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The Sanna Menace Chapter 10

O'Rourke angrily switched the transmitter off,as he heard the Sanna bluntly refuse his repeated requests,to retake the Finch girl.

Damned Sanna!He cursed them silently.After all he'd done for them,who the hell did they think they were? Wasn't he on the same side?

He turned to face Harris,who had been standing patiently behind him,listening to his earlier tirade.Harris held an expression of faint amusement,as she witnessed his angry reaction.He was simply too used,to getting his own way.When things didn't go his way,he behaved like a spoilt child.

Despite O'Rourke not getting what he wanted,Harris herself,had made good progress.Her spies had found out,where the Finch girl was,as well as that strange,but deadly woman,who'd made mincemeat out of her best men.Harris was quite keen,to renew acquaintances.

But there was one more piece of good news,that Harris really wanted to hear,and it was finding out,that Jennings had a younger sister.She'd been given several photographs of her,by Talbot,who she'd detailed to watch her.Harris could clearly see the girl,was highly attractive.

No doubt,O'Rourke would like to ravish her.She mused to herself.Of course he could,but not until Harris used the girl,as a hostage against her brother.After Jennings had been dealt with,she'd give the girl to O'Rourke,and this thought,didn't bother Harris at all.

She'd been informed by Talbot,that Louise was currently serving in the Royal Navy.After he'd confirmed her presence,Harris had immediately ordered Louise's abduction.Unfortunately for Talbot,he'd failed miserably,paying the ultimate price.

Once Harris had found that out,she callously dismissed Talbot's death.No matter.She had thought at the time.There would be other opportunities to seize her.Of that,Harris was certain.

'Have you been able,to get into Sanna security,Harris?'O'Rourke demanded brusquely.

'Of course.'Harris nodded curtly,before she then moved out of the radio room,not bothering to check behind her,to see if O'Rourke was following.She heard his footsteps anyway.

Harris led him a long way into the base,before she finally stopped outside a small room.One of her men,stood guard beside the closed door,but seeing his superior,the man promptly opened it for them.Both Harris and O'Rourke entered the room,not bothering to give any thanks to him.

Once O'Rourke entered the room,he was slightly surprised.In front of him,was an array of radio equipment.It looked very advanced.But what really held his attention,was a Sanna transmitter,linked up to the equipment.It was the same design,as the one they'd seen,back at that radio station battle,but O'Rourke knew it wasn't the same one.

There was a man sitting down,in front of the equipment.He was wearing a pair of headphones,and clearly listening to what was being sent.He was scribbling down everything he could hear,onto a notepad.O'Rourke glanced back at Harris,gesturing at the Sanna transmitter.

'Is that the one we saw,back at the radio station?'He asked her.

'No,it's not.'Harris replied,shaking her head.'The Sanna made sure,we wouldn't be seeing that one again.We managed to acquire this one,sometime ago.'

O'Rourke suddenly felt pleased hearing this.With this device now in his hands,he could now listen in,to the Sanna communications.There would be one or two surprises planned for them.O'Rourke promised himself that.He was very eager,to make the Sanna pay dearly,for not listening to him.O'Rourke had always been a loyal ally to them,but now,he wanted to do things his own way.Once he'd got what he wanted,the Sanna would return,and then they'd listen to him.He couldn't wait to show them.

O'Rourke then gazed down at the seated man,still operating the equipment.

'Who's this?'he asked.

'This is our expert,O'Rourke.'Harris answered.She didn't bother introducing him.There were more important things,to attend too.'He can hack into any known computer system,even highly protected Sanna files.'

'That's very impressive.'O'Rourke admitted,knowing there were only a few people,who had this skill.'How much is he asking?'

'That is not your concern.'Harris dismissed his somewhat,sarcastic query with disdain.She then asked the seated man.'Anything?'

The man nodded up at her.'I'm picking up heavy Sanna combat traffic signals,mostly coming from their pilots.They're under attack.'

Both Harris and O'Rourke,knew immediately who was responsible.Harris then asked him.

'Position of combat area?'

The man had already written this down,and handed it over to her.Harris took it,and read the details,before she handed it over to O'Rourke.On reading the information himself,O'Rourke's mood got even better.

'You realise this is a perfect opportunity for us?'He smiled,not a very pleasant one.'We can seize the girl,right under the Sanna's noses,and bring her back here.'

Knowing his lusts,Harris knew he'd always wanted that.Even so,what he was proposing,was extremely risky.Going up into deep space,right into the middle of a battle,and attempting to sneak into a,heavily defended Sanna battle cruiser.His sole intention,to kidnap a woman,didn't exactly inspire Harris.

O'Rourke clearly saw the doubt on her face,and he reassured her.

'We won't go flying into the fight,Harris.'He told her confidently.'We'll manage to sneak aboard that ship,without them even knowing it.'

'And how do you propose to do that?'Harris demanded,folding her arms.

'With skill,of course,Harris.'O'Rourke was still confident.'We have Sanna technology at our disposal,so we'll use that against them.'

Still seeing the extreme doubt on Harris' face,he went on to explain.

'I have a Sanna shuttle here,and it's capable of stealth camouflage in flight.That should make it easy enough,to gain entrance into the Sanna ship.'

'Well,perhaps.'Harris countered.'If we're not blown out of the sky,by their anti-aircraft batteries.'

She saw the anger returning to his face,but his reply was calm.

'Oh,I'm sure if there are difficulties,you'll think of something,Harris.You always do.'

Harris knew what he was really saying to her.If things did go wrong,he would lay the blame totally on her.She'd seen him dish out previous punishments,to his people who'd failed him.It wasn't a nice sight.O'Rourke was very brutal.So was Harris.Their whole force had this reputation,but it didn't bother either of them.

Still.Harris mused.It was a chance,to add another successful mission,to her tally.She glanced back down,at the seated man.

'Can you override Sanna security,on that ship?'

'I'll see what I can do.'He answered her confidently,already typing in the data.As he did so,Harris waited patiently,although O'Rourke showed signs of impatience,but remained silent.

Fortunately,it didn't take him long,and he looked back up at Harris.

'It's done.'He nodded.'I've programmed a security access code into the shuttle,that will allow you to land on that ship.That should give you a trouble free approach,without their weapons firing on you.'

'Flight time?'O'Rourke was now eager,to get going.He couldn't wait to get his hands,on the Finch girl,Jennings' sister,Louise,and that mysterious Sirrun woman.All three girls,were more than pretty.O'Rourke thought the trio,were all stunning beauties,and he was determined to get them back under his clutches.Despite Jennings rescuing all his other female captives,O'Rourke still felt confident,that he'd get his pretty collection back.He grinned to himself,always feeling his lust,urging him to abduct more helpless girls.

'Should be no time at all.'The man had instantly responded to him.'The battle's taking place,right on the edge of the solar system.'

'Get a combat detail ready,Harris.'O'Rourke ordered her sharply.'We're moving out.'


Back on board the Sanna battle cruiser,Jennings and Kate,now suddenly emerged out of nowhere,into a deserted corridor.Next instant,Hunt and Montgomery appeared too,with their female Sirrun helpers.Although they could see the area around them,was deserted.None of them were fooled.They all knew,the enemy was close by.

Jennings then heard Louise's voice,back inside her head.His sister's voice,was frantic.

John,it's a trap!They're waiting for you! I'm tied up!

Jennings clearly recognised the desperation,and fear in her voice.As he fully expected,the enemy was using Louise as hostage,and as bait to him.Grimly,he began to figure out,how to get Louise safely out of there.He then glanced at Kate.

'Can you sense how many Sanna are in there,Kate?'

Kate stepped forward,looking in the direction,where Louise was being held.She did indeed,sense the Sanna enemy,but that wasn't all.Kate also sensed the presence,of the two Kavos women.Her face hardened at this,and she tightened her grip,on her sword handles.Nothing would please her more,than disposing of these two,despicable women.

However,Kate still knew she had to be careful.Her people had dealt with Kavos 2 many times.It was a well known fact,that the Kavos people were sneaky and sly.They too,also had aspirations,to conquer Sirrus 6.Kate remembered swearing her sacred oath,joining the military to stop them,and anybody else from accomplishing this.Even if it meant a fight to the death.

She had instantly informed Jennings,of what she sensed,and gave him an accurate count.

'Ten Sanna.'Kate informed him.'Those two women from Kavos,are in there too.'

Hearing that,Jennings then pulled out a stun grenade,as did Hunt and Montgomery.It was then,that Jennings heard Louise's voice in his head once more.

John,please!Her voice sounded even more frantic now.They've got a knife at my throat!They're just waiting for you!

This made Jennings stop,and he gave a worried glance at his friends.He knew they needed,to get their odds back in their favour,and that meant doing,a pretty good diversion.

Kate sensed his troubled thoughts,and walked up to him.

'What do you want to do?'

'Only one thing we can do.'Jennings grimly answered her.'I have to get their attention,away from Louise.'

He was still hearing his sister's frightened cries in his head,and he then decided his plan.Glancing back at Kate,he told her.'I'll need your help,Kate.'

'You have it.'Her answer was immediate.

He was just about to explain his plan,when they all heard the ominous marching footsteps,of more Sanna troopers.They all instinctively,moved back into the shadows.

Jennings and his friends,now noticed a new group of Sanna come into view.He clearly recognised one,as a commander,and they all entered the room,where Louise was being held.


Inside the room,Louise still sat,securely bound and gagged.Her eyes were still huge,as she felt the cold blade against her neck.The Kavos woman holding it on her,made sure it stayed there,making Louise still frozen.Her gag made absolutely sure,that she wouldn't be able,to scream out a warning to her brother.

Louise also had to endure the woman's free hand,now stroking through her long,dark brown hair.The Kavos woman,was savouring her captive,even giving her hair and cheek,an unwelcome kiss.She sniggered into Louise's ear,as she did so.

They also made frequent checks,on their prisoner's ropes,but there was no need for concern.Louise felt every loop of rope,tied tightly over all over her body.She knew she couldn't escape.

Everybody in the room,was staring at the door.Louise was scared stiff,but the two Kavos women,merely smirked,completely confident they'd succeed,whilst the Sanna troopers,held their weapons steady.All of them,aimed at the door.

Heavy footsteps were heard approaching,and everybody in the room,recognised Sanna marching.The troopers momentarily raised their weapons away,as a new Sanna commander entered.A few aides followed him,and all the newcomers looks,were centred on Louise.

Seeing them enter,Louise's eyes,were still full of fear and despair.She was literally pleading in her thoughts,for John to get in here,and save her.Instead,she could only watch,as the new Sanna commander,slowly approach her.

The Sanna commander,had already been briefed on the current situation,and was eagerly looking forward,to killing the human,Jennings.This primitive male,had proved a rare exception,and was a deadly thorn in their side.He'd inflicted far too much damage on them,but now,they had a perfect opportunity,to dispose of him.

The commander had already seen the young human female,tightly bound and gagged,and under armed guard.One of the Kavos women,was holding a deadly knife,on the girl's throat,and he sharply ordered her away.Somewhat reluctantly,the woman obeyed him,but still kept a close distance to the girl.

Standing in front of Louise,the commander spoke to her.

'So,you are Jennings' sister,Louise.'He gazed with relish,down at Louise's tied up form,before he lifted her chin.The girl's eyes stared fearfully back up at him.

'You've been wanted by so many,my dear.'The humanoid grinned evilly,before he suddenly seized Louise's chin.The girl could only manage,a faint whimper of pain,behind the tape gag.'I'm very lucky,to have acquired you.'

He chuckled,savouring his hold on her.The Sanna commander,would enjoy ravishing this pretty prize,once her brother had been eliminated.

Checking that all his troopers were ready,he then ordered one of them,to activate a communications console.He then demanded,that his voice to be translated,into the human tongue,and be heard throughout the ship.

As his order was being obeyed,the Sanna commander gripped Louise's chin,more painfully.The girl could only give out another startled,but faint gagged mumble.

'This is a message for you,Jennings.'The Sanna commander spoke calmly,and in English.'I'm sure you are aware,that we have your pretty sister,as our prisoner.'
He paused momentarily,before adding.'Perhaps you'd like some proof,to convince you?'

Smirking,the Sanna then began to squeeze Louise's chin,making her scream into her tape gag.Her muffled cry,echoed throughout the ship,and satisfied he'd made his point,the humanoid stopped his squeezing,although he still held her chin.

'You have five minutes to surrender,Jennings.'The Sanna commander warned.'I don't need to tell you,what will happen to your sister,if you don't.'

He made sure the last part he'd spoken,was filled with threat.Then,he ordered the trooper,to stop the communication.

Suddenly,he noticed the two Kavos women,turning their heads up sharply.They both sensed,that something was wrong.

'What is it?'The Sanna asked them,but before he got an answer,they all heard Jennings' voice,coming from outside the room.

'Don't shoot.'His voice was calm,as he went on.'I'm coming in.'

Instantly forgetting the two Kavos women,and their unknown concerns,the Sanna commander released his grip on Louise's chin,to stare at the door.Louise's relief,was only for a moment,as the same Kavos woman,renewed her grip on her,seizing the back of her neck,and forcing the cold blade,back against her throat.This made Louise freeze again,as her eyes were fixed towards the door.

The Kavos women were still troubled,but none of their Sanna allies took any notice.Instead,all the room's occupants attention,was now directed at the now opening door.It was then,that they all saw the familiar,but utterly despised figure of Jennings,now standing outside.He slowly entered the room,clearly seeing the many weapons,that was aimed at him.The Sanna troopers watched his entrance warily,as did the Kavos women,but Jennings only had his eyes for Louise.Just as her thoughts had told him earlier,he could see that they'd tied her up,and very tightly too.He saw the effect the many loops of rope,tied horizontally over Louise's shirt,were having on her chest.It bulged out at him,just as her eyes were,almost pleading.

John,get back! He heard Louise's frantic voice,practically shouting at him,inside his head.It's a trap!

It's okay,Louise.Jennings instantly returned a reassuring thought back to her.Trust me.I'm getting you out of here.

The Sanna commander watched him carefully,just as his troopers did.Jennings was glaring fiercely at the woman,who held a knife to Louise's throat.Despite getting their attention on him,which was what he needed for the diversion,Jennings knew he'd still have to be careful here.

'Get on your knees,human filth!'The Sanna commander spoke with real venom.He then turned his hateful gaze,on Louise's bound and gagged sitting form.'I want your pretty sister,to watch you die!'

'Think you can kill me,Sanna?'Jennings' own voice,was full of contempt.'You made a big mistake,kidnapping Louise.Now I'm going to make you all pay for that.'

The Sanna commander sneered back in response,as did all his troopers.Only the two Kavos women,didn't join in.Both of them still sensed,that something was wrong.

Even so,the woman holding the knife on Louise,kept the blade on the girl's throat.She and her colleague knew,that Jennings was extremely dangerous.They weren't sure what he had in mind.The Sanna commander however,knew exactly what he had in mind.

'I said get on your knees,human!'The humanoid repeated harshly.

'I'll die standing,Sanna.'Jennings answered back,still full of contempt.

However,one of the Sanna troopers,eager to please his superior,suddenly stepped forward,and used his rifle butt on Jennings,striking him at the back of his legs.Jennings instantly fell onto all fours,clenching his teeth in excruciating pain.The Sanna had hit his legs really hard,and everybody in the room,with the exception of Louise,had enjoyed watching him fall at their feet.

Jennings clenched his teeth,feeling excruciating pain in his legs.For the moment,he couldn't move,although he could still hear Louise's faint,but clearly frightened,gagged mumbles.He concentrated on getting his strength back,for her sake.

Louise felt totally helpless watching her brother.She knew there was nothing she could do to help him.Her kidnappers had made sure of that.Even though the Kavos woman had stopped groping her,Louise still felt the knife on her throat.Her eyes bulged in horror,as she then saw the Sanna commander raising his own weapon,and he aimed it at Jennings' still fallen form.

'You won't be causing us any more problems,Jennings.'The humanoid spoke maliciously down at his human enemy.'After I've disposed of you,your sister will make an excellent slave,to our breeding programmes.I'll enjoy ravishing her myself.'

He was pleased to hear Louise squeal into her gag,hearing that ominous news.Louise herself,was well aware of the Sanna's crave,to kidnap and ruthlessly rape,desirable and highly attractive human females.They'd done it so many times,and Louise had never imagined,a worst possible nightmare.She was forced to watch helplessly,as the Sanna commander,readied his weapon for firing.

'Goodbye,Jennings.'The Sanna bade him farewell,and was just about to shoot him in the head,when suddenly,something was thrown into the room.It was a small,metallic cylinder,which was closely followed by another one.Both of them rolled towards the Sanna troopers,but before any of them could react,there was a sudden blinding flash.Another one exploded a second after the first,which made all the Sanna,and the Kavos women,suddenly cry out in pain,as they had temporarily lost their sight.Every one of them,had dropped their weapons,and instantly covered their eyes with both their hands.It was then,that Hunt and Montgomery,came charging in.Both of them fired their weapons accurately,shooting down the still stunned,and blinded Sanna troopers.

Still crouching on the floor,Jennings had now recovered,and had tensed himself,waiting for his friends to begin the assault.Kate had been in mental contact with him,ever since he'd walked in here.The moment he was threatened,Jennings had been able to give her,his own mental signal to come in.

His eyes had never left Louise's bound and gagged form.She was looking frantically down at him,having managed to avoid the effect,that the flash-bang grenades had done.Their weapons had done the job well,of overcoming their enemies.Jennings was pleased to see the Kavos woman,who'd held the knife on his sister's throat,had lost her grip on the blade,and was now on all fours herself,desperately trying to get her sight back.

Knowing there wasn't a second to lose,Jennings hurried over to Louise,just as Kate and her four female Sirrun companions,now entered the room.All of them had now brought their deadly blades into play,and they successfully struck down their Sanna opponents,who were just about to recover,with lethal results.The Sirrun women,were well feared by their enemies in battle,and Kate with her friends made sure they kept up this fearsome reputation.Their swords continued to inflict accurate,and fatal strikes,whilst not one of the Sanna,managed to fire a shot in return.

Jennings had pulled out a hidden knife on him,and was just about to use it to free Louise from her bonds,when he suddenly felt his ankle seized.Twisting his head down to gaze at his assailant,Jennings' face hardened,when he saw it was the Sanna commander,that had grabbed his ankle.The humanoid's face,was almost a snarl,and Jennings could see,that the Sanna wanted to kill him.

He then lashed out savagely with his free foot,kicking the humanoid fully in the face.Jennings was pleased to see it had an effect,as the Sanna cried out in agony,but the grip on his ankle remained.

Jennings clenched his teeth,and he kicked out again,much more harder this time.The effect was worth seeing,as he knew he'd really hurt his enemy,but still,the Sanna held onto him.More alarmingly,the humanoid was now reaching,for his own personal side-arm.Seeing this,Jennings suddenly realised he was in serious trouble.True,he had his own hidden pistol on him,but he could see,that the Sanna would beat him to the draw.There was no way,that Jennings could stop him from doing so.

Even so,he had to try.Louise's safety depended on him,and he wasn't going to let this monster take her,or kill him so easily.With lightning reflexes,Jennings reached for his own handgun,but then saw,that he didn't have too.

Coming up from behind the Sanna commander,Montgomery's powerful frame loomed.The humanoid had indeed,beaten Jennings to the draw,and was just giving him,a smile of triumph,when suddenly,the weapon was plucked from his grasp.

Taken totally by surprise,the Sanna turned just in time,to see Montgomery pull him off Jennings,and without any emotion at all,he slammed his own knife,into the humanoid's heart,killing him instantly.With much contempt,Montgomery shoved the lifeless body away from him,and saw Jennings give him a thumbs up.

'Thanks.'Jennings was deeply grateful to his best friend,and he saw Montgomery return his gesture.He then turned back,to help Louise.As he did so,Jennings suddenly realised,that the two Kavos women,who'd been guarding his sister moments earlier,had now disappeared.

Where the hell had they gone?He almost wondered out aloud.How had they gotten past him unseen too?

Despite that,Jennings knelt down in front of Louise,placing a comforting hand on her shoulder,to reassure her.

'Are you okay?'He asked her,full of concern.

Louise nodded.There was still a lot of fear in her eyes,but mostly,she now showed much needed relief,and her eyes now held a lot of warmth back at him.Still kneeling,Jennings then gently peeled away,the black tape covering her mouth.

'Are you okay,Louise?'Jennings asked her,now expertly cutting away the many ropes tied over her.

'Am I glad to see you,John.'Louise's voice fully told him that.It even sounded a bit shaky,but the moment Jennings finally cut off the final rope,she wrapped her arms around his neck,and warmly hugged him,giving him a grateful kiss on his cheek.

Jennings smiled,as he also returned her hug.He was so glad she was okay,and kissed her back,on her forehead.

'Can you walk,Louise?'His voice was full of concern.

Louise tried to stand up,but her body was instantly hit,by a massive attack of pins and needles.She would have fallen flat on her face,had not her brother caught her.

'I'll carry you out.'Jennings instantly,and easily lifted Louise up into his arms,and turning towards the door,he could see that his friends,had now eliminated the Sanna in here.Jennings gazed at the Sanna bodies,and felt no sympathy for any of them.He told them they'd pay dearly,for seizing his sister.He then carried Louise towards the door.

'Let's get the hell out of here.'Jennings nodded to his waiting friends,and with Hunt leading,they left the corpse strewn room.Their destination,was the launching bay.

Chapter 11 to follow....

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The Sanna Menace Chapter 9

Kelly's fingers danced skillfully over the lap top's keyboard,as she typed in the data Kate had given her.She said it would take some time,so her friends kept a sharp lookout.

As Kelly worked,Kate,and her four Sirrun female companions,suddenly sensed that they were not alone.Kate in particular,knew who it was,and she turned her head sharply,checking the area thoroughly.However,none of them saw anything.

Jennings,Hunt and Montgomery,noticed something was wrong,as they watched the five women,becoming more alert.They did too.

'What is it,Kate?'Jennings asked her.

Kate glanced back at him.Her expression,very worried.

'We are being watched.'

Just as their Sirrun allies were doing,Jennings and his two friends,looked more closer,for any suspicious sign.Yet,they still saw no indication,that they were being observed by the enemy.


However,hidden in the shadows,the two women from Kavos,were making sure,that they weren't seen.They heard the Sirrun woman's suspicions,and sensed they'd gotten too close,so they decided to withdraw.Even so,their eyes never left the small group,and their main attention,was still focused on Louise.


'Programme downloaded.'Kelly confirmed.'I've sent the data into their navigation systems.As soon as they program that in,they'll have a nasty surprise waiting for them.'

'Where will they end up?'Hunt asked.

'I chose a distant area,in an unexplored region of space.'Kelly answered.She then looked at Kate.'It was your Commander Griffith's idea.There's nothing there for them.No new worlds for them to invade,in fact,it will take them years,to reach their own home world.'

'That's good work,Kelly.'Jennings nodded to her,and to Kate.He fully appreciated both their efforts,before he then said.'We'd better head back to the shuttle.I think Major Robson,may be getting concerned.'

He still hadn't forgotten about the unseen threat either.Who was it? Jennings didn't know,as they all moved away,from the detention area.He kept his eyes open,but no new threat emerged,to challenge them.

As they advanced,Jennings held onto Louise's hand tight.He was pleased to feel his sister's grip,just as secure as his own.Turning to face her for a moment,he squeezed her hand.This made Louise smile warmly back at him,grateful for his presence.Although deep down,Jennings knew they weren't out of the woods yet.

So far though,they managed to avoid detection from the Sanna patrols,and they finally reached the launching bay.Every one of them was relieved,to see the stolen Sanna shuttle they'd arrived in.Kate and the four Sirrun women,were also relieved to feel Major Robson's presence on board it.The Sanna it seemed,hadn't discovered her presence.

However,the launching bay was still hectic with activity,and they all crouched low,keeping out of sight.Peering out from his own cover,Jennings could see it would be suicide,to make a dash for the shuttle.Heavily armed Sanna troopers were all over the place,and they'd be gunned down within moments.

Giving Louise's hand another reassuring squeeze,Jennings made sure his sister,was well out of sight,and he then moved over to Kate.She too,was sharply observing the Sanna enemy.But as Jennings,Hunt,and Montgomery clearly saw,they knew their Sirrun friends,were still troubled by what they'd sensed earlier,back at the detention area.

'What's wrong,Kate?'Jennings made sure he whispered his question.'We're still being watched?'

'I'm sorry.'Kate nodded,also whispering,and confirming it.'I forgot to tell you.The Sanna have allies on board here.Two females,from the planet Kavos.They can block our telepathy.'

This was bad news.Jennings thought,but any obstacle or challenge that was thrown into his face,he was always prepared to overcome it.It was then he remembered,what Kate had told him earlier.She'd done this back at the base,to help them get to the harbour,so they could help Louise.

'You can still use your teleport ability though?'He asked.'When you got us to the harbour?'

Kate glanced at her four female Sirrun colleagues,and was pleased to see them nod back.She did the same.

'At least,that's something the Kavos women can't do.'Kate stated confidently.

'Okay.'Jennings would ask her later,on these Kavos women.For now,he had to get Louise and Kelly out of here.Glancing back at the two girls,Jennings could see from their eyes,that they were both desperate to escape,although outwardly,they appeared calm and controlled.

'Take Louise and Kelly first.'Jennings instructed.He wanted to get them out first.'You can-'

He never got the chance to finish.There was a sudden burst of Sanna laser fire,that had been aimed right at them.Instinctively,they all ducked,and immediately returned fire.As they did so,Jennings spotted something that made his teeth clench.Sanna troopers,had now surrounded the shuttle,blocking their escape route.

They continued to return fire,and they had a lot of success,shooting down many of the humanoids.Unfortunately,more and more of them,just seemed to take their place.This caused the Sanna fire to increase,and Jennings and his friends,had to duck down a lot more.For a few moments,they were all hit by despair.Jennings,Hunt,and Montgomery,knew their ammunition wouldn't last forever,despite their highly accurate shooting.

As the battle raged on,Louise was crouching down right at the back,with her eyes firmly fixed on her brother.She was so intent on watching him fight,that Louise never saw the silent hand coming up behind her.She was totally taken by surprise,when the hand suddenly clamped hard over her mouth.

Louise's eyes bulged again,as the hand stayed tight over it,firmly silencing her attempts to scream for help.The gunfire from the ongoing battle,was simply deafening,and Jennings,with everybody else in the group,never heard her.The grip on her mouth,was just as powerful,as the arm which had seized her waist.Louise was then forcibly yanked up to her feet,and her unseen kidnapper,easily and silently,dragged her away.


In the stolen shuttle,Robson anxiously watched the firefight begin.The Sanna were pouring,devastating fire into her friends position.She could clearly see,that the Sanna had the superior numerical advantage,and despite her friends excellent shooting,she knew the Sanna would eventually out-flank,and kill them all.

Robson tried to send a telepathic message over to them,but strangely,she couldn't.She was puzzled by this,so tried again,but it was the same,unsuccessful result.Several more times,Robson attempted it,and each time,she heard no response,she knew immediately,that somebody was blocking her,but who?

Despite that setback,Robson also knew her friends needed assistance,and she bought the shuttle's weapons systems online.Two twin Sanna laser cannons,emerged from the top of the shuttle,and quickly,Robson selected the firing control for it.She then aimed at her targets.

As Jennings and his friends continued to fight furiously,they were suddenly forced down,by the sound of another,heavy Sanna laser barrage.Yet,the barrage hadn't been aimed at them.They heard screams of agony,coming from their Sanna opponents.Carefully peering out,they all noticed it was the shuttle's weapons,that were now tearing into the humanoids.

Jennings could see,that Robson had managed to blast all the Sanna troopers,that had surrounded her,and she'd also successfully cleared a path for them.The shuttle's weapons,had now turned the odds in their favour,as they kept Sanna casualties mounting.

Jennings knew there wasn't a moment to lose.They now had the diversion they needed,and he'd just turned to give Louise and Kelly the good news,when he suddenly noticed,that Louise was missing!

With raging fear in his heart,Jennings instantly knew,that the enemy had seized her again.Hunt and Montgomery,also noticed,and like Jennings,they were enraged.

Yet,Jennings still kept his head.He had too.A professional soldier,always concentrated on the job,and right now,it was his job,to make sure Kelly got away safely..Once he'd done that,then Jennings would go back in,and rescue Louise.

Turning back to the fight,Jennings still noticed the shuttle's weapons,blasting away,and the route was still clear for them,but he had no intention,of sending Kelly out there.Instead,he knelt down by Kelly,and gestured for Kate,to do the same.She did so.

Jennings then took a hold of Kelly's hand,and Kate took the other.One of the Sirrun women,also knelt down with them,and placed her hands in theirs too.Instantly,both she and Kate,started to recite their own Sirrun tongue,becoming more faster.

This made Kelly lean into Jennings,as the women's strange language,was frightening her,especially when their voices,were heard at a tremendous speed.This made her lean into Jennings more,but he smiled quietly at her,reassuring Kelly.They then disappeared,from the landing bay.Hunt and Montgomery,also followed,with the remaining Sirrun women.

Jennings,Kelly,Kate,and the first Sirrun woman,were the first to reappear,in the shuttle's interior.Robson was relieved to see them get back safely,as she also noticed Jennings' two friends,and her remaining people also appearing.

Jennings saw Robson,and gave her a thumbs up,nodding his thanks.This made Robson return his gesture,and she then turned back,to operate the shuttle flight controls.She was just activating the engines,preparing for their escape,when she was slightly stunned,to hear what Jennings said next.

'They've got Louise.'His voice was grim.'I'm not leaving without her.'

The last part,he said with determination,and his two friends stood by his decision.

'We're going with you.'Montgomery was adamant,as was Hunt.

Jwnnings nodded at them,grateful for their help.He couldn't do this alone anyway.

Both Hunt and Montgomery knew what he was thinking,and they both punched him hard,but playfully,on his shoulder.Jennings did the same,and then looked at Kate.He was just about to ask her,for the help,when she too,confirmed it.

'We will help you recover Louise.'Kate then looked over at her people.Robson,and the four Sirrun females,also gave their approval.

'Kate,you said there were these women,from Kavos?'Jennings asked her,wanting to know more about them.'Who are these people?'

Before Kate could answer him,Robson did it for her,as she now knew why,her telepathy wasn't working.

'They are bad people.'Robson told Jennings and his friends.'They have mental powers too,just like us,but they tend to ally themselves,with the wrong sort.They're also greedy too.If they are here,the Sanna must have paid them a fortune,to get their services.'

'I see.'Jennings didn't like the sound of that.'They can't be reasoned with? There's nobody amongst them,that will fight for the right reasons?'

'If there is,'Kate interjected.'I'm afraid I haven't met them yet.Their planet's not a place,where you want to be.'

Grimly,Jennings nodded at that.If these women proved to be ruthless and uncaring,he wouldn't hesitate to deal with them,in his own ruthless manner.Anybody that kidnapped Louise,was simply asking for it.

'Okay,let's go.'Jennings was well aware,that the clock was ticking,and Kate stepped up to him,as did one of the Sirrun women.Both took his hand,and then started to recite,back in their native language,in preparation.


The hand stayed firmly over Louise's mouth,and the arm around her waist,proved totally inescapable,as her unseen captor dragged her along.Despite her furious,and frantic struggles,she was finally forced into a room.Then,her captor literally threw her in.Louise just managed to keep her balance,grabbing a table with both her hands.She then spun round,to face whoever it was,that had brought her here.

Her expression became more fearful,once she saw her kidnapper.It had been one of the Kavos women,and it was the same one,who'd invaded her mind earlier,forcing Kate to reveal the information they wanted.

The woman watched her prize carefully,but was wearing a sinister smile.She then slowly advanced on Louise,who instinctively leaned back into the table.She was still gripping it fearfully,with both her hands.Her eyes,were still wide with fear,knowing she was back in the bad guys clutches.

'Your brother will soon be here,my dear.'The woman spoke excellent English to her,and was now smirking.'The Sanna have put a high price on his head,knowing he's proved,a most formidable opponent,as all their efforts to kill him,have failed.I believe some of your own people,have even attempted this task.'

The woman was now standing right in front of Louise,and she stroked a finger,down the girl's trembling cheek.This made her more pleased.

'But now that we have you,my dear.'The pleasure was fully evident in her tone.'It's guaranteed,that he'll come to rescue you,and this time,we'll be ready for him.He is going to die today.I promise you that.'

Louise was horror stricken hearing that,but she managed to remain defiant.

'You'll never beat him,you bitch!'She snarled back,almost spitting in the woman's face.'Nobody will!'

The Kavos woman merely smiled,raising a faintly amused eyebrow.

'Well,we shall see,my dear,and I'm quite looking forward to it,but in the meantime...'

She then reached into her person,and pulled out her personal sidearm,before she then,placed the weapon under Louise's chin.She tilted the girl's head up with it.

'Don't worry your pretty little head.'The woman reassured her captive,but of course,Louise felt anything,but reassured.'The Sanna ordered me to take you alive,so you'll be the bait.'

Before Louise could offer another,defiant response,heavily armed Sanna troopers entered the room.The second Kavos woman accompanied them,and instantly,the humanoids took up different positions,blocking any escape attempts Louise may have been considering.But Louise knew it was hopeless.There wasn't a chance she could safely run out of this room.She'd be lucky to make three steps,before they'd catch her.

Added to her woes,the second Kavos woman,now walked up to her.Like her female accomplice,she was also smirking.She was carrying a bag of some sort,and the woman opened it.Louise could only watch in dismay,as she saw the woman bring out several coils,of strong white rope.She instantly knew,that they were going to tie her up again.

The first Kavos woman,then gestured with the gun,at a nearby,hard backed wooden chair by the table.

'Sit,my pretty.'There was utter menace,in the woman's voice.'We can certainly make you obey,if you choose to be foolish,and that my dear,would be most unwise.'

Even if Louise was going to obey,she never got the chance.The first woman suddenly grabbed Louise's shoulder,and roughly forced her down onto it.Louise gasped in fright,and then the second woman,quickly moved around to the back of the chair,and yanked Louise's arms behind it.Everybody in the room,enjoyed hearing their captive's startled squeal,as the second woman crossed the girl's wrists,and immediately started to wind the ropes over them.

Louise winced,as she felt the ropes snake over her wrists.It hadn't been that long,since she'd been last tied up,and the ropes were tight as ever.Coil after coil,was lashed around them,before Louise finally grunted in pain,as the Kavos woman,secured the last knot,firmly locking Louise's hands behind her.

There was still plenty of rope left,and she saw the woman now come to her front.Kneeling down,she seized Louise's ankles together,and wound four loops of rope over them,before tying them to one of the chair's lower struts.It didn't take her long,before she stood back up,and gazed down at her captive.Louise could see,that both these horrible women,were fully enjoying themselves,before the second woman moved to her back again.Now,Louise saw her upper body,being wound in ropes.There were four loops tied above her breasts,and four more under them.The woman also tied three more loops,around her waist.Every loop was pulled tight to the back of the chair,which forced Louise's back more into it.The ropes tied over her white navy shirt,made her chest stand out very impressively.Again,this pleased her captors.

This didn't make Louise feel good at all.In her thoughts,she was frantically calling for John.But strangely,she didn't feel his warm presence.This made her face more desperate,but the Kavos women knew what she was thinking.

'You're wasting your time,my pretty.'The first woman informed her,very smugly.'Your brother can't hear you.We've made sure of that,but as I said before.When he does get here,his rescue attempt for you,will be futile.'

Louise was still scared stiff,but she managed again,to glare back at her.Especially the second Kavos woman,who had now just finished,tying her up.

'You'll never get away with this!'Louise felt like an idiot,shouting that out.How many times had she heard that before?Yet,she felt the real fear in her voice,even when she continued.'I told you.You'll never beat my brother.He'll always come for me,and he'll always get me out.'

Louise then tried a testing struggle,against her bonds.After only a few seconds,she realised it was hopeless.She was firmly trussed up to the chair,and still had to endure,her two captors gloating expressions.The first Kavos woman,grinned ominously down,at her bound captive.

'Perhaps,my dear.Then again,perhaps not.Of course,you will fully appreciate,that we can't allow you to warn your brother,by screaming your head off.'

The woman then turned to her accomplice,and ordered her.'Put a gag over her pretty mouth.'

She spoke it with eager relish,and the second woman reached into her bag once more,pulling out a large roll,of black duct tape.She instantly tore off,a large generous strip,and with her companion gripping Louise's chin,she easily forced it over the girl's mouth.Smoothing it over,with both her hands,to check its effectiveness,the woman enjoyed seeing Louise's frightened eyes.The girl was so scared,that they could see the blood veins,around her pupils.

Louise's chin was still held by the first woman,and she was mumbling fearfully,behind her gag.She clearly saw,that both her captors were savouring their pretty hostage,now tightly bound and gagged.

'What shall we do with her,once her brother and his friends,have been dealt with?'The second Kavos woman asked.

'Oh,who knows?'Her colleague replied,now stroking her hand,through Louise's,long,dark hair,which made Louise's skin crawl.'She's very pretty,so the Sanna have already confirmed their interest in her.I'm sure she'll fetch an excellent price for them.Maybe we can have some fun with her.'

Louise stared wildly up at them.That wasn't a future she didn't want at all.John!Where are you?Please help me!She shouted that out in her mind,but again,her thoughts were rudely invaded.The first Kavos woman,simply shook her head,still faintly amused.

'Not giving up,my dear?'She smiled down at her.'I commend your spirit.You must have a lot of faith in him,but there's always a first time for failure.This will be it.'

Suddenly,both Kavos women sensed something,which made them look up sharply at each other.

'He's coming.'The first woman informed,the still silent Sanna troopers.'Stand by.'

The Sanna troopers raised their weapons towards the door,and stood ready to fire.Satisfied that all was ready,the first woman then turned back,facing her colleague.

'I know our pretty prize is gagged,but let's make sure,that she doesn't give the alarm away,shall we?'

Her companion agreed,and instantly brought out,a short,but deadly blade.With Louise's eyes still bulging in fear,the woman moved to the back of her,and roughly seizing the back of the girl's neck,she then forced the blade,right in front of Louise's throat.

Louise faintly whimpered into the tape gag,feeling the coldness of the blade.Both women were now chuckling,savouring their hostage's fear.The woman holding the knife on her,also chuckled into her ear.This made Louise flinch,but not much,due to the blade.

'Don't even think about trying anything,my pretty.'The second woman's voice,was one of the most horrible things Louise had ever heard.'Just remain still,and let's see how your hero does.'

Helpless,Louise could only sit enforced in this position,that they'd bound and gagged her in.All she could do now,was watch the door,as her captors and guards were.Louise kept on praying that John,was fully prepared to meet the threat.

Chapter 10 to follow....

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Sanna Menace Chapter 8

Jennings and his friends continued to help the survivors,here in the harbour,but he was still feeling enraged,knowing the enemy had abducted Louise,Kelly,and Kate.He couldn't explain the feelings he had for Kate,but he was drawn to her.Although,Jennings was pretty sure,that Kate had some kind of power,to attract him to her.Of course,as long as she wasn't the kind,to abuse it,everything was fine.

However,for the moment,things were not fine.He was still trying to think of a way,to sneak back into O'Rourke's base,when his attention was diverted,to a small shuttle approaching them.The shuttle made no attack run on them,and landed close by.Once it had,many people started to approach it,but Jennings,Montgomery and Hunt,made sure they were in front,ready to face any possible new threat from it.

A ramp suddenly started to lower from the shuttle,and almost immediately,two lines of women marched out,in perfect formation.They were obviously soldiers,as Jennings and his two friends noticed the two sheathed swords,they were wearing.The handles were solid gold,but Jennings ignored that.He also noticed,that every woman coming out of the shuttle,was strikingly beautiful,but none of them was smiling.

They then formed a line opposite each other,quite clearly forming a guard of honour,but for who?

The answer was then revealed to them,when they noticed another young woman,emerging from the shuttle.Like her female companions standing before her,she was also staggeringly beautiful.Jennings was almost bowled over by her,and he also saw,that her eyes locked onto him straight away.She then moved towards him.

As soon as Major Robson looked out of the shuttle,she spotted Jennings immediately,and then advanced towards him.As she did so,Robson noticed the huge throng of people,practically gaping at the new arrivals.She also spotted several armed people,pointing their weapons at her.

Well aware,that her bodyguards would defend her from any hostile act,Robson looked back at her people,and indicated for them,not to do anything.

As she neared Jennings,Robson felt no hostility from him,only curiosity.However,Robson noticed his two friends,Hunt and Montgomery,and both of them held their weapons aimed at her.

Fortunately,she saw Jennings gesture at his friends,to lower their guns,before doing so himself.Robson then reached him,and then bowed slightly to him,placing her hand on her heart,in the well respected Sirrun greeting.

'You are Jennings.'Robson spoke politely to him,giving him a slight,but warm smile.She also spoke excellent English.'I am Major Elisabeth Robson,first officer on the Sirrun warship,'Savage.''

Jennings suddenly realised he'd felt this woman's presence before,but made no comment on it.Instead,he sensed her warmth,and extended his hand to Robson.She was puzzled for a moment,not understanding his meaning.However,Robson accepted his hand.

'Looks like we owe you one.'Jennings shook her hand warmly,knowing full well,that it was Kate's people,that had driven the Sanna away.

'There is no need for any gratitude,Jennings.'Robson replied politely.'I have come with a personal request,from Commander Griffiths,from the 'Savage.'He wishes to speak with you.'

Surprisingly,she saw Jennings nod,although he did have a request.

'On one condition.'Jennings kept his own voice polite.'My two friends-'he indicated Hunt and Montgomery,'-can come with me.'

Robson felt the loyalty the three of them had for each other,and she nodded approvingly.

'Of course.Follow me,please.'

Robson then headed back to the shuttle.Jennings,Hunt and Montgomery followed.

When they reached the guard of honour,the two lines of women bowed politely to them.Jennings nodded back,although Hunt and Montgomery watched for any sudden moves,but there were none,and they boarded the shuttle.

However,Jennings hung back,standing in the shuttle's entrance.He was looking back at the mass of people,still gazing at him.A lot of their expressions were visible to him,and Jennings could see a lot of worried faces.So was he.

Robson noticed him standing there,and came up to him.

'Your people will be safe.'Robson reassured.She gestured up,at the still strong Sirrun fighter screen,maintaining its patrol up above.'Our people will protect them.'

Robson knew the 'Formidable' was on scene too,and was confident they could handle any Sanna threat.

However,Robson sensed the bitterness Jennings was now feeling,as he looked over at the large number of bodies nearby.Jennings still kept on wishing,that he could have helped them.

However,he refrained from comment,and entered the shuttle.Major Robson led them all,to a seating area,and gestured for them to sit,and strap themselves in.The three of them did so,and she did the same.Within moments,the shuttle took off,and raced back up,towards the 'Savage'

Once the shuttle had made a perfect landing,in its designated landing bay,the small craft then taxied,towards a pressurised area,and finally stopped.

Seeing it was safe to depart,Robson released her seat straps,and stood up.

'Follow me,please.'She politely instructed her guests.

Jennings,Hunt and Montgomery,had also released their own seat straps,and followed Robson out.Leaving the shuttle,they all saw an impressive sight.Fighter craft were placed all over the landing bay,and ground crews were hard at work,servicing them.Some were also being guided out,ready to launch.The whole landing bay,was alive with activity.

As he observed all this,it was slowly dawning on Jennings,that he'd just met human beings,living outside the Earth.A lot of the people here,glanced in their direction,but it was only curious looks.There was no hostile expressions whatsoever.In fact,they all sensed a lot of friendliness towards them.

I wonder if they really are human? Jennings thought grimly to himself,as he followed Robson into a lift,and with Hunt and Montgomery inside too,Robson pressed for the bridge.

As the lift carried them to their destination,she could still see the faint suspicion,on Jennings' two friends,but this didn't bother her.She was on their side,and would prove it.Looking back at Jennings,she felt no suspicion emanating from him.In fact,Robson felt he was attracted to her.Inwardly,she smiled at that.Sirrun women always had a strong appeal to any male,and this was why her people needed this strength.

The lift doors opened,and they all stepped out,onto the 'Savage's' bridge.Like the landing bay they'd just come from,the whole room throbbed with activity.Not one of the bridge crew glanced in their direction,as they were all too busy.

However,Jennings,Hunt and Montgomery did see one man looking directly at them.They strongly suspected,that this was Robson's superior.This was confirmed,when they saw her salute him,and after speaking a few words,she stood next to him,placing her hands respectfully behind her back.

Griffiths studied the three of them for a few moments,and knew immediately,that they were all battle hardened.Like his,this was reflected in their eyes,and Griffiths was pleased.He needed highly seasoned soldiers,and hopefully,these three people,could make strong allies.

Griffiths then stepped forward,offering his hand first to Jennings.

'Welcome aboard the 'Savage''He introduced himself,speaking perfect English,just as his first officer had done so.'I'm Commander Griffiths,from Sirrus 6 battle command.'

He was pleased to see Jennings accept his hand.Griffiths could see the man was looking at him closely,studying his own eyes.He saw Jennings recognise a soldier's eyes too.

'I'm Jennings.British army.'Jennings responded,and then gestured at his two friends,standing next to him.'This is Hunt and Montgomery.We've fought the Sanna together for years.'

Griffiths offered his hand to them both,and they accepted it too,although he could clearly see,some suspicion in their eyes.

'You are most welcome here.'Griffiths went on.'I watched you fight that air assault off.You did well.'

'Not well enough,to save everybody though.'Jennings still felt the bitterness,as he said that.

'As your sister told you,Jennings,it wasn't your fault.'Griffiths made sure his tone of voice,was polite.He saw the man look sharply at him,as he mentioned his sister.

'You knew that?'Jennings almost demanded,before realising the mental powers Kate had.It was more than likely,every aboard this ship did.

Griffiths however,nodded,before he went straight to the point.

'You will of course,have seen your sister,your friend,and one of our officers,being abducted by the Sanna?'

'That's true.'Jennings nodded back.'I was hoping you people could help us there.'

'Of course.'Griffiths then gestured for them to follow him,and he led them to a radar screen.It showed the current positions,of all the Sanna space traffic.Griffiths pointed to one marked position,on the star chart.

'We've managed to track the Sanna vessel,where the girls were seized.It is this particular Sanna vessel.'Griffiths pointed at it,and they all saw the relevant ship,was near to the Earth.

'For the moment,they think we've been destroyed,and have to deal with the 'Formidable.'Griffiths went on explaining his plan.'As you can see,the 'Formidable' will keep the Sanna fleet busy,whilst we sneak you in.'

'How?'Hunt asked.

'We've acquired several Sanna craft,including some of their own shuttles.'Major Robson interjected.'I'll fly you in there myself,and help you rescue your friends,and of course,Kate.'

Jennings glanced at his friends.It sounded simple,but he still hoped these people had thought of any potential problems.However,he suddenly sensed,and heard Kate's thoughts.She was telling him to come,and he then heard Louise and Kelly's thoughts too.Both girls were terrified,and he was constantly hearing Louise pleading for him.

This had already made Jennings' mind up,and he nodded at Griffiths.

'Okay.'He agreed.'What about Sanna detection though? I know all their ships,have a classified security code? How are you going to get past that system,before they blow us into space?'

Griffiths turned back to Robson,who let her explain.

'We've managed to get crack that.'Robson answered him.'I can send them false details,but they'll think it's genuine.Besides that,I've already seen plenty of Sanna shuttle traffic,ferrying survivors between their ships.'

Jennings nodded,thinking they had a better chance,so he nodded again at them.

'Good.'Griffiths was pleased,knowing already,that Jennings wouldn't have refused.His concern for his sister,his female friend,and Kate,stood out clearly to him.

Quickly turning back to his helm crew,Griffiths rapidly ordered a course,to head towards their target ship.Once this was done,he then asked for a sit-rep,from his squadron leaders.At the moment,his fighter pilots,were tearing into the Sanna military,keeping their defences fully occupied.Many Sanna battle cruisers were ablaze,and this was forcing them to scatter.

It wasn't just his fighter squadrons responsible for this.The 'Formidable's' main armament,was tearing into the Sanna battle fleet.The Sirrun gunners,were shooting well,always hitting their targets with deadly accuracy.Many of their strikes,struck the fuel and ammunition tanks,resulting in a spectacular,death knell explosion.

Watching this happen,Griffiths was pleased that his friend,Connor,aboard the 'Formidable',was doing so much damage,to the Sanna.It was just the diversion he needed.He then nodded at Robson,before wishing the three Earth people good luck.

Neither Jennings,Hunt,or Montgomery made any comment,as they all followed Robson,back into the lift.The launching bays,was their destination.


On the Sanna battle cruiser,where Louise,Kelly and Kate were held captive,the Sanna commander there,was watching the current battle's progress.It didn't make good viewing,as he could clearly see the Sirruns,were wiping out all opposition before them.Sanna casualties were immense.

Despite the severe losses being inflicted on his forces,the Sanna commander wasn't bothered.He already had what he wanted,with the location of Sirrus 6,now being prepared to be sent,to all available ships.There were still plenty of them,and this was making him eager,to get things started.

The Sanna commander,was standing behind one of his own communications officers,who was waiting for his next orders.

'Have the co-ordinates for Sirrus 6,been sent to strike command?'He asked,fully confident.

The Sanna officer,had already prepared the message,and was now typing in the command,to send it.A monitor screen in front of him,was displaying,'Transmitting.'Both Sanna humanoids smiled,seeing this.Once their ships had these information,the Sirruns home planet,would be wide open to attack.

The smiles were then instantly wiped off their faces,when the monitor screen,now flashed a new message at them.It now read,'Signal blocked.Unable to send.'

'What is this?'The Sanna commander growled,as he glanced at the crew member.'You have used the right frequencies?'

'Yes,commander.'The communications officer,was fully confident that he'd sent the message correctly.Yet,the result was staring them in the face.The message had failed to arrive.'I don't understand it.'

'Send again.'His commander ordered,more sharply this time.

The officer did so,but again,the monitor screen was still showing the same message.

This made the Sanna commander more annoyed.Signal blocked?He looked disbelievingly at the screen.Who could be blocking their signal?

Before he could order the communications operator again,there was an incoming message.The operator listened,and his tone became very unfriendly,although not at his superior.

'It is a message,from one of the human allies,commander.O'Rourke.'The officer informed him.'He seeks permission to board.'

'For what reason?'The Sanna commander's own tone,was still sharp.

The officer listened for a few moments,before he gave him the answer.

'He says he wants his female prisoner returned.The Sirrun woman.'

'Does he indeed?'The Sanna commander hissed in contempt.He wasn't going to let some,puny human dictate to him what to do.

'Ignore the fool.'He ordered.'We have more important things to attend to.Keep sending Sirrus 6 co-ordinates to the fleet.'

The Sanna officer dutifully obeyed,but they still kept seeing the same,fruitless result,and it wasn't helping the humanoids tempers.

Why was this happening? The Sanna commander thought with frustration.Who could be doing this?

It was then,that he got his answer.One of his bridge crew,suddenly called out in alarm.

'It's the 'Savage!'

Stunned,the Sanna commander raced over to the view screen,to see for himself.Sure enough,he recognised the large,but sleek shape of the Sirrun warship,now fully visible to them all.

'Impossible!'The Sanna commander was practically gaping,at what he was seeing.He'd been utterly convinced,that they'd blown that ship,out of the sky.

'How can this be?'He went on,although to himself.All the bridge crew,had been taken completely by surprise.'We destroyed her!'

There was no response to that,but suddenly,there was another alarm call.

'Sirrun fighters approaching!'

Every Sanna bridge crew member,whirled around,to see swarms of deadly Sirrun fighters,now attacking their ship.Like angry bees,they swarmed all over the giant ship,firing their weapons.The Sanna's own defences,were firing back,but the Sirrun pilots aimed well.They destroyed a lot of the battle cruiser's anti-aircraft batteries,and were now doing much more damage,without much opposition.They continued to fire into the Sanna vessel,and soon,fires were raging inside the hull.The Sanna ship reeled under fire.

To make matters worse for them,the Sanna humanoids noticed the newly arrived,Sirrun warship,'Formidable'now closing in on them.Watching it,the Sanna commander suddenly knew why the 'Savage' hadn't been destroyed.This made him furious,knowing he'd been deceived.

With an expression of utter menace,the Sanna commander turned towards a security detail,standing ready on the bridge.

'Bring me the Sirrun female.'He almost snarled it out.


As the battle raged,a small Sanna shuttle,was flying towards the battle cruiser.At the controls,Robson flew the shuttle skillfully,avoiding the few remaining,Sanna anti-aircraft weapons,and headed towards the Sanna landing areas.

Benind her,and watching the battle with interest,stood Jennings,Hunt,and Montgomery.They were all impressed,by what they saw.

'Your people seem to be doing well,Major.'Jennings complimented.

'We've fought the Sanna many times.'Robson responded.'After a while,you get to know their moves.'

'Sounds familiar.'Jennings agreed.The Sirruns were clearly winning here,with devastating results.Plenty of Sanna attack craft,were being launched to counter-attack,but they were easy prey,for the Sirrun pilots.Not one Sanna ship,managed to successfully engage them in battle.

Although he was pleased to see the Sanna suffer,Jennings was still concerned about Louise,Kelly and Kate.He could see the many raging infernos,the ship was suffering,and he was praying the girls were nowhere near them.It was as he thought this,that his head,suddenly jerked up.His friends noticed.

'What's wrong?'Montgomery asked him.

'I just heard Louise.'Jennings was grim in his answer.'The Sanna are coming for them.'He glanced back at Robson.'They're going to transmit the location,of your home planet.'

'I don't think so.'Robson had already prepared for this.Aside from her new three friends,there were also four women in the shuttle.They were intensely beautiful,but sat silent,and unsmiling.Of course,none of the Sirrun women,showed any hostility towards them.Jennings and his two friends,had already recognised them,as experienced soldiers.They were all interested,to see them at work.

'We'll keep blocking them,'Robson went on.'but we will need to destroy their command centre.They'll do everything they can,to keep sending it.We can only hold them up,for so long.'

Jennings noted the worry in her tone,and had already thought of something.

'Don't worry.'He wasn't smiling,as he was desperate to get Louise and Kelly out of there.But he would help Kate,and her people too.'I've got an idea for that.'He finished.

Jennings didn't say what it was,as he now saw the Sanna battle cruiser,looming in their sights.Robson guided the ship towards one of the many landing bays,whilst she also kept a sharp lookout,just in case a wandering Sanna attack craft,moved in suspiciously on them.

Fortunately,this didn't happen.The few remaining Sanna gunners,were too intent on defending their ship,as they continued to blaze away at the Sirrun fighters.As Robson sent the false security codes to the enemy ship,she was more than relieved,to see it accepted.The quick response to her,indicated the Sanna were simply too busy,and never bothered to check them.

Finally,Robson guided the shuttle into the landing area,and made a perfect landing.As soon as she'd done so,she shut down the engines,and instantly,everybody on board,sharply scanned for armed Sanna troopers.They saw plenty of them,and guards were all over the place.

Fortunately again,the guards weren't really paying attention,to their recent arrival.The landing bay was frantic with activity,as Sanna ground crews,struggled to get their own attack craft out,to meet the Sirrun attack.

This suited the shuttle's occupants perfectly,knowing it provided the much needed diversion they wanted,provided of course,that they played their tactics correctly.

Still seated in her flight chair,Robson was intensely monitoring the landing bay.Jennings too,was watching the Sanna troopers movements.They scanned for the exit they needed,and Robson laid out the route,to the detention area,where Louise,Kelly,and Kate,were being held.

'How long will it take to get there?'Hunt asked her.

'The landing bay is too heavily defended.'Robson could see they knew that.'So I have gotten you some help,in that regard.'

'What's that?'Montgomery came in,with his own query.

In response,Robson stood up from the flight seat,and told them.'Follow me,please.'

She led the three of them,to where the four stunning Sirrun women,who then stood up,acknowledging Robson's presence.They patiently awaited,their next orders from her.

'My people here,will take you directly to the detention area,where your friends are being held,as well as Kate.'Robson informed.'I believe Kate has helped you this way before?'

Jennings,Hunt,and Montgomery remembered Kate,transporting them instantly,by some sort of teleport ability.Looking at the four women,they could see what Robson wanted them to do.

'Help them find their friends.'Robson spoke directly to her people.'They will assist you,in returning Lieutenant Sanders.'

The four Sirrun women bowed to her,and then came forward,taking a hold of Jennings',Montgomery's,and Hunt's hand.As they all connected,they all suddenly disappeared from the shuttle,and Robson hurried back to the cockpit.She kept a sharp lookout,for any sudden Sanna intrusions.For now,she had to wait.


The Sanna detention area,was well guarded.Heavily armed Sanna troopers patrolled it,and they were also keeping a close eye,on the three tightly bound,gagged human female captives.Inside their small prison cells,Louise and Kelly struggled frantically against their bonds.Unfortunately,their humanoid captors had tied them up so tight,that all they were doing,was just rolling uselessly over the floor.

There was a lot of faint mumbling,from Louise and Kelly,as they desperately tried to get off their gags,but again,it was hopeless.A lot of the time,both girls couldn't help,but make panic stricken,yet barely inaudible cries.They also had to endure the unwanted attention,of some of their Sanna guards.The troopers clearly watched their vain struggles,and all fully enjoyed it.To make matters worse,a couple of the humanoids entered their cells,and with relish,squeezed and fondled all three girls breasts.Louise and Kelly's attempted,terrified shrieks,failed to put their tormentors off.

Louise lay on the floor,in her cell.She was dreading what was coming next.All she could do was pray,and kept hoping that John,would get to her,and save them all.She glanced over at Kelly's helpless form,sitting in the next cell to her own.Like her own eyes,Kelly's were huge with fear.Louise knew they'd need a miracle,to get out of this place alive.

Just then,Louise suddenly felt her brother's presence.Her eyes flared in new hope.He was close,very close,and she instantly started to look around for him.As yet,there was no sign of him,but Louise knew he was here.They were so close,and she gazed back at Kelly,trying to tell her the good news,but of course,her gag prevented that.

Louise suddenly found her gaze drawn to the Sirrun woman,who was looking back at her.She didn't see any fear in Kate's eyes.Perhaps a little apprehensive,but her eyes were telling her,that she knew what Louise was thinking.They now had a real chance,of getting out of here alive.

Suddenly,the girls heard a commotion nearby,and this made their Sanna guards look in that direction too.

Seeing no threat emerge,the Sanna in charge here,ordered a small squad to investigate.Four of them did so,whilst three Sanna troopers remained behind,still carefully watching their prisoners.One of them gave Louise,his total attention,and with his sexual lust dominating him,he moved towards her cell.


The four Sirrun women,suddenly emerged with Jennings,Hunt and Montgomery,in a deserted area of the Sanna ship.The three were impressed by the womens abilities.It was a very rare,priceless gift to have,transporting themselves this way.Jennings now understood,why the Sanna were so eager to conquer Sirrus 6.If they succeeeded,and enslaved the people there,they'd have a highly formidable weapon,at their disposal.

No doubt about it.Jennings thought grimly.The Sanna had to be stopped.

He then sensed,that Louise,Kelly,and Kate,were close by.The Sirrun women had their own weapons ready,holding their two,deadly swords,ready to strike.One of them then indicated for them,to take cover.They did so,just as the small Sanna squad,from the detention area,arrived on scene.The humanoids never stood a chance,or even raise the alarm.The four Sirrun women,were highly skilled with their blades,and easily disposed of them all.They never managed to fire,a single shot in return.

Quickly dragging the lifeless bodies out of sight,Jennings then followed the women.Montgomery and Hunt,covered the rear.Jennings followed them into an area,when his heart leapt.There was Louise!

She was locked up in a tiny cell,and was bound and gagged tight.Jennings saw how many horizontal ropes,that were secured all over Louise's body.Even her knees and ankles,had been made immobile.Jennings could see Louise's eyes were desperate,above her gag.She was utterly helpless,and he then noticed Kelly and Kate,also bound and gagged,in adjoining cells.

Grimly checking the opposition,Jennings only saw three Sanna guards.He was just thinking of a plan of attack,when his face suddenly hardened.One of the Sanna guards,was looking at Louise,with a smirk on his face.He then moved towards his sister's cell.Jennings could see Louise,go into frantic struggling,and he instantly knew,what the Sanna trooper,was going to do.

Silently,Jennings pulled out one of his combat knifes,and sneaked silently towards his target.Montgomery followed.

Inside her cell,Louise suddenly heard the sound of the door being unlocked.Her eyes bulged in terror,as she saw a Sanna advancing menacingly towards her.From the look in his eyes,Louise knew what he was going to do.

Desperately,she tried to slither away from him,but didn't get very far.The cell was small,and she was forced to stop against the wall.She heard the Sanna chuckle,as he reached her.Kneeling down,the guard grabbed both her impressive breasts,and squeezed them.Louise squealed,terror stricken into her gag,when the Sanna spoke to her.

'Very nice.'The humanoid hissed at her.'You're very impressive,for a human female.'

He continued to fondle Louise's impressive bust,making his prisoner clench her eyes shut,still attempting to scream.She was clenching her eyes shut,dreading the moment,when this monster would take her,when suddenly,Louise felt the Sanna stop groping her.She heard a sudden gasp of pain from him,and opened her eyes to see why.

The Sanna was slowly looking down at his chest,and Louise could see a sharp blade,had been forced in,from behind him.There was an almost,incredulous expression on his face,before somebody from behind him,then sharply pulled the knife out.The Sanna somehow managed to turn,and face his assailant.

Jennings gazed cold and hard at the humanoid.He wasn't going to let any monster,take advantage over his sister.He then watched the Sanna,slowly sink to his knees,as the life began to ebb away from him.Jennings then took his own rifle,and reversing the hold on it,he then smashed the rifle butt,hard into the humanoid's face.The Sanna collapsed,into an unmoving heap.

Once she saw her brother,Louise's eyes changed from being terrified,to overwhelming joy and relief.Jennings produced his knife again,but this time,used it,to cut away Louise's tight bonds.Removing her gag,he was pleased,to finally hug his sister.Louise actually grabbed him,by his neck,and started sobbing her relief out.

'It's okay,Louise.'Jennings warmly kissed his sister,on her cheek.'I've got you.You're safe now.'

With that said,Jennings then,easily lifted her into his arms,and noticed that Montgomery,and one of the Sirrun women,had eliminated the remaining Sanna guards.They then went in,and freed Kelly and Kate from their bonds and gags too.

Once she'd been freed,Kelly thanked,and hugged Montgomery,before she ran up to Jennings,and then kissed him warmly,and gratefully.Kate too,followed her example.

'Thank you.'Kate smiled at him,hugely relieved to have her voice back.She'd been gagged for so long.

'Don't thank me.'Jennings responded truthfully.'It was your people,that helped us find you.'

Kate smiled at his modesty.This was another reason,why he'd been chosen,and Kate was glad to have him.However,there was a more,pressing need,as Kate informed them all,of the Sanna's intent,to invade their home planet.

'We are currently jamming their signals.'One of the Sirrun women reported to her.'It is expected,that the Sanna will apply counter measures.'

This made Jennings remember his idea,as he glanced at Kelly.She in turn,nodded her understanding at him.With Kelly's knowledge of Sanna technology,Jennings knew they had a really good chance,of stopping them.

'I've got an idea.'He then told them,gently putting Louise down.He squeezed her hand in reassurance,and Louise clutched it tightly back.'We can send them,the wrong co-ordinates.They'll never be able to get back,if we choose the right area in space.'

'What did you have in mind?'Kelly asked him.

In response,Jennings produced a laptop from his battle pack,and then handed it to Kelly.

'If we give the Sanna,a different set of co-ordinates.'Jennings explained it to them.'We can send them somewhere,where they won't bother anyone else again.'

He glanced back at Kelly,before adding.'Kelly can type in the data,to their navigation systems,and send them straight into oblivion.'

'What do you mean?'Kate was curious.

'Well,this is where we'll need your help.'Jennings smiled faintly at her.'Ask your people,to choose a distant region in space,where they'll know the Sanna,will never return.'He paused momentarily.'Send them into a distant star,or maybe a black hole.They'll not be missed.'

'A good idea.'Kate liked the sound of that,and she then made telepathic contact,with Robson.This time,her efforts weren't blocked,and it only took a few moments,before Robson sent her the required information.Kate nodded in return.

'We've found a suitable area.'She answered,before giving Kelly the data.Kelly had already opened the laptop,and was now starting to hack,into the Sanna systems.


Well out of their sight,the two Kavos women,watched them like hawks.In particular,they both studied Louise and Kelly.The two human females,held their full attention,especially Louise.Both of them had seen Jennings' concern,and affection for her.This made them look at each other,and they both smiled,with ominous intent.

Chapter 9 to follow...

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The Sanna Menace Chapter 7

As he drove the jeep back into the port,seeing Louise,Kelly and Kate being seized,Jennings screamed out in half rage,half despair.He slammed on the brakes,and raced out of the vehicle.Running out though,didn't help.The girls were gone,and he sank to his knees in despair.

Hunt had also joined him,and was also furious,witnessing Louise and Kelly being kidnapped.She still wasn't sure about the other young woman,but she had seen Kate help them.

She then knocked Jennings on his shoulder,hoping to snap him out of it.

'John,these people need the food.We'd better give Monty a hand unloading.'She then squeezed his shoulder affectionately.'We'll get them back.I promise.'

This seemed to work.Jennings stood up,and although he didn't reply,he did make his way over,to where Montgomery was unloading the truck.The few surviving military personnel,also came over to assist.They didn't want a mass surge towards the truck,but fortunately,there was none.Everybody seemed to be in shock,as they stepped forward to receive the food.Jennings was thinking,that it was actually Montgomery's powerful physique,that kept them all calm.

As he helped to unload the food sacks,Jennings then noticed the Sanna battle cruisers moving away.So did the one,which had taken his sister,with Kelly and Kate.He was puzzled why they weren't firing on them.Their main armament,would have blasted them apart,but they didn't fire.Jennings bitterly knew the answer.The humanoids wanted him,and the three girls were the bait.

Suddenly,Jennings spotted something familiar.He recognised the boat,where Talbot had almost forced Louise onto.Jennings noticed the crew on board it,were watching the port.He cursed inwardly,realising the enemy was still here.

Instantly,he gestured to Hunt and Montgomery at it,and the trio raced off in pursuit.As he ran,Jennings wondered how long they'd been there.It was obvious,that they'd been watching the girls,then informing the Sanna to make their move.They'd done so quickly.Now,he'd better think of something,and quick.

The three of them ran on,keeping low,trying to find suitable cover,for a firing post.Hunt had just spotted one,when suddenly,the boat's crew had spotted them.Instantly,O'Rourke's men opened fire on them,sending everybody sprawling back into cover.

The boat's weapons were formidable.Montgomery noted,peering out at it,but he was already preparing to retaliate.He did prefer to use the knife,in his duels,but of course,Montgomery liked to handle weapons,that carried a lot of firepower.His own personal weapon,was just the right choice.It could fire plenty of ammunition,and the bullets were explosive,but the rifle was also equipped,with an under slung grenade launcher.This could practically blast through anything,or anyone.

He indicated to Jennings and Hunt his target,it was the mounted gun on the bow,and both nodded.They then leaned out,giving him the covering fire he needed.Momentarily,the gun crew ducked behind their weapon,thinking the bullets would bounce off,but they were wrong.Montgomery had already decided to use the launcher,and instantly fired his own weapon.The grenade hit right where he'd aimed it.In a short,but deadly explosion,the gun blew apart,sending the crew screaming into the water.

Satisfied that threat was dealt with,the three of them now started to shoot at their targets.It was now a viscous gun battle,as both opponents tried to overcome each other.In the end though,it was Jennings and his friends that won the day.They were better trained,and never wasted a shot.Every time they opened fire,they made sure they hit their targets.Within moments,the gunfire from the boat ceased,and it drifted aimlessly.

Grimly checking they'd beaten the enemy,Jennings nodded to Hunt to cover them.She did,as he and Montgomery hurried over to the drifting boat.Fortunately,it was close to one of the mooring bays,and both men jumped aboard.There were no survivors,and Montgomery gave Hunt the thumbs up.He then grabbed ropes,and tossed it around one of the mooring points.Hunt came out,securing it,then she jumped aboard too.

Going inside,Jennings had found the radio,and was able to see the coded messages written down.His suspicions were confirmed.They had been watching Louise.He could see the orders from O'Rourke himself,detailing the Sanna's involvement.He'd also left strict instructions,to seize Kelly,and Kate.Kate's presence,was of special interest to the Sanna.Jennings didn't have to think why.

He knew he'd have to get info,on that Sanna ship that had taken the three girls.That meant going back into O'Rourke's stronghold,and Jennings knew they'd be waiting for him.However,this didn't deter him.He certainly wasn't going to leave his sister,at the mercy of the Sanna.He told this to Hunt and Montgomery.

'I'm going after Louise.'He said it simple,but they both recognised the determination in his voice.

'We'll be there with you.'Montgomery nodded.He would always fight together,with his best friend.They were a good team.Montgomery never turned his back,on his friends.

Hunt also gave her assent,and asked him.'What's your plan?'

'As it's O'Rourke's doing.'Jennings explained.'We're going to have to get back into his base.That's our only chance,of finding the girls.He should have access,to the Sanna fleet.'

'It's a long shot.'Hunt admitted.'Maybe the Sanna won't allow him access.The Sanna fleet's huge.Louise and Kelly,could be on any one of them.'

Jennings did agree with Hunt,but just as he was going to tell her,that he wasn't going to give up,when much to their stunned surprise,they all saw the massive shape,of the 'Savage',suddenly reappear in the sky overhead.


On the 'Savage's' bridge,Griffiths was reasonably pleased.His deception tactic had worked perfectly,knowing the Sanna had been convinced,by the destruction of his ship.Thanks to his first officer,and all the serving female crew members,they'd sent out false images of the 'Savage' under heavy fire,before finally blowing up.

However,Griffiths knew he'd paid a price.Kate wouldn't have been able to pick up their thoughts,so would have been utterly convinced,seeing a powerful,dramatic image like that.He'd also seen the Sanna ship,seize his officer,as well as two more,young women from the planet.At that time,Griffiths couldn't help them.They had to wait,until all the Sanna battle cruisers left the scene.Although,Griffiths made sure he kept updated,on the Sanna ship's position,that had grabbed the girls.He still couldn't believe,how that had appeared out of nowhere.Maybe the Sanna had a new weapon? Whatever it was,Griffiths was going to find out.

He'd also been told of radio traffic,that had been directed at the Sanna.Griffiths was slightly stunned,to find out that it had come from,some of the Earth's people.They'd actually relayed Kate's location,to the Sanna.Immediately,he'd ordered the signal's source tracked.Within a moment,they'd found it.A small boat,which was identified as hostile,was confirmed.

Griffiths was just about to retaliate against them,when he suddenly noticed a quick,but nasty firefight develop around it.It was then,that he spotted Jennings,for the first time.

He watched,and was impressed with the man's battle skill.He and two others,a tall,dark skinned,powerful man,and a cold faced woman,easily defeat the boat's crew.They then boarded it.

With no Sanna ship in sight,Griffiths ordered the 'Savage' to reappear.This was promptly obeyed,and watching the monitors,he could see everybody down below,looking up.There were many,surprised expressions,but Griffiths was interested in Jennings,and his two friends.

'Status of Sanna fleet?'Griffiths asked Major Robson.

His first officer was highly efficient,in her response.

'All enemy ships powering down main primary weapons,sir.They're all resuming orbital flight.'

Griffiths nodded,then glanced back at the radar screens,checking the numerical strength,of the Sanna battle fleet.He could still see,that there were far too many of them,so he decided to call in some extra help.Griffiths then moved over,to one of his communications officers.

'Send a secure signal back home.'He ordered.'Ask for Commander Connor,of the 'Formidable',and see if he can assist.'

Griffiths was very good friends with Connor.He knew the 'Formidable',was a much more larger warship,than the 'Savage'.Whilst he knew his own ship,had proved a deadly threat to the Sanna,he knew with the 'Formidable' by his side,the Sanna would be in for a serious shock.

'Signal sent.'One of the communications officers reported.There was only a few moments to wait,for a response.'Request acknowledged and approved,sir.Commander Connor is en route.'

'Very good.'Griffiths was pleased,although he was still anxious to rescue Kate,and quickly.Every second counted.The longer the Sanna held her captive,the more chance they had,of finding their home planet's location from her.It didn't need to be said,that if this happened,the consequences for Sirrus 6,would be disastrous.Griffiths and his crew,were determined not to let this happen.

He then turned back to the monitor screens,watching Jennings in particular.He then decided he wanted to meet him,and he called his first officer over.

'Major.'Griffiths told her,when she appeared by his side.'Take a shuttle down,and invite this Jennings,with his two friends,to come on board.I want to speak to him.'

'Aye,sir.'Robson nodded respectfully,before she left the bridge.

Griffiths did sense this man would help them,and he admitted he needed it,or rather,Kate did.He wasn't going to let the Sanna escape with her.He had no idea,what Kate,and those two young females,might be going through.But based on what he'd learnt ,from Sanna treatment of their prisoners,he knew it wouldn't be pleasant.


Indeed,at the present moment in time,Kate was feeling anything,but pleasant..The Sanna had now prepared her,for the dreaded interrogation.Her arms had been released from her back,but Kate's relief was only temporary.The humanoids,had then forced her arms above her,securing her wrists together,onto a steel support in the ceiling.Kate's ankles were also tied together,and this forced her,to stand on tiptoe.It was agony for her,to be in this position.Yet,despite the pain she was enduring,Kate fully concentrated,on getting her strength up.She knew what they wanted,and there was no way Kate was going to give in to them.

Still tightly gagged,Kate glared back at her kidnappers.Present in the room with her,were two armed Sanna guards,the Sanna commander,and these two women.All were giving her,their full attention,and Kate could tell by looking into their eyes,her kidnappers were looking forward to this.

The Sanna commander then stepped forward,and began slowly circling Kate.He was pleased by what he was seeing,and then,ran his three fingered hand,through her long,bushy dark hair.Kate tried to flinch back from his unwanted touch,but the ropes held her where she was,and after enjoying fondling her body,the Sanna commander stepped in front of her.

He enjoyed listening,to Kate's mumbling behind her gag,and then he turned to face the two women,still standing silent,but their eyes had never left Kate.

'I believe you'd like to know,where we acquired the services,of these two exceptional females,my dear?'The Sanna commander smirked at her,fully taking his time here.'They are from Kavos,a planet I believe you Sirruns know?'

From the stunned look in Kate's eyes,it was crystal clear that she did.Kate was instantly filled with more revulsion,hearing that planet's name.Like Sirrus 6,the inhabitants held strong mental powers,very similar to their own.Sadly though,many of the Kavos people,chose to abuse their powers for profit and gain.It certainly wasn't a nice place to visit,but Kate was forced to hear the Sanna commander go on.

'I see you do know of Kavos.'He nodded,recognising her look.'You're quite right,my dear.Greed is the primary reason,that makes Kavos an interesting place for us,to hire certain services.They are indeed,very expensive,but the price is worth paying for.'

The Sanna then gestured at one of the Kavos women,to come forward.One did so.

Kate could immediately feel this woman's intentions.She felt no humanity,in either of them,but only a cold determination,to get inside her head.Kate didn't have to guess why.

She tried to back away,from the cold faced woman,but didn't get very far.Her bonds made sure of that.The Kavos woman,merely gave her a cold smile,as the Sanna commander turned his attention,back to Kate.

'Well,my dear,are you going to be sensible for us?'

Kate vigorously shook her head at him,her eyes blazing defiance.Only the tight gag,kept the obscenities she was swearing at them all,to the same,faint mumbling.

'That was what I thought you would do.'The Sanna accepted that,before nodding over to the Kavos woman to proceed.Again,Kate tried to back away,but due to her bonds,didn't get far.The woman gave her a cold smile,as the Sanna commander,went straight to the point.

'Well,my dear,are you going to be sensible for us?'He politely asked,but was well aware,that he was in charge of the situation.

Kate vigorously shook her head,with her eyes still blazing defiance.Only the tight gag,kept her protests to a low mumbling.

'That was the response,I fully expected from you.'The Sanna commander then nodded,to the Kavos woman facing Kate.

Instantly,she seized the back of Kate's neck,making the Sirrun woman grunt in pain,before she placed her other hand,on Kate's forehead.Almost immediately,Kate felt the woman's thoughts invade her head.She could hear the woman's voice,repeating the same question,over and over again.

What is the location of Sirrus 6? What is the location of Sirrus 6? Her voice demanded.

Kate however,fought back furiously,managing to expel the woman's invading thoughts.Her eyes glared in contempt at her.

However,the Kavos woman didn't give in that easily.Kate's mental assailant,came straight back into her,with much more aggression.

What is the location of Sirrus 6? Tell me now,or you will suffer!

Despite the much more stronger,renewed assault on her,Kate again,managed to reject the woman's thoughts,out of her mind again.

This made the Kavos woman release her hold on Kate,and she turned to face the Sanna commander.

'She's too strong,commander.'She informed him.'Perhaps if my colleague and I,could make an attempt together on her,we should be able to get the information we need.'

The Sanna commander pondered her proposal for a few moments,gazing at Kate's bound,gagged standing form.

'What is the risk to the captive,should you proceed?'He asked them.'Will she be damaged in any way?'

The second Kavos woman,then stepped forward.

'If she continues to resist us,the girl may damage herself mentally.'

The Sanna shook his head.That wasn't what he wanted to hear.He needed the Sirrun woman alive,and in excellent condition.That was the only way,he was going to get the information from her,so he wasn't going to take the risk,and said that.

'No,we need her mind unharmed.'He stepped forward himself,in front of Kate,and then gripped her chin hard.He could see the girl's eyes were weary,but she still had plenty of fight left in them.

'You still insist on being stubborn?'The Sanna then asked her,still gripping her chin.'If you continue this way,I promise you,that you'll only bring more suffering onto yourself.Perhaps,even some long term damage,to your brain.'

Kate didn't care.She'd already made the decision,to sacrifice herself,rather than betray her own people.The Sanna's hold on her,was extremely painful,and she made another attempt to break free.The Sanna however,easily held onto her,and he was now chuckling.

Kate suddenly noticed,that he was now giving her,a very sinister smile.He'd obviously thought of something,but what?

'Very well,my dear.'The humanoid accepted her decision,and was actually quite pleased with it.'I knew you wouldn't give us the information willingly,and your courage is excellent,to accept this very grave risk to yourself.'

Kate saw his sinister smile widen.'So,I have now decided to give you,a little more incentive.'

The last four words,were spoken with deadly menace,and Kate's eyes widened,when she heard the Sanna commander order one of the guards.

'Bring me one of the human females!The Jennings girl will do.'

The Sanna guard nodded,and promptly left the room.Kate could do nothing to resist.She just had to stand here,tied up,gagged,and helpless.

It didn't take long,for the Sanna guard to return,as he easily carried in,Louise's bound and gagged form.The girl was immediately seized,by one of the Kavos woman,her arm wrapped tightly around Louise's waist.The girl's eyes were terror stricken,as she felt herself,in an inescapable hold.The Kavos woman holding her,pulled her more tightly into her body.She wasn't going to let go of her,and Kate's eyes were full of shock,as she realised they were using Louise as hostage,forcing her to talk.Even so,Kate knew,that she couldn't concede.To do so,would be inviting disaster for her people.

Kate felt her chin released by the Sanna commander,as he walked over to stand in front of Louise.He towered over the young Earth woman,and was enjoying seeing her wide frightened eyes,bulging up at him.He then seized Louise's chin,making the girl yelp behind her gag.

'This Earth female,is very pretty.'He was still smiling,staring lustfully down at Louise.'I'm sure you wouldn't want us,to damage her in any way now,would you?'

He didn't bother looking back at Kate,who was only feeling helpless.Her own mind now in turmoil.She knew she couldn't tell her captors,what they wanted to know,but now they were threatening Louise.Kate never forgot her promise to Jennings,that his sister wouldn't come to any harm.She had to make a decision,and quick.

Despite listening to Louise's faint,gagged whimpers,Kate still kept up the fight,her eyes maintaining her defiance.

There was no disappointment visible,on any of her interrogators faces.On the contrary,they all appeared pleased,as the Sanna commander nodded over,to the Kavos woman holding Louise.She then placed her hand,on the girl's forehead.

Louise suddenly gave a violent flinch,in the woman's grasp.She squealed in pain behind her gag,as she felt the woman's aggressive voice,inside her head.

You are ours,my pretty!Her voice was totally dominating,and completely overwhelming Louise.You will obey us!

This made Louise scream again in fear,but like Kate,her own gag was more than tight enough,to keep her cries,considerably muted.

The Sanna commander,then signalled the woman torturing Louise to stop.The woman immediately removed her hand,but Louise was now crying in pain.She was reeling from the invasion in her head,never experiencing anything like that.She didn't want to again.The Kavos woman responsible,simply smiled,as she kept a tight hold on her pretty hostage.

Still holding Louise's chin with relish,the Sanna commander turned back,to face Kate.

'We are fully prepared,to keep this going.'The humanoid warned her ominously.'Any more suffering the Earth female endures,will be your responsibility,if you still refuse to answer.'

He paused,gazing expectantly at Kate's gagged face,before asking her again.

'Are you going to tell us,what we want to know,or face the consequences?'

Kate finally nodded,surrendering.Like Louise,her own eyes,were now filled with despair,as the woman who'd tried to get the information from her earlier,now stepped forward again.She placed her hand,back on Kate's forehead,and this time,Kate offered no resistance.How could she? There was no choice.

The woman's invading presence,came hurtling back into her mind,and after a few moments,she nodded,informing the Sanna commander,of Sirrus 6's co-ordinates.Once she'd done so,the woman removed her hand,and stepped back.Kate immediately sagged in her bonds,overwhelmed in utter dismay.

'Excellent work,ladies!'The Sanna commander congratulated the two Kavos women,before turning back to Kate.'And thank you,my dear.I knew you'd be sensible in the end.'He glanced back at Louise.'It would have been a great pity,to mark this pretty thing's face.'

His smile of triumph,was written all over his face,and of course,Kate fully knew,that he didn't really mean any thanks to her.She couldn't take the chance,that they may have been bluffing.She had to protect Louise.

The Sanna commander then ordered one of the guards,to get to the bridge immediately.There wasn't a moment to lose.

'Relay the co-ordinates of Sirrus 6,to battlefleet command.'His order was terse.'Prepare the fleet,for imminent assault,and invasion.'

His order was promptly obeyed,as the Sanna guard hurried out.He then lifted Kate's chin again,forcing her to look up at him.He was enjoying her defeated look.

'Don't feel too despondent,my dear.'He told her pleasantly,but his sinister,truimphant smile remained.'You proved yourself a worthy adversary,just as we expected.So you will be granted,prisoner of war status.'

Kate tried to glare back up at him,as she knew being a prisoner of the Sanna,wasn't really where you wanted to be.But all she felt now,was her betrayal of her own people.How could they stop the Sanna attacking,and invading their world? The future for Sirrus 6,looked pretty grim,and harrowing.

'What shall we do,with the human girl?'The Kavos woman holding Louise,asked.

This made the Sanna commander release his grip on Kate's chin,and he slowly moved back,to stand in front of Louise.His eyes gleamed with lust,staring down at her,as his tongue,suddenly shot out,and licked the girl's neck,before slowly stroking her face.Louise instantly squealed into her gag,revolted and terrified by his touch.She clenched her eyes shut,and was then forced to hear the Sanna humanoid's response.

'Why,she's going to serve me,of course.'He smirked down at Louise.'Just like our pretty Sirrun prisoner,I'm going to ravish them both.They'll make excellent sex slaves,for my own pleasure.'

He chuckled,stroking his hand through Louise's long,dark hair.Louise's terror,was fully dominating her.In her mind,she was desperately calling for John,but then,her thoughts were picked up,by the woman holding her.

'The human female,is calling for her brother.'She informed them,before adding.'He's just made mental contact with her.'

It was true.Louise suddenly heard John's voice inside her mind.He was comforting her,and reassuring,that he was coming for her.He was telling her,that he was going to rescue Kate and Kelly too.

Louise suddenly found some new strength,and she tried to break free,from the Kavos woman's hold,but the woman's strength,was too powerful.But hearing his voice,had instantly made her eyes flare,in renewed hope.

Kate too,appeared stunned,as she suddenly felt the presence of all her friends,back on board the 'Savage.'

That's impossible.She thought disbelievingly,still remembering seeing the 'Savage' blowing up spectacularly.However,Kate was still feeling the presence of her friends.

Is it really them? Kate thought,and was now starting to feel some hope coming back.

Suddenly,alarms began to echo in the Sanna ship.Irritated,the Sanna commander made contact with the bridge,and demanded to know,what was going on.

'Sirrun fighter attack!'There was a touch of panic,in the Sanna officer's reply.

This slightly stunned the commander,but he managed to ask sharply.'Enemy source?'

'Sirrun battle vessel 'Formidable',approaching from rear!'The panicky tone remained.

'Battle alert!'The Sanna commander hissed.He then turned to look,at his two female prisoners,before ordering his two Kavos allies.

'Make certain they stay bound and gagged.They'll make valuable hostages,if things don't go our way.'He gestured at Kate.'Cut her down,but secure her,like our pretty Earth hostage.'

He then used his tongue again on Louise,who screamed ineffectively again,into her gag.She could only watch helplessly,as the Kavos woman pulled out a sharp knife.She expertly cut away the ropes,securing Kate's wrists,to the steel support.This made Kate collapse in a heap.The Kavos woman made no move to assist her,but instead,yanked Kate's arms behind her,and started to wind the ropes,back over Kate's wrists.

Kate grimly realised the woman was an expert,and she finally give a muffled grunt of pain into her own gag,as the final knots were secured.More loops of rope followed,as they were wound horizontally,over her own chest,above and below,just as Louise was.A final tightening of Kate's gag,made the woman finally satisfied.Kate just lay,totally immobile on the floor.

Satisfied too,the Sanna commander issued more orders.

'Lock them up seperately,and keep checking on their bonds.'His voice was now eager for battle.'I don't want any of them to escape.That goes for Miss Finch too.'

Two Sanna troopers,instantly moved forward,and reching down,seized Kate and Louise,easily placing the trussed up girls over their shoulders.They were then carried out.The Sanna commander hurried up to the bridge,eager for battle.

Louise and Kate,were then carried into the prison area,of the Sanna battle cruiser.There were armed Sanna here,on guard duty,and they watched the two new arrivals,with interest,as well as other,meaningful expressions.

Also watching them,was Kelly.She was lying on her cell floor,bound and gagged too,and locked in.Her eyes were wide,as the troopers carried Kate and Louise,into their own cells.They gently placed both girls down,but didn't release them.Instead,the troopers marched out of the cells,and locked their two new captives in.

Instantly,both Louise and Kate renewed their struggles against their bonds,but they couldn't make any headway.They were tied up too tight.To make matters worse,the girls then noticed the camera surveillance,and were now aware,that they were being watched.As they sagged in despair,the girls noticed certain armed Sanna guards,leering at them.They saw lustful looks,which added to their fears.

Yet,for the first time,Louise knew help was coming,as did Kate.Kelly too,as all three girls,could now hear Jennings' voice.His presence seemed very close,and Louise was especially praying,that he was.With another useless struggle against her bonds and gag,Louise just kept on hoping.

Please,John!She implored him.Please hurry!

Chapter 8 to follow....