Sunday, 30 June 2013

A little shocked..

I was mildly shocked reading Skybird's comments on me,regarding my opinion on the Tieupgames webpage.

I  wasn't being spiteful at all and I certainly didn't insult anybody,and again:I found somebody who didn't like my opinion.

I had politely sent in a request to Skybird,but later,I saw that he only did requests for ladies.So rest assured,I won't bother you again.

I've no problem with people enjoying their own fantasies or whatever they choose to write on the Tieup games webpage,but I can assure you,Skybird:I'm not spiteful,despite your comments towards me.So I'll prove it to you,by wishing you all the best.:)

Anyway,I certainly don't want any nastiness.He had his say,I had mine.We're both damsel in distress fans,and I hope that's the end of it.:)

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Kidnapped in Space

The conference table was surrounded by several humanoid creatures,and each of their moods was grim.

All of the humanoids belonged to the warrior race,the Hachi,who were well renowned for their eager lust for battle,and more ominously,for sexual conquest.

They'd engaged in many battles merely for the thrill of battle,and had been declared a highly dangerous spieces by many of the known races they'd attacked.The Hachi's home solar system and all their craft,were given a well berth by everybody else.

It didn't really matter to the Hachi,as they kept on the hunt,using their deadly combat ships to intimidate and then conquer any unsuspecting unfortunates.

Usually,they were highly successful.The Hachi were fierce fighters with their powerfully built humanoid frames.As extra weapons,the Hachi were also blessed with four tentacles protruding from the back.Dark bony ridges crossed their foreheads,and they had red eyes,which frightened and even terrified a lot of people.

Now however,the Hachi had a serious problem,which was why the several humanoids were here.

'We must have more females!' one of them stated with firm conviction.'We need to ensure the survival of our race!'

'I completely agree,Janas,'another Hachi nodded his approval.'However,our scout ships have reported no new activity.'

'Then you must find new targets,Miol!'the humanoid known as Janas countered strongly,his four tentacles writhing from his back.A common sight,when a Hachi male grew irritated.

'We have not observed any foreign traffic for some time,'another Hachi interjected.'Those that we have sighted,are simply too well protected.'

'Those are your excuses,Rena?' Janas sneered in contempt at his fellow Hachi.'If I did not know any better,I'd say you were acting like a coward.'

Rena's expression snarled,as his own tentacles gestured violently at Janas.

'You dare accuse me of cowardice,Janas?'

'Enough!' Miol cut in,his own tentacles writhing in irritated fashion.'I have heard enough bickering.We must act quickly.'

The humanoids known as Rena and Jenas bowed to Miol;he was quite clearly their leader,and his look of disapproval at them silenced their arguing.

'Believe it or not,'Miol informed them,'I have new intelligence we may have new females to seize,from the humans.'

Miol was pleased to see this news had a positive reaction,and there were indeed,smiles visible all around.

'Human females?'Janas was also smiling.'I have only seen them from afar.It would be good news if we can acquire them.'

'We shall indeed,'Miol nodded.'In fact,one of their ships is approaching our territory.It seems they have heard about our exploits,and are investigating.'

'How many human females are there?' Rena asked.

'There are more than enough,my friends,'Miol smiled as he answered.His smile was now lustful.'I can show them to you.'

Seeing the interested reaction from his people,Miol activated a switch,and several holographic figures instantly showed up.

All of the holographic figures were human women,very young ones.Miol could see the lust now dominating all of his people,staring at the women.

Miol lit up one of the figures.A long,dark haired woman with an impressive chest.Miol could see and feel the sexual lust grabbing all of the Hachi humanoids here,as they stared up at the girl.

'This one,is the commander,'Miol informed.'As you can see,she is military,so there may be some resistance,but it will do them no good.They are ours to enjoy!'

All of the Hachi's tentacles writhed in pleased approval.


More to follow...

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hmm,that didn't sound good...

Checking for updates on my favourite blogs,I noticed an ominous warning posted by Google,sent to all blogs posted with adult content.

I don't allow any adult adverts on my blog,but have seen other blogs that do,and I'm fairly sure Google are going to come down hard on this.

Of course,I posted a polite warning,saying there is adult content here,but I'm just wondering if the end is nigh.

I did see one of the warnings was for certain blogs having adult adverts posted,and Google was giving a strict warning.Although I find this somewhat odd and amusing,considering Google have been in the news recently with their business tactics .One law for them,quite another for us springs to mind.

Of course,I won't post adult adverts on my blogs,but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed everything will be okay.

Hope so..

Saturday, 22 June 2013


Alarms were ringing inside the small bank,as three people came running out of it;two men and a young woman.

The men were very powerfully built and hooded.One was carrying a large holdall bag,which contained many dozens of banknotes.It had quite clearly been a robbery.

The second man also carried a holdall,but his was strapped onto his back as he was actually forcing the young woman into the waiting car parked next to the bank.

This man grinned as he did so.There was nothing better than kidnapping a pretty hostage,and he couldn't wait to get her back to the hideout.His thoughts were really lustful on that,still enjoying the moment when he tied her up and gagged her too.She was desperately trying to scream for help,but he'd made sure she couldn't.

'Don't bother trying,my pretty,'he hissed into her ear.'There's no escape!'

He enjoyed hearing her mumbles of fear,and liked the look of the girl too.She had shoulder length dark hair,and wore a white shirt with a black knee length skirt.Both men had enjoyed seizing her,catching her totally by surprise when they'd deceived her,luring her into their trap.

They headed towards a waiting car,where another hooded man was waiting behind the wheel.'

'Hurry up!'the driver snarled at his two accomplices.'The cops are coming!'

Next instant,the two men reached their getaway car,and after unceremoniously dumping the bound and gagged girl into the boot,both men dived into the car,which sped away instantly.

As soon as they left the scene,all three men snatched off their hoods,and the driver slowed to within the speed limit shown.All three kept a sharp eye out for any police cars.

Fortunately,luck was with them.They heard the police sirens,but no police car came into their view.This was due to good planning on the driver's part.He'd studied the roads covered by the CCTV and made sure they wouldn't be seen.

'Everything go okay?'the driver asked.

'Like clockwork,boss,'one of his accomplices answered with a grin.'No problems.'

'Did you have to bring the girl?'

'Why not?'the second accomplice responded evenly.'She may prove useful.I got some contacts that may be interested in her.'

'For sure,'the first accomplice kept his grin.'We can have some fun with her,before increasing our profits.Jesus,she's a real beauty.I had to keep a hold on myself,when I tied her up.'

'What's her name?'the driver asked.


'Well,we'll keep Kelly for the moment,'the driver was also grinning.'She sure is pretty.'

He then became more serious,asking:'Now are you sure she didn't raise the alarm to anybody?'

'Not a chance.We kept our eyes on her all the time,apart from when she went to the toilet.'

Suddenly,the driver's grin vanished,and both his accomplices noticed it.

'You mean to say you let her get out of your sight?'he asked,his tone of voice very slow and deliberate.

'She didn't call anyone,boss,'the first accomplice tried to reassure him.'If she had,we would have heard her.'

'And I don't suppose the possibility of sending a text message either occurred to you?' The driver still spoke in the same tone.

'She didn't have a mobile on her,boss,'the second man interjected.'We didn't see it on her,when we were tying her up.'

'And I suppose you didn't bother searching her for it either?

Neither of the two men replied to that.Their expressions from triumphant,had now rapidly changed to increasing concern.

Grimly,the driver kept his eyes open,repeatedly scanning his mirror.At the moment,everything seemed fine.No police were pursuing him,but he suddenly had an uneasy feeling.

It was then that he saw his fears confirmed.Looking into his rear view mirror,he suddenly spotted a car that had suddenly appeared behind him.The driver closely examined the possible threat,and he could only see one man driving the car.He also quite clearly identified the expression on the man's face behind them.He meant business..

Grimly,the driver made a couple of more circuits,checking to see if the man behind followed.

He did.

Just then,they were hit by another problem.A couple of loud thumps from the boot were heard,and before the men could warn their hostage to keep still,the boot flew open.

'Damn it,'the driver cursed,now knowing the girl was visible.She showed some guts doing that,but the driver was determined to get away with the money,and not to let her would be hero save his pretty bound,gagged damsel in distress.

'Get the guns,'he curtly ordered.'Shoot his tyres out.'

The wary expressions had now faded on both his accomplices,changing rapidly to eager grins,as they brought out their own pistols.They then leaned out,aiming their weapons at their pursuer.

Keeping close to the fleeing car,the driver suddenly noticed the rear of his target open.He instantly spotted the bound and gagged girl in the back.

So the info was right,he grimly thought.A robbery and kidnapping.Better make sure I stay with them.

He could see the girl stood no chance of escaping her bonds.Her hands had been tied behind her,with several tight horizontal loops of rope wrapped around her upper body.

The girl's legs were swinging in the air,but they too were tied just as tightly.He also noticed the girl had been gagged very tight too.A large white cloth,completely covered her mouth tied tightly behind her,and with her eyes were full of fear above her gag.In fact,her eyes were pleading at him to help her.

This was just what he was going to do;there was no way he was going to let them escape with an innocent,young woman's life at stake.

Suddenly,he spotted two men leaning out from the back,and he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw they were aiming pistols at him.

Bloody hell!He thought grimly,this just got more tricky.

Even so,at seeing the armed men,he then grabbed his own weapon,a 9mm Browning handgun,and kept up the pursuit.That girl desperately needed his help,and he wasn't going to let them get away.

The End?

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Superman;always get it wrong in the films.

Like a lot of other people,I'm a huge fan of the Superman character.We all know the story,where Jor-El(his dad of course) smuggles his baby son out of the doomed planet Krypton,sending him here to Earth,where he grows up to become the most powerful being on the planet,but also our greatest protector.

So I'm really looking forward to the new film:Man of Steel,which the trailer for it looks great(then again;the trailers always do)but it doesn't look like there are going to be any pretty girls bound and gagged in it.This really annoys me,as I still remember watching the telly shows with George Reeves playing the hero from the 50's and the more recent Dean Cain from the 90's.

Both these shows were great fun to watch,and of course,a goldmine for seeing so many pretty actresses bound and gagged in both shows;mainly Phyllis Thaxter and Noel Neill who played Lois Lane in the 50's show,whilst the lovely Teri Hatcher was also bound and gagged a few times in the Dean Cain version.Not only that,and as I've mentioned before,I just loved George's performance as the man of steel.I loved his smile,beating the bad guys and of course,saving many pretty bound and gagged actresses.

From what I've read of the new Man of Steel film though,there's no scenes of any pretty actresses bound and gagged in it.It's a real shame.I've enjoyed all the Superman films(bar number 4)but they just don't have what the telly shows had.

Still,it's Superman,and I'm sure I'll still enjoy the new film.Henry Cavill looks good in the part,and if they do decide to do another film,let's hope they finally get it right.

The above picture shows Amy Adams playing Lois Lane,and I just feel there's nothing there at all.Yes,she'll be saved from the nasty General Zod and his cohorts(I actually couldn't believe my eyes reading the actor:Michael Shannon who plays General Zod,saying he's not really a bad guy.)
I just thought:Eh????

Another massive disappointment is there's nothing at all for these very pretty actresses too:

Top:Jadin Gould who plays Lana Lang.
Bottom:Elizabeth Thai,a small role I think,who plays a threat specialist in the film.

Hopefully,I'll see the Superman character save both these two pretty girls,but just a shame the Hollywood writers don't believe in the girls being bound and gagged anymore.:(


Well,moving away from that,I was amused to read Michael Shannon's comments(General Zod) defending his character,saying he's not really a bad guy.

I just thought:Eh????

Sorry Michael,if you're making innocent people suffer or worse,bumping them off,you're definitely a bad guy!No sympathy at all,as there shouldn't be for any bad guys!

Anyway,one of my friends watched it earlier and said it's a great action film,with a new update on the story.

I just hope if Henry Cavill does another Superman film,I will get to see him rescue so many pretty,bound and gagged girls!

There's always hope....

Monday, 10 June 2013

Hooters damsels

I just ordered this latest piece from Ethan,asking him to do me two very pretty Hooters waitresses,held hostage by an unscrupulous hitman.

I'll have a think about this for a future story,but it's not going to look good for the girls,as their kidnapper has evil plans to sell them to the highest bidder,and has more sinister plans to enjoy the two tightly bound and gagged pretty hostages himself.

Can the good guys save them? Time will tell...

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Last Stand

I've always been a huge Arnie fan in his films,and wasn't quite sure what I would make of his latest film:The Last Stand.

Actually,I really enjoyed the film,as it's full of fun and great shoot-outs.The main reason I wanted to watch it though,was to see if there was any bondage scenes,as I'd read about the big bad guy kidnapping a pretty FBI agent,as he heads to escape the authorities.

Sadly,apart from a handcuff scene(with only one wrist attached for the pretty FBI agent)there's really nothing more.Although I won't spoil it for others interested,the FBI agent isn't all she seems.

Bondage wise:hugely disappointing,as I read the comments on Brian's Page.I hope there's something much better in Arnie's next film.An enjoyable film nonetheless.

Trouble in the Philippines Ch 6

Been a while since I last wrote anything for this story,but I finally found something to add to it.

Hope you enjoy..


Grimly,Jennings kept his eye looking through the Barratt .50 calibre sniper rifle,observing the armed patrols throughout Gustav's mansion.Hr could clearly see their enemies had seemed to sharpen up,and this was bad news.Jennings knew it.

His best friend,Montgomery lay beside him,acting as his spotter.He was scanning the armed men with a pair of binoculars,checking for the most dangerous threats.Both of them had already identified several,as they saw many heavy weapons,capable of causing them grevious damage.

They also kept their eyes on the surrounding moat around Gustav's house.Both knew there would be dangerous wildlife lurking underneath that water,and remembering their mission briefing,they knew people had lost their lives to that.

Even whilst both men checked the threats,Jennings and Montgomery also kept their eyes on Grant and Hunt.Both their friends had successfully dealt with any of the unfortunate sentries,who had came into their path.Both of them had struck silently and lethally,and after dragging the bodies out of sight,Hunt and Grant had now reached Gustav's mansion.

Jennings had already fitted his weapon with a silencer.He knew it wouldn't be completely silent once he fired,but it would be an effective cover.There was no way his enemies would be able to pinpoint his and Montgomery's position.

Both of them watched Grant and Hunt's progress;both their friends had stopped outside a wall,of which an anti-aircraft weapon was positioned.Several of Gustav's men were making frequent patrols by it,with one man sitting down in it;quite clearly the operator.

Jennings watched Grant gave him a signal to take out the weapon,and after waiting for Hunt and Grant to eliminate more of Gustav's guards,Jennings fired.

His first shot killed the operator,knocking the man away from the weapon,before he quickly made his second shot,killing another one of Gustav's men.

So far,everything was working perfectly,as every time Jennings made another kill,none of Gustav's men knew they were under attack.He timed his shots perfectly,and was more than relieved to finally see Grant and Hunt enter the mansion.


Still keeping up their stealthy approach,Grant led Hunt into the house.He kept his eyes open,but also on the tracking device he'd given to Andrea.He could see her position her position wasn't too far away from their current one.He hoped she was okay,remembering her promise to de-activate the alarms here.Grant just hoped they could reach her,before the bad guys did.


Andrea had managed to make her way into the security room.This was where all the surveillance cameras and the alarms were all monitored.

Much to her immense relief,the room was empty.Andrea knew there was always somebody here,manning the place.Wherever they were,Andrea had no idea,but she knew this was the perfect time to sabotage this place.

Andrea sat herself down in the empty chair,and concentrated on typing out the necessary details on the keyboards.It didn't take her long,as she could see every security system starting to shut down.All the monitor screens in front of her,began to show interference.

Still making frequent and anxious glances behind her,Andrea finally succeeded,and then took out the radio unit Grant had given her.

'Major Grant?'Andrea called softly into the radio,praying like mad nobody heard her.'Are you there?'

'Yes,we're here,Andrea,'Grant's voice had responded instantly.'Are you okay?'

'I'm fine.I got good news,'Andrea told him confidently.'All the security is shut down here.You don't have to worry about that anymore.'

'Okay,Andrea,'Grant's tone told her he was pleased.'Thank you for that.Now get out of there.Meet us at the arranged pick up point.We'll take care of this now.'

'No,sir,'Andrea told him.'You've still got to find Angela.I'm the only one who can lead you to her.'

'You know where she's being held?'

'I think so,'Andrea wasn't totally sure,but she knew it was more than likely where Gustav held Angela captive.'I'll meet you outside Gustav's bedroom.You got my position?'

'Yes,Andrea,'Grant's gaze had hardly ever left the small beeping dot on the tracking device.'Just be careful,okay?'

'I will,sir.Don't worry.'

With that,Andrea switched her radio off,making another check behind her.Her luck was still holding,as she didn't hear any signs of anybody approaching.

Quickly,Andrea left the security room,and headed towards Gustav's bedroom,not realising her every move was being watched.


Gustav sat thoughtfully in his bedroom,with his hands on his chin,observing Andrea at work in the security room.

He had to admit this very pretty Filipina girl was very smart.To disconnect his security system took brains,and he was pleased Andrea had succeeded in doing so.

Flanking him were Daniella and Michelle,who unlike their boss,were not smirking.Instead,they both stood,cold faced,watching Andrea do her work.

Looking up at his two most trusted girls,Gustav noticed their expressions and smiled to himself.Daniella and Michelle certainly took care of a lot of problems for him,and he knew they didn't like any female spies sent in to infiltrate his organisation.

'Quite smart,isn't she,ladies?' Gustav kept on smiling as he asked that.'Not just a pretty face at all.'

'I'll certainly enjoy ravishing her,boss,'Daniella's lust was fully evident as she spoke.'I hope you will let me?'

'It will be my pleasure,'he agreed easily.'I can't wait to enjoy her myself.Grab her,tie her up and gag her and bring her too me,ladies please.'

Both Daniella and Michelle smirked,the lust now fully evident on both their faces,as they quickly moved to capture Andrea.

Chapter 7 to follow...

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Totally gutted...

I'm totally gutted having just heard Freddie Clegg has decided to call it a day on his yahoo group.:(
Despite Freddie saying the group will stay open,but no more members will be approved,I'm still devastasted at this news.

Freddie was really kind and generous to do me three story requests;two of which were completed,and I was really hoping he would still finish the third story off,but unfortunately,he has other plans.

A huge blow to the damsel in distress storytelling,as I thought Freddie was an excellent writer,and his stories were highly entertaining.

Well,good luck,Freddie.I'll miss you.:(