Friday, 29 April 2011

The Marine 2

This was a pretty good action film I enjoyed.Our hero takes his wife to a luxury,tropical resort,for some time off.Unfortunately,some bad guys promptly take the resort over,resorting our hero to take them on,in order to save his wife and everybody else held captive.There is a scene towards the end of the film,where the bad guys tie up and gag their hostages,and set up explosive charges to bump everybody off,but fortunately,the good guys prevail.The only thing I didn't like about the scene,was the putz interference.This can be a sticky point with some people,but to me,it spoils the scene completely.I always prefer the damsels on their own,to be rescued.
Still,at least I enjoyed the film,and found this pic of our hero's wife,and the very pretty resort rep's bound and gagged.NB.No copyright infringement intended.

Monday, 25 April 2011

S.W.A.T.2 Firefight

I enjoyed this action film,and whilst the first offering was also good in that respect,it didn't have a damsel in distress scene for us.The sequel however,does.In the film,the bad guy ( a really nasty piece of work) blames our hero for the death of a young woman he holds hostage.The good guys save her from him,but the woman warns them he's a menace,and promptly shoots herself in the head.The bad guy doesn't take kindly to this at all,and kidnaps our hero's girlfriend.She's handcuffed arms overhead,and over the mouth gagged,with explosives tied over her upper body.Fortunately,our hero saves the day,(with of course,some priceless help from his surviving SWAT colleagues) and also his girlfriend helps to eliminate the bad guy.Good riddance! haha

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Deceit.My first 100 post! Yippee!

Flight lieutenant Karen Williams was an officer,serving in the Royal Air Force.She'd flown many,many times in different aircraft,which gave her huge thrills always.This was what she'd always wanted,to fly supersonic fighter aircraft.

Karen loved the military.Her family held a strong tradition in it,as many previous generations had served before her.Indeed,many of them had seen action,which was what Karen had done. Her flying skills had impressed many,and she'd been rewarded,by being posted to many war zones.

Karen had loved this.She'd flown many missions,from attacking heavily defended targets,such as enemy airfields,to air support,giving much needed assistance to the infantry on the ground.She always studied the target well,before going in to destroy it.Her preparation always paid off.

At the present moment,Karen was sitting inside the cockpit of her fighter aircraft,preparing for take-off.Her eyes kept a steady and reliable check,on the cockpit's instruments.So far,everything was working perfectly,and Karen then gave a quick glance outside.

There was another fighter aircraft close to her.This was actually her wingman,flown by one of her best friends,Flight Lieutenant Willis.

Willis had flown as her wingman many times too,and always did a good job protecting her.His skill enabled them to return home alive.

Karen knew they needed all the skill they could get their hands on.The enemy they were fighting at present,were deadly opponents.

They were known as the Rona,a humanoid race,that was utterly dedicated to war.Like so many other races Karen and her people had fought against,the Rona were highly formidable.Like themselves,both male and female genders fought side by side,and held tremendous strength.Karen sincerely hoped she'd never have to face one,especially in unarmed combat.You needed to be really strong and highly skilled,as well as damned lucky.

Karen then spoke into her flight com:'Tower,this is Blue leader,requesting permission to take off.Over.'

'Blue leader,this is Tower.'The response came back instantly.'Permission granted.Good luck.'


With that done,Karen turned to glance over at her wingman,and gave him a thumbs up signal.Willis promptly returned it,and then Karen turned her attention to the take off.

Both pilots did it perfectly,as they had years of experience doing this.Both of their Tornado aircraft lifted effortlessly into the air,and they gained altitude rapidly.

Once they both reached their intended height,Karen and Willis kept their eyes open.The Rona were cunning,and had the ability to strike ruthlessly.This tactic had worked very well,against any of Karen's people,who had not taken the precautions.Going into Rona territory to strike at them,you really had to be on your guard.

Karen's latest mission she was now currently flying,was to provide air support.Some of the infantry units had requested this earlier,reporting they had been ambushed by a strong Rona force.The infantry had also reported being under heavy artillery and motar fire,and had suffered casualties.Needless to say,Karen knew every second counted,as she and Willis flew towards the designated target area.Both pilots hoped their people on the ground could hold out,as they'd trained with them.Infantry work was dirty and hard,as well as extremely risky.Karen and Willis held a lot of respect for them.She'd even made a lot of friends amongst them too.It was heart breaking for her,finding out that so many of these people had been killed in battle afterward.

Despite that,Karen knew she still had a job to do,and that was protecting her people,being menaced by the deadly Rona.She kept her mind sharp,and constantly checked the rapidly diminishing distance,as she and Willis neared the target area.



All of the members of 9 platoon heard Montgomery's yell,and every one of them ducked,desperately trying to sink into the ground more closer.They'd all heard the latest artillery round fired at them.There was nothing they could against this.The Rona had hidden their weapons well,and every one of the soldiers was praying they'd get through the barrage unscathed.

However,they had to stay flat on the ground,as the explosions continued to shake the earth.

Still prone on the ground,Montgomery was the platoon commander.He was a well built,powerful man,and he was also well liked by his men,because he set a good example.

Montgomery was highly experienced in battle,and he knew every one of his platoon was.However,they knew they had little chance against this fearsome artillery barrage.If he could have done so,Montgomery would have been able to scout ahead,and pinpoint the enemy positions.

Unfortunately,the enemy scouts had spotted them first,and the barrage had kept them down,forcing them to stay under cover.

Fortunately though,Montgomery had been able to call in for extra help.His radioman,Fisher,was close by,and Montgomery had ordered him to call in air support.He was pleased to see Fisher give him a thumbs up,indicating the help was on it's way.All they could do now,was wait until the cavalry arrived.

It wasn't long,before they all heard the reassuring sounds of aircraft overhead.Even with the deadly,and deafening artillery explosions bursting all around them,they clearly recognised Tornado jet engines.

Montgomery rolled over to where Fisher was,and then ordered him to let him speak to the pilots overhead.

'Blue Leader,this is Scratch one.'Montgomery had to shout into the radio microphone above the falling artillery shells.'Do you read,over?'

A woman's voice instantly responded back to him.

'Scratch one,this is Blue leader.'Kate's eyes were already on the hiding men on the ground,as she clearly saw the predicament they were in.'I read you.What do you need? Over.'

'Under fire by enemy artillery.'Kate heard the answer come back to her.There was a slight pause,before the man's voice went on.'Estimate enemy position 5 k south west.Can you assist? Over.'

'Roger that,Scratch one.Standby.Over.'

Kate was already scanning her radar screen.This just didn't show her the layout of the terrain beneath her,but she could also see any built up structures.Her eyes found the many flashes emitting from the radar screen,and after selecting a few more controls,Kate then saw the enemy positions.

There were at least six artillery pieces,and their barrels were huge.They could easily obliterate anything,or anybody they aimed at.

Not any more.Kate thought grimly,as she turned to Willis,still flying skillfully alongside her.She made a gesture with her gloved hand,indicating she was going to attack the artillery position.Willis gave her a thumbs up.She knew he would protect her from any anti-aircraft weaponry.

Kate then made her attack approach on the target,going into a dive.She felt the G force drive her back into her seat,but she was able to select her weapons.Bombs.

Grimly,Kate armed the bombs,and selected her targets.As her Tornado continued to dive down,Kate could now see the Rana enemy.They were standing their ground,and firing at her.Willis too,but her wingman made short work of them,instantly killing the Rana soldiers with his lethal cannon.

There was still enemy fire directed at them,but it was considerably less than the deadly hail before.Even so,Kate sweated,knowing a single shot could bring her crashing down.She was totally intent on her attack run,and then,it was time to release the bombs.

Kate did so,and no sooner had she done so,she pulled the aircraft out of her dive,and soared away,glancing back at the enemy position.

Each bomb had been fitted with laser guidance,and there wasn't a single chance for the Rona artillery,as each bomb struck it's target.

Each artillery piece flared up into a blinding fireball,also killing many of the Rona artillery crews.

Watching the deadly fireworks display,Kate was satisfied,as she then checked her radar screen for any more threats.She could still see a couple of Rona soldiers,but they were now advancing on Montgomery's unit.She radioed this information back to him.

'Scratch one,this is Blue leader.Enemy artillery position destroyed,but surviving enemy infantry now advancing on you.Do you require any more assistance? Over.'

'What is your staying time,Blue leader? Over.'Montgomery's voice came back

Kate and Willis had kept their eyes sharp on their fuel gauges,but Kate knew they could still offer help.She knew the infantry needed it.

'We can stay for a bit.Scratch one.'She told him the good news.'We'll  pinpoint the enemy infantry for you,just in case they've got something nasty.Over.'

'Appreciate it,Blue leader.'Kate clearly recognised the gratitude in Montgomery's voice.'Thanks.'

'Our pleasure.Standing by.Over.'

Montgomery and the rest of his platoon,were finally glad to hear the enemy artillery had been dealt with.They fully appreciated air support,knowing it was a life saver,time and time again.

Grimly though,they had all heard there were still enemy close by,and approaching them.This made Montgomery raise himself slowly,kneeling,as he scanned for movement.At the moment,he didn't see anything,but he was prepared for this.

He silently motioned to his platoon,to move into a defensive position,and to slowly advance.He gestured at one of his men,Jennings,to take the lead.Jennings nodded,and did so unhesitatingly.Montgomery knew Jennings' reflexes were quick.If he spotted a threat,Jennings would deal with it.

Grimly,Jennings moved to the lead,and started to slowly advance.His eyes swept the terrain,watching for any Rona activity,and ready to fire his weapon.

Just then,Jennings had spotted some movement from the corner of his eye,and there was a sudden burst of weapon fire,causing him to duck.The rest of his platoon followed.

'Contact left!'Jennings shouted,giving the information to his comrades in arms.His shout was controlled,as he knew it was always vital to be so in battle.He aimed his weapon in the enemy direction.

Montgomery too,had seen the Rona soldiers Jennings had spotted.He raised his own automatic rifle,and started to shoot at them.Jennings was also returning fire,having seen a target.

Both men hit their targets,and then the rest of the platoon arrived,joining in the viscous firefight.

It didn't last long however.Montgomery and Jennings managed to finally eliminate the few,remaining Rona survivors,before they received the all clear from Kate.

'Thanks for the assist.'Montgomery made another call to her.'You saved our bacon today.Appreciate it.We'll buy you a drink one day,you two.'

Kate and Willis liked hearing that.

'Look forward to it,Scratch one.'Kate answered.'Returning to base.Be safe.'

With that said,Kate made a skillful turn on her aircraft,and with her wingman keeping pace.they both flew back to their base,grateful to complete another mission.

Back on the ground,Jennings was carefully approaching one of the Rona bodies.It had been known for these people,to booby trap themselves,determined to kill any unsuspecting opponent,who had thought they'd won the day.

Jennings then lay down,a large thick branch in his grasp,and he used it to push the corpse.He noticed it had been a female.She'd fought bravely,but he knew the Rona were a highly aggressive race.They liked to inflict cruel suffering,no matter who their victims were.

Fortunately,Jennings found no booby traps on this particular corpse,and he started to search the body.

As he did so,Jennings suddenly felt funny.He smelt an aroma,a very pleasant one at that.It was making him draw closer to the female corpse,but just then,he heard Montgomery's voice right behind him.

'Hey,Jennings,you okay?'

This brought him sharply back to reality,and Jennings shook his head to clear it.Montgomery noticed this.

'Something wrong?'he asked his friend.Both he and Jennings were great friends.They had been for years,and always would be.

'I am now,Monty,'Jennings answered,'this Rona female had something on her.She drew me in,even though she's dead.'

'What do you mean?'

'It's like when we use scent to attract each other,you know like after shave.This woman certainly had me.If she was still alive,that is.'

'Might be interesting,'Montgomery noted,'we'll make a report back,once we've finished up here.'

'Make sure we call on those pilots to thank them,'Jennings told him,'that artillery would have finished us for sure,if it hadn't been for them.'

'Agreed.'Montgomery grinned.


With the runway now in sight,Kate prepared to land.Willis did likewise.Even though they'd managed to return safely,that didn't mean the danger wasn't over.Many returning pilots from missions,had been caught out by Rona surprise attacks on landing.You couldn't really breathe safely,until the aircraft came to a stop.

Fortunately though,Kate's base was well defended.They were more than prepared for any unexpected hostile visitors.The radar towers could easily pick out any approaching target,and there were more than enough anti-aircraft missile defences,scattered all over the base.If any Rona aircraft was determined to attack here,they'd have to be hell bent on suicide.

Kate and Willis had requested permission to land,and this was promptly given.After checking for any more hazards,both of them made perfect landings.

Once they'd stopped their aircraft,both Kate and Willis climbed out,and headed straight towards their commander.This was Squadron leader Burns.He was the one who had briefed them on this recent mission,and they could tell he was glad to see them.

Kate and Willis also noticed the other man standing beside Burns.He was dressed in Royal Air Force uniform,but unlike Burns,this man showed no warmth whatsoever.

For the moment though,Kate ignored this man,as she and Willis stood to attention,and respectfully saluted their commanding officer.Burns returned their salutes.

'Welcome back,'Burns spoke first,and he meant that too,'I'm really proud of you two.You helped saved a lot of lives.The infantry commander wants to come and thank you in person.'

'It was a team effort,Sir,'Kate spoke the truth,as she then gestured at Willis,'my wingman here,did a great job,keeping the Rona off me.If I'd been on my own,the enemy would have me.'

'That's quite true.'the unfamiliar man interjected.There was a hint of a sneer,as he said that.Kate knew it,but refrained from comment.

Burns could see his pilots giving the man standing next to him,some very unfriendly expressions.He knew they weren't going to like this bloke.Neither did he,but kept his own feelings in check.

'This is Major Turner,'Burns introduced him,'he's your debriefing officer.Go with him,and once you're done there,report to my office immediately.

Both Kate and Willis saluted him,as did Turner,before Burns left them.

'Follow me,please.'Turner indicated,as he led them to one of the buildings he'd been given.Once inside it,he then led them to a small room,with some chairs and a table.He then gestured for them to sit down.Both Kate and Willis did so.

'You need a drink?'Turner then asked them.

This question caught Kate somewhat by surprise.Only moments ago,this man had demonstrated full hostility,now he was being all polite.What was going on? Kate wondered.

Willis accepted the offer,but Kate refused,as she still remembered the look on his face earlier.

There was also something else about him.Kate could smell his scent.She had to admit,that it was a very pleasant one,and he did seem to have something about him.His earlier hostility,seemed to have vanished.Maybe he wasn't a bad type after all.

Turner then began the debriefing,and it lasted a while,as Kate and Willis answered Turner's questions.They all studied the Tornadoes gun camera footage,and the devastating results of their recent attack.

Watching it,Turner looked at the two pilots reactions.Neither Kate nor Willis showed any pleasure at their killing spree.Neither did he,but Turner had his own reasons for this,and he wasn't going to tell them that.

At least,not yet.

When the footage was finished,Turner then gazed over at Kate and Willis.

'That was a job well done.'Turner seemed to have some grudging respect in his voice,which Kate and Willis noticed.

Neither of them responded to him though,but Turner ignored that,as he went through the usual debriefing,before finally,he told Kate and Willis they could go.

Much relieved,they both stood up.They were still on standby mode,and could be called out any second.

'I'll see you out there,Kate,'Willis told her,before he left.

Kate was just about to leave too,when Turner's voice stopped her.

'May I ask you something,Kate?'

The mention of her first name caught Kate by surprise,but she didn't show it,as she turned back to him.


'I would like to see you,outside your duty schedule.Will you grant me that?'

The request puzzled Kate,but she nodded her agreement.

'If I make it back,Major,'Kate answered him,'I will.'

She still smelt his aroma,and it was now having an effect on her,but quickly,Kate pulled herself together.

'Oh,you will make it back,'Turner assured her,with the now familiar sneer returning.'I guarantee it.'

Kate didn't respond,settling for a cold gaze at him,before she then left the room,glad to get away from him.

Turner was now smirking.Everything was going according to plan.

Kate had made her way back to rejoin Willis,who was now in the canteen area,getting a much needed drink.He offered Kate one,who gratefully accepted.He also noticed his friend's expression.

'Not a friendly chap,is he,Kate?'Willis offered.

'Damned right he isn't,'Kate answered,just keeping her sneer in check.'Who the hell does he think he is?'

'Guess a lot of the rear staff are like that.I've heard so many stories about them.None of them good,I'm afraid.'

'Well,this bloke's going to be afraid of me,if he keeps on going like this,'Kate was adamant on that.'I've got no time for pen pushers.'

'Touche,'Willis nodded,before he took a swig of his drink.'I wonder what he's really doing here.I mean,we're usually debriefed by our own  CO.This bloke must have had some really good credentials,if the CO allowed him to debrief us.'

'Maybe,'Kate was thinking.'I tell you what though,there's something fishy about him,and I'm going to find out.'

'How are you going to do that?'

'He invited me out,after we've done our duty today.'

'A date?' Willis asked,somewhat baffled.He knew Kate was very particular,choosing her dates.

'Not exactly,'Kate admitted that,'but it's a chance I can find out something about him.'

Both of them then saw Burns enter.He came up to them,with a concerned expression.

'How did your debriefing go then?' Burns asked.He wasn't just their squadron leader.He was also a loyal,caring friend.This made everybody on the base really like him.

Well,almost everybody.

'It was okay,I guess,'Kate admitted,'but the sooner he's off this base,the better I'll feel.'

'How long is Major Turner here for,sir?' Willis then queried.

'I couldn't really say,'Burns conceded,'quite possibly,for a while.I think we just have to keep on digging the trenches.Hopefully,it won't be long.'He gave a faint grin.'Maybe a little praying might help.I don't like him any more than you do,nor anybody else here.'

'I'll second that.'Willis nodded,also grinning.

'That's what I like to see,'Burns was pleased seeing that.'I like my people,to have a sense of humour,and to make it even more better,I've got a surprise for both of you.'

He then saw the concern on both his pilots faces.

'Don't worry,'Burns reassured them,'it's not a nasty surprise.You've been invited to a party.'

'By who,sir?'Kate asked,slightly curious.

'The infantry blokes you helped recently,'Burns grinned,'their commander wants to thank you both.He and one of his platoon are coming here.'

'They're all okay,sir?'

'They succeeded in their mission,thanks to you,but I'm afraid they did suffer caualties.'

Neither Kate or Willis liked hearing that.They did what they could to prevent this sort of thing,but unfortunately,they couldn't be there all the time.

'We'll look forward to meeting them,sir.'Kate meant that.

'Very good,'Burns was also pleased,'I'll let them know that.'

Then,he left them.

'That's a damned shame,'Willis said,still remembering about the platoon's losses.'I really thought we'd finished the enemy there.'

'We've both done the infantry course,Willis,'Kate reminded him,'you know it's one of the most dangerous jobs ever.'

'Yeah,those people deserve a medal for it.'

'Well,we'll treat them to a drink,and give them a good time when they come.'

'I'll look forward to it.'Willis grinned at her,and Kate grinned in return,before they hugged each other.They weren't just combat squadron pilots,but also great,inseperable mates.They'd both vowed to remain so.

Then,they made their way to the dispersal area.Here,they could sit and wait,until they were needed again,before they were released from combat duty.

There were other pilots waiting,and they all greeted Kate and Willis,knowing they'd returned safely.Both of them wished the same.They all felt the tension in the room,waiting for the call to get airborne quickly.

Much to their surprise,there were no more scramble alerts,nor any missions.Instead,the tannoy system the base had,then informed Kate and Willis,that they were released from combat duty.Both of them sighed in huge relief at this,having being constantly flying since dawn.They both badly needed a break.

Kate and Willis then headed to their personal lockers,and began to climb out of their flying suits,and began to look forward to their time off.

Once they'd both refreshed themselves,they both got changed into their civilian attire.Willis was a fitness fanatic,so he had his usual tracksuit on,whilst Kate chose to wear a blue denim shirt,with blue jeans.She removed her flight boots,and put on her trainers,then waited for her friend.

'Let's go.'Willis grinned at her,and Kate grinned back,as she put her arm through his.After checking their security clearance passes,the guards on duty at the base's entrance allowed them to leave.

As they did so,Turner watched them leave.His face was still cold,but he had a slight grin,obviously knowing something Kate and Willis didn't.

He was just about to leave,when he heard Burns' voice behind him.

'What are you doing,Major?'

Turner was caught completely by surprise,but he kept calm,turning to face Burns.

'Nothing,Major.'Turner replied respectfully,wondering how long this man had been watching him.

'So I see,'Burns nodded.There was some distaste in his voice now.'Come with me,please.'

Burns led him back to his office,where he sat down.He made Turner stand to attention.

'Now then,Major.I'll get straight to the point,'Burns spoke in a deadly serious tone,'I'm sure you'll realise,that your presence is not welcome here.You've gone out of your way,upsetting quite a lot of my staff here.One might think you're the enemy.'Burns gazed coldly at him,before asking him,'what do you have to say about that?'

For a moment,Turner couldn't answer.He could still Burns' unfriendly expression aimed at him,and realised he couldn't stay silent forever.

'It is not my intent to cause any offence,sir,'Turner finally managed to reply,'I only wish to see the highest standards performed here.'

'I agree,but if you'd bothered to look at this squadron's record,you'll have seen we are the most highly efficient performing unit,in this campaign against the Rona.'

This made Turner ask his own question:

'What do you have against the Rona,sir?'

This made Burns gaze more intently at him,and he didn't respond for a few moments,but he did.

'An unusual question from somebody who's supposed to be fighting on our side,but I'll answer you,Turner.The Rona are a highly aggressive people.They like to conquer,inflict suffering on many who oppose them,as well as those that only want to live in peace from them.It's my job to protect those people from the Rona's aggression.Wouldn't you agree?'

'Of course,sir.'Turner nodded.'I'll do what I can to assist.'

If Turner had hoped this would soften Burns' expression,he was disappointed.The squadron leader continued to gaze at him coldly,but he continued on.

'Well,we'll see about that,and I have just the thing for you to prove it to me.'

Burns then coldly dismissed him,and Turner promptly exited.

After he'd gone,Burns then looked back into his office,and two men suddenly appeared out of nowhere.They'd both introduced themselves,as Montgomery and Jennings.Two members of the platoon,that Kate and Willis had helped out.

'What did you think of him?'Burns asked them both.

'He's definitely Rona,sir.'Jennings was utterly convinced.

'I agree totally,'Montgomery nodded his assent too,'the question is,what's his mission here?'

'I think I have an idea,and it's not a nice one.'Burns responded,before he reached into his desk,and produced a folder.He opened it,and both Jennings and Montgomery,could see several photographs of several young women.All of them were dressed in military uniform,and they both noticed all the girls were highly attractive.

'All these girls have vanished,'Burns started to explain,'they're all part of my staff here,and they're all highly skilled in several key areas.However,since Turner arrived,I haven't seen any one of them since.It's my belief he's abducted them,possibly for Rona purposes.'

Jennings looked at each of the womens photos.They were indeed,very pretty girls,but he did see their military skills.All of the girls were masterminds,at decoding any Rona radio signals.They'd certainly saved a lot of lives doing this,but the damage to the Rona war effort,would have been considerable.

'I can see why this Turner's here,'Jennings looked up at Burns and Montgomery.'He's abducting them alright.I know it.He'll probably have them locked up somewhere,and probably take these girls with him,back into Rona territory.'

'Then we'd better find him,'There was urgency in Burns' voice now,'and quickly.'

'Let's go,Monty.'Jennings nodded at his friend,and after they'd both set off in pursuit of their target.

As soon as they left Burns' office,Montgomery asked Jennings:

'You know where he is?'

'Sure I do,'Jennings replied confidently,'you remember the dead Rona female back there,just before the Tornadoes took out that artillery?'

'I remember.'Montgomery nodded,thinking back to it.

'That Rona female had that powerful scent.If my suspicions are correct,she would have definitely used it to lure me in,as well as any other man.This Turner's got the same scent,so he'll use that to seize any girl he wishes.Same method.They'll always leave a trail for their targets.We just have to follow it,but make sure we keep back.'

'Yeah,but I don't smell anything.'Montgomery was baffled.

'I don't know why myself,'Jennings admitted,;but we've got him in our sights,and we're going to stop him grabbing any more girls.'

Jennings quickly hurried his pace,and with his friend right behind him,they both exited the base.

More to follow...

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter,everybody!

Just want to wish anybody who drops by here,a very happy Easter,and enjoy those Easter choc eggs! Yummy.:)

Friday, 15 April 2011

HMS 'Princess' illustrated version,in colour!

Here's the coloured version.Coloured by Matt Stone.Thanks very much,Matt.Great job.

HMS 'Princess' illustrated version.

Here's another sequence I dreamed up for HMS Princess' Of course,I left a lot of scenes out,as I was really concentrating on the writing for it,but hope you all like it.All images drawn by Ethan Young.Copyright.2011.Captions by yours truly.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Heroic Duo

In this Hong Kong film,the plot centres on a cop,who is hypnotised by a criminal mastermind,to steal a huge fortune from a top bank in Hong Kong.The film begins with a damsel in distress scene,where the hero's wife is bound and gagged in their home,forcing him to co-operate.The bad guys are pretty nasty in this film,also holding their two young children hostage.At times,it's a pretty grim film,but the damsel's delicious,and of course,our hero saves the day,although it costs him dearly in the end.There's also a nice scene at the end,where the female heroine is held at gunpoint,obviously trying to force the good guys to give it up,but again,they come through.

No copyright infringement intended on original owners.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Cherie Cheung,in Cold War.

In this Chinese film,I think we have an early appearance from the lovely Cherie Cheung,who gets kidnapped by a crime boss,determined to finish off our hero.Our main man races to where Cherie is held as bait,and she has her hands tied behind her,with a bomb also secured to her.Sadly,it doesn't end well for Cherie's character,as she realises the bad guys have to much firepower,and knows her hero will be gunned down if he makes a move to help her.So unfortunately(or bravely)makes the decision to sacrifice herself,so the good guy can take out the bad guys.Pity.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

HMS 'Princess' Part 2,illustrated in colour!

Remember please,all illustrations by Ethan Young.Copyright.2011.Colour by Matt Stone.Captions,by yours truly.Hope you like it.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Just for a change.:)

Well,I seem to get my writing head back into gear again.I'm planning a couple of new stories,plus an edit of my War of the Worlds version.

In the meantime though,I'm going to put up films I've liked,which have a damsel in distress scene included.I'm not intending this to be a rival for Sasha's brilliant Danger Theatre,and of course,Sindy's superb Moviebound.I just want to put up my favourite scenes,in my favourite films of course!:)

To start off,here is the Thai 'The Tiger Blade' The plot centres on a Thai cop,battling the bad guys who are impervious to bullets,as long as they wear a mysterious tattoo.Our hero learns of a magical sword,that can overcome this,and does get this weapon.The bad guys kidnap his sister,and use her as bait against him.Whoever the pretty Thai actress is,she was certainly worth seeing.One of the main bad guys has her bound and gagged,and sitting opposite him,as he takes her to his luxurious mansion.He fondles her sexy legs,(much to her fearful face)teasing her,as he tells her how he likes to bump off people.

There is a rescue attempt,as the good guys send in a pretty girl,posing as a pizza delivery.However,she gets bumped off,before our hero manages to rescue his sister,from her kidnappers clutches.

NB. No Copyright Infringement intended.:)