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The Sanna Menace.Chapter Twelve,an earlier version

General Grant studied the intelligence reports given to him.They all made grim reading,as the reports detailed the enemy strengths,especially on the Sanna.

Grant knew there was no way he and his people,could defeat these savage humanoid invaders.Their strength was simply overwhelming.Despite the success of some of his people against them,these had little effect on the Sanna hold on their planet.Grant knew he needed to think bigger,and better ways to get at them.

He read every report,scrutinizing them all for a possible weakness.He'd also given these reports to his most trusted people,and they too,were reading the massive amount of paperwork.So far,Grant and his people had found nothing,but they were all praying they would.They badly needed some good fortune in this war.

Suddenly,Grant got an excited call.It was from one of his people helping him,on reading the intelligence reports.Grant didn't hesitate,as he called him in.

Once Grant had read the relevant report,he became excited too,and immediately ordered a priority dispatch.

'Get this to all of our people in the field.'Grant always spoke quietly,as he never believed in shouting,but the quiet insistence in his voice,was clearly heard by all his people,and they eagerly obeyed.

'I wonder what they'll make of this.'Grant mused to himself,as he read the intelligence details on the paper.The information was ground breaking alright.Grant kept on reading it.It was saying the Sanna defences were now on full alert,especially on their star battle fleet,always patrolling the Earth's solar system.The report didn't say why the Sanna were acting this way,but Grant immediately knew the answer.They had more enemies outside the Earth,and it seemed highly probable the Sanna were on extra lookout for them.

Grant had already made up his mind,to try and contact these new people,whoever they were.However,he needed to listen into the Sanna communications,and find out more information.

Quickly,he left his command post,and hurried along to the radio section.He had a lot to ask them.

When he reached the radio section,Grant could see several of his people manning the equipment.This area was vitally important,as Grant knew he could listen in,to the Sanna transmission codes.However,interpreting them was quite another matter.The Sanna language was really hard to understand,and very few people seemed to grasp it.When Grant found somebody who could,it was like striking gold for him.

Grant walked up to one of these very people.A man named Saunders.Like a lot of people,Saunders had been incarcerated in a Sanna prison,and had vowed never to give in to his guards.He'd actually managed to convince them,to teach him their language.It had been a hard job,and Saunders was still beaten up a number of times,when he couldn't grasp it.However,his persistence seemed to make his Sanna guards grudgingly admire him,and Saunders slowly cracked it.

With this new skill,Saunders used it to deceive the guards,and was able to escape with several others.When he'd told Grant his story,the General had no hesitation in assigning him to translating Sanna radio signals.His help was priceless in this,and Saunders was glad to give it.Like everybody else here,he too,wanted to drive the Sanna invaders out from the Earth.The only problem with these radios,was that they had a very limited range.Grant and his people could only listen,when the Sanna were close by.If they wanted to extend their ears,they'd need something more powerful.This had made Grant think a lot,and he had an idea on this.

Grant had already written down his message he wanted to send,and placed it in front of Saunders.

'Send this immediately,Saunders,please.'Grant told him quietly.

'Yes,sir.'Saunders nodded,and after reading the message,started to send it through the radio.

After he'd done so,Grant then asked him.'Anything on Sanna security?'

'Nothing really,sir.'Saunders responded.He had a good memory,and would remember everything he'd listened to.'Only an immediate Sanna order,for one of our collaborators.'


'Richards,sir.'Saunders answered that question grimly.

Grant's face became grim too.He knew of Richards.Like O'Rourke,this man served the Sanna willingly,but whereas O'Rourke only liked to look after his own interests,Richards was utterly dedicated,to eliminating any threat to himself and his Sanna masters.

Richards too,had his own private army,and Grant knew they were just as ruthless as O'Rourke's force was.He also knew Richards would be accompanied,by his second in command,Shannon.Like Harris,Shannon was another nasty piece of work,and Grant knew it would take something special to beat them.

'Give me the details of that Sanna order.'Grant ordered,and after Saunders had handed it to him,Grant only read it for a few seconds,before knowing what was happening.The Sanna had ordered Richards to take over O'Rourke's base,and to eliminate Finlay's group.Grant wasn't going to allow that.

'Contact Finlay,and send him this update.'Grant wasn't smiling as he said it.He knew he'd sent Finlay and Paula Ann,into a snake pit.Things were going to get very nasty there.Of that,Grant had no doubt that Finlay and Paula Ann,could handle themselves well against any threat,human or Sanna.However,he still had that bad feeling he'd felt earlier,when he'd briefed them.Grant suspected there was going to be one nasty fight soon.


The explosions had finally stopped rocking the station,and the Sanna commander immediately ordered a damage report.As his orders were carried out,the humanoid glared fiercely at the slowly rising humans.His eyes centred on O'Rourke,who appeared uneasy,noticing his look.

O'Rourke could see the Sanna commander was giving him,a very unfriendly look,and decided to get out,before the Sanna took action against them.It wasn't unknown for the Sanna,to attack their human allies when things didn't go their way.O'Rourke didn't think this situation any different.He could also see Harris gesturing urgently at him,as she was thinking the same.

Slowly,O'Rourke backed away from the command centre.The place was badly damaged,and he could see some of the Sanna humanoids,now desperately trying to repair their equipment.O'Rourke and Harris also noticed from the Sanna watching them,that they were not welcome,and some of the Sanna troopers even held their weapons at them.This made the retreating human group very nervous.O'Rourke had clearly learnt his lesson,regarding his earlier mistake,and he was sincerely hoping the Sanna wouldn't start a firefight here.

Fortunately,the Sanna commander gestured at his troopers to lower their weapons,and he stepped forward to O'Rourke.

'I don't think we shall be needing your services again,O'Rourke.'The humanoid snarled.'You had better make you and the rest of your human scum scarce,before we make you.'

'It wasn't my fault.'O'Rourke began to protest,before the Sanna interrupted him brusquely.

'On the contrary,it was your fault.Had you checked your defensive patrols properly,this Jennings and Montgomery would never have managed to successfully infiltrate this station!'

They all heard the anger in the Sanna's tone,and O'Rourke decided not to try and annoy him anymore.He knew he needed their help,to return to Earth.

'I will admit that Jennings and Montgomery won this one.'O'Rourke admitted,albeit through clenched teeth.'They won a battle,but not the war.Besides,they are only two men,and we are an army together.'

O'Rourke could see every Sanna in the room,now regarding him with contempt.He was puzzled,and the humanoids noticed it.

'You will be quite surprised,at how many battles Jennings and Montgomery have won.'The Sanna commander informed him.'These are not mere irritations,but every time they make a move against us,it is deadly.Each time,it causes our forces tremendous damage.'The humanoid gestured angrily with his arm at the ruined command centre.'Look around you,O'Rourke.We would never have dreamed,that humans could sneak into my station,and do this kind of damage.'

O'Rourke and Harris could clearly see the damage inflicted here.For only two men,they certainly had dealt this station a crippling blow.

'Maybe they had help.'O'Rourke observed,hoping to improve the Sanna's mood,but he failed miserably.

Harris too,rejected his opinion.She knew precisely how Jennings and Montgomery got up here.

'Don't be a fool,O'Rourke.'Harris spoke icily.'They obviously did their homework,and made it work.'

'Which is precisely why we must eliminate them.'The Sanna commander was now addressing Harris.'We will attend to that immediately.This Jennings and Montgomery,have done their last act against us.'

Good luck.Harris almost sneered that out,but was wise enough to keep silent.She then heard O'Rourke ask the Sanna commander for help.

'We need transport to return to Earth,commander.'

'Of course.'The Sanna commander surprisingly agreed,as he turned to one of his crew.'Get a shuttle ready.'

Despite O'Rourke's relieved smile hearing that,Harris had other ideas.She could see what the Sanna were really up to,and wasn't having none of that.She took a step forward,to the towering humanoid.

'May I use one of your communications?'She asked.

'Please yourself,Harris.'There was a distinct tone of contempt fully evident,but Harris ignored that.She knew the Sanna were going to blow them out of the sky,if they did accept the shuttle offer.

Harris moved to one of the communications consoles,which was still working.She then made contact with her base,and made a brusque,blunt order.This was promptly acknowledged,and satisfied at that,Harris ended the call.It was then,that she noticed something else.For the first time ever,her eyes widened in alarm at what she was seeing,but she recovered quickly.

She then made her way back to O'Rourke's group,and she gazed hard at them all.

'Let's get the hell out of here.'Harris whispered savagely.'Unless you want to die here.'

This seemed to have the desired effect,as they began to move out of the command centre.Every one of them kept their eyes sharp on all the Sanna,watching for any movement from them,in case the shooting started.

Fortunately for them,the Sanna didn't use their weapons on them.The humanoids merely gave them all contemptible glances,before the humans left them.

The Sanna commander watched them leave,and he was glad to see them go.He utterly despised these humans,and had never ever,wanted to work alongside them.They were not to be trusted at all,as he remembered how they reacted.

It didn't matter.The Sanna commander thought.Soon,those humans would be dead,and he'd concentrate on getting rid of this Jennings and Montgomery.

He then made contact with his own command,and began to issue a request.


Harris led the way to a particular docking area in the station,and glancing out of the view windows,she was satisfied to see her own,personal shuttle approach.She quickened her pace to the relevant dock,as her shuttle grew closer to it.

O'Rourke noticed her change in pace,and he was puzzled at this.However,there was another distant explosion that made the station shake,and O'Rourke suddenly realised what was going on.He too,quickened his pace.

'The place is going to blow,isn't it,Harris?'He asked her,running alongside.

'Damn right it is.'Harris almost snarled it,but she was too busy concentrating,on reaching her ship.She was watching the shuttle now beginning to dock.'Hurry up!'

The shuttle finally docked,and no sooner had they all boarded it,or more precisely,ran into it,Harris raced up to the cockpit.

'Get us out of here,now!'She shouted urgently,to the slightly stunned pilot.

Fortunately,the pilot recognised her eyes.Something was seriously wrong,and he immediately released the clamps,holding the shuttle to the station,and he then moved the ship away from the massive structure.

'Hurry up,damn you!'Harris snapped to the pilot.She and O'Rourke were now witnessing massive explosions,now tearing through the Sanna structure.The pilot saw it too,and his face became desperate too.

He just managed to get enough distance between himself and the station,before they all watched it blow itself apart,into a gigantic fireball.

Harris inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.They'd been damn lucky.If she hadn't seen the fire breach warnings in the command centre earlier,they'd have perished with their Sanna 'allies.'

'What the hell happened?'O'Rourke wondered.'I didn't know Jennings and Montgomery,wanted to blow up the station.'

'I don't think they did.'Harris admitted.'They made sure they knocked out all the weapons and missile launchers,but the Sanna didn't get the fires under control.Eventually,they were just asking for it.'

The pilot then received a message,and he then turned to them both.

'Home base has received a priority one signal,commander.'he spoke to O'Rourke first.'Just before they blew up,the Sanna were able to send a message.It was sent to another human controlled territory.'

'Whose territory?'O'Rourke demanded.


Both O'Rourke and Harris glanced at each other.They knew that name,and didn't like hearing it.Richards was a fellow collaborator,fighting alongside the Sanna.His reputation was just as ruthless as O'Rourke's,and a lot of people were scared of him.He had a high success rate,and with his second in command,Shannon,they made their enemies pay dearly for opposing them.Both O'Rourke and Harris knew these two men,had killed a lot of people.That didn't bother them of course,but they certainly didn't want to be forced to work with them.

'What is the message?'Harris queried.Her voice was more calm now,having just escaped from death.

'The Sanna have ordered Richards to our area of operations.'The pilot informed them.'They are demanding full co-operation from us,once they arrive.'

'Are they indeed?'Harris responded,somewhat sarcastically.'Why the hell are those two being sent here?'

Nobody answered her,but Harris knew it regardless.This Richards and Shannon were being sent in by the Sanna.It was obvious the Sanna commander back on the station,hadn't been impressed by O'Rourke's actions.Truth be told,neither had she.

The shuttle then entered the Earth's atmosphere,and headed towards their base.O'Rourke and Harris,were feeling pretty grim for the future.


Jennings guided the stolen Sanna shuttle over their home terrain.So far,he'd managed to avoid being detected by Sanna combat air patrols,and he then safely landed the craft back into their base.

Once he'd done so,Jennings and Montgomery breathed a huge sigh of relief.They looked at each other,and grinned.Both men then exchanged a warm hug.Neither of them was afraid to do this,as they were great mates.

'I can't believe we got away with that.'Jennings admitted.

'You're a good planner,John.'Montgomery told him.'You know you are.That's why I'm always proud to fight alongside you,and I always will.'

Jennings grinned sheepishly in return.

'Thanks,Monty.'He punched his friend playfully on the shoulder,before he gestured at the ship's interior.'Let's get the girls.'

Both men left the cockpit,and moved into the ship's interior.They both saw Louise and Paula Ann,now releasing their seat belts and hugging each other.Jennings and Montgomery were pleased to see this.They then watched the two young women move up to them,and much to their surprise,both girls gave them a warm,and deeply grateful kiss.

'Thank you,John.'Louise had her arms wrapped round his neck,and gave him another kiss.'I always knew you'd come.'

'Your welcome,Louise.'Jennings nodded to her.He really liked Louise.She was damned pretty,he noted,but he knew there was still much to do.

Louise however,had clearly recognised the look in his eyes,and held onto him tight.

'Don't even think about letting me go,John.'She warned him.Not in an unfriendly way,but Louise meant what she said.She felt drawn to this man,and although she still didn't quite know who he was,Louise wasn't going to let him go.

Suddenly,Reynolds' voice came into the Sanna craft.

'Welcome back.I'm glad you all got back safe.'Reynolds meant that too.'But Finlay wants you here.There's bad news.'

Grimly,the four of them exited the shuttle,and quickly made their way to the command centre.

When they got there,both Louise and Paula Ann were pleased to see familiar faces.Everybody hugged them,although Hunt didn't.Yet her eyes showed no hostility.She was pleased the girls were both safe.

'I think you girls need some rest.'Finlay advised,and he turned to Kelly.'Kelly,will you take Louise and Paula Ann?'

He left it at that,but Kelly nodded.

'Of course.'She smiled at the two girls to follow her.However,Louise shook her head,as she still clung onto Jennings' arm.

'No,I'm okay,Kelly.'Louise told her,not wanting to leave Jennings' side.

'It's okay,Louise.'Jennings could see she was exhausted.'Go with Kelly,and get some sleep with Paula Ann.'

As in reassurance,he squeezed her hand,and Louise reluctantly agreed.She left with Kelly and Paula Ann.

Finlay then came up to him,and offered his hand.Jennings immediately accepted it.

'Thank you for helping her,Jennings.'Finlay warmly shook hands with him,before he did the same with Montgomery.'You too,Monty.'

'My pleasure.'Montgomery nodded briefly to him.

'What's this bad news then?'Jennings then asked.

'We received an intel update from General Grant for this area.'Finlay's tone was now grim.'We're getting new players,and real nasty ones at that.Have you heard of Richards and Shannon?'

From the disgusted looks he was seeing on Jennings and Montgomery,Finlay knew they had.

'Evidently,he's on his way to take over O'Rourke's command,by Sanna order.'He continued.'It's a foregone conclusion he and Harris won't be too impressed at that,but they're definitely coming.'

'He'll be bringing his own private force.'Jennings observed.'He always likes to ride on his own train.'

'And a very specially armoured one at that.'Finlay remarked.'We won't be able to get him on that.'

'I agree.'Jennings nodded again.'However,we'll soon have him wishing he'd never set foot here.'

Finlay was interested.'I'm all ears.'


Richards sat comfortably in his seat,watching the landscape race by.He always enjoyed travelling on his own,personal battle train.It was filled with luxury,and Richards greatly appreciated it.He could have a first class meal,and drink the best available to him.Not only that,but the train was a highly formidable weapon.It was fully armoured,and his men held a constant vigil on the mounted weapon turrets,keeping a sharp eye out for any threats.So far,there had been none.

As Richards sat,his second in command,Shannon approached him,and was at present,carrying several papers.He handed them over to Richards.

'Here's the intelligence you ordered.'Shannon didn't address him as 'sir',but that didn't bother Richards.They had more important things to attend too.

Richards examined each detail on the papers before him.His cunning,but cold eyes missed nothing.The papers he held in front of him,showed photographs of O'Rourke,Harris,and Sanders.

Richards looked keenly at them all,before he glanced up at Shannon.

'So,this is O'Rourke's territory.'He spoke quietly,but his voice held Shannon's attention.'It will be interesting to see,what they're really like.'

'The Sanna reports don't give them much credit.'Shannon told him.

'Yes,I heard,but we shall see.'Richards then glanced out of the window,seeing the landscape race by.He could see several settlements in the distance,but there was no sign of any people.This only made him a tad curious,but Richards knew the reason in any case.

Just then,the men felt the train slow down,and they now saw that they were entering a tunnel.Within five minutes,both Richards and Shannon could now see armed men,and they were standing watching their entrance.Both men knew they'd now arrived at O'Rourke's base.

Instantly,both men got up,and waited for the train to stop,before exiting the train.Richards was looking forward to meeting O'Rourke,and he couldn't wait to tell him the news.

When Richards stepped onto the platform,he glanced at one of O'Rourke's men,who stared back expressionless.

'Well don't just stand there.'Richards told him.'Take me to your leader.'

The man didn't respond verbally,but he led the way,and finally took them outside O'Rourke's quarters.They could hear a lot of arguing,coming from inside the room.

Richards didn't bother to knock,as he and Shannon entered.O'Rourke's man didn't bother to stop them,as he went back to his duty.

Both men could see Harris and O'Rourke,who were now in a heated exchange.Neither Richards or Shannon bothered as yet,to announce themselves.

'Why the hell are the Sanna sending this Richards to my territory?'O'Rourke was demanding.'Something isn't right.'

'Well,to me,its obvious.'Harris told him sharply.'The Sanna clearly aren't happy with your efforts,so they're sending somebody else down.'

'You're enjoying this,aren't you,Harris?'O'Rourke sneered at her.'I'd like to see you,on the wrong side of the Sanna.'

'The feeling is mutual.'Harris countered evenly,not bothered at all by what he'd just said.

Before O'Rourke could respond,he received a message informing him,that Richards and Shannon were now here.

'Looks like we'll have to postpone this for later.'O'Rourke dismissed this latest argument,and checked his pistol from its holster.'This Richards and Shannon are here,so I suppose we'd better go and greet them.'

'Thank you for the offer,O'Rourke.'Richards announced himself calmly.'But I don't think you need to bother yourself.'

Stunned,Harris and O'Rourke turned sharply to face the two new arrivals.Richards had a faint,amused expression seeing them turn like that.Yet Shannon's face,was watching these two like a hawk.

It took only a moment,before O'Rourke realised who these men were.

'You're Richards?'He gazed hard at the man,who'd just spoke.

'At your sevice.'Richards gave them a faint nod.'Or I should say,at my service.I take it the Sanna briefed you,on my assigned mission here?'

'No,they didn't.'O'Rourke answered him,in a very unfriendly tone.

'No matter.'Richards smiled at them,but it wasn't a nice one.'I'll do it for you.You,O'Rourke,Harris,and everybody else here,is now under my direct command.'

For a few moments,O'Rourke was stunned,before he managed to recover.

'You can't do this!'He bitterly protested.'You can't just come in,and take over my base!'

This only made Richards more pleased,as his unfriendly smile increased.

'I can,I will,and I have,O'Rourke.The Sanna have given me full power,to establish control here.'

O'Rourke was enraged at this.This clearly told him,that the Sanna had no confidence in him.He'd make them pay for this.O'Rourke swore on that.

'So what is your mission here?'Harris then asked him.Her voice was unfriendly too,but she made sure she spoke it,with a cunning tone to it.

'Oh,I'm sure you know that already,Harris.'Richards responded.'I'm here to deal with any threats,regarding the security of Sanna operations.'

Harris did indeed,know that already.

'Well,it will be interesting to see what you have in mind.'Harris then said.'The enemy we have operating here,is really good.'

'Yes,I read about them.'Richards nodded,as he glanced back to O'Rourke's still fuming face.'Not a very impressive job you've done so far,on stopping these attacks,is it?'

'So what do you have in mind?'O'Rourke's voice was like ice.

'The Sanna are particularly interested in two targets,which I'm sure you'll know by now.Jennings and Montgomery.'

'They are tough to deal with.'Harris admitted.'But I'm sure we can exploit a weakness soon in them.'

'Such as?'O'Rourke sneered again to Harris,but Richards held up his hand.

'Well,I'll show you,shall I?'He spoke that with some contempt,as he moved over to a computer port,and inserted a small disc inside it.The footage of Jennings and Montgomery helping Louise to escape,was now visible.All of them could see Jennings hurry over to Louise,freeing her from being bound and gagged,before they disappeared.

Richards then turned to face them again.

'An excellent escape,was it not?'He asked,although Richards wasn't really that impressed.'We've managed to identify the girl in the film,and it's she,who will be our next target.'

'You don't mean to kill the girl,do you?'O'Rourke asked.He liked the look of her,and felt his urges increase.He was already thinking of adding her,to his already now empty collection.He was pleased to hear the answer.

'Of course not.'Richards responded.'I've studied reports on this new threat,and I want you all to do the same.It will provide benefits,I assure you.'

'As you will have already noticed,this Jennings helped that girl to escape from a Sanna camp.The girl's identity,is only known as Louise,but it has been confirmed she's very close to Jennings.This is where we'll start.Find the girl,and bring her to me.Then,we'll see how Jennings reacts.'

'That's not going to be easy,Richards.'O'Rourke was still speaking coldly.'They know how to hide.Finding that girl,will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.'

'Commander Richards,if you don't mind,O'Rourke.'The smile was still present,but was now even more nasty.'Just bring me the girl,and make sure you bring her alive,and unharmed.There's some very special plans I have in mind for this Louise.'

'Like what?'Harris demanded.'What are you up to?'

'All in good time,Harris.'Richards kept smiling,but there was a hint of pleasure,as he went on.'All in good time.'

Richards noticed O'Rourke was still staring at the camera footage,showing his enemies successfully fight their way out,and for once,he was curious.

'Who are they?'he asked.He could see now the camera footage,was now showing mugshots of Jennings and Montgomery.O'Rourke could clearly see they were hard men,as their images gazed coldly back at him.

'Nobody really knows.'Richards admitted.'Believe me,I've tried to find that out myself,but got nowhere.All I do know is,that I wish they were both on my team.'

'Nothing more?'Harris asked her own question,not curiously,but she was eager to find out any weak spots on the two men.'They must have their weakness.'

'No,not much,'Richards was adamant in his reply.'They're best friends,we all know that,and are utterly loyal to each other.'He thought for a few moments,before continuing.'If people get into trouble,Jennings and Montgomery will be there to help them,but I can also tell you the damage these two men inflict on the Sanna war machine,as well as our own efforts,are not just minor irritants.They both know how to to hurt us,and they do it really well.'

'What do you mean by that?'O'Rourke asked uneasily,although he seemed to know anyway.Richards confirmed this.

'What I mean,O'Rourke,is this Jennings and Montgomery are a serious threat to our survival.I've studied the damage reports on their Sanna targets,and believe me,it's bad.The Sanna are running scared,and we all know they don't scare easily.They're desperate to eliminate these two men,and the sooner the better.'

'Then,we'd better get started and find that pretty girl they've just helped,hadn't we?'O'Rourke told them firmly.'I saw the way she looked at Jennings,she likes him.I'm sure his feeling for her is mutual.'

'I agree.'Richards nodded.'Shall we begin the search then?'

To be continued?

NB.Well,that was it.That was the original version I dreamed up.Again,I added a lot new stuff to it,but it was 90% original.I may come back to it,as I've certainly wrote a lot on it,and to both versions.For now though,I'll leave it there.
Take care,everybody.:)

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The Sanna Menace.Chapter Eleven.An earlier version

Grimly,Jennings and Montgomery continued to follow the two Sanna carrying Louise and Paula Ann.The two humanoids were taking them deeper into the station,and Jennings was realising every step they made,was taking them further away from their escape point.He still had his plan of course,but Jennings sincerely hoped there would be no major problems.

They followed the two Sanna troopers,and finally found themselves in the command centre of the station.Both men noticed a high ranking Sanna,who was clearly waiting for the two girls to be delivered to him.The Sanna commander who had spoken to Jennings earlier,walked up to him and saluted.

'Greetings,commander.'the humanoid spoke to the station commander.'I bring you the two human females,as you ordered.'

'Put them down.'The station Sanna ordered coldly.'I want to see their faces.'

This was promptly done,as the two Sanna troopers carrying Louise and Paula Ann,put them down from their shoulders,but held onto the two girls tightly.Both Louise and Paula Ann stared fearfully at their Sanna captors,especially when the station commander strode up to them.Watching this,both Jennings and Montgomery tensed,as the Sanna suddenly gripped Paula Ann's chin.

'I know who you are.'The Sanna informed them,his voice full of menace.'You have been brought here,for a very special purpose,which will suit our needs.'

Paula Ann could not reply to him,still tightly gagged.Like Louise held next to her,she could only mumble fearfully mumble behind the tape.

'Oh yes.'The Sanna continued,still gripping her chin painfully.'We do indeed know both of you.You are Paula Ann Mitchell,one of General Grant's most loyal soldiers,and of course,partner to Alan Finlay.You two have caused us,quite a lot of problems.'

This sudden information shocked Paula Ann.How did they know who she was? The Sanna,seeing her wide,yet puzzled eyes,gave her a nasty smile.

'I see you are surprised to see we know this.'The Sanna's voice was still full of menace,but there was also pleasure now evident.'You should not be so surprised,as we have filmed your activities against us.'

Paula Ann now knew how,and she made a solemn promise to herself,that if she got out of here alive,she'd make sure she'd blow up any surveillance device they'd come across.

However,this seemed a long way off,as she was still held captive.The Sanna holding her,then tightened his grip on her.She mumbled in pain at this.

'You will pay dearly for your acts against us.'The humanoid warned her ominously,before he released his hold on her,and he advanced up to Louise.

He towered over the girl,and gave Louise a menacing smile.The girl struggled vainly in her Sanna's hold,but she was held tight.

'So you are Jennings' favourite female.'The Sanna told her.He then stroked his three fingered hand through Louise's long,dark hair,making her whimper through her tight gag.This only pleased her abductors.

'You are going to help us eliminate Jennings,my dear.'The Sanna was still smiling menacingly down at her.'After you have helped us,you will then be given the choice of serving us.If you don't,you will regret it.'

The last four words he spoke,were fully meant,and Louise couldn't help,but shiver in utter terror,hearing what he'd just said.She immediately knew,that herself and Paula Ann,were going to be used as bait,to lure Jennings in.Things didn't look good at all.

'Take them to the detention area.'The Sanna commander suddenly barked.'Make sure they are secure,and keep your eyes on them.They are not to escape.'

The two Sanna troopers holding the two girls,suddenly lifted them back over their shoulders,and carried the two bound,gagged pretty forms out.All the Sanna present,having observed the whole thing,then went back to their duties.

From the corner of his eye,Jennings gave Montgomery an undetected nod,and both men made to move to follow Louise and Paula Ann,when he heard one of the Sanna officers address the station commander.

'Commander,we are receiving a request from a human ally,known as O'Rourke.'There was full respect in the Sanna's tone,but not when he mentioned O'Rourke's name.

'What does this filth want?'The Sanna commander demanded.

'He is requesting permission to board,commander.Says we have a security alert.'

'Tell the fool he is not wanted here.'The commander was in no mood to entertain anybody,but then he heard his officer continue.

'Forgive me,commander,but this O'Rourke says we have human intruders on board,attempting to rescue the two human females.'

Both Jennings and Montgomery tensed in their disguises,and tightened their grip on their weapons.They could see the Sanna commander thinking about this,before he decided his course of action.

'The only human intruders are coming to us now.'The Sanna commander dismissed O'Rourke's claim.'He then actually,turned to face Jennings and Montgomery,and gestured for them to come forward.

'You two.Come.'His voice was sharp.

Grimly,both men moved towards the humanoid.They could see all Sanna eyes on them.Both Jennings and Montgomery still felt tense,as they readied their weapons.

'Come.'The Sanna commander repeated,and they both did so.Well versed in Sanna military protocol,Jennings and Montgomery promptly gave the Sanna salute simultaneously to the humanoid.

'What is your duty here?'The Sanna demanded curtly from them.

Fortunately,Jennings knew what to reply,and he did so instantly,knowing even the slightest hesitation,would bring instant suspicion.

'Guard duty on human female prisoners.'Jennings answered him confidently,but was still tense,hoping for no new problems.

'You two will meet this O'Rourke.'The Sanna commander ordered.'But keep him there,for as long as possible.I'll deal with these insignificant humans,when I'm ready.'

Much relieved,but both men were careful not to show it,they gave another smart salute,before leaving the command area.This was great news.Jennings thought.Now,they had a better chance of escaping,but he still needed some technical help.This station was huge,and they'd need some help finding their way around.

'Now what?'Montgomery asked him.

'We get to their armoury first.'Jennings replied.'We'll need to make sure they won't be able to blow us out of the sky,when we make our getaway.'

Montgomery nodded his approval.'Sounds good,but where could that be?'

'Reynolds will answer that for us,Monty.'Jennings responded.'But we need to get to one of their communication rooms first.'

Jennings then noticed a Sanna computer point,placed on the wall.He went over and studied it.Fortunately,his knowledge of Sanna language made it easy for him to understand it,and after studying it for a few moments,Jennings nodded to his friend,and he led the way.

When they reached the desired armoury,both men were surprised to find no guards,but they did see the mounted laser defences,guarding the entrance.This however,didn't put Jennings off.Instead,he walked right up to the armory door,and stood unmoving,as a sudden light suddenly enveloped him.Watching his friend being scanned,Montgomery tensed,but then,the light went out,and Jennings was unharmed. This made Montgomery breathe a sigh of relief.He knew the technology in the Sanna helmet he and Jennings were wearing,still had their systems active.Evidently,each Sanna helmet was fitted with a device,that allowed their wearers to proceed unharmed,through these type of defences.The relief in both men wasn't visible,but both felt it,and were grateful.

He then motioned to Montgomery to wait outside,and Jennings went inside.He returned a couple of minutes later,carrying a bag over his shoulder.Montgomery noticed a lot of stuff inside the bag.

'You got what you needed,John?'He queried.

'No problem.'Jennings grinned.'I took plenty of charges here,to knock out their key defences.It's their laser turrets we've got to take care off.'

'Yeah.'Montgomery agreed.'There looked a lot of them.'

'Which is why we'd better get moving.'Jennings quickened his pace.'Let's find out where to plant them.'

Jennings found another Sanna computer point,and again,studied the information he needed.He and Montgomery had a good eye for detail,and after memorizing the positions of the laser weapons,they then headed towards them.

No Sanna disturbed them,but both Jennings and Montgomery knew better.They kept their eyes sharp,and watched out for any signs that the humanoids had discovered their presence.

Fortunately,they were not challenged,and after a while,both men had successfully planted the explosive charges on the Sanna laser turret controls.They set a timer on each turret control,and after doing that,they then grimly headed towards their next target.

Still keeping silent,Jennings led the way to a communications room,where there was only two Sanna officers present.They both gazed incuriously at the two new entrants,before they went back to operating their posts.

'What do you two want?'One of them asked brusquely,not bothering to look up at them.'We're busy here.'

Jennings glanced back at the door they'd just come in,and was pleased to see Montgomery closing it.He then stood silently by it,waiting.

'We have orders from the commander.'Jennings informed the Sanna,still speaking their tongue fluently.

'What orders?'There was still no friendliness offered in the humanoid's tone.'I received no such detail.'

'We have just been given them.'Jennings continued the pretence.'You are to send a message to incoming human vessel.They are to proceed to dock,in bay 14.'

Jennings knew bay 14 was the closest to the detention area,and offered their shortest escape route out,but he waited to see if this deception,was going to work.If it didn't,they'd have to kill.

Fortunately,the Sanna officer made the call,and Jennings was pleased to hear O'Rourke's approaching ship,gave a confirmation back.Jennings then left with Montgomery.None of the two Sanna looked back at them,as they continued their duty.Jennings and Montgomery,then headed for Bay 14.

'Now what?'Montgomery whispered to his friend.

'We make sure O'Rourke doesn't get back.'Jennings answered.'But first,we'll do what that Sanna wanted us to do,and that's to keep him out of his way.'

'And that means?'

'We put on another deception,Monty.We'll just take O'Rourke and his goons somewhere quiet,and out of the way.We just let them wait,with some help from our enemies of course.'

He grinned at that,but knew Montgomery couldn't see it.However,he still headed towards Bay 14,and not once were they stopped.

When they reached Bay 14,both of them were more than relieved,to see no Sanna present.Neither wanted a full scale alert,when the shooting started.

They both watched O'Rourke's ship approach,and it made a perfect docking with the station.Once the pressure had been made normal,the ship's occupants didn't take long in exiting.Both Jennings and Montgomery watched an armed squad of O'Rourke's men,exit the ship efficiently,before O'Rourke himself followed.Harris came up from behind.Both of them looked at the two Sanna troopers observing them back,before one of them suddenly gestured sharply for them to follow.

'Where is the station commander?'O'Rourke demanded angrily.'I need to see him immediately.'

'The commander is busy.'The Sanna who'd gestured at him responded in contempt.'He will attend to you,once he is ready.In the meantime,you will all follow us.'

The two Sanna suddenly turned around,and exited the bay.O'Rourke clenched his fists,frustrated at being denied his demand.Didn't these fools know they had two human intruders on board? It appeared not,and they were treating him with utter disdain.For the moment though,he had to hold back.He nodded sharply at his people,and they all followed the two Sanna troopers out of the bay.

Seeing O'Rourke and his squad follow them,Jennings and Montgomery continued walking through the station's passageways.Jennings however,knew he had no idea where he was heading,but he had an idea.

'Reynolds.'Jennings whispered into his headset carefully,fully knowing he had to keep his voice down,and out of any hostile earshot.'Reynolds,can you hear me?'

Much to his relief,Reynolds did respond back,and immediately.

'Go ahead,Jennings.What can I do for you?'

'Give me directions to an isolated area,Reynolds.'Jennings told him.'I've got to get rid of some unwanted guests.'

'You mean O'Rourke,don't you?'Reynolds asked.'I picked up his launch from his base.They're on full alert.Guess they must have seen the bodies you got.'

'Waiting for your instructions.'Jennings then waited for Reynolds' answer,and it came straight away.Reynolds then began to advise him on the directions,and Jennings listened to every word.

After a few minutes walk,Jennings and Montgomery came upon a single door.It opened up immediately on their approach,and Jennings could see it was some kind of storeroom,and he then turned to the following O'Rourke and his group.

'Wait in there.'Jennings gestured sharply again at them,motioning for them to enter the room.'The commander will see you when he's ready.'

'Make sure he does.'O'Rourke walked right up to Jennings,although of course,he didn't know it was Jennings.'I don't want to be kept waiting for long.'

Jennings correctly identified the contempt in O'Rourke's voice,but he let it go at that,and he entered the room with the rest of his people.

Instantly,Jennings silently locked the door,and then spoke to Reynolds again.

'Okay,Reynolds.'He still kept his voice low.'I need directions to where they're holding Louise and Paula Ann.'

There was a few seconds pause,before Reynolds answered that.

'Got it.'Jennings confirmed,and he nodded to Montgomery,who promptly followed his friend.

It didn't take them long to reach the right area,and both men knew every second counted.O'Rourke wouldn't stay quiet for long in that room,and the two of them observed the detention area closely.

Their first priority was locating Louise and Paula Ann,and they spotted them immediately.The Sanna had locked each girl into a single cell,and both Jennings and Montgomery could see,that the girls were still tied up and gagged.Both girls eyes,showed a lot of fear.Jennings and Montgomery could see that,but this only made them more determined to get their two friends out.

They then scanned the room's defences.Many cameras were seen,and there were even mounted wall weapons.This made Jennings decide his course of action,as he planned to get Louise and Paula Ann out quietly.

There were only two Sanna troopers manning the consoles,and apart from an indifferent glance at the two new arrivals,hust carried on working.Pleased at seeing this,Jennings and Montgomery then moved down into the area,and then went up to the two Sanna operatives.

'Maintenance check.'Jennings told one of the humanoids bluntly,who glanced back at him.

'I was not informed of this.'The reply was terse.'On whose authority?'

'The commander's of course.'Jennings kept his voice sharp.'He allowed us to do our duty,and has made it clear,that he does not want to be disturbed.'

He watched the Sanna operative think for a moment.Jennings knew Sanna command,was totally strict and heartless.If any of their officers said they didn't want to be disturbed,they meant it.He just hoped this humanoid wouldn't check on it.

Fortunately,he didn't,as he nodded curtly.'Very well,but be quick.We have orders to keep these human females under guard.'

Jennings glanced over at Louise and Paula Ann's helpless forms,and he could see how tightly tied up the two girls were.This angered him,as he swore to make these cruel humanoids pay dearly for that,but he kept his mind on the job.He noticed both girls looking fearfully at him,with their eyes bulging above their tape gags.Although he didn't like to admit it,Jennings knew his disguise was still effective.Clearly,the two girls thought he and Montgomery,were Sanna reinforcements.

Grimly,he turned away from the girls,and then started to examine the instrument panels.Both he and Montgomery held a good knowledge of Sanna technology,and were pretty confident they could disable the weapons here,as well as the surveillance system.Both men then got to work,silently de-activating the weapon turrets,and then the cameras.Neither of the two Sanna operatives suspected anything amiss,not even when Jennings nodded to Montgomery,and they then moved up to the two humanoids,and swiftly eliminated them,with silent,but deadly killer blows.

Once they'd both hidden the bodies,both men moved quickly over to the cells.Louise and Paula Ann tried to back away fearfully from their approach,obviously thinking the worst,but their fears vanished,when Jennings and Montgomery took off their helmets,and smiled reassuringly down at them.

They unlocked the cell doors,and kneeling down beside them,both men expertly cut away the many loops of rope,tied tightly across Louise and Paula Ann's bodies.Had they tried to do it by hand,that would have proved impossible.

Once both girls had been freed and their gags removed,both Louise and Paula Ann immediately hugged their friends.Their relief at being rescued,was overwhelming.Louise especially gave Jennings,a really warm kiss on his lips.

'I always knew you'd come.'She told him,still holding onto him tightly,determined never to let go off him.

Jennings gently brushed Louise's hair back,looking at her very concerned.

'You okay?'He asked her.

'Yes.'Louise nodded,although her voice was somewhat garbled,having being gagged for so long,but her eyes beamed at him,and he nodded back.He then helped her out of the cell,seeing Montgomery exit with Paula Ann now freed.She too,ran over to him,giving him another,more than grateful hug and kiss.

'How are we going to get out of here?'Paula Ann then asked.

'We bluff our way out.'Jennings answered.'Bad idea,starting a firefight in a pressurised space station.'

'John,the whole place will be crawling with Sanna.'Louise reminded him.'They'll surely get suspicious,if we're seen heading into a ship.'

'We're wearing these,aren't we?'Jennings pointed at his Sanna disguise.'It fooled you,didn't it? Anyway,I think we can escape,and without being discovered.'


In answer,Jennings put his helmet back on,and nodded to Montgomery to do the same.He did.

'Just let us do the talking.'Jennings explained.'Any Sanna passes us,will automatically think we're escorting two prisoners.They won't question us.'

'I hope you're right,John.'Montgomery told him,somewhat worried.

'Just trust me,okay?'Jennings then gently took Louise's arm,and he gestured for Montgomery,to do the same with Paula Ann.His friend did so.

'Okay,let's go.'Jennings then took Louise out of the detention area,with Montgomery and Paula Ann right behind him.

They all headed towards Bay 14,where O'Rourke's ship awaited them.


'What the hell's taken them so long?'O'Rourke asked angrily,glaring at the still closed door.'We've been here for ages!'

Harris was thinking that herself.There was something bothering her,and she knew it was something to do with those two Sanna troopers,who'd led them here.

'I'm getting suspicious myself.'Harris admitted,although she couldn't quite figure it out yet.

'I've had enough of waiting!'O'Rourke finally made the decision,to take matters into his own hands.He strode angrily over,to a communications post,set in the wall.

'This is Commander O'Rourke speaking.'There was full fury in his voice,and he was shouting into the com-link.'I demand to see the Sanna commander,right now!'

No reply was forthcoming,and O'Rourke wasn't going to wait any longer.He moved up to the door,but oddly,it didn't open for him.He'd lost what little patience he had regardless,and instantly pulled out his sidearm,before aiming it at the door.

Harris saw what he was going to do,and tried to stop him.

'No,you fool!Don't sh-'

Her warnings were ignored,as O'Rourke fired once.His weapon had no impact on the door,as it remained closed and secure,but O'Rourke,Harris,and everybody else scrambled for cover,as the laser fired by O'Rourke,went richocet around the room.They could see the room had a window,showing the Earth in space.If the laser shattered that,they'd all be dead.

Fortunately,this didn't happen,but there were tragic consequences,as the laser struck one of the crouching men.The laser struck him in his neck,killing him instantly,but it did stop the laser at least.

Picking themselves up,Harris strode up to O'Rourke.Her expression not friendly.

'You bloody fool!'She cursed him with full venom in her voice.'You could have killed us all! What the hell were you thinking?'

Sheepishly,O'Rourke didn't respond,as Harris looked over to the hit man.She could tell he was dead,seeing half his neck burnt away.She shook her head,not in a sad manner,but her face was enraged.They'd just lost one of their number,through sheer stupidity.

Before Harris could remonstrate more with O'Rourke again,the door suddenly opened,and the Sanna station commander stood in the door frame.He took one look at the humans,seeing one of them dead already,before he settled a cold gaze on O'Rourke.The humanoid then stepped into the room,followed by an armed Sanna squad.There were some very unfriendly glances exchanged.

'Who was the fool that fired?'The Sanna commander growled.It was low,but it was fully evident he wasn't pleased asking that.

'My apologies,commander.'O'Rourke tried to make amends.'I was just trying-'

'To kill us all?'The commander interrupted him.'You very nearly succeeded,but at least I'd have the satisfaction,knowing you humans would have died first.'

Harris then stepped in.Not wanting a confrontation,although she hadn't liked what she'd just heard.However,she kept her head.

'We know there are two intruders here.'Harris made sure she sounded insistent.'They're two deadly enemies,commander.You wouldn't want them on board your vessel.'

'You mean Jennings and Montgomery,of course?'The Sanna glared at her,but Harris stayed in control,and nodded.

'That is correct,commander.'Harris confirmed.'They're here to rescue those two young women,that your people brought on board.'

'I see.'The Sanna then thought for a moment,before he asked her.'You know this Jennings and Montgomery then? Personally?'

'Only by reputation.'Harris admitted.'However,I know a threat when I see one,commander,and believe me,you have two deadly threats here.'

It was then that she finally realised about the two Sanna troopers she'd seen earlier.

'They're disguised as your troopers.'She informed him.'They'll be heading towards the area,where you have the two women.'

The Sanna commander thought some more,before deciding.He walked up to the com-link set in the wall,and activated it.

'This is the commander.'His voice still sounded sharp.'Get a security detail to the detention area,and report immediately.'

His order was acknowledged,and not wanting to waste any more time,he turned and exited the room.Everybody,including O'Rourke and Harris,followed too.As they did so,Harris turned to two of her group.

'Get back to the ship,and make sure it's kept secure.I don't want to be stuck here.'

She emphasised the last part,but both men understood,and hurried away.Harris however,was now starting to feel nervous.It was at the back of her mind,but she'd never felt this way before,and it didn't feel good at all.


So far,things were going well for Jennings and Montgomery.Still in Sanna disguise,they continued to hold Louise and Paula Ann,and they were nearing their destination.

Plenty of Sanna troopers walked by them,but they weren't stopped.Clearly,two tough looking Sanna troopers,easily holding onto two young human females,wasn't going to attract any suspicion.

Finally,the four of them reached Bay 14,and they were all pleased to see O'Rourke's ship,still docked there.There were two armed men standing outside the airlock,but Jennings and Montgomery didn't hesitate.They moved straight up to them,still playing the pretence,as they 'forced' Louise and Paula Ann along.

They stopped in front of the two guards,and Jennings gestured sharply at them to part.

'Stand aside.'He made sure his voice was full of menace.'We are taking these two human female prisoners on board.'

There was faint puzzlement on both guards faces.

'Nobody informed us.'One of them responded back.His tone indicated he wasn't intimidated by them.

'Our commander has made the arrangement with your O'Rourke,and he has given his approval too.'

'He still didn't tell us.'The first guard's voice was still nasty.'We'd better check with him.'

'That would be inadvisable.'Jennings lowered the menace in his tone,but now spoke with a sinister charm.'Your O'Rourke is currently enjoying some time alone,with several of our other human female captives.I'm quite certain he wouldn't want to be disturbed.Don't you agree?'

He could see them thinking about what he'd just said.Clearly,both guards knew their master's ill deeds,and then,much to their relief,the two men stood aside,to let them pass.

Jennings and Montgomery didn't hesitate,as they quickly pulled Louise and Paula Ann into the ship.Once inside,they found a room,and ushered the two girls inside.

'Don't open the door for anyone but us.'Jennings told them quietly.'Remember,keep quiet.We'll be back as soon as we can.'

Both girls nodded,and as an added reassurance,Jennings handed Paula Ann his sidearm,who took it gratefully.

'Don't shoot,unless you have to.'Jennings said,putting his hand on her shoulder.'Just remember,it's the bad guys you shoot,not us.'

Paula Ann nodded her understanding,and Louise grabbed Jennings' hand.

'Be careful,John,please.'She meant that,and he nodded too,before squeezing her hand back reassuringly.

'We'll give you a coded knock.'Montgomery then told them.'Three knocks repeatedly,followed by three more.Don't open the door,unless you hear that.You'll know we're back.'

Both girls nodded,and then Jennings gently shut the door,putting his finger to his lips,but also gave them a quiet smile.Then,the door was closed.

Grimly,both Jennings and Montgomery then made their way to the flight deck.There was no opposition,but even if there had been,it still wouldn't have stopped them.Both men were determined,to get Louise and Paula Ann to safety.

Much to their surprise,the flight deck was deserted.Evidently,O'Rourke's men felt secure on this Sanna station,but Jennings and Montgomery had other ideas.

As Jennings settled into one of the flight seats,Montgomery then made a scan on the ship's interior.He did this for only a few seconds,and breathed a sigh of relief.

'Good.'His tone was pleased.'There's nobody else on board.How long till the charges blow?'

Jennings glanced at his watch.'Five minutes,Monty.'

'Okay.I'll deal with those two guards,you prepare to get us out of here.'

'Got it.'Jennings was already powering up the ship's engines,and the flight deck screens came alive.

Montgomery immediately headed back to the airlock,and saw the two guards still standing outside.He knew he had to deal with them.If he left them untouched,they'd force their way into the ship,threatening their survival.

He opened the airlock doors,and without hesitation,grabbed both mens heads,and smashed them together.There was a sickening sound of shattering bone,before the two men fell to the ground.Quickly,Montgomery hurried back inside the ship,and secured the door.He ditched his Sanna disguise,before heading back to Louise and Paula Ann.After he'd given the agreed coded knocks,he opened the door,and instantly,saw Paula Ann lower her weapon.He gestured quickly for them to follow him,and led them to a seated area.

'Strap yourselves in.'He urged them.'We're leaving.'

Both Louise and Paula Ann did so,and he then rejoined Jennings back in the flight deck.He sat in the co-pilot's seat,and started to strap in himself.Jennings then activated the release clamps,and slowly,he guided the ship away from the station.The two bodies of the guards Montgomery had killed,went tumbling away into the void.

'How long now?'Jennings asked,still remembering the charges they'd set all over the station earlier.

'One minute.'Montgomery answered.He was feeling tense too,as he glanced worriedly outside,hoping not to see any Sanna pursuit.For the moment,he didn't,only the station's massive structure,slowly moving away,as Jennings guided the ship towards the Earth.

'Human vessel.'A Sanna voice came in through the communications panel.'You are making an unauthorised exit.Return immediately.'

'Go to hell,you Sanna bastard.'Jennings hissed back,before he then activated full power to the engines,now seeing the huge shape of the Earth fill the view windows.He then plotted the course to get back home.

'Human vessel.'The Sanna's voice repeated menacingly.'Return immediately,or you will be fired upon.'

'That's what they think.'Jennings grinned,glancing at his watch,and could now see the minute was up.


The Sanna commander strode back into the station's command centre,and instantly demanded an update.A Sanna officer was waiting for him,and promptly did so.It wasn't good news.

'The human females have escaped,commander.'There was a touch of nervousness,as the humanoid reported that.'Two fatalities,in the detention area.'

O'Rourke and Harris had heard it too,and whilst it didn't really surprise Harris,O'Rourke and the Sanna commander,were the most stunned by hearing it.

'Impossible!'The Sanna commander was utterly disbelieving.'How can this be?'

'Because you under-estimated human determination.'Harris answered coldly.'I told you Jennings and Montgomery,were deadly threats to you.You obviously didn't listen.'

'Silence!'The Sanna commander snarled down to Harris.'You forget yourself,Harris.Granted,these two men are formidable,but they're not invincible.'

'Have it your way.'Harris shrugged indifferently,not caring at all for the Sanna's opinions.

Just then,one of the Sanna operatives in the command centre made a discovery.

'Commander.'He called out.'Unauthorised launch in Bay 14.'

This time,Harris joined in the stunned looks.Both she and O'Rourke raced over to a monitor screen,showing their ship being skillfully guided out.They could all see the two dead men,lying in the airlock.Moments later,their bodies were sucked out into space.

'Stop them!'O'Rourke couldn't help,but shout that out.Like Harris,he didn't fancy being stuck here,with the Sanna.

Much to their surprise,the Sanna seemed to agree with his desperate demand,as the Sanna operative issued a warning to the departing ship.There was no reply.He repeated it,but there was still no response.

'Activate weapon turrets.'The Sanna commander ordered.'Blow them out of the sky.'

'You're not serious!'O'Rourke protested.'I want those women alive,and back under my control!'

'I am well aware of your reputation,O'Rourke.'The Sanna hissed in contempt at him.'But it is more beneficial to all of us,in eliminating Jennings and Montgomery.'

He dismissed O'Rourke,and gave fresh orders to the Sanna operative.

'Target human vessel and destroy.'


The operative instantly activated the weapon controls,and immediately,a target lock was fixed on the rapidly withdrawing ship.Seeing a perfect bullseye on the target,the Sanna commander gave the order.


The operative obediently pressed the fire switches,and there was a violent explosion.However,the explosion didn't happen on their intended victim.Instead,they were all sent reeling in the command centre,as more explosions rocked the station.Several key consoles flared up,and there was a sudden panic,as everything went dark.Only frantic shouts and screams were heard.


With grim satisfaction,Jennings and Montgomery watched the station being badly damaged,by the explosive charges they'd planted.True,there wasn't enough to blow it up,but what they had laid,had allowed them time to escape.

'Not a bad job.'Montgomery grinned,turning to Jennings,and offered his hand to him.

Jennings accepted,and they both exchanged warm handshakes.They'd survived yet again,and had saved Louise and Paula Ann.Both men felt a great deal of satisfaction,at what they'd just accomplished.

Jennings however,knew what the Sanna reaction,and O'Rourke's would be.

'They'll really be gunning for us this time,Monty.'He grimly observed.

'Let them.'Montgomery grinned.'With me and you side by side,we'll always be ready for them.'

'I hope you're right.'Jennings really wished that,as he flew the ship back to their base.

Chapter 12 to follow?

NB.Well,I think I'll leave it there.I must admit I added a lot of new stuff to this,but the original is still basically the same.I actually wrote quite a lot on it,but it was going in different directions,before I decided on the earlier,published version.Anyway,I hope you all enjoyed it.:)

Take care,everybody,


Monday, 3 January 2011

The Sanna Menace.Chapter Ten.An earlier version.

Angrily,O'Rourke led the Sanna to the command room in his base.He was still seething with rage,that the humanoids had just grabbed two pretty girls off him.He had seen their capture,and had been delighted.If things had gone the way he thought it would,O'Rourke would have possibly given the two girls to the Sanna.The humanoids made these type of visits frequently,always wanting young,and highly attractive human females to take back with them.Usually,O'Rourke was glad to oblige,once he'd tired of ravishing the same women,time after time again.This time though,he felt things were different.

Once they'd all entered the command room,the Sanna commander turned to O'Rourke.

'You have footage of an armed human group,decimating one of your own units.'The Sanna told him,in a far from friendly tone.'I want to see it.Now.'

They all heard the way the humanoid spoke the last word,so O'Rourke nodded to Harris,who promptly gave him the relevant footage.

'Good.'The Sanna's voice continued to growl though,although he was pleased.'This will help us to eliminate two major threats.'

'You mean Jennings?'O'Rourke couldn't help,but ask.

'That is correct.'The Sanna commander confirmed.'The two human males,Jennings and Montgomery,have proved formidable adversaries over the years.We are determined to eliminate them.'

'That's something I'd like to see.'Harris interjected.

'So would I.'Sanders agreed.

'You will see.'The Sanna told them confidently.'We have watched this Jennings and Montgomery very closely,and have identified possible weak spots we can exploit.'

O'Rourke,Harris and Sanders,knew what the humanoid was talking about,having seen the two trussed up,gagged girls earlier.

'You will now show me your latest collection,of human females we desire.'The Sanna commander addressed O'Rourke.His tone clearly indicated,that he wasn't going to take no for an answer from O'Rourke.'

'You'll pay me,of course?'O'Rourke asked.

'As we always do.'There was now disdain in the humanoid's voice,clearly recognising another fact of human greed.'Show me the women,O'Rourke.'

'Very well.'O'Rourke nodded,and he then led the Sanna to the detention area.


Silently approaching the base's perimeter,Jennings and Montgomery kept their eyes on the patrolling sentries.So far,they saw no sign of any heightened alert from their enemies,and they both managed to sneak undetected,into the base's grounds.

Watching them enter,Finlay checked the enemy sentries,hoping he could warn his two friends if they were discovered.However,there was no need for concern.Both Jennings and Montgomery had done this type of infiltration many times,and nobody had ever found their presence,until it was too late.

Finlay watched Jennings and Montgomery slowly stalking the enemy sentries.Both of them were highly skilled in unarmed combat,and were more than experts at killing silently.None of the enemy sentries they targeted,never knew what hit them.

As Jennings and Montgomery silently dragged the bodies away,Finlay glanced back,and waved to Finch,who returned the wave.This was the pre-arranged signal from him,that it was clear to proceed.He did so,heading towards,the still standing Sanna craft.He reached it unseen,but could still see the two heavily armed Sanna troopers,standing on guard duty beside it.Finlay kept in the shadows,keeping a sharp eye out,as he watched Jennings and Montgomery pause outside the base's entrance.Two more of O'Rourke's men were on sentry duty here,and both of them appeared bored.This was the moment Jennings and Montgomery needed.It was Jennings who made a signal to Finlay,indicating to him to stay where he was.Finlay waved back,understanding.Then,he watched his two friends easily take care of the two sentries.They then hid those bodies too,before cautiously entering the base.

As they entered the massive structure,the two men kept their eyes peeled.Surveillance cameras were all over the place,and they could hear heavy activity from O'Rourke's people.Jennings had thought about mixing in with the enemy,but decided against it.Both he and Montgomery were well known in this area,and they'd be recognised quickly.It was better to stay hidden.Jennings thought correctly.

They successfully continued to dodge the base's cameras,and the frequent armed patrols,as they both found their way to the detention area.As they got closer,they could hear O'Rourke's voice.Both men tensed,as they then reached the target area.

O'Rourke was there of course,with Harris and Sanders.A strong gathering of Sanna troopers,were also present.The humanoids were all eyeing the cells intently,as O'Rourke introduced the tightly bound and gagged female captive,who was locked up inside the cell.There was quite a few of them.Jennings and Montgomery noticed that,and they all saw the fear on each girl's face,as their captor told the Sanna of their assets.

The Sanna commander listened to O'Rourke's descriptions,before he then curtly told him.'An impressive catch,O'Rourke.I will take them all.'

The humanoid then turned to his own troopers.'Bring them all to the ship.We leave immediately.'

The Sanna troopers nodded their obedience,and waited for O'Rourke to unlock the cells.However,O'Rourke had other ideas.

'I want my payment,commander.'He demanded,ignoring the angry glare he was receiving.'That was agreed earlier.'

The Sanna commander stepped towards O'Rourke menacingly,before he suddenly struck O'Rourke across the face.O'Rourke reeled,but didn't fall.Now it was his turn to glare angrily back.However,the Sanna commander wasn't intimidated.

'Do as I say,O'Rourke.'The menace was fully evident.'You'll get your payment,when we are ready to give it to you.Now,get the cells unlocked.'

Raging inside,and well aware of the satisfied smirk Harris was giving him,O'Rourke then gestured angrily at one of his men to unlock the cells.This was promptly done,and immediately,the Sanna troopers stalked into each cell,and emerged moments later,carrying a bound and gagged woman over their shoulders.

Satisfied,the Sanna commander then began to examine each young woman.He went round to the back of each of his troopers,and lifted each girls chin.He was pleased to see the fear staring back at him from their eyes,before he then issued the order to take his new catch back to the ship.

Watching from the shadows,Jennings and Montgomery could see all the cells had been emptied,and both men immediately got back up,and headed back to the base's exit.They didn't want to start a vicious firefight here,which would threaten the girls safety.Instead,they sneaked back out,completely undetected.

They both saw Finlay,who was still hiding beside one of the Sanna's attack craft landing struts.Jennings gave him a signal to get ready,as they prepared their ambush.Finlay acknowledged him,and then he himself,gave a signal to Finch and Reynolds,waiting.Within moments,a large truck was seen driving towards the base.

When it reached the base's checkpoint barrier,two of O'Rourke's men approached it.Jennings could see the figures of Finch and Reynolds in the truck's cabin.There was a brief exchange of words between them,before the sentries waved them on.Jennings,Montgomery and Finlay all inwardly breathed a huge sigh of relief.There were still a lot of armed opposition here,and the three of them still hoped they could get the girls out,without firing a shot.

Finch was driving the truck,and he stopped it by the landing pad,where the Sanna craft stood.This added more cover to Finlay,who then watched Jennings and Montgomery then move up to the two Sanna sentries,guarding the Sanna craft's ramp.Just like O'Rourke's sentries before them,the two humanoids never knew what hit them.Both Jennings and Montgomery,were experts in stealth killing,even highly alert Sanna.

Dragging the two humanoids bodies away,the two men then quickly put on the heavy,but tough Sanna battle armour,and then also the helmets.These covered their faces completely,and they then took up the positions,standing outside the ramp.

'I hope this works.'Montgomery whispered over to Jennings.

'So do I.'Jennings responded.'I don't want a firefight breaking out here.'

They then saw the Sanna troopers emerge from the base.Each trooper was still carrying a bound and gagged woman over their shoulders,and they instantly headed towards the Sanna attack craft.

As the Sanna commander drew nearer to Jennings,he noticed the trooper suddenly give him something.The commander took it,and noticed it was new orders.The orders themselves,were more than puzzling.

'Why wasn't I informed of this earlier?'The Sanna barked impatiently at Jennings.

'A sudden late order,commander.'Jennings was one of the few human beings lucky enough,to understand and speak the Sanna language.It had taken him years to master it,and his tone was confident.So much so,that the Sanna commander and his group were not suspicious at all.

'Very well.'The Sanna commander nodded,still reading the orders he'd just been given.'Put the human females into that transport.'He gestured at the waiting truck,where Reynolds and Finch tensely watched.

However,there were no problems,as the Sanna troopers obeyed their commander,and easily placed the bound,gagged girls into the back of the truck.Once this was done,the troopers then filed back into the attack craft.They didn't see Finlay sneak onto the back of the truck.Watching him do so,Jennings then nodded at Finch,who immediately drove off.This was a tense moment,as both he and Montgomery expected a full scale alarm to sound,and all hell would break loose.Finch wouldn't get very far,if that happened.

Miraculously,no alarm was raised,and both of them breathed a huge sigh of relief again.They could now concentrate,on rescuing Louise and Paula Ann.

It was then that they spotted O'Rourke and Harris emerge from their base,and the two of them headed towards the Sanna commander,who was still standing next to Jennings.Both he and Montgomery inwardly tensed,but kept a calm exterior.It had been close.Had Harris or O'Rourke seen the truck,they would have surely questioned its presence here,and surprise would have been lost.

Fortunately,their deception was working.Now they calmly waited to board the attack craft,and rescue Louise and Paula Ann.They then watched O'Rourke move up to the Sanna commander.His face was still mad,at losing his highly valued collection.

'Okay,you got the girls.'O'Rourke snarled.'Where's my payment?'

'We hadn't forgotten that.'The Sanna commander sneered back,as he threw a small bag at O'Rourke,who promptly opened it.Inside the bag,O'Rourke saw gold coins.There was a lot of them,and despite his recent loss,he grudgingly accepted it.

However,the Sanna commander had had enough of him,and barked an order to his troopers to board their craft.They all did so,with the commander following.He then gestured for his two 'guards' to obey,which they did.

'Nice doing business with you,commander.'O'Rourke called to him,full of sarcasm.'I've no doubt we'll be doing this again.'

'No doubt.'The humanoid continued to sneer back at him.'Hopefully,it won't be for a while yet.'

Without waiting for a response from the humans,the Sanna commander whirled around,and boarded the craft.The ramp then closed,and within moments,the attack craft had lifted off,and was speeding skywards.It was lost out of sight within moments,and both Harris and O'Rourke disappeared back into the base,having seen nothing suspicious.

It wasn't until much later,when the alarm was raised.


As the Sanna craft sped towards its destination,Jennings and Montgomery had managed to evade detection,and headed towards the detention area.Every Sanna installation had them,even on small vessels like this one.This made it more easier for the two men,to locate the area where Louise and Paula Ann,were being held.

Both of them found the two girls,and were not surprised to see Louise and Paula Ann,tightly bound and gagged.The two girls had been forced into single cells,and they lay helpless on the floor there.

Jennings was just thinking of a plan to help them,when suddenly,two more Sanna troopers entered.The humanoids ignored Jennings and Montgomery,still cunningly disguised.Instead,the two Sanna unlocked the cell doors,and then easily picked up Louise and Paula Ann.It was then,that they all felt the sound of docking.Jennings turned to see a view outside,and realised they were in space.

However,he kept silent,as he and Montgomery then followed the two Sanna out,still carrying Louise and Paula Ann.Both girls were mumbling frantically behind their tight gags,but their captors paid no heed to them.Instead,they both carried their two female prisoners out of the craft,and into the massive Sanna space station they'd just docked with.

Montgomery too,had noticed they were above the Earth.He could see plenty of Sanna shipping traffic outside,and he turned to his friend.

'Hope you've got a plan,to get us all out of this.'He whispered to Jennings.

'So do I.'Jennings admitted.He knew this was going to be tough.Getting to the girls was of course,their immediate priority.However,to escape undetected with them,was going to be a real challenge.Jennings had seen plenty of Sanna military patrolling the Earth's orbit.He needed to think this one out,very carefully.

Suddenly,he had it,and he nudged Montgomery,nodding.His friend returned the gesture,pleased.They continued to follow the two Sanna,still carrying Louise's and Paula Ann's bound and gagged forms,deeper into the station.

Chapter Eleven to follow....

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The Sanna Menace.Chapter Nine.An earlier version.

Still fuming inside,Harris watched the settlement recede from her as Sanders drove off.She utterly resented losing any fight,and was determined to get those responsible here.They'd made her lose face in front of here men,and this was something Harris that didn't appreciate.

She had already made the suggestion to Sanders,about dropping some of her people off,and try to eliminate the hidden enemy,but Sanders had advised against it.

'They'll still be there watching us.'He told her.'So they'll see anybody we send back there.It's best to leave that place alone.'

Harris had to accept that.Sanders had a first class military brain,and every time she listened to him,their plans succeeded.Even so,Harris hated him for not letting her fight back.However,she kept quiet.It was a forgone conclusion,that whoever these people were,they'd strike again,and next time,Harris would be ready for them.

The trucks kept on moving,and Harris looked skywards.There,she could see the Sanna military might.The humanoids had stationed many of their ships and orbital bases there.It was an impressive sight of technology,but as Sanders followed he gaze,he could tell it was an intimidating sight.

No doubt bout it.Sanders thought grimly.They're the masters.

He then continued to drive on.


Finlay was pleased to see,that everybody had made it back to the base successfully.Finlay was always relieved,to see everybody return safely.He and Paula Ann had gone through this process many times,worrying that they'd lose their friends in battle.He'd never felt so pleased though,seeing his new friends safe and well.

After the usual exchange of greetings were finished,they all headed into the command room.Reynolds was busy scanning the monitor screens,and he made a thorough check on them all,before he nodded to Finlay.

'All clear.'he reported.

'Very good.'Finlay nodded back.He then called everybody together.'I think it's time we gave this O'Rourke and Harris,some more serious worries.'

'What did you have in mind?'Finch asked.

'You all told me and Paula Ann,about the number of young women O'Rourke's kidnapped.'Finlay correctly noticed what his friends thought he was thinking.'It's about time we helped those girls.'

'You plan to attack his base to do that?'Reynolds' question,was somewhat disbelieving.

'Not attack in that sense.'Finlay was sensible in his reply.'We all know how heavily guarded O'Rourke's place is.Only an idiot would dream of attacking that place.No,I've got a much better idea.'

'Which is?'

'Well,I don't think the girls here,will like what I have in mind.'Finlay knew that.He then looked at Paula Ann,knowing she would accept his idea.She nodded back to him.Finch however,seemed to disagree.

'You're going to use your lady friend as bait?'he asked.

'It's a successful tactic we use,and we use it a lot.'Paula Ann confirmed.

'We'll let O'Rourke take Paula Ann,or he thinks he's taken her.'Finlay started to explain.'Once she's inside his base,we'll track her and get the defences taken out.'

'Just like that?'Reynolds tone,was still disbelieving.

'Not exactly.'Finlay admitted.'However,I'm confident.I take it you'll all back Paula Ann up?'

'And me too.'Louise spoke her approval too.'I'll do it.'

They all looked at Louise in total surprise,especially Jennings.

'Are you sure,Louise?'Jennings asked her concerned.'You know what you'll be getting yourself into.'

'I do.'Louise knew it.'I also know you'll be there for me,when I need you.'

'I'll make sure she's okay.'Paula Ann reassured.'Anyway,two's better than one.It may even lower O'Rourke's guard.'

From the looks on Jennings,Montgomery,Reynolds and Finch's expressions,they didn't appear convinced,but none of them said any objections.

'Okay.'Finlay turned back to one of the monitor screens,and showed them a route of one of O'Rourke's snatch patrols.

'We'll drop you both off here.'Finlay went on.'It's a deserted stretch of road,but they use it a lot,heading towards a settlement close to O'Rourke's base.Once they grab you,we won't have to follow you for long.'

This made Louise look into Jennings' eyes.

'I know you'll come for me.'She told him,fully believing it.

'You can count on it.'Jennings nodded to her,swearing his life on it.


Harris and Sanders had finally driven back into O'Rourke's base.They ignored the frantic activity going on.Both knew that they were receiving a Sanna visit today,and their people were doing their best to make the place look good.

However,Harris and Sanders had other things on their mind.As soon as the trucks stopped,they both jumped out,and entered the base.

Once they'd reached their destination,neither of them wasted any time,as they began to access the needed camera footage.It didn't take long to find it,and both Harris and Sanders watched the decimation of O'Rourke's men.They then saw the figure of Jennings and Finlay,who then helped Kelly,before they escaped.

Sanders wanted to see how O'Rourke's men had reacted under fire,and he wasn't impressed by what he was seeing.He clearly identified the deadly,and ultimately successful crossfire,that finished them off.However,Sanders knew to eliminate a sniper,you sent another sniper in.Had those men kept their heads,they would have stayed under cover,and radioed for support.They'd all paid dearly for not doing so.

Harris selected Jennings,Finlay,and finally Kelly's figures in the footage.She was actually placing them onto the base's database,and wanted to know who they were.Their personnel records were excellent here,and if they needed to find out about somebody,they would.

After watching the footage,Harris then switched it off,and made the necessary orders to find out who her latest enemies were.She then turned to Sanders.

'Recognise any of them?'She asked.

Much to her surprise,Sanders nodded.

'I recognise the two men.'He told her.'The tall one is known as Jennings,whilst the other man is Finlay.'

This made Harris think.She too,had heard of those names.

'Jennings and Finlay?'She almost mused the question,before she finally realised who Jennings was.'Not Jennings and Montgomery?'

'The very same.'Sanders confirmed.'The Sanna are even reported to be scared of them.I've seen the damage they've done,and it's impressive.They've even successfully infiltrated heavily defended Sanna bases.'He paused,before finishing.'Two very good soldiers.I would like to see them in action.'

'What about this Finlay?'

'He's one of General Grant's people.There's rumours going on,that they have an army in recruiting,somewhere up north.Anybody General Grant sends,is bound to cause some major problems.'

'I see.'Harris almost sneered that out.'Well,thank you for that,Sanders.Let's go and inform our fearless leader,shall we?'

They both headed towards the main command area of the base,but not surprisingly,O'Rourke wasn't there.After they'd made inquiries of his whereabouts,they were directed to his private quarters.

'You stay here,Sanders.'Harris ordered him.'The Sanna may be here any moment.When they come,you deal with them.'

Harris didn't wait for a response from him,nor was there one,as she made her way quickly,towards O'Rourke's private chambers.

When she got there,Harris didn't bother knocking.She walked,or more precisely,barged her way in through O'Rourke's guards.The men knew better not to stop Harris.

However,Harris was stopped.Not by the guards,but by what she was currently seeing.

O'Rourke was in his private chambers,and he wasn't wearing any combat gear.Instead,he was only wearing his briefs.At first glance,he appeared to be,a very handsome man.He was strong too,as he liked to work out.Many women would have found this fact on him,quite appealing.

Yet,O'Rourke had no female admirers.Instead,the women loathed him,as well as being in fear of him too.At the present moment,O'Rourke was enjoying his most sacred hobby,and that was ravishing a delicious young woman.

He had one on his hugely impressive,king sized bed.The girl he held under him,now securely bound to it,with both her hands tied tightly,to the gold plated bed frame.Her ankles too,were tied separately,to the foot of the bed.O'Rourke fully enjoyed seeing the huge,frightened eyes,bulging back at him.This pretty girl was a recent edition.A young blonde his men had seized,from one of the many Sanna prison camps.The humanoids sent him a lot of requests,as they too,needed highly desirable human females for breeding purposes.O'Rourke was glad to oblige.His large gathering of female captives,certainly did not.

He was fondling and groping the woman's chest lovingly.Like him,the girl was nearly naked,as she wore only her lingerie.It was black,and O'Rourke loved it.He couldn't wait to enter her.The girl's eyes continued to scream up at him,but she couldn't do so verbally.A large piece of rectangular black tape,completely covered her mouth.O'Rourke only heard faint,fearful mumbling from her,and he relished it.

'I hope I'm not disturbing you,O'Rourke.'Harris suddenly announced herself,in a far from friendly tone.

This made him stop his rape attempt,as O'Rourke glanced up in shocked surprise.It soon faded though.

'What the hell are you doing here,Harris?'he snarled at her.'Can't you see I'm busy!'

'Yes.'Harris responded dryly.'So I see.Anyway,have you forgotten the Sanna are coming here? They'll want to see you.'

'No,I hadn't forgotten.'O'Rourke snapped.He then gazed menacingly down at the bound and gagged girl.He leaned down,using his tongue on her neck,making his prisoner scream in fear.At least,it was an attempted scream by her.He merely laughed at her distress,and rose up from the bed,addressing his guards.

'Take her back down,and put her with the others.'He instructed them curtly.'Keep checking their bonds and their gags too.I don't want any of the girls getting loose,and send out another patrol.I want some fresh faces.'

His guards nodded,and quickly,they both released the girl from the bed,although they held onto her tightly,as they carried her out.Her gagged whimpers clearly heard.

When they'd gone,Harris glared at O'Rourke.

'Now that you've quite finished wasting time.'Harris' tone was still highly unfriendly.'Get dressed.There's something you need to see.'She then abruptly whirled around,and left him.

O'Rourke watched her leave in faint amusement,but he decided to see.The girls could wait,as he knew his pretty catch,were all safely bound and gagged,and under lock and key.They wouldn't be going anywhere.O'Rourke smirked as he thought that,and it wouldn't be long before he had some new merchandise to ravish.

After getting dressed,O'Rourke made his way to the command centre,where he saw Harris and Sanders waiting for him.

'So?' O'Rourke didn't ask that,he demanded it.'What is it?'

'Watch.'Harris answered him brusquely,as she put up the camera footage she and Sanders had just watched.

O'Rourke watched,stunned at what he was seeing.At first,it started well,as his men easily seized,unsuspecting young women.Then,it all went horribly wrong for them,as he then noticed the two armed figures,of Jennings and Finlay arriving.Both men easily demolished any opposition,and O'Rourke watched the two of them save the girl,that one of his men gripped.He then watched the whole group being finished off,obviously by sniper fire,before Harris turned the footage off.

'Who the hell were those two?'O'Rourke demanded.

'They are known as Finlay and Jennings.'Harris answered.'They're bad news,and they're operating in our territory.'

O'Rourke thought of the two names.He then recalled hearing one of them before.

'Jennings,you said?'he asked Harris more intently.'Not Jennings and Montgomery?'

'I'm quite surprised you have heard of them.'Harris sincerely thought O'Rourke didn't take any interest at all,in what was happening outside his own little world.

'I do read the intelligence reports,Harris.'O'Rourke countered,clearly seeing her face.He then looked at his watch.He hadn't forgotten the Sanna visit either,as he then glanced back up at Harris.

'You and Sanders will accompany me,when the Sanna arrive.'he told them curtly.'If we're lucky,we could be on a little trip,to one of their space stations.'

'For what purpose?'Harris didn't seem that bothered.

'Intelligence,Harris.'O'Rourke's tone was patronizing,which made Harris even more mad.'I'm fairly sure the Sanna will help us,regarding this Jennings character.Despite what I've read about him,he isn't invincible.We just have to find out who he cares for,and exploit that weakness.'

Just then,one of his aides came up to him,and whispered something.It was evidently good news,as both Harris and Sanders watched O'Rourke smile.

'Make sure you bring them both in.'O'Rourke ordered the aide,who nodded before moving off.

'Good news,I take it?'Harris asked him,somewhat sarcastically.

'Nothing that concerns you,Harris.'O'Rourke didn't bother to answer her,but Sanders did.He already knew it.

'You've grabbed more innocent girls,haven't you?'There was utter contempt in Sanders voice.

'Whether I have or not,is of no concern of yours,Sanders.'O'Rourke dismissed that.'Right now,let's prepare to greet our Sanna allies.'

'One day,O'Rourke,'Sanders was fully convinced of this,'you're going to pay for what you're doing,and you fully deserve it.'

'Interesting.'O'Rourke sneered at him.'I'd like to see if anybody can get close enough to try.You perhaps,Sanders?'

From the disdain visible on Sanders face,it looked as if O'Rourke got that right,but although Sanders took a menacing step towards him,Harris intervened between them.

'That's enough.'her tone was sharp.'We have other things to worry about.'

'I agree.'O'Rourke nodded.'I shall be back in a moment.'

He then left them,not seeing the killer looks he was getting from both of them,especially from Harris.

Someday,that fool is going to die.Harris thought to herself,and she sincerely hoped she would be the one responsible.

'The Sanna are here,Harris.'Sanders then informed her,seeing one of their attack craft land close by.

Harris turned to look too,and followed Sanders out.She stood with him,as some of O'Rourke's people formed a guard of honour,standing just outside the Sanna ship.Then,a ramp lowered from it,and heavily armed Sanna troopers exited.They all ignored the guard of honour,and stood waiting in their own group,as a another Sanna trooper emerged from the craft.Both Harris and Sanders recognised this particular humanoid,as a Sanna commander.His gaze fell straight onto them.Harris maintained a somewhat forced,but respectful attitude,whilst Sanders couldn't help,but stare at the Sanna.There wasn't any warmth in his eyes.

The Sanna commander walked up to them,and as expected of them,both Harris and Sanders bowed towards him.

'Welcome,commander.'Harris greeted him carefully.

'Where is the human,O'Rourke?'The Sanna commander growled.They spoke through some kind of translator device,as they knew of no human had been able to comprehend their language.This was one of the many facts,that they looked down in total contempt,at their human subjects.

Harris kept her temper in check,knowing it would be stupid to be defiant towards them.

'Follow me.'Harris didn't however,have to be polite,and she whirled around,heading back into the base.As she did so,she and Sanders noticed one of their trucks now entering.Both recognised the men who clambered out of it.They were O'Rourke's men,and part of his snatch squads.

The two men wore evil grins on their faces,as they moved to the back of the truck,and within moments,both of them were seen to carry a young woman out of the truck.They'd obviously been tied up,as Harris and Sanders noticed the tight ropes secured over the two girl's legs.Their hands too,had been similarly tied behind them.Both of O'Rourke's men had each girl carried over their shoulder,and started to take them into the base.The Sanna commander however,had other ideas.

'Wait.'He sharply ordered the men,just as O'Rourke emerged.He was smiling,seeing his new catch,but then his face became concerned,as he heard the Sanna order his men.

'Bring those two human females here.'The humanoid's order was cold,but the two men obeyed,and then put each girl down onto their feet.The two tightly,bound and gagged forms of Louise and Paula Ann struggled vainly,but they stood no chance of escape in their captors grip.Their eyes were huge,as they stared in terror at the Sanna.

'I know your face.'The humanoid told Louise,as he placed his three fingered hand under her chin,and lifted it.'You will not escape this time.'

The Sanna ignored Louise's frantic,yet gagged mumbling,as he turned his attention to Paula Ann.

'I also recognise you.'His voice was full of menace at her.'You will pay dearly,for being an enemy of the Sanna.'

The humanoid then turned to his own subordinates.

'Take these two human females on board,and secure them.'He sharply commanded.'Have an armed guard on them,at all times.'

Sanna troopers instantly stepped forward,and grabbed hold of Louise and Paula Ann's trussed up bodies.The two girls were then taken onto the Sanna craft,and disappeared from view.

O'Rourke had watched all this stunned,before he managed to recover himself.He instantly protested to the Sanna commander.

'Commander,I must respectfully-'O'Rourke began.

'Your opinion is of no interest to me,O'Rourke.'The humanoid dismissed O'Rourke's protest with contempt.

'Is that so?'O'Rourke wasn't going to give up that easily.'Those two women are high value targets.They'll make excellent hostages,and I had plans for-'

'I know precisely what plans you had in mind for them,O'Rourke.'The Sanna talked down to him.'Which is why I have taken possession of them.'

'You mean you want the credit yourself,is that it?'It was now Sanders turn,to speak in contempt to the Sanna.

'That is not your concern.Suffice it to say,the two human females will be under our jurisdiction,not yours,whilst they serve their purpose.'

'And what precisely are you going to do to them?'Sanders voice was like ice.

'All in good time.'The humanoid assured.'All in good time.Now,I have a busy schedule to maintain,so if you will oblige.'

Glaring at the Sanna humanoid,O'Rourke then led the way back into the base.Harris followed,with Sanna troopers close behind.Sanders however,stayed behind for a moment,looking into the Sanna craft.Two of the heavily armed Sanna troopers,stood guarding the ramp,and he knew there was no way he could get inside.The only way he could,was to try and persuade the Sanna commander to do so,but that seemed highly unlikely.

He'd clearly seen the dominant fear on both girls faces,and Sanders really wished he could have helped them.But he couldn't.All he could do,was to try and get the Sanna to let him on board,when they left.

Grimly,he began to make his way back into the base,when he sensed a familiar feeling.He'd felt it before,back at the settlement,knowing he was being watched.Only this time,Sanders didn't have a clue where to look.He then hurried back inside the base.


Watching Sanders enter the base through his telescopic sight,Jennings then turned his attention to the Sanna craft.Lying beside him,was Finlay,Montgomery,Finch,and Reynolds.All four of them,had seen Louise and Paula Ann being seized bu O'Rourke's men,who had bound and gagged them,before bringing them here.

Now however,they had to change the plan,seeing the Sanna arrive here,and who had now seized their friends.

'Any ideas?'Finlay asked.

'I do.'Finch nodded.'We get on board that ship.'

'I agree.'Jennings also nodded.'There's no way we're letting them take the girls,out of our reach.'

'And your plan is?'Finlay asked him.

'We carry out a deception,as well as a diversion.'Jennings already had the idea in mind,and he explained it to them.

When he'd finished,he was pleased to see his friends nod their approval.

'I like it.'Finlay's tone indicated that.'Shall we proceed?'

The four men then headed down towards O'Rourke's base,and to the Sanna attack craft.


Still lying securely bound and gagged,both Louise and Paula Ann could only look at each other for comfort.This wasn't part of the plan,being taken by Sanna troopers.Both girls knew that,and realised their friends outside,would have their work cut out to save them.

Although still terrified and helpless,both Louise and Paula Ann held onto that hope,when suddenly,they both heard the Sanna craft's engines start up.

The two girls mumbled frantically into their tight gags,with ever increasing despair.

Chapter Ten to follow...