Friday, 30 December 2011

Bruce's Deadly Fingers

Now,this has got to be one of the most cheesiest,and laughable films ever made.Made in 1976,it certainly highlights a typical,terrible martial arts film.

Basically,the film's plot is about our hero returning to Hong Kong from America,and he wants to find a book called-(don't laugh) the Kung Fu Fingerbook.Evidently,this was written by the late,great Bruce Lee himself,(in the film of course!)where you can kill your opponent with one strike from your finger!

The bad guys desperately want it,so they kidnap our hero's pretty sister,and of course,Nora Miao,playing an actress.The dubbing's awful,but I still really enjoy watching this film.It has some great moments,especially in the fight scenes,where you get to see typical close ups of the blokes faces when they fight.The music's really funny too.

Of courseI love his film for watching the number of scenes,where the bad guys grab the girls.I can remember three scenes,showing the girls bound and gagged.Nora Miao actually has two scenes! I was over the moon at that.

No copyriht infringment intended.

The 70'sfor martial arts fims was pretty good in my opinion,although of couse,you did see some really terrible ones.Bruce's Deadly Fingers certainly wasn't the best martial arts film I watched,but I enjoyed the fight scenes,and it has plenty of damsels in distress action.

Just a pity the modern martial arts films,seemed to have given up on rescuing the bound and gagged girl nowadays.


Well,that's it everybody.Have a Happy New Year and let's hope 2012 is a much better one than 2011,and of course,keep hoping to see or read more scenes,of pretty girls bound and gagged.

Take care.

Added on a bit more-Again!

Well,I'm enjoying writing the latest chapter of 'Trouble in the Philippines' I've added a bit more to it,and hope it goes down well.

I was interested to read the results on KP's excellent blog,regarding the best story this year.I personally voted for 'Private Cheers',which I thoroughly enjoyed.I'm looking forward to seeing KP return next year-or rather,next week!The contribution story list is interesting,so I'll have to read them all,before I decide which gets my vote.One thing's for sure,I've certainly enjoyed everything I've read so far on KP's blog.

Anyway,happy reading!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Another wasted opportunity

I've always been a fan of Steven Seagal,but sadly,his latest films don't seem to have any pretty actresses bound and gagged anymore.

His recent offering is 'Lethal Justice',where he and his band of fellow police officers,must track down a deadly sniper,a rapist,and stop a neo-nazi gang.

No copyright infringment intended.

Now,there are plenty of very pretty actresses here in this film,including Tia Carrere,who I think,still looks great,but can you believe it? Not one of them gets tied up and gagged.All I saw was right at the start,a minor scene where Seagal saves a young woman from being raped by two of the nazi thugs.One of them handgags her,but that's it,before Seagal kicks them into touch.

No copyright infringment intended.

Of course,it's just the way the story's been written,but alas,the writers certainly didn't believe in the damsel in distress treatment here.


Oh well,better luck next time,and the next,and the next.......

Trouble in the Philippines Chapter 5

Still perfectly camoflagued,Jennings and Montgomery continued to observe their unsuspecting enemy.

There was nothing that was happening,but both men stayed fully alert.They still had their mission to complete,and kept their eyes sharp on the many,well armed patrolling men around the house.

So far,everything was proceeding normally.The enemy were still unaware of their presence,and there was a good chance they could pull this off.

Montgomery was scanning through his binoculars,when he spotted something.He could see a jeep with Andrea driving it,now pull up outside the mansion.

Armed men were waiting by the entrance,and both Jennings and Montgomery could see through their own scopes,that both men were eyeing Andrea up.She was after all,very pretty.

They watched Andrea enter the house,and disappear from their view,when suddenly,there was an incoming call on their radio.

'Jennings,Montgomery,'it was Grant's voice.'Has the girl returned yet?'

'Yes sir,'Montgomery reported back.'She's just arrived,and gone into the house.'

'Good.I've given her a tracking device.Make sure you don't lose sight of her.'


'Anything else to report?'Grant should have really admonished Montgomery,for forgetting to call him 'sir',but he didn't.He was very pleased to have these people under his command,and he certainly needed them on a mission like this.

It was then,that Jennings nudged his friend,nodding at another two vehicles now arriving outside the mansion.One was a large truck,whilst behind it,was another jeep,which carried two women.

'Two more enemy vehicles,'This time,it was Jennings who reported,and his face hardened,as he then watched Gustav's troops go round to the rear,and easily carry out the bound and gagged women Grant,Hunt and Andrea had seen earlier.

'They've seized more civilians.All women,'Jennings kept his eye on through the telescopic sight,and could do nothing,but only watch as the new prisoners were carried inside.'They've took them in,boss.'

'Okay,'Grant's voice sounded determined.'Hold your position and deal with any threat.Me and Hunt are going in.We'll call you when its time.Understood?'



The two women who had followed Andrea,now made their way back to Gustav.He hadn't left the swimming pool area,and watched as the two came up to him.

'Ah,Michelle,Daniella,'Gustav was pleased to see both his women smiling.Here were two of his loyal employees.They were both highly attractive women,tall too,and deadly.'Good news,I trust?'

'Yes,Mister Gustav,'The girl known as Daniella spoke first.'Andrea is definitely up to no good.She definitely met with somebody,but it was impossible to see who she talked to.'

'No matter,'Gustav was now smiling.'I'm certain we'll find out soon enough.Besides,'his smile turned ominous,'we still have Miss Lee secure,and I'm sure our pretty Andrea will be concerned for her friend's safety.'

Both Daniella and Michelle gave approving smiles.

'She certainly is pretty,'Michelle admitted.'I'd love to have some time with her,just like that Chinese girl tied up.'

'Indeed,Michelle?'Gustav raised an eyebrow at her.Seeing Michelle's confirming nod,he went on,'Well,why not? If you can discover her making the wrong move,I leave it at your discretion.'

'Thank you,sir,'Michelle replied gratefully.So grateful was she,that she leaned forward to give her master,a deep and loving kiss.

Gustav fully enjoyed her kiss,and would have liked to have it continue,but he then broke away,and smacked Michelle's rump.

'Business first,my dear.You and Daniella go and take care of our pretty spy,but remember,I want you to catch her in the act.Once you've done so,bring her to me.'

Scowling slightly,Michelle backed away,but her new orders pleased her.So quickly,she gave a curt nod to Daniella,and they both hurried away to find their prey.

Watching the two women go,Gustav smirked to himself.Both Daniella and Michelle were definitely his favourites.As well as being stunning beauties,he'd also seen them fight,and they were both highly skilled.He'd seen them over-power Angela Lee.The pretty Chinese girl had given a good account of herself,when she'd been forced to fight his two deadly females.Gustav had enjoyed watching the fight,and admitted to himself,that Angela had landed in several good blows,but of course,with Daniella and Michelle eager,and well experienced fighters,there was always going to be one outcome.

And so it proved.After successfully knocking their opponent out,both had dragged Angela away,and on Gustav's orders,taken her to a room,and then bound and gagged her.She'd been left under guard ever since,until Gustav decided what to do with her.

At the moment,Gustav was thinking of something nasty,and it made him smile.If all went well,he'd have another two,very pretty additions to his collection.

With that in mind,Gustav decided to go down and check on the girl.He abruptly rose up,and told his admiring female crowd he'd be back soon.Then,he left the swimming pool area,and entered the house.

It didn't take him long to reach the room where the girl was held.When he opened the door,Gustav was so pleased to see Angela where he'd last left her.

She was still sitting on the hard backed wooden chair,where Daniella and Michelle had forced her onto.One of his men was also there,armed to the teeth,and keeping an eye on his prisoner.He was also pleased to see the girl still tightly tied up.Both his girls had done an excellent job at this,but Gustav still liked to inspect and make sure.

The girl had watched his entry with alarm,but of course,she couldn't say anything to him.A tight,white cleave gag,had been secured into Angela's mouth,and all she could do,was mumble faintly behind it.

Chuckling quietly,Gustav walked around to the back of the chair,and then inspected the strong,brown hemp ropes tied over Angela's wrists.It only took a second to satisfy him,that the girl was still secure.Added to Angela's discomfort,more of the ropes had been wound over her upper body,tightly lashing her to the chair.Her ankles had been forced to one of the chair's lower struts,and both were tied tightly together there.Gustav was pleased,knowing his prize wasn't going anywhere,until he decided otherwise.

He then walked back round to face Angela,and knelt down.Gustav then began to stroke her cheek.An action that Angela tried to jerk her head away,but he cruelly laughed,as he then seized her chin,forcing him to look at him.

'I have some good news for you,Miss Lee,'Gustav told her,still keeping his hold on her chin.'You might be having some company join you soon.'

He was pleased to see the girl's eyes widen,and knew who she was thinking about.

'That's right,my dear,'Gustav went on.'Andrea did a very good job avoiding my suspicions,but thanks to some priceless help,I'm afraid her spying days are almost up,but I'm sure you'll be glad to be back in each others company.'He grinned maliciously.'Tied up,of course.'

Angela could only stare helplessly.There was no way she could help or warn Andrea,that the bad guys were now closing in on her friend.Being in this monster's clutches left her feeling desperate,and all Angela could do was pray that help was on its way,and fast.

Still alarmed,Angela then watched Gustav lean forward,and surprisingly,he jerked her gag away.This made Angela spit out the balled up cloth,that had been forced into her mouth by those two horrible women.It was a huge relief for Angela,that she could breathe normally again.

Even so,Angela kept her eyes sharp on her captor,as she knew Gustav was a real nasty piece of work.

'Aren't you going to untie me?'Angela asked carefully.'I've been tied up here for ages!'

'Not just yet,my dear,'Gustav's reply disappointed her.'I like seeing you like that.However,I'm sure you'll agree,that one good turn deserves another.'

'Like what?'

'Well for a start,you're going to tell me who you're working for,and what you've told them,and any future plans that may be in operation against me.'

Angela now glared at him,still struggling against her tight bonds.

'I'm not going to tell you anything.You're a monster.'

'I agree I can be a monster,my pretty,'Gustav chuckled into Angela's face.He then started to stroke her tied legs,making the girl yelp in shock.'However,it's not something I want to do to you.You're very pretty,so I won't lay a hand on you:But you will tell me what I want to know,Miss Lee.'

He then glanced up at the guard,and nodded to him.In response,the guard then handed him,a small box.When Gustav opened it,Angela's fear increased,when she suddenly recognised,an ominous looking syringe.

'Truth serum,my dear,'Gustav informed her pleasantly,as he then filled the syringe from a small bottle,filled with what appeared to be clear water,but obviously,it wasn't.

'This stuff never fails,'Gustav went on.'I have used,shall we say,other methods at interrogation,with varying degrees of success.But you,my dear,I don't want to mark your pretty face,so,'he then held the syringe up,'-are you going to be sensible?'

Despite the syringe's threat,and her ever increasing fear inside,Angela stood fast.She didn't say anything to him.

'A pity,'Gustav clearly recognised her silent,but defiant reply,and he then nodded again to the guard,who promptly wrapped his arms around Angela's chest,holding her still.

Gustav swabbed an area of Angela's arm,and despite the girl's grunts and vain struggles,he successfully injected into her.

Angela instantly felt the drug racing through her.It was telling her body to relax,but she desperately fought it.She could now feel her vision dimming,but she still saw Gustav,and he was grinning down maliciously at her.

'Just relax,Miss Lee,'Gustav told her,as he then walked behind her,and started to play his fingers through Angela's hair.'There's no way you can fight it,and you'll tell me everything I want to know.'

Come on,come on!Angela was still fighting the drug.Fight it,fight it,Angela!She wasn't going to give this monster the satisfaction of beating her,but gradually,her body relaxed,and even though she could still see,things didn't appear normal,or even sounded so.

'Now,my dear,'Angela heard Gustav's voice speak to her,but it sounded in slow motion.'What is your name?'

'Angela Lee.'She couldn't resist that one.

'Your age?'

'Twenty three.'

'An excellent age,'Gustav grinned.He couldn't wait to have this Chinese beauty.Once he'd done so,she would also fetch a good price on the slave markets.

'What is your occupation?'Gustav then asked her.

'Police officer,undercover.'Angela was filled with dismay,once she knew she'd answered that one,but what could she do? The drug inside her,was too powerful.She couldn't fight it anymore.

'What is your mission here,Miss Lee?'

'To gather intelligence on your drug operation,and arrest you.'

'I see,'Gustav smiled.This was going excellently.'And Andrea? Is she undercover too?'


This made Gustav glance up at the guard.

'Find out if she's been taken yet,'his voice meant business.'I want her brought to me.'

The guard nodded too,and hurried away.

'Now,my dear,'Gustav continued with the interrogation.He even started to stroke Angela's legs again.'Who is going to arrest me?'

'Army unit.'

This stopped Gustav fondling his prisoner.He suddenly realised he had to do something about this.

'Thank you,my dear,'Gustav then picked up the balled up cloth on the floor,and stuffed it back into Angela's mouth.He then retied the white cloth into the same cleave gag,but he made sure it was tighter this time,enjoying tying the last knot at the back of Angela's head.

With that done,Gustav left the room.He glanced back at his prize,and saw she was slowly recovering from the drug,but still bound and gagged securely,he knew the girl wasn't going anywhere.

Quickly,he picked up his own radio unit,and called for all his patrol leaders to report in.As he expected,all of them did so,and when he asked them all if they'd seen anything suspicious,all their answers were negative.

Even so,Gustav wasn't fooled.He knew there was a dangerous enemy lurking nearby,and he wanted to be ready for them.With that thought in mind,Gustav turned his gaze back towards the girl,and his expression wasn't friendly.

'Stay alert,'Gustav ordered,still keeping his unfriendly eyes on Angela.'We may have some company watching us.'

Angela had now just about recovered,but inside,she was full of dismay,realising she'd been forced to reveal the planned ambush on Gustav and his men.Angela could also feel she'd been tightly gagged again,and from the way Gustav was looking at her,she sensed this wasn't good news.

'So,my dear,'Gustav's voice was calm,but clearly full of menace.'I think I'd better go and see where your friends are.I'm quite sure they'll be most anxious for your safety,as well as Andrea's.'His smile wasn't nice either.'Don't worry your pretty head though.Once I've dealt with them,you and Andrea will be personally given special treatment by myself.'

After making another check on her bonds and gag,Gustav then left Angela alone,who now desperately began to try and free herself.

More to follow....

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Not enough stewardesses bound and gagged

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one,that I haven't seen hardly any stuff on the telly or films,that show a pretty stewardess bound and gagged.

I've had to admit I've drooled like mad,when searching for a scene.Sadly though,there's hardly been anything.All I can remember,is a a quick scene from a Charlie Sheen film-'Terminal Velocity' I personally hated this film.Charlie played a wimp,and of course,his co-star actress(can't remember who she was)must have been crowing with delight at her role.And of course,the main reason I hated the film,was that there was a quick scene showing the flight crew(sadly,there were 2 blokes too)bound and gagged,but they were all dead,murdered by the bad guys.I hate that.

No copyright infringment intended

No copyright infringment intended.

As you can see,there are different types of uniforms the girls can wear.I personally love the shirt with the smart neck scarf,and the sexy skirt and of course,the sexy nyloned legs.I've personally lusted at these girls when I've flown before.(Discreetly,of course!)

Anyway,I'd certainly like to hear if anybody else has seen any scenes.I've seen commercial ones from Harmony Concepts,and they were good,but it's on the telly and film I'd like to see.

I just wonder if it's flogging a dead horse....

Delta Force 3 The Killing Game

Well,I hope everybody's had a nice Christmas.I managed not to stuff myself too much,although I did have some slight effects afterward!

Anyway,back to business.I thought I'd mention this film-'Delta Force 3 The Killing Game'

Now when I first saw this film in the 90's,I thought it was great.The mission for our mixed bag of American and Russian heroes,is to kidnap a middle east extremist,whose fanatical son is also on the loose,preparing to detonate a nuclear bomb in America itself.

Having watched it more recently however,a lot of it I found,was hugely laughable.You can clearly see the bad guys-more precisely,the stuntmen,simply running forward to be gunned down.The battle scenes were very amusing(even though they're not meant to be)and I should imagine any real life soldiers watching this,would merely shake their heads in disbelief.

Of course,that's not what I want to talk about.The film has a couple of scenes,where the beautiful Hana Azoulay Hasfari,playing the Russian KGB intelligence officer,handgags a girl to seize her clothes:She's desperately trying to escape the extremist's palace,but is caught,and then handcuffed with her arms overhead,and the big bad guy plants a bomb on her chest.No gag sadly.

Fortunately,our heroes manage to get to her and disarm the bomb on her.Then,not long after this,two of our heroes seize two girls,handgagging them,and dragging them off.There's just a brief scene,where they're showing the girls being bound and gagged,before they infiltrate the extremist's quarters.

They do of course,successfully complete their mission,but there's a sad price to pay for the extremist,as his son has also successfully managed to prepare the nuclear bomb,but is just stopped in the nick of time.Even though,he refuses to obey his father's wish to disarm the bomb.A sad price to pay for all the hatred he'd installed in his son.

Anyway,a couple of brief bondage scenes I remembered,but of course,there's been much better!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Have a great time,everyone.:)

Well,I just want to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas,and a Happy New Year.

Please make sure you enjoy yourselves,and I hope you've also enjoyed what I've put up here on my blog.

I'll see you all next time.Once again,have a great Christmas,and just relax and enjoy it.:)

Take care,everybody,


A Christmas Bonus

Well,I'm surprised at myself.Every time I think I've dried up,I seem to think of something new.Weird!
Anyway,here's a short story,telling of Kelly,who thinks she's finally hit lucky,but in truth,has drawn the worst possible luck.
Hope you enjoy it.


Wearily,Kelly glanced at the alarm clock placed on her dressing table next to her bed.Her sleepy eyes made out the time as 0730am,and knew she still had plenty of time to sleep.

However,Kelly forced herself to get up,and like a zombie,went into the bathroom to have a shower.She knew this would wake her up.

After Kelly had the shower,she put on her usual pleasant scents,but didn't bother to get dressed.Instead,she put on her silk dressing gown,and then looked at herself in the mirror.

Apart from the sleepy face,Kelly saw her own features as pleasing.Even though she wasn't big headed,as many people had admired her looks and figure.

Kelly was a tall woman,as she was close to six foot.She had short black hair,and had a good figure.Kelly had to admit she liked the attention,and blushed politely when a lot of her admirers called her pretty.

Even though Kelly had accepted that,she was still determined to accomplish her goals,and her latest one,was to try and get a job.

It was certainly tough going.Kelly had made so many visits to the job centre,and had applied for the pitifully few vacancies on offer there.

There had been many interviews she'd been granted,but maddeningly,the people there continued to reject her.Why they'd done this,Kelly had no idea,yet it was rapidly approaching Christmas,and Kelly desperately needed the money.

It wasn't just for the presents.Kelly felt she owed her family a lot,especially her younger,and only brother,John.

It was thanks to John,that he let her stay here.He was a full time soldier in the British army,and was nearly always away on duty.He'd asked his sister,if she wouldn't mind looking after his home whilst he was away.

Of course,Kelly had jumped at the chance.She really enjoyed John's company,as they were not only brother and sister,but they were also great mates.He had told Kelly she could stay as long as she wished,and she fully appreciated that.

This was why she was praying she could get a job,and pay for her upkeep.Kelly had remembered John had told her it wasn't a problem.He wanted someone to look after his home when he was away,but Kelly was still determined to reward her brother's kindness.

After she'd cleaned herself up,Kelly went into the porch to pick up the morning newspapers.She would read the job vacancies in them,whilst having breakfast.

After she'd made her breakfast,Kelly really read all the papers,seeing nothing but the usual doom and gloom.There were reports and pictures of the present government politicians in all of the papers,and looking at some of their smug faces,made Kelly's blood boil.

Who do these politicians think they are? Kelly thought,glaring at the photos of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.These two men had wealth beyond imagination,were inflicting serious cuts on vital public services for the country,and were even forcing ordinary people to work longer for their pensions.There were even rumours the politicians were going to slash the public workers pensions,and this infuriated Kelly.

Typical damned politicians,Kelly thought,still glaring at the photos.One law for them,quite another one for us.

She shook her head,knowing the politicians were not helping,only helping themselves.Kelly read a report that the unemployment was rising rapidly in the country,and she knew she was one of them.

Grimly,Kelly knew she couldn't mope about it.The only way to keep her hopes up,was to keep looking.Hopefully today,there might be something for her,and she was going to pay another visit to the job centre.

After she'd eaten her breakfast,Kelly went upstairs to change.She put on a blue denim shirt with tight jeans to match,and then put her trainers on.Then,she went to fetch the keys to the car.More precisely,it was her brother's car,and again,Kelly owed it to John for teaching her how to drive.Kelly knew her chances were better,if she had a car.

Grimly,she left and locked up the house,and then made her way into the car.Kelly drove off within moments.


When Kelly finally entered the job centre,she noticed the place was packed,all hoping desperately to find some work.Kelly had to admit her hopes were high,and immediately made her way to the driving vacancies board.

Sadly,as she scanned the pitifully few offers,her hopes sank yet again,as she read every one of the driving jobs asked for experience.

God,how bloody mean,Kelly thought with anger,her face darkening.How on earth do they expect to get somebody with experience,if they weren't prepared to give training?

Reluctantly,she moved away from the driving board,and made her way to the Christmas vacancies.

There were jobs here,that asked for no experience,but as far as Kelly could see,they were all in retail,and the pay looked appalling,

No way I'm working in a bloody shop,Kelly thought determinedly.Yet,as she continued to scan the board,it was beginning to dawn on her,that maybe she didn't have a choice.

Just then,Kelly spotted something on one of the vacancies.It was asking for young women,between the ages of 18-30,and the job was asking for models,on a temporary basis.Even better,was that there was no experience required written on the card,and the rates of pay looked really good.

Kelly kept on reading the details on it,and saw a photograph of each applicant was requested.It actually made her interested,and she then took the details of the job down,and went over to see one of the job centre staff,to ask more about it.


It was actually later in the day,when Kelly got her interview appointment.With a long list of previous appointments,Kelly could certainly dress smartly.

For this next upcoming one,she chose to wear a white shirt,knee length black skirt with a matching black jacket.Kelly however,felt no excitement about this latest interview.She'd been through so many,and all had ended in bitter disappointment.

Even so,it was still another chance presented to her,and Kelly knew she still had to try.

The interview was to take place on the edge of town.Kelly knew that area,and she had to find it,in a large industrial estate.

After making sure she was satisfied with her appearance,and after brushing her hair,Kelly prepared to leave,hoping she'd finally be successful.

Before she left the house however,Kelly then picked up her mobile,and called her brother.He answered her call immediately.

'Hello John,'Kelly's voice was warm.'How are you?'

'Hi Kelly,not to bad,'John's voice sounded pleased to hear his sister.'How's life?'

'Well,I'm hoping for a bit of good luck today,John.Got another interview this afternoon.It's only temporary though.A model contract.'


'Yeah,I've heard it's good money.I'm going there now.'

'What's the agency called,Kelly?'

'Don't know yet,John,'Kelly had to admit.'The job centre staff told me they were a very reserved company.'

'That doesn't sound right to me,Kelly,'John's voice sounded suspicious now.'Surely this model agency would advertise their name.'

'Well,I'll found out later,'Kelly informed him.She had to admit this was unusual,but as the job centre had told her earlier,this modelling agency dealt from behind closed doors.'Who knows,John? There might be some famous faces there.'

'I don't know,Kelly,'the suspicion was still fully evident in her brother's voice.'There's something not right.Where is this place you're going to?'

Kelly told him,but she smiled quietly to herself.Being a soldier,John always protected many innocent people,and he'd sworn to protect his sister too.

'Don't worry about it,John,'Kelly was still smiling,even though she knew he couldn't see that.'Just wish me luck.'

'Okay then,Kelly.Good luck,but be careful.'

'I will.Love you,my little brother.'

'Love you loads,big sister.Just remember,Kelly,okay.Watch your step.'

She heard the concern in his voice,and smiled again.It made her heart warm,knowing John was worried for her,but personally,Kelly didn't think there was nothing to worry about.

'Okay,John.Got to go now.You be careful too.Bye for now.'


With that,Kelly then ended the call,and then left the house again,heading towards the car.

It didn't take her long to reach the industrial estate.Kelly had already driven to it.It was a massive place,and easy to find.But now,Kelly had to find the agency place.

The job centre staff had written the address down for her,and they'd included a map too.So Kelly was fairly confident she'd find it soon enough.

When Kelly finally did find it,she was a little bit surprised to see a door,which beared the model agency's name,but she entered nonetheless.

The interior looked small as Kelly walked in.The first thing she noticed,was the reception area.There were only a couple of small chairs,but there was a man sitting behind a raised wall.He was currently typing out some details on a computer keyboard,but he had seen Kelly enter,and he rose up from his seat,giving her a nice smile.

'Hello,'his voice was warm and friendly.'Can I help you?'

'Hello,'Kelly returned his smile.'I'm Miss Jennings.I've an appointment here,regarding the temporary vacancies.'

'Ah yes.Welcome.You're actually the first one to arrive.Please,'he gestured at one of the chairs.'Take a seat.'

Kelly thanked him and did so,glancing around her.There was certainly no sign of any photographs of any gorgeous models here,but then again,there was certainly no sign of any suspicious activity here.

She watched the man go back to his seat,and he picked up a phone.Kelly heard him say into it:

'Miss Jennings is here.Shall I send her straight in? Okay,no problem.I'll deal with the transport later.'

Kelly wondered what the transport remark was about,but then she noticed the man put the phone down,and he nodded to her.

'Would you follow me,please?'He was still smiling warmly,and Kelly appreciated the friendly gesture as she followed him.

It was just a short walk,as the man stopped outside a closed door and knocked respectfully.He didn't wait to hear permission to enter.That had already been given,as he opened the door,and gestured politely for Kelly to enter.She did,thanking him,before he nodded at the person sitting,and waiting for them.He then left.

As Kelly walked into the room,the first thing she noticed was a woman sitting behind a desk.This slightly surprised her.Kelly also noticed the woman was Chinese,and she was very beautiful.She had jet black hair like Kelly,but it was longer,and she'd tied it into a flowing ponytail.Her eyes were also dark,and just for a moment,Kelly thought she was being eyed up.The Chinese woman was certainly admiring her.Kelly could see that.

Like Kelly too,the woman was also smartly dressed,but it was a strikingly rich blue dress which Kelly looked at.It did make her look good,but Kelly was now starting to feel something was wrong here.She'd seen the way the Chinese woman looked at her,and it hadn't been nice.

Even so,the woman stood up,and offered her hand to Kelly.

'Miss Kelly Jennings,is it?' The woman asked,smiling.Although Kelly could see there was something else behind the smile.'I am Miss Yang.Welcome.'

'Nice to meet you,Miss Yang,'Kelly accepted the woman's hand,and they both gave a firm handshake.However,Kelly also noticed the woman seemed to seize her hand,and her expression took Kelly slightly aback.

'Please sit down,Miss Jennings.'Miss Yang gestured at an empty chair opposite her own seat,and was pleased to see the girl do so.She then sat back down herself,before continuing:

'So,you're interested in one of our model contracts,are you?'

'Yes,Miss Yang,'Kelly nodded.'Can I ask what it would entail?'

'Well,firstly,we have to see if you're the right kind of material.We have a high demand for new models,but we ask for a few simple tests,before we decide.'

'I've heard it's good money,Miss Yang,'Kelly enquired,still noticing the admiring looks she was getting.'Is it?'

'Oh,it is indeed,my dear,'Kelly also noticed the smile was back,but this time,it seemed slightly sinister.'You'd be quite surprised at the profits this agency makes.It's all down to the top quality of the girls we select.'

'Well,I hope I can be one of them,Miss Yang,'Kelly was now starting to feel more uncomfortable.This woman was now giving her the creeps.

'I'm sure you'll be an excellent asset,Miss Jennings,'There was full confidence in Miss Yang's voice.'But first,we'll give you a few simple tests,if you're prepared to accept that?' She raised an enquiring eyebrow at Kelly.

'Of course,Miss Yang,'Kelly nodded her approval,although she wondered what these tests were.

'Now,if you don't mind,Kelly,'Miss Yang told her politely.'Please take off your jacket,and stand up.'

Kelly was a bit surprised the Chinese woman had called her by her first name,but she did as she was told.Kelly stood up,and took off her jacket,placing it on the chair.She then gazed expectantly at Miss Yang.

'Turn around please,slowly.'

Kelly obeyed.She was thinking the woman was examining her for some photo shoots,so didn't mind doing this.

Miss Yang liked what she was seeing.This girl was very pretty.She had an impressive chest,a good figure,and she appeared smart too.This was just what Miss Yang was waiting for.

'Thank you,my dear,'she finally told Kelly to sit back down,but told her to leave the jacket.'Now,I just want to ask you a couple of more questions,and please,be honest.'

'Of course,Miss Yang.'

'Now,why do you wish to become a model,and more importantly,why did you choose our establishment?'

'I've always wanted to earn good money,Miss Yang,'Kelly was being honest.'Especially in today's climate,and its not too far off Christmas.I'm hoping for an unexpected bonus for that.'

You took the words right out of my mouth,my pretty.Miss Yang chuckled to herself.But first,let's see how you react to this.

'Well,follow me,please,Miss Jennings,'The Chinese woman rose from her chair.'Let's take a few sample shots,shall we?'

Thrilled,Kelly also rose,and made to pick up her jacket,but Miss Yang politely told her to leave it on the chair,assuring her it would still be there.Kelly did,and she followed the woman into what was a state of the art photographic studio.It was only a small place,but the equipment seen,was of top quality.Cameras,studio lights,and there were even television cameras present too.

There were also two men present,and Kelly could see they were both busy,checking on the equipment.Kelly could see they both looked really tough.

'Now,Miss Jennings,'Miss Yang then told Kelly.'Sit down on the floor,please,and we'll take a couple of test shots,and see how you do.'

Kelly did so,slowly lowering herself onto the floor,tucking her legs in,hoping that would create a good impression.Unknown to her,it had,but all for the wrong reasons.

She sat there,watching the two men take pictures of her,whilst in the background,Kelly noticed Miss Yang now talking on the phone to someone.

After a few moments,Kelly watched Miss Yang come back up to her.

'Well,we've developed the first pictures,my dear,'Miss Yang pleasantly informed her.'They're not bad,but we'd like to ask if you can make them much more better.'

'What do you want me to do?'

'Well,we'd like to take some shots of you tied up,if that is acceptable,my dear?'

For a few moments,Kelly was stunned,refusing to believe what she'd just heard.

'You want to tie me up? Is this some kind of sick joke?'

'My dear,'this time,there was now menace in Miss Yang's voice.'I never joke about anything,and it's definitely not sick.Let's just say if you do agree,you'll certainly improve your prospects here at joining our establishment.'

Unseen by Kelly,one of the men who had taken photos of her,was now slowly creeping up behind her.He held a large,white pad in his hand.

'I'm sorry,'Kelly was adamant.There was no way she was going to let these people tie her up.'I think I'd better be going now.'

'You're not going anywhere,my pretty,'This time,Miss Yang chuckled out aloud.'The only place you'll be going,is where we take you.'

'Wh-what do you mmmmmmfffff!'

Kelly didn't get the chance to finish.She never saw the grinning man coming up behind her,and then ruthlessly seized her from behind.

Kelly's eyes bulged in shock and horror.Instantly,she tried to scream,but never got the chance for that either.The man had clamped the white pad firmly over her mouth,and held it there.

Still shocked,Kelly suddenly knew she was being chloroformed.This made her struggle frantically,but it was no good.The man's hold on her,was too powerful.

There was no chance of escape,and despite her furious,and panicky attempts,the chloroform finally subdued Kelly,and she sagged limply onto her knees.

'Excellent,'Miss Yang was pleased.'Get her tied up.Gag her too.Then take her,and put her with the others.I'll contact our latest client,and tell him to expect a full pretty shipment.'

The man nodded,and easily lifted Kelly's senseless form onto his shoulder,and carried her out.He heard Miss Yang already speaking in Arabic on her mobile.


Kelly slowly felt the darkness lift away from her.She felt awful,and wondered what was going on.

She could feel herself lying on her side,and could see she was alone in a small room.It was only after a few moments,when she suddenly became aware of the many white loops of rope tied tightly around her body.

Her hands had been tied behind her back,and Kelly winced,feeling them cut into her wrists.More ropes had been tied over her elbows,binding them together.This was highly effective at trapping her arms behind her,and to make it worse,Kelly could also see the many loops of ropes tied above and below her breasts.In fact,her breasts looked more better than ever,due to the way the ropes had been tied.

As if this wasn't enough,Kelly's legs were also tied together.She could see the ropes tied over her knees and ankles,which kept her helpless and immobile.

'Hmmmmfff!'Suddenly,Kelly realised she'd been gagged too.Even though Kelly couldn't see it,but there was a large white,rectangular strip of tape,firmly sealed over her mouth.

Kelly's eyes bulged,now realising she'd been kidnapped,but for what? Why had this been done to her?

The answer came a few moments later,when Kelly heard the sound of a key being inserted,and the door to the room was opened.Kelly could only watch,very frightened,as Miss Yang came into the room.

The Chinese woman smiled,as she knelt down beside Kelly's bound and gagged form.She then lifted her captive's chin.

'So pretty,aren't you,my dear?'Miss Yang chuckled,fully relishing the fear in the girl's eyes.

'I'm sure you'll be wondering why you've been kidnapped,Miss Jennings,'Miss Yang went on,still enjoying herself.'The answer's very simple.Our modelling agency,or what you thought was a modelling agency,is actually a front for our most lucrative modern slavery operation,and you,my dear,are our latest acquisition.'

Kelly's eyes bulged even more,hearing this shocking revelation.She tried to scream for help.In actual fact,she screamed for her brother,but the tape kept her quiet.All Kelly could do,was mumble weakly.

'You were quite right about making good money too,my pretty,'Miss Yang continued to explain.'I know full well you'll fetch an excellent price,but first,I need to deliver you to your new home.I'm afraid though,that it's not in this country.'

She smiled with pure menace at Kelly.Her prisoner shrieked into her gag,which Miss Yang fully understood.

You're a monster! Kelly tried to scream that out in utter terror,but of course,she could still only mumble.

'Yes,I am a monster,my dear,'the Chinese woman sneered down at Kelly.'But I'm a rich monster,and with you as my latest offering,you'll be my christmas bonus.'

She then gripped Kelly's chin more harder,making the girl squeal behind her gag.Then,she made Kelly more terrified,as she used both her hands to grope Kelly's breasts.

Stunned at this,Kelly's fears shot into overdrive.Was this woman going to rape her?

It was tense.Kelly could do nothing to resist,as Miss Yang continued to grope,and then plant kisses on Kelly's neck.Her prisoner clenched her eyes shut at this,dreading what was coming next.

Fortunately,the Chinese woman stopped,but she laughed,still seeing Kelly's distress.

'Well,time to arrange for your transport,Miss Jennings.I must say,I'm very pleased to have you as my latest prize.Just wait till you meet your new master.He'll be delighted to have you as well.You'll be a perfect Christmas bonus to him,and to me as well.I'd love to spend some time alone with you.'

There was a knock on the door,and it was the man who'd chloroformed Kelly who entered.

'We're ready,Miss Yang.'He informed her.

'Very good,'Miss Yang was pleased as she rose.'Bring the girl.'

The man reached down to grab Kelly,and for the second time,easily lifted her back over his shoulder.

He then carried her out,ignoring the girl's frantic struggles.Miss Yang continued to chuckle,as she followed them out.

She had enjoyed her Christmas bonus,and knew there would be more to come.

The End?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tia Carrere-gorgeous!

Now I have to admit I'm a huge fan of this beautiful lady.From the moment I watched her playing her damsel in distress role in 'Showdown in Little Tokyo' I kept my eyes peeled on her next acting role,praying Tia would get bound and gagged again.

No copyright infringment intended.
There were,to my delight,more scenes for Tia.She was bound and gagged again in the film 'Top of the World' and she was tied up several times in the tv series 'Relic Hunter' Much to my frustration though,Tia was never ever gagged in that programme.It really made my blood boil.

I was also told of another film called 'Fatal Mission' where she's also tied up by Peter Fonda.Yet,I've never been able to get that film to see.Hopefully,it was a good action film,and Peter saves her from the bad guys clutches!

Apart from those I've mentioned,I can't really think of anything else Tia's been tied up in.

Any help,please? :)

To close,Tia is definitely one of the best damsels in distress characters I've watched,and if I can find more,I'll treasure them!


Yes BBL,I remember you offering it to me.The only reason I didn't take up your generous offer,is the N.T.S.C format on the VHS.In the UK,we have the PAL format,so it wouldn't work.Seen it on amazon too,but unfortunately,I'm afraid this is one that got away.

Never mind,you can't win them all!:)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Exit Wounds

Here's another one of Steven Seagal's offerings.Here,he's sent to a police district,that's dominated by corrupt cops.Not only that,but he has to battle his female superior,who obviously thinks he's just another bad influence.

No copyright infringment intended.

Of course,as the film rolls on,we find Seagal's boss is one of the few good guys here,but sadly,she does not survive.The bad guys bump her off in a car chase.

There's also a very brief bondage scene,as Seagal goes in to investigate the bad guys activities,and they're holding a family hostage:Sadly,they show the father and the son taped up too,and you don't see much of the female hostage.It's just a quick moment.

Anyway,not a bad effort,and I enjoyed the fight scenes.Just a shame Seagal's films don't have much damsels bound and gagged in them.

Well,never mind...

Well,after last week's disappointment,I just want to say I've added on a bit more to my story-'Tied up at the Office.'

It's not finished yet,but I'm enjoying writing it,and sincerely hope its going down well.I'm pleased there has been positive encouragement.

Hope all your Christmas shopping is going well,and all of you are looking forward to the big day itself.

Take care!


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Held Hostage

June 1944-at an RAF base in southern England...

Grimly,the flight crews walked into the briefing hall,and very few of them were smiling.This was of course,the normal routine for a start to a mission.

Many of the flight crews were highly experienced veterans,and some were on their second and third tours of flying operations.It was something they loved.

Of course,for every highly experienced crew,there was always the beginner crews,and none of them were smiling.To them,and just like all the other crews,they were all thinking if this was the day they were going to die.

In command of one of these beginners crews,was Captain Frank Jones.He was the eldest of a five man crew.Jones' crew consisted of his co-pilot,Pete Sands,his navigator,Tommy Grimes,and his two gunners,John Jennings and Paul Williams.

Jones had to admit he didn't have a happy crew.He didn't doubt every one of them could do their job and work together,but he could see the animosity.

It had all stemmed from Sands,who had taken a dim view that Jennings and Williams weren't worthy enough,to serve in the crew.Sands,like a lot of his fellow flyers,turned their noses up at the lower ranks.He believed he was the most important member of the crew,and loved to sneer down his orders at those under his rank.

Jones didn't tolerate this.He'd seen Sands act this way before,and privately,he really bollocked him.He knew Sands was an excellent co-pilot,but why he chose to act this way,Jones never knew,and Sands wasn't telling.

However,Jones had told Sands,that Jennings and Williams,like themselves,had worked damned hard to achieve their current positions,and Jones appreciated this.He knew he had a good crew,but unfortunately,not all would be friends off duty.

They were sitting waiting,for their commanding officer to enter.He would give them the briefing on their target.Privately,Jones hoped it would be an easy one.After all,that was usually the case for a crew on their first mission.

They then saw their commanding officer enter,and almost immediately,one of the staff seargents shouted for the crews to stand to attention.All did so.

In command of this base,was Group Captain Mason.He was a firm believer in discipline,and could be quite ruthless running his base.Yet he was popular amongst his crews,from the flying operational,right down to the ground crews,who did a tremendous job keeping his aircraft operational.

Mason's face was grim as he walked towards the big screen covered by a massive sheet.Obviously,once the sheet was removed,everybody here would know what the next target would be.Mason had already seen it,and despite his firm character,he was deeply concerned inside.This one was really tough.

When he reached the covered screen,Mason turned to face his men.He could quite clearly see a lot of fear on some faces.Mason didn't blame them.After all,he'd been through it himself.He really wished he was going with them,to provide some much needed support,knowing his crews appreciated this.He had actually done so,many,many times.Thanks to his presence on these dangerous missions,Mason had saved many of his crews lives.

Unfortunately,the staff at headquarters had found out what he was doing,and had strictly forbidden him to fly any more.It had appalled Mason,as he now knew his people would be on their own.The risk factor,just shot up.

'At ease.'Mason nodded to his standing crews,and they all sat down.He then began the briefing.

'An excellent job on the previous target,'Mason informed them,having seen the ariel reconaissance photos earlier.Only yesterday,his squadrons had decimated an oil refinery,although the price had been high.Not many had come back from that one.'But I'm afraid there's another tough one in store for you.'

Mason then turned to nod at a waiting officer by the screen,and the man promptly removed the sheet to reveal a large map of northern France.As he did so,there were sudden groans as everybody clearly recognised where they were going.

'The target for today,'Mason went on,'is the Luftwaffe fighter bases at Abbeville.Headquarters have ordered us to smash General Galland's resources,and kill as many enemy fighter pilots as possible.This is of course,necessary for bigger events.'

He knew everybody would know about the upcoming invasion of France,and Mason was determined to make this mission a success.If they could keep the skies clear of enemy aircraft,they could save a lot of lives.

'Preparations are proceeding,'Mason went on grimly,'and I know every one of you will do your duty.I know a lot of you are tired,but we must keep the momentum going,and that's to keep hammering away at the enemy.The more we do that,the less this war will go on.'

He could see a lot of blank expressions on the men,but Mason would make sure he spoke to every one of them,before they flew out.He'd seen a lot of commanders act negatively towards their own crews,and he utterly despised them for it.This way,Mason had his men's trust,and knew every one was totally loyal to him.It was a good system,and a lot got done.Mason also knew his base was well known,and it was given a lot of credit.

Mason then handed the rest of the briefing,over to the other standing officers.These were the weather and intel officers.They always gave the necessary information to the crews,at what was lying in store for them.

Although of course,it didn't always work out that way.

The briefing didn't last long,and once the RAF officers had finished,Mason then addressed his people once more.

'Okay people,'Mason wasn't smiling as he spoke.'Take off at 0800.Good luck,and God be with you.'

He then walked away from the screen,and without the same officer who had ordered them to attention earlier,all the men sitting down jumped to their feet as their commander walked out.Mason nodded at them,appreciating the gesture.Then,he was gone.The crews were then dismissed,and made their way to their personal rooms and lockers to prepare.

Jones walked with Sands and Grimes.Being senior flight crew,they all had the luxury of having their own rooms.Jennings and Williams shared their own.Jones knew his gunners didn't mind that.Both of them were great friends.With his co-pilot's stuck up attitude,Jones knew both Jennings and Williams needed each others company.He privately hoped Sands would improve his attitude,but it didn't look like it.

Once they'd all sorted out their gear,and were told to write out a last letter just in case their number was up,the three men made their way towards a waiting jeep.A driver was sitting there,and they could also see Jennings and Williams sitting on the rear of it,waiting for them.

'You got everything?'Jones asked them both,as he sat in the passenger seat.

'Yes,sir.'They both answered in unison,and respectfully too.

Jones nodded,but again,he could see the crew divide,as both his gunners and Sands blanked each other out.It made his blood boil inside,but for now,they had a job to do.

Jones nodded to the driver,and the man drove the vehicle off,heading towards the waiting aircraft,parked in their assigned bays by the runway.

The aircraft here,were Bostons.A twin engined plane,which had been designed for bombing.Although it did carry extra weaponry,and Jones had asked for it.As well as their bombs,they also had forward firing rocket tubes,and of course,two twin .50 calibre machine guns mounted in the fuselage.Jennings was the upper gunner,whilst Williams did his duty in the rear.

The driver drove them up to their assigned aircraft,and as they all looked at it,there wasn't much confidence shown in Jones and his crew.The plane wasn't new.In fact,it looked as if it was better on the scrapheap.

'This is ours?'Jones asked the driver,somewhat incredulously.

'Yes,sir,'the driver nodded,confirming this.'I'm afraid new crews just have to accept what they're given.'

'Damned bad show!'Grimes interjected.'I hope it bloody flies then!'

Wearily,Jones knew they didn't have a choice here.

'Come on,'he ordered quietly,as he climbed out of the jeep.'Let's get it over with.'

Grimly,his crew followed suit,and they all boarded the aircraft,and began to prepare for take off.

Once all the pre-flight checks were complete,the order came in to start engines,and Jones couldn't help,but feel a little nervous as he pressed the start control.

It only took a couple of turns,but much to his surprise,both propellers started without any problems whatsoever.Jones glanced at Sands sitting next to him,and both nodded at each other.

'Crew,'this time,Sands gave the order.'Assume positions for take off.'

Jones was pleased to hear no snobbery in Sands tone,and Grimes,Jennings and Williams acknowledged back,that they were ready.

Tensely,they all waited for the order to go,or if the mission was scrubbed.

After what seemed an age of waiting,the order finally came to take up their position on the runway.

'This is it,'Jones spoke quietly.'Good luck,chaps.'

They watched as one Boston after another lifted gracefully into the air,before they too,got the signal to go.Jones and Sands had done this plenty of times,and their take-off,was just as good as all the others.

Grimly,Jones brought the plane into his assigned formation,and after checking everything was okay with the other pilots,who gave him a thumbs up,Jones returned the gesture,and concentrated on the job.Flying into northern France,was of course,just a short flight.Yet,he was silently praying they'd be okay on the return flight.

'Okay lads,'Jones addressed his crew through his microphone,built into his flying mask.'Keep your eyes peeled.Let's work together as usual,make a successful attack,and let's get back home in one piece.'

His orders were acknowledged,and grimly,they pressed on towards the target.As they flew on,Jones and Sands now noticed a welcome sight.Spitfires came in to join them.At least they now had fighter cover,and it raised their morale a little.

They continued on,crossing the English Channel.Jones said another silent prayer to himself,hoping they wouldn't have to ditch there.He'd heard so many horror stories,about luckless crews forced down into the sea.If you weren't picked up quickly from there,you'd freeze to death.

They crossed the channel quickly,and sure enough,the coast of northern France came into view.

'Okay,'Jones' voice became more grim.'Enemy coast in sight.Everybody stay alert.What's our TOT(Time on Target)navigator?'

'Twenty minutes,skipper,'Grimes had already done his calculations,and was now working out a course to head back home.

'Okay,good.Gunners,any sign of enemy planes?'

Before either Jennings or Williams could respond,there was a sudden thumping sound underneath them.Grimly,they all knew what this was,the dreaded flak.

Jones' heart started to thump faster,as he clearly saw the menacing black puffs begin to appear outside.It was light though,and after a few more moments,it disappeared.

However,there was no relief on any of their faces,as they all knew the enemy was now alerted to their presence.

They carried on,until they could at last,see distant aerodromes,and knew they'd reached their target.

'Okay,proceeding to the IP.(Initial Point)' Jones then flew the Boston over to this point,just as many other pilots did.Once there,they could commence their attack.

Suddenly,Jones and everybody else jumped,when they heard screams of fear through their radios.Horror stricken,they could see three Boston aircraft suddenly blow up into fireballs,just as the German fighters made their first successful attack on the RAF formation.Deadly German Messerschmitt 109's and the dreaded Focke-Wolf 190's,tore into them,with cannon shells blazing.

'Hells teeth!'Sands cursed.There was nothing worse,than watching a fellow comrade in arms being blown out of the sky,and there was nothing you could do about it.

Jones however,had noticed the Spitfires now enter the fray,and the deadly battle raged.He glanced around him,and for the moment,he could make his attack run unseen by the German fighters.

Grimly,he made his approach.Jones could see several Bostons make their own attacks,and there were bombs being dropped.Huge explosions hammered around the German airfield.As he got closer,Jones could see the defences smashing into other,unfortunate crews.Their planes plummeted into the ground.They were so low,that Jones knew none of those people had a chance to bail out.

Then,it was their turn.

Jones and Sands clenched their teeth,as they clearly saw the Germans react furiously to their attack,but Jones pressed on.Grimes had already crawled into the bomb aimers hatch,and was now telling Jones where to direct the plane.

'Left a bit,skipper,'For all the hell that was going on outside,Grimes' voice was remarkably calm.'Left a bit more.Keep her steady,up,up.That's it.Bombs away!'

With huge relief,Grimes depressed the bomb release,and a long stick of 500Ib bombs raced towards the German airbase.The results were spectacular,as there was a sudden,gigantic fireball.This raced up towards the sky at frightening speed,and Jones had to take sudden evasive action.

'Bloody hell!'Grimes was staring in fascination at the huge pall of smoke rising.'What on earth caused that?'

'Probably an ammo dump,'Jones thought that was a pretty obvious answer.'Let's get the hell out of here.'

Jones swung the Boston around,and headed for home,but unfortunately,he was spotted by several German fighters.

Instantly,they closed in for the kill,with their weapons blazing away.Jones did his best,as did Jennings and Williams.who returned fire desperately.Both of them were more than capable shots,and they did hit their targets,but gradually,their situation worsened.

Two of the German fighters rapidly approached their prey,and working together,they both attacked the British plane's engines.Within moments,it became ablaze.

With a sinking heart,Jones could see they'd lost an engine,and despite his orders to extinguish the flames,he could quite clearly see their hopes of making it back fading.

He was about to give the order to abandon the aircraft,when cannon shells suddenly smashed through the cockpit window.Both he,Sands and Grimes were killed instantly.Their bodies slumped forward.

Jennings returned fire at the German who'd just opened up on them,but he had heard the cockpit windows being smashed,and with his own thumping heart,came down from his position,and checked on the three unmoving men.

He knew there was nothing he could do for them.

Grimly,he began to pull on his parachute pack,and shouted towards his friend,who was blazing away with the twin .50 calibre guns.

'Paul!We've had it.It's time to go.'

Unseen by Jennings,Williams had spotted a Focke-Wolf closing in on them.He could already feel the plane,now starting to lose altitude,but he wanted to get this kraut,and hopefully give them a few more seconds to escape.

He aimed his guns at the German,and started to shoot,just as his target did so.

Just as before,the German fighter fired cannon shells into his target.Williams never stood a chance.The shells tore into his body,and watching his friend slump,Jennings realised he was the only one left.

He had put on his parachute pack,and after a struggle,managed to open the escape hatch closest to him.Already,the interior of the plane was in flames,and Jennings launched himself out into space.

He delayed pulling the ripcord as he fell,hearing grim stories of Germans firing on helpless parachutists.Jennings wanted to delay it,until the last possible moment.

Jennings could see the Boston he'd bailed out off,and it was fully on fire.He was devastated at the loss of his friend,and realised when the plane would crash,there might not be anything left of them.He hadn't liked Sands,but at least they had worked together.It was down to Jones,who had managed that.Now,they were all dead.

He checked around him,and saw no more aircraft,but he could still hear the air battle raging on.Jennings could now see the ground closing in on him.It was open countryside here,and he spotted a young girl riding a bicycle,on one of the country lanes.She was looking up at him,and Jennings thought she was very pretty.

All those thoughts disappeared next moment,as Jennings pulled the ripcord,and quickly,his chute opened up fully.

He didn't have much chance to enjoy the slow descent,as a couple of seconds later,he slammed hard into the ground.Then,he was vaguely aware of the girl riding up to him.Her face looked concerned,as she peered down at him.

He could see the girl was very pretty,having long dark,jet black hair,warm brown eyes,and had a good figure too.She wore a white shirt,with a knee length black skirt.She wore clear nylons,and was wearing smartly polished black shoes.

'Aide moi,sil vous plait,'Jennings managed to speak in French to her.He could feel the blackness swallowing him up.'Je suis Anglais.'

'Anglais?'The girl asked him,as she put her hand on his forehead.That actually really helped Jennings,but he was exhausted from his escape from death,and he closed his eyes.The last thing he remembered,was the girl still looking him over.


Riding along on her bicycle,Louise Clery could hear the sounds of the fierce air battle in the sky overhead.She couldn't see the planes,but the vapour trails were fully evident,and there was plenty of them.Louise could even hear the gunfire too.This made her pedal faster.

Damn the cursed Boche! Louise thought with anger.They'd invaded her country,forced a humiliating peace on her people,and treat the French with utter disdain.Louise hoped for one day,these cursed Boche would pay dearly for what they'd done to her country.

In fact,Louise knew her family were making the German invaders pay dearly fr their actions.Her father and two brothers were actively involved in the Maquis.She knew of their acts of sabotage against the German military.They'd done very well so far,but it was extremely risky.The Germans had been really ruthless,trying to hunt out those responsible.There were even rumours of an undercover Gestapo unit,right here in her home village.If this was true,they had to be really careful.Capture meant agonising torture,and eventual death.

It was then,that Louise noticed a single parachutist,now coming close to her position.Whoever it was,he made an awkward landing,and there was a brief cry of pain.Louise instantly recognised the English accent,and she pedalled over quickly to where he'd landed.

When Louise got there,she could tell the man was badly hurt.His leg looked in an awkward place,and she knew he'd broken it.The man looked at her briefly,and spoke to her in French,asking her to help him.

Louise asked him if he was English,but of course,she already knew that.She just wanted to be sure.

Getting back on her bicycle,Louise pedalled back home as fast as she could.

When she got there,her parents and two brothers were there.They gazed concerned,at her violent entry.

'Louise,'her father looked puzzled at her.'What is wrong?'

'Papa,Mama,'Louise's voice was breathless.'I found an Englishman.He's hurt.We must help him.'

'Have the Germans found him?'One of her brothers,Jacques,asked her.

'No,I didn't see any,'Louise responded.'But they will have seen him.I'm sure of that.'

'Jacques,get the car,'her father ordered.'Pierre,'he glanced at his youngest son.'Get a hold of Doctor Platini.Tell him to bring his stretcher.'

'At once,father.'Neither of his sons hesitated,as they hurried away.

He was about to follow Jacques,when he suddenly noticed Louise was going to follow.

'And where do you think you're going,young lady?'

'I'm coming with you.'Louise was adamant.

'Oh no you're not,'her father spoke firm,but gently.'You stay here with your mother,and keep an eye on the damned boche.We will be back soon.'

'You don't even know where he is,papa!I can show you.'

'We will find him.Just point us to where you saw him.'

Grudgingly,Louise told her father where she'd seen the downed Englishman.Before she could protest anymore,her father then disappeared,heading to the garage.Within moments,both she and her mother heard the car engine start,and the sound of it driving away.All they could do now,was wait.

As Louise's father and her brother,Jacques drove out in their car,they didn't see the two men sitting in a cafe,who had watched them leave.A few moments earlier,they'd seen a young man leave the house they were observing,and he hurried away.

They didn't follow of course.Their orders were strictly to observe,and report their findings back.Both men had remembered their commanding officer give them to them.

He was known as Major Hans Gunther,a much feared Gestapo officer.He was a powerfully built man,and he certainly had plenty of hired muscle.He needed it too,as he prised confessions out of every unfortunate suspect,that fell into his hands.

Gunther had been ordered here,to seek and capture the French sabotuers operating in this area.He was determined to do so,and from his intelligence,a house in the village had been pinpointed as a high suspect.

Gunther had ordered the details of the inhabitants of the house,to be brought to him at once.This was done quickly,and once Gunther had read it,he was very pleased to find a picture of two,highly attractive women.

They were mother and daughter of course.Gunther could tell that,having a keen eye for detail.He also liked the look of the very pretty daughter.She was known as Louise Clery,and this got Gunther thinking.

The intelligence he had,strongly indicated the men of that household were passionate Maquis,but there was no evidence to support this.

However,Gunther was crafty,and he had a plan.He'd ordered his spies to observe the Clery home,and report on what they did,but they were also to keep the Clery girl under observation at all times.

Gunther had plans for her.All he needed,was to be patient,and once he did have Louise,he would show her the ropes.

An evil smirk passed over his face,as he thought that.

More to follow...

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Greyman Report-What's happened?

I like the Greyman Report blog.It's got some fantastic damsel in distress stuff on it.

I must admit though,that I don't really read the political topics posted there,especially with the scumbag coalition politicians in power over here in the UK.

Anyway,my main point was wondering where the Geyman has gone.It's been quite a while since he was last seen,and hope he'll make a return soon.

It's definitely a brilliant blog,for damsel in distress stuff that is!

Hope the Greyman will return soon...

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Big Bang

With a desperate look on Kelly's face,glancing down at the counting down clock beside her legs,she continued to frantically struggle against the many,but tight ropes holding her to one of the labaratory's table legs.

Her wrists had been crossed behind her back,and the masked men who'd burst in here earlier,had done a thorough job of tying strong coils of white rope over them.

Not only that,but they'd also tied loops of ropes over her ankles,as well as her thighs and knees.Kelly was wearing light brown nylons,and her legs tied up this way,gave her,an almost sexy appearance.There were even many horizontal loops of ropes tied above and under her breasts.Wearing her buttoned up white lab coat,Kelly must have appeared very sexy indeed.

Kelly remembered the masked men who'd tied her up,had thoroughly enjoyed doing so.They'd caught her completely by surprise.She'd been studying through a microscope,when a hand had clamped hard over her mouth,with the unpleasant feeling of a pistol,also being jammed into her neck.

'Don't move or scream your pretty head,'It was a man's voice whispering into her ear.'You'll regret it,if you don't obey.Nod,if you're going to be sensible.'

Kelly had to nod.How on earth could she resist? It was then,that she was forced to sit on the floor,when she heard the man who'd grabbed her say:

'Right,tie her up and gag her,and don't forget what we came for.'

'Wh-what do you want?'She'd managed to stammer fearfully.

'Quiet!'The man's voice had been low,but sharp enough to deter Kelly from asking him more questions.

The men had bound her efficiently,securing her to the table leg,and had even wrapped the loops of rope around the furniture piece,firmly tying Kelly to it.

One of the men had then pushed Kelly's legs together,so that her ankles were right next to the table leg.The man then added another couple of loops around the girl's ankles,and tied the extra loops to the leg tightly.

Kelly was just making the first of her frantic struggles,when she felt her chin gripped firmly by one of the men.With her eyes bulging,she then saw the man stuff a balled up hankerchief into her mouth.A large rectangular piece of white tape,was then forced over her mouth.Kelly realised with more dismay,that she was now tightly bound and gagged.She was completely at the mercy of these men,whoever they were.

Once her captors had been satisfied their prisoner was secure,they then started to tear the labatory apart.

Kelly had no idea what they were looking for,as the men flung open draws,cupboards,and swept the tables,flinging a lot that was on there.

Suddenly,one of the men had found something,as he held a notebook.He then called one of his accomplices over,and handed it over to him.

Shocked,Kelly now realised what they were after.Those were her notes for an anti-virus,that would effectively stop any deadly chemical weapon.Still watching them with huge,frightened eyes,Kelly wondered if they were terrorists.

'Good,'she heard the man reading the notebook say.'Get on the phone to the boss.Tell her we have it.'

Their boss is a woman?Kelly was even more stunned.Whoever she was,then she had to be one of the bad guys,if she'd planned this.

One of the men had made a call on his mobile,and had immediately made contact.He then handed the mobile over.

'We got it,boss,'the man who'd ordered the call,now spoke positively.'I have it here in my hand.'

'Excellent!'A woman's voice responded,obviously very pleased.'I trust there were no problems?'

This made the man turn to face Kelly,and he smiled at his captive through the mask,which Kelly didn't like at all.

'Just one pretty girl we found working here,'the man informed.'She's tied up for the moment though.'

'I see,'the woman's voice suddenly became more menacing.'You'd better dispose of her.I don't want any problems.'

'You're certain?'the man had to admit he wasn't keen hearing his new orders.

'I don't want any witnesses,and alive,she may still pose a problem,'the woman's voice now held a hard edge.

'We can use her as a hostage.'The man made another attempt to save the girl.He had to admit,she was very pretty,admiring Kelly's shoulder length black hair.She had a magnificent chest.Not surprising,with the way the ropes tied above and below her chest were.

Unfortunately for Kelly,the woman's voice showed no mercy.

'Get rid off her,and don't leave any trace you were there.'

The woman then abruptly ended the call,leaving the man to slowly lower the mobile.He then turned to face the sitting,bound and gagged girl.

Kelly could see from the man's eyes what had just taken place,and her own eyes pleaded at him.She desperately tried to speak,but the gag kept her silent.

It was then Kelly's horrified suspicions were confirmed,as she watched a couple of the men kneel down beside her,and put something on the floor next to her.

Kelly could see it was some kind of steel box,but she clearly saw the digital clock display on it,and much to her dismay again,one of the men made some adjustments on it,before he then set it carefully down next to her.

Now terror stricken,Kelly could see the digital display had been set for thirty minutes.She only had half an hour to live!Her struggles against her bonds,were now more frantic.

Satisfied at that,the men then exited the lab,leaving the man who'd taken the call earlier.He then moved over,to kneel down beside her.

'Believe it or not,'he fingered Kelly's cheek gently.'I did want to bring you with us.You would have made a very pretty hostage,but orders are orders.We got what we came for,and now it's time to go.'

He then lifted Kelly's chin up,and gave her a kiss on her gagged mouth.Kelly closed her eyes,utterly revolted,but still helpless to his touch.

The man then stood up,chuckling,and now realising time was of the essence,quickly left the lab.

Kelly still kept on desperately trying to free herself,as she pulled like mad against the many tight ropes,but not one of them budged.

She tried to scream repeatedly for help,but again,she was gagged too tight.There wasn't a hope she could get somebody's attention,even if they were in the next room.

The digital clock continued to count down beside her,and Kelly's efforts grew more and more frantic.

Her time was running out...

The End?

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tied up at the Office

For the umpteenth time,Kelly glanced at her watch,desperately hoping her working day would come to an end.

It wasn't that Kelly enjoyed her job.In fact,she'd worked really hard to get it,and she was pleased to have it.

Kelly worked as an assistant secretary in a well known law firm.It was indeed,a long and well established firm.It was very popular with a lot of well known people,and Kelly had sometimes read her workplace,had actually successfully defended a lot of people,from certain unwanted attention.

Kelly was well aware of some people giving her,a lot of unwanted attention also.

When customers came in to enquire about their services,they all looked at a very pretty,dark haired girl,who always smiled pleasantly back at them.Kelly knew her smile helped to attract the custom,which her boss appreciated.

Thinking that,Kelly glanced over at Mr Hills office.The door was shut,but Kelly knew he was there,seeing his figure through the stained glass on the door.

Mr Hills did appear to be a good boss,and he treat Kelly very well.She got a lot of generosity from him,giving her plenty of breaks,and didn't act like a jerk.Kelly appreciated it.

However,she always knew there was something else about Mr Hills.He seemed to have a mysterious,almost sinister side.Kelly had recognised the same visitors,who'd come to see him.They were all men,and smartly dressed.If Kelly had always suspected they looked,almost like mafia types.

She'd heard some nasty rumours about this place before she joined,and they weren't nice.

Evidently,a lot of women who'd took previously occupied Kelly's job,had mysteriously vanished.There'd been no trace of them at all.

When Kelly had mentioned this to Mr Hills,he had simply told her all of his previous female employees,had moved on.He never mentioned anything more after that,and whilst Kelly wanted to find out more,she was sensible to drop the subject.

Even so,it was still in the back of her mind,but right now,going home was well in front of it.She'd come back later,and see if there was anything of interest,to confirm her suspicions.

She finally finished off a last round of paperwork,and after checking everything was in order,she rose from her seat,and knocked on Mr Hills' door.

'Come in,Kelly,'Mr Hills called out politely to her,and Kelly entered.

Mr Hills was a middle aged man,and he held a first class brain.Kelly knew he'd worked in law all his working life.As far as she knew,he'd never been beaten in the courts.All his legal victories,had earned him rich rewards.Kelly knew it was expensive to hire the services offered here,but with the high success rate,there was no shortage of customers.

Kelly walked up to his desk,and handed him over several papers she'd worked on.

'That's the latest update,Mr Hills,'Kelly informed him.'You'll find everything you need there.'

He took and then began to flick through the papers,and after a few seconds,he nodded.He then glanced back up at Kelly,pleased to see what she was wearing.A long sleeved white shirt,with a black knee length skirt.The girl was wearing dark blue nylons,with richly polished black high heels.Hills had to admit,that Kelly looked gorgeous.

I've certainly chosen well again,he smirked to himself.This pretty thing,was soon in for a nasty surprise.

For now though,Hills kept up the charade.After all,he didn't want to alarm the girl.

'Excellent work,as always,Kelly.'Hills nodded his appreciation,knowing his female employee was very smart too.

'Thank you,sir,'Kelly responded gratefully.'Can I go now,please?'

'Of course,my dear,'Hills nodded again.This time,he smiled at her,but he couldn't help but show a touch of lust into it.'I'll see you tomorrow then.'

'Goodnight,sir.'Kelly then,left his office,somewhat hurriedly.She'd seen the faint,but still visible lust in Hills' face,although she hadn't seen him admire her rear,as she withdrew.Kellycouldn't wait to get away from him.

Once Hills knew Kelly had left,he picked up the phone,still wearing the same smile.

He dialled a familiar number,and it was instantly answered.

'Peters?'Hills spoke seriously now.'Get Thompson,and come over here.We may need to send over another pretty shipment.'

'Problem,boss?'Peters asked.

'No,I don't think so,but just in case,let's prepare for such a moment.'

'Understood.I'll get Thompson.We're coming now.'

With that,Hills ended the call.He then leaned back into his chair,idly wondering what Kelly was planning right now.If his own suspicions were correct,then Hills knew he wouldn't have to wait till tomorrow,to see pretty Kelly again.


Kelly was glad to get back home,even though she was still deep in thought about those girls who had worked here before her.No matter how hard she tried,Kelly couldn't get it out of her mind.

She sat down in her living room,and wondered what she should do next.There was the possibility of calling the police,but Kelly dismissed that instantly.The police would want evidence,and besides,Kelly hadn't heard of no alarm raised for these girls disappearance.

The evidence has to got to be there,Kelly thought determinedly.In fact,she was certain of it.All she had to do,was try and obtain some.

She made herself a hot mug of tea,and tried to think out a plan.She knew her boss,Hills,sometimes stayed late at his office:but hopefully,tonight might prove an exception.

I'll go really late,Kelly decided.About nine tonight.He should be gone by then.

This made her glance at her watch,and much to her surprise,found she only had half an hour to go,before it was nine o'clock.

No matter,she thought.I don't think he'll be there by that time.

Kelly finished her drink,and after making some supper for herself,she then realised something else.

I'd better phone John.Kelly instantly reached for the phone,and quickly dialled her brother's number.She knew he would be in,and his voice answered immediately.

'Hello Kelly,'his voice was warm,which Kelly liked.She really adored her younger brother.'How's life?'

'Not too bad,John,'Kelly responded.'I'm tired from work though,but have to go back there.I want to check up on something.'

'Oh?'John's voice was curious.'Something important,Kelly?'

'It might be,John.I just wanted to tell you where I'll be.Will you give me a call later?'

'Yes,of course,'Kelly fully recognised the concern in her brother's voice.'What's going on though?'

'I'm not sure yet,John,'Kelly admitted that.'I'll talk to you later,when you ring me here later.'

There was a pause,before she heard her brother respond.

'Maybe I'd better come over.'

'No,don't do that,John,'Kelly insisted.'Just ring me later,okay? Love you,little brother.'

'I love you loads,big sister.'

Kelly then said goodbye,and hung up the phone.She could see she was still wearing the clothes she'd worn at work today,but decided not to change.Hopefully,it wouldn't be too long to get what she needed.Then,she could enjoy a relaxing hot bath.

Quickly,Kelly grabbed her car keys,and after locking up her house,headed back into her car.She drove back out within seconds.

Unseen by Kelly,two men had watched her leave the house.These were Thompson and Peters.Both men were powerfully built,and were wearing dark clothing.Each wore a pair of black gloves,and were at present,sitting in their own car,observing the girl leaving.

This made Thompson start up the engine,and he then proceeded to follow Kelly's car.

The man known as Peters,then produced his mobile,and dialled his superior's number.

'Yes?'It was Hills' voice.

'The girl's just left,boss,'Peters reported.'We're following her now.'

'Very good,'there was pleasure in Hills' voice.'Is she alone?'


'Excellent.Make certain you don't lose sight of her.Although of course,I'm sure we all know where she's heading.'

Peters was looking at the roads they were driving on,and he could tell they were heading the right way back to the office.

'Looks like you're right boss,'Peters informed.'I think she's coming back.'

'Good.We'll let her have a little snoop.Then,we'll grab her.'

'You got it,boss.'

Hills then ended the call,and both his henchman kept a sharp eye on their unsuspecting prey.

More to follow...