Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mika Hijji in Ninja 2:Gutted.

I really enjoyed the first Ninja film,with our hero Scott Adkins rescuing his love,the very beautiful Mika Hijji from the bad guy's clutches.

However,reading the film's details,I was so devastated to learn that Mika Hijji's character,is bumped off by the bad guys.:(

I was totally gutted to read this,and even though I know it's only a film,I still feel as if Mika's character should have survived.She's beautiful,warm and great damsel in distress material.

Sadly for me,the writers chose otherwise.Ninja 2 may have some great fight sequences,but it was all for nothing.

I just have to hope Mika will play another damsel in distress role,and getting bound and gagged in it too.