Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kristen Kreuk in Smallville

Apologies if I've mentioned this before,and I think I have.:)

Anyway,I just wanted to say I really liked a lot of Smallville.I thought Tom Welling played the hero brilliantly,and he was always there to rescue the delicious Kristen Kreuk from whatever peril the bad guys put her in.

Now whilst there were plenty of scenes for Kristen's character:Lana Lang;she was never, ever bound and gagged in the show.:(

This really puzzled me,as I'm sure her character was bound and gagged plenty of times in the comic books.

A terrible waste of missed opportunities,and still utterly baffling why Kristen never got to do a proper damsel in distress scene.Perhaps she had some arrangement with the writers or whoever directed each episode,that she didn't want to be bound and gagged.

There were of course,plenty of scenes for other actresses in Smallville,but it was just a damned shame I didn't get to see Kristen bound and gagged in it too.:(

It was also gut wrenching,to see her character killed off in the show.:(

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Freddie does it again.:)

I hope you've all been checking out Freddie's excellent yahoo group.He's just finished another exciting chapter for me.He really is a fantastic writer,and there's plenty of stories Freddie's done to choose from.

I'll stick to the very pretty to drop dead gorgeous girls in military or police uniform,falling in to the bad guys clutches,and I'm certainly loving his latest story.

Anyway,please visit Freddie's yahoo group.I like it a lot.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sexual Misadventures:page 5 At last!

Well,I'm still baffled by my drawings blog still refusing to let me upload more pics,so I've decided to upload this latest one here from Larry.

The drawing's not quite right,but there are only a couple of minor changes I'll be asking Larry to do for me.

Well,I honestly don't know what went wrong,but it's finally letting me upload pictures again.I guess my request got through.

Anyway,hope page 5 is enjoyed,and page 6 will follow.

Monday, 21 January 2013

What on earth is going on...?

As I feared,and just like my drawings blog,I still can't upload any more pics on this blog either.:(

Hopefully,it's just a temporary fault,as the pics are piling in.I'm still looking forward to posting them,especially the story artwork two chaps are doing for me.

For the moment though,there are no pics.:(

Well,moving away from that,there's something else I'd like to say.

I was reading Brians Page yesterday,when I noticed somebody had responded to a reader,who wasn't happy with the Moderator.

Now,as this is somewhat a touchy subject on that website,I'm certainly not going to say anything,as I've received some unwarranted abuse there,merely for being polite.Although,it still makes my blood boil,knowing there are bullies saying certain things there,and on another certain webpage too.I even got abuse from an individual,who responded 'FINE' Obviously,he meant it in a nasty way and for what? Just for asking something politely? God...FFS.

Anyway,he wasn't bothered and neither am I now.To get back to the point,I saw that this particular did say to quote:'You are entitled to your opinion.'

Now I remember writing a post on this blog with that quote,and can't help but shake my head at that.Whether or not that chap read my post,and is using that in either jest or not at me,I can only guess.

I wasn't totally surprised by another reader,who responded to that bloke with some abuse too.The post is still there,and it will be interesting to see if the Moderator deletes that for being abusive.

Somehow though,I doubt it...

Having said that,I know for a fact they won't be bothered,and neither am I.I will NEVER,EVER,write on Brians Page again.It's better just to read it,and enjoy the pics and videos posted there.

Just a shame there are some people who act like jerks on that page.

Never mind,they're not going to be bothered,and neither am I.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

An update

Well,just a quick word today.I've managed to add a bit more on the latest story:'The Auction' but there's still plenty to go.

Having said that,I'm still enjoying thinking and writing it out,so hopefully,I'll get it complete.

The same is of 'Sneaking In' I'll definitely add more to that later,as that story has been a bit of a challenge.

Even so,I'm very pleased it seems to have had a lot of views,and again:I'll finish it after a bit more thinking time.

Moving away from my blog,I can strongly recommend you damsel in distress fans visiting Freddie Clegg's yahoo group page,where he's just started an exciting,space adventure story at my request.

Just like my comic strip pages on my damsels drawings blog,that story will be filled with pretty girls grabbed and ravished by the bad guys,be they human or not;so please be warned.

However,Freddie's a fantastic writer,and I've certainly enjoyed a lot of his stuff,so will look forward to the next part.

I'm also pleased to re-discover Rob's Damsels.Why on earth I couldn't find it,was utterly baffling,but I'm pleased it's still here.It does look as if Major Johns has finished.A real shame,as I really enjoyed that site,but not the despicable behaviour of one of the female staff there.Good riddance to her.
It was also disappointing nobody told me the Rob's damsel's site was still going.It would have been nice,if somebody had told me it was still there!

Never mind;I expected that.
Until next time.