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Voyage into Slavery Chapter 20

Carefully hidden,Kim Yang and her man watched the helicopter.There was no movement to be seen around,or in it.But Kim Yang knew what she'd seen earlier.Walking out from Liu's ready room,she'd clearly seen the beautiful Yamamoto woman,now bound and gagged inside the helicopter,and Kim Yang sensed an opportunity here to recover her.

They'd both sneaked down to the helicopter landing pad,and made sure they weren't seen by the returning Takachi.He was still in there with the girl,and Kim Yang had also made sure,that she could listen to everything that was said in there.As soon as the helicopter had landed,and its passengers exited,Kim Yang had planted a bug inside it.She didn't trust any of these new people,especially Takachi,and she wanted to hear what his plans were.

She was just putting on a headset to listen what was going on in there,when Liu's voice came in over her radio.

'Miss Yang,what are you doing?'

'I'm going to do you a big favour,Captain.'She replied confidently.'I'm watching Takachi.He has Miss Yamamoto with him,inside the helicopter.'

'You are certain of this?'

She clearly recognised the pleased tone he spoke with,and did so herself.

'Of course I'm sure,Captain.Now,if you will excuse me,I'd like to listen what he's saying.'

'Very well,Miss Yang,'Liu replied,'if you can bring that girl back to us,it would be greatly appreciated.'

'That was my intention,Captain.'Kim Yang knew though,that the yakuza man was extremely dangerous,and finished with,'Just don't underestimate Takachi.Remember,he's yakuza.'

With that,she turned her radio off,and concentrated on listening to her headset.

In the helicopter,Takachi had fully enjoyed himself taking advantage over Kieko's helpless form.The girl's eyes were still full of terror,and he laughed at this.Making people scared,was something he excelled in.This was how he'd built up his empire,and whilst he greatly rewarded his people who stayed loyal to him,it was quite the opposite on those who dared to stand up to him.

Kieko was still making vain efforts to free herself,and Takachi smiled at his prize.

'Still trying,Miss Yamamoto?'His smile was now a smirk,'I assure you,my dear,it's no good.'

Kieko believed him.She'd almost thrown herself into a frenzy,desperately trying to escape her tight bonds.Unfortunately for Kieko,Takachi had made sure his pretty hostage wasn't going anywhere,and he didn't bother to check either.Kieko's wrists tied behind the chair were in agony.All the loops of rope were firmly tied into her body.Kieko had to accept there was nothing she could do.

Takachi had now turned his attention back to his laptop.He wanted to see what was going on,and he also wanted to see what Jennings was doing.Takachi sensed a real threat from this Westerner,but it was something he enjoyed,taking on a highly formidable opponent,and winning.

Strangely,he saw no sign of Jennings,but he did see the captain and his first officer on the bridge.There were also four men with him,and even though he could still identify them as crew,the men were armed with automatic rifles.

'Interesting.'Takachi muttered to himself.He had a strong suspicion what these men were going to do.He kept on watching them.There was a discussion going between Liu and Yee,but it was brief.Moments later,Yee took out an automatic rifle himself,and then led the four men out.

'Hmm,'Takachi rubbed his chin thoughtfully.'They must be going down after your boyfriend,Miss Yamamoto.Hopefully,he'll still be down there,trying to save his lovely sister.I wouldn't be surprised if the captain wants her all to himself.'

Kieko couldn't respond,due to her gag,but she noticed her captor was grinning smugly at her.Evidently,he had something planned,but what? Takachi then told her.

'If they really are after her,I'm very happy to disappoint them.You see,my dear,not all the bombs I planted were fakes.'He smiled at Kieko's huge eyes before going on,'There really is a live bomb on board here.It's powerful enough to make this ship sink,and Miss Jennings is right on top of it.'

Still enjoying the girl's muted protests,Takachi continued,'Oh don't worry,my dear.I'll make sure you're with me when the bomb does go off.You're my insurance against your father.'He then stroked his hand against Kieko's cheek,his eyes gleaming with lust before lifting her chin.Kieko could only mumble fearfully back at him.

'I really can't wait till I get you off this boat,Miss Yamamoto.'Takachi was still gloating,'It's a pity I couldn't take all those other pretty girls,but I'm sure Miss Yang will look after them.'He then produced the detonator again,and remarked,'That is,if the bomb doesn't explode.'

Kieko whimpered.This thing sitting next to her wasn't a human being,but a ruthless monster.She was filled with despair,still desperately hoping for Jennings to open that door,and get her away from here.But there was still no sign of him.

Takachi decided to head back down to where the English girl was still tied up.There was a chance the crew he'd seen heading down there,might locate the bomb.He checked to see if Sarah was still where he'd left her,and he smiled,seeing her bound,gagged body to the support.The girl couldn't budge an inch from her ropes,and the tape gag stayed firmly sealed over her mouth.

He closed the laptop,and made to leave.Checking his bag with his equipment and weapons in,Takachi was pleased.Shouldering the bag,he then lifted Kieko's chin,and kissed her cheek.

'Don't go away,my dear,'Takachi smirked,'I won't be long.'

He then got up,and slid open the door and jumped out.Slowly closing the door,Takachi gave her another one of his nasty smiles,then closed the door.He then made another check around him,but saw nobody,and he wasn't challenged.Quickly,he hurried away.

Kieko heard his footsteps receding,but her fear was still in overdrive.She still fought against her bonds,but again,it was pointless.All she kept thinking about was Jennings,and hoped he'd stop Takachi from sinking the ship.

Kim Yang watched the Japanese man leave the helicopter,and smiled to herself.This was proving better than she expected.The girl was still in the machine,and the fool Takachi hadn't even left any guards outside.This was excellent news,and she informed Liu.

'I'm going to get her.She's Jennings' girlfriend.If we grab her back,we'll have a little more edge over him.'

Liu agreed with her,his reply was instantaneous,'Go ahead,Miss Yang.I just hope we can get his sister.She's the real bonus.'

'Believe me,Captain,'Kim Yang smiled,'I look forward to that as well.'With that said,she gestured with her head at her male accomplice,and they both sneaked over to the helicopter.Once there,Kim Yang slid open the door,and was delighted to see Kieko Yamamoto,still sitting in her enforced position.The girl had fully expected to see Jennings opening the door,and her eyes were full of hope.But now,her former captors were there,smiling back at her,and she'd jumped in fright once she'd recognised them.

'All by yourself,Miss Yamamoto?'Kim Yang asked politely,admiring all the many ropes tied over Kieko's body.'We can't have that now,can we,my dear?'She nodded at the man accompanying standing behind her,still keeping a careful lookout.'Let's get you back amongst friends.'

Kieko trembled,as she watched the man climb aboard the helicopter,and produce a sharp knife.He expertly cut away the bonds binding her to the seat,but left her still bound and gagged.Then,he grabbed her,and easily placed her over his shoulder,and with Kim Yang now checking it was clear,led the way back up to the bridge.

They reached it without encountering any problems,and Liu was waiting for them.His face filled with pleasure,as he entered his ready room,leaving the door open for them to bring Kieko in.

'Give her to me.'Kim Yang curtly ordered.

Her order was swiftly obeyed as the man gently put Kieko down from his shoulder,and handed her over into Kim Yang's eager grasp.Kieko still couldn't stop mumbling behind her gag,and she was really frightened now.The Chinese woman wrapped her arm around Kieko's waist tightly,and relished her prize.Liu did so too,walking right up to her face,almost nose to nose.

'Welcome back,Miss Yamamoto.'He ran his hand through her hair.'I'm very pleased to have your charming company back with us,and I promise you,my dear,your company will be greatly appreciated.'

This made Kieko shake her head furiously,trying to rid herself of the tape gag,but her former captors just smiled at her futile efforts.

'I'll take her over to my boat now,Captain.'Kim Yang was now kissing Kieko's hair,enjoying the girl's gagged vague mumbling.'Better to make it as difficult as we can for Jennings,when he comes for her.'

'Of course,Miss Yang.'Liu gave his blessing,and with that,Kim Yang easily forced Kieko into the still bullet strewn lift,and they headed down back towards the cargo hold.Kim Yang's men were waiting for her,and she was pleased to see plenty of spare crates ready.She chose one,and then nodded at two of her accomplices to put Kieko in it.They easily did so,totally ignoring the girl's frantic struggles.

Just before the girl was put in,Kim Yang noticed her pretty prisoner make a desperate glance all around her,and knew what she was looking for.She waited until Kieko was put inside the crate,and leaned over the top,smiling down at her captive.

'Try not to worry to much,Miss Yamamoto,'She told Kieko,who hated her,'I'm sure you'll see your boyfriend again,for the last time.'

The final four words were spoken with utter conviction by her,and then she disappeared,as her men placed the top of the crate into place,and started to hammer it down,trapping Kieko inside.Desperate more than ever,Kieko then felt the crate being moved,and knew she was being taken off the 'Eastern Princess',and onto this mad woman's boat.Kieko still kept her hopes up that Jennings would get to her,but how would he know they'd moved her? The longer she was in these slavers clutches,the more remote the chance she had of escaping them.

Chapter 21 to follow...

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Voyage into Slavery Chapter 19

A voice was inside Jennings' head,as he slowly felt the blackness lift.It was a woman's voice,and it seemed to get louder and louder,as his senses returned.It was only then he realised,that he was being shouted at.

'John,are you okay?!'It was Kelly's frantic voice shouting at him,'Answer me!John,please!'

'Kelly?'he managed to respond back to her,gingerly feeling the back of his head,where he'd been clobbered.

'Thank God you're okay,'the relief was fully evident in her tone,as she finally heard him.'Are you alright?I thought I'd lost you.'

Jennings was still rubbing the back of his head carefully.Whoever had hit him,he'd make sure to get his own back.

'I'm okay,Kelly,'he felt moreorless his usual self,as he went on,'takes more than that to beat me.'

'What happened?'Kelly's voice was still concerned.

'Just got whacked on the head,that's all.'Jennings then noticed the several placed bombs here,in the corridor.

'Damn!'He cursed out aloud.

Kelly heard him,'John,what is it?'

'I've found more of those bombs,Kelly,'his answer was grim,but knew he needed to deal with them,and that meant disarming them.

'Stand by,Kelly.I'm going to have a closer look.'

'Be careful.'His sister told him worriedly.

Jennings moved up to one of the bombs,and began examining them.He noticed the digital timer on all of the devices,but there was no countdown visible.This puzzled him.Somethings not right,he told himself.

'Kelly,what's my current position?'Jennings asked.

'You're near the engine boiler rooms,John,'Kelly replied,'in fact,you're well below the waterline.If any of those things go off....'Her voice trailed away.

Jennings knew what she meant anyway,'Yeah,I know.'

He continued to closely study the bombs,knowing it was essential to defuse the threat against this ship.Jennings now recalled the moment he'd led the kidnapped girls back up to safety,but now knew they were all back under Captain Liu's clutches.He hadn't forgotten about Kieko and Sarah too.That damned Takachi,and the Chinese woman with him,were no doubt savouring their captives too.This made Jennings think more determinedly,as he still scanned the bombs working parts.It didn't need to be done,it had to be done.He continued his study of the bombs,when he suddenly noticed something,confirming his earlier suspicions.At first,he was totally surprised,but then his face hardened.

'Kelly,check for any radio signal units from my current location.'Jennings kept his voice calm,not wishing to upset his youngest sister.He needed her to confirm this.

'There's no radio signal emitting from where you are now,John.'Kelly informed him,then asked,'What's wrong?'

Jennings slowly stood up,his face mad,'The bombs are fakes.'


In Captain Liu's ready room,he and Yee were waiting for Kim Yang to arrive.Liu was pleased,that they'd managed to recapture all the girls.If Jennings had somehow managed to escape with all of them,it would have been an utter disaster for Liu.
Fortunately,they'd managed to secure them all,Liu himself had just returned from the cargo hold,satisfied the women had all been bound and gagged once again,and were now locked up in the crates stored in the hold.Yee had decided to oversee the operation,making sure there were no problems in transferring the crates.He'd just come back reporting in.

'Any problems?'Liu asked him.

'None at all,Sir,'Yee smiled confidently,'all the girls are now over at Miss Yang's vessel.'

'Good,'Liu needed some good news,and he appreciated that.However,he still needed to know where Takachi was,and asked,'have you found the Japanese yakuza yet?'

Regretfully,Yee had to shake his head at that one,'Nothing so far,Captain.We're still searching,but we've found his bombs located all over the lower levels.'

'You've got to find him,Mr Yee,'Liu's voice was very insistent,'I don't want any damage to my ship.We need it for further operations.'

Yee understood completely.The 'Eastern Princess' had proved an excellent cover,for abducting their female targets,who'd made the mistake of travelling on the ship.It also provided many good hiding points from frequent inspections,when they docked at their assigned destination.If the ship was lost,so was their business.

Just then,there was a respectful knock on the door,and after being allowed in,handed over several large photographs to Liu.

'I thought you'd like to see this,Sir.'he spoke respectfully too,'these were taken from from camera 12.'

Liu knew that camera's location.It was very deep within the ship,and he started to glance at the pictures,Kim Yang and Yee flanked him.The three of them looked at several images of Jennings,who was crouching over one of the bombs Takachi and his men had placed.

'So,'Liu's hopes were raised somewhat,not much,but they did rise,'our hero may be able to save the day after all.'

Yee gazed closer at the pictures,trying to see what the Englishman was doing.'He's disarming them?'

'It would appear so.'Liu nodded.'I just wonder how many of the damned things there are to deal with.'

There was one more photo that held their interest,particularly for Kim Yang.It showed Sarah bound and gagged in a dimly lit area.The English girl had been expertly tied to the support pillar she'd been forced to stand against.The many white loops of rope tied tight over her upper and lower body,gave the appearance that she was firmly welded to the pillar.The picture's detail was also very clear.Sarah's eyes above her gag,showed absolute terror.This made Liu give the still waiting crewman his new orders.

'Get that girl,and bring her to me.'His voice was sharp and commanding.'Remember,I want her alive,and unharmed.'

The crewman saluted,and almost ran out of the ready room to obey his captain.Liu then turned his attention to his two accomplices,in particular,Kim Yang.

'I don't suppose you know anything about this,do you,Miss Yang?'

'Let's just say that I was able to prevent Takachi,from taking Miss Jennings off the ship.'Her response was totally calm to him,then went on,'Takachi did take the Yamamoto girl with him though.No doubt,he took her to the helicopter.'

This thought made Kim Yang politely excuse herself from the ready room,and she walked out into the bridge.There was a good view of the flight landing pad from there,and she watched the helicopter.Her patience,and her suspicions paid off.She saw Takachi walking up to it,and after he'd checked nobody was observing him,slid open the door,then climbed aboard it.Just for a moment,Kim Yang saw what she needed to see.Instantly,she noticed one of her men on the bridge,and promptly ordered him to accompany her.

Kim Yang was correct.Inside the helicopter,,Takachi was sitting next to Kieko,still bound and gagged,and tightly trussed up to the chair she sat on.The girl kept on making quiet mumbles,due to her gag,and she cringed fearfully from seeing her captor give her a cunning smile.She'd never felt so frightened,or helpless.

Takachi then glanced back at his laptop,and was pleased to see Jennings' figure stiffen in surprise.Kieko noticed it too,and mumbled again,as if trying to attract Jennings' attention.It made no impression.

'He can't hear you,my dear,'Takachi smiled with utter menace,'even if he was standing outside right now.I'd make sure you were gagged to prevent that.'He watched Jennings check one of his fake bombs again,and was pleased to see his enemy's face go mad with fury.

'Well,well,'Takachi was still highly enjoying himself,as he stroked a hand through Kieko's long black hair,'your boyfriend's not having a good day,is he,Miss Yamamoto?'
Takachi enjoyed her frightened eyes,and for a few moments,simply stared at his bound,gagged captive,savouring his power over the girl.Then,he turned back to look at his laptop,and saw Jennings slowly stand up,and look over at one of the cameras there.Takachi was pleased to see the Englishman's face was mad.

'I'll let you into a little secret,Miss Yamamoto,'he decided to tell her,'the bombs we've planted there,are fakes.'He paused to watch her reaction,and wasn't disappointed.Kieko stared at him,shocked.

'Yes,indeed,my dear,'Takachi went on,very smug in his tone,'he's wasted a lot of time,thinking they were real,but he won't be able to rescue you now.'He finished with a sneer,then decided to speak to Jennings.

'My apologies,Jennings,'Takachi's tone was now more polite,but Kieko could still hear the gloating in his voice,'I knew you'd discover it sooner than later,but I'm afraid it's too late.I'm taking your girlfriend with me.Not only will she make a very pretty hostage,but once I've dealt with her father,she'll be my personal little pet.'

Deep down in the ship,Jennings clearly heard Takachi's threat,and he also heard Kieko's muffled scream,hearing her future being so chillingly told.This enraged him.

'You bastard!'Jennings was livid with fury,'let her go!'

Takachi's sneering laugh was his answer,'I don't think so,Jennings.Besides,you still have to deal with the bombs.Your sister is still down there,isn't she? I'm sure you won't let her die needlessly.'

'These bombs are fakes,'Jennings snarled back,'what makes you think I'll believe any of these bombs are real?'

'Oh,trust me,'Takachi's smug tone returned,knowing of course the Englishman wouldn't trust him,'I've still got the detonator on me.If you'd like to call my bluff,please do so.'

There was a momentary silence,before Jennings coldly told him,'I'll make sure you'll never leave the ship,Takachi.You're going to pay for what you've done,and I'll get the girls back,every single one of them.'He finished that determinedly.

'So noble.'Takachi's sarcasm was fully evident,'You can try,but I assure you,Jennings,you won't succeed.'

Then his voice became filled with lust.'Now,if you don't mind.I'm going to enjoy Miss Yamamoto's company.'

Again,Jennings heard Kieko's muffled cries,and he clenched his fists angrily.He had to help her,and he'd never forgotten Sarah,still bound and gagged deeper within the ship.Then,he had an idea,and got back in touch with Kelly,who'd listened to the whole thing.

'John,he's a monster.'Kelly sounded appalled.

'Yes,he is,Kelly,'her brother agreed grimly,'Can you do me a favour? Check for Kieko's position.I gave her a tracking bracelet earlier.'

'Got it,'Kelly was already checking,then she found her,'she's on a helicopter,John,on the flight deck.'He then heard Kelly gasp in shock,no doubt seeing what was going on inside it.

'Kelly,I need you to send a jamming signal into the helicopter's flight systems,'Jennings wanted to get his sister's attention away from that.'Anything that will show up as a malfunction,when they start the helicopter up.Can you do that?'

'On it.'Kelly then told him to wait a moment,before she came back with good news for a change,'I've managed to send in a virus program into the flight panel,that will show a fuel leak.They'll have to look into that,but the program will take a while to take effect,John.'

Jennings appreciated her help,and said so,'Anything you can do to stop that helicopter flying off,Kelly,I'll take care of the rest.'

'Please be careful,John,'Kelly's voice was anxious again,'Watch yourself.I don't want anything to happen to you,or Sarah.'

He acknowledged her,replying,'Don't worry,Kelly.I won't let anything happen to Sarah.I promise.'Jennings meant that,but he was still worried about the bomb threat.It was blatantly obvious Takachi wasn't telling him everything,and he did believe there was still at least,one live bomb aboard.The question was,where was it?

He spoke to Kelly again,asking her to do another scan,checking for radio signal receivers.This time,he got lucky.Kelly told him to go to the bow area,as she found what looked like a very big receiver.This time,Jennings thought,it was bad news.Finding something that big could only mean a big bomb.

'Can you give me a precise fix on it's location?'Jennings asked.

'No,not at the moment,John.'Kelly's response wasn't encouraging.'I'm having trouble pinpointing it.Looks like somebody's trying to jam the scan,but I'll do it.'

'Okay,Kelly.'He nodded,grateful for her help.She always would help him,as he would.

'I'm heading back up to that helicopter.'Jennings informed her.'I'm not letting Takachi escape with Kieko.Let me know the moment you find that bomb,okay?'

'I will,John.' Her answer was positive,lifting his spirits.'You know you can trust me.Just remember what I said.'Kelly was hoping he hadn't forgotten her reminder for him to be careful.

Jennings hadn't.Grimly,he began to climb up,and head up towards the upper levels of the 'Eastern Princess.'The helicopter landing pad his destination,and a hardened resolve within him to stop Takachi.

Chapter 20 to follow...

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Voyage into Slavery Ch 18

Yee made sure he kept a tight hold on Angela.He was enjoying the girl's scent,and also watching the rest of the girls having to obey him,as they reluctantly headed back down the stairs.His men had now recovered from Jennings' hard blows,and were now glaring furiously at their now senseless opponent.

Yee however made sure they didn't kick Jennings whilst he was down.He'd greatly admired the Englishman's skill in unarmed combat,and decided to honour that.

'Get the rest of the girls back down into the cargo hold,'Yee curtly ordered,'tie them up and gag them,and prepare them for transfer.'

His men nodded,and now pulled out their personal weapons of deadly knives.All the girls recoiled at seeing this,but they knew better not to argue.They continued their way back into imprisonment,still glancing anxiously at Jennings' prone form,hoping he'd get up and deal with them.Unfortunately for them,Jennings was still out.

Yee noticed their concerned looks at the Englishman,and was slightly amused.

'Don't worry too much,ladies,'Yee told them,'your hero's a tough man.I could see you all enjoyed that fight,so did I.It certainly would have made Bruce Lee proud.'

'What about him?'one of his men gestured at Jennings.

Yee thought for a moment,and he felt Angela tense in his tight grip.He clearly saw the two pretty Chinese tv girls,Michelle and Jane hesitate on hearing that question.Even the very pretty Thai girl,Su was looking anxious too.

'Take him down to the lower levels,'Yee hadn't forgotten about the bombs,and was well aware Jennings might be their only hope of defusing them,'Make sure you leave him deep within the ship.Let him work his way back up.'Yee smiled unpleasantly at the fearful girls,'by the time he does make it back,our pretty cargo will be well out of his reach.'

'What kind of a monster are you?'Angela protested,vainly struggling in his hold.

Yee wasn't bothered,so he promptly ignored what the girl said.Instead,he tightened his grip on Angela,and then produced his own sharp knife,and he held it against her throat,making Angela freeze with fear.

However,Yee had no intention of using it on the girl.He merely used it as a warning,and he sharply ordered the rest of the girls,'Get back downstairs,ladies please,unless you wish me to mark this pretty lady's face.'

He was pleased to see the girls obey,and also more of his men enter the scene,following the girls,and then,a couple more of them picked up Jennings,and carried him away.

Angela saw this,and couldn't help,but ask worriedly,'What are you going to do with him?'

'I'm giving your hero a chance to save all of us,my dear.'Yee didn't elaborate beyond that,and he then forced Angela back down into the cargo hold.When they got there,Yee was delighted to see his men preparing coils and coils of white rope.All the girls were clinging to each other,knowing what was coming.

'Now then,ladies,'Yee's voice was still sharp,'I want you all to lie face down,and cross your wrists behind you,onto your back.'

There was still some hesitation,but before Yee could start making threats again,everybody in the cargo hold watched Kim Yang enter.She saw that they'd managed to recapture all their escaped females,and was pleased too.Just like the crewmen present,Kim Yang began to prepare her own coils of rope.Her eyes glinted with pleasure,as she saw the still clinging girls back away from her fearfully.Choosing one of them to tie up was easy,as her eyes found Su.


Takachi made sure nobody was following him,as he neared the helicopter.He still carried the large bag over his shoulder,which held the Yamamoto girl inside.He could hear her slowly starting to come round now,and he hurried his pace towards the helicopter.He wanted to secure the girl inside,ready for his impending escape.Nobody had spotted or even challenged him,and he reached the helicopter without any problems.

Sliding open the door,he swung the bag from his shoulder,to gently place it on the helicopter's inside.Takachi then closed the door,and grinning,opened up the bag.He could see that Kieko Yamamoto still hadn't fully come round,so he worked quickly.

The interior of the helicopter had been built to carry several passengers,and there were a couple of rows of single seats.Takachi took Kieko out of the bag,and lifted her onto the seat,then started to wind more loops of rope over her upper body,and around the back of the seat.He made sure all his bindings were tight as possible over his prize.Kieko's head was throbbing like mad,as her vision returned.She sensed someone right next to her,and was hoping it was Jennings.However,once she did see who it was,her eyes went wide with shock,and an attempted scream failed abysmally.

Takachi gave her an evil,and lustful smile.He'd just finished tying Kieko to the seat,wrapping tight loops over her upper body,and securing her ankles too.The girl wasn't going anywhere,Takachi concluded,as he lifted Kieko's chin.

'Comfortable,Miss Yamamoto?'he asked her,with a nasty smirk.He enjoyed watching her frantic,but gagged mumbling,and liked Kieko's huge panic stricken eyes.

'Don't do anything stupid now,'he warned her,'there's no escape,my dear.I can't wait to see the look on your father's face,when he finds out I have you.'

Still tightly gagged,Kieko could offer no counter.She knew her father would always willingly face this evil monster in any fight,but once he knew one of his daughters was being held hostage,Kieko knew Takachi would always have the upper hand over him.

Takachi could see what she was thinking,and decided to twist the knife in further.He suddenly produced his own laptop,and turned it on.He wanted the girl to see something.After waiting a few moments,he found what he was looking for,and faced Kieko.

'Would you like to see what I've done,my dear?'Takachi then turned the laptop screen towards her,and Kieko clearly saw what appeared to be bombs placed in different areas of the ship.Her eyes grew even more wider as Takachi pleasantly informed her,'You've seen the bombs,I trust? There are plenty of them,enough to sink this ship.All I have to do is to press this,'he then showed her the detonator switch,'and that's it,the 'Eastern Princess' will go straight to the bottom.It's very tempting to press it now.'

He then made a move to do exactly that,making Kieko shake her head frantically at him,her eyes were now desperate,praying he wouldn't do the unthinkable.This only made Takachi smile more menacingly.He was taunting her,and loved it.However,he didn't hit the switch.

'Don't worry,my pretty,'he told her,'I've got something to tell your boyfriend,whilst he's dealing with this.'

Kieko hated seeing him smile.She thought he was one of the most evil men she'd ever met.He was threatening to blow up the ship,and possibly murder hundreds of innocent people in the process.The only hope of stopping this atrocity,was Jennings,but where was he? His whereabouts was the dominant thought in her head,as Kieko had to endure Takachi's hands starting to crawl all over her again.

Takachi fully enjoyed taking advantage,knowing this time there was no Jennings to interrupt him this time.He chuckled,feeling the girl's chest,and loved looking at Kieko's terrified eyes,as he did so.He did this for a few moments,eagerly savouring the girl,but then he suddenly remembered that he hadn't heard from his men,for a long time.

'Excuse me,my dear.'Takachi stopped his indecent assault on Kieko's chest,much to her immense relief,and he took out his radio,then demanding an update from them.However,there was no reply from his already deceased men.

Takachi decided to check that out later,but right now,he wanted to speak to Jennings,and started to scan for him,on the laptop screen.


Back down in cargo hold 4,things were going well for Kim Yang and her people.Yee had had no problems in tying up the girls,and every one of the crew present,was making doubly sure none of their pretty captives would be able to escape.Each one of them was securely bound,just as they had been last time.Hands tied behind their backs,ankles tied together,loops of horizontal ropes wound above,and below their breasts,and making the girls totally immobile,ropes were tied over their thighs.

With the girls now fully secure,the crewmen began to gag them,forcing the familiar large strips of black tape over each girl's mouth.Kim Yang had enjoyed tying up the pretty Thai undercover policewoman,who'd helped Jennings,and was now preparing to gag the girl,when Su's voice spat back at her,'You'll pay for this,you sick mmmmmmmfffff!'Kim Yang just smiled,as she roughly jammed a balled up cloth,into Su's mouth.Making sure the girl's mouth was shut,Kim Yang then enjoyed placing the tape over the girl's lips,making her prisoner silent.

'On the contrary,my dear,'Her voice chilled Su to the bone,'It will be somebody who will pay handsomely for you.'

Kim Yang then lifted Su's head up,and whispered with fierce sexual lust into her ear,'You have a very pretty tongue,my dear,and I can't wait to taste it.'This made Su's defiant eyes disappear instantly,now they were very frightened.Su clearly saw the mad gleam in the Chinese woman's eyes,and her still lustful voice continued,'I'm sure I'll enjoy having you,as one of my personal slaves.That's something to look forward to,isn't it? I know I will.'

Su could only stare back at her captor in wide eyed shock.She never got the chance to reply,being gagged of course,but then her attention was now on the new crewmen,who'd entered the cargo hold.This sight shocked her,just like all the other bound and gagged girls.More accurately,it was the large crates the men were now opening,and every girl trussed up here,realised with dismay,that this was where they were going to be put into.

In fact,this was already being done.The crewmen were tough,and easily picked up a helpless girl,and put her inside the crate.The top of it,was then hammered into place.Su too,was grabbed by the men,and she was carried towards her own designated crate.Her protests totally inaudible,as she was put in.Just as the top was covered over her,Su heard one of the men report to Kim Yang.

'We are ready to transfer them over to your boat,Miss Yang.'

'Excellent,'Kim Yang was pleased,'have them secure,and keep them tied up.Contact our people in Bangkok,and inform our guests of a new auction,and make sure you tell them it's worth coming too.'She paused for a moment,before going on,'It's best to get them off,before the bombs explode.'

This chilling news rapidly increased Su's fear inside her.Bombs? Surely,the crew weren't going to blow up their own ship.However,Kim Yang's voice answered that for her.On mentioning the bombs,a couple of the gagged girls couldn't help,but make some frightened mumbles.Su herself had too.

'Don't worry,ladies.'Kim Yang's voice was speaking to her crated captives.'Yes,the ship is in danger,but no fault of our own,I assure you.However,it will be my top priority,to get you all safely delivered to Bangkok.I certainly wouldn't want anything to happen,to a very precious cargo now,would I?'There was a chuckle from her,before she added,'Especially a cargo that's going to make me very rich.'

Her words were the last thing the tied up girls didn't want to hear.Just like all her fellow captives,Su's blood ran ice cold.She was in the clutches of a sex crazed woman,and her threat to take her as some sort of slave,really terrified Su.As she heard the top of her own crate being hammered into place,Su's mind kept screaming for Jennings to burst in here,deal with the bad guys,and free her from these cruel ropes and gag.She'd conceded utter defeat,in trying to free herself.It was just a wasted effort.Her kidnappers made sure all their victims,would remain bound and gagged.

Just like all the other girls,Su just kept on praying for Jennings to get to them,but where was he? Suddenly,she was startled out of her hopeful thoughts,as Su felt her crate being moved,obviously being prepared to be transferred over to Kim Yang's luxury boat.Su started to pray more frantically for Jennings to get here more quickly.

Chapter 19 to follow...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Voyage into Slavery,Ch17

Back in the ready room,Liu slowly began to recover,as he pulled himself to his feet.His eyes found his friend Yee,also coming round,and it was then he remembered how he'd ended up like this.Takachi,he thought savagely.

Damn him!Liu cursed him,how the hell could he have been so stupid,accepting a drink from a deadly enemy.His head was killing him,and he craved water.There was a large jug of it on his desk,and he poured himself a generous measure,and drank greedily,hoping it would aid his recovery.

He then saw Yee do the same,but there was no sign of recovery from the others.They would obviously come round later,Liu assumed correctly.

He waited until he felt better,and asked his first officer the same.Yee nodded.

'Damn that Takachi.'Liu cursed him again,speaking his thoughts this time.

'We'll make him pay for that,Captain,'Yee assented,'I'll make sure of that.'

Suddenly,both men noticed the wall where the lift was hidden,only this time,the wall hadn't slid back into it's original position.This made both men glance at each other,their expressions a mixed reaction of anger and concern on their faces.

Quickly,Liu got in touch with his still unsuspecting bridge crew,and ordered them to take the still unconscious men out of his ready room.

'Do you want them overboard,Sir?'one of the bridge crew asked him.

'Of course not,you idiot,'Liu managed a sharp rebuke to the crewman,'I want their money,so that means giving them the girls.'

The crewman nodded his obedience,and with help from the other crew,carried the still senseless men out.

Once that was done,Liu activated the security cameras that were in the cargo hold.He liked to leer frequently at his female captives,but now he saw Jennings there,and he was surrounded by all the girls they'd previously seized.He could see the womens expressions were full of relief,and they were very keen on him,especially Angela,Su,and the two journalists,Michelle and Jane.

'So,'Liu's voice wasn't friendly,'it appears our pretty ladies have their hero in their midst.'

Yee wasn't pleased either,but he hadn't forgotten about Takachi,and reminded his captain,'We'd better find him,Sir.We don't know what he'll be planning,'he paused,thinking the worst case scenario,'he may even sabotage the ship.'

Liu nodded in agreement,'Get a search party out,and find him.Make sure you get good men to do this.We'll need them,especially when we get all those girls back into our custody.'

Yee nodded too,'It would be best if we can locate Takachi,with the security cameras,Captain.Let's hope he doesn't sabotage them.'

'Agreed,'Liu allowed himself a faint,but cunning smile as he stared down at the scene in the cargo hold,even though nobody could see him,'Enjoy your moment,Jennings,'Liu's smile was now more menacing,'I promise you,it's not going to last.'

As he watched Yee leave the ready room,Liu was suddenly aware that there was no sign of the Englishman's sister.He made a complete survey of the ship's interior,checking all the cameras,and finally found her,with the attentive Kim Yang right next to her.


Sarah made another umpteenth attempt to try and free herself from the coils of white rope tied all over her.Her efforts had almost felt superhuman at times,as she was still suffering Kim Yang's hands crawling all over her too.Regrettably,Sarah wasted her efforts,and instead,had to endure Kim Yang's amused smile,as the woman walked around to face her.

'Pointless,isn't it,my dear?' Kim Yang asked her,still smiling.She couldn't wait to take Sarah back to her auction house,in Bangkok.She'd have so much fun with this lovely English prize.There'd been many women Kim Yang had enjoyed sex with.She chose her most favourite ones to ravish,and there'd been some real Asian beauties that she'd enjoyed,but to have this pretty English girl to ravish at her mercy,was the icing on the cake.

Sarah was fully alarmed by the Chinese woman's expression,and could clearly see her intentions.Desperate for her brother to suddenly come charging in to save her,she couldn't help but glance at the door,where he'd been forced to leave them.Kim Yang in turn though,knew what she was thinking.

'If your brother does somehow manage,to make it back to you,my dear.You can say goodbye to him.'With that,she gestured at the bomb,still planted next to her tied ankles,'I'm afraid he won't get anywhere near you,Sarah.'

She chuckled at that,enjoying Sarah's distressed face,but then,much to the girl's surprise,she heard Kim Yang tell her,'Don't worry your pretty head though.'

Still alarmed,Sarah watched,as Kim Yang bent down,and then disarmed the bomb.

Why had she done that? Sarah was puzzled.

Seeing the girl's baffled frown,Kim Yang told her,'I don't like what that yakuza thug had planned for you.So,you won't be killed by this bomb,but of course,all the other bombs will still be left for your hero brother to deal with,if he can.'

'If he can't,'Kim Yang now had her familiar smirk on,'well,I'm sure you know what that means,don't you,my dear?'

She was pleased to see that from Sarah's terrified face,that she did indeed,knew what that meant.Sarah could still see many more bombs placed all over,close to her.With her being bound and gagged to this support,Sarah was trapped.There wasn't a chance she could free herself.Once the bombs were set off,there'd be a fatal hull rupture to the ship,and she'd be finished quickly.

'Quite right,my dear,'Kim Yang continued her smirk at the wide eyed girl,'the sea will flood in very quickly once that happens.It will take something very special to save you from this.Let's see if your brother can surpass himself.'

Just then,Captain Liu's voice came in over her radio,'Miss Yang,report to my ready room,immediately.'

Kim Yang was a little surprised to hear his voice.She'd honestly thought he was dead,poisoned by Takachi's drug.Evidently,he hadn't.

'On my way now,Captain.'She responded back instantly,then gently gripped Sarah's chin.The girl tried to flinch away from her,but easily,Kim Yang maintained her grip.She then kissed Sarah's gagged mouth,and then gently stroking her cheek,smiled at her prisoner.

'Goodbye for now,my pretty,'Kim Yang also ran her hand through Sarah's long hair,enjoying the girl mumbling frantically into her gag,'I hope I will see you again,and soon.'

She gave her another kiss,which made Sarah protest again,inaudibly of course,and then with another loving stroke of Sarah's cheek,left her all alone.Kim Yang enjoyed hearing Sarah's frightened,but gagged whimpers fade away,as she headed out of the depths of the ship.

When she entered Liu's ready room,she noticed everything had been cleared away.All the men who'd fallen here,had been removed,and only Liu was waiting for her.

'Enjoyed yourself,Miss Yang?'he asked her,somewhat sarcastically,'where have you been?'

'Doing my job,of course,Captain.'Kim Yang wasn't offended by his tone.It took more than that,to make her mad.

'Takachi has the Yamamoto girl,'Liu explained,'I'm sure you know where the English girl is.'

'Of course I do,Captain,'Kim Yang was still calm in manner.She was almost amused at Liu's slightly harassed look,'Takachi has her securely tied up down below,just above the engine room.He and his men have planted bombs all over that section.If they go off,your ship is finished.'

Liu was stunned for a few moments,scarcely believing what he'd just been told.Kim Yang just watched him calmly,waiting for his reaction.

'How many bombs are there,Miss Yang?'Liu finally asked,his face darkened considerably,and his voice made it quite clear,that he'd better get an answer.

'There's enough,Captain,'Kim Yang replied evenly,'but I'm afraid I've no idea of the precise number,but I do know Takachi and his men have placed them,in the ship's most vunerable spots.They do want your ship to sink.'

Just then,Yee entered.He barely glanced at Kim Yang,as he handed over a grim report.

'Bombs have been found at these locations,Sir.Bow,midships,and stern.If they go off...'Yee didn't finish,leaving it quite clear what the consequences would be.

Liu scanned the report,and ordered,'We'd better prepare for the worst,just in case.Number One,start increasing the lifeboat drills for the passengers,but keep them calm.I don't want a panic starting here.'

His first officer nodded to that,but he had more bad news for him.

'The radio room's been sabotaged,Sir.We can't send out any distress calls.'

'What?' Liu was shocked,but knew it made sense.Takachi certainly wouldn't want any of them to survive here,and come after him.It made Liu more determined to beat him.

'Then,it's a good job we have some powerful back up,'Liu glanced back at Kim Yang,'we'll need your help here.'

Fortunately,Kim Yang agreed.

'I'll contact my people,and prepare the girls for immediate transfer to my ship.'

'There's a problem,'Liu told her,gesturing at what he was seeing on the security camera,placed in cargo hold 4.Kim Yang then moved over,and clearly saw Jennings surrounded by all the girls that he'd just freed.

'I see what you mean,'she acknowledged,'so what do you propose to do about it,Captain?'

It was Yee who answered.He called in a group of the crew,and four tough looking men came in.They were obviously part of the engine room crew,but Yee was confident of success.

'We'll bring you Jennings' head,Sir,and we'll get Takachi too.'

Liu didn't seem convinced,but he nodded slowly,'Let's hope for all our sakes,you'd better be right.'He looked again at what was going on in the cargo hold.He saw that Jennings was talking to those two pretty Chinese journalists.They were now heading out of the cargo hold,and this made him gaze up sharply at his friend.

'Better go and get him then,Mr Yee,before he escapes with our catch.'

Yee nodded,and hurried into the lift,the four men following him.


Jennings seem pleased that all the girls had recovered.Now,he had to get them out of here.He'd already made up his mind not to use the way he'd come in.It was more than likely the Captain would have recovered by now,and had blocked that way out.In fact,Kelly had already told him so.He began to look for another way out of the hold.

As he did so,he noticed Michelle and Jane come up to him.Michelle spoke first,'There is another way out.We found it,just before they grabbed us.'

Jennings nodded,and stood back to let them show him.The girls found it straight away,having giving it so many desperate looks whilst they'd been tied up.Sure enough,another section of the wall slid away,revealing the flight of steps they'd walked down previously.Both girls grinned at him,and he nodded his thanks to them.

'I owe you one for that.Thanks.'

'As long as you give us an interview to me and Jane,when this is over.'

'Okay,ladies,'Jennings made sure they were all behind him,and they were,'let's go.Be quiet now.'

He then led the way,slowly advancing up the stairs,with Angela and Su right with him.Angela suddenly grabbed his hand,and held onto it,much to some of the girls annoyance.

'How did you find me?'Angela asked him.

'I saw you,remember?'he reminded her,'when you were knocking on the window.I wasn't sure at first,but then somebody grabbed you,and I knew then.'

'I owe you big time for this,'Angela was determined to return the favour.She knew that this man was one of the good guys,having known it when she'd bumped into him earlier.

'Don't worry about it,Angela.'Jennings then saw the top of the stairs,and moved up cautiously.There was still no opposition,and he found the hidden switch,to slide the wall open.There was much relief from the girls,as they noticed a much more brighter lit corridor.This area looked to be much more active with people walking by,although it was deserted at the moment.

Jennings raised his hand to stop the girls.He sensed something wrong here,and he then looked at Angela.

'Stay with the rest of the girls,Angela,'he told her,'I just want to make sure it's clear.'

Angela accepted his advice,and did so.She had the same feelings,something wasn't right.

Both their instincts were proved correct.Just as Jennings stepped out into the corridor,he was just in time to avoid a blow from one of the crew,waiting in ambush.
A lot of the girls had yelped in surprise,but Jennings quickly countered,kicking the man hard in the leg,flooring him instantly.This made all the girls now jump with joy,seeing how easily Jennings had disabled his opponent,but their joy was short lived however,as three more men now jumped him.

Jennings fought hard,and with skill.The three men did everything they could to get the upper hand over him,but he managed to block all their efforts,and hit back hard.The three men went sent reeling,but suddenly Jennings heard a shriek from Angela.

'Look out!'

It was too late,Yee had stayed hidden in the shadows,enjoying the fight.He'd sealed this section off,and simply waited for Jennings to arrive.All he had to do now,was wait for the right moment.Now,it had come.

He sneaked up behind Jennings,just as he'd hit one of his men,and clobbered him on the back of his head,Jennings fell,stunned.

With that done,Yee turned to face the girls,who were now slowly backing away from him.He was pleased to see their dismay on all their faces,whilst his was of utter relish.

Despite her own dismay at seeing Jennings being knocked out,Angela glared fiercely at Yee,'That's not fair!'

'Quite right,my dear,'Yee fully agreed,with an evil smirk,'it wasn't,was it?'He suddenly reached out,and seized her,enjoying her frightened gasp.It suddenly occured to Angela,that she and the rest of the girls were now back to being prisoners,and more than likely,bound and gagged ones.

This was confirmed,when she sheard Yee order the girls,'Now then,ladies,back down the stairs,and we'll be more than happy to show you the ropes.'

With Angela held as hostage,the girls had to obey,as they hated seeing Yee smile at them,with no warmth whatsoever.

Chapter 18 to follow....

Friday, 19 February 2010

Voyage into Slavery Ch 16

Furious,Jennings made his way away from where Sarah,and Kieko were being held.He couldn't wait to smash that Takachi's face in again,for holding the girls hostage.

However,he had to check out this bomb threat the Japanese man had told him about.Jennings swore that none of the passengers on board here,would lose their lives due to this.However,the 'Eastern Princess' was a huge vessel.Checking it out,would take time,and he knew it was against him.

This was why he was heading back to his cabin.He badly needed help,and he'd already dialled Kelly's number,on his mobile.

She answered him immediately,'John,are you okay? What's happening? Did you find Sarah?'

'Yes,I found Sarah,Kelly,'Jennings responded,'she's in trouble,just as I expected.'

'What do you mean,John?'Kelly's voice was more worried now,'is she okay?'

'She's being held by the bad guys,'his own voice was grim,matter of fact,'they're forcing me to check out something.I'm afraid I'll need your help,Kelly.'

'Of course,John,'Kelly was still worried for both her elder siblings,but she kept calm,'I'm here for you.I told you that earlier.'

He nodded his acknowledgement,although he knew Kelly didn't see it.

'I'll be back in touch with you in a moment,'Jennings told her,'then I'll explain.'

He was still well aware of the CCTV cameras placed throughout the ship's interior,and knew they were watching him,but once he got back to his cabin,he could talk freely to Kelly.

When he got there,Jennings made another check to make sure there were no new bugs planted in his cabin.This time,there wasn't.

He pulled out his holdall bag again from under the bed,and got out the stuff he needed.There was a radio headset among the contents,and Jennings put that on.Then,he took out his laptop,and quickly made a connection with Kelly.

'Kelly,you there?' he asked.

'I'm here,John.' Her response was instant.

'Okay.Here's what I need from you.They've told me there are bombs planted all over the ship.Can you pick up their detonator signals for me?'Jennings had seen one of the bombs placed next to Sarah,and knew what type they were.They were really nasty weapons.Defusing them was no problem,but he had to know their exact locations.If Takachi had told him they could sink the ship,it was obvious they'd be placed well below the waterline.

'Stand by.'Kelly was already checking it out,and sure enough,the details come through.Jennings could see the bomb locations.He was relieved to see there weren't that many,but did notice from their positions,that if they did explode,it would be a mortal wound to the ship.

'Got it.'Jennings then memorized their locations,and once satisfied with that,thanked Kelly again.He then had another grim thought,and didn't like it,but he made another request to Kelly.

'Kelly,we'd better be prepared.Find out our current position,and get a message to any ocean liner nearby,any ship really,and tell them of the bomb threat we have here.We'll need all the help we can get,if the worst happens.'

He sincerely hoped it wouldn't,but Kelly's answer was positive,'Tracking all current ships nearby in your area.There are two ships,both Hong Kong registered.'There was a pause before she told him,'There's one of them right next to you.It's not as big ship,but they're cruising next to you.'

That's a relief,Jennings thought,but he still asked Kelly to get that message out.She confirmed that.

He then closed the laptop,now knowing where to go.Then,he reached back into his holdall,taking out another disassembled AK-47.He put it together quickly,and then pocketed several ammunition clips.He took his bag with him this time,he'd need his gear to defuse the bombs.Then,he got back in touch with Kelly.

'Kelly,I'm heading up towards that hidden lift behind the bridge,'Jennings told her,'I think I'll check that out.It leads down to the first bomb.'

'Understood,John.Please be careful,and help Sarah too.'

'You can count on it.'Jennings would always honour his promises,especially to his sisters.He then left his cabin,still keeping the headset on.He'd need advice from Kelly here.She would be able to warn him of any booby traps,or indeed,anybody that was waiting to ambush him.Jennings knew Takachi only had two men with him,but the crew on this ship would prove difficult.He had no idea how many of them were involved,in the slavery ring.

Grimly,he made his way back up to the bridge.This time,he was determined to get in there,and find that hidden lift,and nobody was going to stop him.

Jennings reached the outside of the bridge without being detected,and he made sure nobody else spotted him.Peering around the corner,he was pleased to see the bridge manned only by a couple of the crew.He glanced around it,and spotted a single door.He guessed correctly that was the Captain's ready room.

He was also pleased to see,that there wasn't a security code lock on the door.That may have proved time consuming,even with Kelly's help.Keeping his eyes on the present bridge crew,Jennings slowly entered the bridge,and sneaked over to the door.He tested the door handle,and was relieved to see it open without any sound.He then entered the room,and silently closed the door behind him.

With great relief at not being seen,Jennings then saw the mass of prone bodies here.The Captain was here,with all the other people he'd seen arriving on the helicopter.They all looked dead,but as he checked their pulses,he could tell they were still alive.He then noticed the small bottle that Takachi had left,on the drinks tray.Gently sniffing it,Jennings winced in distaste.

Kelly's voice came back to him,asking for an update,'Did you find the hidden lift,John?'

'I'm in the the ready room,'Jennings made sure his voice was low.He didn't want to be heard from the bridge,'that Takachi's drugged everybody here.Looks like they'll be out for some time.'

He remembered her question,and silently began to check the room out.He could see the room was built like a small study.A bookcase was up against one wall,with filing cabinets on another one.One wall had a map of the 'Eastern Princess' route,and Jennings began knocking on it.He still didn't find anything,but then his attention turned to Liu's desk.

After checking out the draws,and the top surface of it,he put his hand under the desk.He found the hidden switch almost immediately.He pressed it,and sure enough,the wall with the map moved silently aside.The lift door was there.

'Found it,Kelly.'He then advanced towards it,when Kelly came back with grim news.

'John,there are two men down there,and they're armed.They're just outside the lift,'She paused,'it looks like they know you're coming.'

'I wonder how,'Jennings muttered to himself.He then slung his bag from his shoulder,and took out the AK-47 assault rifle,and prepared it for use.Once he'd done that,he told Kelly,'Heading down now.'

Her voice was full of concern,'Be careful,please,John.'

Jennings responded that he understood,and he then entered the lift,and pressed the controls to go down.He tensed,flicking the safety catch off the weapon as the lift descended.

The lift then stopped,and as the door slid open,there was a savage burst of gunfire.A hail of bullets smashed into the lift,continuing for a few seconds before ceasing.It was then,that one of Takachi's men slowly rose from his firing position,and moved up carefully to the lift,his accomplice covering him.Peering inside,the man was expecting to see the body of their target,but there was no sign of one,only a bullet strewn lift.His face was puzzled.

The puzzled frown only lasted for a moment,to be replaced by surprised shock.Jennings suddenly slammed into the man's torso,kicking his feet into it.He'd hidden on the lift ceiling,and caught his opponent completely by surprise.The force of his kick sent the man reeling backwards,and he collapsed in a heap.Jennings then dived out of the lift,and into cover.He'd seen the double doors marked 'Cargo hold 4',and suspected that was where he'd find Angela,and all the other missing girls too.

Grimly,he moved towards it,but had to duck back into cover,as he was fired upon again.The bullets were close,but he wasn't hurt.Jennings could tell from their firing,they weren't disciplined soldiers,only hired muscle.They didn't have his long,hard experience as a professional soldier.He waited until they both ran out of ammunition,and then returned fire.His aim was deadly,and within a few seconds,both men became bloody corpses.

With grim satisfaction,Jennings made sure there were no other threats,and then moved towards the double doors.It was only then that he was aware of Kelly's voice screaming at him,in his headset.

'John!Are you okay?'Her voice was frantic,'answer me,John!'

'I'm okay,Kelly.'He did answer his sister,and clearly heard her sigh of relief,then she told him more news.

'I'm picking up electronic radio signals in the cargo hold,next to your current position.That's cargo hold 4,John.Whoever set them there,made sure they had remote control in mind.'

Jennings remembered all too well the detonator Takachi had showed him.It still made his teeth clench.

'Yeah,I expected that,'his reply was grim.

Going forward,he saw the doors were locked,but he easily forced his way in.When he did go in,Jennings stopped in his tracks,totally stunned by what he was seeing.The cargo hold was massive,and he could see many large cages here,that held an imprisoned,tightly bound,gagged young woman.Every one of them was staring at him,mumbling against their gags,their eyes desperately appealing to him for help.

For a few moments,Jennings was still too stunned to move.He was simply overwhelmed,by the stunning beauty of the tied up women.However,he snapped himself back to reality,when he saw one of the bombs.He also noticed it had been placed next to a really pretty Chinese woman,dressed in the white naval uniform of the ship.Jennings instantly recognised her,it was Angela Lee.He hurried over to her cage,bending down to examine the bomb,although he did glance at Angela's bound,gagged form.

'Miss Lee?'he asked her,then feeling like a complete idiot,as he remembered the girl was gagged.She could barely make a sound.The large strip of black tape covering her mouth,showed no signs of coming off.Yet,Angela did respond to him,as she nodded her head,confirming it was her.Angela's eyes were grateful,and really warm.She knew this was Sarah's brother,the man who'd come to help her.She slithered her bound body over to him,and could see he was checking out the bomb,that Takachi's thugs had planted here.Her eyes were getting worried,as she could only watch him studying the bomb.

Finally,Jennings looked back up at her,with a reassuring smile,'Don't worry,you'll be fine.' He then went back to disarming the bomb,and after a few moments,succeeded,breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Angela's morale soared,as did all the other girls.His words had a positive effect on them all.They were all still mumbling into their gags at him,wanting to be freed,but Jennings had wanted to deal with the bomb threat first.He was very grateful he'd attended that bomb disposal course back home,and he got in touch with Kelly over his headset.

'Kelly,bomb disarmed,'he reported,'I've found the girls,going to free them now.'

He heard his sister's pleased acknowledgment,and then stood up to free the lock from Angela's cage.He saw the padlock on it,and asked Angela,'Did any of those men have the key on them?'

Angela could only shake her head,but he understood.Jennings reached back into his bag,and produced a skeleton key set.It never entered his head to shoot the lock off.If he'd done that,he could have shot the trapped girl.

He used the skeleton keyset,and soon unlocked the cage door.He moved into it,and then gently peeled away Angela's tape gag,who never felt so grateful to him.

'Thank you.'She meant that,as being gagged for so long,had nearly driven her mad.

'Your welcome,Miss Lee,'Despite his current situation,Jennings made the girl at ease,as he still smiled reassuredly at her,'I'll have you untied in a moment.'

Pulling out his knife,Jennings cut away the many loops wound tight over Angela's body.He was pleased he did have his knife.There was no way he would have been able to untie all those knots by hand.

Once he'd freed Angela,the girl rubbed her wrists gently,but as soon as he helped her out of her cage,Angela hugged him warmly,kissing him on the cheek.

'Thank you for helping me.'Angela really appreciated his help,knowing her prayers had been answered,and she hoped to return the favour to him sometime.

'Are you okay?' Jennings asked her concernedly.

'Yes,'Angela nodded,feeling so good to be finally free of her ropes,'you don't have a drink on you,please?'

Jennings did,as he gave her a bottle of water.Angela drank only a little,saving more for the rest of the girls,but she felt so much better.

Jennings then noticed Su,and the two Chinese journalists,Michelle and Jane.Just like the rest of the girls,they were so pleased to see him,and Jennings used his skeleton keys once more to unlock their cages.With Angela's help,they freed them,Jennings helped Su,and Angela with Michelle and Jane.

When Su was finally free,she also gave Jennings a warm hug,and another nice kiss.

'I knew you would come for me,'Su's smile was full of warmth again for him.

'Well,you helped me,'Jennings smiled back,'it's only right to return the favour.'

Su kissed him again,and he did enjoy it,but he knew time was against him.He gestured at Angela,who was struggling to untie Michelle and Jane.

'Will you help Angela,please? I'm afraid I don't have much time.'

'What do you mean?'Su asked,puzzled.

'My sister's in trouble,'Jennings answered.'the bad guys are holding her hostage.I've got to help her,but first,I need to defuse these bombs they've planted.'Jennings paused momentarily,'I can't wait to get my hands on them.'

Su saw a brief flash of anger in his eyes,and fully believed him.

'Is there anything I can do to help?'she asked him gently.

'Yes,you can,'he gestured again at Angela,still unable to free Michelle or Jane,and handed her his knife,'will you help free the other girls?'

'Of course.'Su hurried over to where Angela was,and handed her the knife.She smiled her thanks,and soon cut the two girls free.Eventually,all the girls were cut loose,and ungagged.Every girl was giving Jennings huge hugs,and kisses.He expressed his own warm thanks back to them all.

He then waited for them all to recover,and then he'd get them out of here.

Chapter 17 to follow...

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Voyage into Slavery Ch15

Takachi still wore his evil smile,as he held the knife against Sarah's neck.The girl smelled delicious this close to him,and he fully enjoyed watching the girl's brother,who was unable to help her.There was also the added bonus of Kim Yang tightly holding the pretty Japanese girl hostage.The Chinese woman still held her hand over Kieko's mouth,and her pistol was also jammed hard into her neck.

To increase Jennings'fury,Takachi then kissed Sarah's neck.He relished the girl's frightened moans,and he continued to grope Sarah's highly impressive chest,making Jennings clench his fists in frustration.As long as he had these two pretty girls in his power,Jennings wouldn't be able to help them.

He also enjoyed watching Kieko's frightened eyes.She was literally frozen in fear in Kim Yang's grip.Can't wait to enjoy her,Takachi thought,making his smile more nasty.Once he'd get her back onto the helicopter,she wouldn't be saved this time by the Englishman.

However,business first,he concluded,looking forward to making Jennings suffer.

Takachi had fully realised that he was no match for Jennings in a fight.His hand still hurt like hell,from his previous strike on the Englishman.So he'd thought of something else in mind for him.

'I'm quite interested in you,Jennings,'Takachi was surprisingly polite to him,'you're quite an impressive soldier.I heard you managed to rescue Miss Yamamoto earlier? That was well done.'

'That's right.'Jennings answered with a hard edge to his voice,'I'm glad you enjoyed it.'He was still hoping for any sign that Takachi may drop his guard,giving him the opportunity he so desperately needed to turn the tables on him.

Unfortunately,Takachi wasn't taking any chances.He made sure he kept the advantage over Jennings.Sarah was looking at her brother with pleading eyes.She noticed that his expression to her,and the pretty Japanese girl was reassuring.When she watched him face her kidnapper,Sarah saw a different man,to the loving,caring brother she adored.

'Why did you not kill me back on the helicopter?'Takachi asked him.

Jennings was still giving him the cold and ruthless look,that Sarah shivered from,but he did answer,'That's not how I work.'

Takachi gave him a faint nod of appreciation,although Jennings didn't.He still saw the look of menace in the yakuza,and expected more bad news.

Takachi did confirm this.He still wanted to make Jennings suffer,as he produced a small box in his hand.Jennings clearly recognised it as a detonator.

'Well,seeing as you spared my life,'Takachi said,'I will give you an opportunity in return.It may save your sister,Miss Yamamoto,possibly even the ship.'

'What the hell do you mean?'Jennings almost snarled.He knew the detonator was linked to the bomb planted at Sarah's feet,but he had a nasty,and horrible feeling this bomb wasn't the only one.He couldn't help,but look down at the floor.He spotted more of them immediately,and his face was furious,glaring back hard at his enemy.

He heard Kieko whimpering behind him,and he gave the Chinese woman the same cold look.Yet he still couldn't help either of the girls.Kim Yang made sure the gun never left Kieko's neck,and he just knew he couldn't be in two places at once.The bastards had played their cards very well,Jennings thought.Whoever he'd try to help first,the other girl would suffer.

He was then told by a still smiling Takachi,'What I mean is that I have no wish to destroy a beautiful creature,like your sister.'He then kissed Sarah's neck again,'She's very sexy,isn't she?'Takachi then stroked her hair too,relishing the girl's faint gagged sounds.

This made Jennings' blood boil even more.He could only watch,as his sister was taken advantage of.All he wanted to do,was to get Sarah and Kieko out of here,and make these two criminals suffer accordingly.He could see Sarah's face reflected that.

'Still,'Takachi continued,'you'll notice I hold a detonator box,just one push here...'He made a gesture with his thumb on the relevant control,and informed Jennings firmly,'no more Sarah.'He smirked at that,before going on,'but I will give you a choice.You can stay here,and perhaps finish me off,but I promise you,Sarah and Miss Yamamoto will pay for that decision.'

His smile drove Jennings mad,as he was then forced to hear,'Or perhaps you could choose the greater good,Mr Jennings.I am sure you know I've managed to plant bombs all over this ship.If all of them explode,the 'Eastern Princess' is finished.You may rest assured of that.'

He paused,watching Jennings' reaction,who looked at him as if he wasn't human.

'So,Jennings,'Takachi asked him,somewhat smugly,'what is your decision? Do you rescue the women you love,or perhaps stop the sinking,and save hundreds of lives of people you know nothing about?'

'There is no need to threaten innocent people.'Jennings' voice was like ice.

Takachi ignored him,as he expected.Instead,the yakuza man looked at his watch.

'Decide now.Your family,or the ship.'

Jennings glanced at Sarah,who knew what he'd already decided.

'I'll be back for you,Sarah.'He assured her,and glancing back at Kieko,said the same.He noticed Sarah's eyes flash approval,and she managed a small nod at him,confirming it.Jennings even gave Takachi a warning of his own,'I will be back,Takachi,you can count on that.'

'Of course you will,'Takachi answered,very pleased.'Just remember though,'he gripped Sarah's chin painfully,'any tricks,and you can say goodbye to your pretty sister,and your new girlfriend.'

Takachi then used his blade to softly stroke Sarah's cheek,and told him harshly,'Get moving.'

Grimly,Jennings slowly backed off,knowing he had to obey,but he clearly heard Sarah and Kieko mumbling into their respective gags,as he left them in their kidnappers clutches.

'Your brother is indeed,a noble man,my dear.'Takachi gave a rare compliment to Jennings,telling his sister,'it's such a shame his efforts are all doomed to fail.'

Sarah could only look at him in horror.What was he talking about? Surely he hadn't set another trap for John!She shook her head furiously,vainly trying to get rid off the tape covering her mouth,but Takachi merely smiled at her.He certainly wasn't going to reveal anything to his two pretty hostages,at least not yet.

Instead,his eyes settled greedily on Kieko,still firmly secure in the Chinese woman's grasp.

'I'll take her now.'Takachi grinned,fully enjoying Kieko's terrified eyes.His voice became more lustful at her,'We have unfinished buisness,don't we,my dear,back on the helicopter?'

Kieko's horrible memory of Takachi attempting to rape her came flooding back.Like Sarah,she suddenly went into frantic struggling too,but she was held securely,and the woman's hand effectively kept her attempted screams for help considerably muted.

'Tie her up,and gag her please,Miss Yang.'He knew Kim Yang would enjoy doing that,and so it proved.

Still tied up to the support,Sarah could only watch,as the horrible Chinese woman took her hand away from Kieko's mouth,but before her prisoner could scream,Kim Yang got her arm over the girl's neck,and began to squeeze.She was careful to remove her arm at the right moment.All she did was knock the girl senseless,and after Kieko slumped in her arms,Kim Yang nodded at him.

'Excellent work,Miss Yang.'Takachi was pleased again.He then produced plenty of loops of rope,and after watching Kim Yang force Kieko's unconscious form onto her front,he handed some of the ropes over to her.'Please continue.'

Kim Yang then took Kieko's wrists behind her back,and crossed them.She began tying loops of the rope over them,whilst a patient Takachi waited.He was still standing next to Sarah,whose hair he still stroked.Sarah's eyes reflected her helplessness at him.

Kim Yang worked quickly,but efficiently.Soon,Kieko was trussed up hand and foot,and just like Sarah was,her upper body was wound in tight loops.Not satisfied at that though,Kim Yang had also tied more ropes over Kieko's waist and thighs.Sarah clearly saw that her kidnappers were determined to make sure Kieko wouldn't escape.

She also noticed that the Japanese man had now produced a more larger black bag.Sarah realised that Kieko was going to be put into it.She gazed in horror at Takachi.The girl wouldn't be able to breathe!

To add emphasis on this,Kim Yang was now folding over a large white silk cloth into a large band.She placed it over Kieko's mouth,and tied it firmly at the back of her head with a double knot.A sinister expression was on her face,as she did so.Her lust was getting the better of her,as she then started to grope Kieko's breasts.

Still enjoying Sarah's vague mumbling protests,Takachi then opened up the black bag.Sarah's fears were confirmed,as she saw the bag was indeed large enough,to fit a person in.Both Takachi and Kim Yang easily lifted Kieko into it,and he zipped it shut.

'Don't worry your pretty head too much over Miss Yamamoto,my dear,'Takachi told Sarah with an unfriendly smile.In fact,he was grinning like a maniac,frightening Sarah even more.'This is just a precaution,to make sure nobody sees us.Then,I can finish what I'd already started,before your meddling brother interfered.'

He then made sure the trapped girl inside the bag could breathe,as he carefully cut open the bag,making sure Kieko's head was facing out,but nobody would be able to see her.Takachi would make sure of that.

'There,you see?'he told Sarah,pointing out Kieko's just visible face,'she can breathe.'

Even that didn't give Sarah any reassurance.Kieko could breathe,but she was still in the hands of a ruthless yakuza,and so was she.Desperately,Sarah pulled frantically again at her own bonds,but not one of her fingers reached any of the tight knots.She stayed firmly bound to the support.Her despair was overwhelming.

Both Takachi and Kim Yang enjoyed Sarah's distress.The former had fully enjoyed holding her hostage,but now he'd got what he came for.He picked up the bag,which held Kieko inside,and then decided to leave the girl in the Chinese woman's clutches.

'Well,Miss Jennings,'Takachi gripped her chin again,'I want to thank you personally,for helping me get the upper hand over your brother.I must admit,I'd have liked to have fought him.'

He then kissed Sarah again,chuckling as the girl closed her eyes in revulsion.Then,he turned to leave,saying to Kim Yang,'She's all yours,Miss Yang.Do enjoy yourself with her.'

'Oh,I intend to.'The woman's smile made Sarah even more terrified,as she advanced on her.

Takachi then made a radio call to his men,asking for an update from them.They reported back with good news,informing him,that the bombs had all been placed throughout the 'Eastern Princess',without any problems whatsoever.With that done,Takachi then left the two women,carrying his prize out.

Kim Yang made sure Takachi wasn't going to pull any nasty surprises on her,but she clearly heard his footsteps fade into the distance,then she resumed her advance on Sarah's bound,gagged form,in the dimly lit room.

Sarah almost cried with despair into her gag,helpless as the woman moved right up to her face.Her hand gently moved down Sarah's cheek,increasing her gagged mumbles.

'Silence,my child,'Kim Yang was now delighted she could enjoy the girl by herself.She continued to taunt Sarah though,'you must realise we cannot allow your brother to succeed.He must be dealt with.'

There was no reply from Sarah,being gagged,but she did respond.Threatening her John made Sarah mad.Her eyes blazed back defiantly at the Chinese woman.True,she was still very frightened,but her faith in her brother would always be with her.Despite her current predicament,Sarah was confident her kidnappers would get what was coming to them.

As her face was still being touched,Sarah heard a radio call for Kim Yang.It was one of her men,saying he had fresh information.

'Go on.'The woman was still enjoying feeling Sarah's face,and was now running her finger along the girl's neck.

'The Englishman is heading back to his cabin,Miss Yang,'the man informed her dutifully,'he's not pursuing the Japanese yakuza.'

'I see.'That surprised Kim Yang somewhat.She would have thought Jennings would have gone straight over to rescue the girl.Still,holding his sister captive,was proving extremely beneficial.'Anything else?'

'We're still watching him now,Miss Yang,he's just reached his cabin.Shall we detain him?'

'No,'Kim Yang's answer was sharp,'just watch him.I want to see what he does.He's got some important work to do.'

'Understood,Miss Yang.'

As Kim Yang waited,she moved behind Sarah to lovingly grope her breasts.Sarah squealed into her gag again,trying to protest as the woman indecently assaulted her.Her hands were not gentle either.Kim Yang really squeezed her chest,and Sarah could do nothing about it.

Just then,the man's voice came back.

'The Englishman has left his cabin,Miss Yang.He's now wearing a headset,and he appears to be talking to a woman called Kelly.'

This made Sarah flinch in shock.Kelly! Her fears multiplied.She knew what Kelly was doing.She was helping John find the bombs,but Sarah's sudden movement was noticed by Kim Yang,and she came round to her front.

'Friend of yours,my dear?'She asked politely,'or perhaps a family member?'

Sarah was too stunned to respond.She was praying Kelly had the right security screen protecting her,from being traced.

Kim Yang then spoke back into her radio,filling Sarah with utter dread for her younger sister.

'I want that girl found.Trace her signal,and find out where she is.I want her brought to me.'

'Understood,Miss Yang,'the man answered,'but it's not going to be easy.We're hitting a blank wall on that.'

'I said,I want her found.'The menace was clearly evident in her voice,'Do I make myself clear?'

'Of course,Miss Yang,'The reply was more eager,'we'll get onto it.'

She smirked menacingly at Sarah's gagged face,'If it is family,I'll do everything in my power to bring you two together.'There was another evil chuckle from her,as she went behind Sarah again,her hands back on the girl's chest again,'Won't that be nice,my pretty slave?'

Sarah could only think of her family.She was desperately praying her siblings would be safe.Kelly was a brilliant computer operator.She could defend herself against any malicous computer attacks,but somehow,Sarah sensed Kelly was in extreme danger of being found,by Kim Yang's people.All she could do,was just hope that John would protect her,and protect himself from these ruthless people.

Sarah sincerely hoped John would deal with all these bomb threats.She gave a frightened glance down at the bomb Takachi had planted at her feet.There was a digital display,but it was showing no countdown.Yet,she didn't doubt that Takachi would blow up the ship,without any hesitation at all.

Still a bound and gagged hostage,(and in peril too!)Sarah desperately tried to keep her hopes up,as Kim Yang's hands continued to feel all over her bound body.

Chapter 16 to follow....

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Voyage into Slavery.Chapter 14

Fully content that all his weapons were in order,Takachi then rummaged through the holdall,searching for something else.He found it very quickly,and produced a small bottle of clear looking liquid.It looked like water,but he knew it wasn't,and thinking this,he allowed himself a sinister smile.This would help him getting rid of his enemies.If everything went to plan,and he was sure it would,he'd have no problems in escaping the doomed ship,taking his two new pretty hostages with him.

He contacted his men again.

'Have you found the girl yet?'

The response was immediate.

'We've located her cabin,'one of his men told him through the radio,'but she's not here yet.'

No matter.Takachi thought.He was patient.Sooner or later,the girl would have to show up.Right now,he had other things on his mind.

He issued fresh orders,'We'll get the girl later.Right now,I want you both to bring your stuff back to the helicopter,and bring those plans of the ship to me.'

His orders were confirmed,and that pleased Takachi.He always knew his men were utterly loyal to him.They'd gladly sacrifice their lives just to please him.In fact,he had already done this many times,dealing out the severest punishment possible,when his men had failed him.

As he pocketed the small bottle,he suddenly received a message from one of the crew.Liu had requested his presence back in his ready room.Takachi nodded,and after giving out his fresh instructions to his men,followed the crewman back up to the bridge.Still wearing his sinister smile,Takachi made sure he never let go of the small bottle concealed within his person.

When he reentered Liu's ready room,he was delighted at what he saw.Everybody else was still there,but now Kim Yang and Sarah were there too.He enjoyed seeing Sarah's panic stricken eyes as she watched him enter.In return,Takachi enjoyed watching Sarah's vain struggles in Kim Yang's tight hold.The Chinese woman had both her arms over the girl's still bound body,one arm over her shoulders,the other snugly wrapped around her waist.Sarah was also still tightly gagged.He had excellent plans for this English beauty,and Takachi was determined to enjoy her.

Liu welcomed him back with a polite smile.'Thank you for coming,Mr Takachi,'Liu gestured at Sarah,'I can offer you Miss Jennings for tonight,but only for tonight,and must insist you return her in excellent health.She's worth a fortune on the slave market.'

Sarah couldn't help but scream into her gag,but there was no scream.The black tape stayed firmly sealed over her mouth,and her attempted scream only made her captors smile with relish.

'I am honoured,Captain,'Takachi bowed his thanks to him.He'd no idea how Liu had persuaded the Chinese woman to give up her favourite prize,and didn't care how.

Sarah really felt she was in the lion's mouth here.There was no possibility of escape.Her bonds and gag were constantly checked by Kim Yang,and her gagged and frightened mumbles were fully savoured by her female guard.Sarah was desperate to be free of the many tight loops of rope wound over her body.She'd been bound and gagged,since they'd lured her on board,but Kim Yang showed her no mercy.Instead,the Chinese woman made it worse by telling Sarah what was in store for her,just before she'd been carried up here.

Kim Yang had been delicately playing with Sarah's hair,and then she gripped the girl's chin again,forcing her to look at some very big wooden crates.

'Do you see those crates,my dear?'Kim Yang had chuckled with great pleasure at her,'that is where you and all these other beauties are going into,once we reach Bangkok.You'll still be kept bound and gagged of course,but just to make sure you can't attract any unwanted attention,'Kim Yang smiled,as she suddenly held an ominous looking syringe,right in front of Sarah's bulging eyes.

'Don't worry to much,my pretty.'she'd reassured the girl,'the drug won't leave any lasting damage on you.I certainly wouldn't want that now,would I?'There was another smirk on her face,'No,my dear,it will simply keep you nice and relaxed,just long enough to take you to my auction house there.'

Sarah felt totally helpless remembering that.She felt like crying in utter despair,knowing her grim future being so callously told to her.These weren't simply bad guys that held her captive.No,they were far worse than that,they were sick monsters! Her only hope of rescue,was her brother,and she was getting more and more frantic for him to get here.

Unfortunately,she was still tightly held,and to make matters worse,Sarah noticed Takachi slowly advancing on her,eager to reinforce her distress.

Once he stood directly in front of her,Takachi ran his hand through Sarah's long,black hair.He liked what he was feeling,and also enjoyed seeing Sarah's fear.The English girl tried to jerk her head away from his grip,but an amused Takachi easily held onto her.He also enjoyed watching Sarah clench her eyes shut,cringing from his unwelcome touch.

Determined to increase his power over her,Takachi tightened his grip on her,forcing Sarah to open her eyes and look into his gloating,lustful face.

'I fully intend to give you a night to remember,Miss Jennings,'Takachi promised her,'and believe me,you will apprciate me.However,should you choose to be defiant....'

He left that unfinished,but Sarah fully understood the threat,and his evil eyes.She shuddered,although she was still protesting through her gag.All the other criminal leaders simply continued to smile,enjoying her bound,gagged form.

Her horror increased,when she suddenly heard Takachi demand,'I understand the girl has a brother on board here.What's being done about him?'

Liu glanced over at Kim Yang,fully confident that would be dealt with.

'I believe Miss Yang has that fully under control.'

The Chinese woman smiled,enjoying Sarah stiffen in her hold,as she answered,'As long as his pretty sister does what we tell her,he won't be killed.'

'I'm not convinced.'Takachi shook his head.He recalled being taken by surprise back at the helicopter.He was an expert fighter himself,and he'd never been beaten before.If it had been the girl's brother,Takachi knew he was up against a formidable opponent.

His penetrating gaze had never left Sarah.'He'll come for her,no doubt about it.'

Liu frowned at that.'If that's true,he'd better be disposed of.Any ideas?'

Takachi already had that in mind.He still went on touching Sarah,now sliding a finger down her cheek.Sarah felt as if a snake was slithering across her face.She was shocked by what Takachi told her next,in fact,it infuriated her.

'Oh,I'm sure his pretty sister will assist us,in killing him,won't you,my dear?'

Sarah's eyes suddenly blazed with fury above her gag.She tried to scream her defiance at them,yet despite her new found strength,she was still rendered silent,and helpless.

However,her struggles were now noticed by her captors,and Takachi,who sensed the girl may possibly break free from Kim Yang's secure grip.Instantly,he gave Sarah a sharp blow on her head,knocking her senseless.The girl slumped,and Kim Yang let her fall to the floor.

'A very pretty girl,'Takachi admitted,'such a shame we have to do this to her.'

Before any of them could query him on that,Takachi then surprisingly offered a round of drinks.All accepted,but he was disappointed when he saw Kim Yang receive a call,requesting her presence.

The Chinese woman made her excuses to everybody,but before she left,she gazed coldly at Takachi.'Just make sure you bring her back to me,in excellent health.'

'You love her,don't you?'Takachi was amused,'I've heard you choose your pretty slaves,for special attention from you.'

'That is not your concern,Takachi.'Kim Yang wasn't intimidated by anybody,even a dangerous yakuza.'Just bring Sarah back in one piece to me.'

'I'm quite surprised you allowed me to have her.What made you change your mind?'

'Well,let's just say the enemy of my enemy,is my friend.'Liu interjected,'I'm sure we all appreciate the threat from her brother,is very real.'

There was a silence,but during it,Kim Yang left the ready room.Takachi had a momentary frown.He'd wanted to deal with them all here.Still,there'd be other opportunities in dealing with Kim Yang.Takachi fully recognised her,as a deadly threat.Perhaps later,he conceded.

He then went back to pouring the drinks,managing to conceal the small bottle he'd bought along with him.He made sure every glass,(barring his own of course)received a dose from it,and after handing everybody a generous measure,made a toast.

'To you health,gentlemen.'

He smiled inwardly.Their health meant nothing to him,and he was pleased to see that they all drank their glasses.Won't be long now,Takachi thought.He'd just put a highly effective drug into all their drinks.They'd be knocked out for hours,giving him plenty of time to escape the ship,before the ship suffered a catastrophe.

Indeed,within five minutes,Takachi was surrounded by sprawled bodies in the ready room.He personally checked them all,and was satisfied that they'd drank their drugged drinks.Then,he smiled more menacingly,as he knelt down by Sarah's still unconcious form.He felt a strong sexual urge to take her,relishing his newly acquired prize.The girl's gagged mouth excited him,and he couldn't wait to ravish her.

For the moment though,he had other things to attend to.He checked the Sarah's bonds,as he made contact with his men again.

'Have you planted the bombs in all the required areas?'he demanded.The answer was positive.

'Yes,Sir,'one of his men had replied immediately,'all placed in accordance with your wishes.'

'Good,'Takachi was pleased,'Make sure you sabotage the radio room.I have a little personal score to settle.'With that said,he was satisfied Sarah was still securely tied up,and then lifted her,and placed her over his shoulder.He then headed over to the lift,remembering the hidden switch under Liu's desk.

As he entered the lift,Takachi was really looking forward to this.He was determined to make the girl's brother suffer,and he'd force his sister to watch him die.He could then take her with him,with the Yamamoto girl.He suddenly remembered to ask for an update from his men,on Kieko's whereabouts.So far,they hadn't found her,but he was still confident.

He closed the lift doors,still holding onto Sarah,as they both disappeared.Takachi however,had failed to spot Kim Yang silently observing him.Her face was one of utter determination.She had strongly suspected Takachi would try something on her,and so it proved.She was going to keep a sharp eye on him,as he had Sarah,and Kim Yang would make sure she got her favourite slave back under her power.

She then headed over to Liu's desk,stepping over the prone bodies.She had no sympathy for any of them here.They should have known better,than to accept a drink from a yakuza.Finding the hidden switch,she pressed it,and then headed over to the lift,awaiting it's return.

Takachi had now carried Sarah deep into the depths of the ship.He was pleased that this area of the ship was devoid of people.He could hear the deep throbbing of the 'Eastern Princess' engines,and began to look for a suitable spot to place the girl.He could hear Sarah slowly stirring back into recovery.

There were many thick wooden supports that were built into the floor,and into the ceiling,and he decided to put Sarah against one of them.He had also carried plenty of spare coils of white rope,and then forcing Sarah to stand upright against one of them,began to bind her securely to the support.He wound more coils around Sarah's chest,and her legs,firmly lashing her to the support.It only took him a few minutes to make sure the last knots were tight,and he stood back,checking his handiwork.

Takachi now noticed Sarah was now fully aware of her surroundings,and much to his delight,the girl did his checking for him.Sarah threw herself into a frenzy,frantically trying to free herself,her brown eyes still glaring fiercely at him over her tape gag.Takachi sneered back at his pretty hostage.

'Struggle all you want,Miss Jennings.'he smiled nastily at her,'I promise you,escape is impossible.'

After some more desperate struggling,Sarah had to admit he was right.She was bound and gagged securely,and also immobile.Her eyes then glanced around her,trying to see where he'd taken her.Sarah heard the engines running close by,and the area wasn't that well lit.She knew she was very deep within the bowels of the ship.How would anybody find her down here? Sarah thought fearfully.

More precisely,any part of her.Sarah's eyes went wider as she saw Takachi prepare some kind of bomb,which he placed next to her tied feet.She noticed the digital timer on it,and could only watch Takachi prepare it,securing it to the support.He decided on an hour,and set it so,hearing Sarah's frightened gagged sounds,as she saw it too.

Takachi rose up,and grinned with evil intent at her.

'We are beneath the waterline,my dear.Very deep down,I might add.'he was enjoying himself immensely,watching Sarah's defiant expression change to terror stricken.

'I wouldn't worry too much,my pretty,'Takachi went on,stroking her face again,that made Sarah's skin crawl,'if the bomb does explode,you won't feel a thing,but just to make it more interesting..'

Sarah's terror was still dominating her,as she watched Takachi prepare more timer bombs in the room with her.If they all exploded,she didn't have a chance.Her thoughts became more frantic for her brother to get here.She then noticed Takachi finish placing the bombs in the darkened room,and then walked towards her.She tried to back away from him,as he then showed her the detonator switch.

'Once I hit this switch,Miss Jennings,you'll be blown to smithereens,so I hope your hero brother will be sensible,and comply with my wishes.'Takachi's tone was utterly dark,showing Sarah what he was really like.

'Even if he does manage to save you from the bombs,he'll need to have something special planned,at what I'm planning for this ship.'

Sarah instantly knew what he was going to do.He was going to sink the ship!With her securely bound and gagged down here,there was no way she could warn John,or anybody else what was going to happen.

As if to confirm that,Takachi went on,'Quite right,my pretty.I've set the bombs to rupture the hull in the ship's most vunerable spots.The ship won't last long after that,and the sea will flood in here at a rapid speed.He'll hopefully perish here,whilst trying to save you.'

Sarah stared aghast at him.She tried to scream 'Murderer!' at him,but her gag was still highly effective.

Takachi however fully understood her eyes.Another sinister smile crossed his face,as he smoothed the tape more firmly over Sarah's mouth.Then,he lifted her chin,to plant an unwanted kiss on her gagged mouth.

'Goodbye,Miss Jennings,'Takachi chuckled,'hopefully,it won't be too long,before your brother attempts your rescue.'

Takachi then made to leave,but just then,he was caught completely by surprise,as Jennings came crashing into the room.His eyes found Sarah immediately,seeing her bound and gagged form tied to a support.Sarah too,was overwhelmed with relief,but Takachi recovered quickly,as he darted behind Sarah,and pulled out a sharp blade,holding it against Sarah's throat.Jennings froze.

Takachi was also pleased to see the Yamamoto girl with the Englishman.She looked shocked at what she was seeing.Jennings however,kept his eyes on Takachi.

'Let her go.'Jennings ordered sharply,he'd immediately raised the AK-47 weapon at Takachi,but the Japanese man was sly,as he made sure his head was behind the wooden support,thus denying Jennings the shot he needed.

This only made Takachi tighten the knife against Sarah's neck.His sister gave a frightened,but mumbled scream that made her brother stop in his tracks.

With a satisfied sneer,the Japanese man ordered,'Not another step,or I will slit your pretty sister's throat.'

This made Jennings rage inside,he swore to himself that he'd make this scumbag pay for what he'd done.Unfortunately,with Sarah held hostage,there wasn't anything he could do.

'Sarah,you okay?'Jennings felt stupid asking that,but he wanted to reassure his sister,and in fact,was relieved to see Sarah respond to him.She couldn't respond verbally to him,being gagged,but she did manage a small nod.Yet,with the sharp knife held at her throat,Sarah was paralysed with fear.

'Give it up,Takachi,'Jennings tried to reason with him,although he wasn't expecting anything.He knew that the yakuza wouldn't concede to anything,prefering death than to betray their own kind.Personally,Jennings didn't give a damn if they did do that.They were horrible people,intent on bullying and intimidating.He always thought the world was a better place without them.

'I don't think so,Jennings,'Takachi sneered from behind the support,still making sure the knife never left Sarah's neck.'You'll do as I say now.'

'What makes you think I will?' Jennings asked back evenly.

Suddenly,he heard Kieko give out a muffled gasp behind him.Spinning around to face the threat,he realised he was too late.Kim Yang was there,and she'd somehow sneaked up to the unsuspecting Kieko,and grabbed her.Her hand was held tight over Kieko's mouth,and now held her own gun at the gorgeous Japanese woman's temple.A wicked smile fully visible on Kim Yang's face.

Jennings clenched his fists in frustration.There was no way he could help either of the two girls at once.If he did try something,he risked putting them in harms way.

Recognising his enemies had the upper hand over him,Jennings slowly turned back to face Takachi's hiding figure behind his sister.

'Don't do anything stupid now,'Takachi was smiling in triumph,knowing the advantage was definitely in his favour.He still went on to coldly warn Jennings,'We have two very beautiful hostages,and I'm sure you wouldn't want us to hurt them now,would you?'

'You're right,'Jennings snapped,'I wouldn't.'

'Then you'll do precisely what we tell you.'Takachi's confidence was booming now,but he still kept a wary eye on Jennings,who was also watching him carefully.He then remembered the incident on the helicopter,with the Yamamoto girl.

'Drop the weapon.'Takachi ordered him,'carefully,or Miss Yamamoto will suffer from Miss Yang's attentions.'

To emphasise thye threat,Kim Yang tightened her hold on Kieko,who like Sarah,could only mumble,very frightened,being tightly gagged.

Jennings however,did obey,as he slowly lowered his weapon.

'Good,'Takachi then ordered him,'on your knees.'

Jennings instantly knew what he was going to do,but again,slowly obeyed.He didn't want the girls to get hurt.He did knnel down,but only on one knee.Tensing,he watched Takachi emerge from behind his sister,taking away the blade from Sarah's throat,much to her relief.

However,she and Kieko winced,as Takachi advanced on Jennings' kneeling figure,and hit him hard in the face.Yet,much to his annoyance,and great pain in his hand,he could see that although there was a trickle of blood coming from the Englishman's face,he hadn't made Jennings move an inch.The man was hardly affected.

Jennings gazed at his assailant in faint amusement,'That's the best you could do?'

Before Takachi could respond,Jennings suddenly lashed out,catching Takachi by surprise.He returned his own strike,with much more force,hitting the yakuza in the face again.Takachi went flying backwards,and landed in a heap next to Sarah.

Both men were just about to start fighting,when Kim Yang fired off a warning shot,before putting the gun snugly back into Kieko's neck.Jennings had to stop.

Furious at being beaten for a second time,Takachi rose.He glared at Jennings with utter hatred,before pointing at the bomb he'd placed next to Sarah's tied up form.

'Recognise this?'The nasty smile was mixed in with his hate filled face,'it will blow up your pretty sister,whenever I choose to do so.'

From his bomb disposal training,Jennings recognised it was a bomb.He had to get closer,to see if he could defuse it,but Takachi had now fully recovered.He grinned evilly at Sarah,as he gripped her chin again.Sarah kept mumbling fearfully at this monster,as she gazed desperately at her brother.Jennings could only stare helplessly back,caught between two girls he loved like mad,but could do nothing to help them.

Not yet,he swore to himself,angrily watching Takachi still holding his sister hostage,and from the yakuza's expression,Jennings knew he had something nasty in mind for him.

Chapter 15 to follow....