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Voyage into Slavery Ch2

Channel 23 was a highly popular television station,in Hong Kong.It's main feature was broadcasting documentaries,on real life issues.There was certainly a lot of interesting stuff to choose from,and it scored very well in the ratings war.

One of the key factors,due to the channel's success,was the touch of glamour the producers added to the shows.The big brass certainly knew,that having a very pretty girl presenting the programme,would be a very well chosen move.

One of Channel 23's programmes was called 'Criminal Hunters' This was one of their top viewed shows.It showed real life crime cases,and it was always talked about in Hong Kong.

Of course,the show was presented by two pretty Hong Kong girls,Michelle Chan,and Jane Li.Both girls had worked very hard for their first break,in television.They'd both proved it time and time again,that looks were only part of the deal.

Both Michelle and Jane prepared their chosen assignments very well.They'd met a lot of interesting people,and were very well liked by many they'd interviewed.

Michelle always did the interviews.Jane was the camerawoman and sound assistant in one.Both girls did very well,in presenting it.It was Michelle that did the interviewing,as Jane prefered to remain in the background,doing the filming.

The show always had increasing ratings,as it proved highly exciting to watch.Michelle did the interviewing,as she had a really bubbly personality.She had short jet black hair,that just fell onto her shoulders.Her eyes were warm,and Michelle was a big hit,wherever she went.Indeed,it was almost superstar status,and whilst Michelle always appreciated her loyal legions of adoring fans,it was always good to get a break.

Jane was much more quieter,and more shy than Michelle.She was very pretty though,as Michelle had often told her.Jane's hair was the same jet black colour,as practically all the Oriental people had.It was slightly shorter than Michelle's,just reaching the back of her neck,and her personality was still just as warm as Michelle's.

Jane preferred to remain in the background,doing her job as camera operator.She was very smart,as Jane had long experience filming.It was something she enjoyed doing very much,but hated it,when Michelle literally grabbed the camera from her,and showed her to the audience.Although Jane smiled shyly into the camera,she didn't waste a second,getting back to her position.Fame wasn't what she craved.

Their show continued to be a roaring success,as the ratings kept on increasing.In recent times though,the producers of 'Criminal Hunters' had decided to give Michelle and Jane more dangerous assignments.

This time,the girls were told to feature cases,that involved a lot of highly unpleasant people.Both girls did their homework well,checking out their chosen subjects,and they were more than alarmed,to see that practically all the people they were going to confront,had a history of violence.They obviously wouldn't take kindly to being asked about any past wrongdoings.

Many times,both Michelle and Jane had been physically threatened,by the criminal figures they were investigating.Fortunately,the show's producers had provided excellent protection with bodyguards.None of the two girls had so much suffered a scratch,although they'd both been truly terrified at times.

There had indeed,been many close calls.Their programme was not just popular with the viewing public,but it was watched intently,by the Hong Kong police.Due to the girls good work,the police had managed to arrest many criminals,still on the run.

Yet,as a consequence,the criminals also watched the show,and they knew full well what Michelle and Jane were doing.Again,many times,the girls were also threatened with revenge,as the police dragged their latest arrest away.Both girls showed utter professionalism,not showing any fear at the threats,but inwardly,it was a different story.

At the present moment,both Michelle and Jane were sitting at their desks,in one of Channel 23's studios.Jane was busy checking over her camera,whilst Michelle was checking messages,on her answerphone.There was a new message waiting for her.

'Good morning,Miss Chan.' It was a woman's voice,speaking Cantonese,and although the woman's voice sounded polite,Michelle detected a sinister tone to it.

'I have some interesting news for you.' The woman's voice continued.'It regards a certain ship,the 'Eastern Princess' currently docked here,in Hong Kong.If you'd like an exclusive,please come here,Dock 6,at 9pm.You can bring Miss Li,but nobody else,or else,all is lost.' With that,the woman had hung up.

Michelle glanced up at Jane.'What do you think?'

'I don't like it,Michelle.' Jane shook her head worriedly.These type of phone calls usually landed both of them in trouble.She hadn't liked the sound of that woman's voice.

'She never explained what the problem was.'Jane told her friend.'Why didn't she?'

'You know as well as I do,Jane.' Michelle replied.'Some people won't tell,until they feel secure.'Although privately,Michelle did agree with her.That woman hadn't told them what the problem was,and added to that,that voice had given her the creeps too.

Even so,Michelle always had a sense of intrigue,and for adventure.She then typed in the details of the 'Eastern Princess' into her computer.The details came up immidiately.

Michelle read out aloud to Jane,as she scanned the screen.

'It's a Thai owned cruise ship,operating from Bangkok to Tokyo Bay in Japan.'Michelle's intrigue was increasing,as she read out more to Jane.

'It's a popular cruise.' Michelle went on,still reading the information displayed.'No security issues.'

However,as Michelle continued to read,she saw something of concern.

'Several young female passengers disappeared,whilst on board.No trace ever found.'

'So that woman knows something.' Jane stated.

'It would appear so.' Michelle nodded her assent.'I wonder why she rang us?'

'What do you want to do?'

'Well,it's a chance for a new story.' Michelle grinned.'I'm not going to miss it.'

'You mean you're really going to meet her?' Jane was full of disbelief.'Alone,in the docks at night?'

'I won't be alone,Jane.' Michelle answered her confidently.'You can watch my back.'

'Oh,great.Thanks a lot.'

Michelle clearly heard the disapproval in Jane's voice,and then told her friend.

'Okay,fine.You stay here then.'

With that,Michelle made to rise,but Jane stopped her,with a raised hand.

'Okay,okay.I'll come.' She surrendered,although still not happy about visiting some creepy docks at night.Jane didn't want to let her friend go by herself though.'I'm just saying,let's be careful,okay?'

'We will.' Michelle reassured her,as she already had a plan thought out.

With Jane following curiously,Michelle led the way into a room full of radio equipment.This was where they listened in,to police radio traffic.It proved highly effective,as they listened in,to any new developments the police were racing too.Many times,Channel 23's journalists had beaten their competitors,being first to the scene.

At the moment,there didn't seem to be much happening,as there was only one male colleague,sitting down,with a pair of headphones on his head.

He saw the two girls enter,and waved a hand in greeting to them.Both girls acknowledged him.

'Quiet night,I'm afraid.' He told them.

Michelle then sat down herself,in front of another radio set,putting on a spare pair of headphones.Jane stood,leaning in the doorway,still watching curiously.

With expert hands,Michelle skillfully selected random police frequencies,eagerly listening in,hoping for something dramatic to happen.

For a long time though,Michelle never heard anything of interest,as it did indeed,appear to be a quiet night for breaking news.

She was just about to concede defeat,when her patience was finally rewarded.

There was a transmission from a police radio band.It was between a mobile police unit,and the main headquarters building.

'HQ,this is unit 12.' A man's voice reported in.'We just made a sweep of the docks.Unable to locate Officer Lee.'

'Continue your sweep,Unit 12.'Another man's voice answered them immidiately.Michelle recognised it.It was the voice of the Chief of Hong Kong police,Mr Ying.'I want Angela found.Understood?'

Michelle clearly heard the emphasis in the last word spoken to the officer,but it was acknowledged.

'Don't worry,Sir.We'll find her.' The officer then went back to his task,as the radio went silent.

Excited,Michelle took off her headphones,as she turned to Jane,still leaning in the doorway.

'I think we got something,Jane.'Michelle rose,and brushed past her friend,and then sat back down in front of her desk,typing out more details on the keyboard.

'What are you doing?' Jane asked,coming round to Michelle's side,watching.

'I heard the police say they're looking for someone,one of their people.' Michelle then had the answer,on the computer.A photograph of a young,pretty woman showed up,on the screen.'This woman.'

'Who is she?' Jane asked.

'Angela Lee.' Michelle answered.'She's one of the most hated police officers,by the underworld.' She paused briefly,looking at Angela's photo.Something was famaliar about her.

Then,Michelle remembered.

'I know this woman.' She informed Jane.'I interviewed her a while back.She does undercover work.'Glancing back at Jane,Michelle was adamant,in her next statement.

'She's in trouble.The bad guys must have grabbed her,and she's somewhere in those docks.'

'We'd better go and tell the police then,that she's there.'Jane replied.She still didn't like the idea of going down to the docks,all by themselves.

Michelle however,shot her idea down in flames.

'Don't be silly,Jane.' She gently admonished her friend.'We can't tell the police yet.We haven't found her.Besides,the police are already there,searching the place.'

That slightly reassured Jane,but she still wanted to have some police watching them.

Michelle then rose up,from her seat.'Okay,let's get going.'

With that,Michelle led the way out,still excited,but Jane's expression was full of concern,as she followed.

Watching the two girls leave,was a man,sitting out of sight from them.He'd watched both girls intently whilst they talked.After they'd left,he then produced his mobile,and dialled a number.

A woman's voice answered his call.

'Miss Yang? They are on their way.'

'Excellent.' was the only response he received,before Kim Yang ended the call.

At the present moment,Kim Yang was sitting comfortably in Captain Liu's ready room.Liu himself sat opposite,in his chair.He'd listened to the brief phone call,then watched as Kim Yang put her own mobile away.

'Good news,I take it?' He asked her.

'Indeed there is,Captain.'Kim Yang smiled in return.'Our two pretty journalists are coming here,as we speak.'

'You are certain of that?'

'Of course,Captain.' Kim Yang was supremely confident that her next two targets would be met.'Both Miss Chan,and Miss Li are highly keen journalists.They'll not miss an opportunity,to miss a possible story.'

'You want us to grab them,when they come to the docks?' Liu asked.He was smiling now,as he took out a small bottle of chloroform,with a clean,but large pad of cotton wool next to it.He enjoyed grabbing pretty girls like that,but Kim Yang shook her head.

'Tempting,Captain,but let's see how smart out two pretty journalists are.'She was still smiling,almost smugly before continuing.'Besides,the police are out searching the docks for Miss Lee.It would be better,to lure them onboard.Let them find the girl,then we take them,Captain.'

'I agree.' Liu nodded,as he stood up.'Shall we begin?'

Michelle had driven to the docks.Jane sat beside her.The journey had been almost completed in silence,as both girls were going through different emotions.Michelle was perhaps a tad nervous,but still excited.If there was a chance for a dynamite scoop,no matter how dangerous the situation was,Michelle would go for it.This was why she now presented her own tv show.She was willing to take risks.

Jane however,only felt a deep sense of foreboding,as Michelle pulled into a parking area.She could see,that this was a dark,and eerie place to be.Every instinct in her,was telling her to stay away from this place,but she still didn't want to leave Michelle alone.

Just then,both girls noticed the probing light of a powerful torch,from a police car nearby.Jane wanted to attract their attention,knowing they'd be a bit safer,and under police observation.

Michelle however,was having none of it.

'Duck!' She hissed,pulling Jane's head down below the car front window,as she did likewise.

'What the hell are you-?' Jane began angrily.

'Ssshh!' Michelle quickly put a finger to her lips.'There's someone there!'

'Well,of course there's someone there.' Jane tried to rise,but much to her annoyance,Michelle still held her down.'It's the police.'

'No,it's not.' Her reply suddenly made Jane more worried.'There's somebody else there.'

There was silence for a moment,as Michelle peered into the gloom.She knew somebody was there,but now there was nothing.

'It's okay.' She let go of Jane's head,and her friend rose back up,glaring at her.

'What the hell did you do that for?' Jane's tone of voice,was far from happy.'You know,it would be better if we let the police see us,Michelle!'

'You're not thinking straight,Jane.' Michelle shook her head.'If the police see us,they'll just take us back,or maybe arrest us for trespassing here.'

'I wish they would arrest us,so we can get out of here.'Jane was still deeply worried,as she made another appeal for common sense.'Look,Michelle,let's get out of here.We don't know what's waiting for us out there.'

Michelle could see her friend was really scared.She didn't blame her.It was another step into the unknown here,and it did appear,as if they were making a big mistake coming here alone,without any back up.

However,Michelle wasn't going to run away from a possible new story.She laid a hand on Jane's shoulder,in reassurance.

'We won't stay long,okay?' Michelle smiled warmly at her.'Just to talk to that woman,and find out a few things.Remember,that policewoman might need our help.'

With a resigned,and reluctant sigh,Jane nodded.The sooner we get it done,the quicker we're out of here,was the thought dominating her mind.

Both girls exited the car,and looked for the way to Dock 6.They could see the huge shape of the 'Eastern Princess' docked right next to them.The whole ship was lit up brilliantly,and there was activity.Several gangways were connected to the cruise ship,although nobody was using them.

Both Michelle and Jane stood in front of one gangway,waiting.Michelle glanced at her watch,and saw it was just on 9pm precisely.

It was then,they heard a woman's voice from behind,addressing them.

'Good evening,Miss Chan,Miss Li.' The voice made both Michelle and Jane jump in fright,as they spun round,trying to see who was speaking to them.However,even though the voice was close,they saw no sign of the woman.

'So nice of you to be punctual.' The voice went on.The tone held a sinister charm.'I knew you'd be here.'

'Who are you?' Michelle demanded.'Are you the woman who rang me earlier?'

'Indeed I did,Miss Chan.' The woman's voice confirmed that.'For the moment though,my name is unimportant.However,I understand you may be looking for someone?'

There was a pause,and Michelle answered carefully.'Maybe.'

'I know you are.' The unseen woman told them.'A certain,young,and very pretty policewoman,by the name of Miss Lee,perhaps?'

This revelation made Michelle and Jane look up sharply.

'So you do know something.' Jane spoke for the first time.

'Perhaps,then again,perhaps not.' This time,the voice became more sinister.'I can point you,in the right direction to find her.Be aboard the Eastern Princess' as soon as you can.'

'How do we know you're telling the truth?' Jane demanded.

There was no reply.Both girls waited for a few moments,but after waiting some more,there was still nothing.They then hurried over,to where they'd heard the voice,but there was no sign of the woman.

'Damn.' Michelle cursed softly.

'What do you think?' Jane asked.'She gave me the creeps,whoever she was.'

'Yeah.' Michelle agreed whole-heartedly.'She sounded as if she was enjoying that.'She'd agreed with Jane.That woman was one to be avoided,if possible.

'She was right about one thing though.' Michelle gazed up,at the cruise liner.'We have to get on board,and see for ourselves.'

'How are we going to get onboard?' Jane wanted to know.'The ship's probably fully booked up.'

'If I'm right,I think we'll be allowed on.' Michelle somehow had a creepy feeling,that she'd be proved right.

No doubt that woman will see to that.She thought grimly.

'Come on.' Michelle took Jane's hand.'Let's head back,and get some gear.We'll check the bookings,and see if there's any spare cabins.'

Both girls hurried back to the car,and within moments,drove away from the docks.

It was only then,that the beautiful,but sinister figure of Kim Yang emerged.She was smiling confidently,as she took out her mobile,and called Captain Liu.

'They are coming back,Captain.' Kim Yang told him,still very pleased with herself.'Make sure,they have a cabin reserved.'

'I will see to it.' Liu assured her.'Would you come back onboard,please? We have some news for you.'

'Good or bad?'

'A bit of both.'He didn't reveal any more,so Kim Yang told him she was on her way.

Kim Yang headed back up one of the gangways,and made her way up to the Captain's ready room.

As she walked along the ship's passage-ways,Kim Yang made sure she wasn't seen by any of the passengers.The crew of the 'Eastern Princess' made sure she wasn't,on many occasions.

Fortunately,it was in the evening.No passengers were about on deck.They were all enjoying themselves below.It was a cold night.Only the odd jogger would be seen,running around the ship's upper decks.

Kim Yang reached Liu's ready room,without being seen,and then walked in.

She saw Liu there,and this time,she saw Yee standing next to his desk.Both men looked up at her entrance.

'What's wrong?' Kim Yang asked.

'We have a problem.'Liu answered her.'I've just received intelligence from our network in Japan.We've another pretty spy onboard.'

'Who is she?'

'Her name's Kieko Yamamoto.' Yee interjected.'She's actually works for Japanese naval intelligence.'

He then handed over a photograph of the Yamamoto woman to her.Kim Yang studied the picture with interest.

It showed a very young,and beautiful Japanese woman,who was smiling at the camera.The girl had long,straight jet black hair,a very good figure,and her smile appeared warm.

'She is indeed,very beautiful.' Kim Yang nodded.'Have you found her?'

'We're doing that now.' Liu told her.'You'll be taking her too,I take it?'

'Of course.There's such a high demand for new stock,from my regular bidders.She'll be worth taking,believe me.'

It was then Kim Yang remembered that Liu had told her something else earlier.

'You said good and bad news.'Kim Yang never thought for a moment,that the Japanese girl would be a problem,and was looking forward to seizing her.'What's the bad news?'

'That's just it.'Yee admitted.'We don't really know.There's been an unconfirmed report,that there's somebody else here.'

'From where?'

'We got a message from one of our people,in Hong Kong police headquarters.'Liu came in.'Evidently,the chief of police,Ying,made a phone call to the British Embassy there.,but the call was secure.We couldn't listen in to it.'

'I am sure that he would have asked for help from them.'Yee was certain.'He's not stupid.I bet he knows we've got a spy in his place.'

'So that means he'll be asking for outside help.'Kim Yang nodded thoughtfully.She knew they had excellent intelligence,regarding warnings of any police activity against her.Even so,she appreciated any new threat,and knew how to handle it.

'What do you want to do?'

'Find Miss Yamamoto first.I'm sure she'll be meeting someone here.' She looked at the Captain directly.'When you find her,make sure she's watched.See who she talks to.'

'Understood.' Liu agreed,as he put the chloroform bottle,and cotton wool pad away.Maybe he'd get a chance to use it after all.

Michelle had driven back to her own home.She'd done well in her career,to afford a nice enough flat.Jane didn't live too far away from here either,so they made frequent visits to each other.

Both girls had exited the car,and hurriedly entered the flat.Michelle made straight for her computer,and began checking on bookings,for the cruise liner,'Eastern Princess'.

It didn't take her long to get the news she wanted.

'We're in luck,Jane.' She told her friend excitedly.'There's two tickets left,first class.'

She'd already made the reservations,and was now making payment to the firm that owned the ship.With that done,Michelle grinned at Jane.

'Let's get packing then.'

'Michelle,are you sure we're doing the right thing?' Jane still had the uneasy feelings inside her.'We're going onto a ship,without any protection.'

'We will have.' Michelle insisted.'They'll have security there.If there's a problem,we can easily ask for help from them.'

She clearly noticed Jane's unconvinced expression,and then told her slightly irritated.

'Look,will you stop worrying,please,Jane.Everything will be okay.'She then took a hold of Jane's hand again,and led her friend to her clothes.'You can help me pack,then we'll go over to yours,and I'll help you.'

'Well,okay.' Jane's tone was still worried,but she went in with Michelle,to help her pack.

After some time sorting,and choosing their gear to bring,both Michelle and Jane had made their way back to Dock 6,where the massive 'Eastern Princess' lay in wait,to depart on her next voyage.

Michelle had shown hers,and Jane's passenger tickets,and their boarding cards.They'd brought a lot of luggage with them,and were hoping for some assistance,as they waited.

We sure get some great perks.Michelle thought.She glanced down at her attire.A denim blue shirt,and tight blue jeans.Jane was wearing a black shirt,and darker coloured jeans than Michelle's.

As the girls waited,they could clearly see they were receiving some leering looks,by some of the harbour men.They could also see,that some of the crew on the 'Eastern Princess' were observing them too.

They were still waiting,when they noticed a Thai man walking towards them,down the gangway.He was dressed in the naval uniform of the ship,and both girls correctly assumed he was part of the crew.

He stopped in front of them,and made the customary Thai greeting,clasping his hands together in front,and made a slight bow.

'Good evening,ladies.' His voice was polite,and he spoke fluent Cantonese.'I am First Officer Yee.Do you require assistance?'

Both girls nodded eagerly,as Yee gestured for their luggage to be taken abroad.

'May I see your boarding cards,please,and your passports?' Yee then asked them,still polite.

Michelle and Jane handed over the required documents without any protests,and after examining them,Yee handed their passports back.He obviously kept the boarding cards.

'Follow me,please.'Yee then told them.'I'll show you to your cabins.'

With mounting excitement,both Michelle and Jane did follow him up the gangway.It was a long walk he led them throughout the ship's passageways,but finally,he stopped outside a door.

'Here we are,ladies.'Yee smiled again at them,as he opened the cabin door.'I hope you'll be comfortable here.'

He gestured for them to enter,and the girls did so.Both of them were thrilled,as they noted it was a room filled with luxury.They'd be more than comfortable here.Michelle thought,very pleased.

'Well,if you will excuse me ladies.'Yee made to leave,but was stopped as Michelle asked him something.

'We couldn't meet the Captain,could we,please,Mr Yee? That would be great.'

'I'm afraid the Captain's a busy man.' Yee disappointed them,with his response,but he went on.'What does it concern?'

'Oh,well,we were hoping to do an interview with him.'Michelle answered truthfully.'You see,we're journalists from Channel 23,Hong Kong Television.We were hoping to ask the captain a couple of questions.'

Yee looked at them for a moment,smirking inside,but still playing the helpful officer.

'Oh,yes.You're Miss Chan,and Miss Li.I know your programme.'Criminal Hunters' is it not?'

'That's right.'Michelle gave him her most charming smile,hoping to get what she wanted.'Can you help us meet the Captain,please,Mr Yee?'

Yee smiled charmingly back at them,although he couldn't refrain from speaking in a sinister tone.

'I will see what I can do for you.In the meantime,'He then made to leave again.'Enjoy your stay,ladies.'

With that said,Yee closed their cabin door,and headed back to his duties.

'What do you think?' Michelle asked Jane,who'd kept silent.

'I don't know.'Jane shook her head.'Maybe we should have done some checking first,before we asked the crew for help.'

'We will.'Michelle was supremely confident.'It's just a matter of finding the right people.Now,' She threw herself backwards,onto the highly spacious cabin bed.'Let's check out the cabin.'

Yee headed straight back to the bridge,and found Liu waiting for him.

'Those two female reporters are here,Captain.' Yee reported.'They've requested an interview with you.'

'Have they indeed?' Liu smiled.'Well,perhaps later.Let's see what they get up to first,before we offer them a scoop.'

'Of course,Sir.' Yee nodded,trusting him completely.'What do you think they'll do first?'

'They won't do anything for a while yet,my friend.'Liu informed.'Both of them will wait,and enjoy the cruise,but they'll be planning to snoop around,waiting for us to lower our guard.'

He was still smiling,as he went on.'Besides,we'll be able to hear what they're planning,so I'm not worried.'

Yee agreed.They'd bugged a lot of the ship.Every passenger cabin had one,there were hidden listening devices all over the place.If someone was planning something against them,they'd hear it.

Yee then noticed Kim Yang's absence,from the bridge.He asked where she was.

'Finding that pretty Japanese girl.'Liu answered.'She wants to know who she's meeting with.'

Michelle and Jane had finally got their hands on their luggage,and after much sorting out,they were finally satisfied,and left their cabin,to explore the ship.

'Let's get a drink first.'Jane suggested.She wanted to relax first,before going on a long tedious walk.

Michelle heartily agreed,and they headed for one of the many bars the 'Eastern Princess' offered.

When they entered one,they could see it was doing very well.It was filled with patrons.Some standing,enjoying their drinks,whilst most sat at tables.

As far as both girls could see,there were no empty tables,but they continued searching.They were just about to give up,when Michelle suddenly spotted a table,with a couple of empty seats.There was a man sitting there,by himself,and Michelle noticed he was European,but she grabbed Jane's hand,and headed over to the table,and sitting down immidiately.

The man glanced up,slightly suprised,but Michelle gave him a warm smile.Was he English? He certainly looks it.She thought,before asking him in English.

'Ihope you don't mind us sitting here? It's very busy here.'She glanced at Jane,who noticed that she was grinning shyly.Michelle knew that look.She knew Jane liked this man.

The man returned her smile warmly too.He nodded.

'Please.' He spoke in the famaliar English accent,as he offered his hand to them.

'I'm John.John Jennings.Pleased to meet you.'

Michelle and Jane both shook his hand,and introduced themselves too.

'I'm Michelle.This is Jane,my best friend.'

He smiled warmly again at them,showing he was sincere in meeting them.

'Where are you girls off to then?' Jennings asked them.

For a moment,neither girl answered,as they gazed admiringly at the man's powerful arms,but Michelle responded to his query.

'Oh,we're on assignment here.It's not a pleasure cruise for us,but we're going to take some time off though.'

'Good for you.' Jennings nodded.'What kind of assignment?'

Michelle thought it best not to tell him,but she did say.'Well,we're doing a documentary on this ship.We're journalists from Hong Kong,Channel 23 TV.'

'Oh yes.'Jennings remembered.'You're the two girls who host that show,aren't you?'

'Yes.'Jane nodded.'Criminal Hunters is the name of the show.You've seen it?'

'Only little bits,I'm afraid.'Jennings didn't really watch much television.He had more important things to think about.

'And what do you do,Mr Jennings?' Jane was very interested in him.

'Please.Call me John.'He insisted,and was pleased to see both girls nod their approval.'Well,like you.I'm not on holiday here either.I've got to take care of someone,you might say.'

'Oh? Family,you mean?' Michelle asked.

'Well,yes.'Jennings smiled pleasantly.He then noticed that the girls didn't have a drink,and beckoned a waiter over.As he did so,his eyes met another young woman.She was Japanese,and her gaze met his.

For a moment,Jennings was stunned.The girl was really drop dead gorgeous.She had long silky,jet black hair,that fell way past her shoulders.She'd smiled at him,in recognition,and both Michelle and Jane had clearly seen it too.

Jennings made sure the girls got their drinks,and he paid for them.Then,he rose.The two girls were slightly stunned,to see his height.He was very tall,but that didn't put them off.

'Would you excuse me,please?' Jennings asked.He now had the first part of his own assignment here.'I have something to do.'

'Will we see you again,John?' Jane really wanted to,and was relieved to see him nod back at her.

'Of course.I'd like that.'Then,he was gone.

Both girls watched him leave the bar,and also saw the young Japanese woman follow him.

'He was cute.'Michelle took a sip of her drink Jennings had bought for her.

'Let's follow him.'Jane suggested again.'You saw the way that Japanese girl looked at him.I think there's something going on.'

'Well,of course there is.' Michelle agreed.'I've got a good feeling about him.'

Both girls left the table,and hurried out,in pursuit of Jennings.

Neither Michelle or Jane though saw the waiter who'd served them their drinks,go back to the now empty table,and took away something,from the small lamp on it.He then handed it over,to somebody his superior,who in turn,handed it over to Kim Yang.

She'd found the Japanese girl,and was very pleased.The girl was indeed very pretty.She'd be worth taking.

Kim Yang had also watched the two women journalists,talking to the European man.She eyed him up carefully,and then watched him leave the bar.He appeared a formidable character,and just for a second,Kim Yang had her thoughts confirmed,as she saw Jennings' eyes.

No doubt about it.She thought.He's trouble.

Kim Yang then called over the waiter,who'd given the bug to one of the bridge officers.The man had already left for the bridge,where he'd give it to his Captain.

She'd go back up to the bridge,in a moment,but she first asked the waiter about the European man's language.

'He's English.' The waiter answered her.'Do you want us to deal with him,Miss Yang?'

Clearly,the waiter was involved with Liu's schemes.Practically the whole crew was.

However,Kim Yang shook her head.'No,I'll just watch him for now.'

The waiter nodded,and moved away.He wasn't going to protest to her,unless he had a death wish.

Still intrigued,Kim Yang then headed back up to the bridge,to listen to the recording they'd just obtained.

The future certainly looks interesting.She thought.A smirk was fully evident on her face,as she silently disappeared from view.

Chapter 3 to follow....