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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Trouble in Hong Kong. Chapter Two

Jane had completed the first part of her studies.It had been a busy day here at the college,but Jane felt things were proceeding well.Even though she still had the unsettling memory,of that interview with Admiral Hunter in her.But it was now,at the back of her mind.

Damn her.Jane still felt some resentment,at not being given a destroyer posting.Why the hell hadn't she'd been given one? She was sure there were vacancies,but Jane had to accept the admiral's decision.

Still,it was only for six months.she thought,and it would be another skill under her belt.So perhaps,it may prove to be a good move after all.

It was now her lunch break,and Jane was now making her way towards the restaurant,that Sarah had told her about.The place was located near Hong Kong harbour,and Jane was looking forward to it.Aside from having a good meal,she was looking forward to seeing Sarah again.

When Jane reached the harbour,she spotted the restaurant immediately.It was precisely where Sarah had said it would be,and Jane could see the interior.It looked very busy,but Jane's attention,was on the man standing outside the restaurant's entrance.

He was a tall man,and was obviously English.Jane recognised that immediately.He too,was serving in the military,but unlike Jane's smart uniform,this man wore combat fatigues,of the British army.There were of course,no weapons visible on him,but Jane noticed he was a very powerful man.He looked as if he could handle himself,even without the need for weapons.He really did look tough,and capable.

At the moment,his eyes had now locked onto her,and Jane could see he recognised her.As she got closer to him,Jane suddenly knew,that this was Sarah's brother.Both of them had the same face,and Jane noticed his eyes too,were warm.No doubt Sarah had told him,that she was expected.

As Jane walked up to him,she was relieved to see him,give her a warm,welcoming smile.

'Miss Griffiths?'his voice was actually quite gentle,as he then offered his hand to her.'I'm John Jennings.Sarah's brother.'

'Hello John.'Jane returned his smile,and accepted his hand.Both exchanged a warm,sincere handshake.Jane liked him.'It's nice to meet you.'

She then glanced over his shoulder,into the restaurant.

'Is Sarah here?'she asked him.

'Yes,she is.'Jennings nodded.'she's actually holding our table for us.'He then offered his arm to her.'Shall we?'

Jane looked again into the restaurant.The place was really busy,and there appeared to be some tough looking characters inside.

'Sarah's in there,on her own?'Jane asked him.

Jennings noticed the concern in her voice,and smiled reassuringly.

'Don't worry.I wouldn't leave my little sister like that.She's got her bodyguard with her.'

He then offered his arm again to Jane,and she took it.Jennings opened the door,and they walked in together.Just as Jennings closed the restaurant entrance,he suddenly spotted a lone Chinese man,jerk out of his sight.His eyes narrowed at this,but he made no comment,as he led Jane in.

Jane however,had seen him hesitate.

'What's wrong?'she asked him,concerned.

'Oh,nothing.'Jennings didn't want to alarm her.'I just thought I'd saw something,that's all.'


Jennings smiled warmly again at her,in reassurance.

'Don't worry about it,Jane.Come on.Sarah wants to know how you got on.'

He led her deeper into the restaurant,and there were indeed,many tough looking characters inside.However,there were no problems,as Jennings easily led Jane to the table,where Sarah and another man sat.The table was set by the window,but Jane suddenly realised what Jennings had said,about Sarah having a bodyguard.The man sitting opposite her,was dark skinned,and bulging with power.Her eyes widened slightly at this,but Sarah had seen that,and stood up in greeting.She smiled at Jane,and this made her feel at ease.

'Hello,Jane.'Sarah then embraced her,giving her a friendly kiss which Jane liked.'How are you?'

'I'm okay,Sarah.'Jane replied,although she still couldn't take her eyes off the man,who sat opposite Sarah,who noticed it.

'Oh,this is Monty,Jane.'Sarah introduced him.'he's a really good friend of ours.'

The man known as Monty rose.Jane's eyes widened even more,seeing his height.He was even taller than Jennings,who was over six foot himself.Like Jennings,he was also dressed in British army combat fatigues.When he stood up to greet Jane,the space widened between themselves,and the nearby patrons.

'I'm pleased to meet you,Jane.'his voice was also gentle,and he offered his hand in greeting to her.'My proper name's Montgomery,but please,call me Monty.'

Jane took his hand,and smiled up at him.She felt as if she was on tiptoe.

'Hello.'her voice shook slightly,even though there was nothing to worry about.Jane glanced back at Sarah's brother and Montgomery,and she knew these two men,were a match for anything thrown at them.Although she didn't know them as yet,Jane was glad they were here.She then turned to Jennings,still keeping a tight hold on his arm.

'I can see why you said Sarah's got a bodyguard.'she grinned at him.

'Well,I'm not going to let my little sister,fall into the bad guys clutches,am I?'Jennings grinned back.

He then motioned for Sarah to sit back down,and then gestured for Jane to sit next to her.She did so,and Montgomery moved his position,so Jennings could sit opposite Sarah.Their table was by the window,and they could see the harbour's busy schedule,as many ships passed them by.But none of them were really interested in that.It was the food.This was a favourite eating place,for Sarah and her brother.They came here frequently,and had made a lot of friends here.

As they asked for their orders,Jennings glanced outside the window.It looked like he was just giving a curious look,to see what was going on outside.The harbour itself,was doing it's usual,hectic day,but Jennings hadn't forgotten what he'd seen earlier.He was now on full alert.

With their orders taken,and reassurances that they wouldn't wait long for the food,Sarah turned to Jane,asking;

'So how did the interview go then,Jane?'

The reaction on Jane's face said it all.Her face grimaced in bitter distaste,thinking back to that interview.

'Oh,I hated her.'Jane spoke that,with a hint of contempt for the admiral.'She made my skin crawl,and I didn't even get the destroyer posting.'

'You're joking.'Sarah's face was full of disbelief.She had a good knowledge of assigning people,to their postings where their skills were needed.Something didn't sound right here.

'I'm afraid not.'Jane told her glumly.'she stuck me on MTB duty,here in Hong Kong.'

'MTB's?'There was even more disbelief on Sarah's face now.'Last time I heard,the destroyers were crying out for new people.'

'It's okay.'Jane shrugged her shoulders in resigned,but accepted defeat.She didn't want to get her new found friends depressed,before she continued.'I'm only here for six months,and she did tell me it would be good experience.After that,I may be lucky.'

'You know what boat you'll be on,Jane?'Jennings then asked her.

'No,not yet.'Jane admitted.'The admiral ordered me to report to harbour bay twelve.I'll meet the crew there.'

Sarah could still see the disappointment in Jane's eyes,and she did sound a tad nervous.

'I'll come along with you,if you want.'Sarah offered to her.

Jane fully appreciated Sarah's gesture,and responded.'I really don't want to make any trouble for you,Sarah.'

'Don't be silly.'Sarah scolded her,but gently.'I don't mind.'

Sarah then saw her brother looking out the window.She'd been watching him out of the corner of her eye,and she too,glanced outside too.However,Sarah didn't see anything amiss..Only the harbour's daily routine,but she could see her brother was clearly troubled by something.

'John?'Sarah touched his arm gently.

This made Jennings turn back,to face his sister's concerned face.

'Yes?'he asked,showing no sign of any worry,but Sarah knew her brother.She trusted him implicitly.If something was wrong,he'd know.

'What's the matter,John? Why are you looking out there all the time?'

'Sorry.'Jennings didn't want to set any alarm bells ringing,and turned back to the table,just as their food was served,saving him from any more questions Sarah was going to ask him.However,he knew there was trouble afoot,and he glanced at Montgomery.His best friend recognised his eyes,and nodded discreetly.They'd both deal with it,when the time came.


The Chinese man who'd ducked sharply out of Jennings' sight,was still carefully observing them through a pair of binoculars.He had watched the English girl enter the restaurant,with the Englishman waiting outside for her.He then watched the man lead her to a table by the window,and there was another young,and very pretty Royal Navy girl waiting for them.With the girl,was another man,who looked very powerful indeed.The man had admitted to himself,that both these men looked very tough and capable.He certainly didn't want to take these two men,in an unarmed fight.

No matter.the man thought slyly.they would be dealt with in due course.It was the girl,that his superior was interested in.Perhaps the second girl may be added.Yes,he liked the sound of that.

Quickly checking that he was still hidden from the restaurant's view,he pulled out a mobile phone,and dialled a number,that would let him speak to his boss.

'Yes?' a man's voice answered him sharply.'report.'

'Mister Lo?'the man then promptly obeyed Lo's wish.'The Griffiths girl has gone into a restaurant by the harbour.She's met some people there.Two men,and another navy girl.'

'Another girl?'This time,Lo's voice sounded pleased.'Let me see her.Take a picture.Now.'

Recognising the demand in his superiors tone,the man then activated the camera on his mobile,and after aiming it at Sarah,took a couple of pictures.He then sent them straight over to Lo,who received them after a short wait.

'Very nice.'Lo's voice was now filled with pleasure.'I think she may prove an unexpected bonus.Both of them will be.'He was referring to the girls,before he then asked.'Who are the Western men?'

'Not known yet,Mister Lo.'his employee admitted.

'Then find out,you moron.'Lo's voice had now reverted to being sharp.'I think these two,may prove troublesome.'

'Yes,sir.'the man hastily responded.'I'll find out.'

'You'd better,and get some extra men in.They look very tough.Just make sure you keep your eyes,on those two girls.'Lo paused for a moment,before he added menacingly.'Do you understand?'

Before the man could confirm his understand,the call was abruptly ended.This time,there was now menace visible on the man's face,as he turned to look at his targets.

The boss is right,he thought,still looking at Jennings and Montgomery's powerful forms.Better get more men,as he dialled another number on his mobile.


Inside the restaurant,Sarah and Jane had finished eating their meal,and were now relaxing with a drink.Jennings and Montgomery had also completed their meal,but Montgomery was still well aware,of his friend's earlier concern,and was wondering what the problem was.For the moment,Jennings didn't reveal anything,but Montgomery knew he would.

Sarah turned to see Jane's contented face.She'd watched her eat everything on her plate.

'You really enjoyed that,didn't you?'Sarah asked her.

'It was great.'Jane nodded,confirming this.She'd demolished the meal,and was now feeling a lot better,in the company of Sarah and the two men.The interview with Admiral Hunter,was already a fading memory,and she was glad her new found friends,had made it so.

Jane then glanced at her watch,and realised it was time to go.She reluctantly told them this,but Sarah noticed her disappointment,and stood up,offering her arm to Jane.

'Let's go then.'she smiled,not forgetting her earlier promise to accompany her,to her next assignment.

Jane gratefully accepted Sarah's arm,and together,they left the restaurant.After paying the bill,Jennings too,followed.Montgomery right with him.

As they walked through the busy docks,Sarah asked where Jane needed to be.

'Harbour bay 12.'Jane answered,pointing towards the relevant area.All of them could see,that it was a fair walking distance,and Jane mentioned it.

'It's right on the other side of the port.'Jane then thought of that,and turned to Jennings and Montgomery behind her,giving them both,a warm smile,especially at Jennings.Jane really liked him.

'I'll be okay.'she continued.'Thank you for inviting me to lunch.I loved it.'

'No problem.'Jennings returned her smile,although inside,he was still feeling tense and alert.He then glanced at his sister.'You'll be okay,Sarah?'

'He's still my bodyguard.'Sarah grinned at Jane,before she stepped up to him,and kissed him on the cheek.'I'll be fine,John.Don't worry.I'll just make sure Jane gets there.'

Sarah kissed Montgomery's cheek too,although the man had to bend down to let her do so.Sarah had to strain on her tiptoes to reach him.She then watched Jane do the same,clearly seeing the affectionate kiss for her brother.Sarah just smiled pleasantly at this,knowing John was well liked by the girls.

'I'll see you later,John.'Sarah bade him farewell,and with a friendly wave,she and Jane headed over towards the far side of the harbour.

Jennings watched them go.He still had that tense,uneasy feeling,and Montgomery was finally able to ask him.'What's wrong?'

Jennings glanced at his friend,and told him.

'I saw somebody watching Jane,Monty.'There was worry in his tone.'He ducked out of sight from me,but I saw him watching her.No doubt about it.'


'A Chinese man,but I don't know why he was doing it.'Jennings then went on.'One thing I do know though.The girls may need our help.'

Montgomery believed him.He and Jennings trusted each other with their lives,having fought many battles together.If one of them suspected anything was up,they both believed each other.

'What do you want to do?'Montgomery asked.'Shall we try and find that bloke?'

Jennings rejected that idea immediately.The harbour was a big place,and there were a million places to hide.He knew that unless they were both lucky to bump into him,they'd never find that man.

Fortunately though,Jennings did have an idea.

'No,we'd be wasting our time,Monty.Let's go visit a friend.'Jennings grinned.'She might be able to help us.'

'Who's that?'

'Somebody I helped a while ago.'Jennings was now thinking of Angela Lee.He remembered Angela had utterly devoted her friendship to him,having rescued her from Kim Yang's ruthless clutches.Angela had told him,that if he needed anything,she'd be there for him.

Giving a final glance at Sarah and Jane's receding figures,he could now see the area they were heading for.There was a single MTB just visible,and Jennings took out a pair of binoculars,and the boat's crew were now visible to him.Much to his faint surprise and suspicion,Jennings noticed the MTB's crew,were all Chinese.They all looked a tough bunch,and there was also a Chinese woman there too.Jennings recognised her rank,and noticed she was the captain.She didn't look very friendly though.In fact,Jennings clearly saw an evil gleam in her eyes,But all of the crew,were dressed in Royal Navy uniform,and appeared highly disciplined and extremely efficient.

Maybe I'm wrong.Jennings thought to himself,but this doubt only lasted a moment.Protecting Sarah was his life's mission,and he was fully prepared to give it up,should the need arise.

'We'll have to find out that boat's patrol route.'Jennings told Montgomery.

'Don't worry.'Montgomery reassured.'We will.'

With that said,both of them left the harbour,but as they did so,they were still being observed,by unfriendly eyes.


Sarah and Jane had finally reached harbour bay 12,and were now looking at MTB 16.The boat was smartly polished,and looked very sleek and powerful.The small craft still lay moored up,but this didn't stop the boat's crew,who were all preparing their vessel for another harbour patrol.It was then,that Sarah and Jane noticed the crew.All of them were Chinese,and despite being slightly puzzled by this,they did see all of the men,wearing the white Royal Navy uniform.Even so,they were still puzzled by the sight of no English men aboard.

Well,we are in Hong Kong.Sarah admitted to herself.She knew many of the Chinese naval people,who helped to patrol these waters,and they all did a great job,but just like Jane,she was still somewhat baffled.

Before they could make any queries on this,Sarah and Jane suddenly noticed a woman,now emerging out from the boat's interior.Just like the crew,she too,was Chinese,and also wore the Royal Navy uniform.Her shoulder rank lapels,identified her as the captain,although both Sarah and Jane could also see Chinese naval markings,fully visible on her shirt.Her gaze now fell onto the two girls,now standing on the pier,and just for a moment,Sarah thought she detected a sinister gleam,just visible in the woman's eyes.Jane too,had spotted it,and inwardly,both girls shivered.

Despite that,both Sarah and Jane knew this woman was their superior officer,and they both snapped to attention.They both gave a smart salute too.

'Lieutenant Jane Griffiths reporting for duty,ma'am.'Jane announced herself,and handed over some duty orders Admiral Hunter had given to her earlier.

The female captain returned their salute,and accepted the papers.She scanned them for a few moments,before she then turned her attention to Sarah.

'And you are?'The captain asked her,speaking fluent English,but she was definitely Chinese.Sarah picked up her Cantonese tone.

'Lieutenant Sarah Jennings,ma'am.'Sarah quickly replied.

'I see,and what are you doing here,Lieutenant?'

'Just making sure my friend here,reached this place safely,ma'am.'

'I see.Very noble of you.'The sinister expression had vanished from the captain's face.She seemed rather pleased,but Sarah could still detect something was up.The captain's eyes told her this.She didn't like it,but then the captain asked her;

'I take it you wish to accompany us,Lieutenant Jennings?'

The captain was pleased to see Sarah's face taken aback at this.How did she know that?Sarah wondered,but again,she responded quickly.

'If it's not to much trouble,ma'am.'Sarah answered her carefully.

'No trouble at all,my dear.'The captain told her reassuringly.'We're actually one crew member down,so you're more than welcome to join us.'

She then gestured for them to come on board.and she also barked another curt order,instructing two of the crew to assist the girls.Both men did so,and although still slightly nervous,Sarah and Jane accepted.

As they were helped on board,the two girls noticed the admiring,yet also,leering looks some of the crew were giving them.They were used to this kind of thing,but again,the Chinese woman gave another sharp order in Cantonese,and the looks stopped immediately.Both girls then followed the woman,into the boat's interior.

The captain led them into her own personal quarters.Despite the small size of the vessel,there was still plenty of room here.A small bar was the first place the captain went to.She took out three small glasses,and then produced a bottle of rum.Pouring a generous measure into each glass,she handed Sarah and Jane a glass each.Both girls accepted gratefully.The captain then raised her own glass to them.

'Welcome aboard MTB 16,ladies.'the captain formally greeted them.'I hope you'll have a rewarding time,here with us.'

'Thank you,captain.'Sarah and Jane acknowledged her in unison,before the captain allowed them to drink first.The two girls did so,finishing it in one swallow.The captain did the same,before she then introduced herself.

'I'm Captain Lin,commanding officer of MTB 16.I'm looking forward to working with you.'

Sarah hadn't forgotten seeing the Chinese military markings,and then asked Lin about it.

'You're not from the Royal Navy,are you,captain?'

Lin's eyes looked at Sarah fully in the face.She'd been told about this one,by the admiral.Very pretty,but very smart.Lin was pleased to see this.

'Quite right,my dear.'She responded pleasantly to Sarah's slightly suspicious query.'I'm actually a member,of the People's Republic naval force of China.But I'm here by special request,on orders from my superiors,and one of your own high ranking officers.They have given me the honour,of commanding MTB 16.'

Captain Lin was still seeing the doubtful expression,on Sarah's face.This made her smile,which actually made both girls uneasy again.

'You find it unusual,that a Chinese officer is in command,of a Royal Navy vessel?'Lin's smile increased.'I can assure you,that everything is in order.If you doubt my word,please feel free to contact your Admiral Hunter.She has given her full approval on this,and will no doubt,satisfy your concerns.'

This was the last thing Sarah and Jane wanted,but Sarah knew something was very wrong here.She had never heard,of any Chinese crew,now running a Royal Navy MTB.Sarah's knowledge of naval intelligence,was really good.She knew that her people and the Chinese,did do exchanges in laison officers,promoting goodwill.However,Sarah had never heard of anything like this.She was still smelling a rat,but then Jane suddenly spoke.

'No,captain.'There was a distinct touch of fear,in Jane's voice.She clearly didn't want to see Admiral Hunter again.'That won't be necessary.'

'Very good.'Lin nodded her approval.'I know Admiral Hunter is quite keen,to make this work.She's assured me,that there will be many benefits,to both our forces.That is,if you're willing to contribute?'

'Yes,captain.'Jane agreed.She then became aware,that Sarah hadn't responded,and promptly nudged her.Sarah's suspicious silence ended,as she too agreed.

'Of course,captain.'Sarah kept the peace,but she was determined to look into this,once she returned from this patrol.

'Where do you need me,captain?'Sarah asked.

'We need somebody on the radio.'Lin told her.'If you will make your way there now,please.'Her eyes looked behind them.'Mr Yang will show you the radio room.'

Both Sarah and Jane turned to look behind them,and nearly jumped out of their skins,seeing one of the male crew,standing behind them.His entry had been totally silent,and it really unnerved both girls.His own expression,wasn't encouraging either,but he looked at Sarah,and then gestured with his arm,indicating for her to follow him.

'I'm sure you'll be an excellent asset to us,Miss Jennings.'Captain Lin's voice was more pleased.'I'm very glad,to have you on board.'

Sarah clearly detected the sinister tone,and this more than confirmed her suspicions,that there was something fishy going on here.She couldn't help,but give a defiant glare at the Chinese woman,but it was only for a moment.Sarah then saluted Lin,and told Jane she'd see her later,before she followed Mr Yang out.

As Sarah left Lin's room,Jane could see Lin looking admiringly,at Sarah's retreating back.There was also lust visible,and Jane was clearly taken aback by this,but then,Lin's gaze settled back onto her.

'Your friend is very pretty,Miss Griffiths.'Lin complimented.'Just like you,my dear.'

Jane blushed at this,just as she'd done so,when Admiral Hunter had told her exactly the same,in the interview earlier.

'Thank you,ma'am.'Jane replied respectfully,before she then asked Lin.'Can you tell me,what my duties will be,captain,please?'

'You will accompany me to the bridge,and you will follow my orders to the letter.'The sharp tone had now returned in Lin's voice.'Do I make myself clear,Lieutenant?'

'Perfectly,captain.'Jane just stopped herself snapping back,and was thinking this was a bad start,but then,she noticed Lin relax her tone.

'Don't worry,my dear.'The Chinese woman gave Jane,a reassuring smile.'I'm sure you'll fit in perfectly here,just as Miss Jennings will.'

Jane sincerely hoped so.She was still gutted at Admiral Hunter's decision,not allowing her that destroyer posting.However,if she had to serve six months on this boat to get it,then so be it.Jane hoped to make a good impression,and then she watched Lin make her way out of her room.

'Follow me,please.'Lin's tone was now polite.

Jane promptly did so,and followed Lin out onto the bridge.The bridge officers here,were waiting patiently for their captain's next orders.Jane could see,that everything was normal,but she was still baffled.Why was there no British crew here? Only she and Sarah,representing the Royal Navy on this boat.What was going on?She was beginning to agree with Sarah,but didn't have a clue,as to what it was.

'Prepare to cast off!'Lin commanded sharply.

In record time,this was done,and then,Lin ordered the engines started.There was an immediate,powerful roar,which deafened Sarah and Jane.However,Lin oversaw the casting off,and there were no problems.Her crew were very efficient,and as soon as the boat was free from its mooring bay,the boat's pilot guided the vessel,out into Hong Kong harbour.

Lin made sure they stayed well clear,of any shipping traffic,and there was plenty of it.Hong Kong harbour,was one of the busiest ports in the world,and it took high skill to ease a small boat through here.

Fortunately,the Chinese crew were highly experienced sailors.They all knew these waters well,and there were no problems.It was then,that Lin ordered one of the crew,to bring her a chart.When this was done,she then ordered the chart spread out,and called Jane over.She too,knew these waters like the back of her hand,and she showed Jane a section of the sea on it.

'This is our patrol duty,Miss Griffiths.'Lin explained to her.'We regularly check out a lot of shipping traffic,that may need investigating.Smuggling's quite common,so we have to deal with a lot of stolen goods.'

'What kind of smuggling,captain?'Jane was curious.'You mean something like diamonds?'

'That is a possibility.'Lin admitted,'but I'm afraid it's a much more,sinister type of smuggling,my dear.People being smuggled,to be precise.'

Jane suddenly detected something in the woman's voice.This puzzled her,and it gave Jane the impression,that the Chinese woman knew more,that what she was actually telling.

'You mean people trying to escape,from the mainland,captain?'Jane had seen many news reports,on many Chinese people desperately trying to flee mainland China,hoping for a better life.Jane didn't know how many succeeded,but she did know many died in the attempt.

'No,my dear.'Lin was now smiling.'Nobody I've caught,has ever escaped.'She spoke that,with a hint of relish,making Jane glance curiously at her.The English girl was just going to ask her what she meant,but then Lin ordered Jane to pick up a pair of binoculars close by.

'I want you to keep a sharp lookout here.'The captain ordered her.'Admiral Hunter's provided me with excellent intelligence,so we'll be expecting something soon.'

'Yes,ma'am.'Jane acknowledged her,and picked up the binoculars,obeying her orders.She was very hopeful of some excitement.

A couple of hours later,Sarah and Jane were bored stiff.The initial excitement of the patrol,had now died.Jane hadn't seen anything remotely suspicious,and Sarah in the radio room,was now fed up from listening to the same,but extremely boring,shipping radio traffic.Both girls were now eager to return to port,and walk on dry land again.

Sitting in front of the radio set,Sarah held one ear piece of the headset to her ear.There hadn't been anything worth recording down,although Sarah kept mentally alert.She still hadn't forgotten her suspicions here,but at the same time,she was hoping something exciting would happen.Sadly though,nothing new was coming through,but the same boring messages.

Suddenly,Sarah jerked up in her seat,hearing something new in her ear.She listened intently for a few moments,before recognising it as an S.O.S message.It was repeating itself,and whoever was sending it,was doing so frantically.This made Sarah tap out an acknowledgment,and she hurriedly scribbled the message,as well as the position onto a notepad.Once she'd done that,Sarah tore the strip of paper off,and turned to a nearby crewman.

'For the captain.'Sarah told him urgently,handing him the paper.'Immediate priority one.S.O.S.'

The man nodded his understanding,and quickly left to hand his captain the message.Sarah then returned to sending out reassuring messages,to the ship's radio operator,that help was coming.Within moments,Captain Lin appeared by Sarah's side.

'What's their situation,Miss Jennings?'The captain asked her.

'They say they're sinking rapidly,Captain.'Sarah answered,with what she'd heard from the frantic radio messages.They were still being sent out to her.'They've hit a reef,and are going down by the bow.'

'What kind of vessel?'

'Large sail rigger,ma'am.'Sarah had asked them that.'They do have power to their pumps,but they're saying they're going down fast.'

'Keep talking to them.Tell then help is on the way.'

With that,Lin headed back up to the bridge,and immediately ordered a course change.She also ordered maximum power to the engines,and MTB 16 raced through the calm sea.

It didn't take them long to reach the co-ordinates,that Sarah had written down for them.Everybody on the bridge,could now see a ship come into view.It was a large sailing vessel,but strangely,it didn't look as if it was in trouble.

On the bridge,Jane was scanning the ship through her binoculars,and she could now see the boat's crew.However,Jane suddenly got an uneasy feeling.There was something odd she noticed,and that was seeing the crew of the boat,not wearing any life vests.They were also making no attempt,to abandon their vessel.

There was also something else.Jane could see a lot of the crew,were carrying something,but they were still to far back,for her to discern the objects.

'Captain.'Jane lowered the binoculars,and her face was worried,as she turned to Lin.'Something's not right.'

'We'll check it out.'Lin's voice was confident.'Take us around them,and let's see how bad it is.'

As MTB 16 raced towards them,Sarah was also looking out,at the seemingly stricken vessel.She too,could now see the boat's crew,and as their own boat got closer,Sarah could see the crew,were all tough looking men.However,just like Jane,Sarah sensed trouble here.The crew on the boat weren't acting,as if their ship was sinking.All of the men,were just standing there,and for a second,Sarah thought they were waiting to jump on board,instead of jumping into the sea.

Suddenly,Sarah spotted something,that made her eyes widen in alarm.They were carrying guns!

For a few moments,Sarah stood in utter disbelief,before she finally managed to race back to the radio.She was just about to send a message for help,when suddenly,a strong hand clamped tight over her mouth,and her arms were trapped behind her.Sarah's eyes bulged in terror,as she felt a cotton wool pad,being pressed firmly over her mouth.It was then,that Sarah recognised the smell of chloroform.Desperately,she tried to break free from her captor's grip,but it was useless.Within a few moments,her frantic mumbles faded,as the chloroform overwhelmed Sarah,and she sagged into darkness.

Satisfied the girl was out cold,the man behind Sarah's slumped form,gently removed the chloroform soaked,cotton wool pad from Sarah's mouth.As soon as he'd done so,the man made a telephone call to the bridge.He made sure it wasn't Jane he spoke to,but another one of the crew up there.The man then informed,that he had Sarah,and after listening to his orders,he acknowledged them,before hanging up.

Seconds later,another man appeared,carrying several coils of strong white rope.They both grinned at each other,knowing what they were going to do.

'The captain wants us,to make sure we tie her up tightly,just like all the others.'The man carrying the ropes,told his accomplice.

'Tell the captain not to worry.'his accomplice responded confidently.'We'll make sure this pretty thing won't get away.'

He stroked Sarah's hair,and got excited,hoping to have some fun with her,but a sharp word from the other crewman stopped him.Instead,he gently lifted Sarah's prone form,and laid her gently out on the floor,face down.He then pulled Sarah's unresisting wrists nehind her back,and crossed them.Then,he was given several lengths of rope by the other crewman,and he started skillfully,to wind the ropes over Sarah's wrists.His colleague tied Sarah's ankles together,and both men grinned at each other as they did so.They had plenty of rope,and were going to make sure they used a lot of it.


On the bridge,Jane's suspicions were confirmed,as she could now finally see the men on the other boat.They were all holding guns,and she also spotted the grins on their faces.It was obviously a trap!This made Jane turn around,wanting to warn Captain Lin and her crew,when she froze.

Captain Lin with her bridge crew,were all grinning too,and they were also holding weapons.Every one of them,was aimed unwaveringly at Jane.

'Wh-what's going on?'Jane finally managed to blurt out.The fear fully evident in her voice.

'Keep perfectly still,my pretty.'Captain Lin spoke with relish,but it was also a menacing warning.'Admiral Hunter was very anxious to have you in her pocession,and I fully intend to deliver you to her.'

She then gestured sharply,at one of her crew.'Tie her up.'

Jane suddenly felt her arms yanked behind her,making her gasp in fear.She then felt rope being snaked over her wrists,and she was unable to resist.Within a couple of minutes,Jane's hands were tightly tied behind her.Then,she gasped again in fear,as she was forced down onto her knees.Instantly,Jane now saw more loops of rope,being wound over her upper body.She tried to struggle,but her captors were taking no chances.There were four horizontal loops tied above,and under her chest,impressing her breasts even more.She noticed all the crew enjoying that particular sight,but Jane didn't.Her arms were now trapped behind her,and the ropes were tied very tight.

'Why are you doing this?'Jane still struggled vainly,and asking Lin fearfully.'What's happening?'

'Oh,it's really quite simple,my dear.'Captain Lin chuckled.'You remember the smuggling problem,I mentioned to you earlier? That is my true occupation.You see,Miss Griffiths,we abduct and smuggle very pretty girls like you,and of course,Miss Jennings.There's going to be,some very interested people,who want to look at you,especially Miss Jennings.I have a very interested client,who's very keen to see her again.'

Jane suddenly realised they'd grab Sarah!She opened her mouth,to yell out a warning to her friend,but her kidnappers had easily anticipated her reaction.Lin and her crew,had seen it so many times before.The captain enjoyed the sight,as the crewman who'd just bound Jane,now ruthlessly clamped his hand over the girl's mouth.Jane's eyes were huge over the hand gag.She desperately tried to scream,but obviously couldn't,and in the end,she slumped in utter despair.

Pleased at seeing Jane now firmly in her clutches,Lin then ordered one of her bridge crew.'Bring the other girl up.'

As the man left the bridge,a sickening feeling was in Jane.She realised she'd been a complete fool,allowing Sarah to accompany her.Now,they were both kidnapped,and from what this horrible Chinese woman was saying to them,it looked as if they were going to held for ransom,by the admiral.If she ever got out of this,Jane would make sure,that Admiral Hunter would pay dearly for this.

Suddenly,Lin's sharp voice cut into her worried thoughts,with an order that made her squeal in fright,behind the man's hand.

'Put a gag over Miss Griffiths pretty mouth,and make sure you tie it tight.'The Chinese woman smirked.

The crewman she'd just ordered,now approached Jane.He was holding what appeared to be,two strips of black cloth.He moved behind her,to stand next to the crewman handgagging Jane.The man nodded at him to release his hand,and he did so.Jane gasped in air gratefully,but if she still harboured hopes,of raising the alarm to Sarah,her hopes were instantly crushed.With lightning speed,her chin was seized,and her head was forced up by the man holding the cloths.He had already balled up one of the strips,and roughly forced it into Jane's mouth.This made Jane,make more frantic mumbling,and before she could try to push the cloth out,the man then folded the second cloth over her mouth,tying the back end tightly,which kept Jane effectively gagged.

Once satisfied with his handiwork,the man then wrapped his arm tightly around Jane's waist,and roughly hauled her up to her feet.Then,Lin approached her,almost standing nose to nose with Jane.

'I'm afraid your efforts to warn Miss Jennings,were a waste of time,my dear.'Lin was enjoying Jane's shocked,and frightened face.'I really must congratulate you though,bringing Miss Jennings here.She was such a difficult prize to acquire,but you really did give us an unexpected bonus,by agreeing to her wishes.'

She then used her gun,to tilt Jane's chin up.Now,there was utter menace in the Chinese woman's eyes,as she continued,scaring Jane even more.

'I'm going to give you to Admiral Hunter,whilst Miss Jennings will serve another.Once you've been ravished by the admiral to her heart's content,she's going to sell you to the highest bidder,and you're going to make us very rich indeed,my dear.'

Lin was pleased to see the terror dominating Jane's eyes,and still enjoyed hearing her frantic,but barely inaudible mumbles.Just then,she and everybody saw the man she'd ordered earlier,now bringing Sarah to the bridge.Jane could only watch helplessly,as the man carried Sarah over his shoulder easily,before he gently put her down.To Jane's ever increasing despair,she noticed that Sarah was bound and gagged the same way she was.Many loops of horizontal white ropes,had been tied securely over Sarah's upper body.Jane could tell Sarah was tied up tight,seeing how the ropes over her white navy shirt,were making Sarah's breasts stand out very impressively.Sarah too,was gagged,but instead of the cloth like Jane's,a large rectangular strip of black tape,was sealed over Sarah's mouth.She was still out cold,due to the chloroform.

Lin then released Jane's chin,and eyed Sarah with huge lust.She then moved over to her prone form,kneeling down beside her,stroking her hand through Sarah's long,dark hair.

'So pretty.'Lin smiled,savouring her prize.She then lifted Sarah's unresisting chin,and kissed the still senseless girl's forehead,before addressing Jane again,although she didn't look up at her.

'I'm so pleased you decided to bring her along,Miss Griffiths.There's a very special lady,who will pay me very well,for bringing this beauty to her.You see,my dear,I have a tendacy to tying up pretty girls,and gagging them.Especially,when they're in uniform.It makes them look so smart.Even your Admiral Hunter shares this.'

The pleasure in Lin's voice suddenly disappeared,as she wanted to get things moving.She then curtly ordered the boat's pilot.'Take us alongside.'

MTB 16 was skillfully steered alongside the rigger,and the latter's crew had already prepared to link up their two boats.Strong ropes were thrown to Lin's crew,and very quickly,both vessels were now held together.Once this was achieved,two armed men jumped aboard MTB 16,and Jane could see,fully alarmed,that their new arrivals,were totally menacing close up.To make matters worse,the men's gazes fell instantly onto hers and Sarah's bound and gagged forms.Their gazes were full of lust,and the two of them headed straight for them.

'Take them on board,and lock them up.'Lin ordered them.'When you reach the island,put them with the other merchandise.'

The two men grinned,as they reached down,and easily picked up Sarah and Jane,placing them over their shoulders,the two girls were easily carried onto the men's boat.

Before Lin followed them,she turned back to her own crew.

'Keep a sharp lookout for any other ships.'she warned them,well aware that two ships secured together,in the middle of the sea,was bound to attract some unwanted attention.'I don't want us disturbed.'

With that said,Lin then followed the two men onto their boat,who were waiting for her,and she then led the way into the ship's interior.Quite clearly,she knew the layout of this boat,having used it so many times before,taking her newly acquired,but kidnapped female victims,to a life of sexual slavery.

Lin headed into the bow section of the boat,and with the two men following her,still carrying the girls,she finally led the way into a storeroom.It wasn't a very big room.A couple of crates,with other stuff,and of course,plenty of thick ropes,but it suited Lin's purpose,as she then gestured at the two men,to put Sarah and Jane down.

As the men did so,Lin could see that Sarah,was now slowly recovering from the chloroform.She then instantly ordered them.'Tie them together,back to back.'

The two men produced more white coils of rope,and now wound it over Sarah and Jane's torsos.As they did so,they were amused to hear Sarah suddenly give out,a frightened,but considerably muffled scream,as she now realised she was bound and gagged.

Kneeling down beside Sarah,Lin smiled,as she used her finger to stroke Sarah's cheek.This made the girl flinch in terror from her,but there was nothing she could do to resist,as Lin savoured her prize.

It didn't take the two men long,to secure Sarah and Jane,and they stood back,awaiting approval from their captain.Lin promptly made a check on the girls bindings,and was satisfied her prisoners wouldn't be able to break free.

Still stroking Sarah's cheek,Lin then informed her pleasantly.'You're very privilidged,my dear.You're really beautiful,and your body will make a man crave for you.I just can't wait,to get you up on that auction stand,and see how much you'll fetch.I'm pretty sure a lot of my clients,will break their bank balances,to buy you,my pretty.'

Sarah was stunned and horrified hearing this.So this is what they were up to.She and Jane had been kidnapped,by a slavery ring!This made her fear rage inside her.Both she and Jane had to escape!But how were they going to do that? She and Jane were tightly trussed up,and their gags were more than enough,to keep them quiet.At the moment,it looked as if they didn't have a hope of escape.

Instantly,Sarah's thoughts went straight for her brother.She really wanted to call out to him,but of course,her gag prevented this.However,Sarah just prayed that John would find her,and quickly.

Lin then stood up,and ordered the two men.'Stay here and keep an eye on them.Make sure they stayed bound and gagged,and don't go too far with them.You can feel,but I'll know if you've gone too far.'

Both men nodded their obedience,and stood back.Lin then gazed back down at her captives.

'Don't worry too much,ladies.'her tone was smug,relishing Sarah and Jane's distress.'Admiral Hunter will want to ravish you first.We'll all have an enjoyable girls night in.That will be something to look forward to,won't it?'

Both Sarah and Jane could only stare up at her in horror,and Lin then bade them farewell.

'See you later,ladies.'she smirked down at them.'There's no white knight in shining armour to rescue you.We own you now,and you're going to be very obedient slaves for us.You will obey what we tell you to do.Every word of it.'

The last part of that was spoken with utter menace,and Lin's face showed it too.Despite her own fear inside,Sarah was determined not to surrender so easily,but she badly needed John.If anybody could save her and Jane,it was definitely John.

Sarah had to endure Lin giving her,a highly desirable kiss,before the Chinese woman stood up,and then left the storeroom.She was heading back,towards the MTB.

The two men guarding Sarah and Jane stood back from them,with arms folded,and both girls were anxiously hoping they'd stay there.Both girls eyes,were still wide with fear,dreading what was in store for them.

John,help me,please!Sarah thought frantically for her brother.However,for the moment,Sarah knew she and Jane,were now helpless captives,and firmly in the bad guys clutches.Rescue seemed a long way off.

Sarah hoped John would prove her wrong.

Chapter 3 to follow...

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Trouble in Hong Kong. Chapter One

Drake's Naval College was located near Hong Kong's huge harbour.It was a well founded establishment,as it offered many opportunities for young people,who wanted to choose an officer posting,aboard a Royal Navy warship.

Of course,many ships from the Royal Navy made frequent visits here,and guided tours were given to the willing applicants,to see what kind of posting they'd like.

Having said that,the training courses at Drake's Naval College,were highly demanding.The Royal Navy,just like the British Army,and the Royal Air Force,were the best trained military in the world.So the pressure to succeed from the applicants,was enormous.Not very many people were chosen,but those that were,went on to become superb officers,who could stand huge amounts of pressure thrown at them,yet still keep their cool.This was always something the college staff looked for,and of course,those that didn't succeed,could always try again.

The college was always a busy place.Many people went about their daily routines,walking outside the college's grounds.At the present moment,a young woman was walking there too,and heading straight for the college's entrance.

This was Jane Griffiths.Just like everybody else here,Jane was dressed in the customary naval uniform.A smartly pressed white shirt,with the black shoulder lapels and the gold markings on them.Jane also wore,a dark blue knee length skirt.She wore matching nylons to that,and her black high heels,had been rigorously polished the night before.Jane had checked herself out earlier,looking in the mirror,and was satisfied she appeared presentable.Surprise inspections still happened here,but Jane was confident she'd pass that.In fact,as she walked along,she received many admiring looks.This made Jane smile quietly to herself,but getting these looks,just because she was a really,good looking,and smartly dressed woman,wasn't her main purpose here.

What Jane was really here for,was to gain a posting on her dream job.A senior officer,on one of the Royal Navy's destroyers.This was something that Jane craved for.Not only would it offer travel,but she was also determined to prove herself,as a highly capable officer.

Jane entered the college,and made her towards her intended destination.This was for a formal interview,with Admiral Hunter,who basically ran the whole college.What made Jane interested,was that she knew,that the Admiral was also a woman.She had to be pretty good,to run a place like this.

However,Jane had also heard rumours,that the interview with the Admiral,wasn't a pleasant experience.She'd talked to many people who'd gone through it,and all of them said the same thing.Admiral Hunter clearly liked to give the interview from hell,but that didn't bother Jane too much.She thought that was part of the selection process used,to see who was mentally strong to stand up to her.Although Jane would respect the Admiral's rank,she was determined also,that she wouldn't allow herself,to be trampled on.

Grimly,Jane advanced up the stone steps leading up to the entrance,and walked in.The college's corridors were very busy,and Jane could see the whole place was thriving.A lot was getting done,and Jane felt very privileged to be here.She really hoped she could get that destroyer posting,and to impress this Admiral Hunter.Getting that post,meant more to Jane than anything.

She reported in to the main reception desk,and there was a solitary,but young and very pretty girl seated behind the desk.Jane informed the girl of her appointment with the Admiral,and straight away,Jane noticed the girl's face grimaced,mentioning the admiral's name.

Still the girl told her where to go,and Jane thanked her.However,as she headed there,Jane's own face grimaced too.She checked her watch.The interview had been arranged for 0930 sharp,so Jane decided to have a last minute inspection.

After asking for the ladies room from a helpful passer-by,Jane found it quickly,and entered.There was only one young woman in the room,washing her hands.Jane thought she looked gorgeous.She had shoulder length,dark brunette hair,warm brown eyes,and a very friendly eyes.Jane could see the girl,was looking at her curiously,as she examined her uniform,but after a few moments,Jane knew she looked good.

'You look a bit scared.'Jane heard the girl tell her.Her voice was warm too.'Are you okay?'

'Oh,I'm okay,thanks.'Jane smiled politely back.'Just an important interview I have to attend.'

Hearing that,the girl's smile disappeared.It wasn't a hostile act,but her eyes were now showing concern.

'You've an interview with Admiral Hunter,haven't you?'

Jane's face registered total surprise,but recovered quickly.

'I don't look that scared,do I?'She asked.

'You do.'The girl nodded confidently to her.'I've seen it that many times,from all the girls who've gone through it.'

'Including yourself?'

'I didn't like her.'The girl's eyes showed a faint hint of hostility,as she thought back to that.'When I did my interview with her,she kept looking at me,as if she had something else in mind for me.'

Jane made no comment on that,but had to admit,that she found that slightly disturbing.Still,she felt she should introduce herself.

'I'm Jane Griffiths.'She extended her hand,and was pleased to see the girl accept it.

'Sarah Jennings.'The girl's smile returned,and Jane was glad to see it.She could see it was a warm,and very sincere smile.It made her really like this young woman,and Jane admitted to herself,that Sarah was a highly attractive girl.

'What are you here for then,Sarah?'Jane asked.

'Oh,I'm into computers.'Sarah answered.'Complicated stuff.How about you?'

From what Sarah had just told her,Jane knew Sarah's job was highly confidential,and she didn't press her,for any more details.

'I'm hoping to get a destroyer posting.'Jane then told her,what she was really hoping for.'I know the crew spirit is really good there,so I'm hoping the admiral will give that to me.'

'I hope so too.'Sarah's smile disappeared again,albeit briefly,hearing the admiral being mentioned again.'Be careful though.Don't let her intimidate you.She may be superior in rank,but don't let her walk all over you.Stand up to her,if its needed.'

Jane was grateful for Sarah's advice,and smiled her thanks,She then checked her watch,and noticed the time was now 0920.She'd better get moving.

Jane then offered her hand again to Sarah,who of course,accepted it again too.

'Thanks for the advice.'Jane meant what she said,before she then asked.'Can I see you again? Maybe for a drink later?'

Much to her delight,Sarah nodded at her.

'Sure,why not?'Sarah was smiling again,giving her full approval.'I get a lunch break at 1230.I'm meeting my brother.He knows a good little Chinese restaurant.Want to meet him? He's great.I think you'd like him.'

Jane nodded her approval too.

'Of course.I can't wait.'She meant that too,before finally excusing herself,and both girls left the ladies room,to go their separate ways.But just before she left,Sarah wished Jane luck,and then headed away.Jane smiled,watching her leave.

What a really nice girl.She thought.Jane was looking forward,to seeing her again.She then headed towards the admiral's office.As she did so,the smile vanished from Jane's face.She wasn't expecting Admiral Hunter,to be so welcoming,as her footsteps echoed on the smartly polished floor.


Admiral Hunter was a very well respected figure,here in the college.She demanded only the best people to attend her place here,and many hopefuls were rejected.

Yet for every person rejected,there was always somebody,who did show potential.Seated in her immaculately kept office,the admiral was now reading Jane's personal file.It made interesting reading,and highly recommended her.Admiral Hunter was very pleased to read this information,and from all the accounts here,it said Jane had excellent potential,but of course,she'd want to see how the girl would fare,in her upcoming interview with her.

The file mentioned that Jane had an excellent education,graduating with honours at university.These qualifications were needed,for an officer's post aboard ship,and Admiral Hunter then read Jane's request,to serve on board a Royal Navy destroyer.

Her attention was then diverted,to Jane's photograph in the file.Jane was smiling warmly at the camera,and the admiral was pleased.She could see Jane,was indeed,a highly attractive young woman.This pleased her,and bought a quiet,yet cunning smile to her face.

Although the admiral was very well respected in the college,she held a sinister secret,which none of the college staff were aware off.If they had been,they would have been appalled,and would have gladly carted her off,to the most harshest military prison.

However,Admiral Hunter was highly intelligent,and she made damned sure nobody found out anything,about her secretive plans.She always prepared well,and always chose the right people,to accomplish what she really wanted here.

Thinking that,she glanced down again at Jane's photograph,and smirked.The girl's face,was very pretty.She had jet black hair,falling just past her shoulders,and the admiral could see,that the girl was smiling warmly at the camera.

I shall be interested to find out,how you do against me,my dear.she thought pleasurably.

Just then,there was a knock on her door,and looking up,Admiral Hunter could see the silhouette of the Griffiths girl outside,waiting for permission to enter.

Glancing down at her watch,the admiral was pleased to see Jane had kept punctual,and called,albeit sharply.

'Come in.'

The door opened,and Jane entered.She then closed the door,and marched smartly over towards the admiral.She stopped just in front of the desk,and stood to attention,before saluting the admiral,although she didn't look directly at her commanding officer.

'Good morning,admiral.'Jane spoke carefully,and respectfully.'Lieutenant Jane Griffiths reporting in,for interview as ordered.'

For a moment,the admiral didn't answer her,and Jane wondered if the nasty rumours were true,about her rude manner.But then,she noticed the admiral look up at her,and was clearly examining her.The admiral had also detected the nervous tone,in Jane's voice.This made her smile quietly to herself.This should be interesting.The admiral thought.

'At ease.'Admiral Hunter ordered,and as Jane promptly obeyed,she was very pleased to see the girl,now standing with her hands behind her back.Her chest was impressive,and she noticed the girl's face,now faintly blushing.Her own quiet smile,increased.

'So you are Lieutenant Jane Griffiths.'The admiral glanced down at Jane's file,saying that.'and you wish to serve on our destroyer flotilla.Am I correct?'

'Yes,ma'am.'Jane replied,still avoiding looking at her superior officer.She still couldn't eliminate the nervousness in her voice.True,she had felt excited hearing the destroyers,but that was only for a moment.The interview was just starting,and she really hoped to give the admiral,a very good impression.She hadn't liked the admiral's tone,but this was her privilege,as according to her rank.Maybe she just acted this way,but was firm,yet fair.

The admiral was still reading through Jane's file,and without looking up from it,then asked.'You have no immediate family,I see.Is that true?'

'Yes,ma'am.'Jane responded.She didn't really want to go into that subject.Both her parents had been killed,in a car accident when she was only a baby.This tragedy had made her more determined than ever,when she pursued her goals.

'Well,no matter.'Much to Jane's relief,the admiral seemed to sense her thoughts,and didn't ask her any more on it.Instead,she gave Jane a slight smile,although it only succeeded in making Jane's skin crawl.

'I'm sure you'll be an excellent asset.'Admiral Hunter finally closed Jane's file,and prepared to start the interview.

'Thank you,ma'am.'Jane made sure she still observed,the correct protocol.

However,this was a mistake.Admiral Hunter could detect the familiar replies to her queries,and it slightly irritated her.

'You can stop being a robot,Lieutenant Griffiths.'she almost snapped at Jane,watching the girl stiffen.She realised her usual,and brusque approach,wasn't making the girl feel at ease,and decided to ease up.She then gestured at a chair near her desk.

'Please sit down.'

Jane did so,and the interview started.The admiral fired questions at her,but as time went on,Jane began to feel more confident.The admiral did ask her a lot of questions though,but it was about her educational background,and her previous work experiences.Jane answered everything willingly,and after about fifteen minutes,she watched Admiral Hunter take out another file,from one of the draws in her desk.Jane recognised it,as a list of vacancies for postings on board ship.Her excitement returned.

Admiral Hunter examined the vacancies offered,and there were plenty of postings available,even on the destroyers which the girl wanted.The admiral though,had other ideas.

'Well,I've found a posting for you.'she looked back across at Jane opposite her.Her sinister smile was still evident,and she was pleased to see Jane squirm uneasily at it.Her smile was giving Jane the creeps,but she still had the excitement in her eyes,awaiting the admiral's decision.

'We have an immediate need,for officer posting on our MTB's,here in Hong Kong harbour.'Admiral Hunter informed her,before checking for Jane's reaction.She wasn't disappointed,but the girl was.For a few moments,Jane's face was incredulous,but the admiral made an offer to her.

'It will only be a six month posting,Lieutenant.'her creepy smile stayed on,saying that.'It's an excellent field of work,and of course,you won't be there forever.Once a destroyer vacancy arises,you will be the first to get it.'

'Of course,ma'am.'Jane was still hugely disappointed,having her hopes denied,but realised she had to accept the admiral's decision.

'Very good.'Admiral Hunter was pleased.'Report to harbour bay twelve,tomorrow at 1300 hours.I'm assigning you,to MTB 16.There's an excellent crew there,and I'm sure they'll be more than pleased,to show you the ropes,my dear.'

She smiled again,with a much more sinister expression as she said that.The admiral was pleased to see Jane having a slightly puzzled look.Even better.

'That's all,Lieutenant Griffiths.'The admiral's curt tone returned,as she glanced back down at the file.'Dismissed.'

Jane was finally glad to get out of this woman's sight,but she kept her posture,and stood back up to attention.Giving the admiral her best military salute,which was briefly returned,and Jane turned,to march out of the office.She closed the door gently behind her,but in reality,wanted to slam the door into the smug admiral's face.

Once Jane had gone,Admiral Hunter reached for the phone on her desk,and made a call.Almost instantly,a woman's voice answered her.

'Admiral Hunter.'the woman's voice sounded pleased to hear her.'A pleasure as always.What can I do for you?'

'I think it's more relevant,of what I can do for you.'Admiral Hunter's own tone,sounded pleased too.'I have another addition for you,if of course,you approve of her.'

'Indeed?'This time,there was intrigue in the woman's voice.'You have a picture?'

'Of course.'the admiral answered.'please wait a moment.'

There was also a fax machine on her desk,and from the moment Jane had walked into the office,she'd been secretly photographed.Several pictures of her,had been taken,and the admiral selected one of them,before putting it through the fax.

'Sending it now to you.'Admiral Hunter confirmed.

The woman's voice on the other end acknowledged,that she had received Jane's picture,and her reply came back.

'She's very pretty,Admiral.'The voice seemed to purr with pleasure,as well as lust the admiral detected.'I shall look forward to meeting Miss Griffiths.You checked her background,of course?'

'As always.'Admiral Hunter reassured.'The girl has no family.She'll be an excellent addition.'

'Even so,'there was now a pre-cautionary tone in the woman's voice.'We'd better be sure.Have her watched,Admiral,and make sure you see who she talks too.There might be some,unexpected problems.'

'I'll take care of it.Don't worry.I'll keep you informed.'

With that,the admiral ended the call,and then instantly,made another one.This time,a man's voice answered her.

'Yes,Admiral?'his voice was polite,but was also cold.

'Mister Lo.'Admiral Hunter spoke politely to him.She had too,knowing he was a loyal,but deadly servant of the woman she'd just spoke to.'You saw the girl,who's just left my office?'

'I did indeed,admiral.She was very pretty.'

'Follow her,Mister Lo.'Admiral Hunter instructed him.'She's going to be taken,but make sure you see who the girl talks too.There's a possibility of interference,if you understand my meaning?'

'I understand perfectly,admiral.'Mister Lo's voice,was now chuckling,but it wasn't a funny sound.'Leave it to me.You'll get the girl,and I'll personally take care of any concerns,that may arise.'

'Thank you,Mister Lo.'Admiral Hunter told him gratefully,before ending the call.The sinister smile was still evident on her face,as she was expecting good times ahead.

Chapter 2 to follow...

Friday, 8 October 2010

The Sanna Menace Chapter 12

Carefully advancing through the Sanna ship,Kate led the way towards the Sanna commander's quarters.She and many of her serving friends,in the Sirrun military,had done many infiltration missions,on board Sanna warships.They knew the layout of them quite well,and everyone in the group,was determined to rescue Major Robson,especially Kate and her two Sirrun female colleagues.They knew,that every young,beautiful Sirrun female,was a highly prized target.It was a well known fact,that any male,who mated with a Sirrun female,would instantly relish it.The rewards would be,a guaranteed child,who was gifted with Sirrun mental powers.This was another grim fact,that Sirrus 6 was targeted for conquest.

Kate always remembered swearing her sacred vow,that she would never let this happen.The vow also included helping people,that needed it,and right now,their first officer,Major Robson,was in dire need of it.Kate and her Sirrun females,were sensing Robson's thoughts.As they neared the Sanna commander's quarters,they all felt Robson's presence strongly.

They finally reached a corner,and Kate motioned for her friends to stop.They did,and she peered out,seeing the entrance,to where they needed to be.Kate didn't see any Sanna guards,but she wasn't fooled.She and her two Sirrun female colleagues,could sense Robson's presence very strongly,but they also sensed the presence,of the two Kavos women in there too.However,they were pleased,that they'd found their friend.All they had to do now,was rescue her.

Kate turned back,to face her three Earth friends.

'Major Robson is in there.'Kate stated.'The two women from Kavos,are in there with her.'

Both Jennings and Montgomery nodded,and checked their weapons.Hunt reached into her battle pack,and produced a flash-bang grenade.She stepped forward,ready to use it,but Kate motioned for her to stop.

'No.You must leave this to us.You have done enough.'

Before Hunt could reply,Kate then nodded to her two Sirrun friends,and all three of them,promptly disappeared from the corridor.Almost immediately,Jennings,Hunt and Montgomery,could hear the sounds of a fight,coming from inside the room.It didn't last long,as they then saw the door opening.Kate stood there,with both her swords drawn,and there was Sanna blood on the blades.

She then gave them a thumbs up,and gestured for them to come forward.The three of them did so,still keeping a sharp eye out,for any sudden,unexpected Sanna,but there was none,and they made it safely into the room.

The first thing they noticed,were the three Sanna troopers bodies,lying on the floor,with evident,and fatal cut wounds on them.Obviously,the humanoids were dead,but they could see no sign of the Kavos women.

However,they did see Major Robson,and despite her being bound and gagged,she appeared unharmed.Kate was now releasing her,from her bonds.

'Thank you.'Robson nodded to Kate,grateful to her,as she removed the gag.'I wasn't sure how you did it,but you did.'

'Very simple,Major.'Kate explained it to her.'I could read their thoughts.They were expecting the same tactics,used by our friends here.So we decided to jump them.'

'It certainly worked.'Robson would never forget the looks on those women's faces,seeing her people had achieved complete,and tactical surprise on their enemies.

'Where are they then?'Montgomery asked,seeing no female bodies present.

'They managed to escape.'Kate's voice was bitter,just as her expression was.All the Sirrun women's faces,reflected their frustration at this.'They had the same jumping ability as us.I'm afraid we don't know their present location.'

'I didn't know they had the same jump powers,as your people.'Montgomery told them.

'Neither did we.'Robson didn't know herself,until she'd seen the two do this.'Let's just hope they're not on board this ship anymore.'

Jennings also noticed the disappointment on all the Sirrun women's faces,but he then said to them.'Well,that must be good news then.If they're not on board anymore,I take it you can use your abilities back?'

The four Sirrun women glanced at each other,and realised that they didn't sense the mental blocking,from the two Kavos women.This bought some smiles to the girls.

'It is good news then.'Jennings understood their smiles,although he didn't smile himself.He was anxious to get back to the landing bay,to make sure he'd get Louise and Kelly safely out of here.

He then used his own headset radio link,and got back in touch with Kelly.

'Kelly,you and Louise okay?'Jennings asked her.He could still hear the battle raging there.

'John,where the hell are you?'Kelly's somewhat panicky voice,came instantly back at him.'Get back here,John! The programme's only got five minutes left!'

Jennings hadn't forgotten that.If he and his friends weren't off this Sanna ship within five minutes,they'd end up in some distant corner of the galaxy,without any hope of getting home.

'We're coming now.'Jennings reassured,making a sign to Kate and her friends,to get ready for another jump.'Is Louise okay?'

'Hurry up,John!'There was plenty of deafening weapons fire,but admist it all,Jennings clearly heard his sister's urgent shout.

'Don't worry,Louise.I'll be there.'His voice was determined,as Jennings then gestured urgently to Kate and his friends.They all understood,as each Sirrun woman joined hands with them all,before they all disappeared from the room.


As their pilot guided the shuttle in,Harris and O'Rourke watched the fierce battle raging,in the landing bay.The Sanna weapons systems,hadn't blown them out of the sky.This was a huge relief to them all,and the pilot made a perfect landing,making sure the craft,was well away from the fires.

Once they'd landed,everybody on board began to prepare themselves,to join the fight.Harris had ordered a small,but highly experienced squad of her men with her,and they were looking forward to this.Harris however,wasn't.She was still adamant,that this was a stupid thing to do,but if anything did go wrong,at least she'd have some serious firepower at her disposal.

Both O'Rourke and Harris scanned the bay more closely,observing the combatants.They could see Sanna troopers falling constantly,and they gazed in their opponents direction.It was then they noticed the two Sirrun women,and another woman,who were gunning down their enemies,with deadly accuracy.

As O'Rourke looked more closely at them,his face broke into a sinister smile,now seeing what he'd come for.He recognised the Finch girl,and Jennings' sister.O'Rourke couldn't wait,to have them back in his clutches.Although,he did notice the other young woman,who was fiercely protecting Kelly and Louise.She looked really tough and mean,and from the expression O'Rourke saw on her,it was quite evident she was thoroughly enjoying herself,shooting down the Sanna troopers.

Harris too,was observing the same woman,and she suddenly sensed,that she'd met this woman before.

'She looks familiar.I know her.'Harris stated,and trying to remember,but without success.

'Somebody important?'O'Rourke asked her.

'Not sure.'Harris admitted.'But I've definitely seen her before.'

O'Rourke wasn't that bothered.He'd come here,to seize those two girls,and he wasn't leaving without them.He then turned back,to the waiting squad of silent men.

'Prepare to engage.'O'Rourke instructed,and he then pointed,at Kelly and Louise's position.'Remember,I want those two women taken alive,and unharmed.Understood?'

He emphasised the last word spoken,but was pleased to see all of the men,nod back their understanding.They then waited,for the order to charge into the battle.

However,before O'Rourke could give them the order,the shuttle pilot suddenly informed Harris,of an urgent message for her.

Harris went over to him,and took the headset radio link,and she listened intently to the update.Once she'd listened to the message,Harris removed the headset,and turned quickly back to O'Rourke.

'We have to abort,O'Rourke.'Harris was serious,having just heard the news.

'What the hell are you talking about,Harris?'O'Rourke was clearly taken aback,and was just about to lose his temper,but managed to stay in control of himself.'Why? What's the problem?'

'Our man's picked up a computer feed,sent into this ship's navigation systems.'Harris informed him.'It's also being currently downloaded,into every Sanna warship here in this system.Once they activate it,they'll end up somewhere where they don't want to be,and neither do we.'

'How long?'

'He didn't say.'Harris had to concede that point,but still pressed her point.'But we can't take any chances.We have to go.Now.'

'And so we shall,Harris.'O'Rourke grinned with sexual lust dominating him.'The sooner we grab those girls,the sooner we'll leave.'

'You fool,O'Rourke!'Harris cursed him,but it was too late.Before she could stop him,O'Rourke suddenly gave the order to the squad,and they all charged out of the shuttle,finally joining the battle.

Still cursing him,Harris came out after them.She realised the Sanna,were now her enemy here,and already,the humanoids were now shooting at the new arrivals.Harris ran straight into the nearest cover,as O'Rourke did too.

He made sure he kept his eyes on his prey,and was pleased to see Louise and Kelly hadn't moved.Under covering fire by his men,he managed to get closer to them,but he was always forced to take cover.Sanna fire,was now hitting his own men,and they were falling dead.Added to this,O'Rourke didn't dare raise his head,as the young woman who was protecting Louise and Kelly,was well aware of his hiding place.

Still keeping low,O'Rourke managed to peer at them,and was stunned to see what he saw next.There was a sudden,blinding flash,as Jennings,Montgomery,and the rest of the Sirrun women,now appeared.O'Rourke gaped at this,just as the few remaining men in his group did,but instantly,they were forced back into cover once more,as the new arrivals opened fire on them,reinforcing Hunt's position.

Knowing he was pinned down for the moment,O'Rourke reached into his own battle pack,and pulled out a stun grenade,waiting for the right moment to use it.


The moment Jennings and his friends reappeared back in the landing bay,they supported Hunt,by blasting back at their enemies.Hunt took cover,reloading another ammo clip into her weapon,and punched Jennings on his shoulder.

'About time you got here.'She told him quietly.'I'm running low.'

Jennings nodded back to her,returning her warm punch,on her own shoulder.He then turned to Kelly,who still had the laptop open,and was anxiously scanning the clock countdown displayed there.

'How long,Kelly?'Jennings had to shout to her,above the weapons fire.

'Two minutes,John!'There was desperation in Kelly's voice,as her eyes remained fixed,to the digital timer's countdown being displayed.

Jennings nodded,knowing it was time to move.Yet,despite heavy Sanna losses,there were still plenty of them here,and Jennings knew they wouldn't get very far,once they broke cover.

He then turned to face Kate,and told her calmly.'Kate,we're going to need your help.We can't let you use your jump ability here.They'll just cut us down.'

Kate immediately turned to face her fellow Sirrun females,and one look was exchanged between them all.The Sirrun women understood,and much to Jennings and his friends surprise,the women sprang out from their cover,launching a devastating attack.The speed in which they did so,was tremendous.All five Sirrun females used their swords expertly,efficiently cutting down any enemy,Sanna and even the few remaining survivors from O'Rourke's group,weren't spared either.

As Jennings watched,he could see the girls had cleared a path,directly to the Sanna shuttle,that was key to their escape.He knew it was now time to move,as he turned to Montgomery and Hunt,nodding the signal to go.He turned to take Louise's hand,and both brother and sister ran towards the shuttle.Montgomery held Kelly's hand,whilst Hunt covered their rear.

They had almost reached the shuttle,when suddenly,from the corner of his eye,Jennings spotted something being thrown at them.His eyes widened,recognising the outline of a stun grenade.

'Grenade!'He shouted the warning to his friends,before throwing himself on top of Louise to protect her.Montgomery did likewise,with Kelly,and Jennings just had time to hear Louise and Kelly,give out frightened screams,before a sudden blinding flash,winded them all.

Still lying on top of Louise,Jennings struggled desperately,to get his senses back into reality,but the grenade's effect,had made his recovery slow,and he was then vaguely aware,that somebody was pushing him off Louise.


From his cover point,O'Rourke had watched Jennings lead his sister out,with the rest of the group following.He grinned maliciously to himself.Here was the moment he'd been waiting for,as he armed the stun grenade,and then,threw it accurately,right into the centre of their withdrawing group.

He was pleased to see them all fall down stunned,and seizing the moment,O'Rourke hurried out to where Jennings lay.An evil smile of anticipation was on O'Rourke's face,as he used his foot to push Jennings off his sister.Reaching down,he seized the still stunned girl.

As he did so,he heard Harris yelling out to him.

'O'Rourke!'Her voice was almost savage.'We have to go.Now!'

'Of course.'O'Rourke agreed.He still felt bitterly disappointed,that he didn't get the Sirrun woman,he'd held captive earlier.No matter.At least,he had another,delicious pretty hostage.'I'm sure Miss Jennings,will provide excellent compensation.Won't you,my pretty?'He chuckled into Louise's ear,and lovingly used his tongue,on her neck and face.O'Rourke couldn't wait,to get her back on board the shuttle,so he could ravish her.It was then,that he noticed the girl was beginning to come round.

Louise felt herself slowly recovering.It didn't take her long to realise,to see she was now being held by O'Rourke.Her eyes bulged in terror,feeling him lick her face.She frantically tried to break free from him,but O'Rourke chuckled again,holding her easily.

Instantly,Louise's eyes darted to her brother,who was still on all fours,struggling to come round.The effects of the grenade,still hadn't quite worn off.

'John,get up!'She practically screamed it out to him,which faintly amused O'Rourke,but the girl's cry had an instant effect.Jennings now rose slowly up,with his hard gaze on O'Rourke,holding Louise hostage.This made O'Rourke pull Louise more tightly into him,and pulling out his personal sidearm,jammed it hard,into the side of the girl's neck.He wasn't going to let Jennings,rescue his sister.This was a perfect opportunity,to finish him.

Seeing Harris still by his side,he coldly ordered her.'Kill him,Harris.'

Harris was still impatient to leave,but now that she'd seen Jennings,she now fully appreciated the chance,to finish one of her deadliest enemies.

She smirked,aiming her weapon at him,and coldly ignoring Louise's frantic.'No!'She began to squeeze the trigger.

This made Jennings tense,knowing there was nothing he could do to stop her.

Harris was just about to finally depress the trigger,when the weapon,was suddenly kicked violently out of her grip.Spinning around,with a snarl on her face,Harris was then sent reeling,with a hard punch,smashing into her mouth.She fell back,which caused O'Rourke to look away from Jennings,giving him the vital diversion he needed.

With lightning reflexes,he suddenly reached out,grabbing O'Rourke's hand,and squeezing his wrist painfully,he made the man release the weapon,before yanking her away,from a very much,surprised O'Rourke.He then smashed a hard fist,right into O'Rourke's mouth,and Jennings lashed out a savage,ruthless kick,straight into O'Rourke's manhood.O'Rourke doubled up in agony,sending the weapon flying away,before he ruthlessly kicked O'Rourke again,before he viscously gave him a hard uppercut,sending him sprawling to the ground.O'Rourke didn't move,after being hit this way.

Hunt had seen Louise being seized,and knew Jennings needed some help.She had seen her hated enemy,Harris,and with her blood like ice,she crept stealthily towards them.Her tactic worked,as she took O'Rourke and Harris,completely by surprise.She took a great deal of satisfaction,when she watched Jennings easily deal with O'Rourke,but her cold eyes were now on Harris,who was now slowly rising to face her.Instantly,Hunt pulled out her combat knife.

The punch Harris took,was the most painful she'd ever received.It had drawn blood from her lips,and for a moment,this stunned her.

However,her recovery was quick,as she watched the woman who'd hit her,now approaching her,with a knife in hand.Harris clearly recognised the woman's intent,having seen it so many times before.

As she stood up,Harris then produced her own knife,and accepted the challenge.Admist the still burning fires in the landing bay,the two women began to slowly circle each other,waiting for a weak moment to attack.

'I know you.'Harris recalled looking at this woman earlier,as they landed in the shuttle.'Who are you?'

Hunt's eyes blazed utter fury back at Harris.She'd waited so long for this moment,and was now planning her attack.

'Don't you remember,you murdering bitch?'Hunt practically snarled.'You're the murderer,who gunned down my brothers.'

It was then,that Harris' memory clicked,and an evil smile crept over her face.

'So,you're Hunt.'Harris still kept a careful eye on her.'I have to admit your brothers did very well,getting you to safety with Jennings and Montgomery.Finding them isn't easy,but I'm very pleased you bought them here.'

Hunt made no response to that.She knew what Harris was saying,and she wanted Jennings and Montgomery dead.Hunt gripped the handle of her blade tightly,as she was determined to stop her,and that meant killing her.She wanted to make Harris pay,for coldly murdering her brothers,all those years ago.

'I'm going to make you pay,for what you did to my family.'Hunt's voice,was still full of menace.'You won't murder anybody again.'

Harris merely smiled.'Well then,let's see what you're made off.'

Harris suddenly lunged at her,but Hunt easily blocked the thrust.She knew it was better,to keep a cool head in battle.Despite the blood boiling inside her,Hunt remained in control,as she then countered Harris' thrust,but that was blocked too.Admist all the still raging fires in the landing bay,the two women continued to fight.

Jennings watched O'Rourke fall down.He was pleased to see him do so.Jennings really wanted to smash this thug's face in,for kidnapping Louise.From the effect of his hits on him,Jennings could see,that he'd done a lot of damage to O'Rourke's face.

He could feel Louise standing behind him,and she was gripping him tightly.He put a reassuring hand on her own.Louise returned it,and as Jennings turned to face the shuttle,he could see Kate,and the rest of the Sirrun women,now entering the shuttle.A man's body came flying out of it moments later,and Kate reappeared in the shuttle's doorway.She was gesturing urgently at them to get on board.

To reinforce this,Jennings heard Kelly shout out another warning.

'Thirty seconds!'Her voice sounded like a scream.

Jennings then turned to Louise.

'Louise,get to the shuttle.'

'No way,John.'Louise was adamant.'You're not leaving me alone again.'

Jennings appreciated what his sister said,but he wanted her out of the firing line.He called over to Montgomery,as Kate literally ran towards Kelly,and ran with her,taking her into the shuttle.

'Monty,take Louise on board!'He had a sudden urgency in his voice.

Montgomery came over,and then gently,but firmly lifted,a still protesting Louise off her brother.He got her on the shuttle within moments,and Jennings turned his attention back towards Hunt.

He could see the fight she was engaged in,was a really nasty duel,and there was no sign of it ending.Both Hunt and Harris were highly experienced fighters,and the skill they displayed,was very impressive.

However,Jennings had to call out to his friend.

'Hunt! We're out of time!We have to go!'

Hunt showed no sign of hearing him,as she was still trying to thrust her knife into Harris,but her opponent was still managing to block all her attempts.

Damn bitch!Hunt snarled to herself.In that moment,she allowed her frustration to show,but she quickly planned another attack.Then,disaster struck.

Seeing Hunt lose concentration in that second,Harris acted decisively,as she then kicked Hunt's knife,out of her grasp.A spinning side kick from her,then sent Hunt reeling.She collapsed backwards,and desperately tried to get a hold on her fallen weapon,but Harris moved swiftly,as she then stood triumphantly over her.

'An excellent effort,my dear.'Harris was breathing heavily,but was still wearing her evil smile.Her tone became more menacing.'Such a pity you failed abysmally.Still,at least I'll let you join your brothers.'

Harris then raised her blade to strike the killer blow,but suddenly,a violent explosion ripped through the landing bay,sending her flying backwards.Everybody in the landing bay was.

Watching the fight,Jennings had knelt,keeping his weapon trained on Harris,just in case she got the better of his friend.His face had hardened,when he saw this actually happen.He was just about to shoot Harris,seeing her raise her knife,when he too,was knocked off his feet.When he recovered himself,Jennings instantly knew the 'Savage' was bombarding the Sanna ship.He didn't see,but the 'Formidable' was also blasting away too,at the same battle cruiser.

More violent explosions followed,sending Sanna troopers flying.More intense fires started,adding to the already serious ones raging.Jennings knew he had to get Hunt out of here,and he promptly ran over,to her dazed form.There was no sign of Harris or O'Rourke,and he didn't care.

He grabbed Hunt,and after lifting her over his shoulder,ran back towards the waiting shuttle.In record speed,he made it,and the shuttle's doors closed sharply.At the flight deck,Robson and Kate were at the controls,and Robson then lifted the shuttle out,and without wasting a second,she hit full power to the engines,and guided the craft out,of the heavily burning launching area.

Once they'd safely left the Sanna vessel far behind,Robson headed the ship towards the 'Savage.'She could see all the Sanna battle fleet,preparing to leave the Earth's system,and onto their own.

Seated next to Jennings,Kelly finally saw the digital timer reach zero,and she glanced up at her friends.

'That's it.'She told them quietly.'Time's up.'


Back in the Sanna landing bay,Harris and O'Rourke were scrambling desperately for cover.The whole place was tearing itself apart,and they both knew they had to get out of the area,if they wanted to survive.

Somehow,they'd both linked up,although neither was glad to see each other,especially Harris.

'You stupid fool,O'Rourke!'She cursed him savagely.'We'll be lucky to get out of this alive!'

O'Rourke didn't respond.Instead,he then spotted an exit out of this hell,and literally threw himself at it.Harris did the same,just as a massive sheet of flame,tore through the whole landing bay.


On the bridge of the Sanna ship,the Sanna commander was bracing himself,as the two Sirrun warships,the 'Savage' and the 'Formidable' blasted their main armament at him.They were inflicting devastating damage,and he'd already made the decision to leave the Earth's system.Just like the rest of his people here,they were so looking forward,to seeing the planet of Sirrus 6,and it would be totally at their mercy.

The co-ordinates for Sirrus 6,had been fed into their navigation systems,and the crew of each Sanna warship,was simply waiting for his command to proceed.He did so.

'Execute.'He ordered.

Instantly,his ship,and all the rest of the Sanna battle fleet,disappeared from the attacking 'Savage' and 'Formidable.' This way,they'd reach any destination,within seconds,no matter how vast the distance,and the humanoid commander grinned,as he was eager to savour the upcoming conquest,and his bloodlust was up.

Suddenly,the Sanna fleet entered normal space,and the Sanna commander smirked.Those Sirruns had a nasty surprise waiting for them.

'Position?'He asked confidently,waiting for the confirmation,that they were in the Sirruns home system..The response however,wasn't the one he expected.

'Unknown,commander.'One of the bridge officers replied nervously.

'What do you mean,unknown?'He demanded angrily,glaring at the bridge officer.

'There's nothing here.'The officer still sounded nervous.'No habitable system detected within range.'

Stunned,the Sanna commander immediately stalked over,to the officer's console,and he examined it himself.What he saw,made him want to cry out in rage.Their scans only showed empty space,and there was indeed,no system detected at all.It was then,that he received more bad news,as another bridge officer came up to him.

'Commander.'This officer reported,without any nervousness.'Security scans,have detected hostile computer virus,downloaded into all our navigation systems.'

So that's how they did it.The Sanna commander now knew what had gone wrong,and it made him even more madder.

However,he kept his temper in check,as he asked the officer.'Can you erase it?'

'It will take time,Commander.We're uncertain how long it will take.'

'Then proceed immediately.'He snapped his latest order out.'I want to find out where we are,and to get back to the Earth system.'

The officer already had that information,and again,it was bad news.The officer informed him,that the nearest star system,was many light years away.It would indeed,take them many years,to reach it.This made him more incensed,and for the moment,he was unable to think of a solution.

Even so,the Sanna commander knew who was responsible for this.It was the human female,known as Kelly.Her expertise knowledge of Sanna technology,had paid huge dividends for her people.This thought made the humanoid swear to himself,that he'd seize this girl again,and when he did have her back in his clutches,he'd make sure Kelly wouldn't pose any more problems.Permanently.


With great skill,Major Robson guided the shuttle towards the 'Savage',and all the shuttle's occupants,were glad to see it.

As the shuttle flew towards one of the landing areas,in the shuttle's seating are,Jennings sat next to Louise.His sister was resting her head on his shoulder,and her arms were wrapped tightly around his powerful frame.She always felt so safe,and secure with her brother.

'You're always my hero,John.'Louise grinned up at him,kissing him warmly on the cheek.'I know you'll always come for me.'

'I always will,Louise.'Jennings grinned back,returning her kiss on her forehead.This made Louise snuggle into him more.

As he comforted Louise,Jennings suddenly spotted Hunt,who sat alone.He saw her expression,and knew he had to be there.He placed a hand on Louise's shoulder,gesturing with his eyes,to where he was going.Louise approved,and he made his way over.

'You okay?'He asked Hunt,kneeling down beside her.

Hunt glanced down at him.Her eyes reflected the bitterness of defeat,remembering Harris had beaten her,back in the Sanna ship.

'I had the bitch,John.'Her voice was bitter too.'I really wanted to make her suffer,before I killed her.'

Jennings nodded.He'd watched the whole fight.

'Yes,I watched you,Jan.'He knew Hunt only allowed him,to call her by her first name.'You know why she got the upper hand over you? Because you allowed your hate,to get the better of you.'

Hunt made no response,although Jennings still saw her eyes were fierce.

'You're a great fighter,Hunt.'Jennings told her.'I know you are,because me and Monty trained you.We owe you big time,for saving our necks,but you must always fight professionally.Never with hatred.If you can't control your hate in a fight,you'll always lose.'

Hunt appreciated what he was saying,but she still made no response.Jennings placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder,and Hunt didn't reject it.She seemed to come back,gripping his hand,and nodded at him.Pleased to see that,Jennings then rose,and sat back down,next to his sister.Louise resumed her warm hold on him once more.

'Is she okay,John?'Louise asked him.

'Hopefully,Louise.'Jennings knew Hunt only lived for one reason,and that was to kill Harris.He mentioned that to her.

'You really think we've seen the last of them,John?'Louise asked,regarding Harris and O'Rourke.

Jennings felt his sister's fear,as she said that.He hugged back into her,giving her another warm kiss,on her forehead.

'Let's hope so,Louise.'He sincerely meant that.'Let's hope so.'

They all felt a gentle bump,and knew the shuttle had landed.Jennings knew the war with the Sanna,was far from over.Despite sending many of their war fleet,into deep space,their numbers on Earth,were still considerable.There was still a lot to be done,but now with their new Sirrun friends,Jennings felt optimistic,that they now had a really good chance,of eliminating the Sanna leftdown on Earth,to the last trooper.

Jennings couldn't wait,for the next upcoming battle.

To be continued?

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The Sanna Menace Chapter 11

Hunt peered cautiously outside,checking for any threat.Fortunately,there were none,and she gave a quick gesture with her hand,motioning to her friends it was okay to proceed.Then she moved out,keeping her weapon ready.Kate followed,with her four Sirrun friends,then Jennings,who still carried Louise,before Montgomery covered their rear.

Kate tried to make telepathic contact,but her efforts were blocked.She knew the two Kavos women were responsible,and cursed them,in her own Sirrun tongue.If they were doing this,then they would be preventing them,from using their jump abilities.Evey one of them knew,that time was of the essence.If they didn't get out of here,then they'd end up,where Kelly had programmed the Sanna ship to go.They had to reach the landing bay,and fast.

They reached their destination without any problems,but there was still plenty of Sanna opposition,now waiting for them.Instantly,Jennings and his friends,were fired upon.They dived into cover positions immediately,and began to return fire,increasing the intensity of the battle.


On board the stolen Sanna shuttle,Major Robson could see her friends return.She was very pleased to see,that Jennings and his group,had managed to rescue Kate,his sister Louise,and Kelly.All the girls appeared unharmed,but now,they were in the middle of a viscous firefight.Robson knew they needed help.

Quickly,she went back to aiming the shuttle's weapons,back against their inventors.Her aim was still deadly,as the laser bolts blasted many Sanna troopers,into final oblivion.Robson felt she just needed to keep up the fire,and then her friends,would be able to reach her,and escape.

Suddenly,she felt the shuttle rock violently,and Robson was thrown to the floor.Stunned,she was slow to recover,but when she did,Robson saw with dismay,that the Sanna had targeted the shuttle's weapons.They'd rendered them useless,denying her the much needed fire support,her friends desperately needed.

Despite this setback,Robson tried to make telepathic contact,with her people.However,just as Kate had sensed earlier,she detected a deliberate blocking,and Robson knew those two Kavos women,were responsible.

Before she could try anything else,the doors to the shuttle,were suddenly blown open,sending her reeling to the floor again.Dazed once more,Robson was just able to discern Sanna troopers,now storming into the shuttle's interior.The humanoids spotted her immediately,and made straight for her prone form.Robson tensed,as she waited for them to shoot her dead.

However,the Sanna troopers didn't shoot her.Instead,one of the burly humanoids reached down,and seized her.He then carried her over his shoulder,and exited the shuttle,with his colleagues covering him.They fired off,many deadly bursts from their weapons,aiming at their opponents heads down,before disappearing with their prize.


Jennings was making sure Louise and Kelly,were well protected from the Sanna laser fire.He had no need to worry.Both girls were also making sure,that they never left his side,and Jennings kept reassuring them,that they'd get out of here safely.

It was then,that he'd seen a small squad of Sanna troopers,fire their weapons repeatedly,into the shuttle's rear.Within moments,the craft was ablaze,and all of Jennings' group,now knew their escape route,was now useless to them.Jennings realised they needed an alternative plan.

He then turned towards Kelly,who was checking the open laptop once more.She was checking for an update,on the program she'd recently entered,into the Sanna navigation systems.

'Kelly,how long now?'Jennings asked her.

'Twenty minutes,John.'Kelly's reply was calm,although she was still nervous.How on earth were they going to escape now? She asked herself,before saying that to him.

For a moment,Jennings was unable to answer.Obviously,they had to get their hands,on another Sanna shuttle.Yet without the necessary security codes to input in,they'd be sitting ducks to the Sanna weapons.It would be suicide to even try this.

Suddenly,Jennings turned to Kate,thinking of an idea.

'Can you reach the 'Savage' Kate?' He fired another,deadly burst from his rifle,inflicting more Sanna fatalities.'Maybe your Commander Griffiths can help us.'

Kate tried,but without success.

'No good.'Her answer was grim,although she knew the reason why.'Those two Kavos women,must still be blocking us,Jennings.'

'You know where they are?'

Kate immediately sensed their hostile presence,and it was close.She nodded back to him.

'Good.'Jennings already had the back up plan in his head,but he needed Major Robson to do it.'You find those two women,and take them out.The moment you do,get straight in touch with your people.Understood?'

'Understood.'Kate then gestured for two of her Sirrun colleagues,and ordered them to follow her.Although,she did glance curiously at Jennings.'What are you going to do?'

'Get Major Robson back.'Jennings answered,before he turned to Hunt.'Look after Louise and Kelly,okay?'

'You got it,John.'Hunt nodded,as she continued to shoot at the Sanna troopers.Kate then ordered the two remaining Sirrun females,to stay with the girls as extra back up.

Jennings gave a quick glance down to Louise and Kelly.Both girls looked worried,but he gave them a reassuring smile,and he squeezed Louise's shoulder.

'I'm going to get the Major back.'He told them both.'She can't be left in Sanna hands.'

With a quick kiss on Louise's forehead,Jennings then turned to Montgomery,and they both cast an eye,over the Sanna positions.Much to their relief,they could see,that Hunt,and the two Sirrun women,constantly gunning down Sanna troopers.Not one of them,managed to get even close to them.

'Let's go.'Jennings tapped his friend on the shoulder,and he then moved out of the launching area.Kate followed him,as did Montgomery,before the other two Sirrun females,covered their rear.They were gone within seconds.Louise and Kelly prayed,that they'd all come back safely.


On the bridge,the Sanna commander was watching the raging battle taking place,in the launching bay from the monitor screens.He could see,that the launching bay,was littered with many of his troopers corpses.The Sirruns who'd successfully infiltrated his ship,had proved to be highly deadly,and well skilled opponents.Even the humans from the Earth with them,were also excellent soldiers.The Sanna commander grudgingly admitted to himself.

Still,it hadn't been all bad news.He'd seen a squad of his toppers,storm into the shuttle,and capture one of the Sirrun females from it.He was pleased seeing this,especially when he recognised the female.It was Major Robson,Commander Griffiths' second in command,on the 'Savage'.He'd immediately ordered his troopers,to bring her to him,and the Sanna commander was eagerly looking forward,to her arrival.

In fact,just at that precise moment,the same squad of troopers entered the bridge,and sure enough,one of them was carrying the Sirrun woman,over his shoulder.

The trooper then walked up to the commander,and although gently putting Robson down from his shoulder,he literally shoved her to the floor contemptuously,at the Sanna commander's feet.The Sanna then gazed down at his prize,waiting for her to recover.

Robson felt reality slowly returning to her,but once she saw where she was,her fears multiplied.She could see,that she'd been taken to the Sanna bridge,and knew she was now a prisoner.Sanna troopers were watching her sharply,and it was then,that Robson suddenly noticed the pair of Sanna feet,that she was lying next too.Looking up slowly,Robson recognised a Sanna commander smirking down at her.Before she could even think about backing away from him,the humanoid suddenly reached down to her,and gripped her chin.

'So you are Major Robson.'The Sanna commander spoke menacingly,although he was clearly enjoying himself.'Welcome,my dear.I'm sure you'll prove most useful to us,and of course,your commander Griffiths,will be most concerned for your welfare.'

He then gestured sharply at one of his troopers,to haul her up.The selected trooper did so,promptly yanking Robson up to her feet.His hold on her,was extremely powerful,as he used only one arm,to grip her wrists behind her.His free hand aimed his sidearm,held tight into Robson's neck.

Pleased to hear the Sirrun woman gasp as she was held,the Sanna commander immediately ordered a message,to be sent towards the 'Savage'The response was instant,as Commander Griffiths showed on their view screen.He didn't look at all pleased.In fact,he was glaring daggers at the Sanna commander,but the humanoid wasn't at all bothered.The Sanna knew,that he held the upper hand here.

'Commander Griffiths.'The Sanna bowed his head to Griffiths,in somewhat grudging respect,to his nemesis.'An honour,as always.'

'What do you want,Sanna?'Griffiths didn't bother,give a respectful response back to him.He still maintained his fierce glare.

'You will call off your fighters immediately.'The humanoid spoke with a cunning smile,making sure Griffiths saw it.He did.'I'm sure you wouldn't want any of your people,to lose their lives unnecessarily.'

'All my people,are prepared to give up their lives,Sanna.'Griffiths' tone,was still very unfriendly.'If the cause is just,and honourable,which is precisely why we're here to stop you.What you're doing here,is totally immoral,and unforgivable.We won't let you harm,any more innocent people.'

'A very noble statement.'The humanoid bowed his head again to Griffiths,but this time,his smirk increased.'Even if I show you this?'

He made another sharp gesture,to the trooper holding Robson.The trooper promptly understood his unspoken order,and shoved Robson into his grip.Quickly,the Sanna commander wrapped his arm around her waist,and gripped Robson's chin again,much more painfully this time.He wanted to see Griffiths reaction to this,and he wasn't disappointed.

As soon as Griffiths saw his first officer,being held hostage,he stepped forward menacingly to the view screen,although of course,he couldn't do anything.His glare became more fierce.

'I'm sure you will agree,that Major Robson,is a very desirable Sirrun female.'The Sanna told him,almost smugly.'I'm sure too,that you wouldn't want her harmed in any way?'

'You'd better let her go unharmed,Sanna.'Griffiths' tone,was like deadly ice.

'That depends on how you will respond to my terms.'The Sanna commander's smirk disappeared,to give his own,unfriendly glare back.'Call off your fighter attack.Now.'

He made sure he emphasised the last word spoken,but was faintly amused,to hear his prisoner suddenly cry out.

'Don't listen to him,Sir!'Robson called out desperately to Griffiths.'They'll only mmmmfffff!'

The Sanna commander instantly clamped his three fingered hand,over Robson's mouth,tightly hand gagging her.

'I won't repeat myself,Commander Griffiths.'The Sanna went on,still in the same threatening manner.'If you don't give your order now...'

The Sanna left that unfinished,but he then tightened his hand over the girl's mouth,making Robson give out,a muffled shriek.Seeing this,Griffiths became even more enraged.

'Let her go,Sanna.'The fury in his voice,was fully evident,but the Sanna commander ignored him.Instead,he flicked out his long tongue,to slowly stroke Robson's neck,and up to her cheek.The Sirrun woman squealed more,into his hand gag,and he was pleased to see an instant reaction from Griffiths.It wasn't a favourable one.

'Let her go,Sanna!'Griffiths repeated his earlier demand.His eyes were blazing,seeing Robson being indecently assaulted,by the humanoid.

'I don't think so,Griffiths.'The Sanna commander sneered back,as he kept using his tongue on her.He was enjoying it.'There are still things you're going to do for me,if you want your pretty first officer returned.'

He was just about to order Griffiths,to deactivate the 'Savage's' weapon systems,when one of his bridge officers,suddenly called out an alarm.

'Commander!Fire in landing bay 11!'

The humanoid instantly turned his attention,to the relevent monitors showing that area.He could still see the raging firefight going on,and was enraged to see plenty of Sanna corpses.He saw two Sirrun females,who were efficiently and ruthlessly,finishing off his troopers.This made him more determined,to use Robson against Griffiths.

However,it was the fire that needed his immediate attention.He could see it was a serious one,and if he didn't do something soon to extinguish it,the flames would engulf the whole landing bay.It had already set ablaze,several Sanna attack craft,which he could ill afford to lose.He then noticed,the three human females,recognising Jennings' sister,and the Finch woman,who'd proved most dangerous,in understanding their technology.Both girls were taking cover,from the deadly lasers his troopers,were firing at them.Then,the Sanna commander looked more closely,at the third human female.He had no idea who she was,but he did see,that she was fighting furiously,protecting the two girls.His expression hardened,as he could only watch her,accurately shooting down her targets.Her weapon had some kind of grenade launcher,that was fitted underneath the rifle's barrel,and Hunt used it expertly.The number of Sanna bodies,was increasing.

No matter.The humanoid concluded confidently.They'd all be dealt with soon enough.He'd have the 'Savage',as his prize of war,and he had several young,and highly attractive human females,to ravish at his leisure.

The Sanna commander,then ordered more reinforcements to launching bay 11,and was just about to order Griffiths,to power down the 'Savage's' weapon systems,when suddenly,the view screen showing Griffiths,and all the monitor screens too,ceased working.

'What happened?'The Sanna demanded brusquely.'Get him back.'

Several of the bridge crew,frantically tried to re-establish the communication,but despite their efforts,they failed abysmally.

However,one of the bridge officers knew the reason,and he stepped up to him,giving his report.

'All transmitters and receivers,have been sabotaged,Commander.'

This took the commander totally by surprise.He'd never expected the enemy to do this,but they had,with serious,and potential catastrophic consequences.They now had no means of communication,isolating them from the rest of the Sanna fleet.With a serious fire raging on board too,there was also a real danger of them,exploding into oblivion.

'Get the communications restored.'He angrily told the Sanna officer.His voice was practically hissing into Robson's ear,who whimpered behind his hand.'Also,make sure you find those responsible.When you do,eliminate them.'

The officer saluted,and hurried away to obey.Then,the Sanna commander turned his attention back,towards his captive.

'In the meantime,my dear,'his voice continued to hiss into Robson's ear.'I think we'd better make you more secure.'

He then threw the girl,back into the trooper who'd held her previously.Robson gasped,as the Sanna commander released his hand over her mouth.She was finally able to breathe normally again.However,Robson could only listen in dismay,to her captor's next order.

'Take her to my quarters.'The Sanna commander smiled as he said that.'Have her bound and gagged securely,and keep her under armed guard.'

Robson was then frog marched out from the bridge,still vainly struggling in the trooper's inescapable grip.Two more heavily armed troopers,followed close behind.

The Sanna commander smirked again,knowing he'd ravish her later.However,the situation in the landing bay,had to be dealt with first.

Seeing that there were still plenty of shuttles,that the enemy could use in an escape attempt,he immediately ordered all control functions on them,to cease.That way,he'd have the Sirruns,and their human friends trapped.Once that was done,he would then wait,for his communications to be restored.He still had his demands,ready for Griffiths,and he couldn't wait to deliver them.


Approaching the Sanna battle cruiser unseen,the small shuttle prepared to land,in one of the landing bays.On board the shuttle,O'Rourke and Harris glanced outside into the void,and could see the battle,had now stopped.Although,they could clearly see the Sanna ship,was suffering serious fires inside the hull.Despite seeing this,O'Rourke still felt confident,and didn't worry about a possible,fatal explosion from the Sanna ship.

Even so,the shuttle's pilot made a check on the ship's defences,and he turned to give Harris,a concerned look.

'Their anti-aircraft weapons,are still primed.'The worry in his tone,fully evident.'If we try to land,they'll blow us out of the sky.'

In quick response,Harris put on a radio headset,and made contact with the man,she and O'Rourke had spoken to earlier,back in the base.She updated him about the current situation,and waited for his reply.Fortunately,it was a positive one.

'You may proceed.'Harris reassured the pilot,although not in a reassuring tone.'They won't shoot at us.'

The pilot still had a doubtful expression,but did as he was told.He guided the shuttle in,as they made their final approach into the landing bay.As they entered though,all of the shuttle's occupants could see the serious fire,now raging inside the superstructure.They could also see,a really nasty firefight too.


Still helpless in the Sanna trooper's powerful grip,Robson was forced quickly along the ship's corridors,before she was finally taken,into the Sanna commander's private quarters.This was the last place she wanted to be,but there was more bad news waiting for Robson,as she suddenly recognised,some unwanted company waiting for her,increasing her dismay.

With relishing and sinister smiles,the two Kavos women were delighted,to see their latest Sirrun female prisoner.One of the Kavos women,was holding several coils of strong white rope.

'Get her on the floor.'The Kavos woman holding the ropes,instructed curtly.

This was promptly done,as the Sanna trooper holding Robson,forced her down onto her knees,still tightly gripping her arms behind her.

Both Kavos women smiled,as they then advanced on her.The one holding the ropes,moved to the back of her,and immediately seized Robson's wrists,from the Sanna's hold.She then started to wind the ropes over them,and Robson was powerless to resist.Within a couple of minutes,Robson suddenly gave out,a brief grunt of pain,as the Kavos woman secured the final knots on her wrists.

If Robson had hoped that would be it,she was bitterly disappointed.As soon as the Kavos woman finished tying her hands behind her,she then wound several loops of the rope,over Robson's ankles,making their prisoner totally immobile.The woman added more horizontal loops,over and under Robson's chest.She enjoyed pulling the ropes tight,making their captive gasp in pain.The ropes tied this way,enabled Robson's arms would be securely held behind her.

As Robson was being tied up,the second Kavos woman glanced up sharply,sensing something amiss,as did her female colleague.Both of them gazed at each other,knowing what was coming.The first woman said so.

'Her friends are approaching.Gag her.'

Robson's eyes widened hearing this.She too,sensed her people close by,and was still making attempts by telepathy,to contact them.However,the two Kavos women easily blocked her frantic,almost pleading thoughts.It had just entered her mind,to try and call out for help,when suddenly,the woman who'd trussed her up,produced a large strip of black cloth.She rolled the cloth into a ball,before roughly forcing it,into Robson's mouth.Both Kavos women,fully enjoyed hearing Robson's faint mumbling,as the gag took immediate effect.The woman then produced another strip of black cloth,and she folded it into a thick,wide band,before placing it over Robson's mouth.The woman pulled it tight,and secured it with a highly effective double knot,pleased to hear their prisoner grunt painfully again,as she made the gag secure.

With that done,the Kavos woman immediately hauled Robson up to her feet,and after encircling her waist,she then pulled out a small,but deadly blade.It was then held,against Robson's throat.The Sirrun woman froze,dreading what was going to happen,before she heard the woman's voice,whisper menacingly into her ear.

'We'll make sure you're here,when the Sanna commander comes,my dear.'The woman told her hostage.'But first,let's say goodbye to your friends,shall we?'

She pulled her prize tightly into her,making sure Robson couldn't escape.Her female colleague then pulled out a sidearm,and like the Sanna trooper,aimed her weapon at the door.Apart from Robson,who was watching the door with huge,fearful eyes,all of them had anticipated,eager smiles,as they prepared to fire.

Chapter 12 to follow....