Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Louise's Hero.

For the umpteenth time,Louise Wilson looked at her watch,desperately hoping for her workday to end.

It really had been a long day at the Nationwide Building Society,where she worked as a bank teller,although Louise was incredibly popular with all the customers she dealt with.

Louise also knew she was very pretty,always accepting that,having long,black hair just falling past her shoulders.She had warm,brown eyes and a really pleasant smile too.Something which made her even more popular.

She was dressed in the mandatory uniform code of the bank,as she wore a white shirt unbuttoned at the top with two large,square breast pockets.A red scarf was also tied around her neck,with a black skirt just falling above her knees,a pair of dark nylons on her legs with a pair of smartly polished black high heels worn on her feet completed Louise's attire.

Louise was also very popular with the staff at her work,as they all enjoyed her pleasant,feminine personality,but Louise did not like one member of the staff here.

He was the bank manager,only known as Mister Johnson,a smartly dressed.middle aged man,and he knew his job very well.

However,Louise could see he liked to chat up a lot of the other,very pretty bank tellers,and he'd certainly gone up to Louise frequently doing the same.

Louise had always reacted politely to him.After all,he was her boss,but she seemed to sense something about him,although she had no idea what it was.

Yet he gave Louise the creeps every time he walked up to her work desk.Louise could see something sinister behind his charm.She'd even heard rumours about previous girls who worked here,had suddenly vanished off the face of the earth.Maybe Mister Johnson had had something to do with it,but as yet,there was no proof of this.

It certainly didn't help Louise's feelings towards him,as she could clearly see his lust as he eyed her body up.She'd seen him from the corner of her eye,looking at her legs,and also at her breasts.Louise had to admit she had an impressive pair,but her disgust at the man was also tinged with a hint of growing fear.

Please hurry up and let me go home,Louise thought again to herself,as she glanced again at her watch.

It was half past four,Louise noted with some relief.

Thank God for that,she thought to herself.Only half an hour to go,before I can get out of here.

'You okay,Miss?' a man's voice asked her,startling her.

Monday, 21 April 2014


I had very high hopes for this film,reading the plot was about a man going to save his kidnapped wife.

In the end though,I was fairly disappointed to see very little bound and gagged scenes for any of the two main actresses in the film:Rebecca Budig and Selena Gomez.

Rebecca(above pic) does have a brief scene in the film,where she's hooded and has her hands tied behind her,but alas,no gag.She is saved though,although her kidnapping at the start of the film isn't nice to watch.

And alas again,there were no bound and gagged scenes for the very pretty Selena Gomez,although her character is kidnapped by the baddies,it's not long before she's rescued.That was very,very disappointing.

Having said that,I did enjoy the film and it's certainly got a lot of tension,and there's some very good stunt driving.I just thought it was another wasted opportunity.