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Captives in the Jungle.

The small boat continued to make it's way through the river,with the thick,surrounding jungle on both sides.

As stated earlier,it was only a small boat,and there weren't many people on it.At the bow,were two native men,who kept a watchful eye.Both of them were very strong,and armed with sheathed knifes.They could still see some of the dangerous wildlife that lived here,especially snakes that were curled up along the overhanging tree branches.

Fortunately,none of these reptiles made any hostile move against them,but the two natives still kept their eyes sharp.

Steering the boat at the stern,was another man.Unlike the local natives with him,this man was European.He was tough,having lived in the jungle for so long.Sweat beaded his forehead,but he wasn't nervous.Instead,a lustful,almost cruel smile was visible on his face.

The reason he was smirking,was that he couldn't stop looking at his prize he was taking with him on the boat.His 'prize' was actually a young woman.Like himself,she was dressed in jungle fatigues.A green shirt with breast pockets either side.She wore green jungle trousers like himself too.There was a holster secured around her waist,but the holster was empty,unlike his own gunbelt.

His smile stayed,as he knew there was no need to use his weapon.The woman sat with her back to the boat's edge.Her hands were tied securely behind her,and her ankles also secured tightly together.

The man continued to stare lustfully at his captive,fondly remembering when he'd tied her up.He hadn't just bound the girl hand and foot.Instead,he'd added more ropes over her,relishing as he'd wound the horizontal loops over her shirt.He'd tied four loops above and below her chest,and had even tied her knees together,rendering her totally helpless.

She was looking back at him,but there was no smile on the girl's face.Her eyes were wide and fearful,as she then heard the man say to her:'Not long now,my dear.Then,we can spend some time together.Won't that be nice?'

There was no verbal response,at least,not an intelligible one.Nor was he expecting one from his prisoner.After he'd finished tying her up,the man had taken the precaution of tying a gag over the girl's mouth.He'd tied it tight,keeping her hopes of possible screams for help,to a bare minumum.She was actually mumbling behind the gag,but only he could hear them,so he was satisfied she was effectively silenced.He'd received reliable intelligence,that the girl had friends close by,and were looking for her.

Well if they're female friends,he smirked to himself,I'll be more than happy to receive them.He already had a couple of her pretty friends,similiarly bound and gagged back in his hideout.If there was any heroes searching for them,they'd have their work cut out.

This made him smile even more,and it increased when he finally saw their destination.A small village,comprising several thatched huts,with several of the inhabitants standing,watching them approach.

He guided the boat alongside the battered,but still stable jetty.The two natives standing on the bow,now jumped ashore,and with long experience behind them,secured the boat.

With this done,the man then switched off the engine,and after he'd done so,turned and grinned down at his captive.

She really is a beauty.He thought,admiring the girl's looks.She had dark hair,just falling on her shoulders,and her figure was quite impressive,especially her chest.The girl noticed his look at her body,and her eyes were now more alarmed.

She mumbled fearfully into her gag,as the man suddenly reached down,and promptly lifted her over his shoulder.He too,jumped ashore,carrying his prize.

He carried the girl into one of the huts,and was pleased with what he saw.

There were two more native men standing silently.These were the guards he'd posted,to keep watch over the three other girls,also tightly bound and gagged.

The three women stared instantly at his entrance.They'd been tied sitting on the floor of the hut,all next to each other,and their eyes were shocked,now seeing he'd brought in another trussed up woman.The three mumbled in protest into their gags,but just like the new girl he'd brought in,not one of the women could speak.

He put the girl he was carrying gently down,but had also placed her back against a wooden support in the hut.He held her in place,gesturing to one of the native guards,who immediately understood.The man stepped forward,and brought out more coils of rope.He then wound more of the coils around the girl's upper body several times,lashing her to the post.He secured these new ropes tightly,making sure their newest prisoner,wouldn't be able to break free.After he'd done so,the native stepped back,and resumed his guard duty.He and his colleague stared expressionless,at their pretty,bound and gagged prisoners.

Satisfied once more,the man still knelt by his latest prize,and placed his hand under the girl's chin.He lifted her head slowly,pleased to see the girl too frightened to resist his touch.

'You just stay there,my pretty.'He told her,still smiling.'I've just got to do some checking first.I'm not discounting the possibility,that there's a rescue party coming for you and your pretty friends.I don't want any of you to escape my clutches,and you'll see what I have in mind for you,and soon.'

He couldn't resist giving the girl,a loving kiss on her forehead.He could tell she didn't appreciate it,but laughed arrogantly.There was nothing she could do about it.he sneeringly thought.

'Don't go away,ladies.'he warned them.The menace was fully evident,as he continued.'I'll be back soon to explain why you're here.After of course,I've had my fair share of you all.'

He heard the frantic,but still faint mumbling from the four gagged girls,and his evil smile got more wider.With that unpleasant thought he left for them,he stood up and left the hut.The four bound,gagged girls,now dreading what was in store for them.

To be continued?
Who knows?;)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Hijack in Space.Chapter 4

The 'Space Empress' continued its cruise through space,and practically all of its passengers continued to enjoy the voyage.

Finlay however,wasn't enjoying this trip.He'd managed to check all the key areas vulnerable to attack,and knew he had too few people to put up an effective defence.

It hadn't all been bad news though.Hunt had managed to get him two new extra hands,from the security staff.They were two men,who identified themselves as Robson and Jenks.Both appeared honest and were willing to help.Hunt vouched for them,seeing Finlay's glance at her.Robson and Jenks didn't appear to be friends with Hunt,but at least they fought on the same side.

With the survey complete,Finlay then led the way back to his own cabin.They all made another check in it,scanning for any more listening devices that may have been added in their absence.Fortunately,there were none.

'I think we need to hear what our plan of attack is going to be.'Finlay told them.He then asked Hunt.'How big is the opposition?'

'They'll outnumber us.'Hunt responded grimly.'They have people on the inside too.We can't get to them though,as we've never been able to find out who they are.'

'I have that matter in hand.'Finlay reassured.'Hopefully,it won't be too long,before we do find out.'

'And then?'Reynolds asked him.

'Well,you're not going to like it,but I don't see any alternative.'Finlay admitted.'We let the pirates board,and let them think they've got control of this ship.'

'A bit risky,don't you think?'Robson interjected.'They could start shooting up the passengers.'

'No,I don't think so.'Finlay shook his head,positive at his opinion.'They won't risk shooting anybody.I've seen the fares for travelling on this ship,and it costs a fortune.Every passenger on here,will be quite well off.They won't want to lose that,by bumping these people off.If anything,its us we have to watch out.'

They all agreed with him on that one,and Finlay went on.

'Don't worry about the passengers.'He reassured them.'I've taken care of that.'

'That reminds me.'Reynolds told him.'Hadn't we better check on Jennings and Finch? I'd like to see how they're doing.'

'Why not?'Finlay also agreed on that.'Let's go find them.'

'Where will they be?'Hunt asked.

'At the casino tables.'Finlay answered.'I'm afraid one of them,has a compulsive order for gambling.'


There were many casino areas built into the 'Space Empress' As the ship was huge,these areas were always packed by passengers,hoping to strike it lucky.

Seated at one of the gambling tables,Jennings and Finch were playing poker,with a couple of other passengers,against one of the liner's staff.The man dealing out the cards to them,seemed to be scowling at Jennings and Finch.Before they'd seated themselves here,the dealer was always winning.It had been a good day for him,as he constantly racked in winnings,but now,the tables seemed to have turned on him,ever since Jennings and Finch had joined the game.

For their part,Jennings and Finch were expert poker players,and could always see the signs when a game was rigged.The dealer's movements sang out to them.

Nevertheless,neither man chose to complain,as they both decided to turn the tables.They worked very well together,and soon,their winnings were piling up.

Their game was also attracting a lot of attention,as a big crowd gathered around their table.Jennings and Finch could feel the excitement from them,but showed no pleasure at their winning streak.They were only determined to clean this dealer out.

One of the fellow players was a young woman,who sat next to Jennings.She found she couldn't really participate,in the now high stakes game,but that didn't bother her.Her attention was focused solely on Jennings.

She liked the look of him.He appeared in his late twenties,and had a good build,but she also noticed how sharp his eyes were.She suddenly got the suspicion the dealer,had been cheating on them all.

However,she too,did not complain.Like all the big crowd watching here,she was thrilled as these two men continued to beat the system.The winnings kept on increasing.

She found she could not keep silent any longer,and turned to Jennings.

'You play very well.'She gave him a friendly smile,as she said it.

'Thank you.'Jennings nodded to her,giving her a brief glance.'You played well too.'

'Not that well.'she grinned sheepishly.'I lost everything.'

He and Finch won another game,and then,the dealer suddenly excused himself.All could see the clear look of exasperation on the man's face,as he stormed out.

This made the crowd around them give Jennings and Finch,a hugely appreciative round of applause.The girl did too.Both men acknowledged it,and then saw Finlay gesture silently over to them.

Finch rose and took his winnings,whilst Jennings suddenly slid over his winnings over to the stunned girl.

'Looks like you played well after all.'Jennings gave her a faint smile,before he rose and started to follow Finch.

'Wait,please!'The girl's voice stopped him.He glanced at her curiously.

'Thank you.'She meant that,extending her hand.'I'm Karen,Karen Thomas.'

Jennings accepted her hand.''I'm Jennings,Miss Thomas.Nice to meet you.'

'Please,call me Karen.'Her voice was insistent.'What about your first name?'

Jennings looked over to Finlay,who was glancing over concerned at him.He knew this would have to wait,but he did answer her question.

'John.'He politely nodded to her.'Please excuse me.'

He made to move away,when he suddenly felt the girl grab his arm.He didn't shake it off,seeing her face.

'I'd very much like to see you again,John.'

'You will,Miss Thomas.'Jennings assured.'I promise.Now,if you will excuse me?'

The girl nodded,and let go of his arm.She watched him walk over,to a small group of security staff.Karen didn't know who this man was,but she was intrigued on finding out.

Jennings reached where Finlay was waiting for him.He could see his commander looking over at the girl.

'Who was that?' Finlay asked him.

'Just somebody I helped.They've got a crooked system operating here.'Jennings answered.

'Doesn't really surprise me.'Finlay kept looking at the girl,and he could clearly see her interest in Jennings.'Looks like you gained an admirer,Jennings.'

Jennings didn't respond to that,so Finlay went on with his main business.

'Okay,here's the sit-rep.We've managed to find three security staff,willing to fight with us.Their names are Hunt,a woman,and two men,Robson and Jenks.I'll introduce you later,but right now,I just want to let you know,that when the pirates start their assault,we're going to let them.'

'Why's that?'Finch wanted to know.

'Well,for a start,it's not a good idea,to have a firefight in the middle of deep space,is it? Besides,I want to know who is involved.That could lead us some useful intel.'

Both Jennings and Finch agreed on not firing their weapons,at least not yet.

'Just look after the passengers.'Finlay reminded them of their original orders.'We'll strike back at them,when they're not looking.'

'Both men nodded,and Finlay dismissed them.He watched them move back to the same gambling table,and then,he suddenly spotted Captain Wight in the room.He had Paula Ann by his side,and they were heading right towards the table,where Jennings and Finch were.

Added to that,there was another security team accompanying the captain.They kept a respectful distance from him,but Finlay could see most of the group's attention,was focused on Paula Ann.

No doubt about it.He thought grimly.They're watching her like a hawk.Finlay also noticed Hunt come up to him.She too,was looking over at Captain Wight.Her eyes narrowed,and Finlay noticed it.

'I take it the captain's not very popular with you?'Finlay asked her.

'He's involved.You can be sure of that.'Hunt told him grimly.Her gaze then settled on Paula Ann.'Is that girl one of your friends?'Seeing Finlay's nod,she continued.'Well,you want to get her away from him asap.He's a deadly snake.'

'I don't doubt it.'Finlay agreed.'But I'm afraid Paula's very headstrong.She wanted to accept that role.That way,she could listen in on what their planning.'

'I admire your confidence.'Hunt responded,but her tone didn't suggest that at all.They then observed Captain Wight stop at the table,where Finch and Jennings were.

The dealer had also returned,and appeared to have a smirk on his face.Both men didn't need to guess why.

Captain Wight gave Finch and Jennings a curious look.According to what the dealer had just told him,these men had cheated on him.Wight could clearly see this table,had been utterly cleaned out.Oddly enough,he wasn't really annoyed at this.The takings his ship received from the casinos,were more more than enough to satisfy him.

Even so,Wight was interested in these two men,who were also returning his gaze.

'Good evening,gentlemen.'Wight greeted them politely,which Finch and Jennings returned also.

'Forgive my interruption,'Wight went on.'but I've received a complaint that your methods here,have proved to be-'Wight paused momentarily.'-shall we say,less than honest?'

'You mean we cheated.'Finch replied,making it a statement,and he gazed coldly at the dealer.

'We do have evidence implicating you doing this.'Wight continued.'I'm afraid it's something we can't allow,to go unpunished.'

'Well,I sincerely hope you will punish the guilty party.'Jennings came in.He too,was looking at the dealer,in a far from friendly expression.

'I'd advise you both,not to accuse my staff of such behaviour.'Wight defended his man.'That would be very unwise,I assure you.'

'Your threats are meaningless to us,captain.'Jennings now looked hard at Wight.'We too,have evidence implicating this man cheating us.He has also swindled many other people.If you wish,we can certainly prove it to you.'

Apart from Paula Ann,Wight and his staff didn't want to hear that.They could also see the passengers surrounding Finch and Jennings,and they were clearly backing them up.Wight also noticed the girl who'd talked to Jennings earlier.She was standing close to him,and inwardly,he knew he'd found another pretty acquisition.

For the moment though,Wight knew it was better to back down.

'I shall of course,be interested to see your proof,gentlemen.'Wight smiled,somewhat cunningly.'Perhaps you would care to come along later,and show me this?'

Neither Finch or Jennings was stupid though,and their response disappointed him.

'You can see the proof,captain.'Jennings told him.'I'm sure your security staff,will be doing their jobs correctly.They'll have seen this dealer's methods on your security camera system.'

This was an excellent answer,and Wight knew it.To save face,he seemed to surrender.After all,he couldn't admit that he was actually cheating,on all his passengers.

'I will of course,investigate this more.'Wight nodded politely again.'In the meantime,please enjoy yourselves.'

He then moved away from the table,making sure Paula Ann went with him.Both Jennings and Finch gave her a concerned glance,but she managed a smile at them.Then,she was gone.Finlay too,was getting more worried for his friend's safety.He didn't doubt the guts Paula Ann had,placing herself deliberately in the bad guys clutches,and he knew the danger she was in.


Wight led Paula Ann away from the casino area.No doubt about it,he thought,those two are trouble.

However,he'd seen Paula Ann smile at them,and he instantly knew they were friends of hers.This would make the future more interesting.Wight grinned,thinking that.

'You know those two men,my dear?'He decided to put her on the spot,and was pleased to see the girl's face,now slightly alarmed.

'Oh,I met them before I came on board,captain.'Paula Ann's answer was truthful,but she wanted to get his attention away from her friends.

'Permission to check on the radio room,sir?'she asked him,wanting to talk to somebody there.She'd already met an ally there.

'Of course.'Wight nodded,and after thanking him,Paula Ann hurried away.

His security chief,Talbot,a tough,menacing looking individual,who hardly ever left his captain's side,had also recognised the danger signs from Finch and Jennings.Talbot always saw another soldier,knowing it was common knowledge.

He too,observed Paula Ann's departure,and came immediately to Wight,as his master beckoned.

'Let's give our new friends a little test,shall we,Talbot?'Wight was now grinning,but it was full of relish.'You have my permission,to put Miss Mitchell and her two pretty friends in the radio room,in harms way.'

'My pleasure,captain.'Talbot was pleased to hear those orders,and he gestured sharply at his squad,as they moved silently after Paula Ann.


The 'Space Empress' had several radio rooms,and all were constantly manned by the crew,doing shift rotations.Paula Ann felt incredibly lucky,as she'd found two new female friends here.

It didn't take her long to reach the radio room where the two girls were.The two girls had identified themselves,as Helen and Louise.As she entered,both girls looked up at her entrance,and each gave her a warm smile.Paula Ann returned it.Like herself,each girl was dressed in the uniform of the ship,a neatly pressed white shirt,with a black knee length skirt.Both girls were young,and very pretty.Helen had short blond hair with warm blue eyes,whilst Louise had shoulder length,dark hair and brown eyes.Both girls had received a lot of compliments,just as Paula Ann had.Yet,all were still determined to do their jobs.

'Anything happening out there?'Paula Ann inquired.She was hoping they might have picked up,one of the pirate ships transmissions.

'No,nothing.'Louise's answer disappointed her.'Everything's quiet.'

It won't be for much longer.Paula Ann thought grimly,fully knowing what was coming.

She sat down in her own chair,facing the high tech radio equipment,but Paula Ann was an expert,in understanding all of this.She put on a pair of headphones,and listened intently.All she heard,was some simple radio traffic,or just the normal phenomenon of space.

Helen and Louise could see she was searching for something,and both exchanged knowing glances.

'What's going on,Paula?'Louise asked,'You know something we don't?'

Paula Ann wondered if she should tell them.There was always the chance the two of them,might be in league with the pirates,but she sincerely doubted that.If they were,they certainly put on a convincing performance.

She took her headphones off,and decided to tell them.After she had,Paula Ann observed their reactions.She wasn't disappointed,seeing stunned looks on Helen and Louise's faces.

'How did you know about that?'Helen asked.

'It's common knowledge this ship's been attacked,by pirates from the Kavar system.'Paula Ann informed them.'I'm here to stop them.'

'By yourself?'Louise was incredulous.

'Don't worry.'Paula Ann grinned.'I've got that in hand.'

There was another exchange of looks between Helen and Louise,but Paula Ann wasn't worried.She knew she had some powerful back up.

'Keep your ears peeled for any signals emitting,especially from the Kavar system.'Paula Ann said.'We're not to far from it.'

Both Helen and Louise nodded,and went back to their duty.

The three of them continued to keep their ears sharp,but as time passed,none of them heard any new developments.Finally,Louise took her headphones off,grateful it was now her rest period.

'Well,good luck.'She told them.'I'm going to enjoy a rest.'

'See you later.' Paula Ann waved at her.

Louise grinned and waved back,and then made to leave the room.Just as she stepped out,a black gloved hand,suddenly clamped over her mouth.The girl's eyes bulged in total shock,and her scream never got past the handgag.A strong arm seized her waist,and she was held tight,totally unable to escape.

It was then,that Louise suddenly saw who was kidnapping her.The sinister figure of Talbot,stepped forward into her view.Her eyes were still bulging,and she was still mumbling frantically,as a smirking Talbot put his finger to his lips to her.Louise was more alarmed,to see Talbot and his group carrying weapons,and also plenty of ropes.

Quickly,Talbot and his men barged their way into the radio room,catching Helen and Paula Ann by surprise.They were even more shocked,when one of Talbot's men dragged Louise in.

'Don't do nothing stupid,ladies.'Talbot was still smirking,as he warned them.'Get your hands up,and step away from the radio,if you please.'

Helpless,both Paula Ann and Helen had to obey.This pleased Talbot even more,as the girls raised their arms in surrender.Paula Ann gulped,seeing the many ropes the men were carrying.She knew what they were for.Talbot confirmed it for her.

'Very good,ladies.Now please lie face down,and put your hands behind your backs.I'm afraid it's necessary,to tie you all up.'

Again,they obeyed,and no sooner had they put their hands behind them,the men moved forward and started to lash the ropes over each girl's wrists.It didn't take them long,and soon,both Paula Ann and Helen were immobile,as their ankles followed suit.

As more ropes were tied around the girls upper bodies,Talbot turned to Louise,who was still held tight.He then gestured for her,to be bound too.Louise was then forced to lie alongside her two friends,and the ropes were then wound over her wrists too.The handgag had been removed,but Louise knew it would be a waste of time,screaming her head off for help.Their captors weren't being violent,but none of the girls was going to take that chance.

'Tie the ropes as tight as you can get them.'Talbot ordered.He was now assisting,winding more loops of rope over Louise's chest.

'You'll never get away with this.'Paula Ann snapped at them.'I know what you're planning here.'

'Quite true,my dear.'Talbot nodded to her.'However,I assure you,that we will get away with this.We've done so before.What makes you think this will be any different?'

'You'll find out.'Paula Ann's tone was still brusque.'and when you do,you'll regret it.'

'You've a very pretty mouth,my dear.'Talbot grinned maliciously down at her.'I like your fiesty attitude,but rest assured,that will be taken care off.'

He then took out a roll of black tape,and he tore of three,large rectangular strips,and after being satisfied each of the girls was secure,he then in turn,placed a strip over Paula Ann's,Helen's,and Louise's mouth.

Smoothing each tape to make sure the gags were tight and secure,Talbot was pleased.

'Have you ever seen such a lovely sight,boys?'Talbot asked his men.'Three beauties bound and gagged,and completely in our clutches.'

His men smiled,agreeing,before Talbot then ordered.'Right,get these two prepared for transport.'He indicated Helen and Louise,who mumbled fearfully behind their gags.It didn't stop his men from obeying,as two of them bent down,and easily lifted Helen and Louise into a firemans carry.They then carried the girls out.

Still pleased,Talbot then knelt down beside Paula Ann's bound and gagged form.He lifted her chin,and smiled menacingly down at her,noticing her frantic eyes following Helen and Louise being carried out.

'Don't worry about your two pretty friends,my dear.'Talbot's voice was now full of lust.'There may be a chance you'll be joining them at the auction block,but first,we've decided to play a little game first,and see how your friends react to rescue you.That is,to see if they can rescue you.'

Talbot then lifted Paula Ann's trussed up form,and easily carried his prize out.Paula Ann was praying her friends would get her out of this,and fast.

Chapter 5 to follow...

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Hijack in Space.Chapter 3

The Kavar system was huge,and many planets orbited the Kavar sun.Three of these worlds could support life,and there was a lot of activity on the Kavar home planet.

Most of the activity was military,as the Kavar people loved to fight.They also liked to steal too.It was a well known fact,that the Kavar system was infected with pirate activity.The rewards were superb,and many of the Kavar people chose to go into the pirate trade,all quite willingly.They also had the added benefit,of a very powerful battle fleet.Not surprisingly,most outsiders avoided the Kavar system,which was precisely what they wanted.Those that did challenge them,were sent packing.It was the message they wanted to send out,and it seemed to be working.

On the Kavar home world,a small group of men were preparing for their latest mission.There were six of them,and all at present,were checking weapons.They did it efficiently due to long practice,and were also deadly using them.

In command of the group,was Colonel Lilley.He was tall,tough,and had plenty of combat experience.From his occupation,Lilley certainly needed this.He too,was a pirate,and he loved it.To Lilley,there was nothing better than taking on,a determined opponent and beating him.The spoils of war,had certainly provided well for Lilley and his crew.They'd forcibly boarded ships,and had battled their way to the valuable cargo.Lilley loved this kind of life.It paid handsome rewards,and he had no intention of giving it up.

All of his comrades in arms thought the same.His second in command,Grimes,was also battle hardened.He'd accompanied Lilley many times on these raiding missions,and like his boss,Grimes loved this life.He,Lilley,and all the others,were wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.They could easily give this up,and live more than comfortably like the obscenely paid politicians on their planet,but none of them had no such intention of doing that.

All of them were preparing their equipment,at one of the many spaceports littered throughout the planet.Lilley knew his crew wasn't the only pirate raid being planned.He'd already watched numerous take-offs and landings,as other crews made their ventures.Now,it was his turn,and Lilley already had his next target planned.

Lilley knew many of the Kavar pirates only went after smaller prey,which would offer no resistance,but he didn't think that way.Instead,Lilley always pursued bigger,more challenging targets.The rewards on these,were far more worthy.

He finally finished checking his equipment before he nodded to Grimes.

'Okay,Grimes,give me an update from our friends on board the 'Space Empress.'

Grimes nodded back,and promptly took out his radio.He made instant contact with the 'Space Empress.' and listened intently.The rest of his group finished packing their stuff,and now waited for the order to board their ship.

Grimes listened for a few moments.It was the first officer,Green,and he updated Grimes.

When Green had finished,Grimes ended the radio call,and strode back over to Lilley.His superior saw his smile.

'Good news,I take it?'Lilley asked him.

'You'll love this.'Grimes nodded,still smiling.'Green's just told me they've got a pretty spy on board with them.'

'Really?'It was Lilley's turn to smile.'Now I wonder who she's working for?'

'Captain Wight's checking her out,but he strongly suspects she'll have friends with her.'

'In that case,he'd be right.'Wight confirmed.'What's the girl's name?'

'Green didn't say.'

'No matter.We'll find out soon enough.Besides,'Lilley's smile,was much more nastier now.'she'll fetch an excellent price,once we bring her back here.That's something to look forward to,isn't it,my friend?'

Green nodded,although he asked.'Plenty of others too,I hope,Colonel? I've heard there's so many beauties,travelling on that liner.'

'You won't be disappointed.'Lilley assured him.'Our spies say it's the best yet.'

He then ordered his squad onto his waiting ship.It was only a small vessel,but it was fast,and could travel huge distances quickly,and this suited Lilley perfectly.He would go after any worthwhile target,no matter how far away it was.

Quickly,they all boarded their ship,and within moments,the ship lifted off,and blasted into space.Their target,the 'Space Empress.'

Chapter 4 to follow...

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hijack in Space.Chapter 2

In one of the many cabins the 'Space Empress' had,Jennings and Finch were now finishing their sweep in the formers cabin,hunting out any listening devices hidden here.They had indeed,found quite a few such devices,and dealt with them accordingly.

Once they'd finished in Jennings' cabin,they both moved to Finch's cabin,and repeated the process.As they expected,more listening devices were found in abundance here too.Both of them dealt with these too.

With that task completed,Jennings and Finch made sure their personal stuff was secure,and then headed out.Like Finlay,they were now going to explore this huge ship.

Both men differed in height.Jennings was tall,but Finch was only a little shorter.Yet both men were confident,and highly capable.They'd fought many times together,and trusted each other implicitly.They always fought honourably,and this was one of the reasons Finlay had selected them.Jennings and Finch could get things done,even when things were going against them.

Both men moved to one of the souvenir shops on board the 'Space Empress',and were each given a free map of the ship.It was only designed for tourists,but it helped them find their bearings.They then moved off,studying the map as they advanced through the vast ship.


As Hunt was already serving on the 'Space Empress',she was able to show Finlay and Reynolds the key points of the vast vessel.There was a lot to remember,and added to this,Finlay knew his squad was too few in number.He sincerely hoped these pirates wouldn't outnumber him also.There had to be some more people,who were willing to join him.Finlay thought to himself.Surely,the whole crew couldn't be in on it?

'You know anybody else,that is prepared to fight any of these pirates,on board this ship?'He asked Hunt.

He watched Hunt think for a moment,before she nodded.

'There aren't that many honourable men here.'Hunt told him.'However,I know a couple who are.I'll ask them.'

'Thanks.'Finlay meant that.'When do the pirates strike?'

'Usually,when the ship enters the Kavar system.Our security intelligence tracked them their,after they had already carried out their raids.It's been confirmed they've got bases there.'

'Why haven't they been taken out?'Reynolds wanted to know.

'Not very advisable.'Hunt answered.'The whole place is like a fortress,plus they've also got extra backing,from the Kavar politicians.They're just as bad as the pirates.'

'How so?'

'The pirates don't just board to steal money,or any other valuable stuff,like diamonds.'Hunt's voice was now grim.'They abduct quite a lot of the female passengers travelling here.The pirates seize them for selling into the slave market,and they also give the politicians a few of them.That way,the pirates have got some extra insurance.'

'Yes,so I see.'Finlay did indeed,see it.He'd heard of the Kavar system,and knew it wasn't a holiday destination.The place was strictly no-go.The Kavar inhabitants didn't like any outsiders,and it had been confirmed their military had fired upon unwelcome ships,who'd come to close.With this kind of help,the pirates had strong back up.

'We'll need some extra back up for that.'Finlay continued.

'You're going to take on a politician?'Reynolds asked him,somewhat disbelievingly.

'They're not infallible,Reynolds.'Finlay's reply was positive.'Besides,I know the General knows a few people,especially in the right places.'

'Well,whoever your General is,'Hunt said.'he must be pretty good,to take on that kind of scum.'

'He is.'Finlay nodded.'Shall we proceed?'


Paula Ann had been shown to her own cabin,and after putting away her things,she immediately headed back to the bridge.Her watch on duty,had already begun.

When she returned to the bridge,Captain Wight was there.His first officer,Green,also stood close to him.Both men had seen her enter,and Wight gestured for her to come over to him.She did.The bridge crew this time,only gave her cursory glances.

'Reporting for duty,captain.'Paula Ann respectfully told him,although she felt like a robot saying it.

'At ease,Miss Mitchell.'Wight gave her a polite smile,although Paula Ann thought it was the kind of smile,that a deadly snake gave it's prey,before it struck.'This isn't the military,my dear.Relax.By all means,impress me,but don't be too robotic.'

'Sorry,sir.'Paula Ann responded.She still didn't trust him,or any of his people here.I'll have to really watch my back here.She mused grimly.

One of the bridge crew came up to Wight,and reported.'All passengers and crew accounted for,captain.We are ready to depart from station,on your command.'

'Thank you.'Wight nodded,then turned to face Green.'Make final checks,if you please,number one.'

'Aye sir.'Green answered,as he went over to check.He was making sure all air-lock doors were secure,and they were.He turned back to his captain.

'All secure,captain.'

'Thank you,number one.'Wight then asked Paula Ann,to bring him the ship's tannoy mike.She did so,handing it over.

'Good evening,ladies and gentlemen.'Wight spoke in a very friendly tone into the mike.He could hear his own voice vibrating throughout the ship,which was precisely what he wanted.'My name is Captain Wight,and I'd like to welcome you on board the 'Space Empress.' Our journey will take you through several highly popular star systems,which we will stop at and allow you to explore.I hope you enjoy your time with us,and please feel free to ask any of my officers,should you require any assistance.Enjoy the cruise,and there may even be one or two surprises along the way.We are now leaving the station,so please follow all safety instructions.Thank you for choosing to travelling with us.We hope you all have a pleasant trip.'

Wight then handed Paula Ann the mike back,before he then ordered the helm officers.

'Dis-embark from station,helm.'Wight ordered.'Slow ahead.'

'Aye sir.'

Like a lot of other people on board,Paula Ann was transfixed by the view from the bridge.She could see the station slowly sliding away,and all other space traffic had stopped,as they allowed the huge 'Space Empress' to move away.All of the other ships,were flashing their lights,wishing her luck.Paula Ann recognised that,and knew she needed it.

It took a few minutes,but the helm officers did their job with great skill,as they finally cleared the station,and informed Wight,who then turned to Green.

'Let's do it,number one.Light speed,plus 10,if you please.'

'Aye sir.'Green gave the command,to the engineering officers stationed on the bridge.They obeyed immediately,and everybody on the bridge saw the stars outside,turn into streaks of light.

'Set course for the Regar system.'Wight ordered.'Let's gave our passengers their first treat.'

He let Green do that,and after waiting for all the reports telling him,that everything was well,Wight then turned to Paula Ann.

'Come with me,please,Miss Mitchell.'

Wight headed back into his own room,where Paula Ann had met him.He allowed her to proceed ahead of him,before he followed her in.He could see the girl was tense,but he made no move against her.

Instead,he sat down in his chair behind his desk,and told Paula Ann to sit opposite him.She did so,and pleased,Wight took out a bottle of brandy,and two small glasses.He poured two generous measures,and handed one over to Paula Ann,who reluctantly accepted.

'I don't really drink,captain.'She told him.

'And of course,there's nothing wrong with that.'Wight admitted.'However,this is a courteous gesture on my part,my dear.I'm simply toasting your arrival on my ship,as an excellent asset.'

'Thank you,captain.'Paula Ann responded carefully.She waited till he took a drink from his own glass,before she only took a delicate sip from her own.

'Can you tell me any more about my duty,captain?'She then asked him.

'Well,you will accompany me a lot,Miss Mitchell.'Wight drank some more of his brandy.'In fact,I'd like you to be by my side,at all times,please.'

'At all times,captain?'Paula Ann was slightly stunned,to hear what he'd just said.

'Apart from the obvious,when you're off duty.'Wight's response somewhat relieved her,but not much.Paula Ann didn't really want to be by this man's side.She correctly guessed,that he wanted to keep his eyes on her.

'I wouldn't worry too much,my dear.'Wight told her.'It's only during your watch hours.I'm not going to have you tied to my side all the time.'

But I will have you tied up,that's for sure.Wight grinned to himself,thinking that pleasurable thought.

Before Paula Ann could reply,he then stood up from his command chair.

'You will follow me,please,Miss Mitchell.'Wight then made to leave the bridge.He glanced at Green,just before he left.'You have the bridge,Commander Green.'

'Aye sir.'Green acknowledged.He watched the captain and Paula Ann leave the bridge together.He grinned maliciously to himself.That girl was in for a very unpleasant surprise,as was every passenger on this ship.It wasn't going to happen yet,but it would be soon.

Green couldn't wait till the action started.

Chapter 3 to follow....

Hijack in Space.Chapter 1

The space station was packed with people,as they all went about their business.A few were the station's crew,who made sure the station ran efficiently,but most of the people who arrived here,were passengers.

There was indeed,many of them.The passenger waiting lounges were packed to full capacity,as they waited for their ship to arrive.One such ship was attracting most interest.This was the passenger cruiser,'Space Empress'. It was a titanic vessel,capable of cruising into deep space,and carrying hundreds of passengers to enjoy their flight.

In one of the passenger lounges,there were a few people eyeing the ship more keenly.These people had no intention of enjoying a holiday on the 'Space Empress'.Instead,they had a vitally important mission to perform.

They were very few in number,as there were two men waiting in one of the many queues to board the ship,whilst two more men were already on board.Added to this,the four men had a young female companion,who was also on board,but she wasn't acting as passenger.They also had somebody working,in the 'Space Empress' engine areas.

In command of the group,was Finlay.He was only of average height,but his eyes missed nothing.Like the rest of his friends with him,Finlay held considerable battle experience.He'd never lost any fight,and had always succeeded in any mission assigned to him.

This latest mission had been ordered to him by his superior,General Thomas.Finlay remembered the short,somewhat blunt briefing he'd received from the General.

'Pirates are intercepting and hijacking passenger liners.Find out who,and put a stop to it.Understood?'

Finlay had understood,and had promptly selected his most trusted friends to help him.Standing next to him,was Reynolds,a hardened battle fighter,who could always be relied on.Finlay knew that,as he always chose his people well.

They were both waiting in one of the queues to board the ship,but it wasn't one of the many passenger ones.Instead,Finlay and Reynolds were in the security staff,now going to board the 'Space Empress'.It was Reynolds who'd managed to get their papers,so they could join the staff on the ship.As they advanced towards the checkpoint,blocking their entrance to the 'Space Empress',neither of them felt any nerves.Finlay knew the ship's owners,always provided new staff on this station.All they had to do,was just show their papers.

As expected,there were no problems.The men operating the checkpoint,glanced briefly at their forged papers,and promptly waved them on.Finlay and Reynolds didn't hesitate,as they boarded the vessel.

Both men followed all the other security staff,and ended up in a large waiting area.The place was packed,so both of them stood together,and waited.

As they watched more people enter,Reynolds turned to Finlay.

'I hope everybody else is okay.'His voice was full of concern.

'I'll check.'Finlay responded,as he then took out a headset,fitted with a microphone.He then discreetly made contact,with the rest of his friends.The first was with Jennings and Finch.Two more of his team,who were also deadly,and highly formidable opponents.They were actually posing as passengers,and Finlay had assigned them to look after the proper passengers on the ship.Both Jennings and Finch had assured him they would.

Both his friends had responded instantly to his call,and had informed him they were checking for listening devices in their assigned cabins.They had actually found loads of them.

Finlay acknowledged that,and made a mental note to watch what he would say.He then made contact with Montgomery,who was the man working undercover in the ship's engine areas.Just like Jennings and Finch had done,Montgomery had responded immediately,and had also assured there were no problems.Finlay knew Montgomery's presence,wouldn't be questioned in the engine rooms.The man was a tower of strength,and he would fit in perfectly.

Finlay then made his last call to Paula Ann.She was the only woman in his group,and had volunteered to work undercover in the bridge area.Despite Paula Ann's reassurances to him,Finlay was very concerned for her safety.He'd read about the pirate boardings in this area,and he knew the crews were involved in it.Finlay didn't think this crew was any different,but he needed somebody on the bridge,and Paula Ann had immediately stepped forward.He reluctantly agreed,but Finlay promised he'd keep an eye on her.He'd already identified many of the crew,who held cunning,devious looks.Finlay and his friends could always tell that.

Paula Ann had responded immediately too,and she gave him a update through his headset.

'I'm moving up to the bridge now.'Paula Ann informed him.'Be careful.There's plenty of snakes here.'

'Yeah,I noticed.'Finlay told her,still watching the rest of the security staff enter the room.'Remember,any problems,get back in touch.'

'Don't worry.'Paula Ann's voice was confident.'I can handle it.'

She then signed off,and Finlay noticed more security men enter,but these were not new replacements.Instead,they were the senior officers,who ran the security for the 'Space Empress.'

Finlay and Reynolds watched them carefully,studying their possible opponents.The men looked efficient,and were now going through the names of everybody here,and assigning them into groups.

It took quite a while,but Finlay and Reynolds found themselves teamed up,with a young woman.Her name was Hunt,and her face didn't appear friendly.

However,she showed no hostility towards them,and introduced herself,as did Finlay and Reynolds.Finlay was interested in her.He could see from her eyes,that she was also battle experienced.She was very well muscled too.

'I hear there's been some trouble here.'Finlay started the conversation,hoping she could help them.Fortunately,Hunt did.

'That's right.'Her voice was careful,as she eyed her new colleagues.'The ship traverses through a system,riddled with pirate activity.'

'Bit odd for a passenger liner to go through,don't you think?'Finlay asked her,and was pleased to see Hunt nod.

'Rumour has it,that some of the crew here are involved.'She told him,confirming Finlay's suspicions.'But it's never been proved.'

'As we expected.'Finlay nodded.'However,we aim to change that.'He then glanced more directly at her.'We're the good guys here,and we're here to stop these pirates.Will you help us?'

'Just the two of you?'Hunt asked,raising an eyebrow.

'We have some more help.'Finlay nodded again.'I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.'

'Well,that remains to be seen,doesn't it?'

Despite saying that,Hunt was interested.The three of them now noticed,that everybody was moving out of the room.Finlay decided to follow their example,as he turned to Reynolds and Hunt.

'Let's go.'His voice was polite,but firm.'I think we'd better check out this ship,and see if we can get any more to join us.'

'I doubt that.'Hunt's reply disappointed them both.'I'll be pleasantly surprised,if you do find anybody.'

'You're saying out of all these people,we won't find anybody with a sense of decency?'Reynolds asked her.He saw her shake her head in response,and he was a little stunned to see that.

'We'll see.'Finlay told them.'Let's get out of here.I want to know this ship's layout.'

Finlay led the two of them out,and he headed towards his own assigned quarters.There was much to do,but Finlay still felt confident.Even so,he was still concerned for Paula Ann.He hoped she could deceive the bridge crew,especially the captain and his first officer.The evidence clearly pointed to these two,that they were prime suspects in the pirate raids.

For the moment though,Finlay had to wait and see how Paula Ann did.He kept his fingers crossed for her.


Paula Ann Mitchell was young,and many who looked at her,immediately thought she was very pretty.Paula Ann had accepted that,but she certainly wasn't big headed over it.Being a soldier and helping to protect people,was what she always wanted to do.

Paula Ann had to admit she'd been very lucky,to find herself fighting alongside Finlay and his team.She was in awe of all of them,having read all their previous battle and campaign records.They were all highly formidable,and a really good team to be a part of.

She was determined to contribute on this latest mission,as Paula Ann headed up to the bridge.It was up to her,to convince the captain of the 'Space Empress' that she had been properly assigned here,and Paula Ann felt confident of doing so.

After a lot of walking,Paula Ann finally entered the bridge.The first thing she noticed,was the impressive view from the bridge.There was the massive space station the 'Space Empress' was docked onto,and there was also a fantastic sight of a planet the station was orbiting.

However,Paula Ann knew she wasn't here as a tourist.She turned to face the bridge crew,searching for the captain.It was only then,that she realised the whole bridge crew was looking at her.She could see many leering looks at her.Paula Ann faintly blushed,but she managed to ignore it,as she then recognised the first officer.He in turn,advanced up to her,but made no hostile move against her.In fact,he was quite courteous.

'Good morning.'The first officer even smiled at her.'May I help you,please?'

'Yes,you may.'Paula Ann answered him politely back.She then handed her papers over to him.'I'm Lieutenant Mitchell,assigned to your bridge crew.'

'Pleased to meet you,Miss Mitchell.'The first officer offered his hand to her,and Paula Ann accepted.'I'm Commander Green,first officer on board 'Space Empress.'

Green took the papers she offered him,and he examined them for a few moments.He seemed to take a bit long in doing so,Paula Ann thought,slightly worried,but then,he gestured for her to accompany him.

'This way please,Miss Mitchell.'Green was still polite to her.'The captain's expecting you.'

He turned and led her through the bridge.As he did so,Paula Ann could still see the leering,almost lustful looks she was still receiving.Fortunately,she showed no sign that it was bothering her,but inside,she was starting to feel nervous.

Green led her to a single door,and he knocked politely on it,before they both heard a man's voice allowing them to enter.

As Green opened the door,he politely indicated for Paula Ann to precede him,which she did.She made sure she gave him a warm,thankful smile,before she stood in front of the captain.She stood to attention,respectfully clasping her hands behind her back.

'This is Miss Mitchell,Captain.'Green announced her.'Our latest addition.'He actually smirked saying that,as both he and the captain knew,but was also pleased to see the girl failing to understand what he'd just said.

Green had immediately had immediately handed Paula Ann's papers over,and the captain began to examine them.Again,just as Green had done,the captain made a very thorough examination of them.

'My name is Captain Wight,Miss Mitchell.'The captain spoke to her,although he wasn't looking at her.Paula Ann could see that.'I must say,that your presence on board my ship,is quite unexpected.'

'I'm sorry,sir?'Paula Ann asked him respectfully,still keeping her hands clasped behind her back.

Captain Wight finished reading her forged papers,and he put them down.A sinister smile was crossing his face.Paula Ann's nerves increased.She was starting to feel,more than uncomfortable here.

'Well,let me put it this way,my dear.'Wight was now gazing hard at her.Despite his intense look he was giving the girl,he liked what he saw.The girl was pretty,more than pretty,and her figure was impressive,especially her chest.The girl's breasts stood out,from behind her uniformed shirt.No doubt about it.Wight thought,his lust rapidly increasing.She's a beauty.

He made a mental note to deal with her later,as Wight fully knew who she was,but he played along.

'You see,'Wight hadn't stopped speaking to her.'I'm very particular on choosing my crews.The route we'll be travelling,can lead to,shall we say,unexpected dangers.So I make sure I choose highly capable people,who can deal with that situation.'

'You don't believe I'm capable,because I'm a woman,captain?'Paula Ann made sure she asked that,without any contempt.Although she felt differently inside.

Unfortunately for her,Wight noticed it.

'Did I say that,Miss Mitchell?'He snapped,although he was pleased to see the girl stiffen at his outburst.However,he calmed himself down.

'Well,I've no doubt there will be a moment,when you will prove yourself.'Wight told her.'So we shall see.I will accept these orders,so you may stay.'

'Thank you,captain.'Paula Ann's relief was fully written all over her face,which both Green and Wight noticed,but neither made any comment on it.Instead,Wight turned to his first officer.

'Show Miss Mitchell to her assigned quarters please,number one.'Wight ordered him.

'Aye sir.'Green nodded,and instantly called in one of the bridge crew in.One did,and he then issued the order,and he promptly told Paula Ann to follow the crewman.She did so.The relief was still visible on her face,as she left.

When Paula Ann had gone,Green sat down opposite his captain,who was now reading the girl's papers again.

'What do you think,sir?'Green asked him.'You think she could be trouble?'

'I know she is,my friend.'Wight nodded to him.'We'll have to find out if anybody is with her.She's very pretty,so I don't imagine she'll be travelling alone.'

'I agree,sir.I'll get onto it.'

Wight then held up Paula Ann's papers.'You know,whoever did this,was damned clever.They really do look like the genuine article.We all know it's impossible,to duplicate our stuff.'

'So she could have some dangerous friends then?'

'I'd say its a certainty.Have the security teams checked,and see who she talks to.I don't want anybody stopping us.Once we've made sure there's no problems,I think I'll keep the girl as a bonus.'

'I wouldn't mind having her to play with myself.'Green admitted.He too,had been strongly impressed by Paula Ann's looks and figure.

'Relax,my friend.'Wight reassured him.'I'll keep her for you.She'll be our latest pretty slave to enjoy.'

Green smiled his approval,as he then politely excused himself,to carry out his orders.

When he too,had gone,Wight picked up Paula Ann's forged papers.Seeing this,really bothered him.Who had done this,and how had they managed to find out,what was going on here? Whoever they were,Wight was going to find out,and he was damned if they were going to stop him.

Chapter 2 to follow...