Sunday, 31 July 2011

Trouble in the Philippines. Chapter 3

It didn't take them long to reach their target.Still leading the way,Jennings gave a hand signal to his friends to duck.They did so.

He then gave another hand signal to his commander,Grant,who promptly did so.

Once Grant lay alongside him,both men had their binoculars out,and were studying Logov's home.They could see it was an impressive structure,and no doubt luxuries abounded in it.

However,none of them were interested in that,as Grant and Jennings now spotted the armed sentries,who were patrolling the building's grounds.They also spotted the water circling around the house.At the moment,nothing was seen in it,but they knew better.

Grant had already prepared his battle plan,and he immediately put it into practice.

He turned to Fraser and Thompson,and signalled them to go round to the back of the house.Both men nodded,and moved silently away.

With that done,Grant then turned to Jennings,who was watching the enemy on the building's roof.

'You and Montgomery watch for the sentry positions,'he ordered.'Know their watch patterns.Me and Hunt are meeting a contact.'

'Got it.'Jennings nodded,and Grant moved off.He didn't bother to admonish Jennings for not calling him 'sir'.Grant had little time for that.On the parade ground,perhaps,but he thought it would be a nice touch,and his team thought the same.

Grimly,Grant then nodded to Hunt,the only woman in his squad,to come with him.They both moved quickly,but silently away.

Montgomery had already crawled up to next to Jennings,and like his friend,had now brought out his weapon,and was peering at the enemy through the aiming scope.

Both of them could see plenty of armed opposition.Not only were there heavily armed patrols,but they also spotted fixed motar positions.Most of these were placed on the roof,and Jennings and Montgomery could see the crews of these were well alert.Like themselves,the motar crews were also using their own binoculars,to scan the surrounding terrain.

Grimly,Jennings knew these weapons were a deadly deterrent to a sniper,even if he was well hidden.It only took a lucky barrage to finish him,so Jennings had already decided to eliminate this threat first,if need be.

However,this wasn't going to be easy.In fact,as Jennings continued to watch the enemy,he noticed the motar crews were keeping a high alert,and they were also keeping each other in sight.If Jennings took one of them out,they'd all be alerted to his presence.

Hopefully though,they could get in unseen,get the girls out,and successfully escape and evade the enemy.

Hopefully.Jennings thought grimly,as he kept a sharp watch on the enemy.

More to follow...

Friday, 22 July 2011

Steven Seagal

Now in the early days,I used to love watching Steven Seagal films.He kicked the bad guys to pieces,and he too,rescued many pretty girls in his films.Bondage wise,it hasn't really impressed me,although the fight scenes did:Nobody could beat him.Even so,it was still disappointing not to see much,of a pretty actress bound and gagged.The only scenes I can remember,was in 'Exit Wounds',but unfortunately,the scene included a bloke too.Damn.

After that,there's not much to report.The only scenes I can recall,were in for 'Marked for Death',where he goes to save his sister,who is tied spreadeagled on the bed,and is about to be bumped off.Fortunately,the bad guy fails.

One of his most recent films,was 'Pistol Whipped',but that scene involved a young girl,so that didn't really interest me.It's a shame really,because when I've watched Seagal's fight scenes,the heroine is there,and in serious need of his help a lot.You would have thought the writers or the director,would have thought about this,but never mind:you win some,you lose some.:)

It's also a great shame Steven Seagal's films go straight to dvd on release,but when you see some of them,it's not surprising.Never mind again,at least I'll remember his early efforts fondly,like 'Under Siege',and of course,you never know what his next offering might be.Although I have to admit,I'm not expecting anything.

No copyright infringment intended.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Superman.The TV shows.

I loved watching Superman,and I still remember being blown away by watching the 1978 film with the late Christopher Reeve playing the part.The beginning of the film has never left me,watching the scenes where the planet Krypton was ripping itself apart.That was just awesome.

Obviously though,I preferred to watch the tv shows.I loved them all.My first experience with this,was watching the recent 'Lois and Clark:The New Adventures of Superman' Dean Cain played the hero character really well,and of course,who could forget the gorgeous Teri Hatcher,playing headstrong Lois Lane.

I've heard different opinions on how Teri felt playing Lois.One was,that she didn't like being bound and gagged all the time:whilst the other side of the coin was,that she wanted to portray Lois as a strong willed character.Personally,I didn't care how Teri played her.All I wanted to see was her tied up,and in the bad guys clutches,with some serious peril included too!

No copyright infringment intended
The show was great,but the writers did drag certain stories out,which made me shake my head in disbelief.One was where Lois was kidnapped by Lex Luthor,who was played brilliantly by John Shea.He was finally killed off,but Lois lost her memory,as she knew Clark was really Superman,and they were going to marry.Yet we had to wait a bit,before the happy ending finally came.All in all though,a great show,and whilst I can't remember how many times Teri was bound and gagged,with many other gorgeous actresses for Dean to rescue,it was certainly worth watching!

Personally though,I thought the 50's tv show just had the edge.It starred the late George Reeves,who I also thought played the Man of Steel best.He had a great smile,showed the character to be warm and caring,whilst he was also brilliant at beating the bad guys.It was a superb show:the stories were well written,and for its time,the special effects were really good.Who could forget George's take off,even if he was diving!

Again,just like its more recent counterpart,there were many pretty damsels to be rescued,and I enjoyed seeing them bound and gagged too.The only minor gripe I had,was that they showed Jimmy Olsen's character in trouble with Lois a lot too.Having said that,it was a small price to pay,but it didn't really spoil the show.(although it felt it did at the time!)

No copyright infringment intended
I still miss it:one of the best tv shows I've ever watched.It's a real shame George is no longer here with us,to share his thoughts on the show.His untimely death,still unexplained,although suicide seems to be the most accepted version.Aside from the Superman role,George wasn't really given a chance to do anything else,and I really wished it had turned out different for him.I would have loved to have met him.R.I.P George.

Monday, 18 July 2011

A slightly different topic

I've been reading some comments recently,that certain people from a certain country,think they won World War 2 single handedly.

I've got a lot of books on World War 2,written by the people who were there.I won't forget the sacrifice of the Merchant Navy,where so many crews of different nationalities,were lost to the U-Boat menace.I won't forget the sacrifice of Bomber Command,and the US 8th Army Air Force,on their constant bombing missions into Germany.Losses were appalling,but they did help to break the Nazi war machine.I won't forget the different nationalities of the Bomber crews,and Fighter Command,who deserve full credit to join the fight,having made huge sacrifices,and even fighting racist prejudice too.

Of course,I won't forget D-Day either.So many died that day,no matter what beach they assaulted.It was the first,successful step,in liberating Nazi occupied Europe.

I won't forget the contribution the British 14th army did,in taking the fight back,to the fanatical Japanese,and winning.My Grandfather was there,fighting in Burma,and I won't have any bad words said against him.

Can I just politely remind these people,that a lot of people(especially from the Nazi occupied countries)gave their lives,so we could liberate Europe together.The French Resistance,the Dutch,the Belgians,the Commonwealth,a good deal of Italians,the Partisans:there were so many around the world,that helped to defeat Nazi Germany.Indeed,even a lot of Germans fought against Hitler and his Nazi thugs,and did save many Allied lives.

Yes,we couldn't have done it without the industrial might of the US,but other countries contributed too.The Russians,with their industries beyond the Ural Mountains,were a key factor in this.

Its a forgone conclusion,that there will always be people,no matter where they're from in today's world,think everybody else owes them for the victory.What I will say to them,is that you should be thankful to all those people who made the ultimate sacrifice,no matter what country they came from,so we could live free from tyranny.Even though it doesn't feel like we live in a free society a lot of the time.

To all those brave people who didn't survive the war,but successfully contributed to victory in World War 2,I salute you.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Smugglers Delight

Just like a lot of the other buildings here on the airport,the warehouse was packed with plenty of materials.This particular warehouse,was packed with a variety of stuff.It's contents included a lot of maintanence tools,that were needed to service the many aircraft that flew and landed here.

This airport wasn't a passenger one.Instead,it was solely designed for commercial purposes.Due to this,practically all the aircraft that used this airport,were large cargo carriers.There were a couple of passenger aircraft stationed here,but these were of private hire.In fact,there were no chartered passenger flights that came here,unless of course it was an emergency.

For the moment though,things were quiet,and the interior of this particular warehouse,didn't have many people inside it.

In fact,this suited one man who was currently inside the building.His name was Reeves,a well built man,with blond hair.He had a rugged appearance,and if an observer had been asked to make a first impression on him,the observer's answer would have possibly marked him as a criminal.

In fact,Reeves was a criminal:he'd committed so many crimes in his lifetime,that Reeves had lost count.Yet,he was wise enough to plan whatever crime he was preparing.This had paid more than handsome dividends for Reeves over the years.His speciality was smuggling,and Reeves certainly smuggled plenty of things.They ranged from stolen goods,weapons,and anything that would make him a lot of money.

His next shipment would certainly do that.Indeed,he was waiting for it to arrive.Reeves glanced at his watch,and knew it was nearly time for them to arrive.He smiled,somewhat unpleasantly,as he already knew what to expect.

Reeves wasn't alone in the warehouse,as he was waiting with a couple of his men.Like himself,they were tough,and didn't look friendly.The two of them were also armed,as they wore shoulder holsters,but for the moment,they kept their weapons in them.

Suddenly,Reeves mobile rang,and he looked at it,to see who was calling.It was another one of his men,Johnson.

Johnson was his second in command,and was also regarded as the brains of Reeves gang.They owed a lot of their success to him,due to his tactical thinking.

'Boss,it's me.'Johnson spoke first.

'How did it go?'Reeves asked him.'No problems,I take it?'

'Like clockwork,'Johnson replied.'I have them all here.You want to see?'

'If you would be so kind.'

Reeves then looked at his mobile screen,and after a moment,he clearly saw what he wanted to see.He smiled,with a hint of menace this time.

On his mobile screen,Reeves could see three young women,and he knew from their uniforms the trio were all wearing,that they were stewardesses.Two of the women were of Anglo-Saxon origin,whilst the third was Oriental.What pleased him even more,was that they were all damned pretty girls too.Added to his pleasure,was the fact that all three girls were bound and gagged too.Their eyes were full of fear,as they stared back into the mobile,that Johnson was obviously holding to them.

He was pleased to see his instructions had been obeyed.Earlier,it had been revealed to him,that two of these women were actually police officers.They'd both been sent in undercover,to spy on his smuggling operations,but fortunately for him,the womens cover had been exposed by one of his spies.

Reeves admitted to himself,that he'd enjoyed reading the police files sent to him by his spies.He now knew everything about the two girls,who were now his prisoners.

The first girl was known as Sarah Lloyd,and her partner,Susan Thompson.Both these women,were highly proven officers,and could take care of themselves.Reeves had read much about their previous operations,and noticed the two of them volunteered frequently,to be used as bait to catch their targets.

Reeves had made the decision to seize them,and had sent in Johnson with a couple of his men to do so.Both the undercover police women,were successfully abducted,as Reeves could now see.Yet,he clearly saw the third woman,bound and gagged tight,just like her two female colleagues.This made him curious:he already knew who the other two were.

'Who is the other girl,Johnson?'Reeves demanded.

'An unexpected bonus,'Johnson answered him.'This one walked right into us,while we were tying the other two up.Couldn't leave her behind,could we?'

'I suppose not,'Reeves admitted,although still pleased to see another bound,gagged woman now in his clutches.'Any sign of pursuit?'

'None.'Johnson's voice was utterly confident.'Nobody saw us.'

'Good.'Reeves then looked more closely at the three girls,as he wanted to see how they'd been tied up.

Of course,the first thing Reeves noticed,was that all three women had their hands tied behind their backs:their ankles too,were secured together.Reeves was also pleased to see,a lot of ropes tied all over each of the women.His men had not only secured them hand and foot,but had also wound loop after loop of rope,over the girls stewardesses uniforms.None of the girls stood a chance of freeing themselves.Reeves was delighted to see many horizontal loops,secured tightly over each girls chest and waist.He was also pleased,seeing the three beauties gagged with large,rectangular strips of white tape.

Satisfied,Reeves then told Johnson:'Excellent work.Keep your eye on them,and make sure you're not followed.We'll be leaving with them soon.'

'You got it,boss.'

Reeves then rang off,and he went to attend other matters.If he got it all sorted,he may have some time to enjoy his new shipment.This made him smile again,and this time,there was strong lust visible in it.


Back in the van that was now heading towards the warehouse,the man known as Johnson kept his eyes open.Despite the fact that he knew nobody would be able to see the three gorgeous beauties,tightly bound and gagged in the rear of the van,he wasn't taking any chances.

He had planned this route carefully,as they were now driving along the back roads.If there was something Johnson expected,it was the unexpected.He always planned ahead,making sure they had the least chance of discovery.

For the moment,Johnson's plan was working.He and two of his men with him in the van,never saw any signs that they were being followed.

So far,so good.Johnson thought,but he still kept his eyes open.

He suddenly saw one of his men lean back over his seat,and was now gazing down at the three trussed up women.Johnson clearly saw what he had in mind.The man was known as Lilley,a big man like himself,but he didn't have Johnson's brains.Indeed,Lilley was nothing more than an arrogant bully,and his criminal record was far worse than Johnson had ever read.

Obviously,it had been Reeves idea to hire him:he had wanted the extra muscle,and Johnson knew Lilley was a powerful man.It wasn't a good idea to take him on,and Johnson didn't like him personally,remembering how he worked.

He watched Lilley from the corner of his eye,clearly seeing the pistol he held,and Johnson tensed.

Lilley was smirking,as he kept his gaze down at the three girls.The trio were staring back up at him,with their eyes huge above their tape gags.

Still keeping his smirk,Lilley used the pistol he was holding,to brush it along one of the stewardess' bound legs.The girl whimpered into her gag,clearly terrified at her current predicament,and knew she was unable to get away from her kidnapper's touch.

'You're very pretty,'Lilley spoke to her,but he was gloating.'I can't wait to have a piece of you,when we reach our destination.'

Lilley still kept fondling the girl with his gun,but then,his lust was getting the better of him,as he now used his free hand to grope her breasts.

This elicited a really terror stricken,but considerably muted scream from the girl,but Lilley ignored that.Instead,he sneered down at her,keeping up his indecent assault on her.He was already feeling himself being turned on,and he was going to enjoy himself.

The next moment though,he was sent staggering back into his seat,as he felt a blow to his head.He howled in agony,instantly clutching his head.

'Back off,Lilley,'Johnson's voice was sharp and authorative.'They're not for you,only for the boss.'

He was somewhat amused to see Lilley's fierce gaze at him,clearly knowing who his assailant was.Johnson had enjoyed hitting him,and his eyes never left the pistol Lilley still held.At the moment,it wasn't being pointed at him.

'I'll remember that!'Lilley's eyes were still full of rage,but he clearly knew he was no match for Johnson.This man had proved it countless times,when other people had decided to take him on.

'Yes,I bet you will,'Johnson nodded his assent.'However,the girls are not for you.It's your job to watch them,not feel them.'

There was no reply to that,but Johnson watched Lilley back off,and he resumed his proper job of guarding their prisoners.Johnson though,had made up his mind to keep an extra eye,where Lilley would be.

Fortunately,there were no more incidents,and they finally reached their destination,driving into the airport's grounds.

It didn't take them long to reach the selected warehouse,and the van was driven into it.

Watching the van's entrance with great pleasure,Reeves couldn't wait to see his next shipment in the flesh.He'd already had several requests for these girls to be transported away,and he was going to do so.

But not just yet.Reeves thought,grinning.

The van stopped,and he saw Johnson exit the vehicle,whilst Lilley and the driver,then proceeded to the rear doors of the van,and opened them up.Both men then easily seized one girl each,and carried her out.Johnson did the same with the third girl.

The three men then forced the girls to face Reeves,and they kept an inescapable grip on them.Reeves then moved up to the first woman,of which Johnson held.He knew who she was,having read her police file earlier.

'Welcome to my little lair,Miss Lloyd.'Reeves greeted the girl politely.'I can't say how pleased I am,now that I have you here.'

The girl couldn't answer him,as she was still gagged with the white tape.It still didn't stop her,from making frantic struggles.However,it was useless.Johnson easily held onto her.

'I will call you by your first name,so let me warn you,my dear Sarah,there is no escape for you,nor your friends.'

'There will be people looking for her,'Johnson then informed him.'She does have good friends in her force.'

'I'm quite sure she does.'Reeves nodded with an evil smile.'Still,we can enjoy each others company,before I send her on.'He gripped the girl's chin,and lifted it.'You'd like that,wouldn't you,my pretty?'

From the girl's reaction,it was quite clear she wouldn't,but her struggles were still in vain.

Reeves then moved to the next bound,gagged girl.Lilley held this one in a tight bear hug.Her eyes were huge,staring up at her holder,and the man now advancing on her.

'And you are Miss Susan Thompson,'Reeves then stroked her hair.'Very pretty,aren't you? I've already had a lot of inquiries for you,and you'll attract a lot of interest.'

Susan's eyes still kept bulging up at him,as she knew what he was talking about.This wasn't good news at all.

Finally,Reeves moved to the last girl,who unlike her two captive friends struggling like mad,she was paralysed with fear.

'So this is the innocent young lady?'Reeves asked,turning to Johnson.

Seeing Johnson's nod,he then moved up to her,and lifted her chin too.

'I must apologise for bringing you here,'Reeves told her pleasantly.'You see,my dear,I wanted these two pretty little cops,who were sent in to try and catch me out.Fortunately,my resources were able to warn me,so I arranged to have them both brought to me.It was unfortunate for you,my dear,when you made your sudden appearance.'

'Even so,'Reeves went on,still smiling.'I'm pleased to have you here.You're very pretty too,so it will be interesting to see,who is interested in you.'

Reeves then looked back at Johnson.'What's her name?'

'Michelle Lang.'Johnson answered.'She was the real stewardess.'

'Well,she won't be serving any more flight meals or drinks from now on.'Reeves chuckled,still holding onto her chin.'In fact,my dear,you and your two gorgeous friends,will be serving somewhere else.You see,I'm what you might call,a smuggler,but I smuggle a lot of things,including pretty girls like yourself.So you can imagine what that entails?'Reeves raised an eyebrow,almost amused.'Can't you?'

From the appalled eyes he was now witnessing,Reeves could see Michelle clearly did understand.She suddenly went into a panicked frenzy,but then,Reeves stepped forward,not wanting to see a hysterical woman,and he quickly knocked Michelle out,using a pressure point.The girl sagged instantly.

'Okay,'Reeves gestured for Michelle's limp form,to be carried into his office also.'Tie them tight to the chairs,then prepare the cases.I'm going to make a call.'

The three girls were easily forced into a smart office,that Reeves used to manage his business.It was a small room,but there was still plenty of space,and as the men dragged Susan and Sarah inside,the girls then noticed three hard backed,wooden chairs.All three of them were then sat down on one,before Johnson,Lilley and the driver,then set about tying them up even more.

It didn't take them long.Sarah and Susan mumbled despairingly into their gags,knowing how tightly tied up they were.They were both feeling desperate inside,and praying for a miracle.

More to follow...

Thursday, 14 July 2011

CSI:Miami Cara Santana

I don't usually watch the CSI tv shows,just the odd time.However,I did like watching this episode from the Miami show,where the very pretty Cara Santana is kidnapped,after witnessing a murderer escape.The murderer though,sees her too,and gets one of his dastardly pals to kidnap Cara.She's knocked out by a blow to her head,and the scene's very brief,but Cara is bound and gagged in an abandoned house,and she's in serious peril from a timed bomb.
No copyright infringment intended.
Fortunately,Horatio,the show's hero,manages to find her,and rescues Cara.Just in time too,as the bomb explodes.Cara definitely fits the bill,as one of my favourite damsels in distress,and I sincerely hope she has more scenes to come.:)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Trouble in the Philippines.Chapter Two.

Twelve hours earlier:RAF Singapore base.

The briefing room was filled with people.Some stood,whilst a few others sat in chairs.All of the people here,felt the tension.This was always the case,when there was a new mission to complete.

In front of them all,was a mounted television.The screen on it was huge,and it was popular here,as the base's staff could enjoy watching their favourite shows on it,or watch the latest developing news.

Now however,it was going to be used for military purposes.

Standing in front of it,was Group Captain Davis.He was in command of the base,and whilst he was a tough taskmaster,Davis was firm,but fair.Although,he wasn't popular with a lot of people,Davis always believed in fighting for the right cause.His briefing here now,was just that.

Davis made a check to see if everyone who should be was,and they were.He could see Squadron leader James with his flight crew,and he gazed over at Major Grant,standing close by with his own combat unit.All of them gazed back at him expectantly,waiting for Davis to begin.He did so.

'Okay,people,here is our next assignment.'Davis then nodded to one of his aides to turn the television on,who did so.He then moved to a small table,where a dvd player was placed.This was connected to the television,and the man turned this on too.

The first images the television showed,were of two pretty girls.Everybody in the room could see they were of Oriental descent.

'These two young ladies are from the Manila police department,'Davis started the briefing,'the first lady is Andrea Lin.She's actually the daughter of the Manila police chief.'

Everybody stared with interest at the photo of Andrea,especially one of Grant's soldiers.They noticed Andrea was indeed,very young,and of course,extremely attractive.The girl had the customary,jet black hair of all the Oriental people.Her hair was long,falling past her shoulders,and it was slightly curled.She was also smiling at the camera,and this had more influence on the same individual on Grant's team.

'The second young lady,is Jane Lee,'Davis continued.This time,he stared at the man in Grant's squad,before continuing.'Miss Lee is from the Hong Kong police.She and Miss Lin are really good friends,and I believed she volunteered to be with Miss Lin,which of course,was accepted.'

'What's the mission,sir?'Somebody in the room asked him.

'Both these young ladies need our help,'Davis responded,'and we're going to give it to them.'

He was pleased to see a lot of his people nod their approval.Davis firmly believed a soldier's job,was to protect innocent people from harm.He'd done so many times himself.

He nodded to the same aide again,who then used a remote control dvd player,and this time,a man's face showed itself on the television.Everybody in the room agreed,that this man didn't look very friendly.

'This is Gustav Logov,'Davis continued,'as you'll have probably guessed,he's Russian.In fact,he's Russian Mafia.He owns a pretty big empire,all created from intimidation and selling the wrong kind of things.Our intelligence,with the help of some of our Russian counterparts,have confirmed Logov is involved in weapons smuggling,hard drugs,even slavery rings.'

This time,Davis noticed the anger and distaste on everybody's faces.This pleased him too,as he always knew his people would fight these sort of things.

'Both Miss Lee and Miss Lin,were sent in undercover to Logov's gang.He owns a large property,hidden in the jungle,and it's a fortress.He's got his own private army with him,and the two girls are now in trouble.Intelligence has confirmed,that their covers will soon be discovered.It's going to be our job,to get them out safely.'

Davis then ordered photos of the target's house to be displayed,and once it was,he went on to explain the defences around it.

'This isn't going to be easy,'Davis meant that,'the whole area is well patrolled,and there are some nasty defences to overcome.Logov doesn't just have his own force to protect him.He also uses the jungle habitat.'

Davis then pointed at an area near the house,where water could be seen.

'Magnify.' he ordered.

This was done for him,and when the image on the screen became more visible,Davis and everybody else,could now see something else.More precisely,several more somethings.

'As you can see,'Davis pointed at the ominous shapes,'this Logov has his own deadly zoo.Those are crocidiles there,man eating ones.' He paused,watching the reaction on his people.Some looked horrified,most looked grim.Looking over at Grant's squad,Davis saw no reaction at all from them.It didn't surprise him,knowing Grant had an excellent record in battle.He always came through,no matter what obstacle was thrown at him,be it man or beast.

'I've detailed your squad,Major Grant,to get in there,and get those two girls out of there.Alive and unharmed,is that understood?'Davis had looked at Grant fully saying that.

'Undertstood,sir.'Grant nodded.

'Good,now your insertion plan will follow..'Davis then went on to explain the flight plan they'd be using.Once he'd explained that,Davis then asked if there were any questions.

'We have full authority to deal with any opposition,sir?'One of Grant's men asked,and Davis recognised him.

'You do indeed,Jennings.'Davis nodded.'You're coming up against some,very nasty players.This Logov,has murdered quite a few people,with help from his thugs.Deal with them,in any way you wish.Recovering those two girls is of top priority.They have vital intel on Logov's operations,so the sooner the better.'

He saw Jennings nod his understanding,and Davis was actually pleased to see him here.He'd read so much about this man,and Davis was glad to have him on his side.

'Any more questions?'he asked the rest of the room,but there were none.

'Okay,'Davis nodded,'let's get to work.Good luck to you all.Dismissed.'

They all stood respectfully to attention as Davis walked out.Once he'd gone,everybody went to prepare their gear for the mission.


Plummeting towards the ground,Grant checked his altimeter watch.It wasn't time to deploy his parachute yet,knowing he'd do it much more closer to the ground.This was a standard high altitude,low opening procedure.Grant and his team had done this so many times,but he was wise enough to keep his eyes open.After all,they were heading into hostile territory.In fact,Grant could see the target building way down below him,although their landing area they'd selected,would put them some distance from it.

Grant then made a check on his team,and was satisfied to see them close to him,falling in perfect formation.He sincerely hoped none of them would receive any injuries on landing.If that happened,they were already at a serious disadvantage.

Grant then checked his altimeter again,and it was now time to deploy.He did so,pulling on the ripcord.There was the customary jerk as the parachute opened up,before he then looked up to check the canopy.It had opened successfully.

As he drifted down,Grant could see the jungle looming up to him,or rather,it's dense treetops.He could see the landing area,and aimed towards there,still checking if all his squad's parachutes had worked.They had.

Luck was with them,as they all steered towards the small clearing,and miraculously,every one of them made it.

Quickly,after landing,Grant shrugged off his harness,and dragged his parachute in.The rest of his squad followed his example,once they'd landed without injury.

With that done,they all took cover,and readied their weapons,checking to see if any opposition had seen them.There were none.

Grimly,Grant stood up,and issued fresh orders.

'Fraser,Thompson,get up ahead and fix our position.'

Both men nodded,and moved silently away,as the rest of their colleagues tensely waited for their return.

They didn't have to wait long.Both Fraser and Thompson successfully made it back without incident,and it was Fraser,a tough Scot from Glasgow,who gave Grant his update.

'We're three clicks from the target,sir.'Fraser then pointed in the direction.'That way.'

'Let's move,'Grant ordered sharply,before he glanced at another of his squad.'Jennings,you take lead.'

Jennings nodded,and after preparing his own weapon of choice,a shotgun,he moved to take the lead.The rest of his team followed him,as they headed towards the target.

Chapter 3 to follow...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Trouble in the Philippines.Chapter One.

The C-130 Hercules aircraft sped through the night sky,as its flight crew kept their eyes peeled.

They had too,as all of them knew they were now approaching dangerous airspace.

Flying the massive plane,was Squadron Leader James.He was a highly experienced pilot,having logged up thousands of hours.This was one of the reasons James was chosen for this type of mission.

He continued to keep his eyes sharp on the flight instrument panel,but James made sure he was kept well informed,of what was going on outside.

Doing this for him,was his co-pilot.This was Flight Lieutenant Jane Williams,the only woman serving with his flight crew.

James knew Jane was utterly reliable,and he trusted her.All of his flight crew did.She was a damned good looking woman,James knew that,but of course,that wasn't why he chose her.

He then asked her for an update.

'ETA to drop off point?'

'Four minutes.'Williams answer was instant.

'Anything else?'

'Nothing yet,'her answer was instant,'but let's hope we can get them in unseen.'

Williams had nodded towards the back of the plane saying that,and James also glanced back.

He could see the people he'd met earlier in the briefing,were now making checks on each others equipment.All the flight crew knew what these people were going to do,and they were all glad that they weren't going down with them.

James made another check on the flight panel,scanning their flight path.He could see they were almost there,and his hand went to activate a switch.

As he did so,James now knew he'd lowered the massive,rear ramp.Then,he moved his hand to activate another switch.This turned on a red light,just placed outside the Hercules' ramp.This was the signal for those in the back to stand by,but glancing back again,James could see they already were.

He then moved his hand to the next control.This would turn on the green light,placed under the red light,signalling the order to go.

However,James knew he still had to contact the leader back there,and he did so.

'Major Grant? Good hunting,and good luck.'

The man known as Major Grant instantly responded to him.

'Thank you.'

It was brief,but that's all James needed to hear,as he now saw they'd reached the drop off area.

Instantly,he pushed his hand onto the control,and back in the rear of the aircraft,the green light came on.

As soon as it did,all those in the back,moved forward quickly,and launched themselves out of the Hercules,freefalling down towards their target area

Chapter Two to follow...

Friday, 1 July 2011

Walker,Texas Ranger

No copyright infringment intended.

This was undoubtedly,one of my favourite tv shows ever.I used to watch it religiously every week,when it was shown on Sky One.

I just loved the action,and of course,Chuck Norris,who played the lead role.He certainly saved many decent people from the bad guys,and of course,many pretty girls too!It really was a great programme that featured a lot of damsels in distress,and personally,I found in a lot of the episodes,Chuck and his team did indeed,save many a pretty girl.

Of course,there were a few scenes showing these pretty girls bound and gagged.This really was great,and I especially enjoyed the fight scenes,where Chuck and his team would go in and beat up the baddies,before saving the girl.

No copyright infringment intended.

As an added bonus for me personally,the show introduced the lovely Nia Peeples,added to Walker's team.Nia personally didn't get many scenes tied up,and she certainly wasn't gagged in them.(Not that I recall anyway!)but she did get two scenes I remember,so that was better than nothing!