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The Sanna Menace Chapter Two.An earlier version.

The base General James Grant commanded,was throbbing with activity.Grant watched his people carry out their tasks,and was very pleased to see them doing so.

The base was after all,his own doing.Grant had built it up from nothing.Grant was born a soldier,and had constantly fought his enemies.The Sanna and their human allies,made him more determined than ever to beat them.

Grant however,knew it would be really tough.He'd been one of the lucky ones,to have studied the war history between them.Grant had known the Sanna race,had invaded the Earth hundreds of years ago,possibly even longer.

In that time,the Sanna had moreorless annihilated the human military,and all the survivors were now at their mercy.

Unfortunately,Sanna custom didn't know the meaning of that word.Instead,they enslaved millions of helpless people,and shipped them off the Earth,to other conquered words for slave labour.

As an added consequence,the Sanna had been able to set their custom on the Earth.Humans born long after the war,held no memory of it,and with the likes of O'Rourke,had been able to convince them,that the Sanna were their friends.Anybody who resisted,was quickly dealt with,and very severely.It was a system that worked very well.So well,that Grant found it impossible to convince people,that the Sanna were the bad guys.

Now however,things were slowly improving for him.The intelligence reports told him the likes of O'Rourke,combined with Sanna brutality,were now swinging in his favour.Over the years,a lot of people had come up to him,asking to join his fight.

Grant of course,always welcomed new recruits,but he was still wary of spies.He'd discovered several of them,and had made them all pay accordingly.

Still,most of his people had proved their loyalty,and he'd made damned good soldiers out of them.They couldn't wait,to take the fight to the Sanna.

Two of his people were Alan Finlay,and Paula Ann Mitchell.Grant knew these people very well.They'd come to him,when they were only children.He also knew of their strong friendship to each other.Both Finlay and Paula Ann,were really great mates.Many people here had wondered if they were lovers,which Grant had wondered too.

However,he did know they were two of his best people.Both held excellent battle records,and were a mean force to contend with.

At the present moment,Grant had a mission for them,having discovered some useful intelligence.He'd thought Finlay and Paula Ann,were perfect for this job.

He sent for them,and made his way back to his command desk,pulling out a map.The map was old,but it still showed all the major land features,and of course,where Grant was going to send Finlay and Paula Ann.

When Finlay and Paula Ann came to him,Grant gestured for them to come closer,as he spread the map out before him.They both helped him.

'I have a special assignment for you two.'Grant told them.He then pointed out a certain area on the map to them.

'This area is known as South Wales,and there's a mountain range called the Brecon Beacons.Not sure why,but this is where you're going.'

'What's the mission,sir?'Finlay asked him.

'Your first priority is to locate,an old military base,that's hidden somewhere in there.'Grant answered.'This base was very secret,and it has something which the Sanna can't detect.So of course,they're very keen to find it themselves.That's where I'm sending you two in.Find that base,and establish a fighting unit.The way things are going,you'll get help very soon,but there's definitely one thing I should warn you about this area.'

'What's that,sir?'Paula Ann asked this time.'A heavy Sanna presence?'

'The Sanna are there,alright.'Grant confirmed for her.'But it's the human enemy you have to watch out for.'He gazed directly at Paula Ann.'Especially you,young lady.That place has seen no resistance,for quite some time.I'm sure you'll have heard of O'Rourke and Harris?'

From the hardened faces they now both displayed,Grant could see they had.He too,had read of these two.Both were callous,cruel,and collaborated with the Sanna invaders.They'd made so many suffer,and every one of Grant's people,sincerely hoped they could bump these two enemies off.

Paula Ann couldn't help,but give an involuntary shiver.She'd heard of O'Rourke's antics.In fact,antics was too polite for it.He was a serial kidnapper of young women,and had raped every one he'd seized.O'Rourke liked to keep the abducted young women,as his own personal harem.Paula Ann had heard he was a bondage fanatic,always keeping his pretty female victims,tightly bound and gagged.There'd even been confirmed reports,that O'Rourke sold girls to the Sanna.Paula Ann sincerely hoped,that she'd never fall into this monster's clutches.

Grant then let Finlay and Paula Ann examine the map more closely,so they could be sure of their destination.They didn't need that long,having covered long distance missions before.They both then stood back,nodding their approval to Grant.

'Okay.'Grant nodded back.'Get your gear,and be careful.'

'We will,sir.'Finlay acknowledged that.Like everybody else here,he would sacrifice his life for Grant.This man had done so much for them all,protecting them,training them,and Finlay had always vowed to help him,whenever it needed to be.

'Good luck then.'Grant meant that.'I'm sure you'll be successful.'

Both Finlay and Paula Ann saluted him respectfully,which Grant returned,before both of them left him.

Grant watched them leave.He really hoped they'd both be okay.Of course,Finlay and Paula Ann were both,highly experienced soldiers,but he had a nasty feeling inside,that he had just sent them to the sharks.

He hoped he was wrong on that.


The small cell held just enough space,for one occupant,and at the present moment in time,it was.

A man lay curled up on the cell floor.He wasn't lying comfortably though.Instead,he was in agony.His whole body ached,and his face was bloody and bruised.Quite evidently,he'd been beaten up really effectively.

The man was known as Jennings,and he was now a Sanna prisoner.He'd been caught trying to sabotage some of the Sanna's military equipment.The humanoids didn't take too kindly to that,as they really laid into Jennings.Any lesser man,would have easily succumbed,but Jennings was tough,very tough.He'd refused to answer all Sanna demands,and had actually spat into his interrogator's humanoid face.

Of course,although it made him feel better,it had only lasted a second,before the Sanna beat him up again.They'd finally tired of it,and had promptly thrown him in here,and locked him up.

Jennings knew they'd be back for him,but he also knew he wasn't alone.His best friend,Montgomery was out there.They'd been doing the sabotage together,and had actually done some serious damage,before they were both seen.

Montgomery had managed to get away,but a stun shot from one of the Sanna,made Jennings their prisoner.As he lay in his cell recovering,Jennings' teeth clenched,hoping he'd get some payback on his captors.With Montgomery by his side,this had been done before.The Sanna held a rare fear at Montgomery.He was really tough,and was one of the very few humans,who could actually kill a Sanna,with his bare hands.

Jennings thought constantly of his friend,and he knew Montgomery wouldn't abandon him.They'd been best friends since childhood,whilst imprisoned in a Sanna detention camp.The harsh,brutal life that existed in the detention camp,had killed many people imprisoned with them.Both Jennings and Montgomery had even seen men,acting as their guards,and they were not kind ones.Witnessing so much suffering,had hardened them both,and they both plotted to escape.

Fortunately,they did,although the escape wasn't their own doing.Jennings and Montgomery would never forget the man,who made their freedom possible.He was known as Finch.A real tough nut to crack,and despite repeated attempts by their inhumane jailers to do so,Finch refused to surrender.This had given the survivors hope,and of course,they all got their freedom,as well as revenge.Jennings and Montgomery had helped,but Finch was also a superb soldier.Nobody knew how many he killed in their escape,but nobody was going to question him about it.

After the escape,Finch had teamed up with Jennings and Montgomery,and had shown them his soldiering skills.They were both eager to learn,and learned fast,before putting their new skills to test.Finch was pleased,seeing the huge successes his two new recruits inflicted on the enemy.

However,after a while,Finch disappeared.Both Jennings and Montgomery tried to look for him,but without success.They both knew he'd suffered a lot in prison,and had seen he was really ill.They got badly needed medicine for him,but it looked as if it was too late for Finch.Jennings and Montgomery really missed him,as he'd proved a priceless ally and friend.They both hoped they would see him again,and soon.

However,this seemed unlikely,as Jennings grimly fought to keep his mental strength up.He had no doubt the Sanna would be back for him,inflicting more torture on him.

This came sooner than expected,as Jennings heard Sanna footsteps outside his cell.The door was unlocked,and he could just make out two burly Sanna troopers,who strode up to him,and they both started to kick him,as he lay helpless on the floor.

They continued this briefly,before the humanoids then dragged him out of his cell.Through his blurred vision,Jennings noticed they'd taken him,to some sort of control room.There was a sinister looking glass tube,placed in the middle of the room,and it could clearly hold a person inside it.Jennings desperately began to get his strength back,as he realised this was where they were going to put him.

The two Sanna troopers holding him,threw him roughly onto the floor,and more Sanna humanoids entered.One of them,was a Sanna commander.He gazed down contemptuously at the battered,and blood stained human male.

'So you are Jennings.'The Sanna spoke to him in English,although it was translated through a device the Sanna wore.No human had ever been able to understand,or learn their language.It was a fact,which made the Sanna more in contempt,of their human enemy.

'You were caught attempting to sabotage one of our shuttles,were you not?'The Sanna commander didn't bother to wait for a response,and continued.'In fact,you have carried out several acts of sabotage,with another human male,known as Montgomery,I believe?'

Jennings didn't respond,and he had no intention too.He expected another beating for this,but surprisingly,there wasn't one.Instead,he heard the Sanna speak to one of his colleagues,and this humanoid promptly left the room.

Jennings still lay there,slowly recovering,when he suddenly heard a woman's voice,or more precisely,a woman's scream of fear.

He jerked his head up,seeing a Sanna humanoid drag in a young woman.The woman's eyes were terror stricken,as the Sanna easily forced her into the glass tube.

The humanoid then promptly bound the girl's wrists behind her,and stepped out of the tube,before sealing the girl inside it.

Jennings's eyes blazed in fury,as all the Sanna turned to observe his reaction.In particular,the Sanna commander.

'We have been on your miserable planet,for quite some time.'The commander told him.'You are a contemptible,cruel race,but there are certain redeeming features in you,that we find interesting.'

The Sanna commander turned back to the bound girl,continuing.'One thing we have seen from you,is that you help each other,even when you don't know them.This human female,for instance.You have never met her before,but I sense that you will assist her,given the opportunity.'

'Let her go,damn you.'Jennings snarled.

'If you co-operate,then perhaps I will.'The Sanna walked right up to the glass tube,calmly observing the woman.He was somewhat amused,by the woman's fear,but he did see her eyes pleading at Jennings.

Jennings saw it too,and he was going too,but his strength still hadn't recovered.

To his horror,and to the girl's,the Sanna commander nodded at one of his troopers,to start the machine,where the girl was imprisoned.Instantly,the tube's interior darkened,and Jennings found he couldn't see her at times,but he still heard her screams.

'An interesting device,is it not,Jennings?'The Sanna commander spoke,as if he was having some idle chit chat.'We are at present,invading the human female's brain.I'm very interested,in seeing her reaction,and yours.'

Jennings watched appalled and aghast.The girl was screaming like mad.So much so,that the Sanna commander ordered the girl to be gagged.One of his troopers obeyed,tying a strip of black cloth,over the girl's mouth.

This didn't stop the torture though,as the Sanna commander ordered.'Raise to level two.'

The bound and gagged girl,was now struggling frantically,and Jennings realised he had to do something to help her.But what in God's name could he do? He was certain the Sanna would want to know,the whereabouts of Montgomery,as well as other people he knew,still fighting these invaders.

'Stop it,you bastards!'Jennings swore venomously at them.'Leave her alone!'

The Sanna commander ignored him.

'Proceed to maximum scan.'he ordered.

'The human female may die,commander.'the trooper operating the machine warned him.

'I am well aware of that.'

The Sanna trooper obeyed,and promptly raised the required level.By now,Jennings could see the girl shaking in fear uncontrollably,and he snapped,not wanting to see her suffer any more.

He was just about to strike one of his Sanna guards,when something was thrown into the room.This made all the Sanna turn to gaze down,in astonishment at it,before there was a blinding flash,and all the humanoids in the room,were now on their knees,covering their eyes.

A man suddenly entered the room.He was tall and very strong,just like Jennings,and his eyes were mean.Dark skinned,and carrying a Sanna laser rifle,the new man instantly began gunning the Sanna down.

None of the humanoids had a chance to fight back.The flash bang grenade he'd thrown in,had proved highly effective.Jennings seeing this,seized the advantage,as he suddenly got his strength back.

He smashed his fist into each of his two Sanna guards,before easily disarming one of them.Jennings didn't hesitate,as he too,used the weapon on their former owners.

Although both men had managed to shoot most of the Sanna troopers,the Sanna commander was still alive,and he faced the new man,who'd proved so deadly.The humanoid actually recognised him.

'So you are Montgomery.'There was a faint hint of a smile,on the Sanna's face.'The reports on you and Jennings,were indeed,very accurate.It shall be an honour to kill you.'

Montgomery didn't respond to that,as he pulled out one of his deadly blades.The Sanna commander did the same,as he accepted the challenge.They then began to fight.

As they did so,Jennings quickly ran up to the glass tube,where the girl was still held.Her eyes were still open,and he was so relieved she was still alive.

He managed to open the entrance port on it,and hurriedly freed her.She collapsed into his arms immediately.

As Jennings exited with her,he was just in time to see his friend,slam his knife into the Sanna commander's neck.The humanoids expression was full of shocked surprise,as Montgomery stabbed him again,inflicting another fatal wound on his enemy.As the Sanna sank slowly to his knees,Montgomery suddenly lashed out with his foot,sending the humanoid sprawling back.He went over to make sure the Sanna was dead,but there was no need.

Montgomery turned away satisfied,that he'd added another Sanna kill to his combat record.He could see Jennings carrying the girl,and was relieved to see his friend.

'Are you okay?'Montgomery asked him.

Jennings didn't feel okay,but he nodded.

'Let's get her out of here.'he told his friend,feeling the girl wrap her arms more tightly around him.

Both of them then hurried out,and without encountering any more Sanna opposition,they made an effective escape.

Chapter Three to follow...


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The Sanna Menace. An earlier version.Chapter One

Gale force winds swept the barren terrain.Dark clouds unleashed a torrential downpour.It wasn't a nice place to be.

This thought was especially dominating the fleeing figure of a man,desperately scrambling his way through this rocky landscape.The man was known as Reynolds,a dark skinned man,who was lucky enough to be armed,but certainly unlucky to being chased at this very moment.

Reynolds had to look back periodically,checking on his pursuers.He could see they weren't that far behind him,and if they caught him,it was definitely curtains for him.

He looked back again,and was more than dismayed to see the distance decreasing between them.His pursuers were heavily armed men,and every one of them,was determined to catch him.

Reynolds made damn sure he stayed out of their weapons range.He knew where he was heading,and felt reasonably confident he could get there.

Several bursts on the ground close to him,really knocked his confidence,as Reynolds heard his pursuers open fire on him.He wasn't hit,but Reynolds knew he had to double his efforts to reach safety.

'Give yourself up,Reynolds!'A man's voice shouted from behind him.'You can't escape!'

Reynolds didn't reply.He needed all his breath to stay ahead.

More weapons fire tore into the ground close to him,but finally,Reynolds reached his objective.It was a large cave opening,and he hurried inside.

Quickly,Reynolds raced deeper into it.He still wasn't safe,until he reached the metal covering.

When he reached it,Reynolds took out a small control device,and activated it.This made the covering open up for him.A long steel ladder,led downwards from the top.

Immediately,Reynolds carefully entered,and began to climb down it.He made sure he closed the hatch covering,and it was then,that he heard his pursuers running feet.

Well aware they'd hear him on the ladder,Reynolds stayed where he was,and tensely listened.


Reynolds pursuers came charging into the cave,where they'd seen their target enter.Nasty smiles were all on their faces,as they knew they had Reynolds trapped.

However,after a quick search,their smiles disappeared.Not one of them could find Reynolds.

As they continued to search,a woman entered the cave and joined them.Like them,she too,was armed,and her eyes were cold.

She walked up to one of the men,and demanded brusquely.'This is where he came in?'

'Yes,Major Harris.'This particular man's reply was nervous.He knew Harris didn't like bad news.This could have fatal consequences,as it had been done so before.

'So,where is he?'

'Uncertain,Major.We're looking now.'

'I can see that,you fool.'Harris' voice turned nasty,which made everybody more nervous.''Keep doing so.I want this bastard alive.'

Somewhat relieved,her people did so.Harris waited impatiently.She looked more closely at the cave's interior,and could see it was a fairly large one.

After a negative search,the infra-red scanners were bought in,and put to use immediately.Every one of the men used the scanners carefully,but again,there was no positive result.

Harris however,knew Reynolds was here,and wasn't going to give up so easy.She just ordered another sweep,when suddenly,a familiar,but much despised man's voice spoke into her headset.

'Harris,this is O'Rourke.Do you have him yet?'

Harris just fought down the urge,to tell him where to go.However,she responded back to him,albeit through clenched teeth.

'Harris here.Nothing yet.Still searching.'

'Don't bother.'His own response totally surprised Harris,and everybody else.'Pull out.'

'What the hell are you talking about,O'Rourke?'Harris was somewhat stunned,hearing what he just told her.

'The Sanna are here.'This time,O'Rourke's voice wasn't friendly to hear.'We've been ordered to pull out.Immediately.'

'Damn it,O'Rourke.'Harris protested angrily.'Reynolds is here.We can get him.'

'I hear you,Harris,but the order is to pull out.Now.'

O'Rourke cut off his end of the transmission,and enraged,Harris ordered everybody out of the cave.With some relief visible on their faces,her men did so.

'You got lucky today,Reynolds.'Harris shouted into the cave's interior.'But I promise you,you're luck's not going to last.You're already dead meat.'

If Harris had hoped for a defiant response,she was disappointed.However,she gave one last glare around the cave,before angrily storming out.


Still motionless on the steel ladder,Reynolds kept his ears open.He heard Harris' voice very clearly,but he was glad to hear his pursuers leave.This made him lean his face against the steel rungs in utter relief,before he started a slow,and weary descent into the gloom.

When Reynolds finally reached the bottom of the ladder,he could now see light,but he knew precisely where he was.He'd found this place by sheer chance,hunting around for somewhere to hide from the likes of Harris and O'Rourke,and of course,the Sanna.

It was some kind of military underground base.Reynolds was very pleased,to find it was still powered up.Here,he could shelter from the elements,and much to his delight,he found edible food and water.

As well as finding that,Reynolds had also found a fully equipped armoury.There were many weapons here,and although he could tell,that they hadn't been used for quite some time,Reynolds personally checked every one of them,and had made them for use once more.

Reynolds was exhausted from that chase.He remembered Harris' warning,and wondered if his luck would finally run out.He'd ambushed one of her supply columns,blowing up a lorry,laden with ordnance.The results had been spectacular,as the lorry blew into a fierce fireball,killing several of Harris' men.The explosion had also allowed him time to make his escape,but they were racing after him in no time.Reynolds was glad to get back here.

There was also something special about this place too.Reynolds knew there was some kind of high tech defence here.He recalled Harris ordering the use of the infra-red scanners in the cave,and normally,they would have picked up his hiding image.

Yet strangely,they'd failed in that.Reynolds didn't know what had caused it,but he was damn grateful to the base designers.They'd saved his life.

Reynolds made his way wearily,towards the control room.Here,he could watch out for anybody,that was approaching the cave.There were many hidden surveillance cameras,that Harris and her people failed to find.There were indeed,many cameras scattered all around,and Reynolds would be able to see anybody approaching him,long before they would be able to see him.

Reynolds watched the retreating figure of Harris and her men.He was pleased they were going,but it still made him uneasy,that they knew his last known position.It was still puzzling him,as why they'd left him.

However,Reynolds got his answer to that,as the monitor screen he was watching,now showed Sanna transport vehicles approaching.Within moments,the vehicles stopped in front of Harris,and Sanna humanoid troopers exited from them.

Sanna troopers were tall figures,and held a very powerful physique.Each of them wore,heavy duty battle armour,and they always carried their dreaded weapons.Being shot by them,meant a brief,but agonizing death.Reynolds had seen this,and knew these humanoids took a lot of punishment,before they went down.

He watched them,as the humanoids now approached Harris,and the much despised O'Rourke.The hidden cameras also had sound speakers,and there was one close to Harris' position.Reynolds hurriedly activated it,and listened intently.


Harris and her men had made it back,to where O'Rourke was waiting for them,standing with his own bodyguards,in the lashing rain.Harris made it blatantly obvious to him,that she was furious with his earlier decision.

'Why the hell are the Sanna here,O'Rourke?'Harris didn't ask it,she demanded it.

'Unknown.'O'Rourke admitted.'But one thing I do know,is we'd better stay out of their way here.'

Harris was still mad at not finding Reynolds,but before she could go on,all of them could now see Sanna transport vehicles approaching them.

They stopped close by,and almost immediately,heavily armoured Sanna troopers came out,carrying their energy bolt rifles.They all eyed the small group of humans,with utter contempt,but didn't fire on them.At the present time,there was an agreement between these two types.O'Rourke was actually a collaborator,with the invading Sanna.Harris was his second in command,and neither they,or their men's actions,weren't pleasant to say the least.They fought ruthlessly and savagely,inflicting fear and terror amongst their victims.Many people had died because of their actions,and O'Rourke was hoping this would impress the Sanna.

It would have appeared to have done so.O'Rourke had actually offered his services to the Sanna,and much to his surprise and delight,they had agreed.Although,Harris could see the Sanna were only using them,for their own nasty purposes.She'd promised herself,to watch her back.

One of the Sanna strode up to them.Both O'Rourke and Harris recognised him,as a senior commander.His eyes glared at them both.

'You will leave this area immediately.'The Sanna's voice,was almost a snarl.

'Why?'Harris did snarl back in response.'We almost caught a known terrorist,before you lot showed up.'

'Do as I command.Harris.'Evidently,the humanoid knew her.'We will take over here.'

Harris wanted to continue the argument,but O'Rourke was already heading back to their own vehicles,so she settled for giving the Sanna a defiant glare,before she too,reluctantly followed O'Rourke out.Within a minute,they'd all driven away.

Satisfied the humans had gone,the Sanna commander turned to his colleagues,who were now setting up their own equipment.

'Make a thorough search.'he ordered them.'We must find it.'

The rest of the Sanna contingent nodded at him,and after preparing the needed equipment,all of them began to search through the terrain.


Still watching them like a hawk,Reynolds tensed,as the Sanna moved forward.He could see all of the humanoids,were holding something in their hand.

Reynolds looked more closely at this,and had to admit he didn't know what this was.It looked like some sort of scanning device,he mused to himself,but it didn't stop him worrying.

Reynolds' worries increased,as he then saw a Sanna trooper move into the cave,where Harris and her people had just been.The humanoid held his device outstretched in his hand,and stood there for quite some time.Reynolds remained tense.If they discovered he was here,Reynolds was fully prepared to use the base's defences.He'd discovered several weapons cunningly hidden,and would easily down a Sanna tooper,but Reynolds knew it was best to remain undiscovered.

After a tense,agonizing wait,he breathed a sigh of relief,as the Sanna lowered the device,and exited the cave.He or no more Sanna returned,and after watching the rest of their movements carefully,Reynolds was finally satisfied,that they had no idea where he was.At last,he was grateful for sleep.

He made sure the alarms were still active,ready to detect any more intruders,before Reynolds made his way to his own sleeping area.As soon as he collapsed on the bed,sleep overcame him.

He could have sworn that he'd just closed his eyes,when Reynolds was sharply awoken by the base's intruder alarms.

Chapter Two to follow....

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Jungle Perils


Somewhere in the Burmese jungle,there was a small Allied listening post.It was only a small place,with a couple of wooden hut buildings,and two machine gun nests,provided for defence.Armed sentries,also patrolled,and they kept a sharp lookout.They needed too,for everyone who was here,knew important work was being carried out.

Nobody knew this better than Major Griffiths,who was in command here.Griffiths was a highly popular officer,very well respected by the people serving under him.Griffiths achieved this,by being respectful back,and a lot of people held him in high esteem.This was due to the fact,that Griffiths was one of the few lucky survivors,who fought the invading Japanese army,way back in 1942.

Griffiths had known how to survive in the jungle,whilst so many inexperienced people hadn't.It haunted Griffiths to this day,and he really wished he could have helped all those people.This grim fact however,had also made him a deadly opponent,to the Japanese soldier.Griffiths knew how to successfully ambush,and destroy their forces.This had proved priceless to the Allied command,when so much was going against them.People like Griffiths,were few and far between.

Griffiths always taught his men,on how to survive in the jungle.He showed them,that there was nothing to be frightened off.True,one had to be careful,especially with the deadly wildlife living here,but Griffiths told them food was plentiful,and there was drinking water here too.You just had to know where to look.

Of course,fighting and beating the Japanese invaders,was Griffiths' main aim.He taught his men the jungle terrain,and showed them potential hidden sniper posts,or cunningly disguised,Japanese ambush positions.Griffiths had the experience from these enemy traps,so he made damn sure his men listened to him.Griffiths knew what to expect,from fighting a fanatical enemy,and he didn't want to lose any of his own people to them.

He always remembered all the battles,when he fought the Japanese.Not one of them surrendered.Griffiths knew their undying loyalty to their Emperor,and to die for him in battle,was their greatest prize.To Griffiths and his men,dying in battle was an accepted risk,but to die uselessly and vainly,was something he'd never order his men to do.Griffiths made sure he never took foolish risks,and this tactic always worked for him.

Griffiths always remembered every battle,that he'd fought in.In doing so,he was well familiar,with Japanese military tactics.Every battle against them was hard,but Griffiths was well experienced,and he didn't frighten so easily.He made sure he always won.

Like the Allied soldiers fighting with him,these battles left a permanent memory in Griffiths.He would never forget the Japanese blood curdling screams of 'Banzai!',as they charged at their positions,waving their Samurai swords.It certainly wasn't a sight,for the weak minded.

However,Griffiths always responded aggressively to this challenge.He made sure he chose strong willed blokes,who wouldn't refuse a fight,and were confident enough to win it.This was emphasised,when Griffiths and his men blazed away at the oncoming mob.Their aim was always deadly accurate,as the attackers never got anywhere near their positions.

When the shooting had stopped and it was all over,Griffiths and his men,would walk amongst the many Japanese corpses.Griffiths in particular,simply shook his head in quiet disbelief.

What a waste.Griffiths thought.He never doubted the bravery of the enemy,but Griffiths was determined to exploit any advantage,as he wanted to win the war.

Like any decent commander in the field,Griffiths always appreciated good,first class intelligence.There had been some really good news on this,as Allied code breakers,had managed to crack the Japanese military codes.This was priceless for any Allied soldier fighting out here,and Griffiths especially welcomed it.Now,he could listen in on the enemy's plans.

This was the primary reason Griffiths was now out here.He'd been ordered to gather intelligence,and this listening post he commanded,was doing exactly that.As far as he was aware,Griffiths didn't think the Japanese suspected,that their communications,had now been fatally compromised.This was what Griffiths wanted,but although he knew the Japanese were retreating,he had read reports,that there were still pockets of them near this area.This made Griffiths determined to find them,and finish them off.

He always read every intelligence report,wanting to keep updated on the war's progress.From what he had read so far,Griffiths knew things were now favouring the Allies.They'd gradually recovered from their early disasters,when the Japanese had invaded Burma.At a huge cost in lives,they had succeeded in forcing the Japanese back.It was slow going,and every one of the Japanese fought fanatically,and to the death.

However,the Allies were determined to get the invaders out,and whilst they regretted their own losses,the Allied high command was fully prepared to accept them.Supply lines were kept open,and free from Japanese attack,so troop replacements were easily sent in to fight the dwindling Japanese.There was still much fighting going on,and every fight was savage.

However,with the supply lines fully functioning,and his people battle hardened,as well as jungle acclimatised,Griffiths never had any doubt,who would win the war.

Even so,he still knew that was a long way off.Griffiths had received reports,that the Japanese were still active in this area.He and his people here,had heard the gunfire from the engagement.It sounded very close,and Griffiths had made sure the post's defences,were kept fully alert.They knew the jungle,was perfect ambush territory.Whoever saw the enemy first,would win the battle.

Griffiths made a routine check on his people,and was pleased to see them all highly alert.The two machine gun crews,kept a sharp eye out,for any hostile movement,and aiming their deadly weapons at the surrounding jungle.As an added defence,Griffiths had sent out four of his best shots,to act on sniper duty.He'd experienced Japanese snipers before,and knew they were extremely difficult to deal with.

However,Griffiths had the answer to that.To deal with a deadly sniper,he sent out one of his own.The only difference was,that his sniper was much more deadlier.He knew two of the four men he'd sent out,were highly experienced snipers.They'd successfully eliminated many Japanese,and both of them had assured him,that they'd give the alarm,if needed.

Pleased that there was no sign of the enemy so far,Griffiths made his way to one of the wooden huts.He entered,and saw three young,and very pretty girls.All the girls were dressed in the same military uniform as he was,and the trio were sitting down in front of a radio set,placed on a large table.

All three girls wore a pair of headphones,and were listening to enemy radio signals.A notepad was also in front of them,and they were all writing down,what they were hearing.

Griffiths walked up to one of the girls.This was Corporal Kelly Scott.Kelly was the leader of the girls,and she was popular.Griffiths liked Kelly a lot.He knew she was very pretty.Kelly had short,dark hair,very warm eyes,and she also had a first class brain.Griffiths owed her a great deal,as Kelly had deciphered hundreds of Japanese military codes.Thanks to her,Griffiths had been able to act decisively,and spoilt the enemy plans.

The two other girls,were known as Helen Thomas,and Jane Lloyd.Helen was blonde and blue eyed,whilst Jane was a brunette.Both girls did their jobs very well,as they decoded the Japanese messages.

Griffiths was pleased to get the information,but on the other hand,he wasn't happy the three girls were here,right near the enemy.He wasn't being sexist or chauvinistic.Instead,Griffiths was deeply concerned for the girls welfare.He didn't want them working,this close to danger.He knew,if any of the girls were captured by the Japanese,then they'd find out,about their radio interceptions.

Knowing of the brutal interrogation techniques,that the Japanese used,Griffiths didn't doubt for a moment,that Kelly,Jane,and Helen,wouldn't last long under it.
The girls needed protecting,and he was going to do precisely that.

He moved up to Kelly,who was currently translating a coded message,writing it down on her notepad.Once she'd done so,Kelly tore off the sheet of paper,and handed it up to Griffiths.He read the message,and his face became concerned.

Kelly too,had read the message.It was worrying,as she'd read a small squad of Japanese soldiers,were heading towards here.Kelly tensed,hoping they wouldn't get anywhere near her.She'd hate to end up as their prisoner,especially if they found out what she was doing here.

Once he'd read the message,Griffiths had immediately ordered a battle alert.His men responded,and quickly prepared to repel the enemy.

Seeing all was ready,Griffiths then turned back to Kelly,who was just wiping the sweat from her face.Griffiths could see her khaki army shirt,was drenched in it.They all were.Not only did they have to survive the Japanese enemy,but this unbelievable heat.

'You okay,Kelly?'Griffiths asked her,concerned.He always used everybody's first name,which was well appreciated by his people.Griffiths had know many men,who were officers,lay the law into their troops.He didn't like that,knowing it was counter-productive.Griffiths always liked to earn the trust of his people,and he had done so.

'I'm fine,sir.'Kelly smiled faintly up at him.She then went back to her duty,listening for any fresh enemy signals.

Griffiths however,could see that she wasn't.In fact,all of the girls looked knackered,and he saw to this.

'Take a break,ladies.'His voice was gentle,but firm.'That's an order.'

He noticed the grateful look each of the girls gave him,and they all stood up,and left the hut.Griffiths immediately ordered three of his men,to take over.He then went back,to help the defences.


Some way off,and approaching the listening post,a small squad of Japanese soldiers,were efficiently cutting their way through the jungle.

They were doing this,with razor sharp blades,and also keeping a sharp eye out.All of them knew,that they were in enemy territory now,but they were on a mission,and were determined to accomplish it.

In command of the squad,was Major Hamma.Like Griffiths,Hamma was well respected by his men.He too,had fought the Allies,since the war started.At first,Hamma was always on the winning side,as they swept aside,a disorganised,and badly affected enemy.Nothing could stop them for at least two years,and Hamma was very proud of his efforts.He and his men felt their soldiers work,did their Emperor proud.

However things had now dramatically changed.The Allies had slowly,but surely recovered,and with their excellent supply lines,were now pushing the Japanese out.Hamma knew things,were now getting desperate for his people.Their own supplies,had been ruthlessly destroyed or intercepted.The noose was now tightening,and despite the confidence spoken by his superiors,Hamma was now slowly accepting the grim reality,that Japan was facing the real possibility,of defeat.

Hamma angrily pushed those negative thoughts,to the back of his mind.He'd been given a job to do,and concentrated on it.His mission was important,and he hadn't forgotten his briefing on it with his superior,Colonel Sakai.

The briefing hadn't lasted very long,as Colonel Sakai didn't mess about.His manner was very brusque,as he started the briefing.He had a map of the nearby area,laid out in front of him on a small table.

'Our scouts have identified a small Allied listening post,near this position.'The colonel was holding a pencil,and marked the relevant area with it.

'We are not too sure of its function.'Colonel Sakai continued.'So I want you,Major,to take a group of your most trusted men,and find this out.You have a special task here,as the scouts reported Allied women,who were operating radio equipment.I want you to capture these women,and bring them back here for questioning.'

Hamma didn't like hearing the last part spoken,but he made no mention of it.He clearly heard the brusque manner,in which the colonel was addressing him.So instead,he smartly saluted him,and left,preparing for the mission.This was done soon enough,as Hamma chose six of his men,who had had plenty of jungle battle experience,and once their weapons and personal kit was sorted,Hamma led them,into the deep undergrowth.

They'd travelled for some time,constantly chopping their way through the jungle,and keeping a sharp eye out,for any lurking,and dangerous wildlife.Fortunately though,they encountered none of these,and finally,Hamma raised his arm in a silent signal,gesturing for his men to take cover.They did so.

Hamma then saw what they'd come for,as he clearly identified the Allied listening post.He pulled out his binoculars,and scanned the enemy defences.

The two machine gun posts,were well set,as they covered both approaches to the huts,and the patrolling sentries looked very sharp and alert.Hamma knew they were expecting trouble,and scanned the place once more.He then spotted his targets,as Kelly,Helen and Jane came into view.

Hamma could see they were British army personnel,and admitted to himself,that although the three girls were still the enemy,they were at least,very pretty.

However,Hamma kept his mind focused on his mission,and he silently gestured to his men,to make a complete circuit around the small British post.He then took out a small wooden blowpipe from his person,and nodded at his men with it.These weapons contained a dart,that would stun their enemy.Hamma had used lethal darts before,but supplies were now few and far between,and they just had to improvise.His men all understood,and took out their own blowpipes,before moving silently through the jungle,obeying their orders.

Hamma kept one of his men with him,so he could protect his back,whilst he sharply observed the enemy.He was silently hoping the British hadn't placed any snipers or booby traps here,but he had to admit,there hadn't been any sign of them.Maybe the British were overconfident here.Hamma sincerely hoped so,as he kept his binoculars on his targets.

He then got the silent signal from his men,that they were all in position,and awaiting orders.All of them held their blowpipes ready,waiting for his order.

Hamma then indicated the two machine gun crews,to be targeted first.After they were dealt with,the patrolling sentries would be next.Once they were incapicated,he and his men,could seize the women at their leisure.

He then spotted an opportunity.There was a smaller wooden building,which could only occupy one person,and Hamma guessed correctly,that this was their ablutions.There was a really good chance of grabbing the three girls undetected,if his men aimed accurately that is.

However,Hamma was totally confident in his men,and gesturing silently again to his comrade,both men moved through the undergrowth,heading towards that particular hut.

Once they'd both reached their new position,both men still kept low.Hamma was pleased to see,that the British hadn't spotted his people yet,and he fully intended to keep it that way.

Checking again that his men were ready to shoot their blowpipe weapons,Hamma gave another silent signal,and his men did so.Instantly,there was a reward,as the two machine gun crews,sagged limply to the ground.There was no movement from any of them,but Hamma was still aware of the patrolling sentries,and he then indicated his soldiers,at their next targets.

Again,every dart fired found its target.The British soldiers hit,just had a second to realise they'd been attacked,before they too fell forward,knocked unconcsious.

Pleased at that,Hamma then scanned the post for more targets,but only saw four men,in one of the huts.Three of them manned the radio equipment,and Hamma clearly identified their commander.An experienced soldier,Hamma always recognised another one,and he hoped to get one over this tough looking Englishman.

For the moment though,Hamma was grateful that the enemy hadn't spotted anything amiss,and it was then,that Hamma got the bonus he was hoping for.One of the girls,was now walking towards the hut where they were hiding.

Hamma slowly and carefully,produced a cloth from his person.He folded it over,into a rectangular block,and waited for the right moment to strike.The way he'd folded the cloth,would smother the girl's screams,but he had to be quick and decisive.There were still armed men there,so he'd have to eliminate that threat.

Both Japanese men crouched as low as they could,watching the English girl enter the hut.Hamma decided to seize her,when she came out of it.Hamma noticed the girl would face the machine gun crews,now knocked out.She would surely see them like that,and Hamma would have to move,not wanting the girl to raise the alarm.He waited patiently for her,to leave the hut.This wasn't long in coming,as he watched the girl exit the hut.The moment she turned her back to them,Hamma quickly pounced on her.


Kelly was enjoying her break.She had to admit her,Helen and Jane badly needed it.They spent so much time,listening in on the radio,and concentrated on their jobs,that they were all knackered at the end of their duty shift.

However,they all knew it was highly important work they were doing,and they were saving Allied lives.Kelly and her friends,would continue to do so.

Kelly now wanted to get back to that work,and was just about to head back,when she suddenly saw something wrong.

Much to her surprise and utter disbelief,Kelly noticed the men manning the machine gun nests,were now sprawled motionless in them.Kelly's eyes widened,realising the enemy were now here,and had already taken out their main line of defence.

I've got to warn Major Griffiths! Kelly thought frantically,and had just moved to run back to where he was,when a hand clamped something tight over her mouth.A powerful arm wrapped itself around her waist,and unable to utter a cry,Kelly was yanked back.

Hamma made sure he kept the cloth tight over the girl's mouth,and pleased her frantic mumbles were not heard by her friends,he quickly applied a pressure point on Kelly's neck.The girl immediately sagged in his grasp.

Hamma then silently ordered his man with him,to tie Kelly up.The man did so,quickly binding her wrists behind her.He then produced his own strip of cloth,and he folded it over several times,and tied it tightly over Kelly's mouth.

With Kelly now securely bound and gagged,Hamma turned his attention towards the next two girls.He'd already decided to eliminate the remaining men,not affected by the blowpipe darts.However,Hamma would wait until the two girls would come to him.He had no doubt they'd miss their female friend.As soon as they'd both come,then he would be free to finish the British enemy off.

Much to Hamma's delight,the two remaining girls did precisely what he was hoping for.Both Helen and Jane,now slightly concerned for Kelly,were now walking towards them.

Hamma indicated to his colleague to grab the blonde woman,whilst he'd seize the brunette.Both men tensed,as their unsuspecting prey drew nearer.

Helen and Jane had noticed Kelly had been gone for a while.It was Helen who told Griffiths of their intentions,just to make sure Kelly was okay.He'd agreed,but told warned both girls to be careful,and report anything suspicious.Helen and Jane promised him they would.

The two girls had reached the wooden hut,where they'd last seen Kelly,but of their friend,there was no sign.Helen and Jane held puzzled looks.

'Where could she have gone?'Helen asked.'She certainly wouldn't have gone off,into the jungle on her own.'

Jane agreed.She and Helen knew Kelly wasn't stupid. Like her freind,Jane scanned their temporary base,and just like Kelly before her,she too,suddenly spotted the senseless men,lying by their weapons.She instantly grabbed Helen's arm.

'Oh my god! Look,Helen!'Jane's finger pointed towards the now defenceless machine gun posts.Helen's face was shocked too,as she then saw the sentries,also lying on the ground,and totally motionless.

'We're under attack!'Helen whispered urgently,and with Jane nodding her understanding,both girls made to run towards where Griffiths was,and warn their friends.Neither of them got the chance too.

In a flash,Hamma and his man sprang up once again,seizing Helen and Jane exactly the same way as Kelly had been.The two Japanese men enjoyed hearing the two girls frightened mumbles,as they were hand gagged.Helen and Jane were powerless to stop themselves,from being dragged away from their base,before they too,were knocked senseless by pressure point attack.

Hamma was pleased.He'd successfully captured all three female radio operators,and he quickly helped to bind and gag their latest two prisoners.Both Helen and Jane had their hands tied behind them,and were gagged with wide bands of green cloth,tied firmly over their mouths.

Satisfied at this,Hamma then made signals to his men,to take the three girls away.This was done,and now Hamma could finally concentrate on battle,as he scanned the enemy.

He still couldn't believe the British troops,were still unaware they'd lost most of their people here.Perhaps they were over confident.Hamma mused,but he wasn't going to be lenient.He'd finish the rest off here,and make sure his small group,wouldn't be pursued.

Carefully moving through the undergrowth,Hamma selected favourable positions,for his men to launch their assault.Hamma and a couple of his men,would throw anti-personnel grenades,whilst the rest of his group,would use their automatic weapons.Hamma sensed these British soldiers,would never know what hit them.

He pulled out a grenade,and nodded for one of his men to do the same.The Japanese soldier did so,and pulled the firing pin out,then he stood up,preparing to throw,whilst his comrades waited tensely to follow.

The next moment,there was the sound of a single shot,which sent the Japanese soldier flying backwards.His now lifeless grip on the grenade,sent it falling to the ground.

Instantly,the grenade shattered,which caused Hamma and his men to duck.However,not all escaped it's lethal blast.One more of his men was killed on the spot,and Hamma realised he'd lost the element of surprise.He could see the rest of the British soldiers,now springing into action.They had made sure their weapons were within arms reach,and every one of them grabbed them.They then sought and took cover,ready for battle.

Hamma cursed inwardly.So there had been a sniper here after all.Whoever it was,had certainly camoflagued himself superbly.Hamma hadn't seen anything remotely suspicious,indicating a sniper hide.However he did know,that this British sniper,had saved his comrades lives,from their intended ambush.It was also,a very good shot.

As much as he wanted to fight,Hamma knew his mission,and that was to get his three female prisoners back,so he ordered his men to carry the still knocked out forms,of Kelly,Helen,and Jane.

'Fall back.'Hamma quietly ordered.He certainly didn't want any of his men,to be that sniper's next victims,so he added firmly.'Do not return fire.'

His orders were promptly obeyed,and within moments,he and the rest of his group,vanished into the jungle with their three,bound and gagged female prisoners.


Grimly,the man who made the successful sniper shot,studied the surrounding terrain,where he'd last seen the enemy.He'd just spotted the single Japanese soldier,who was getting ready to throw a grenade.After he'd dealt with him however,there were no more targets,and after a tense study,he finally knew the Japanese had gone.

He then received orders from Griffiths to report in,and he obeyed.At first glance,his hide was nothing but a mass of jungle coverings,but then,the figure of a man loomed up.He was dressed in jungle battle kit,and armed with two holstered handguns.A sheathed knife was there too,and his whole powerful frame,was cunningly disguised in jungle camoflague.Hamma had been right.There was no way he or his men,would have spotted him.

The British sniper then hurried back to the listening post.Here,the men in the machine gun posts,as well as the prone sentries,were anxiously being checked over,seeing the small darts embedded into their necks.

Much to their relief though,they found the darts weren't lethal,and knew the affected men would recover.

Even so,it didn't take them long to realise,that Kelly,Helen and Jane were now missing.Griffiths was infuriated at this,having three of his best code breakers kidnapped,right under his nose.From the damage assessment,he knew he'd been damn lucky,not to have suffered any fatalities,but his heart was anxious for the girls.It certainly didn't take a genuis,to know that was what the Japanese raiding party had come for,and Griffiths was already making plans,to rescue the girls.

He then saw who he needed for the job,as one of his snipers reported in.The sniper didn't salute him,and Griffiths was pleased he didn't.Anybody who saluted an officer out here,marked him as a target.

'Private Jennings,reporting in,as ordered,sir.'The sniper known as Jennings told him.

'Good work,Jennings.'Griffiths meant that.'You saved our necks,and you shot good.'

'Thank you,sir.'

'I'm sure you know the enemy has abducted Kelly,Helen and Jane.'Griffiths sighed.'They must have got wind,of our radio operations against them.They'll have wanted the girls to question them,which I'm sure you know,isn't in our best interests.'

'Yes,sir.'Jennings nodded.'What do you need from me?'

'Find out where they've taken the girls,and free them from the enemy,before they force them to talk.'

'Can I bring Monty,sir?'Jennings asked.'He can watch my back,when I go in.'

'Of course.'Griffiths nodded his approval,knowing these two men were great mates,and also two of his deadliest fighters.'I'll get onto HQ,and get them to tell us the most likliest place,the Japs are holed up.'

Griffiths then offered his hand to Jennings,who took it.

'Good luck,Jennings.I know you'll succeed.'He knew this man did,but still had to warn him regardless.'Just remember,Jennings.We can't allow the Japs to break the girls.I don't need to remind you,should that possibility occur.'

Jennings knew what Griffiths was saying.It was an elimination order,and something that he didn't want to do,but he nodded his understanding to his commanding officer.

'You can trust me,sir.You know you can.'Jennings told him.

Griffiths fully believed him.He too,didn't want the girls killed,to deny the Japanese their secrets,but he had to say that,for military purposes.

However,he knew Jennings very well,and he was pleased to see him respond back positively.

'I'll get them back,sir.Me and Monty will.The Japs won't find out anything.'

'Very good.'Griffiths was pleased to hear him say that.'Pack what you need.I'll call you over,when I've got the location of the Japs hideout.'

Jennings nodded,and without saluting,hurried off to prepare.

Griffiths got on the radio to army HQ,and got the information he needed.He then marked the enemy position on a map,and then called Jennings back.This time,he was accompanied by his best friend,Montgomery.Just like Jennings,he was a deadly sniper,and held an impressive amount of kills.Nobody asked him how many,but everybody believed him.Both he and Jennings,had saved many Allied lives,shooting down fanatical Japanese soldiers.

'Here's the target's position.'Griffiths handed Jennings the map.'Bring them back,Jennings.'His tone was half serious,half worried,knowing full well the girls predicament.

'Understood,sir.'Jennings then nodded to Montgomery,and together,they both disappeared into the jungle.

Griffiths hoped to see them all again.He badly needed them,knowing how good and important his people were.Although he knew Jennings and Montgomery had never failed him,he still worried.In the end,all Griffiths could do now,was to wait and pray.

To be continued?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Travel Job

'So,you sure you'll be okay?'

Sarah sighed,as she glanced over at her sister,Helen,who'd asked the question.Both girls were eating breakfast at the table,and still dressed in the night clothes.

'Will you stop worrying,Helen?'Sarah mildly scolded her younger sister.'I'm just going for a job interview,that's all.'

'Yeah,I know that,Sarah,but-'Helen tried to smile,but she couldn't finish. Sarah could see she was really concerned about something,and she leaned forward to her,taking Helen's hands in her own.Sarah gazed with deep compassion at her sister.Both of them were really great mates,and of course,were very close.They had similar facial features.Sarah was a little taller,and had a warm personality.This fact helped her,to achieve her goals.

Helen was a lot more reserved,but she too,was warm,although people had to prove themselves to her.Helen was very wary of strangers.The only people she trusted,was her family.

'But what?'Sarah asked Helen gently,still holding her sister's hand affectionately.'What's the matter,Helen?'

Helen looked back warmly too at her,but smiled sheepishly.

'I'm sorry,Sarah.'Helen meant her apology.'I'm just worried about you,with this interview you're going too.'

'The stewardess job?'Sarah was mildly surprised,to hear that.'Why?'

'Haven't you seen where the flight takes you? It's into Saudi Arabia,the Middle East.'


'So that means you'll be going into a country,that's notorious for slavery gangs.'Helen's eyes pleaded at her elder sister,as she tightened her grip on Sarah's hands.'Please,Sarah.Don't go to that interview today.'

Sarah sighed again,but she squeezed Helen's hands back.

'There's nothing to worry about,Helen.I'm just applying for a job,which is something what I've always wanted.If I'm lucky enough to get it,I can travel all over the world,and you can come with me.'She smiled.'We'll have some great holidays.Places we've only dreamed of going.'

Helen didn't reply to that.She was utterly convinced,that Sarah was walking into trouble.She'd make sure her sister would be fine,and already had a plan in her mind.

'Never mind.'Helen just grinned at Sarah.'I'm just rabbiting on.'

Helen then went back to eating her breakfast,but Sarah was gazing curiously at her.However,she made no further comment on the subject,and went back to her own breakfast.

Once Sarah had finished,she went up to her bedroom to get changed.It didn't take her long,as she selected a white shirt,with a dark blue,knee length skirt.Sarah had also chosen to wear,the same coloured nylons,and she then put her smartly polished,black high heels on.

As Sarah checked herself out in the mirror,she felt confident that she appeared smart.Then,Sarah put on a matching dark blue jacket,that went well with her skirt.For a moment,as Sarah looked at her reflection,she thought she looked quite sexy.

However,Sarah thought she was being a little big-headed,and instantly dismissed it.She then went to get her car keys,and once she'd found them,Sarah turned to Helen,who was still at the table.

'Well,this is it.'Sarah grinned at her.'Wish me luck then.'

Sarah then bent down a little,to give Helen a warm,friendly kiss on her cheek.Helen responded,as she did the same.

'Good luck,Sarah.'Helen meant that.She always wanted Sarah to do well,in everything she pursued.

'Thank you,Helen.'Sarah kept her grin,and stroked her hand affectionately,through Helen's hair.'Don't worry,okay? I'll let you know how it went.'

They hugged again,and then,Sarah left the house,and got into her car.Within a minute,she drove off,waving at Helen as she did so.

Standing by the window,Helen returned her sister's friendly wave,with a nice smile.However,as soon as Sarah had disappeared,Helen's face became determined.She was going to protect Sarah,no matter what,as she then picked up her mobile,and made a phone call.

'Jennings Security.'A female voice greeted her.

'I need to talk to Mister Jennings,please.'Helen's voice was still worried.'He's doing a case for me.'

'Your name,please?'The woman asked.

'Helen Bennett.'

The next moment,Helen heard the voice of the man,she needed to speak too.

'Hello,Helen.'His voice was friendly,and Helen had liked him from the moment she'd met him.'How are you?'

'Hello John.I'm fine.'Helen responded,before she then informed him,'Sarah's on her way to the airport now.Her interview's scheduled for 0930,with a Miss Saunders.'

'Yes,thanks.'Jennings replied.'Don't worry.I'll keep an eye out,for your Sarah.'

'Please do,John.'Helen's voice was almost pleading.'Something's not right about this job,she's going for.We both know a lot of girls,have gone missing in that place.'

Helen had already done some background checking,on the job Sarah was applying for.The firm was known as,'Saudi Flights'.It was a private airline,flying from Dubai to Heathrow,on a regular basis.Helen had checked the flight fares,and was stunned to see the prices demanded.Only an overpaid Premiership footballer,or a senior politician,who earned money normal people could only dream of getting,could afford these prices.So unfair.Helen thought correctly.

At least,if anybody did pay the fee,they were guaranteed a flight,practically in perfect luxury.The seats were more than comfortable,and leg room was very spacious,unlike the cramped economy class,that Helen had flown on before.There was a good choice of food and drinks offered,and Sarah had told Helen,that the wages were very good.If she succeeded in getting the job,they'd both be a lot better off financially.

'I understand,Helen.'Jennings had answered her straight away.'I'll keep my eyes on Sarah,and don't worry,okay?'

Helen appreciated what Jennings was saying to her,and thanked him before ending the call.She'd heard a lot about this man,and knew he had been a professional soldier,in the British army.He was now in the private detective business,and he came highly recommended.Helen had wanted somebody,to watch out for her sister.She didn't trust that Saudi Flights,but she did trust Jennings.This actually surprised her,as normally,Helen didn't really have much faith in people.However,when she'd met Jennings,she liked him immediately,and knew he was a good man,even though she didn't know him.For now,all she could do,was to keep her fingers crossed.


Grimly,Jennings put the phone down,as soon as he'd finished speaking with Helen,his latest client.He fully detected the worry in the girl's voice,and just knew this was a genuine case.

His receptionist,a very pretty girl known as Jane,had never stopped looking at him,since he'd spoken on the phone.Her face was worried too.

'I hope we can help her,John.'Jane told him.Her tone of voice,was worried also.

'We will,Jane,and Sarah too.'Jennings reassured her.'Did you find anything else,about this airline?'

'I did,indeed,and it's not good.'Jane then handed him a file,and Jennings opened it.The first thing he noticed,were four photographs.Every one of them,showed a very pretty girl.They had their names written down,on each of their pictures.Jennings read their names to himself.Karen Smith,a blonde,with warm blue eyes.Jennifer Lloyd,a long,dark haired brunette.Carol Saunders,another blonde,but with shorter hair than Karen's,and Michelle Yang,a Thai girl,whose raven black hair and warm dark eyes.All of the girls,were smiling at the camera,and Jennings suddenly had a nasty feeling.This made him glance back at Jane,who nodded.

'These four girls have all disappeared,John.'Jane informed him.'Their last known movements,were heading towards this airline.All of them,were applying for a job there.'

'I see.'Jennings just had his suspicions confirmed.'Well,we'll have to do something about that.'

Jennings then picked up the phone on Jane's desk,and made a quick call.

'Jan,you okay? It's John.Look,can you meet me at Heathrow airport,terminal two.I'll need your help.'

He paused for a moment,listening to the response,before he then answered.

'There's some bad guys there,and there are people in trouble.'

This did the trick,and Jennings nodded,satisfied,as he then said:

'Okay,get there as quick as you can.I'm heading there now.'

Jennings then put the phone down,and asked Jane.'Do you have the address of this airline,Jane?'

Jane nodded,as she'd written it down on a piece of paper,before handing it to him.Jennings looked at the address there.It was actually in Heathrow airport itself,and he knew it would take some time to find the place.Better get moving then.He told himself.

'Okay.I'm going up there now.'Jennings said.'I'll ring you later,if I need anything,Jane.'

'Be careful,John.'Jane's voice was now concerned.

'I will.'Jennings nodded this time.'You stay by the phone.I'll check in later.'

Jennings then left the private offices his business was set up,and got into his own car.Heathrow was an hour's drive away from here,but he knew he had to get there quickly.Within a few moments,Jennings was now driving towards Heathrow.


Sarah finally found a parking space,in one of Heathrow's huge car parks.She was lucky though.The office she had to go to,was right next to the car park,and after Sarah paid the entrance fee,she locked up the car,and headed towards the address.Sarah had done her homework,and had actually checked where the exact location was,so she didn't have any problems finding the place.

Sarah finally reached the address,which was a small office,located in one of the huge,Heathrow terminal buildings.She checked her watch,and was satisfied to see,that she was ten minutes early.

As Sarah walked into the office,the first thing she saw,was a woman,sitting behind a desk.The office was indeed small,but everything appeared neat and tidy,and as soon she'd entered,the woman's eyes locked onto her immediately.Sarah noticed the woman wasn't young.She looked to be approaching middle age,but she was smartly dressed,and her eyes looked cunning.Sarah noticed that.

However,Sarah was here for a job interview,and with a friendly smile,approached the woman.

'Good morning.'Sarah greeted her politely.'My name's Miss Bennett.I'm here to apply for the job of-'

'Ah,yes.'The woman interrupted her,smiling.'You're Sarah,aren't you?I'm Miss Saunders.'The smile suddenly increased,as she offered her hand to Sarah.'I've been expecting you.'

Sarah didn't like the woman's smile.She thought she saw a sinister look there,but didn't comment on it.Instead,she accepted the hand,and shook it.The woman's grip on her,was firm,and Sarah thought she was being held for a moment.Sarah clearly saw a menacing gleam,in the woman's eyes.She didn't like that either.

Then,much to her relief,Miss Saunders released her hand,and gestured for Sarah to sit down.Sarah did so,sitting opposite her,and crossed her legs.Miss Saunders watched her,as she did so,and for the first time,Sarah began to feel alarm.

Miss Saunders noticed Sarah's face,and tried to ease the girl's concern.

'Please forgive me,my dear.'She spoke,in what was hoped,to be a reassuring tone.'I think you're very pretty.I didn't mean to scare you.'

'Thank you.'Sarah responded carefully,but it was a compliment,and if things turned out okay here,she was on a good start,in getting this job.

'So,'Miss Saunders began the interview.'You're applying for a position,on our cabin crew.'She stated that,before resting her hands on her chin thoughtfully.Her gaze never left Sarah,as she then asked her.'Why do you want this position,Miss Bennett?'

Sarah had that answer ready for her.

'It's something I've always wanted to do,ma'am.'Sarah spoke truthfully.'I believe it's a challenge,and would love to assist your business.'

Sarah could see Miss Saunders'face was pleased,and her confidence grew,although the woman then asked her,'So you have had previous experience,on cabin crew?'

'No,ma'am.'Sarah had to respond truthfully to that.It was a dreaded question,at any interview.Like so many others before her,Sarah always thought,how can I get the experience,if they don't use me? It was so frustrating.

However,Sarah knew she had to keep the interview positive,and then continued:

'I have talked to many people,who are on cabin crew duty.I've offered to help,when things are a bit tough,and they accepted.It was something I really enjoyed,and would love to give it a go full time.'

'I see.'Miss Saunders nodded.'Who did you help out?'

'It was actually this airline.I flew to Saudi Arabia,on a work experience trip.'

'Ah,lucky you.'Miss Saunders smiled,more pleasantly this time.'You have your references,of course?'

'Of course.'Sarah reached into her handbag,and gave them to her.She watched Miss Hunter look at the names,before she then stood up.

'Will you excuse me,my dear? I just need to check on something.'

Sarah thought she was going to contact her references,so simply nodded.Then,Miss Saunders left her,and she waited patiently.

Taking her time,Miss Saunders entered another room,where two men were waiting for her.Both men were dressed as Arabs,and appeared very tough men.Like Miss Saunders eyes earlier,the men were looking at Sarah's sitting form.The girl couldn't see them,but both men enjoyed observing,their next unsuspecting victim.

Miss Saunders handed the sheet of paper,on which Sarah's references were written down,to one of the Arabs.

'Here's the girl's references.'She told them.'Do you think they might be a problem,Shiek Bolak?'

The man known as Bolak,took the paper from her,and read the names.A slight smile lit up his,usually dark features,that promised ill will to anybody,who dared crossed him.

'On the contrary,Miss Saunders.'Shiek Bolak was pleased,just like herself.He'd been listening to the interview too.'These people won't give us any problems whatsoever.For you see,they work for us.Miss Bennett wants to join us quite keenly,so she asked some of our staff,to provide her with the needed references.'

'I see.'Miss Saunders nodded her understanding.She then glanced at Sarah,then back at him.'I take it you approve? Shall we take her?'

'Of course.'Shiek Bolak fully agreed,and he then turned to his silent companion.'You will do the honours,of course,my brother?'

His brother gave a nasty smile,as he too,gazed lustfully at the girl.

'Nothing would give me greater pleasure.'He agreed too.'When shall we seize her?'

'I don't see no time like the present.'Shiek Bolak's lustful eyes,couldn't avert themselves from Sarah.'We'll put her with our other pretty guests.'He then glanced back at Miss Saunders.'Would you check on them,just to make sure they're still here,Miss Saunders,please?'

'My pleasure.'Miss Saunders grinned,as she made her way to a back room,which actually led into a private hanger.Here,a private jet,obviously the property of the Bolak brothers,stood waiting for it's next flight.A couple of ground crew,were at present,checking and refuelling the plane,but Miss Saunders attention,went straight to a corner of the hanger,and her grin increased.

Here,sitting on the hanger floor,were four young women.Like Sarah,they were all dressed smartly in business suits.Obviously,they'd attended an interview with Miss Saunders applying for the job she had deviously set up.All these girls had fallen for it,dreaming of a well paid job,and have some great travel perks.

Unfortunately,the girls had walked right into a trap.Miss Saunders had lured each one of them here,pretending to give them a tour of the plane they'd be flying on.Instead,a chloroform soaked handkerchief,was ruthlessly clamped over their mouths.The ground crew did this,hiding and waiting for the right moment to strike.All of their female victims,were easily subdued,and Miss Saunders had ordered the girls bound and gagged.The ground crew willingly did this,and one of them stayed to guard over them.He held a handgun ready,just as a warning to the girls.

Miss Saunders then made her way over,to where the four squirming girls,were still sitting.Every one of them looked up at her,and their eyes were full of fear.Miss Hunter was pleased,seeing that above their white tape gags.All four girls,had their hands tied behind their backs,and their ankles were tied together,preventing them from running off.More loops of rope,were tied horizontally over their upper bodies,above and below their chests,which actually excited Miss Saunders.She couldn't wait to get started on them,once she'd get them on the plane.

'Comfortable,ladies?'She smirked down at her pretty captives.They all mumbled behind their gags at her,which Miss Saunders enjoyed.'I promise we'll have you out of here soon,just as soon as we bring our latest pretty slave here.'

The four girls could only look up at her in horror,fully realising,that the woman who kidnapped them,was now going to kidnap another innocent girl.

Miss Saunders then turned the man guarding them.He was still holding the weapon,and although he wasn't aiming it at the women,he kept it in sight of them.

'Get the girls hidden.'She instructed him.'There's another unsuspecting beauty here.After you've tied her up,we're ready to leave.'

The man nodded,and Miss Saunders then made her way back,to where Sarah was waiting.


Jennings finally reached Heathrow airport,and had also entered the same car park,that Sarah had driven in earlier.He was lucky to find a parking space,knowing time was critical.After exiting the car,Jennings didn't bother paying the parking fee,every second counted.If there was a problem later with this,he'd explain it to the security people.

Quickly,Jennings ran towards the address Helen had given him earlier.He was hoping he wasn't too late.


Sarah finally watched Miss Saunders come back into the room.She hoped things were going well,and could see the woman was smiling,as she sat back down opposite.

'Forgive the delay,my dear.'Miss Saunders apologised.'I just had to check on something.'

'Oh?'Sarah remained polite too.'I hope everything was okay?'

'Never better.'Miss Saunders smiled.The sinister gleam returned in her eyes,but it was just for a moment.'I'd like to show you the aircraft,that you'll be working on.'

Sarah's eyes suddenly widened,in expectant exhilaration.Had she done it?

'I got the job?'Sarah asked.

'I'm satisfied,my dear.'Miss Saunders kept her smile.'That is,if you're willing to start immediately?'

Sarah nodded eagerly,with all her previous nerves vanishing.She'd done it!A job!She never felt so happy.Wait till Helen found out.It really was,great news.

'Follow me,please,Miss Bennett.'Miss Saunders stood up again,and led the way out.She went the same way as before,with Sarah following eagerly.

She led Sarah down into the hanger,where she could let the girl see the plane.Miss Saunders noticed the excitement in Sarah's face,as she saw it.She smiled to herself.The girl was behaving just like the others,that she'd shown before her.

'Impressive,isn't it,my dear?'Miss Saunders asked,glancing at the ground crew,who were standing round it.One of them gave a wave to her,which she understood.It was the signal,indicating they were ready.

'Yes,it looks great.'Sarah had answered straight away.'Can I have a look inside,please?'

'Of course,my dear.That's why I bought you here.'

She then led Sarah down towards the plane,and then stopped at the portable steps,that led into the aircraft.She gestured politely to Sarah to go first,who gratefully accepted.As Sarah climbed the steps,Miss Saunders was right behind her.She was pleased to see the girl hadn't noticed,one of the ground crew discreetly give her the chloroform dabbed hankerchief.

Sarah reached the to of the steps,and was suddenly aware of a lot of mumbling coming from inside the plane.Puzzled,she stepped into it,and then stood in shock.

The mumbling was coming from four women,who'd been bound and and gagged tightly,and strapped into the chairs.All their eyes were pleading at Sarah,who couldn't move for a few moments,as she refused to believe what she was seeing.

When Sarah did decide to move,and help them,it was too late.Miss Saunders powerful arm seized around her waist,and her hand clamped hard over Sarah's mouth.Sarah instantly tried to scream her head off,but the woman's hand was holding something over her mouth.Sarah suddenly knew she was being chloroformed,and this made her go into frantic struggling,but Miss Saunders strength was too good,and within moments,Sarah plunged into darkness.

Still keeping the chloroform soaked hankerchief over the girl's mouth,Miss Saunders was delighted with her latest catch.She also enjoyed the faint,but despairing mumbles from her prisoners,knowing they could do nothing to help Sarah.

With Sarah now out cold,Miss Saunders then gestured to a waiting ground crew man,who came into the plane.Both of them then helped each other,as they put Sarah into an empty seat.The two of them,then produced coils of ropes,and began to bind Sarah to the chair.

They bound Sarah,precisely as all the other four girls were.Sarah's hands were tied tightly behind the chair,and they both wound plenty of loops of rope,over and below Sarah's chest.All these loops were pulled tight,firmly securing Sarah to the chair,before the man then tied her ankles together.Finally,the man produced a roll of white tape,and he tore off a large,rectangular strip.He then sealed it over Sarah's mouth,brushing away the long strands of hair.He grinned with relish at Miss Saunders,who nodded her thanks.

'Excellent work.'She was delighted.'Now would you mind informing the Shieks,that we're ready to go.'She then pulled out her own handgun,smiling at the frightened girls.'I'll keep an eye on them.'

The man's grin widened,and he hurriedly left the plane.Miss Saunders then sat on an empty seat,calmly keeping an eye on her bound,gagged prisoners.

'Just sit tight,ladies.'She chuckled.'It won't be long now,but don't get your hopes up.Nobody knows you're here,and nobody ever will.You're all ours now.'

The four gagged girls,could only mumble fearfully at her,and their eyes were desperate,hoping for any sign of rescue,but there was none.

Pleased,Miss Saunders settled back in her chair,calmly waiting for the Bolak brothers,who would fly the plane to their country,but she watched her captives like a hawk.


Jennings had literally ran towards where he needed to be.He was in good,physical shape,as he still did his fitness training,and it didn't take him long to reach his destination.

The first thing he saw,was several hangers.All of them held a private jet,and Jennings could see ground crews working on them.He decided to keep out of sight for the moment,and after making sure he wasn't seen,Jennings carefully observed them.

He didn't see anything suspicious,but as he looked more closely,Jennings noticed one of the aircraft,which had a portable stairway linked to it.He then spotted two Arab men,walking into the hanger,and they both appeared quite pleased with themselves.Jennings then saw one of the ground crew walk up to them,and after exchanging a few words,the man led the Arabs to the foot of the portable stairway.

The man climbed up,and disappeared into the plane,before Jennings saw a woman emerge,and she was holding a gun.This confirmed everything for Jennings,and still keeping out of sight,he took out his mobile,and redialled his friend's number once more.His call was answered,as he knew it would be.

'Jan,you here yet? Okay,good.I've found the bad guys,but will need you to distract them.'There was a quick pause,as he heard the positive response.

'Okay,good.Where are you now?'Jennings listened,and then he gave the directions needed.He was reassured,that his diversion was coming.

'Okay.'Jennings still kept his eyes peeled,as he then said.'Get airport security here,Jan.Tell them you've spotted two armed people with handguns,and that's the truth.'

Again,he was reassured on that,and the call ended.

With that done,Jennings then counted how many people were here,and could prove hostile opponents.There were three ground crew present,as well as the two Arab men,with the armed woman.He then spotted one of the ground crew,who was also armed,and he tensed,trying to think of something.He was fairly sure the girls,were all on that plane,and he needed to get into it.

He was pretty confident the airport security staff,would take Jan's call seriously,considering the very real threat to air traffic.Jennings still kept his eye on his targets,and then watched the two Arab men climb up the stairs,and entered the plane.The woman followed them,and Jennings could see their smiles.It was quite clear,that the three of them were in cahoots with each other.

He then received another phone call from Jan,who was pleased to tell him,that the airport security staff,had taken this seriously,and had called in the armed police squad.Jennings was pleased to hear that too,but he still realised he had to get the girls safely off the plane.

Jennings looked at the ground crew.The men looked really tough,but he felt confident to take them on,but decided to use stealth tactics.Quickly,he made sure he wasn't seen by the men,and then began to stalk,his first intended victim.


On the plane,Miss Saunders sat back down in her chair,smiling with ominous intent at her prisoners.The girls also cringed in fear,as the two Arab men entered.Both men leered down in relish,eagerly savouring their catch.They both glanced at Sarah's bound and gagged form,seeing the girl slowly coming to her senses,and one of the brothers moved over to her,stroking his hand down her cheek.

'You've done well,Miss Saunders.I congratulate you.'It was the first Shiek Bolak speaking to her.'This one will make a very pretty slave indeed,just as these four beauties will.'His direct,meaningful stare at the four other bound,gagged girls,made them more frightened,and he then noticed their latest captive,now fully realising her predicament.Sarah's eyes bulged up at him,and seeing she'd been tied up,Sarah desperately tried to free herself,but to no avail.

Her captors watched her futile efforts,in much amusement.Miss Saunders rose from her chair,and walked over,to stand in front of Sarah.

'Don't waste your time,my pretty.'The woman sneered down at her,stroking her gun down Sarah's cheek.'There is no escape,so you may as well accept what's coming to you.'

Miss Saunders then placed the gun under Sarah's chin,and tilted her head up.

'You see,my dear.Allow me to introduce the Shiek Bolak brothers.'The woman nodded her head,at the two men.'They're well known in their country,for having quite a collection of very pretty girls,all in their clutches of course.'Miss Saunders smile,became more nasty.'You,my pretty,and these four beauties,are their latest additions.You're going to do exactly as they say.If you don't,well,you'll regret it.I can promise you that.'

Her smile remained nasty,as she and the two men,enjoyed watching Sarah struggling vainly.Sarah was frantic inside.Helen had been right!How could she have been so stupid,not checking this place out first.Now,she was a helpless captive,and from what this horrible,evil woman had just told her,her kidnappers appeared to be,some kind of slave owners.God! Sarah knew she had to escape,but she was bound and gagged tight,and knew this was impossible.All she could do now,was pray.

'Right,'The second Shiek said.'Let's get moving.'

His brother and Miss Saunders fully agreed.The former went to join his sibling in the plane's cockpit,whilst Miss Saunders settled herself comfortably,into her seat.Her sinister smirk stayed,as she kept the gun,in full view of the girls.

All the five girls listened in utter despair,as they heard the plane's engines come to life.It was then,that Miss Saunders realised the door hadn't been closed.She took her seat belt off,and went to shut it.

Just as her hand closed on the door,she suddenly froze,as she noticed one of the ground crew,lying horizontal on the hanger floor.From the corner of her eye,Miss Saunders then spotted another man of the ground crew,also sprawled motionless.

By now of course,Miss Saunders realised something was seriously wrong.Somebody was here,and had obviously come for the girls.Quickly,the woman whirled around,and was making her way back into the aircraft,where she'd warn the Bolak brothers.

She never got the chance.A hand suddenly grabbed her neck,and started to squeeze it.Instantly,Miss Saunders felt herself blacking out.It was obviously,a pressure point,and she had no defence against it.The hand from her unseen attacker,tightened more,and finally,Miss Saunders sagged into oblivion.


Jennings watched Jan deal with the woman easily.Like himself,Jan Hunt was a highly experienced soldier.She was a master in unarmed combat,and Miss Hunter proved no problem whatsoever.

He too,had dealt with the ground crew.Jennings had sneaked up to every one of them,and dealt each,a hard,knock out blow.None of the men knew,what had hit them.

Having accomplished that,Jennings then made sure the wheel chocks,remained in position,keeping the plane in place.Satisfied they were,he then noticed Hunt finally come up to him,and after explaining the situation to her,Hunt nodded,and lay in ambush,waiting for Miss Saunders to appear.

Now that the woman was senseless,Hunt gestured silently to Jennings to come up.He did so,keeping his entry quiet,and peering round a corner,Jennings noticed five,very pretty girls,who were sitting in the passenger area.He also recognised them all,remembering the girls photos he'd looked at earlier.Another thing he noticed,was that all the girls,were tightly tied up on the chairs.Every one of them was also gagged,with a large strip of white tape.They all looked really scared.

Jennings however,was going to help them,and he moved with stealth towards them.Two of the girls suddenly saw him,and they instantly tried to scream for help at him,but fortunately,their gags rendered their attempted cries useless,but Jennings quickly put his finger to his lips to them all,and was pleased to see them nod their understanding.

Keeping his eyes on the cockpit,where he could see the two Shieks,who were doing a checklist,before they started their taxi to the runway.Jennings watched them sharply,and he raised his arm,indicating for Hunt to come forward.When she did so,Jennings then nodded,at the five bound and gagged girls,and Hunt moved forward to free them,whilst he moved closer towards the cockpit.

In the cockpit,the two Shiek brothers were taking their time,doing the final checks,before they'd taxi out to the runway.They were eager to get fly back home,with their newly acquired catch,but both realised they had to go through the checks.

Still,it was going well,and the plane's engines had been started.There were just a few more things to run through,before they could finally get things moving.

They finally completed their checks,and with eager grins on their faces,one of them nodded to his sibling,that he could now move the aircraft forward.His brother nodded,and activated the controls to do so.

Nothing happened.The plane didn't even budge.

Puzzled,but not worried,the brothers glanced through the cockpit window.They saw no sign of the ground crew,and one of the brothers turned back.

'Go and check outside.See what's happening.'

Shiek Bolak's brother nodded,and was just rising up out of his flight seat,when Jennings' hard fist,smashed into his face.The man reeled,falling back senseless.Seeing his brother being hit so ruthlessly,Shiek Bolak suddenly realised somebody had sneaked into the plane,threatening to destroy their plans.He wasn't going to let that happen.The Shiek was going to take these girls back home,even if it meant to kill.

Thinking this,he made to grab a pistol lying close to him,and after taking it,he swung it menacingly,in the direction of his unseen enemy.Unfortunately for him,his enemy was well prepared for something like this.The gun was savagely knocked away from his grasp,and before Shiek Bolak could react,he too,was hit by Jennings,who used a forearm smash on his face.The second Shiek fell back into his seat,with a bloody face,and also knocked senseless.

Pleased the two men were out of action,Jennings took the gun,and he then saw the airport security arrive.There was plenty of them,and Jennings glanced back,seeing Hunt and all the other girls looking at him.All five girls eyes,had now lost their terror,and were now replaced by warmth,and they were deeply grateful to Jennings.

'Is everybody okay?'Jennings asked them,with a polite smile.

The girls smiled affectionately at him,and then raced towards him,smothering him with kisses and hugs.This made Jennings blush,and the now freed girls had every intention,of continuing to show their gratitude towards him.

When the airport security staff entered the plane,the men headed immediately for the cockpit.Moments later,they were carrying the two,but still stunned and battered Shieks out of the plane,and then took them into custody.The ground crew followed immediately.

Just like the other girls,Sarah was so glad she'd been rescued by this man,but she was puzzled.Still warmly holding Jennings' arm,she then asked him:

'Who are you,and how did you find me?'

'It was your sister,Helen,that did it really,Sarah.'Jennings told her truthfully.'Helen had asked me,to investigate this place.She was worried for you,and my name's Jennings.'

'Guess I owe her one.'Sarah admitted.She was also looking in admiration,at Jennings' powerful physique.She kissed him warmly on his cheek.'Thank you,Mister Jennings.You're my hero.'

Jennings smiled warmly back at her.

'My pleasure.Now,let's get you ladies back home,shall we?'

They all left the plane,and Jennings led them out of the hanger.He was taking them into the airport itself,where he'd buy them all a drink,and the girls could contact their famalies,letting them know they were safe.

As they all disappeared however,another man was watching them go.His expression was sinister,but he made no move against them.Instead,he calmly walked towards a phone booth,and made a call.A man's voice answered him,in a Middle Eastern tongue.

'I have bad news,your excellency.'The man reported.'The girls were rescued,and your sons were arrested,as well as Miss Saunders.'

'I see.'The reply from the other end,was very cold,but the voice went on.'Who did this?'

'An Englishman called Jennings,your excellency.He was a highly skilled soldier,and a woman helped him too.'

'Very well.You will find out everything about this Jennings,including this woman,but you will also watch those girls he's just helped.I want them back.'The voice was now filled with menace.'Do I make myself clear?'

'Yes,your excellency.I shall see to it.'

With that,the call was ended,and the man went off,in pursuit of his next targets.

To be continued?

Sunday, 7 November 2010

HMS 'Princess'

HMS 'Princess' was the only ship in the Royal Navy,to have an all female crew serving on board.In command,was Louise Jennings,who was highly popular with the girls on board.Louise was a first class captain,who'd trained really well for this post.She'd always wanted to be a captain,and was thrilled to bits,when she was finally awarded the rank.

Louise was a highly attractive young woman.She had long dark,brunette hair,that fell past her shoulders,and had warm brown eyes.Louise had a gregarious personality,and she could be friends with anybody,but of course,could be severe,when the situation demanded.

Fortunately though,there hadn't been any situation demands,as the whole crew never gave her any problems.Louise was really proud of all the girls,who chose to serve under her.They all did a great job,and showed a really good example,of British goodwill,wherever they went.

There had been some minor concerns though.Louise had received orders for her ship,to patrol the modern day pirate infested waters,off the Somalian coast.Many unfortunate ships,had been boarded by Somalian pirates,and held the crews to ransom.Despite a lot of success in helping to free the crews,the threat was still there.Louise was getting frequent reports from her intelligence officer,Sarah,that the pirates observed the shipping that came through their waters,and they always chose unprotected vessels.

Seated in her command seat on the bridge,Louise glanced over at her crew present here.There was Jenny,her first officer,standing next to her,and was wearing a pair of binoculars around her neck.She was currently gazing through them,scanning for anything suspicious.Jenny was from India,and Louise couldn't sing her praises enough.Jenny got a lot done for them,especially Louise,as she made sure her captain wasn't bothered,by the least things.Louise was really glad she was here.

Manning the steering wheel on the bridge,was Carol.She could steer the ship anywhere Louise told her,and was highly skilled in manoeuvring the 'Princess',especially in stormy waters,or avoiding enemy fire.She'd scored top marks,in the training scenarios,but of course,you needed to experience the real thing.At the moment,Carol maintained her present course,keeping the ship well clear of any danger.

Assisting her first officer,was Helen.She too,was scanning the area around the 'Princess'.They needed to keep their eyes open,in this part of the world's oceans.Helen was determined not to let her crew down.Like everybody else here,she wanted to set a good example,and do a good job.

Still seated in her command chair,Louise was studying a map,of the Somalian coastline.There was a lot of information here she could use,and the main thing Louise was studying,was the pirate ship tracks.There were plenty of them.Her orders were to seek,and reveal any pirate vessel to Royal Navy command.Once she'd done so,there were other British warships patrolling nearby,and they'd come to assist her.For the moment though,no other ship was in sight.

Louise then became aware,of Jenny coming up to her.

'Nothing yet,Louise.'Jenny spoke Louise's first name,which her captain didn't mind.Louise only used formality,when the occasion demanded.It was a nice touch from her,and all her crew appreciated it.

'I really hope we can find these pirates.'Louise glanced up at her friend.Her tone of voice slightly worried.'The intelligence says this area,is pretty active.'

'Oh,I'm sure it won't be long,Louise.'Jenny nodded her agreement.'We all know how desperate some of the Somalians are.'

'Yes.'Louise nodded too.'I know these people do it,to try and escape the poverty,but we still have to protect the shipping traffic here.'

Louise then made a telephone call,to the radar room,and Jenny went back to scanning the sea.She made contact immediately,with the radar room.

'Karen,you picking up any contacts yet?'Louise asked.

The radar room was located a couple of decks down.It was a small room,but there was plenty of sophisticated electronic equipment in it.Two girls manned it.Karen was the main radar operator,whilst her assistant,was a girl named Joanna.Both girls enjoyed their jobs,but were well aware the radar,was a key component to their survival,especially in these waters.Whilst on duty,their eyes never left the radar screens,unless told too.

'Nothing,Louise.'Karen had answered immediately.'All clear at present.'

'Okay,stay alert.'

'Understood,Louise.'Karen acknowledged.'Don't worry,if there's something here,I'll see them,before they see us.'


Well out of Karen's radar range,another ship was leaving it's hidden harbour.The ship was now moving into the open sea,and whilst it wasn't as powerful as the 'Princess',the crew were still supremely confident in their vessel.

With one exception,all of the crew were native to Somalia.Every one of them,was tough looking,and all were armed,from carrying sheathed knifes,to sidearms and automatic weapons.They certainly gave the impression,not to be messed around with.

In command of the boat,was a Chinese woman.She was very strong in build,and was armed too.Her favourite weapon,a sheathed sword,was attached to her side,whilst she also carried a pistol.This was carried in a shoulder holster,and she'd used both weapons in battle before.

The woman was known as Lyn Shen,and she carried great respect from her crew.None of them dared to question her,as she had a proven track record,especially in the piracy business.

Lyn Shen knew the Somalian people,who went after unprotected ships,to hold their crews for ransom.She'd done a few of these,but ransom wasn't her main aim.Instead,Lyn Shen was on the lookout,for highly attractive females,that were on board ship.If there was,Lin Shen ordered her crew,to seize the women.Then,she and her men,would make an excellent profit,but as mentioned before,Lyn Shen wasn't interested in ransom.On the contrary,she chased after women,who were not only gorgeous in appearance,but to also enjoy them herself.She'd ravished so many beauties,to her heart's content,and then,decided to sell the girls into a slavery racket.The money Lyn Shen earned from this,was phenomenal.It was something she really enjoyed doing.

As her ship moved out into the open sea,Lyn Shen checked that her lookouts were not being lazy,and after seeing they weren't,she headed into her own personal quarters.Here,a file was waiting for her,and Lyn Shen picked it up immediately.One of her men,had already left it there for her,although he hadn't obtained it.

The front of the file,was marked 'HMS Princess',and Lyn Shen opened it.There were several photographs enclosed,and the first one showed the actual ship itself.Lyn Shen studied the ship's configuration,and it's serial number,so she could confirm it's identity,once it came within her sight.

The other photos,were of the ship's crew.Lin Shen liked looking at them all.She'd read about HMS 'Princess',and to her,this was a dream target come true.Lyn Shen could see from the British girls pictures,that every one of them made her lust shoot up.She enjoyed the picture of the ship's captain especially,a very pretty,long haired brunette named Louise Jennings.This girl,she couldn't wait to seize.

After checking all the pictures,Lyn Shen headed up towards the bridge,and once she got there,her first mate stood respectfully waiting,for further orders.He was also a tough looking man,having lost one of his eyes in battle,and it was now replaced,with a glass eye.

'Have you pinpointed the 'Princess'' position?'Lyn Shen demanded from him.

'Aye,cap'n.'The first mate confirmed,as he led her to another bridge crewman.This man was sitting down in front,of what appeared to be some kind of radio set.Instantly,the man here,passed on a sheet of paper to him,and the first mate read it,before he informed his captain.

'Tracking device puts the 'Princess',about twenty nautical miles,from our current position,captain.'

'Very good.'Lyn Shen nodded.'Tell the men on lookout,to stay sharp.They're not going to get away from us.I want those girls on that ship,every one of them.'

'Understood,cap'n.'The first mate understood his orders,and went to carry them out.Once he'd done so,he returned to her side.

'We should have them within sight soon,cap'n.'He told her the good news.'What's your plan of attack?'

'Once we have them within sight,'she began to explain,'we'll wait until nightfall,before we move in.Don't worry,they won't even see us.Even their radar won't be able to help them.'


'In a manner of speaking,yes.'Lyn Shen now had a cunning smile,creeping into her face.'We've had some help on that area.'

'From who,cap'n?'

'That is not your concern.'Lyn Shen's cunning smile faded.She wasn't going to tell him her source on that.'Just make sure we get onto their boat,before they see us.'

There were no more questions,and Lyn Shen gave orders for her boat,to go in search of HMS 'Princess'.With her order promptly obeyed,her pirate vessel reached the open sea,and they were advancing through the calm sea.

Lyn Shen gazed upwards at the sky,and could see the night wasn't long in coming.Her cunning smile returned,as she knew that was always the time she chose to strike.She also ordered no talking,as she'd learned from past experience,that voices can come a long way.Surprise was a key factor for her,and Lin Shen always demanded it.

Soon,the night sky came,and this pleased her.Her crew were obeying the silence order,and the lookouts kept their eyes peeled.By word of mouth,the men had also learned details of their next target,and were more than eager to seize it.

After a short while,one of the men spotted something,through the binoculars he was using.He made sure that he wasn't seeing things,and once he was satisfied he wasn't,he hurried up to the bridge.

'I've found her,cap'n.'the man's voice was filled with pleasure,as he used his arm to indicate the direction.'The HMS 'Princess'.The only ship in the British Royal Navy,to have an all female crew.'

Lyn Shen's excitement increased,just as all the bridge crew did,and they all gazed intently,in the direction the man had told them.Sure enough,Lin Shen identified the silhouette of the British ship,just visible to them all.

'Excellent!'Lyn Shen's voice,was now dominant with sexual lust,as she remembered how gorgeous the British female crew looked.'Prepare the dinghies,and get a boarding party ready.'

The crewman hurried away,grinning,eagerly anticipating this latest raid.

'Get plenty of ropes ready,first mate.'Lyn Shen ordered him,as she continued to observe the 'Princess','We've got a lot of pretty slaves,to tie up and gag,and bring the chloroform too.These girls will never knew what hit them.'

Her first mate grinned also,and went to obey,leaving Lyn Shen with a very nasty,but eager smile on her face.


Back on board the HMS 'Princess',Louise was resting her chin thoughtfully on her hand,as she observed her own bridge crew at work.Night had now fallen,and they hadn't seen any trace,of any pirate ships.It had been a pretty dull day,but Louise still felt satisfied.As there were no sightings,or any pirate activity,then the shipping could traverse these waters unmolested.

There had been a minor problem reported to her,as Karen in the radar room,had informed her the thing was playing up.Curious at this,Louise had gone down herself,and was puzzled to see the radar screens jumping.She was puzzled at this,knowing the equipment was reliable.It shouldn't be acting this way.Louise thought,and it also made her slightly suspicious.

Louise was utterly convinced,that this was no fault of Karen and Joanna.Both girls were taking the malfunction pretty seriously.They needed the radar,as it was a vital warning tool,especially in these waters.

Both girls had assured Louise they'd get it fixed,and she trusted their word,so Louise left them to it.She'd then headed back to the bridge,and gave a tannoy announcement to the crew,informing them of the radar problem,and to stay alert.

Finally,it was time for her to come of duty,and Louise had to admit to herself,that she needed a break.She needed to sleep.

'Well,ladies.'Louise told her friends on the bridge,glancing at her watch.'Time for me,to get some sleep.Let me know if anything happens.'She then gazed over at Jenny.'You have the bridge,Jenny.'

'Yes,ma'am.'Jenny nodded,still keeping a sharp eye on the sea surrounding them.'I'll let you know.'

'Okay then.'Louise nodded in return.'Goodnight,ladies.'

Louise then left the bridge,and headed towards her own private quarters.When she reached there,she made herself a hot drink,and slumped gratefully into a comfortable chair.

She was still deep in thought,over the radar problem.Louise hoped that would be fixed,and soon.It was still bothering her.Louise then recalled the inspection they'd had,just before they departed from Portsmouth.A high ranking admiral,by the name of Hunter,had made a surprise visit to them,whilst they were in dock.

The visit had gone well,and Admiral Hunter had complimented them,on their first historic voyage together.She had however,Louise remembered,been very interested in the radar room.Was it possible,that the admiral had done something to it? She'd talked to Karen a bit,when she'd been in there.Maybe Karen had seen something?Added to this,Louise hadn't liked the admiral.There was something about her,and from one of the looks she'd received from her,she'd given Louise the creeps.

Louise then decided to make a secure,and personal telephone call.She wanted to speak to her brother,John.Like her,he was serving in the military,but he'd joined the army.Louise knew John's regiment,was the Royal Engineers.He was pretty good at fixing things,and Louise needed to hear him.

After dialling his number,Louise got through to him immediately.

'Hi John.'Her voice was warm to him,as she hadn't heard from him,for quite some time.

'Hello Louise.'His voice was warm too.'How are you?'

'I'm good,John.'Louise nodded,although she knew her brother didn't see it.'How about yourself?'

'Not bad.Just plodding on,as one does.Something wrong?'There was now concern in his voice.'You sound worried.'

'I am,John.'Louise confirmed it for him.'There's something wrong alright.I need your help.'

'Sure,just ask.You know that,Louise.'

She was so relieved to hear him say that,so she began to explain the problem.

'The radar equipment on my ship,isn't working properly,John.'She informed him,still very worried.'I think its been sabotaged.'

'Sabotaged?'There was disbelief in her brother's voice.'You're sure about that?'

'I'm positive,John.'Louise knew what she was saying.'Just before we left Portsmouth,we had a security check,and a surprise visit,from Admiral Hunter.'Louise paused for a moment.'You've heard of her?'

'I think so.'Jennings responded.'She's the Naval Middle East attache,isn't she?'

'Yes.'Louise answered.'She came on board,and was really interested in the radar room.I think she spent a lot of time there,so I'm pretty certain she did something then.'

'If she did,Louise,you know you'll have to prove it.'

'I will,John.'Louise was determined to do that.'Don't worry about that.If she did sabotage my ship,she's going to pay.'

She then softened her voice to him.

'I'm sorry,John.I didn't mean to bother you with this.'

'Hey,it's okay.'Jennings' voice went back to being warm.'I'll look into it.You just be careful,okay?'

'I will,John.I miss you.'She actually put her legs up,onto the chair saying that.Louise realised it had indeed,been quite a while,since they'd both been together.

'I miss you too,Louise.'Jennings told her affectionately.'Don't worry,if you need me,I'll be there.'

'Thank you,John.'She then bade him farewell over the phone,and hung up.She hoped the radar problem would be fixed,but at the same time,Louise was sincerely hoping John,would get here as soon as he could.She needed him.


Back home in the UK,Jennings' face was very concerned.He knew Louise was asking him for help,and he wasn't going to let her down.

As soon as Louise had finished the call,Jennings dialled another number.He wanted to talk to his best friend.He got through straight away to him.

'Monty,John here.'Jennings made the call brief,and urgent.'Louise is in trouble.Better get everybody ready.'


The two rubber dinghies were lowered quickly,and efficiently from the pirates boat.The selected two small groups of men,clambered down into them both.Each man still wore their personal weapons,but they also carried several coils of strong rope.These were slung over their shoulders,and Lyn Shen was too,as she entered one of the dinghies.She felt very pleased,that they were now going to seize more,and highly desirable,pretty females.Lyn Shen couldn't wait to do this.

After making sure the chloroform bottles were secure,with plenty of cotton wool padding,Lyn Shen then gave the order,for her men to start paddling.Both dinghies were equipped with motor power,but she didn't want to use that.Surprise was still her main aim.

Both dinghies were then paddled quietly away from their boat,and with Lyn Shen still enforcing the silence,the men rowed towards the HMS 'Princess.'

As they neared the ship,all of them tensed,as they spotted two armed female sentries,patrolling the deck.Lyn Shen indicated silently,to two of her men,to use the chloroform on them.

Their dinghies finally reached the hull of the 'Princess',and silently,but expertly,two of the chosen men,began to climb up towards the deck.Their crew mates waited for the signal,to climb up and join them.

The first two men who climbed up the ship's hull,now reached the top deck.They'd watched the two girls on sentry duty,carefully observing their moments.They then waited patiently,for the right moment to strike.The men liked the look of the girls,dressed in the all white naval uniform.Both girls chests,stood out impressively,behind their shirts.

It didn't take long for them,to make their move.Both men waited,until the two girls were walking away from each other,and they then made their move.

It worked brilliantly.Both men ruthlessly clamped the chloroform soaked cotton wool pads,tight over each girl's mouth.Neither girl could manage to raise an alarmed shout,and after a few seconds of helpless mumbling,both women collapsed.

Quickly,both men dragged the two senseless girls out of sight,and one of the men leaned over the side,gesturing silently to Lyn Shen to come up.She and the rest of her party,now began to scale the 'Princess' hull.

When they'd all cleared the railings,they all sneaked into cover,and Lyn Shen noticed the two unconscious girls lying close by.

'Tie them up,and gag them.'She whispered.'Make certain they're tied tight.I don't want any of them,raising the alarm.'

Two of her crew moved to obey,as they then started,to tie each girls wrists behind them.

'Once you've done that,lock them up,but one of you stay on guard with them.'Lyn Shen still whispered,but her order was curt.Both men nodded,as they continued to secure more ropes,over their helpless,and senseless prisoners.

'Let's go.'She gestured sharply to the rest of her men.'We'll need to get the radio room.Stay low,but remember,I don't want any of these girls harmed.If anybody disobeys,they'll answer to me.'

Without waiting for an acknowledgment from them,Lin Shen checked for any more of the crew,but there was no other girl in sight.At least she knew there wouldn't be,on this side of the ship.There were still two more sentries to deal with,on the other side.She then silently gestured,for another two of her men to do the same as before.Within a couple of minutes,these two men came back,indicating they'd successfully used the chloroform again.Lyn Shen believed them.She'd heard the girls surprised,but muffled cries.

She didn't have to repeat the same order to them,as both men were now already tying both girls up.Pleased,Lyn Shen then opened a door on the top deck,and after checking the coast was clear,she headed into the ship's interior.

Carefully keeping an eye out for any passing crew member,Lyn Shen and her team,were quietly making their way to the radio room.Their luck was in,as they didn't see anybody discover their presence,which was exactly what Lyn Shen wanted.It was immediate priority,to stop the 'Princess' crew,from calling out for help.

When they reached the radio room,Lyn Shen was pleased to see another two girls,who were sitting quietly,and manning the equipment.She silently gestured for another two of her party,to sneak in with her.She smirked,seeing the two girls totally unaware of her presence.She recognised them though,from the photos she'd studied earlier.These two were known as Danielle and Zara.Danielle was English,with very long brown hair,whilst Zara was dark skinned,and had African origins,but both girls were stunning in looks.Lin Shen was pleased.Two more beauties to secure.She grinned to herself.

'Hands up,ladies.'She told them calmly,making both girls jump and gasp in shock,seeing pointed weapons aimed unwaveringly at them.'Don't make a sound,or else we'll take severe action against you.'

She was pleased to see both girls obey,as they raised their hands in surrender,although their faces were still shocked.

'Who are you?'The girl known as Danielle asked.'What do you want?'

'Oh dear.'Lyn Shen gave her a cruel smile.'You obviously didn't get my message.Did you,my pretty?'

With lightning speed,Lyn Shen stepped forward,and seized Danielle.She wrapped a strong arm around her waist,and pointed her weapon into her neck.She then ordered her male accomplice,gesturing at Zara.

'You tie her up and gag her.'

As the man stepped towards Zara,she couldn't help,but back fearfully away from him,but there was nowhere she could run to,and he easily seized her,forcing her down onto the chair.

'Just obey,my dear.'Lyn Shen smirked,as she fully enjoyed watching her man,now forcing Zara's wrists behind the back of the chair.He then started,to wind ropes over the girl's wrists.'We certainly don't want to hurt two beauties,such as yourselves now,do we?'

Neither Danielle or Zara could reply to that.They were both now,trembling in fear.Both of them were frantically trying to think,of sending a warning message to their friends,but their captors made sure they did no such thing.Soon,Zara and Danielle,were effectively bound and gagged tightly on their chairs.Many horizontal loops of rope,were secured effectively around their shirts,and also on their ankles.A large strip of rectangular black tape,was sealed over their mouths.Lyn Shen made a stringent check on each girls ropes,and was satisfied.These two weren't going anywhere.She smiled to herself.Except with me.

She then advanced on Danielle,who watched her approach with bulging eyes,especially when Lyn Shen used her gun,to tilt the girl's chin.

'You want to know what we want,my pretty? I'll tell you what we want.We want you.In fact,we're here for everyone of your pretty shipmates,but I'll save the reason for your beautiful captain,Louise.She's a main prize,and I can't wait to tell her myself.'

Danielle mumbled in fear behind her gag,as the Chinese woman now made an inspection of the radio gear.She knew what to do,and instead of destroying the equipment,she simply turned the machine off.Then,she turned to the man,who'd tied Zara up.

'I'm heading for the bridge.You stay here,and keep an eye on them.Any problems,use the chloroform on them.'

Just before she left,Lyn Shen looked back at her two new prisoners.

'Don't be alarmed,ladies.I'll be back for you,but please,don't even think about causing us any trouble.Believe me,'her voice changed from being charming,to one of utter menace,'you will regret it.'

Lyn Shen then left the radio room.Danielle and Zara mumbled fearfully behind the tape gags.They knew there was nothing they could do,to warn their friends of this invasion.Both girls could only look at each other in overwhelming despair.

Pleased things were going well,Lyn Shen then made her way up to the bridge.There were a couple of girls,who had the misfortune to be seized by her men,but this was what she wanted.The 'Princess'' crew,wasn't that big,and Lyn Shen had checked,on how many of them there were.It was twenty girls,and they now had eight of them captured.The bridge was her next priority,and Lin Shen was supremely confident,that she would seize control of this.

Still sneaking through the ship's passageways,the pirates made it to the bridge structure,and keeping low,Lyn Shen peered in.As expected,there were only three girls manning the bridge,and silently,Lin Shen ordered her men,to surround the bridge.She would then give a signal to them,on storming the bridge.

Within seconds,her men had taken up position,and satisfied at that,Lyn Shen gave the signal.They all stood up,and burst into the bridge,totally catching the three girls by surprise.A couple of them even screamed in fear,as they now faced a group of armed,menacing looking men.All their guns,were aimed at the three of them.

'Stay right where you,ladies,and get your hands up.All of you.'Lyn Shen smiled pleasantly at her latest captives,as the girls obeyed,before continuing.'I would advise you,to do exactly what we tell you.Now,who is in command here,please?'

She knew who it was of course,having recognised the girl's shoulder rank insignia.This was the girl,known as Jenny,but Lyn Shen was interested,in seeing the girl's reaction.

She was pleased to see Jenny step forward.'I am.'

There was a hint of alarm noticeable,but overall,Jenny remained calm,knowing she had too,keeping her crew safe,was her main aim here.

'So you are the first officer,I believe?'Lyn Shen was again pleased,to see a look of utter disbelief on Jenny's face.

'How do you know that?'Jenny asked the Chinese woman.

'Give me a little credit,my dear.I've been studying you,and everybody on this ship.I know who you all are,and you're going to do exactly as I say.'

'And if I refuse?'Jenny somehow managed,a defiant response to her captors.

'Oh,come now,my dear.'Lyn Shen was now smirking again,and her tone became sinister.'You really want us,to hurt any of these pretty girls?'

Her gaze swept on all the other girls on the bridge,and was delighted to see them all tremble,at what she'd just said.She had no intention of hurting these girls.A very pretty girl unharmed,would always sell well.Lyn Shen knew that for certain.

Jenny had to concede.This Chinese woman was dangerous,so it was best to accept her terms.She certainly didn't want any of her friends harmed here.

'What do you want?'Jenny finally managed to ask,hoping there'd be no repercussions for them.

'Tie them up.'The Chinese woman's answer,filled them all with dismay,as the Somalian men stepped eagerly forward,and seized Jenn.All three of them,had their hands yanked behind them,and their wrists were tied together.The pirates then wound more and more loops of rope,over their prisoners,and under Lyn Shen's careful eye,the three girls were soon,tightly bound.The men enjoyed gagging the girls,forcing more rectangular strips of black tape,over each girl's mouth.

Once they were all bound and gagged,Lyn Shen ordered another one of her men,to remain on guard,whilst she suddenly seized Jenny,in a tight,inescapable hold.

'Now,my dear.'She whispered lovingly into the girl's ear.'You're going to take me to your captain.Don't get any funny ideas though.If you try to run off,I'll give one of your girls,to my men for breakfast.You wouldn't want that now,would you?'

Jenny could only vaguely mumble into her tape gag,but she was shaking her head frantically.She'd seen the lust dominating all the mens eyes,and fully realised what they were being kidnapped for.It was a slavery ring.Jenny recalled Louise briefing her,just before they left Portsmouth.A lot of Somalians held crews for ransom,but there was also modern day slavery rackets operating,especially this close to the Middle East.Jenny never imagined in her worst nightmares,that she'd be abducted for a life,as a sex slave.The worst part was,that she could do nothing to resist.

Lyn Shen kept a tight hold on her prisoner,as she propelled Jenny along.She knew where the captain's quarters were,and was eagerly looking forward,to her main catch.She chuckled,as she kept up her pressure on Jenny.She was going to use this one as hostage,forcing Louise to surrender herself.If she didn't,Lyn Shen was more than willing,to give her men,a very pretty girl to enjoy.

They finally reached Louise's quarters,and Jenny couldn't help,but try to scream out a warning for Louise,but her gag was tight enough to prevent her.

'Nothing you can do,my pretty.'Lyn Shen sneered into her captive's ear,hearing what Jenny just tried to do.'I'm going to have Louise.Rest assured,and you're going to help me get her.'

Lyn Shen then knocked on the door,still keeping a tight hold on Jenny,and eagerly waited for her next prisoner,to walk right into her clutches.

Louise was still sitting in her chair,reading a favourite book.She was still in her uniform,having wanted to stay in the chair.Her next shift wasn't due to start for another eight hours,and she'd made the decision to go to sleep later.

It was then,that Louise heard a polite knock on the door.

'Yes?'she called.

'Surprise,Louise.'A female voice responded from outside.

For a second,Louise didn't recognise that voice.She knew all her crew,and that definitely wasn't one of them.This made her stare at the door,in faint suspicion.

However,she knew she was tired,and accepted that she hadn't heard right.Wearily,Louise put her book down,and rose from her chair,heading towards the door.Whoever it was,she'd make it brief,unless it was something important.

When Louise opened the door,she was promptly sent reeling backwards,as Jenny's bound and gagged figure slammed into her.Both girls collapsed to the ground,emitting surprised yelps.Jenny's of course,was considerably muffled.

Quickly,Lyn Shen had thrown Jenny into Louise,as soon as she'd opened the door.She was pleased to send both girls tumbling,and then,she and her male colleague raced into the room.The man reached down for Louise,and yanked her up,holding her tight.Her shocked face stared disbelievingly at them both.Jenny remained on the floor,but the man was observing her closely.

'Good evening,Louise,my dear.'Lyn Shen greeted her favourite prize politely.'I'm so pleased,to finally meet you.I've heard so much about you.'

'Who the hell are you people?'Louise struggled vainly,in the tough Somalian's grip.'Why have you invaded my ship?'

Lyn Shen chuckled menacingly,as she stepped up to her,and she gripped Louise's chin.

'It's perfectly obvious,my dear.'She informed her prisoner.'I want your crew.All your pretty friends,are going to be sold into slavery.I'm going to keep you for somebody else.'

Louise's eyes widened in horror,recognising the threat now looming over her.The intelligence was pretty reliable,in this part of the world.Slavery still existed,and Louise had also read reports,of many Western women abducted for this.It was now filling her with dread,that she was now a helpless captive,and soon to be dragged into a slavery auction.

'What do you mean,somebody wants me?'Louise then remembered,what the Chinese woman had just told her.

'You'll see,my pretty.'Lyn Shen smiled menacingly into her face.'But right now,it's time we took you,and all your pretty crew away from here.'

Lyn Shen then reached down,and forced Jenny up to her feet.She then promptly threw the girl,into the waiting man's grasp,whilst she suddenly seized Louise in exchange.She then forced her onto the floor,grabbing her wrists behind her,before the man threw her the ropes.Instantly,Lyn Shen got to work,tying Louise's wrists behind her.She fully enjoyed doing so,hearing Louise's grunts,as she pulled the ropes tight.

Once the girl's wrists had been secured,Lyn Shen turned to her male accomplice,who was still holding Jenny.

'Take her,and put her with the other girls.Get to the radio room,and send a message to the boat.Tell them to get here quick.We'll need to get these girls off,before their friends start to miss them.'

The man nodded,and easily forced Jenny out,who could only mumble fearfully,as she recognised a gleam in the Chinese woman's eyes.Once they'd both gone,Lyn Shen turned back to leer down at Louise,who glared defiantly back.

'You really think you'll get away with this?'Louise almost spat into Lyn Shen's face.'You've just made the biggest mistake of your life,by kidnapping me.'

'Well,we'll see,my pretty.'Lyn Shen wasn't the slightest bit bothered,by the girl's defiance.It did please her though.'For the moment,let's have some fun,shall we?

Louise then saw the Chinese woman,produce a roll of black duct tape.She gulped inwardly,knowing what this was for.

Sure enough,Lyn Shen tore off a large strip,and with relish,firmly sealed it over Louise's mouth.She enjoyed hearing Louise's gagged mumbles,and much to her prisoner's alarm,Lyn Shen then lay down on top of her.

Louise felt the woman's chest squash her own,and she was also trapped underneath.Her eyes bulged in horror,as she then felt Lyn Shen start to stroke her hair.

'I always liked the look of you,Louise.I loved your picture.'Lyn Shen's voice,was full of sexual lust,now frightening her bound and gagged captive even more.'So I think I'll test the goods,to see if you really are worth taking.Then if you are,I'll give you a gleaming report,but first,let's see for ourselves,shall we,Louise?'

Louise's eyes were still bulging up at her kidnapper,and then Lyn Shen pounced on top of her.She started kissing her prize fiercely,and loved groping the girl's impressive breasts.She would add more rope over them later,but for now,Lyn Shen continued to enjoy her new slave,and relished hearing Louise's terror stricken,but barely inaudible gagged mumbles.

To be continued?