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Voyage into Slavery Chapter 28

Angela and Louise were now hopelessly lost.They'd tried to keep Jennings in sight,but had lost sight of him as soon as they re-entered the house.This had now backfired on the two girls,as they'd hoped to keep him in sight,and be of help to him.Both Angela and Louise tried to call out to him,but had they realised where his current position was,there was no way Jennings would have heard them.He was nowhere near them,being on a different floor.There was still a heavy presence of well armed men,and the two girls cowered,as the men raced by.They were clearly expecting trouble.Angela and Louise,remembering the strong presence of the Thai police outside,knew a major gun battle was looming.

'Where is he?'Louise asked,sounding anxious.As long as they'd kept Jennings in sight,both girls felt secure.Now,with no sign of him anywhere,Angela and Louise felt as if they'd walked right back into the lion's mouth.

Angela was just as worried.She craved to be back in Jennings' company,knowing he was a good man,and would help her.Even so,the longer they were here without him,the greater the risk they had of being recaptured.Angela prayed that wouldn't happen.She certainly didn't want to end up being bound,and gagged again.Angela then thought of a battle plan.

Turning to Louise,she suggested.'Do you think we should split up? Might be better.'

Louise nodded her assent.'I'll go down.You check out this floor,then go up.He's bound to be close.'She too,was eager to find Jennings,and be a lot more safer with him.

'Got it.'Angela agreed.She then held Louise's hand,telling her.'Be careful.'

'You too.'Louise returned her friendly gesture,and then,they both moved away from each other.Neither girl noticed they were being closely watched.

Hiding behind a wall,Captain Liu and another one of Kim Yang's men observed the two women with relish.He grinned,listening to the girls agreement to split up.They just made it a lot more easier for him.As he watched them move away from each other,Liu whispered to his accomplice.

'You get the Chinese girl.I'll grab the English woman.'

His accomplice grinned too,and quietly closed in on Angela's unsuspecting form.Liu also made his stealthy approach on Louise.He never took his eyes off the girl,although he did keep a sharp lookout for Jennings.So far,he hadn't seen him,and that suited him just fine.He still kept his eyes on Louise,hearing her slightly nervous calls for Jennings,and then reaching inside his person,brought out the small,but trusted bottle of chloroform.He then took out a white handkerchief,and after folding it over a couple of times,dabbed plenty of the chloroform onto it.

The English girl still had her back to him,as he moved nearer.Liu had to admit Louise was gorgeous.He couldn't wait to get her back into his,and Kim Yang's clutches.It would be even better to have her back,as one of Miss Yang's personal sex slaves,where he'd love to ravish her,just as he had done with many other,very pretty young women in Kim Yang's power.He closed in on the girl,ready to use the chloroform soaked handkerchief,fully admiring Louise in her white navy uniform.

'John,where are you?'Louise was still calling out for Jennings.'Please,,I need you.'

Still no response,and Louise finally conceded that he wasn't on this level,and made to check downstairs.It was then,that she felt herself seized from behind.A strong arm wrapped around her waist,and before she could scream,a strong hand clamped over her mouth.Instantly,Louise felt the handkerchief,and her eyes bulged,as she also recognised the smell of chloroform.

'Hello,my pretty.'Liu's voice chuckled into her ear.'Not leaving us,are you?'

Struggling frantically in her captor's grip,Louise's eyes bulged in horror.She'd never been chloroformed before,and no matter how hard she tried to get the hand away from her mouth,she couldn't escape it.With the handkerchief still firmly held over her mouth,Louise was forced to breathe in the chloroform,and finally,she sagged limp in Liu's hold.

Still grinning,Liu made sure the girl was out,keeping the handkerchief over her mouth.Once satisfied,he took it away,and then told the unconscious Louise,still wearing his unpleasant smile.'I think Miss Yang will be delighted to see you again,my dear.'

Liu then put away the chloroform soaked handkerchief,and lifted Louise over his shoulder.The girl's arms and hair flailed limply down his back,and Liu couldn't resist giving Louise's rump,a very pleasant smack.He then carried her away,obeying Kim Yang's instructions.All that remained now,was to wait for his accomplice to bring Angela to him.

As Liu disappeared with Louise,Angela had no idea that she too,was being watched like a hawk.Liu's accomplice had seen the English girl taken.Now,he too,closed in on his unsuspecting prey.Angela was still searching for Jennings,but without any success.Please let me find him.She thought desperately.It was beginning to unnerve her,how much she was here on her own,and totally lost too.She still hid from the sight of Kim Yang's men hurrying past.There were now shouts between the men,obviously preparing for the upcoming fight.No doubt,the bullets would start flying soon.Angela knew that,and she felt naked without a weapon in her hand.It might be a good idea,to find one.Angela thought sensibly.Unfortunately,just as she thought that,she would never get the chance.

A hand clamped over her mouth,stifling her surprised scream.She felt her arms forced behind her,and Angela froze in fear,her eyes bulging,as she felt the cold,metallic sensation of a gun being held at her neck.

'I strongly suggest you do as you're told,Miss Lee.'She heard a man's voice hiss into her ear.'We have your pretty English friend,and I'm sure you value her health.'Angela felt her captor's hand tighten over her mouth,as he sniggered.'So,are you going to be sensible?'

Helpless,and for Louise's sake,Angela had to nod,mumbling 'yes' under his hand,even though it didn't come out as that.However,her surrender was recognised.

'Very wise,Miss Lee.'The man's voice told her,very pleased.'Now,let's take you to her.'

He dragged the girl along with him,still keeping her hand gagged,and forced her into a waiting lift.As he did so,Angela's eyes were still frantically searching for Jennings.She couldn't help,but try to call out to him,but the man's hand was effective,keeping her attempted cries to a minimum.The lift doors then closed,and she was taken down,further removing her chances of escape.

When the lift doors finally opened,Angela was forced out,and she could see they'd arrived deep underground.There was a river here,and she noticed a small motor boat,moored on the single jetty built.The boat wasn't too small,nor too big.Yet,it was large enough to carry several people,and it was designed to be comfortable.Although,Angela doubted she would be allowed to travel in comfort on it.The river led off into the blackness,although there were fire torches lit on the rocky walls here.It was obviously the way out,but Angela then noticed the small group of armed men,standing guard by the boat.In horror,she then recognised Captain Liu,and Louise's limp form being carried over his shoulder too,and she also spotted Kelly there.Jennings' youngest sister was sitting in the area,just under the steering wheel.She was still bound and gagged,and her eyes were terror stricken.

Liu jumped onto the boat,and turned to see Angela being forced to join him.He grinned maliciously at her,as Angela was forced onto the jetty.He raised a precautionary hand to his accomplice,who stopped,but still tightly held her.

'It's no good screaming your pretty mouth off here,Miss Lee.'Liu warned her.'Rest assured,I'll see to that in a moment,but please,for Louise and Kelly's sake,don't disappoint me.'

He looked at her,his eyes indicating he wanted her obedience,and was pleased to see Angela succumb again.She had too.There was no choice.

'That's a good girl,my dear.'Liu then gestured at the man holding Angela,who then,much to her immense relief,removed his hand from her mouth.Yet,still held her tight.

'Bring her on board.'Liu ordered.

The man holding Angela,then swung her up into his arms,and easily jumped aboard.He noticed Liu had placed Louise into a sitting position,on the deck.Angela found herself being forced into the same position,only this time,her back was to Louise.She could see the many coils of rope the boat had,and realised with dismay,that she was going to be tied up again.

'Okay.'She heard Liu confirm her fears.'Let's tie them up.'

Both Liu and his accomplice expertly cut many lengths of rope,and then pulling both girls wrists behind their backs,started to wrap the ropes over them.Angela grunted in pain,as she felt her hands tied securely.She also felt the ropes over Louise's wrists too,and was aware the English girl was slowly recovering from the chloroform attack.Angela tried to reach the knots with her fingers,even probing for Louise's bonds,but it was impossible.More loops of rope followed around their ankles,knees,and they both wound plenty of tight loops over the girls shirts too.They both enjoyed doing that,seeing the girls chests swell.Angela didn't,and Louise was now getting her senses back,realising she was now tied up.Her eyes widened,as Liu gripped her chin,stuffing a balled up cloth into her mouth,before she could make any protest.Liu then made sure Louise's gag was effective,as he tied a strip of cloth over her mouth.He smiled to himself,as he secured the double knot at the back of her head,keeping it secure,and Louise tightly gagged.His accomplice prepared to follow suit,doing the same method with Angela,when he heard the Chinese woman tell them defiantly.

'Jennings will save us.You're going to be so sorry,when I see how he's going to deal with you.'

Liu just smiled at that,enjoying the girl's spirit.

'Well,that remains to be seen,Miss Lee,but in the meantime,we can't have you,or our other pretty hostages screaming their heads off for help from your hero.'

He then nodded at his accomplice,who was eagerly looking forward to gag her.The man then grasped Angela's chin,reaching inside one of his pockets,to produce a couple of cloths.

'No!'Angela pleaded with her captors,clearly seeing what the cloths were for.Her defiance rapidly diminishing.

'Now,now,Miss Lee.'Liu warned her politely,as he took a hold of Louise's chin,and Angela heard her fellow prisoner give out a faint,but very frightened cry.'Just do as you're told,and I won't have to hurt our two other pretty guests.'

This made Angela stop,on hearing Louise's,and Kelly's faint,but audible gagged cries.'Leave them alone!'She had anger in her tone,but then,another balled up cloth was roughly forced into her mouth,and the man followed the same method as Liu had gagged Louise.He then tied a wider strip of cloth over Angela's mouth,making the knots just as tight.Angela never felt so much despair,as Liu bent down to her,obviously seeing how tightly bound the two girls were.

'Just keep your spirit up,Miss Lee.'Liu told her,checking her ropes.'You're going to need it soon.Miss Yang has a perfect record breaking pretty,but very defiant girls.'

Angela couldn't reply to that,but her fear on hearing Kim Yang's name,made her fear the future.She and Louise backed into each other for comfort,but their position wasn't.The ropes tied over them,and their enforced position on the hard deck of the boat,made both girls extremely uncomfortable.Added to that,Liu was still kneeling down by Louise,a very lustful look on his face,as he used his hand to stroke Louise's tightly bound,but very sexy nyloned legs.Angela felt Louise flinch behind her,and heard her non-existent scream.She instantly knew what Liu was doing to the girl,but could do nothing to prevent it.Her own gagged sounds just made her more scared,hearing Liu chuckle behind her.

'Don't get too impatient,Miss Lee.'Liu's voice was full of sexual lust,which terrified both girls.''You'll be next.'

After enjoying himself fully taking advantage over Louise's helpless form,he then stood up,and gazed down at his three pretty captives.

'That should hold you.'Liu was satisfied the girls wouldn't be able to escape from their bonds.'You'll stay like that for some time,but first,let's give Miss Yang the good news,shall we,ladies?She'll be thrilled to see you both.'

Mentioning Kim Yang again,made Angela and Louise full of dread.Kelly too,stiffened in fear.The girls mumbled weakly behind their gags,not thrilled at all to hear this ominous news.They could only stare fearfully at Liu,as he picked up a radio walkie talkie.

'Miss Yang?'Liu was smiling as he established contact with her.'I have some good news for you.'He then went on to tell her about the recapture of Angela and Louise.

'Excellent work,Captain.'Kim Yang's voice did sound very pleased.'Keep your eyes on them.I'll be down there later,bringing another two pretty slaves with me.'

With that said,Kim Yang closed the call.She was standing behind Sarah's still seated,bound,gagged form,staring down at her prize with mischievous intent.Sarah had clearly heard Kim Yang's intentions,and was now making another frantic,but futile struggle to free herself.Her efforts just made Kim Yang shake her head sadly.

'Patience,my pretty.'She lifted Sarah's head up,forcing the girl to look at her.Kim Yang enjoyed the terror in Sarah's eyes,and she smiled reassuringly at her captive.'I'll get you out of here very soon.'

It certainly wasn't what Sarah wanted to hear.Inside,she was still praying for her brother to get here.With John now on the way,rescue was always there for her,despite Kim Yang's threats against her.Sarah never gave up on her brother,and never would.

Sarah's hopes of rescue seemed reinforced,when one of Kim Yang's men suddenly entered her bedroom,and hurriedly reported.'The police are here,Miss Yang.'

Having been informed of this earlier,Kim Yang wasn't alarmed.Instead,she asked the man calmly.'How many?'

'A lot.They're all armed too.'

'Really?'She then told him.'Well,you'd better go and deal with them,hadn't you?'

Kim Yang then turned to several of her men,still awaiting fresh orders.She then issued one.

'Take Miss Yamamoto down to the boat.The rest of you prepare for the police assault.I don't want any of them to set foot in here.Understood?'

The men nodded their understanding,and one of them went over to the couch,where Kieko lay.He reached down,and ignoring the Japanese girl's frightened,but gagged mumbles,easily placed her over his shoulder,and followed the rest of the men out.Kim Yang then turned her attention,to the man standing guard behind Sarah.

'If her brother comes,kill him,but make certain the girl is unharmed.Do I make myself clear?'

She spoke the last sentence,fully meaning it.However,the man nodded,bowing before her,and Kim Yang then left her bedroom,sliding the door behind her.Sarah still sensed the guard behind her,and she turned her head to look at him.She wished she hadn't.The man's eyes gave her the impression of a cold blooded killer.His eyes never left her,and they really frightened Sarah,who turned her head back quickly away from him.

As Kim Yang exited her bedroom,she had failed to spot Jennings hiding nearby.He had managed to get a glimpse inside the room,just spotting the guard,and Sarah.His sister had been bound and gagged to a chair,and the man guarding her looked alert.Then,Kim Yang had closed the door,and walked past him.However,he'd seen enough.There was only Sarah and the guard in there.Jennings had seen Kim Yang's men enter,and the guard hadn't bothered to turn around.So,it seemed reasonable,if he did the same,but he would have to be quick,in dealing with him.

He silently approached the door,and could see the man and Sarah's shadows.Then,he quietly slid open the door,his eyes never leaving his target.So far so good.The man hadn't turned.Jennings could see Sarah's tightly bound form on the chair.They'd certainly tied her up a lot,but he was silently praying his sister wouldn't turn her head back.She would react to his presence.

Fortunately,Sarah didn't.He could hear her making frightened,mumbling sounds,and recognised she was gagged tightly too.However,this worked in his favour,as the guard was listening to her.This hid his approach,and then Jennings was on him,catching the man totally by surprise,grabbing him in a neck hold.Jennings ruthlessly applied the pressure,and within seconds,the man fell without a sound.

Sarah had heard a brief commotion behind her,and was now trying to turn her head,to see what was going on.She felt her chair being turned around,and it was then,she saw her brother.For the first time in ages,Sarah's eyes lit up.Jennings smiled down at his sister,who was trying to speak behind the tape gag.

'You okay?'He asked his sister,full of concern.He saw Sarah nod vigorously at him,and he gently removed the strip of black tape from her mouth.

'Yes.'Sarah felt so grateful to get her voice back.He then produced his knife,and skillfully began to cut away the many tight ropes over her body.

'Thank God you're okay,John.'Sarah told him,over the moon her brother was here.'They told me they were going to kill you.'

'Yes,I know,Sarah.'Jennings nodded,still cutting away at the ropes.'Luckily,I managed to spot them.'

Suddenly,both of them heard gunfire.It made Sarah jump with fright in her chair.

'What was that?'She yelped.

'Hopefully,it's the cavalry.'Jennings knew he had to help Panna's people,and finally,he freed Sarah.His sister instantly grabbed him,wrapping her arms around his neck,giving him a warm,grateful kiss on the cheek.

'I always knew you would come for me,John.'Sarah somehow managed a smile,as she hugged into him.'I never gave up on you.'

'Are you hurt?'

'No,I'm okay.'Sarah hugged into him more.'They really frightened me though,especially that Yang woman.'

'Yeah.'Her brother agreed.'She's quite sinister.'He then asked her.'Can you walk?'

Sarah tried,but she'd been tied up for ages,and she stumbled into his helpful arms.She had to shake her head at him.

'John,I can't.'

'Don't worry.'Jennings reassured her.'I'll carry you out.'

He scooped Sarah up into his arms easily,and was just about to leave,when they both heard Kim Yang's voice behind them.

'Going somewhere?'

Jennings instantly spun round,still holding Sarah,who cuddled into him more,seeing the Chinese woman,standing still in the doorway.He could see she was pleased.Gently,he put Sarah down,realising he'd have to go through her.Fighting female opponents was very rare for Jennings,but he had done so,and was prepared to do it again,if they were a threat to innocent people.

'So,you're Kim Yang.'Jennings told her.'You've got a lot to answer for,kidnapping my family,and all the other girls.'

She didn't move from her spot,but was still pleased at what he'd just said.Kim Yang liked her opponents to be formidable,and high spirited.It made the victory over them,much more sweeter.

'And you are Sarah,and Kelly's brother,John.'Kim Yang recognised him too.'You certainly appear to have a charmed life,Mr Jennings,but I'm afraid your luck's about to run out.'

She then produced one of her deadly blades.Jennings tensed,and he felt Sarah cling to him more tightly,as Kim Yang began to advance slowly towards them.A quiet,but confident smile on her face as she did so.Jennings noticed Kim Yang had left the door open behind her.This was good news,as he knew the exit wasn't that far off from here.There was a strong chance he could help Sarah escape.He turned to his sister,although never taking his eyes off the approaching Kim Yang.

'Sarah.'He whispered to her,feeling her nails dig into his arm.'The exit's to the left,and straight up,okay?When I tell you to run,go like hell.'

'No,John.'Sarah tightened her grip on her brother.'Don't you dare leave me.'

Kim Yang heard it all,and just kept up her smile at her prey.

'You won't escape,my dear.'She warned Sarah.'After I've dealt with your brother here,I'm going to make you pay for your defiance,just as I will with Kelly.'

Mentioning his youngest sister hardened Jennings,as he almost snarled at her.'Where is Kelly?All the other girls too?What have you done with them?'

'Oh,Kelly's tied up at the moment.'Kim Yang responded truthfully with a smirk.'So are your other pretty girlfriends,and your sister is going to join them.'

She was pleased to see Sarah's reaction.The girl was literally clinging to her brother.Kim Yang noticed Sarah's mixed expression of hate,and fear at her.Yet,her brother stood firm,protecting her.How noble.She thought sneeringly.

'I don't think so.'Jennings' answer was cold.'You'll have to get past me first.'

This was the response Kim Yang wanted.However,before she could respond with another sneer,Jennings suddenly made his move.He kicked the knife out of her grip,catching her completely by surprise.Then,he used his other leg in a sweeping motion,to kick Kim Yang's legs off balance.The woman fell back.

Seizing the moment,Jennings grabbed Sarah,and propelled her forward.'Sarah,run!'

Sarah didn't hesitate,as she bolted out of the room.Kim Yang,still getting her breath back,watched in frustration,as her favourite slave attempted to flee her clutches.

'Stop her!'Kim Yang shouted out angrily,desperate to stop Sarah's escape.She then heard the sound of her men running nearby.'Get the girl!'

Suddenly,there was another burst of gunfire,much more closer this time.It had been one of her own men,firing excitedly,in pursuit of Sarah.This however,didn't impress Kim Yang.

'I want the girl alive,you idiots!Cease firing!'

Her sharp command worked,and then she rose up to meet the challenge of Jennings.Unfortunately for her,Jennings had listened to what she'd just ordered with clenched teeth.He was ready with his next move,even before Kim Yang had stood up fully.He gave her another kick,this time into her midriff,sending her sprawling backwards again.He got a bonus,seeing the Chinese woman hit her head,knocking her senseless.

He didn't bother to gloat at her,he was too professional for that.Instead,Jennings hurried out after Sarah,hoping she was okay.Fortunately,he found her hiding close by,and grabbing her hand,raced towards the exit.The exit came into sight soon enough,however,so did plenty of Kim Yang's men,and they were all armed.They both heard the gun battle raging outside,and Jennings suddenly saw that they'd been spotted.This made a few of them point their weapons at the two of them.Quickly,Jennings grabbed Sarah out of the firing line,and into cover,lying on top of her to protect her,as Kim Yang's men started firing at them.

Sarah couldn't help,but scream as the bullets struck uncomfortably close to them,but Jennings managed to get them into more cover,and then,prepared his own weapon,the deadly AK-47.He held long experience in battle,having fought many combats,and knew precisely how to deal with any threats.He was grateful for the brilliant training he'd received in the British army.It really was the best,and he knew the men firing at him and Sarah,were not professional soldiers,just hired muscle.

'Stay down,okay?'He told Sarah,who nodded,covering her ears,trying to protect her eardrums from the sound of the weapon fire.Jennings knew he had to be quick here.A long,prolonged firefight could prove disastrous for them.The longer he was held up here,the less chance he had of rescuing Kelly,and all the other girls.

He flicked off the safety catch,and waited for the right moment.It came soon enough,as the weapons fire ceased,as Kim Yang's men ran out of ammunition,and began changing their magazine clips.Quickly,Jennings leaned out,and began to return fire on his opponents.He fired in short,but deadly accurate bursts.Every burst he fired,hit his designated target.Within a minute,he'd finished them off.Their bloody corpses were sprawled all over.Jennings felt grim satisfaction at gaining the upper hand.Even so,he'd better make sure.

Glancing at Sarah,he laid a reassuring hand on her shoulder.'Stay here,Sarah.'he warned her.'I'll just make sure it's clear.'

Sarah gripped his hand tightly in return.'Don't be long,John.Please.'She insisted to him,desperate to get away from this awful place.

Jennings nodded,and rising up from his cover point,began to check the area out.Even though,he could still hear the gun battle raging outside,there was no more armed opposition,that came out to face him.Satisfied it was clear,Jennings was just about to call for Sarah,when he suddenly heard her scream in fear.He started to race back to her,but then seeing why,he had to freeze.

Kim Yang was there,and she held Sarah tight,one arm over her shoulders,and a gun pointed right into his sister's neck.Sarah's face pleaded at her brother,whilst Kim Yang's was one of utter menace.

'Drop the weapon,Jennings.'Kim Yang's voice was totally inhuman.'Or I drop your pretty sister.'

To emphasise her threat,the Chinese woman pointed the gun harder into Sarah's neck,making her hostage gasp in pain.Jennings clenched his teeth,seeing his sister hurt.This made him slowly kneel,aiming his own weapon at Kim Yang's head,but the woman was wise to what he was planning,and made sure her head was right behind Sarah's,thus denying him the opportunity for a headshot.

'Let her go,Kim Yang.'Jennings' voice wasn't friendly.'I mean it.'

This didn't work.Instead,Kim Yang suddenly clamped her hand over Sarah's mouth.However,Jennings noticed her eyes look behind him,and he just saw a shadow get nearer.Whirling around,he was just in time to stop one of Kim Yang's men,hoping to ambush him with a knife.Fortunately,Jennings knocked the weapon away from him,and using the AK-47's rifle butt,to smash it into the man's solar plexus.The man was completely winded,and then Jennings gave him a viscous uppercut,sending him senseless.

Enraged,Kim Yang watched Jennings easily defeat one of her men,but as she watched him turn back round to face him,she suddenly took the gun away from Sarah's neck,and aimed it at him.She instantly fired off several shots,each bullet striking Jennings' upper body.The impact sent his body crashing backwards,and there was a sickening crunch,as he hit his head on one off Kim Yang's furniture pieces,before he crashed onto the floor.His arm flailed up,before it fell limp.

Sarah had instantly screamed,seeing her brother being coldly gunned down.She didn't spot Kim Yang's sadistic smile,as she frantically struggeled to break free from her,desperately trying to get to his unmoving form.However,despite superhuman strength,Kim Yang easily held onto her.Her cruel voice chuckled into her ear,still keeping Sarah handgagged.

'Well,I don't think your hero brother will be bothering me again,will he,my pretty?'She gloated.

Satisfied Jennings was dead,Kim Yang then began to drag Sarah away.The girl was still frantically trying to call for her brother,but he didn't move,and once Sarah had been forced away from his still,unmoving body,her screams turned into utter despairing sobs.

Chapter 29 to follow...

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Voyage into Slavery Chapter 27

Leading the group of nervous girls towards the exit,Jennings made sure he kept his eyes peeled.So far,he'd been lucky.There was of course,the odd man they bumped into unexpectedly,but true to his word,Jennings swiftly took care of them,sending them senseless.He could however,still hear the voices from the hall,where the slave buyers were.Jennings was desperate to get back there.His sisters needed his help,and Kieko too.However,he kept his head.The girls safety following him,depended on his actions.

He'd studied the plans of the house before he'd infiltrated it,and knew where the entrance was.He recognised part of this area,and then gestured for the girls to take cover.If the plans were right,the way out should be just around this next corner.He made a careful check,peering around it.Sure enough,the way out was there.Unfortunately,the door was guarded.Two men stood either side of it.Jennings looked closer at them.Both men looked really tough,and he was wondering how to deal with them.Angela,right behind him,was also peering out.She gripped his shoulders.

'You can't beat those men.'Angela saw the power the two men guarding the door had,but even though she could see admiringly,that her rescuer was no weakling himself.

Jennings heard her,but he'd already decided.He handed his rifle over to Angela,who was taken aback.

'Stay here.'He told her.'I'll call you over when I get through them.'

With that,Jennings stood,still motioning for the rest of the girls to stay put.He did hear Angela whisper disbelievingly to him.'John,you're mad!'

However,he'd made his mind up,and walked around the corner.His appearance clearly noticed by the two men.For a second,they were stunned,but quickly recovered.Menacingly,they moved towards Jennings,and recognising the challenge to fight,began it.Watching from their hiding place,Angela,Louise,and Su were fascinated by the three combatants.The three men certainly put up an awesome display.Jennings had to admit both his opponents were highly skilled,and he received a lot of punishment.There were many hard kicks,and punches exchanged,but Jennings didn't go down.As he fought,only one thing burned determinedly in his mind,and that was to save these girls.Nothing and nobody would prevent him from doing so.Finally,Jennings prevailed.Despite being battered and bloody,he floored the two men,with two hard karate kicks.They didn't get up from that.

Not wasting a second,Jennings went straight to open the door.Fortunately,it wasn't locked,and as he looked out,noticed the many Thai police cars,and a lot of armed policemen.He then saw Panna,and waved,who returned it.Jennings clearly saw the relief on his face,and glancing back at the cowering girls,gestured for them to come forward.At first,they didn't.He could see Angela,Louise,and Su were gaping at him,not believing the fight he'd just won.Jennings gestured again,more urgently this time.

'Come on,ladies!'Jennings called out to them softly,but his eyes told them.'Hurry up!'

The girls got the message,and Angela with Louise organised their exit.Jennings kept the door open for them,and he was relieved to see Panna reunited with his daughter.Both warmly embraced each other,and then he ushered Angela and Louise out to safety.Then,Jennings headed back into the house,determined to get back to the hall.However,he was so intent on getting there,he'd failed to spot Angela and Louise glance at each other,before the two girls did a double take,and followed him back in.

Jennings hurried back to the hall.Fortunately,he got back without encountering any more opposition,and concealed himself again.Looking in at the many buyers still present,he could see they were waiting patiently for Kim Yang to return.Indeed,just as he glanced in,Jennings watched the Chinese woman return,with the same man carrying another girl over his shoulder.As soon as he forced the girl into Kim Yang's eager hold.Jennings could see it was Kelly.With a superhuman effort,Jennings forced himself to stay hidden.He could only watch,as Kim Yang wrapped an arm over Kelly's waist,and then gripped his sister's chin.

'Isn't she a very pretty sight,ladies and gentlemen?'Kim Yang could see the crowd literally drooling at the girl she held.When the Japanese girl had been displayed,the slave buyers had given their full approval.Now,they were shoving each other out of the way,to get a closer look at Kelly's tightly bound and gagged form.Kelly's eyes were huge,as she saw many mad,lustful faces staring back at her.She started to struggle frantically,but Kim Yang held onto her easily,chuckling.

'As you can see.'The Chinese woman grinned evilly.'She has a fiery spirit,but of course,one worthy to be tamed.'

She was still enjoying Kelly's struggles.It actually made her feel hot towards her prisoner,and she pressed her own body into Kelly's.The girl felt,and realised what she was doing,making her give out a muffled scream in horror,behind her tape gag.Kim Yang then forced her hand over Kelly's mouth,ensuring maximum silence from her captive.

'Well then,gentlemen.'Kim Yang decided to get the bidding back under way.She was looking forward to increasing her bank balance again.'Shall we begin?'

Still hidden,Jennings watched,his teeth clenched,as the crowd threw their offers to buy Kelly.The money paid for Kieko was easily surpassed,as the buyers were literally shouting desperate bids,to get their hands on his youngest sister.However,the bidding was abruptly stopped,when he noticed one of Kim Yang's men walk up to her,on the stage.He then whispered into her ear.

'The girls have gone.'He spoke it softly,but urgently.

This caught Kim Yang by surprise.'What?'

'The girls have escaped,Miss Yang.Somebody cut them loose.'The urgency was still in his tone.'There's no sign of them anywhere,and there's more.The police are here.'

This hardened Kim Yang's expression.Jennings!It had to be his doing.She had no doubt about that at all.He'd certainly moved quicker than she'd anticipated,and if he was here,he'd be looking for Sarah,Kelly,and his Japanese girlfriend.

This made her ask the man.'What about the girl in my room?Is she still secure?'

'Yes,Miss Yang.'The man gave her some good news,at least.'Still under armed guard,as you ordered.'

'Good.Find Captain Liu,and tell him to prepare the boat.'

Kim Yang not only had her highly luxurious vessel docked in Bangkok harbour,but she also had another boat,moored deep down underneath the auction house.It wasn't as big as her own boat,but it could carry several people in comfort,and of course,had the speed should a fast escape be required.It was always an excellent idea to prepare for any problems,and Kim Yang was pleased she'd thought of this option.

She then reluctantly forced Kelly into the man,ordering him curtly.'Take her down there.I'll be there shortly.'

The man nodded his obedience,and lifted Kelly over his shoulder,then promptly disappeared.This instantly caused the buyers before her,to stop shouting out their bids.A stunned silence swept all over them,as they watched this sudden change of events.

However,Kim Yang was still feeling supremely confident,as she smiled at them all.

'My apologies,ladies and gentlemen.'She announced.'I'm afraid there's been a security alert,and I must ask you all to leave.'

This didn't go down well at all.None of the buyers returned her smile.In fact,Kim Yang could clearly see some angered expressions.

'You promised us to show the Western women!'A Sheik shouted out to her,making quite a few in the crowd agree with him.

'Indeed I did.'Kim Yang answered him.She tensed,keeping a careful eye on the crowd.This sort of thing didn't happen very often,when she had to put an abrupt stop to her highly lucrative auctions.However,she was fully prepared for any problems amongst the crowd.Still,she continued to act reasonably,continuing.'However,I'm afraid I have to report a security alert.The police are here,and once again,I would strongly suggest you all leave.'

Kim Yang was pleased to see this had the desired effect.The hostility being sharply replaced by alarm.Practically,all the slave buyers bolted for the exits.As they stampeded out of the hall,Jennings made sure he kept hidden.When he finally heard the last running steps fade away,Jennings turned his attention back to the hall.He could see that not all the buyers had taken Kim Yang's advice.

There were now only two men standing in front of Kim Yang.Both of them were Arabs,and Jennings recognised one of them.He was the one that had successfully bidded for Kieko.The second Arab was the one who'd protested about not being shown the Western women.His face was still mad,and although Kim Yang noticed it,she addressed the first Arab.After all,he'd just made her richer,paying superb money for that delicious Yamamoto girl.

'Would you please follow one of my men,Sir?'Kim Yang snapped her fingers at one of them,standing patiently nearby.'He will take you to your prize.'

The first Sheik bowed his head in deep gratitude to her.'A thousand thanks,Miss Yang.I am grateful.'

He then followed Kim Yang's man out of the hall,and she then turned her attention to the second Sheik,who still wasn't smiling.He looks a nasty sort.She mused to herself.Better be careful here.

'I want to see the English women.'He demanded.'You promised that.'

At first,Kim Yang didn't respond to him,although she watched him carefully.He certainly made no move to pull out any hidden weapons,keeping his hands together,and visible.He then withdrew some of his hostility,although he still maintained his gaze at her.

'I would appreciate it,if you would make an exception for me.'He smiled,not a very nice one,but he went on.'My own personal harem has many beautiful Western women.Miss Yang.You would be more than welcome,to inspect my own personal collection.'

I'm quite sure I would.Kim Yang thought,not trusting him an inch.However,she decided to humour him.

'Follow me,please.'She instructed him politely,turning away to lead him back to her bedroom.The sinister smirk was back on Kim Yang's face,but of course,she made sure the Arab didn't see it,as he followed her out of the hall.

Still hidden,Jennings watched them leave.He checked his watch,remembering how much time there was,before the C4 charges went off.He then quietly followed Kim Yang,keeping a safe distance,and he watched the woman lead the Sheik into a room.Finally,he caught a glimpse of Sarah.His sister was sitting in a hard backed wooden chair,tightly bound and gagged to it.One of Kim Yang's men stood behind her,arms folded,calmly obeying his orders.Jennings also noticed Kieko too.The Japanese girl had been put onto a couch.She too,was tied up and gagged.Her eyes were huge,as she stared fearfully up at the first Arab there,also in the room.The man's eyes were gleaming lustfully down at this Japanese beauty.

'I must commend you,Miss Yang.'The first Arab spoke.'You really choose the most beautiful captives to enslave.'

'Thank you.'Kim Yang's response was courteous to him.'I always choose the best looking girls to kidnap.You'll pay the usual way?'

'Of course.'His answer pleased her,seeing him produce a laptop,and after being given permission to sit by Kim Yang,opened the laptop up.He instantly started typing in the necessary details.Once he'd done so,he informed her with a smile.'The money has been credited into your account,Miss Yang.'

'Thank you.'Kim Yang nodded,before she turned her attention to the second Arab.The man was almost entranced by Sarah's trussed up form.Sarah cringed in fear,as the man stroked his finger down her cheek.

'I like this one,Miss Yang.'He was enjoying himself touching the very pretty Western girl,even fondling Sarah's chest.The girl could only give out a faint,muffled squeal behind her gag at this.

'She's in excellent,prime condition.'The second Arab concluded,after doing so.'You are certain she's not for sale?'He was disappointed to see his query refused.

'Unfortunately not.'Kim Yang shook her head,determined to keep a hold of her favourite slave.'I have a soft spot for this pretty young lady.'

'A pity.'The disappointment was fully evident in his voice.'I would have gladly spent all my fortune on her.Perhaps later.'He finished ominously,without explaining why.

However,Kim Yang had seen it all before.She knew he wasn't going to give up on getting his hands on Sarah,so she thought of a plan.She then went up to her more than impressive drinks bar,and offered the two Arabs a drink of their choice.Both men accepted,as she prepared them expertly herself.Then,handed them over.As Kim Yang did so,she then poured herself one,and raised her glass in toast.


The two Arabs raised their own glasses in return,and drank.They clearly enjoyed the drink,and then,the first Arab spoke to her,his greedy,cruel eyes gleaming down at Kieko's frightened ones.

'I'd like to take her now,Miss Yang.'He was quite forthright,eager to take the girl.'My private jet is waiting.'

'Of course.'Kim Yang nodded her approval.'But please,enjoy your drink.I hate to see excellent liquor being wasted.'

Both men nodded their own approval at that,and promptly drained their glasses.The first Arab then closed his laptop,and stood up.He felt very pleased,knowing he'd acquired another beautiful slave,for his own pleasures.He was just about to get a hold of Kieko,who cringed back from him,when he suddenly felt strange,as did the second Arab.

'Enjoy your drinks,gentlemen?'Kim Yang asked them politely.

None of them answered,as the two Sheiks staggered together,their hands clutching their necks,releasing the glasses that shattered to the floor.Both men then followed,crumpling to the ground.Their eyes were bewildered,realising what had been done to them.

So did Kieko and Sarah.They'd both jumped in their bonds in surprise,knowing Kim Yang had drugged the mens drinks.Both girls saw their female captor smirk at this.

'My apologies,gentlemen.'Kim Yang told the two Sheiks,who were now staring at her in great hate.'But I never had any intention of selling these two beauties.They're simply too priceless for me,to part with them.'

She could see the two men were now convulsing,but her smile remained down at them.

'Don't worry too much,gentlemen.'Kim Yang reassured,although of course,there was no warmth in her eyes.'The drug won't take long to reach your hearts.It will be a peaceful death.'

Sarah and Kieko could only watch,as the two men finally breathed their last,and then Kim Yang curtly ordered their bodies removed.Her men moved efficiently,and soon,the two bound,gagged girls found themselves alone with her.The Chinese woman noticed the horror in Sarah and Kieko's eyes.She smiled more pleasantly at Sarah,moving up to her,and lifting her chin.

'You must think I'm a cold blooded murderer,my dear.'Kim Yang kissed Sarah's hair,making the gagged girl whimper.Her captor merely chuckled.'Believe me,my dear.I did that for you.There was no way I was going to let them take you.You are mine,Sarah,just as Miss Yamamoto is.'

She kissed Sarah again,this time,on her cheek.Kim Yang saw Sarah's eyes shut in revulsion,but she sneered at that,gripping the girl's chin harder.

'And when you are totally mine,my dear.I'm going to make you pay for your defiance.That's a promise,my pretty.'

Sarah could offer no defiant reply.There was no way she could avoid the lustful looks from Kim Yang.Just like Kieko was doing,Sarah could only whimper fearfully behind her gag,desperately hoping for a miracle,that John would get in here,and save her from these monsters.

Chapter 28 to follow...

Monday, 22 March 2010

Voyage into Slavery Chapter 26

Jennings silently moved down into the house,keeping his eyes sharp for any sudden opposition,that may have leaped out at him.So far,none of the enemy had discovered his presence,and he hadn't seen any hidden CCTV cameras.He had a strong hunch that there was a surveillance system here.Kim Yang would have certainly thought of that.He would keep his eyes open.

As Jennings moved deeper into the house,he saw more of Kim Yang's men.Every one of them was armed,and in pairs.They all looked alert,and he made sure he stayed out of their sight.As he moved from one hiding place to another,he heard voices nearby,and headed over towards them.He was still determined to rescue Sarah,Kelly,Kieko,and all the other girls from Kim Yang's clutches.He would make sure he helped Louise,Su,Angela,and the two journalists,Michelle and Jane.All these girls had helped him,and he was also determined to return the favour.

Still successfully avoiding the enemy patrols,Jennings could now see where he heard the voices coming from.He could see it was a big room,and ducking behind cover,saw it was a hall.There were many people standing in it,and their faces were aimed at some kind of stage.As Jennings looked closer at them,he noticed there were plenty of men dressed in Arab headgear.There were also a few Orientals too,and even some people from the West too,including some women.Jennings instantly had his nasty gut feeling,as he knew who this lot were.No doubt to increase their collections.He thought bitterly.

Still hidden from their view,Jennings suddenly saw two men,followed by Kim Yang.However,it was one of the men who held his attention,as Jennings saw a girl being carried over his shoulder by him.The man waited until Kim Yang walked in front of him,and then gently put the girl down.She was instantly seized by Kim Yang,and it was then that Jennings recognised Kieko.She was bound and gagged,and struggling like mad in the Chinese woman's grasp,but Kim Yang easily held onto her.There was an appreciative gasp from the huge throng of buyers,as they saw Kieko.The Japanese girl's eyes were full of terror,as she could only stare at the many leering faces,giving her their whole attention.

Kim Yang heard the crowd's approval,and decided to get the auction under way.

'I see our first offering pleases you,my friends.'Kim Yang smiled,as she went on.'Allow me to introduce Miss Kieko Yamamoto,of Japanese naval intelligence.Wouldn't you just love to ravish this beauty,at your leisure?'

She could see that her audience fully agreed with her.Even Kieko saw the approval,and she was frozen in fear,stiffening in Kim Yang's hold.

The Chinese woman smiled,enjoying the girl's distress.She lovingly stroked Kieko's long,silky,raven hair down her back.Then,Kim Yang forced her forward,giving the crowd a more closer look at Kieko's face.

'Look at her gorgeous eyes,ladies and gentlemen.'She told them honestly.'Miss Yamamoto's a true beauty indeed.'Then,she called out.'Any offers for her then?'

'I'll pay 50,000 for her!'One of the Arabs shouted out.His greedy,lustful eyes couldn't take themselves off Kieko,still gripped firmly by Kim Yang.

'An excellent start,Sir.'Kim Yang was pleased,knowing full well,the money would start rolling in.'Would anybody care to advance on that?'

'70,000!'A second man called out.

'Ridiculous!'This from a third.'She's worth more than that.90,000!'

The first man came back in,determined to get his hands on the girl.


This was exciting.Kim Yang was enjoying the current bids being thrown at her.She sniggered into Kieko's ear.

'Seems you'll break the bank,my dear.I knew you'd fetch an excellent price.'

Her taunt only made Kieko give a muffled squeal of terror behind her gag,and Jennings heard it.He had to fight to keep himself hidden,and he was infuriated,seeing the crowd laughing at Kieko's distress.He had to wait for the right moment,and it wasn't now.There were just too many in his way,and there was always the chance somebody might be carrying a concealed weapon.With clenched teeth,he had to keep listening to the ongoing bids for Kieko,although he still kept an eye out for any unexpected patrols.

'500,000!'It was the first Arab,and he really shouted it out,glaring at his rival bidders.He was almost daring them to continue,but his bid had worked.A sullen silence descended from them,as his competitors conceded defeat.

Kim Yang stared at the Arab,and then back at his rival bidders,then switched her gaze back to him.This was a very good start indeed.

'No more offers then?'She scanned the crowd,holding the small gavel,and still checking,raised it to strike the deal.'Going once,going twice-'She was interrupted by Kieko's gagged whimpering,but coldly ignored her,as she slammed the gavel down.'Sold to you,Sir.'She pointed at the first Arab.'Believe me,Sir,you've got a bargain.She's worth every penny.'

She kissed Kieko's hair again,much more longer this time,not seeing the girl's eyes clench shut,but the Arab man had.There was a triumphant smile across his face.

'My sincere thanks,Miss Yang.'The man still hadn't taken his lustful gaze from his newly acquired prize,who could only stare back,her eyes still huge above her gag.

'Would you please join us for a drink afterward?'Kim Yang asked him.'I'd like to say my goodbyes to her.'

'It would be an honour.'The Shiek nodded,still eyeing Kieko greedily.

With her first sale successfully completed,Kim Yang roughly shoved Kieko into one of her men's grip.'Take her to my room.'She curtly ordered.'And bring me Kelly next.'

The man nodded,and easily lifted Kieko over his shoulder,carrying her out.Kieko's muffled cries were either laughed at,or coldly ignored by the crowd.

However,Jennings could see Kieko being removed,and carefully watched where the man carrying her,was going.He made a mental note to head down that way,before his teeth clenched again,as he heard Kim Yang speak again.

'I'm so pleased you enjoyed our first offering,my friends.'The Chinese woman announced.'We will now give you a very rare treat.The first English girl we've been able to acquire,for quite some time.'

Jennings could see this had an instant effect on the crowd.They became more excited,eagerly anticipating Western women offered for sale.Jennings could see their mote than pleased reactions.His own expression was cold,but inside,he was worried.Who was Kim Yang going to bring up first,Sarah? Kelly?

Just then,he noticed another one of Kim Yang's men hurry up to her,and whispered a message into her ear.She nodded,and then turned back to her audience.

'Please excuse me for a few minutes,my friends.'She smiled,which Jennings hated seeing.'I shall return,but in the meantime,make yourselves comfortable.'

Once that had been said,Kim Yang wheeled away from the stage,and left the hall.Jennings watched her go,his eyes still hard.You'd better find the girls.He thought to himself.It seemed unlikely she'd bring them all up here,but he'd better get moving.He made another careful look around him,but still,nobody had discovered his presence.This made him take the holdall bag from his shoulder,and opening it up,plucked the C4 plastic explosive chargers from it.Then,still keeping his stealthy approach,rose from his hiding position,and began to place them all over the house.Just like Takachi had done,Jennings fitted digital timers to them,setting a countdown of thirty minutes.

Once he'd set all the charges,Jennings crept his way around the hall,and disappeared down towards the area where he'd seen Kieko being taken.He could sense he was approaching some kind of cellar,or a basement,and he then heard faint,feminine moans.He instantly knew he'd found the girls,recognising their gagged sounds.As he approached a corner silently,Jennings made sure he wasn't being followed,and then,peered around the corner.He could see a lot of girls,all bound and gagged,and he then saw some familiar faces.Louise was there.Angela Lee,Su,and Michelle with Jane.However,he saw no sign of Sarah,or Kelly.

He did see the two armed men,walking amongst the girls.They too,looked alert,and Jennings watched their movements carefully.He couldn't fire his weapon in here.There was just too much risk of hitting the girls.However,he had an idea.Pulling out a wooden tube,Jennings carefully loaded a small dart into it.This wouldn't kill,but it would knock them out for hours.He then noticed Louise close by,and she'd spotted him.Her eyes brightened,and despite the tight gag,tried to say his name in relief.Jennings however,wanted to maintain the stealth,so quickly put his finger to his lips.He was pleased to see Louise nod,and then he noticed Angela had seen him too.He did the same gesture,and she too nodded.

Angela had never felt so glad to see this man.Her hopes of rescue,had all but vanished.She had to suffer Kim Yang's gloating,as well as being touched up by her,and even the guards took advantage sometimes.Now,she saw the Englishman that had helped her.How he got here was a mystery,but Angela didn't care about that.Now,there was hope.

She could see him motioning her to stay silent.No danger of that.Angela mused bitterly.I'm gagged.However,she could see him watching the two men guarding them,hoping for an opportunity to use the blowpipe weapon he held.Angela knew she had to help him.She was sitting with her back to the wall too,and tried to call out something to the guards.Of course,her gag prevented that,but she made enough mumbling to distract the men from their guard duties.As they both turned to look at her,Jennings acted swiftly.He had already aimed at his first target,and blew the first dart successfully into one of the guards.The man felt something hit him on the back of his neck,but Jennings didn't waste a second.He'd already loaded the second dart into the blowpipe,and then,fired it successfully into the second guard.Within seconds,both men crumpled to the ground.

Quickly,Jennings hurried around the corner.All the girls could now see him,and were begging for him to release them first.Louise was the closest to him,and he removed the gag from her mouth.

'Are you okay,Louise?'Jennings asked her,full of concern.

'Yes.'Louise was so pleased to get her voice back.The gag had nearly driven her insane.'Thank God you're here,John.I was getting worried.'

'They didn't hurt you?'

'No,but I was so scared.'Louise's voice reflected that.She then saw Jennings produce his knife,and cut away the ropes holding her hands behind her.The rest of the ropes followed,and as soon as Louise was free,she instantly grabbed Jennings,giving him a warm,grateful hug.'Thank you,John.'She then gave him a warm kiss,and he hugged her back in return.Louise was a really good friend indeed.

'It should be me thanking you,Louise.'Jennings told her honestly.'You saved my neck at the hospital.I don't know what you injected me with,but it did the trick.'

'What are friends for?'Louise replied,giving him a lovely smile.He then asked her to help free the other girls,which Louise accepted eagerly.Then,he headed over to Angela's bound and gagged form.Jennings knelt down by her,and gently removed the strip of black tape covering her mouth.Angela gasped gratefully,as she could finally breathe in through her mouth.

'Are you okay,Miss Lee?'Jennings asked her,as he then used the knife again to cut away Angela's ropes.

'Yes.'Angela nodded,still grateful,and so pleased to be not tied up and gagged anymore.'Thank you for helping me.'

'No,Angela.'Jennings knew he owed her.'Thank you.I wasn't sure if I could get past those two guards.'

He liked her warm smile that she gave him,and he helped her to her feet.Angela winced in pain,as she felt the blood loss in her hands and feet.Jennings noticed it,as well as all the rope marks on her body.He helped her to sit back down,and taking her feet,began to rub them together,getting her blood circulation flowing again.Angela winced,as he did so,but she trusted him,and after a few moments,she felt okay.She stood up again,allowing him to help her.

'Thank you for saving me.'Angela repeated Louise's actions,as she wrapped her arms around his neck,giving him a very nice,and highly appreciated kiss and hug.Although,she was still baffled by something.

'I don't understand.'Angela conceded.'They said you went down with the ship.'

'I did.'Jennings admitted that.'But I was lucky.I got blown back to the surface.Air pockets escaping,I guess.'

The Chinese girl smiled at him.'I'm glad you're okay.That's twice you've saved me.'

'Believe me,Miss Lee.'Jennings smiled back in return.'You're worth saving.'

Angela blushed faintly at his compliment.Then,he asked her to help Louise free everybody else.Angela nodded,glad to assist.

He then saw Su.The Thai girl was unable to move,due to her own bonds.She was just lying on the floor,totally immobile.However,Jennings made short work of her bonds,and removing her gag,helped her to her feet.Su hugged him in overwhelming relief,and couldn't help herself,as she started to cry.

'It's okay,Su.'Jennings whispered comfortingly into her ear.'You're safe now.'

Just then,he received a call from his mobile.It was Panna.

'Mr Jennings.'His voice was polite,but firm,as Panna asked.'What do you think you are doing?'

'I'm getting my sisters out of this hell,Mr Panna,and I've got some good news for you.Your daughter's okay.She's here.'

'Let me speak to her.'

Jennings handed Su his mobile,and let father and daughter exchange their relief.They only spoke for a few moments,then Su handed him the mobile back,telling him.'He wants to talk to you.'

Jennings took the mobile,and he then heard Panna say to him.'Thank you for saving my daughter.Now,please let us return the favour.We're coming in.'

'No,you can't do that yet.'Jennings was firm in his response.'Just give me a little bit more time.I still haven't found Sarah or Kelly yet.'

'Mr Jennings.'Panna's voice was still polite,but there was an exasperated tone faintly evident.'You are not helping us,nor yourself.Why will you not let us help you?'

Jennings told him the truth.'Believe me,Mr Panna,if you and your men come barging in here now,you'll all be shot to pieces.There's an army in here,and they will slaughter you.'He paused to let this sink in,then continued.'Trust me.Just give me that little bit more time.I've planted a few nasty surprises for them.I'll let you know when you can come in.'

There was no reply at first,although Jennings heard Panna speaking his native Thai to someone.Su was also listening,and they both heard him respond.'Very well.I will give you fifteen minutes,then we are coming in.'

'You've got plenty of people with you?'Jennings asked.

'Of course.'

Across the street,Panna was waiting,with several of his colleagues.All were armed.Some had shotguns,others automatic rifles,but they all looked a mean sight,and patiently waited for the order to go in.

'Thank you.'Jennings was now grateful to Panna.He had that extra time to find Sarah,Kelly,and Kieko.'Don't worry.'He reassured Panna.'Su will be okay.'

With that,he ended the call,and helped the few remaining girls who were still trussed up.


Back in Kim Yang's bedroom,Sarah was still sitting bound and gagged.She now had Liu standing behind her,playing gently with her hair,fully enjoying it.He could see the girl was frozen in fear from his touch,and smiled contentedly.He knelt down,and whispered into Sarah's ear.'Absolutely gorgeous,my dear.Miss Yang has done well to seize you.I can't wait to see you broken by her.'

Sarah could offer no defiant response.The black tape over her mouth ensured her silence,and her eyes widened even more above the tape,when she noticed Kim Yang enter.The woman chuckled in pleasure,as she bent down,to check Sarah's bindings.There was no need to worry.Their pretty prize was still helpless,and both Liu,and Kim Yang were determined she would remain that way.

Satisfied Sarah was still secure,Kim Yang turned to Liu,asking.'What did you want to see me about?'

Liu was still playing with Sarah's hair.'Any news on the girl's brother?'

'Nothing yet.'Kim Yang admitted,although she could see Sarah was listening eagerly.She just smirked at the girl's hopeful eyes.'But he's coming to rescue her,as well as all the others.'

Liu nodded his agreement.'Maybe we'd better get rid off her.'He didn't see Sarah's shocked eyes on hearing that sinister statement.This made her mumble fearfully,but vaguely into her gag.

Liu however seemed to realise what the girl was thinking.He was still kneeling down behind her,and whispered into Sarah's ear,frightening her more.'Don't worry,my dear.Your death serves no purpose to us.We're just going to make sure we'll get top money for you.'

Sarah could only still give out her faint,mumbling protests,and Liu went back to gently stroking her hair.However,he then seized her chin,forcing Sarah to gaze fearfully up at him.

'It's your brother's head that I want.'Liu almost snarled into her face.'And believe me,my dear.I'm going to get it.'

His threat in his voice really terrified Sarah,making her eyes clench shut to avoid his his hateful gaze,but fortunately,Liu released her head.She never felt so much fear.Her kidnappers relished the power they held over her,and Sarah could only just sit here,with her bonds not giving an inch.The longer she was their prisoner,the worst it appeared it was going to get for her future.Her only hope was John,and she was willing him to get here,and fast.


Back down in the basement,Jennings was in the process of freeing the two pretty Chinese journalists,Michelle,and Jane.Both girls had been bound back to back,and appeared firmly welded together,with the tight ropes secured around their bodies.The two girls were mumbling like mad at him through their tape gags,and Jennings gently removed them.Then,he skillfully made short work of their bonds.

'You girls okay?'Jennings asked them,which led to both of them giving him another warm embrace,and grateful kisses.Jennings had to admit he'd enjoyed all the girls thanks to him,but he still hadn't seen Sarah,Kelly,or even Kieko.Angela and Louise came up to him,knowing what he was looking for.

'Where's Sarah and Kelly?'Jennings couldn't disguise the worry in his own voice.'What about Kieko?'

Angela tried to break the bad news gently to him.'They kept Sarah separate from us,John.'She was surprised she called him by his first name,although he didn't protest at that.She went on.'They just took Kelly out before you came.I think they were taking her to be sold.'

Jennings clenched his fists in frustration.How the hell had he missed her?

'Do you know where Sarah's being held,Angela?'He asked hurriedly.

'That Yang bitch probably has her.'Angela was almost sure of that,having seen the lavish attention Kim Yang gave to Sarah.'I think they're holding her as hostage,for when you come for her.'

Jennings realised he'd better get a move on.He nodded his thanks to Angela,and then called Panna from his mobile.

'Okay,'he informed the Thai policeman.'I'm bringing the girls out now.'

Panna's reply was instantaneous.'We'll cover you.My men are in position.'

'Thank you.'Jennings meant it.'I owe you one.'

'No,my friend.We owe you.Just get them out of that horrible place.'

Again,Jennings thanked him.He ended the call,and got all the girls together.

'Okay,ladies.'Despite the worry burning away inside him for Sarah,Kelly,and Kieko,Jennings made sure he showed total confidence to the girls.He was still determined to get them all out of here safely.'I'm going to get you all out of here now.With a bit of luck,the bad guys will be getting a nasty surprise waiting for them soo,so that will be our diversion.If any of Kim Yang's men show up,take cover immediately.'He smiled gently,seeing a lot of worried,and scared faces.'Don't worry.If there's any problems,I'll take care of it,okay?'

This seemed to help the group,and he nodded,pleased his words had the positive effect.He readied his weapon,preparing to leave the basement.

'Okay,ladies.Let's go.'

Jennings led from the front.Angela and Louise made sure they were right behind him.Jennings was still confident he'd get them all out to safety.He just hoped he'd have enough time to get Kieko away from that Shiek,and rescue Sarah and Kelly from Kim Yang's clutches.

Chapter 27 to follow...

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Voyage into Slavery Chapter 25

Slowly,Jennings opened his eyes.He wasn't sure where he was at first,but his memory came back instantly,remembering all the recent events.He was then aware he was in hospital,and his brief discussion with Louise came back to him.

As he sat up on the bed,Jennings admitted he felt a lot better.In fact,he felt great.Whatever Louise had injected him with,it seemed to have done the trick.He also felt something under the pillow,and reached in to take out a laptop.He recognised it as Louise's,but his attention was then focused on the note left for him.He opened it up,and read it.Sure enough,it was from Louise,recognising her handwriting.

'Hi John,hope you're feeling better.I've left my laptop for you.It contains all the details you need to take down Kim Yang.I've also left some of your gear for you.'Jennings glanced down,and saw a large holdall bag,and clothes stacked neatly on a nearby chair.He recognised them as his own combat army clothes,a crew neck khaki coloured T-Shirt,his combat trousers,and his boots.He read more of the note from Louise.

'Don't worry,John.I can handle it.Take care,see you soon,love,Louise xx'

Jennings saw the address Louise had written down for him,telling the location of Kim Yang's house,and he slowly lowered the note.He never had any doubts at all,that Louise was walking straight into trouble.Just like his two sisters,Louise was very headstrong.Jennings knew she was very close to Sarah and Kelly.All three girls had bonded extremely well,having joined the Royal Navy together.It wasn't just the travel the girls loved,but also the fight against the bad guys.Like himself,Sarah,Kelly and Louise were fully prepared to fight for the right cause,and did so.He was very proud of them all.

However,the girls had all now landed in the bad guys clutches,and Jennings knew he had to help them.Getting out of the bed,he grabbed his clothes,and started to get dressed.Once he was,Jennings then opened up the large holdall,and was grimly satisfied to see plenty of weaponry Louise had left for him.There was another AK-47 assault rifle,grenades,C4 plastic explosives,and a sniper rifle.Ammunition was very plentiful,and he suspected he'd need that where he was going.

Just then,he heard a knock on the door,and he hurriedly put away all his weapons back into the bag,before dumping it under the bed,before he called out.


He saw a Thai man enter.The man's face was warm,and friendly.He made the customary greeting to Jennings,who in turn,returned the gesture.

'You are feeling better,Mr Jennings?'The man asked him politely.

'Much better,thank you.'Jennings nodded.'How do you know my name?'

'My name is Detective Panna,Mr Jennings.Bangkok police.Your people informed us of your mission aboard the 'Eastern Princess',as well as my daughter did.'

Jennings realised this was Su's father.He wasn't looking forward to telling him,that his daughter was now a prisoner in Kim Yang's clutches.However,before he could,Panna told him.'Your lady friend was very concerned for you,and most considerate.'

'Yes.'Jennings would owe Louise big time for saving his life.'Louise is a great friend of mine.We have been for years.'

'It was very close.'Panna said.'You were nearly lost,but I am pleased you have recovered.'

Jennings appreciated what the man just said,however,he then decided to break the bad news to him.

'Yes,I met your daughter on board.'He confirmed.'Su really helped me a lot.I'm just sorry I wasn't able to return the favour.'

'What do you mean?'

'Kim Yang has her,as well as my two sisters.'Jennings explained to Panna how he'd managed to get the girls free,including Su,before he was knocked out.

'I see.'Panna had a much worried face,and Jennings sincerely felt for him.However,thanks to Louise,he had at least,some good news.He then handed the note Louise had written for him.

'Do you know where this address is?'Jennings asked.'It's where Louise has gone.'

This increased the worry on Panna's face.'Your lady friend has gone to this place?'He shook his head grimly.'If she has,she's walked straight into Kim Yang.This is where she holds regular auctions,selling the girls she and her people have kidnapped.'

'You have your people there now?'

'I'm afraid not.'Panna had to admit.'Kim Yang does her best to intimidate my people not to interfere.'His face grimaced,remembering how much success Kim Yang had doing this.'I've lost a lot of good people due to her,and her bullying tactics.'

Jennings understood.This made him pull out the holdall from under the bed,and he opened it up.Panna clearly saw the many weapons in the bag.He glanced curiously at Jennings.

'These are your weapons?'He asked the Englishman.

Jennings nodded.'Louise left it for me.'He took out the AK-47 weapon,and loaded the magazine clip into it.Then,he suggested.'Why don't we pay them a visit,and give them our thoughts on those thugs.You get my meaning,Mr Panna?'

Panna did get his meaning.'I'll get my own stuff,and bring my people there.'He couldn't wait to get there.There was more than a good chance Su was there,and he was going to get her out of there.

'Stay here.'Panna instructed him.'I'll be back as quick as I can.'

'I'll be waiting.'Jennings nodded,and with that,Panna left.Jennings continued to get dressed.As he did so,he noticed the only window in the room.Walking over to it,Jennings could see the entrance to the hospital.He could see plenty of people coming in and out,and after a moment,watched the Thai policeman leave.It was just then that he noticed two men watching Panna leave.

Panna quickly left the hospital,and hurriedly entered into his car.He sped off,flashing his siren.However,his departure had been carefully noted by two of Kim Yang's men.These were the same two men who had spied on Louise,back in the hotel.Now,they had new orders,and both of them were looking forward to their next assignment,and to boost their own reputations.

One of them took out his mobile,and made contact with Kim Yang.

'We're heading in now,Miss Yang.'The man spoke confidently to his superior.

'Good.'Kim Yang's voice was serious in return.'Just make sure you don't fail.'

'Don't worry,Miss Yang.'He was still confident.'We'll do it.'Then,he rang off.

Their orders were to kill,and the two men discreetly checked their hidden silenced pistols,and after satisfied at that,entered the hospital.The reception area was deserted,only a single young woman manned the desk.She was obviously part of the hospital staff,dressed in the white uniform of a nurse.She eyed them suspiciously.

'Can I help you?'

'We understand you have an Englishman here.'One of the men told her.'His name is Jennings,and we'd like to speak to him.'

The girl still kept looking at them,clearly thinking that they were suspicious characters.However,she was still polite to them.

'What is your business with the patient?'

Both men looked at each other,almost smiling to themselves,which the girl noticed.She was going to call for security on the phone on her desk,when the first man answered.'It's very important we see him.A police matter.'

'You have identification?'The girl asked him.

'Of course.'The first man smiled faintly,as he reached into his person,then suddenly producing his silenced pistol,aiming it directly at the now shocked girl's face.He could see she was going to scream,but instantly put his finger to his lips.

'Just do as you're told,'he warned her,'and we won't shoot.'

The second man eyed the girl up intently.He liked what he was seeing.

'She's a beauty.'His eyes were dominated by lust,making the girl's eyes bulge in fear.'Let's take her back to Miss Yang.I think she would be very interested in this one.'

His accomplice agreed.'Of course we will,but first,we've got a job to do.'He then gestured at the girl with his pistol.'Stand up,Miss.You're coming with us.'

'What are you going to do to me?'The girl asked him,still staring in terror at the silenced pistol.

'Shut up.'He warned her.It was a calm voice,but the onus was there.'We're just going to put you somewhere safe in storage,then we'll be back for you.'He glanced over at his colleague.'Find something to tie her up.'

The second man grinned,and before the girl could obey the order to stand,he grabbed her arms behind her,and forced her away from the desk.She gasped in pain and alarm,as she was forced into an empty storage room.The two men were still checking to see if anybody was approaching,but there was nothing.The door was slammed shut behind them.

Still holding the girl tightly,the second man forced her onto her knees,as he had already spotted some rope on one of the shelves.Keeping the girl's hands behind her with one hand,he grabbed the rope,and quickly began to bind her wrists.Their prisoner was too scared to scream,but both men worked quickly and efficiently.Within a few minutes,the girl was bound hand and foot,and to gag her,one of them placed a large rectangular strip of white medical tape over her mouth.

Satisfied the girl was secure,the first man then ordered.'Right,that should hold her till we get back.Let's find the Englishman.'

They both heard the gagged girl mumbling fearfully at them,and with a smile of utter relish at her,one of the men sneered down at her.'Don't worry,my pretty.We won't be gone long.Besides,our employer is always on the lookout for fresh merchandise,and she'll be very pleased to have you ready for sale.'

They both smirked at the girl's terror stricken eyes,and then left the storeroom,locking her in.Both men were eager to get the job done,so they could steal their prize away undetected.They then headed over to the reception desk,and began to use the computer to locate their target.It didn't take them long.

'Found him.'One of them had the details ready.'Second floor,in a private room.'

'Room number?'


'Good.Let's get him.'

Both men hurried up to the second floor without any problems.They were encountering more people here,but nobody was challenging them.It was better for them that they weren't,as both Kim Yang's men had already made the decision to gun down anybody in cold blood,that stood in their way.However,nobody did,and they both found room 23 quickly enough.Readying their weapons,one of them knocked politely on the door.

'Come in.'They heard an English voice call out to them,which was just what they wanted.

Grinning at how easy this was going to be,both of them then burst into the room,their silenced pistols instantly firing into the large form,on the hospital bed.Both men fired like mad,and every bullet hit their mark,finally sending the form on the bed collapsing.This made both men stop shooting,as they'd used up their ammo,but wore smug looks,as one of them cautiously approached the bed.The second began to load a second ammo clip into his weapon.

The first man sharply pulled away the bed covers,fully expecting to see a bloody corpse.However,he and his accomplice were stunned to see only a set of now ruined pillows underneath.They both gaped.Then,both men were sent reeling,as Jennings came up from behind them.He'd hidden himself,rightly assuming they'd just burst in,firing at where they'd thought he'd be.Now,he held the upper hand,and he acted decisively,kicking out at his unsuspecting opponents.Both men crashed down hard onto the floor.They never got the chance to rise,as Jennings efficiently hit them on the back of their heads,sending them senseless.

With that threat eliminated,Jennings took away their guns,and grabbing his holdall bag,and Louise's laptop,quickly left the room,hurrying towards the exit.As he reached the reception,Jennings heard faint sounds nearby.It was the sound of a woman,obviously gagged,and he quickly found the source.The door that blocked him was locked,but he easily pushed his way in.He instantly noticed a pretty,bound and gagged woman lying on her side,on the floor.Her eyes pleaded for him to help her.He did so,cutting away her bonds,and gently removing her gag.

She instantly spoke to him rapidly in her native Thai.Jennings didn't have a clue what she was saying,but reasonably guessed she was saying thank you to him.This seemed to be verified,as she warmly put her arms around him,hugging,and kissing him.He blushed,and smiled slightly,gently squeezing her shoulder in reassurance.Then,he gently lifted the girl,carrying her out of the storeroom,taking her back to the her place in reception.He put her back down in her seat,and somehow made sign language to call for help from the phone,writing Panna's name down for her,and the word,'police.'She nodded her understanding,then he made the polite Thai greeting to her,before hurrying out of the hospital.Jennings heard her call out after him,but he had to get moving.Time was running out for the people he cared about.

Don't worry.Jennings' thoughts were strictly for all those girls being held.Help's on the way.He didn't have any doubts at all that he'd meet resistance.No doubt,armed resistance.However,if that's what the bad guys wanted,he'd gladly oblige them.It was the main reason why he loved being a soldier.Jennings loved a good fight,and he was looking forward to it.Although,his expression hardened,as he swore to himself,that he was going to make Kim Yang and her people pay dearly,for kidnapping the women he adored so much.

Jennings picked up the pace,as he headed towards Kim Yang's auction house.

In Kim Yang's house itself,the owner was in her bedroom.A highly spacious room,that Kim Yang used frequently,and not just to sleep either.There was a built in gym for her,which she used to practice her combat skills.She was practicing at this very moment.Her feet stepping over one another gracefully,as she swung out her arms in thrusts,striking out at an imagined opponent.Her face was intense,concentrating.This was something Kim Yang adored.She loved taking on a highly skilled opponent,in unarmed combat.Although recently,there hadn't been much skilled opposition,but with Jennings now on the scene,Kim Yang was intrigued by him.

Despite her orders to kill the Englishman,she had a strong incline that Jennings would get the better of her men.He'd proved that before,and she was interested to see how it would turn out.

As she kept up her practice,Kim Yang also enjoyed the added bonus,of having her favourite captive present.Sarah Jennings sat in a hard backed chair,bound and gagged tightly to it.Kim Yang had made sure of that,having secured her earlier.There were loops of horizontal ropes over and under Sarah's chest,keeping her back firmly lashed to the back of the chair.Her waist too,was also similiarly tied,and there were even more ropes tied across the top of her legs,and under the seat.Her ankles also secured to one of the front legs of the chair,making her totally helpless.Her gag was now a tight,white silk scarf,tied over her mouth.Sarah could barely mumble a sound under it.

Added to her discomfort,Sarah was also well aware of the sinister Thai man standing behind her.He was obviously guarding her,and made frequent checks on Sarah's tight bonds,but made no attempt to loosen them.Sarah couldn't help herself,as she sometimes frantically glanced back at him,but that proved very disconcerting.His sinister gaze really scared her.Kim Yang certainly knew how to choose her people.She thought bitterly.

As Sarah watched Kim Yang continue her exercises,another one of her men slid open the door,and entered.He then walked up to Sarah's guard,and spoke briefly to him.The guard nodded,and allowed him in.Kim Yang saw him,but didn't stop her training moves.

'Yes?'She asked,as he walked closer to her,but maintained a respectable distance.

'Message from our people at the hospital,Miss Yang.'The man informed her.'The Englishman survived the attempt on his life.'

Sarah heard him,and closed her eyes in blessed relief.Thank God John's okay! She thought.There was still a good chance he'd get to her,but she also saw Kim Yang wore a pleased expression.

'Excellent.'The Chinese woman was indeed,very pleased.It was what she desired so much.To beat the girl's brother,right in front of her.Kim Yang couldn't wait for Jennings to get here.

'Keep everyone alert.'She ordered.'He'll be coming here soon.'

The man nodded,and after bowing to her,left to carry out her wishes.Kim Yang then finished her practicing.She took a towel from her hugely impressive king sized bed,and after wiping the sweat from her face,slowly advanced on the visibly trembling,bound and gagged Sarah.She stood behind the girl,and then knelt down close,whispering into Sarah's ear.

'Good news indeed,my dear.'Kim Yang chuckled,seeing the girl stiffen in her enforced,bound position.'I must compliment you on your brother's survival skills.'She then took a hold of Sarah's chin,forcing her to look right at her.

'It won't be long now,before I finish him off,just like I promised you.'Her threat was fully meant.'But don't worry your pretty little head.I'll make sure to give him a chance.'

Sarah closed her eyes,not wanting to see this crazy woman's eyes gleaming at her.Fortunately,Kim Yang turned her attention to Liu,who'd just entered.However,she still stayed behind her,now standing to stroke her fingers through Sarah's smooth raven hair.Sarah's eyes went wider above the silk gag.Liu himself,smirked at Sarah's trussed up form,before he spoke to Kim Yang.

'I hear Jennings survived the hospital?'

'I'm very pleased he did.'Kim Yang confirmed that,still playing with Sarah's hair delicately.'He should be on his way here now.'

'Good.I hope he'll be dealt with.'Liu spoke that with venom,still thinking Jennings was responsible for Yee's death.He produced a pistol from his person,and walking up to the front of Sarah,put the gun under the girl's chin.He smiled down at her,but it wasn't a pleasant one.

'Remember your promise,Miss Yang.'Liu was now using his gun to stroke Sarah's cheek.'Keep her for me.I want her.'The lust in his voice fully evident.'Just make sure you keep her brother alive long enough for me,so she can watch him die.'

Sarah mumbled again behind her gag.Still very frightened,she heard Kim Yang respond.'Don't worry,Captain.It's all taken care off.'

Liu then put the gun again under Sarah's chin,lifting her face.Her eyes were huge.

'Don't worry,my dear.'Liu gloated.'In time,I'll make sure you appreciate me.'

He enjoyed saying that.Liu had said that many times to all the women they'd abducted.Now with this English beauty firmly in his clutches,Liu couldn't wait to take advantage over her.He then took away his weapon from under Sarah's chin.The gagged girl closed her eyes in relief,as he did so.

'I'm going to check on the sentries.'Liu glanced up at Kim Yang.'The buyers have arrived,and they're waiting for you in the hall.'He gave Sarah another sinister smile.'I'll be back later for you,Sarah.I can't wait to taste you.Part of the perks of the job,my dear,to sample the merchandise.'

He and Kim Yang were amused to see Sarah's eyes blaze back at them.However,the defiance was only brief,as she whimpered,feeling Kim Yang's hands still playing with her hair.Sarah just had to freeze,knowing the woman would hurt her,if Kim Yang felt the need too.

Fortunately,Liu made one more sneering remark.'Don't go away though.'He then left himself.

Sarah was glad to see him go.She then made another futile effort to free herself,but again,it was hopeless.Kim Yang just shook her head again,as she knelt down again behind Sarah,raising an eyebrow in vague amusement.

'I told you,Sarah.'She whispered again into the girl's ear.'Not one girl I've tied up has escaped.Working with sailors does have its advantages,which I'm sure you already know.'

Sarah grimly had to agree.Her fingers just clawed uselessly at the tight ropes locking her hands behind her.She found it impossible to reach the knots,and Sarah slumped her shoulders in utter defeat again.Kim Yang relished that.She was a perfectionist,when it came to tying knots.Seeing Sarah surrender,made it all worthwhile.

She then glanced at her watch,deciding to freshen up,and then,meet the buyers.After having a refreshing shower,and changing into a beautiful silk robe,Kim Yang gave Sarah a kiss on the top of her head.

'Well,time for me to meet my latest clients,Sarah.'Kim Yang chuckled.'But don't worry,I will be back.I'm pretty sure they'll want to see you.I would hate to sell you,my dear,but who knows?'She grinned down again at Sarah's gagged mouth.'If the price is right,I may just let you go.'

Sarah was full of dread hearing this.Being dragged up to a bunch of slave owners to be sold into God knows where,only made her think more frantically for John to get here more sooner,rather than later.

'You just stay there,Sarah.'Kim Yang kissed her prisoner on the neck,making Sarah wince.'I won't be too long.'

Much to Sarah's relief,Kim Yang left her bedroom.However,she was still aware of the silent guard,calmly observing her,awaiting further orders.If necessary,to kill.

Kim Yang walked gracefully into the hall where her guests were waiting.There was quite a number of them.Some came from Asia,a lot of them were from the Middle East,but Kim Yang knew this was the largest gathering for her latest auction yet.She was delighted.This promised to be a most profitable evening.

All the buyers had been given a drink of their choice,and now watched her entrance.There had been a buzz of conversation as she approached the hall,but as soon as she entered,a silence descended.Kim Yang appreciated it.It was a mark of respect,and fear.There were indeed,plenty of people here,and she saw Liu checking out everybody.With a few exceptions,strangers really stood out here.Every auction Kim Yang held was carefully arranged,and there was strict security.Despite a few recent scares,every auction had gone very well.They all enjoyed them(bar the girls being sold)and everybody got what they wanted.Future business dealings with new slavery rings were established,and there was a healthy,profitable exchange between them all.

Of course,there were exceptions.Some buyers hadn't been too pleased,when they'd been outbidded.It had led to some highly unpleasant confrontations,but Kim Yang was an expert in dealing with trouble.Her own security staff were more than competent,to deal with any aggression.She too,had entered the fray on odd occasions,dealing with any troublemakers.

At the moment though,everything was going well.The buyers greeted her entrance,and she nodded politely back to them all.She moved to a raised platform,so she could address them all.

'Welcome,my friends.'Kim Yang raised her arms in greeting.She felt a good mood,and why not? After all,these people were going to make her richer than she ever dreamed off.

'I'm so happy you have all accepted my invitation for another show.'She then went on,smiling.'I can promise you,ladies and gentlemen,our latest collection of girls we have on offer for you all,are quite simply,the best we've ever had.'

Kim Yang was pleased to see many smiles in front of her.She could see they were all looking forward to it,so she decided to make it even more sweeter.

'In fact,I have a couple of extra treats,my friends.'She smiled pleasantly,knowing they would just love this.It was after all,a very rare treat that she could offer them this.'Tonight,we have three very gorgeous English girls up for sale.'

As expected,she saw this had an instant effect on her audience.The buyers expressions became more keen,knowing Western women were a rare,and highly valued prize at slave auctions.When there was one,the bidding was guaranteed to go through the roof.

'Believe me,my friends.'Kim Yang went on,pleased to see her audience spellbound.'Every girl we have here,is worth seeing.I can promise you that.Now,if you will excuse me.I'll go and get your first offer.'

She then gestured at two of her men to follow her.The men were armed on her instructions.Clearly,Kim Yang wanted to make it as hard as possible for Jennings,when he finally got here.She passed more of her armed men,heading down into the basement,and she was pleased to see all of her pretty merchandise stare fearfully back at her.All the girls they'd seized,were here.Every one of them was still tightly bound and gagged.Some were tied to strong wooden supports,that rose from the floor into the ceiling.A couple of the girls were bound back to back,whilst there was more than a few lying down,helpless on the floor.

'Well then,ladies.'Kim Yang beamed.'The big day's here,and you're all about to go on a free trip,wherever your new owners take you.'

There was a lot of muffled screams in protest,but Kim Yang rubbed her hands together in relish.'So then,who's going to be first?'She began to walk amongst them all,enjoying their frightened faces,as she thought to make her choice.

'I think it should be-'She paused,before her finger suddenly pointed at Kieko's bound,gagged form.'You.'

The Japanese girl jumped in shock,as she desperately tried to get rid of her gag.Her eyes were panicky,as Kim Yang gestured for her men to take her.As one of the men dutifully lifted her over his shoulder.Kim Yang noticed her look,and she raised the girl's chin with her finger,clearing away the gorgeous Japanese girl's hair,covering her face.

'Don't worry,my dear.'She smiled in relish at Kieko.'Your boyfriend is on his way,right now in fact.'

This made all the other bound and gagged girls eyes light up.Kim Yang noticed Kelly,Su,Louise,and the two Chinese journalists,Michelle and Jane have hope in them.However,she merely smirked at them all.They're going to be disappointed.She thought confidently.He may have survived a sinking,but he won't survive my knife.

'That's right,ladies.'Kim Yang informed them all.'Your hero shouldn't be too long in coming.That is,if he's any good.'

She then curtly ordered the man carrying Kieko,to take her up to the hall,where the buyers were waiting.Kieko's faint cries receding,as she was taken away.Then,she spotted Kelly,and Louise.Both girls were sitting with their backs to the basement wall.She enjoyed seeing these two beauties bound and gagged,in their Royal Navy uniforms.She would relish putting Kelly and Louise up for sale.

Kim Yang then knelt down by Kelly,smirking.Jennings' sister flinched her head away from the woman in fearsome contempt.She mumbled in protest,as the Chinese woman stroked one of her bound legs.

'You'll be next,Kelly.I'm not going to make it easy for your brother to rescue you.Let's see how good he really is,shall we,my dear?'

Kelly's blood ran ice cold.Her thoughts were just like her sister's before,hoping John would beat this mad woman,before she was hauled up to be sold.It was the only thing keeping her going,as she still had to endure being a bound,gagged hostage.But Kelly knew hers,and everybody else here,tied up with her,that their time was running out.

Kim Yang smiled,giving Kelly an unwanted kiss on her cheek,as she then stood up,sharply gesturing at the man carrying Kieko.Her voice was totally inhuman.

'Bring her.'

With that,the trio disappeared with their prize,increasing all the girls despair,knowing it would soon be their turn.

Had Kim Yang known of Jennings' present whereabouts,she would have been seriously impressed,and alarmed.He was actually approaching from the rooftops.He was now dressed in black,concealing his stealthy approach to Kim Yang's house.He had the rooftop of it in sight,as well as the sniper rifle in his hands.He had the rest of his gear on his back,the AK-47,his handgun,and his trusted knife.

However,as he neared the rooftop of the target house,he could see two men patrolling there,obviously on sentry duty.Jennings raised the sniper rifle,and peered through the telescopic sight,observing their movements.It didn't take him long to realise he'd have to kill them.There was no way he could get over there,and stun them.They appeared highly alert,and sharp.Grimly,he screwed a silencer onto the sniper rifle,and aimed.He waited until they both had their backs to each other,then he fired.He only fired two shots,striking each man in the back of their heads.Both shots were fatal.

Grimly,Jennings hurried over,and seeing he could jump onto the roof from where he was,did so.He hid the bodies of the two men,and after completing that grisly task,found the single door,that would lead him into the house.Jennings found it unlocked,and silently moved in.

Chapter 26 to follow...

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Voyage into Slavery Chapter 24

Captain Williams had now been informed that all the passengers from the 'Eastern Princess' were now being taken care off.Even though,there were no injuries reported amongst them,Williams couldn't stop thinking about that man who'd gone down with the ship.It would be a miracle,if he survived that.

This actually got him thinking.Williams then turned to one of his bridge crew.

'Get me that passenger list from that ship.I want to find out something.'

The man nodded,saluted,and promptly left to carry this out.

With that done,Williams then raised his binoculars,scanning the area,where the 'Eastern Princess' had sunk.The small Thai fishing boats were still there,circling around the strewn floating wreckage,but Williams didn't see anything new happening.He must have had it.Williams thought grimly,thinking back,as he saw that man go down with the ship.That was what Williams needed to find out,who that man was.

Also watching the fishing boats,was Major Karen Williams.She was no relation to the Captain,only a namesake,but like everybody on the bridge,Karen had watched the final moments of the 'Eastern Princess',and had clearly saw Jennings disappear with the ship.She kept her eyes open on that area,hoping to see her man come up to the surface.She was just about to reluctantly concede that he'd gone,when she saw Jennings being pulled out of the water,by one of the Thai boats.Her relief was overwhelming.

Thank God John's okay.Karen thought that,although as she peered through her own pair of binoculars,Jennings didn't look okay.His legs flopped,as one of the Thai fishermen put his arms under Jennings' shoulders,and took him inside the boat.Karen's expression became more worried.She made it her next mission,to follow that boat,and find out where her friend was being taken.


Still bound and gagged inside the crate,Sarah lay still on the bottom.The drug was still keeping her body paralysed,and she could only just move her head.Peering out of the crate,Sarah saw the heavy bustling activity outside,and her hopes of attracting attention were totally zero.Her kidnappers had made certain of that.Sarah's tape gag was driving her insane,as it remained firm over her mouth,increasing her despair.There was no escape.She thought glumly.

Sarah felt her crate being lifted from what was obviously a crane,and being put onto a forklift truck.There were also two large trucks close by,and Sarah could see the other crates that held another bound,gagged woman like herself,being put onto them.She whimpered fearfully,as her turn came.There were plenty of Kim Yang's loyal men assisting,as they dragged her crate off the forklift,and moved it to the back of the truck,then carried on doing the same with the others.

Watching the operation closely,Kim Yang was pleased.So far,there were no problems,as no police suddenly appeared.Even so,she'd warned her men to keep a sharp lookout.If necessary,she was prepared to shoot her way out of the docks.Fortunately,there was no need.All the crates had been successfully loaded,and she could now get them to her auction house.She then saw her own vehicle pull up beside the trucks.It was an impressive,black limousine.The driver exited his side,and opened one of the passenger doors for her.She entered gracefully,still seeing she was receiving a lot of attention,from the dock workers.Kim Yang quietly smiled to herself,but made no comment.As soon as she was in the car,the driver respectfully shut the door behind her,then got back in the drivers seat himself,and drove away.The two trucks followed close behind.

As they drove away however,the Thai police were there,and had watched their every move.In particular,was Detective Panna.He was well hidden,watching the Chinese woman direct her orders at her men,lifting their 'cargo' onto the waiting trucks.Panna's face hardened as they drove away.He was determined to stop them,but realised this wasn't the right time.Just like all his other colleagues in the police,Panna knew about the slavery rings.They were a constant problem,and extremely difficult to trace,and stop.The people who ran them,were no mugs,as they either had plenty of places to hide,or they even had the political power to stop them looking.

Panna certainly knew Kim Yang had that last option.She had tremendous influence all over Asia.China,Thailand,Japan,her power had gained her plenty of allies.This fact especially,stopped them a lot.Panna and his people had been threatened many times by some very unpleasant people.They made threats against their families,and worryingly,death threats.It wasn't going to stop Panna of course.He and a lot of his police colleagues refused to be intimidated,and carried on regardless,but Panna did know a lot of his people had been scared off,by Kim Yang's thugs.

Still,Panna had vowed always to get people like this.It was part of his sworn duty,to protect innocent people.He never gave up on any case he was assigned to,and this one had extra reason.One of his daughters was involved in the same case.He knew she'd gone out undercover on the 'Eastern Princess.'A cruise liner he'd been briefed about,that was known to be used for smuggling kidnapped girls all over it's sea route,from Tokyo to Bangkok.The latest intelligence indicated though,that the cruise liner had been sunk.Unconfirmed reports suggested a bomb.Panna was extremely worried for his daughter,and sincerely hoped she was okay.He'd sent a message out,asking exactly that.There was good news,as ships were out there,picking up the survivors.He kept on praying Su was amongst them.

He grabbed his radio,and made contact with the other concealed policemen.

'Follow them.'Panna briskly ordered.'Don't lose sight of them,but make sure they don't spot you.Remember,change over at regular intervals.'

His order was confirmed.Panna knew Kim Yang was very smart,and she'd be keeping a careful eye out,but so would he.This way,there would be more of his people taking over from the first group following their quarry.There were also lookouts well hidden,and posted around Kim Yang's impressive,but notorious house.Many times they'd seen her and her people bring their female victims into the house,but were frustrated,as they were refused so many times to go in to help the girls.

This time,it's different.Panna thought determinedly.He remembered from his briefing,that there was an Englishman who was travelling on the 'Eastern Princess.'Su had actually spoken to him about it.The European man was a soldier,sent in to help locate the missing girls.She'd spoken well about him,and Panna had to admit he was keen to meet him.He knew Su was very careful in choosing which men to trust,and if she liked this Englishman,he knew she'd made a good choice.

Just then,he received a phone call on his mobile.Panna's face was grim,as he listened to what he was being told.It was one of his people,informing him of the latest.

'We've sent a message out to a British passenger liner,the 'Royal Empress.'They're actually picking up everybody from the 'Eastern Princess.'It does look like only one fatality suffered.'

'Do you know who?'Panna's heart was in his mouth,as he asked that.

'A male.'That answer strangely relieved him,although the following did not.'An Englishman.Evidently,he rescued a female passenger,whilst the ship was going down.'

'Find out what you can.'Panna told him,wondering if it was this man who had saved his daughter.The answer came almost immediately.

'Wait,Sir.'The man then paused on the line for a few moments.Panna heard him speaking to somebody else,then he came back.'The Englishman has survived,Sir.A fishing boat picked him up.They're bringing him here.Evidently,he's in a bad way.'

'You have the boat's identity?'


Panna listened to the information he needed,then ordered an ambulance to come to the docks,with strong protection.There was no doubt in his mind,that Kim Yang's spies were still present.They would of course,probably see this Englishman being taken away,but Panna was going to make sure nobody would get anywhere near him.He then ended the call,and waited for this fishing boat to arrive.Actually,just as he glanced in the direction of the harbour entrance,he did see a fishing boat come in.A quick glance at the boat's details confirmed this was the right boat.Quickly,Panna hurried out,and watched where they were going to be moored up.When they did,Panna took out his police badge,and the crew stood back,allowing him to jump aboard.He headed straight into the interior,and saw the Englishman.He looked dead,although Panna examined him,and could see he was still alive.

'What happened to him?'Panna asked the Captain of the boat.

'You wouldn't believe it.'The Captain answered.'The ship was sinking,with him and a girl trapped near the stern.The girl nearly fell over,but he grabbed her.Just managed to get her back,and a helicopter came over.She got on the ladder,but he went down with the ship.'The Captain shook his head,somewhat disbelievingly.'We all thought he was gone,but he came back up.He's swallowed a lot of seawater though.That's got to be seen to.'

'I agree.'Panna nodded,and then heard the sounds of the ambulance entering the docks.'Let's get him on there.'

The Captain beckoned his crew to carry the unconscious Jennings out,as the ambulance pulled up beside his boat.The ambulance crew opened the back doors,and relieved the crew of carrying Jennings,and put him in.Panna made sure he thanked every member of the crew for saving the Englishman,then got in the back with him.He sat down by Jennings' prone form,and took out his radio,issuing further instructions.

'Get in touch with the British Embassy.'Panna looked at the European man.'Tell them to send somebody out at..'He paused,not knowing which hospital they were going to,so asked the ambulance crew.They told him.Panna followed suit to his call,then ended it.He just sat in the back,knowing all he could do now was wait,and hope.

The ambulance drove quickly away,and reached the hospital in record time.Panna helped the two para-medics get their casualty out of the vehicle,and hurried in.As Panna opened the entrance doors,he noticed a young,very pretty,dark haired European girl.She wore a worried expression,as her eyes found the Englishman being taken in.Panna instantly knew she was from the British Embassy.

He walked up to her,and bowed politely,clasping his hands together in the usual Thai greeting.

'Good evening.'Panna spoke excellent English.'I'm Detective Panna,Bangkok police.You are from the British Embassy?'

'Yes.'The girl smiled politely back at him.'My name's Louise.Louise Mitchell.'She returned his greeting,and then offered her hand,which Panna accepted.However,he could still see the anxious look she held on her face,as Jennings was wheeled in on the stretcher.

'What happened to John?'Louise asked him.'Is he going to be alright?'

'You know him,Miss Mitchell?'Panna was a little surprised.

'Yes.'She confirmed.'I'm actually great mates with his two sisters,Sarah,and Kelly.Kelly's disappeared,but she left me a note,saying John and Sarah were in trouble.'Louise paused,before she asked him worriedly.'What did she mean,Mr Panna?'

'I'm afraid I don't really know any more than you do,Miss Mitchell.'Panna conceded.'What I do know is that your friend here,was sent in to locate a missing,young undercover Chinese policewoman on the cruise liner,'Eastern Princess.'That ship has now sunk,by a bomb I believe.My own daughter was on that ship too,assisting your friend.'This time,Panna paused.'I haven't heard from her yet.'

'I'm sorry.'Louise really felt for him.'I hope she's okay.If she worked with John,she will be.'

'Thank you.'Panna then gestured for her to accompany him.'Let's attend to your friend.'

They both made their way deeper into the hospital,hunting out where they had taken Jennings.They found him quite quickly.He had been put into a single room,and a drip stood beside his bed.There was a pretty Thai nurse,attaching the drip tube to his arm,and making sure he was receiving the fluid.It was then,they all noticed their patient begin to stir.

Slowly,Jennings opened his eyes.His vision was blurred,and he felt terrible.All his inner body felt so weak.Jennings could barely move,although he was vaguely aware of lying on a bed,and he could sense he was in hospital.This was confirmed,as he turned his head slowly,and noticed a blurred shape of a medical drip close to him.Then,he felt the drip tube in his arm.He slowly turned his head back,but then sensed he wasn't alone,as he heard voices in the room with him.He faced the sound,and noticed two people sitting by his bed.A man he recognised as Thai,whilst the second was a young woman.Jennings could see she was another Royal Navy officer,although he didn't recognise her.The woman was strikingly beautiful.Shoulder length brunette hair,warm green eyes,although her current expression was one of concern,as she gazed down at him.The Thai's expression was mostly curious.

He then could understand what was being said to him.

'How are you feeling?'The girl was asking him.

Jennings however,still couldn't respond.He then fell back into oblivion.Both Panna and Louise appeared more worried.Thai and the girl noticed,and appeared more worried.This made Louise produce a bag she had brought along,and after rummaging inside it,plucked out a syringe,followed by a small bottle of clear looking liquid.

'What is that?'Panna was curious.

'This is going to help him.'She answered,then selecting an area of Jennings' arm,cleaned it,and then skillfully administered the injection into him.After doing so,she checked his pulse again for several minutes,and it was still weak,but she was still hopeful.

'We just have to wait and hope he'll respond to that.'Louise then pulled up a seat,and then held Jennings' hand.Panna could see she felt a great deal for him.He was just about to pull up his own seat,when his mobile rang.He answered,and listened for a few moments,then ended the call.

'Will you excuse me please,Miss Mitchell?'Panna had just been told of the British cruise liner,the 'Royal Empress' now entering Bangkok docks.He wanted to see if Su was there.'I'm hoping to see my daughter arrive.'

'Of course.'Louise understood.

Panna left quickly,and Louise felt Jennings' forehead.He's burning up.She thought grimly.Maybe I should give him another shot.She was just going to prepare the syringe again,when she noticed his eyes flicker back open again.

'John?'Louise leaned closer to him,full of concern.'Are you okay? Can you talk to me?'

Much to her delight,Jennings did.His eyes recognised her.

'Louise?'It was a weak response,but he had answered her.

'You're going to be okay,John.'Louise reassured him.'I've seen to that.'She pressed her hand gently on his forehead,and she was pleased to see him give her a faint smile.

'John,what happened to you?'Louise didn't really want to put him through this,but she needed to know.In fact,she knew already what had happened to Sarah and Kelly.It was Kelly that had told her,whilst she was helping her brother.She'd listened to Kelly's advice to him the whole way,but then,she was called away.When Louise had come back,Kelly was gone,although she'd seen signs of a struggle.An overturned chair,and there was also a smell,a sticky sweet smell.Louise had recognised it.It was chloroform.The bad guys had somehow found out where Kelly was transmitting from,and then grabbed her.Louise had a very strong hunch where they'd taken Kelly.

'Sarah,Kelly.'Jennings' voice was still weak,as he tried to answer her.'Kieko..grabbed..Su..somewhere here...'He closed his eyes again,but opened them after a moment.He stared right into Louise's eyes,finishing.'Kidnapped.'

'I know,John.'Louise admitted that to him.'I've been watching those people,and I know where they've taken them.'She still kept her hand on his forehead,and decided to give him another injection.This would help him recover,but he'd be out for a bit,once she did administer the drug.

As Louise prepared the second shot,she was taken aback slightly,as she watched Jennings rise up.He seemed to be recovering well,but Louise was determined to make certain it was complete.The second injection would see to that.

'What do you mean,Louise?'She clearly heard the strength in his voice.'You know something I don't,don't you?'

'Yes,John.'She nodded,confirming that.'I know where they put up the girls for sale.That Chinese woman,Kim Yang holds regular auctions there.I'm going to be watching them,and bring in the cavalry.'

'No,Louise.'Jennings' eyes were now pleading at her.'Don't go there.They'll be watching you,and you'll be taken.'He tried to rise more.'I'd better go with you.'However,Louise put her hand firmly down on his chest,and made him lie back.She could see he was now starting to go under.

Louise appreciated his warning,but felt confident she'd be okay.There was a hotel just opposite the target house,and she'd used it many times to watch what was going on in it.She had the syringe ready,and injected Jennings arm again.This had an immediate effect,as he slumped back onto the bed.

'Don't worry,John.'Louise told him.'I can look after myself.When it's all over,you can treat me to a drink.'She kissed him warmly on his cheek,and waited until he was well into a deep sleep.He'll be okay.Louise was confident in that thought.The drug she'd used on him,was always effective.Then,Louise reached into her bag again,and pulled out her laptop.This was where she'd stored all the information,from spying on Kim Yang's activities in Bangkok.It would prove very useful to the authorities.Louise had been shocked at the Chinese woman's cold,ruthless face.It made her more determined to get as much evidence as possible against Kim Yang.

After a moment's thought,Louise then put the laptop under his pillow.Once he woke up,all the intelligence she'd gathered,would be ready for him.It held enough detail to close down Kim Yang's slavery operation.She then wrote the address of Kim Yang's auction house,and placed that on the bedside table by his sleeping head.She gave his forehead another warm kiss,then promptly left.There was a mission to accomplish.

As Louise left the hospital however,she failed to notice that she was being watched,and followed.She hailed a taxi,and told the driver her destination.When she arrived at the hotel opposite Kim Yang's house,Louise headed straight into reception,to get her room key.The hotel wasn't luxurious,but it was comfortable.It's location suited Louise perfectly.The hotel was just off the main streets,and very few people walked by here.Louise was pleased at that,as it meant little or better yet,no distractions,whilst she watched Kim Yang's base of operations.More precisely,her auction house.

As Louise got her key from reception,and walked up to her room,she was well aware of the many leering looks she was receiving.There were many men in the hotel lobby watching her,and really enjoying her appearance in her uniform,and also her feminine gait.Her footsteps added to that.Louise ignored her unwanted admirers.There were more important things to attend to.She hurried up to her room,still unaware she was being watched.

Two Thai men had been out of Louise's sight,as she entered.They watched her every move,and grinned with huge lust at the pretty English girl.One of them then nudged his accomplice,ordering.

'Better go and inform Miss Yang,that she'll be getting an unexpected bonus tonight.'

His accomplice smiled in complete agreement,and did as he was told.

Louise had made it unmolested,to her hotel room.She was relieved to see,that everything was normal.Nobody had tried to enter her room,and the traps she'd laid carefully,hadn't been activated.Quickly,she slid the key in,and entered the room.Locking the door behind her,Louise then pulled her stuff out,that she'd left under the bed.A small holdall bag,which contained a small handgun,a pair of specially built binoculars,and a digital camera.

Louise checked everything,and once satisfied,pulled up a chair to the only window in the room.The view however,gave her perfect access to observe Kim Yang's house.Settling down,Louise kept a sharp eye on it,and waited.

For the umpteenth time,Louise glanced at her watch.She'd been sitting here for ages,and nothing was happening.Even when she needed the bathroom,Louise left the digital camera recording the street outside,but there was nothing new to see.The street itself was deserted,but Louise had infinite patience.She was certain things would be happening soon.

Just as she was thinking that,Louise suddenly noticed a large black limo pull up.It parked right outside Kim Yang's house.Peering already through her raised binoculars,Louise tensed,as she watched several tough looking men exit the car.One of them opened the rear door,and sure enough,the familiar figure of Kim Yang climbed gracefully out.Louise had to admit,the Chinese woman was very beautiful,but one look at the woman's eyes told a different story.Louise only saw a cold,ruthless determined woman.Wouldn't want to fall into her hands.She thought grimly.Whilst spying on her,Louise had watched Kim Yang practice her martial arts,and had to admit the woman was highly skilled in unarmed combat.It would certainly take a highly skilled opponent in return,to defeat her.Louise had never seen the woman lose any of her practice fights.

Behind the limo,Louise also saw two large trucks pull up too.There were now more men coming out of the house,and they then opened the back of the two trucks.Some climbed into the back,and with grim satisfaction,Louise could see they were helping to unload several large crates.Has to be the girls,she thought.Louise had seen this done many times before.

Just to make sure,Louise pressed a switch on her binoculars,as it offered her an infra red option.With this advantage,Louise could see what was being hidden beyond any barrier.Sure enough,as she aimed her gaze at the crates,there was a thermal image of a female form,obviously still bound and gagged inside them.Excitedly,Louise reached for her mobile,and tried to contact her people at the British Embassy.However,there was no signal on her mobile,not even after several attempts.Louise frowned at this.What was going on?

She switched back to normal magnifying vision on the binoculars,and settled her sights on Kim Yang.The woman was being informed of something by one of her men,and a satisfied smirk was visible,as she watched the crates being taken inside her house.This sight made Louise grip the binoculars more harder.

'You bitch.'She muttered to herself,teeth clenched.'I know exactly what you are.You're going to pay for this.'

The Chinese woman then followed the last of the packing crates being taken into her house,and within moments,the street was deserted again.Louise made another attempt to call for back up from her people,but again,there was still no signal.Looks like you have to do it yourself,she thought,and quickly accepted it.

Louise then grabbed her sidearm,and quickly left the hotel.She didn't see anybody,as she walked out into the street,and quickly headed over to her target.Louise moved straight up to the door,and peered inside.Nobody was about,and that suited her perfectly.She tried the door,and much to her surprise,found it unlocked.Louise however,didn't waste a second,as she silently entered.

Her stealthy entrance did not go unnoticed however.The two Thai men,who'd observed her earlier in the hotel,grinned at each other.One of them produced his mobile,and after being answered by a familiar woman's voice,responded with relish.'The girl's just entered the house,Miss Yang.'

Inside,Louise made sure her footsteps were silent,although this was not always so.Not all the highly polished floors were carpeted,and her steps echoed.She accepted that however,as she discreetly checked into rooms.Every room she looked into,was filled with fabulous treasures.Statues,wall paintings were everywhere she looked.The place was worth a fortune.No doubt earned by devious means.Louise assumed correctly.

She began checking the walls for any hidden entrances,but still found nothing.For the first time,Louise suddenly felt nervous.Even though,she still couldn't see anybody,there were sounds of human voices close by.She headed in that direction,still trying to use her mobile.Again,without success.She then spotted a flight of stairs leading downwards.Louise quickly hurried over to them,still keeping her weapon ready.She peeked down the stairs,but nobody was coming up to challenge her.Taking a deep breath,Louise cautiously advanced down them.There was now another sound she heard,much more closer,and Louise could clearly hear that it was coming from a whimpering woman.There was something unusual about the whimpers,and it wasn't until Louise turned the corner,when she saw why.She stopped in shock.

Kelly was there,but she wasn't alone.Another tough looking man held her bound and gagged body close to her.A knife was held at Kelly's throat,making her eyes stare at Louise in terror.A sinister smile was on the man's face,and before Louise could react,another man suddenly stepped sharply into her view.This man also held a weapon,a shotgun of some kind,and he held it aimed straight at Louise,startling her.Unlike the first man's face,the second man wore an expression of utter menace,gazing hard at her.

Louise knew they had her.She didn't stand a chance of getting a shot off.They'd shoot her dead on the spot,and she wouldn't be able to help Kelly.Just then,Kim Yang strode into view.She was pleased at what she saw,and settled her gaze on Louise.

'Ah,good evening,Louise,my dear.'Kim Yang greeted her latest prisoner politely.'So nice of you to join us into my little trap.'She then raised a hand.'The gun,please.'

'How did you know my name?'Louise demanded,although she did surrender her weapon.What other choice did she have?

'We're not idiots,Louise.'Kim Yang answered.'I know a lot about you,especially your very close friendship with Kelly here,and of course,Sarah.'

'You can do what you want with me.'Louise tried to keep her voice defiant,but she couldn't hide her nervousness,which was detected by her captor.'Just let Kelly and Sarah go,and everybody else you've kidnapped.'

Kim Yang gave her a cunning,devious smile.

'Why,thank you,my dear.I will do what I want with you,and right now,I'm going to tie you up.'With lightning reflexes,Kim Yang seized Louise's arms,and held them behind her.The girl gasped in shock and fear,as she heard Kim Yang order the man holding Kelly.'Take Miss Jennings back down to the basement.Keep checking her ropes.She's not to escape.'

The first man nodded his obedience,and quickly lifted Kelly over his shoulder,and then disappeared with her.Then,Kim Yang grinned at her latest prize.

'Well,my pretty.Let's get going,but no tricks.'She tightened her grip on Louise's arms,making the girl wince as she was forced away.The second man followed close by.Kim Yang frog marched Louise into a storeroom.She could see plenty of rope was stored here.Then,she forced Louise down onto her knees.

'Don't move,my pretty.'She smirked,then ordered the man to get plenty of rope.The man did so.Louise gulped inwardly,trying to control her fear,as the man then started to tie her wrists together.He made sure they were both crossed,before he wound the rope around them,and he pulled every loop as tight as possible.Within a couple of minutes,Louise's hands were tightly tied behind her.Kim Yang had let go of the girl,knowing her man would make certain Louise would remain their captive.He was now winding loops of rope over,and under Louise's hugely impressive breasts.Just like he tied her hands,the man really pulled every loop tight.Louise felt the ropes crush into her,and she couldn't help but gasp in pain at this effect.

He still wasn't finished tying her up.There was an abundance of rope in the storeroom,and the man added more horizontal loops over her waist,thighs,knees,and finally tied her ankles together.Once he was satisfied the girl was secure,the man then forced Louise into a sitting position against the wall.Louise fearfully raised her knees,dreading if the man was going to rape her.However,the man stood back,as Kim Yang took something from her person.Louise could see it was a cloth of some kind,and she watched Kim Yang slowly balling it up.Her fears rose,as she guessed what that was for.

'You'll never get away with this,Kim Yang!'Louise just about managed a defiant outburst,but it had no effect on the Chinese woman.She merely raised an amused eyebrow down at her beautifully bound hostage.

'Oh,I assure you,my dear Louise.I will get away with it.'There was supreme confidence in Kim Yang's tone.'I fully intend to get away with you,and I can't wait to see what price you'll fetch for me,when I sell you.'

'You're sick!'Louise's eyes were now terror stricken,knowing full well the woman's threat.'You're all mmmmmmmmmmffffffff!'

Kim Yang had thrown the balled up cloth to her man,who then roughly forced the cloth into Louise's mouth,effectively gagging her.Kim Yang fully enjoyed the girl's mumbles,as he did so,then he took out another large strip of black cloth,and tied it over Louise's mouth.He really tied the gag tight at the back of her head,in a triple knot.Louise could now barely mumble,now helpless,bound,gagged,and totally in her kidnappers clutches.

'Wait outside.'Kim Yang then ordered her man.'I want to sample this beauty.'

The man nodded,and bowed respectfully to the Chinese woman,ignoring Louise's barely inaudible cry of alarm,hearing that,before he closed the door behind him.Kim Yang smirked with relish.

'Well then,my dear.'Kim Yang spoke,turning to Louise.'Let's see if you're an asset.I've been looking forward to this.'

Louise's screams of fear were effectively silenced,as Kim Yang bent forward with an evil smile,to savour her prize.

Standing guard outside,Kim Yang's man didn't move an inch.He heard what was going on inside the storeroom,and made no attempt to interfere.

After a considerable length of time,the door finally opened,and Kim Yang exited.Her face was filled with contented pleasure,whilst behind her,Louise still lay on the floor,bound and gagged,but her skirt and knickers had been forcibly removed,and the girl's face was crying,feeling abused and ashamed.It was quite evident what had happened,as Kim Yang took a moment to collect herself,before she moved back into the storeroom,gesturing for her man to follow.He did so,utterly loyal to her command.

'Take her and put her with the others.'Kim Yang instructed.She then knelt down,and lifted Louise's chin with her hand.'Don't worry,my dear.I'll make sure we both have a good time again,before I offer you to some of my more respectable clients.I really can't wait to see what price you'll go for.'She then kissed Louise's cheek,who cringed from her,but this only made Kim Yang laugh,as she stood back,to let her man obey her orders.

Louise could only keep giving faint,but really frightened mumbles behind her gag,as the man seized her,and again,putting her over his shoulder,took Louise into deeper into the lion's mouth.

Chapter 25 to follow...