Monday, 27 August 2012

You're entitled to your opinion.

I love going onto fellow damsel in distress websites and blogs.Two of them are:Brians Page and Anubis' Page.

They're both filled with fantastic material,ranging from pictures and videos of scenes I love so much.The people who contribute towards this,really deserve a huge thumbs up from me.It's a job well done.

Unfortunately,there are always idiots.I've wrote a few things on both these sites,and for the most part,I'd like to think my contribution was appreciated.

Sadly though,I have seen a couple of abusive posts aimed at me,and I was really shocked at this.Of course,it's probably the morons trying to get a response.I've seen some of the comments on both websites,and am very surprised they've been published.

I know Brians Page has a moderator,who has made lots of enemies,where he(or she?)has deleted plenty of posts for an 'off-topic' subject.For the most part,I have agreed with what's been deleted,but sometimes,somebody does write a damsel in distress subject,but it gets deleted regardless.

Of course,there's the right message boards,and there are honest mistakes made,but I do wonder if the moderator goes too far sometimes,merely deleting stuff for the hell of it.

On Anubis page,the moderator's called old Hitler,and that doesn't surprise me in the least.It's his website,and of course,he can do whatever he likes with it.All the stuff published on there,is thanks to Brian,and long may it continue.

However,he should treat everybody who sends in a decent,respectful opinion onto his discussion page,the same respect.It's highly unlikely though,that we'll see that.

Anyway,two fingers to all those tossers who published their abusive comments,especially when I hadn't been insulting towards them.


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Nothing in new Expendables film.:(

Well,I've just seen the new Expendables film,and have to sadly report no damsel in distress scenes at all in it.

This was bitterly disappointing,because I thought the very pretty actress:Nu Yang,who played 'Maggie' deserved a it.

Not long into the film,Bruce Willis' character informs Stallone's character;Barney Ross,that he has to protect her,whilst going on a mission to recover a lost,but valuable device.I certainly had my hopes up for this,praying Maggie would fall into the bad guys clutches,and Sly and his gang would save her.

Unfortunately,there wasn't one single thing of interest.Maggie could certainly handle herself,and fights really well alongside Sly's team;but alas,the writers or Sly didn't bother to put Maggie into the damsel in distress situation.

I really enjoyed the film;it's full of action,and the fight scenes are fantastic.It doesn't however,beat the first film though.The abscence of a damsel in distress scene here,just spoilt it for me,when there should have been one.

Oh well,there may be an Expendables 3 perhaps.Might have better luck there!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Added a bit more...

I've added a bit more on 'The Deadly Arena' Still a long way off completion,like a lot of other stories here.

I'll get there one day....:)