exactly what he was looking for.

He had noticed one of the humans look up at his position,and had clearly recognised the stunned expression on his face.He knew the human female he held captive.

Interested,he kept his eye on that human,and watched him perform a highly successful defence.It was so successful,that he witnessed a couple more of his troopers pay the ultimate price.It didn't bother him of course.His own troops should have known much better,but it was still an interesting spectacle to watch.

He could also see the human,and his giant friend,were more than a match for any threat being directed at them.The Sanna commander's interest grew,and he gestured for one of his aides to come forward.

When one of them did so,he then said:'Find out who those two humans are.I want to know everything about them.'

The aide nodded,and hurried away to obey.Then,the Sanna commander turned his attention to his bound and gagged captive.

'And if I don't find anything then,'he started to stroke Sarah's hair.'I'm sure you'll tell me everything I want to know.Won't you,my pretty?'

Sarah clenched her eyes shut,still full of despair.It was at least good to see her brother,skillfully eliminating these Sanna thugs,but she was held up here.He was down there.How was he going to reach her?

As Sarah and Kelly were held and being savoured by their captors,both girls could only pray.,as their eyes were riveted to the fight going on below.

Back down in the arena,Jennings,Montgomery and the rest of the men had managed to snatch a weapon of the first Sanna corpse.They could all now see more determination in their humanoid opponents,as they advanced towards them,brandishing their own lethal blades.

Despite Jennings not being able to defend himself against the first attack,he had managed to recover,thanks to Montgomery.Even though he'd done the same for his friend in earlier battles,Jennings knew it would take a lot to bring his best friend down.

He then saw one of the Sanna troopers advancing on a man in the group.The man did try to defend himself,desperately lunging out with the weapon he held.Unfortunately,the Sanna merely gave a sneering laugh,as he easily blocked the attempt,and gave the man a savage blow,sending him crashing to the arena floor.The humanoid then moved in for the kill.

Furious,Jennings raced over,and threw himself at the trooper,crashing his legs into the Sanna.The impact was successful,as he caught his target by surprise.The humanoid's expression was even the same.

As he felled the trooper,Jennings knew he had to act fast.His own physique was more than a match for them,and he'd beaten several Sanna in unarmed combat.Yet he knew they didn't have many weak spots,and getting them on the ground was priority.

He noticed Montgomery covering him as he grabbed his arm around the humanoid's neck,and then skillfully broke it.The Sanna went limp.

However,as Jennings,Montgomery,and the rest of the group grabbed more weapons,they didn't have it all their own way.

The Sanna had realised Jennings and Montgomery,were the most skilled human opponents,and still watching with interest in the balcony,the Sanna commander also secretly admired them for it.

Even so,he had then given the signal to eliminate some of the humans at long range.This had been done successfully.Four of the group had been picked off,therefore reducing the group's defences seriously.

One of the aides had returned with the information he'd asked for,and the aide handed over a small,handheld device.The Sanna commander activated it,and read the contents displayed on it.What he read,made interesting reading.

He then pulled Sarah's trussed up form closer to him,and gripped her chin again.This time,he ignored the girl's wide,terrified eyes over her tight gag.He was studying her face.It only took a moment to confirm what he thought.

'So you are a family relation to one of the human males down there,my dear?'the commander asked her,but fully expected no response,knowing his prize was gagged.'Well,let's see how good he really is,shall we?'

Rising up from his couch,the Sanna commander then easily dragged Sarah along with him,and after reaching the edge of the balcony,he pulled the girl in front of him,still maintaining his tight grip on her.

He held a nasty smile on his face,as he produced his sidearm,and then fired a single shot into the air.

This stopped the furious,individual battles going on below in the arena,and all of them;human and Sanna looked up at the source.The arena almost fell into silence immediately.

Jennings' teeth clenched,seeing his sister being held hostage,and he started to advance menacingly towards the humanoid,but he had to stop quickly,seeing the Sanna point the weapon,firmly into Sarah's neck.

'A wise decision,human filth,'the Sanna commander sneered down at him.'You will do as I say,if you value your sister's life.'

'What do you want?'Jennings angrily shouted up at the humanoid.

'To see you fight of course,'the Sanna laughed this time.'I have enjoyed watching your performance.You have excellent skills.So I'd like to see you battle our most worthy warriors.'

Before Jennings could respond,he and his surviving friends suddenly saw the Sanna commander,shout out sharp orders in the humanoids own language.

This produced a sharp exit from the present Sanna,who'd they'd been fighting with,and within moments,there was only Jennings,Montgomery,and only a couple of other men standing on their own.

They weren't on their own for very long.Jennings then noticed the Sanna commander gesture sharply behind Jennings.

Grimly,Jennings turned to see a Sanna humanoid enter the arena,and was now advancing on him.

As the Sanna came closer,Jennings recognised this type.These humanoids were highly skilled fighters,unlike the usual regular Sanna troopers.They were the ones who used their heads,and studied their enemies,and that made them highly dangerous opponents.

Jennings moved away slightly from Montgomery.His friend's face was full of concern,watching Jennings accept the challenge.

Seeing the human holding one of their own weapons,the Sanna stood still,waiting for Jennings to make the first move.

As he'd fought these type of humanoids before,Jennings knew this one wouldn't be carrying any firearms.They prefered to win by,sheer brute strength,but Jennings could still see the various,yet potentially lethal blades the Sanna carried on his body.

Even so,Jennings wanted to make sure,and he started to slowly walk around his opponent,who did likewise.

Jennings could see there was no contempt visible on this Sanna's face,and he knew he'd have his work cut out here.

However,he did notice the eagerness on the Sanna,and there was almost a thin smile visible.Jennings did not return it.

Instead,he had seen the many lethal blades,now scattered across the arena floor,and he knew he'd better get one.

Grimly,Jennings chose one.It was a Japanese samurai sword,and after stopping his slow walk around the Sanna,Jennings slowly knelt down to pick it up.His eyes never left the now still standing humanoid.

'I know your name,human,'the Sanna spoke to him,the tone not threatening,but sinister.'You are Jennings.Many of us have dreamt to face you,in unarmed combat.I am very pleased I now have that granted.'

Jennings didn't respond to the humanoid.He was still desperate to rescue Sarah and Kelly.Out of the corner of his eye,Jennings could still see the two girls,still frantically struggling in their captors grip.

'Well,let's get to it,shall we?'Jennings' voice was cold,and his eyes were the same.

The Sanna then began to advance on him,and both human and humanoid began their fight.

They's only exchanged a couple of parrying blows to each other,when suddenly,there was a screaming sound from the air,making all activity in the arena cease.

Next moment,there was a blinding flash,followed by a huge fireball.More screaming sounds erupted,from Sanna mouths,as many were incinerated by the fireball.

'AIR RAID! HUMAN AIR RAID!' It was one of the Sanna shouting,but Jennings and Montgomery didn't hesitate for a moment,as they charged up towards where Sarah and Kelly were being held.

As more bomb bursts exploded all over the arena,the Sanna humanoids scattered.They had no defences here,and their human enemies fully exploited this weakness.

More to follow...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Your Highness

Now if it wasn't for the despicable bad language,I would have enjoyed this film a lot more.

Of course,I watched it to see if there was any scenes for our fair damsel,and was rewarded.

No copyright infringment intended.

Basically,the damsel's played by Zooey Deschanel,who is kidnapped by the evil wized Leezar.He wants of course,to ravish her,so that he can then spread death and destruction throughout the world,blah,blah-we all know the score.:)

No copyright infringment intended.

Anyway,we can't have that now,can we? So her hero immediately sets out to rescue her,accompanied by his lazy,good for nothing brother.However,as they progress,our hero's brother begins to realise and learn,and does come good in the end.

I'm drifting off the main point here,so sorry about that.There are three scenes included.One is right at the start,showing an unknown damsel tied up,spread-eagled on a stone,just as our villian's going to perform his dastardly deed.Fortunately,our main hero,Prince Fabious(ha ha) saves her.Then not long after that,Leezar appears again to seize Fabious' love,Belladonna(who thinks of these names?:))aka Zooey.

After doing so,we see a scene where Leezar is eating a meal with three of his mothers(hmm,yes,I did say that)then we see Zooey with her hands chained in front of her,and she's cleave gagged.She manages to spit out the gag,giving some defiance to her kidnapper,before he shoves the gag back in.

Of course,as expected,we see Zooey tied up towards the climax of the film,spread-eagled,just as Leezar is going to enjoy himself.

Fortunately again,our heroes(with some priceless help from Natalie Portman's warrior character,Isabel,manage to save the day.

No copyright infringment intended.

The film's a comedy,and I must admit I did enjoy it,but it would have been so much better,without all the swearing and sexual innenuedos in the script.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Private Catch

The private plane flew through the clear,blue crystal sky,as it headed towards its destination.

The plane's destination was the Middle East,in fact,it was Kuwait.A land where there was a lot of wealth displayed.

The plane was the personal property of Sheik Goma,and he was certainly one of the wealthiest men in Kuwait.

He'd worked hard to achieve his goals,and it also helped that he had a first class brain,which helped him to think of solutions.

He was past his thirtieth birthday,but Goma was still regarded as handsome,and he seemed to display a charming,warm personality.

Added to this,Goma had excellent help.Not only was he well protected by his bodyguards,who had sworn to sacrifice their own lives to do so,but Goma had many brilliant advisors.This of course,had helped to increase his fortune.He was well involved in the banking industry,and appeared to be one of the lucky ones,not affected by the threatening economic crisis.

Goma of course,was well aware of this,and he was very generous,handing out help when people asked him for it.All those who had received a gift from him,were more than willing to return the favour.This had made him incredibly popular.A very wealthy man,who was prepared to help those less fortunate.

However,if those that liked Goma had seen what was going on,as he sat comfortably in his seat on the plane,they would have deeply shocked.

At present,Goma sat relaxed in his own seat.He had a glass of champagne in his hand,with the bottle resting in an iced bucket beside him.

He also enjoyed cigars,and was currently smoking one.These were of course,Havana ones.Goma would have nothing,but the best.

He took another deep,appreciative puff from the cigar,and settled his gaze on the two stewardesses,who were sitting in front of him.

Both women were young,and extremely attractive.Goma had made sure he'd chosen them for his flight back home.He always liked to choose the cabin crew,and always made sure the girls were very pretty.But of course,he didn't do this,merely to admire them.

The two stewardesses were known as Michelle and Amanda.Both girls had long hair,but they had different origins.Michelle was Chinese,whilst Amanda was English.

Goma had personally interviwed them,before the two girls had agreed to fly out with him.It hadn't been difficult at all for Goma to persuade them.Flying freelance certainly earned very good wages,and he'd promised them huge rewards.

Both Amanda and Michelle were now regretting this,as they sat bound and gagged opposite their kidnapper.The girls could see he was admiring them in their uniforms.The two young women wore a white shirt,with a blue neck scarf,and matching knee length blue skirts.They had both worn smart blue blazers,when they'd first boarded the aircraft,but had taken them off,once they could start work.

Goma however,had watched the two girls carefully,preparing the right moment to grab them.This hadn't been long in coming.He'd made sure the girls had settled in,and felt comfortable with him.It was then,that he'd nodded to his bodyguards to grab Amanda and Michelle.

The two girls were taken completely by surprise,as two of Goma's men pounced on them unaware,ruthlessly clamping chloroform soaked cotton wool pads over Amanda and Michelle's mouths.True,Goma knew even if the girls had even attempted to scream,nobody would have been there to help them.This was something he enjoyed doing,as he'd done it so many times before.

Once Amanda and Michelle were knocked out by the chloroform,Goma ordered his bodyguards to tie them up.His men had done an efficient job,securing the two women's hands behind the back of their chairs.They'd also secured their ankles together,firmly immobilising their two captives.

However,they hadn't finished,as Goma ordered more rope to be wound over them,and now Amanda and Michelle were tightly secured to their chairs because of this.Each girl had four loops of horizontal rope wound above and below their breasts,and there were even four more horizontal loops tied around their waists.Goma was pleased to see his instructions obeyed to the letter.He knew his two new pretty sex slaves,weren't going anywhere.

He'd delayed the order to gag them,as he was always interested to see how the girls would react.

It had been Michelle,who was the first to recover from the chloroform.She felt so groggy,and was wondering what was going on,before she found herself sitting down,and much to her dismay,tightly tied up.

Her shocked gaze went straight to Sheik Goma,as she made a frantic,but vain attempt to free herself.

'Wh-what the hell's going on here?'Michelle somehow managed to demand,although she couldn't disguise the fear in her voice,which her captor fully recognised.

'Quite simple,my pretty,'Goma's own voice was very pleasant as he responded.'I'm kidnapping you and your friend.'

Still shocked,Michelle was still struggling against her bonds.'Wh-why are you doing this?'

'Because,my dear,you and your friend here,are going to serve me,once I have you back in my royal palace.'Goma raised an expectant eyebrow at her.'I'm sure you'll know what that will entail.I have plenty of pretty girls serving me there,and you're going to join them.'

Michelle was still shocked,and she now had a nasty idea what lay in store for her.She'd heard rumours about Sheik Goma,about having his own personal harem,but Michelle never dreamed she'd be forced into it.

'You'll never get away with this!'Despite her rapidly climbing terror,Michelle still found a bit of courage.'I'll be missed.People will start looking for us.'

'That's highly unlikely,my pretty,'Goma sneered this time at her.'I personally checked your background.You're single,you have no family that will look for you.'He smirked.'There's no escape,I assure you.'

'That's what you think!'Michelle could see her captor was fully enjoying watching her struggles.'You've just made a big mistake kidnapping me!'

'On the contrary,my dear,'Goma still kept his sneer.'I've just added two new,pretty slaves for my enjoyment.I'll be very surprised,if anybody comes for you at all.'

'You're a monster!'Michelle practically screamed that out,which made her friend Amanda,now slowly regain her senses.

'No,my pretty,'Goma was now smiling at her.'I'm you master,and you will regret your defiance to me.I shall personally enjoy ravishing you,until your spirit is broke,but for now,it's time for you to be quiet.'

He nodded to two of his bodyguards,who had stood silently behind the two bound girls.His men understood,as they held balled up cloths in their hands.

Instantly,both men grabbed Amanda and Michelle's chin,and then roughly stuffed the cloth into each of the girl's mouth.Once they'd done so,the two men then placed a large rectangular,white strip of medical tape over Amanda and Michelle's mouth.The two girls were now tightly gagged.

Delighted his two pretty captives were secure and silenced,Goma then stood up,and stood right in front of Amanda.He could see the English girl looking up at him fearfully.

Goma relished that.He always savoured the fear his captives displayed.Of course,there were always exceptions,but Goma made sure that didn't last.He had so many young women he'd seized,and he always enjoyed breaking the defiant ones.This Michelle would certainly be enjoyable,but Goma also enjoyed the gentler,more frightened girls.This made him feel the power he held over them.

Goma could see Amanda's breasts were impressive.A Western woman always had that edge over their Oriental counterparts.This also added to possible future sales.Goma knew western women were high in demand on the slave market,as these girls were rarely seen on offer.

Goma knelt before Amanda's trembling figure,and with an evil smile,used both his hands to grope her breasts,making Amanda squeal into her gag.Michelle too:but the gags were tight,and the two girls could only mumble faintly.

Goma groped and squeezed Amanda's chest repeatedly,fully enjoying himself,as he watched the girl squirm at his touch.He was delighted to have her.

He then stopped indecently assaulting her,much to Amanda's relief,but he then gripped her chin,lifting it.

'I can see you are not as defiant,as your pretty Chinese friend,my dear,'Goma told her.He then looked menacingly at Michelle.'Perhaps she will learn a valuable lesson here.I shall have you first,and she can watch,before her turn.'

Both girls' eyes bulged up at him,knowing he was going to rape them,and much to their despair,both Amanda and Michelle knew they could do nothing to stop them.

Goma couldn't help himself,as he bent forward to give Amanda an unwanted kiss on her forehead.He merely chuckled.

'All that is in the future,my two pretty ones,'Goma told them,as he then stood behind Michelle,and began to play with her jet black hair.Goma fully enjoyed doing so.The Chinese girl's hair felt so smooth and silky.He couldn't wait to land,and get them back to his royal palace.

Michelle had to freeze,feeling his fingers stroke her hair.She was glad he wasn't seeing her eyes,as they were rolling in fear.She sincerely hoped for a miracle,that there might be a chance of escape,or better still,rescue.

Michelle suddenly remembered she'd spoken to a young man,before she'd gone off for the interview with Sheik Goma.Of course it had all been a trap,but she had told this man where she was going,and they had exchanged phone numbers.So maybe,just maybe,there was a chance.

For the moment though,she and Amanda were still tightly bound,gagged captives,and they were both firmly in Sheik Goma's clutches.

Goma then stopped playing with Michelle's hair,and went back to his seat.He lit himself another cigar,whilst one of his aides poured him another glass of champagne.He then turned to that particular aide.

'How long till we land?'

'One hour precisely,your eminence.'The aide answered instantly,and respectfully.

'Very good,'Goma nodded,very pleased.'Prepare the cases for our two new pretty slaves,and prepare the usual drugs.'

'My pleasure,your eminence.'

Stunned,both Amanda and Michelle watched wide eyed,as the aide moved to a compartment,and then took out a small black bag.He then opened it,and with more fear mounting in them,the two girls clearly recognised a syringe pack.

Goma watched the aide prepare the syringe,attaching a small bottle to the needle.There was a clear liquid in it,and the aide skillfully filled the syringe.Once he'd done so,he gazed respectfully at his master.

'Do you wish them to be drugged now,your eminence?'

Goma thought for a few moments,seeing the anxious,frightened expressions Amanda and Michelle were giving him.

'No,not yet,my friend,'Goma finally decided.'Let's wait a bit.After all,it's much more pleasureable to observe our two latest acquisitions,when they're like this,is it not?'

'Your eminence is too kind,'the aide bowed his head obediently.'I hope your eminence will grant me some time with them.'The aide's gaze,was just as ominous.'They are indeed,very pretty.'

'Of course you can,my friend,'Goma agreed whole-heartedly.He was sensible to reward his loyal men.'I will let you know,when the time is right.'

'A thousand thanks.Your eminence deserves the best.'

Goma then waved the aide away,which was obeyed instantly.He sat there,still smoking his cigar well content,gazing admiringly and lustfully at Amanda and Michelle's bound,gagged,helpless bodies.

He couldn't wait to land,and enjoy this latest private catch.

The End?


Glad you liked it DID Girls.:)

Friday, 14 October 2011

Assassination Games

There are of course,plenty of new films,that go straight to DVD.However,if they have a damsel in distress scene included,then I'm not complaining.
In this offering,we have the muscles from Brussels(Van Damme of course)and Scott Adkins,teaming up to kill a pretty nasty bad guy,who is after them for killing his despicable brother.

No copyright infringment intended.
Scott's character is after the main bad guy,for crippling his wife,whilst Van Damme is a cold hearted assassin.However,later on we see him help the gorgeous Marija Karan,who plays a prostitute.

No copyright infringment intended.

Marija's character is seized by the bad guys,and she's shown bound and gagged to a chair,whilst the main bad guy demands an exchange from Van Damme,knowing he was the one who bumped off his brother.

Unfortunately for her,Van Damme refuses,showing his inhumane side,therefore leaving Marija at the bad guy's mercy.Consequently,she does not survive.A real shame.Although,Van Damme still assists Scott to gain retribution against the main bad guy,but alas,it's far too late for Marija.

Never mind,you win some,you lose some,but I hope for a much more happier ending next time,with saving a pretty girl.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Trouble in the Outback.

Everybody in Australia knows about the Outback.It's a beautiful wilderness,where so many come to visit and enjoy.

Yet,there are also dangers too.Not only could an unprepared tourist get lost here,but there was also deadly snakes and other hidden dangers too.People had died here,because of ill preparation,or simply bad luck.

However,for the most part,everybody who came into the Outback,were well experienced,sensible,and highly respected the terrain here.

Placed in the vast wilderness,was a lone building.It was very well constructed,and its designers had intended it to be so.The weather here,was so unpredictable,and violent storms were frequent:so this particular building was designed to last.

It was actually a radio station.There weren't many people here.In fact,there were only four,four women in fact.

The girls were employed by the Australian police.There was crime committed out here,and of course,the criminals had a good chance of escaping here,if they knew what they were doing.

Here in this building,the four girls made sure the radio equipment was kept working.They didn't just need to keep their eyes out,in case any bad guys were nearby,but the radio also served as a call for help.The four girls had helped many people,who had needed it,and the radio was priceless.It was a long walk to the nearest help,but there was no worries.The girls were all highly skilled in radio maintanence;they had to be.The radio was their lifeline.

Sitting on the verandah,was Sarah Jenkins.Sarah wasn't tall,but she was very pretty.Her black hair was tied into a thick ponytail,and she was at present,enjoying the brilliant sunrise.An awesome sight Sarah never missed.It raised her morale,hoping it would be a good day ahead.

As Sarah watched the giant sun rise up from the horizon,she wasn't sweating,but knew that would change soon enough.Her uniform though,kept her cool.Just like her friends here,Sarah wore a light blue shirt,with the sleeve insignia of the Australian police.They could have wore the dark blue trousers,but all four girls had elected to wear the knee length,dark blue skirts instead.They looked really smart in their uniforms,and with them wearing their smartly polished,black high heeled shoes,the girls had attracted much interest,and with their polite,friendly manners,they'd left a really good impression on all who came to this remote area.

As Sarah sat watching the sunrise,she had no idea how what today would bring her.Normally,things were pretty quiet.They did receive calls for help,from lost tourists who had the bad luck to be so,but there certainly wasn't any excitement here.Sarah and her friends knew that.The excitement always seemed to happen elsewhere.

However,Sarah had no idea that today,would be etched in her memory forever,but all for the wrong reasons.


'Hurry up,damn it!Get those bags filled!'

The man's voice was filled with urgency,but he also spoke with menace.Added to that,he held a handgun at the pretty cashier's neck,holding her hostage.

His hostage wasn't speaking,as she was scared to death,but he hadn't aimed his comment at her.Instead,he had addressed another woman,who was desperately trying to stuff the thick cash wads into the bags the men had brought in.

For Jenny Lee and Michelle Morgan,today had started just like any other normal day.They'd been the first to arrive at the bank in central Sydney where they worked,and had done the usual routine,preparing for the day ahead.

It hadn't taken them long,and it was Jenny who'd opened the bank.She was actually the assistant manager here,as her boss was away on holiday.

Jenny however,was smart,and could easily manage the place.She'd done it so many times before,not suspecting her routine had been carefully observed.

Like all the other female employees,Jenny was also smartly dressed.She was wearing a white shirt,with a knee length black skirt.Jenny liked wearing this outfit.She liked the admiring looks she received.

Unfortunately,Jenny had no time to think like that now,not with several armed,hooded men holding them at gunpoint.The men had caught them completely by surprise,seizing them before any of the girls could raise the alarm.As Jenny was filling the bags up frantically,she could see the girls sitting in a room,where every one of them had been bound and gagged.Two of the armed robbers stood guard over them,whilst another of their team,was walking up to each trussed up girl,and savouring them.Much to Jenny's dismay,she noticed the man was also groping each of her friend's chests.

The man holding Michelle noticed Jenny's glance,and sharply reminded her who was in charge.

'Never mind looking out there!'His voice spoke more menacingly to Jenny.'You haven't got time too,especially your pretty friend here.'

'Okay,okay,'Jenny pleaded with him.'Just don't hurt her,please.'

'Fill that last bag.'The man ignored her plea,but he had his mind on more important matters.He shouted back to one of his accomplices,although he still kept a sharp eye on the two women.


'Still all clear,boss.'The man known as Turner shouted back.He was actually listening to police radio frequencies,but they all knew they couldn't hang about.

Finally,and much to her relief,Jenny filled the last bag.She hoped these scumbags would now leave.She was right,partly.

'Mitchell!'The man holding Michelle called out.This bothered Jenny,as she knew if they were using their names,then it showed supreme confidence that they'd never be caught.This made Jenny more nervous.She knew she was going to be bound and gagged,and her heart was jumping if that man indecently assaulting her workmates,was going to tie her up.


Much to her dismay,Jenny could now see,that it was the man who'd been enjoying himself.She felt her stomach tighten,as he entered the room.Sure enough,he was holding plenty of rope.

'Tie these two up and gag them.'Their leader ordered.'I'll make sure they don't give you any trouble.'

'Pleasure,boss.'Mitchell's smile was full of malice through his hood,as he began to prepare the ropes.

'Lie face down on the floor,my pretty,'Mirchell then curtly ordered Jenny.'Hands behind your back.'

Still concerened for Micheele's safety,and all the rest of her workmates,Jenny didn't refuse him.She slowly lay on the floor,putting her hands behind her back,trembling with fear.Almost instantly,she felt Mitchell winding the rope over her wrists.

It didn't take him long.Mitchell was an expert in this field.He had had plenty of practice,tying up and gagging pretty girls,and he adored it.

Within five minutes,Jenny was securely bound hand and foot,and Mitchell wound more horizontal loops of the rope over her shirt,pulling each loop tight,making sure the girl's arms were well secure.

Once he'd done that,he then produced a white hankerchief,and balled it up,before he then roghly grabbed Jenny's chin,and stuffed the hankerchief into her mouth.He loved hearing her mumbles as he did so.To keep the hankerchief in,Mitchell then did the same method,as he always did when he gagged a girl.He took out a roll of black duct tape,and tearing off a large,rectangular strip,forced it over Jenny's mouth,reinforcing the girl's gag.

Satisfied at his latest handiwork,Mitchell enjoyed Jenny's huge,obviously frightened eyes,before he then seized Michelle,and started to do the same to her.

Once Michelle was tightly bound and gagged,Mitchell couldn't help himself,as he then started to fondle the girl's breasts.Michelle squealed in outraged shock,but her gag kept her screams to a bare minimum.

'You're a pretty Shiela,aren't you?'Mitchell sneered,as he kept up his groping on Michelle.'I'd love some time alone with you.'

This thought made him smile,as he turned to his leader,hoping to hear what he wanted to hear.

'How about it,boss? Can we take her? We could always use a pretty hostage.'

'I don't see why not.'The response was positive.'We won't take one though,we'll have two pretty hostages.'

Shocked,Michelle and Jenny now realised they were going to be kidnapped!They struggled frantically against their bonds,but this only made Mitchell give them a cruel smile.

'I wouldn't bother,ladies.'His voice was full of confidence.'When I tie a pretty lady up,she stays tied up.'

'Okay,that's enough small talk.'the leader cut in.'We're wasting time.Get the money loaded onto the van,and put them in too.'


Mitchell and one of the armed gang then seized Michelle and Jenny,lifting the two girls over their shoulders,before easily carrying them out.More of the gang then assisted,to looad up the heavily filled cash bags into the van.

Once all the money bags had been loaded,Mitchell and his accomplice then threw Jenny and Michelle in as well.Fortunately,the rear of the van was loaded to the brim with the money bags,and these cushioned the girls fall.

Even so,both Jenny and Michelle were panicking,still attempting to scream in fear behind their gags,but it was no use.Within moments,the robbers had all climbed into the van,and made good their escape.

More to follow...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

13 Assassins

I really enjoyed this Japanese Samurai film.The plot centres on a group of highly skilled Samurai,who have been secretly ordered to kill a very nasty piece of work,Lord Naritsugu
Whar really intrigues me,is that the film's based on a true story.If it was,then he got what he deserved.
In the film,he rapes and kills for his own sadastic pleasure.There's a grim scene,where he cold bloodedly murders a family tied up,using a bow and arrow.Not a nice scene at all.
Anyway,the highlight of the film for me,was the battle sequence.It lasts for about 45-50 minutes,where the Samurai assassins lie wait to ambush Naritsugu,trapping him in a remote village.
The battle scene's tremendous,with the Samurai inflicting deadly losses on their enemies,but of course,sheer exhaustion and superior numbers take their toll,as they're slowly eliminated one by one.
My favourite character was Shinzaemon,skillfully played by Koki Yakusho,who is the leader of the group.I thought he was brilliant.

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

Damsel wise,there's only that horrible scene,where the family is murdered,but Natitsugu pays for it at the end,where Shinzaemon confronts him,although he has to face a former friend in a final duel to get to him.The duel's short,but intense,and is a favourite of mine.

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

Overall though,a very good,Japanese Samurai film,with an awesome battle sequence lasting for 50 minutes,and a brief,but tense duel at the end.
Well done to all involved.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Sanna Menace;another version.

I know this story hasn't been very well liked,but I don't care.I loved writing this,and believe it or not,wrote many drafts to it.I had thought about adding a new blog especially for this,but changed my mind.

Anyway,the version I thought up for this,was the character of Jennings,being taken prisoner by O'Rourke and Harris' forces,when he was only a child,before he turns into the tremendous,fighting soldier he becomes in later life.

In this section,Harris uses him as a hostage against his three sisters,who in turn,have to suffer the malicious attention of O'Rourke,who clearly wants to have them for his own sexual needs.

It was just a short part,and I decided to abandon it,thinking of another alternative plot.

Anyway,hope it's well liked,but I doubt it.None of my stories seem to get cool or interesting votes,but I don't write to please people.I write stuff that I enjoy writing.


The three trucks came to a stop outside O'Rourke's base,and instantly,his soldiers there came out to surround the three vehicles.All of them were armed to the teeth,and they levelled their weapons at each of the truck's rear.

Two soldiers stepped forward smartly,and lowered the tailgate on each of the trucks.

'Get out!'One shouted angrily into the rear.'Now!'

At first,there was no movement,but after one of the soldiers decided to fire off a warning shot,there was sudden movement detected,and people started to exit,from each of the trucks.

For the most part,there was a lot of scared,even terrified expressions amongst the new arrivals.Every one of them knew where they were,and it was the last place they wanted to be.The expressions they saw on the soldiers pointing their weapons at them,was more than enough to convince them they were in deep trouble.

'All right,'the first soldier who'd ordered them out spoke,now with menace,'let's go.Any trouble,and you're dead.'

Quickly,he and the rest of his armed colleagues moved in,to forcefully move the large contingent into O'Rourke's base.

Within the group,three teenage girls tightly held onto each other,and also kept a firm grip on the young boy with them too.The fear everybody else was showing,was also fully evident on them also.

The eldest of them was Sarah Jennings,and she'd just turned her eighteenth birthday.Like her two younger sisters,Sarah was regarded as very pretty.She had shoulder length raven hair,falling just onto her shoulders.Her eyes were a warm brown,and Sarah was also very warm hearted.A lot of people liked her.Indeed,many had been attracted to Sarah and her two sisters.

The same was for her younger sister,Louise,who was actually a bit taller than Sarah,and many had mistaken her for being the eldest.She was actually approaching her seventeenth birthday.Louise had long brunette hair,that fell past her shoulders.She too,was very well liked,and was also a very warm,caring young girl.Like her family,Louise always wanted to help people,and in these desperate times,she had.

Also willing to provide help,was Kelly,the youngest sister.She was sixteen,had short black hair,even her eyes were black;but just like her family,Kelly too,was a very likeable person.

All three girls were devoted to each other,but they were also devoted,and determined to protect their youngest sibling;John.

Their brother was only nine years old,and the girls knew he'd be at extreme risk here.Not only would they themselves face the threat from O'Rourke,but Harris would be interested in John.

Sarah was the most well aware of this grim fact,as she knew Harris was always on the lookout for new recruits.Sarah knew Harris to be an evil monstrous bitch,and she was utterly ruthless towards her enemies.She press-ganged so many to serve in her own personal army,and woe betide anyone who refused her wishes.All Sarah could do,was pray for a miracle they could escape this nightmare.

For the moment though,that was impossible.O'Rourke's men watched them all like hawks.They were roughly herded along,and forced to enter O'Rourke's base.

As they stumbled along,Sarah made sure she kept a tight hold on John's hand.She swore to herself she'd sacrifice herself to protect him.Louise and Kelly had also agreed,and had never let him out of their sight.

Even so,the fear was still paramount,as Kelly glanced at the rest of her fellow captives.

'What's happening,Sarah?'Kelly's fear was fully evident.'Why are they doing this?'

'It'll be okay,Kelly,'Sarah tried to reassure her sister,even though inside,she was just as scared.'Let's keep together.That's the most important thing.Don't let them split us up,and watch John.'

Kelly heard the tone in Sarah's voice,and immediately switched her attention back to her brother.She was dreading what lay in store here,as she knew what O'Rourke was.It was a foregone conclusion he'd see them soon enough,and Kelly knew she,Louise and Sarah,were highly attractive girls.He'd definitely be interested in them,and this was making Kelly even more scared.

Suddenly,they heard a commotion behind,and quickly turned to see what was going on.They all noticed a group of people,which had suddenly decided to make a break for it.They could only watch helplessly,as one of O'Rourke's thugs shouted a warning,before he and one other coldly gunned the escapees all down.Not one of them moved afterwards.

'You murdering bastards!'Louise couldn't help herself,but scream that out.Her eyes were full of fury,seeing so many people killed without mercy.

However,Louise's outburst now drew the attention of their guards,and they closed in on the four of them menacingly.

One of the guards suddenly seized Louise,and jammed his gun under her neck.

'Want to say that again,my pretty?'The guard sneered in her face,as well admiring Louise's face.

Louise however,wasn't intimidated.Despite her own fears,she then spat with full venom,into the man's face.

The man was stunned for a moment,but he instantly recovered,as he tightened his grip on Louise,jamming the weapon harder under her chin.

'So you want to play rough,do you?'The man sneered.'Well,so do I.The boss will want to have you,but I'll have you first!'

He then made to drag Louise away,which enticed a scream of fear from her.Kelly and Sarah did likewise,seeing their sister being forced away from them.

'Let my sister go!'

The man dragging his prize away,suddenly stopped to turn and face the source of the protest.He clearly saw it was the young boy who'd shouted.He noticed he was still clinging to that girl,even though his eyes were defiant.

The man's eyes however,only had attention for Sarah and Kelly.He had no interest in the boy,and readied his weapon,aiming at him.

Horror stricken,Louise struggled frantically,desperate to help her family,but the man's hold on her was far too strong.She could only watch in despair,as the man prepared to fire.Sarah and Kelly had immediately thrown themselves around John,now waiting for death.

Suddenly,they got some unexpected help.

Two men,both of Asian origin,had then made their move on the man holding Louise.One managed to easily free her from the guard's grasp,and Louise raced to join her family,now tightly holding onto each other.

The two men who'd helped Louise,were Japanese,and they both worked well to bring the man down.

Held protectively by his sisters,John could still see the fight.He watched in fascination,as the two Japanese men used martial arts skills,on the bullying guard.He was almost entranced.

The guard was no match for his two assailants;he was simply hired muscle.True,he was well trained in using weapons,but he had no answer to the highly unarmed combat skills now being dished out to him.

Sarah was also watching,completely fascinated.Whoever these two men were,she was deeply grateful for them coming forward to help her family.Sarah noticed they were Japanese too,and watching their fighting style,wondered if they had Samurai origins.

The two men had easily dealt with the guard,when suddenly,more of O'Rourke's men came running forward.They levelled their weapons at Louise's rescuers,of whom,stood their ground,and placed themselves in front of the three girls and young boy.

The men were just about to fire,when they heard a woman's sharp voice came in.

'That's enough.'

Stunned,Sarah,Louise and Kelly,watched the woman slowly walk towards them.Like everybody else,they all recognised her.This was Harris,O'Rourke's second in command.

She could have been an attractive woman,but they all clearly saw the cold in her eyes.Sarah and her family had heard so many horror stories about this woman,but to meet her,was their worst nightmare,and her eyes were firmly focused on them all.

'What's the problem here?'Harris demanded,although she'd seen the entire thing from her office.

'Couple of them got smart,'the guard answered.'I was going to give her-'he gestured at Louise's cowering form,'-to the boss.Then these two came in.'

Harris gazed more intently at the two Japanese men;she could see they were father and son,and neither of them showed any fear.This impressed her,and she made a quick decision.

Harris then glanced at her guard's weapon,and noticed he had it set on kill.

'Switch to stun.'She ordered him curtly.

The guard did so instantly.He knew better than to argue with Harris.If you did,you were dead.

Once the guard had done so,Harris nodded,and the guard instantly opened fire,as did Harris,pulling out her own personal pistol.

They hit their targets,and both Japanese men went down without a sound.This made more screams heard from her new captives,but Harris wasn't interested.

She then made a surprising order.

'Make sure you put those four in one cell.'Harris pointed at Sarah's family.'I'll deal with them later.'

'What about these two?'The guard gestured at the two prone men on the ground.

'The same of course,'Harris' voice was sharp,'but make sure you don't harm them.I want them well treated,for the time being at least.I'll come and deal with them later.'

With that said,Harris looked with interest at the young boy the three pretty girls were obviously protecting,but she said no more,and then hurried away.

Sarah glared at the withdrawing woman's back.So that was Harris.She was definitely the enemy,despite demanding good treatment for them,and Sarah wasn't looking forward to seeing her again.

They were then forced along at gunpoint,and finally taken to a cell,whilst Sarah wished she could have thanked the two men who'd helped Louise,but the guards had already dragged them off to their own cells.

When they were finally locked in,the four of them still clung onto each other tightly,dreading when they'd see the cell door open again.


Harris made her way quickly back to her own office.She felt intrigued by seeing that boy.His defiant response was just what she wanted to hear.

She knew of course,that O'Rourke would be interested in ravishing the girls,but Harris didn't care about that.If that's all he was interested in,let him.Harris had more important things to worry about.

When she reached her office,Harris noticed O'Rourke was present.He was watching the monitor screens,which showed every section of his base.Harris didn't need to second guess,at what he was looking at.

Sure enough,she found him observing the detention area,where his guards were forcing the new,unwilling arrivals in.

'Anybody of interest,Harris?'He asked her,although of course,he was looking for something else.

'Possibly.'Harris responded carefully.She knew there would always be somebody.If not,there was always more people to collect,and they'd try again.

'I may have a couple more recruits,'Harris went on,'and I'm sure you'll have seen something that you liked.'

'How did you guess?'O'Rourke grinned.He was always after new,pretty stock to enjoy.This latest load certainly had plenty,and he was still scanning the cells,choosing.

It was then,that he came across the cell holding Sarah and her family.

'I like the look of these three,Harris,'O'Rourke did indeed,like what he was seeing.The three girls were very pretty,and he felt his lust increase.

Suddenly,he saw the young boy the three girls were covering.O'Rourke looked more closer at him,and then recognised them all as a family unit.

'You're going to take the boy in?'he queried.

'That's my plan,'Harris nodded,'of course,if his sisters get too defiant,I'll take care of them personally.'

'Well,don't harm them,Harris.'O'Rourke's voice spoke with a hard edge,'I want those girls.Do what you want with the boy,but those three beauties are mine.'

Harris shrugged indifferently,knowing O'Rourke's intentions.She'd seen him rape so many young women,and he held them always bound and gagged,so they had no chance of escaping him.Harris herself,didn't usually bother with that.She was far too devoted to her own needs,and that meant intimidating a lot of people,so she could keep the fear she was held in.To date,her methods were highly successful.

'Give them something to eat,'Harris ordered one of her aides standing close by.'I'll be down later to talk to them.'

The aide nodded,and moved off to obey.This made O'Rourke raise an amused eyebrow.

'Being the nice sort,Harris? That's not like you.'

'I'm not nice,O'Rourke,'Now,Harris' voice had a hard edge.'You should know that better than anybody.Now get out of my office,I've got work to do.'

O'Rourke still gave her an amused glance,but his face now showed contempt.

However,he wasn't interested in fighting it out with Harris,and left her office without any protest whatsoever.

Once he'd gone,Harris was glad he was.Good riddance,she thought.Now,she could start thinking.


Back in the cell where Sarah and her family were held,they were still clinging together.Sarah heard Kelly and Louise whimper fearfully,although they still held onto their brother.

'Why are they doing this,Sarah?'Kelly asked,her eyes were making anxious glances towards the cell door.

'I don't know,Kelly,'Sarah responded,but she gave her sister a comforting hug,hoping it would give her strength.'The most important thing right now,is that we stay together.'

'You really think they'll split us apart?'

Sarah didn't answer that;she didn't want too.All they could do now,was wait.A guard had brought them some food,but Sarah suspected a trap with it,and told her siblings to leave it.They had all obeyed her.

Time passed slowly,and the nerves were still fully evident,but they all held onto each other,waiting for the next development.

It was then the cell door opened,and Harris walked in,closely followed by two of her bodyguards.She glanced down at the untouched food,and raised an eyebrow at them.

'Not hungry? That was a pretty foolish thing to do.You'll never know when you'll get your next meal.'

There was no reply to that.Harris could see the three girls were still scared,but they were also glaring at her.This made her smirk.She'd see to that,as her gaze settled on their young brother they three of them were protecting.

'Who's the handsome boy?'Harris' gaze had never left John.This made Sarah,Kelly and Louise cling onto him more tightly.

Seeing the girls were still not responding,Harris then casually drew out her own sidearm.

'I'm sure you know all about my reputation,ladies,'Harris continued.'When I want something,I get it,and right now,I want your brother to come to me.'

She was amused to see his three sisters still not releasing him,but she was also interested in the boy's expression.True,his face showed apprenhension,but he didn't look scared.

Sarah had finally decided to respond to Harris,and her voice was full of venom.

'You keep your hands off him,you murdering bitch!'

Harris chuckled,pleased to hear a reply at last.

'That's much better,my pretty.'Her smile was malicious.'I knew you had spirit,Sarah.I like that.It's going to be very interesting,with you under my power.'

''Go f--k yourself,Harris!'This time,it was Louise who joined her elder sister's defiance.

Again,the insults didn't bother Harris in the slightest.On the contrary,she was even more pleased.

'You'll pay for that,my pretty Louise.'Harris changed her tone of voice,and it was now more menacing.'And you're going to pay right now.'

Quickly,Harris fired her sidearm.She hit her target with one shot,and was pleased to see the boy collapse.

His sisters screamed in outraged terror,and this time,Kelly came in.

'You've murdered him!'She shrieked at the top of her voice,desperately checking her brother over.

However,Harris had already signalled to her men,and easily,they grabbed the three girls,holding them off.Once this was done,Harris then leisurely made her way over to the boy's prone form.She made a check on him,and was pleased.He was still alive.

Harris then turned to face Kelly,struggling frantically in her hold.

'Don't be silly,my dear.Your brother's just stunned,that's all.I've got plans for him.'

Harris then called another one of her men in,and promptly ordered him to carry John out.The man did so,ignoring Sarah,Louise,and Kelly's frantic screams,calling out their brother's name.

However,Harris had become irritated by this,and then coldly ordered;'Gag them.'

Each man holding the three girls,instantly clamped their hands over their captives mouths,considerably muffling their cries.This satisfied Harris,as she walked up to each of them.

'Now listen to me,ladies,'Harris still spoke with the hard edge,'your brother will be perfectly safe,as long as you obey our instructions.Failure to do so,will result in him suffering a great deal.Do you understand?'

Neither Sarah,Kelly or Louise could answer,as they were still tightly handgagged.Their eyes were bulging at Harris,realising she had complete control over them.

'Well,we'll see how it goes,shall we,but in the meantime,its time to see if you will obey orders.'

Harris gazed at each man holding them.A cruel smile was fully evident,as she then gave an order,which filled Sarah,Kelly and Louise with horror.

'Tie them up.Gag them too.Once they're secure,take them to O'Rourke.'


Well,there I left it,before I decided to follow another path.Maybe I might add a bit more to it,giving it a bit more detail about the two Japanese male characters.These two have a strong influence on Jennings,as he learns how to fight,and becomes the feared,deadly soldier his enemies dread to face.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Soon to come-Trouble in the Outback

I've made a start on a new story,but it is just a start.However,as a bonus,I'm very pleased to give you a teaser,showing you a scene I dreamed up,with of course some priceless help from a great artist friend,Michael.

I got inspired by this,believe it or not,from the Australian soap;'Home and Away' There's a very pretty actress called Esther Anderson,who plays a police officer in it.I've been dreaming Esther's character,would receive the damsel treatment,but alas,not a thing.So I decided to make up something.

No copyright infringment intended.

I won't reveal anything yet,but I will say that Michael's done another brilliant piece for me,having successfully ccomplished my requests.Thank you,Michael,you're brilliant.

Anyway,watch this space...