Thursday, 17 October 2013

Added a bit more on: Just in Time

So far so good with this latest effort,and I'm enjoying writing it.There's a bit more added onto it today,as I've been inspired by a couple of kind people.

The story is still daft of course,but hey:in fiction,anything's possible...:)

Later updates here will have more comic style pics,as I've worked out a deal with a really good artist.

I'm really looking forward to posting them,as well as having more contributions from Larry and Ethan.

My birthday's not too far off,and it's my blog's fifth anniversary,so I'm hoping to post up some more good stuff.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Just in Time: Chapter One

Dressed in white,fastened up lab-coats,Louise and Sarah stood back to admire their handiwork.

It had taken them a long time,but finally,both girls had managed to succeed in their life long dream.

They'd finally built the world's first time machine.

Looking at it though,it didn't appear to be a time machine.They'd built in this basement beneath their own home,and the whole machine seemed out of place here.

However,both girls were determined to test it,and Louise had decided to volunteer herself,to test it out.

Sarah glanced  at her friend.Like herself,Louise was very pretty;Louise had long,raven hair falling just past her shoulders,and had warm,hazel eyes.Louise had a beautiful body too.Her breasts were magnificent,and Sarah knew many men had chased her.

Sarah was a dark brunette,and her hair was shoulder length.She too,had an impressive chest,and like Louise,was very pleasant and feminine.

However,Louise always put her work first,and Sarah knew this too.Louise was determined to succeed in this,and she had sacrificed a lot to do so.

Sarah too,had given her all.Both she and Louise had had this dream for years.They gradually built their dream into reality,although they did have to hide it.Both girls were well aware of a lot of sneering,contemptible comments directed at the previous attempts.

Making some more final checks on the various control panels,Louise then looked up at Sarah.

'All set?'

'I guess so,'Sarah nodded to her.Even though she was thrilled at going to see their dreams come true,Sarah still couldn't help feeling nervous.

'Where do you plan to go?' she then asked Louise.

'Occupied France in World War Two,'Louise responded.'I read about some vital treasure the Nazi's had there.I want to see what it was.'

'Are you mad,Louise?' Sarah almost gaped at her friend,hearing this unbelievable proposal.

'I've taken precautions,'Louise reassured,seeing the worry on Sarah's face.'I've scanned the area,and there's no battles going on,and there's only a limited German presence there.'

'Still sounds too risky to me,'Sarah shook her head in disapproval.'What if the Germans capture you? How will you get back?'

'With the time bracelet of course,'Louise raised her wrist to show the mechanism attached.'If I get into trouble,I'll just call back to you,and you can get me back.'

'I still think you're making a big mistake,by going back to that period in time.'Sarah was now very worried for Louise.

'I'm just going to have a look.Don't worry.I'll make sure the Germans won't see me.'

With that said,Louise then moved up to the large tube fitted into the centre of the machine.It was more than big enough for her to stand in,and she did so.

'Okay,Sarah,'Louise smiled.'Let's go.'

Still wearing a worried,concerned frown,Sarah activated several controls on one of the consoles,and within seconds,she had the date ready.

'Fifth May,1944.Be careful,Louise.'

Seeing Louise's nod,Sarah activated a final control,and she watched Louise disappear from sight.

Louise didn't feel a thing through the transport,only a slight tingling feeling,but it was harmless.

She found herself standing outside a house,and much to her relief,there was nobody around to see her materialise out of nowhere.

She had of course,made her calculations at where she needed to be,and was still relieved to find no occupying German soldiers nearby.

Louise knew she was in a small French village in Normandy,and knew she had to act fast.

She knew there was a chemist's shop in the village,and in fact,it was still there in the present.

However,it was here Louise needed to be.She'd read about the French scientist living in the chemist shop with his teenage daughter.

Louise remembered reading about what actually happened here.The Germans had known about the French scientist#s research,and had discovered he'd written the basis to build a time machine.

The Germans had sent in a squad to seize the scientist,but he wasn't found.So instead,they seized his teenage daughter,using her as a hostage against him.

Louise knew the daughter had been recovered safely,but wasn't sure how,although she did know she had to get those blueprints away from the Germans.

She decided to enter the chemist and walked to the front of the shop,then she entered.

Louise didn't see anybody in the place,but that was no problem.In fact,she knew the owners were in hiding,as there would be an air raid happening here soon.The RAF would launch a bombing attack on a German fighter airfield not too far from here,and Louise knew the villagers would be keeping their heads down.

Quickly,Louise headed over to where the scientist kept his blueprints,and was pleased to see the small safe standing close to her.

Louise knew how to get into it,recalling the combination she'd read in her own time.

It didn't take her very long to open the safe,but instead of finding the blueprints in it,Louise was stunned to see the safe was empty.

She was even more stunned,when she felt a strong arm wrap itself around her waist tightly,and a strong hand clamped over her mouth.

Louise's eyes bulged,as her unseen assailant wheeled her around,and she now faced a small group of German officers,all dressed in the dreaded Gestapo uniform.

To make matters worse,one of them was a woman.

'Guten Morgen,Fraulien,'the woman gave Louise a cold smile,and her gaze settled on her prize's chest too.Something which increased Louise's fear.

The woman then gestured to the man handgagging Louise,to remove his hand.He did so,much to Louise's relief,but she was still gripped tightly by him.

Seeing the Gestapo woman was now looking at the empty safe,Louise was now suddenly desperate.She knew she would be interrogated,and as soon as she opened her mouth,they knew she was English.

'Where are the contents of the safe,my dear?' the Gestapo woman asked her politely,although Louise could clearly see the cold,callous cruelty in her eyes.This didn't bode too well.

Recognising Louise's silence,the Gestapo woman stepped closer up to her,and lifted the girl's chin.

She fully enjoyed the fear showing in her prisoner's eyes,and kept up her questioning,but still in a polite manner.

'I didn't hear you,my dear,'the woman was speaking in fluent French,but the deep German accent was quite intimidating to Louise.'I don't like repeating myself.You had better speak.'

She stroked a finger down Louise's cheek,continuing:'So pretty.It would be a shame to spoil that face,'she chuckled menacingly.'Are you going to answer me,my dear? Or do I have to get rough with you?'

Louise swallowed hard,fully understanding what she'd just heard,but what could she do? It was far better to keep silent,but the threats at her were terrifying too.

'Well,as you wish,my dear,'the German woman fully recognised the girl's silence,but was secretly pleased.Now,she could enjoy the girl's company back at headquarters.

She barked at the man holding Louise tightly.'Tie her up and gag her.We'll take this pretty thing with us.Then,we'll see if she's a bit more talkative.'

The order was swiftly obeyed,as Louise felt her wrists crossed behind her,and they were then secured with strong,white coils of rope.Within moments,Louise was securely tied up,as her ankles were bound together too.A white cloth was balled up and shoved roughly into her mouth,before a wider white strip was sealed over it,keeping the gag secure.

Satisfied the girl was now tightly bound and gagged,the Gestapo woman gestured curtly to her men,to take Louise out of the chemist shop.

It was then,they all heard the air raid sirens.

'Hurry up,'the Gestapo woman ordered.She knew it was the British coming in to bomb and strafe the nearby airfield,and she certainly didn't want to be here,when the bombs were falling.

Louise felt herself flung over the man's shoulder,and with utter despair,realised she was in serious trouble.Why the hell hadn't she checked out the area first? During her revisions of this place back in her own time,there had been no mention of any Gestapo presence in the village,but they'd caught her totally by surprise.

She was easily carried out into a waiting German staff car,and forced to sit into the rear seat.The German woman held onto her arm,and Louise suddenly saw she had a gun aimed at her.

'Let's go,'the woman's voice was still curt,and her men promptly obeyed.

Louise closed her eyes in desperation,as the car moved off.

More to follow...


Monday, 7 October 2013

Kidnapped in Africa

I'm very pleased to put up my third requested commission from erikson,and he's done me another fantastic piece here.

3 pretty girls on a safari trip somewhere in the Dark Continent,are kidnapped by ruthless mercenaries,was the idea I had for this.

Figuring out a story for this though,isn't possible for me just now,although I have a couple of ideas.I'll get round too it.

Anyway,the next piece I'll be asking from erikson,will be a comic style story.That's something I'm really looking forward too.

Hope you enjoy this one,and a million thanks to erikson who triumphed once again.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D

I haven't watched a full episode of this series yet,but with three pretty actresses in it,I'm hoping there will be some scenes of these three lovely ladies getting bound and gagged in the show.I just hope like mad,they won't put any scenes showing the blokes in.I'm so sick of that.It's the girls I want to see tied up and gagged,especially Ming Na-Wen.She looks hot in that leather jacket.

The show's action premise shows it has potential,but I've got the same old nasty feeling,it will be another huge letdown.

Still,one can always hope...


Update on this:I just read Brian's Page from a couple of days ago,and somebody posted there was a scene on the show,where three females get tied up with zipties(hands behind back)

Sadly,no gags.

Still,it's a start...

On the Beach

The Sun was a beautiful sight settling below the distant horizon over the sea,and for life-guard Louise Jennings,this sight always thrilled her.

Louise was now observing the massive Sun sinking slowly,and she could see the dark night sky now coming in.

Louise was a very young,beautiful woman.She had long,raven hair falling past her shoulders,a very pretty face with warm hazel eyes,and she had a really good body too.

Of course,this had a lot to do with her job,as Louise knew she had to keep fit,and her job certainly entailed plenty of swimming.

Louise was nearly always in the sea,as there were many calls for assistance from anybody that needed help,and Louise was there within seconds.

She could always remember the stunned,and lustful looks directed at her as she raced along the beach.Her tight fitting,red swimsuit certainly made her an eye catcher.

Of course,this didn't really bother Louise.What really mattered was getting to the people who needed help,and she was always pleased to give it.

Today had been a good day though,as there had been no alarms raised for Louise to attend too.There hadn't been that many people on the beach today,so she was glad she could keep everybody in sight.

Now,the beach was deserted,and Louise had just about finished her shift.She knew the night shift officer was on his way,and she decided to make a final check.

Walking by the incoming surf certainly relaxed Louise.She always believed sea air was good for you,and this was why she made her home by the beach.

She carried a pair of binoculars with her,and Louise raised them to her eyes,and made a thorough check around.

At first,Louise didn't see anything untoward.The beach was still empty,and there were no evident problems.

It was then that Louise spotted movement at the far end of the beach.

Still scanning through her binoculars at that area,Louise spotted five people;three women and two men.

Louise could see the three women had been tied up,clearly seeing their hands secured behind their backs.There was also a rope which had been tied around each of the women's necks,connecting them all,and the two men were obviously guarding them.One of the men was in front,holding the rope which tied the women together;he was clearly leading them away.

Stunned and shocked at what she was currently seeing,Louise watched the men herd the captive trio away.She could also see the three girls had been gagged tightly,clearly recognising a large,white strip cloth,that had been used to cleave gag the girls.Louise could tell how tight the cloths had been tied,and knew the three girls were unable to call for help.

Quickly,Louise lowered her binoculars,and hurried after the rapidly disappearing quintet,not seeing she too,was being observed.


There were two people observing Louise,and they were two women,hiding amongst the sand dunes.

Both women were very beautiful,but both pairs of eyes were cold,as they sharply watched the girl giving chase.

Both were determined to stop her.


Louise finally reached the area where she'd seen the three bound and gagged women being led off.There was now a small shed visible,with a small jeep parked nearby.Louise decided to check it out.

She then heard what was obviously a gagged woman's sound,and Louise could hear more than one of them.

Tensing,Louise then brought out a torch and after turning it on,shined it inside.

She was totally taken aback to discover another three tightly bound and gagged women.The girls were all wearing bikinis,and had obviously been grabbed on the beach.All their eyes were pleading at Louise,over another tightly tied cleave gag.

Louise was just about to take a step to untie them,when she felt herself seized roughly from behind,and a strong hand clamped hard over her mouth.Her own eyes bulged in shock.

'HMMMMFFFF!' Louise's scream was non-existent,as she felt the hand tighten over her mouth.

She knew instantly a woman had grabbed her,and the grip she was held in was inescapable,but she couldn't help,but start struggling frantically.

'Not a sound,my pretty,'Louise felt the woman's voice hiss into her ear,'and don't bother wasting your time.You're not going to escape!'

This made Louise mumble in fear behind the woman's tight handgag.She was now very frightened,and to make matters worse,Louise suddenly had a bad feeling what this was all about.

'Let's take her to the boss,'Louise then heard another woman's voice from behind her.'I'm sure she'll be pleased with our latest,pretty catch!'

Louise then saw one of the women come into her view.She was tall,blonde and very attractive.

However,Louise could see the blond woman's eyes were very cold,and they seemed to gaze right through her.She was bad news.

It was then Louise saw the gun held in the blonde's hand,and it was aimed unwaveringly at her.Louise's eyes bulged even more.

Seeing their prisoner's fear,both Louise's captors smiled maliciously.

'That's right,my pretty,'the blonde told Louise.'Just do as you're told,and I'll refrain from using this on you.'

The three bound and gagged girls were writhing on the shed floor in despair,seeing their chance of escape ruthlessly snatched away from them,and they could only mumble in despair.

'Better use the chloroform on these three,'the woman holding Louise curtly ordered.'The boys will be back soon.Should make it more easier for them to ship them out.'

Helpless,Louise could only watch as the blond woman brought out a small bottle,which was obviously the chloroform.She then produced a large,cotton wool pad,and applied some of the liquid onto the pad.

The blond woman then ruthlessly forced the chloroform soaked pad,onto the three bound and gagged girls one by one,as they all succumbed to the drug.

With that done,the blond woman then turned to face Louise.

'Right.Let's take her to the boss.'

Louise gasped in pain as she was roughly forced along.She was then dragged into the jeep,and forced into the back.The blond woman then drove off.

It was only a short drive,but Louise was frantically hoping somebody would spot her.She'd been forced to lie on the floor of the back,and she was still handgagged.If only somebody could see her! The alarm would be then raised.

Unfortunately for Louise,her two kidnappers had made sure nobody would spot them,and much to her dismay,Louise felt the jeep stop,and she was dragged out.

As she was held and still silenced,Louise then heard the woman holding her say:

'I'm going to take my hand away now.Don't bother screaming your pretty mouth off.There's nobody here to help you.'

With that said,Louise felt the woman take away her hand.She was so relieved to get her voice back,but she still struggled like mad in the woman's grasp.

'Let me go,you damned bitches!'Louise snarled,although her eyes were still full of fear.

'Dear me,'the woman holding her chuckled.'It's not nice to hear a pretty girl swear.We'll have to see to that,but first things first.'

Louise had noticed they'd arrived at a beach house.It was small,but it looked very expensive,and she was then forced into the house.

Her two abductors dragged her along to a living room,which looked like a five star hotel room for the rich.

However,there was someone there waiting for them.

Louise could see a very beautiful Chinese woman.She was dressed in a red silky robe,and looked gorgeous.

However,just like her two female kidnappers,Louise could clearly see a coldness in the Chinese woman's face,as she was forced down onto her knees in front of the woman.Her arms were held by each of the woman's accomplices.

The Chinese woman looked down at Louise with interest,as she put a finger to lift Louise's chin.

'And who might this pretty young girl be?'she asked.

'We caught her snooping around the shed,'the blond woman informed.'She saw the latest shipment.'

'Did she indeed?'the Chinese woman smiled,still keeping her finger under Louise's chin.She was enjoying the girl's frightened eyes.

'What do you want us to do with her?'the other woman asked.

'Tie her up and take her back to the shed,'she then ordered.'Make sure you gag her too.I'll be along shortly.I think we have some new,pretty merchandise to sell.'

'No!' Louise yelped,but she was easily forced up to her feet and dragged off.


Some time later,the Chinese woman made her way over to the shed,and was pleased to see the pretty lifeguard had been bound and gagged due to her instructions.

Louise was sitting on the shed floor,and she had her hands tied tightly behind her back.There were also four horizontal loops of rope,tied tightly above and below Louise's chest.

Her legs had been tied up too,with three more horizontal loops secured over her knees,and four more loops around her ankles.The Chinese woman could see how tight the ropes were,and she was very pleased.This method always stopped her pretty captives from attempting to escape.

Another thing that pleased her,was seeing Louise gagged.A wide strip of cloth was tied over her mouth,securely knotted at the base of her neck.The woman could see Louise's mouth was bulging,knowing her two accomplices had stuffed a big balled up cloth into it.The cloth tied tighly over her mouth kept the other cloth in,rendering Louise effectively gagged.

Still feeling pleased at seeing Louise trussed up,the Chinese woman knelt down beside her,and was highly amused to see the girl trying to squirm away from her.

She easily brought Louise back up to her,and repeated the same gesture,as she lifted the girl's chin up again with her finger.

'You know,my dear,'there was a sinister tone in her voice.'I'm so pleased you fell into our clutches.I know for a fact,that many of my clients will pay through the roof for a pretty prize like you.You're going to fetch an excellent price.'

Louise tried to scream again,but her gag kept her silent.Her eyes were still bulging,as the Chinese woman then forced herself on top of her,and started to grope her breasts.

'But that's all planned for later,my pretty.For now,I'm going to keep you and enjoy you.'

The woman then started to squeeze Louise's breasts more harder,as her eyes filled with dominant lust.She then forced Louise onto her belly,and then lay on top of the helpless girl,her hands continued to enjoy Louise's chest.

Louise could only pray for a miracle to get away from these monsters.

The End?