Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Zoe Saldana in Star Trek

I've got to admit I'm a huge fan of Zoe Saldana,but I can only recall one scene in the film:The Losers' where her character gets tied up.Not gagged sadly.

Obviously,Zoe plays Lieutenant Uhura in the new Star Trek films,and I was quite hopeful she would get a scene where the bad guys grab her and tie her up

No such luck.There has not been anything close to Zoe's character getting bound and gagged.Bitterly disappointing.

Perhaps if there's another offering in the pipeline,I'll sincerely hope it's a case of third time lucky.

Somehow though,I doubt it.:(

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Exit Wounds:Mission failure

Well,despite hunting high and low on the Internet,I've finally given up trying to find a picture of the extra woman bound and gagged in the film.

I had another look at the scene,and almost immediately decided it wasn't worth it.You don't really see her,and unfortunately,there is male interference.Bloody annoying.

I've now practically given up all hope,to see a scene in any of Steven Seagal's stuff.

Once again,you win some,you lose some.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Just a short,pathetic tale here.I didn't really think too much on this one.

Then again,I never do on any of my stories.


Deep Space:Somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy.

'Battle stations! Battle stations!'

The sharp voice of Louise Jennings cut through to all her bridge crew,but all expected it,given the circumstances.

Even though Louise was pleased to see her crew react immediately,she felt a deep sickening feeling inside her.

Sitting on her captain's chair on her ship:the 'Warrior',Louise was looking at the very familiar but also unwelcoming sight,of a Xilan warship.

Human contact with the Xilan hadn't been much,but Louise and all her crew knew both races were not friends.Indeed,there had been attacks launched on them by the Xilan,and Louise was determined to defend her ship against these humanoids.

Of course,she'd seen them in previous visual recordings,and privately,Louise's skin had crawled on seeing them.

They were indeed,humanoid,and very powerfully built in physique.Each Xilan had burning red eyes,with tentacles protruding from their torsos,giving the impression of a highly formidable opponent.

But what really made Louise's skin crawl,as well as all the other women serving with her,was seeing the Xilan's manhood.Not one of them bothered to  cover it,and they were huge organs.In fact,intelligence reports had confirmed the Xilan loved to capture human females,and many had been.This had filled Louise with dread,fully knowing what the Xilan would do to her,if she was captured.

Despite her fears on that,Louise had been given thiswas the mission Louise had been given;to find and return those missing women,and they had to go deep into Xilan territory to do it.

'Shields up,'Louise ordered her weapons officer;Sarah.Like Louise,Sarah was very pretty and both had raven jet black hair,but Sarah's was shoulder length compared to Louise's longer tresses.

Sarah still knew her job though,and had immediately obeyed her captain's order.

'Shields up,captain,'Sarah confirmed confidently,although inwardly,she was very nervous as she looked at the massive Xilan vessel filling the bridge viewscreen.

'Ready all weapon mounts,'Louise then ordered.'Target their engines.'

'Aye sir,'

Louise then pressed a communicator switch on her chair,which got her through to the heavily armed force of soldiers she had under her command.

A man's voice came back to her.Louise recognised the quiet tone of Major Philips.Philips was a hardened battle soldier,and Louise knew he and the rest of his force he commanded,would gladly give their lives to protect her and her crew.

'What's going on,captain?'

'Xilan vessel coming in to intercept,Major,'Louise's voice was grim.She could see the approaching Xilan ship totally dwarfed her own ship,and Sarah had previously told her the humanoids could easily blow them out of the sky.

But they hadn't,and Louise knew why.

The Xilan wanted her and all the other serving females on board her ship.

'I need your people to repel boarders,Major,'Louise went on to explain.'The Xilan are going to attempt to kidnap me and all the other girls here.'

'Understood,captain,'Philips clearly heard the small,but still nervous tone of Louise's voice as she said that.He was determined too,just like all his force,to protect Louise and everybody else from any threat.

Louise then thanked Philips,before she was then diverted to her communications officer.Her name was Cara:a gorgeous girl from Hawaii.Cara usually had a lovely smile on her face,but it was nowhere in sight at the moment.Louise didn't blame her.

'The Xilan vessel is hailing us,captain,'Cara's voice was also grim.She didn't want to see these humanoids.

Louise however,didn't really have a choice.At the back of her mind,she thought she might be able to stall their impending assault on her ship,but Louise also knew they were making this communication,so they could see their female prey.

Grimly,Louise tensed as she turned back to the viewscreen,ready to face the Xilan.

At seeing Louise's nod,Cara activated the incoming transmission,and the viewscreen changed to show several Xilan humanoids looking close at them all.

Much to her disgust,Louise could see the humanoids had deliberately chosen to stand in full view of them all,clearly showing their lower half of their bodies.Each of the humanoids manhoods,was firmly erect as they were clearly pleased by what they were seeing.

Clearly recognising the lustful smiles on all the Xilan that were looking at her,Louise still followed the correct protocol.

'I'm Captain Louise Jennings,in command of the Earth battle cruiser 'Warrior','her voice was respectful,but only just.

'I know who you are,Captain Wilson,'one of the Xilan spoke,his tone was full of menace.'I want you to lower your shields and deactivate your weapon systems.You have no chance against us.'

'I have no intention of doing what you want,'Louise's tone was equally brusque.'In fact,I know you and your people have been responsible for many of my people being abducted.I demand you take me their current location and release all of my people immediately.'

On the Xilan command area,all of the humanoids were eagerly eyeing each human female on the Earth vessel.They were pleased by what they saw,as each of the human female's uniforms they wore,fully excited the Xilan lust.They knew they'd seized many human females,who were wearing the same type of uniform these girls were wearing.It made their manhoods massively erect,and they looked forward to seizing more of them.

The Xilan that had demanded Louise's surrender,was the commander.He had already decided he would take this pretty human female for himself,but he sensed there would be resistance.

No matter,he curtly dismissed that aside.He knew he would get his hands on whatever he wanted.

'Then you leave me no alternative,Captain,'the Xilan commander spoke matter of fact now.Louise and all her bridge crew were horrified,when they heard him say:'Fire!'

Despite her loathing of the Xilans leering looks at her,Louise had instantly responded to the threat,as her ship was violently buffeted by the Xilan weapons now firing at her.Everybody on the bridge fought to keep their balance.

Alarms began to sound throughout the bridge,and they echoed throughout the whole of the 'Warrior'

'Shields down seventy per cent,captain,'this came from her operations officer:Konnie,another highly attractive young woman,who came from Pakistan.Louise clearly heard the worry in Konnie's voice.

'Evasive manoeuvres!'Louise ordered.'Return fire!'

Sarah immediately activated controls,and all of the bridge crew could see their weapons striking the Xilan vessel,but this only made things worse for them.

Next instant,the Xilan opened up another barrage,and the 'Warrior' shook more violently under the impact.Some of the bridge consoles began to explode,injuring some of Louise's crew.

'Medical teams to the bridge.' Louise immediately ordered,before she turned to Sarah.

'Status of shields?'

The look of despair and fear was fully evident on Sarah's face,although she still answered calmly.

'Shields down,captain.'

The next thing everybody felt,was a massive pulling effect.Louise knew what was happening.The Xilan were pulling them in with a tractor beam.She knew their only hope was now Major Philips and his soldiers to save them.

Helpless,Louise could only watch her ship being pulled in closer,and she could see they were heading towards one of the massive Xilan landing bays.The 'Warrior' could easily fit inside,with plenty of room to spare.

As the distance decreased between the two ships,Louise couldn't help but say a silent prayer to get out of this.


As the battle klaxon echoed throughout the 'Warrior',Major Philips was directing his people towards the vital areas of the ship,as he knew these would be prime targets for any hostile boarding party.

Philips put people into the engineering,the armoury and of course,protecting the bridge.He'd heard about the Xilan before,and knew they would want to capture the women.Just like everybody else under his command here,Philips was determined to stop them.

Just like everybody else,Philips felt the effect of a tractor beam on the 'Warrior',and he knew contact with the hostile Xilan wasn't far off.

Fortunately,Philips and a few of his people had met the Xilan before,and they knew what to do.

More to follow..

Some help,please..

Can anybody please provide me with a link,to the Major Johns index page? I can get onto the website,but there's really nothing there now.I knew they had a 'browse the collection' link,but it's not there anymore.

Bad news,I guess.

I hope somebody can help though.

Many thanks..

Looks like nobody wants to help...sigh

Monday, 2 September 2013

More added on:Freedom of the Press

I finally managed to add just a tad on this story.Not much,just a few lines,but I'll finally get to it,just like all the other unfinished ones.