Sunday, 26 April 2015

Emily Vancamp:Revenge.

I still haven't given up hope, that the lovely actress Emily Vancamp will get a proper bound and gagged scene in the tv series :Revenge. Overall, it's been really disappointing with not much happening of a lot of the actresses getting bound and gagged in the show.
I do love it though. Emily chasing after the US senator, who framed her father and wrongly imprisoned him,which ultimately led to his murder. Emily's character suffers too especially when there are flashbacks to her childhood, when the baddies are trying to convince her that her father is guilty. She never accepts this, and goes after every one of these people and exacts ruthless revenge on all of them.
She doesn't have it all her own way though. The bad guys and gals are tough opponents, having power and influence, but I always hope Emily wins the day, and ultimately, to final justice and victory.
I just hope the writers get some better scenes for her, to be bound and gagged.