Friday, 30 August 2013

The Trading Society:An excellent read-so far..

Whilst there's been a lot of interest in '50 Shades of Grey',I was pointed in the direction of this book called 'The Trading Society'

I have actually read some of the material here before,where it was posted under a different story title called 'Byline for Peril' on Jebs Adventure Bound.The author had a pseudonym of 'Chet'

I was very surprised to find this was a much bigger story,but I had enjoyed what I'd read on Jeb's site on it.I was then told there are 14 damsel in distress characters bound and gagged in the story.

I've just read the first couple of pages,and it's a good start.Hopefully,this will be a much treasured book in my collection.Aside from the Nancy Drew books,I haven't really found much for pretty damsels to be bound and gagged in my book hunting.

Anyway,I'm looking forward to this particular book.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Shirley Flight: Air Hostess

I was recently asked if there were any bound and gagged scenes,for the fictional stewardess Shirley Flight in her books.

Whilst I've personally never heard or read any of the books,I think there should be,especially when I found one of the book covers entitled: Hawaiin Mystery.

I'm not sure how the books were written by Trudi Allen,if they were aimed as another Nancy Drew type character,but I guess there's always hope.

And I hope that helped you,BBL.:)

Friday, 23 August 2013

HMS 'Princess': An alternative

Well,I'm very pleased to put up this commission I requested,from a highly talented artist named Jack Crowder.

I found Jack on the Deviant Art website and I liked his style immediately.He was very kind to do me a couple of requests,and I asked him if he wouldn't mind doing me another version of my HMS 'Princess' comic style story.Jack very kindly agreed,and I'm very pleased to put up page 1 of it.

Of course,I will still be asking Ethan to do his versions on the story,but I wanted to see a different,yet still really good artist at work.

Page 2 is being thought out as I speak..

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sexual Misadventures in Space:page 8 complete

At long last,Larry has managed to complete page 8,so here it is.
I've sent in the details for page 9,and will eagerly await that.
I'm really in the mood for some fun in comic style strips,with my favourite theme included.

Hope you enjoy.So much more to come on this,

Thursday, 8 August 2013

More erikson!

I'm very pleased to put up this latest request I asked from erikson,who is one of my favourite damsel in distress artists.

In this scenario,we have Louise and Sarah,shocked to discover their two pretty shipmates tightly bound and gagged by pirates,and are now being chloroformed by them.When they wake up,they'll be bound and gagged too,just like in the earlier picture erikson did for me.

I'm very pleased erikson has also agreed to do a comic page story on this,and although it will take a while before I can get the first page from him,it's something I'm really looking forward too.

Hope you enjoy.:)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Adrianne Palacki in GI Joe:Retaliation.Another big disappointment.

Whilst I've really thought the two GI Joe films were fantastic action films,it's still a bitter disappointment they're not showing any damsel in distress scenes.

I know they did in the comics a lot,and I'm not too sure if there was a television series,which showed a goldmine of scenes also.

I was also bitterly disappointed there was nothing for the very beautiful actress Adrianne Palacki.Her character was one of the good guys,but the writers didn't do anything.Not a single,damn thing.:(

If there's a third film in the making,I'm hoping like mad they'll finally get it right third time lucky.It's so frustrating when the writers don't take any notice,of what really went on in the comics.

Oh well,can't win them all....

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Alazar's latest

Been a while since I asked for a commission from Alazar,so I'm very pleased to put up this newest addition.

This is supposed to be the very lovely Grace Park,who played Lieutenant Sharon Valeri,aka Boomer,in the new modern telly show of Battlestar Galactica.

I really enjoyed the original 1978 version,loving the Space battles,but when I first started to watch the new show,I utterly resented it.

I couldn't stand a lot of the writing,and they seemed to show a lot of the blokes characters as utter weaklings.They really gave a lot of girl power,which I'm sure pleased many of the actresses in the show.

Despite me hating the early episodes,there were still characters that were my favourites,notably Commander Adama,played by Edward James Olmos,but my main favourite was of course:Grace Park.

Grace played the good guy and bad guy(or girl!)in the show,but she was really hot stuff for me.I loved Grace's character as a pilot,especially when she wore the leather flight suit!

I kept hoping she would be bound and gagged in it,but alas:it wasn't to be.Of course,Grace was tied up in the show,but only bound and gagged once,and the scene wasn't really that good.

So,I had to use my imagination again,and ask Alazar if he wouldn't mind.I'm very pleased to say he didn't mind at all.

I'll add this to my drawings blog,and will get it coloured later.

Hope you enjoy...