Sunday, 29 July 2012

Act of Valor

Well,I've just bought this film on dvd,whilst reading the plot was about a group of US Navy Seals,sent in to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent.

As I'd hoped,the CIA agent is played by the very pretty Roselyn Sanchez.I've only watched the start of the film,and the bad guys here,are pretty nasty.

To start off with,the bastards murder an American ambassador in the Philippines,by a car bomb.Not only do they do that,but they murder plenty of innocent schoolchildren in doing so.I hated that scene.

Also,Roselyn's abduction scene is also pretty nasty.There's no hand over mouth,or any chloroform attack on her character.

Instead,the bad guys murder her male partner,and gave her a nasty beating,before they roll her into a rug and carry her away.

When we next see her,Roselyn's tied up(yippee!) with her arms overhead,but she isn't gagged.In fact,she's quite seriously hurt,with one of her eyes damaged.

Hopefully,there might be a scene with her later on,bound and gagged,and the good guys are en route to rescue her.

I just hope they make the bad guys pay dearly,for what they've done.

Of course,it's only a film....

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Made a couple of changes

Any of my regular readers might be interested to know,that I've added a bit more to my stories 'Sneaking In' and 'Tanya's Lesson.'

Hope they're enjoyed...

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Added some more on 'Tanya's Lesson'

Well,I've added a little more on my latest story.I'll add a bit more to it later,but it's something which I'm enjoying thinking up.
Fingers crossed,it's making a couple of people enjoy too.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tanya's Lesson

Well,it's been a while since I last wrote something:So I've decided to offer this daft tale.I will go back to the other unfinished stories,but will put up this one first.


Sheik Mohammad Abkar's palace was precisely that,having many rooms inside it filled with exquisite luxury.
The money Sheik Akbar earned for this,was one of a mixed bag.It was well known the sheik had a first class brain,and did very well in the extremely competitive world of business.He had earned millions due to his quick thinking,and sound business practices.

However,not all of Sheik Akbar's earnings,were honestly earned.There had been strong suspicion over him,being involved in the modern day slavery market.It had been confirmed,that many young women had gone missing near his palace,but no proof of his involvement in the womens disappeareance,could be found.

Sheik Akbar wasn't a fool though:He knew he would be investigated,but had taken steps to counter this.
This meant having a group of dedicated,and very loyal people working for him.Akbar always chose his people wisely.They all had to have criminal pasts,and the brains to go with it.He certainly didn't want anybody here,who'd been to prison.

Akbar always had a good mix of people,who had good brains,and were extremely capable fighters.Like so many of his fellow sheiks,they all had to be well protected.Akbar had made sure he gave the people he was interested in,a very thorough look.He wanted the best.

The people he had working under him,were certainly not letting him down.Firstly,Ackbar had his close friend:Balan,who not only watched his back,but who also had an excellent intelligence network of spies all over the world.Balan was the one,who issued the orders to seize the unsuspecting prey,and he did it with considerable success.

Added to Ackbar's crew,were two women.They were known as Suzy,who came from Hong Kong,whilst the second was from the States:She was called Linda,and whilst both women were exceptionally beautiful:They were also highly efficient and deadly,ruthless fighters.Suzy was the daughter of a Triad boss.Her skills in martial arts were superb,and nobody had been able to beat her when challenged.

Linda too,was highly skilled in her own field.She could fight well too,but her strength lay in planning.She did it very well,and with great cunning.It was thanks to Linda's thinking,that Sheik Ackbar was able to prosper very well.

Both Ackbar and Balan knew this,and were very pleased to have them.It was of course,under Balan's command,that he ordered Suzy and Linda to seize any pretty girl unfortunate enough,to have caught his pleased eye.Balan knew Suzy and Linda,always did an excellent job,when they kidnapped their next,chosen pretty girl.

At the present moment,Ackbar was sitting in one of his private suites,which of course,was filled with luxuries beyond belief.Ackbar always believed in his excellent hospitality,when he was visited by guests.

Well,for some of them anyway.

With him,sat Balan,Suzy and Linda.The atmosphere was quite relaxed,and all four were enjoying themselves.Each had a generous drink of their choice,and there was also a folder they all had in their hands.

Despite the good atmosphere in the room,Ackbar knew trouble was coming.His spies had told him there was now a reaction,building up to his harem of kidnapped girls,and the intelligence had indicated a foreign military presence coming.

Of course,Ackbar wasn't bothered by this.Indeed,he looked forward to the challenge.All the girls he had securely bound and gagged in his clutches,ranged from very pretty to staggeringly gorgeous.It was only right a rescue attempt be launched to save them.

Ackbar was glancing through his own file.He could see it contained several photographs of people,and Ackbar instantly knew these were the people who were coming.

The photos were of two men and two women.Ackbar of course,studied the pictures of the women more.One had dark,short cut black hair,and looked very tough.The other girl had longer,red hair,falling down past her shoulders,and looked more feminine.He could see they were both pretty girls,and young too.He liked what he was seeing.

It was then that Balan spoke.

'They are a British special forces unit,your excellence,'Balan explained.'With an American assist.'

'Identities?'Ackbar asked.

'The two men are known as Jennings and Montgomery,sir.The women are Hunt and Adams.'

'I've heard of Jennings,Montgomery and Hunt,'Ackbar nodded.'They're really good soldiers.'

'Quite so,your excellency,'Suzy interjected politely and respectfully.One of the few times she would do so.'Hunt is the dark haired one.The Adams woman,is the American.'

This made Ackbar look more at her photo.He could see she was much more feminine in build,compared to Hunt.

'I'd very much like to meet this Adams girl,my friends,'he decided.'What's her first name?'

'Tanya,sir,'Suzy answered.'From what I've heard,she's hot headed and impervious.Likes to do her own thing.'

'Indeed?'Ackbar smiled,as he stared at Tanya's picture.Like all the others featured,she wasn't smiling for the camera.But of course,that was to be expected.The photos had all been surveillance shots.

'Well then,'Ackbar went on,smiling.'Let's prepare our welcoming committee for them.'

'May I ask what your plans for Jennings and Montgomery are,sir?'Linda asked.

'I know Jennings,Linda.As well as a highly formidable soldier,he's also quite the ladies man.You and Suzy would like him.He's very polite,but he does have the weakness for saving a pretty girl.'

Both Suzy and Linda smiled at that.Not unpleasantly,but it reminded them of something.

'I know he has three pretty sisters,'Suzy informed them all.'It might be a good idea to grab them.'

'I agree,'Ackbar nodded his approval.'Find out where they are,please,and bring them to me.Unharmed of course,but secured and silenced for their little trip.'

'We'll take care of it,sir,'Linda also nodded,before she rose,nodding again to Suzy.The Chinese woman also stood up,then  both bowed respectfully to Ackbar,before leaving.

Both Ackbar and Balan watched them depart with interest.

'I must admit,'Balan said,'that it will be interesting to see how these people will fight us.I haven't fought anybody worthy,for quite some time.'

'You will have your wish granted soon,my friend,'Ackbar patted Balan on the shoulder.A gesture which Balan fully appreciated.'Trust me.I've seen this Jennings and Montgomery fight,and you'll fully enjoy it.They are indeed,highly worthy opponents.'

'I shall look forward to meeting them,'Balan smiled.Unlike Linda and Suzy before him,his smile was full of nasty relish.

'Well,there is plenty of time to prepare for that,'Ackbar then rose from his seat.'Come,my friend.Let us pick one of our pretty slaves to entertain us.'

'Your excellency is too kind,'Balan nodded his appreciation.'A thousand thanks.'

Both men then left the suite,heading deeper into Ackbar's palace,where they could choose what they wanted at their leisure.

They both walked down into one of the palace's deep caverns.This particular cavern was very big.Usually,Ackbar and his staff used it for storage,and this was precisely so.

As soon as they entered the cavern,both men smiled,hearing the much familiar,muffled cries eminating from the room.

Both Ackbar and Balan were pleased to see a lot of women,all securely bound with tight brown hemp or white ropes,wrapped securely in horizontal loops over each of their upper bodies.

There were also the same horizontal loops tied tightly over their thighs,knees and ankles,making them completely helpless.Ackbar still continued to smile,as he casually walked down the cavern with Balan,observing his pretty captives with interest.Helpless was just how he liked to have his harem of girls feel.There wasn't a chance none of them could escape.Especially after the way Ackbar and his people had bound and gagged each girl.

As he walked inspecting each girl,Ackbar was amused to see some of them still struggling frantically,but his smile stayed.He was enjoying the fear and terror in the women's eyes too.Some were bulging into huge saucers above their gags,fully knowing what he had come for.

For the most part,Ackbar had seized a lot of female military personnel.He just loved a woman,bound and gagged in uniform.There were women from naval forces,army,air force too;but Ackbar didn't stop there.

He also had many pretty stewardesses,office female staff,women police constables still in their uniforms.The choice was endless,although of course,he still had his favourites.

Ackbar finally stopped in front of one girl,who was wearing a stewardesses uniform of a light blue shirt,a red neck scarf,and a short black skirt,just above her knees.

Ackbar recognised this particular girl.She was Japanese,and had been grabbed quite recently.He had a strong lust for Asian women,and stepped closer to her,still smiling,as he watched the girl try to shrink back from him.

He enjoyed observing this one;the girl was trussed up with white horizontal loops of rope,and was tightly gagged with a large,rectangular strip of black duct tape.Her eyes above her tape gag,betrayed total,utter terror.

The Japanese girl shrieked behind her gag,as Ackbar then started to fondle her breasts;then he began to kiss her neck.Of course,her attempted scream was non-existent,and after indecently assaulting his prize for some time,Ackbar chuckled,then gestured to some of his ever present guards nearby.
'I'll take this one .'he ordered.'Bring her to my chamber.'

His guards nodded,but before Ackbar allowed them to do so,he gripped the Japanese girl's chin.

'You will entertain me all tonight,my beauty,and I shall look forward to enjoying your company.'

Still enjoying the girl's terror-stricken eyes,Ackbar laughed maliciously into her face,as he then nodded to his guards,who promptly stepped forward to release the girl from her bonds.This was done quickly,as they used a knife to slice away the many loops of rope from her.

The girl however,hardly had time to breathe any form of relief,as her hands were then instantly forced behind her,and she was then tied up again.

Once her hands had been secured,one of the guards easily lifted her into a firemans carry over his shoulder,and easily carried her out.Ackbar smiled,as he watched the Japanese girl being carried out.

Then,Ackbar saw one of his favourites.

She was an English girl:in fact,a Royal Navy crewmember.As yet,Ackbar hadn't ravished this prize yet,but looking at her smart uniform the girl was wearing,he had already decided to include this pretty girl in his future plans.

The girl's name was Louise,and Ackbar knew he had a real treasure;as he looked down at Louise's frightened face.

The girl was wearing her standard,smartly pressed white shirt,with her black shoulder epaulettes and gold markings,designating her rank.A square breast pocket,lay either side on her shirt,and she wore a dark,light blue skirt,falling just above her knees.She was also wearing dark blue nylons,and a pair of smartly polished black high heels.

Ackbar fully enjoyed this girl's military uniform.It was indeed,one of his favourites.He'd definitely enjoyed tying Louise up,and gagging her in it.Tight,horizontal loops of brown hemp rope,encircled Louise's upper body.There were also the same horizontal loops,wound just as tightly over the girl's legs.Not only did that keep Louise firmly secure,to the thick stone pillar she was tied up to,but Ackbar had also fully enjoyed gagging this pretty girl too.

Once he'd finished tying her up,Ackbar had then,stuffed a balled up cloth into Louise's mouth,fully relishing the girl's muffled cries,as she lost the use of her voice.To make sure the girl stayed quiet,Ackbar had then forced her lips shut,and then tied a large piece of cloth over Louise's mouth.He made sure he tied that cloth firmly,and was pleased to see it work.The girl could barely mumble behind it.

He was still standing above her,admiring Louise's breasts.This was of course,due to the way he'd tied the ropes over her upper body.The girl's breasts were magnificent,and Ackbar chuckled,as he then started to roughly fondle them.

Louise's eyes were bulging above her gag,knowing she was completely helpless to his touch.All she could do,was to cower back in fear.Her screams were non-existent.

'I think,my pretty,'Ackbar suddenly leaned forward to whisper in her ear,'that I shall use you as bait,for some expected guests.'

He kissed her on the neck,hard,just as he maintained his indecent assault on her chest.Louise could only flinch back in revulsion,but still had to endure it.

'Once I've dealt with them,my pretty,'Ackbar continued,still chuckling.'I'll make certain I'll entertain you all night.'

Ackbar was still delighted to see the utter terror in Louise's eyes,and he continued to press himself against her tightly bound body,but he stopped just short of ravishing her.That would come later.

He lifted Louise's chin up with one of his fingers.

'I shall be back soon,my dear,'his voice was now full of sexual intent,which Louise fully recognised in horror.'Don't go away,will you?.'

Laughing at his own joke,Ackbar gave the bound and gagged girl another rough kiss on her neck,before he turned away.

Ackbar then left the cavern.He was also pleased to see his friend,Balan,had also chosen well.He'd selected an American police officer,and like the helpless Japanese girl,she was easily carried out of the cavern.

Just before he left the cavern,Ackbar turned his attention back to the rest of his female prisoners.

'Don't worry,ladies,'his smile was full of relish.'You'll all get your chance.I shall be back,and soon.'

When he closed the door to the cavern,he fully enjoyed hearing the still terrified,but considerably muffled shrieks.


Sheik Ackbar's palace was of course,a natural stronghold.Not only was it impossible to assault directly,but the bay which surrounded it,gave perfect defensive fire.Only a lunatic hellbent on suicide,would have dreamed of attempting it.

The Moon was usually out too,giving the night a perfect view over the bay,and this made the palace defenders job even easier.

Tonight though,the moon was hidden by cloud,and the bay was practically in complete darkness.

This suited the two small boats,which were slowly heading towards their target areas.Both boats were small fishing vessels,but obviously,they weren't going to fish tonight.

On board one of the boats,were Sheik Ackbar's future enemies.Jennings,Montgomery,Hunt and Tanya lay waiting for the right moment to depart.All four of them were dressed in black underwater suit.There was no scuba gear,as they'd all agreed to swim quietly on the surface.

As well as their underwater gear,all four had brought along weapons.Jennings was sincerely hoping they wouldn't have to use them,but he knew and his friends were coming up against a ruthless slavery ring.It was more than probable they'd have to start shooting back.

The owner of the boat was Rasheed,a young Arab fisherman,who had helped Jennings and his friends before.Jennings trusted him,remembering Rasheed had helped him so many times.He was a good friend,and Jennings made sure he was well rewarded.

The boat slowly made it's way near the shore,and then Rasheed,who was steering the boat,turned and gave Jennings and his friends a silent thumbs up.

Jennings returned the silent gesture,grateful for the help,and after a careful,last check around,he slowly climbed into the black water.Montgomery was next,then Hunt,and finally,Tanya.

As soon as they were all in the water,the four of them started to swim silently for shore.

It was indeed,a very black night,and had they attempted this for the first time,the four of them could have easily lost their bearings.

However,Jennings,like his three friends,had trained constantly for moments like this.There was only a weak current here,and Rasheed had done a great job,getting them in very close to the shore,so they didn't have to swim very far.Jennings made a mental note to thank him later.

Grimly,they kept up their silent swim,before they all safely reached the shore undetected.

As soon as they did so,all four of them stripped off their underwater gear,and hid it.

Instantly,Jennings brought out his weapon,a Draganov sniper rifle.With this,he could observe his targets,and decide if he needed to eliminate them.

For the moment though,there was no sign of enemy activity nearby,and after checking his friends were ready,Jennings led the way,determined to get all those girls out of there.

The four made their way undetected from cover to cover,until they all reached the first point of their positions.Here,Hunt would set up her own firing position,and like Jennings before her,she too,brought out a sniper rifle.It had been agreed to give Hunt this job,as she was pretty good at it.Watching her prepare,Jennings allowed himself a slight smile.After all,he was the one who had trained her.

As soon as Hunt was ready,she gave Jennings a thumbs up,and after acknowledging her,Jennings led Montgomery and Tanya up towards the palace.

Watching her friends through her telescopic sight,Hunt made sure they wouldn't run into any trouble,as she kept her eyes peeled for any sentries or patrols.

At the moment,all was going well.There was no sign of any alarm raised,and the night remained quiet.

Hunt however,knew that wouldn't last.

Still keeping a careful,low approach to the palace,Jennings made sure he kept his own eyes peeled.The intelligence report back on his briefing,had indicated booby traps surrounding the palace's grounds.The report had also indicated many of them,and sure enough,Jennings had spotted those in his path.

Fortunately,the traps were simple enough to deal with,and Jennings did so.What he wasn't hoping to see,was a trap where they had to avoid.And that would mean choosing another route in.

Still,all was going well,and much to all of their relief,they managed to make it into their insertion point.

This was a large cave,built right at the bottom of the palace's rocky outcrop.It had been Rasheed informing Jennings of this.The former had used this place many times;mostly for his intelligence missions,but he had confirmed it did lead into the palace.To his knowledge,Rasheed didn't think the hidden entrance had been discovered.

Let's hope it stays that way,Jennings thought grimly,as he led the way to where Rasheed had told him.

Tanya watched,as Jennings and Montgomery began to clear up some obstruction,and after a few moments,she could now see a flight of stone steps.They led upwards.

Without asking,Tanya immediately put herself in front,and began to lead the way,slowly climbing up the steps.Both Jennings and Montgomery looked briefly at each other,but made no comment.They both thought back to the briefing back at their base,where Tanya had been introduced to them.

She was of course,very pretty,having shoulder length red hair,and a damned good body too..Unfortunately though,there was just a hint of arrogance,when she was providing the briefing on Sheik Ackbar's palace defences.She gave the impression that she was wasting her time here,and none of Jennings' team had liked seeing that.

However,Tanya had provided them with useful intelligence,and they were all determined to help all those girls held in Ackbar's palace.

When they finally arrived at the top of the steps,the trio could now see a thick wooden door.Tanya tried to open it,but it was locked.

This made Montgomery step forward,and Tanya could see he held a set of skeleton keys.After a few tense minutes,Montgomery finally found the right key,and slowly opened the door.

He checked what was outside first,and was pleased to see an empty corridor.Quickly,he gestured to his two friends,and they all hurried out.Montgomery shut the door behind him.

As they slowly advanced,they all heard distant voices,but Jennings felt confident nobody was near them.However,he kept his eyes sharp for any sentry positions or security cameras.The briefing had warned them about that.

Then,they spotted a large courtyard,and people in it.This made them all duck back into the shadows,and they observed what was going on.

Jennings could now see Sheik Ackbar with another man.He recognised him as Balan:the Sheik's personal bodyguard,and his second in command.Both men looked very tough in appearance.Jennings hoped he could avoid any confrontation here.The last thing he wanted,was a firefight breaking out.

Privately though,Jennings relished fighting.Especially unarmed combat against a tough,formidable adversary.He could see this Balan,was that type.

However,he still kept his mind on the mission.Grimly,he silently gestured to Tanya and Montgomery to watch their backs,whilst he listened to what was said being below.Jennings was grateful for his linguist skills,as he understood and spoke perfect Arabic.

'The Japanese woman has been secured and silenced in your private chambers,your excellency.'Jennings heard Balan speak.

'Excellent work,my friend,'Ackbar smiled his gratitude.'Make certain you bring the English girl to me,when I call for her.'

'Of course,your excellency.'

'What of the patrols?'Ackbar then asked:'Anything new to report?'

'Nothing yet,'Balan answered confidently.'However,I will check with the watchtowers,and report back to you immediately.'

Ackbar nodded again,and then walked away.Balan headed then,towards the watchtowers.

Jennings then indicated to his two friends he'd follow Ackbar,whilst he then gestured to Montgomery and Tanya to follow Balan.Both nodded,and silently moved off.

Grimly,Jennings then followed after Ackbar,making sure he kept his distance,and using cover at every opportunity.

He watched Balan walk into one of the palace's watchtowers,and he spoke a few words to the guards stationed there.

Wanting to listen in,Jennings quietly produced a listening device from his battle kit pack,and making sure he kept out of sight,he aimed the device at Balan.

'Anything to report?' he heard Balan ask.

'Nothing,sir,'one of the sentries answered.'Just a couple of fishing boats in the bay.'

This made Balan think,and Jennings could see it.He tensed,fully expecting the alarm to be raised.

However,much to his surprise,Jennings watched Balan nod his thanks to the sentry,and walked normally away.

Grimly,Jennings put away the listening device,and after checking he was still unseen,he moved silently away.

It was then he heard footsteps,and they were close.Very close.

He also heard a woman trying to speak,but he instantly knew she was gagged.The desperate,but considerably muffled noises he heard fully proved that.

Dashing back into the shadows,Jennings ducked back down,and tensed,waiting for them to appear.

Two people came into his sight;a man and a woman.

The man was clearly one of the sheik's fighting men.Jennings could tell from the man's physical appearance.

Whoever he was,the man was built like a powerhouse,and he was smiling too.Jennings saw the reason why,and his attention was fully on the bound and gagged girl the man was dragging along with him.

Instantly,Jennings recognised the girl.He'd seen her picture back at the mission briefing,and he knew her name was Karen;one of many stewardesses reported missing.

He could see why this Sheik Ackbar had grabbed a girl like this.Like all the other girls photos he'd seen back at the briefing,Karen was a highly attractive young woman.She was a shoulder length brunette,and was still wearing her stewardess uniform.

Jennings instantly noticed how tight the ropes had been tied over her,especially over her chest.Her breasts were enormous,but at the present,Karen did not appreciate this.As she was frogmarched along,Karen couldn't help,but keep mumbling fearfully behind her white tape gag.She was dreading what was in store for her.

As they both drew parallel with his hiding place,Jennings suddenly made his move.

He lashed out a hard punch,fully striking the man on the jaw,catching the man totally unprepared.Jennings was pleased to see his blow had rendered the man senseless,and he'd instantly grabbed the girl,taking her and himself out of sight.

It was a good job he did too,as he heard more footsteps near.This made him face Karen,and despite seeing her frightened eyes,Jennings put a finger to his lips.

Fortunately,the girl understood,and like Jennings,she didn't move at all,as the footsteps grew closer.

It was only then he realised the man he'd knocked out,was still lying prone in the hallway.Jennings tensed,knowing he hadn't had enough time to drag the man out of sight.

Fortunately,he heard no alarm raised,and after a quick check,he was satisfied their presence hadn't been detected.

Jennings motioned for Karen to stay where she was,and was pleased to see her nod.Her eyes above her tape gag,fully showed her relief at him.

Quickly,Jennings darted out,and dragged the still senseless man out of sight.Once he'd done that,he turned back to Karen.

'You okay?'he made sure he whispered that.

Seeing the girl nod again and satisfied she wasn't under any drug influence,Jennings gently peeled away the white tape over her mouth.

More to follow...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Steve Austin:Recoil and Maximum Conviction

Always great to find films which go straight to dvds,and they have a damsel in distress scene in them.
'Recoil' is one such offering,which I first saw on Sasha's blog.

I really enjoyed that film,and was very pleased to see Steve Austin as the good guy,who goes into a remote town called Hope,to exact ruthless,brutal revenge,on the vicious biker gang,which murdered his family.

In the film,our hero meets up with Darcy,(Serinda Swan)who runs a motel in the town,and stays there till he's concluded his business.

Obviously,the bad guys catch on to that,and grab Darcy,knocking out Steve in the process.I was very pleased to see Serinda bound and gagged,as she's being used as a hostage against Steve,but the bad guys don't last long after their gloating.hehe.

Some great fight scenes included,and a very nice damsel in distress scene too.

Which neatly brings me to Steve Austin and Steven Seagal's next offering.Seagal's films recently,have been stripped-almost woefully-of damsel in distress scenes.Not one actress I've watched,has been bound and gagged in his recent films.

This is a huge shame,because some of the girls I've seen in them,are simply gorgeous,and would deserve a scene.In particular,I was praying for a scene,for the stunning Tanaya Beatty,in Seagal's 'Soldier of Vengeance'

Alas,and yet again,it was not to be.You want to kick the writers sometimes;especially with Seagal's films concentrating on police action.Why the writers won't put any damsel in distress scenes in,is pure bafflement! After all,they used to do in the good old days;eg,Hawaii 5-0,Starsky and Hutch,Professionals,etc,etc...

Anyway,the next film will be 'Maximum Conviction' Obviously set in a maximum security prison.From what I've read of the plot,both Steves have to protect a woman prisoner.(possibly more women)Chains I'm sure,will be featured,but I've got my fingers crossed for some good old fashioned tightly tied ropes,and a nice tight gag too,for our hopeful,future damsels.Please get it right next time.

Time will tell...

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Finally! Grace gets the treatment!

Well,after waiting for so so long,I was delighted to finally see the gorgeous Grace Park,finally get a proper damsel in distress scene,from the re-make tv series: Hawaii 5-0.

Honestly,I couldn't understand why the wait was so long.After all,it's a police action show,where we get to see the good guys battle the bad guys.And of course,we all know the bad guys have the delicious habit,of grabbing a pretty girl to hopefully spoil the good guys.Whether the writers of the show didn't think up any scenes,or if they were too scared to put something in,who knows?I did know Grace's character get tied up a couple of times in the show,but personally,they weren't big favourites.Bloke intereference,and not getting tied up properly,ruined Grace's scenes for me.But at least now,there's something good to remember in the show.:)

Let's hope we'll see a lot more scenes for Grace,and more pretty actresses in the show.

A very special thank you to Captain Kidnap,for his generous and gracious permission to use some of his pics from his brilliant blog!

Keep up the good work,Captain!:)