Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Second in Command

I haven't liked every film Jean Claude Van Damme's done,but I certainly enjoyed this one,and it does have a scene,where our hero must save his girl.:)

The plot's basically about a group of nasty,ruthless bad guys,who want to overthrow their decent leader,who promptly seeks cover in the American Embassy there.

No copyright infringment intended.

Of course,it's fortunate for him,that Van Damme's there,who is of course,an expert fighter.Even so,time's against the good guys,as they're under seige.To try and make life more difficult for our hero,the bad guys seize his girl(Julie Cox)as a hostage,with two other blokes.She's tied up,with her hands behind her,but isn't gagged.Van Damme can't help one of the blokes,who's shot in cold blood,but he does manage to save the girl.Whew!

It's not a bad action film,but I've seen much better.However,it was still enjoyable.As for the ending,I'll let you guess what happens.:)

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Got to admit,this is one of my favourite Japanese action films.It's a lot of fun,with a damsel in distress scene,for the beautiful Chieko Misaka.

The film opens with a Samurai warrior,fighting off a bunch of zombies,before he's bumped off by the main bad guy.We then see him eye our hero,before we actually know he's our hero!

Anyway,we then see two blokes running through a forest,aka 'The Forest of Ressurection',before they meet up with a group of yakuza mobsters.

They are actually in the bad guy's employ,and have been told to keep the two escapees there,before he too arrives.As an added insurance,they also have a young woman they've kidnapped,just to make sure the two men do stay.

It's here the fun begins.Our hero refuses to co-operate,and promptly escapes with the girl.The yakuza of course,pursue them,and not only do they have to search for them,but there are plenty of zombies to deal with too.

Anyway,to the damsel scene.Basically,the bad guy bumps off all the yakuza,(with one exception)to turn them into zombies for his own will,and he orders them to seize the girl.

This is done pretty much easily,as we see our hero out for the count,(he's actually dead!)but her blood of course,can revive him.It can also give the bad guy what he wants too,and after we see our pretty damsel tied up to a tree(somewhat unusually)he forces a sample of blood from her,and prepares to dominate the world,the universe,blah,blah,blah.

Sorry,I lost it there for a moment.:)We couldn't have that ending,could we?:)

Our hero does return back from the dead,and we see a pretty good fight scene,and I'll leave it there.

Definitely,a huge favourite film of mine.

Slight update on Arab's Prizes

I added a bit more to 'Arab's Prizes',and whilst I have to admit,the content of it is a bit dark,it was something I've been thinking about for a while.I may consider that for an new story,but then again,we'll see.:)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Samurai Commando:Mission 1549

I enjoyed this Japanese sci-fi action film,especially with the lovely Suzuki Kyoka,who has a brief scene here.

The plot centres on a time experiment gone wrong,when a modern Japanese army unit,is accidentally sent back in time to the year 1549.

A rescue mission is sent in soon after them,but the second modern group are in for a shock,as they discover the General of the first group,has now resigned from his original command,and now has an alliance with one of the Samurai warlords.

The General also plans to use his modern weapons,with devastating results,on the fuedal opposing Samurai forces,and he wishes to change Japanese history.

Needless to say,this would have serious consequences on the modern Japan,so it's up to the second army group to stop him.It's not going to be easy though,as the General has a nuclear bomb,ready to send into Mount Fiji.(Shocked?):)

Well anyway,to my main point,our heroes are caught,but manage to escape,but Suzuki's character doesn't,as she falls off,trying to board a helicopter,but is knocked out cold.

We see Suzuki later on,sitting on the floor,where she's tightly tied up.(One of the best I've ever seen actually)She's in serious peril,as the nuclear bomb is right next to her.

Unfortunately,she isn't gagged,and rescue isn't far off,but I was hoping for a bit more,and unfortunately,I can't find any pictures of Suzuki tied up in the film.:(

Never mind,it was a fun film to enjoy,with a beautiful Japanese actress trussed up!

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

Friday, 16 September 2011


This is another one of my favourite films,with a strong damsel in distress theme.Bruce Willis must save a man's son and daughter held hostage,when their luxury home is invaded by three young men.

Added to our hero's problems,more bad guys have seized his wife and estranged daughter,as they want a DVD,that holds vital information the man has stored on it,due to his mob connections.

The scenes showing the three actresses bound and gagged,are very intense,but they held my attention.Michelle Horn,playing the man's daughter,is shown tied up twice,and I think she only recieves one handgag.She also gets some extra unwanted interest,from one of the invaders,who is actually a mental case.Bruce certainly has his work cut out here!

I'll see if I can find any pics of Michelle bound and gagged,as they were my favourite scenes,but overall,a great action film.

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

The 100,000 Mark!

Well,just a brief,but deeply appreciative thank you to everybody,who is a regular visitor here.It's great to see my blog get 100,000 views.Maybe not everybody's liked it,but I'm pleased there are people that do.
My apologies for not putting any new stuff up for a bit.I've had other things on my mind,and they're not pleasant.However,I will be back,as I've still got a couple of ideas,and I update certain stories.

I must apologise to everybody who's been decent enough,to leave a kind comment on my blog,and sadly,I haven't been able to respond to them.My blog plays up a lot,but I deeply appreciate you taking the time to do so.

I'll politely answer erikson on his thought.It's something I'll consider.Actually,I'm working on the next draft of 'Takachi's Revenge' where the hero Jennings,goes in to rescue his sister.So you might see something there.:)

Take care everybody,and thank you.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I hate the putz scenes

Whilst checking through Sasha's excellent blog,I looked at a scene where there was a lovely damsel bound and gagged,but unfortunately,the scene included a bloke in the same predicament.

Now of course,if certain people enjoy these scenes,then that's fine.It's just the way the story is written.

I however,utterly despise it.To me,the scene's ruined.I'm very much part of the old school,and whilst I can watch scenes with blokes included in a damsel in distress scene,I watch it through clenched teeth.God,who wants to see a bloke tied up on the telly,or in film? Certainly not me.

Again,if you enjoy or don't mind it,I don't have a problem with that.I just won't include that in my stories.To me,it should always be the girl who should be tied up and gagged,waiting for rescue.

I'm afraid I also didn't like some of the comments,that were responding to me on Sasha's blog.Their attitude stank,and held a view of-'Well,we're not bothered,and we enjoy it.Up yours.' What a bunch of tossers.

Well,be careful what you lot say here,and you definitely won't see any blokes tied up on my blog:So sod off!


Thanks for the comment,Did girls.You're quite right.I won't put any blokes in with my heroines,when they're bound and gagged.Admittedly,I did write a small scene in my 'Takachi's Revenge',where the hero is restrained,but I used that for the character,to lure the bad guy into a false sense of security,and therefore outsmart him.Which of course,I did!:)

Each to their own though.It's all just about your personal preference.No doubt people don't mind it or like it,I'm afraid I hate it!

It still won't stop me reading your stories though.All the best,David.:)

Monday, 5 September 2011

Posts back! Yippeee!:)

Well after a long wait,the stats for posts is finally back! I wonder what happened,but I'm pleased to see it back!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A Deadly Weapon.

'David!'Miss McGrath's voice was sharp,and I knew instantly it was aimed at me.'Are you paying attention or not?'

God,I hated school.Stuck in a room with a lot of obnoxious kids,who for the most part,were right bullying bastards.They liked to pick on me a lot,and I practically hated them all.

I especially hated where I was now,in Chemistry.God,you must have to be a super genuis,to understand all this crap.Who the hell was interested in chemistry?I wasn't the slightest bit interested in it,and Miss McGrath,my chemistry teacher of course,knew it too.

Of course,if she'd tried to make the subject interesting,I may have given it a little more attention.Sadly,she didn't.

However,if I hated the lesson,I certainly didn't hate looking at Miss McGrath.She was really pretty.An average sized woman with short,black curly hair,falling onto her shoulders.Her chest was impressive,and she was wearing a white lab coat,fastened all the way up.Her dark blue nyloned tights,with her smartly polished black high heels,made it even more impressive.I had to admit that she was turning me on big time.My fantasies went into overdrive!

God,I'd love to tie her up and gag her.I thought dreamily,looking at her sexy figure.She'd look great bound and gagged like that.I knew from listening to a lot of other boys in the school,they had the hots for her too,but whether it was a bondage fantasy like mine,I didn't know.

However,I realised I was still under her authority in this classroom,and I had responded immediately back,politely of course,as you had too.

'Yes,Miss.'I nodded back to her,still admiring her figure secretly.

'Then what did I just say,David?'Miss McGrath's voice was stern,knowing full well my history in this subject.

Fortunately,I always made sure that I listened to the questions,even if I didn't know the answers.

'You were asking what is the symbol for gold,miss.'

'Which is?'Her voice was still stern,and I knew I was still in trouble.

'Au,Miss.'Even a complete idiot would know that.

'I don't like your attitude,young man.'Miss McGrath's gaze was boring into me,even though I'd answered her correctly.It was odd though,I thought.The way she was looking at me right now,did make her look more beautiful.'What about the symbol for silver?'

Uh oh.I knew I was definitely in the mire here.

Fortunately,I had a secret weapon sitting next to me.

Not everyone in the school,was a cruel,malicious bully.I had met a few good,decent kids here,and I was very lucky to have one of them as my best friend.

Like Miss McGrath,Sarah Thompson was incredibly smart.Sarah was one of those rare gifts,as she knew a lot of stuff,that most of us would never have knew.

Sarah was also very pretty.She was an impressive sight,wearing the school's compulsory uniform of a white,double breast pocket shirt.She also wore a blue pleated short skirt,with white socks stopping before her knees.I knew a lot of the boys here were after her.

Her looks were more than impressive too.Sarah had jet black hair,that fell past her shoulders.Her eyes were a warm dark brown,and I knew Sarah's looks would earn her a fortune,if she chose to be a model.

No doubt a supermodel.I thought,wondering if Sarah had thought the same.

However,Sarah wasn't just a pretty face:she was very headstrong,and knew how to deal with any unwanted attention.I'd seen her do it,but it still didn't stop her admirers trying their luck.I knew her Dad served in the army,and woe betide anybody who crossed Sarah.I had to admit,if any boy won Sarah's heart,they were very,very fortunate.

Sarah had secretly written down the answer to Miss McGrath's question for me,and I'd seen it.I didn't hesitate with the answer.

Miss McGrath looked at me for a moment.She wasn't an idiot,as she was well aware me and Sarah were great mates,but she made no further comment,and carried on with the boring lesson.

I gave Sarah a thankful grin,and she grinned back.What would I do without her? I thought happily.Sarah was brilliant.

Finally,the torture ended,and we gathered our books to take home.

As I made to leave the classroom,I tensed.Miss McGrath had called for me.

Now what does she want? Another bollocking?

'I'll see you later,David.'Sarah told me,before she too,left the classroom.I couldn't wait to join her.

Grimly,I made my way over to her.The lesson had finished,and I was ready to defend myself,for any riot act she may be considering to read out to me.

'David,what's wrong?'

I was flabbergasted.This time,her voice was gentle.Of course,I realised she wasn't a bad person.I did like her,but I thought she was just a bad teacher,like a lot of them here,in this damned school.

However,being fifteen years old,I knew I couldn't read my own riot act to her.She was still in charge.

'I'm sorry,Miss McGrath,'I told her truthfully.'Chemistry baffles me.I don't have a clue on it.'

'You know,with a little more effort,you might surprise yourself.'Her voice was still gentle to me,and I appreciated it.'I think it will do good for you,for your future.'

Yeah,right.I thought.'I'm not going to be a research scientist.I'd already made up my mind on that.

'Look,just try to give it a bit more thought,okay David?'She smiled at me,which shot me through the roof.

'I'll try my best,Miss.'I told her truthfully,smiling pleasantly back at her.

'Good lad.'

'Okay,you can go now.'

I was somewhat reluctant to leave,having secretly admiring her figure.The lab coat Miss McGrath wore,was driving my lust crazy.I could also smell her scent too,which didn't help matters.

However,I knew I had to control my feelings,as any decent bloke worth his salt would,and I left the classroom.

As I was leaving,I noticed Sarah had waited for me.She looked gorgeous to me,holding her books in both her hands in front.I tried hard not to stare at her chest,but Sarah didn't seem to mind.

'Everything okay,David?'Sarah asked me.

'Yes.'I nodded,although I still didn't feel quite right.Miss McGrath's earlier bollocking of me,was still making me smoulder somewhat.

'Forget about her,'Sarah told me.'Let's go home and chill out.'

I was glad to hear this,as we spent a lot of time together,helping each other out.I was also lucky Sarah's Dad liked me too.Not many people impressed him,and he was also hard work,but he was one of the good guys,and I liked him too.

It was just then,that much to mine and Sarah's surprise,that we both noticed her Dad approach.He wasn't dressed in his army uniform,but he still looked(and was)a powerfully built bloke.I wondered if he had ever bumped anybody off,when he was on active service.

'Dad,'Sarah's voice indicated her surprise too,'what are you doing here?'

'Hello Sarah.David.'He nodded at me,and I responded politely back,before he answered Sarah's question.

'I'm just here to see one of your teachers.'He was gazing into the classroom we'd just left,and he saw Miss McGrath.She in turn,saw him,and smiled at him.They obviously knew each other.I thought.

'I'll see you two later,okay?'He then moved into the classroom,and then shut the door.

'Wonder what's going on.'I said.

'Not sure,'Sarah was puzzled too.'I do know Dad knows Miss McGrath,but other than that,I couldn't say.'

'Sounds intriguing.'

'You want to find out?'Sarah grinned at me.

'I'm not a spy.'I grinned back.'I've already made up my mind what I want to be.'

'I'm sure you'll be a good soldier,David.My Dad has high hopes for you.'

'And I'm sure you'll be a great success,at whatever you want to be,Sarah.'I repaid her compliment.

With that said,we both made our way out of the school,not knowing we were being watched.


Out of our vision,there was a large,white transit van parked up.In the van's cabin,sat two tough looking men,and a woman.All three had their eyes on the two youngsters,completely unaware of their presence.

The woman held a pair of binoculars,and was scrutinizing her targets.She thought the boy was quite handsome,but he wasn't what she was interested in.It was the girl.

'Looks like they're on their way home.'One of the men remarked.'Shall we take them both?'

'No,'the woman's reply was firm.'We shall obey our instructions accordingly,and that is to seize the girl,as well as her chemistry teacher.'

'They're both very pretty.'The second man spoke,liking what he'd seen of the two young women.

'They are indeed.Which is why they will be two perfect gifts for his eminence.He will have a highly skilled weapons developer,as well as two more pretty slaves to enjoy.'

The woman smiled saying that.Like her two male accomplices,she couldn't wait to grab those two beauties.They were in for a big surprise.

'Once the boy leaves,'she told them,'keep your eyes on her.I want to know her exact routine,and then we'll judge the right moment to grab her.'

Both men smiled in agreement,as they obeyed their orders.


I enjoyed Sarah's company.She really was a great friend,warm too.Sarah really kept my morale up,when it had been a bad day.I always wished I could return the favour.I had to admit to myself,that I would love to help her.

Sarah though,was very bright.I knew she was of the smartest people I ever came across.She had a first class brain,and always achieved top marks at school.It was thanks to her,that I somehow managed to get acceptable marks myself,at least in the harder subjects,like chemistry,physics and maths.

I still utterly despised them however.

We both continued to walk home,until we reached Sarah's street.It was time to part.

'Thanks for today,Sarah,'I told her,fully meaning it.'You were a great help.'

Sarah gave me a lovely smile,which actually rocked me.

'David,it was no problem,but I know you can do so much better.Just try to give it a little more thought.'

I didn't surrender easily to that.

'All I want to be,Sarah,is a soldier.'I'd made up my mind already,to join the British army.'Nothing else.'

'Then study more,'Sarah didn't concede easily either.'If you have good grades,then your prospects are a bit more brighter.'

She was right of course,but I made no further comment.Instead,I bade her goodbye,and said I would see her tomorrow.

Much to my surprise,Sarah suddenly put her hand on my shoulder,and kissed me on the cheek.

She saw my pleased,but still stunned expression,and kept her smile.It thrilled me.

'See you tomorrow,David.'

'What was the kiss for?'I asked,somewhat sheepishly.

'Because you're a good friend,'Sarah's answer was honest.'And I'm glad you're my friend too.'

With that,Sarah then said goodbye,and moved up to her home.I made sure she got in okay,and she did.We both waved at each other,then after Sarah closed her front door,I headed back home too.

As I did however,I suddenly noticed a white transit van,now driving into Sarah's street.I could see two occupants sitting in the front;one was a man,the other,a woman.Both of them looked quite sinister.I personally despised white vans.When I'd gone out with my three elder sisters in the car,I'd seen these morons at work.They simply bullied everybody,to get out of their way.What a bunch of tossers.

Anyway,I gave it no more though,as I hurried back home.

Looking back though,I wished I'd stayed.

More to follow...