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Trouble in the Philippines Chapter Nine

With a lustful sneer written across his face,Gustav watched Andrea and Hunt being forced out into the rear grounds of his luxury mansion.

He was pleased to see the terror on Andrea's face,but could see the Hunt woman glaring at him,as well as Daniella and Michelle,who held onto their hostages tightly.

Gustav then looked back at the surrounding jungle,but still saw no sign of the girls hidden friends.

No matter,he thought with a satisfied smirk,they'll have to come out sooner rather than later.

Still smirking,Gustav then put the loudhailer to his lips,and proceeded to call out his ultimatum.

'I don't know who or where you are,'he spoke clearly in a warning tone through the device,'but I know you are here.'

He then gestured with his arm at Andrea and Hunt's bound and gagged forms.

'As you can see,'he continued to speak through the loudhailer,'I've got your two pretty friends here.If you don't surrender within five minutes,they might not look so pretty anymore.'

Totally confident his unseen enemies would have no choice to yield to him,Gustav glanced at his watch and waited.


Snarling quietly to himself,Montgomery kept his eye on Gustav's smirking face through the telescopic sight.The scumbag was threatening Andrea and Hunt.He hoped Jennings would get to them quick.

Montgomery had also used the infra-red device on the sniper rifle,scanning the moat's interior.He'd seen the deadly outlines of the crocodiles underneath the surface,and thought Jennings' plan to go in there with them was utterly foolhardy.

He could only wait and see,and pray.


If Montgomery had seen Jennings' current position,he need not have worried.Jennings had skirted around the moat,sneaking from cover to cover,but he made no attempt to enter the water.He knew he had to keep his eyes peeled,knowing all of these dangerous reptiles were the only things to worry about.

Jennings so far,was lucky.He avoided detection by the remaining sentries,and was now getting closer and closer to where Gustav held Andrea and Hunt.He could see both of the young women who held his two friends,and shook his head sadly.

What a waste,he thought regretfully.

Not bothering any more thoughts on them,Jennings then added a couple of charges of his own,and then,rose up,and walked slowly towards Andrea and Hunt.As yet,nobody had spotted him,but he kept on slowly walking towards them.

He wasn't that far away from them,when he watched with faint amusement Gustav lift the loudhailer again,and start to call out more threats.

'Time's running out,'Gustav made his voice more menacing,not seeing Jennings now standing very close,and was observing him thoughtfully.'You've got one minute left!'

'I'm here,'Jennings calmly announced.

His voice achieved total surprise,as he watched everybody spin around in shock to face him.Jennings smiled politely at them,giving Hunt and Andrea a reassuring wink.

Like everybody else under his command here,Gustav was stunned by Jennings' mysterious appearance.How the hell had this man managed to get close to him without being detected? It made him really nervous inside.

He studied the man,seeing like Hunt,he too,was a soldier.Very tall,but also very powerfully built.Gustav could see no fear at all in the man's eyes,and clearly noticed the wink he gave to his two bound,gagged hostages.Again,the nervousness increased inside.

Despite his unease,Gustav gave the impression he was still in command of the situation.

'So you're the dashing white knight in armour,are you?' he asked Jennings,still smirking,but he'd lost some of it.

'I'm here to help my friends you're holding,Gustav,'Jennings responded politely to him.'I hope you will let them go?' he raised an expectant eyebrow asking that,but knew what the answer was going to be.

As if to confirm his suspicions,Jennings watched Gustav move up to Hunt,and lifted her chin,ignoring the young woman's defiant gaze.

'Your lady friend here has got some guts,'Gustav conceded.'She even beat two of my best fighters here,'he didn't mention Daniella or Michelle's name,but Jennings already knew this.He could see the hate in the two young women holding Andrea and Hunt.

'Yes,'Jennings nodded.'I think I know who you're referring too,but now,please release the two ladies,and Miss Lee too.'

This only released a cruel smile to Gustav's face.

'Sorry,'he clearly wasn't sorry,'letting them go wasn't part of the bargain.Now,'the menace increased in his voice,'get down on your knees,and put your hands on top of your head.'

It was then,that several explosions suddenly sounded close by,knocking everybody off their feet.

Jennings didn't hesitate,as he raced forward to help Andrea and Hunt.The explosions had forced both girls captors to release their tight hold on them,as they were still on the ground.

Quickly,he pulled out one of his combat knives,and hurried over to Hunt,where he quickly cut her loose,then did the same for Andrea.

Hunt angrily jerked off her gag,but knew she still had a job to do,as she saw Jennings gesture for her to get Andrea out.She could see the Filipino girl was clinging to her rescuer.

Hunt hadn't hesitated either;She raced over to them both,just as Grant came into their sight.He was firing his weapon,sending Gustav and his people scattering into cover.Jennings and Hunt did the same

'Get Andrea out of here,Hunt,'Grant ordered her.'Jennings,you're with me.'

Both men kept firing their weapons,covering Hunt and Andrea.Their shooting barrage was highly effective,as not one of Gustav or his people could return fire.Both men were satisfied to see both girls escape unharmed.

Grimly,Jennings and Grant raced back inside,heading to help Angela.

Gustav saw them,and furiously gestured at his soldiers to get after them.His orders were obeyed immediately,and he then noticed Daniella and Michelle slowly get to their feet.The explosion had knocked the stuffing out of them,and they were both still groggy.

'Don't just stand there,you two!'Gustav shouted angrily at them.'Get after the girl!'

His words seemed to do the trick,as both his women seemed to make a remarkable recovery.They immediately set off in pursuit of Hunt and Andrea.

Gustav then checked his own weapon,which was a .45 handgun.Satisfied it was still ready to fire,he too,headed back into his own mansion.He wasn't going to let these people take his pretty hostage away from him.


Grant led the way,trusting Jennings implicitly to watch his back,and his faith was rewarded.Several times,a couple of Gustav's men appeared out of nowhere,trying to stop them.All their efforts were wasted however.

Grant finally led Jennings to where they both saw Angela being held.The pretty Chinese girl was still seated bound and gagged,but her eyes showed tremendous relief,clearly recognising Grant.

Both men had her free from her tight ropes within seconds,and Grant gently removed her gag.Angela was more than happy to get her voice back.

'Are you okay,Miss Lee?'Grant asked her concernedly.

He was pleased to see her smile warmly back at him.

'Thank you,'she nodded,still smiling her gratitude.'I'm fine.'

'Let's get you out of here,'Grant then helped her up,and they then moved away,heading towards the exit.

More to follow...

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Good to see Sasha still with us

I was very pleased to read Sasha's announcement,that she's found a new home for her excellent Danger Theatre.

I still thought it was a disgrace Google shoved her away,but I'm still relieved Sasha is still with us,keeping her superb damsel in distress material going.

Definitely looking forward to checking out her new home.:)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Not a boring night

'God,I'm so bored,'Louise Wilson sighed dejectedly,as she prepared to make another round on her job.

Louise's job was a security officer,being responsible for over-looking a private firm's offices.She didn't exactly know what the office did.Louise just assumed it was a normal office,and she never bothered asking any of the employees that worked here.To Louise,it was just a job that helped to keep a roof over her head,pay the bills and eat.

Louise's hours were on permanent nights,and she didn't mind.Night shift was always the better money,and she badly needed it.

Of course,being a security officer meant wearing a uniform,and Louise didn't mind wearing that also.She wore a light blue shirt with a matching knee length blue skirt.Her uniform was smartly ironed,as Louise knew it was always advisable to look ones best.

She looked down into her shoes,which were a pair of highly polished,black high heels.Louise could see her own reflection in them.She gazed at herself for a few moments,seeing her long,dark hair falling past her shoulders.She should have really tied her hair in a ponytail,but there had been no notifications from her superiors of any important visitors,so Louise stayed as she was.

Still sighing,she picked up her radio and torch,then went off to do another check,making sure there were no problems.

It wasn't a big area Louise had to check.There were only a few offices with a warehouse floor.She usually completed it within fifteen minutes,before going back to her seat.Once back there,Louise had full access on the CCTV,which showed her everything she needed to know regarding the security here.There were only a few monitor screens,but with a highly practised eye,Louise could see everything on all of them.

As expected,there was nothing amiss Louise could see.She could hear her high heeled footsteps on the floor as she walked around,but it was always a relief to sit back down.

Having completed that round,Louise made her way back to her seat,and glanced outside.

As was the norm,the entrance was only yards away from her desk,which was a glass,but locked door.

Still looking outside,Louise saw no sign of life,but knew there wouldn't be,not in the middle of the night anyway.

She sighed again,and settled her gaze on the monitor screens,waiting for the time to get back up again.


Louise didn't see the black van pull up a couple of streets away from the office.The CCTV cameras didn't cover this area,which was precisely why the occupants of the van chose it.

The occupants of the van were three men.All wore dark clothing,with balaclavas;but hadn't pulled them down.

'You sure there's only one girl to deal with here?'the driver asked the man sitting next to him.

He was pleased to see the man nod.

'Don't worry,'the man answered him.'I've been watching her.She always does the night shift,and always does it on her own.'

'Can't wait to use this on her,'the third man interjected with an ominous grin,as he held up several coils of white clothesline.

'She's going to be used a lot more,once they find out we've been there,'the second man went on.

'Yeah,'the driver agreed.'I've heard they've got some dodgy connections here,if anybody screws up.People disappear.'

'Which is what we need to do sharp,once our job's completed.Come on,let's do it.'

All three of them made a quick check to see if there were any passing police cars.It wasn't unknown,but the coast was clear.The trio then exited the van,and whilst the driver and the passenger headed to the front of the office,the third man quickly headed to the rear.

Both men walked into the street where the front entrance was,but they kept a low profile,as they knew there was a CCTV camera here,but its range of vision was limited.

The driver then checked his watch,and waited.If everything went according to plan,they should be within the building in a couple of minutes.

Both of them sneaked a bit further up the street,still keeping a careful eye,but they successfully made it to where they could both see Louise at her desk.

'Whoa,'the driver whispered admiringly,gazing at the girl.'She's a beauty.'

'Just keep your mind on the job,'his accomplice reminded him.She'll be more beautiful,once we've finished with her.'

Both of them grinned,highly unpleasant ones at that.


Still seated at her work desk,Louise was carefully monitoring all the screens in front of her.

As she expected,there was still nothing or nobody to be seen,and she was looking forward to a drink on her next break.

Suddenly,she spotted something on one of the monitor screens,and leaning forward to get a closer look,Louise couldn't believe her eyes.

She saw a single man,who appeared to be drunk,and he was staggering into the office's rear grounds.

For a few moments,Louise thought about calling the police,but decided to deal with it herself.She had a taser weapon,and was fully prepared to use it.

It was only then,that she watched the seemingly,drunken man crash headfirst into the wheelie bins at the back.

'Great.'she sighed again,'a drunk.'

Louise realised if she opened the door to that area,the alarms would activate,so she switched them off.With any luck,it would only be for a few minutes.She could then call the police,and the ambulance too.

She switched off the alarms from her work desk,and made her way to the rear of the building.


The driver and his accomplice watched Louise depart,and were pleased.So far,the first part of the plan was working.With the girl distracted,the two men were now free to concentrate on the lock of the door.

'She fell for it,'the driver's accomplice grinned.

'Let's get to it,'the driver quickly hurried to the door,carrying his bag of tools needed.

It didn't take him long,as he'd done this so many times.Within a few seconds,he successfully opened the door,and after pulling their balaclavas down to hide their faces,they both hurried inside.The driver making sure,he shut the door.

Both men then made their way to Louise's work desk,where they instantly saw her opening a door,to where their third accomplice was.

'Hope he doesn't hurt her,'the driver said,as he began his second task for the night,by deactivating all the security systems.

'Don't worry,'the second man.'I told him if he hurt her,he'd answer to me.He'll bring her to us,then we can tie her up.'

Both men grinned again,obviously looking forward to that.


Louise unlocked the back door where the man was,and she saw him immediately.

He wasn't sleeping,but did seem to be drunk.

'Are you alright,sir?' Louise asked him,realising it was a stupid question.

'Please help,'she heard the man say.It was like a whisper.'Hurt.'

Louise then saw the man was holding his hand over his stomach,and it looked like he was bleeding.

'Oh my god,'she was instantly shocked by what she saw.'You really are hurt.'

She made the decision to help him inside,and did so,by putting her arm around the man's shoulder.Both of them then headed inside the building,and Louise failed to see the man's grin of triumph.

She wasn't getting anywhere by helping him though.The man was simply too big and powerful.

Louise seemed to help the man stagger onto a couch,and then knew she had to check his wound.

Her face grimaced at what she saw.It was quite clearly a mess,and Louise knew she'd better call for an ambulance.

'Stay there,okay,'she told the still moaning man.'I'm going to get help.'

Louise then hurried back to her desk,where she could make the call.

When she got back there,Louise picked up the phone,but was surprised to hear no dialling tone.

That was as far as she got,before she suddenly felt a presence behind her.

Before she could turn around,Louise felt herself seized from behind.A strong arm wrapped itself around her waist trapping both her arms,and a gloved hand clamped over her mouth,silencing her attempted scream.

Louise's eyes bulged in utter shock and fear,as she suddenly saw a masked man come up to her.His eyes through the balaclava mask,were full of menace.

'Don't make a sound,my pretty,'he warned her;his tone indicated that also.'Just do as you're told,and you won't get hurt.Understood?'

He could still see the fear in the girl's eyes,but quite clearly,saw her nod.

'Good,'he nodded back.'Now my friend's going to take his hand away from your mouth,but remember,be sensible.Agreed?'

Louise nodded again to him.The grip she was held in was inescapable,and so was the handgag.She knew she didn't have a choice here.

With much relief fully evident on her face,the hand covering her mouth was removed,but she was still held tight.

'Now I'm sure you know what's going to happen to you now,my dear,'the man griined,although it was invisible to her.'I'm afraid we're going to have to tie you up and gag you.So if you please,'the man gestured at the chair she'd been sitting on only minutes ago.

Louise felt the man holding her force her over to it,and he gently,but firmly pushed her down onto the chair.Instantly,Louise felt the man grab her wrists,forcing them behind the chair's back,and she then saw,much to her dismay,the other man throw over several lengths of white clothesline.She then felt the unseen man start to wind the line around her wrists.

Within moments,Louise's hands were tied tightly behind the chair,and she then saw more loops of the clothesline being wound tight over her.Both men worked together,making she was securely trussed up.

'Why are you doing this?'Louise asked them.'There's nothing here to steal.'

'Au contraire,my dear,'the man grinned in his response.'Yes,there's no money here to steal,but we are after something else.'

'Like what?'

Louise suddenly grunted,as the other man finished off tying her up.She could feel the tightness of the coils all over her body,and knew she stood hardly any chance of freeing herself.

'That does not concern you,my dear,'the man informed her.'In fact,it's better that you don't know.'

'I don't understand,'Louise was completely baffled by this,not seeing the driver man behind her,pull out two large strips of black cloth.He instantly balled one of them up.

'Gag her.'

'Before Louise could protest against this,she suddenly felt the man force the balled up cloth into her mouth.The cloth totally flattened her tongue down,and then she felt another strip of cloth being tied into her mouth.This second strip kept the balled up cloth in her mouth,keeping her tongue down.She grunted again,as the gag was pulled and tied tight.Her lips felt the cloth cut into the corners of her mouth,and it was a highly effective,tight gag.Louise couldn't make a sound.

Satisfied the girl was secure,both men then prepared for their main task,but not before the second man walked up to Louise,and lifted her chin up to him.

'You know,my dear,'he complimented her,'you really are very pretty,especially when you wear that uniform.I'm sorry we tricked you and bound and gagged you too,but at least,you've had some excitement tonight,haven't you? It hasn't been another boring night for you.'

Louise tried to speak to him,but found the gag totally impossible to get off,as she could only manage faint mumbles.

Both men smiled at this behind their masks,and the man still holding her chin,leaned forward to give Louise a gentle kiss on her forehead.He noticed the girl shut her eyes in distaste,but ignored that.

The men then left her.Louise never saw them leave,and despite her frantic struggles all night,could not free herself.She stayed bound and gagged on the chair all night,not getting free until the morning cleaners arrived for their shift.

Whoever the men were or what they were after,remained a mystery.They were still at large,and Louise never saw them again,and she sincerely hoped she never would.

Even so,despite her fear on that night,Louise had to admit,that it hadn't been a boring night at all.

The End.

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Trouble in the Philippines Chapter Eight

Grant and Hunt had so far,successfully managed to get further into Gustav's mansion,but they were both keeping a sharp eye out for any more threats.

Grant was also checking the locator device he knew Andrea wore,but it wasn't telling him what he wanted to see.

Andrea had arranged a meeting point in the mansion,and both Grant and Hunt had reached it,but Andrea was nowhere in sight.In fact,the locator device was telling Grant she was moving away.

He frowned at this,showing Hunt the locator too.

'What do you think?' he asked her.

'I think she's in trouble,sir,'Hunt responded,not one to waste her words.

'Agreed,'Grant grimly nodded.'We'd better help her,and quick.Get after her.I'll take care of Gustav.'

'You'll be on your own,sir,'Hunt informed him correctly.'You'll need help.'

'Again,I agree,'Grant nodded.'Just make sure you rescue Andrea.I'll tell Jennings to watch your back.'

'Be careful,sir,'Hunt wasn't one to give out any emotional comments,but all her team knew she was one of the good guys,and Hunt trusted them all in return.

'I will.Now get after her,before more bad guys show up.'

Hunt nodded,and hurried away.

Grant then kept his low profile,actively seeking out Gustav,although he had a nasty idea where his nemesis was right now.


If Grant had seen where Gustav was right now,his thoughts would have been proved correct.

At the present moment,Gustav was standing outside his fortress mansion,and stood by the surrounding moat.

A couple of his heavily armed bodyguards stood close to him,but Gustav sensed he wouldn't be needing the services of his ruthless,almost cruel men just yet.

He stood patiently,waiting for Daniella and Michelle to bring him Andrea.He couldn't wait to use her as a pretty hostage,forcing Andrea's friends out into the open.

As he waited,Gustav held a loudhailer in his hand,and he constantly scanned the surrounding jungle around his mansion.So far,he'd seen nothing,and there had been no reports of anything amiss from his troops.

Gustav though,wasn't fooled.He knew he was being watched,and secretly admired his enemies discretion.He was really looking forward to meeting them,confident they'd send in a dashing white knight in armour to rescue Andrea and Angela from his clutches.

He allowed himself a nasty smile thinking that.


Still perfectly concealed in their sniper hideout,Jennings and Montgomery saw Gustav's ominous smile through their own scopes.

'The swine's got Andrea,'Montgomery whispered,fully hating the sight of Gustav.

'Looks like we'll be expecting a call soon too,'Jennings rubbed his chin thoughtfully,fully well knowing they'd have to show themselves to their enemies.

'You have a plan,John?'

'You bet,'Montgomery was pleased to hear his best friend say that.'You don't think we're really going to let these scumbags get the better of us?'

Quickly,Jennings peered through his telescopic sight,checking the activity of Gustav's men.So far as he could see,a lot of them hadn't picked up anything wrong.

However,where Gustav was;it was a different story.The soldiers there,stood ready for action,and Jennings could see the loudhailer Gustav held.It wouldn't be long before he started to dish out his threats.

'Hunt,'Jennings called into his radio headset.'Where are you?'

'Going after Andrea,'Hunt's voice came immediately back to him.'Two of Gustav's women have her.'

'Are all charges set?'

'Roger that.'

'Got it,'Jennings nodded.'I'm coming down.I think it's about time we show this lot who's boss.'

'I'll be ready.Hunt out.'

Jennings then took something from his battle pack,and produced a small tube.It looked like a small telescope,but Jennings knew it was nothing of the sort.

Instead,it was an infra-red detector,which could pick up heat from any living thing.

Jennings aimed it at the moat and peered closely through it for a few moments.

He finally lowered the tube,and Montgomery saw his face was grim.

'Something nasty in the water?'

'Yeah,'Jennings hadn't liked what he'd seen.'Crocodiles.Loads of them.Here.'

Jennings passed the tube to him,and told him to fit it onto the sniper rifle.

'This will help you see them,and shoot them if they come for me too.'

'You're going into the water with them?'Montgomery was incredulous.'You won't stand a chance with those reptiles.'

'Not if you get them before they get me,'Jennings grinned,slapping his friend on the shoulder.'Don't worry,Monty.I'll be okay.'

With that said,Jennings slid away,leaving Montgomery to think Jennings had gone mad.

However,he had already fixed the infra-red tube to the weapon,and was now scanning the moat for targets.

He saw the familiar,but deadly shapes in the water instantly,and grimly readied the weapon for firing.


Andrea was desperately trying to stop Daniella forcing her along,but the woman's grip on her was as strong as an ox.She was powerless.

Daniella and Michelle were faintly amused by their pretty captive's futile struggles,but they harshly forced Andrea on.In fact,Daniella stopped momentarily to pull her prisoner back into her tightly.

'Don't bother wasting your time,my pretty,'Daniella took great,sadistic pleasure hissing into Andrea's ear.'It's not going to do you any good.'

Andrea again,felt the woman's sexual urge as she pulled her back.Her eyes were still bulging in horror,feeling Daniella's breasts forcing themselves into her back.She could even feel Daniella's erect nipples in her back also.This made Andrea give a considerably muffled,but very frightened shriek into her tight gag.

'Let's get going,my dear,'Daniella knew business came before pleasure,and she couldn't wait to ravish this gorgeous girl.

As both women quickly forced Andrea along,all three could see the distant,but closing figure of Gustav waiting outside for them.

'Nearly there,my dear,'Daniella chuckled.'It's going to be a good show-for us at least.'

Andrea sincerely prayed they were going to be proved wrong.


Just out of their sight,neither of the three women noticed Hunt following them,and watching their every move.

Hunt could see they weren't far off from reaching Gustav,and knew it was time to act.

She made sure she was still unseen,and then managed to move ahead of them.

Grimly,Hunt pulled out a flashbang grenade from her person.This wasn't a lethal weapon,but it would temporarily blind and stun anybody within its range.

Hunt waited for the two women dragging Andrea along to come  closer.She could hear Andrea's gagged,but terrified whimpers.It made her mad seeing this innocent girl suffer,and it also made Hunt's blood boil seeing the smirking expressions of Andrea's captors,clearly enjoying her distress.

Hunt waited for them to come within range,then pulled the firing pin on the flashbang grenade,then kneeling,she threw it along the floor towards the target.

All of the three women saw the rolling grenade coming towards them,and before Daniella and Michelle had a chance to sound the alarm,the grenade exploded.

There was a blinding flash,making both Daniella and Michelle scream in agony,as they suddenly let go of Andrea,and they were momentarily blinded,desperately rubbing their eyes to clear them.

Hunt didn't waste a moment.Next instant,she raced out,slamming her rifle in an uppercut on Daniella's jaw.The woman fell back,knocked senseless.

Hunt had fully enjoyed hearing Daniella's cry of agony,before she quickly turned to her attention to Michelle.

Just as she'd done with her accomplice,Hunt reacted ruthlessly,striking Michelle with her rifle in her solar plexus.As Michelle doubled up in agony,Hunt gave the woman a hard fist into her face,sending Michelle flying.She didn't get back up.

Seeing both these two women fall gave Hunt tremendous satisfaction,but knew she had to help Andrea,who was lying on the floor,still tightly bound and gagged.Her eyes were gaping at Hunt.

Quickly,Hunt pulled out her knife to cut away Andrea's ropes,when suddenly,disaster struck.

A smiling Gustav,with several of his heavily armed soldiers,had just come out of nowhere,and they all had their weapons aimed at Hunt.

Gustav was somewhat surprised to see a woman soldier.She was young,pretty too,but he could also see the hardness in her eyes.Clearly,this woman had seen battle,and that made her extremely dangerous.

He watched Hunt slowly lower her rifle,and raise her hands in surrender.This pleased him.

He then noticed the sprawled,but slowly coming back to life figures of Daniella and Michelle.

'I don't know who you are,young lady,'Gustav told her pleasantly.'But you must be really good,if you can take out Daniella and Michelle.I've never seen anyone beat them.'

'Well,I guess there's a first time for everything,isn't there?'Hunt's response was sarcastic.

'A sense of humour too,'Gustav beamed.'I like that also.You're certainly going to need it.'

He could see Daniella and Michelle now standing up,slowly recovering,and their eyes were full of hate at Hunt.

'Later,ladies please,'he cautioned them politely.'Business first,remember,'he smiled,which Andrea and Hunt didn't like one bit.'You'll have your fun with these two lovely ladies,myself included.'

'I doubt that very much,pal,'Hunt sneered defiantly,but for the moment,the bad guys had the advantage over her.

'Well,we'll see,shall we?'Gustav kept on smiling,pleased he now had two pretty hostages.

Turning to Michelle,he ordered:'Tie her up.'

'It will be my pleasure,'Michelle's voice was deadly,as she seized Hunt's hands behind her,and instantly,Hunt felt rope being wound over her wrists.

It only took a minute as Michelle was highly experienced,and when she completed her task,Hunt realised she couldn't get her hands free.Every movement she did on them,brought instant pain.

'Thank you,Michelle,'Gustav complimented her,after he'd examined Hunt's bonds.'A job well done.Daniellie,if you can bring Andrea,please.

Daniella reached down to savagely yank up Andrea's still bound and gagged figure,whilst Michelle hadn't quite finished with Hunt just yet.

'Let me gag her,boss,'Michelle wore an evil smile as she said that.'We don't want her to raise the alarm either.'

'An excellent suggestion,Michelle,'Gustav nodded his approval.'See to it,please.'

Michelle already had a balled up cloth ready in her hand,and she ruthlessly jammed it into Hunt's mouth,(which she fully enjoyed) before securing it with another strip of cloth,tightly cleave gagging Hunt.

Gustav was pleased to see another pretty hostage bound and gagged,but he was wise enough to know Hunt would watch him carefully,even when she was tied up and silenced.

'Watch her,'he warned Michelle.'She's dangerous.'

'Don't worry,boss,'Michelle grinned.'She won't try anything stupid,not when we've got her gorgeous friend over there.'

Hunt kept her anger in check,knowing full well she had to keep Andrea safe.She could see Andrea's eyes were really frightened above her own gag.She knew she could rely on her friends to help them,especially Jennings.He'd saved her so many times.

'Right then,ladies,'Gustav bowed mockingly to his two prisoners.'Shall we proceed with the show?'

He gave a nasty chuckle,and Hunt suddenly felt Michelle jam her pistol into her back.

'Move it!'her captor snarled into her ear.

Hunt could only give an angry,but muffled growl behind her gag,and her eyes were fierce,but Hunt had to obey as Michelle roughly and quickly forced her along.Daniella did the same with Andrea,as they headed outside.

Hunt hoped Jennings had a good plan to get them out of this.

More to follow..

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lockout:great action,but still disappointing in one respect..

Like a lot of other people,I love a great action film,and especially where the bad guys hold a pretty girl hostage in it.

This film certainly interested me,seeing our hero sent in to rescue the American President's daughter,(played by Maggie Grace)held hostage by escaping convicts on an orbiting prison.

Unfortunately,there's not one bound and gagged scene for any of the actresses in this film.So although I enjoyed the film,it still left me feeling a bit wanting.

Still,as long as the good guys win and save the girl,that's what counts.Even though there's a terrible price to pay here.

Never mind.Better luck next time...:)

The Hunt for the Princess

As I've been enjoying Larry's drawings for me,I thought I'd write a story on the illustrated pictures.

It's daft,but I enjoyed writing it out.Hope you do too....


Commander Louise Wilson strode purposefully towards her mission briefing,with Admiral Williams on the massive Earth space station,currently orbiting one of Earth's colonies near to their home solar system.

As Louise walked along the station's passageways,she could see the deep void of interstellar Space,which always thrilled her.This was what she always wanted,to explore this mysterious world,andshe'd fought damned hard to achieve it.

Seeing her reflection,Louise could see she was dressed as a commander of the Earth Rapid Response Battle command.She wore a neatly ironed white shirt,with a large square breast pocket either side.Black shoulder epaulettes with shiny gold markings showed her rank,and with a knee length black skirt and smartly polished high heels,Louise was very proud to wear her uniform,and to be a part of a good team keeping a lot of people safe in Earth's colonial territories.

She finally reached the airlock where her ship,the battle cruiser:'Princess' stood docked with the massive station,and Louise noticed Admiral Williams waiting for her.

Like Louise,Admiral Williams was also a woman.She wasn't as young as Louise,but like her subordinate,the admiral processed a first class brain,and was a very popular and highly valued officer.

Louise could see the admiral eyeing her up,but this didn't make her feel uncomfortable.Louise knew she was pretty,but made no fuss of herself.She knew the admiral was just checking that she was presentable in her uniform.

There was a reason for this,and it wasn't just for military protocol.Admiral Williams had briefed Louise to look her smartest,and report to her ship on the double.She had told her there were some important people on board she had to meet.

Louise quickly moved up to Admiral Williams,and saluted correctly to her.

'Reporting as ordered,ma'am,'Louise stated.

Admiral Williams glanced at her watch.'Two minutes early,commander,'she gave a faint smile.'I always know I can rely on you not to be late.'

The admiral then gestured politely to the waiting ship behind her.

'Shall we get on board?'

'My pleasure,ma'am,'Louise went into the connecting airlock tube first,with Admiral Williams following.

When they reached the 'Princess',Louise could see her second in command:Naomi Patterson waiting for her.Like Louise,Naomi was very pretty.Her hair was the same raven black colour as her captain's,only Naomi had shoulder length hair.Louise's hair was just that little bit longer,but both girls weren't just pretty faces.They were both highly capable officers.

Both Louise and Naomi recognised Space was the most hostile environment known to Man,and they needed to deal with any threat.This was why both girls enlisted willingly into the Earth military,as they both wanted to explore this dangerous,but still fascinating place.

Another female officer immediately piped Louise and the admiral on board.There was also a guard of honour from Louise's crew,standing stiffly to attention.Obviously to welcome Admiral Williams.All were dressed in the same type of uniform as Louise and Naomi.The gold markings on their black shoulder epaulettes always designated their rank

'Request permission to come abroad,sir,'the admiral asked Naomi,following the old,but still tradition of senior officers boarding ships.Even though Louise was the commanding officer,Naomi had been left in command during her absence.

'Permission granted,'Naomi smiled warmly.'Welcome abroad the 'Princess' Admiral.'

'Thank you,'Admiral Williams nodded curtly to Naomi,although that wasn't really in her manner.She had important matters to discuss with them both..

Louise knew this also,and asked Naomi:'Is everything ready,number one?'

'Yes captain,'Naomi nodded.'They're waiting for you.'

'Very good.Lead the way please.'

Naomi immediately obeyed,and Louise dismissed the crew present.She could see the relief on all the girls faces.Having to go through strict military protocol when a senior officer visited,wasn't very popular with the crew.It felt like having to put up with a highly unpopular politician.

However,Louise,Naomi and Admiral Williams knew this was an exciting time for the 'Princess' There had been a lot of secrecy involved,and Louise knew she had something very powerful in her ship's armoury.

The three women moved deeper into the 'Princess',and they finally reached their destination.They really were in the bowels of the ship,and this was exactly why Louise chose this area.It was very well protected,and no ship with hostile intent would be able to detect it.

Two armed security officers guarded the entrance.Both women were highly attractive,but they were doing their job,and seeing their captain approach,they both stood aside to let Louise,Naomi and the admiral in.

On entering the room,the three of them noticed the many,highly complicated machinery here.Two more young women,dressed in fastened up white labarotory coats were waiting for them.Both were from the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

Louise could see they were really beautiful;she'd visited Hawaii many times and loved the people there.They were so warm and friendly.

In fact,she had met these two women many times,and knew them to be Doctor Kina,the tallest of the two.Doctor Kina had shoulder length hair like Naomi,whilst her companion was known as Doctor Ria,and she had short hair.She was just a little smaller in stature than Kina,but was just as smart.

It was Kina who first approached them all.She was smiling warmly.

'Good to see you again,Commander Wilson,'Kina meant her warm greeting.'You too,Admiral Williams.Naomi here,has done more than enough for us.'

Seeing Naomi blush slightly made Louise smile faintly.

'That's why she's my second in command,Doctor,'Louise meant that too.'She's very capable.'

'So,'Admiral Williams asked,getting down to business.'Is it all working up to standard?'

'We just completed our final check up,'Kina nodded to her.'Everything is programmed in.The time system is ready for use.'

This pleased all of the women present.Now they knew the 'Princess' had a very powerful weapon within the ship,but Louise was determined to use it cautiously.She didn't want to do any serious damage,to the delicate fabric of Space and time.

'We'll have to guard it very well,'Naomi admitted.'I really hope the bad guys don't find out about it.'

'I've complete faith in you and all your crew here,'Admiral Williams replied to her.'I know your captain and yourself will use it wisely.'

'Thank you,Admiral.'

'If you will come with me please,'the admiral ordered Louise and Naomi,before thanking the two scientists.'Excellent work,ladies.I hope you will enjoy your stay here,on the 'Princess''

The two beautiful Hawaiin girls nodded their gratitude,before going on a much needed break.Louise and Naomi didn't object to their presence.It had all been agreed earlier they would stay on the 'Princess' It was vital that they did,as they were the only ones who fully understood how the system worked.

Louise led the admiral and Naomi back to her own personal ready room.This was where she could discuss any matters in confidence with her officers,or to have some privacy.

Louise sat down behind her desk in her ready room,whilst Naomi stood next to her,hands clasped respectfully behind her back.

Admiral Williams sat down facing the two girls,and she started the mission briefing.

'Right ladies,'her tone was brisk.'I'm very pleased you've got your new toy,and I know you're going to use it for this mission.

'We've recently discovered two new systems.They're very far away,almost on the outer edge you might say,but we have established a first contact.'

'Friendly contact,admiral?'Louise asked.

'There is at least,good news there,'Admiral Williams confirmed.'Two class M worlds,and I've actually met one of them.Their planet is known as Sirrus 6,with humans like us,but there are some differences.'

'In what way,ma'am?' It was Naomi's turn to ask.

'You'll see,'Admiral Williams felt it would take too long to explain.'I can tell you they're going to be really good friends,and I'm glad they are.One of their warships will meet you.'

'Doesn't sound very friendly to me,if they're sending a warship,admiral,'Naomi responded,then realising she might have spoken out of turn.'Begging the admiral's pardon of course.'

Fortunately for Naomi,Admiral Williams let it go.

'As I said before,you'll see for yourself.I've managed to make a deal with them.They're going to assist us,or more precisely,yourselves.'

'We can handle ourselves fine,ma'am,'Louise politely told her.'The 'Princess' isn't a weak ship.'

'I never said your ship was,captain.But I do know you're going to need help,and the Sirrun people will do that.'She smiled faintly.'In fact,I've seen it.'

'I don't understand,ma'am.'

'You will,but for now,here's the main mission for you.'

The admiral then handed over a small disc to Louise.

'What is it?'

'This is a collection of flight logs from a lot of traffic.It's not nice viewing,but you'll see every ship on it,was suddenly attacked by an unknown assailant.There have been people missing,possibly abducted,and all of the missing are women.'

'So you're sending in my ship as bait,'Louise stated flatly.

'That decision was mine alone,Captain Wilson,'Admiral Williams told her curtly.'If however,you are not happy with this,I can easily ask somebody else to do this.'

Both Louise and Naomi knew they wouldn't refuse the admiral,but it was a mission,and if the admiral had told them they would make new friends,then both girls would quite happily accept.

'When do we leave,ma'am?' Louise asked.

'You leave here tomorrow morning.Make sure you watch that disc.There might be some clues to the attackers,but I do know they are a pretty ruthless bunch.'

Admiral Williams then stood up.

'Well,good luck then,ladies,'she offered her hand to Louise and Naomi,which they both accepted of course.'I'll see you after you have achieved your mission successfully.'

The admiral then left,heading back to the station.

'Prepare the ship to leave on my order please,Naomi,'Louise told her friend.'I'm going to check this out first.'


Naomi then left Louise,who immediately put the disc into a drive,and then started to watch the footage on it.

It didn't take her long to watch everything,but Louise realised the admiral had been right.It was shocking viewing.There were scenes of mass panic,plenty of blood curdling screams,especially from the women,but of the identity of the attackers,Louise saw no sign.

I'll ask Kelly to analyse it,she thought.Kelly was the communications officer on the 'Princess' but she was also skilled in IT.If there was something hiding on this disc,Louise knew Kelly would find it.

Grimly,she got in touch with Naomi,asking her to bring Kelly to her.

It only took a couple of minutes,as Kelly was one of her bridge officers.She was very pretty too,had a lovely,gentle,feminine personality,but Louise knew she hadn't always been like this.Indeed,Kelly had been a convicted hacker.She could easily type into any computer programme system,and she'd done quite well with it too,before she was caught.

Fortunately for Kelly,Louise had seen something in her,and got her released from her lengthy prison cell,but only on condition she obeyed Louise's commands.

So far,it seemed to be working,and Louise hoped it would continue.

Kelly had knocked politely on the ready room door,and Louise had allowed her in.She then explained the problem.

'Leave it to me,captain,'Kelly reassured.'I'll find them for you.'

'I know you will,'Louise smiled.'Go get 'em.'

Kelly nodded and left,leaving Louise to suddenly realise what they might be letting themselves in for.She could feel the terror from hearing all those people's screams on the disc.Whoever or whatever was attacking those people,certainly caused real fear amongst them.

She sincerely hoped she and her crew wouldn't fall victim to them either.


I'll leave it there for the moment,as I'm knackered thinking that out.Although it was great fun of course.:)
I'm definitely looking forward to adding more onto it,and page 8,whilst delayed,is on it's way from Larry.:)
I was also very pleased to find a couple of people,who kindly accepted my request to write me a couple of stories,which of course,helped to inspire me to keep going.
They were all great stories(far better than mine)and that's all I was asking for.:)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Still a big miss...:(

I'm still so sad to see no sign of one of my favourite writers:Freddie Clegg.

I've no idea if he's going to make a return,but it didn't appear to be so,which is still gut-wrenching for me.I really loved his stuff,and was so pleased he kindly and generously put up with my requests.

If you're reading this,Freddie,I'm still missing you big time,mate.

I really do hope you will return,but in the meantime,please take care..

Best wishes as always,

Trouble in the Philippines Ch 7

Andrea quickly made her way to Gustav's bedroom,practically certain that was where they were holding Angela.She sincerely hoped she could help free her,knowing full well what Gustav and his army of thugs could do to her.

She made frequent checks behind her back;although knowing the security system was knocked out,Andrea was worried Gustav's people were onto her.She had to move fast,and hope her new friends would get to her first.

Andrea then saw Gustav's bedroom door come into view,but much to her dismay,she could see the woman known as Michelle standing outside it.

Quickly,Andrea ducked out of sight,and wondered what to do.She knew instantly she was no match in unarmed combat against Michelle.The woman was far more taller than her,and Andrea had actually seen her fight.The results of seeing those fights convinced Andrea,that she would lose instantly.Andrea could also see Michelle was smirking,more than likely expecting her to walk straight into her clutches.

I've got to get past her,Andrea thought,but she was at a loss for a moment,before she suddenly had an idea.

Moving away from Michelle,Andrea looked for the nearest fire alarm switch.If she could turn as many of these as she could,there might be  enough confusion for a distraction.

She quickly found one and activated it.Instantly,alarms began to wail throughout the mansion,and much to Andrea's delight,she heard Gustav's men shouting as they raced to find out what was going on.

Andrea hurried through the long corridors,turning on as many alarms as she could,and ducked back to avoid detection whenever she could.

So far,her plan seemed to be working.Andrea heard a lot of people running,and they all seemed to be headed outside,trying to avoid the non-existent fire.

With another check around her,Andrea then headed back to Gustav's bedroom,praying Michelle wouldn't be standing outside it anymore.

Her luck was in.Andrea noticed she'd gone,and didn't hesitate as Andrea carefully entered the bedroom.

Her suspicions had been proved correct,as Andrea immediately saw the pretty Chinese woman bound and gagged tightly onto a chair.

Angela too had watched Andrea cautiously enter,but she was desperately trying to make herself understood to her,but her gag was too tight.All she could do was mumble incoherently,and frantically shake her head at Andrea.

Andrea noticed this,and thought Angela was desperately asking to be untied,and after making a quick check to see they were still undiscovered,she hurried over to the tightly tied up Chinese woman.

Releasing Angela's gag,Andrea was taken aback when Angela told her sharply to get out of here.

'Just stay calm,okay?'Andrea tried to reassure her.'I'll have you free in a minute.'

With that said,Andrea moved quickly to the back of the chair,and started to try and free Angela's bound wrists there.However,Andrea could see Angela's kidnappers had made sure she wouldn't able to free herself.The ropes wound all over Angela,weren't going to be untied that easily.Andrea knew she needed a knife.

'Are you deaf?'Angela was still trying to tell her would be rescuer to leg it.'You've got to get out! They're waiting for you! It's a trap!'

Hearing this warning,Andrea glanced around her,but saw nobody to threaten them.

'We should be okay,Angela,'Andrea still tried to reassure her.'I've got some friends close by.They'll help us to-MMMMMMFFFFFF!'

Andrea never had the chance to finish her sentence.As she still struggled to untie Angela's hands,she felt a hand clamp hard over her mouth,an a a strong arm seized her waist lifting her up forcibly.

Andrea's eyes bulged in shock,recognising it was a woman who had seized her,and much to her horror,she then heard the chuckling voice of someone she knew in her ear.

'Got you,my pretty,' Daniella's voice whispered with relish into Andrea's ear,making the latter now struggle frantically in her grip.

'Let her go,damn you!'Angela heard Andrea being grabbed from behind her,but couldn't do anything to help her.The desperation increased in her.

Andrea was also still desperately struggling in Daniella's grip,but then,Gustav and Michelle came into view.Both were smiling lustfully at their new prize.Andrea's eyes bulged.

'Excellent work,Daniella,'Gustav complimented.'You and Michelle always get the job done,and what I want.'

Angela and Andrea clearly heard the full menace in the last three words,and both shuddered in fear.Andrea especially,as Gustav moved slowly up to her.

Daniella gripped Andrea more harder,pulling the girl more closely into her.So much so,that her own breasts tightened into Andrea's back.She kept her hand over the pretty Filipina's mouth,watching with pleasure as Gustav lifted Andrea's chin.He fully enjoyed the fear showing at him.

'We heard her say she's got friends close by,boss,'Michelle informed.

'Now why am I not surprised to hear that?'Gustav smiled menacingly down at Andrea.'They wouldn't let a very pretty girl like this one,walk unprotected into the lions den,would they?'

Andrea suddenly realised with dismay,that she'd unwittingly let her captors know she had help standing by.When Grant and his team would find out she'd been caught,they would certainly come in to help her;but the bad guys would be waiting,and she was bait.No doubt about it.

'Okay,ladies,'Gustav ordered.'Tie her up and gag her.Bring her to me when you've finished.Then we'll find out how many heroes she's got.'

'You bastard!'Angela snarled at him,despite her own fear.'You 'll never get away with this! You're already-mmmffffff!'

Her angry protests were cut short as Michelle ruthlessly regagged Angela,making sure it was just as tight,before she gave Angela a hard slap across the face.Angela sagged in her chair,not seeing Michelle bring out several coils of strong,white rope,and advanced smiling on the still handgagged Andrea.

'Gently ladies please,'Gustav politely warned them.'By all means,keep them secure and silenced,but they're worth a lot to me.Don't damage these two beauties.'

'Don't worry,boss,'Daniella reassured him.'You'll have a nice,pretty bound and gagged hostage soon.'

Gustav nodded,before he leaned forward to give Andrea a kiss on her forehead;something which Andrea did not appreciate.

'I'll see you later,my dear,'he still kept his lustful smile on.'I'm really interested to see which one of your friends comes to rescue you.'

He chuckled saying that,before he left the room.

Still holding Andrea's wrists tightly behind her,Daniella allowed Michelle to start tying them together.She worked quickly,and after doing so,exchanged a knowing look between her and Daniella,the latter released her hand over Andrea's mouth.

It was only for a second though;Michelle didn't give Andrea time to react,as she stuffed a balled up white cloth into Andrea's mouth;then,forced a wider strip of cloth around the girl's mouth,tying a highly effective cleave gag,silencing any cries for help Andrea desperately wanted to do.In fact,Andrea felt the cloth cut tight into the corners of her lips,and knew she stood no chance of raising the alarm with her voice.

Satisfied Andrea was securely bound and gagged,Daniella forced her prisoner back into her,just as tight as she'd done moments ago.

'Okay,my pretty,'she chuckled once more into Andrea's ear,taking the opportunity to kiss the girl's face.Something which made Andrea repulse.'Let's see if your friends can save their pretty damsel in distress.'

She then frog-marched Andrea out of the room,with herself and Michelle looking forward to future events.

Andrea could only hope her friends would get to her,and soon.

Chapter 8 to follow..

Monday, 1 July 2013

Man of Steel

Well,moving away from the recent unpleasantness,I've just come back from watching the new Superman film:Man of Steel.

I have to say I really enjoyed it.:) It's a fantastic action film,and although it still didn't quite beat the original 1978 film,there was still a lot to be enjoyed here.

I liked the opening scene on Krypton,but alas:they didn't do the fantastic destruction sequence they did in 1978.No real complaints though.:)

I liked Russell Crowe's character as Jor-El and of course,Henry Cavill as Superman.You could tell Michael Shannon playing a great bad guy as General Zod,although I was a little stunned to hear Michael trying to defend his character,saying he wasn't really a bad guy.Hmm,I lost count of how many insignificant Earthlings you and your Krypton baddies bumped off,when you started your dastardly Terra-forming plan,Michael?

You were definitely playing a villain there.:)

What was also interesting was the new character of Jenny Olsen,played by the very pretty Rebecca Buller.


I'm not sure if Rebecca plays Jimmy Olsen's sister,but it's very intriguing.Although there was no bound and gagged scenes for Rebecca or Amy Adams(Lois Lane)their characters were placed in damsel in distress scenarios.Actually,there is a couple of minor scenes.At the start of the film,we see General Zod and his nasty bunch restrained with their hands secured in an unusual manner.His gorgeous second in command is also shown,although that wasn't a big favourite of mine.Later on,the FBI are chasing Lois,after they learn she knows about Superman.It isn't shown,but you can tell they andcuff her hands behind her back.As we move on,the Krypto baddies seize Lois to be with Superman on General Zod's spaceship,using her as a hostage against him.Fortunately,the good guys get some welcome help there.:)

Later on towards the climax of the film,General Zod has now started to show his utterly ruthless side,and Jenny is placed in severe peril due to this,but of course,it doesn't quite turn out the way General Zod would have wished.:)

I've heard a sequel might be in the making,and with two very pretty actresses in it,who knows? There might be better luck next time for Rebecca and Amy to be bound and gagged by the bad guys.

Time will tell,but this is a film I'm definitely going to cherish in my collection.:)