Monday, 30 January 2012

Added a bit more,to Saving Hunt.

Hopefully,my regular readers will see the extra addition I've done to Saving Hunt.Still a long way to go on it,but hope its being enjoyed.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saving Hunt

Here's another Sanna Menace story spin off I dreamed up.In this rather feeble tale,I'd like to tell how Hunt's character is saved by her brothers,as they attempt to flee to safety.

Her brothers are in the regular military,and do very well,making sure none of the enemy can reach their little sister.Hunt at this stage,is just a young girl.

Yet it's from here,that her hatred of Harris begins,and her determination to exact revenge on the woman responsible,for giving her agonising grief.

I'll also introduce Jennings and Montgomery,of whom train Hunt into a deadly fighter,as well as an expert sniper.She actually falls in love with Jennings,but nothing prevents her from seeking revenge on Harris.

My title for this story,is not meant in any way to infringe 'Saving Private Ryan'


There were so many people trudging wearily.Peter Hunt observed them all,as he kept his eyes sharp for any suspicious movements.

He knew they all had a long way to go,before they could reach their destination.They were all heading to one of the few surviving military bases,that was still active in resisting the Sanna invaders.

Just like the few regular soldiers walking alongside the many refugees here,Peter made constant checks on his own assigned group.They were all desperately weary,hungry,and he could clearly see the fear on all their faces.

Peter felt his own fear too,although looking at him,one wouldn't think that.He was very powerfully built,and although he was a highly efficient soldier,Peter regarded himself as gentle.

He made sure he tried to keep everybody in his section in good spirits,but sadly,it didn't work all the time.Peter had seen many people simply give up the will to live,and they dropped out of the refugee column.It sickened him,but there was nothing he could do.They had to keep going.

Walking alongside him,was his younger brother,Tom.Like his sibling,Tom too,was a soldier.He served in a different British army regiment to Peter,but he enjoyed soldiering,although Peter could tell his brother was really weary too.They'd both fought so many battles,and somehow always ended up being ordered to withdraw.It didn't matter how many of the humanoid invaders they killed in battle,but there were simply too many of them.

Added to their problems,there were also human enemies.There wasn't just the scavenger bands,but both Peter and Tom also knew of their own people,who volunteered to fight alongside the humanoid invaders.

This fact had hardened them all,and both brothers had sworn to show any collaborator no mercy,especially O'Rourke and Harris.

This was another reason why both of the Hunt brothers kept their eyes peeled,as they'd already been briefed they were close to these two scumbags territory,and they both knew what O'Rourke and Harris were like.

O'Rourke was just a sadist,who loved to send out his snatch squads to seize young women,so he could rape them.He'd proved himself to be a highly competent opponent,and his Sanna allies seemed to accept his fighting skills.He'd been rewarded with a huge base,and was rapidly building up on his power.Nobody it seemed,could stop him.

Harris was his second in command,and was a woman.At least,she was in appearance.Her reputation was far worse than O'Rourke's.She too,was a sadist,but held a much more ruthless streak inside her.Harris was responsible for many deaths,and everybody against her,knew it wasn't wise to fall into her hands.

Both Peter and Tom also knew this,and were determined to keep their only younger sister safe from the likes of Harris and O'Rourke.

Both of them glanced back at her:Their sister was Janet,but they both called her Jan with great affection.She was barely thirteen,had dark hair,and was very pretty.Peter and Tom knew their sister thought the world of them.They were both prepared to sacrifice their lives for her.

They made frequent checks on her,asking if she needed anything,but Janet politely refused.She was busy herself,making sure the people she travelled with were okay.Although there were no smiles or laughter,there was still a feeling of hope,which the Hunt clan did their best to keep going to everybody else.

As they wearily advanced on,both Peter and Tom received updates from the command group,which was travelling ahead of the refugee column.And then,they received some grim,unwelcome news.

'All units,' a voice from their radio links came in,and the voice was sharp.'Enemy spotted.Stand by.'

Grimly,Peter,Tom,and every soldier protecting the refugee column,prepared their weapons,and tensely waited.

'What's the enemy disposition?'Peter asked into his own radio.He wanted to know what was coming.

'Human.'came the brief reply.'All units,take up defensive positions.'

Throughout the long refugee column,the soldiers quickly ushered the civilians in their care into cover.There were no problems with any of them,and within moments,every soldier here reported back they were ready.

Tensely,Peter and Tom also waited.It had been their first action,making sure their sister was well protected,before they took up their positions.

'How far's the base?'Tom asked his brother.

'It isn't far.'Peter answered.'Hopefully,they'll have seen us,and will be sending help.'

'You know anybody there?'

'Nobody.'Peter shook his head.'But let's hope we can get there.'

It wasn't long before they heard the sound of vehicles approaching,and they knew the enemy was approaching.


With a fully confident smile on his face,O'Rourke sat back pleasurably in his own command vehicle,looking forward  to the upcoming slaughter.

His spies had forwarded this latest,and highly vunerable target of refugees.His people had also confirmed to him,that there was a lot of very pretty girls for the taking,and this made O'Rourke determined to seize them all.

Even so,he knew there was still an enemy military presence there,and despite its pitifully few numbers,O'Rourke had been warned they were no pushovers.

Which is why I've got Harris to do the dirty work.O'Rourke thought that with a nasty grin.He knew his second in command,had an eager taste for battle,and he was quite willing to let her do it.

Well aware of his spies warnings,O'Rourke had thought out his plan of attack perfectly.He knew from experience how good the regular enemy troops were,and he and Harris had suffered huge losses due to this.

Not today they won't.O'Rourke was still grinning.His spies had also informed him of the refugees defences,and he'd already made up his mind to deliver the first nasty surprise.

With that in mind,O'Rourke curtly told one of his accompanying troops,to put him in radio contact with Harris.This was promptly done,and his second in command responded immediately.

'What do you want now,O'Rourke?'Harris' voice wasn't friendly,but that didn't bother him.He knew she wasn't the friendly type.

'We have incoming air support from the Sanna.'O'Rourke informed her.'Shouldn't take too long.'

'Really?'This time,there was contempt in her voice.'Well,don't get your hopes up too much.I've seen these people before,and they're one of the few military units left,that can kick our butts.'

'Then make sure you do your job properly,Harris.Just remember,I want female prisoners,and make sure they're pretty.You can do what you want with the rest.'

O'Rourke curtly ended the transmission,and then ordered the driver of his command vehicle:

'Find a suitable place to park up.Let's enjoy the view.'

As his orders were obeyed instantly again,O'Rourke allowed himself another nasty smile.All he had to do now,was to sit back and enjoy the upcoming slaughter.


Harris wasn't sitting in her own comfortable command vehicle.Instead,she lay perfectly camoflagued,holding a sniper rifle,and was currently observing the enemy up ahead.

She could see they were fully alerted,and had assumed defensive positions,but that didn't worry Harris too much.She'd already checked the enemy defences,and was pleased to see they had very little anti-aircraft protection.When the Sanna got here,they'd easily take out any problems.Harris was sure of that.

She continued to observe the people crouching in ditches,and was scanning for suitable targets.Harris found them,but decided to wait until the Sanna strike.When that came,she was convinced panic would set in,and could easily pick off who she desired.

Still observing through the weapon's scope,Harris then noticed two soldiers crouching beside a young girl.She could see the girl was clinging to the two men,and looked scared.

You've got every reason to be,my pretty.Harris sneered to herself.She couldn't wait till the shooting started,and made up her mind to seize what O'Rourke demanded,including that girl.

She tensely waited for the Sanna to arrive.


At the military base the refugee column were heading for,there was frantic activity.

People here,were running in all directions,but it wasn't a melee.Instead,everybody here was preparing for battle.

The base's commander,was Major Wilkins,who held a lot of battle experience,and was a highly distinguished officer.Just like all his people under his command here,he loved a good fight,and had won many.Yet now,things were going against him,and Wilkins knew it.

The unexpected Sanna invasion,had taken them all by surprise,and from then on,the odds were always in favour to the humanoids.Wilkins and many of his fellow soldiers,had fought fanatically,but it was no good.There were simply too many of them,and added to their woes,Wilkins knew the aliens had willing human help.

He was furious at this,and vowed to punish anybody he caught doing so.The last thing Wilkins couldn't stand,was collaboration with the enemy,and to make things worse,Wilkins knew they were losing.

In fact,this was why he'd ordered a full alert here,as his intelligence people had informed him O'Rourke and Harris were nearby,and they were targeting a lot of innocent people.Wilkins was fully determined to stop them.

Of course,Wilkins knew he couldn't do everything all by himself.He did know however,that he had many good people,and at the moment,he could see many platoons of his soldiers,standing in formation.

Wilkins could also see some of his other officers,who were giving their teams the briefing.Wilkins could tell there were no smiles on any of their faces,but he knew none of them would let him down.

Quickly,he grabbed his already prepared battle kit,and hurried out.A jeep was waiting for him.This was where he would give his people,a morale boosting,fighting speech,but not now.Time was of the essence,and Wilkins knew it.

He practically leapt into the jeep,and almost instantly,his driver,Smith,put his foot down on the accelerator,and he drove up to the still preparing men and women.

As they drove by,Wilkins spotted something in one of his platoons,and ordered Smith to stop.

When Smith did,Wilkins exited the jeep,and walked up to this platoon's section leader,who promptly saluted him.Smith recognised him,and returned the salute.

'How are things here,Seargent Munroe?'Wilkins asked him,looking at two men in the platoon.He was interested in these men.

'Ready as always,Sir.'Munroe answered his commanding officer respectfully.'Just waiting for your word to engage the enemy.'

Wilkins nodded his approval,as he then approached the two men he was still interested in.

He knew who they were of course.Wilkins always made sure he knew his peoples faces,but he wasn't able to talk to everybody.

He did know these two mens names though.They were known as Jennings and Montgomery.

Wilkins knew Jennings was young,as he'd just cleared his teens,but Wilkins could tell he was now a battle,hardened professional.He'd seen it so many times,in all of his young recruits.It was always in the eyes.Wilkins could also see Jennings' eyes were tired,but he saw the young man straighten to attention,and was pleased.He always knew who was a damned good soldier,and Jennings was proving it.Wilkins suspected he would go onto higher things.

The next man standing to Jennings,was a giant,and he was known as Montgomery.Of African descent,Montgomery actually came from South Africa,and he was highly feared.Looking at him now,Wilkins knew they had another brilliant fighter.He'd actually come from one of the Zulu tribes,who loved to fight.Montgomery was the biggest man he'd ever seen,and he had a tremendous physique.Power bulged all over his body,and Wilkins also knew this man was one of the few capable,of killing Sanna troopers in unarmed combat.He'd seen him do it.

Despite his fierce looking appearance,Montgomery was one of the most gentle men ever.He was honourable,would help anybody out that needed it,and he was a good friend.In fact,Wilkins knew Jennings and Montgomery had bonded straight away,and together,they made a formidable foe.

Which was why Wilkins desperately needed them now,and he began to issue his orders to them.

Once that was done,and both Jennings and Montgomery nodded,they all heard distant thumps,and realised the shooting had started.

'Let's go!'Wilkins yelled,as he jumped back into the jeep,and Smith raced away.Everybody else too,hurried into the own transport,and within moments,all of the vehicles were speeding towards the battle.

More to follow...

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Sanna Menace-The Good guys-and girls!

Well,I thought I'd put up this rough kindly done for me,by my good friend Michael.

I know the story wasn't popular,but I didn't care.:I enjoyed writing it.Here,you'll see the tough,extremely battle hardened men and women,determined to stop the nasty Sanna humanoid invaders,and of course,deal with any other human being who willingly collaborates with them,as well as protecting decent,innocent people.

l t r,Finch,Finlay,Paula Ann,Louise,Jennings,Sarah,Montgomery,Kelly,Hunt,and finally,Reynolds.

This is a rough,but Michael's updating it for me with some changes I asked for.So when that's ready,I'll put that up.

As you can see,there are a different races of people I thought up,and it makes me pleased to see what most of us would do,if we were ever invaded by a hostile alien race,bent on our destruction:We'd all forget our petty differences,and fight alongside each other.

Illustration above is the property of Michael Lindsay,and used with his kind permission.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hope its not the end....

Reading all about what's going in the US about new anti-piracy laws,I'm starting to think if the law is passed,then it might be the end of my blog.

Of course,I hope not.I love my blog here.It gives me great pleasure writing out my favourite fantasies,but for the moment,I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.

It is a shame,as we all know some people abuse the Internet,and spoil it for most of the decent ones.

Let's hope there's a decent decision.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


The night was dark,but calm as Jennings made his way silently towards the large Japanese building looming ahead of him.

Jennings could see it looked like all those tall Japanese castles he'd seen before,especially on his favourite Samurai action films.He had plenty of them in his collection,and really enjoyed the sword duels.In fact,Jennings had loved watching these duels so much,he'd actually taken up sword fighting.He'd been lucky to have a really good teacher,who was Japanese too,and although it had taken months to perfect,his sword master had passed him with flying colours.Jennings was so pleased to pass,that he'd practised the moves he'd seen on his samurai films.

However,that was fantasy.This was grim reality,and as Jennings crept forward,he knew there was a lot of girls depending on him,especially his family.

Thinking back for a moment,Jennings cursed the Japanese yakuza boss who had kidnapped his sister,his cousin,and his Japanese girlfriend with a couple of her friends,now held as bait in the castle.

Jennings cursed the yakuza again.He knew they were highly,deadly opponents,and not to be taken lightly,yet he knew he wasn't going to turn back.Jennings was determined to rescue the girls from the yakuza's clutches.

What the hell am I doing? Jennings wondered to himself.We're supposed to be on holiday here.

He thought back to where the yakuza thugs had seized his sister,Louise,and their cousin,Naomi.He'd cursed himself he hadn't been there to protect them.Of course,he knew the yakuza had watched him,and made sure he wasn't anywhere near Louise and Naomi.It had been too easy for them to grab the two girls.

Jennings still didn't know why Louise and Naomi had been abducted,but one thing was for sure,he was going to make the bad guys pay dearly for doing so.

Grimly,he crept closer to the building,and finally,he reached it's outer walls.Observing carefully,Jennings could see two sentries standing outside.Both of them were armed with assault rifles,but they weren't moving.Instead,they appeared motionless,but he knew he'd have to be very lucky to get past these two unseen.

Grimly,he checked the building vantage points,and sure enough,he spotted more armed men patrolling up there.Jennings knew this one was very tough to get in unseen.

Quickly,but still silently,he backed off more into the shadows,seeking a well concealed vantage point.

As he did so,Jennings didn't see the black clad figure watching him.The figure was covered from head to toe in black clothing.He was quite clearly a ninja,and he too,observed the target building carefully,as well as the patrolling sentries.

The black clad ninja then turned his attention to Jennings.He could see the Englishman was now slowly climbing up one of the many trees,which surrounded the building.He tensed,waiting for Jennings' next move.

Careful not to let himself be seen,Jennings kept checking all around him.He didn't see anybody,but due to his long battle experience,he knew something wasn't right.He could feel he was being watched.

Whether it was friend or foe,Jennings had no idea,but he was still determined to press on.

He decided to climb up a tree,which would give him a perfect view inside the building.Jennings chose his vantage point carefully,selecting one which was hidden in the night,and he could observe his target unseen.

When he climbed up to a suitable point,Jennings' face hardened,as well as being appalled.

There was a small courtyard beyond the main entrance,and its interior looked very pleasant.There were Japanese gardens complete with fountains,and had it been daytime,it would have no doubt,given a lot of people great pleasure.

Unfortunately,what Jennings was focusing on,didn't make him feel pleasant at all,as he finally saw what he'd come for.

He could see Louise,Naomi too.Keiko was there,and there were two other young Japanese women present.

All five girls were standing upright against thick concrete stones,and Jennings could see all five had been tightly bound and gagged.He'd seen how the Japanese had trussed up captives,and knew there was hardly any chance of escape from it.It was the same for all five girls here.Jennings could see how tight the ropes had been tied around each of them.

Their hands had been tied behind the stones,and loops of rope were secured over and below their chests.To increase their immobility,more loops had been tied over their knees,thighs,and finally their ankles.He could see them all struggling desperately against their bonds,but none of them made any headway.

Jennings could also see each of the girls had been gagged,with a band of lightly coloured silk scarf.This had been tied effectively over each of the girls mouths,and Jennings never heard any sound coming from any of them.The gags were effective.

Jennings could also see two Japanese men standing next to the girls.One was dressed smartly in a business suit,and he was holding a pistol too.No doubt guarding the girls.Jennings thought grimly.

He could see the other man wasn't dressed in present day clothes.Instead,this man wore a samurai robe,and he held the deadly katana blade ready.Jennings knew he'd have to face this man,but first,he had to deal with the sentries,and set up a diversion.

Grimly,he slowly climbed down the tree,and still checked again on the sentries movements.It didn't take him long to see a gap where he could move,and Jennings seized it.

When the right moment came,Jennings didn't hesitate.He hurried forward,and managed to make it to the building wall unseen.Grimly,he then began to check for a way in.


Louise Jennings fought to keep her ever increasing fear down,as she continued to struggle vainly against the tight ropes holding her against the stone pillar.

She had no idea who these people were who'd kidnapped her and Naomi,but once Louise had seen the dreaded tattoos all over their arms and upper bodies,she instantly knew her captors were the yakuza.

Her eyes were desperate,and glancing over at her cousin,Naomi,who also had bulging eyes above her tight gag,both girls could only pray help was coming.

Both Louise and Naomi didn't doubt for a moment John was coming,but seeing the reception committee waiting for him,both girls realised he'd have to be very lucky to get past all these bad guys.

As well as the well armed sentries visible,Louise and Naomi,whilst being tied up,had seen many more armed men going into hiding.Their yakuza captors were well aware their female captives could raise the alarm,and had effectively gagged them all.Neither Louise,Naomi,Keiko or the other two young women,could barely make a sound behind the tightly tied silk scarves.

As well as seeing the armed men disappear,all the girls could see the two men staying with them.Louise,Naomi and Keiko were well aware the man dressed in the samurai clothing,was the main opponent waiting for John.He was very tough looking,and also armed with the deadly katana blade.

At the moment,the sword was still sheathed,and the samurai figure stood calmly waiting for his opponent to arrive.Still full of alarm,Louise and all the other girls had seen this man practise,and they could see he was deadly.When John got here,it was going to be a very hard fight.Louise knew that.

The other man waiting wasn't dressed in the samurai clothing.Instead,he wore modern day dress in a suit,but he too was armed.The handgun he held had never left his grip,and all the girls knew he was guarding them.

The girls could also see he was giving them looks of relish,and it frightened them all.He'd even used his pistol to stroke the cheeks on their faces,and had even indecently assaulted them too,squeezing their breasts.He'd paid particular attention to Louise and Naomi's chests,fully enjoying himself as he did so.Both of the English girls were praying he would leave them alone.For now,he was,but he was still giving them the eager look,and Louise and Naomi's fear increased.

'You're certain the Englishman will come?'The man then asked his accomplice,dressed in the Samurai clothing.

'Of course he will.'The Samurai nodded.'I've read Jennings' file,and he always comes to rescue a pretty girl.Tonight will prove no exception.He'll come.'

The first man then checked on the sentries,and was pleased to see them all there.He then moved off(much to the girls relief)to check on something else.


By now,Jennings was coming up against sentries who weren't going to move,and he had to deal with them.The solitary ones were easy,as he sneaked up quietly behind them,and knocked them all senseless.

However,it was a different story when he faced two of them.If he took one out,the other would notice immediately and raise the alarm.Jennings then had to think of the diversion.

It was then,that he realised he seemed to have an unseen ally.

As Jennings carefully kept out of sight from the sentries,he suddenly watched them fall to the ground,clutching their necks.Fortunately,there was no cries from the enemy,as they silently fell to the ground.

Jennings peered out at the unmoving forms,and he could see the small,but deadly steel darts embedded into each of the sentries necks.Whether they were dead or not,Jennings didn't know,and he didn't care.All he cared about,was saving the girls.He could still see they were bound and gagged,with only the samurai figure still patiently waiting.It bothered Jennings though,that the second man had disappeared.

Finally,the sentries were all dealt with,but Jennings could see still more opposition waiting.More precisely,hiding from him.He nodded slowly to himself,fully expecting such tricks.In fact,he'd had to face this kind of threat before.

This made him give a really good look around,checking for potential hiding spots,and he could see many possibilities.So he reached into his battle bag,and produced a pair of infra-red lenses.

Putting them on immediately,Jennings saw how many hidden enemies there were,and he realised he couldn't take them all out,not without one warning the other.

He realised he had no choice,as he put the infra-red equipment back into the bag.One of the fallen sentries had also carried a katana samurai sword,and Jennings picked that up.He tested the blade,and it was a good one.With that done,he then slowly made his way down to the courtyard.

With great pleasure,the Samurai suddenly noticed Jennings slowly walk into view.He was also pleased to see the Englishman holding a katana sword.This was the moment he'd been waiting for,and still pleased,he slowly made his way towards Jennings.

All the girls had also spotted Jennings arrive,and Louise,Naomi and Keiko tried to warn him what was hiding here,but their gags remained tight.They still couldn't tell him.

The samurai continued to advance towards Jennings,who was now standing in battle stance,although he held the sword pointing down at the ground.

'I knew you wouldn't disappoint me,Jennings.'The samurai told him,allowing a faint smile to cross his lips.

'Well,I didn't really have much choice in the matter,did I?' Jennings coldly responded,although he gave the girls a reassuring nod.He noticed Louise and Naomi were still frantically trying to free themselves,but with no success.Keiko and the other two Japanese girls were frozen in fear,although their eyes were fixed firmly on him.

'I read your battle details too,Jennings.I was very impressed,but I'd like to see you in action for myself.'The samurai then pulled out his own sword slowly.'I hope you won't disappoint me.'

In response,Jennings slowly moved from his position,and away from the bound,gagged girls.He didn't want the fight to be anywhere near them.

Once he was satisfied by his position,Jennings turned his attention back to his waiting opponent.He was grimly pleased to see the samurai had agreed with him,and he'd moved away from the helpless,trussed up girls too.

Both of them stood observing each other for a few moments,before they both bowed simultaneously.

Once the two men had rose to face each other again,it was Jennings who made the first move.This had been drilled into him,since he'd joined the army.Always take the fight to your enemy,don't let them come at you.It was a highly successful policy,and Jennings skillfully used his sword.

However,his opponent was also highly skilled,and he managed to block the opening move.Clashes of steel against steel echoed,as both Jennings and the Samurai continued to duel.

Still bound and gagged tightly to the stone pillars,all the girls watched the fight with huge eyes.In particular,Louise,Naomi and Keiko were praying Jennings would triumph,but at the moment,neither man could get the upper hand over their opponent.

Grimly,Jennings parried another thrust,and was being forced back.He could clearly see the cool,calm determination in the Japanese man,but he too,stayed in control.He'd learned this so many times,and to simply wait for a chance to move in.

At the moment though,Jennings was still on the defensive,and the Japanese man was keeping up the pressure.He could see from the corner of his eye,that Louise,Naomi and Keiko were struggling like mad to free themselves.If he could have helped them,he would have,but still with clenched teeth,Jennings had to fight on.

The Japanese samurai was admitting to himself,that the Englishman was fighting him very well.He'd obviously had sword fighting experience,and this impressed him.

However,he still ruthlessly kept his assault,still forcing Jennings back.There was nothing better than defeating a highly skilled foe,and the Japanese man was determined to do so.

As their blades continued to clash,the samurai finally spoke to Jennings.

'A most impressive performance,Jennings.'The samurai even allowed himself a faint smile,before it turned into a sneer.'For a western barbarian! Now prepare to die!'

Grimly,Jennings just managed to block his opponent's latest moves.He was going to ignore the samurai's taunt,but after seeing the desperate eyes of the trussed up girls,he did respond.

'You're the barbarian.'Jennings answered coldly,between his own defensive parries.'A true samurai warrior would never do what you've done.I'm going to make you pay,for kidnapping these girls!'

With that,he was finally able to mount his own attack,and with his face hardened,Jennings kept up his own ruthless assault.

He used his sword in a devastating cycle attack.The Japanese man was now forced back,still managing to block the moves,but he had now tired himself out.There was now a hint of desperation in his eyes,as he continued to backtrack.

Jennings saw this,and he kept it up,finally forcing his opponent against a wall.He could see with some satisfaction,that his nemesis was getting mad,and he increased his attack.

The samurai,now even more desperate,realised he couldn't move from this spot,and his weariness was beginning to show.

Even so,he was still continuing to defy Jennings,but he knew his time was running out.

Still seeing the desperate eyes,Jennings increased his attack ruthlessly,until finally,he disarmed the sword from the samurai's grasp.

Jennings then kicked the weapon away from the man's reach,and he stood back from him.He lowered his own sword,but still kept his eyes open for any sudden movements.

Louise,Naomi,Keiko closed their eyes in relief above their gags.The whole fight had held their attention,and they were so pleased to see Jennings win.

However,in watching the fight,they were unable to see the closing in threat to them from behind.

More to follow...

Saturday, 14 January 2012

130,000! Thank you!

Great to see the 130,000 mark.I'm really pleased at that,although of course,I know not everybody will be interested in my blog.

Anyway,let's see what the future holds,and hope I can keep it going for a while yet.:)

Thank you once again!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Battle in the Pacific

Although I know the victory against the Japanese was largely owed to the high skill and bravery of the US Navy in World War 2,I also wanted to give credit to our forces too.

Granted,the Royal Navy didn't have the numbers to support the American forces,but were still able to assist.Especially when the Japanese launched their deadly kamikaze attacks.

No copyright infringment intended
Sadly,the US ships struck by these ruthless weapons,suffered catastrophically.Having a lot of WW2 videos and DVD's in my collection,I watched one survivor of the US Navy say:'You could shoot down a hundred of them,but ten would still get through to you.'

No copyright infringment intended
The American carriers hit by these ruthless weapons,became fireballs.The flight deck made of wood,contributed to the infernos created by the man made missile.Dreadful to see.War is hell.

When the Japanese kamikazes attacked the British Pacific Fleet,they did of course,go for our carriers too,but this time,the flight decks were all heavily armoured.And whilst the kamikazes that did get through to blow themselves up and cause casualties,they failed to knock our carriers out of action.The armour was worth its weight in gold,as the striking Japanese planes merely bounced off the flight deck.

Looking back,its hard to fathom out why the Japanese chose this action.It was mad,desperate,and above all stupid.I don't think anybody at the time doubted the eventual outcome.Japan was finished,but if they had used their heads properly,they could have used all those pilots who were prepared to die,on a much better strategy.Indeed,they all worshipped the Bushido:the way of the warrior,where it was considered a great honour to die.However,they mis-used this against their own people,and it was indeed,a false economy on a grand scale.It was also a grim,but necessary decision to use the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The Japanese would have indeed,fought fanatically and to the death,inflicting huge loss of life on the Allies,if they had gone ahead with the planned invasion.The bombs killed thousands,but saved millions.

It's good we are friends now,and must keep on praying that we won't see anything like that ever again.

Anyway,that's given me an idea,and am planning something out.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Another update-The Sheik's New Stock

Well,just to let you know I've added another update on my latest story.It still isn't finished yet,but I enjoyed writing that update.I tried to add a bit more into it,whilst still trying to keep it simple.

I'll look forward to doing the next update on it.

Hope you enjoy it too.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Hidden Fortress-The Last Princess

Well,now I've felt a bit better with that last rant(although a bit ashamed for allowing myself to bite back)it's time to go back to more pleasurable things.

No copyright infringment intended

As I mentioned earlier,the original 1958 film to this re-make,is far more superior.This sequel could never match the firsts brilliance.

Having said that,it's still enjoyable and of course,still the same story.There are a few updates,notably giving Princess Yuki's character more feeling,and of course,she's a warm,decent human being.

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The princess' samurai bodyguard I thought,is a bit of a tosser to start with.He acts cruelly towards the two peasant characters,and is a bully:However,as the film progresses,he does change(on the princess' command)and is one of the good guys.I still thought the late Toshiro Mifune,played the character much more humanely and far more better.

The two peasant characters are still greedy,but the writers I thought,did a good job on one of them,making him to go back to rescue the princess when she's captured by the bad guys.In the original,the two peasants there,looked after their own skins and even tried to cash in on a reward for informing on the princess' party!

Anyway,it's also a film where I saw a lot of tied up women,including Princess Yuki.She's shown tied up when the main baddie starts to tell her what he has in store for her,and the gorgeous Japanese actress,Masami Nagasawa,appears tied up pretty tightly.Alas,no pictures found of that,and certainly none I've found of the other girls.This is from a scene where the bad guys are invading a village,and searching for the princess.They tie up a lot of girls,and there are plenty of pretty ones too.Seeing a very pretty Oriental girl bound and gagged,is a huge favourite of mine.Sadly,there are no gags for the girls here.

No copyright infringment intended.

The gorgeous Masami Nagasawa,who played Princess Yuki.

No copyright infringment intended

Still,a good samurai action film,and one I'll keep in my collection.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Kelly Hu-The Scorpion King

This is another one of my favourite action films,where we see 'The Rock'aka Dwayne Johnson, take on an evil tyrant,bent on dominating everybody and everything in ancient times.

No copyright infringment intended

Now I just love this film,not only for being a great action film,but it has one of my favourite actresses,Kelly Hu in it.

No copyright infringment intended

Kelly plays Cassandra,the beautiful and mysterious sorceress,who has the power to see into the future.Problem is,she has to obey the big bad guy here,who actually holds her captive.Quite early on in the film,The Rock and his two mates are assigned to kill her,believing if the sorceress' power can be destroyed,robbing their main enemy of his advantage.

Of course,it doesn't quite work out that way.The Rock kidnaps her,but its not long before a bond grows between them both,once they find out they have a common enemy.There is a scene where Kelly's tied up,although it's hand in front,and I think she gets a quick handgag from Dwayne!

Kelly to me,looks brilliant and gorgeous in her costume here.From the picture above,this is a scene where the bad guy holds Kelly hostage,but both Dwayne and Kelly successfully deal with him.

Again,a huge favourite and always will be,but I really wished Kelly could have had a better damsel in distress scene.I would have loved to have seen Kelly bound and gagged in it,especially in that costume!

Never mind.You can't win them all...

The Sheik's New Stock

This was the sequel to 'Seized at School',where I originally asked KP if he'd be interested in doing it.

Although KP kindly agreed,he did tell me it would be a while before he could start,so I decided to give it a go.I've changed some of the character names,and I hope you like the new damsels I've introduced,as well as the original girls.I've actually written 'Seized from School',as I liked the start I did(without bragging of course!)so when that's ready,I'll put my version up too.

Hope KP doesn't mind,and I still think his version of 'Seized at School' will be miles better than my attempt,but I still hope it's also well liked.


WPC Sharon Taylor sat at her desk,reading the missing persons report file,and it contained plenty of missing people.

Sharon clearly recognised all the people in the folder,that they were all young women.Her heart was going out to them,as she glanced at the photographs of these girls.

Sharon could see they were all highly attractive,and their backgrounds highly differed.She'd seen girls working as stewardesses,office workers,and boarding school pupils,who had simply vanished into thin air.

Sharon was of course,highly attractive herself.Many of her colleagues had told her that,admiring Sharon's figure.She practised at the gym a lot,and was considered to be one of the fittest officers on the force.

Not only that,but Sharon was well aware of her admirers.She had shoulder length blond hair,warm blue eyes,and was also a keen officer,determined to serve the community.

As she continued to read the folder,Sharon realised this case was a tough nut to crack.There were no clues to the disappearances,but Sharon instantly suspected abduction.

The details on all the missing girls had satisfied Sharon,that there had been no family problems or any other thing Sharon could pick out.Whoever was responsible,had certainly covered their tracks well.

One of the girls details Sharon was currently reading,was one of the many missing schoolgirls.Sharon had the girl's photograph in front of her,and noted the name was Louise Wilson.

She's very pretty,Sharon thought,seeing Louise's features.Louise was also smiling at the camera,which Sharon also liked.This made her more determined to find the missing girls,as well as Louise.

I really hope she's okay,Sharon thought with concern,and began to study the file more carefully.


As Sharon was reading the file,thousands of miles away,Louise was sitting on a very comfortable chair,still dressed in her school uniform of white shirt,a blue pleated skirt,with dark nyloned tights,and she still wore her black high heel shoes:but at the moment,Louise wasn't feeling very comfortable at all.In fact,she was scared to death.

Instead,Louise's hands had been tied behind the back of the chair very tightly,with strong white coils of rope.Her ankles had been pushed together,to one of the chair's lower struts.Just like her hands,there were also loops of tight ropes tied around both of them,making Louise secure to the chair.

It didn't end there though,as there were more loops of rope tied horizontally over Louise's upper body.These coils were wound over and under her chest,which of course,greatly increased the size of her breasts enormously.She was indeed,tightly tied up.

Not only that,but Louise was also gagged tightly too.Her mouth had been filled with a balled up cloth,quite roughly too,by one of her captors,and after they'd closed her lips,a large,rectangular strip of white tape had been forced over her now closed mouth.

It was a highly effective gag:Louise could hardly utter a sound behind the tape.She could only manage faint,weak mumbles,and her eyes were desperate as were her thoughts,as she still realised with dismay,that she was still a captive here.

Louise wasn't alone.There was a man with her,and Louise could see he was gazing down at her in relish,making her give another frightened,but weak mumble behind her gag.

Sheik Bonar took his time admiring his pretty,bound and gagged prize.He loved this new slave:So much so,that he'd actually ravished her several times,and it thrilled him beyond his wildest dreams.

Sheik Bonar had many pretty slaves in his clutches.He was so addicted to seeing pretty girls in uniform,that he'd made the decision to seize as many as he could.

There'd certainly been plenty of girls being dragged up to him.He'd learnt how to tie inescapable knots,and had had plenty of practice.Not one of his pretty prisoners had managed to free themselves.Only he dictated that,and as well as expertly tying the women up,Bonar enjoyed gagging them too.He loved hearing their attempted screams of fear,and fully exploited his power over them.

Not all his female captives were the weak kind of course.Many had showed him defiance as he raped his chosen victims,and Bonar knew Louise was one of them too.

He'd taken her many times,and although Louise was helpless in his grip,Bonar was pleased to see the fierce hatred in the girl's eyes.This would make his conquest of her more satisfying,and Bonar knew he would triumph:Not one girl had remained defiant forever to him.

Bonar smirked at that thought.He knew perfectly well how to handle the troublesome ones.He'd used really menacing threats on some of the girls,and these varied.Usually,his loyal servants at his palace held snakes in front of the bound,gagged girls.The results were always positive for Bonar,but again,he smirked: The snakes were harmless and non lethal,but snarling with their fangs wide open,it was a highly effective deterrent for the girls,and they quickly came back into line.

He chuckled to himself as he moved behind Louise's trussed up form,and knelt down.He then put his arms around Louise's chest,and still smirking,began to fondle and squeeze her breasts.

This made Louise give a muffled squeal behind her gag.She knew what was coming,and this made her go into frantic struggling:Unfortunately,Louise was tied up too tight on the chair,and she was still held by her drooling captor.It was then,that she felt Sheik Bonar whisper into her ear:

'Don't bother struggling,my pretty,'Bonar's whisper was full of ominous intent.'You're not going anywhere,but only where and when I want you,and I want you now,my pretty!'

Bonar then used his tongue to caress the inside of Louise's ear.She squealed again,but again,the tape gag kept her cries almost silent.She could do nothing to resist his groping hands.

The Sheik was still chuckling,fully enjoying himself indecently assaulting Louise,and he was just making his lions bulge,preparing to enter this beauty once again.He then began to unbuckle his lower clothing,but before he could proceed,there was the loud,but respectful sound of knocking on the door to his bed chamber.

Regretfully,Bonar stopped his sexual assault on Louise(much to her relief)and he called out loudly:'Enter!'

The door opened,and one of his men entered.Bonar recognised him instantly.This was Kall,his best friend and one of his most fiercest fighters.He knew Kall would sacrifice his life instantly,at any time Bonar would command him.

Like him,Kall was very powerful.He had a tremendous fighting physique,and many had fallen before his feet.Kall was a superb warrior,and Bonar was delighted to have him on his side.

It wasn't just his fighting prowess that Bonar appreciated,but Kall had an excellent intelligence network.His spies were everywhere.More accurately,they were there where Bonar had ordered Kall where they would be.They were at universities,schools,hospitals,police stations,office areas,even military outposts,and their spies were there for one purpose only:To seize more stock for their master.

'My sincere apologies for my intrusion,your excellency,'Kall spoke first,respectfully bowing his head.'I'm afraid I bring bad news.'

'Bad news,my friend?'Bonar's voice was quite calm,as he was now using both his hands to gently stroke Louise's long,dark hair.He didn't see his captives eyes bulging,but Kall did,and he smiled menacingly at her.

'I'm afraid so,your excellency.Your latest captives have been reported missing,and the British police are now involved.'

Hearing this,Louise's hopes inside her soared.Suddenly,there was a chance of rescue,but when she heard the men speak again,her hopes suddenly crumbled.

'Who told you this,my friend?'Bonar asked.

'It was Amanda,your excellency,'Kall responded.'She has informed me,that the police will be asking her questions at the school.'

'That is of no concern,my friend.'Bonar's voice still didn't sound worried.'Amanda,I'm sure,is more than competent to handle the situation.'

'You trust her?'

'Indeed I do,'Bonar nodded to his loyal friend.'She's handled problems like this before,and she always succeeds in laying a false trail.What do you know of the investigating team?'

'There are female officers assigned,your excellency,'This made Kall keep his menacing smile at Louise's gagged,still frightened face.'Should I order Amanda to investigate the necessary details?'

'Of course,my friend,'Bonar beamed.'Tell Amanda if they meet all the required checks,she is free to decide for herself,and please inform her should she require any extra help-'Bonar leaned forward to firmly squeeze Louise's firm,large breasts once more-'tell her we have some pretty hostages available.All bound and gagged of course.'He finished with an evil smile.

'Of course,your excellency.'Kall fully understood what he'd just heard,and he liked it.'I will inform Amanda immediately.'

Kall then bowed gratefully to Bonar,and left the bed chamber.As soon as he'd gone,Bonar still kept squeezing Louise's breasts,fully enjoying hearing her frightened whimpers.

'Soon,my dear,'Bonar went back to whispering into Louise's ear again.'I will use you to gain more new,and pretty stock.'He chuckled more,increasing his prisoner's distress,as he then renewed his sexual assault on Louise's delicious, helpless,tightly bound and gagged body.


Back in England,Sharon drove the patrol car towards Elgin Boarding school.In the car sitting next to her,was her great friend,Michelle Davis.

Michelle had been on the force a bit less than Sharon,and she was a little taller than her.Whereas Sharon had blond hair,Michelle's was a permed brunette.She had a good figure too,but didn't believe in the gym.Michelle loved her food too much.Sharon certainly knew this,as she and her friend spent a lot of time at each others home.Sharon had to constantly refuse Michelle's offerings of her favourite food.She wanted to keep fit,hoping she could catch some crook on the run.

They were now in Cornwall,and the roads had now become a single carrigeway.Both girls could now see the rural area they were driving through.Cornwall was a beautiful place,but neither girl would want to be stuck out here at night,especially alone where there was nobody around for miles.

Sharon continued to drive on,and she knew the boarding school wasn't far off.She glanced at Michelle sitting next to her.Like herself,Michelle was dressed in the same uniform,but both girls had decided to remove their ties,as it was warming up:but at the same time,they both appeared smart.

They finally reached Elgin boarding school,and as Sharon drove into the grounds,she fully expected what to see.

The boarding school was huge,and it even looked a tad menacing to Sharon and Michelle.The grounds surrounding it however,were very pleasant.There were large,well neat areas of grass,and both girls could see many of the female pupils relaxing on it.

They were all looking at their entrance though,and Michelle glanced back curiously too.

'Wonder if they'll get wrong for doing that?'She asked,gesturing at the girls outside.

'Depends on what the staff are like,'Sharon responded.'Let's find out,shall we?'

Sharon finally pulled up outside the school's entrance,and after parking up,both she and Michelle exited from the car.They noticed a woman waiting for them.standing at the top of a long flight of stone steps.She was tall,dressed smartly in a blue silk shirt and matching knee length skirt.Both Sharon and Michelle instantly knew she was one of the staff here.

As both Sharon and Michelle advanced up the steps,they both noticed the woman made no move towards them.In fact,Sharon thought the woman was eyeing them both up,and she didn't like it.

Even so,Sharon kept her personal feelings to herself,and after reaching the top of the steps,she offered her hand to the woman.

'Good morning,ma'am,'Sharon greeted her first respectfully.'I'm WPC Taylor.This is WPC Davis.'

The woman then shook Sharon's hand,quite firmly,but respectfully too,before she did the same with Michelle.

'Welcome to Elgin boarding school,ladies,'the woman's own greeting was nice,although Sharon could still see that odd look in her face.'My name's Miss Armstrong.I'm assistant deputy head here.Now if you'll follow me,please.I'll take you to the headmistress.'

Both Sharon and Michelle nodded,and followed her inside.

The inside of the school was far different from outside.Sharon and Michelle could see the interior was really smart.The floor on which they walked,was also smartly polished.Their footsteps echoed on it.

As they walked,Michelle then asked to their guide:'How long have you worked here,Miss Armstrong?'

It was a half hearted attempt at being polite,whilst at the same time,fishing for information,but Michelle received a positive response,albeit,a brief one.

'Several months.'

'Did you know all the girls who went missing then?'

'Quite so,'Miss Armstrong nodded.'It goes with the job.After all,getting to know them all,can have distinct advantages.'

'Such as?'

'Why finding out what sort of person they really are of course.'Miss Armstrong answered.'I really do hope I can help you find them.'

'I'm sure you will,Miss Armstrong,'Sharon nodded her approval,pleased to accept this woman's offer.Earlier,she'd sensed something bad about her,but now,things were looking up.

'Please,'Miss Armstrong told them,glancing back at Sharon and Michelle.'Let's dispense with formality.Call me Amanda.'

Sharon and Michelle nodded their approval to that too,not seeing the smirk on Amanda's face,as she led them deeper into the school.

More to follow...

Monday, 2 January 2012

The Hidden Fortress

I've watched a few foreign films,and for the most part,they're not really worth watching again.In this case however,and being a fan of Japanese Samurai action,'The Hidden Fortress' is definitely one of my few favourites.

No copyright infringment intended

Obviously,a lot of people will know this film was the inspiration for George Lucas' 'Star Wars',as he was a great fan of the film's director,the late,but brilliant,Akira Kurosawa.

The film's plot centres on a beautiful princess and her bodyguard,who team up with a pair of defeated,but greedy peasants,desperately trying to sneak through enemy lines.

The bodyguard is played by the late,but immortal Toshiro Mifune,(pictured)who is definitely my favourite Japanese actor,and he's a superb warrior.He makes sure none of the bad guys can get to the princess(pictured below)

No copyright infringment intended.

I found it a hugely entertaining film.There's great action,a good sense of humour,and much to my delight,a scene showing the princess and another young Japanese girl,who are finally caught and then tied up.Unfortunately,Toshiro is also there,but it didn't really spoil the scene for me.(one of the very,very rare moments it doesn't!)

I just found out they did a re-make of the film,but whether that has a scene for the actress playing the princess,remains to be seen.I've watched the trailer on youtube,but didn't see anything.It does look as if the bad guys have grabbed the princess,but hopefully,she is tied up in the film.

Time will tell...:)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Not welcome here

Whilst browsing through this blog's stats and the traffic sources,I was stunned to see 'children bound and gagged',and Vietnam was one of the countries present.

It was only one person,but I'm going to tell that individual they are not welcome here,if that's the sort of thing they like.

On this blog,I like to write all my heroines getting bound and gagged by the bad guys.I have to admit I've added some dark content,but there's no way I'd like to see an innocent child suffering what this moron wants.I sincerely hope this pervert's caught.What a really nasty piece of work,and whoever you are,you're definitely not welcome here.

On another note,I've also noticed sometimes people asking for 'men bound and gagged' on search keywords.

Well,you're in for a big disappointment when you come to my blog.Here,you're only going to see and read plenty of pretty girls bound and gagged,so kindly look elsewhere.

It seems as if some people still aren't getting the message.Checking through my 'search keywords'again,I saw putz scene.

Again,if that's the sort of thing you like,you definitely won't find it here,only pretty girls get the bound and gagged treatment here.

Happy New Year,everybody.

All the best,everybody.Let's hope it's a better one than last year!