Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My favourite stories from Jeb and KP.

Before I got a computer,I simply browsed the internet on my mobile phone,and whilst I was searching for a particular story site,I discovered the superb 'Jeb's Adventure Bound.'

There were so many stories Jeb wrote,that it was particularly hard to choose a favourite.However,I did so,and whilst I had always wanted to be a writer of damsel in distress scenes,it was thanks to Jeb's generosity,that he published my first story-'Voyage into Slavery.'

If any of you have read that version at Jeb's site,and my updated versions here,you'll see a lot of differences,but the plot is basically the same,and I did enjoy writing both of them.

Anyway,that wasn't what I wanted to talk about,it was some of my favourite stories there.The first story I read found on my mobile,was 'Adventure of the Happy Cat.'

Used with kind permission from Jeb.

This picture as the header for the story,simply blew me away.Whoever this model was,she was certainly very,very pretty,and seeing her bound and gagged like that,made me more determined to write something.

Anyway,Jeb certainly wrote 'Adventure of the Happy Cat' with great skill,but it was a thoroughly enjoyable read.I loved seeing Sophie,the very pretty heroine of the story,falling into the bad guys clutches.Well,it was actually,the bad gals clutches!

At the moment,the story's set on a knife edge,with Sophie in serious peril,but I'm sincerely hoping Jeb will go back to it.I really loved that,and still go back to it.

I could of course,go on forever,but for the moment,here's my favourite selection from Jeb's site.

Adventure of the Happy Cat.

Occupational Hazard

Raiding the Jungle Queen

Hot Wheels

Of course,that's only four tales,but they happen to be my favourites.:)

There's certainly plenty of talent there too.Here's another few of my favourite stories published there:

Forced Vacation,by Veronica.

Hooper,by Frank Fessler.

Bound Together in Friendship,by Heather.I didn't like reading about blokes being tied up here,but Heather wrote 98% of the female characters bound and gagged in it.

Industrial Espionage,by 'Charles Spencer'

Part of the Ritual,by Peter Walsh.

Silkbound into Slavery,by Silklover.

Finders Keepers,by Docman.

Byline to Peril,by Chet.(This one's superb!)

Debbie Malley of the Secret Service,by Bayezid.

The Co-ed Sleuths,by Thomas.

Hopefully,you'll all have enjoyed those too.

Well,onto KP's brilliant blog.I've actually just discovered this,and am very glad to have done so.Like Jeb,KP's a brilliant bloke.I was very surprised we both had a connection,and still pleased we share a same hobby.

I haven't fully explored KP's blog yet,but have enjoyed a lot of the stuff there.I've actually sent him a request for a story,on a group of pretty schoolgirls falling into a ruthless gang of slavers,with their two sexy teachers too! I had intended to use my 'School Trip Gone Bad' story for this,but I got interested in writing in a couple of pretty WPC's,and of course,a lot of very pretty bank staff too.

I will probably give it a go later,and had made a start on it.However,when I saw the readers requests,and KP asking for a start,I decided to ask him if he'd give it a go.

I certainly can't wait!

As I mentioned earlier,I haven't read everything on KP's blog,but I definitely enjoyed these two stories,'Cruise to Terror' and 'Private Cheers.'

I've no doubt I'll enjoy many more!

Jeb,KP,I salute you.:)

Friday, 25 November 2011

Dany Verissimo-District 13

I enjoyed this French action offering.It showed me the parkour style of moving,and I had to admit,it looked very impressive.

No copyright infringment intended.

Basically,the film's set in Paris,and due to ever increasing crime rates,the authorities there decide to construct a wall around the notorious districts.

In one of these districts,is our hero,Leito,played by real life parkour expert David Belle.He runs afoul of the bad guys there,after destroying a drugs shipment,run by the big bad guy,Taha.

There's a brilliant opening chase at the beginning,where Taha's henchmen pursue Leito.It has a pretty scary climax,when you see(I'm not sure if it was David Belle,actually performing this dangerous stunt)Leito jumps from one tall building to the rooftop of another one.

Fortunately,he got away with it,but personally,I thought he was totally mad.

Anyway,Leito escapes,but of course,the bad guys know he has a sister,the very pretty Dany Verissimo,Lola.

No copyright infringment intended.

As you can see from the picture,the bad guys successfully kidnap her,and plan to use Lola as a hostage against her brother.

Just as Taha is starting to gloat,Leito jumps in,catching him completely by surprise,and using Taha as hostage this time,both brother and sister manage to escape,and bring Taha to a police station.

Unfortunately for them,the local police chief there,turns the tables on them,and Taha seizes Lola again.

Consequently,it takes Leito some time to get back to her(2 years,I think!)This time,he's aided by an undercover policeman,and not wanting to rant on,Leito sees his sister handcuffed to a nuclear missile,and in serious peril.

By this time,Taha's forced Lola to become a drug addict,and she plans to commit suicide,but fortunately,her brother saves her,just in the nick of time.

Action wise,it's really good,but I was gutted they didn't include a scene,where Taha seizes Lola once more in the police station,and promptly orders his henchman,K2,to tie Dany up.Sadly,it wasn't put in.


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Added a bit more.

Well,I couldn't resist,could I? This time,I did add a little more,onto 'School Trip Gone Bad'

It's a bit naughty,I'll admit that.I don't really know how to write scenes of that nature,but hope you still enjoy it nonetheless.

Take care.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Grace Park

I really like watching Grace in her tv roles.I was desperately hoping she'd get a scene in the new 'Battlestar Galactica' series.Actually,her character was shackled in chains a couple of times,but of course,it was Grace being bound and gagged I craved.

No copyright infringment intended.

Well,when the scene came,it wasn't quite what I wanted to see.Grace never had her hands tied behind her back,although it was quite effective at restraining her.Her cleave gag looked good too.Although I have to admit,it wasn't nice to see her character 'Boomer' get injured.All make up of course,but I wished it had been done slightly different.When I first started watching the show,I thought it was pure PC crap,but watching Grace always kept me hoping.It took a while,but at least I saw something,even if it was very little.

Next is the new 'Hawaii 5-0' series.Of course,the theme tune to the show's simply fantastic.I enjoyed the show too.Who could forget 'Book him,Danno!'hehe,and was actually looking forward to seeing the new show with Grace in it.

Sadly though,Grace,to my knowledge,only had two scenes.One with bloke interference.Very,very disappointing.I've heard the show's now been cancelled.That's a real shame.If it had kept going,who knows how many scenes Grace may have had,being grabbed by the bad guys.

No copyright infringment intended.

I've got to admit,I think Grace looks great on the Hawaii 5-0 picture,but yet again,it feels as if we've lost another golden opportunity.Besides Grace,there was certainly plenty of potential for more scenes,with plenty of other willing actresses.

Oh well,you win some,you lose some.Still gutted though.

Friday, 18 November 2011


Well,just thought I'd let you know I've finished 'School Trip Gone Bad'

I was tempted to add a little more,detailing the girls captors relishing them.I may add that later,but for now,will leave it as it is.

Hope its well liked.:)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tactical Force

I like watching Steve Austin's films.He obviously suits playing a tough guy character,and I thought he did a great job,being the tough bad guys henchman in The Expendables.'

No copyright infringment intended.

In this straight to dvd release,Steve plays the no nonsense leader of a S.W.A.T unit,who unfortunately,get trapped in a building with two rival gangs battling it out with each other.

To make matters worse,Steve and his team don't have any live rounds,so they must use their brains to outsmart their deadly enemies.

Now again,they missed a golden opportunity here.One of Steve's team,is Lexa Doig,who I really enjoyed watching in a lot of other stuff.Even now,Lexa still looks pretty good.

No copyright infringment intended.

As expected,the bad guys temporarily get the upper hand over our heroes(and heroine)and one of them keeps Lexa(well,her character's name is Jannard)hostage,whilst one of Steve's team has to retrieve something they want.

Well,do the bad guys tie Lexa up? Maddeningly,no.She's just forced to stand there and wait.The bad guy even takes his eyes off her,whilst checking something out! God,what a moron!

Anyway,she's rescued by her returning colleague,but again,just another missed opportunity.If I was a successful film producer,I'd tell all my actresses they're going to be bound and gagged in my films!

Oh well,better luck next time...

Good viewing

Looking at yesterday's stats,I was really pleased to see at one point,60 people from across the pond.It didn't quite beat the record of having over 100 earlier in the year,but I was very pleased.It was the best stats I had in a long time.Many thanks to you all,who enjoy coming here,and wherever you're from.

Anyway,I've added a little bit more on my recent 'School Trip' story,so hope you enjoy.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Remembrance Day

Well,today's obviously very special,as it's Remembrance Day.It pains me to think I didn't put up anything last year on my blog,as I was too busy writing stories.

Anyway,today we honour the fallen men and women in past conflicts,and the present ones.Although,it still makes my blood boil,seeing the scum politicians laying wreaths at the Cenotaph.These scum abuse their position of power,just as their past colleagues did,sending so many brave,decent people to their deaths,simply for their own personal,and greedy goals.

It isn't just the fallen we should be remebering either.There are many that were crippled and mentally scarred,by the whole horrible thing.What really makes my blood boil again,is that when these survivors returned home,the politicians didn't give a damn.Can't believe we've got these kind of people in government.An utter,despicable and contemptible bunch.I hope you all suffer and rot in hell,for what you've done to those poor people.I pray for their full recovery.

No copyright infringment intended.

Rest in Peace,and God bless you all in Heaven.

PS.If any of the politically correct brigade are as usual,offended by today's proceedings,then kindly sling yer hook,and sod off to your own little island,and keep yourselves to yourselves.We've had enough of you bastards spoiling everything.These people died defending our freedom,and we can say what we want,but you lot have gone way over the top.Get off to your own,sad little habitat,and argue amongst yourselves.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

School Trip Gone Bad

'Come on,girls!'The voice of Miss Armstrong rang out,making the girls she was addressing to turn their heads.'We haven't got all day!'

Despite the sharp manner in her voice,Miss Armstrong was very popular with everybody,especially at the school she taught.

Her specialised subject was English,and she made sure the lesson was enjoyable,having seen so many teachers fail abysmally before her.She could only shake her head during her breaks in the staff room,trying to explain to these people what they were doing wrong.Sadly,it didn't work with everybody.

In her off duty hours,Miss Armstrong was a great friend towards the girls.There was a lot of strong,female bonding at this school.She liked to have a laugh,and did spend a lot of time with some of the girls,when they were out of school hours.

However,she knew she got results,and could still be severe if the situation demanded it.At this moment,she knew she had to have her firm,but fair head on.

There had been a trip organised by the school.It was actually the headmistress' idea.A woman known only as Mrs Smith.

If Miss Armstrong was popular in the school,then Mrs Smith was the exact opposite.She was older,and definitely part of the old school.If there was any disciplinary problems brought to Mrs Smith's attention,then woe betide any unfortunate girl who had to face the consequences.

Oddly,Miss Armstrong was thinking on that.She remembered several girls who'd been hauled into the headmistress' study,after they'd been caught drinking.It was odd,but Miss Armstrong couldn't remember seeing any of those girls again.She made a mental note to check up on that later,but now,she had this trip to take care off.

A small coach had been hired by the school,and was now parked up outside the main entrance.Miss Armstrong was glad it wasn't a large party.Instead,there were only four girls,who had decided to go on the trip.

Right now,the four of them were busily chatting amongst themselves,before Miss Armstrong then pulled rank.Immediately,this had the desired effect,as the four suddenly ceased talking,and looked over respectfully at her.

'Okay girls,'Miss Armstrong softened her tone,but still kept it firm.'Let's get on the bus.'

She watched as the four girls obeyed her instruction.First to board the coach was Sarah,a shoulder length brunette.Second was Louise,slightly taller than Sarah,and had longer,raven black hair.Miss Armstrong knew Sarah and Louise were highly popular.They were highly attractive girls,and she'd seen the desire for them.In fact,she'd been present when Mrs Smith had called Sarah and Louise into her study,which they had to do many times.

Nothing sinister had happened of course,as Mrs Smith had merely wanted to compliment Sarah and Louise,on their outstanding efforts studying here.

The two girls had respectfully thanked the headmistress,but just like Miss Armstrong,she sensed something wrong,and couldn't wait to get out of Mrs Smith's office.

The remaining two girls were Kelly and Konnie.Both these girls were sisters,and of Indian descent.Like most people from the far east,their hair colour was black,and both had flowing long down their backs.Usually,school regulations ordered long hair to be tied up,but oddly,and just as Sarah and Louise before them,Kelly and Konnie were also frequent visitors to the headmistress.When they emerged safely from Mrs Smith's study,they'd informed their friends they could have their hair down.It was an odd decision,which puzzled everybody,but nobody objected.

With the four girls on the bus,Miss Armstrong climbed onto it too,and made a few checks with the driver,who nodded,showing her the required details.This satisfied her,and she sat down.The bus then moved off.


Watching the bus depart from her study,Mrs Smith allowed herself a quiet,but sinister smile.She was delighted five more beauties,were going on a free trip abroad,and one which would make her very rich indeed.

Once the coach had left the school grounds,Mrs Smith made a phone call.A man's voice answered.

'Ah,Mister Green,'there was real pleasure in Mrs Smith's voice.'I trust everything is ready?'

'Nothing to worry about,Madam,'There was full confidence in Mister Green's response.'We are just preparing the raid on the bank now.I take it the girls will arrive at the required time?'

'Yes,indeed.I've seen to that,'Mrs Smith nodded.'Make certain they're secured in the usual manner.His excellence is in the mood for fresh merchandise.'

'I'll take care of it,Madam.I'll let you know,when we take the girls to the docks.Is there anything else you require?'

'Yes,'there was a slight,hard edge to Mrs Smith's voice now.'The girls will have a teacher there.She's known as Miss Armstrong.I think she's trouble.Take her too.She's starting to ask too many questions.'


'Once you've got them all secure,keep them at the usual place.I want to have some fun with them,before I say goodbye.'

'Of course,Madam.Don't worry.We'll have them nicely bound and gagged for you.'

'Good.Contact me,when you've got them at the docks.'

With that,Mrs Smith ended the call.Her sinister smile was still on.She had much to look forward too.


The man known as Mister Green,was sitting in the front part of a large,black transit van.He was a tough looking man,just as the several men waiting in the van with him were.They were all dressed in black,and had balaclavas on top of their heads.Although of course,they hadn't rolled them down to cover their faces.Not yet at least.

Green's attention and the driver's,was firmly focused on a small,modern looking building opposite them.This was their desired target,as the sign outside it,read 'Nationwide'

Green and his team had been watching this place for quite some time.They could see it was only a small place,so that meant fewer staff.What made it even better,was that the branch was staffed by all female employees.This was just what they wanted.They'd also secretly sabotaged the alarm systems the previous night.Green and his men knew,once they moved in,there was no way the girls could raise the alarm.

However,robbery wasn't their main goal.Instead,they had more,sinister purposes.They had fresh orders from Mrs Smith,and every man present in Green's gang,was determined to obey.After all,they'd done it so many times before.

Green's driver was known as Jenkins.Like all of his crew,Green knew Jenkins had served time for previous crimes.It still didn't stop him from doing it though.Jenkins loved this kind of life.The rewards were thrilling,if successful.

'They'll be wearing the usual gear then?'Jenkins asked.

'Natrually,'Green answered.'Just like all the other pretty fish we grabbed from that school.Normal white shirt with short blue pleated skirt,and of course,knee length white socks with black high heels.'

'Sounds good.How many this time?'

'Five.Four of the girls are pupils.The last one's their teacher,but Madam wants us to grab her too.'

'Wonder what she's wearing then?'

'Time will tell,my friend.Time will tell.However,every girl we've grabbed,has been very pretty,so I don't imagine Mrs Smith would send us this Miss Armstrong,if she wasn't attractive.'

Jenkins nodded,then resumed his watch on the Nationwide branch,as Green turned his attention to the rear of the van.It was very spacious,and could carry quite a bit of stuff.At the moment though,all that was in the van,were four more men.They too,were very powerfully built,and their expressions were mean and businesslike.

In fact,all four men were now preparing their gear,for their latest assignment.They always carried the same kind of equipment,and they were now taking it out of four,huge holdall bags.

Within these bags,was an automatic machine gun,several small bottles of chloroform,three rolls of black duct tape,and of course,plenty coils of strong white rope.

It didn't take the men long to prepare,having done it so many times before.When they signalled to Green they were ready,their leader nodded,and told them to stand by.

Once he'd said that,Green turned back to Jenkins,and nodded at the small radio fitted into the van's dashboard.

'How are our police friends doing?'

Jenkins put on a pair of headphones,and plugged them into the radio.This was actually a police radio they'd managed to grab,and it had proved priceless.Now,they would get a good early warning,if the police were on their way,once they'd attacked their target.

Jenkins listened carefully for a few moments,before he took off the headphones.

'All clear.'He gave Green a thumbs up.

'Good.'Green was pleased,but he still wanted to make sure his gang obeyed orders,as he looked into the back of the van again.

'All right,listen up,'Green's voice was firm.'The girls from the school will be here within ten minutes.We'll attack the usual method,but remember,I don't want to see any of those girls get marked.Follow the plan,but keep your eyes peeled.The sooner we get those girls out of here,the better.'

'What about the bank staff?'One of the four men then asked.He was known as Douglas,a very nasty sort,whose crime record was not just participating in robbery.Green knew Douglas to be a sexual predator.

'I saw some real beauties in there.'Douglas continued.He was already feeling his lust beginning to dominate him.

'Just stick to the plan,Douglas,'Green warned him.'Once we get them to the docks,you can have your fun there.'

Douglas gave a nasty smile.That was just what he wanted to hear.

They continued to wait,before finally,they all watched a coach pull up outside the Nationwide branch.Green then produced a pair of binoculars,and he studied all the young girls now exiting the coach.He was impressed.The four pupils were indeed,wearing the normal school uniform as he'd described earlier to Jenkins.They looked gorgeous.

Green then scanned the young woman accompanying her four charges.He liked what he saw.She had a good figure,long curly brunette hair,and was wearing a red shirt,with tight jeans.Green spotted the blue neck scarf the woman had tied around her neck.It made her look very good.

Green waited until they all entered the bank,before he checked the street.There was nobody else in sight.

Green was just about to give the order to go,when disaster struck.

A police car,suddenly turned around the corner,and pulled up outside the branch.

'Damn it!'Jenkins cursed.He then glanced at Green.'Shall we abort?'

Green was going to say yes,when he noticed the police car carried only two fpolice officers,and they were both women.What made it even more better,was the the two officers were highly attractive,especially in their uniforms.

'Maybe it's not as bad as we think,'Green decided,grinning.'Why don't we take them too?'

'They're both pretty,'Jenkins had to admit that.'Question is,how do we stop them from using their radios?'

'We create a diversion,'Green kept on grinning.'Here's what I want you to do....'


Inside the police car,were WPC Jennifer Grey,and her best friend,Beverley Anderson.They weren't wearing the normal uniform,as street officers did.Both girls were actually assigned on administrative duty today,so they had the normal white shirts,with the blue spotted tie fastened at the top.With their knee length,dark blue skirts,both girls appeared very smart.

Jennifer had long,blonde hair,which she tied in a long ponytail.She had a good figure,and was very well liked on the force.She knew the same was said for Beverley.Her friend was just a little taller than her,and her hair was a jet black colour,much more shorter than Jennifer's.

When both girls had been walking out on the beat,they had received many admiring looks.Both girls knew they had impressive chests,and had accepted they were pretty,but even though they smiled politely back at the admiring,almost lustful glances,it did get on their nerves sometimes.

Today had been a pretty quiet day for Jennifer and Beverley.They hadn't been assigned on the beat,but had received admin duties.Both girls hadn't made any complaints.They wanted to rest their feet.Going out on street patrol,could really make you footsore.

It was then,that Jennifer received a phone call from this Nationwide branch,explaining the problem about their security system.Jennifer had promised to come along to see,and Beverley immediately went out with her.It was standard procedure,that everybody on the force went out in pairs.Nobody walked the street alone.

They'd driven to the Nationwide building,and both girls got out of the car.As they moved to enter the branch,the girls heard a man's voice politely call out to them.

The man was very tough looking,but his voice was polite,and his eyes were friendly.He gave a somewhat sheepish,almost shy smile to them.

'Excuse me,ladies,'the man's voice was perhaps a bit nervous too.'Could one of you help me,please? I'm having some problem,with a traffic warden.'

'What's the problem,sir?' Jennifer asked him.

'Oh,we paid the parking fee,'the man began to explain,'but the warden's not having any of it.Says we're overdue by two minutes.I thought we were allowed some excess,say ten minutes.'

'I'll go.'Beverley decided to see what was going on.She had had plenty of problems with traffic wardens before.

'Okay,I'll see you later.'Jennifer then headed into the branch.

As Beverley walked with the man,she could see he was leading her to a large,black transit van.The rear doors were opened,but of a traffic warden,there was no sign.She did see feet standing behind the doors,so that's where it was all happening.

As Beverley reached the rear of the van,she was suddenly seized.A hand clamped hard over her mouth,and a powerful arm wrapped itself around her waist,firmly trapping her.Her eyes bulged in utter shock at this,and instantly,began to struggle frantically.

Unfortunately for Beverley,it was useless.Her unseen kidnapper held her tightly,and it was then,that she realised she was being chloroformed.After a few more seconds of frantic,but faint mumbling,Beverley sank into unconciousness.

Green was pleased,seeing his first victim caught so easily.Instantly,as soon as the chloroform knocked the girl out,she was put into the rear of the van,and laid out.

'All right,tie her up and gag her.'Green ordered.

Douglas smiled,as he grabbed Beverley's limp hands to put behind her back.He'd done this so many times before,and never tired off it,as he grabbed several lengths of rope.He then started to wind the rope over Beverley's wrists.

With extra help from his accomplices,it didn't take them long to have the girl tightly tied up.They'd wound several horizontal loops over Beverley's upper body,and did the same on her legs and her ankles.The girl was now totally immobile.To gag her,and this was what Douglas enjoyed the best,he tied a large,black cloth over Beverley's mouth,and he fully enjoyed tying the double knot at the back of it,making the gag secure.

With that done,the girl was now his to enjoy.Douglas couldn't help,but enjoy stroking his hand on Beverley's clear nyloned legs.His lust was increasing,as he then squeezed the girl's breasts.Even the rest of the gang,were enjoying themselves,indecently assaulting Beverley's still senseless form with evil smiles.

'She's a beauty,'Douglas kept his hands squeezing Beverley's impressive breasts.'I'll definitely have this one.'

Green however, had watched them carefully.He was pleased the girl was secure,but he still had a job to do.

'Okay,'Green warned them.'That's enough.You can have your fun with her later.Right now,let's grab some more pretty slaves.'

He could see the disappointment on their faces,especially Douglas,but they all obeyed.It was always wise to do so.Quickly,they all began to observe the Nationwide building again,just as a coach parked up outside it.

Green used his binoculars once more,and was again pleased,to see his main targets arrive.He could see four very pretty girls,dressed in the school uniform he'd accurately described to Jenkins,and the girls teacher.

Green liked the look of her.She too,was highly attractive,dressed in a blue shirt and tight denim jeans.Green couldn't help,but admire her rear view,and he couldn't wait to grab her either.He then turned to his accomplices.

'Fisher,you stay here and keep an eye on the girl,'Green's voice meant business.'The rest of you,remember.Not one of the girls is to be harmed,but make sure you secure them good,just like our pretty hostage here.'

All his men nodded,and grinned.After checking the coast was still clear,Green then pulled his balaclava down,completely hiding his face.The rest of his team followed suit.

'Let's go.'Green curtly ordered,and he quickly exited the van.Three of the team immediately followed him,as they headed right into the Nationwide branch.


The trip to the Nationwide branch hadn't taken long,and once the bus had parked outside it,Miss Armstrong led the four girls into the building.

A young woman was sitting in the reception desk,and after Miss Armstrong identified themselves to her,the receptionist nodded politely,but still friendly.

'Oh yes,'the girl was looking at the appointment scedule on the computer.'Miss Armstrong,from the boarding school.Please take a seat.I'll inform the manager you're here.'

Miss Armstrong thanked her,and led Sarah,Louise,Kelly and Konnie to a small,but comfortable seating area.They all sat down,and glanced around the branch's interior.

The place was actually devoid of customers.Only the staff were here.It didn't bother them of course.All five merely thought,it was simply a quiet day.

'How long do we have to be here,Miss Armstrong?'Sarah suddenly asked.

Miss Armstrong immediately detected the tone in Sarah's voice.'Bored already,young lady?'

'This isn't for me,'Sarah responded.'It's just a dead end job.I'd rather be travelling.'

'Yeah,'Louise sided with her friend.'I'll second that.'

'Working in a place like this,requires a lot of hard thinking,'Miss Armstrong responded.'It is of course,up to you,what career you choose.We're just showing you what it's like to-'

She suddenly broke off.The four girls followed their teacher's gaze,which was now aimed at the main entrance.They all saw the two,highly attractive women police officers,now approaching the branch.

'Why are the police here,Miss?'Kelly asked this time.

'Nothing to worry about,Kelly,'Miss Armstrong answered positively.She was sure it was just a routine check,probably on the branch's security systems.

She watched one of the officers enter,but then saw her colleague look back.Somebody had attracted her attention,but Miss Armstrong couldn't see who.Whoever it was,they'd persuaded the officer to accompany them,as she disappeared from sight,not entering the branch.She tried to see who had talked to her,but saw nobody.

Her attention was then directed at the policewoman,now talking to the girl at the reception desk.As it was very quiet,all of the girls could hear what was being said.

'Good morning,'The policewoman had spoken first.'I understand you have a problem,with your security?'

'Yes,'the receptionist nodded.'They're just not working,and we're baffled by it.'

'I'll have a look at it.Will you show me,please?'

Suddenly,there was a violent sound coming from the entrance,which made several of the girls scream in terror.Sarah and Louise's being the loudest.Turning to face it,Jennifer was stunned,as she saw four masked men burst in.They lall looked really tough,and each of them was carrying a large,holdall bag.What made it even more frightening,was that they were carrying guns,and they were all pointing at a particular girl.

'Don't move,any of you!'One of them snapped.It was actually Green,and his attention was directed at the WPC.'You,come here.Now.'

Realising it would be pointless to resist,Jennifer obeyed,as she slowly moved towards him.Green however,immediately seized her,making Jennifer gasp fearfully.He made sure he held her tightly to him,and he jammed his weapon into her neck.

'Right,ladies,'Green made sure his voice was threatening,but with still control included.The last thing he wanted,was a group of hysterical female hostages.'As I'm sure you'll be aware,this is a robbery.So don't get any funny ideas about calling for help.We've attended to that,and I assure you,nobody's coming to rescue you.So you'd better do as we tell you.'

He was pleased to see the shocked,stunned,and still frightened faces on them all as he said that.Especially on the four pretty schoolgirls,who were clutching each other fearfully.Their teacher was doing a very brave job,trying to comfort them,but he could see the fear in her eyes too.

This made him more pleased.

'Right,I want all of you to stand up,put your hands on top of your heads,and follow one of my men.'Green instructed,before he nodded at Douglas,who nodded.So far,so good.Green was slightly relieved his man,was keeping his sexual lust in control,but it wouldn't last forever.

Still,at least he would enjoy tying them up.

As expected,the girls were a little hesitant in complying,so Green nodded to Douglas,who promptly seized Louise.The girl screamed in fear,before the man clamped his hand over her mouth,and he held his prize tightly to him.

'We have two pretty hostages here,ladies,'Green told them.'Surely,you don't want to see them get hurt,do you?'

Miss Armstrong was just as shocked by these bad men,and was more horrified for Louise,now they'd grabbed her as a hostage too.

'Let her go!'She suddenly demanded.

The leader turned to face her,but she could tell from his eyes he wasn't going to relent.

'I don't think so,my pretty one,'Green chuckled,as he eyed Louise up too.She was a stunner.Mrs Smith always chose well.'The young lady will stay with us,until it's time.'

'Time for what?'Miss Armstrong demanded again.

'All in good time,I assure you,my pretty.But first,let's make sure you obey our instructions,if you don't want to see these two pretty girls hurt.'

Helpless,the girls slowly obeyed,raising their hands on top of their heads.Green was delighted.

'That's better,ladies,'Green nodded again.'Just obey,and we're out of here in no time at all.'

He wasn't going to tell them of course,that they'd all be coming with them.That,he would tell them later.

He smiled,which none of the girls liked.

'All right,'his voice still kept a hard edge.'Get them all in the back,and hurry it up.Don't do nothing foolish now,ladies.We still have these two here.'

With a sickening fear,Miss Armstrong knew he was right.Louise and the policewoman were the robbers hostages.They had to obey.

Even so,Miss Armstrong couldn't help herself,as she gave the man holding Louise a pleading look.

'Please don't hurt her.Just let her go.Please.'

She could see the man's eyes through his balaclava leer at her,and knew she'd failed.If anything,the man gripped Louise more firmer,and he still kept his hand over her mouth.Louise was munbling behind it,clearly scared to death.

However,there was a positive response from the robbers leader to her.

'She won't be,'Green answered.His tone was still hard,but he knew to be sensible and reasonable.'We're just going to take you all in the back,and tie you up.Now,if you don't mind,please head into the back,ladies.'

Helpless,the women all had to obey,and after they were herded in at gunpoint into one of the larger back office rooms,they were then issued fresh instructions by the robbers leader,who'd followed them in.He stll held onto Jennifer.

'Right,ladies,'Green told them,pleased at how things were going his way.'I want all of you to lie face down on the floor,and put your hands behind your back.Remember though,I don't want to hear a word,from any of you.'

Reluctantly,and apart from Louise and Jennifer,who were still being held,all the other women did so.Green then curtly nodded to his men to start.

'Hurry it up.I want them all secure,and make sure their gags are tight too.'

His orders were promptly obeyed,and it didn't take too long for his men,to tightly tie each of their pretty captives wrists behind them.Just like his men,Green enjoyed hearing each girl grunt in pain,as his men tied the final knots over the wrists.

Of course,they still hadn't finished.The girls ankles were then tied together,and more loops of rope were wound tightly too over their upper bodies,making them completely helpless.

Finally,the men then proceeded to gag each of the girls.They had plenty of the black duct tape,and large,rectangular measures were torn off,and firmly placed over each of their captives mouths.

Once this was accomplished,Green then ordered his men to carry the girls out to the van.He had counted ten women here,but there was more than enough space to take them.

As his men obeyed,lifting a bound and gagged girl over their shoulders and headed out.Green nodded again to Douglas,who understood the silent order.It was now their hostages turn,to be bound and gagged.

Again,this didn't take the two men long,as they both secured and silenced Louise and Jennifer the same way.Green could see Douglas was fully enjoying tying Louise up.The girl was frantically trying to resist as he wound the white coils over her,but she stood no chance.If anything,it merely increased Douglas' lust.

Douglas finished tying the girl up,and he swung her around to face him.Louise's eyes bulged up at him in utter terror.This made Douglas smile.

'You're a pretty little thing,aren't you?'He leered at her breasts,before he bent down to kiss them.Louise screamed at this,but his hand was still tight over her mouth.

'Never mind that,'Green was also in the process,of tying the last loops of rope over Jennifer's sexy body.'Just get her gagged.The sooner we're out of here with them,the better.'

This made Jennifer shocked,as she realised they were taking them along.

'Where are you taking us?'She demanded.

'You'll see,my pretty.Rest assured though,you won't be on your own.'Green couldn't wait to see the look on her face,when they would finally realise they were going to be sold as pretty sex slaves.He'd enjoyed the many,aghast and terror stricken expressions from his previous kidnapped victims.

As Douglas slapped the large strip of black tape over Louise's mouth,his eyes became sinister.Recognising his monstrous look,Louise tried to scream,but of course,her gag kept her silent.

After he finished gagging Jennifer,Green then looked to see how many were left,to take into the van.There was only the school teacher left,with her pretty charges.Looking at how young and pretty the girls were,Green knew this shipment would net them a fortune.

'You go first,boss,'Douglas nodded.'I'll check to see if nobody's hiding.'

'All right,'Green agreed,as he easily lifted Jennifer's frantically,and struggling bound body over his shoulder.He then carried her out,back towards the van.

Now,it was only Douglas left,with his main prize,and the three other girls with their teacher.All of the bound girls were gazing at him,with their eyes huge.

Douglas then laid Louise's bound,gagged form onto the floor,and he lay on top of her.Louise screamed again into her gag,fully expecting the worst.

Oh my god!She was panicking.He's going to rape me!

As if to confirm her worst fears,Douglas leaned forward,keeping her trapped underneath him.He ignored the muffled,but still protesting calls from the other girls.At least he knew their gags were effective.

'The boss likes to reward me for all the work I've done for him,'Douglas addressed Louise,stroking a finger down her cheek.'I have to say,you and your friends here,were what we were really after.I won't see you after we deliver you,but I may as well have something to remember you,before you go.'

With that said,Douglas reached with his hand under Louise's skirt,as he probed his fingers on her knickers.Louise screamed and screamed into her tape gag,but no screams were heard.Douglas chuckled,as he began to take advantage.He kissed the girl's face,then renewed his indecent assault on Louise's magnificent breasts,kissing,squeezing and groping them.

Bound and gagged nearby,Miss Armstrong,Sarah,Kelly and Konnie,could only watch helplessly as Louise was being ravished by the monster.Tied up,they could do nothing to help.Their frightened,gagged mumbles made no impression at all on Douglas,as he increased his assault on Louise.

As he kept it up,he glanced over at Louise's friends.'Don't worry,ladies,you'll all get a turn.'

The fear multiplied inside the four women,now realising they were prisoners of a sex crazed rapist.

Just then,Green returned with more of his men.He'd successfully placed Jennifer into the van,and had now come back to finish the job.

However,as soon as he saw Douglas attempting to rape one of the girls,he reacted quickly.

Like lightning,he was over there in a flash,and with a hard kick,sent Douglas reeling away from Louise.His eyes were hard.

Douglas was a big,powerful man,and he realised what had happened.His recovery was quick,and he stood up to face the challenge.

However,once he saw it was Green who'd hit him,he hesitated.He'd seen Green beat him before,and knew it wasn't very wise to take him on.

'What the hell do you think you're doing?'Green snapped.'I told you none of them were to be harmed!'

'I wanted some fun with them,that's all.'Douglas retorted.'Besides,that's what we're taking them for,isn't it?'

'Yes,but not by you.Now get back to the van.We'll handle it from here.'

Douglas couldn't resist giving Louise's prone form a lustful look.The sight of this pretty girl,bound and gagged in her school uniform,was driving his lust to insane levels.

'I'll be back for you later,my pretty.'Douglas snarled with full sexual inneuendo,and Louise knew it,but she could do nothing to resist.

Easily,Green and his man carried Miss Armstrong,Sarah,Kelly,Konnie,and finally,Louise,out of the now empty Nationwide branch,and took them into the van.

Once they'd been laid gently into the back,Green then noticed Douglas still feeling and groping some of their bound,gagged female captives.He wasn't pleased.

'Get in the front,'Green's voice was sharp and authorative.'Now!'

Reluctantly,Douglas obeyed,and within moments,the van disappeared from sight,leaving an empty Nationwide branch behind.

As the van drove off,Green turned to glance back in the rear of the van.He had to admit,this was the best haul they'd ever caught.There were so many pretty girls trussed up like turkeys,and he knew he and his men would get excellent rewards.

Green however,could also see Douglas was still eyeing up the very pretty schoolgirl known as Louise.He didn't have to guess,at what Douglas wanted to do to her.

Douglas was now stroking his hands,lovingly on Louise's tightly bound nyloned legs.Green noticed the man's eyes were almost mad with lust.He was chuckling,still stroking Louise's legs,and relishing the girl's faint mumbles behind her gag.Her own eyes were wide with terror,dreading what this monster had in store for her.

'Don't get too carried away,Douglas,'Green warned him again.'Just make sure they stay tied up.'

Douglas glanced up at him,and Green thought for a moment he was going to defy his orders.However,he was pleased to see Douglas comply,as he and the rest of his gang checked each of their captives ropes and gags.It didn't take them very long,and one of them gave Green a positive report.The girls were firmly in their clutches.

Finally,Green was pleased to see them arrive at their destination.It was a shipping port they used a lot,and they would store their new catch here,before shipping them on.

The van pulled up outside one of the many warehouses built here.Green had chosen this one,as he knew it was located out of sight from any unwanted observers.Besides that,he kept frequent patrols outside it.

Once the van stopped,Green then turned back to face his men.

'All right,'Green ordered curtly.'Get those doors open.'

Two of his men opened the rear doors of the van,and after making sure the coast was clear,they both jumped out,and then slammed the doors shut.They then opened the doors to the warehouse,which was big enough for the van to drive in.

Once this was done,Green nodded to Jenkins,and the man slowly reversed the van in.When he'd fully entered the building,the two men then closed the warehouse doors.

'Right,'Green's voice was still curt.'Let's get them out.'

This was done,and it didn't take them long.Every man of Green's gang was powerfully built,and they all easily lifted a pretty,bound and gagged girl out of the van.

'Get those chairs,'Green gestured at several hard backed,wooden chairs scattered all over the warehouse.'Tie them all up on those.I don't want them wandering around.'

Again,his men worked expertly and quickly.They could all see every one of their pretty captives,was tightly bound and gagged.But now,they reinforced the girls helplessness,by forcing each of them onto a chair,and secured more horizontal loops around their waists,and tying their prisoners ankles to one of the chairs lower struts.

When this was accomplished,Green then turned to face the crowd of wide eyed beauties,who were gazing up at him fearfully.He had something to say to them.

'Right,ladies,'Green's tone of voice was now more pleasanter,but it still had a sinister edge.'As you'll have guessed already,you've all been kidnapped,and no doubt you're all begging to ask me why.'

From the looks on certain girls,Green could see they were,and he smiled,which none of the girls liked.

'The simple truth is,that you're all wanted.'Green went on explaining.'To be precise,you're all going on a free trip to the Middle East.There are certain parties interested in obtaining you,and of course,you're all going to make us very wealthy indeed.'Green raised an expectant eyebrow at them.'I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about?'

This made a lot of the girls scream in fear behind their gags.Every one of them knew precisely what he was talking about,but there was nothing they could do about it.A lot of them struggled desperately against their bonds,whilst some of them were too frozen in fear to move.Green relished that.

'Now ladies,'This time,Green was smirking.'I assure you,there's no escape.So just sit there and be good,whilst we arrange your transport out of here.If you're lucky,you'll be getting some of your interested visitors to check you out.'

With that said,Green then ordered some of his men to stand guard over the girls,and he went off to finalise the details of shipping his latest catch out.As he did so,Green smiled again.He couldn't wait for the next order.

Out of sight from them all,Douglas was hiding behind a block of large crates,and he held Louise tightly to him.He'd managed to sneak his favourite,pretty captive away from any prying eyes.Douglas was pleased to do so,and he couldn't wait to start on her.

Even though he knew the girl was still tightly bound and gagged,Douglas had his hand also,tightly over Louise's mouth.He was determined to ravish this beauty,and he wasn't going to let her scream out any warnings.

Louise's eyes were bulging in pure terror.She was held by a monster,and could do nothing to resist him.Already,she could feel Douglas now starting to press himself harder against her.Louise desperately tried to scream,but her gag and the man's handgag,firmly ensured her silence.She could barely manage a faint mumble.

Fully enjoying himself,Douglas then began to press himself against his prize.He felt his lust beginning to dominate him,and he then moved to whisper into Louise's ear.

'There's no escape,my pretty,'Douglas chuckled.'You are going to end up,as a pretty bound and gagged sex slave,maybe to some rich Arab.But at least,I can give you something that I'm going to enjoy,and who knows? Maybe you will too.'

Douglas then easily dragged Louise's tightly tied up,gagged body into one of the warehouse's offices,chuckling and savouring the girl's gagged whimpers as he did so.

He was pleased Green and nobody else in the gang had discovered what was going on,although they all knew his past record.Douglas was a rapist,and he fully enjoyed being one.There was nothing better than he liked,to rape a bound and gagged beauty,especially a pretty schoolgirl in her uniform.

He'd forced Louise to lie face down on the floor,and keeping her trapped underneath him,Douglas then began to squeeze the girl's impressive breasts,very hard.

Louise jerked in shock at his groping:her gag still kept her screams non-existent.It was then she heard Douglas whisper again into her ear.

'Now,my pretty,'his voice was now fully charged up,with strong sexual intent.'Let's have a good time.'

Douglas then gave an evil laugh,as he renewed his sexual assault onto Louise.His face became like a madman,as he now began to take full advantage.

Still tightly bound and gagged underneath him,Louise could do nothing,except to try and keep screaming for help.The man's hands were still firmly squeezing her breasts,and she felt Douglas use his tongue on the back of her neck.

There was nothing she could do,and it wasn't long before she then felt Douglas reach underneath her short,blue pleated skirt,and he then yanked her knickers away from her.She tried to scream again,fully knowing what this meant,but again,she was too tightly gagged.

Douglas laughed,as he kept squeezing,fondling,kissing and groping his prize.The girl had a pleasant scent,and he couldn't wait to get inside her.So intent on raping Louise,Douglas was fully prepared to be violent,if anyone tried to stop him.

Nobody did.


When it was finally reported something was amiss at the empty Nationwide building,,the police on arrival,were baffled.There was no security camera footage,and there were no witnesses.Despite finding small clues,it was never fully solved,and no trace of the missing girls was ever found.The case is still open to investigation.

The End?


Thank you,BBL.Glad you're a fan and you enjoyed it.I enjoyed writing it too,and yes,there will be more to add to it.Many thanks again.:)

Glad you liked it too,Did girls.Yes,not a problem using the names.I'll check out your story on GDIT,and will look forward to reading it.

Thanks again,BBL.Yes,I thought about adding a little dark content from time to time.Glad you liked it!:)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mirai Yamamoto in 'Who am I?'

Usually,I don't like to moan about missed opportunities.It's just of course,the way the story is told.

However,I must admit to being totally gutted,watching Jackie Chan's 'Who am I?' regarding this.I thought one of the actresses in this film,fully deserved the damsel in distress treatment.Well,she did,but Mirai's character wasn't bound and gagged in the film.

No copyright infringment intended.

Instead,her damsel role,is pleading for anybody to help her,when she and her brother participate in a race.Unfortunately,they both have a puncture,and her brother's bitten by a snake,leaving her screaming for help.Not panicky of course,but then again,she is!

No copyright infringment intended.

Anyway,before all this,right at the start of the film,Jackie's a special forces soldier,sent on a mission into the jungle.However,there is a traitor amongst them,and promptly blows them all up,not realising Jackie's the only survivor.

As you'll have guessed from the title,Jackie's now lost his memory.He's cared for by a native tribe,and there's a lot of comedy here,showing how to communicate in two different tongues!

Anyway,Jackie's nursed back to full health,and he resolves to find out who his real identity is.It's not long after this,when he comes across the very pretty Mirai,desperately crying out for help.

Not only does he help her,her brother,but Jackie also wins her the race!

Not long after this,we see Mirai again,when Jackie's in hospital,and he then meets another pretty lady,Michelle Ferre,who is actually an undercover agent.It's Michelle,who gets grabbed by the bad guys,and she's handcuffed on one wrist inside a car.Very disappointing.

No copyright infringment intended.

Just like Jackie's earlier films,this one was great fun,and full of action.However,I still sigh in massive disappointment,not seeing better scenes for two pretty girls to be tied up and gagged!

It was indeed,a missed opportunity.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Jackie Chan's Operation Condor:Armour of God

This is another one of my favourite films with Jackie Chan.I think though,this was where he nearly died,performing one of his own stunts.A lot of us all know about Jackie,and his world famous Hong Kong stunt team.It looks great when they pull it off,but alas,the injuries they get when it doesn't come off,are really serious.It makes me wonder,if Jackie and his team really take the safety factor into account.There is a scene in the out-takes,where you do see Jackie fall,and it's really bad.It was touch and go,when they rushed hin to hospital,and even then,the medical staff there,were at a loss at what to do.

Fortunately,Jackie managed to pull through it,but he was very,very lucky to survive.Sadly though,he and the stunt team continue to do these amazing stunts,but with a severe high risk factor.

No copyright infringment intended.

Anyway,I thought the film was action packed,and was filled with fun.Better still,there's more than one damsel in distress scene included in it.

Probably been mentioned on other sites of course,but I don't mind repeating myself here!

There are,as far as I can remember,3 scenes.The first one,is right at the start,where you see a damsel,tied up,and spread-eagled,and of course,ready to be sacrificed.Jackie of course,saves her.

The other scenes in the film,are later on.The bad guys seize three pretty girls,travelling with Jackie in the desert.There's a brief shot of one of the girls tightly gagged,but the other two are abducted on horseback.Jackie of course,manages to find them,and sees them being offered for sale to a Nomadic gathering.Again,he saves the girls,but it was mildly disappointing not to see the two lovely ladies trussed up and silenced.

Oh well,never mind.You can't win them all!

Great film though.:)

A scene for Esther-can't believe it!

Well,today was a big surprise whilst messing through the channels on my telly,I was quite surprised to see a scene for Esther Anderson,in the Australian soap-'Home and Away.'

Admittedly,I'm not a fan of soaps,and hadn't watched that story develop.All I saw was Esther tied up and held captive,in some kind of shed.There was another bloke who I think,had been called by the bad guy to arrive,and Esther was gagged(with a nice handgag too)nicely over her mouth.Although I must admit,when she turned sitting on the ground,her arms looked quite far apart from each other.But of course,I didn't see how she was tied up.The first scenes showing Esther trussed up,was far better.

Anyway,it was so so good to see,and my compliments to our Australian friends Down Under.It's been a long time coming.I hope there had been a scene,where Esther had been bound and gagged in her police uniform,but then again,beggars can't be choosers!

Let's hope for more.I doubt it,but who knows...

Added a bit more again-on A Deadly Weapon

Just added a little more on 'A Deadly Weapon' I'm enjoying writing this story,as I have done with all my other humble offerings.

Even if nobody else does...

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rush Hour 3

This was my favourite film of the 'Rush Hour' trilogy,and finally,they included a damsel in distress scene.

The damsel's played by the lovely Chinese actress,Jingchu Zhang.The film's plot is basically about Jackie and Chris,trying to protect a mysterious woman,who carries vital information about the ruthless Chinese Triad gangs in Paris.

No copyright infringment intended.

At the start of the film,there's an assination attempt on a Chinese ambassador,and after failing to catch the assassin,Jackie and Chris are ordered to protect the ambassador's daughter,Soo Yung,played by Jingchu Zhang.

No copyright infringment intended.

Obviously,the bad guys grab Soo Yung towards the end of the film,and she's tied up hanging quite high,and perilously on the Eiffel Tower.The final showdown begins,but I won't tell you how it ends!:)

No copyright infringment intended.

Enjoyed it!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy Birthday-twice!

Well,today's my birthday yet again,and of course,it's the second anniversary of my blog.I just want to say many thanks to all the people,who have been kind enough to leave some really nice comments,at least on some of my stories.

Let's hope I can continue it.

Thanks again.