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An Unexpected Cruise

The sun shone brilliantly on the Monte Carlo harbour.It was early morning,and there wasn't much happening on the many boats that were berthed there.

All the boats differed in size.Some were small types,but this being Monte Carlo,most of the boats were big.Very big.

With Monte Carlo's reputation as a millionaire's playground,this was no surprise.Many chose to enjoy the cruises offered,be it for fishing or sightseeing.It was expensive,but only those that could afford it did so.

One of the boats berthed,was an impressive sight to see.This particular boat's name,was 'Escaping Princess' It was coloured white,with black tinted windows.It looked very impressive indeed.

In command of the boat,was Louise Wilson.Louise was a very pretty young woman.She had long,slightly curled brunette hair falling past her shoulders.She had to admit her chest was an impressive one,and especially when she was wearing her naval uniform.Louise had previously worked with the Royal Navy,and that service's uniform was one of her favourites.

The uniform consisted of a smartly pressed white shirt,with black epaulettes marked with the usual gold markings.A navy blue skirt,which fell just above her knees,with smartly polished black high heels completed the uniform.Louise was always proud to wear it.

Not only that:but it also helped to attract custom.Like so many other boat owners here,Louise offered her boat to willing customers,who would pay her to hire her boat.Louise knew she would always get somebody:especially the blokes/She had to smile to herself,remembering the stunned,almost gaping looks from some of them.

But every man that came aboard her boat,was a gentleman and behaved perfectly.Many of them became great friends with her,as Louise made sure that everybody who came onto her ship,had a really good time.Louise offered cruises out to sea,and chose various routes along the Monte Carlo coastline.There were many routes she could have chosen,but Louise always made sure she took her boat,to more quieter areas.This was much appreciated by her paying passengers,and Louise made a really good profit from it.

It wasn't just Louise who worked the 'Escaping Princess' She had two fellow female crew with her.They were Karen Willis and Sarah Griffiths.

Like Louise,both Karen and Sarah had served in the Royal Navy,and were always on hand to help their captain.Karen was a bit taller than Louise,and had shoulder length blond hair.Sarah had short,black hair,and they too,received many admiring glance wearing the same uniform as Louise..Both girls just smiled sheepishly at this,but as long as they attracted the custom,neither of the girls were bothered.

As the sun continued to rise over the harbour,Louise prepared breakfast and idly wondered what kind of a day this was going to be.Had she known what was in store for her and her two friends,she wished she'd taken the day off.


Although the harbour was still quiet,there were signs of more people coming into view.For the most part,it was just another day,but for one particular man,this day was very different.

He stood observing the many berthed boats.He was in fact,looking for a particular boat,as he had something sinister in mind.

The man was tall,very tough looking,but he knew being tough,wasn't going to help him here.He'd already selected the boat he needed,and was now heading towards it.

When he finally reached it,the man was pleased to see a young woman sitting on a deck chair on the stern.He could see she was very pretty,but he knew this already.In fact,he'd been watching her and her two other,also very pretty friends for a while.

However,his face was empty of anything sinister,as he politely addressed the girl.

'Good morning,'he greeted her with a nice smile.

It was actually Louise who was in the chair,and hearing the man speak,and was a little startled at this.

However,her recovery was quick,as she smiled politely back at him.He was very handsome,Louise noted,but kept polite.

'Good morning,sir,'Louise responded.'Can I help you,please?'

'A beautiful morning,'the man looked around the harbour,informing Louise.'A nice day for a cruise.'

'Yes,it is,sir,'Louise agreed.'Are you interested in hiring my boat for such a thing?'

She saw him smile down at her,and just for a second,Louise thought she detected a sinister gleam in his eye,but his response was still positive.

'You read my mind,Miss,'he was still smiling.'Can I ask you a couple of things,like your route,and of course,your charge.'

'Of course,'Louise smiled back.'Please come aboard,sir.'

'Thank you,'the man nodded graciously,before he expertly stepped on board.

Louise then offered him a chair which was accepted,and then introduced him to Karen and Sarah,who both gave him a welcoming smile.They were pleased to see him return it.

'Now,'Louise asked him,'how can I help you?'

'I'd like to hire your boat for the day,'the man explained.'Is that possible?'

'Well,for the whole day,'Louise had to tell him,'it will be quite expensive.How long were you thinking?'

'Oh,not the whole day of course,'he was still smiling.'Mind you,I would like you to take me to a certain area.'

'And that area is?'

The man then produced a shipping map,and folded it out onto the stern deck.He explained the route
to Louise.

When he'd finished,Louise knew the area he was talking about.It was practically devoid of human activity,and she'd only been there rarely.There had been stories of smuggling there,but there had been no restrictions on that particular area.

'Well,I don't see a problem,'Louise had to admit.'Can I ask you though,if the trip's business or pleasure,sir?'

'Oh,a bit of both,I assure you,' he replied.'Would you be interested,Miss?'

Louise noticed his smile had gone,but his voice was still polite.She agreed.

'Thank you,'the man also nodded his thanks.'I'll be about an hour.I will have two colleagues with me.Is that okay?'

'Of course,'Louise also nodded.

With a polite shake of her hand,and another smile aimed at Karen and Sarah,the man then left the boat,and hurried away.

Watching him depart,Karen then asked:'Wonder why he wants to go to that place? There's nothing there.'

'It's quiet.I know that much,'Sarah informed.

'I did hear some nasty rumours,of smuggling activity going on there.'Louise gave her own opinion.'Anyway,as long as he pays,who cares?'

The three girls then prepared their boat for the next trip,and awaited the man's return.


As the man headed away,he took out a mobile phone and made a call.Once the call was answered,his voice was sharp and authorative.

'It's all arranged,'he was very curt too.'Make sure you bring all the money,and bring the ropes too.You'll enjoy tying up our next pretty package.'

With that,he ended the call.The smile on his face returned,but if Louise,Karen or Sarah had seen it,they would have been really frightened.

As he promised,the man returned on the hour,and this time,he was accompanied by two other men.Both were tough and mean looking,but they'd been given their orders,and calmly obeyed.

When she saw the man return with his two colleagues to her boat:Louise was slightly alarmed.She noticed the trio were all carrying large,black holdall bags.Like Karen and Sarah,Louise wondered what was in them.

Seeing the slight apprehensive look in the girls faces,the first man smiled at them.

'Everything okay?'

'Uh,yes.Sorry,'Louise apologised,wondering why she was acting this way.The men looked menacing,but none of them were making any threatening moves at them.

'Okay,'the man went on,still smiling:'Permission to come aboard?'

'Granted.'Louise nodded.

The three men did so,and nodded politely to all the girls.Actually,this was on the first man's instructions.He'd made it perfectly clear,that he didn't want the girls intimidated by his men.

'I have your payment here,'the first man then brought out,a large wad of notes.Then,he handed it over to Louise.

Louise was a little taken aback seeing all that money,but accepted it nonetheless.

'Thank you,sir.'she smiled back.'Shall we proceed?'

'By all means.'

Louise then went forward on her boat,and sat at the steering.She turned to see Karen and Sarah cast off,and once she'd started the boat's engines,Louise skillfully steered her ship out of the harbour.

It didn't take them long to reach the open sea,but remembering where she'd been asked to go,Louise headed towards that area.

As she did so,Karen and Sarah had already prepared refreshments for their latest passengers,and these were all gratefully accepted.Looking back at the three men,Louise noticed they appeared all relaxed,and seemed to be enjoying the ride.

When Louise finally reached the area where she'd been asked to go,she was quite surprised to find another vessel there.The new boat was much like Louise's,but it was much more bigger.She did see some people on board it,but paid little attention to it.

She then noticed the first man by her side:again,this startled her,but Louise kept her smile.

'Well,we're here,'she informed him.'How long do you want to stay?'

'Oh,it won't be that long,'the man returned her smile.'In fact,my dear,I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.'

This time,Louise fully saw the sinister smile on his face,and for the first time,alarm bells were going off inside her.

'What do you mean?' Louise couldn't hide the nervous tone in her voice.

In answer,the man suddenly produced a pistol,and pointed it directly at her.

'Please don't do anything foolish,my dear,'his voice was still pleasant,but Louise could clearly see his eyes weren't.'I certainly don't want to use this on you.So if you would be so kind,to call your two pretty friends up here.'

Louise thought about raising the alarm to Karen and Sarah,but realised it would be futile.The man was standing close to her,but he made sure he kept his distance.If Louise had even attempted to disarm him,he'd have plenty of time to counter.It was better to obey.

'What do you want with us?'Louise hoped he would answer,and perhaps buy them some time.After all,there was another ship nearby.

'All will be revealed,my pretty.'This time,there was a menacing chuckle,but then,he raised his gun more at her.

'Call them.Now.'

As soon as he'd said that,he moved behind Louise,and wrapped his arm tight around her waist.He fully enjoyed the girl's gasp of fear,as he pulled his prize tightly into him.

Helpless,Louise did call for her friends,and as soon as Karen and Sarah emerged:they stood in shock,seeing Louise held as a hostage.

'Relax please,ladies,'the man holding Louise told them.'Just co-operate,and you won't get hurt.Now if you would be so kind to lie face down on the floor,and put your hands behind your backs.'

Seeing there was nothing they could do to resist,both Karen and Sarah had to obey.

As soon as they'd done so,the two other men stepped forward.Both men held coils of strong white rope,and instantly,they began to tie Sarah and Karen up.

Still helpless,Louise could only watch in despair,as her two friends had their hands tied securely behind their backs.Then,the men moved to bind Sarah and Karen's ankles together.

This was done very quickly,but efficiently.Within moments,both Sarah and Karen were effectively bound hand and foot.

The two men still weren't finished though.There was plenty of rope,and they were going to use a lot of it.They then wound more,horizontal loops over the two girls upper bodies.Each loop was pulled tight,as Louise,still held tight,could only watch the men wound several loops of rope,above and under Karen and Sarah's breasts.

Once they'd completed that,the two men then trussed up the girls legs.They wound more loops of the rope,tightly over the knees and thighs.This made Karen and Sarah,completely helpless.

Then,both men turned the two girls over onto their backs,and each of them then stuffed a balled up cloth into Sarah and Karen's mouth.The two girls mumbled fearfully,as they were gagged.This made their captors smirk in relish.

However,they still weren't finished,as one of the men gripped Sarah's chin,forcing her lips shut.He then produced a big roll,of white medical tape.Tearing off a large,rectangular strip of it,he firmly placed it over Sarah's mouth.This made sure she was tightly gagged.He did the same on Karen.

Pleased to see the two pretty girls bound and gagged,the man holding Louise ordered:'Okay:good work.Prepare them for transfer.I want to enjoy this lovely lady's company first.'

'You'll never get away with this,you bastards!'Louise was fiercely defiant,shouting that.Yet,her fear was going into overdrive inside;especially when she heard that last comment.

She grunted as the man clamped his hand hard over her mouth.

'My dear,'the man chuckled into her ear lovingly.'Of course we'll get away with it.This place is practically deserted.There are no police or coastguard patrols here.I made sure of that.I'll explain that to you shortly,but first;let's get you like your friends.'

'Help me tie her up.'His order was sharp,and both his accomplices grinned as they eagerly advanced on Louise.

Just as before,it didn't take them long to secure her.Louise desperately tried to fight them off,but her frantic struggles were all in vain.Within a couple of minutes,she too,was lying on the floor next to her two friends,also tightly bound and gagged the same way.

Pleased to see his plans going smoothly,the first man then ordered:'Okay.Signal the other boat.Kindly inform his eminence,he has three more pretty additions to his harem.'

All three girls eyes bulged in utter shock at hearing this.Their captors confirmed this.

'That's right,ladies,'the first man was now smirking.'I must apologise for the deception;but this place is where we do our business.We keep a sharp eye out,for any fresh pretty merchandise like yourselves.'

Neither of the three girls could respond to him.Instead,their eyes were still huge,and they could only mumble faintly and fearfully behind their tight gags.

'But I want to personally thank you for helping me,'the man's smile was now widely feared by Louise,Sarah and Karen.'As a reward,I'm very pleased to offer you a cruise;a somewhat unexpected one I must admit.But I assure you,it will be most enjoyable.Well,for us it will be.'

He smirked some more,eyeing the three bound and gagged beauties,with an increasing sexual lust.

This brought evil smiles on the three men,and Louise could only watch in horror,as the first man came over to her,and then bent down,and easily lifted her up into his arms.

'Now,my beauty,'the sexual lust was fully evident in her kidnapper's voice:'Let's check out the bedroom,shall we?'

Louise's screams of fear never got past her gag,as she fully realised he was going to rape her! Her eyes pleaded at him,but this was ignored.

The cabins on the 'Escaping Princess' were highly luxurious;Louise,Karen and Sarah always enjoyed sleeping on the boat,but today was going to be very different.

Easily,the man carried Louise's bound and gagged form into one of the cabins,and he then gently placed the girl onto the bed;but he immediately lay on top of Louise,preventing her from moving off.

Then,he squeezed both Louise's breasts hard,fully relishing the girl's cry of alarm as he did so.

'You're a real beauty in that uniform,aren't you,my dear?'he whispered into her ear,also kissing it,before he started to use his tongue on the back of Louise's neck.His lust was driving him mad,as he continued to take advantage over his prize.

'You're very fortunate,that where you're going,you'll be wearing uniforms a lot.'He continued to squeeze Louise's breasts more firmly,fully relishing it.'Now,let's see what you're made off.'

Griining,he started to undo his trousers,and chuckling,began to press into Louise's trapped form underneath him.


Some time later,the three men stood over Louise,Karen and Sarah.All three girls were sitting on the stern,and were still bound and gagged.All three were quietly weeping behind their gags.The reason for this,was obvious.Each of them had been ravished for hours by the three men,and there were semen stains on the deck.As Louise had been raped in one of the cabins,both Karen and Sarah had been ravished constantly where they'd been left tied up.

The three girls were completely spent,and were only vaguely aware that their kidnappers,were now placing explosive charges all over their boat.

Then,a motorised dinghy arrived from the other boat,and men from there,easily lifted Louise,Karen and Sarah into the dinghy,and promptly headed back to their own ship.

Once they'd been carried on board,there was a reception committee awaiting them.Despite the agony all three girls were feeling inside,they clearly saw the figure of a Sheik.This made them mumble more scared into their gags,as they were now held standing by the new arrivals.

The three men who had abducted and raped them,now climbed onto the boat.The first man walked over to the sheik,and they both embraced warmly.

'My compliments,my friend,'the sheik was delighted,as he couldn't take his eyes off the three trussed up girls.'Allah will surely bless you,for giving me these delicious gifts.'

'I'm always happy to serve you,'the first man bowed gratefully.'I promise you,my friend,they are all worth taking.You'll get a fortune for them,should you decide to sell them on.'

'Which will not be for some time,'the sheik admitted.'Were there any problems with them?'

'Not at all.As you can see,three new,very pretty slaves for you to enjoy.I'm sure you'll enjoy tying them up and gagging them,as much as I did.'

'Allah be praised.I'll have them immediately,but if you would be so kind to destroy the evidence....'

The man smiled,fully understanding what this meant.He nodded at one of his men,who was holding a detonator.

His accomplice pressed the switch;there was a massive explosion,and a huge sheet of flame,as the three girls could only watch in more despair,as their kidnappers sent their boat to the bottom of the sea.

'Bring them to my quarters,'the sheik ordered.He pointed at Louise:'I shall have this one first.'

Louise was then lifted over onto a man's shoulder,as were Karen and Sarah.The men couldn't resist feeling and smacking the girls behinds,smiling evilly as they did so.

Inside,Louise was flung face down once more onto a bed,but she didn't have the strength to try and move off.She then felt herself being turned over,and a face full of sexual intent,leered down at her.

The sheik smoothed the white tape more firmly over Louise's mouth,and was pleased to see it's effectiveness.The girl was still mumbling,frightened,but they were very faint sounds.It was just what he wanted to hear.

He then straddled her,and began groping Louise's breasts.He admired how big they were,and concentrated on building himself up,as he too,started to undo his lower garb.

As his boat left the area,the sheik chuckled down at Louise:'My dear,you really a most worthy prize to take,and I shall take you and your friends,as many times as I wish.'

He felt an iron hard erection coming on,as he continued to kiss and grope the girl.He was pleased to see no resistance from her.He liked challenges,and had done so before,on a much more defiant girl.But he'd always won of course;yet,he still deeply loved ravishing a more gentler slave,and he was pleased to have these three new beauties,firmly in his clutches.He couldn't wait to get them back to his palace,but for now,he was enjoying his cruise.

As the ship cruised through the sea,Louise was entered repeatedly by him.He had many iron hard erections,and repeatedly raped the girl time and time again.

As her breasts were being kissed by the sheik,Louise realised there was no escape.Not only had she and her two friends been kidnapped,but a life of sexual slavery awaited them.She had tried to free herself from the many ropes tied over her,but every one of the loops crushed into her body.There was no way she could do it,and her gag was highly effective.

As the sheik entered into another umpteenth climax with her,Louise felt only despair and fear.She hoped her boat would be noticed missing,but for now,she was the sheik's plaything.

Louise hoped for a miracle,but for now,that seemed impossible.

The End?

Well,I'll stop there.Hope it was liked.

Instead,she felt

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Oh well,Anubis is back.

I'm not sure what happened,but Anubis' page is back.That means the abuse wriiten over there on the forums,will sadly continue.

Oh well,if it makes them feel good insulting people,let them get on with it.

Friday, 11 May 2012

No more Anubis?

I was a little surprised when I clicked on Anubis's Page,that there's now a dating ad in it's place.
I did enjoy looking at the damsel in distress topics,but had to shake my head sadly,as I read some of the abuse that was dished out at certain people.Whether it was all in fun,who knows? Personally,I didn't think so,especially at one individual there,who I thought was quite a nasty piece of work.If the webpage has gone for good,I definitely won't miss him.In fact,I'll go as far as to say:Good riddance! You know who you are.

Good job there's always more damsel in distress sites out there to enjoy.:)

I just read on Sasha's blog,that Anubis is no more.Time will tell if Anubis returns.He and a couple of others,put up some great material which I really enjoyed.But again,the constant,written abuse by some idiots over there,definitely spoilt a really good damsel in distress webpage.

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Nicola Byrant

Being a mad Doctor Who fan,I always watched the show,to see if the pretty assistant got bound and gagged by the bad guys.

Many did,and they've got a place in my heart forever.The late Elisabeth Sladen,who played Sarah Jane,was the best female companion.Sarah was headstrong,plucky,but above all,a warm,caring person in the show.

The same could be said for this lovely lady:Nicola Byrant,who played Peri,in the show.

Now just like a lot of all the other girls in the show,Nicola's character,was a constant damsel in distress.She certainly screamed her head off a lot!

Unfortunately though,Nicola wasn't really tied up and gagged much in the show.All I can remember,is her getting the full treatment in the story 'The Trial of a Time Lord' There was so many missed opportunities for her.I had read one story:'Timelash'where in the book,Peri does get tied up,even handgagged by the main villian.Alas,this wasn't shown in the tv episode.Very disappointing overall.

At least Nicola's up there,as one of my favourite female companions,and she was a great sport too,not minding screaming her head off,as some dastardly monster had eyes on her!

Thanks for the memories,Nicola.:)

My Dream

I hurried away from school,so pleased to get away now that it was hometime.I had a busy afternoon and evening ahead of me.

Later,I had a football match,and was really looking forward to that.I loved my football.It was certainly a lot different playing it,than watching it:but still enjoyable.

Before the football though,I wanted to watch one of my favourite programmes on the telly.This was the long running 'Blue Peter' show.

There were a few things I liked about it,but the main reason I watched it,was to see one of the female presenters.

She was called Konnie Huq,and I thought she was staggeringly beautiful.I'd written several fan letters to Konnie,but as yet,there hadn't been a response yet.I wasn't too bothered though.Just seeing Konnie on the telly,certainly made my day.

Her long,dark raven hair,which fell past her shoulders,was a huge hit on me.I'd always preferred girls with dark hair.Konnie had a really pretty face,and a lovely warm smile when she presented the show.So much so,that I started to fantasise over her.

A while back on the show,Konnie and the rest of the presenting team,did a comedy Sherlock Holmes spoof.I had really enjoyed that.Not only was it a good laugh,but there was a scene in it,which grabbed my attention.

The scene was where Konnie's character,got knocked out by the dastardly villian,and then bound and gagged her to a chair.It was really exciting for me:I'd never seen a pretty girl tied up before.It's stayed in me ever since.

Of course,Konnie was dressed in her character role,as it was set in Victorian times.I however,started to think a little differently,at what I'd like to see Konnie dressed in,to be bound and gagged.

I watched Blue Peter,and sure enough,Konnie was there,greeting us all.The same,lovely smile on her face.I suddenly found my urge increasing,as I stared mesmorised at Konnie.

The show was okay,and after it had finished,I then began to prepare for my match.It was going to be a tough match.We were playing our bitter rivals,from the nearest school.I knew there'd be some harsh challenges going in.

After my football(we won,2-0)I was knackered.That game had been really hard,but was pleased to win.I was so relieved not to be injured in it too.

I made it back home,and after preparing my stuff for school the next day,I had a bath,and after it,went to bed.I was totally knackered.

The next thing I knew,I was back at school,walking down one of the many corridors.

What am I doing back here? I wondered.Had I forgotten something?

I found myself hearing men's voices,and headed towards them.When I reached the source,I noticed it was originating from one of the biology classrooms.

I could see men there:three of them.All looked tough,and pretty mean.Added to this,the trio were all wearing balaclavas.They were even armed too,as I spotted two of them holding pistols.

I had also noticed four women in the room.Two of them were my biology teachers:Miss Anderson and Miss Sanders.Both teachers were still wearing their white lab coats,and they looked damn good in them.I knew this,having lusted after them.

The other two women were a fellow pupil:Sarah Williams(another one of my hopeful conquests),and I couldn't believe my eyes seeing the other woman.It was Konnie Huq!

Both Sarah and Konnie were wearing the compulsory school uniform.A long sleeved,white shirt with a square breast pocket either side,and a black pencil skirt.

Like Konnie,Sarah had dark hair,but as Konnie's fell past her own shoulders,Sarah's was just falling onto her shoulders.I could see all four of them,had been made to sit next to each other,and all four had been bound and gagged.

I stared in fascination at this.The three men had obviuosly done a pretty thorough job,tying the girls up.All four had their hands tied behind their backs,and they had many tight,horizontal loops of rope wound above and below their breasts. a black

The girls legs were also tightly tied too.More loops of horizontal rope,had been secured over the prisoners knees,thighs and finally their ankles.None of the girls were going anywhere.

Added to their discomfort,each one of the girls had been gagged too.I could see a black strip of cloth,that had been tied tight over each of their mouths.Not only had they been made immobile,but their captors had ruthlessly made sure none of the girls could call out for help.

I had instantly ducked back into cover,the moment I'd seen what was going on,and the men hadn't spotted me.None of the girls had either.

What the hell am I going to do here? I wondered.I'd always dreamed of being a hero,saving a really pretty girl,who'd been bound and gagged by their kidnappers.Now was a perfect opportunity.

The first thing I thought up,was the obvious one.Call the police.

However,I knew I had to stay still.I could see one of the men,had now turned his gaze towards the open door,and I was just hiding behind it.I prayed he didn't see my shadow.

Fortunately,he didn't.I breathed a silent sigh of relief.

Even so,I could hear all the women mumbling fearfully behind their gags,and then I heard one of the men speak to them.

'Don't get too alarmed,ladies,'the man's voice was clearly full of relish.'We'll be going soon.But first,I think it's better I explain what's going to happen.'

This bought chuckles from his two accomplices,as he went on.

'You've all been chosen for a very special trip,'the relish was still fully evident in his tone.'We need pretty girls like yourselves,to be part of a very special collection.In the Middle East of course.You're all going to be auctioned,to the highest bidder.After that,your'll have a brand new life ahead of you.'

I heard all four girls cream with fear instantly into their gags.I hadn't liked hearing it either.There was no way I was going to let this happen.I certainly didn't want the four of them,being sold like some kind of sex slave.I had to save them,but what could I do?

'Okay,'it was the first man speaking.'Get them in the van.We have to be at the harbour tonight.'

From my hiding place,I saw his two accomplices bend down,and they easily lifted Miss Anderson and Miss Sanders into a firemans carry,and promply carried them out.

My luck was still holding,as I thought for a panicky moment,they'd walk out right by me.If they had,I would have been spotted.

Then,I saw the leader reach down to grab Konnie.His prize was struggling and mumbling,as he lifted her into the same firemans carry,but Konnie's struggles didn't bother him at all.

Instead,he chuckled with utter relish,and I could clearly hear the menace in his voice now.

'Don't bother yourself,Miss Huq,'he was still chuckling,as he began to carry Konnie out.'You might prove to be our star hostage.I'm sure the BBC will pay quite a hefty ransom for you,my pretty.'

I could hear Konnie's frantic,gagged sounds as she was carried out.There was only Sarah,still bound and gagged.Her eyes were bulging in fear,as she knew her turn was coming.

I knew it was now or never.Quickly,I sneaked into the classroom,and headed towards her.Sarah saw me instantly,and recognised me.She knew my efforts to ask her out,and I'd been refused by her every time.Politely of course.

Sarah couldn't help,but mumble more into her tight gag,but I still made shushing movements towards her.I knew I wouldn't be able to free her quickly:so instead,I lifted her up,and carried her out to safety.

It was then,that I heard the men returning,and both mine and Sarah's blood went cold,hearing what was said by them.

'Hey,where's the other girl?' One of the men barked.

'No idea,'his accomplice responded.'She can't have got far though.Not tied up like that.'

'What the hell's that? I think she's behind that door.'

We both heard footsteps nearing.Damn,I thought.What's going to happen now?

I could feel Sarah pressing into me,and was even feeling her shake with fear.I had to admit,I enjoyed her silent pleading to me,for comfort and reassurance.I was going to protect Sarah,and had no intention of letting her down.Once I'd made sure she was okay,I'd get after the teachers and Konnie.If I was lucky,I may get a nice reward,and I didn't mean financially.

The man's footsteps were only moments away,and I was frantically trying to think of something.

Then,the bloody alarm clock went off....