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Takachi's Revenge Chapter 5

As soon as he heard the police sirens,Takachi swore to himself.He gripped Kieko more tightly,who was still desperately trying to break free from him,yet without success.There was still a few of his men here,and as soon as they saw several police cars screech to a halt outside,every one of his men suddenly raised their weapons,and started shooting.They were pleased to see numerous police officers,hastily scramble back into cover,and they continued their barrage.

Taking cover behind his own car,Yamamoto had already pulled out his own personal handgun,but it was a peashooter,compared to what the robbers were firing at them.All he could do,was to keep his head down.Crouching next to him,Jennings wished he had a weapon to fire back,but for the moment,that option wasn't viable.He had another one of his bad feelings,and prayed Sarah and Kieko were okay.He also remembered Suzuki and Sakai's daughter too.Jennings had a strong hunch the girls were in there.He sincerely hoped the bad guys hadn't found them.

Yamamoto glanced at his officers with him.So far,none of his people had been hit,and could see that they were all determined to meet the challenge.Yamamoto also checked on his friend,Sakai,making sure he had taken cover.He had,and had managed to return fire a couple of times,but the deadly gunfire came back menacingly at them,forcing them to keep low.

'Everybody stay down!'Yamamoto yelled to his people,feeling like an idiot,as that's what they were all doing.It was then,that he spotted Kieko.His face was stunned,seeing his daughter held tight,and handgagged by his hated nemesis,Takachi.
His face was enraged seeing this,and forgetting himself,Yamamoto stood up to race forward,and free his daughter.Yamamoto had just gotten to his feet,when Jennings suddenly grabbed him back down again.Just in time too,as another hail of bullets struck uncomfortably close.They were showered with shards of glass,shattered from the car windows,but were not injured.

'You want to get killed?'Jennings had to shout to him,above the gunfire..

Realising Jennings was right,Yamamoto nodded his thanks to the Englishman,as he sat up,but stayed hidden from the gunmen inside the bank.Jennings knocked him on the shoulder,in support.

'Don't worry.'He reassured his host.'We'll get your daughters out of there.'

How he was going to accomplish this,Jennings had no idea,but he always accepted a challenge,even if his opponents seemed to hold the upper hand.For the moment though,there was nothing he could do.

Inside the bank,Takachi still held onto Kieko tightly.He had enjoyed watching his men scatter the police,and knew immediately,that he did indeed,hold the upper hand.

He was also enjoying his hostage's struggles,making his sexual lust increase massively.Kieko was still desperately trying to break free from him,but it was impossible.Her vain efforts only made Takachi pull her more tightly to him.

'Keep struggling,Miss Yamamoto.'Takachi chuckled into her ear.'You're not going to get away from me.'

Still handgagged,Kieko could only mumble faintly,as she then felt herself being forced back.Takachi had decided to take her through the back,and secure her with his other two pretty hostages.

'Keep your eyes open.'Takachi warned his men.'Yamamoto's a dangerous opponent.Let me know if they try anything.'

His men nodded their complete obedience,and kept shooting outside,hoping to strike a target.

Takachi easily forced Kieko back into the room,where Suzuki and Kimie still sat bound and gagged to their chairs.He was especially pleased to see the despair in Kieko's sister's eyes,as he dragged his latest prize in.Still keeping a hold on the girl,Takachi dragged another,hard backed wooden chair over,before forcing Kieko to sit on it.It was then he produced a large,and sharp blade,making Kieko freeze in utter fear.

'No screams now,Miss Yamamoto.'Takachi warned her with a chilling smile.He still had his hand over her mouth,before continuing.'I'd hate to mark that pretty face,as well as your sister and her friend,so please,be quiet.'

Takachi waited for a few moments,observing Kieko's expression.The girl was scared stiff.He could see that,but was pleased to see her struggles cease.He then slowly,took away his hand.Kieko didn't scream.

'Very good,my dear.'He smiled unpleasantly at her.'Now don't move.'

With that said,Takachi then grabbed more coils of rope,that he and Kim Yang had used to secure Suzuki and Kimie.

'Now,Miss Yamamoto.Hands behind the chair.'He ordered her curtly.

Kieko had to obey.The moment she did so,Takachi grabbed her wrists,and crossed them.He then went to work immediately,winding the rope over Kieko's wrists.Just as he and Kim Yang had done so many times,Takachi knew how to tie up a pretty hostage.He'd done so many times before.Takachi made sure the ropes were also wound to the back of the chair,firmly securing Kieko's hands there.Kieko herself,could only sit helpless,giving Suzuki and Kimie a desperate look.Neither her sister,nor her friend could help her.She then yelped in pain,as Takachi tightened the last knot on her hands.She inwardly gulped,knowing she hadn't been tied up since Kim Yang's men had kidnapped her,back on the doomed 'Eastern Princess',and also in that jungle in Thailand.

Takachi then grabbed her ankles together,and started to tie them to one of the chair's lower legs.This didn't take long,and the yakuza man smiled,supremely confident the girl wouldn't be able to get free.

'Wh-what are you going to do to us?'Kieko's voice trembled,as she asked that.She could see Takachi smirk in response,as he then began to wind more lengths of rope,horizontally above her chest.

'Well,very soon,Miss Yamamoto,you,your sister,and Miss Sakai here,will soon be joining Miss Yang.'He answered her,almost smug.'She's very keen to have you back on board her boat,but first,you're needed as hostages.'

Takachi wore a dark smile,as he finished tying Kieko's ankles to the chair leg.He then took more coils of rope,and then placed the lengths he needed over,and above Kieko's chest.He wound three horizontal loops above Kieko's breasts,and wound four loops under them.Takachi pulled the ropes tightly over the girl,tying more inescapable knots at the back of the chair.

Once he'd finished that,Takachi then walked to Kieko's front,scanning the ropes.He nodded to himself,satisfied Kieko wouldn't be able to get free.

'There you are,Miss Yamamoto.'Takachi told her,very pleased with himself.'That's how I like my pretty hostages to look.'

He then took a roll of large,black duct tape,and tore a strip off.Takachi then forced the strip over Kieko's mouth,smoothing the tape firmly.Kieko's eyes were still wide with fear,just as Suzuki's and Kimie's were,especially when she felt Takachi stroke his hand down her cheek.

Satisfied also,that the girl was tightly bound and gagged,Takachi then turned his attention to the security camera screens.He could still see the gun battle raging outside the bank,and the many police officers taking cover.Takachi then opened the door to the office,and shouted out to one of his men,to cease fire.Within a few moments,all his men had obeyed.Takachi then headed back into the office,and scanned the camera screens once again.He was looking for Yamamoto,but at the moment,he didn't see him.

Takachi then remembered Suzuki's mobile,and took it.He scanned the girl's contacts,and found the required number quickly.

'Well then,ladies.'He took great pleasure in informing them.'Time to let Daddy know where you are.'The dark smile increased.'I really hope he'll be sensible,if he doesn't want his pretty daughters faces unmarked.'

He still kept his evil smile,at his three pretty,bound and gagged hostages,whilst he waited for Yamamoto to respond.

Outside the bank,Yamamoto,Jennings,Sakai,and all the other police officers were still crouching behind their cars,shielding them from the gunfire.Thanks to Yamamoto's quick thinking,none of his people had been hurt,but they couldn't really return fire.Everybody had to keep ducking their heads,as the bullets struck uncomfortably close,showering them frequently,with shards of broken glass.

Still crouching behind his car,Yamamoto and Jennings kept low.Thanks to the former's quick thinking,none of his officers had been shot,or injured.Yamamoto had managed to order Sakai,to get the exit points of the bank covered.This was done promptly,and efficiently.If the bad guys were going to bring Kieko,or Suzuki out,he would make damn sure not to let them out of his sight.

They were still hiding behind the car,when much to their surprise,the gunfire suddenly ceased.Peering out,Yamamoto noticed the armed men in the bank move further back into the bank.Then,his mobile started ringing.Yamamoto could see it was from Suzuki.He answered it.

'Suzuki? Are you okay?'

Unfortunately,he didn't hear Suzuki's voice respond to him.Instead,he heard a very familiar voice,but not a very friendly one.

'Suzuki is just fine.'He fully recognised Takachi's voice speaking to him.'She and your Kieko are with me right now,as we speak.'

Jennings suddenly noticed Yamamoto's stunned face.This was probably more bad news.He thought grimly.

'Let my Suzuki and Kieko go,Takachi.'Yamamoto forced himself to remain calm,as he replied.'Your quarrel is with me.'

'I've no doubt about that.'Takachi responded.'But at the moment,I have something else on my mind.'

'Like what?'Yamamoto almost snarled.'Let me speak to my daughters,damn you!'

'You're in no position to demand anything.'Takachi snapped back.'I have the ace cards,and you know it.I don't just have your two pretty daughters here.I have your friend,Sakai's daughter here too.'

Yamamoto glanced over at Sakai.His friend was still crouching behind his own car,and looking anxiously over at him.Yamamoto wasn't looking forward to telling him this,but he needed to speak to his girls.

'Then let me speak to them.'Yamamoto's voice just remained calm,as he sincerely hoped Takachi would acede to his demand.

In the office,Takachi thought about still refusing Yamamoto,but then changed his mind.He walked behind Suzuki,and put the mobile to her ear.

'Be brief.'Takachi told her,as he jerked away the gag.

'Father!'Suzuki couldn't help,but scream into the mobile.She screamed again,as Takachi suddenly grabbed the back of her neck,and gave her a brief,but hard squeeze.Her screams stopped,as Takachi shoved the gag back over her mouth,and took the mobile away.She was crying quietly,as Takachi smirked,before he spoke into the mobile again.

'Suzuki!'He heard Yamamoto frantically call.'Suzuki!Are you alright? Please! Answer me!'

'That's all you're going to get,Yamamoto.'Takachi didn't want to waste any more time,as he demanded.'Now listen well.You have a Westerner staying with you.His name is Jennings.I want him here,and now.'

'You bastard,Takachi!'Yamamoto snarled,hearing Suzuki's scream of agony.'Let them go!'

'You have five minutes,Yamamoto.'Takachi warned him.'If he's not here by then,I'll send you a piece of one of your daughters out,until you see sense.'He abruptly rang off.

Yamamoto glanced at Jennings crouching beside him.The Englishman was looking at him concerned.He realised he'd understood everything that had just been said.Yamamoto slowly lowered his mobile.

'I thought Takachi was dead.'Jennings asked him.

'I'm sorry.'Yamamoto meant his apology.'I should have told you.Takachi had a twin brother.They grew up in crime,and finally rose to the top,being high profile yakuza warlords.'

'So he's out for revenge against me.'Jennings stated grimly.

'He says if you're not there within five minutes,he'll really hurt my girls.'Yamamoto's worried tone was fully evident,before he asked.'What do you want to do?'

'There's not much choice.'Jennings admitted.'Sarah's been taken too.If she's being held there,I'm going to get her out.'

He cautiously peered out,looking at the bank's entrance.The armed men were still there,their weapons aimed at the hiding police,but they refrained from shooting.Jennings didn't see many of them,counting four targets.He glanced back at Yamamoto.

'I'll tell you when you can make your move.'Jennings told him,before he stood up,and then said.'Stay sharp.'

'We will.'Yamamoto nodded,grateful for what Jennings was going to do.'Good luck,my friend,but please,make sure my girls don't get hurt.'

Jennings nodded back,and then continued his slow advance.Both Yamamoto and Sakai watched him go.They weren't sure what Jennings was planning,but they sincerely hoped he would succeed.Jennings however,wasn't quite sure how to work this out,but he didn't want to stand around,and do nothing.He had to go in,even if it was on the enemy's terms.

He reached the bank entrance,and could now see the four hooded men inside.All had tracked him carefully with their weapons on him,the moment he'd stood up.Just before he entered,Jennings watched one of the men hurry into the back.He had no doubt where he was going.Grimly,he tensed,as he opened the door,and entered the bank.

Back in the office,Takachi was lovingly stroking Suzuki's deliciously scented hair,when he noticed one of his men enter.

'The Englishman is here.'The man told him respectfully.

'Good.'Takachi's face was now filled with menacing hatred.'Have him searched,and bring him here.But don't rough him up.'His voice meant that.'I will attend to that personally.Keep your eyes on the cops too.Don't miss anything.'

The man bowed his complete obedience and loyalty to Takachi,and then hurried back to the reception area.Takachi then glanced around the room.There was only one empty chair left in the office.Unlike where the three girls sat bound and gagged on their chairs,this empty one had armrests.Takachi grabbed it,and placed it away from the girls.He then noticed there was no more rope,but he still had the roll of black duct tape.There wasn't much left on it,but that didn't really bother Takachi.He just couldn't wait,till Jennings came here.Turning back to the three girls,his smile of eager anticipation scared them.

'Let's see how your hero's strength measures up then,ladies.'Takachi rubbed his hands eagerly.'I'm looking forward to meeting him.'

He then turned his attention to the security camera screens.Takachi had watched Jennings enter the bank,and waited patiently.Suzuki,Kimie,and especially Kieko,were praying for him to help them.

Jennings had entered the bank,and slowly raised his hands in surrender to the hooded,armed men.

'I'm unarmed.'He told them in Japanese.

One of the men gestured sharply at him.'Against the wall.'

Surprisingly,the man had spoken English to him.Maybe it was an honour given to Jennings,for learning their own language.Jennings however,didn't make any comment on it,as he put his hands on the shown wall.He was then briskly searched,but he wasn't carrying any hidden weapons.The search was brisk,then Jennings heard the man order him.

'Move,and don't try anything.'

Slowly backing away from the wall,Jennings waited for further instructions.The man curtly ordered him along,and took him to the room,where Jennings instantly saw Kieko,Suzuki,and another,very pretty young woman,all sitting down,and bound and gagged.The other girl had to be Sakai's daughter.Jennings thought.All three girls were looking at him,almost pleadingly,especially Kieko.Jennings would make sure he would do so,but for now,his own eyes were on Takachi.

He could see the strong resemblance from the Takachi he'd faced earlier,on the doomed 'Eastern Princess' cruise ship.They were indeed,twins,but Jennings could see the same cruel eyes.He had to be watched very carefully here.Takachi in turn,was also gazing at him,giving him an up and down look.The Englishman looked quite formidable,and he would make sure,that there would be no threat from him,not ever.Takachi thought viscously.

For the moment though,Takachi kept calm,as he heard Jennings say;

'So you're Takachi.'It was a blunt statement,but Takachi bowed slightly to him.

'And you are Jennings.You are a credit.I will applaud that.However,there are certain things that I want to ask you,concerning my brother.'Takachi's voice was still reasonably calm,but then he gestured sharply at him,towards the empty chair.

'Sit.'This time,his voice was held more menace.'Unless you want me to hurt these three beauties here,and if I do so,it will be at your own expense.'

Jennings gazed hard at him,but remembering his promise to Yamamoto,he did sit in the chair,putting his hands on the armrests.He then watched Takachi grab a roll of black tape,and then,he started to secure one of his wrists to the armrest with the tape.Takachi did the same on his other arm,locking Jennings to the chair.He would have liked to have used more,but the tape had run out.

No matter.Takachi thought with a sneer.I've got him now,and he's going to pay.

Throwing the roll away,Takachi then pulled out a deadly blade,and held it in front of his latest prisoner.

'Now then,Jennings.'Takachi still kept a calm manner,knowing he was totally in control here.'I want you to tell me,how my brother died.Did you kill him,personally?'

'Your brother fell.'Jennings answered truthfully.'He planted a bomb on that ship,threatening many innocent-'

He never got the chance to finish his sentance,as Takachi suddenly hit him across the face,with a hard backslap,immediately drawing a trickle of blood,from Jennings' lips.Suzuki,Kimie,and Kieko winced behind their gags,as they watched Jennings spit out a dabble of his blood.He recovered quickly,gazing hard at Takachi.

'My brother was indeed,a man who threatened many people,Jennings.'Takachi nodded,confirming this.'I myself,have done the same,but threatening is only a beginning.I assure you,you won't just be threatened here.I'm going to make you suffer,for what you did to my brother.'

He then glanced over at the girls,his smile now much more sinister.'If I get bored with you,I'll gladly use this,on any of those three pretty girls.'

Jennings saw the terror in each of Suzuki,Kimie,and Kieko,hearing Takachi say that.He got his attention away from them.

'So,it doesn't really matter what I say,does it?'Jennings continued his hard gaze.'You're going to kill me,regardless.'

He made sure it was a statement,not a hopeful query,and Takachi turned back to face him,who gave him another slight bow,in acknowledgement.

'Of course you are.Surely you know,that any death in my family demands revenge?'

'I thought you people strongly believed in honour.'Jennings asked him.He was also concentrating hard,on moving his wrists.He felt the tape wound over them,was tight,but he kept up his efforts.

'Honour is for fools.'Takachi spoke in contempt.'I fight to win,no matter what the consequences are.'

'So you're prepared to make innocent people suffer doing that?'This time,Jennings spoke contemptuosly at him.'To torture and murder,just like your brother did?'

Takachi struck Jennings again,with the same hard backhand across the face.The second strike made the three girls yelp behind their gags,knowing there was nothing they could do to help him.They cowered into their chairs,as Takachi brandished his knife,in front of Jennings' face.

'I'm an expert with this.'Takachi told him confidently.'I've used it many times before,and know how to inflict the most painful,horrific injuries imagineable,whilst keeping you alive.I'm very interested to see how strong you are,Jennings.'He then glanced back at the girls,giving them an unpleasant smile,before he turned back to Jennings.'If I get bored with you,I can choose one of these three pretty girls,as an alternative.Your girlfriend perhaps?'

He still held his nasty smile,staring at Kieko,who was still glancing anxiously at Jennings.Takachi smirked.He'd make sure he would enjoy the girl later,but right now,his blood lust was up,as his breathing quickened.Suzuki,Kimie,and Kieko watched in horror,screaming behind their tight gags,as Takachi raised the knife,ready to strike Jennings.

'This is for my brother.'He snarled,bringing his arm down,but then,Jennings suddenly leapt out of the chair,successfully blocking the thrust,and forcing the knife away from his grip.Takachi was caught totally by surprise,his stunned face shocked,but Jennings gave him no time to recover.He slammed a hard fist into his opponent's solar plexus,making Takachi double up in agony.As the yakuza man leaned forward,Jennings then savagely grabbed his shoulder,and violently flung him onto the chair,where he'd been sitting only moments ago.He then gave Takachi his own backhand across the face,hitting him much more harder.The results were much more better too,as a lot more blood came flying from the Japanese man's mouth,and finally,Jennings clenched his teeth,as he balled up a fist,to smash it into Takachi's jaw.The man was sent sprawling onto the floor.He lay in a heap,unmoving.

Jennings looked at the prone form in contempt,and not without some satisfaction.Although he was a hardened soldier,Jennings had never really wanted to hurt anyone,but the arrogance of Takachi had left him no option.From the moment he'd been secured to the chair,Jennings had got to work immediately.By carefully relaxing his muscles,and with just the right amount of movement in his arms,Jennings had managed to get free,successfully hiding it from Takachi.It just took patience,and perhaps a little luck.He was pleased to get it,on this occasion.

He then took the fallen knife,and headed over towards the trussed up girls.The three of them were staring at him,in utter astonishment,but their eyes were free from fear.He smiled warmly at them,as he freed Kieko first.When he finally freed her from the chair,and gently removed her tape gag,Kieko instantly stood up,to give him a warm,grateful hug,and a delicious kiss.He blushed faintly at this.

'Are you okay?'Jennings asked her gently.

'Yes.'Kieko nodded,as she hugged into him more.'Thank you.You have rescued me again.'

Jennings smiled again.Then he went over to free Suzuki,and Kimie.Both girls responded the same way as Kieko had,giving him more appreciative hugs and kisses,making his blushes increase.The girls noticed that,and smiled warmly.

Suzuki then spotted her mobile,and she recovered it,instantly dialling her father's number.Jennings kept his eye on Takachi's still unmoving form,and also on the door,but none of Takachi's men had entered to investigate.

'Keep it low,Suzuki.'Jennings politely warned her,putting his finger to his lips.He was pleased to see the girl nod,and she spoke quietly into the phone.She just felt so glad to speak again,after being gagged for so long.She spoke with quiet tears of joy to her father,reassuring him,that they were well.Then,after the much relieved greetings were over,Suzuki handed the mobile to Jennings.

'My father wants to talk to you,John.'Suzuki now knew why Kieko thought so much of this man.He really was something.

Jennings had accepted the mobile,and still keeping his eyes open,and his voice down,confirmed the good news to Yamamoto,that his family was safe.The Sakai girl too.

'Thank you,my friend,for saving my family.'Yamamoto's voice was warm,and grateful.'My friend Sakai,wishes to thank you too.'

Jennings deeply appreciated the gratitude given to him,although he still felt as if he owed Yamamoto for saving his life,back at the house.

'You can send in the cavalry now,Chief.'Jennings told him.'There are four hostiles.'

'Leave the rest to us.'Yamamoto advised.'We will handle it.Stay with the girls.We're moving in.'

'Understood.'Jennings then handed Suzuki her mobile back.'Okay girls,take cover.The bad guys are in for a shock.'

Just as he finished saying that,they all heard several loud discharges,coming from the reception area.They all recognised the sounds.It was CS gas cannisters being fired in,and there was plenty of them.

'Stay down.'Jennings calmly told them,reluctantly removing his hand from Kieko's.He had a nasty feeling that maybe some of Takachi's men,would come charging in here to escap the gas.Seconds later,he was proved right.Two hooded men came bursting into the room,coughling like mad.A heavy presence of green smoke was right behind them.

Jennings moved quickly,as he flattened both men with hard blows,knocking them senseless,just like their still prone master.Jennings then moved back to Kieko,holding her hand.Suzuki and Kimie clung to him too,as they tensely waited.They then heard heavy footsteps coming closer to them.They were so pleased to see a group of heavily armoured police officers enter the room.They were heavily armed too,and wore gas masks to protect themselves from the thick gas cloud.

Fortunately,Yamamoto had prepared them well,and instantly,they put spare masks on the four of them,before escorting them safely out.Takachi and his accomplices had already been secured,and taken out.As soon as they left the bank,all three girls ran straight to their fathers,giving them both warm hugs,and they were glad to be back with them.

Jennings however,had made his way back into the bank.He was searching anxiously for Sarah.The gas didn't take long to disperse,but he still saw no trace of his missing sister.Finally,he had to admit Sarah wasn't here.He headed back out,and straight over to where Takachi and his thugs were.All of them were lying face down on the ground,still handcuffed,with an effective police guard.

'Where's Sarah?'Jennings snarled down at Takachi.'What have you done with her?'

'Well let's just say she's in perfectly capable hands.'Takachi smirked up at him,making Jennings even more madder.

'What do you mean?'Jennings' eyes were fierce.

Takachi however,told him no more.However,Suzuki stepped up to him.

'They did bring in Sarah,just before they grabbed me.'She informed him.'A Chinese woman interviewed me,just before they grabbed me.I watched her carry Sarah away.'

This brought more bad feeling in him.

'You didn't get the Chinese woman's name,did you,Suzuki?'Jennings asked her.

'It was Kim Yang.'

Instantly,Jennings clenched his fists.Damn the woman!He cursed her silently.He had to get to Sarah,and fast.

'Do you know where they took her?'

'She mentioned a boat,but didn't say where.I think she'll have it on the bay.'Suzuki said.'It's a good hiding spot.We've dealt with a lot of criminal activity there before.'

Jennings nodded his thanks to her,and he turned to Yamamoto.The police chief already had the microphone,from his police radio in his hand,and was issuing fresh orders to his people.

'Get all available units and officers to Tokyo Bay,and relay a message to the harbour master,and the security chief.'

Once his orders were promptly acknowledged,he turned back to Jennings.

'I have a couple of friends there.The harbour master is a really good friend,as is the security chief.They've helped me a lot there.If Sarah is being held there,they'll know about it.'

Jennings nodded.

'We'd better get there then.'He moved to head into Yamamoto's car,when he suddenly heard Takachi's voice call after him.

'You'll never save your pretty Sarah,Jennings.'Takachi taunted him.'Kim Yang has excellent plans for her.She's going to be a star attraction,when she's sold as a sex slave.'

'You bastard!'Jennings snarled,moving back towards him,ready to smash this yakuza's face in.However,Yamamoto and Sakai held him back,from doing so.

'He isn't worth it.'Sakai told him firmly,but politely.'Don't sink to his level.You're better than he is.'

Jennings knew he'd acted like a fool,being baited like that.He nodded his thanks to the two men,and calmed himself down.He gave Takachi a contemptous glance,before he raced back towards Yamamoto's car.

'Let's go.'He said urgently.Jennings' fears for Sarah were increasing,knowing she was back in Kim Yang's clutches.As he,Sakai and Yamamoto dived into the car,and raced off towards Tokyo Bay,Jennings just kept on silently praying,that he'd be in time to rescue his sister.

Chapter 6 to follow...

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Takachi's Revenge Chapter 4

Still quietly chuckling to herself,Kim Yang easily carried Sarah's limp form back into the room,where Takachi was waiting for her.She then gently laid Sarah onto a comfortable couch,and brushed away some of the girl's long hair,that was obscuring her face.Takachi came over to look more closely at their latest captive.Just like Kim Yang,he felt his lust dramatically increase.

'She's even more desirable,than I expected.'Takachi stated,just managing to keep his urges in control.

'And the girl is mine.'Kim Yang's voice was firm,also adamant.'We'll use her a hostage first,against her brother.But be warned,Takachi.'Kim Yang spoke more harder this time.'The girl is not to be harmed.'

'Oh,I wouldn't dream of damaging such a pretty face.'Takachi grinned,rather unpleasantly.He ran the back of his hand down Sarah's cheek,then lifted her chin.

'You're quite right,Miss Yang.'Takachi nodded,after examining Sarah's face.'She'll fetch an excellent price,just like those two.'

Takachi didn't bother turning his head,to look at Suzuki and Kimie,but the trussed up girls knew he was talking about them.Both mumbled weakly,into their tight gags,but Suzuki's eyes bulged,when she suddenly watched Kim Yang turn towards her,and then smirked down at her.

'Well,Miss Yamamoto.It's time to bring in your pretty sister.I promised myself that.'

Suzuki was stunned,and full of despair.She was trapped here,totally unable to warn Kieko.She then gave her captors a look of utter hatred.

'Leave her alone,you bitch!'Suzuki tried to shout that out,her tone furious.However,her gag was firmly tied over her mouth.It still came out,as weak mumbling.

Kim Yang merely raised an amused eyebrow,at Suzuki's enraged eyes.

'Don't worry.'Kim Yang was still smirking.'I'm sure Jennings will come to rescue his girlfriend,as well as yourselves,or should I say,an attempted rescue.'

Her smirk increased at this,driving Suzuki even more mad,but then,Takachi's mobile rang.He answered the call,and listened for a few moments,before he replied.

'Very well.Everyone is prepared? Good.You can move in now.'

Takachi then ended the call,and informed Kim Yang.'My men are now here.They're coming in now.'

'Excellent.'Kim Yang was pleased.'We could use the extra help,especially when we tie up the rest of the girls.I hope they've brought plenty of rope?'

'Of course.'Takachi reassured.He then glanced back down,at Sarah's unconscious form,before he asked hopefully.'You want me to tie her up? It would be an honour,and a pleasure.'

Kim Yang shook her head politely,but firmly.

'My apologies,but Sarah is my favourite.I will tie her up,and gag her.'She relished saying that,continuing.'Besides,I need to get her away from her brother.I'll put her on my boat,where I can keep an eye on her.'

She then bent down,to lift Sarah's still out cold form over her shoulder,and was walking towards the door,when Takachi's voice stopped her.

'Remember the deal,Miss Yang.'This time,it was his turn,to speak with a more harder edge.'I want her brother.'

'You will.'Kim Yang was utterly confident of that,but felt it wise to give Takachi,a firm warning.'Just remember yourself,Takachi.Jennings is a very dangerous opponent.Don't under estimate him.'

Takachi scoffed at that.

'Really? Well,he won't be,after I'm finished with him.'The menace was fully felt by the two captive girls,who shrank back in fear from him.Kim Yang wasn't impressed though.

Fool.She thought in contempt.Better let him find out for himself.Kim Yang had never forgotten the fight she had with Jennings,back in the Thai jungle.Despite being defeated by him,she had fully enjoyed the fight,and was sincerely hoping for another opportunity.

Takachi turned his attention back to the security camera screens,as did Suzuki and Kimie.What the girls saw,made their hearts sink.Takachi was watching the footage outside the bank,and he then saw two large white vans pull up sharply outside the building.Instantly,the doors of the vans slid open,and several men jumped quickly out.All wore hooded,and held weapons.One of them carried a large holdall bag,but all advanced menacingly towards the bank's entrance.

'Well then,ladies.'Takachi turned to face his two hostages,pulling out a handgun.'It begins.'

He then saw Kim Yang face Suzuki,and Kimie too.

'I'll be back soon,ladies.'She promised them.'I'm sure you'll all enjoy my hospitality at my little island retreat.'She paused briefly,before finishing ominously.'Eventually.'

'Don't be too long.'He called out after her.'You might miss all the fun.'

'I wouldn't dream off it.'Kim Yang smiled,as she left the room,saying.'Enjoy yourselves,ladies.'Then,she was gone.Takachi then made to leave himself,but before he left,he also give the girls another sinister warning.

'Remember what I said,ladies.Stay here,and I won't harm any of the girls out there.'He gazed menacingly at Suzuki.'Or your sister,Miss Yamamoto.'

Both girls stared helplessly back at him.Then,with an evil chuckle,Takachi left them,heading towards reception.


Kieko was still sitting in the waiting area,and was starting to wonder why Sarah hadn't returned.It had been at least,ten minutes,since she'd went to the ladies room,and there was still no sign of her.

Maybe I'd better go and see if she's okay.Kieko thought,rising up from her seat.

Kieko was just heading towards the ladies,when she suddenly heard a commotion from behind.Turning round,she was stunned to see several hooded men burst into the bank.They all carried weapons,and their violent entrance had made some of the girls scream in fear.One of them stepped forward,firing his weapon into the ceiling,which still made all the girls jump in fear,but their screams stopped.

'Good evening,ladies.'The man's voice was calm,but all the girls clearly recognised the deadly intent in it.'I realise this is somewhat of a surprise,but please obey,and you won't be harmed.Do I make myself clear,ladies?'

There was no reply from any of the girls.All stared fearfully back at him,and his hooded colleagues.He knew however,that he had control of them all.

'Very good,ladies.'He continued.'Now,if you'd all put your hands up,and come out here.Then,lie face down,and put your hands behind your back.'

On saying that,the man carrying the holdall stepped forward,and unzipped the bag.Kieko and the girls clearly saw plenty of ropes inside it.The man was already dishing them out,to his accomplices,who then menacingly moved forward,to seize every one of the girls,who were too frightened to move.The men easily rectified this,as they forced their prisoners out into the open.Then,having forced them to lie down,the men began to tie the girls up.

Kieko stared in shock,as they did this.She had raised her hands in surrender to them,but her fear too,kept her feet rooted to the spot.She swallowed hard,as she desperately fought to get her courage back.Slowly,it did,as she then realised she was partly out of sight,from the men.Carefully,Kieko stepped backwards,desperately hoping they wouldn't spot her.If she could get away,there was a strong chance she could raise the alarm.However,Kieko suddenly saw the hooded man who'd spoke,spot her.Both their eyes met.Kieko' eyes were full of fear,whilst the man's showed only a cruel,narrowed look.Kieko couldn't see,but the man was actually smiling behind his mask.He'd seen something,that Kieko hadn't.Strangely though,he didn't race forward to grab her,although he could see the girl was moving away from him.He just stood there,watching her,as did a couple more of his men.Kieko continued to slowly back away from them all,praying she could turn and run.Once out of their sight,she could raise the alarm,and get the police here.

Kieko never got the chance.Instantly,she felt herself seized from behind.A strong hand clamped over her mouth,and an arm took her waist,pulling her tightly into her unseen captor.

'So you are Miss Yamamoto's sister.'Takachi's voice hissed into her ear with relish.'Kieko,isn't it? Very nice to meet you,my dear.Your pretty sister is mine,and so are you now.'

Shocked at hearing this,Kieko could only manage faint mumbles,behind the man's strong hand.Hearing that Suzuki was also a prisoner,made her struggle like mad,but Takachi held onto her easily.He made sure his grip on her was tight,as he glanced at the rest of his men,who were still tying up the female bank staff.

'Use all the rope.'Takachi ordered coldly.'I don't want any of them to escape.'

He then sniggered into Kieko's ear.'Nor will you,my pretty.'

Kieko's blood went ice cold.What had he done to Suzuki? Was he bluffing,and who was her kidnapper? Kieko didn't know,but she knew she was in trouble.What was going to happen to her,and all the other girls? She then got her answer,as Takachi gave another curt order.

'Make sure you gag all our pretty hostages.Put them in the vans,whilst I look after this pretty little thing.'

He then kissed Kieko's cheek,who gave a muffled squeal,but her cries were ignored.Takachi then swung her away,to take her back into the room,where he sincerely hoped the other two beauties,would still be there.

His men had acknowledged his order,and were now placing large,rectangular strips of black duct tape,over each girl's mouth.Once satisfied their prisoners were all tightly gagged,they then finished tying more coils of rope over them securely.

Finally,each girl was helpless,and silenced.One of the hooded men then checked outside the bank.He was pleased to see the street was deserted.There was nobody about,and he then nodded at his accomplices,indicating it was all clear.The men then grabbed every one of the bound,gagged girls,placing them over their shoulders,and quickly carried their prizes out of the bank,and towards the vans.Nobody was around,but the men made sure all the girls were put into the back of them,and two of Takachi's men sat in the front,to guard them.One of them produced a walkie talkie,and spoke to his master.

'The women are secure,Sir.'He reported to him.

'Good.'Takachi's voice came back through the radio.'Take them down to the docks.There will be a Chinese woman waiting there.Follow her instructions,and wait for me.'


'Make sure you keep checking the police radio traffic.'Takachi insisted,still making sure his men stayed alert.They always were,but he had punished some of his people,who had been careless.This was rare though,considering how severe the punishment he dished out was.'Anything new?'He asked.

'Nothing yet,Sir.They must all be asleep.'

'Then let's hope for their sake,that they stay that way.Go now.'

Takachi watched the vans drive off,from the security camera screens,where he'd easily forced Kieko into.He chuckled,as he put his own walkie talkie down,feeling his fingers through the girl's long,smooth,dark hair.Just like Suzuki and Kimie,Kieko was now securely bound and gagged on a similar type of chair.She was staring at her sister in utter fear,as Takachi's touch.Suzuki and Kimie also had huge eyes,dreading his next move.If they had been able to read his mind,all three women would have been horrified,to see what he was planning next.

Excellent.Takachi thought to himself,with an evil smile fully evident,reflecting his pleasure.With these three beauties in his power,he thought again,he could do anything he wanted.Takachi couldn't wait for his nemesis,Yamamoto to appear.As if right on cue,they all heard police sirens approaching....


Jennings and Yamamoto had finally reached the police station.They both leapt out of the car,and hurried inside.Yamamoto headed straight for his daughter's desk.He only saw a single notepad,but clearly recognising Suzuki's handwriting,noticed a telephone number written down on it.He then touched the keyboard,and the computer screen showed the building on it.

'What is that place?'Jennings asked him,looking at it too.

'National Treasures Bank of Japan.'Yamamoto translated.He also noticed the same telephone number,displayed on the web page.'She must have gone there.'

Quickly,Yamamoto looked up,to see if his friend Sakai,was here.He spotted him in his office,and hurried over.Jennings right behind him.Yamamoto almost burst into Sakai's office.His friend was working through a mass of paperwork,as he glanced up,slightly surprised.

'Did you see my daughters come in here earlier?'Yamamoto asked him urgently,almost demanding.'There was a young English girl with Kieko.'

Sakai nodded.

'Yes,I saw Kieko with somebody,Sir.They haven't long left here.'

'What about Suzuki?'

'I gave her an undercover assignment this morning.'Sakai hesitated for a moment.He knew Yamamoto wasn't going to like this,but what else could he do? 'I sent her to that bank.The National Treasures Bank of Japan.'

For a moment,Yamamoto was stunned.He knew about that place,but hadn't realised his two daughters were walking right into trouble by going there.

'You sent Suzuki and Kimie all alone,into that snake pit?'Yamamoto almost shouted that.'What the hell were you thinking?'

Sakai suddenly rose up to him.They were really good friends,but when they argued,it was very fierce,just as it was with their daughters.However,Sakai kept his voice calm.Yamamoto was his boss.

'Suzuki offered to help find Kimie.I haven't been able to get in touch with her,and I think she's in trouble.'

Yamamoto was still seething,but realised his friend was just doing his job.He knew Kimie was a lot like Suzuki.Both girls were fiercely dedicated to their jobs,and they would have eagerly relished accepting this type of mission.

He then noticed Sakai glance at Jennings.Yamamoto introduced him,and explained his presence here.Sakai then bowed politely to him.

'I am very sorry.'Sakai spoke in excellent English to Jennings.'I really hope we can help you.'

'You will,Sir.'Jennings replied back,in fluent Japanese.'I promise you,we'll get the girls back safely.'He then asked.'Did they say anything to you?'

'No.I'm afraid not.I only saw them leave.'Sakai still spoke in English.'I only gave Suzuki her duty assignment,for the bank.'

'What is this bank?'Jennings asked curiously.

'We think its a front,for a major kidnapping ring.'Yamamoto came in grimly.'Possibly a slavery ring.A lot of young women have disappeared there,and all very recently.Some have been customers,whilst others have been staff.'

'Then we'd better get there.'Jennings nodded at him.'And fast.'

Both agreed.Yamamoto didn't have to order his friend what to do.Sakai already had the phone in his hand,issuing out fresh orders to all his available,and mobile police units.Once he'd done so,Sakai raced out,following Jennings and Yamamoto to his friend's car.


Sarah slowly opened her eyes.What happened? She thought,still feeling the blackness gradually recede from her.It was then,that she found her body wouldn't quite obey her.As Sarah's senses became more aware,she could see she was sitting down,on a hard backed wooden chair.Sarah's eyes widened,as she then saw the horizontal loops of rope,tied tightly above and below her chest.Sarah also felt the ropes around her wrists,tied behind the back of the chair.She also felt both her ankles secured together,to one of the chair's lower struts.Sarah felt firmly imprisoned to the chair.

To add to her woes,Sarah suddenly found herself looking up at the person responsible,for tying her up.Kim Yang stood right in front of her.She stood with a feminine poise,as she held a raised arm above her waist.Yet there was nothing feminine in her expression.Her eyes gleamed down in great lust at her captive,also admiring her handiwork,fully confident Sarah wouldn't be able to escape from her bonds.Every knot Kim Yang had fastened,was done tight,and with relish by her.

She was still observing her prisoner lustfully,and could see Sarah's frightened face.The girl was also trembling in fear,as she could only stare helplessly back at her captor.

'So nice to see you again,my dear.'Kim Yang greeted her pleasantly.'I trust you're not to uncomfortable,Sarah?'

Sarah found her breathing increasing,and difficult to control.This was making her chest much more impressive,which Kim Yang noticed.However,Sarah managed to find her voice,but it sounded very shaky.

'Wh-wh-what are y-you going to do with me?'

Unwelcome memories of her,suffering at the hands of this Chinese woman,came back to haunt Sarah.Was she going to rape her again? Kim Yang was smiling menacingly at her,giving this horrible thought,much more likely.

'You'll find out soon enough,my pretty slave.'Kim Yang then stroked a finger down the girl's cheek,enjoying Sarah's bulging eyes.'I've no doubt you'll make a very useful hostage,should the need arise.'

Sarah struggled vainly against her bonds.She was now getting some of her strength back,and there was now defiance creeping in.

'You'll never get-'Sarah began.

'-get away with it?'Kim Yang interrupted her,raising a faintly amused eyebrow.'Who's going to stop me? Your hero brother?'This time,Kim Yang sneered that out,before her voice calmed down.'Rest assured,my dear.When he comes to rescue you,we'll be waiting for him.'

This filled Sarah with horror.'What are you going to do to him?'She demanded.Her tone desperate to find out.If anything bad happened to John,her chances of escape,were permanently diminished.

Kim Yang just chuckled.

'Well,let's just say that a business associate of mine,is quite keen to find out certain things.'She was still enjoying Sarah's anguished face,as she lifted Sarah's chin.'Don't worry your pretty little head though,my dear.'She continued.'I'm not going to lay a finger on him,but someone else will,if he chooses to be stupid.'

Sarah could only shake her head disbelievingly.She was appalled at what she'd just heard.The woman wasn't human!

'You-you-you're an inhuman monster!'Sarah screamed that out,in outraged despair.

'Why,thank you,my dear.'Kim Yang smiled down at her,almost pleasantly.She felt extremely flattered.It wasn't often she received compliments.She then produced a large strip of cloth,and began folding it over several times.Her gaze was now more sinister,and Sarah knew what was coming,knowing only too well.

'Much as I enjoyed this little chat.'Kim Yang told her,moving behind Sarah.'I think I'll make you much more appealing.'

'No!'Sarah yelped.'Please! Donnmmmmmfffff!'

Her protest was coldly ignored,as Kim Yang forced the cloth over Sarah's mouth,pulling the two ends she held tightly.She wanted maximum silence from her captive,and expertly tied a double knot at the back of Sarah's head,enforcing the gag.With this completed,Kim Yang was satisfied,as she walked back round to face Sarah.Kneeling down,her hands immediately groped Sarah's impressive breasts.She was amused to see the girl clench her eyes shut,as she indecently assaulted her.

Kim Yang continued her chuckles,as she went on enjoying herself.

'Even if by some miracle,your brother does manage to get out of what we have planned for him,Sarah.'Kim Yang taunted.'It will be too late for him to save you,my dear.'Her chuckles became more menacing.'You see,my dear.I'm going to make you totally submissive to my will,and I'm going to tie you you up,and gag you every night.That will be a great pleasure,as well as when I force you to come,just like I always do,with my personal collection of slaves.'She then lifted Sarah's chin again.'You'll be my favourite amongst them.'

Sarah screamed into her gag,utterly terrified.Of course,no scream came out,only her faint mumbling,but Kim Yang relished her prisoner's distress.She was determined to hold onto this beauty,and not let her escape a second time.She continued to fondle and grope Sarah's chest,feeling her sexual urges increasing.This made her more excited,as she then sat herself onto Sarah's lap,now starting to kiss her prize.The girl was firmly in her clutches,yet somehow,Kim Yang sensed she hadn't seen the last of Sarah's brother.

No matter.She thought confidently.There would be plenty of time to deal with him later.For now,she continued to enjoy Sarah's helpless form.

Chapter 5 to follow....

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Takachi's Revenge Chapter 3

Sarah slowly woke up from the bed on the floor.It had been a really good sleep,possibly the best she had for a long time.She rose up,and wearily rubbed the sleep from her eyes,heading into the bathroom.Once she'd showered and dryed herself,Sarah changed into a blue denim shirt,with a pair of matching jeans too.Sarah was always proud to wear her Royal Navy uniform,whilst she was on military duty,but she always enjoyed changing back into her own clothes.

Just as she was putting on a pair of slippers,she heard a knock outside the bedroom.Sarah could see from the silhouette,that it was Kieko.She was just a little smaller than Suzuki,and after hearing Sarah's permission to enter,Kieko did.Sarah had to admit the Japanese woman,was strikingly beautiful.The girl was wearing an exquisite kimono,that Sarah liked.She also knew Kieko had gotten a good catch,in finding her brother.John's done well.Sarah thought to herself.

Once Kieko had entered the bedroom,she immediately bowed deeply,and very respectfully to Sarah.

'Good morning,Sarah.'Kieko greeted her,with a warm,sincere smile,as she rose up.'Did you sleep well?'

Sarah had instantly bowed back to her.

'Good morning,Kieko.'She responded,smiling back sincerely.'Yes,thank you.Best sleep I've ever had.'

'Good.I've made some breakfast for you.'Kieko then told her.'Shall I go and wake up,John?'

Sarah could see Kieko was hoping she could,but she wanted to go and see him.

'No,it's okay,Kieko.I'll be down in a minute.'

Sarah correctly noticed Kieko's disappointment,but it was shown in a friendly way,so she nodded at her guest.

'Of course.'Kieko still kept her smile.'Father and I will wait for you by the table.'

With that said,Kieko gave her another deep bow,and left the bedroom.Sarah then brushed her long,dark hair,and then exited,sliding the door shut.Her brother was sleeping next door,and Sarah knocked politely.There wasn't a response,but Sarah knew John was still sleeping,so she slid open the door,and entered his bedroom.She saw his sleeping form immediately,and knelt down beside his bed.

'John?'Sarah gently shook his shoulder,calling softly to him.'Are you awake? Breakfast is ready.'

Sarah watched him stir a little,but his eyes remained closed.She gently repeated shaking her brother's shoulder,but it was unsuccessful.He was still in a deep sleep.Sarah decided to leave him,knowing he was still worn out by the long flight,and a decent rest would do him good.She gave him a warm kiss on the cheek,before quietly leaving him,sliding the door shut again.

Sarah headed into the kitchen,and she saw Kieko and her father.Both were sitting at the dining table,and waiting for her.As Sarah approached,she watched Kieko's father stand up,and he bowed to her.Sarah returned the gesture.

'Good morning,Sarah.'Yamamoto spoke excellent English,and his voice was polite,yet still friendly.He then indicated for her to sit with them.Sarah accepted gratefully.He did like Sarah and her brother,knowing his daughters did too.

'Good morning,Mr Yamamoto.'Sarah's own voice was warm,and sincere.She smiled,as Kieko served her breakfast,and she started to eat.

'Where is John?'Kieko asked curiously.

'He's still asleep.'Sarah answered,with a faint grin.'When he's worn out,he can sleep for England.'

The three continued eating their breakfast.All enjoyed it,and after finishing his,Yamamoto glanced at the two girls.

'So what do you two have planned for today?'He asked.

'I'm taking Sarah into Suzuki's work.'Kieko replied,remembering her elder sister's promise.'Then,we're going shopping.I'll show Sarah the sights then.'

Kieko then glanced back at him.'And you,Father? What are your plans?'

'I will entertain Sarah's brother.I'm very keen to find out more about him.'Yamamoto was very interested in Jennings,as he turned to Sarah,asking her.'I understand your brother,is a soldier.Sarah.'

'Yes,he is.'Sarah nodded,confirming that.'I'm very proud of him.He's helped a lot of people,who's needed it.'

'Then I shall be interested in exchanging stories with him.'Yamamoto was pleased.He'd been a soldier himself,although he didn't reveal that to Sarah.He had fought many battles,and had always emerged victorious.It had also helped him,in his constant war with the yakuza.It was always ruthless,and brutal.Yamamoto always managed to stay one step ahead,but he was also willing to learn new tactics,especially from a fellow soldier.At the back of his mind though,Yamamoto was hoping his two guests wouldn't get into any trouble.He dismissed that thought instantly.At the moment though,there was no cause for alarm.

Kieko then cleared away the dishes,politely refusing Sarah's offer of assistance,and after doing so,she took Sarah's hand,causing her to rise.

'Come on,Sarah.'Kieko's voice was excited.'Let's get ready.'

'Sure,Kieko.'Sarah smiled,as she bowed to Yamamoto.'Thank you for allowing us to stay,Mr Yamamoto.'

'Of course.'Yamamoto nodded,inclining his head to her.'Enjoy yourselves.'

He then watched both girls leave the kitchen,and then,finally waved them off,as Kieko drove Sarah to head towards Suzuki's place of work.He was just about to head back into the house,when he suddenly spotted something in the grounds.Yamamoto looked for a few moments in that direction,but he didn't go over to investigate.Instead,he headed back inside.

As Kieko drove away,the two men under Takachi's command,reported her departure to their yakuza master.They both heard Takachi curtly order them to maintain their spying duties.He said he would deal with the girl personally,before abruptly ending the transmission.This didn't go down too well,with either of them.

'Damn him.'One of them spoke with utter contempt.'Who does he think he is?'

'Yeah.'His accomplice agreed,speaking with disdain,before he then proposed.'Why don't we do something about it?'

'Like what?'

'Like we do the job ourselves.'The second yakuza grinned.'Should be easy.The Englishman's asleep,and we can finish him off easily.Then,it's two of us against Yamamoto himself.'

'Better be careful with Yamamoto.'The first yakuza man warned.'I've heard he's Samurai.'

'Then we'll make sure we kill him,before he knows what's hit him.'The second yakuza was full of confidence,as he took his silenced pistol for use.The first yakuza also followed his example.

'You kill the Englishman.'The second yakuza ordered.'Then we'll both finish off Yamamoto.After that,we can wait for his daughters to return,and have some fun with them.'He gave a nasty chuckle,before he added.'Even the English girl's very pretty.She'll be our dessert.'

Both men smiled with menace.They were eagerly looking forward to completing their grim task.Quickly,and keeping low,they both hurried towards the house.They reached one of the windows,and hid under it.One of them peered through the glass,but saw nobody in sight.He nodded to his accomplice,and he tested to see if the window was open.It was,and both of them climbed into the house quietly,their weapons ready to shoot anybody standing in their way.

However,there was still nobody in sight,and they both continued to search the house,for their intended victims.They both knew one of them was sleeping,and headed towards the bedrooms.They selected one such room,and as one of them gently slid open the wall door,the two yakuza immediately spotted Jennings' sleeping form.With tense,but eager grins at each other,one of them motioned for his accomplice,to stay on watch.Then,he silently moved forward,aiming his own silenced pistol at Jennings' unaware form to kill him.

He never got the chance,as he heard his accomplice suddenly give out a startled gasp behind him.Turning round,the first yakuza was shocked to see his colleague look at him stunned.Yet,it was what was protruding from his torso,that held both their attention.A sharp,but blood stained blade,had been struck violently into the second yakuza's back.The blade had easily penetrated into the front of the man,but then,it was sharply withdrawn from the victim.Instantly,the second yakuza man collapsed onto the floor,mortally wounded.With a snarl on his face,the first yakuza man fired several shots,aiming beyond his already dead accomplice.He then heard a thud,and ceased firing.It sounded as if he'd hit his target,and completely forgetting about Jennings,who was now awake,and now fully alert to the danger.His soldier's head switched on instantly,as he then rose from his bed,and quickly grabbed the armed yakuza man,his arm over his neck.In a flash,Jennings broke it.

He then released the body,with contempt,before he then noticed Yamamoto slowly enter.Jennings was pleased his host was okay,and also saw the deadly Samurai sword Yamamoto held.It had fresh blood on it,and Jennings then realised that Yamamoto had saved his life.

'Are you hurt?'Yamamoto asked him.

'No,I'm okay.'Jennings nodded his thanks,before glancing down at the body of the man he'd just killed.'Who were these men? Why did they try to kill us?'

'I'm afraid I have my suspicions.'Yamamoto replied grimly.He then knelt down by the yakuza he'd struck with his sword,and rolled up a sleeve.Both Jennings and Yamamoto instantly recognised the much feared yakuza tattoos,on the man's body.

'Yakuza.'Jennings stated.

'I'm afraid we had some uninvited guests.'Yamamoto nodded.'I spotted them outside,but had to wait,until they made their move.'

'So they've been watching us.'Jennings nodded in return.He was beginning to get a bad feeling.This wasn't good news.'You'd better show me.'He continued grimly.'I'll get dressed first.'

Jennings changed quickly,and he then followed Yamamoto.Both men reached the two dead yakuza's hiding spot.What they found there,made their blood boil,and also increase their worries.They saw binoculars,and radio equipment.Obviously,they'd been under surveillance.Yamamoto silently cursed to himself.He would make sure no more yakuza scum,would get this close to him again.Even so,his thoughts reflected Jennings',as the Englishman made the harsh,but grim fact.

'You realise what this means,don't you?'Jennings voice was full of worry,still looking at the dead men's gear.'If they've been watching us,then they'll have seen Sarah and Kieko leave.'

'I'll get in touch with Suzuki.'Yamamoto was already racing back towards the house.Jennings was right behind him.Yamamoto headed straight for the phone,but as he picked up the receiver,he noticed straight away the line was dead.

'The line's been cut.'Yamamoto informed worriedly.

Jennings already had his own mobile out,and selected Sarah's number quickly.There was a response,but his heart sank.A recorded voice told him Sarah's mobile was switched off.Why had Sarah done that? Jennings was really getting more worried.Sarah always kept her mobile on,and he knew something was up.

They both exchanged quick glances,before Yamamoto snapped.'Follow me!'

He raced back outside.Jennings right on his heels.Yamamoto had ran to his car,and after both men had entered it,the car sped off,heading towards Suzuki's place of work.They were both desperately hoping,to be in time.


Kieko drove into the police station car park,and after she'd stopped the car,both she and Sarah exited the vehicle.Sarah gazed at the the station.It looked very impressive,with a lot of satellite dishes placed on the roof of it.She then decided to take out her mobile,checking for any new messages,or missed calls.Sarah didn't see anything,but did notice that the battery level was weak.

Kieko saw her with the mobile,and told her.'I'm sorry,Sarah.All mobiles have to be turned off,once we're inside.'

'Why's that,Kieko?'Sarah asked curiously.

'There's a lot of high tech communications machinery inside.'Kieko explained to her.'Any mobile signals,will affect,and interfere with the equipment.'

'It's okay.'Sarah didn't mind,as she switched her mobile off.Anyway,the battery power level was low,so she'd charge it up later.

Kieko then led her into the police station.Both girls could see it was a typical,busy day,but they were both greeted politely enough.Kieko was well known here,so Sarah was really pleased to receive many bows,and greetings.She returned them all,with a very warm,sincere smile.

Kieko then took her to a desk,that held a personal computer,a phone,and a notepad.The notepad was open,and Kieko could see a number written down on it,recognising Suzuki's handwriting.

'This is Suzuki's desk.'Kieko informed Sarah proudly.'I visit her a lot here.We've had some good chats,but I know when it's time for me to leave.Suzuki's too engrossed in her work sometimes.'

Sarah was looking at the computer,and was curious to see what was on it.

'Can I have a look,please.Kieko?'She asked politely,gesturing at the monitor screen.

'Sure.'Kieko smiled.'I'm curious to see what big sister has been looking at too.'

Kieko then turned the screen on,and both girls noticed a picture of a building,with a lot of information displayed on it.They both peered closer to it,interested to see what it was.Obviously,the web page was written in Japanese,so Kieko had to translate.

'National Treasures Bank of Japan.'Kieko read the name out aloud.She noticed the address of the place,and there was a phone number too.The number matched the one,written down on the notepad.

'Suzuki must have gone there.'Kieko mused thoughtfully.To check,she then picked up the phone,and checked redial.Sure enough,her sister had phoned that place.

She then asked Sarah.'Do you want to say hello,or do some shopping first?'

'Oh,let's say hello.'Sarah grinned.'That was the first thing we agreed to do,wasn't it?'

'I agree.'Kieko nodded,also remembering Suzuki's promise to her.They then left Suzuki's desk,and headed out,waving goodbyes to everybody.Kieko then spotted Sakai.He was busy in his office,and looked worried.Just for a moment though,he did look up,and he spotted her.Kieko gave him a quick wave,but didn't see him return it,as she then led Sarah out of the building.Both girls then got back into Kieko's car,and they headed towards the bank's address.Kieko knew this area of Tokyo quite well,and knew it wouldn't take long to get there.

Kieko drove up to the bank's location without any problems.Both girls noticed however,that the bank wasn't on the main street.Instead,it was set well back,and in a very secluded place.Nobody was in sight,as the girls exited the car,and headed towards the bank's entrance.However,this didn't bother Kieko,or Sarah,as they entered the bank.

From the security cameras footage,Kim Yang and Takachi watched,as their two new,unsuspecting prey walked up to the pretty receptionist.Both exchanged cunning glances.Still bound and gagged on their chairs,so did Suzuki and Kimie.Their eyes were full of alarm,knowing the two girls had walked right into the lions mouth.She was desperate to help,or maybe just to try and get a warning to her sister.Suzuki couldn't help,but try and make an attempt to free herself,but to no avail.She slumped in defeat,mumbling despairingly into her gag.

Kim Yang and Takachi enjoyed her suffering.They would make sure it would continue.Takachi then looked more closely at Sarah.

'The English girl is very pretty.Miss Yang.'Takachi observed.

'Which is why I plan to have her under my power,and soon.'Kim Yang was adamant over that.She then produced a small bottle of chloroform,with a cotton wool pad.She smirked at her two captives,who could only look on helplessly.

'I certainly hope you two will stay where you are.'She warned her prisoners.'I will use this on you both,if either of you are stupid enough to try something.Do I make myself clear,ladies?'

Neither Suzuki or Kimie could respond back.They continued to stare in fear at her,and Takachi.Suzuki felt a horrible,and helpless feeling,that she wouldn't be able to help Kieko or Sarah.They were firmly held in their kidnappers clutches.

'So how do you plan to take them?'Takachi asked,interested.

'With cunning,of course.'Kim Yang was confident she'd think of something.She always did.Just then,a phone rang in the room with them.Kim Yang knew it was the receptionist ringing them.Before she picked up the receiver though,she put a finger to her lips,warning her two prisoners to be quiet.She certainly didn't want the receptionist asking any awkward questions.To reinforce her warning,Takachi then stood over them.

Kim Yang then picked up the receiver,answering the call with an almost smug.'Yes?'

'Sorry to disturb you,ma'am.'The receptionist's voice told her politely.'There are two young ladies here,to see Miss Yamamoto.The lady who arrived here earlier,applying for one of our vacant-'

'Yes.'Kim Yang interrupted her brusquely,but she was smiling at Takachi,fully enjoying the deception.'Who is asking to see her?'

'It's Miss Yamamoto's sister,ma'am.'

'Very well.'Kim Yang was also enjoying Suzuki's bulging,almost desperate eyes,as Takachi was stroking the girl's face.'Tell them to take a seat,and I will personally attend to them,in due course.'

Without waiting for the receptionist's acknowledgment,Kim Yang replaced the receiver.She then watched Kieko and Sarah walk over to the waiting area,and they sat down.

Takachi then released his grip on Suzuki,much to the girl's relief,and he walked over to the camera screens.He was pleased too,looking at the two unsuspecting girls.He couldn't wait to get started,knowing he'd waited a long time for this.He was looking at all the female employees,and had never seen so many young,and highly attractive women.He then had an idea.

'You know,Miss Yang.All these girls would sell very well.I think it's better we grab them all,and take them with us.'

Kim Yang glanced over at him.'Is that a proposal?'

'Why not?'Takachi liked the sound of his own idea.'There's always the chance one of those girls could walk in here unexpectedly,and find these two.'He gestured at the two tied up girls.'Don't you agree?'

He was pleased to see Kim Yang nod.

'Believe it or not,Mr Takachi.'She responded,having seen and choosing several of these beauties to take with her.'I was hoping you'd say that.I still have plenty of room,on my own personal retreat,for more additional slaves.'

'Good.I'll call my men.They can give us a hand.'Takachi then took out his own mobile,and began to make several calls.He issued his orders,still curtly,before ending the calls.

'My men are on the way.'This time,Takachi's voice was more pleasant.'They're looking forward to it.'

'I'm quite sure they are.'Kim Yang agreed.So was she.Then,she got excited.An opportunity had arose.Watching the camera screens,Kim Yang then spotted Sarah rise up from the waiting area,and the English girl entered the ladies room.

'I'm going to grab the English girl now.'Kim Yang pocketed the bottle of chloroform,with the cotton wool pad,and made to leave the room.Before she did however,Kim Yang then looked at her two pretty,but tightly bound hostages.

'Don't go away,ladies.'Kim Yang smiled,adding a remark of unwanted humour at the girls.'Oh,that's right,you can't.'

With her lust approaching overdrive,Kim Yang hurriedly left,leaving a smiling,but menacing Takachi guarding them.

As Kieko and Sarah waited patiently in the waiting area,the girls glanced curiously around the bank's interior.It was very smart,but Sarah did notice the many cameras placed all over.Well,it is a bank.Sarah thought to herself.They have to protect themselves,from being robbed.Still,Sarah did think it was slightly odd,perhaps a touch sinister.

They hadn't been sitting long,when Sarah felt the need to go to the ladies room.She asked Kieko ask the receptionist girl where they were,who did.

'Go through that door,Sarah.'Kieko pointed towards the relevant one.'It's directly facing you,at the end.You can't miss it.'

Sarah thanked her,and hurried through.She was getting a little desperate,but sure enough,she saw the right door,exactly where Kieko had said it would be.The universal sign on the door front Sarah recognised,and she gratefully entered.She never spotted the shadow closing in on her.

After finishing,Sarah felt better,and moved over to the spotless wash basins.She started to wash her hands,when Sarah suddenly heard a woman's voice from behind,startling her.

'Hello Sarah.'

Sarah suddenly froze.She knew that voice!It was a voice that she had hoped never to hear again.Instantly,Sarah jerked her head up to stare at the mirror,in front of her.Her eyes bulged in shock and horror,as she fully recognised the grinning,but sinister figure of Kim Yang standing right behind her.

In an instant,Sarah opened her mouth to give out the loudest scream of fear she could manage,but Kim Yang was fully prepared for this.She seized Sarah forcefully,wrapping her arm around the girl's waist in a vice like grip.Before Sarah could utter her scream,Kim Yang ruthlessly clamped the cotton wool pad over the girl's mouth.Sarah's eyes bulged even wider,as she fully recognised the smell of chloroform.Kim Yang had put plenty of the drug on the pad.Desperately,Sarah struggled like mad to free herself,but the Chinese woman held onto her prize easily.She chuckled,as she listened to Sarah's constant,frantic mumbles.She was relishing the girl's struggles,as Sarah fought furiously to break free,moving her body from side to side.It was useless.

'You didn't really think you could get away from me that easily,did you,my dear?'Kim Yang whispered lovingly into Sarah's ear.'I told you I would be back for you.'

Sarah's eyes were still bulging hearing Kim Yang's gloat.To make matters worse,she could feel her strength going.The heavily laced chloroform pad stayed tight over her mouth,and she was now starting to lose her senses.It was hitting Sarah hard,that she fully realised she was now back in this horrible woman's clutches again.She was just aware of Kim Yang seizing her more tightly,and her voice hissed into her ear once more.

'You're coming back with me,my pretty slave!'Kim Yang practically snarled,full of strong,overpowering lust and menace.

This was the last thing Sarah heard,before she finally succumbed to the chloroform,with a despairing sigh.

Kim Yang was pleased,enjoying to see the girl sag limply in her grip.She kept the pad over Sarah's mouth for a few more moments,before gently laying prize on the floor.Kim Yang leaned closer,and smelt Sarah's scent.She fully relished it,as she then kissed Sarah fully on the mouth.Although Sarah was out cold,Kim Yang felt her excitement grow.The girl tasted delicious.Kim Yang never felt so happier.

'Oh yes,my pretty.'She ran a finger down Sarah's cheek.'Once I get you back to my island retreat,you'll be mine to savour and ravish,for as long as I want.'

She kissed Sarah's mouth again.Her prisoner's scent was just as pleasurable,as when Kim Yang had ravished her last time.It had been an enjoyable experience,and Kim Yang couldn't wait to do so again.First things first though.Kim Yang smiled to herself.She then placed Sarah's limp form over her shoulder,and after checking the coast was clear,quietly exited the ladies room,taking her prize into captivity.

Kim Yang chuckled in great pleasure.

Chapter 4 to follow...


Monday, 3 May 2010

Takachi's Revenge Chapter 2

Suzuki Yamamoto dialled the number of the bank from her desk,and after hearing it ring for a few moments,she then heard a polite woman's voice answer her.

'National Treasures Bank of Japan.Can I help you?'

'I'm interested in applying for one of your vacant positions,you are currently advertising.'Suzuki made sure her response was confident,and to give them a good impression.'Can you put me through to someone,who can help me please?'

'What's your name,please?'The woman then asked her.

For a moment,Suzuki hesitated.Should she use her real name? Perhaps it was better to use an alias.However,she decided not too.

'My name is Suzuki Yamamoto.'

'One moment please.'

It was then,that Suzuki had to put up with the infuriating music so many companies played over the phone,making their callers wait for ages,before they decided to come back and speak.Good job I'm calling from work.Suzuki mused,and was glad she didn't have to make this phone call from home.

After a very long wait,which didn't please her,Suzuki finally got a response.This time,a different woman's voice spoke to her.

'Good afternoon,Miss Yamamoto.'This woman sounded polite too,but Suzuki clearly detected a note of pleasure.She suddenly got the creeps,as she heard the woman continue.'You are interested in applying for a position,at our establishment?'

'Er,yes,Ma'am.'Suzuki recovered,being slightly taken aback,by the woman's self assured tone she was hearing.'Is it possible to arrange an interview please?'

'Of course,my dear.'This time,the voice sounded smooth,yet somehow sinister.'Let me check my schedule for you.'

There was a slight pause,as Suzuki heard the woman speak to somebody in the background.She distinctly heard a man's voice,but it was too faint to understand what was being said.Suddenly,the woman's voice returned.

'This afternoon acceptable? Say 1530?'

Suzuki glanced at her watch.It was now 1300.Plenty of time to get home and changed.She certainly wasn't going to attend this interview,in her police uniform.

'Yes,that's fine.'Suzuki agreed.'I'll be there.Thank you,Ma'am.'

'Excellent.'The pleasure seemed to rise in the tone.'I shall look forward to seeing you,Miss Yamamoto.Goodbye,my dear.'

Suzuki then heard the woman hang up on her.She shuddered,not liking the woman's voice.It still gave her the creeps,but she had a strong feeling that the woman was involved in this set up,and she was going to find out.

Pulling herself together,Suzuki realised she'd better head back home to get changed.She turned off the computer monitor,but didn't close the Internet.Instead,she rose up from her desk,and left the station,heading back home.


Back at the bank,Kim Yang chuckled,as she put the phone down.She glanced at her own,gold studded watch.Another reward for her many fruits of labour,in the slavery business.Kim Yang was wealthy beyond imagination,yet she always craved more,which she happily admitted to.The only thing that made her mad,was if anybody stood in her way.Many had,and paid dearly for it.

She smirked,turning her gaze to Kimie.Whilst she had spoken to the Yamamoto girl on the phone,Takachi had held Kimie's head back,and placed a sharp knife at her throat.It was an ominous warning to her,that she had better not raise the alarm,so Suzuki could hear her.Fortunately for her two kidnappers,they had no reason to worry.The girl's gag was more than tight,to keep her quiet.Added to that,the knife Takachi held at her neck,had made Kimie freeze with fear.When he'd released her head,and removed the blade,Kimie closed her eyes in huge relief,but she was still their prisoner.

'Not long now,Miss Sakai.'Takachi gloated down to her,now stroking Kimie's jet black,shoulder length hair.'I really can't wait to seize Miss Yamamoto,and see two pretty hostages tied up together.'

Takachi's lust was also increasing,as he continued to caress her hair.He pulled her head up by her hair again.The girl whimpered in pain behind her gag.Her eyes bulged in shock,when she heard what he said next.

'She's very pretty,Miss Yang.'Takachi complimented,feeling his lust increasing,and Kimie did not appreciate his comments,especially when he grinned down at her,saying.'I wouldn't mind sampling her myself.'

Kimie could only give out another terrified,but muffled shriek behind the tape,realising Takachi's intent.He was going to rape her!Kimie's horror multiplied,when she then heard Kim Yang give her full approval to him.

'Of course you can.'The Chinese woman then walked up to Kimie's trussed up form,and gently lifted the girl's chin.She was pleased to see the girl's eyes were wide,hearing what she then told Takachi,even though she was still looking down at Kimie.

'I can't even wait to savour her myself,and Miss Yamamoto,when she comes.'

Both her captors laughed.Kimie still couldn't budge an inch.She was still tightly tied to the chair,and knew she was completely at the mercy of these two horrible criminals.They still hadn't finished taunting her either,as she felt then felt Kim Yang,stroke a finger down her cheek.

'Once you've served your purpose as my hostage,my dear,'the Chinese woman was still stroking her face.'I'm going to enjoy training you,for your new life,as one of my personal slaves.'

She then gripped Kimie's chin harder,forcing the frightened girl to look up at her.Kim Yang's voice,was now filled with utter menace.

'And believe me,my dear.You will obey me.'She almost hissed down at Kimie.'I'm going to make sure of that.Every girl I've taken,has turned into a most excellent slave.You will soon be joining them.'

She enjoyed Kimie's terror stricken eyes,and then released the girl's chin.Both she and Takachi laughed,sneering at her distress.Kimie had never dreamed in a million years,she'd end up in a position like this.Kidnapped,and being sold into slavery,to end up in some maniacs clutches,wherever that may be.No doubt about it.She needed a miracle,to get out of this.

Please!Kimie's thoughts were desperate.Somebody help me!


Suzuki had made her way back home,and headed straight into her bedroom,to change out of her police uniform.She slid open one of her cupboards where she kept a lot of her formal dress,designed for such an occasion like this.Suzuki had some nice dresses,but had made up her mind to wear a suit.

What should I wear.She thought to herself,but decided quickly,on a white shirt,a knee length,dark blue skirt,and a matching jacket.After changing,Suzuki checked herself out,in one of the bedroom cupboard mirrors.She looked very smart,and then heard Kieko's voice,also giving her an appraisal.

'You look great.'

Suzuki turned to see her sister leaning in the door frame,and smiled at her.

'Thank you.'She replied.'But I'm not going out on a date.It's for work.'

'Really?'Kieko was always interested in her sister's work.She made frequent visits to the police station,where Suzuki worked.They enjoyed a good chat there,on Suzuki's breaks.When she finished it,Suzuki literally chucked her out of the building.

'Any chance I can come along?'Kieko asked her hopefully.'I was hoping to show John and Sarah where you work.'

'Sorry,not today,Kieko.'Suzuki shook her head firmly.She certainly didn't want her sister,and her two new friends,walking into a suspected bad place.She noticed Kieko's disappointed face though,and offered an alternative.

'Tomorrow should be better,okay? It's impossible today.I have something important to do.'

'Well,okay then.'Kieko reluctantly agreed,before she added.'Be careful,okay,Suzuki?'

Suzuki's heart was touched,and she warmly embraced her younger sister.

'Don't worry.I will.'Suzuki then asked her.'Where are John and Sarah?'

'They're sleeping.'Kieko answered.

'Good.They need their rest.'Suzuki then gazed more thoughtfully at Kieko,before she asked.'You really do like him,don't you?'

'He saved my life,Suzuki.'Kieko nodded.'He's really something special to me.'

'Of course.'Suzuki agreed,still smiling.'You got a good catch.You're very lucky.'

Suzuki then picked up a handbag,and after giving Kieko a kiss on her cheek,made to leave.

'Please watch yourself,big sister.'Kieko's voice,was full of concern.

Again,Suzuki's heart melted,but she didn't anticipate any problems.

'Don't worry.I'll be back later.'She was still confident,in her tone of voice.'Prepare a nice meal for us all,when I return.'

With that said,Suzuki left.Kieko waved her off.She knew her elder sister was a very good police officer,and Suzuki had helped to catch a lot of dangerous people.However,as Kieko well knew,there were times Suzuki was seized by the criminal element,holding her hostage.Fortunately,she always managed to break free,and her fellow officers made successful arrests,but it still didn't stop Kieko worrying like mad for her.She sincerely hoped they wouldn't bump into any bad people today.


Suzuki had finally reached the National Treasures of Japan bank,and entered it.Glancing at her watch,she noticed she had ten minutes,before her appointed interview.All the female staff had watched her enter,but there was no sign of any male presence here.Suzuki could see all the female staff,were very smartly dressed,and were all highly attractive young women.She then walked up to reception,and the young woman sitting there,looked up politely at her.

'Can I help you,please?'

'I have an appointment for 3.30 here.'Suzuki informed the woman.'I'm applying for one of the positions here.'

'What's the name,please?'

Suzuki told her,and after a few moments,the receptionist nodded,seeing the details displayed on the computer in front of her.She then gestured politely at a small,but comfortable waiting area.

'Please have a seat,Miss Yamamoto.We won't keep you long.'

'Thank you.'Suzuki nodded,and then made her way over to the waiting area.She sat down,and then looked at the bank's interior more closely.The front of the bank was very small,but there was more than enough room,for the tellers to work.Suzuki also noticed the security cameras,placed on the ceiling.Security seemed good,but Suzuki could see more than one camera installed.More than necessary,it seemed.Suzuki had seen many security systems in banks,but she could tell when something was not right.Even so,as she listened to the conversations here,there was certainly nothing to suggest that.Suzuki never detected any tension,and the atmosphere was pleasant.If there was any criminal activity going on here,the perpetrators were doing a good job of hiding it.

Just then,Suzuki heard the telephone ring on the receptionist's desk.The girl answered it,and after listening for a few moments,she replaced the receiver,and walked over to Suzuki.

'Will you follow me please,Miss Yamamoto?'

Suzuki stood,and did follow her.The receptionist led her through one of the doors marked 'Private.'There were a lot more doors here.Suzuki noted.No doubt leading to back room offices,or storerooms.The receptionist led her to one door,and knocked politely.A woman's voice told them to enter.They did so,as the receptionist walked in first,Suzuki followed.

It was a typical office,with filing cabinets,a large desk,and other office mementos.Yet,the first thing that held Suzuki's attention,was that there was a woman sitting behind the desk.She was Chinese,and very beautiful.However,Suzuki could see her eyes were not friendly.She noticed the up and down look the woman gave her,and it went right through her.Suzuki suddenly shuddered,but kept calm,as she watched the receptionist bow politely to her,and introduce her.

'Miss Yamamamoto,Ma'am.'

Suzuki suddenly heard the fear in the girl's voice.Whoever this woman was,she certainly gave the impression of intimidating people.She averted her gaze for a moment,seeing a single file lying on the desk.Suzuki didn't doubt for a moment,that was her personal dossier she'd typed up for them.They would go over it very carefully,checking her background out.She tensed for some tough questions,knowing her police employment record was in there.

'You may go.'The Chinese woman dismissed the receptionist.'I will call for you later.'

The girl nodded,and hurried out of the room,giving the impression she wanted to get away.Suzuki didn't blame her.She clearly heard the distinct tone of pleasure,in the woman's voice.Her eyes chilled her too.Suzuki only saw a cold,and determined look.She suddenly had an incline about the voice.It sounded familiar.Was this the woman who had spoken to her,over the phone earlier?

Behind the desk,Kim Yang was pleased.The Yamamoto girl hadn't recognised her.How she hadn't,was a mystery,but Kim Yang wasn't complaining.Everything was proceeding as planned.

She stood up,and offered Suzuki her hand,which the girl accepted.

'So,you are Miss Yamamoto?'She asked.'I'm very pleased to meet you.Welcome to the National Treasures of Japan bank,my dear.'

Suzuki tried to offer a friendly smile,but she couldn't.She was still shaking the woman's hand,but just for a moment,she felt her hand seized by the woman.There was a deadly smirk visible,as if she knew something Suzuki didn't.She didn't like it at all.Then,her hand was released,as the woman gestured for her to sit,and she opened the file on the desk.

Suzuki did sit,crossing her legs,and hoped the woman's eyes didn't settle on them.She tensed,as the woman read the file.Then,she glanced sharply at her,making Suzuki jump slightly in her chair.

'So,Miss Yamamoto.'Kim Yang began the interview.'Why do you wish to join our establishment?'

It was rather a brusque start,but Suzuki maintained her composure.She had her answer ready for that question,but then,she asked one herself.

'I'm sorry,Ma'am.'She told the woman politely,ignoring the woman's rude manner.'I didn't catch your name?'

'That's right,my dear.You didn't.'Kim Yang's tone made it perfectly clear,that she wasn't going to tell her true identity.'Suffice it to say,I will reveal that to you,if you impress me.'

I bet you will.Suzuki sneered to herself,but still kept a polite face,ready to answer any more questions.She didn't like this woman,and personally,she couldn't wait to get away from her.She sensed this woman was dangerous,and had to be watched carefully.

'I'm still waiting for your answer,Miss Yamamoto.'Kim Yang's tone was sharp,but Suzuki had her answers prepared.

'I strongly believe I'll be an excellent asset to your firm,Ma'am.'Suzuki told her calmly,hoping to give a good impression.

'Oh yes,my dear.'Kim Yang's tone was now almost smug.'Of that,I have no doubt,but there are still a couple of things we need to go over.'

Suzuki then watched her read her file.She tensed again,and sure enough,the question she was expecting came.

'So you worked for the police.'Kim Yang made the first part a statement,not a question.She was still reading some of the file,as she asked.'What made you leave the force?'

'Yes,Ma'am.'Suzuki replied,still confident.'The police work was enjoyable,but I'd like to explore other challenges.'

Kim Yang then glanced back up at her.She was really pleased that the girl was very pretty,just like the Sakai woman,safely bound and gagged close by.Kim Yang couldn't wait for the pleasure she'd get,in securing this latest,and lovely acquisition.She noticed Suzuki was slowly getting nervous,but she made a decision.

'Well of course,we are always looking for new people.'Kim Yang spoke truthfully at that.'I have a strict,but fair selection process,so we will see how you fare,my dear.'She finished with a smile.

Suzuki sat dumbfounded for a moment,before she managed.'I'm in?'

'Temporary trial,Miss Yamamoto.'Kim Yang corrected.'I will be watching you,and see how you progress,but given your police background,I certainly don't anticipate any problems.'

'Thank you,ma'am.'Suzuki was elated.She'd managed to get in.All she needed to do now,was to check the place out,and hopefully,she might find the missing girls here.

'Oh,don't thank me,my dear.'Kim Yang smiled pleasantly at her.'I should be thanking you.After all,you're going to make my life,a lot more easier.'

'I don't understand,ma'am.'Suzuki glanced up at her,puzzled.

'Allow me to show you.Please follow me,Miss Yamamoto.'

Kim Yang then stood up,and left the office.Suzuki stood too,and followed,wondering what she meant.No doubt she'll tell me.Suzuki mused.

She noticed the woman stop outside one of the back room office doors,and she turned back to Suzuki,telling her to wait.Then,she entered the room.Suzuki could only see utter blackness inside,and oddly,the woman didn't turn on a light.

What's she doing? Suzuki was wondering to herself,when she suddenly heard a crash from inside.She heard the woman curse.It sounded like as if she crashed into something.

'Are you okay in there,ma'am?'Suzuki called in.

'Yes.'The woman's voice came back instantly,although it did sound as if she had hurt herself.'I was just a bit clumsy,that's all.Would you be a dear,and turn the light on for me,please? It's just on the wall,as you come in.'

Why didn't you do that in the first place? Suzuki shook her head sadly,but she'd better do it.After all,she might need some help.Suzuki stepped into the door frame,and her hand fumbled for the switch.When she found it,and turned it on,she froze,and gasped in shock.

The woman wasn't hurt at all.Instead,she was standing behind the still seated,bound and gagged Kimie Sakai.The Chinese woman's hands rested on Kimie's shoulders,wearing her trademark smirk,as she gazed lustfully at the stunned Suzuki.Suzuki in turn,could see the utter terror in her friend's eyes.She was desperately trying to speak behind her gag,but she couldn't.Kimie was also trying to tell her something else,frantically moving her eyes behind Suzuki,who suddenly realised the message,but it was too late.A hand clamped over her mouth,and a strong arm seized her from behind,pulling her tightly into her unseen captor.Now,it was her turn to frantically mumble.However,Suzuki froze,as a man's voice hissed into her ear.

'Don't struggle,and don't make a sound.'Suzuki felt his hand tighten over her mouth,and knew it was better not to anger her captors.They had her,and also realised Kimie would be at risk too.So,she nodded,trying to say 'Yes,'but she just managed a faint mumble,behind the man's hand.Fortunately,her captor understood her surrender.

'Good.I knew you would be sensible,Miss Yamamoto.'The man's voice was also filled with pleasure.He slowly removed his hand away from Suzuki's mouth,much to her immense relief,but he still held her tightly.

'Wh-who are you?'Suzuki tried to turn her head to him,hoping to see his face,but the man gripped her chin,and forced her hopeful gaze away from him.Her eyes settled back on Kimie's helpless form,and onto the Chinese woman.Kim Yang was still smiling at the girl's frightened question.

'You'll see who my guest is in a minute,my dear.'Kim Yang told her,as she lovingly stroked a hand through Kimie's hair.The girl whimpered,unable to escape from her touch.'I've wanted to meet you for a long time,Miss Yamamoto.'

'You knew who I was all along,didn't you?'She demanded,still struggling in the man's hold.

'Of course we did,my dear.'Kim Yang's smug,gloating expression was driving Suzuki mad.'I really enjoyed you performance back there.I've always loved the theatre,and you put on a fine show for me.'

'So what are you going to do with me?'Suzuki had to ask that.She noticed Kimie still trying to speak behind her gag,but even though she couldn't talk,Suzuki could see it wasn't going to be good news.

'Why,I would have thought that was perfectly obvious,my dear.'Kim Yang was fully enjoying herself,as she glanced down at Kimie,gently squeezing her shoulders.Kimie didn't enjoy it.'You're going to join Miss Sakai here,and you'll be bound and gagged just like her.Then,both of you will serve me,as hostages.'She smiled again.'I'm sure you two will make my bank balance,much more healthier.'

'Ransom?'Suzuki gazed at the Chinese woman in contempt.'You really think you'll get away with this? Why are you doing this?'

'In answer to your first question,Miss Yamamoto.'Kim Yang replied.'I will get away with it,having always done so.I have a hundred per cent track record.For your second question,let me show you.'

Kim Yang gestured at the man holding Suzuki to give her to herself.The man did so,as he roughly threw the girl into Kim Yang's eager arms,yanking Suzuki's behind her.It was only then,that Suzuki saw who the mystery man was.Her blood froze.

'Takachi!'Her eyes went wider,as her fear grew.

Takachi allowed himself a faint,thin smile,as he gazed at his prize.

'So nice to meet you at last,Miss Yamamoto.'He spoke calmly,but Suzuki recognised his sinister intent.'I've wanted my hands on you,for quite some time.'

Suzuki forced herself to keep calm,but he then told her.'I understand your younger sister,Kieko,was on that ship,the 'Eastern Princess'.I know my late brother was on the ship too,so it's highly likely your sister met him.Don't you agree?'

Suddenly,Suzuki's blood froze even more.She remembered Kieko had told her the whole story.She'd ran into some pretty nasty criminals,especially Takachi,and a Chinese woman named Kim Yang.

'She's a monster.'Kieko had told her earlier,when she'd got back home.'A modern day slave dealer.She kidnaps girls,to sell them as sex slaves.If it hadn't been for Jennings san,I'd have ended up as one of them.'

Now,Suzuki's face was full of alarm,like Kimie's,as she tried to turn her head towards the woman holding her.'You're Kim Yang!'The fear in her voice echoed,in the room.

'My compliments,Miss Yamamoto.'Kim Yang chuckled into her ear.'I'm sure your Kieko told you all about me?'

This was confirmed by Takachi.'That's right,my pretty.'He sneered.'This is indeed,Kim Yang.A very dangerous opponent,I'm sure you'll agree?'

Takachi also promised himself to watch Kim Yang too,knowing the woman was like himself.They only served their own interests,and used so many people to achieve it,regardless of any suffering incurred.He didn't doubt for a moment,that Kim Yang felt the same towards him.

Still,they both wanted the girl,and now they had her.He then grabbed another,hard backed wooden chair,that Kimie was tied to,and then suddenly produced more of the same,strong ropes.

'Let's tie her up,Miss Yang.'

'No!'Suzuki yelped,panicking once she saw the ropes he held,and coming towards her.

'Just relax,my dear.'Kim Yang whispered menacingly into Suzuki's ear.'I'm sure you value Miss Sakai's health,as well as others,don't you?'

Kim Yang then ordered her.'Now,Miss Yamamoto.Take your jacket off please.We just want to make sure you're not carrying anything,that may assist you escape our clutches.'

To emphasis this,Kim Yang suddenly produced a short,but deadly knife,inches away from Suziki's cheek.Suzuki's eyes bulged even more,seeing this.

'Don't worry,Miss Yamamoto.'Kim Yang stroked Suzuki's hair with relish.'I won't use this on you,but will slice the jacket off from you,if you refuse to obey.'

Suzuki was then released.Her first instinct,was to make a break for it.However,Takachi barred her way,and Kim Yang was still standing close to Kimie.If she did attempt to escape,her friend would pay for it.She slowly took off the jacket,and Takachi took it from her.He then began to search the jacket's pockets,only finding Suzuki's mobile.He nodded at Kim Yang.

'Just her mobile.'He stated.

He then pushed Suzuki gently,but firmly onto the chair next to Kimie,and both he and Kim Yang then started to bind Suzuki to the chair.Takachi had grabbed her wrists,forcing them behind the chair,and after crossing them,he wrapped loops of the rope over them.As he did that,Kim Yang had grabbed Suzuki's ankles together,forcing them onto one of the lower legs.She too,wound loops of rope over the girls ankles,and around the leg.Within five minutes,they'd tightly bound Suzuki hand and foot to the chair,but they hadn't finished with her yet.

Kim Yang smiled,as she wound four loops of rope horizontally,over Suzuki's chest,and repeated the process under it.The woman made sure she pulled every one of those loops,as tight as possible,before tying inescapble knots at the girl's back.Suzuki felt as if every loop of rope was crushing her,and she noticed her breasts were jutting out impressively too,due to this.She just had to sit and endure it,as both her kidnappers enjoyed themselves,tying her up.Finally,they wound more ropes over her waist,and her knees too,before they stepped back,admiring their bound prize,as well as their handiwork.

Suzuki knew she'd been tied by experts.Any attempt to try and free her hands,just caused agonizing pain.She just had to stay still,but both she and Kimie felt the ropes crush into their bodies constantly,making them wince in pain.Both their captors noticed it.

'A very pleasing sight.'Takachi remarked,watching his prisoners suffer.He was pleased he'd made them both helpless.Kim Yang also thought the same,as she then produced a thick white cloth,making Suzuki's eyes full of alarm.She had a nasty feeling what was coming next.Sure enough,she watched Kim Yang fold the cloth over several times,and then the Chinese woman tilted Suzuki's head up to her.

'I always enjoy gagging my pretty slaves.'Kim Yang smiled wolfishly down at her.'Close your lips please,Miss Yamamoto.'

Her eyes were still wide,but Suzuki knew she had to obey for Kimie's safety.She clenched her lips shut,and Kim Yang then placed the cloth over Suzuki's mouth,tightening it,making Suzuki mumble faintly.She was pleased,knowing the gag was effective,and she then fastened a double knot tight,at the back of the girl's head.There would certainly be no screams for help,from any of the two girls.Kim Yang thought confidently.

Also satisfied,Takachi then stepped forward menacingly,seizing the back of Suzuki's head forcefully,making her yelp behind her gag.

'I'm sure you two ladies will realise,that there's no chance of escape.'Takachi wasn't smiling,as he told them that.It was another warning he was giving them.

'I'm quite sure both of you,will value the health of all those other pretty employees Kim Yang has here.'He continued.'So,any attempt to escape by either of you,will have serious repercussions for those girls out there.I can easily choose another two pretty hostages,to take your place.'He tightened his hold on Suzuki's neck,hurting the girl again.'You wouldn't want that now,would you?'

Gagged tightly,Suzuki,nor Kimie could respond verbally back to him,but his words had succeeded on them.They didn't have a choice.Both of them fully realised they were under Takachi's,and Kim Yang's power.Suzuki could only stare like a frightened rabbit,into Takachi's eyes.He really was a monster,and Suzuki could also tell the Yang woman,was also displaying the same ruthless streak.

Just then,Takachi received a call on his mobile.Glancing at the callers identity,he noticed it was from one of his men,watching the Yamamoto home.

'Yes?'He answered bluntly.

'We have found out the Westerners identity,Sir.'The man's voice informed him.

'I see.'Takachi then released his hold on Suzuki,who was utterly relieved as he did so.'Who are they?'

He listened intently to the information given to him,before he glanced back over at Kim Yang.The man told him they were English,and then revealed their names.Takachi then informed Kim Yang,who had an immediate reaction.Takachi noticed her face sharpen up at this.

'They are sure of the name?'She demanded.

Takachi repeated that into his mobile.The confirmation came back immediately,with a new addition.

'Yes Sir.Their name is Jennings.Brother and sister.'

'What is the girl's name?'Kim Yang asked sharply,although inside,she was getting excited.Her lust was increasing every second,hoping to hear one of two names she was very familiar with.Sure enough,her wish came true.

'Sarah.'Takachi told her,then saw her pleased expression.'You know her?'

'Oh yes.'Kim Yang smiled,putting her hands on Suzuki's shoulders.'I've a very special attachment to Sarah,and I really can't wait to see her again.'

'Don't worry,Miss Yang.'Takachi smiled,almost pleasantly.'My men are watching Miss Yamamoto's home as we speak.Wherever she goes,I'll let you know.'

Suzuki was shocked,just finding out her home was being spied on.She had very strong fears for her family.All she could hope for,was that her father and Jennings,would spot the bad guys,and deal with them.Yet,Suzuki knew the Englishman had just flown in,from a very long flight.He was sleeping.Kieko had told her that earlier.It would be a miracle,if these yakuza made a mistake.That was all Suzuki could hope for.

'Where is Sarah now?'Kim Yang interrupted her frightened thoughts.

Takachi already had that information ready for her.

'Miss Yamamoto's younger sister,is hoping to bring her to her place of work tomorrow.She's quite keen to show what her sister does.With any luck,they may even come here.'

No!Suzuki suddenly panicked hearing that.She'd just realised she'd made a terrible mistake.Her computer! Suzuki now recalled,that she hadn't turned it off.If Kieko was going to be there,it was guaranteed she'd go straight to her desk,and look at the computer.There,she would see the bank's details,still displayed on the screen.Kieko would come here,and unwittingly bring Sarah too,right into her kidnappers clutches.What made it worse,was that Suzuki knew she wouldn't be able to help,or even warn them.Her bonds held her tight to the chair,and her gag was very effective.Suzuki could only give a faint mumble of despair behind it,as Takachi and Kim Yang,smiled down evilly at their captives.

Chapter 3 to follow...