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A True Samurai Chapter Two

Within sight of Shinza's home on the beach,there was a magnificent castle,which dominated the skyline.

The owner of this castle,was one Lord Takanaga.Takanaga was a tough looking man,and he was.He held cold,calculating dark eyes,and was known as a cold,calculating man.

Takanaga was the supreme ruler in this area of Japan.He had a long ancestry,which included many famous shoguns.Like his descendants,Takanaga had a cruel,ruthless streak inside him.When he wanted something,Takanaga made sure he got it,by any means if needed,and it worked.

Takanaga was of course,fiercely proud to be a Japanese.He had read many of his ancestors exploits,and a lot of them were really inhumane cruel acts.

This of course,didn't bother Takanaga in the slightest.He knew his ancestors had been highly successful,and Takanaga was determined to emulate them.

He'd done well so far,having gained control over a lot of territory.Many people who lived near to his splendid castle,were forced to pay homage to him.There were some who resisted,but everytime those that did,Takanaga showed his cruel,ruthless streak.The resistance quickly ended then.

As well as having highly profitable territory,Takanaga also held many women under his power.He always chose the most beautiful,and most desirable girls.He held many of them,keeping them prisoner in his castle,and despite enjoying himself with his pretty captives,Takanaga was always on the hunt for more additions.

One such girl he had his eyes on,was Suzuki.Takanaga had seen her many times,and was always greatly excited on seeing her.The girl was a real beauty;Takanaga knew she was very young,but she was just about the right age to seize for himself.

Of course,he'd made sure he invited Suzuki first.Some of his concubines had willingly joined his service,and Tanakaga made sure he always rewarded those loyal to him.

However,after numerous failed attempts,Tanakaga had finally got the message;Suzuki wasn't going to join him.

He had already decided to abduct her,but there was a problem;Suzuki's father:Shinza.

Tanakaga and Shinza knew each other well,but they weren't friends.Unlike Tanakaga's distinguished ancestry(so he thought) he knew Shinza was of Samurai stock,but had chosen to settle down peacefully.

Even so,Tanakaga had seen Shinza fight,and he knew his target's father,was a highly formidable one.
Taking him  on in single combat,would be utterly foolhardy.Tanakaga had seen Shinza easily beat some of his best men.To get the girl,Tanakaga would have to adapt a different strategy.

He'd started by sending spies out,to watch Shinza's house,keeping the father and daughter under constant observation.Tanakaga wanted to choose the right moment to grab Suzuki,but for the moment,that moment still eluded him.

Tanakaga was still hopeful though.He was still determined to have Shinza's daughter,by whatever means necessary.

At the present moment,he sat observing his personal guard,who were practising their skills on each other,in one of the many castle's courtyards.

This was of course,done by their swords,and Takanaga knew he had some very good,and highly skilled fighters.Every one of them,had sworn to lay down their lives if necessary,sgould Takanaga command them.

He paid particular attention to one of his men,who was known as Tenchu.Takanaga could see him easily beating all his opponents,and knew he was the best fighter he had in his employ.He knew it would be interesting,if Shinza and Tenchu could meet in single combat.Takanaga privately hoped for that.

As he watched his men practice,one of his men came up to him.After kneeling down respectfully next to him,the man bowed too,before reporting:

'Shinza has foreigners in his house,my lord.He and his daughter helped them,during the storm last night.'

This news interested Takanaga.Contact with outsiders for him,was extremely rare,especially foreigners.

'How many of them are there?'Takanaga asked.

'Five,my lord.Two men,two young women,and a boy.All English.'

'Young women,you say?'This really interested him.'How young?'

'Late teens,my lord.They are known as Kelly and Louise.'

'Both girls are pretty,I hope?'

'They are indeed,my lord,'his servant responded respectfully.'Would you like us to make preparations to bring them to you?'

This really tempted Takanaga,but he knew whilst Shinza was there;there would be no chance of abducting the women.

'Not at the moment,'he answered.'Instead,let's invite them up here.I'm sure they won't refuse our hospitality.'

He was pleased to his servant grin,and after bowing to him once more,the man left.

Takanaga continued to enjoy watching his men still training,but soon,he hoped he would be enjoying other pleasures.

An evil smirk passed along his face,as he thought that.

More to follow....

Funny,is it? Tossers..

Monday, 18 June 2012

It drives me mad!

Well,not too long ago,I posted a brief note on politely informing some of my visitors,that they won't find any pictures or stories,of men getting tied up and gagged here.

I always check my blog stats,and am really pleased to find so many visitors from all over the world,checking out my blog.

What does not please me,is when I see certain words on the 'search keywords' These range from 'men in distress' 'gagged men' 'tied up men' and much to my even more anger 'gagged child'

I will repeat myself once more to those people:You're not going to find any men trussed up here.You're certainly not going to find any children tied up here either.

I realise of course,that I probably won't stop these people typing in those words,but it gives me great pleasure to inform them,that they're not going to find what they want here.There's certainly plenty of other sites for them to check out,but definitely nothing here.

So for the second time,I'll take great pleasure in informing:You're only going to find pretty girls bound and gagged here.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Expendables 2

I really enjoyed the first Expendables film.It was great fun,and the fight scenes were superbly done.
Added to this,there was also a damsel in distress scene in it.It could have been a bit better,but it did have,a very pretty girl bound and gagged in it.

I've seen the trailer for the sequel,but alas,there doesn't appear to be any pretty girls bound and gagged in this film.

Time will tell,but if there isn't,I'll be very disappointed.Especially if there's no scene for this lovely looking lady:Yu Nan,who plays Maggie.I think she's one of the good guys,so hopefully,Sly might include something for her.

To be honest though,I'm not too hopeful.....

Monday, 11 June 2012

Not amused-look somewhere else

Checking my search keywords,I wasn't pleased to see 'men forced to wear womens clothes and tied up'
Again,if you like that sort of thing,that's up to you.But you won't find anything like like that on my blog.
For the second time,I'm going to say you'll only find pretty girls bound and gagged here.
Got it?

Still seeing 'gagged men' on the 'search keywords',and I'll repeat it again:

Look somewhere else.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A True Samurai

Well, no celebrations from me regarding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.I'm not the slightest bit interested All the telly seems to do,is to go on major overload on the event.

I do actually have a connection to the Royal Family,but I'm still one of the peasants.Without bragging,a well spoken one,but still a peasant nonetheless.

Anyway,not to spoil the enjoyment of others,I'm just going to offer this latest story,with a couple of my favourite characters:Jennings and Louise.I was actually inspired by watching the Japanese film:Hari Kari:Death of a Samurai.Having a great love for the Far East and a good swordfight,with some brilliant martial arts.I wanted to explain some of Jennings' background,where he learns the way of the Samurai,which stands him in good stead against his future enemies.

Hope you enjoy it.


Outside the coast of Japan...

The sea raged in full fury with the wind howling,as the small boat battled through the giant waves,which were tossing the boat violently.

To any observer watching the boat struggle,they would have given it no chance,and had they been unlucky enough to be on board the boat:their fears would have been proved right.

Inside the boat,the captain and his crew were frantically trying to get through the raging storm.They'd done a tremendous job so far,owing to their highly skilled experience at sea.

Yet now,they knew their boat was doomed.The sea was pouring in,and it was now a countdown,to when their ship would sink.

In the wheelhouse,Captain Thomas kept his eyes peeled on the nearby Japanese coast.He had hoped to buy some time,and to try and beach the boat,giving everybody a chance.

However,the sea wasn't co-operating.The waves were enormous,the biggest Thomas had seen since he went to sea,and they were now sinking.

Despite the grim situation,Thomas didn't give up hope.He knew these waters well:it was just bad luck the weather had turned so quickly.

Grimly though,he knew every second counted.All his crew and passengers,were depending on him,and he did have a plan.

The coast was still in sight,and Thomas made sure he headed towards it.He did make sure he avoided the rocks.The last thing he wanted,was to smash themselves into bits on there.

Thomas glanced behind him,checking on his crew and passengers.There were two young women,and two small children;a boy and a girl.He could see the two women were clinging onto the children,and all were wearing life jackets.They all looked really scared.Thomas didn't blame them.He was too.

Jane Wilson and Kelly Jennings had decided to take a pleasure cruise,with their two youngest siblings;John was Kelly's baby brother,whilst Sarah was Jane's youngest sister.

The cruise had gone well at first.The weather was perfect,and Thomas and his crew couldn't do enough for them all.Everybody was enjoying the trip,when the weather suddenly turned against them.

He checked again on the ship's progress,and on the water levels inside.One of his crew warned him there wasn't much time left.When Thomas asked how long specifically;the answer was five minutes.

Thomas then set the boat directly for shore.Amidst all the howling gale and fierce lightning,Thomas gritted his teeth.

'Hold on,everybody,' he kept his voice calm,hoping it would ease his passengers fears.'Stand by to jump when I tell you.'

'You're not going to make us jump into the sea,are you?'One of the girls asked him,with Thomas detecting the tone of fear in it.

'No,Miss Wilson,'he reassured her.'I'm going to beach the boat.You'll be jumping into the shallows.'

Still seeing the fear on her face,Thomas went on:'Don't worry.One of my crew will be there with you all.I promise.'

He tried to smile to reassure her,but it didn't work.Thomas didn't blame her;all their lives were in serious peril,and he was still aware of the clock ticking.

Checking again on his position to the beach,Thomas' hopes raised a little,as he saw they were going to get as close as they could get.He had to seize the moment.

'Go!'his voice was urgent.'Jump!'

Two of his selected crew instantly obeyed,as they grabbed hold of Jane and Kelly;both men quickly jumped with their charges into the raging water.

Seconds later,after checking all his crew had left the boat,Thomas jumped himself.

Although the beach was very close,the raging waves threatened to carry them all back out to sea,and Thomas and his crew had to fight hard,making sure they helped their passengers to the beach.

Fortunately,all did so,and after staggering up the beach,everybody collapsed with relief and exhaustion.


A little further up the beach,stood a single house.It was set well back from the beach,but still in close proximity to the sea.Whoever lived here,obviously enjoyed the sea.

The occupants of the house,were a man,and his youngest daughter.They were the Shinza family;a well liked family,although there was some tension between them and the owners of the nearby castle.

Staring outside from a window,Shinza's daughter;Suzuki,a young girl of eighteen,was watching the raging surf,when she suddenly spotted something.

'Father!'she called,very urgently to him.'There are people coming onto the beach.Their boat has run aground.'

At his daughter's call,Shinza hurried up to her,and placing a hand on his shoulder,had a look himself.

He only looked for a few seconds,before springing into action.

'Prepare hot drinks,Suzuki,'Shinza told her,'and get the fire going.Get some help too.I'm going to bring them here.'

Suzuki nodded,and hurried to obey her father's command.

Shinza had immediately ran out of his home,and headed towards the small group of people lying on the beach.He noticed they were all from the West,and there were also two small children there.He quickened his pace to them.

Lying in utter relief,but unable to move,Kelly clung tightly to her brother,determined to keep him warm.She knew they badly needed help,but didn't know if any help was coming.

That was when she suddenly saw a man running towards them.He was obviously Japanese,and dressed in traditional Samurai robes.Kelly could also see he was carrying a sword.

'Help,'she could only manage a weak call to him,but did manage to raise her arm up at him.

Much to her relief,the man knelt down beside her,and took her hand,squeezing it gently.Despite the relief Kelly felt at this,she was slipping away into exhaustion,and the last thing she saw before the darkness overwhelm her,was the Japanese man looking curiously down at her brother.


When Kelly finally opened her eyes,she noticed how peaceful it now was.She fely utterly worn out,then noticed she'd been placed in a bed.Well,not a bed by her standards,as it was a normal Japanese style bed.A small,but comfortable pillow,with a straw mat and a decent blanket.Kelly was quite surprised,to find how comfortable it was.

All thoughts of her comfort suddenly vanished,as she remembered John.She sat up sharply,anxiously looking around the room,but much to her immense relief,she saw her brother sleeping in another bed.

Throwing back the blanket,Kelly hurried over him,and was pleased to see he was sleeping quietly.

Then,she noticed a shadow outside walking.Kelly could see it was a woman,who was carrying a tray. Then,her shadow knelt,before sliding open the door.

The woman Kelly saw,was very young.She looked about seventeen,perhaps eighteen,but Kelly could see the Japanese woman,was very beautiful.She had shoulder length,raven hair,and had a really good figure.

Kelly then watched,as the young woman bowed politely to her,and then picked up the tray,and entered.She could see there were drinks placed on it.

'How are you feeling?' Suzuki asked her in English.

Surprised,Kelly took a moment to recover before she responded.

'Who are you? Where are the others?'

'They are resting,'Suzuki smiled to her.'Please do not worry about them.My father is making sure they are well looked after.'

Kelly suddenly remembered the man she saw from last night.

'That was your Dad,who helped us?'

Suzuki nodded,and she then poured some of the drinks,before she offered one to Kelly.

'I can see you're still exhausted.Please drink this.It will help you recover.'

'What is it?'Kelly asked.

'It is Japanese tea.Not tea by your standards,but it will help you.'

Seeing the Japanese girl lower her head slightly,and offering the drink to her in both hands,Kelly accepted the drink.

She drank a bit of it,and it was bitter,but Kelly didn't like sweet drinks anyway.She glanced back at John,still sleeping.

'Who is the boy,may I ask?'Suzuki was curious.

'This is John,'Kelly touched his forehead affectionately.'He is my little brother.'

'He is very handsome,'Suzuki smiled.'I'm sure he will be fine.'

'Who are you?' It was now Kelly's turn to be curious.

'I am Suzuki,'the girl bowed her head again.'I am the only daughter of the Shinza house.'

'Nice to meet you,Suzuki,'Kelly offered her hand,'I'm Kelly.'

Suzuki was well acquainted with Western customs,and gratefully accepted Kelly's hand.

As the girls shook hands,they both heard footsteps,and this time,it was Suzuki's father who entered.

He bowed politely to Kelly,who returned the gesture,before he asked his daughter:'How are they?'in Japanese.

'They are fine,father,'Suzuki answered.'I gave her a drink,which will help her sleep.The young boy has not awoken yet,but I checked him earlier.He will recover.'

'I am pleased,Suzuki,'her father's tone indicated that.'You have done well.Your humanity deserves reward.'

'As does yours,father,'Suzuki smiled up at him.

Kelly couldn't take her eyes off Suzuki's father.He did indeed,look like the Samurai warrior she'd seen before.Her eyes were looking at his sheathed sword.

Shinza noticed it too,and smiled to reassure her.He bowed again,and then heard the English girl say:'Please thank your father for helping us last night.'

'It is my duty to help people in need,'Shinza surprised Kelly,as he replied in English to her.'Please rest now,whilst I inform the proper authorities to take you home.'

'Thank you,'Kelly was now feeling tired again,and slipped back into the bed.She was asleep within moments.

Looking at the brother and sister,Suzuki asked her father:'Will we have to inform the castle,father?'

'They probably already know,'Shinza's tone was grim.'And when they do,we're going to have to do all we can,to get them away from here.'


More to follow...

NB.I've been enjoying writing this,and will finish this up later.There's still a long way to go,but of course,it's going to be the normal damsel in distress scene later on.:)

Back later...