Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sneaking In.

This is a pretty pathetic story,but I enjoyed writing it,and fingers crossed,it might raise a couple of smiles after a long absence.

I also want to extend my deepest gratitude to Sasha,who generously allowed me to use her name in this story.Thank you very much,Sasha.Fingers crossed,you'll enjoy reading it.:)


Major Pauline Scott sat behind her desk,studying the details on the young woman standing to attention opposite her.

Both women were active serving members of the US Marines Corps,and they were fiercely proud to be part of the team.

The two women were wearing US Marines uniforms,which consisted of a light blue shirt.Two large,square pockets on either side of the shirt,with a smart black neck tie,fastened at the top.A dark blue,knee length skirt was also worn by the two women.They were also both wearing clear nylons,with smartly polished black high heels.They both appeared very smart,and in the military,you had to be.

The only differences to both women's shirts,was the several campaign awards on Major Scott's right hand.She'd served in a lot of war zones,and had even fought in combat.It was what she'd joined up for,and had fought very well,receiving a lot of praise from a lot of her people,including her country's allies.

This thought made her glance up towards the door to her office,and past the still standing to attention woman,and she still remembered who was waiting  there.She'd call them in a few moments,but wanted to talk to this girl first.

Major Scott knew the young woman she was currently reading about.Her name was Sasha,a very popular and pretty woman in the ranks.Sasha was a lieutenant in the marines,and her duties included a lot of administration.Something Major Scott knew that the young woman utterly despised.She knew Sasha was pretty good at it,and had gradually worked her way up to her current rank.

However,the major also knew that Sasha had wanted to do other duties,which was precisely the reason she stood before her.And Major Scott did have something in mind for her.

She knew though,that Sasha could be fiercely independent in accomplishing any task given to her.It was understandable of course.The major knew Sasha had run into many difficulties during her training,and it hadn't helped her cause when some of the training officers,decided to push their instructions too far.

In Sasha's case,the major had been present,and she'd severely disciplined those responsible.Yet their actions had done a lot of damage.They'd broken the will of a lot of possible recruits,and Major Scott had been furious at this.

She was secretly pleased though with Sasha's performance,clearly seeing the young woman's marks.Sasha had come first in everything,from shooting,physical training,and especially computers.

This was the main reason Major Scott had called her in,seeing Sasha's request for other duties.

'At ease,lieutenant,'Major Scott commanded,and after seeing Sasha obey by placing her hands behind her back.

'So you wish to perform other duties,I understand?' The major then asked her.

'That is correct,ma'am,'Sasha responded respectfully.'I wish to explore other avenues.'

'Even if that avenue is dangerous,lieutenant?'


Major Scott looked hard into Sasha's face.She wanted to be sure that Sasha was right for this mission.She knew perfectly well the girl could be hot headed,and liked to do things on her own.Normally,that was bad news for any military unit.Everybody had to work as a team.Anybody who wanted to do things on their own,was simply asking for it,and the major was determined to keep Sasha well protected.

'Well,let's see how you fare in this assignment then.'Major Scott then handed Sasha a folder,and let her read the contents.

Reading the folder's contents,Sasha saw it contained three photographs of two men,and a woman.None of them looked friendly,and Sasha instantly knew they were the bad guys.

'Who are these people,Major?'Sasha asked.

'These are the people you'll be going to meet and work for,Lieutenant,'Major Scott answered.'Undercover,of course.'

'What are they up to,ma'am?'

'The woman's name is Kristina.We just know her first name,but she's the leader and brains of her little enterprise.She's also quite a nasty piece of work:The two men are known as Lenov and Schmitt.They're all out there,using IT to hack into our security.Then,they're selling it to the highest bidder,and believe me,they've had plenty of offers,until now,that is.'

'Until now,ma'am?'Sasha asked curiously.

'We managed to capture one of their gang.A woman,who was the hacker,so to speak.Major Scott then looked more firmly into Sasha's eyes.'You're going to take her place,and find out what they're going to do next.It's dangerous:You can refuse,if you wish.'

Of course,the major knew there was no way Sasha was going to do that,and sure enough,she saw the girl stand fast.

'I'll find out what they're up to,ma'am,and stop them.'

Although Sasha could see her commanding officer was pleased she hadn't refused,she did notice that she'd said something wrong.

'I've no doubt you will find out their plans,Lieutenant,'Major Scott responded,somewhat coldly.'However,I'm not sending you in there alone.'

'I can take care of myself,ma'am.'Sasha couldn't help,but answer evenly back,but again,that was another mistake.

This time,she watched the major rise up from her seat,and walked over to stand right next to her.

'Let me explain something to you,lieutenant,'the major's voice spoke right into Sasha's ear,and it held her attention.'You are not a one man,or a one woman army,if you prefer.You're going to need back up,just in case you do get into trouble.Do I make myself perfectly clear,Lieutenant?'

Sasha noticed the emphasis in the last sentance spoken to her,so she nodded respectfully.



Major Scott then walked back to sit back down behind her desk,and then asked:'I understand you're a great admirer,of some of our British comrades-in arms?'

Sasha looked curiously at the major,wondering why she asked that.The answer came immediately to her,as she realised all her written studies on military subjects,had been carefully analysed.She'd made frequent praises on one British soldier in particular,known as Jennings.There had indeed,been a lot of praise for this British soldier,and Sasha too,greatly admired his high success rate,at taking out the bad guys.She'd even used some of his own tactics,during her training combat scenarios,and it always worked.

'Only that they're the best trained,most professional fighting force in the world,ma'am.'

'You're quite right,'Major Scott nodded her approval.'I've fought alongside them many times,and I'm very proud to have done so.So I sincerely hope you'll feel the same.'

Sasha made no reply,as she listened to the major speak on the phone,and heard her say:'Please send them in now.'

The door opened immediately,and Sasha noticed three new people enter the room.Two men and a woman.The three were all dressed in the standard,combat military fatigues of the British army.Sasha instantly recognised their uniforms,but it was the two men that held Sasha's attention.In fact,she recognised them,and her eyes widened in disbelief.

For the moment though,she didn't say anything,but continued to gape at the two men,as they stood respectfully either side of her.Sasha forced herself to look back at the major,who was smiling politely.

'I thought you would recognise them,'Major Scott told her pleasantly.'Allow me to introduce Captain Karen Fraser,and Corporals Jennings and Montgomery,of the British Army.'She then gazed at her new arrivals.'This is the young lady I have in mind.Lieutenant Sasha,under my command.'

All three of them nodded politely at Sasha,who also nodded back,although she was still gaping at the two men beside her,especially Jennings.Both Jennings and Montgomery were tall,extremely powerful men,and they dwarfed Sasha.

However,she didn't feel intimidated,as she knew they were the good guys,and slowly forced herself to relax.Yet,she still couldn't take her gaze of Jennings.

'Welcome,Captain Fraser,'Major Scott greeted them warmly.She personally knew all three of them,and was very glad to have them here.'Jennings,Montgomery.'

She was pleased to see both men politely nod at her,and Captain Fraser returned her greeting.

'Thank you,major,'Captain Fraser also nodded.'It's good to see you again.'

'Likewise.'Major Scott meant that.'Well,this is Lieutenant Sasha Cohen.She's volunteered to go in.'

Sasha then noticed Captain Fraser look at her more closely,before she was then asked:'Have you done this sort of work before,lieutenant?'

'No,captain,'Sasha answered respectfully.'But I'm well aware what's required of me,and I'm willing to go in.'

'Are you indeed?'Captain Fraser raised an eyebrow,before she glanced back at Major Scott.'You've briefed her of course,especially at what the lieutenant will be facing?'

'Yes,I've told her,but I can assure you,captain:Sasha here,is one of the best IT experts I have under my command.There isn't any computer system she can't hack into,and that's bad news for the bad guys.'

'Well at the moment,we want to give the bad guys some good news,'Captain Fraser told her.I want them to be completely confident,of the lieutenant's abilities.'

'Sasha won't let you down,captain.'Major Scott was resolute in that.'I have complete faith in her,and you will too.'

'Very well.'Captain Fraser nodded again,before she then asked the young lieutenant:'Are you ready then?'

'Yes,ma'am.'Sasha nodded too,eager to get started.

''Let's go then.'Captain Fraser then saluted Major Scott,as did Jennings,Montgomery,and finally Sasha,before they all left Major Scott's office.

After they'd gone,Major Scott pondered on her chin thoughtfully.She still remembered Sasha's fierce determination in her training,and had seen her reject any offers of assistance from her fellow trainees.The Major didn't have any doubt whatsoever though,that Sasha would need help in the future.

She was glad that her request for Jennings' presence had been accepted.The major knew Jennings had helped a great deal of people,and she also knew he'd be there for Sasha.

Of course,the major didn't want anything bad happening to Sasha.She knew Sasha had plenty of guts,but from what she'd read of these people Sasha was going to meet,her concerns had greatly increased for her.


Sasha sat waiting in the room Captain Fraser had given her,and glanced again at her watch.She remembered the Englishwoman telling her,that they'd come back for her later.

At the present,Sasha wasn't wearing her military uniform,but now was wearing her own civilian clothes.Sasha wore a red turtleneck sweater,with tight jeans and her trainers.She felt good to be back in her own clothes,and was looking forward to completing this mission.Privately,she was very excited.This was just what Sasha had been dreaming off for a long time,and it felt really good.

There was a knock on her hotel room door,and after she checking through the security,Sasha was pleased to see Captain Fraser and Jennings standing outside.She opened the door,and let them in.

As they entered,Sasha also noticed both of them wore civilian clothing.Captain Fraser wore a blue denim shirt,with dark coloured jeans,whilst Jennings wore a T-shirt with blue jeans,but he wore a woollen fleece too.

'All set then,Sasha?' Jennings asked her,with a friendly smile.

'Yeah,'Sasha couldn't help,but grin.'Let's go get 'em.'

'Just a few details you need to know though.'Captain Fraser held up a pre-cautionary hand.'Jennings will accompany you into the Internet cafe,where you'll meet this Kristina woman.But I want you to sit on your own.Jennings will make sure you're okay,and we'll be watching from outside.This Kristina's got a large gang,so I'm pretty sure she won't be arriving alone.'

'I got it.'Sasha nodded her understanding.'Shall we go?'

'Just one more thing,Sasha,'Jennings handed her a small transmitter.'You'll obviosly know this is a com-unit,so we can listen into what's being said to you.There's also a tracer fitted in there too.As long as you have that on you,we can follow where they take you.'

'Okay.'Sasha then excused herself,as she fitted the transmitter onto her body.She then returned,and the three left the hotel room.


Sasha sat at a table in the Internet cafe,and idly glanced around her.At least,that was the impression she gave.Inside,it was a different story.Sasha was tense,but she wasn't scared.She couldn't appear to be.Especially when some pretty ruthless,and highly unpleasant people were coming to meet her.

She knew Jennings wasn't sitting too far away in the cafe.Like Sasha and a lot of other customers,they were sitting on their own with a computer screen fitted onto a small table.This was their access to the Internet.It was expensive,and Sasha had to admit she wouldn't have dreamed of coming here in her spare time.

However,this was the place where she had to be,and with a large mug of Starbuck's coffee Jennings had bought for her,Sasha idly browsed through her favourite websites,but still kept her mind on the job.

Then,she heard through her hidden com-unit,Captain Fraser's voice.

'Stand by.Targets en route.'

Both Sasha and Jennings discreetly sent their acknowledgments,and waited.

They didn't have to wait long.When they both heard the door to the cafe open,Jennings and Sasha glanced over to see three people enter.

They were a cold looking trio.Both Jennings and Sasha could see that.They instantly recognised the woman known as Kristina.A very beautiful blonde,but her eyes showed no warmth whatsoever.Sasha clearly saw this woman's eyes settle on her,and there was a hint of a smirk on her face.Sasha decided not to sneer back,but she turned her back to look back at the screen.From the screen's reflection,she could see the trio advancing on her.She tensed.

Still sitting close to Sasha on his own table,Jennings watched the three new arrivals sit themselves down on her table.He could clearly see these three were all bad news,and he was determined to protect Sasha,should they be stupid enough to try anything.

However,Jennings knew that was extremely unlikely.He also knew the woman known as Kristina,was very,very smart.She would more than likely,take a dim view if any bother broke out.

From his position,Jennings would be able to hear everything that was said on Sasha's table.It was certainly going to be interesting,in the next few minutes.

Sasha watched,as the two men and woman sat themselves down next to her.There were no friendly smiles on the trio,as they gazed hard at her.This didn't bother Sasha in thne slightest,as she returned all their unfriendly looks.

'What are you three looking at?'Sasha demanded,making sure her voice was unfriendly.

'You are Sasha?' Kristina asked,and Sasha had to admit this woman was really beautiful.Yet her eyes,were totally devoid of any warmth whatsoever.

'Who wants to know?' Sasha kept playing cagey.

''So you are Sasha then.'This time,Kristina did smile,and Sasha didn't like it one bit.'I've been looking forward to meeting you,my dear.'

'Well,what can I do for you?'

Sasha saw Kristina look around the cafe,and for the first time,she felt uneasy.It was obvious she was checking the place out,for any of the present friends Sasha had in here.

However,Kristina made no mention of that.The sinister smile stayed on her face though,as she looked more closely at Sasha.

'Well,I may be interested in your computer skills,'Kristina informed her.'I'm after certain,highly talented people,who may be interested in giving me what I desire.'

Saha clearly heard the emphasis in the last spoken part,but she kept up the pretense.

'What sort of computer work exactly?'

'Well,here's a little test for you,'Sasha still didn't like the sinister smile on this woman's face.'I'd like you to gain access,into these co-ordinates.'

Kristina then pushed over a sheet of paper,which Sasha saw had a series of numbers.She knew immediately where this place was,having dealt with it a lot in her previous role: The Pentagon.

Sasha could also see the area,where Kristina wanted to hack into.It was a very well protected area,as Sasha well knew.This was where vital intelligence was gathered,especially on anti-terrorist and highly wanted,and very dangerous criminals.Sasha knew she could get into this area,without any problems whatsoever.Yet,she immediately knew the three people sitting with her,were not going to take no for an answer.

Quickly though,Sasha started typing,and within moments,was granted access into the Pentagon's mainframe.Of course,this wasn't restricted,as many people were interested in looking at what the Pentagon had to offer.Sasha knew though,you weren't able to look at everything.The Pentagon had virtually impassable firewalls,and the security was extra sharp.After all,they'd had plenty of experience with highly skilled hackers,trying to obtain highly classified information.

Sasha knew the security was really good,as they could easily pinpoint a hacker's location within moments.This didn't deter her however,as she easily gained access to where Kristina wanted her to do.

Sasha then turned the computer screen towards Kristina,so she could see she'd been successful.

'Satisfied?' She then asked,somewhat patronisingly.

Kristina didn't respond at first,but after a few moments,she gave a faint nod of approval.

'It's a start.'Kristina's voice was still unfriendly.'I do have other things in mind,and I hope for your sake,you can accomplish them,my dear.'

'If the price is right,'Sasha sneered back.'I might be interested.'

'Oh,there will be an agreed price,my dear,'this time,Kristina did smile,and it still gave Sasha the creeps.'One that will make us very rich indeed.'

Kristina then glanced around the Internet cafe again,and her eyes settled on Jennings,who did not avoid her interested gaze.She instantly knew why he was here,before her eyes returned to Sasha.

'Very sensible,my dear,'the smile remained.'It's always wise to have your back watched.It's a very dangerous business to be in.Your bodyguard there,is quite handsome,isn't he? You're very pretty too.'Kristina then took Sasha by surprise,as she ran her hand through the girl's hair,before Sasha jerked her head angrily away.

'Keep your hands off me,'Sasha snarled.She couldn't help,but glare fiercely at the woman,but Jennings remained calm,and stayed where he was.He hadn't liked seeing the woman touch Sasha,but until violence threatened,it was far better to stay where he was

'Spirited too.'Kristina smirked.'I like that.' She then stood up.Her two male accomplices did likewise.'Well,we'll be back in touch,my dear.I shall look forward to our next meeting.And of course-'he gaze briefly returned to Jennings-'your friends too.'

Sasha didn't reply to that,and much to her relief,the three of them then left the cafe.Jennings stood up too,and walked to the cafe's windows.He watched the three of them enter into a black limo,before it sped off.

Grimly,he then sat down next to Sasha.

'You okay?'He asked.

'Yeah,thanks,'Sasha nodded,breathing out a sigh of relief.'I'm glad she's gone:She was pretty nasty after all.'

'That's true.You wouldn't believe the file we have on her.This Kristina's got her hands dirty all over.Arms smuggling,computer theft,robbery,and she's heavily involved in the modern slave market.You don't want to be captured by her.'Jennings finished that last sentance grimly.

'I'll do my best not too.'Sasha nodded to that.'Anyway,'she smiled at Jennings,'-if I am in trouble,you'll help me,won't you?'

'We all will,'Jennings smiled too.


In the limo,Kristina sat back,thinking.Her two male accomplices watched her,waiting for their next orders.

'What did you think of her,madam?'the man known as Lenov asked.

'I'm sure pretty little Sasha will suit our needs perfectly,'Kristina answered.'After she's done what we've asked of her,I'm quite keen to have her in my clutches.'

'She'll be well protected.'This time,the man known as Schmitt interjected.'If that man was really her bodyguard,he looked tough to beat.'

'Which is your next assignment,Mister Schmitt,'Kristina was now smiling.'I want you to find out everything about him,especially his concerns.'

'I understand,madam.'Schmitt nodded respectfully.

The limo then headed back,towards Kristina's choice of destination,who was obviously looking forward to the future.


Back at her military base,Sasha was standing again in front of Major Scott.Her three new English friends were also present,and this time,they had been joined by another young woman.

Sasha knew the young woman was English.In fact,she'd recognised the girl's uniform belonging to the Royal Navy.Sasha could see the girl wore a white shirt with black shoulder epaulettes,and the gold markings of two vertical stripes,and the half circle which symbolised the anchor.A knee length,navy blue skirt,with matching nylons and smartly polished black high heels.Like Sasha and Major Scott,the English girl was dressed smartly,and she also had an impressive chest:But that didn't bother Sasha.

The girl was also very pretty too,as she had shoulder length brunette hair,warm hazel eyes,and a really nice smile.Sasha was wondering what her name was,when Captain Fraser told her.

'This is Louise Wilson,'the captain introduced her.'Louise has very kindly agreed,to participate in this mission.'

Louise was then introduced to Sasha,and she still wore her warm smile,stepping forward to shake Sasha's hand.

'Hello,'Louise greeted her in a very friendly voice.'Pleased to meet you,Sasha.'

'Likewise.'Saha nodded respectfully,although she wondered what Louise's role would be.

Major Scott gave her the answer:'Louise is also an expert on computers.She's agreed to be there,when you and your new friends decide to act.'

'And that means?'Sasha asked.

'It would look suspicious,if you were all there by yourselves.'Captain Fraser informed her.'So Louise is going to be there,giving the bad guys an excuse to secure her,whilst they watch you do their dirty work.'

'I see,'Sasha nodded her understanding,although she then asked:'What makes you think they'll secure her?'

This time,Jennings stepped forward.

'The woman,Kristina,isn't a murdereress,'he explained.'She's responsible for a lot of girls disappearing,but we checked her background,and she won't have any blood on her hands:Not when it's going to make her rich.'

'Have they contacted you yet?'Captain Fraser asked Sasha.

'Yes,tonight,'Sasha nodded.'It's definitely somewhere in the Pentagon they're after.They told me to meet me there,at one of the hidden locations.'

'No idea what they're after?'Major Scott inquired.

'The only thing they wanted of me back in the cafe,was to see if I could get into the network.'Sasha responded.'The files I saw there,were important,but not highly classified.'

'So it must be very important what they're after then.'Major Scott nodded,although she was curious.'I wonder what it is.'

'I think we'll find out soon enough,Major.'Sasha couldn't wait for tonight,but yet,she still had a nasty feeling things were going to be bad then.


The black van sped along the road at night.In the van,were Kristina,Sasha,and two more young women,who Kristina had only briefly introduced them,as Karen and Lynne.Both of them were really beautiful:Karen was dark haired,whilst Lynne was blonde.Both these women however,showed no friendliness towards Sasha,and she knew it.

Despite the present,but silent hostile atmosphere in the van,Kristina had ordered everybody to be ready.Inside her mind,Kristina was really looking forward to tonight's activities.Her spies had done another excellent job,and she could not wait to see the look on somebody's face.

Sasha was driving the van,and for the first time,felt some nerves creeping in.Earlier,she'd seen Kristina produce some kind of pistol,fitted with a silencer.Seeing that,had made Sasha sincerely pray she'd never see this woman use it.In fact,she'd asked Kristina that.

'What the hell do you think you're doing with that?'Sasha's teeth were clenched,as she asked it.

'Don't be too alarmed,my dear,'Kristina responded,smiling.'Dead bodies are no good in my line of work.This is simply,a tranquilizer gun.All it does,is knock people out.They'll wake up with a nasty headache,but that's all.'

Sasha wondered if this woman or any of her accomplices,had really killed anybody before.She could see all the three women with her,held ruthless,determined expressions.She promised herself to watch her back,and not let them hurt anyone.

With that thought still in her mind,Sasha suddenly thought about Louise.She knew the English girl was going to act as a hostage for them,and they'd already rehearsed on what they'd do later,when this gang would see Louise.It was a given fact,that Kristina would kidnap Louise,and Sasha knew she was on borrowed time too.She still remembered Kristina's remark,back in the internet cafe.Sasha fully understood the'excellent price' remark,and she sincerely hoped her friends would be there on time,to stop her own abduction.

As she drove the van along,Sasha then saw their destination come into view:Her own military base,and she turned to Kristina and the other two young women.

'Okay,there's one sentry on duty,'her voice was firm.'I'll do the talking,and don't even think about using that gun on him.This is a stealth mission.We go in peacefully,and we leave peacefully.'Sasha gazed hard at the three of them:'Got it?'

'Of course,my dear,'Kristina responded,still smiling.It made Sasha even more nervous,but then,she was near the checkpoint,and slowed the van to a stop.The sentry was doing some routine work on a computer,but he came out,and he recognised Sasha.He saluted her immediately.

'Good evening,Lieutenant,'his voice was respectful,as he then asked Sasha:'Your pass,please.'

Sasha had returned his salute,and immediately handed her pass over to him.He did a quick check on it,and then handed it back.

'May I ask why these ladies are with you,lieutenant?'Another question.

'We're expected,'Sasha spoke truthfully on that,knowing her people would be on full alert inside the base.'Three IT consultants,coming in to check some of our systems.'

'Okay,lieutenant,'he then stepped back,and saluted her again.Then,he raised the barrier for them,and Sasha drove the van into the base.

After she'd parked the van up,all four women exited.Karen carried a large,black holdall bag,and with Sasha leading,they all entered the base.

As they moved through the vast labrynth,Sasha didn't see Kristina's smirk at her two female accomplices.Indeed,Kristina was fully enjoying the rear view of Sasha,as the young woman led the way.Karen and Lynne did not smile as they walked on.Instead,their eyes were sharp.They could quite clearly see,that there was nobody about,and this made them ever more watchful.

Finally,Sasha stopped outside a door,but they could all see inside the room it led into.There was a young woman inside,and she was sitting down,with her back to them.Instantly,Sasha recognised Louise.

She turned to Kristina.

'This is the room you want,'she informed,'but we'll have to deal with that girl first.'

Kristina stepped more closer,and looked at Louise.A cruel smile lit up on her face,which Sasha didn't appreciate at all.

'She looks very pretty,doesn't she,girls?' Obviously,Kristina directed her query at Karen and Lynne.Neither responded verbally to her,but there was a faint hint of lust on both their faces.

'Very well,my dear,'Kristina was still smiling.'You take care of her.'

'What's in the bag?'Sasha demanded to Karen.

'You'll see in a moment,'this from Kristina.'Just take care of this pretty.Here-'she handed Sasha a large cotton wool pad,and a small bottle filled with some liquid.'-use this on her.'

Sasha instantly knew this was chloroform.She hated the idea of using this on Louise.The original plan,was that Sasha would handgag Louise,and play out the scene,before the cavalry arrived.

However,Kristina's eyes were cold,as she then ordered Sasha:'Put plenty on.I want that girl fast asleep.Do it.'

Grimly,Sasha had to obey,and after doing so,gently opened the door to silently enter the room.She then began to tiptoe towards Louise.

Louise was just typing a lot of rubbish on the compter screen in front of her.She knew it wouldn't be long,before Sasha arrived with those bad people.Yet,she remained confident,that she could detect any hidden surprises.

It was a big shock to her just then,as she felt somebody clamp a hand over her mouth.Her eyes bulged,thinking it was Sasha.Louise then suddenly realised the American woman,was chloroforming her.

She couldn't help,but mumble in surprise as Sasha tightened her grip on her,not seeing her captor's concerned face:Until finally,the chloroform did its job,and Louise sagged in her seat.

Seeing that,Kristina and her two accomplices swiftly entered the room,locking the door behind them.Karen then put the bag she'd been holding down,and opened it up.Inside,were coils of strong,white rope,and Karen grabbed plenty of them.

'Okay,Karen,'Kristina then told her.'You tie her up.Make sure you gag her too.'

Karen nodded,and immediately grabbed Louise,and laid her face down on the floor,before she then grabbed Louise's hands,and placed them together on her back.She then started to wind the lengths of rope around the senseless girl's wrists.

Whilst this was happening,Kristina turned her attention to Sasha.She could see the look of concern,Sasha was giving Louise,as she was being tied up by Karen.

'Now,my dear,'Kristina's voice now had a hard edge to it,although the smile was still there.'Let's get what we came for,shall we?'

'And what's that?'Sasha's own voice was hard,glaring fiercely back.

'Why you of course,'Kristina's smile became more crueller,as she suddenly produced the tranquillizer gun.She aimed it rock steady at Sasha.

'You didn't really think we weren't aware,of what was really going on here,did you,my dear?'Kristina chuckled,obviously relishing holding the upper hand over her prize.

'Yeah,I was fully aware of what a deadly little snake you are,Kristina,'Sasha snarled back.She could see that Karen,had firmly trussed up Louise's still senseless form,and was now putting a balled up cloth into the girl's mouth.She then produced a roll of silver duct tape,and firmly placed a large,rectangular piece over Louise's mouth.Sasha could see with dismay,that her English ally,was now securely bound and gagged.She knew it would be her turn in a moment.

'Now don't do anything foolish,my pretty Sasha,'Kristina was still chuckling.'I'm sure you value your pretty friend's health.So kindly kneel down please,and put your hands behind your back.'

'Well in that case,'Sasha suddenly told her,with a knowing smile on her face.'I'm more than happy to disappoint you.'

With a sudden lunge of her leg,Sasha expertly kicked the gun out of Kristina's grip.Her foe was completely taken by surprise,as she felt the weapon kicked out of her grasp.

Sasha knew she had to act quickly,and she did.As soon as the gun went flying,she grabbed Kristina's arm,and flung the woman across the room.She was pleased to hear the woman give out a startled yelp,as she crashed across one of the computer desks.

Instantly,Sasha whirled around to face the upcoming challenge.This was from Lynne,and grimly,both women began to battle it out.

It wasn't a catfight.Far from it,as both girls fought with great skill.Hard blows from punches and vicious kicks were exchanged,as Sasha and Lynne fought on.


From another room in the base,Major Scott and her English friends were watching the two women battle it out.

All of them were watching with interest,especially Jennings and his commanding officer.

'Your Sasha fights really good,Major,'Captain Fraser complimented,as she watched Sasha expertly land another blow into her opponent.

'She was top of the class in unarmed combat,'Major Scott nodded.'Nobody could beat her.'

'Even so,I hope Sasha still remembers her mission.We need her to let these women grab her,so we can get into Katrina's base.'

'I'm afraid Sasha does let her enthusiasm get the better of her,'Major Scott still kept her eyes on the ongoing fight.She could see Sasha throwing in hard punches on the Lynne woman,who was slowly starting to reel from Sasha's assault.

It was then,that they all noticed Katrina starting to come to her senses,and she was holding the gun.


For the most part,Sasha had to block everything this Lynne threw at her.The woman had great strength,and Sasha could see the hard face on her.Clearly,she'd fought before.

However,so had Sasha.

She managed to block more lunges from Lynne,before she then suddenly spun into a crouch,and whirled her leg around.This move worked brilliantly,which caused Lynne to also crash to the floor.

The woman was badly winded,but Sasha moved in quickly,slamming her fist into Lynne's solar plexus.Her opponent doubled up in excruciating agony,but Sasha hadn't finished yet,as she then lashed out with her foot.It caught Lynne squarely on her jaw,and with Sasha wearing her smartly,polished black high heels,the blow rendered Lynne out.

Grimly,Sasha then turned her attention to Karen,who was now holding Louise's bound and gagged form.Her arm tight around the English girl's waist,who was still out cold from the chloroform,but Sasha knew she had to help her.

'Let her go,Karen.'Sasha commanded.

She wasn't pleased to see Karen smile.Quite clearly,a defiant one.

'I don't think so,'Karen's voice was also quietly defiant,as she stroked her free hand through Louise's long,dark tresses.'Kristina has plans for both of you.You may have beaten those two,but it wouldn't be wise to fight me.'

'Okay,sister,'Sasha said pleasurably.Her blood was up from her recent,victorious fight,and she was looking forward to teaching this woman some more manners.'You asked for it.'

Grimly,but confidently,Sasha stepped forward.She'd get Louise free from Karen's grip first,before she went in.

Unfortunately,disaster struck.

Sasha had barely taken two steps forward,when she heard a silenced weapon fire.Instantly,she felt something hit her in the leg.

Turning,Sasha suddenly saw Kristina,who was still lying on the floor,but quite clearly,she was holding the tranquillizer gun.A nasty and triumphant smile,was written all over her face.

Instantly,Sasha felt her legs suddenly become all weak.Dismayed,she now knew the upper hand had swung back into her enemies favour,and she could do nothing about it.

The last thing she heard before the darkness swallowed her up,was Kristina's chuckling.

Kristina rose up to her feet,and gazed down lustfully at Sasha's unconcious body.Then,she saw Lynne get up,who was rubbing her chin tenderly.Unlike her superior,Lynne glared down at Sasha's unmoving form.

'That little bitch,'she snarled,albeit painfully.It hurt her like hell to speak.'Time for some payback.'

Lynne moved forward to give Sasha a hard kick,but Kristina blocked her way.

'Don't be a fool,'Kristina's voice was cold.'I want them unharmed.'She then remembered the main reason.'More precisely,our latest client,wants them unharmed.'

Lynne didn't answer to that,although she still couldn't stop glaring down at Sasha.

'All right,'Kristina's voice became brisk and businesslike,as she grabbed Sasha's hands to place on her back.'Let's tie her up.'

'Gladly.'This time,Lynne smiled.A painful smile,but now she didn't care about that,as she kneeled down beside Kristina,who was now wrapping coils of white rope over Sasha's wrists.As Kristina did so,she was enjoying looking at Sasha's body.The girl's military uniform,was immaculate on her,and Kristina had to fight a huge urge to enjoy the girl.

Another time,perhaps,she thought.Of course,Kristina knew this would happen.She had seized so many young,pretty girls,to sell them into slavery.Some of her clients were extremely grateful to her.Not only did they pay her well,but they also offered her a lot of time,with her previous captives.Kristina never refused.If Sasha and the gorgeous English girl were offered,she would defintely look forward to that.

It didn't take them long to secure Sasha.They'd tied her up,exactly the same as Louise,and after Lynne had stuffed another balled up cloth into Sasha's mouth,before adding another,large silver duct tape strip over the girl's mouth too:Sasha was securely bound and gagged.

'Okay,'Kristina curtly ordered them.'Let's get them out of here.Their friends will be coming.'

Both Karen and Lynne nodded at that.In fact,they'd already prepared for this,as Karen had brought in two large laundrey baskets.Quickly,they both easily lifted Sasha and Louise into one basket each,and then closed the lid on both.

Kristina checked outside,but nobody was about,and she nodded back at her two accomplices.They in turn,pushed their baskets out.

They made it back to the van without anybody stopping them,and after Karen and Lynne had helped to load the two bound,gagged girls into the rear,they too,climbed inside.

This time,Kristina drove,and it didn't take her long to reach the checkpoint they'd arrived at earlier.She could see the same sentry there,and he waited for her to pull up at the barrier.Kristina did so.

'Good evening,ma'am,'the sentry greeted her.'Everything okay?'

'Yes,thank you,sir,'Kristina gave the man,a really pleasant smile.'A couple of problems,but nothing we couldn't handle.'

'What happened to the major who was with you,ma'am?'

In the rear of the van,Karen and Lynne kept a hold of Sasha and Louise.Both girls were still out cold,but their captors were taking no chances,as they put a hand over each of their captive's mouth.The gags were tight,but the trio certainly didn't want their prisoners making any sound at all.

'Oh,I'm afraid she's tied up at the moment,'Kristina smiled at her own comment.How true was that,she sniggered to herself,but still kept the nice smile on for the man,as she continued:'I'm sure she can handle it.'

'Okay,ma'am.Have a good evening.'The sentry then raised the barrier for her,and after Kristina gave him a friendly wave,she drove away.

It wasn't until the van was out of the sentry's sight,that he hurried back to pick up the phone.


Sasha slowly opened her eyes,and for a few moments,could see nothing.Instead,she could feel her body moving from side to side.It only took her a few seconds,to realise they were back in the van.

As her vision improved,she suddenly became more alarmed,as she then felt the many ropes tied over her.Her hands had been secured tightly behind her back,and there were many loops of rope wound just as tightly over her chest,waist,knees,thighs and ankles.She was completely helpless.

Added to this,Sasha realised she'd been gagged too.The balled up cloth filled her mouth completely,and the tape she felt over her mouth reinforced her silence.The dismay in her,came back.

That wasn't all either.Sasha suddenly noticed Louise,secured and gagged the same way she was,and like herself,Louise was aware of her surroundings.Her eyes were huge,as Sasha could see she was being held by Karen,who was stroking her hand lovingly through Louise's dark hair,and even stroking her captive's legs.Louise was paralysed with fear,as the woman touched her.

'They're awake,boss,'Sasha heard Lynne's voice,and she turned to face her.The woman was coldly smiling down at her,before Sasha then heard Kristina's voice.

'Good.Keep them quiet,and make sure they stay tied up.I don't want them loose.Keep checking their gags too.We'll be at the harbour shortly.'

Sasha could only mumble into her gag,but she desperately tried to free herself,going into frantic struggling.

However,a hard hand from Lynne,pressed down on her back,and she then whispered into Sasha's ear.

'Don't bother yourself,my pretty,'Lynne's voice hissed.'We know how to tie a pretty hostage up,or better still,a pretty slave.'

This remark caused Louise to mumble fearfully into her gag,and Karen holding her,also smiled,as she too whispered into Louise.

'That's right,Louise,'Karen chuckled.'You and Sasha are our latest orders.You're both going on an exotic trip,to the Middle East.I'm sure of course,you will know what I mean by that?'

Horror stricken,both bound and gagged girls did know what that meant,but they couldn't do anything to prevent their kidnappers plans.

'That's right,ladies,'Kristina called back into the rear,as she was still driving the van.'Your presence is wanted by a special collector.He just loves pretty girls in the miltary,and loves to show them a good time.Not only that,you'll get to be bound and gagged by him frequently.He's got quite a collection already,and they're worth a fortune.'

'YOU BITCH!'Sasha tried to scream out in rage,but her gag kept it to a barely audible mumble,and this made all three of their kidnappers laugh.

'Don't worry,my dear,'Karen was still enjoying touching Louise up.Jesus,she's beauty,she thought wildly,and was now feeling the English girl,starting to shake in utter terror in her grip.Karen also relished Louise's frequent,frightened mumbles.She then gently kissed her prize before finishing:'You'll get used to it,my pretty.You might even enjoy it.'

'I'll have them both myself,before we ship them out,'Kristina chuckled.She'd take Louise first.Like Karen's thoughts before her,Kristina was getting strong urges to ravish their pretty prisoners.She would ravish the English girl,and she was so looking forward to spending some time with Sasha.

Sasha was fully alarmed to hear Kristina say that.She just hoped the cavalry wasn't long in coming,before she and Louise were completely in Kristina's clutches.The last place both of them wanted to be,was to be bound and gagged slaves,in some rich arab's palace.

For the moment though,that was where they were being taken,and still securely tied up,gagged,Sasha and Louise could only hope for a miracle.

The van sped on through the night,heading towards its destination.Kristina kept a sharp lookout as she drove,still believing her two pretty hostages friends weren't that far off.So far though,Kristina never saw anything.She was making good progress,and the harbour wasn't that far off either.Once there,she would load the girls onto a boat,where her two male accomplices,Lenov and Schmitt,were waiting.

These two would deliver the girls to their new owners,and Kristina's payment would be immediate,and she could concentrate on seizing her next,pretty target.

After I concentrate my attention,on these two beauties.Kristina thought with relish.She'd kidnapped many pretty girls before,and had enjoyed their company too.She glanced quickly back at her two new,bound and gagged victims.

She could see Sasha's eyes were still defiant over her tape gag,but she was pleased to see the fear now visible.Both girls looked gorgeous tied up in their uniforms,and Kristina was especially pleased to see Louise's fear dominant,and raging all over her.The English girl was a beauty,and Kristina couldn't help,but admire the girl's impressive chest,through her white Royal Navy shirt.She'd fetch an excellent price.Kristina didn't doubt that at all.

As for the American woman,a nasty smirk lit up Katrina's face.She knew Sasha would also be an excellent sale,and with her fierce,defiant attitude,her new prospective owners would relish the challenge of taming her.It would be hard of course,but Katrina knew no girl she'd abducted for her slavery rings,had been able to resist for long.In fact,she was quite looking forward to enjoying some time with Sasha alone.

With so much to look forward too,Kristina drove the van on,eager to complete the next part of her mission.

The drive was long,and both Sasha and Louise could do nothing,but simply lie bound and gagged in the back and wait for further developments.Both girls knew that help wasn't far behind.All they had to do,was keep their captors thinking they had the upper hand over them.They just had to wait for the right moment.

Unfortunately,as they were both tightly bound and gagged,both Sasha and Louise knew they were still in their kidnappers clutches.That moment was quite some way off.

The drive seemed endless,and with much alarm inside her,Louise suddenly saw Lynne stroke the back of her nyloned legs.

She gave a frightened,but considerably muffled squeal behind her tight gag,desperately hoping the woman would leave her alone.She'd already been forced to endure Karen's unwanted touch on her.

Sadly,she didn't.With her own nasty smirk,Lynne continued to feel Louise's tightly tied up legs.

'Oh,you're a beauty,aren't you?'Lynne whispered menacingly into Louise's ear.'I'll make sure I have you,before we sell you on.'

Louise gave out another muffled cry of alarm,and seeing her friend suffering,Sasha was furious.

'Get your damned hands off her,you dirty bitch!' Sasha tried to shout angrily,but her own gag kept her own protests quiet.

Added to this,Sasha suddenly felt herself forced down roughly,as Lynne slammed her onto the floor.She then seized the back of Sasha's neck,lifting her head up.

She was amused to still see the fierce defiance in the American woman's eyes;so she whispered menacingly again into Sasha's ear.

'I'll do what I like,when I like,my pretty,'she chuckled.'So just behave yourself,and maybe it won't be so bad for Louise.'

Lynne then released her grip on Sasha's neck,albeit roughly.Sasha knew she had to remain docile,for Louise's safety,even though her eyes still blazed with fury.

Finally,the van pulled up to a stop.

'We're here,'Katrina's voice was curt.'Get them inside.I'm going to talk to the boys.'

Lynne moved forward and opened the rear doors of the van,and almost immediately,both Sasha and Louise knew they were in a docks area.

With great strength displayed from Lynne and Karen,the two of them moved forward to pick up their two bound and gagged prisoners,and hoisted them over their shoulders.

They then carried Sasha and Louise into a large warehouse,and took them into an office,where they placed the girls together on the floor.

Lynne and Karen then stood back,but kept a sharp eye on them.They noticed Sasha and Louise still struggling against their ropes.

'Don't waste your time,ladies,'Karen sniggered down at them.'You're going to stay bound and gagged for quite a while yet.'

In frustration,Sasha and Louise knew they couldn't get free.All they could hope,was that help was on it's way.


In fact,help was indeed on its way.

Another van had followed Kristina's vehicle,and had now pulled up out of sight from the patrolling men outside the warehouse.

Inside the van,Jennings,Hunt,Montgomery and Captain Fraser observed the sentries,and grimly noticed they were all armed.

They'd also seen the two women carry Louise and Sasha's bound and gagged forms inside,and also noticed a very big,luxurious looking boat,docked by the warehouse.None of them had to guess if the bad guys were going to use it,to transport their two friends away from here.

Jennings turned to his superior.

'What do you want us to do,captain?'his voice was concerned.

Karen had already made her mind up.As much as she didn't like it,she knew she had to let the bad guys take Sasha and Louise away.This was the only way they'd get the main culprits.

'We keep an eye on their boat,'she told them firmly.'When they use it,we'll follow them.'

'And find out who their paymaster is,'Hunt's voice was quiet saying that.

'Agreed,'Karen nodded.'Don't forget.There will be other girls who need our help too.'

Everybody in her group nodded too,and they settled in to observe the warehouse.


Back inside the warehouse,Kristina allowed herself a cold,cruel smile.She'd just finished with a phone call to her latest client,and he sounded very eager to inspect his new merchandise.Kristina had assured him she'd deliver the two girls to him tonight.The client had also promised her another big payment,and Kristina was looking forward to that too.

With that done,she then went to talk to the harbour master.Like herself,she knew he was on her side,and would give her the time to depart,and without being detected.

It was good news,as the harbour master had told her there were no threats to their security,but he also promised to tell his men to stay sharp,but could see no problems.Tonight would be a good time to depart,he had told her.

Kristina was pleased,and after thanking him,went back into the warehouse.She was so looking forward to tonight's activities.

She then made her way back to the warehouse,where she was pleased to see her men still standing guard over Louise and Sasha's bound and gagged forms.She then knelt down by Louise,and was pleased to see the pretty English girl's eyes full of fear staring back at her.

Kristina smiled coldly down at her,lifting her chin.

'I like you,my pretty,'she chuckled.'I think I'll have you first,before I take you to your new owner.'

Louise mumbled weakly into her gag,but it was clearly a frightened tone,which pleased Kristina even more.Her lustful gaze wandered over her captive's tightly bound body.

'I'll definitely be there at your auction,should your new owner decide to put you up for sale,my dear,'Kristina then began to stroke her hand through Louise's long,dark tresses.'I just know you'll fetch an excellent price.'

This made Kristina smirk,as she turned her still,lustful leer onto Sasha.She was faintly amused to see the American girl's eyes glare furiously at her.

'Still fiesty,my dear Sasha?'Kristina asked,fully knowing the girl couldn't respond verbally,due to her gag.Her chin was lifted this time:'Well,you'd better behave yourself,especially for your pretty friend's sake.I certainly don't want to damage the goods,shall we say?'

Sasha was still unable to reply.The tape gag over her mouth was driving her mad,and the ropes tied over her were not giving an inch.Her captors were taking no chances,but she had to accept Kristina's threat over Louise.There was nothing she or Louise could do to resist.

Still maintaining her defiance,but Sasha lowered her head,avoiding Kristina's still amused gaze.

Kristina recognised Sasha's surrender,and her cold smile increased.Her power over the two tightly bound and gagged women was complete.

She then made a check on both girls bonds,and was more than satisfied her prisoners wouldn't free themselves.She even checked their gags,and smoothed them back over Louise and Sasha's mouths,rienforcing their silence.

Still pleased,Kristina stood up from Sasha and ordered her men standing watch over the two girls.

'Keep checking their ropes,'she curtly ordered.'I don't want them to escape,and make sure those gags stay on.I don't want their pretty mouths screaming for help,when we leave tonight.'

Both her men nodded dutifully,and continued to stand guard over them.

'Back shortly,ladies,'Kristina smirked.'Don't go anywhere now.'

She then left the room to do something else,leaving Sasha and Louise still helpless on the warehouse floor.

It wasn't until later,that Kristina returned,and her face was full of business.

'Right,boys,'she ordered her men.'Let's get them into the boat.'

Her men grinned in eager anticipation,as they easily lifted Sasha and Louise over their shoulders,and carried them out of the warehouse.There was a large boat moored up nearby,and Kristina led the way to it.

She waited until her men had jumped aboard with their two bound and gagged prisoners,then she was helped on board herself.

'Get them below,'Kristina ordered curtly.'Keep an eye on them.'

This was done so,and the boat was then cast off.It moved quietly through the water,before finally disappearing from sight.


'They're on the move,ma'am,'Jennings informed Captain Fraser.He'd watched the whole thing,seeing Sasha and Louise being carried out onto the boat.

'Okay,'Fraser nodded,pleased to finally get things moving.'Let's follow them.You know what to do.'

Jennings nodded,and he then drove the van to another part in the docks.There was also another boat here,although it was only a small rubber dinghy,it was motorized.

Quickly,Jennings,Montgomery,Hunt and Fraser departed from their own vehicle,and entered the small boat.Hunt activated the motor,and using the tracking device fixed on Sasha and Louise,she followed after the boat the two girls were held on.

'Make sure you keep your distance,Hunt,'Fraser told her.She didn't have to tell her that,knowing Hunt would already know that.

However,Hunt had nodded,and made sure she didn't get too close for comfort.

Fraser already knew where this Kristina woman was taking Sasha and Louise,as she'd received intelligence that Kristina was very much involved,with a Middle East man.She had a good idea who this man was.

They continued to shadow the boat,making sure they kept low and keeping their eyes peeled.


Satisfied that all was going well,Kristina sat comfortably in her own cabin on the boat.She'd ordered her men to bring Sasha and Louise in,where she could keep an eye on them.Her men had obeyed her command,and she'd then dismissed them.After all,they were all girls here,she thought with a self satisfied smirk.

Sasha and Louise were lying side by side on the floor,still helpless in their bonds,and Kristina chuckled down at the two of them,lighting herself a Cuban cigar.

'I'm really pleased to have you two beauties in my clutches,my dears,'Kristina informed them pleasantly,although neither Sasha or Louise could respond,as they were still tightly gagged.

'Your new owner will definitely enjoy your company,'Kristina continued.'Rest assured,I make sure I give him the best merchandise available.I should warn you though,that he won't take too kindly to any of his pretty slaves acting defiantly to him.'

Kristina stared hard at Sasha saying that:'I hope I'm getting the message across.'

Just then,there was a knock on her cabin door.

'Yes?'Kristina called.

'We're here,madam,'one of her men told her from behind the door.

'Excellent! Is everything ready?'

'Yes madam.The car is waiting.'

'Very good.Take our two guests there.'

The cabin door opened,and two of her men entered.They both then knelt down by the two bound and gagged girls,and then blindfolded both Sasha and Louise with a strip of with cloth.After they'd done so,they bent down to easily pick up both girls into a firemans carry,then carried them out.Still smirking,Kristina followed them out.

The boat had already been secured,and Kristina was pleased to see the usual method of transport waiting.A 4x4 vehicle was always used to take her in comfort to the usual place,but it wasn't going to be a comfy ride for her newly acquired acquisitions.Kristina smirked at that too.

Her men had carried Sasha and Louise from the boat,and had then put them into the rear of the 4x4.Kristina took a seat in the back,whilst her men took their usual positions.She wanted to make sure her two captives stayed docile.

Seeing the nod from Kristina,one of the men then drove the 4x4 off.As Sasha and Louise felt the vehicle move off,their hearts began to churn uneasily.


A few minutes later,Fraser and her small team observed the boat now moored up,and they could all see the disappearing 4x4.Everyone knew their two friends were inside it.

Fraser could see armed men patrolling by it,and she made a silent gesture to Jennings and Montgomery,who understood.

Both men slipped quietly into the water,and swam silently to the boat up ahead.

Fraser and Hunt watched their unsuspecting prey,knowing her men would ruthlessly deal with any threat.It didn't take very long either.Within five minutes,Fraser and Hunt could see Jennings and Montgomery successfully knock out all the sentries,and after checking the rest of the area,they signalled for them to come forward.

When they arrived,both men helped their female comrades climb up,and Fraser then ordered Hunt to relay a message to the authorities,to arrest the unconscious men here.

Fraser then spotted another 4x4,and ordered Jennings to check it out.The man did so,and nodded it was okay.The keys were still in the ignition,and they all hurried into the vehicle,and raced after the first 4x4.

As they drove on,they all noticed the large,looming palace in the distance,and Fraser grimly knew they had their work cut out here.

However,she wasn't going to give up,as they continued towards the ominous looking building.

Well,I'll leave it there.I'll see if I can come back to it.I actually did enjoy writing that,but will admit to leaving Sasha and Louise's characters,firmly in the bad girls clutches.Should I save them,or deliver them firmly into their new owners eager hands?
Time will tell....

A big thank you once again for Sasha,who gave me her kind permission,to use her in this story.
I hope you liked it,Sasha.:)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Not quite there yet...

Well,I can feel my enthusiasm slowly returning.I'm still not quite there yet,but hopefully,I'll be adding more to the unfinished stories.Odd,how I just stopped,after going like the speed of light for well over 2 years here.Guess when you need a break,you need one....

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Scorpion King 3

No stories for the moment,but I just bought this film on dvd,and it looks as if there's a scene for perhaps the heroine,and about time too!

I always love the sword and sorcery action films,and certainly enjoyed the last two offerings,I was extremely disappointed though in the second film,that the very lovely Karen David,got no scenes at all,where she was bound and gagged.She was a great heroine,and the main hero did a great job defending her,but alas,another missed opportunity.

Let's hope the scene in this third instalment,is worth waiting for.Time will tell....

Well,I just watched this,and am very pleased to confirm,that there is a damsel in distress scene.Actually,there are two scenes showing the very pretty Princess Silda,(played by the lovely Krystal Vee)who is actually a highly skilled ninja(bit strange!)I thought the scene where she knocks out the hero,was simply ludicrous!

Anyway,there's a brief couple of scenes where the bad guy gloats over the bound and gagged princess,but is saved by our hero,although much to the princess' annoyance.This is explained later on,but of course,the good guys hand her over(this time,with her hands tied in front)but our main hero goes back for her,as the bad guy obviously wants to marry her,and of course,have his way with the pretty princess.

Actually,that scene's quite funny,(above)as the princess uses any desperate,time delaying tactics for her hero to come for her.He doesn't disappoint.:)

All in all,it wasn't as good as the first two.The first film with 'The Rock' and Kelly Hu,was the best in my opinion.The second,another great action film,but sadly missing a damsel in distress scene.

The third? Not as good in production,but who cares? It was still enjoyable.The fight scenes were good,and there's a good sense of humour in the film too.Plus of course,a very pretty princess bound and gagged.

It got the thumbs up from me!:)

Friday, 9 March 2012


I'm sorry I haven't posted anything here for a bit,but I have had some health problems recently,as well as having a lot on my plate.
Of course,I will always be here to add more stuff.I've been planning one story,for a really nice lady across the pond,but at the moment,all I've got is a few details I've thought up.I will get there though.
Anyway,I just want to apologise to my regular visitors here,as they haven't seen anything new for a bit.Given time,I'll return.
Have a nice weekend,everybody,and stay safe.