Sunday, 14 April 2013

Time to call it a day...?

Well,I haven't really figured out any new stuff,despite having a couple of ideas.Alas;,my grammar isn't acceptable,and despite my best efforts,I know it just hasn't been good enough.

I don't know.I think other people with their own blogs and websites,who share the same damsel in distress liking,have done a far better job than me.

I gave it my best shot,and after nearly 4 years,I didn't think I did too badly.

Time will tell,I guess....

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Sex Hungry Ambassador

This is a slight rip-off from the current tale Freddie's doing for me,and hope he doesn't mind me doing so.It's just a short one though...


The space station maintained it's orbit around the planet Accra.Not many travelled here,as the place was located in a deep remote system.

The populants of Accra were also members of the current United Alliance of Planets,which stretched its domain for six galaxies.This granted them many things,and it was very beneficial to the Accrans.

However,there was a major problem with Accra,as it was located so far away from other planetary systems.This area was a major hive of illegal activity,which consisted of pirate hijackings,confrontations and many other things.It was a big problem.

Ambassador Jenas was of Accran origin.Like all his other people,he bore a humanoid resemblance,and he was a very powerful figure.Jenas used his political influence to get things done,and he did so with considerable success.

Jenas had had several discussions with other political masters on Accra,and he'd managed to get a task force together,which cleaned up a lot of the pirates activities in the Accran system.Although it hadn't been eradicated,a lot had been done to considerably reduce it.Jenas knew to keep Accra in membership with the Alliance,he and his people had to keep their new allies safe.

The ambassador was on the space station,quietly observing his planet below.He had been given a mission briefing to attend,as Jenas had found out humans were en route here.

This pleased him,as he liked human contact,especially with the young,pretty female ones.Jenas couldn't help,but feel his sexual drive go mad everytime he saw a young human woman.He'd seen many before,and Jenas had felt great lust.This was a major problem for all Accran males;they simply loved to dominate their female partners,or any female they took an attraction too.

Jenas then watched a ship he recognised;it was the human ship,now approaching to dock on the station.He then headed to the docking areas,looking forward to meeting these humans.


Grimly,Louise Jennings concentrated fully on making a safe docking.She'd done this so many times,but not once did she allow herself to be complacent.To make a mistake here,especially in Space,could have fatal consequences.

Fortunately,Louise had a 100% track record;she was a highly skilled pilot,and every trip she did,it was always a safe one.

Watching her from her co-pilot seat,Karen Williams kept her eyes peeled for any unexpected problems.Karen knew there was nothing really to worry about.She and Louise had performed this tricky manoever flawlessly.

As soon as she received confirmation her ship had been secured,Louise unstrapped herself from her flight seat,with Karen following suit.Both girls were extremely attractive in their grey flight suits.Louise had long dark hair falling past her shoulders,whilst Karen was a shoulder length brunette.Both girls were very fit,and had very good figures.They knew they had a lot of admirers,but their main love was flying.

'Well,let's get this over with,'Louise spoke first.She wasn't looking forward to this job.Her superiors had sent her and Karen to the Accran home world,where they had to meet with a highly respected ambassador figure.

Both girls had never met any of the Accrans before,but Louise had heard of the males strong,overpowering sex lust for any highly desirable females.She sincerely hoped she wouldn't be on their list.

'How long have we got to stay here,Louise?'Karen asked her.She wasn't just her commander,as both girls were great friends.

'I'll try and get us ut of here asap,Karen,'Louise answered.'I don't want to be here any more than you do.We just have to hand over certain documents to this ambassador,then we can leave.'

'Sooner the better,'Karen nodded her approval.She was feeling very uneasy.When she knew she and Louise were being sent here,both girls had done a thorough job of avoiding certain areas in the Accran system.They'd also made sure they would use their weapons,should they be threatened.

Fortunately,it had been a trouble free trip.Nothing had challenged or threatened them,and both Louise and Karen were extremely grateful to have arrived safely.

They both headed towards the airlock connecting their ship to the station,and after making a few checks,Louise opened the airlock door.

There was no sign of the ambassador they were here to meet,but that didn't bother the girls.It had been a long trip,and both girls were worn out.They badly needed to rest.

Louise however,knew she had to talk to the chief ground master on the station.He was responsible for the whole docking areas on the station,and every ship that docked here too.

Louise found him.Just like all the personnel here on the station,he was Accran and he nodded in polite greeting to her,which Louise returned.

'You must be Commander Jennings from Earth,with Flight Lieutenant Williams?'he asked.

'Yes,that's us,'Louise answered.'Don't worry;we're not staying long.'

'Ambassador Jenas has asked specifically to meet with you both,'the man told Louise.'He says he will do so tomorrow,but has granted you quarters.'

'That's generous of him,'Louise nodded her thanks,but was still determined to get the hell away from here.She could see this Accran leering at her breasts,although he was doing a poor effort at not trying to do so.

The Accran then ordered two of his crew,to show where Louise and Karen would be staying.He watched the two human females leave,now admiring their rear view ends.His lust dramatically increased,hoping for a reward later for what he'd just done.


With great relief,both Louise and Karen crashed onto their given beds.The rooms were highly comfortable,and the beds were more than spacious.Both girls were really looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Stripping away their flight suits,both Louise and Karen then headed towards the shower cubicles,not knowing they were being secretly observed.


'They are both highly pleasing,are they not,Ambassador Jenas?' It was the Accran ground crew master asking,as both Accrans watched with pleasure the two human females beginning to clean themselves.

'They are indeed,'Ambassador Jenas nodded.'I'm very pleased we have them here.'

'Do you want them seized?'

'No,'Jenas shook his head on that.He liked to seize a pretty human female,relishing the power he had over his prize.This time though,he had decided to act differently.

'No,not yet at least.We'll let them rest,'he instructed.'We'll take care of them properly in the morning.'
Jenas grinned maliciously at that.

'As you wish,Ambassador.'


Wearily,Louise opened her eyes and glanced at her watch.She raised a sleepy eyebrow in surprise,realising she'd slept for a long time.

However,she reluctantly rose up out of bed to get cleaned up.She hoped Karen was doing the same.

After a highly relaxing shower,Louise changed.She wasn't going to wear her normal flight suit.Instead,her superiors had demanded she wear the clothes she was now dressing herself in.A short sleeved,white shirt with a single square breast pocket on either side.Two black shoulder epaulettes with gold markings designated her rank on the shirt.A short,black skirt,which fell above her knees and smartly polished black high heels completed her uniform.

As Louise buttoned up her shirt,she was well aware her breasts were dominant.This made her sigh inwardly,knowing there would be more admirers today,for all the wrong reasons.

She didn't button her shirt all the way,but Louise still felt smart,and wanted to give Earth a good name to this Accran ambassador.She just hoped the meeting wouldn't last long,as she'd heard some nasty rumours about the Accran males.

Picking up the things she needed,Louise then left her quarters,then headed for Karen's.

She was pleased to see her co-pilot exit just as she was about to knock.Like herself,Karen was dressed in the same uniform as Louise was.

'Ready?'Louise asked her with a pleasant smile.

'As long as you're here with me,'Karen responded.

'Let's get it over with then.'

Both girls made their way through the station where the ambassador was waiting.As they walked through the station,both Louise and Karen noticed a lot of Accran males admiring the way the two girls were walking.Both girls ignored the leering,almost lustful looks,as they continued on.They were both determined to finish their business here,and get the hell away from this place.

Finally,Louise and Karen reached Ambassador Jenas' private quarters.Two armed Accran soldiers stood alert and ready outside the door.They were obviously on guard duty,Louise correctly observed.

Before Louise could announce herself,the two guards then opened the door,and stood aside to let the two girls in.Both Louise and Karen did so.

Ambassador Jenas was waiting for them as they both entered.Both girls fought their revulsion down as they saw his appearance for the first time.He was very fat and even had four arms.His head was even big,but there was a warm smile on his face as he moved towards them.
'Commander Louise Jennings,'Jenas spoke directly to Louise,before he turned to address Karen in her correct rank and full name.

'Yes,Ambassador,'Louise replied back politely.She was still fighting to keep her disgust down.In her travels,Louise had met many new spieces of people,and had made firm friends with many of them.The Accrans however,seemed to have their own agenda,and Louise and Karen could clearly see the lust in the ambassador's eyes,who was admiring both their chests.

'I have a gift from my people to yours,'Louise then informed him,as she handed it over.It was a document containing certain information,that her superiors had strictly told her not to look at.

Jenas however,on inspecting what was on the document,was very pleased.This was excellent news.Now he just needed one more thing to do.

'Thank you,Commander Jennings,'Jenas nodded his thanks to Louise.'You have done me an excellent service.I shall be very pleased to recommend your efforts.'

'Thank you,Ambassador,'Louise nodded back.'Do you wish any more service from us?' Louise was praying this meeting would be coming to an end soon,so she and Karen could get back to their ship.

'Indeed there is,my dear,';Jenas pleasantly informed her.He couldn't control his lust any longer,as he then gestured at the massive viewports in his quarters.It showed the gigantic station,and the planet Accra below it.

'Would you be so kind to come here,and tell me what you see from here?' The ambassador asked them,with just a hint of a smirk.

Both Louise and Karen clearly saw the smirk,and they looked at each other,sligthly nervous.

'You find something amusing,ambassador?'Karen couldn't help,but ask that.

'All will be revealed,I promise you,'Jenas knew he had to act better than this to lure these two beauties to him.So he wiped his smirk off,and moved away from them a little.

Pleased at some distance now,both Louise and Karen moved over to where Jenas wanted them.He watched them with interest,as they looked outside.

'What are we supposed to be looking at,amMMMMFFFFF!'

It was the sound of Louise being seized as Jenas moved quickly to grab her.Two of his arms held Louise in a tight,inescapable bear hug,whilst one of his free hands had planted itself hard over Louise's mouth,effectively gagging her.Her eyes bulged in fear and shock.

Seeing her friend being ruthlessly seized,Karen could only recoil in horror.

'Let her go!'she almost shrieked.

'Don't be silly,my dear,'Jenas tightened his grip on Louise.'You two pretty things are going to exactly as I say,if you value each other's health.'

The last part of that sentence was spoken with utter menace,and both girls realised they were caught cold.

'Guards!'Jenas called out,and his two men entered his quarters immediately.

'Tie these two beauties up and gag them,'Jenas then threw Louise roughly into one of his guard's arms.Louise gasped in fright as she was roughly seized again.Karen was grabbed the next instant.Both Accrans then pulled Louise and Karen's hands behind them,and with coils of strong,brown hemp rope,started to wind the coils around both girls wrists.

As she was being tied up,Louise glared at Jenas.

'You'll never get away with this! 'Louise's tone was defiant.'When we don't report back,my people will come looking for us.'

'My dear,'Jenas' smirk was back.'I have already seen to that.You're not going back to Earth,and your people will not come here.You're going to stay here and serve me.'

'Like hell we will!'

This amused Jenas even more,but he enjoyed the sight of his two guards winding more coils of rope over the still struggling Louise and Karen,but both girls stood no chance.They were then finally securely bound.

Jenas decided he wanted to gag Louise,so he gestured for her to be brought to him.

As she was dragged easily before him,Louise felt his hands grope her breasts lovingly.Her eyes were full of hate as she felt him take advantage over her.

She then spat at him fully in the face.This only made Jenas smirk even more,as he wiped her spittle from his face.He took out a balled up cloth,and roughly forced into Louise's mouth.Another cloth was tied over Louise's mouth to keep the gag in place.

Satisfied his prize was securely bound and gagged,Jenas then roughly grabbed Louise again,as he forced her up close to him.He then gripped her chin,as his eyes snarled down at her.

'You're very spirited,my pretty,'Jenas chuckled evilly into Louise's face.'But you won't be so defiant when I'm finished with you.'

As Karen was gagged the same way,she could only watch in utter horror,as Jenas bent down to yank Louise's skirt down to her ankles.The girl tried to scream,fully realising this monster intended to rape her,and she was powerless to resist.

Her knickers followed suit,and Jenas forced Louise down onto the floor,firmly trapping her delicious,bound and gagged body underneath him.

He smiled with full,dominating evil intent,as he began to sexually assault his prize.

With great pleasure,Jenas slowly unbuttoned Louise's shirt,and noticed the girl's black bra.Her chest was magnificent,Jenas noted,and he then yanked the bra away to expose her breasts.

Louise was trying to scream in utter terror,but her gag was ruthlessly effective,and she could do nothing,as she felt Jenas' tongue snake down to lick both her breasts.Her eyes were still bulging in fear,as she felt the ambassador continue to use his tongue on her chest.

Jenas chuckled maliciously down at his pretty,bound and gagged prize.He made sure the girl could not escape him,as he increased his tongue movements on Louise's chest,fully intent on dominating her.

Tightly held by her guard,Karen started to cry,as she watched Louise being raped.The Accran ambassador was very powerful,as he continued to enjoy the girl,and Karen knew her turn was coming.

She could only give a faint,muffled sob of despair,as she knew she and Louise had been kidnapped by a sex hungry humanoid.

The End?