Monday, 27 May 2013

Sexual Mis-adventures:page 7 complete

Here's the finished page 7 that Larry's just done for me.It is a bit naughty,and I'm afraid there's a lot more adult content to come,in later forthcoming pages.

Anyway,I'm working on page 8 details,as the bad guys continue to enjoy quite a few pretty captives,but the good guys will be coming soon.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hooters for the Sheik

Its been a while since I last wrote here,and I'm still looking forward to hearing from a couple of people on requests.I'm sure I'll hear something soon.

In the meantime,here's just a short offering with a highly lustful sheik,who has a very strong,sexual appetite.


God,what a long day this has been,Louise thought glumly as she carried on her shift in her local Hooters bar.

The place was packed to the brim,as Louise knew it would be.Hooters bars were very popular,especially for the men.She could see most of the customers were blokes,and although this was good news for the bar,it wasn't exactly good news for Louise and her other female waitresses.

As everybody knew;all the girls who worked in a Hooters restaurant,had to wear the white vest with the company's logo on it.A pair of short,orange shorts with the standard black waist bag for customers bills,receipts and hopefully,tips.

Louise and her friends certainly received plenty of tips,and had indeed done some model work to advertise her job.It had certainly earned her good money,as Louise had always accepted she was very pretty.All of the girls who worked as Hooters waitresses always were,and this of course,led to much interest from the opposite sex.

For the most part,the blokes behaved decently towards Louise and all the other girls.They'd all received a few playful slaps on their rumps sometimes,but nothing more than that.Louise and her friends had also give out a few playful squeals on being slapped this way,but they took it in good humour.Any girl who reacted differently here,was quickly shown the door.

At the moment,Louise was very tired,having been run off her feet since her shift started,and she was so looking forward to going home.She could see the same expression on all the other girls;all were worn out,but they still did a great job in keeping the customers happy.

Even so,Louise couldn't wait to get home,but continued to perform her duty efficiently and friendly.

She was still looking for her close friend:Kelly Scott,who always worked with her.They were a great team,and both girls always looked out for each other.

However,despite seeing Kelly earlier at the start of her shift,Louise hadn't seen her since.Kelly had told her she was going to Thomas' office to check on something.Since then,she'd simply vanished.

Louise had already decided to check up later,and she hoped Kelly was okay.


If Louise had seen Kelly where she was now,she would have been seriously alarmed to see her friend bound and gagged in the basement.

Kelly was sitting on a hard backed wooden chair,with her hands tied tightly behind it.Horizontal loops of tight,white rope encircled her upper body above and below her breasts,which the ropes made her chest far more impressive.

Kelly's legs were also secured tight,as her knees and thighs were also encircled with ropes,and her ankles were both lashed together on one of the lower chair struts.She was tied up very tightly,as her kidnappers were determined she wasn't going to escape.

Not only that,but they'd also made sure Kelly couldn't scream out for help.A balled up hankerchief had been stuffed into her mouth,with a large rectangular strip of black duct tape sealed over her mouth too,keeping her attempted cries to a minimum.

Kelly knew she was in desperate trouble,and she could only pray for a miracle that somebody would rescue her.It hadn't escaped her attention of the large wooden shipping crate,which stood next to her,and her eyes were full of alarm and fear,as she read the imprinted lettering on the crate:'FOR THE SHIEK'

With an ever increasing desperation in her,Kelly still continued to struggle against her bonds,but with fruitless results.She could only hope her disappearance would be noticed,but this too could have consequences,as she suddenly remembered Louise.

Kelly knew Louise wouldn't leave without her,and it was more than likely,she would be seized too,increasing her despair.


The general manager of this particular Hooters establishment sat at his desk in his office,studying the recent sales reports,and for Sam Thomas:the manager himself,the sales reports were excellent reading.

Profits were sky high and his establishment was very popular,all due to his hiring of very pretty girls wearing the Hooters uniform.

Despite the success of his business,Thomas had other profitable means,and they were very sinister.

He really enjoyed being in charge here,giving his staff many benefits.Thomas always believed in developing an atmosphere of trust.That way,he could get what he wanted,but there had been members of his staff who had seen his other means,and Thomas had dealt with them swiftly,making sure none of those people was ever seen again.

His telephone on hisdesk then rang,and Thomas was pleased to hear a familiar,friendly voice.

'Ah,good evening,my friend,'Thomas greeted.'How is life treating you in the Middle East?'

'Life could not be better,Mister Thomas,'the voice Thomas recognised was from Sheik Binar,his most trusted friend and accomplice.'I was hoping you had some new merchandise for me?'

'Indeed I do,my friend,'Thomas chuckled.'I think you'll like her.She's very pretty,and a good figure with an excellent chest.'

'Sounds very promising,'Binar was eagerly looking forward to seeing his latest prize.'Were there any problems seizing her?'

'Not at all,'Thomas grinned.'My men caught her snooping through my files in my office.It was unfortunate she discovered the photos of all the other girls I've sent to you.'

'What's her name? Do you think her disappearance will be investigated?'

This made Thomas think for a moment,as he knew there might be a problem.

'Her name's Kelly,'Thomas answered.'She is close friends to one of my girls still working here.It's highly likely her friend would investigate.'

'What's her friend's name?'Binar asked.'Is she pretty too?'

'Louise,'Thomas responded with a cunning smile.'Oh yes,she's a real stunner.Long dark hair,great chest.You'd love ravishing her.'

'Provided she's bound and gagged of course,'Binar chuckled,making Thomas laugh too.

'Very well.I'll keep an eye on Louise,but I think you'll have the pleasure of her charming company soon.I'm just about to ship Kelly to you now.'

'A million thanks,my friend.I must insist you come here as a reward.I'll let you choose whichever one of my pretty slaves to enjoy.'

'Oh,I fully intend too,'Thomas smiled.'Well,if you'll excuse me,I'll get your next pretty guest crated up.'

'Again,a million thanks.Your usual payment of course,will follow in due course.'

Thomas suddenly noticed Louise standing outside his office,and he could clearly see she was listening what was going on.His face darkened for a moment,before he had an idea.

'Please excuse me for a moment,'he told Binar.'I think you might be expecting that unexpected bonus sooner than you think.'

Thomas then hung up the phone,and then opened up a draw,and he took out a small bottle of chloroform with a large cotton wool pad,making sure Louise didn't see.

He then rose up from the desk and exited the office,but hid in the shadows,waiting for Louise to enter.Much to his delight,the girl did so.

Thomas watched her check to see if he was still around,but he was quite invisible to her,and he patiently waited for the right moment to grab her.

He watched Louise carefully look around his desk,before quickly stepping in behind her,wrapping his arm over her waist trapping her arms,and roughly clamping the chloroform soaked cotton wool pad over Louise's mouth.

The girl could only give a barely muffled scream of shocked surprise as she was seized;Thomas held her tight to him,and could not help himself press against her behind.This made Louise scream again,but it was barely audible as the chloroform overpowered her.She then sank into Thomas' grip,senseless.

Pleased with his latest catch,Thomas gently lowered Louise on to the floor,before rolling onto her front,taking her hands behind her back.Grabbing some strong,white coils of rope,he then started to bind Louise's wrists.

It didn't take him long to firmly secure the girl,as Thomas was well practiced in this art.He glanced down to check the many horizontal loops of rope he'd secured over her,and was pleased.

He then couldn't help himself,as he used both his hands to lovingly fondle and squeeze Louise's magnificent breasts jutting out from the tight ropes.Thomas smiled,as he kissed the still out cold Louise on her mouth,fully relishing her pleasant scent.He then gagged her tightly,stuffing a balled up hankerchief into Louise's mouth,before sealing it in with a large strip of silver duct tape.

Satisfied at that,Thomas picked her up,and headed down into the basement.

When he got there,he ordered the two still standing men:'Put this one straight into a crate,and get Miss Scott into hers.We'll ship them out tonight.'Thomas then handed over the chloroform bottle to one of his men:'Use the chloroform on Miss Scott also.Make sure nobody sees you.Got that?'

The last part Thomas had emphasised,and he was pleased to see the message got through.

'We got it,boss,'one of the men acknowledged him,as he then gently took Louise's bound and gagged form away from Thomas.

'Just make sure you don't hurt 'em either,'Thomas reminded them sharply.'Both those girls are worth damned good money to us.'

His men nodded,and moved swiftly to carry out their instructions.

More to follow...