Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Theresa Jun-Tao

I've just watched Battle:LA,and must admit I really enjoyed it.There are two gorgeous ladies:Nia Peeples and Theresa Jun-Tao.Here,they are both performing as soldiers,battling alien invaders in Los Angeles.Whilst I've seen Nia tied up in Walker:Texas Ranger,I sincerely hope there's something soon for the lovely Theresa.In the film,towards the climax,her character,Solano,is seized by some kind of alien octopus(or something that looks like one! haha)Watching that,I thought that was the end of her,but no,she's still alive,held inside the alien's innards.I think she's surrounded by,what's supposed to be razor sharp teeth.She has full fear on her face,knowing she's a goner.However,one of her fellow male soldiers in,and drops a grenade for her,so she can blow herself up,as well as her alien captor.The film isn't quite as good as the forthcoming Battle:Los Angeles,but it was great fun,and the two fiesty females certainly give a good account of themselves,fighting the alien invaders.

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Expendables

One of my favourite action films.Here,we have Stallone in charge of an action packed male cast,who go into hostile territory,to bump off a CIA agent gone bad.Once there,they meet the lovely Gia Giselle,who plays the daughter of the Colonel there.Her father is in league with the bad guys,but his heart isn't really in it,as the CIA bloke warns him that he has his daughter as hostage.

Unfortunately for Stallone and his team,things don't go well,as they're forced to leg it.Gia refuses to leave with them,and is promptly seized by the bad guys,again forcing her father to stay in line,although of course,this doesn't last.

There is a scene where Gia is kept tied up in a cellar,and she's blindfolded and gagged,where she's then given some water torture treatment.Later on,two more bad guys come in,determined to have their way with her,but she's saved by Stallone,who has returned with his squad to help her,and just in the nick of time.However,with fights going on all over the place,Gia is seized yet again,and there's a scene where she gets handgagged by the CIA agent,who promptly blows her Dad away.Still,she is rescued by Stallone not long after that.Nice to see the good guys win!

No copyright infringement intended.

No copyright infringement intended.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Syphon Filter

This is one of my favourite computer games,and I mean a huge favourite.I've played on all these games,from the first three games on PS1 format,to the PS2 game,The Omega Strain,and finally,the PSP versions,Dark Mirror,and Logan's Shadow.

In all of the games,there are levels you have to rescue female characters held hostage,but it's the last two games that show much improvement,regarding the damsel in distress scenes.

In the Dark Mirror game,there are two scenes where you have to rescue the hero's ex,who is taken captive by the bad guys in Central America.She's shown tied up on a chair,but there's no gag.Later in the game,you also have to rescue the hero's daughter,but I won't go further on that,other than to say she is also tied up,and in peril.

Once you've conquered the game,bonus missions become available,and after replaying the game to improve your skill,there is a bonus where the hero's partner is captured,Lian Xing,by ruthless Thai gangsters.This female character isn't tied up at all.As you battle your way through to her,you only see her held at gunpoint,but when you do reach her,the big bad Thai guy,seizes Lian,and handgags her.Not bad,but could have been better.

On my next favourite Syphon Filter game,'Logan's Shadow' you have to find your way to Lian yet again,who has been kidnapped by a ruthless Syrian terrorist,Bitar.I found the game brilliant,and very enjoyable.However,there are only a couple of scenes included in the game.In one level,you have to rescue a British MI6 agent,Maggie Powers,who is tied up on a chair,but yet again,no gag.Later on,you also encounter a sinister female Chinese agent,codenamed Trinidad.She is also tied up the same way,no gag again though,but she is one of the bad guys.

When you do finally get to the level where Lian is being held,she isn't tied up at all! Jeez,what a waste.You'd think the programmers would have put that in surely! Oh well,never mind,you win some,you lose same.Great games though.:)

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Arab's prizes

Desperately,Louise tried her umpteenth struggle,hoping to get the ropes lashed around her loose.

Sadly though,it was no good.The ropes were tied far tight,and there were plenty of them.Louise gazed down in utter despair at her body,seeing the many horizontal loops secured above and below her chest.There were more of the same loops,just as tight around her waist.Even around her thighs,knees and ankles,the ropes held her secure.

Not only did the ropes keep her tied up,but they also held Louise to the thick,stone pillar.She tried to reach despairingly at the ropes,which also held her hands tied behind the pillar.Again,it was useless.Her fingers could only touch the surface of the ropes,but it was impossible trying to find the tight knots.

Louise mumbled at this.She didn't want to mumble.Instead,she wanted to scream for help,but a black,silk scarf,was tied tightly over her mouth,keeping her quiet.

There wasn't just Louise bound and gagged here.There were other girls present too.Louise could see them all,and each girl was securely trussed up and silenced effectively,just as she was.

Some of them were like herself,dressed in military uniform.Louise was an active serving member,of the Royal Navy.She was dressed in the usual white shirt,with black shoulder epaulettes,and a knee length black skirt with her smartly polished,black high heels.

Louise actually recognised some of the girls.She should do,as they were part of her crew.She'd come looking for them,knowing they'd disappeared from their shore leave.After some digging around,Louise had met a shady man,who had informed her he knew of her friends whereabouts.Louise hadn't trusted this bloke,so had decided to follow him first.

It was a costly mistake.True,her suspicions had proved correct.Following him into a hidden door,Louise had finally found her friends,bound and gagged as they were now.It was only then,that she had been seized from behind,and then chloroformed.Now,she was a bound and gagged prisoner too.The idea that she could be used as a hostage,hadn't escaped Louise's attention either.She could only pray that she and her friends would be found,and quickly.

Even so,the thought of who had kidnapped her,was still bothering Louise.Who was resonsible? She could see all the girls here,were really attractive.Louise herself,hadn't thought of herself that way,but many people had told her,that she was very pretty.This fact however,made her more scared,as she was now recognising the area she was held in.

It was a huge hallway,which had several thick,very well built concrete pillars,which reached into the roof,firmly supporting it.The whole room was very well decorated,and even looked beautiful.This place looked very expensive,but whoever owned it,certainly appeared to be wealthy.If Louise was going to be held for ransom,her kidnappers must be greedy,she thought bitterly.

If it was ransom,she kept thinking,not without fear.Louise remembered being chloroformed,and knew her unseen captor had fully enjoyed doing so.She could still hear the evil sounding laughter,desperately trying to free herself from his grip,but the man's grip was too strong.Louise never stood a chance,as she fell victim to the chloroform.

When she'd recovered,Louise found herself secured here,as she maintained her struggles against her tight bonds,just as all the other girls did.

Suddenly,footsteps were now heard,and they were approaching.This made all the girls freeze,as their eyes looked on fearfully.

The footsteps were coming from a set of large stone steps,obviously the way out of here,but for the moment,Louise and the rest of the girls weren't going anywhere.

Finally,two men appeared as they advanced down the steps.The man in front,was hardly dressed.He wore only clothes,that shielded his lower half,but his upper body was solid muscle.Louise knew straight away though,that this man was a servant,but he definitely looked the type,not to be messed with.

However,it was the man walking behind him,that held Louise's attention.He was taller than the servant,and was dressed in the typical Arab head gear and clothes.His eyes found Louise immediately,and both men advanced on her.

When they reached her,the servant checked on Louise's bonds,making sure she was still trussed up securely.Satisfied she was,the servant then moved away,checking on all the other girls ropes and gags.

The Arab's gaze still hadn't left Louise.He could see the girl trembling in front of him,and he was very pleased,but he still didn't say anything.Instead,he kept gazing at her,and waited.

In fact,he had waited for his servant to return,and once the man had,he then listened to the obvious.

'All your slaves are still well secure,Master,'the servant reported dutifully,'and tightly gagged.'

'Excellent,my friend,'the Arab replied in his own native tongue,'make certain they remain so,until I dictate otherwise.'

'I will obey your instructions,master.'His servant nodded,fully meaning it.He was the one who had tied and gagged all the girls present here.

'I know you will,my friend,'the Arab nodded in return,'you have done well.This latest beauty is indeed,a true gift.'He ran his finger down Louise's cheek,making her whimper behind her gag.

'I am so pleased to have you in my collection,my pretty,'the Arab kept stroking Louise's cheek,'it will be my utmost pleasure,to ravish your gorgeous body time after time again.I promise you,my dear,you're going to stay here for quite some time,and there is no escape.Nobody will ever find you.You have no chance of rescue.I promise you that too.'

He was pleased to see Louise's eyes bulge at this,but then the girl jerked her head away from his touch on her face.This amused him.

'Still defiant,my pretty?'The Arab chuckled,as he then used his hand to grip Louise's chin,and made her look at him.

'I've been watching you,and knew you were concerned for your friends here.It was an easy decision for me to abduct you,and I'm very pleased you fell into my trap,but enough talking.It's time to have my rest,and you my pretty,are coming with me.'

Louise screamed into her gag,utterly terrified.So did a lot of the other girls,fully knowing what was coming,but there was nothing they could do to prevent it.

The Arab then turned to his servant,a cruel smile fully visible on his face.

'Take this one to my chamber.Secure her the usual method,and watch her closely.I am going to wash now,but will return soon to enjoy my latest prize.'

His servant nodded loyally,and then produced a large,wicked knife,and advanced on Louise.

He ignored the girl's frightned movements,as he used the knife to cut away the ropes holding Louise to the pillar,before he then seized her,and lifted her over his shoulder,and then carried her out easily.Her gagged sounds finally receded,as captor and captive disappeared up the stairs.

As he watched Louise being taken out,the Arab glanced at the rest of his pretty captives.

'Don't worry,ladies,'he smirked maliciously at them,'you'll all get a turn.I will make sure of that.You all are my favourite prizes,to keep and fully enjoy.Don't go away now.I shall be back soon for you.'

With that,he kept smirking,as he then advanced up the stone steps,eager to enjoy his latest pretty prize.

As the servant carried Louise towards his master's bedroom,he felt the girl struggling in his hold.This made him smile quietly to himself.He knew there was no way the girl could break free from him.He was also enjoying listening to her gagged mumblings.He knew his master would enjoy hearing that too.

He finally reached his destination,as he carried Louise into his master's bedroom.I t wasn't just any bedroom,as it was filled with luxuries most people could only dream of having,but it was the bed,that held the servant's attention.

He easily put the girl face up onto the bed,still enjoying Louise's bulging eyes,staring fearfully up at him.Her eyes bulged even wider,as she saw the servant pull out his knife again.

He then used the blade's face on her,gently stroking her cheek with it.Louise didn't dare move,but she still kept on mumbling behind her gag,scared to death.

The servant noticed this,and was pleased.

'Do not move,my pretty,'he warned her,'it would be a terrible shame,if I marked that delicate skin of yours.That is a privilige reserved for my master.His word is to be instantly obeyed.If you defy him,you will suffer greatly.I promise you that.'

H ethen placed the blade at Louise's throat,making the girl freeze even more,when suddenly,they both heard the Arab's voice behind them.

'Excellent work,my friend,'the Arab was standing in the bedroom's doorway,admiring Louise's bound and gagged form on his king sized bed.'Go and bring me one of my other pretty slaves.We'll need her as some persuasion for this one to obey me.'

'Of course,master.'The servant nodded obediently,withdrawing his knife from Louise's throat,much to her relief.Even though she knew it would be only short.

The servant promptly left the bedroom,and before Louise could even think of moving away from him,the Arab was suddenly on top of her,squeezing both her breasts with his hands,grinning maliciously down at her.He was enjoying listening to the girl's muffled shrieks.

'You will soon prove an excellent slave for me to ravish,my pretty.'There was supreme confidence in the Arab's voice,as he kept groping Louise's chest.He loved doing so,really admiring the girl's assets.Louise certainly had an impressive pair.

He continued to grope and fondle her,when the servant returned.As he had commanded,the servant had brought one of the other girls with him.She was dressed the same way as Louise,another Royal Navy crew member.Louise recognised her.This was Gemma,one of the girls who'd gone missing from shore leave.Her eyes mirrored Louise,reflecting the utter terror they were both feeling.

'Ah,excellent,my friend,'the Arab was pleased,seeing the girl forced in,'keep a tight hold of her,whilst I ravish this beauty first.I shall have her next.'

The servant understood his instructions perfectly,as he then brought out his knife once more,before placing it firmly at Gemma's throat.His other arm was tight around her waist,keeping her secure.Gemma could do nothing to resist,as she knew they held her hostage.The fear she was also feeling,that she knew she was going to be raped,was making her lose control rapidly.

Pleased at that,the Arab then turned his attention back to Louise.

'And now,my dear,'he grinned triumphantly down at her,'I'm sure you'll appreciate we can do whatever we want to you.You dare defy me or hurt me,then I shall make sure your pretty friend suffers.'He stroked Louise's cheek lovingly.'Do you understand,my pretty?'

Helpless,Louise had to nod her obedience,for Gemma's sake.She clenched her eyes in revulsion,feeling her potential rapist's hands,crawling all over her tightly bound body.

Pleased to see he had ultimate power over his prize,the Arab continued to enjoy himself,determined to ravish Louise to the fullest.

Still grinning maliciously at Louise's gagged face,he then began to take off his clothes,starting with his lower half.

He used both his hands to squeeze Louise's breasts more harder,and then,he forced his prize to lie face down on the bed,before he then yanked Louise's skirt off her.

Still helpless,Louise could only pray it would be over quick.The revulsion she was feeling,was just beaten by her sheer terror,as the monster now started to kiss her neck lovingly,and then,she felt him force her underwear off.

Her gag was still effective,keeping her cries considerably muted,and Louise was still tightly tied up.She stood no chance of freeing herself,and added to her woes,the man lay on top of her,keeping her trapped on the bed.

It was then,that the Arab suddenly forced himself inside her.Louise tried to scream and scream,but again,her captor had made sure she was tightly gagged.His hands were still groping her breasts cruelly,and he was also still forcing his mouth all over her neck.

Suddenly,Louise's upper body jerked upright,as she felt herself raped.Her eyes bulged in shock and fear.Still lying on top of his prisoner,the Arab's face clenched into a snarl,as he felt his erection swell,before he forced his climax onto the bound and gagged girl.

He raped Louise repeatedly,fully enjoying the girl's jerky movements.He still had his iron hard erection,and he was determined to fully ravish this beauty.

'Oh yes,my pretty,'he whispered lovingly into Louise's ear,chuckling evilly,as he kept up his sexual assault on her.'You are a special treat.I'm going to have you every day,and there is no escape,my pretty Louise.'

He kept raping Louise for a considerable time,before he finally spent himself.However,he was satisfied.The girl had been delicious,and he couldn't wait to have her again.

With Louise still helpless,and now exhausted,the Arab then turned to his loyal servant,still holding Gemma.His eyes were cruel,as he eyed her up.

'Take this one back and secure her,'he ordered the servant,gesturing back at Louise's bound and gagged prone form.'This one,'his smile was full of menace,as he leered at Gemma's also trussed up,gagged body,'I shall have next.'

The End?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

HMS 'Princess' illustrated

Here's the colour version.Colouring done by Matt Stone.Thank you,Matt,great job once again.

HMS 'Princess' illustrated.

This was the final piece me and Ethan worked on,before I decided to concentrate on the written version.Hope you all like it.