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Voyage into Slavery Ch8

Suzy Cheung had now boarded the 'Eastern Princess',and was now making her way towards the bridge.She could see that the crew,were now making final preparations to leave.

Not before I see Louise.Suzy thought determinedly,as she began to find her way,up to the bridge.

Watching Suzy arrive,Liu and Yee were pleased.They'd soon have another worthy addition,ready for storage,and sale.

However,Yee did have some concerns,as he watched the pretty Chinese girl,come closer to her unsuspecting capture.

'Are we going to take her,Captain?'

'Of course we will,my friend.'Liu replied.'That girl knows about our pretty English rose.It's only right we grab her,to cover our tracks.'

'You're certain we can trust our man in there?' Yee was mentioning the man working in the customs building.He knew they had many of their people,working undercover in suitable locations,where they could choose to kidnap more pretty girls.

'Perfectly.'Liu nodded.'He hasn't let me down yet.'

He did however,consider Yee's query,but was satisfied things would always work to their advantage.

'I wouldn't worry too much.We sail tonight anyway,and besides,' Liu smirked.'Miss Yang will have plenty of back up for us,should the need arise.'

Yee understood.Kim Yang had many powerful allies,that protected her slavery empire.Despite many police attempts to stop her organisation,Kim Yang certainly knew how to influence the right people,who would make the right moves,to throw the police off their scent.

Of course,it didn't quite work with everybody.A lot of the police,were incorruptible.So Kim Yang went to the next plan,kidnapping their young female relatives,to show them that she was deadly serious,in her warnings.

It had paid dividends of course.With her new pretty hostages in her power,a lot of the police had backed off.Even that was no guarantee,for a safe return for their kidnapped daughters,and sisters.If Kim Yang liked a girl,she kept her.

'By the way,'Liu asked.'What's the ETA for our guests arriving?'

'They'll land by helicopter,twelve hours after we depart Hong Kong.' Yee answered.

'Good.'Liu was looking forward to that.A group of the most dangerous men,were coming to his ship,and to inspect his 'cargo.' He was very confident all the girls they'd abducted,would sell very well to them.

'We'll take care of Miss Cheung first.'Liu could see Suzy nearing the bridge,and he then ordered Yee.'Bring her in here,and after you've chloroformed her,give her to Miss Yang,then prepare the ship to leave.'

He smiled at that,eager to enjoy another pretty girl,to fall into his clutches.

'I can't wait to get back to Bangkok,and deliver our merchandise.We're going to be even more richer,my friend.'

'Me too,Sir.' Yee acknowledged.

He then watched his captain enter his ready room,just as Suzy entered the bridge.He enjoyed admiring the girl's figure,but kept up the polite mask,to put the girl at ease.

'Good evening.'Yee offered his hand to her,which Suzy accepted.'I'm Yee,first officer here.Can I help you?'

'I'm Officer Cheung.'Suzy introduced herself too.'Hong Kong customs.I need to speak to the captain.'

'Of course.This way,please.' Yee gestured politely,to Liu's ready room.As he turned to knock on the door,Suzy failed to spot him smirk.

This is too easy.Yee couldn't wait to grab this new,pretty girl,fully enjoying her scent.

He knocked politely,and waited for Liu to give permission,to enter.This was given immediately.

Yee allowed Suzy to walk in ahead of him,and silently prepared to use the chloroform on her.

Suzy noticed the man sitting behind the desk,was indeed,the captain.She didn't like the look of him,nor his first officer.Despite the politeness shown,Suzy still felt somewhat uneasy,in their presence.

However,she pushed these thoughts away.It was Sarah she was concerned about,and hopefully,they had some good news on her.

'Good evening,Miss Cheung.'Liu stood up,to offer his hand to her,introducing himself.

'Good evening,Captain.'Suzy replied courteously to him.'Thank you for the invitation,to come on board your ship.'

'A pleasure,Miss Cheung.'Liu smiled at her,which made Suzy's insides recoil.'I know you're very concerned,about a very pretty,young English lady.Miss Jennings,I believe?'

'Is she okay,Captain?' Suzy hadn't forgotten how strangely Sarah had acted,in that telephone call.

'Well,she's tied up at the moment,my dear.'Liu and Yee both enjoyed that,although they still hid their real motives from her.'But she's fine.'

For some strange reason,Suzy failed to grasp of that first part,of what Liu had told her.She was just glad to know Sarah was okay.

'Perhaps you'd like to join her,Miss Cheung?' Liu prompted.

That's the best thing he's said.Suzy thought,so she nodded eagerly.

'I'd like that,Captain.'

Liu was pleased,as he pressed the hidden switch under his desk,clearly enjoying the girl's startled look,as the wall slid reveal the lift door.

Suzy was indeed taken aback,and gave a puzzled look at Liu.

'What's going on,Captain?'She asked him,more nervous this time.'Why is there a hidden door there?'

'You remember,my dear,I told you about a security alert we have here.' He nodded at the lift door.'Shall we go down,and I'll explain?'

'Sarah is down there?' Suzy asked again.

'She is indeed.'Liu smiled.'She's tied up at the moment,but that's where she is.'

That comment made both men smile again to themselves.Behind Suzy,Yee had silently prepared himself,to seize her,dabbling plenty of chloroform onto a large cotton wool pad.

Suzy had failed to grasp what Liu had just told her.She was very anxious to see Sarah,so ignored the obvious warning signs,as Liu asked her.

'Would you like to join her,my dear?'

'Yes,please,Captain.'All Suzy could think about,was getting down there,just to make sure Sarah was safe.

Liu stood up,and then headed over to the lift.As Suzy followed him,Yee suddenly made his move.

Instantly,he grabbed Suzy's waist from behind,and fully enjoyed clamping the chloroform soaked pad,over the girl's mouth.

Suzy's eyes bulged in horror,as she felt the man seize her tightly.Her cry for help silenced by Yee's hand.Suzy's eyes pleaded at Liu,for help,but once she saw the evil smile on Liu's face,Suzy realised he wasn't going to help her.

Her struggles were frantic,but Yee kept a vice-like grip on her,and the chloroform finally made her sag,in Yee's arms.

'Excellent work,my friend.'Liu complimented.'Take her down to Miss Yang,and help tie her up.I'm going to check on that English girl's brother.'

'He'll still be with that Japanese girl,Sir.' Yee had already picked Suzy's unconcious form,and placed her over his shoulder,in a firemans carry.

'Not for long she won't be.'Liu grinned.He'd already issued fresh orders,to take the beautiful Japanese girl again.'We'll be enjoying Miss Yamamoto's company again,and soon.'

Yee grinned too,as he then walked into the lift,carrying Suzy to her new prison.

When he entered the cargo hold,Kim Yang was waiting for him.Yee noticed her stroking Sarah's long,bushy dark hair.The English girl's eyes,were frozen in fear,but he relished her distress.

Yee then walked over to an empty cage,and gently put Suzy's limp form down.He placed the girl on her front,and then placed Suzy's hands behind her back,crossing her wrists.There was plenty of rope nearby,and he began to wrap coils over Suzy's wrists.

Kim Yang kissed Sarah's hair,whispering into her favourite prisoner's ear.'Don't go away,my dear.'She chuckled.'I'll be right back.'

With that said,Kim Yang then went over to help Yee bind Suzy.Both of them enjoyed their work,as they tied the girl,just like all the other bound,gagged girls.Within minutes,Suzy's body was tightly trussed up,with horizontal loops of rope secure over her chest,and waist.Her legs and ankles were also tied together,to make the girl totally helpless.

Just as Kim Yang and Yee were tying the final knots on their latest prize,Suzy was now starting to recover.

'You go and help the Captain,Mister Yee,please.'Kim Yang told him.'I'll finish off here.'

Yee nodded,but couldn't help turn Suzy over,onto her back.He then used both his hands,to grope Suzy's breasts,still enjoying himself.The girl was still unaware,of what was being done to her.

'Her chest isn't bad,Miss Yang.'Yee smiled.'Not as impressive as Miss Jennings.'He gave Sarah an ominous glance,and was pleased to see the English girl flinch from him,in her cage.

'Oh,Miss Cheung will fetch an excellent price.'Kim Yang was totally confident of that.She gazed over,at her many tied up female captives.'They all will.'

There was a weird sound,as she said that.All the girls had mumbled in fear,into their tight gags.The power Kim Yang had over her prisoners,made her relish that sound.

Yee then stood up,and left the cargo hold.Kim Yang watched him leave,then she made another final check,on Suzy's tight ropes.

Suzy's senses slowly came back to reality.She was wondering what had happened to her,but as her vision improved,she then became aware,that she'd been bound.Her mouth opened to scream,but before she could,a hand clamped over her mouth,preventing that.

A woman's voice suddenly whispered into her ear.'Don't be foolish,Miss Panna.We have you under our total control,and everybody else,as you can see.'

The woman's hand gag was tight,but Suzy managed to see what she was talking about.In front of her,were several large cages,and she was shocked to see them all hold,a bound,gagged woman.

Suzy was even more shocked,when her eyes suddenly found Sarah,locked up the same way.The girl's eyes,were full of despair,knowing these people had managed to abduct her friend too.

'Now,Miss Cheung.'Kim Yang told her.'I'm going to take my hand away,but be warned,don't scream.I'll see to that,in a moment,but there's nobody to hear you.'

Kim Yang had already the roll of black duct tape by her side,and then warned Suzy again.'Be sensible now.'

She then removed her hand,and was pleased to see Suzy did obey.

'Wh-who are you?' Suzy asked fearfully,at this mad looking woman,whose eyes were boring into Suzy's tightly bound body,with ever increasing lust.Suzy then made a vain struggle,to free herself from the tight ropes.'Why have you kidnapped Sarah,and me?'

Kim Yang enjoyed Suzy's futile efforts,and couldn't wait to get started on her,but she did answer her prisoner.

'Well,you were very concerned about Miss Jennings,were you not,Miss Cheung?'She gestured with her head,over to where Sarah lay bound and gagged,in her cage.The girl was listening,but Kim Yang was still pleased,to see a lot of fear on Sarah's face.

'I'm afraid we couldn't let you call the police,when Miss Jennings wouldn't return,so we decided it was best,to take you too.Besides.' She grinned down lustfully at Suzy's bound body,stroking the girl's cheek.'I wasn't going to miss an opportunity,to sell new,fresh and more pretty merchandise.'

Suzy's face became more scared,as she stammered in shock at this.'You-you wouldn't! You're mad!'

'Don't be silly,my dear.'Kim Yang was still enjoying herself.'It's excellent buisness,and certainly made my bank balance more comfortable,and I know you'll fetch an excellent price.'

Suzy was still shocked.The woman was going to sell her,as some kind of sex slave!The fear inside her,was practically overwhelming her.She had to escape,but how? Tightly bound all over her body,Suzy knew she wasn't going anywhere.Her despair increased.

Just then,Suzy noticed Kim Yang pick up a roll of black duct tape,and the woman tore off a strip,then still grinning,she told Suzy to keep still,then placed it firmly over the girl's mouth,smoothing it over with both her hands,reinforcing it.

Suzy felt the tape stick like glue over her mouth.It was an effective,tight gag,as she could only manage a weak mumbling sound behind it.

Her faint gagged mumbles also pleased her captor.Suzy's eyes went wide,as Kim Yang continued to stroke her cheek,still smiling down at her.

'There!'The woman smirked.'Your mouth looks even more prettier now,my dear.I can't wait to see who buys you.They're in for a treat.'

This made Suzy make more gagged mumbles,only this time,they were more frantic.Yet,what could she do? Just like Sarah,and all the other girls held here,she was completely at her captors mercy.

Suzy gazed over,frightened at Sarah,who mirrored her own expression.Kim Yang noticed it,and remembered Suzy asking why they'd seized Sarah.

'You wanted to know why we kidnapped Sarah? Her brother's on board this ship.'Kim Yang began to explain,as she walked over to another cage.Suzy could see another young Chinese woman,dressed in the white naval uniform.She was really gorgeous,and even bound,and gagged in it,presented a very sexy sight.

However,the girl's eyes were full of apprehension,as Kim Yang then seized the back of the girl's neck,making her squeal behind her own black tape gag.

'This is Miss Angela Lee,Miss Cheung.'The smile was still there,but this time,with no warmth on it.'She's one of Hong Kong's best undercover police officers.She's caused a lot of damage,to my buisness associates,and been an annoying little pest,to say the least.'She tightened her grip,on Angela's neck.'Haven't you,my dear?'

Angela gave a frightened yelp,at the woman's cruel grip,but she recovered quickly,glaring fiercely back at her.

However,this didn't affect Kim Yang at all.Instead,she then started to stroke Angela's silky,long black hair.

'Sarah's brother has a mission,and that is to rescue the lovely Miss Lee.So you have a possible hero,my dear.'

Angela suddenly knew who she was talking about.The European man she'd seen earlier,whilst she was locked up,and of course,when they'd both bumped into each other.So,she may have some new hope after all.

Her new expression was clearly noticed by Kim Yang,and she went on;'I'm very interested in seeing how he does.He's already managed to rescue one pretty girl,who's got her eye on him,and I can't wait to see how he's going to rescue you,Miss Lee.'She then turned to give Sarah,a menacing look.'And his pretty sister too,of course.'

Sarah could only look helplessly back at the elegant,but cruel Chinese woman's face.She was relieved that John had managed to save an innocent woman's life.Even so,Sarah knew she was a hostage,and seeing how her kidnappers were behaving,her fears for all the other girls held here,her brother,and herself,were growing rapidly every second.

Chapter 9 to follow....


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Voyage into Slavery Ch7

Suzy Cheung glanced at her watch,for the umpteenth time.She was sitting behind her desk,in the customs building,and kept looking out,at the massive shape,of the 'Eastern Princess.'

She was getting worried,as there was still no sign of Sarah returning.Glancing again at her watch,Suzy admitted,that the hour she'd given Sarah,wasn't quite up yet,but there was still no sign of Sarah returning.

Five more minutes to go.Suzy had sworn to herself,that she'd get straight on the phone,to the police,once the hour was up.

I hope nothings happened to her.Suzy thought,still deeply worried.Maybe I should have gone with her.

In fact,Suzy was beginning to think Sarah was in trouble,when she suddenly noticed the customs man,she'd spoken to earlier,come up to her.He was carrying a piece of paper,and handed it over to Suzy.

'Message from the Captain of the 'Eastern Princess,Miss Cheung.'He reported.'He's asked you to come up.Wants to speak to you,regarding Miss Jennings.'

'Is Sarah with him?' Suzy asked,concerned.

'Yes,she is.'The man hid his grin,although he did speak the truth,but it wasn't what Suzy would want to know.'They're up on the bridge,waiting for you.'

Suzy however,wanted to make sure.She glanced at the paper,noting the number to contact.She did so.The man stood back,patiently.

She got through immediately,asking for the Captain,and Liu's voice answered her.

'This is Captain Liu.'His voice sounded somewhat sinister,Suzy thought.'Who am I speaking to?'

'My name is Officer Cheung,Hong Kong customs.' Suzy had responded immediately to him.'I'd like to speak to a friend of mine,who's went on board your vessel.'

'Ah,you mean the English girl,Sarah Jennings?' Liu's voice seemed a tad more friendlier,but still,Suzy didn't like it.

'Yes,Captain.'Suzy confirmed.'I understand she's there with you.Can I talk to her,please?'

'Of course,Miss Cheung.'Liu replied.'One moment please.'

His answer had eased a little of Suzy's worries,but she wanted to hear Sarah's voice.

'Hello.' At last! Suzy heard Sarah's voice.

'Sarah,are you okay?'Suzy was still deeply concerned,for her safety.


She was a little taken aback,by Sarah's one word answers,but at least,she'd heard from her.She was just about to ask a couple of more questions,when Liu's voice suddenly came back.

'I'm sorry,Miss Cheung,but I'm afraid I must show Miss Jennings something,concerning the security of my ship.'Liu's voice,was now back to being businesslike,but he went on.'I hope you received my invitation.I'm going to explain to Miss Jennings what's happening here.You're most welcome to attend too,if you wish.'

Suzy thought for a few moments.It was a good idea,and although Sarah had sounded strange,she had answered.

Even so,Suzy still wasn't going to leave,without telling somebody where she was going.She noticed the man,still standing in front of her desk,waiting patiently.

Suzy then told him her plans.

'I'm going up,but give me an hour.If me and Sarah are not back by then,get the police here,okay?'

'Understood.'The man nodded,and satisfied with that,Suzy left the customs building,heading straight for the 'Eastern Princess.'

Once Suzy had gone however,the man she'd left her specific instructions to,took out his mobile again,and dialled the same number.Kim Yang's voice answered his call.


'Everything is going as planned,Miss Yang.'The man sounded pleased.'The Cheung girl is coming up now.'

'Good.' With that,Kim Yang ended the call.She was much too busy enjoying herself,over Sarah's tightly bound,gagged form.

Sarah had slowly recovered,from the chloroform.She felt utterly groggy inside,but as her senses came to,she was aware that she was lying down.There was also something not right,with her body.Her eyes gradually sharpened up,and they went wide with horror,as Sarah saw the smiling Chinese woman,lying on top of her.

Sarah screamed instantly,but she didn't hear it.Only a vague mumbling sound was heard by her,as she felt her mouth taped over.Even more alarming,was the sight of so many loops of white rope,tied all over her.She was completely at her captors mercy.

Her eyes were still frantic,as she felt the Chinese woman's hands grope her breasts,and even kissing her,on Sarah's neck.The girl recoiled in disgust,and fear,still desperately trying to free herself,from her bonds.

However,Sarah's frantic efforts were futile.She couldn't budge the knots an inch,and realised her kidnappers,were determined to keep her helpless.

Kim Yang chuckled,as she continued to savour her new prize.She was delighted.With Sarah now firmly in her clutches,Kim Yang was supremely confident,that she could demand anything she wished from Jennings,if he wished to ensure his sister's safety.

Oh yes.She smirked to himself.She'll be perfectly safe with me.Kim Yang had already made plans,to keep Sarah as her new personal pet.She just needed training,and she couldn't wait to get the girl submissive,to her desires.

The Chinese woman continued to enjoy roving her hands,over Sarah's delicous,bound,gagged body.She was relishing the fear,showing in the English girl's eyes.

'Don't worry,my dear.'Kim Yang stroked a finger,down one Sarah's face,before lifting her chin.'Just do as you're told,and you'll be fine.Disobey me however,' She then tightened her grip,momentarily on Sarah's chin,making the girl wince.'and you'll pay for it,severely.'

She was still pleased,to see Sarah's frightened face,and then couldn't resist turning the girl over,and she smacked Sarah's rump,quite hard.The girl gave a muffled squeal,through her gag,before Kim Yang turned her back over.

'That was just a little tap,my dear.'She warned.'I can be more punishing.Remember that.'

Kim Yang then made a check on Sarah's ropes,and gag,smoothing the tape over her mouth,before being satisfied,that the girl would stay that way.

'Well,please excuse me,Miss Jennings.'Kim Yang told Sarah,as she left the cage,then locking the padlock on it,sealing the girl in.'I have to look after my other pretty captives,but I will be back later,and I can't wait.'

She sneered,as she left Sarah,who was finally grateful for a reprieve,from the woman's molesting hands.It still didn't help her,thinking she was going to be used as a hostage,before her kidnappers followed that up,with their next plans for her.Sarah prayed,that her brother would find her,and get her out of here,before that happened.

She made another attempt,to try and reach the tight knots,but she gave up within a minute,mumbling into her tape gag in despair.

Sarah watched Kim Yang approach another cage,that held a very pretty Chinese girl.Like Sarah,she too was dressed in naval white uniform,and bound and gagged just like herself.Sarah's eyes went wider,as she suddenly saw Kim Yang produce a sharp blade.

Angela Lee could only watch helplessly,as Kim Yang fully enjoyed indecently assaulting Sarah.Who was she? She thought.Angela had caught her name,spoken by that horrible woman,Kim Yang.Sarah Jennings.

Yet why had they taken her? As far as Angela could see,all the other female captives in the cargo hold,were Asian.There were Chinese girls,Thai girls,Korean girls.She'd heard nasty rumours about the Oriental slavery rings,that had abducted many Western women,and sold them for a much better price,than the Asian girls they seized.

Angela had heard Kim Yang taunting Sarah,and knew she was going to end up,being offered for sale.She's an evil monster! Angela felt the cold,hard edge of her female jailer.It was then she noticed Kim Yang advancing towards her,with a nasty looking knive in her grip.

Angela slid away from the woman fearfully,as Kim Yang unlocked her cage door.She then entered,moving up to Angela's trussed up form.

She was amused to see the undercover policewoman,shaking her head frantically,obviously thinking the worst.She gave Angela a cruel smile.

'Don't be frightened,Miss Lee.I'm not going to kill you.You're worth a lot more alive to me.' The smile made Angela shiver.'No,my dear,it's time for a little treat.'

She rolled Angela over,and then proceeded to cut away her bonds.It didn't take long,and Angela groaned in relief,as she felt the many loops of rope cut away.She had no idea how long she'd been tied up,but was glad to be cut loose.Maybe now,there might be an opportunity to escape,and raise the alarm.

However,before Angela could start to think of that,she felt herself roughly hauled to her feet,by Kim Yang.The strength of this woman was unbelievable,and it made Angela gape at her.

Kim Yang noticed the utter astonishment,in the girl's eyes,but made no comment.Instead,she then yanked the black tape away,from Angela's mouth,causing her to yell in shock.

'The gag will go back on later.'She was warned.'But right now,it's time for a little break.'

With that,Angela had her wrist seized painfully,by Kim Yang,and she was forcibly led along.

Angela desperately tried to look out for any passer by,that she could scream for help to,but there was nobody.It was just her,and her jailer.In fact,Kim Yang seemed to sense her thoughts.

'I wouldn't bother wasting your time,screaming for help,Miss Lee.'She gloated,as she made sure her grasp on Angela was tight,and painful.'This is a very secluded area of the ship,just reserved for us.Nobody's going to hear you.'

With much dismay,Angela had to admit the damned woman was right.She never saw anybody at all,and had no idea how far down,in the ship she was.

Kim Yang finally stopped outside a familiar door,marked 'Ladies',and promptly shoved Angela in,giving her another warning.

'Don't take too long,Miss Lee,and don't try anything smart.I'll be checking afterwards.'

Angela glared back defiantly,but was wise enough to keep quiet.Besides,she'd been bound and gagged for so long,the need to relieve herself was overwhelming.

Still silently fuming,Angela entered the ladies,glad to get that woman's face,out of her sight.Despite the warning,there might be an opportunity,to leave a sign,that she was in trouble.

Unfortunately,Angela's hopes of accomplishing that,were cruelly dashed.Kim Yang followed her in,noticing her disappointed face.

'Hurry up,my dear.'She smirked.'We haven't got all day.'

She was faintly amused,to watch the girl enter one of the cubicles,and slam the door shut,in her face.

After allowing Angela a couple of minutes,she then banged on the cubicle door.

'Time's up,Miss Lee.'Her voice was now more menacing.'Open the door,or I'll open it for you.'

Angela had looked frantically,for anything that may have helped her,to leave some kind of message,or sign,but there was nothing.Sighing in more dismay,she had to obey the woman's harsh order.

Kim Yang was pleased.

'That's a good girl,Miss Lee.You see,you can be obedient.Just make sure you're not disobedient,or else.' She left it at that,but again,was satisfied the girl was doing as she was told.

After allowing Angela to wash her hands,Kim Yang then grabbed her wrist again,forcing her out.

'Where are you taking me?' Angela demanded.

'You already know that,Miss Lee.'Kim Yang talked down to her,as if she was a little girl.'We're taking you to Bangkok,for possible sale.However,right now,you can have a break from the ropes.'

She continued to force Angela along,until they both stopped outside an open door.Kim Yang shoved Angela again,more roughly this time,into the room.Angela nearly lost her balance,due to it,but maintained her footing.

She still couldn't help herself glaring fiercely,at her female guard.

'You really think you'll get away with this?' Angela knew she was wasting her breath,at this woman,but it was making her feel better.'My people will be looking for me.They'll know I'm here,on this ship,and they'll find me.'

Her defiance however,merely amused Kim Yang,who gazed hard at Angela.

'I'm very happy to disappoint you,my dear,that nobody knows where you are.You were not seen boarding this ship,so you will be just clutching at straws,if you think otherwise.'

Her voice went back to the hard edge.'Now,you can stay here for a little while,and get some exercise.'Kim Yang glanced down,at Angela's dark nyloned,and incredibly sexy legs.The rope marks were still visible on them.'You really do have a gorgeous body,Miss Lee.I can't wait,to ravish it myself.'

Kim Yang fully enjoyed Angela's look of utter fear,as she said that.She then grabbed hold of the door,ready to lock the girl in.

'Now be a good girl,and if you are,I'll give you something to eat.I don't want my pretty slaves to starve now,do I?'

With that,she then slammed the door shut,and Angela heard the key jangling in the lock,sealing her in.

Instantly,Angela began to hunt around,seeing where she was.It was a storeroom,a small one,but she could walk around it.However,walking for her kidnappers,was the last thing on Angela's mind,only escape.

However,nothing showed itself to her,giving her the hope she desperately needed.After a couple of minutes frantic searching,Angela had to concede defeat,slumping down,onto the floor,wanting to cry.She did.

'Please.' She whispered,even though there was nobody else in the room.'Somebody help me.'

Angela stayed like that for a while,quietly crying,and hoping that evil woman,wouldn't return to see her like this.

Suddenly,she heard footsteps coming from above her.

Quickly,Angela stood up,brushing away her tears,looking for the source of the sound.It was then,that she spotted a small window,built high into the wall.Her hopes soared.

I've got to get up there! That thought dominated her mind.Once up there,she could attract attention,and finally have some new hopes of rescue.

The window wasn't that high for Angela to reach,and she instantly did start to climb towards it,stepping on the numerous crates,to reach it.

She did make it,although Angela had to stand slightly on tiptoes,to touch the window.She immediately saw the feet of people walking by.

'Help!'Angela yelled at the top of her voice,pounding desperately on the glass too,praying her screams would be heard by someone up there.'Somebody help me! Please! Help!'

She continued to bang on the window,and was still shouting like mad,but much to her dismay,nobody seemed to be taking any notice.It also occured to Angela,how she instantly felt like a damsel in distress,going on like this,which of course,she was.However,she didn't give in.

'Come on! Help! Help!' Angela kept on like this,still frantically hoping she would be noticed.

Unfortunately,her efforts and pleas seemed to be ignored,or more accurately,unheard.It was just beginning to dawn on her,that maybe the room was sound proofed,or built too deep,for anyone to see her.

Angela had to rest her voice,and her arms for a moment,when she then spotted two pairs of feet stop outside the window.She could clearly see,from the shoes they wore,it was a man,and a woman.Again,she began her more frantic calls for help.

At first,it didn't seem as if they noticed.The woman's shoes disappeared.but the man stayed.After a few moments,the man's shoes walked towards the window,increasing Angela's hopes.

For a few moments,the feet stayed where they were,and she kept up her pounding,on the window.It was then,just for a moment,Angela saw the man's feet beginning to move away.Her heart began to sink,but then,the feet came back,standing right in front of the window.

Then,she saw a man peering in.Angela suddenly recognised him.It was the European man she'd bumped into earlier!

'Help me,please!' Angela prayed he'd spotted her,as the window was very dirty,and it did look,as if the man hadn't seen her yet.

Just then,she did see the man look sharply at something.Had he seen her?

Angela was just going to blow on the window,to scrawl out a message to him,when a hard hand clamped over her mouth.A powerful arm seizing her waist,dragging her away from the window.

'So this is how you reward my generosity.' Kim Yang's voice hissed into her ear,frightening Angela.'Well,Miss Lee,you asked for it.Now,you're going to get it.Come along,my pretty,time to be bound and gagged again.'

Angela's scream was non-existent,as she was forced out.Just before she'd been grabbed,Angela had seen the man spot her.He'd looked sharply at her,so that was some good news.Hopefully,help wouldn't be long in coming.

However,in doing so,she'd angered her captor,and was now really scared.It didn't take long,for Kim Yang to drag her back to the cargo hold.Angela was then forced back down,onto her knees,as she felt Kim Yang remove her hand gag,but quickly seized her wrists behind her,wrapping coils of white rope,back over them.

Within five minutes,Angela had been securely bound hand and foot,with loops of rope tied over her chest,and knees.She felt the ropes were tied much more tighter this time,hearing Kim Yang's lustful sounds behind her,as the woman tied her up.

Just as Kim Yang tied the last knot,making Angela totally immobile,she turned the girl over,onto her back.Angela's eyes widened,as she felt the woman grip her chin,and with an evil smile,stuffed a balled up cloth into her mouth.The woman made sure the cloth stayed in,as she kept her hand over Angela's mouth.Then,the roll of black tape came out again.

Kim Yang tore off a large strip,and with great pleasure,placed it firmly over Angela's mouth,then once satisfied listening to Angela's weak mumbles,grabbed her prisoner,by the back of her neck,lifting Angela towards her.

The girl was stunned at the woman's strength.Her eyes showed it,in fact,all the other girls could scarcely believe it either.

However,Kim Yang's hold on her,was also very painful,as well as strong.She put her face right up to Angela's,and gave her prisoner another warning.

'Just remember,my dear.I'm going to be watching you,very carefully from now on.'She tightened her grip on Angela's neck,making the girl squeal painfully,into her gag.

'Don't get smart with me again.'She went on.'Or else,I'll choose one of these other beauties,to make you pay.Do you understand?'

Angela clearly did,fully recognising the menace in the woman's voice,so she just nodded,praying her neck would be released.

'That's a good girl.'Kim Yang was satisfied again,as she did let go of Angela's neck,much to the girl's immense relief.

Just then,there was an incoming call for Kim Yang,on her mobile.It was Liu.


'Miss Yang.'Liu's voice sounded pleased.'We've got another pretty guest coming for you.A customs woman named Suzy Cheung.Apparently,she's worried about Miss Jennings.'

'Ah,is she indeed?' Kim Yang too,was pleased,as she glanced over at Sarah's cage,still bound and gagged in it.The English girl was looking at her fearfully.

'Send her down to me,Captain,when you've doped her.I'm sure they'll be delighted,to see each other again.'

Liu acknowledged that,and then ended the call.Kim Yang then slowly walked over,to Sarah's cage.She chuckled,as she stroked her hand,down Sarah's tied legs.The girl flinched in horror,at the woman's unwelcome touch.

'I have some good news for you,Sarah.'She told her.'Miss Cheung is very worried about your health,so we're going to bring her down to you.'

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing.These people were now going to kidnap Suzy.What kind of nightmare had she landed in? To make matters worse,she had to endure this mad Chinese woman's touch.Sarah tried to roll away from her,but her body was within easy reach of Kim Yang,no matter where she put herself,in the cage.

'I like you,Sarah.'The woman went on.'You really are very beautiful.I think I'll keep you,for my own personal pleasure.'Her hands were now groping Sarah's impressive breasts again,making her prize clench her eyes shut.She laughed coldly,at Sarah's distress.

'Things are going to get very interesting,my dear.'Kim Yang was looking forward to future events.'I can't wait to see,what your brother has in mind to rescue you.Or should I say,attempted rescue?' She smirked again.

'Don't worry though,Sarah.Your brother's mission,is to rescue Miss Lee.'Kim Yang gestured behind her,at Angela,who was listening to her every word.'I fully intend,to make it as hard as possible for him,and I just can't wait to see the look on his face,when he learns that we've got his pretty sister.'

You're a monster! Sarah shouted it out,through her gag,even though it was totally unintelligeble.

Even so,Kim Yang did understand her gagged mumbles,and grinned with relish,down at her favourite captive,as she suddenly produced her sharp knive.Sarah's eyes widened,with more fear.

'I really hope there's an opportunity,that I can fight him one to one,and to show him,that I'm the superior fighter,and indeed,infinitely superior woman.And you,my dear.' She then lifted Sarah's chin.'You will have a front seat,to witness my triumph.'

This woman's insane! Sarah's thoughts were frantic,as she grew more and more desperate for John,to save her from these monsters.

Chapter 8 to follow....

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Voyage into Slavery Ch6

Kieko Yamamoto was still sitting in the chair,she'd been bound and gagged in.Her body was tightly secured,with loops of white rope.She couldn't move her body at all.

In fact,Kieko realised this was the best thing to do.Her eyes were still wide with fear,as she stared at the mounted rifle,that was aimed at her chest.

Kieko's eyes also never left the string,that Yee had attached,to the rifle's trigger,and to her cabin door handle.During her early struggles,Kieko had seen movement,wasn't a good idea.Any vibration in the room,made the string move,and that wasn't what Kieko wanted.

Despite her being still,Kieko also noticed,that her captors had made sure the string,wasn't going to stay that way.She could see it,gradually falling away.If that happened,she was finished.

The large strip of black tape,over Kieko's mouth,kept her effectively gagged.Even if her muted cries had been heard by somebody walking by outside,opening the door,would again prove fatal.

Still securely bound,and gagged,Kieko's desperation was increasing.All she could do,was to hope Jennings would find her,and save her.

It was then,that she jumped in fright,as she heard a knock on her cabin door outside.

'Miss Yamamoto?'It was Jennings' voice!'You okay in there?'

'Don't come in,Jennings-san!' Kieko tried to scream behind her gag,but she barely heard her own mumbling.

He knocked again,and Kieko still desperately tried to warn him,but again,her gag kept her silent.It was then,to her horror,she saw the door handle move downwards.

Jennings had knocked twice,on Kieko's door.He heard no reply,to his query.He waited,hoping Kieko would open the door for him.When this didn't happen after a couple of minutes,his concerns grew.

Better go in,and check it out.He told himself.She may need help.

He grasped the door handle,starting to open it.However,he stopped lowering it,noticing something was odd.

The handle was stiff.All the other cabin doors he'd opened,had proved much easier.

His senses were on full alert now.Jennings put his ear to the door,and listened.He could hear something,but it was very faint.

She's in trouble.He just knew it.The question was,how was he going to get inside?

It was then he remembered the secret entrance,in his cabin,leading to the next room.

Jennings made his way to the cabin,next to Kieko's,and knocked politely.There was no answer,and gambling,he opened the door,and entered.

Fortunately,the room was empty,so there was no need for polite excuses.

He made his way straight over,to the built in cupboards,and opened them up.Sure enough,he could see the same design on the wall,just as his was.He then made the neccessary adjustments,and the wall slid away.

Jennings entered Kieko's cabin,but instantly stopped in shock,at what he saw.

The Japanese girl had been tightly tied up,and gagged,to a chair.Her beautiful black eyes were pleading at him,over her tape gag.It was then Jennings noticed,the mounted rifle,aimed directly at the helpless girl.

For another second,Jennings was still stunned,but then he saw the string on the trigger,and on the door handle inside.

It was going to break!

Just as the string did snap,setting off the trigger,Jennings reacted.

With lightening reflexes,he grabbed the chair,where Kieko was tied to,and got her out of the firing line.The bullet passed harmlessly,into the wall.

Sighing,and with much relief,Jennings gently put Kieko upright,and carefully removed her gag.

'You okay?'He asked her concernedly,as he then started to untie the many ropes,wound tight over Kieko's body.

'Thank you.'Kieko was so pleased to see him,and to be finally free of the tape gag.'I am fine.'

He finally untied the last rope,and helped her to her feet.His reward,was Kieko instantly wrapped her arms around his shoulders,and she gave him a warm,grateful kiss.

'Thank you,Jennings-san.'Kieko gazed at him,with deep affection.'For saving my life.'

Jennings blushed slightly,but he enjoyed her kiss.'You're welcome.'He smiled back,before asking.'How long were you tied up there? Who did this to you?'

'It was the first officer,Yee.'Kieko shuddered,as she recalled being chloroformed.'They wanted to test you,to see what you could do in saving me.'

'If that's the case,' Jennings admitted.'These people are indeed,bad news.'

He then thought a walk,would do Kieko good.

'Come on.'Jennings offered his hand to her,which she accepted.'Let's go up on deck,get some fresh air.'

They both left the cabin,and still hand in hand,headed up.As they left,neither Jennings,nor Kieko noticed,that they were still being watched.

As Jennings led Kieko,up onto the boat deck,he failed to spot Sarah,just coming onto the 'Eastern Princess',from the gangway.His sister,in return,also didn't see him,as he disappeared around the corner,with Kieko.

Sarah was unsure where to start looking.She still remembered that it had been a woman,that had spoken to Suzy earlier.Maybe she should look for a female member of the crew.

Maybe she's seen me come on board.Sarah thought.She had no idea,how coldly accurate this was.

Watching Sarah from the bridge,was Captain Liu.He grinned with relish,as he felt his lions bulge.The English girl was gorgeous.Liu couldn't wait to grab her.

He then issued an order,to one of his crew,setting the plan in motion,to capture her.

Sarah had decided to wait,just by the gangway.Here,she could still see the customs building,and would see Suzy emerge,with the cavalry,should the need arise.

However,at the moment,there didn't seem to be any cause for alarm.Sarah wasn't bothered by anybody,and she sensed the mood of the passengers,was pretty good.

Even so,if her brother was in trouble,Sarah was going to help him,no matter what.Even their youngest sister,Kelly,would do exactly the same.They'd all help each other,as brothers and sisters should do.

Sarah was still waiting by the gangway,when she heard a man's voice speak to her,in English.

'Miss Jennings?'

Sarah turned to face one of the crew.He was a senior officer.Sarah noted that,from his shoulder lapels.

'Yes?' Sarah answered carefully.

'The Captain has requested your presence.'The man informed her.'He's waiting for you,on the bridge.'

'How did you know my name?' Sarah was being careful here.For all she knew,this man might be one of the bad guys.

His response though,soon shattered that thought.

'He told me to tell you,it's about your brother.'His voice didn't sound nasty,or threatening,only informative.'He has important news for you about him.Says he's in danger.'

This made Sarah instantly decide to go up there.'Okay,you take me to him,right now.'She added the emphasis at the end,but the man did obey her command.

He finally led her onto the bridge.Sarah noticed all the bridge crew busy.None of them gave her a second glance,and there was still no sign of anything suspicious.

The crewman knocked on the Captain's ready room door,and after hearing permission to enter,opened the door,and gestured politely for Sarah to go in.

'Thank you.' Sarah nodded,as she did so.The first thing she saw,was the first officer,sitting behind a desk.Sarah recognised his rank,but there was no sign of the Captain.

Yee was pleased to see the girl had decided to come up here.She's just made a big mistake.He smirked to himself,still relishing her impressive figure.She'll sell well.Yee knew that,without a doubt.

However,he kept those thoughts to himself,and went on with the deception.He dismissed the crewman,and stood up,offering his hand to Sarah.

'Good evening.'He smiled politely.'I'm first officer Yee.Welcome aboard the 'Eastern Princess.'

Sarah accepted his hand.'I'm Lieutenant Sarah Jennings,Royal Navy.I understand the Captain wanted to see me.'

'Yes,Captain Liu sends his apologies.He's just been delayed by another matter,but has ordered me,to take you to him.'

Sarah still wanted to check out a few things first.

'I had a message from a Chinese woman.'Sarah remembered the phone call,made to Suzy.'She mentioned my brother may be in trouble,on this ship.'

'Oh?' Yee acted suprised,but was still enjoying himself.'Concerning?'

'I don't know.'Sarah decided not to tell him.After all,he might be one of the bad guys.'All I was told,was that he may need help here.'

Suddenly,the phone on Liu's desk rang,and Yee answered immediately.It was Liu.

'We're ready.'His Captain told him.'Bring her down to me.'

'Yes,Sir.' Yee acknowledged his order,then pressed the hidden switch,under Liu's desk.

Sarah was slightly startled,to see a section of the wall slide away.The lift door,now revealed itself.

'Would you follow me,please,Miss Jennings?' Yee asked her politely,and rose from the chair,heading over to the lift.

Sarah followed him,somewhat hesitant.There were faint alarm bells ringing in her now,but these people had information on John,and she desperately wanted to find out.

Once they were both in the lift,Yee pressed the level he desired.Sarah felt the lift go down a long way,and there was no more conversation,between her,and Yee.In fact,Sarah could feel him looking at her,with perhaps more sinister intent.Her alarm bells,were slowly increasing.

The lift finally stopped,and Yee exited first.Sarah could see a double set of doors,with a sign marked 'Cargo Hold 4'.

Yee had already made his way to the doors,and had opened them.It was then,that Sarah became aware,of a distant moaning sound,coming from behind the doors.Her uneasiness increased,as she noticed Yee gesturing at someone,to come forward.

Instantly,Sarah heard the sound of a woman's footsteps coming closer.She then saw a young Chinese woman enter.Sarah could see,that the woman was really beautiful,but she could also see,from her face,there was only a sinister smile showing.

'Good evening,my dear.' Kim Yang introduced herself.'My name is Kim Yang.I made the phone call earlier,telling you about your brother.'

'Where is he?' Sarah's fear for John was fully evident.'What's happened to him?'

'Nothing at all,my dear.' Kim Yang answered,still smiling at Sarah,which made her skin crawl.'He's perfectly safe,I assure you.'

Sarah could instantly detect the cunning,in Kim Yang's tone of voice.She didn't like her at all.

'What's going on here?' Sarah demanded.It was just beginning to dawn on her,that she was down here by herself.

'Oh,it's very simple,my dear.' Kim Yang went on.'Your brother's a very real threat,to our operation we run here.We had to think of something,that would make him think twice,about interfering with us.' Her smile became more menacing.'We were very pleased,to find you nearby.'

'What do you mean?'Sarah's alarm bells were now ringing inside her,like mad.'What operation?'

'I'll show you.Would you please enter the room,my dear?'

Suddenly,Sarah noticed the Chinese woman produce a pistol,and aimed it at her.Her eyes widened,as Sarah nervously took a step back.

'Now,now,Miss Jennings.'Kim Yang warned her,in a calm,but still menacing tone.'Don't be foolish.You wouldn't get very far,so please be sensible.' The woman sharply gestured with her gun,for Sarah to enter the cargo hold.

Sarah inwardly gulped.She was being kidnapped,and it was all her fault,believing the bad guys lure,to get her on board.Sarah had no doubt at all,she'd be used as a hostage against John.Yet,there was nothing she could do,only to do,as her kidnappers demanded.

Helpless,Sarah slowly walked forward,and into the cargo hold.The moment she was ahead of Kim Yang,Sarah felt the gun prod into her back.

'Good girl.'Kim Yang was satisfied.'Just keep going,my pretty.I did promise you,to show what we do here.'

Kim Yang forced Sarah along,with the moaning sound,now more evident.As they both rounded a corner,in the hold,Sarah couldn't help,but freeze in shock,at what she saw.

Sarah clearly saw all the large cages stashed in here,and all the many single,bound and gagged women locked up securely inside them.All the girls were young,and really beautiful,yet Sarah knew she was going to join them.She suddenly remembered,what Suzy had told her,back in the customs building,about suspected kidnappings.Now,she was their latest prize.

'As you can see,my dear.' Kim Yang gloated,into her ear.'Every girl we have here,will fetch an excellent price,when we put them for auction,when we reach Bangkok.I've no doubt you'll be one of our star sellers too.'

Sarah panicked at this.Being sold as a sex slave,was the last thing she wanted.I've got to get away from here! She thought frantically.But how? The Chinese woman made sure the gun was held,into her back.She couldn't possibly turn around that quick,and disarm her.They had her cold.

Ahead of her,Yee was in the process,of unlocking one of the few empty cages.Sarah knew,this was where she was going to end up.The thought of being bound and gagged,didn't help either.

I need a distraction! Sarah was praying for one.Despite her being held captive,Sarah's mind was still sharp,just waiting,and hoping for an opportunity to present itself.

Yee had swung the cage door open,and turned to face the nervous looking English girl.He smiled,as he produced,to Sarah's alarm,plenty of rope.

'You want me to tie her up,Miss Yang?' He asked hopefully.

'A generous offer,Mr Yee.' Kim Yang however,had already made up her mind.'I'll make sure Miss Jennings is nice,and secure.'

Just then,Sarah felt the gun being taken away,from her back,but before she could react,Kim Yang seized her hands behind her.

Yee tossed the many rope coils over to her,and Sarah felt her wrists being criss crossed with the rope.She gasped in pain,as Kim Yang tightened each loop over them.
The Chinese woman smiled,in relish,as she tied the girl's hands,before finally enjoying hearing Sarah's grunt of pain,as she made the last knot secure.

Suddenly,to Sarah's horror,she felt the woman's hands touch her breasts.This made Sarah squeal,in outraged shock,especially when she heard the woman chuckle,fully enjoying taking advantage over her.

'Very nice,my dear.' Kim Yang whispered into Sarah's ear,still lovingly fondling the girl's impressive bust.'Your breasts are magnificent.They'll certainly make me very rich indeed.'

'Get your hands off me,you bitch!' Sarah shouted angrily.Instantly,she broke free from the woman's grasp,completely taking her captors by suprise.She bolted for the doors,desperately attempting to escape this awful place.

'Get her!'Kim Yang had recovered quickly,and both she and Yee raced after her.'Don't let her escape!' She almost screamed in rage,as she pursued her prey.

Sarah nearly made it,but luck was against her.As she neared the doors,that led out of the cargo hold,Sarah felt herself seized.A strong arm wrapped itself,around her waist,and a hand clamped something tight,over her mouth.

'Got you,my pretty!' A man's voice sniggered,into her ear.

'HMMMMMMMFFFFFF!'Her cry for help,was considerably muted,as the hand gagging her,pressed tighter.

Sarah's eyes bulged in horror,as she realised she was being chloroformed.She struggled like mad,but her unseen captor held her firm.Again,she heard chuckling,only this time,it was from a man.Her struggles got weaker,until finally,the chloroform subdued her.

Liu was pleased.He gently put Sarah's unconcious form down,just as Kim Yang,and Yee appeared.

'That was close.' Yee admitted.'She nearly got away.'

'No,my friend.' Liu was utterly confident.'She wouldn't have.She's tied up.The girl wouldn't have been able to do anything.'

He then watched satisfied,as Yee,and Kim Yang,continued to tie more loops of rope,over Sarah.Just like all the other captive girls,both of them made sure,that every loop was tied as tight as possible.Within five minutes,Sarah was trussed up securely,loops over,and under her chest,her waist,knees,thighs,and her ankles.

The three of them gazed down,in utter lust at Sarah's helpless,bound form,especially Kim Yang.The woman stroked a hand,down one of Sarah's tied legs.

'She's a beauty.I want her,Captain.'There was nothing,but cold determination,in Kim Yang's voice.She couldn't wait,to ravish this pretty prize.'I want her,for my own personal collection.'

Both Liu and Yee knew about Kim Yang's personal collection of young,and gorgeous women,that she'd kidnapped.They enjoyed their visits there,as the ruthless Chinese woman,made sure her slaves followed orders,or else.

'Of course,Miss Yang.'Liu agreed.'You can have her,as long as I can have a piece of her.'

'She's to be unharmed,Captain.'Kim Yang warned.'For the moment,at least.We'll keep her,as a pretty hostage first.We have to deal with her brother first.'

'There isn't just that.' Yee reminded.'Our guests will be arriving shortly,not long after we leave Hong Kong.'

'Yes.'Liu nodded.'I hadn't forgotten.'

In fact,Liu was eagerly looking forward to it.A deal had been struck,with many high ranking criminal bosses,coming here,to inspect his freshly acquired cargo,with hopes of selling the girls to them.

For now though,he was content to watch,as Kim Yang gagged Sarah,with another large strip,of black tape,then Yee carried the still unconcious girl,over to the empty cage,he'd just opened.

He gently put Sarah in,lying her on her side,then Kim Yang put her hand out to him,and he complied,giving her the key,to lock up the cage.

'You two can go now.' She smiled,still drooling with utter lust at Sarah's tightly bound,and gagged body.'I'm going to enjoy myself,with this beauty.'

Both men smiled too,as they watched Kim Yang start fondling Sarah's breasts again.They could see Kim Yang's face,almost snarl in sexual pleasure,as she continued to enjoy Sarah's helpless form.The girl was now slowly starting to recover,but both men laughed,as they knew they'd get a turn next.

Chapter 7 to follow...

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Voyage into Slavery Ch 5

Jennings had made his way back on board the 'Eastern Princess.' He'd headed back,to the stern,and waited in the same spot,where he and Kieko had talked before.As yet,she hadn't returned.

He was pleased Sarah would follow his wishes.He was gazing down,at the customs building,checking that she was still there.She was.

As he waited,Jennings suddenly saw a young woman looking down at him.She was part of the crew.He noticed her white uniform.She looked very pretty,but she wasn't smiling,rather, her face showed concern.

He wondered who she was.Maybe he should wave to her,hoping she'd come to him.

However,before he could do so,the girl looked quickly behind her,and hurried away.It was then,that Jennings noticed two crewmen,walk up to where she'd been standing.

He suddenly had the feeling,that the girl may be in trouble.If she was avoiding the crew,there was a good bet she'd know what was going on here.

I'd better go and talk to her.Jennings thought.She might need help.

However,he realised that he was waiting for Kieko returning.He looked again,at the two crewmen,still standing where the young Thai girl had been.None of them seemed to have seen her,and showed no sign of pursuing her.They were talking together.

Jennings kept an eye on them,as he awaited Kieko's return.Neither crewman looked at him,but that didn't lower his alert status.

He stayed on the stern,still waiting for the Japanese girl,and for the first time,started to feel uneasy.

Where the hell was she? He thought,glancing at his watch.He'd been waiting here,for about an hour.Surely,she should be here by now?

Something must have happened to her.Jennings thought grimly.Better go and see if she's okay.

He was just about to go and start searching for her,when he suddenly realised,he didn't know where Kieko's cabin was.

Well,go and find it.He told himself angrily.

Jennings knew every liner carried a passenger manifest.It listed everybody,who was travelling,and where they were,in the ship.He had to find it.

Got to be in the Captain's possession.He assumed.This made him head straight for the bridge.

Of course,he knew passenger access would be strictly restricted here.He had to be discreet.Fortunately,Jennings had long experience,in his previous tours of duty.

He'd sneaked into many tightly guarded enemy strongholds,and after completing his assigned mission,safely extracted out,without the enemy ever knowing he was there.

Quickly,Jennings headed up to the bridge.He soon came within sight of it,and clearly noticed the assigned crew there.

Keeping out of sight,Jennings made a brief scan of the bridge,and he could clearly see it would be nigh on impossible,to get them all out,so he could get in.

I'll need a diversion.He began to think what he could do.

He then noticed a fire alarm,built into the wall.Grimly,Jennings knew,if he proceeded with this plan,it may cause problems,with the rest of the passengers,and there were hundreds of them.

However,he also knew he had to find Kieko,and if it took desperate measures,then so be it.

Jennings was just about to smash the fire alarm,with his arm,when he suddenly saw the young Thai woman again.

She was gesturing urgently at him,not to go ahead with his idea.Instead,she was gesturing at him,to come to her.

Jennings looked around him again.He still hadn't been spotted,and then quickly moved over to her.

'Who are you?' He asked her.

The girl didn't answer.Instead,she took his hand,and led him away.

She actually led him,to an empty cabin,then she locked the door.

'I am sorry I did not introduce myself earlier to you,Mr Jennings.'She spoke fluent English.'But I had to make sure the crew didn't see me.'

'How do you know my name,Miss?' Jennings was gazing at her,puzzled.

She smiled gently at him.

'My father knows of you.He is a very good friend of Major Williams.'

This puzzled Jennings even more.Surely,Karen would have told him,about Thai security involved here.Maybe she didn't know.

'So Major Williams knows about your people,here on this ship?'

She knew what he was saying,so began to explain for him.

'The 'Eastern Princess' is a ship we've been investigating,for many months.The Captain,and his crew,are all known to be involved,with running slavery rings.We've sent in quite a few female officers undercover here,but they've all disappeared.'

'I see.'Jennings instantly knew,what the girl's mission was.'You're here to find them.'

The girl nodded eagerly at him,then went on,'We didn't have time to inform you,of my presence here,but my father has been in contact,with Chief Inspector Ying,from Hong Kong.'

He was still sceptical,but Jennings could see the girl was genuine.He knew from her eyes.They showed much warmth,and care to him.

'What's your name,Miss?'

She spoke her name,in her native Thai tongue,and could see that he hadn't understood any of it.

'I have a few English friends.'She switched back to his language.'They call me Su.'

'Okay.'Jennings nodded,as he offered his hand to her.'I'm John.'

Su didn't shake his hand at first,but made the customary Thai greeting to him.Clasping her hands together in front of her,then bowing slightly to him.

Jennings returned the gesture.

'Is there something I can do to help you,John?'Su asked him.'I noticed you were talking,to a Japanese woman.'

'Yes.'Jennings confirmed.'She's called Kieko.Japanese naval intelligence.She's my contact here,but I'm waiting for her.She hasn't come back yet.'

'Oh? Su looked concerned.'How long has she been gone?'

Jennings glanced at his watch.'Well,it's been over an hour.She should have been back by now.I was going to find her,but then realised I didn't know where her cabin is.'

'Maybe I can help you with that.'Su could still see some doubt,written over Jennings' face.She was eager to prove to him,that she was on his side,and could be trusted.'I'll find her cabin for you.It will be written on the passenger manifest,up in the Captain's ready room,behind the bridge.'

'If you do that,Su,you're bound to run into the crew.'

She nodded at that.'Yes,I'm prepared to accept that risk.If I'm lucky,the senior officers won't notice me.'

'You're sure about that?'

'Yes.'Su had been hiding on the 'Eastern Princess' for quite a while.She always watched the crew carefully,and could even dish out orders,to the lower ranks,but the Captain,and his first officer,had to be avoided.

'Sometimes,the officers are busy,and the ready room is empty.'She nodded again,confidently.'I think I can do it for you.'

She's got guts.Jennings thought admiringly,and said so.

Su smiled,at his compliment.'I'm a police officer.Sometimes,we need that.'

'Okay then.' Jennings agreed.This time,he took a hold of her hand,and led her out of the cabin.'Come with me.There's something I'll give to you.'

Su accepted his friendly hand,and together,they headed out.Jennings made his way back to his own cabin.He kept a careful eye out,should any of the crew see Su,or challenge her.

Fortunately,none of the crew was in sight,and they made it,unmolested.

Jennings quickly entered his cabin.It was a single berth,with spacious cupboards built in.Those cupboards looked somehow strange to Jennings.He'd made a point to himself,to check it out later,but right now,he had something else on his mind.

Reaching under his bed,Jennings pulled out a big holdall bag.He planted it on the bed,and zipped it open.He then produced two small radios,from the bag.

He handed one of them over to Su.

'When you find where Kieko's located,contact me straight away.Got it? Oh,her last name's Yamamoto.'

'I got it.'Su grinned.'Don't worry.I will find her for you.'

She then made to leave,but stopped,as Jennings told her.'Be careful,okay? Watch your back.'

She smiled again at him.'Thank you.I will be fine.'

With that,Su left his cabin,to head up to the bridge.

Jennings was thinking of following her,just to make sure she would be okay,but then thought better of it.He stood a better chance,finding Kieko,if he stayed here.All the passenger cabins,were within easy reach here.If he was up near the bridge area,time might be against him.

He put the holdall bag back under his bed,then his gaze turned towards the built in cupboards,in his cabin.

He went over,and slid open the door to one of them.There was plenty of space he could use,but something was still bothering him about them.

Jennings then looked at the inner wall,to the cupboard.That appeared well varnished,but he did notice something odd.There was a slightly different colouring,on one section of the wall.

Curiously,he knocked a couple of times on it.A hollow sound echoed back to him immediately.With an idea what this led to,Jennings knocked on the other wall sections.This time,the sound was different,more harder.

Jennings looked back,at where he'd first knocked,and slid his hands over this area.Almost immediately,the wall slid away,to reveal next door's cabin.

Fortunately,the place was empty,so Jennings didn't have to make any polite excuses.

Still,he had his suspicions confirmed.This may prove useful,he thought.

He slid the wall section back into place,then waited for the Thai girl to contact him,hoping she'd be okay.

That was precisely the thought going through Su's mind,as she neared the bridge.She could see more of the crew this time,and was praying none of them would bump into her.

She'd prepared her cover story,and had her papers ready to show,if they were asked for.However,Su knew this wouldn't get her anywhere.The crew here,were all known criminals.It was better,to avoid contact.

In fact,Su was now starting to feel uneasy about this.How on earth could she avoid the Captain,or any of his officers? They'd always be on the bridge.

I'll watch them,and wait my chance.She thought to herself.

Su finally reached the bridge,but didn't enter it.She stood back,seeing who was there.

Sure enough,Su noticed Yee,the first officer,observing the bridge crew at work.There was no sign of the Captain,but Su knew he was there,and in the very room she wanted to be in.

Still keeping out of sight,Su kept watching,hoping for a bit of luck.She didn't have to wait long,as she suddenly noticed the Captain,emerging from his ready room.

Su then saw Liu go up to Yee,and they had exchanged a few words,before Liu then exited the bridge.Her hopes rose dramatically.

She then watched Yee,go up to a couple of the bridge crew,and tell them something.The men nodded,and just as his Captain had before him,Yee too,left the bridge.

This is my chance! Su thought excitedly.The Captain's ready room,was empty.She then took the chance,and walked straight into the bridge,ready for any challenge directed at her.

Much to her surprise,none of the bridge crew did.Some of them glanced at her,but nobody spoke to her.

Despite her relief at this,Su didn't waste a second.She headed straight for the ready room,knocking politely on the door,just to show the crew,she was respecting the Captain's authority.With no answer forthcoming,Su entered Liu's ready room,closing the door behind her.

Instantly,Su started searching Liu's desk.She didn't have to search long.The passenger list,was in one of the desk draws.

Quickly,Su scanned the passengers names,beginning with Y.There was only one,and with a quiet smile of triumph,Su took out the radio Jennings had given her.

'I have found her cabin.' She spoke into the radio.'She's in cabin 230,E deck.That's a deck below you.'

'Got it.'Thank you,Su.' Jennings' voice instantly replied.'Are you okay?'

'Yes,I am fine.'Su nodded,even though he didn't see that.'There were no problems.I'll meet you on the stern later.'

'Okay,be careful.I'm heading for her cabin now.'

Jennings had quickly ended the transmission,and then hurried out of his cabin.

Su put the passenger manifest back into the draw,where she'd found it.She was just making sure nothing was out of place,when she suddenly heard the door slam shut behind her.

Startled,Su whirled around,and her face fell into dismay.

Yee was there,with a Chinese woman,blocking her exit.Both wore sinister smiles,as they leered at her.To make matters worse,Su clearly saw the gun,that Yee was holding,aimed directly at her.

'So,' Yee was still smiling,as he spoke to her.'You're Inspector Panna's daughter.'

Su was to stunned to answer,realising they'd been waiting for her.Despite her caution,Su guessed,that she must have been spotted.

She then realised,that she still held the radio.Maybe she could get a warning off,to Jennings,that she'd been caught.

Su began to raise the radio,up to her mouth,but Yee gestured sharply with his gun at her.

'I wouldn't do that,my dear.'He warned her.'You'll only speak,when we give you permission to do so.'

Yee then told Kim Yang,standing beside him.'Hold my gun,please.Miss Yang.'

After he'd handed his weapon over to her,Yee then moved towards Su menacingly.Su suddenly found the strength to try and escape,as she made a run for it.However,Yee easily seized her,pulling her arms behind her.

'Let me go!' Su protested,half mad,half fearful.

'Oh no,my pretty.'Kim Yang chuckled.'We're going to keep you.A very pretty girl like you,is always worth a great deal,to our clients.'

Su gasped in pain,as Yee tightened his grip on her arms.He then hissed into her ear.

'We know you were sent here,to look for your missing pretty police colleagues.I'm going to take you to them now.'

'What have you done with them?' Su managed to gasp out,in his hold.She couldn't struggle at all.

'I'm going to show you,my dear.' Yee smirked,as he then asked Kim Yang.'Would you mind getting the ropes please,Miss Yang,so I can tie her up?'

'My pleasure.'Kim Yang gave Su a cold smile,as she suddenly produced the familiar coils of strong white rope.

'No!' Su couldn't help,but shout out in protest,before Yee's hand clamped hard,over her mouth,silencing her.

'Just don't struggle,and you won't get hurt.'Kim Yang advised.Her voice sounded totally inhuman.

This seemed to do the trick.Su heard the utter menace,in the woman's voice,and was helpless.She had to stop struggling.

'That's a good girl.Miss Panna.'Kim Yang was pleased the girl was obeying.'I should tell you,that I have a zero tolerance,of disobedience,my dear.I'd have hated,to have marked that pretty face.'

Su then suddenly felt Yee force her down,onto her knees.Kim Yang walked over to them,standing right in front of Su,as she handed over several coils of the rope to Yee.

'Now,let's make sure you'll still be a good girl,and Mr Yee will take his hand away.Do you understand?'

Su nodded,mumbling softly behind Yee's tight handgag.It was the last thing she wanted,to be tied up,but of course,she had no say in the matter.

She felt Yee take away his hand,and was much relieved.Being handgagged,wasn't an enjoyable experience for Su.

She then felt Yee starting to bind her wrists together.The man was an expert,having practiced this,many times.Within a couple of minutes,Su's hands were securely tied behind her.

She then felt Yee wrapping more coils of rope,over and under her chest.Her face became more alarmed,as she felt the ropes tighten into her upper body.

Su looked up desperately,at her captors,pleading.'Please! Let me go!'

Unfortunately,her plea only made the Chinese woman smile down at her.It wasn't a nice smile either,as she caressed Su's cheek.

'We told you,my dear.You're going to join your female colleagues below,and we're going to sell every one of you,to the highest bidder.'

Enjoying the fear in the Thai girl's eyes,as she mentioned this,Kim Yang went on coldly taunting her pretty captive,as she was tied up.

'I have indeed,many business associates,who will pay me handsomely,to tie up and gag a pretty girl such as yourself.Who knows? You might even get to enjoy it.'

Su was horrified at hearing the woman's plans for her.She was just going to make another protest,when suddenly,she heard the sound of tape being ripped off.Almost instantly,Yee forced her head back to him,and firmly placed a large strip of black tape over Su's mouth.

Yee enjoyed her fear,and then finished off tying Su's ankles together.Once that was done,he checked the knots,and was satisfied,nodding at Kim Yang.

'Good work,Mr Yee.'Kim Yang was pleased.'Take her below,and put her with the others.Miss Jennings will be here soon.I'll lure her in,and tell the Captain to be ready,to chloroform her.'

'Of course,Miss Yang.'Yee nodded,as he easily picked up Su's tightly bound,gagged form,in his arms.He then carried her,to the hidden lift entrance.

Kim Yang pressed the hidden switch,under Liu's desk,and sure enough,the hidden door revealed itself.

Held tight in Yee's arms,Su could only stare wide eyed at him,as he took her into the lift.She then heard the Chinese woman say to her.

'Don't get too hopeful,Miss Panna.You won't escape me,and I'm sure we'll be feeling your delicious body,quite soon.'

The lift door closed,sealing Su's muted cries of fear shut.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Voyage into Slavery Ch4

Sarah Jennings enjoyed her job,in the Royal Navy.She'd studied hard to get the job she really wanted.A weapons operator was one of the most difficult,and hard to earn places to get.

Sarah had studied like mad,in her quest to achieve her aims.It had indeed,took a lot of time,to be even selected for one.Yet,Sarah was not one to give up so easily.She had a first class brain,and she had a passion for computers,just like her younger sister,Kelly.

Of course,Sarah knew that computers didn't appeal to everybody.Her brother,John,hated them.This had led to some heated,although friendly arguments.

'John,you don't get it,do you?' Sarah remembered one such fight.'The computer's the future.The possibilities are endless.I can do a lot,just by typing in things.'

'Sitting in front of a computer screen,Sarah?' She recalled him countering.'That's not the future at all.'

He'd then held up his hands to her.

'These are your best tools,Sarah.Your hands.' Jennings had insisted.'They'll never break down.A computer's just a machine,and machines always break down.'

'You're not thinking straight,John.'Sarah was determined not to concede.She adored her only brother,but he was wrong here.

'Don't you understand the advantages?' Sarah went on to him.'You can do so much,with a computer,John.'

However,he also refused to back down.

'It's not the future,Sarah.Yes,there are advantages.'He did admit.'But you're relying too much on it.'

We could have argued all night.Sarah pondered that.However,she hadn't seen her brother for months,despite constant contact,with post,and phone calls.Sarah was going to give him one big hug.

She was waiting for him,standing in the docks area,and she was over-joyed to see him walking down one of the gangways.

It was then,that Sarah became aware that she was getting some leering looks,from some of the men.

Blushing slightly,Sarah backed off a little,with a couple of nervous steps.The men continued to stare at her,fully enjoying the sight,of a very pretty Western woman,in naval uniform.

Fortunately,her brother arrived on the scene.He'd practically ran to her.Sarah ran straight into his arms,and each gave a warm,long hug to each other.

Jennings gave the men standing close by,who'd leered at his sister a hard stare.This did the trick,as they turned away from them,and went back to work.

Relieved,Sarah gave her brother a grateful kiss on his cheek.

'Thank you,John.'She hugged into him again.'You're always my hero.'

'No problem.' Jennings smiled warmly in return.'How are you?'

'I'm good.' She answered him,as she held his hand,leading him towards the customs building.'Come on in.There's someone I'd like you to meet.'

Sarah led him into the customs building,and Jennings could see the customs staff hard at work.

Still holding her brother's hand,Sarah led him to her desk.The young,pretty Chinese woman Jennings had seen earlier,at the window was there.She gave him a friendly smile.

'This is Suzy.' Sarah introduced her.'She's my new friend here,and helped me out a lot here.'

Jennings offered his hand to Suzy.'Pleased to meet you,Suzy.'

Suzy accepted his hand,and nodded in return.'Nice to meet you,John.'

She saw his surprised face,as Sarah explained.

'I've told her all about you.Suzy was very keen to meet you.Any friend of mine,is a friend of yours.'

Jennings knew that.Both Sarah and Kelly were bubbly girls.They could be friends with anyone.

'What are you doing here?' He asked curiously.

'Oh,I'm helping out with customs.'Sarah answered.'It's good.We search a lot of vessels,and make checks just to make sure everything's in order.It's good,except for the paperwork.'

'How long will you be staying?' Suzy then asked him.

Jennings realised he had to get back to the ship.Kieko would be waiting for him.

'I'm sorry.'He meant that,seeing Sarah's frown.'I have something to do first,but I'll be back later.Will you excuse me?'

Seeing Suzy nod,Jennings led Sarah away a little bit,to talk in private.

'Why can't you stay,John?' The frown was still fully evident.

'Sarah,this is important.Please listen to me.' Jennings made sure his voice was serious.'Keep away from that ship,okay? I don't want you on there.'


'That's where my next job is.' Jennings informed her.'There are bad guys on there,and bad women too.'

'What is your mission,John?' Sarah was still curious.

'I can't tell you that yet.' He then took a hold of both his sister's hands,and looked directly into her eyes.'Please,Sarah.'

Sarah clearly recognised his look of concern for her,so she nodded.

'Of course.'

Jennings breathed a sigh of relief.He was still checking around,to see if he was being watched.Even though he saw nothing,Jennings wasn't fooled.He knew they were watching him.

He then realised that he had to get back,to meet up with Kieko.

'I'm heading back to the ship.'He informed Sarah.'Remember,no matter what happens,or anybody tells you,stay away from that ship.'

Again,Sarah nodded,and he was relieved.

'I'll be back soon,okay?' He warmly clasped Sarah's hands,who didn't reject it.She never would.

'Be careful.'Sarah told him.

Jennings nodded this time,with a slight smile.He then embraced his younger sister,and with another nice smile at Suzy,he left quickly.

Sarah watched him run back up to the 'Eastern Princess',as Suzy came up beside her.

'Your brother's nice.'She said.'I like him.'

'Yeah,we're close.'Sarah agreed.'He was the only friend me and Kelly had for years.'

'What did he want?'

'Oh,he asked me to stay away from that ship he's on.'Sarah gestured at the massive shape of the 'Eastern Princess.'

'Really?' Suzy was now curious.'Why did he ask that?'

'He just said there were bad guys,and bad women on board.'Sarah wished he'd been more informative.She was now starting to worry for her brother.

'I'll see what I can dig up.'Suzy too,was now slightly worried that there may be a criminal element operating here.

She headed over to her desk,and typed in the details of the 'Eastern Princess' into her computer,and waited.

The information came up immediately.Suzy checked it,and sure enough,she noticed the recorded disappearances,of several young female passengers,whilst in transit on the ship.

'Look at this,Sarah.' Suzy leaned back,to let Sarah have a look.'This must be what your brother's investigating.A series of kidnappings.All young women,travelling on that ship.'

'He might need some help.' Sarah knew of her brother's exploits,in battle.She and Kelly were very proud of him,as he helped many people,who'd needed it.Her gut instinct was telling her,that John would be okay,but there was still a lot of worry inside her for him.

'If he's working undercover,he'll probably have it.'Suzy told her.'Let's keep our eyes and ears open,but if he does call,we'll be there.'

Sarah was pleased at that.John had always been there for her,and Kelly.She'd always hoped to repay him somehow.Maybe this might be the occasion.

It was just then,that the telephone on Suzy's desk rang.She picked it up,and identified herself,then listened.

Sarah clearly saw Suzy frown,as she did so.Then,the caller abruptly hung up,making Suzy looked puzzled,as she replaced the receiver.

'Who was it?' Sarah asked.

'I'm not sure.'Suzy admitted.'It was a woman.A Chinese one.' Suzy had recognised the native tongue.'She said she knows about your brother's mission,and says he's in danger.'

Sarah instantly made to leave.

'I'm going up there.'The determination in her voice fully evident.If John was in trouble,Sarah wasn't going to sit and do nothing.

However,Suzy stopped her.

'Wait,Sarah.You can't just race up there all alone.'

'Watch me.' Sarah made to leave again,when she suddenly realised Suzy was right.It would be better to let more people know,where she was going.This way,if anything did happen to her,she'd at least leave a trail.

'I'm sorry,Suzy,you're right.'Sarah conceded.'You go and tell your people where I'm heading,and if I'm not back within the hour,call the cavalry.'

Suzy glanced around the customs office,looking for somebody,when she noticed one of the male staff looking over at them.

Suzy then headed over to him,and Sarah could see a brief conversation between them.Then,Suzy headed back over to her.

'Okay.I've left word with one of my colleagues,where you're going.'Suzy felt a bit more confident for Sarah's safety now.'But if you're not back within an hour,I'm coming in after you.Okay?'

'Okay.Thanks.'Sarah was grateful for Suzy's concern.She'd really made a great friend in her,as she'd settled into her role here.They'd accomplished a lot together.Checking vessels coming in,and out of the harbour,and finding a lot of forbidden activity.They'd caught a lot of bad guys,and both girls had enjoyed it,except for the paperwork.

However,all Sarah could think about,was finding John on that huge ship.She still remembered his warning to her,but with the back up Sarah had from her new friend,she felt confident everything would be okay.

Quickly,Sarah left the customs office,and headed over to the 'Eastern Princess.'

Suzy was then called over by one of her other male colleagues,and attended to him.

Behind her,she failed to see the man she'd just spoken too,about Sarah quietly leave the customs office.

The man made sure he wasn't followed,and out of earshot,before he produced a mobile phone.

He dialled a number,and sure enough,he was answered by a woman's voice.

'Well?' The voice demanded.'Did it work?'

'Perfectly,Miss Yang.'The man responded confidently.'The English girl is on her way up to you now.'

'Excellent!' Kim Yang was highly pleased.'Just keep an eye out,on her friend.See what she does,when the girl doesn't return.'

'I have that information ready for you,Miss Yang.' The man then told her,about Suzy giving Sarah an hour,before she herself,would head up to the ship.

He heard a contented chuckle from his superior,over the mobile.

'This is better than I expected.'Kim Yang was really pleased,at the way things were going for her.'Just make certain that girl doesn't talk to anybody else.'

The man acknowledged,and headed back into the customs office,to keep his eyes on Suzy.

Despite the wide variety of luxuries,and activities the 'Eastern Princess' offered,both Michelle and Jane were now eager to get on,with the job in mind.They could enjoy the cruise later,once they'd completed their assignment.

Both girls were sitting in their cabin.Jane was checking her camera,whilst Michelle was reading some notes she'd written down.These notes detailed the layout of the ship,and Michelle was working out which area to start.

She noticed Jane finish checking her camera,and was waiting for her.Michelle noticed Jane seemed a lot more confident now.She had a good idea why.

She too,thought of the Englishman they'd met earlier.Michelle liked him a lot too,and was wondering where they'd meet again.

Soon,hopefully.She thought.

'All set?' Michelle asked her best friend.

'Yes,Michelle.' Jane nodded,that she was ready.'Where do you want to start?'

'We'll get some shots of the ship first.'Michelle had already thought her first move.'Then,we'll start asking the crew,if they've seen anything suspicious.'

'Okay.' Jane stood up.'Let's do it.'

In Captain Liu's ready room,Liu,Kim Yang,and Yee were listening with interest,to the conversation they'd recorded between Jennings,and the two pretty Chinese journalists,when they were in the bar.

Once the conversation had finished,there was a respectful knock on the door,and Liu granted permission to enter.

Kim Yang turned to see the man she'd ordered to take pictures of Jennings.He held several of them,in his hand,and handed them over to her.

Kim Yang could see Jennings embracing a very pretty girl,in the white uniform of the Royal Navy.She scanned the pictures intently,before asking the man,if he'd accomplished his mission.

'They are brother and sister,Miss Yang.' He was pleased to offer that information to her.'She's called Sarah,his younger sister.'

'I see.' Kim Yang continued to stare at Sarah's image.She liked the look of the English girl.Very pretty,and an impressive chest too.Kim Yang concluded.

She then made a decision,regarding Sarah's future.

'Let's take her,Captain.' Kim Yang suggested.'She'll make a pretty hostage.After we've dealt with her brother,we can keep her,for possible sale.'

Liu instantly knew what she was thinking.

'You want herself,don't you,Miss Yang?'

Kim Yang smiled quietly,as she responded.'I must admit I like the look of her.I want to see what she's like.'

She then turned back,to face the still waiting man.

'What's the number of that customs office?'

Just then,Liu's telephone rang on his desk.He picked it up,and listened.He didn't have to identify himself.Whoever rang this number,knew it was answered by the Captain himself.

He kept on listening for a few moments,before issuing fresh instructions to the caller.Then,he hung up,smiling.

'Looks like our two pretty journalists are on the move.' Liu informed them.'I've ordered a constant watch on them.I'm certain they'll find what they're looking for.'

'As we will,Captain.'Kim Yang then rose from her seat,to take a slip of paper,from the man.The paper held the number she wanted.

'Well,if you will excuse me,gentlemen.'She then bowed politely to both Liu,and Yee.'I have a phone call to make.Let me know the situation,of Miss Chan,and Miss Li.'

With that,Kim Yang exited Liu's ready room.

As she left,one of Liu's bridge officers requested Yee's presence for a moment.Liu nodded,and waited until Yee returned.He was also carrying photographs,and his face was grim.

'What's wrong?' Liu asked him.'Anything else we should know about?'

Yee handed over the photographs to his Captain.Liu could see they showed the image of young,pretty Thai woman.She was also dressed,in the white uniform of the ship.

'Who's this?'

'She's the daughter of Inspector Panna,Sir.'Yee answered.'We just got word back,from our people in Bangkok.She sneaked aboard,when we left there,but she kept a low profile since,avoiding contact with the rest of the crew.'

'I see.' Liu shook his head sadly,as he knew his ship,was being investigated quite thoroughly.'We're going to have to improve security,my friend.'

'Don't worry,Sir.'Yee would always take care,of any problems the Captain didn't need to.That's what made an excellent first officer.'I'll see to it.'

Michelle and Jane had made a start,on their search.They'd made a few camera shots,discussing the 'Eastern Princess'and the security issues on it.

They'd also made many polite inquiries,to the crew,but whilst every crewman had been polite to them,they'd flatly refused to answer any of Michelle's questions.

Both girls had also walked deeper,into the ship.They were amazed,at the sheer size of the interior.Everything was well signed,but it was also easy,to get hopelessly lost too.

Michelle realised this,but was willing to be lost.She had her eye,on the off-limit areas.From her past experiences,Michelle knew,that going into a forbidden place,was a good source to find answers.

Michelle led Jane down one of the ship's many corridors,hunting out a particular off-limits area.She was very excited,in exploring this part.Jane was perhaps,a tad nervous,but she followed her best friend.

They managed to avoid being detected by the crew,who walked past them,but still found nothing of interest,yet still kept on searching.

After a while,they saw no sign of anybody at all.Michelle realised,that they'd gone much deeper into the ship.They could now hear,the vibrant sound of the engines.

Both girls were now footsore,and a little fed up.So far,they'd found nothing,and nobody had helped them.Jane's nerves were still a little on edge,as she stopped in her tracks,lowering her camera.

'Let's head back up,Michelle.'She advised her friend.'We're not getting anywhere.'

Michelle was disappointed,that she hadn't found anything.She did agree though,with Jane's thoughts for a break.

'It's still early days,Jane.'Michelle remarked.'We've still got the cruise to enjoy.'

She leaned back,into the wall,stretching her aching feet,when suddenly,Michelle felt the wall move behind her.

Startled,both girls jumped back,as they watched the wall section slide away,to reveal a flight of steps going downward.

Michelle suddenly got her enthusiasm back.She turned triumphantly back to Jane,who was now looking more nervous than ever.

'Jane,this could be it!'Michelle whispered excitedly.'I'll bet those girls are down there!'

'We don't know that,Michelle.'Jane backed into the wall herself.'Let's get some help,before we go down there.'She immediately thought of that nice Englishman she'd met earlier.'We should ask John to come with us.'

'There isn't time.'Michelle did admit,it would have been better,if they'd had some kind of protection.However,she didn't think they did.

'If we head back up now,we won't find this area again,and they may close it off.'She then took a hold of Jane's hand,gently guiding her,towards the flight of steps.

'Come on,Jane.'She smiled re-assuredly,at her best friend.'It'll be okay.'

Rather reluctantly,Jane let Michelle lead her down the stairs.As they were halfway down them,the girls suddenly watched the wall section,moving back into place.

'Well,we're committed now.'Michelle sighed.

They continued down the stairs,and gradually,both girls could see a double set of doors.They noticed the sign above it,written in Thai.

'Cargo Hold.' Michelle translated.

They suddenly heard something,coming from behind the doors.It wasn't a nice sound.In fact,it sounded like distant moaning.

'What's that noise?' It was giving Jane the creeps,hearing it.

'Only one way to find out.'Michelle answered,as she tried the door handles.It wasn't locked.She stepped into the hold first,Jane following,filming from her camera.

They both stopped in shock,at what they saw.The cargo hold they'd just entered,was a massive place,but it wasn't the size of the room,that they were stunned by.

It was what the hold contained.Several large steel cages,were scattered all over the hold,and in every cage they could see,there was a young,bound and gagged woman.

'Oh,no.' Michelle was stunned,by how many girls were held captive here.There was plenty of them,as they all kept mumbling,behind their tight gags.

The two of them could also see,how tightly each girl had been tied up.Every girl had their hands tied tightly behind them.There were many loops of strong white rope,wrapped horizontally above,and below their chests.Even their legs were tied together,with more loops secured over their knees,and their ankles,making sure they were all helpless.

Michelle shook herself out of her reverie,as she was reeling from the pleading eyes each girl was giving her.She noticed the closest captive,was another young Chinese woman,dressed in the white uniform,of the ship.It was then Michelle realised,that she'd found the missing undercover policewoman,Angela Lee.

'Come on,Jane.'Michelle urged her friend.'Let's help them.'

She hurried over,to where Angela's cage.The girl was frantically trying to tell them something,behind her black tape gag,gesturing like mad with her head.

'Just hold on,Miss Lee.'Michelle thought the girl was pleased to be rescued.It was only then,that she suddenly heard the doors behind her,slam shut.

Both Michelle and Jane jumped in fright,as they looked over at the doors.They were shut,and had now been joined,by the first officer,Yee,another man dressed as an officer,and a menacing looking Chinese woman,in the hold.

Each one of the trio,wore a cunning smile,as they stared at the two new pretty girls,who'd stumbled into their trap.Michelle realised,that Angela had been frantically trying to warn them,but it was too late.The doors had been shut,sealing them in,and they couldn't see any other way out of here.

'Good evening,Miss Chan,Miss Li.' Yee stepped forward,still smiling.'So nice of you to join us.I thought you'd like to meet the Captain,as you requested.'

Liu also stepped forward,making both girls step back fearfully.

'So,you are the two pretty journalists,who have been reporting in on our activities.'He grinned maliciously at them.

'What do you think you're doing here,with all these girls?'Michelle tried to make it sound like a demand,but she clearly felt her voice tremble.That Chinese woman,standing with Liu,and Yee,was regarding them with meaningful eyes.Michelle could also see,that the woman was armed.A sheathed knife was holstered on the woman's waist,increasing Michelle's and Jane's alarm.

'The answer is quite simple,my dear.'Liu answered her.'We've taken all these girls,to make a profit.'His smile now turned into a smirk.'Just as we will with you two.'

The shock on both girls faces,as he said that to them,was highly pleasurable.Liu then produced a pistol,which made both girls eyes widen more.

'Now,ladies,please turn around,and put your hands behind your back.'He then coldly ordered.

Michelle and Jane's fear was going into overdrive.Both had heard about slavery rings,where many pretty,young women were abducted,to be sold as sex slaves.This was quite literally,the last thing they wanted.They had to get away! But how? Their captors had made sure their only route of escape was blocked.What on earth could they do?

The answer,was nothing.Michelle and Jane fully realised this,as they still backed off fearfully,clinging onto one another,from the sinister trio.

'You'll never get away with this!' Jane wished her tone of voice,had been more firmer.Just as Michelle had spoken earlier,Jane felt her fear in it.

Her defiance only provoked amused,but cruel smiles though,especially from the armed Chinese woman,who now stepped forward.In her hands,both Michelle and Jane noticed the several coils of white rope she held.They realised with dismay,that they were going to end up,bound and gagged,just like the other helpless captive women.

'That's the most frequent thing I like to hear,my dear.'Kim Yang gave Jane a sinister smile.'I never tire of it,but there's nobody to rescue you.You are both ours now.'

'That's what you think!' Jane was still defiant,just.She was constantly thinking of the Englishman.He'd save them,and teach these monsters a lesson they'd never forget.

However,her thoughts seemed to have been read,by the woman.

'Oh,you mean,your English friend,Mr Jennings,Miss Li?'Kim Yang's smile became even more sinister.'We're dealing with him,as we speak,just as you are going to be.'

The smile slowly disappeared,as she repeated Liu's order,then adding.'I won't tell you again.'

To emphasise her threat,Kim Yang then quickly walked up to where Angela's trussed up form.She coldly grabbed the back of the girl's neck,pulling out her knife holding it firmly against Angela's neck.The girl mumbled vaguely,behind her gag,although her eyes were huge.

Helpless,both Michelle and Jane slowly turned around,and did put their hands behind their backs.There was nothing they could do.

Kim Yang kept the blade firmly against Angela's throat,enjoying the pretty girl's wide,scared eyes.She handed the many coils of rope,over to her two accomplices,and both men divided the rope,as they then began to bind Michelle and Jane's wrists behind them.

They took their time,making sure the loops,and knots were pulled tight.Once the girls hands were securely tied behind them,they were then forced gently,but firmly down onto their knees.They then felt their ankles being tied together,now making them immobile.

Even when that was done,there was still plenty of spare rope,and both Liu and Yee used it,as they wrapped four loops over the girls chests,and under them,and even tying more loops over their waists,firmly securing their arms behind them.

'Right,ladies.'Kim Yang was still holding Angela hostage,just to make sure her two new pretty captives,did as they were told.'I think it's time for you,to be gagged.'

Yee then produced the roll of black tape,that had been used to gag every woman locked up here.He tore off one large strip,then coldly smiled,as he planted it over Michelle's mouth first.He did the same,with Jane,enjoying the girls fear,as he gagged them both.

After checking the gags were tight,and effective,Yee nodded over to Kim Yang,who then withdrew her knife,from Angela's neck,much to the girl's relief.

The woman then sheathed her blade back,and unlocked two empty cages.Instantly,both Liu and Yee grabbed Michelle and Jane's tightly bound,gagged bodies,and carried them over.

Both girls were placed into their new prison,and Kim Yang locked both cages,smiling.

She'd locked Jane's cage last,and enjoyed giving the girl,a more nasty stare.Jane was frozen in utter terror,as she then had to endure Kim Yang's feeling her hair.

'Don't worry too much,my pretty.' She smirked again,down at Jane.'I'm looking forward to a duel,with your hero.It's up to him now,to see if he can save you.'

It was then,that Liu received a message,from one of his crew.He listened for a few moments,before he walked over,to Kim Yang.

'His sister is coming,Miss Yang.'

'Excellent,Captain.'Kim Yang was pleased.'You can use the chloroform on her,then bring her to me.I'll be here,waiting.'

Both Liu,and Yee nodded,and quickly left the cargo hold.Both men were eager,to seize their new prize.

As soon as they'd left,Kim Yang turned her attention back,to Michelle and Jane.Both girls were still lying helpless,on their sides in the cage.

'I'm terribly sorry,that your television career has now ended.'She smiled,almost apologetically.'But at least now,you will now have an audience,that will appreciate you.It only remains to be seen,if you will appreciate your new owners.'

This made both Michelle and Jane scream ineffectively,into their gags,as their eyes stared wider than ever,at Kim Yang.

'Yes,indeed,ladies.' She went on.'You're excellent merchandise,and we're taking you back to Bangkok.This is where we will put you up for auction.Who knows where you'll end up? The Middle East,Central America,possibly North Africa.I have many contacts there,as well as in the Orient.'

She then took a hold of Jane's chin,lifting her head up.

'Believe me,my pretty.'Her voice was still full of menace,as she gazed into Jane's terrified eyes.'You and Miss Chan,and every girl I've taken here,is going to make me very rich indeed.'

She paused briefly,still holding Jane's chin in her grip.

'All that remains for me to do now,is to make sure your hero won't get anywhere near you.' Kim Yang smiled.'I'm going to kidnap his sister,just for that extra insurance.After I've dealt with him,I'm keeping her,as my own personal little pet.You would make a welcome addition,to my own personal collection too,Miss Li.'

She enjoyed the revulsion,in Jane's face,and laughed.

'Just remember,my dear.You're mine now.There's no escape.For any of you.'

Kim Yang then released her chin,and hurried away.She picked up more coils of rope,in preparation for when they brought the English girl down here.

Both Michelle and Jane instantly tried to free themselves,as they rolled around,in their cages.Their efforts were frantic,but it was all to no avail.Not one rope even came loose.If anything,they just got tighter.The tape over their mouths refused to budge either.

They both finally gave up.In despair,all they could do,was just lie on the floor of their cages,and pray for a miracle.Jane was constantly thinking of Jennings.

Where was he? She prayed he'd find her here,with Michelle,and all the other girls,and quick.

Chapter 5 to follow....