Saturday, 13 February 2016


I'm loving this show. It's very well written, and very entertaining.

Another bonus of this show, the following many, pretty actresses in distress.

My favourite actress in the show is Celina Jade, who plays the character:Shado.

Been a while.

Unfortunately, I can't really write any more stories here, which I am totally devastated.

My laptop broke, and although I got it back, I lost all my stuff, and it wouldn't accept my old email address.

Anyway, I'm writing on a new account now, so will publish my stories there.

I'm still hoping Kp will do my requested story. It's been a while since I asked him.
Maybe he's lost interest. I hope not.

Fortunately, I have found another author, who is a fantastic bondage author, and he has been kind enough to write me a couple of stories in KP's place.

For the moment, I'm just going to post