Monday, 27 February 2012

The Hunt for Eagle One

Whilst I have mainly given up on the main action films released by Hollywood for any bound and gagged scenes,for any pretty actresses.I have however,kept hoping on the straight to dvd chart,and you do get some scenes.

There is a scene in this offering,about a group of US Marines,sent in to rescue two downed pilots in the Philippines.

Overall,it's not too bad on the action,and of course,one of the pilots is played by Theresa Randle,whose character is Amy Jennings.So you can guess why I like my main hero's name,in my other stories.

In the film,Amy and her male companion get captured by the bad guys,after a brief gun battle.Her friend doesn't last long after this,as they both try to escape,but sadly,they both get caught,and he's bumped off.

The main bad guy however,keeps Amy alive to use her as a hostage,and she's tied up hands behind,but alas,not gagged.Having said that,there's no point in screaming your head off,in the middle of the jungle!
Although one might say she is gagged,when the bad guys lift her onto the back of a truck,and place a bag over Amy's head to blindfold her.Gagged too? Doubtful,but it's up to you.

Anyway,all ends well,Amy's saved by her fellow marines,with some friendly help from the Philippine army blokes.So,not too bad,but it could have been a bit better.

Don't like it..

I don't know what's going on with Blogger at the moment,but I certainly don't like this new style they've created.Definitely,a big thumbs down from me.

Get it back to the normal dashboard,please.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Here's a brief story with the bad guys discussing their nemesis,Jennings,in another Sanna Menace story.It still saddens me,that my polite requests for any positive comments on that story,are still being ignored.

Doesn't really matter anyway.I still love this particular story,even if nobody else does...


The sound of gunfire was deafening,as the two sides of combatants shot at their opponents,and from the sound of screams,it was quite evident who was losing.

Grimly,Jennings aimed his rifle at another target,and fired.His aim was deadly,as he watched another opponent topple lifelessly to the ground.

He ducked backed down to avoid the retaliatory burst,and checked his watch.It wouldn't be long,before all the explosive charges he and Montgomery had set would go off.

Jennings glanced quickly at his best friend.Montgomery was doing precisely the same as he was,shooting with deadly accuracy.There were plenty of bullet riddled corpses,lying on the ground to prove this.

As well as using his rifle,Jennings had used his knife and his own hands to kill here.Montgomery too.Both had done this,to effect a silent entry into this target base.Both men had remembered Finlay's briefing on it,and they also recalled the new,but deadly weapon prototypes being developed here.They'd seen the results of them being used,and both had vowed to destroy every single weapon here.

They both continued to work well together in battle,as they always did.Both Jennings and Montgomery were British army regulars,and they'd trained very,very well.

Added to this,they had years of battle experience.They'd both read captured enemy intelligence reports,and there was a great deal of awe and admiration for them.

However,Jennings and Montgomery did not return the compliment.The enemy they were fighting,was ruthless,savage and cruel.Whenever they both saw these things on the battlefield,they made sure they made the instigators pay dearly.

Grimly,they continued to work their way forward out of the enemy base.They took it in turns,as one fired a covering burst,whilst the other advanced.

It was working very well,and still inflicting casualties on the enemy,both Jennings and Montgomery made it out of the base.

Just in time too,as a few seconds later,explosions began to shatter through the whole compound.Buildings were blown apart,and many huge fires started within.

As they both raced away,Jennings and Montgomery could hear faint screams of their enemies.They felt grimly satisfied hearing that,knowing their human enemies were utterly savage and ruthless.Both men had lost many of their friends due to this,and were determined to make any perpetrator pay.

Just as they were about clear,two men suddenly leapt out in front of them.From their clothing,Jennings and Montgomery identified them as O'Rourke's men.They both looked tough,and their expressions weren't friendly.

However,Jennings and Montgomery accepted the challenge,and moved in quickly.

The fight was over very quickly.Both of O'Rourke's men had good fighting skill,but they were no match for their opponents.

Montgomery finished off his enemy,by landing in several hard blows,before he used his combat knife to deadly effect.

Jennings made sure he launched his attack first,and he was using his arms skillfully,forcing the man back.He could even see a hint of desperation in his opponent's face,as he kept up his ruthless assault.

Within moments,Jennings made a swift move,using his legs to kick his enemy in the groin.As the man crumpled,Jennings then used several karate kicks on the man's head.His opponent didn't get up.

With that done,both Jennings and his friend hurried away.

Yet,as they did so,Jennings suddenly stopped.He looked up beyond the still blowing up base,and sensed they were being watched.

'Let's go,John.'Montgomery told him,seeing his friend like that.

Jennings instantly obeyed,and quickly rejoined his friend.His expression though,wasn't friendly.

'What is it?'Montgomery asked him.

'We were being watched,Monty.'Jennings spoke quietly,but his voice held utter conviction,and Montgomery believed him.

'Well,there's nothing we can do about it now.'Montgomery responded.'Whoever they are,they'll make themselves known.'

Neither spoke another word,as they moved safely out of the area,leaving a scene of utter chaos and carnage.


Jennings had indeed,been correct on somebody observing them.Well out of range from the now fiercely burning base,three heavily armed men stood,looking through a pair of binoculars at the withdrawing figures of Jennings and Montgomery.

One of them was known as Hall,and he was a veteran of many battles.He'd seen the fight,between Jennings,Montgomery and O'Rourke's men.Hall had been really impressed with the skill shown there,and he knew his two targets were also highly experienced veterans too.

What also impressed Hall,was that he hadn't seen Jennings or Montgomery,until they were extracting from the base.They were quite clearly,masters at infiltration.Things were going to get interesting later.Hall didn't doubt that for a moment.

Hall then lowered his binoculars,and gestured curtly to his two colleagues to follow.He'd seen enough.Within moments,they were gone too.


Like O'Rourke,Harris held a fierce,deadly reputation,but she also enjoyed her luxuries,and was now in her own personal gym.

It was very well equipped.Harris could use the varied weights,and there was a luxury sauna,jacuzzi,complete with a more than adequate swimming pool,and sunbeds scattered around it.

At the moment,Harris was enjoying herself,lying on one of the sunbeds.There were of course,her armed bodyguards nearby,but they were outside.Harris liked to be alone here.

She wasn't alone for long though,as she heard men's voices.Looking up,Harris recognised the three men who'd come here earlier,and her men were not letting them through to see her.

Harris could have allowed them in,but she decided to see what the three men would do.

She wasn't disappointed,as her bodyguards tried to force them away,but it was a bad mistake.

All her men were sent sprawling to the ground in agony,and the three men calmly entered the swimming pool area.

Harris watched them walk up to her,although they kept a respectable distance from her.They weren't being gentlemen,as their hard eyes kept sharp on her,and also made constant checks on the rest of the room.

However,Harris wasn't planning anything on them,as she looked up expectantly.

'Well?'Harris asked.

'This Jennings and Montgomery,are very impressive.'Hall answered,still thinking back to what he'd seen earlier.'I can see they're quite formidable.'

Harris allowed herself,a rare,but faint smile.

'So,do you think you can take them out?'

'Difficult to say.'Hall had to admit.'I need to know more about them.'This time,he gazed expectantly at her.'Who are they exactly? They both seem to be more than normal soldiers.'

'I was partly responsible for creating Jennings.'It was now Harris' turn to admit.'Years ago,one of O'Rourke's raiding parties brought in some people.They were going to be used as slave labour.Jennings was among them,but he was just a kid then.He had three elder sisters,which O'Rourke was going to enjoy.My own plan was to use Jennings as hostage,making his family co-operate,but something went wrong.'

'Which was?'Hall asked,interested.

'I didn't have Jennings very long.Not long after they were brought in,there was a massive riot,and he escaped with his sisters,but I do remember who helped them.'Harris lost her smile as she recalled those events.

'There was a Japanese father and son there.They helped one of Jennings' sisters at the time,and they'd obviously planned on the riot.'

'What happened to them?'

'They both escaped.Excellent fighters.I watched them take out several of my men,even in unarmed combat.'

'What about Montgomery? What do you know about him?'

'Almost nothing.He's from South Africa,descended from one of the Zulu tribes there,and they all love to fight.So does he.'

'It's going to take something special to beat him.'Hall nodded.'What about weaknesses?'

'Well,I have a plan,but first,gentlemen.'Harris rose from her sunbed,and advanced to the swimming pool's edge.'I need to freshen up.'

Hall and his two colleagues watched Harris dive into the pool,and began to swim in it.This made Hall turn to one of his men.

'Turner,Ginn,get as much information as you can on those two men.'Hall ordered him.'Do whatever it takes,and don't even let those Sanna scum intimidate you.'

The two men nodded,and hurried away.

Hall continued to watch Harris swim.The woman had a good,powerful stroke,and was still aware of his presence.

'So what is your plan,Harris?'

'Quite simple.'Harris responded through her strokes.'I've noticed Jennings has an eye for the ladies,and vice versa.He's very old fashioned.Put a pretty girl in trouble,and rest assured,Jennings will be there to save her.I've seen him do it more than once.'

'And which pretty girl do you have in mind?'

'Come now,Mister Hall.'Harris stopped swimming.'I'm sure you're well aware of O'Rourke's reputation.He's got so many pretty fish tied up here.All we have to do is choose one.'

Hall had to admit he liked the idea.He watched Harris climb out of the pool,and begin to dry herself.

'I'll contact you,once all the necessary arrangements have been made.'Harris assured.'Now,if you don't mind,I'd like to be alone.'

She then lay back on the same sunbed,and seemed to dismiss Hall's presence.

Hall himself,wasn't bothered by the woman's ignorant attitude.All he wanted to do,was to obtain as much information as he could.

He didn't bother saying goodbye,as he exited the gym,not seeing Harris' sneer at his back.

Damned fool.She cursed him silently.If he really thought he could beat Jennings,then he was in for a shock.

Still,orders were orders.Harris then decided to go and choose one of O'Rourke's pretty,but helpless captives.

She rose up from the sunbed and got prepared.When she'd done so,Harris made her way to the detention area.This was a well protected place,and it was built deliberately deep into their base.Any rescue attempts,would certainly have their work cut out.

Although Harris knew it would be suicidal for anybody else,she'd seen what Jennings and Montgomery could do,and didn't doubt for a moment they'd both reach any place they chose to be.No matter how heavily defended it was.

She was still thinking when she reached the first cell,and after barking an order to the guards controlling the opening mechanism of the door,Harris then entered the cell.

This cell held only one prisoner,and Harris knew they were all young women.She knew they were all kidnap victims of O'Rourke,and she could see they were all highly attractive girls.

The young woman Harris was currently staring at,was a short dark haired beauty.She was sitting on the floor,with her back to the wall.She had a good figure,was dressed in a blue denim shirt,and wore a matching pair of blue denim jeans.

The young woman's breasts were certainly impressive.Not only were they very pleasing to see,but Harris also noted the four loops of strong white rope,tied tightly above and below the girl's chest.

Harris knew O'Rourke had bound and gagged this girl earlier,and he'd done it very well.She could see how tight he'd tied the ropes over the girl.Her hands were locked securely behind her back,and more loops of rope were wound over her knees and ankles.The ropes made the girl very sexy.

Of course,Harris knew the girl wouldn't appreciate it,but she didn't give a damn.The gag did its job though,keeping her quiet.O'Rourke had stuffed a balled up cloth into her mouth,and then tied a large strip of white cloth into the girl's mouth,making it secure,and it was a highly effective cleave gag.

Harris was pleased to see the terror in the girl's eyes,when she'd seen Harris enter,who now knelt down beside her.The girl,still terror stricken,tried to move away from her,but giving a contemptuous laugh,Harris easily pulled her back.

'Don't get too alarmed,my dear.'Harris whispered into the girl's ear.'I might need you for a special mission,and I need a pretty damsel in distress for bait.I think you might just be the part.'

Harris then smiled down at the gagged girl.It was a very nasty one at that.

To be continued?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sorry,nothing for the moment.

It always gives me great pleasure writing here.I am hoping to be a best selling author after all,haha.

Joking aside,I have been planning to put up two short stories,but alas,I'm going to take a break for now.I just want to gather my thoughts and chill out.

Anyway,there is more to come,but I'm just going to take it easy.I'll be looking forward to certain updates,on my other,favourite and  interesting damsel in distress stuff.

See you later,and take care everybody.

-David :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gilligan's Island-Dawn Wells

Now I have to admit,that for years I never heard of this show.(Yes,very sad,isn't it?) I actually got curious over it,whilst browsing through the Internet,and saw a photo of Dawn in the show.

Much to my surprise,and of course delight,I saw Dawn bound and gagged in it,and this got me to buy a dvd boxset of the show.

I found the show great fun,and it seems to be very popular with a lot of fellow damsel in distress fans,notably Dawn's character,Mary Ann.

Of course,I haven't watched all the episodes,as I've only completed the first season,but it's been huge fun.I loved the late Bob Denver's portrayal of his character,Gilligan,who actually reminds me of another favourite character of mine,called Frank Spencer,from one of our best loved comedies,'Some Mothers do ave 'em.

Both their characters are almost identical.They both mean well,but they're walking disasters,which of course,meant great fun.

I had read Dawn got the most fan mail when she was in the show,and must admit I would have been writing in too to her!Dawn was indeed,very,very pretty.

Of course,the main reason I bought Gilligan's Island,was to see how many times Dawn's character got grabbed by the bad guys,and she was tied up and gagged.

The picture above,is one of my favourites.Dawn looks lovely here,in an episode from the show,called 'How to be a Hero'

The episode's really funny,where Gilligan thinks he's a failure,after he proves completely inept when Mary Ann's in danger of drowning.Of course,Mary Ann survives unharmed,but Gilligan's unconsolable.So his fellow castaways think up a plan to let him save them,and restore his confidence.

Unfortunately,and unknown to them,a hostile cannibal arrives on the island,and promptly captures most of the castaways,with only Gilligan and his skipper left.Needless to say,Gilligan still thinks it's all a set-up after overhearing the plan,but by some miracle,he does indeed,save the day,and saves all his friends from the cooking pot!

Of course,the highlight of that,was seeing Dawn bound and gagged,and struggling like mad to free herself.There were some nice camera shots of her face close up,as she mumbled against her gag.Her wide eyes were nice too.Dawn played that scene really well,considering it was a comedy!

I'll certainly be interested to see Dawn seized by the bad guys,in the rest of the show,although I did hear she didn't get very many tied up scenes.The 'How to be a Hero' is a classic for me,despite the bloke interference,but again,it was a comedy.

I really enjoyed it,and hope to see Dawn in distress again!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

More added on 'Showdown'

As at the moment,I haven't started any new stories,although I've still got a couple of ideas.I will get round to them,but they do need some major thought.

So for the moment,I've added on a little bit more to one of my earlier efforts-Showdown.

It's just a minor addition,but I still hope it's enjoyed,and I promise I will finish it,just like all my other unfinished,feeble fables.:)

Take care,


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My 200th post-with some reflection.

Well,I'm really pleased to say this is my 200th post on my story blog,and I've really enjoyed every moment of it.

Granted of course,that the stories I've dreamed up,are simply laughable,but it's the fun I had in mind.No doubt there are many people out there,who can tell and write a better story than my offerings,but as I explained before,I like to keep it simple.

Well,there's no new story for the moment,or any additions I'll be doing later to the unfinished tales.I still hope they're being enjoyed by a lot of people.

As you can see,I've put up one of my favourite pics which I asked my good American friend,Ethan,to do for me.Obviously,the topic here,is me getting frustrated when eagerly watching an action film,that's set on a passenger liner hijacked by the bad guys.

Needless to say,I've seen nothing about the pretty heroine,getting bound and gagged by the bad guys in these type of films.It really does make my blood boil,especially when some of the actresses are playing female crew members,and are held captive.Unfortunately though,the girls I've watched,are simply locked up and held under armed guard.The screenplay writers and obviously the director,were not damsel in distress fans,particularly on the girls getting tied up.

If anybody has seen anything good,or even better,a great damsel in distress scene set on ship,I would certainly like to hear about it.Alas,Hollywood doesn't.

Anyway,moan over.Let's hope I can build on 200 posts!

Take care,everybody.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

More will be added.

It's nice to see a lot of visitors worldwide dropping by,every time I check my audience stats.Although of course,I'm not certain if everybody's really interested in what I put up here.

Anyway,I'm pleased to have just put up my latest story,'Lured and Seized' God,where do I get these from? I enjoyed writing it,but as regular readers will have seen,I do tend to leave it.

Trust me though,more will be added,as on all the pathetic fables I've left hanging in the balance,but I really do hope you've all enjoyed them.

More will be added.Promise!:)

Lured and Seized

The small Royal Navy patrol boat,HMS 'Gorgeous' cruised through the waters of the Arabian Gulf,and was on active patrol here.

On the bridge,Captain Louise Saunders sat in her chair,observing the sea.Like all her crew here,Louise was young,had shoulder length brunette hair,and warm hazel eyes,and of course,was a very popular captain.

Louise had worked really hard to achieve this,and she was immensely proud of having done so.The training to be a highly efficient Royal Navy captain,was one of the most hardest ever.Louise knew a lot of people were rejected whilst attempting it.The pressure put on by the training,was enormous.

Yet,in her own course,Louise always kept a cool,calm clear head,especially when the training staff were screaming at her to do things,putting on maximum pressure.Louise however,always won through.Not once did she panic,although she had to admit the training was pretty intense,but of course,she knew it would be.If you did it,you had something not many people had,and it was a fantastic feeling.

Being the captain of the 'Gorgeous',Louise always wore her rank on her shirt.More accurately,on her black shoulder epaulettes.The standard uniform of the Royal Navy,was always a white shirt with a single square breast pocket fitted either side.A knee length,navy blue skirt with smartly polished black high heels,made Louise and her fellow female crew members,very smart indeed.The shoulder lapels always had the same gold markings on each crew members shirt.This was three gold,horizontal stripes,with a half circle on the outer stripe.Louise and all her crew,were extremely proud to wear their uniforms.The Royal Navy was after all,the senior service,and it was a great honour to serve in it.

Still sitting in her command chair,Louise raised the pair of binoculars she wore around her neck,and made another scan of the sea.At the moment,everything seemed calm and normal,but Louise still kept alert.She'd been given a mission here,and was determined to complete it.

Just before the 'Gorgeous' had left the UK,Louise had attended a briefing with her first officer,Sarah Mason.Sarah was also young and very pretty too,although she was a bit taller.She had jet black hair,but was shorter than her captain's.

Sarah was a really good officer to have on board,and Louise and all the other girls were glad to have her.Sarah had a first class brain,having attended university and military college at Sandhurst.Everybody knew she had a very good and privileged background,but Sarah also knew this,and had proved to her crew that she wasn't a stuck up snob.In fact,Sarah severely disciplined any officer she found with that attitude.

Both Louise and Sarah still remembered the briefing.There had been confirmed intelligence,that there was smuggling activity going on in these waters.It wasn't known as yet,what the smuggling was,but both of them were still determined to put a stop to it.

Still scanning the sea through her binoculars,Louise hadn't seen anything suspicious.Shipping traffic was normal.They had stopped a couple of vessels for routine searches,but nothing was found in them,and after letting those vessels go on their way,the 'Gorgeous' had resumed her patrol duty.

Louise lowered her binoculars,and glanced around the bridge.It was of course,only a small bridge,but it was well equipped.They had state of the art technology,and if anybody was trying to run from them,Louise was fully prepared to catch them.In the briefing,Louise had also been told to expect resistance,and whilst she always hoped to to avoid violence,Louise was also determined to defend her ship and crew.

Her gaze passed around each of the bridge crew.Sarah was standing by Louise's chair,whilst the helmswoman,a really pretty Latin girl,who was known as Cara,was faithfully obeying instructions on steering the ship.There were two more women on duty too.One of them was known as Konnie,an Indian woman who set many mens hearts racing,when she went on shore leave.The second woman was Suzuki,born of Japanese parents,but was British through and through.All three girls enjoyed their work,and loved being under Louise's command.

Louise then decided to go and check on Zara,who was their radio operator,and after leaving temporary command with Sarah,Louise left her chair,and headed for the radio room.

It only took her a few seconds,as the boat was only small,and Louise then entered the radio room.She noticed Zara sitting there,with a pair of headphones on her head.Zara was of Africa descent.She came from Ghana,but her parents had emigrated to England,and Zara had made up her mind to join the military very early in her life.

Zara was excellent at communications.She could even decipher the toughest cryptic codes,and had proved her worth time and time again.Louise knew Zara was a constant thorn in the bad guys side.

'Anything unusual,Zara?'Louise asked.She always wanted to call her crew by their first names,believing it to be worthy,and it was.All of her crew loved her for it.It was a nice touch from an officer,especially from a captain.Louise kept her strict captains duty,only for when the situation demanded it.

'Nothing yet,captain.'Zara shook her head,still listening to the shipping radio signals going through her headphones.'Everything's quiet.'

'I wonder how long that's going to last.'Louise knew there would be something happening,but for now,nothing was threatening them.

'Stay on it,Zara.'Louise rested her hand on Zara's shoulder,and Zara nodded at her.

'Don't worry,captain.'Zara was full of confidence.'Any bad guys try something,I'll let you know.'

'Very good.'Louise nodded too,and then left Zara too it.

She then headed for the weapons room.This was manned by two women.Here,Jennifer Burns,a pony-tailed blonde,and Beverley Anderson,a brunette beauty,were operating radar screens,and constantly checking on the weapon systems.

They both noticed Louise's entrance,but didn't stand to attention for her.Louise had told them not to do that.

'Everything okay here?'Louise asked them.

'All systems operational,captain.'Jennifer informed.'Shipping traffic is normal.Nothing unusual.'

'There might be something happening tonight.'Louise warned.'So we're going to battle stations then,but for now,let me know if anything crops up.'

'No problem,captain.'Beverley grinned,and Louise grinned back.She then headed back to the bridge.

When Louise returned to the bridge,things were just the same.All the bridge crew were still keeping a sharp lookout,but there was nothing new to report.

Louise then picked up her binoculars and sat back down in her captains seat,resuming her own watch.

As Louise scanned the surrounding sea,she could see a lot of shipping activity.The Arabian Gulf was one of the worlds busiest shipping lanes,and there were indeed,a lot of vessels.

However,in her briefing,Louise had remembered the details of the smuggling vessels involved,and they weren't the huge ones.

Instead,she focused her attention on the smaller boats nearby.There was certainly plenty of them,and Louise knew she had to keep a sharp eye out.The smugglers weren't stupid,as they took to the most crafty deceptions to outwit being discovered.Smaller boats were a pretty good idea,but Louise was well aware the bad guys needed a lot of luck too,and she promised herself to make it as hard as she could for them.

There were a lot of fishing boats close by,with powerful,luxury yachts also moving too.Louise could see people looking at them from their own vessels,but so far,she saw no sign of anything suspicious.

Looks like nightfall things will get moving.Louise thought to herself,before she continued her watch.


Some way off to the British warship,there were actually a number of boats which kept their attention on the 'Gorgeous'

Two were small fishing boats.They held a crew of several,tough looking men,whilst there was also a luxury yacht keeping the Royal Navy craft in sight.

On the bridge of the same yacht,the captain there,with a couple of other men,were also observing the HMS 'Gorgeous' with more than a passing interest.

More to follow...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Sanna Menace-The Good guys and gals!

Well today,I'd thought I'd post an updated pic of the heroes and heroines,on my Sanna Menace story.

As always,Michael,the artist,did a fantastic job,and I love it.It shows the determination and humanity in my favourite characters,as they battle on to rid the Earth of the Sanna invaders,and of course,their willing human collaborators.

I thought of a couple of versions for the story,although of course,I wanted to keep the main theme in,which was to save the girls.You'll have probably guessed which ones!

Although it was mildly disappointing for me not to see any positive feedback for this story,I still hope some kind soul out there will oblige.:)

Illustration above is the sole property of Michael Lindsay(c)and is used with his kind permission.

Thank you,Michael!