Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sexual mis-adventures

Well,I've got a very special treat today,as my Canadian friend:Larry,has kindly done the first page,of what I plan to be an epic.

Hmm,perhaps epic was the wrong word there.What I really meant to say,is that there will be plenty of these to come.,I'm certainly going to enjoy looking at my favourite pretty heroines,falling into the bad guys clutches,be they human or not.Be warned though:there will be dark sexual content,including rape,but I love Larry's drawings,and have wanted him to do something like this for quite some time.

Anyway,here's page one,and hopefully,page two won't be far off.

Please enjoy...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Seized at the Airport

I got inspired with this story,by watching an Australian airport documentary called 'Nothing to Declare'.There were certainly plenty of pretty girls,who were real life customs staff,and looked smart as anything in their uniforms.

One of the girls was known as Mary,who I thought looked great.

So I decided to give it a go,and put Mary into the bad guys clutches!


Brisbane International Airport-Australia.

Officer Mary parked her car in her usual reserved space for the customs staff,and then exited the car,and began to walking towards the staff entrance.

As she walked along,Mary checked her uniform was in immaculate condition.She was wearing a short sleeved light blue shirt,with a large single square breast pocket either side,and she was also wearing a pair of dark blue trousers.

Her shoes were smartly polished black,and Mary checked that she had her photo ID card visible,which she wore around her neck.That way,anybody asking for help in the airport,could come and ask her.

Of course,Brisbane International Airport was huge,and there were thousands of passengers arriving and departing Australia every day.So this meant there had to plenty of staff there,but Mary knew plenty of people would come up and ask her.It happened all the time.

Mary knew she was pretty,having long dark hair,with a smart blond streak she'd asked for,on either side of her fringe.This seemed to attract a lot of attention for her,and Mary could see there was a lot of pleasure in them,so she didn't mind.As long as she could help people,then she was doing her job.

Another part of Mary's job,was to watch out for anybody up to no good,and Mary had had plenty of experience with this.It was simply unbelievable,how many passengers were trying to smuggle illegal goods in,bringing forbidden foods too.

Of course,there were honest mistakes made from a lot of people coming into Australia,but Mary knew there were still plenty of others willing to try their luck.Mary knew it was her job to stop any illegal activity.

After she'd entered the staff entrance,Mary headed to straight to her boss.This was Suzanne Davies,a tall blond woman,who was one of the airport managers in charge of Mary's section.She'd told Mary to immediately report to her on arrival.

When Mary arrived into Suzanne's office,she recognised another woman from Immigration.This was Christine,a really pretty woman like Mary.Christine had jet black hair,which fell way past her shoulders,and also like Mary,had a really good figure.

Christine wore a blue shirt too,but it was more darker than Mary's.A knee length skirt of the same colour matched very well with Christine's shirt.She wore clear nylons and black high heels.

'Hello Mary,'Suzanne greeted her.'Please sit down.I've got something important to tell you,or rather,Christine has.'

'We're expecting a flight from Thailand later this evening,'Christine began to explain.'It's a private jet,and we're very interested in the people on it.'

'Smugglers?' Mary asked curiously.

'Nothing's confirmed as yet,'Christine responded.'However,I can tell you Interpol is very keen for us,to keep an eye on them,and what they get up to.'

'My pleasure,'Mary nodded her approval to that.'How many people are we talking about?'

Both Christine and Mary watched Suzanne produce a folder,and she opened it.In it,were several photographs of people,and from what the two girls could see,the people photographed;didn't look very friendly at all.

Suzanne picked up one picture,which showed a Thai man.He wasn't smiling at the camera,and looked really tough.

'This is Kar Panna,ladies,'Suzanne informed them.'He's the leader of what we suspect,is a criminal gang,dealing in all sorts of illegal stuff.'

'Such as?' Mary asked.

This made Suzanne produce a sheet of paper,and she began to read it out.

'He's head of one of the most ruthless gangs in Thailand.They practically dominate the Bangkok underworld,but have a highly efficient cover too,for their supposed legal dealings.

'Armed bank robberies,drug smuggling,weapons too,and they're even suspected of being involved in the modern slave trade.It's made this Kar Panna,one of the wealthiest men ever.'

'Charming man,'Christine remarked dryly.

Suzanne then picked up another photograph,showing another Thai man.

'We don't know who this man is,'Suzanne admitted.'But it has been confirmed he's second in command to Panna.'She then looked up at Mary and Christine,her face full of concern.

'Watch yourselves with this one.He's the one,who does Panna's dirty work.Don't ever get caught alone with him either.He's suspected of rape.'

Both Mary and Christine's face drained slightly.They didn't like the sound of that.

'What's the plan?'Christine then asked.

'Their flight lands late this evening,'Suzanne answered.'We'll have several police officers,posing as ground crew waiting for them.That way,we'll stop them from flying off.'A slight smile showed up on her face as she said that.'If you'll excuse the pun.'

'Sounds good to me,'Christine also nodded her approval hearing that.It made her feel a bit more safer.

'Mary will enter the plane,doing the regular customs checks,'Suzanne went on,nodding at Mary.'I don't think they'll try anything,as they'll want to enter the country.We'll get a report from you once you give us the all clear,and we'll then pass them over to you,Christine.'

'What do you want me to do?'

'Keep them in the immigration area,until we get the call from the police.They're really busy,and can't send in the cavalry till later on.But I don't think there will be any problems.The police might even tell us to let them in,so they can follow them.'

'Okay,'Christine nodded again.Mary did too.

'What time do they land?'Mary inquired.

'Ten o'clock tonight,'Suzanne informed.'Any questions?'

Neither girl did.

'Okay then,ladies,'Suzanne smiled.'Let's go get the bad guys.'


The small private jet rapidly made its descent towards Brisbane International Airport,and the people on board the plane,were looking forward to landing.

However,they were not looking forward to stretching their legs,and enjoying a holiday.

Seated comfortably in the highly spacious and luxurious cabin areas,two men sat opposite each other.

Had Mary and Christine been present,they would have immediately identified Kar Panna,and his second in command.

Both men were relaxing in their more than spacious chairs,and enjoying a generous drink served to them,by the pretty dark haired Thai stewardess.

After the girl had poured their drinks,she'd left them,somewhat nervously,but both men enjoyed seeing her departure.

Like all stewardesses,the girl was dressed smartly.A white shirt,with a blue neck scarf,and a knee length dark blue skirt comprised her uniform.

Panna enjoyed her back view as she hurriedly walked away from them.He felt his lust increasing,as he turned to his friend.

'Have her bound and gagged before we land,'he ordered.'She'll be the lure for our next pretty merchandise.'

'With pleasure.'His second in command nodded,and he gestured sharply at two more Thai men,sitting within full sight of the stewardess.Both of them nodded at his command,and both rose up from their seats,heading towards the girl.

Within moments,Panna was pleased to hear a muffled cry from the stewardess.Quite evidently,one of his men had handgagged her,and soon,both men returned to their seats,nodding at their two superiors.

'She is fully secure?' Panna asked,smiling and rubbing his hands in glee.

'We have tied her up tight,sir,'one of the men reported.'She won't get free,or raise the alarm.We have made sure of that.'

Panna nodded,but he still wanted to see for himself,as he left his seat.

When he saw the girl,his lust increased dramatically.His men had tied the girl's hands behind her back,and she was lashed to her seat with horizontal loops of rope.

They were wound over and below her breasts,and even her waist,knees and ankles hadn't escaped the ropes either.Panna admired his men's handiwork.The girl was tightly tied up.

He also liked seeing the full fear in the stewardess' eyes,and also the large rectangular strip of white medical tape,completely covering her mouth.

Her gag was highly effective,as Panna heard her faintly mumbling behind the tape.This increased his nasty smile,as he then knelt down in front of her.

'You will be having some pretty company soon,my dear,'Panna chuckled,stroking her sexy looking legs with the ropes tied over them.'So you won't be on your own for long,my pretty,and then I can have some fun with you all.'

To add to his threat,Panna then roughly fondled the stewardess' breasts,fully enjoying it,and watching the girl vainly trying to squirm away from him.

He laughed,sneering down at her,before he was told they were about to land.Regretfully,Panna stopped fondling the girl,but before he headed back to his seat,he then told his bound and gagged stewardess:

'I'll be back soon,my dear.Don't go away now,will you?'

He then kissed the girl's neck,before heading back to his seat,really looking forward to the future.

The stewardess could only sit helplessly,and pray for a miracle.

As Panna sat back down into his seat,he put on his seat belt.

'Is everything taken care off,my friend?'

His second in command nodded.

'Our people are waiting for us on the ground.Don't worry,sir.I have chosen two very pretty Australian girls for you to enjoy.They're going to walk right into our hands.'

'I shall look forward to meeting them,'Panna chuckled.'Do you have pictures of them?'

His second in command nodded,and passed them over.

After studying them for a few moments,Panna was more than pleased.In fact,he couldn't wait to seize these two beauties.

'I think these two will serve me well,'Panna nodded.'Make certain you grab them unseen.'

'Everything will be as you wish,sir.'

They then watched their plane land at Brisbane International Airport,and Panna couldn't help himself,as he gleefully rubbed his hands.

More to follow....