Tuesday, 26 February 2013

More added on Stolen Identity

Added more on Stolen Identity,and I'm enjoying writing it.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Stolen Identity

Grim faced,Louise sat in her command chair,watching the stars drift by on the viewscreen.

Of course,it wasn't the view of the stars that were making her grim expression.Instead,Louise's attention was focused on the single,but massive alien vessel,which almost filled the viewscreen.

Louise turned in her command chair;her legs crossed showing her dark blue nylons and smartly polished black high heels.Her standard uniform,like everybody else under her command,consisted of a white shirt with a large,single square breast pocket either side.Her rank was shown on the two black shoulder epaulettes,marked out in gold trim.A black skirt completed her uniform,which stopped just above her knees.Louise remembered the many admiring,almost lustful looks she received wearing this uniform,but she shrugged it aside.She was used to it,and had to politely,but firmly reject any advances towards her.

There was certainly no time for any romantic stuff now;Louise knew that,knowing she'd been given an important mission to complete.

She recalled the mission briefing back at Battle Spacefleet command headquarters.Her commanding officer:Admiral Jenkins,had ordered her to investigate unidentified alien vessels,which had threatened Earth space traffic.

The odd thing reported though,was that the missing crew members after the incident had occured.And most disturbing of all,Louise had read this,was that the missing were all young women.

So the admiral had sent her in to investigate,which was something Louise was only glad to do.If she could help people in trouble,then this gave Louise and her crew tremendous satisfaction.

The area they'd travelled to now,was very remote.Louise knew this part of space hadn't really been explored yet.There were confirmed reports of a habitable solar system nearby,but as yet;nobody knew how many planets were there.

For the moment,this wasn't Louise's concern.She had sent in an unmanned probe to see what was there,but it was the massive alien vessel filling the viewscreen which got her attention.

'Life signs?' Louise asked her operations officer.She was known as Karen.Like Louise,Karen was very beautiful.She came from the island paradise of Hawaii,and she was great friends with her captain.They spent a lot of time on their leave rotation,and always planned to go back.

'Life signs confirmed,Captain,'Karen confirmed.'I'm picking up human female and humanoid signs.'

This confirmed Louise's suspicions,as she knew some of those missing women were on that ship,probably being held captive.She was determined to go in there and help them.

Louise then turned in her command chair to her weapons officer.This was Susan Mitchell;one of the best weapons officers in the whole Earth battle fleet.Louise knew Susan had saved their skins on many occasions from any hostile threat,and she was glad Susan was here.

Like all the rest of the female crew here under Louise's command,Susan was very pretty;shoulder length brunette hair,warm hazel eyes,but a first class brain for tactics.She could outsmart any dangerous foe,Louise grinned to herself thinking that.

'Tactical anaylsis?' Louise asked her.

'They have massive armament,'Susan responded grimly.She was currently scanning the schematic layout of the huge alien vessel,noticing the weapons positions on the hull.'They could cause some serious damage to us.'

'Which is why we'll use it a last resort,'Louise nodded,turning back in her chair to face the viewscreen again.Force wasn't recommended here;especially with the possibility of their own people held prisoner.Louise wasn't going to risk their lives.

She then turned to her communications officer;Naomi Thompson,another dark haired beauty,who was actually one of Louise's classmates back at the space academy.Naomi was an expert in different languages known throughout the galaxy,and had been asked to help out settle matters by a lot of high ranking people.Naomi was always glad to help,and she always succeeded in her assigned tasks.Louise was very pleased to have another,highly skilled crew member with her.

'Send a message over,Naomi,'Louise politely ordered.'I want to see if we can talk to them.'

'Yes,ma'am,'Naomi nodded,and opened up a communication channel and nodded again to Louise,so she could begin.

'Attention unknown vessel off our starboard beam,'Louise spoke calmly and clearly,but her tone was firm.'This is Earth warship 'Princess' I would like to speak to your captain.Please respond.'

After a few moments of waiting,Louise was slightly disappointed to receive no response.She then turned back to Naomi,who shook her head.

'No response,Captain,'Naomi informed her.'I know they definitely received though.'

'Thank you,Naomi,'Louise turned back in her chair facing the viewscreen again.She had a nasty thought,that there was going to be trouble ahead here.

Louise was just about to send another message back to the huge alien vessel,when Karen suddenly had news.

'Captain,the probe we sent into the nearest system is sending us back information.Shall I put it up here on the bridge?'

Seeing Louise's nod,Karen did so.It was then all the girls saw the viewscreen change,and in the massive alien's ship place,there was a view of a planet.

From the appearance of the planet,all of them could see it was an ice world.Usually,that would mean a hostile enviroment,but a strange feeling was now creeping all over the girls.Not an unpleasant feeling,but it did make Louise and all the rest of the girls uneasy.

'Class M,planet,Captain,'Karen had already studied the probe's findings,and was excited as she went on.'Definite human civilization there.'

Louise too,was thrilled to hear this,but for the moment,she had to concentrate on her mission.

She then noticed a ship coming into view.It emerged from around the planet,and all the girls could see it was a sleek,but also massive ship.Louise then noticed the ship's name,and it was in English.

It clearly said 'SAVAGE',and it was then Karen told Louise the ship was heading directly at them.

Despite the name she saw on the approaching alien vessel,Louise knew she had to be friendly.It was a policy she firmly believed in,showing the good side of humanity.

There was also curiousity in her,as she watched the 'Savage' approach their position.It appeared to be travelling very quickly,and as it got closer,Louise could see it was a warship.

'Open a channel please,Naomi.'Louise didn't turn to look at her communications officer.She was still staring fascinated by the 'Savage'.Had she turned to face Naomi,Louise would have seen her doing the same.

Naomi had obeyed,and Louise spoke at the viewscreen.

'This is Earth warship 'Princess' calling the approaching 'Savage' Please respond.'

Unlike the stationary alien ship close by,who had ignored their hails;there was an immediate response from the 'Savage'

The viewscreen changed to show the bridge of the 'Savage',and all the girls could see several people staring at them.To be more precise;a grim faced man sat in his own command chair,and was flanked by two men.The men were obviously military,as Louise could see them dressed in combat clothing,and wore sidearms.They however,showed no hostility on their faces.Instead,they simply gazed back,with friendly and almost curious expressions.

Louise closely looked at all the three men looking back at them.The man seated,was obviously the commander.His face clearly showed battle hardened experience,but his eyes seemed gentle.

The two men flanking him contrasted differently,as Louise's attention was firmly directed to the man standing on the left of his commander.

He was a tall man;had fair hair,blue eyes and held a powerful physique.He stood with his hands behind his back,and seemed to be returning Louise's interested look.Had Louise turned back again to look at her bridge crew,she would have seen Naomi,Karen and Susan staring back,with the same interest.

The other man standing on the right,was just a bit more taller,and he looked more well built than his comrade in arms.He was dark skinned,had short,curly black hair,but all the girls could see several blades sheathed on his person.He clearly looked a highly formidable opponent.

However,like his two crew members,this man too,didn't show any hostile intentions towards Louise and her crew,as the commander then responded to their hail.

'I am Commander Griffiths,commanding Sirrun warship 'Savage' Griffiths tone wasn't hostile,as he spoke in a friendly,welcoming tone.'May we ask what your purpose is in our system?'

'I am Captain Louise Wilson,'Louise also spoke politely back to him.'We've come to investigate numerous disappearances,of a lot of our people.This area was the last confirmed,with the other ship you see suspected of kidnapping our people.'

'I see,'Griffiths nodded his understanding.'How many of your people have disappeared?'

'A lot,Commander Griffiths,'Louise spoke grimly.'They've all been young women,and we're very worried for their safety.'

'In that case,Captain,'Griffiths nodded again.'We will be more than pleased to offer our assistance,in the safe recovery of your people.'

This was just what Louise wanted to hear,and she nodded her thanks to Griffiths.

'Thank you,commander.I appreciate any help given.'

More to follow...


Monday, 18 February 2013

More added on Sneaking In

I just added a bit more on my Sneaking In story.I always had the ideas in the back of my mind,but it did take a while to put down.

Still not finished yet.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Enterprise:Linda Park

I have to admit that this Star Trek spin-off tv show,didn't really show much of pretty actresses bound and gagged in it.

Whilst there were a couple of scenes for the actress Jolene Blalock,who played the Vulcan character:T'pol,it was very disappointing not to see anything for Linda Park,who played the communications officer: Lt Hoshi.

I thought there should have been some scenes in the show for Linda's character,but who knows why this wasn't done.A wasted opportunity sadly.

Still,I think I might know someone that might do me a great favour,and have this pretty lady tightly bound and gagged in the bad guys clutches.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Another superb story from Freddie

I'm very pleased to announce here,that Freddie's just completed another one of my requests on his excellent yahoo group.

Not only that,but it is a highly entertaining story,just as Freddie did with the 'Port of Call' story.I still love reading that,and now 'Ceres Sexual Assault' has been completed,with top marks from yours truly.

As another bonus,Freddie's kindly agreed to do a follow on to the Ceres story,and I'm hoping another request from me will have yours truly again in it,as a ruthless,highly lustful character in Freddie's slavery organisation.

Well,it's always much better to be the bad guy!

So much to look forward too.:)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

More good stuff from Freddie

I'm really enjoying being a member of Freddie's excellent yahoo damsel in distress group,and I'm really pleased the stories he's done for me at my requests.

There's more good news to come from Freddie,as he's planning more on my next requests.Whenever Freddie plans his next update for that,I'll certainly look forward to reading them.:)

Thank you,Freddie.:)