Monday, 29 August 2011

Bad Day at the Dentist.

Elisabeth Jackson had worked hard to achieve her goal,to assist in dentistry.All those long months at college and university where she had studied,must have seemed never ending.

However,Elisabeth wasn't one to give up that easy.She knew it was good money once you earned your place,and Elisabeth pursued her career choice with full vigour.She'd felt a real thrill,once she'd found out all her neccessary exams had been passed,all with flying colours.

It still had taken a while to secure a job though.Elisabeth knew things were tough,and there were hundreds of desperate people,also seeking out jobs,especially well paid ones like the one she had now.

Elisabeth had to admit she'd been lucky.The Dental Practicioner she was now employed,had come out of the blue.She'd seen the job vacancy reading a newspaper,and had no hesitation in applying.

The job was asking for two female assistants,and she'd immediately wrote a letter,applying for an interview.The response was quick,granting her one.

The interview had gone on well enough.Elisabeth was a warm,sincere young woman,and her smile had entranced many people.It was a nice feeling,seeing people respond positively back to her,although she blushed a lot,when some had told her she was really beautiful.

A bit pretty perhaps,Elisabeth thought,smiling to herself,but I'm not beautiful.

She'd stuck her tongue out so many times at herself,when getting prepared for something.Elisabeth usually had long brunette hair,but for her job,she'd cut it short to her shoulders.Her eyes and face were warm,as always to the patients coming on appointment here,and it had made her highly popular.

It wasn't just with the patients she was popular with.Elisabeth saw many young men visiting here,and as soon as they'd seen her,their eyes boggled at her.

Elisabeth merely smiled to herself again,knowing what they were thinking.

Boys will be boys,she knew that,but had to admit,that she had a really good figure,especially when Elisabeth wore her white overall for work.It was just like what biological teachers or scientists wore,but she'd also seen the gaping looks at her legs.Wearing her high heels and dark blue tights,Elisabeth looked gorgeous in her present attire.

Today had been very busy.There'd been so many appointments,and with her workmates,Elisabeth was now weary,and looking forward to going home.

The Dentist she worked for,wasn't a man.When she'd gone for the interview,Elisabeth was mildly surprised,to see another highly attractive young woman like herself.She'd found out this woman was the dental practictioner.

Her name was Suzanne Smith,a very stunning redhead,with another stunning body that a lot of female supermodels pocessed.Elisabeth got on well with Suzanne,she was a decent human being,and also a good boss.

As stated earlier,the job had asked for two females,and the remaining girl was a young Chinese,known as Ruby.She was of course,born in England,and just as English as Suzanne and Elisabeth.She too,was very pretty.Elisabeth and Suzanne had told her this repeatedly.Ruby had blushed at this,as she was a lot more shyer,but she had a warm heart,and was very popular here.Like her two workmates,they certainly attracted many pleasing,almost lustful gazes.

For the umpteenth time,Elisabeth checked her watch.There wasn't long to go,before they could all go home.The last appointment had been,and the three girls were now clearing the place up.

It was then,that they heard footsteps approaching.

Ruby was sitting in the main reception office,and saw a man enter.He was dressed smartly,and he was carrying a large sports holdall bag.

He gave the pretty Chinese girl a pleasant smile on entering.

'Good evening,Miss,'his voice was very well spoken.'I would like to ask you all a big favour,please.'

Thinking there was nothing amiss,Ruby returned his polite smile.

'I'm very sorry,but we're closing now.'Her own voice was very apologetic.'Could it wait,sir?'

'I'm afraid not,Miss,'the man was still smiling,but this time,there was something much more sinister about it.

The three young women watched him curiously,as he knelt to open the bag,and the curiousity vanished in an instant,as their eyes widened in alarm and fear.

The man had produced a handgun,and he held it unwaveringly at Ruby.

'Hands up,ladies,please.'The man ordered them politely,but his eyes now gleamed with menace.

Helpless,Elisabeth,Suzanne and Ruby,raised their hands in surrender,dreading what he was going to do next.In fact,Elisabeth had to ask it.

'What do you want?'Her voice shook slightly,as her still wide eyes never left the gun.

'Just your co-operation please.'The man's smile still hadn't left his face,of which,the three girls now hated.'As long as you do as you're told,you won't get hurt.'

'For the moment though,'his voice had now become more firmer,not threatening,but it was certainly making its presence felt.'I'd like you all to lie face down on the floor,and if you don't mind,please put your hands behind your backs.I'm afraid it will be necessary,to tie you all up.'

The man was pleased to hear one of the girl's defy him.

'Look,we're all tired,'it was Elisabeth speaking,and her voice indicated her weariness.'We've no money here,and I can't imagine why you'd come and rob a dentist.'

''Robbery,my dear?'The man was still smiling.'On the contrary,there is something here that I wish to take,and I'm looking at it right now.'

The three young women were stunned to hear that,as they now realised they were what this man wanted.

'You're going to kidnap us?'Ruby spoke fearfully.'Why?'

'All will be revealed,I promise you that.'The man's voice was still calm,but firm.'However,I believed I asked you all to lie down on the floor,so here's an extra incentive for you to obey.'

With lightning speed,the man suddenly reached out to seize Ruby.The girl gasped in fright as she felt his arm tighten around her waist,trapping her arms to her sides.The gun was also then placed firmly into her neck.

'I have no wish to harm any of you,'the man continued,'but be assured,your pretty Chinese friend will suffer,if you refuse to obey my instructions.'

Shocked to see their friend held hostage,Elisabeth and Suzanne had no choice,as they lay face down on the floor,and placed their hands behind their backs,accepting the inevitable.

'Very good,ladies,'the man's voice was pleased.'I knew you'd be sensible.Just stay like that for the moment.'

He made sure he kept a tight grip on Ruby,as he then made a call behind him.

'Okay,you can come up now.I have them.'

Lying on the floor,both Sarah and Suzanne clearly heard mens footsteps approaching them,and neither could help,but look towards the source.

They both saw two more men,and they looked very stocky,as well as wearing menacing expressions.Both of them however,seemed to be pleased,as they looked down at the two beautiful women,obviously waiting for them to be tied up.

'All right,'the first man commanded his two accomplices curtly,'get them bound and gagged.I'll take care of this beauty.'

He was pleased to hear Ruby whimper,but he wasted no time,as he too,forced the girl onto the floor,pulling her arms behind her.

'Just remember,ladies,'his menace was still present,'do as you're told,and you won't get hurt.'

One of the men had already opened up the holdall bag,and with much dismay,all three girls could see plenty of coils of white rope.The man who'd opened the holdall bag,was now dividing it amongst his two accomplices,and after choosing many lengths of it,they then started to wind the ropes over each girl's wrists.

It didn't take them long to complete,as they made sure the knots were tied tight,firmly locking Sarah's,Suzanne's and Ruby's wrists behind their backs.Each girl grunted in pain,as their hands were secured.The men then did the same with their ankles,effectively binding their three captives hand and foot.

All three girls were feeling really frightened,as they knew they were at the mercy of these men.There was no way they could resist,and despite being secured,the men still hadn't finished tying them up.

The men then wound more horizontal loops of ropes,over their white uniforms,pulling each loop tight.So much so,that the ropes actually made each girls chest much more impressive.

Finally,the men then turned each girl onto her back,and quickly,they stuffed a cloth into Sarah,Suzanne,and Ruby's mouth.They enjoyed listening to the girls mumbling,as they did so.

Like her two friends,Sarah almost retched,as the cloth was forced into her mouth.It was done roughly by the man who'd tied her up.She couldn't help,but try to immediately expel it,but the man had other ideas,as he clamped his hand hard over her mouth.

'Don't get smart,my pretty,'the man warned Sarah menacingly,enjoying her frightened eyes bulging up at him.

He then used his hand to force Sarah's lips together,still keeping her handgagged,but his free hand had now brought out a large roll of black duct tape.

Quickly,he removed a suitable sized portion of the tape with his teeth,and after doing so,he then firmly placed it over Sarah's mouth,smoothing it over.His two accomplices repeated the process with Suzanne and Ruby.

With that done,the first man was satisfied,as he then ordered one of the men.'Get them in the van.The boss wants them delivered on time.'

Still scared to death,but also baffled,Sarah wondered who had ordered their abduction.It would be interesting to find out,that is,if the police could catch them.

For the moment though,rescue didn't appear likely.There wasn't anyone else around,and she was dreading rape.When she was at work here,Sarah clearly remembered the lustful looks she'd been given,and she was desperately trying to think back,but nothing was revealing itself.

Suddenly,her thoughts were interrupted,as she felt herself being lifted from the floor,and over the man's shoulder.Ruby and Suzanne,were also lifted the same way.

Quickly,the three man carried their prisoners out into a back alley.A large,white van stood patiently outside,and after checking the coast was clear,the three men then entered the vehicle,gently placing the three,tightly bound and gagged women inside.The van was then started,and it left the still deserted alley way behind.

More to follow...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Neanderthals.

Just for a brief change,I would like to say a few words about these interesting people,the Neanderthals.

Being interested in human evolution has always fascinated me.I've often wondered about our closest relatives,before they eventually died out during the last Ice Age.

They were certainly a lot stronger than us,and of course,well adapted to the conditions back then.I've read previous comments,that they were no more than stupid,brutish cavemen.This of course,is pure rubbish.

The Neanderthals were highly intelligent people(although they did lack our way of thinking)They looked after their own,and were a highly successful human spieces,dominating Europe.

Of course,like us,they had their drawbacks.They didn't communicate with other Neanderthal groups.There was a lot of abduction of Neanderthal females,so their own clan could continue to evolve.They didn't trade with others,or communicate as modern humans did.

Of course,what really intrigues me is the question if modern humans interbred with Neanderthal females.I've seen pictures of people with Neanderthal features,although scientifically,it hasn't really been proved.There is evidence of this in DNA tests,but it's very little.Having said that,a little is better than nothing.

No copyright infringment intended.

No copyright infringment intended.

It would have been great to see these people survive today,but alas,it was not to be.There were not that many differences between us,but they mattered,which ensured modern humans to dominate the planet today.

One can only think how it would be today,if the Neanderthals had survived to this day...

Friday, 19 August 2011

Takachi's Revenge. Chapter Seven

Tightly squeezing Sarah's impressive breasts,Kim Yang held a wicked smile,as she finally climaxed with her captive.

Sarah wasn't a willing participant to this,as she lay on Kim Yang's hugely spacious bed.She was lying on her back,and still bound and gagged.

Her wrists had been tied overhead to the headboard,and the gag was still effective as ever.Her shirt had been slowly unopened,and her chest had been frequently fondled by her tormentor.Despite her fierce resistance,Sarah was unable to prevent the Chinese woman raping her.

This was something Kim Yang fully enjoyed doing to her.She'd raped Sarah repeatedly,having successfully escaped with her,bringing her latest addition of slaves to her luxurious,but also a fortress retreat.Once Kim Yang had them brought here,she knew her female captives had no chance of escape from her clutches.

Thinking this,Kim Yang smiled,as she snuggled into Sarah,who mumbled faintly and despairingly behind her gag.The girl was a superb choice to ravish.Not only was she still defiant,but the pleasure Kim Yang experienced,was beyond belief.

Still snuggling into her pretty prisoner,Kim Yang delicately stroked Sarah's hair.

'I take it you still didn't enjoy that,my dear?' Kim Yang asked her,still smiling at Sarah's gagged face.She was pleased to see Sarah's fierce gaze back.This only amused her,as she kept stroking the girl's hair.

'Well,never mind,my pretty.'The Chinese woman chuckled.'You'll get used to me,and to this way of life.If you're still going to act stubborn,I'll throw one of my other pretty slaves to the sharks.'This time,there was an arrogant sneer in her tone.'So you'd better improve you're attitude towards me.'

She then gave Sarah's neck a lot more attention,ignoring the girl's muffled cries.Kim Yang actually heard Sarah try to call out for her brother,although the gag prevented it,she still heard his name.This made her stop kissing,and gripping Sarah's chin,turned her head to force her to look up at her.

'You're still dreaming of your brother to rescue you,Sarah?'Kim Yang gave her an evil smile,shaking her head.'I wouldn't waste your time thinking about that.My spies have reliably informed me he's been rushed to hospital,having nearly drowned whilst he saved Chief Yamamoto.He'll be out of action for quite some time,so that gives us plenty of opportunity to get to know each other better.'She continued to chuckle down at her.'That would be nice,wouldn't it?'

Sarah's response was to jerk her head free from the woman's grip,but instantly,her chin was seized again.

'I won't warn you again,my dear,'This time,there was utter menace in Kim Yang's tone.'Obey,and life won't be that bad for you.'The grip tightened on her chin,forcing Sarah to cry out in pain through her gag.'Disobey,and I'll see that you suffer,for a very,very long time.'

With that threat hanging over the girl,Kim Yang then moved away from her,having decided to check up on other matters.She always checked up on the patrols,just in case there were unexpected visitors.

Fortunately,this never happened.Her island fortress was well known,and it had a deadly reputation.Only a lunatic would dream of trying to sneak into here,and Kim Yang so far,hadn't needed to dispose of any unwanted intruders.

She got dressed slowly,still smiling wolfishly at Sarah's form on the bed.The girl had sharply turned her head away from her,and was now making feeble efforts to free herself.Again,Kim Yang kept her evil smile.

'Don't bother,Sarah,'Kim Yang told her pleasantly.'You know how good I am at tying you up.The only way you'll get free,is when I cut you loose.'

Sarah's struggles were brief,adding the effect of Kim Yang's words,and she could only lie on the bed in despair.

After dressing,Kim Yang walked up to the headboard,and checked Sarah's bindings.It only took a moment to make sure,that the girl was still secure.

'Well,I have things to attend too,Sarah.'Kim Yang also checked Sarah's gag was still tight.It was,and she went on:'I'll be back soon,and maybe,maybe,I'll give you a break from being tied up and gagged.'

With that,Kim Yang then gave Sarah a kiss on the cheek,before exiting the room.

Sarah suddenly felt some hope.If she was untied,then maybe there was a chance to escape.It wasn't going to be easy though.Sarah remembered the many armed guards patrolling the grounds,and there was only one way off the island she'd seen,and that was by boat.The number of guards there,was overwhelming.It would take a miracle to get past that lot.

Sarah suddenly remembered what her brother had once told her,as they'd discussed tactics on evade and escape during training.

'Never give up hope,and always keep your mind sharp,'John had advised her.'If you are caught,then study what you can.Seize any opportunity to exploit.I'll always try to get there for you though.'

He had finished that with a smile,and Sarah knew he had done so on many previous occasions,but now,having seen her brother being seriously injured by Kim Yang's grenade,being Sarah knew any rescue attempt by him,would be a long way off.

All she could do,was pray he'd have a miraculous recovery.

Chapter 8 to follow...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A fond,but sad farewell.

I've just seen there will be no more updates,on Sindy's excellent Moviebound.

This is a real shame,as I enjoyed visiting her blog.There were some brilliant photos I enjoyed,but sadly,it looks as if the wrong kind of people forced Sindy away.

I would just like to wish this lovely lady all the best,and thank her for her tremendous effort on her blog.

Take care,Sindy,I'll miss you.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Trouble in the Philippines.Chapter 4

Gustav sat in his study,well content,as he read the latest financial figures given to him.

It certainly made highly pleasant reading,as the figures were more than impressive.He was raking it in.

Of course,Gustav knew his wealth was not honestly earned.In fact,he didn't give a damn about that.

Instead,he preferred this way of life.He'd started with nothing of course,and Gustav was determined to earn his fortune,even if it meant at the expense of others.

True,he'd killed a lot of people.Indeed,he was still doing so,and inflicting a lot of suffering too.

This grim fact had made him a highly wanted man,and Gustav knew there was a large price on his head.

To combat this,Gustav had finally decided to settle down here,deep in the jungle,and have a highly guarded fortress at his disposal.Gustav was supremely confident nobody would come after him here.If they did,then the dangerous wildlife in the surrounding jungle,would take care of that.Although to the best of his knowledge,Gustav didn't think his enemies would be that stupid.

The jungle wildlife,was indeed dangerous to anybody unwise to this area.Gustav had made certain his fortress was well protected by it.He'd seen his loyal,private army place many jungle animals close by.There were pythons and crocidiles here.Both of which,could easily take care of any unwanted intruder.In fact,he'd thrown in many victims to them before.Nobody had survived.

Still feeling well in content,Gustav finally finished reading his more than healthy bank balance,and made himself a drink.

After swallowing several,generous doses,he heard women laughing.

He knew where it was coming from.His fortress was also well fitted,with luxuries beyond belief.He had a couple of swimming pools,one inside and out.A gym fitted with all the latest gear,and other rooms that he could live in like a king.

Gustav heard the women in his outdoor pool,and decided to go to them.

He made his way outside,walking past many of his well armed guards.He made a quick check on them,asking if there was anything to report,but they all assured him the area was clear.They hadn't seen anybody.

Pleased at that,Gustav then reached the swimming pool.It was a grand size,and of course,well fitted with sunbeds and sunshades,with a well stocked bar too.

At the moment though,having a drink wasn't on Gustav's mind.

Instead,his attention was fully on the women in the pool.They were all beauties,and Gustav was glad to have them.A couple lay sunbathing,and there was loud music playing too.

A lot of the girls in the pool waved to him,as they swam in the water.He waved back at them,returning their smiles.He could already feel his lust increasing,as he gazed down at these girls,wearing their bikinis.Their bodies were stunning,and Gustav promised himself,that he'd be enjoying himself with plenty of them soon.

However,he had noticed one of the girls not waving at him.

She was a pure Filipina,and was sitting up on one of the sunbeds.Her eyes were hidden,by a pair of dark sunglasses,but she still looked gorgeous.Long,jet black curly hair,that fell past her shoulders,and she had a very pretty face.Yet,she was also looking back at him,and there was no smile on her face.

This made Gustav interested.He knew her name of course.This was Andrea,a real beauty,but he hadn't talked to her yet.He'd only seen her being introduced,as one of new staff.

The girl intrigued him however,and Gustav wanted to find out more,so he walked over to sit next to her,not on the next sunbed,but on the same where Andrea lay.As he did so,he was pleased to see the girl flinch away from him.

Despite that,Gustav gave her a pleasant smile.

'Andrea,isn't it?'he asked her.

'Yes.'Andrea answered him warily,keeping her eyes sharp.This was also noticed by Gustav.

'You seem tense.'He still kept on smiling,as he then began to stroke one of Andrea's bare legs.'Let me help you relax,Andrea.'

Andrea couldn't help,but flinch again from his touch.Instantly,she felt her skin crawl,but kept calm,as she stood up.

'No thank you.I have something to do.'Andrea wanted to get away from him.'Will you excuse me,please?'

She then made to move off,but Gustav wasn't having any of that.He suddenly reached out,seizing Andrea's arm,pulling her back to him.He was pleased again,hearing the girl's startled yelp.

'Let me go!'

'When I've finished with you,my pretty,'Gustav reassured her,'I will,but first,I think it's time I got to know you a bit better.'

He then seized the back of Andrea's neck,kissing her fully on the mouth.Andrea just stopped herself from screaming,as she desperately tried to fight him off,but it was no good.The man was too strong.

Faintly amused,Gustav stopped kissing Andrea,but he still held onto her tightly.

'What's the matter,my dear Andrea?' He kept smiling at her.'Surely you should know,that you're allowed to be in my home,'his grip tightened,making Andrea gasp in pain,'as long as you obey me.'

'Please,'Andrea managed to say,'let me go.'

Much to her relief,he did,and Andrea gently rubbed the back of her neck.She glared at the other girls,who had watched the whole thing,but hadn't bothered to help her.Indeed,a lot of them were smirking at her.

Fuming inside,Andrea knew why.All this lot were more than happy to be with this evil man.He was after all,making them wealthy,and they were doing anything he wished.

Andrea however,wasn't having any of it.She swore quietly to herself,that she was going to make everyone here pay dearly.

She could see that one of Gustav's armed men had come up to him,handing him a mobile.As he took the call,she managed to sneak off,not seeing two of the women follow her.


Not far off from Gustav's luxurious palace,there was a small village.It was only a small place,and it certainly didn't have any luxuries on offer.In fact,there was a great deal of poverty.The people who lived here,were dressed in rags,and they showed a great deal of fear,especially when they had unwelcome visits from Gustav's men.From their earlier intelligence briefing,Grant knew these people suffered,when Gustav's men came to seize the young women from the village.He knew all the girls they'd abducted,were taken back to Gustav,so he could enjoy his own sick pleasures.

Not this time.Grant thought determinedly.

He and Hunt had managed to sneak into one of the village's outer buildings.Once inside,they both hid,and waited.

They didn't have to wait long.It was only after a few minutes wait,that they saw a young woman enter.Both Grant and Hunt recognised her,from the photos of the two young women they'd been shown back at the briefing.It was the filipina girl,Andrea.

Andrea had made sure she hadn't been followed,and she hadn't seen anyone.Yet,she still wasn't sure,and knowing Gustav,Andrea's thoughts were ominous.She hoped she could get back undiscovered.

Andrea then moved further into the building,looking around for the military people she'd been told to meet.So far,she saw nobody.

'Major Grant?'Andrea called out quietly.

There was no response,and Andrea had made to move in more,when she suddenly sensed a presence behind her.

It was then,Andrea felt herself taken.An arm wrapped around her waist,and a hand closed gently over her mouth.Her eyes bulged.

She then heard her unseen captor ask her something,and it was a woman's voice.This surprised Andrea,recognising the woman's strength.She wasn't going anywhere,and even though the handgag was gentle,it was still highly effective at silencing her.

'Andrea,I take it?'The woman asked her.

Still handgagged,Andrea could only nod,before she then watched a man emerge out of the shadows.It was Major Grant.

'Right here.'Grant then showed himself to her,before he nodded to Hunt to release her.As Hunt did so,Andrea couldn't help,but to turn to look at her.She saw a highly formidable,looking woman,dressed in the same army clothing as Grant was.It made Andrea shiver.

'Are you okay?'Grant asked.'Sorry for grabbing you like that,but we didn't want to alert anybody.'

'I'm fine,Major,but I don't have much time,'Andrea then informed him.'There's a strong chance I may have been followed.'

'Don't worry about that,'Grant reassured her,before he asked about her fellow female colleague.

'Angela's disappeared,'Andrea's answer was grim.'I think they grabbed her last night.'

'If that's so,then we'd better move fast.'Grant nodded.'You'd better come with us,Andrea.'

'No,I'm sorry,'Andrea shook her head firmly.'Angela needs my help.Besides,you still need me to deactivate their alarms.'

Grant didn't want to send this pretty girl back into the lion's mouth,but he knew she was right.Without somebody on the inside,there was no way they could surprise the enemy.He had to concede.

'Okay,but take this,'Grant then handed her a steel bracelet.'I want you to wear that at all times.'

Andrea studied the bracelet curiously,although she did put it on her wrist.

'What is it?'she inquired.

'A homing device,'Grant answered her.'It's short range,but as long as you're close by,or still in Gustav's building,we'll be able to track your position.'

He was just about to ask her if Gustav was planning anything,when they all heard the sound of vehicles approaching.

The three of them were grim,as they then all saw two trucks carrying Gustav's soldiers,speed into the village.As soon as they screeched to a halt,all the heavily armed men jumped out,and quickly began to run through the village.From the screams of fear Andrea,Hunt and Grant heard,it was quite clear the men were after more of the villages young women.

Andrea felt helpless,seeing Gustav's men having success.They'd already grabbed three young girls,and had easily forced them onto one of the truck's rear.Grant and Hunt clenched their teeth,as the watched Gustav's thugs tie the girls up.They worked quickly,securing their prisoners hands behind their backs,before gagging the three girls over the mouth,with a large cloth.

'We've got to help them!'Andrea whispered urgently.

'We'll take care of it,'Grant nodded again.'You'd better get back.We'll be waiting on your signal,when you've deactivated the alarms.'

'I will,don't worry.But Major,'Andrea's voice was worried.'How are you going to beat all Gustav's men? His place is a fortress.'

'You'll see,Andrea.'Grant had faced this kind of enemy many times,and he was determined to keep his successful record against it.

'Major!'Hunt gestured quietly at her commanding officer,as she nodded at one of Gustav's men.The man was taking a phone call.

Seeing this,Andrea got more worried.Had they discovered her missing? Her heart started to race.

Fortunately,this didn't appear to be the case.The man then finished the phone call,and then sharply ordered all of his men back on the trucks.Within moments,they'd gone,taking their three new acquisitions with them.

'I'd better go,'Andrea made up her mind to head back.'I'll send you the signal,when their defences are down.'

'We'll be waiting,and Andrea,'Grant then placed his hand on the pretty filipina's shoulder.'Be careful.'

He was pleased to see Andrea gratefully return his warm gesture,by squeezing his hand,still on her shoulder.

'I will be fine,Major.Thank you.'With that said,Andrea then quickly left.

Watching her go,Grant said to Hunt:'That girl's got guts.'

Hunt just nodded her agreement.Grant knew Hunt wasn't the talkative type,so he then ordered.'Let's get back.'

Hunt and Grant then made a careful check,just to make sure they weren't being observed.They weren't,and the two of them silently headed back into the jungle.


If Hunt and Grant hadn't been seen,the same was not true for Andrea.From the moment she'd entered the village,the two women who'd followed her,had made sure they'd kept her in their sight.

True,they hadn't seen who Andrea had talked to,when she'd entered one of the village's buildings,and they'd only seen the girl leave after a while.

However,the two of them were determined to report their findings back to their master,and no doubt,be richly rewarded.

One of the women took out a mobile,and made the call.She wanted to personally speak to Gustav himself.

Next moment,Gustav's voice came on the line.'Yes?'

'Got some interesting news for you,boss,'the woman smirked as she said that.'I'm afraid you have another pretty spy to deal with.'

Back at Gustav's palace,he had been relaxing on the sunbed by the swimming pool.As soon as he heard that however,he sat up sharply.

'You're sure of this?'He asked.

'Positive,'the answer came back.'We watched her go into the village on her own.She met with someone there,but we couldn't see who.'

'This indeed,interesting.Thank you,my dear.We'll keep an extra eye on Andrea,and see what she gets up to.Then,she can join Miss Lee.'Gustav smirked this time.'I hope she likes to be bound and gagged.'

More to follow...